Performing Arts

Can anyone tell me when and where the Marvin Gaye play will be in Dallas, Texas?
Does anyone know where I can good a french horn for a price under $300 preferably under $200??????????
Bought an acoustic guitar. What/how should I learn to strum with?
i hear a scratching sound whenever i strum in the guitar....?
bass help please.....?
music names and artists of the 50's and 60's?
What's the best music for a cheer dance?
How Much Is It?
Musical theatre song for boy tenor/baritone 13 years old?
How do you become more self-confident?
New at playing guitar, please help!?
What are some really good upbeat songs with A LOT OF PERSONALITY?
Can I do a degree in Sociology/Women Studies and minor in Musical Theatre? Does anyone know any colleges?
How do I help my conductor find a good way to seat violins?
Who Are Guitar String Expert?
How can i get the trombone sheet music to Famu's marching 100 trombone fanfare called sir nose?
Is it good for a guy to be able to hit a d5 note non falsetto. Like how good is it?
can anyone tell me what this chord's name is?
Good drama festival scripts?
If want to major in Jazz studies,so I can play my guitar Which classes should I be taking?
Piano Teachers please help!?
i want to do radio and tv commercials?
20 person script ideas?
Do you prefer Beethoven or Mozart? How do you rate them on a scale of one to ten?
Can anyone recommend upper or lower level for end stage concert at HP Pavilion in San Jose?
How can I overcome stage fright?
What are the notes of The Climb by miley Cyrus for the guitar?
Guitar strings.....................?
how should i upgrade my beginner drum set? Its a pdp z5?
How to fix a flute when it doesn't play low C#?
Need help with Bb Clarinet Reeds?
I Don't Know If I Can Sing?
I'm goning to buy an acoustic guitars...?
Im 16 can I still learn how to play piano good?
Good acting classes in LA?
why do people sing in the shower??
Simple Songs To Learn On Acoustic Guitar?
is it hard to play the ukulele?
Good song to sing??
what brand string should i go with on gibson sg?
How do i find a talent agent in Ohio?
i have an ibanez rg370dxgp and when i play the last 3 strings, they make a rattling noise???
Dark sounding male or female solos from broadway?
What are some good tips for playing the guitar as a begginner?
Did it all start with guys and dolls?
2 monologues for a competition?
i'm an Architect but i want to be a classical singer - do i have to go back to music college?
Should i learn Drums or Guitar?
How do you recommend I learn to play the guitar?
How to change strings on ibanez 170 dx?
Good custom guitar shops?
how do you play guitar?
GUITAR MUSIC? easy 10***?
I want to fulfill my dream of becoming an actress in Hollywood? But how...?
which sing fit to female cancer?
Teen Duet Short Pieces?
fashion shows?
Secret Policemans Ball.........who was the mime artist?
how can you wear letters off a guitar pick fast?
Does SM Entertainment have teachers to help people prepare for their audition?
Can anybody recomend a good book on the History of Rock Music written by a musician?
How do I make my guitar sound softer? (acoustic)?
How do you break out of a "creative slump"?
can i use "pledge" for polishing the neck and body of my guitar?
What is the best way to learn guitar at home ?
Can I use a D string for a G string?
thinking about learning how to play the guitar?
did you hear that Les Paul died today?
I have a 10 min monologue about we are all someone's child (not religious) any suggestions ?
Found a Fender stratocoaster for sale with a amp for $320 dollars, good deal?
strumming a guitar?
What can I do about shoulder and back pain from playing guitar?
Will I be able to play a guitar?
Hitting the whistle register?
I would like to know the steps on how to play mind games?
I'm writing a poem. Help me out with it. Its called "Junior".?
Choir Help?
what is a good electric guitar for around 450 dollars?
What is the best age to start taking violin lessons? viola? cello?
Did Martha Graham attend an arts school?
I need to build a palm tree?
Which Guitar is better?
do i need to adjust the truss bar on my guitar?
How much would it cost to get a new silver coating for your flute?
How to make a career out of playing clarinet?
What are the official names of the pieces in Swan Lake (Tchaikovsky)?
How can i meet bway acters take pictures, get autographs??
as someone who plays an instrument do you feel that your instument is better than another?
do you think it's possible to become an awesome pianist if i don't take lessons?
What is the best compliment you've ever received regarding your musical endeavors?
Does any one know any free modern sheet music sites? Im a piano fan with a low budget...THANKS!!!?
Does anyone know some good love songs?
What kind of colloring is this guitar?
What type of voice was the character of Cherubino (in the Marriage of FIgaro,by Nozart)originally written for?
what are advantages of being a choreographer?
What Should I wear to an audition?
where should I study Improv/sketch comedy? I live in Los angles...?
Ernie Ball Not Even Slinky strings?
Ukulele...Is it easy to learn? Is it easier than the guitar? Is it good for short fat fingers?
Is ' Fame' The musical suitable for a 7 year old?
Don't you hate when songs get stuck in your head?
Good songs for me to learn? (Guitar)?
what classes should i take?
Can you learn to play priano by ear?
accordion instructor?
I'm changing my acoustic guitar strings for the first time. What kind should I buy?
What is a good replacement keyboard for a yamaha psr640?
Audition monologue for a film that takes place in 3000 B.C?
F Chord on Guitar?!Help Please?
Need help on ideas to do with a mini performance?
How do I play Sharps and flats on a trumpet?
where is a place i could fin choir key of g?
How does the pedal work on a piano?
What are some dance clothes for girls with big hips?
Do you like character roles?
Can you help me improve my voice?
Do you think I'll eva become famous.....?
wango tango?
How should I breathe when I am singing?
what is a good website to buy cheap concert tickets last minute?
How many inches across is the lower bout of a Washburn EA-22 Nuno Bettencourt Festival guitar?
Musicians, Producers... Do you think sampling is cheating?
i'm in choir, and i think i might get this solo... i'm really nervous.breathe, relax but i'm afraid i'll st
Monologue for audition at Disney?
left handed musicians i have a question?
The Grey Album, anyone know where to get it?
What's the name of that broadway show...?
i wish to read imani woomere's poems?
How do i stop my drums from moving when i play?
what kind of instrument/s do you play?
18 and I want to perform. But I have no support from anyone at all.?
is there any website that tests your musical hearing skills?
I have an all city audition but I dont know the whole song !!!!!!?
Guitar fret buzz???? Help?!?!?
Girl Group name ideas?! HELP !! :D?
how to memorize scales?
what pentatonic scale is this?
What is the standard calibration of an instrument tuner?
How long should i practice violin to get into cleveland institute of music?
I hate to hear myself when I sing?
Singing without Talent?
Buying my first acoustic guitar and looking at the lorenzo l449, anybody know, or have info on these guitars?
How do blind people learn to play instruments?
Know where to get an Avenue Q sweatshirt?
I'm starting a rock band. What should I name it?
plz answer....thanx 4 ur timee!?
is it normal to go through a period of time where you're suddenly not good at you're talent?
how can you do one finger per fret on a guitar?
what is warped tour?
.Friend i want to Sing better what to do.........?
How to get a free acoustic guitar?
Anyone know any good warmups to practice for the drumline?
what is a good christmas song to sing for someone with a baritone range?
What to ask my bf to teach me in djing?
Who sang the song "Over The Rainbow" on ABC's American Inventor this past week near the end of the show?
Are there any acting auditions around the southeast area?
Ballet: Are My Parents Right?
How can I know if the "Antonius Stradivarius" violin I'm getting is real or just a fake?
Christmas/ Holiday Themed Monologues?
Creative Name for Exotic Dancer?
A 99 On NYSSMA Flute Level 5...?
What instrument should my 13 year old daughter learn to play next?
Does learning on a nylon string guitar will help when i start playing steel string?
Is it a good idea to start a Soundgarden acoustic duo?
What are some classic Broadway musicals?
I'm in ninth grade what is the normal high range for a ninth grader on the trumpet?
I just bought an epiphone jumbo from guitar center, and I was wondering what anyone had to say about them.?
What should I wear to a recital at Carnegie Hall?
What notes should a Contralto get?
What is competition? What are the 2 main kinds of competition?
what is the bass that Flea used for stadium arcadium?
what are the easy way for beginners to play la la land by demi lovato on acoustic guitar?
Do you have a suggestion for two females who need to perform a fun song/dance number?
Duet songs for girls?
What is your talent...........?
learning how to play guitar?
How to play 2 or more strings on a guitar?
Judge this poetry for me on a scale of 1-10?
Will the REAL Chicago lyrics please show up?
I need an audition song for tomorrow!?
is there a recorder for acoustic guitar?
Can I get a guitar instruction manual somewhere on the internet for free? I bought a guitar and need to...?
If you could be a tree, what tree would you be?
Should I buy this guitar?
starting a band at 13
how do you read tenor drum sheet music?
Is it okay to play guitar with long nails?
What instrument should I learn for a wind ensemble?
Want to play eletric guitar. How do you know how often to strum the guitar?
Does having a BETTER acoustic guitar make any difference ?
An idea for my child's birthday party?
capo will damage strings?
I want to start a talent show but don't know where I can have it.?
Does Jason Aldean have several tractor trailers?
Judging by this video clip, do YOU believe I should pursue acting?
Mallorca - drama/music/dance schools?
Are you playing the electric guitar correctly if you can hear the pick clicking on the strings?
Is phantom city records a scam?
Can anyone find a full recording of Habitat (visions of a Fragile Planet)?
has anybody had an experience w/ IMTA, international model ...?
What guitar should I buy?
where do i find performing trousers?
what's better metal strings or nylon strings for acoustic guitar
I would like to audition for Juilliard?
Would it be a good idea to self teach myself piano while I'm self teaching myself guitar?
What's some good nautical-sounding music?
I need a good christmas carol to sing...please?
when you want to learn how to play electric guitar,do you have to learn how to play the acoustic first?
any motley crue fans out there?
Am I Too Old To Learn The Viloin?
Crazy acoustic guitar playing?
I'm a solo musician, what should I include in my press kit?
I have an audition
People of England! do you know who RICH FULCHER is? from Mighty Boosh?
How Do i know if my boyfriend is cheatin?
Is my Electro/house music i make any good? please need advice!!?
The best replacement pick ups for a Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus?
Do you like cheerleaders or dancers more?
What does "putting it round" mean?
How do I find Modern progressive Jazz?
What would be easier on a teen? Modeling or Acting?
What do you call the area where the orchestra plays during a ballet?
What is the regular tuning on 5 string base guitar?
How can I find vocal lessons?
Trying out for drum major?
what are some fun songs to play on bass?
Want to teach myself how to play guitar?
How can I start off modeling as an Inexperienced Model?
are there any good placeses in missasauga to teach you how to play the guitar?
how to become a model?
The Dunlop Crybaby 535Q?
Is too late for me to learn how to play a violin? And what about this song?
How to improve classical guitar skills without memorising the score?
favorite play?
emergency:i need to know right away!?
I'm wearing my heart like a clown what does that mean?
Do you like going to the orchestra and why not if you don't?
What instrument do you recommend for me to play?
How much do Broadway Actors work?
What is the order for the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee?
Song ideas for a flute & clarinet duet?
What song should I audition with?
What do you do if your sister sings an octave higher and you lose your hearing?
Where can I buy some old red velvet stage (theatre) curtains from?
how do i go about learning percussive guitar?
how do i find out about auditions?
I am already a comedian but I want to become great and memorable? Please help.?
What is Kelsey Grammer doing now that Frasier is over?
What is a good modern/lyrical solo song?
I'm going camping in a few days and I plan on bringing my guitar. What songs should I play around the fire...
What type of electric guitar did nancy Wilson from band heart use in the 1980s?
When dancers where knee braces, do they where it over nylons or under the nylons?
What are some father-daughter duet songs?
what degree do i need to have in order to be in charge of concerts?
sheryl crow ROCKS , right ?
The venue for bangalore boogie woogie audition?
Violin and Viola? Is this realistic or not?
I love to sing, and my voice is actually not bad. Only i suffer extreme stage fright.?
should i play the 1st or 3rd movement of concerto in a minor?
what kind of instrument is a glass harmonica?
my son plays trumpet he is a second year student?
Does anyone like marching band?
I want to learn a technique, but which one is best for girls?
Guitar repair tips or cost?
What do you think about hip-hop dancers?
Can I possibly have star quality?
What is a good quality brand for acoustic guitars?
Just got a drumset- how do i tune it or get it to sound right?
I practice scales on Guitar and I was wondering what are some good Hard Rock or Metal songs to play on guitar?
T-shirt ideas.?
How do I Naturally Raise My Voice Range?
What's a Bendel bonnet?
From a 1930s jazz devotee: can anyone source the 1960s swing version of Sweet Georgia Brown with Bill Mcguffie
Synysters Schecter Guitar?
How can I learn to play the guitar?
Is 16 to old to learn how to play guitar?
Complicated Guitar Wiring Problems?
what is a good acoustic solo?
A good song for a 15 year old girl to sing outside?
What makes a theater a Broadway theater?
What does exposing wood on the body of a guitar do for its tone?
what songs are easiest to learn on guitar?
Does anyone know who LOS Productions is??
South Pacific : Honey Bun?
Learning Guitar: Need a proper foundation to start from?
What is a good dance group name?
How do you get an agent in LA/NYC?
Is this possible with the piano?
What is harder to play, flute or violin?
Two questions about trumpet range and increasing volume?
Clarinet or Sax?
How do I make a room in a house look like a theatre?
How to dress for a Barbizon interview?
music counting help!!!!!!!!!!?
What is a good acoustic guitar to buy for my boyfriend?
I have learned the placement of all the notes on the first three frets of the guitar now what?
what artist sang the original song heaven as performed on american idol?
What is a good electric guitar brand?
i am not much of a dancer but i really want to do well at this audition. HELP PLEASE!!!?
I am trying to start my portfolio as a model, how do I look for auditions?
Why should children explore the performing arts? Should they be devoted to practical subjects (maths/science)?
which instrument to play? decision help!?
Saxophones low notes?
Anyone Have Any Ideas for High School Musicals/Plays?
Need help on what guitar I should buy??
Sheet music - Why cannot I read it and play at the same time ?
Is all region concert band good?
where can i find an instrumental version of "big bow wow"?
How to get a good sound on the flute?
How can you tell if you're Alto or Soprano?
Difference between Jazz dances?!?
know any acting agencies/ casting crews?
Should I start playing guitar?
Ball end of my guitar string slipped off?
how do i get concert band music?
So, you want to be an Art Critic? Lets see what you've got.?
Instruments that not many kids play?
How much is a jackson guitar crafted in india worth?
what do u think about PHANTOM OF THE OPERA???
Does anybody know any good drama games for children aged 4-8 years?
What do you think of exotic dancers and why is the public so against them?
What model is this flute?
Clarinet Transposure for Orchestral Score?
I dont know how I should go about my career; do something i love or a career that makes more money that i hate
6-8 minute female monologue?
I would like to learn how play "Just Dance" on guitar?
i bought an E (thickest) string for my acoustic guitar and it's too thick (wont tune) what size should i get?
I want to be an actor. What College should I Attend?
Its a flute piece and the tempo is allegro (in one)?
How can I make my Flute sharper?
Does anyone else like to show cocky people up?
What seasonal favorite do atheists call “Coincidence on 34th Street,” according to Jay Leno?
strange question??? Does anybody know what they mean, in rap songs, when they say "diamond in the back" ?
my freind just gave me a squire bullet what can i do to it to make it a good guitar?
Desribe a "sweet" voice?
What are the Pros and Cons of being in drum corps? (in all aspects)?
Is the oboe difficult to play?
New Music Director at my Church?
How can I sing my diaphram, and not my throat?
Band Advice!!!!!!?
what song should i sing for my audition? i want more of a simple song.?
My throat keeps moving when I sing?
Did Rossano Brazzi sing Some Enchanted Evening or mime it?
Can you get acoustic guitar metal strings that dont contain any nickel at all?
Do you Think Jason Dunn Is the hottest band member in Hawk Nelson???
3min male monologues comedic??? Anyone?? No?? Ok?
I need a bio. on Ruth Attaway the famous actress.?
Should I play Cello?
Learning and buying a violin?
Tips for Buying a Flute?
Can i split Prs Tremonti Bass and Treble Pickups?
revenged for center fold concert in san deigo fri the 28th?
How to play acoustic guitar/piano? ?
Which country having maximum good people?
What can I do to remember my lines?
Is demi lovato coming down to san antonio texas again?
where can i send a music sample to a talent agency?
Drama Teacher: I have an interview where I have to teach a lesson about dramatic irony. Any novel approaches?
my chemical romance?
can you please suggest a nice background music for kids modeling stunt.?
style of acting during the spanish renaissance?
How to come up with a stage name?
Is a oscar schmidt by washburn acoustic guitars anygood?
i want to become a musican,am 17 is it to late?
How do some people rap so well?
Favorite instruments.............................…
How to sound good when you sing?
What song should I sing for my GCSE solo performance?
Is it appropriate for a 15-year-old to see Black Swan?
What happens at the end of Lysistrata(sp)?
what do you call a male ballerina?
Good Acoustic Guitar For Beginners?
Is it good if your Guitar (Electric guitar) buzzes?
What happens if u tune ur guitar wrong?
Guitar playing question?
Projecting Your Voice?
How do I help a 7 year old flute player create a sound with limited time?
what is the very first ballet that pops into your head?
I'm having trouble double-tonguing on piccolo?
Good Strings For A Yamaha F310 Acoustic Guitar?
In 1999 i heard a classical song on the radio..think it was 89.3 in north carolina?
How to get back in color guard after high school?
How long are original casts usually together in musicals?
How to improve the barre?
When is the next SM Global Audition?
Can anyone find those lovely pictures from Daniel Radcliffe's play?
Do Boys think that girls can't play guitar?
double bass question about level of skill required?
Acoustic guitar help?
Performing arts colleges in north east England?
!!!!!!!help my guitar gets out of tune after doing a bend or using the whammy, how can i fix this?????????????
I wear braces and play Trumpet...when I get them off will I be able to play higher?
How can I get better at guitar?
My First "Real" guitar?
Where does the Clarinet originate from?
Oz fast in N.Y?
Easy guitar tabs...libertines?
When would I get a reply?
I am playing a state contest snare solo next week and I need visuals?
what is it called when the music emphasises the movement?
how do you sing and play the piano at the same time?
does anyone have a free site which displays essential ellements 2000 for free?
How much would you pay to see modern dance?
Is it possible to put EMG 707 pickups on this guitar?
Which and where is the best classical music book shop in Paris, France?
how do i memorize faster?
Is this an impressive vocal range?
Why do people continue recycle songs and movies from old content instead of creating new?
When should children begin taking piano lessons?
I need a new dance lesson :((?
what are some good acting companys?
What is your special talent?
how to encourage girlfriend for sex?
Permanent vocal damage!!!!!?
I want to read music (i'm a dummie) in Bass Clef; Any help with a method (Book or CD)?. Remember Easy Level.
is 100$ enough for a decent used guitar?
what songs should i learn for guitar that are easy for beginners?
Guitar Help!!!?
what is a chior group and purpose?
To people that play BOTH guitar AND piano?
Is there Chinese love songs that are like american soap opera's or musical's?
If I have a broken string on my guitar, will that make the other strings out of tune?
who sang old song "Llittle Arrows?
I'm saving up for my first guitar-any advice?
Can someone help me for guitar tabs?
how do I improve on my flute?
What is a good guitar make?
To all dancers, please answer my question!?
Where can you find Flute pads..!?!?!?
I have a few wooden flutes, but I don't know what key their in...?
what's your talent?
how do you find an acting agent?
When does phantom fireworks do that two for one deal thing?
Can someone help with my 5-7 min Thea. Art. Group play script?
Dancers: Split Stretches?
Harry Potter 6 Auditions?
Why does blackface look so fake?
Why can't I play piano?
Sweet Charity?
How can I become a great guitarist?
Bass Guitar? Or Electric Guitar?
asian go go dancer? modeling?
For some reason When I enter the COMPOSE area, only the address box and Subject box appear. not compose space.
Is the violin relatively easy to learn/play?
I have a Guitar Question!!!?
I love to sing but I am to shy to sing in front of a crowd. Please someone with a good voice help me!?
Is it too late to take drama/musical theatre?
What does the music Conductor do during concerts with that lil wand thing??
whats your favorite singer or band?
Accordion experts: Hohner not making sound when keys & bellows activated. Advice?
learn drums in a year??
is there a connection of arts in our lives?
Does rear-screen projection create shadows + have the picture on yourself?
rock guitar pickups cheap?
Who is the most famous Azeri tar maker?
Favorite Broadway Musical?
Where can I find karaoke of the song Sisters from White Christmas?
Guitar for beginners.. please help!?
Trying out for drum major?
How can I be more of a graceful dancer?
should i sing acapella at a disney audition?
Which guitar?
What is the name of the singer from the rolling stones who sang under my thumb?
I think I have stage fright?Please help!!?
What is the cheapest but best bass guitar to buy?
Is my headshot professional looking?
Where can i buy a costume type Lord of the Rings Evenstar pendant cheaply?
I'd like to teach the world to sing...where do I start?
Mark Cohen's (Rent) scarf? Where can I get one?
Which guitar is better.. Yamaha FG700s or FG720s or FG730s?
Where is a good place to find good pop flute books?
who invented classical tutus?
I need a good stage Name?
how do i clean my tarnish flute using toothpaste?
dose any one know what a monologue is????
Any good resource/ebook for learning guitar notation?
Where can i get rent or buy a snow white magic mirror for a production?
What are the dance steps of pangalay dance?
oboe high notes not working?
I want to start a talent show but don't know where I can have it.?
What type of ukulele is best for beginners that last long for a low price?
Does anyone know if there are any new Disney Channel TV Shows that have open casting calls?
i live in do i get to know about the upcoming auditions for acting in tv serials.?
Is the flute okay for a guy?
Help with this pageant question?
Julliard or Mannes? Pre college. Beginner trombonist.?
how do I calm my nerves?
I have stage fright...?
Adult guitars for people with small hands?
can i make a living as a musician?
I want to become a dancer?
Percussion vs. The flute?
What is a good sketch book to get?
Is there a DVD of the " original" Broadway cast of Dreamgirls?
what benefits do you get from being a cheerleader?
What questions should i ask when inquiring about a second hand piano?
Which instrument Should I play?
My clarinet!!!!! from walmart?
Bass Guitar... What one is better?
Where was Lamar Manson born?
What guitar should I get? Electric or Acoustic?
How To Self Teach Cello?
what are woodwind brass instruments?
Can you make a living teaching guitar?
Root notes the guitar chords?
Artist help?! i really dont know who this is?
What are some drinks that help improve voice quality?
Where can i find cheep Broadway RENT tickets in Seattle?
Guitar Solo! Question!
help me out???
Guitar Players Poll: What was the very first chord you learned???
what do i need to use this pedal?
How can I get better at blowing? I practice and practice, but I still suck at it!?
Who plays "El Yo-Yo"?
Does anyone have advice for easing nerves before an audition?
What does yg entertainment audition likely like , need to perform dance or sing ?
i am getting a cello for my b-day and...?
how much is my precision bass guitar worth?
How can I take the "airy" sound out of my trumpet playing?
Which guitar would you buy?
How can i become a better ballet dancer?
Songs to sing 4 a "25th annual putnam county spelling bee" audition?
Will the video image dominant the performing art?
Desperately seeking sheet music!?
shia labouf look alike how can I audition?
How can I learn the violin on my own?
I love the artistic enviroment but i need to choose between Dance,acting and filmmaker,please help me decide.?
How old is Andy Williams?
Am I too old to start dancing?
what violin brand should i get, I want to learn how to play the violin :)?
I need info on the Opera LaBoheme; characters, reason, time composed, what does it mean?
What kind of guitar should I get?
wat instroment is easiest to play?
What is the origin of the phrase "in the limelight"?
Theatre major or performing arts lessons?
Thinking about being a guitar technician?
Why does everyone want to play the guitar?
Which one of these guitars......?
A great grand finale song?
My bridge pin puller isn't working, any advice?
Does the phrase 'I salute you' have any significance in orchestras?
what time?
Song to sing to my boyfriend ???
How do I write a monologue about my cousin's death?
What is meant by c5 c6 in vocal ranges?
how long will it take to learn the basics of electric guitar?
does anyone know a good website for free printable sheet music for cello?
similar artists to the band 'ozomatli'?
I want to be a Musician someday. Where Do I start?
Is 25 too old to be learning to play the violin?
Is there a simple guitar pattern to play Love Will Tear Us Apart (By Joy Division)?
What song should I sing for?
is burping well you sing a problem?
What do you think about guys who play flute?
I currently have ebony fittings with ox bone inlay on my violin. Is this good?
Just started playing bass and was curious if? Oh and a Bonus Question.?
What broadway show should I see?
What are some talents aside from singing,dancin,drawing, acting, and playing instruments?
what to look for when buying a new drum set?
what do many people accomplish by being in the performing arts profession?
when do you become good or decent at guitar?
How difficult is it to learn drums and what is a good drum set for a beginner that isn't too expensive?
What is a good audition piece to try out for Velma Kelly in Chicago?
What is a good Musicals for a high school production?
Is it expensive to play the flute?
Whats a good guitar instructional program?
Would this injury affect my guitar playing?
Can anyone reccomend a good 'teach yourself accordion' book?
Theopening linesof Shakespeare’s Hamlet wereWestern culture’s 1st experience wit spokendialogue, perfor,&drama?
is this a good guitar?
On SYTYCD, how many times in one day can you phone-vote for a dancer, and how many dancers can you vote for?
Where can I buy an acoustic guitar?
Do you use the register key when playing F on tenor sax?
guitar recommendation for me?
Norcal casting is it real?
What do you think of this?
What's the best way to learn how to play the Recorder?
Please Rate Singing Out Of 10!?
can anyone scream sing with practise?
How to reach the frets when fingering a c chord?
how to make a double bass drum set sound good with three mics?
What is a good brand of electronic tuner for an acoustic guitar?
guitar string problem?
what songs are easy to play on the guitar and sing too at the same time?
How can i learn the music notes to play guitar?
Looking for a legit professional Adult Talent Agent in South Florida?
what does bolshoi as in bolshoi ballet mean?
Teenaged girls, what song that a guy would play at a school talent show would impress you?
do you know any good acoustic songs?
Do you think people will still play instruments in the future?
How can I obtain an autographed photo of Japanese Pop Singer Otsuka Ai?
where should i start if i want to play guitar?
what are the diffrent lines that lavender brown has in the harry potter books.?
monologues on suicide or such?
Should one play two different violins?
Playing violin,roth violin,sheet music for violin?
how do i teach myself how to sing
How to assemble and start flute playing?
Have you ever been to a Henry Rollins ,Spoken Word gig ?
Am I a musical prodigy?
Does anyone have piano fingering tips?
Who has ever heard of Godspell.It's a musical.?
What age did you start drumming?
If given the chance to perform on stage, which would be your priority?
Easiest songs on Bass/Acoustic?
I want to start learning close up magic, how can I start?
What is your favorite music artist?
does any one know any good songs to sing with a puppet?
Strumming pattern for Smelyalata by Nevershoutnever.?
Good POP song to sing? Please help!?
What are some good guy songs that girls can sing?
The girl that sits next to me plays so badly?!?!?
Can you re string a left handed guitar to right handed?
Is there a good 12 string acoustic guitar under $500?
What song shoud I sing at our school concert?
Learning musical instruments?
Great acoustic-guitar songs to learn?
How to get into the Christian Music business?
How much, roughly does it cost to hire a comedian?
where can i get free sheet music for brandi carlile?
help meeeeeeeeee?
what are the best cities to see theatre? NYC? London? Chicago? Stockholm?
Does Anyone Know Any Theaters in Grand Rapids Michigan?
Is there any way to sing All I Ask of You as a solo?
What kind of accordion does Yann Tiersen use?
Do I need an amplifier?
Competitions for minors in Birmingham, Alabama?
Where can i find a pickguard for a epiphone flying V?
Can I use a D string for a G string?
I need a flute solo Asap!?
Anyone have humorous drama ideas for this monologue that starts with this starting statement?
Yamaha violin in Asia?
Advice from other exotic dancers?
Disney princess monologue?
What would I learn at a beginners piano lesson?
Buying guitar strings....?
Explaning different kinds of cultures, food etc?
Any song suggestions?
I need a really great, fresh, funny one minuteish monologue for an audition?
What are some easy beginner songs to learn on the keyboard?
When was the timpani made?
How To Be Spacey, Ditsy, And Noncaring?
What are the chances of getting a scholarship to a music college if i play viola?
where can i find sound effects online?
What acoustic guitar to buy for a beginner?
Orange Viola Case?
I'm having a bit of trouble with guitar tabs?
I'm looking for ballet/rock/foreign dance music. Help?
do you think I have the voice?
What is your favorite percussion instrument?
Is it quite rare for Guitarists to be able to play by ear?
Music for lyrical solo?
How do you tell if you're tone deaf?
How to effectively break a bag of flower on someone's head?
how long does it take to learn the guitar? (considering im practicing everyday)?
What kind of guitar is good for a beginner?
Do You play guitar?????????????????????
top 10 middle rnb song for 2009-2008?
Where can I get sheet music for "A Sentimental Man" from Wicked?
Is it haram to play the guitar?
shakespeare book; hamlet?
Please answer this...?
I've hit a bit of a creative plateau with my music. I'm looking for some tips for how to get things going...
What unique instruments can I play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!??…
Were to get cheap bass guitar?
Does anyone know where I can find a commercial monologue?
How do I start to play the guitar?
What song should I sing for the Talent Show?!? help!?
what is the largest Gage strings i can buy for guitar?
Guitar question? Any guitar players out there?
how can i cry ??!!! help im having such a hard time?
Can i get a summary of Moliere's Taruffe?
Rate Martinez Guitars??
How to keep a straight face?
Pole dance class in Ohio?
Is Mama Who Bore Me a good audition song?
does anyone know where i can find a midi or sheet music for?
How to tune a violin by ear?
Is the "Rolling stones" rock band the greatest Rock and Roll band ever?
what's your talent?
drama performance?
Should i start out with an electric or acoustic guitar?
Why is the brand so important in musical instruments?
Which guitar scales help to learn the whole fretboard, and what else helps?
Is farting funny?
I am learning a nice piece called "Gavotte in A Major",(after Gluck, transcribed by Brahms) Is this by Gluck
How could I practice my xylophone part at home?
What is the best cello end pin rest?
Guitar help! My Strumming hand gets tired too fast!?
Where can I learn piano lessons in Manila?
How can i strengthen my voice to sing both alto and soprano?
Whout whould be the cultural benifits of having music required in the school curriculum?
how much can i sell my madame alexander dolls for?
how do i stop my legs from trembling and shaking in a piano concert?
How do I keep from losing my voice?
s. What is the best song to sing in the talent show?
Im scared to sing in front of people?
PLEASE ANSWER! When I sing F5# it isnt as strong as F5. Is it supposed to be softer? 10 POINTS!?
What are some easy and cool songs i can learn with acoustic guitar.?
What is the easy type of brass instrument to learn?
Are Hemkle violin's good in quilaty?
What happened to Claudio Arrau's children? Arrau's children?
Does anyone know how to play octave scales legato?
is kamasutra still been practised in india?
What is the emotion for this Shakespeare monologue?
good acting/performing tips?
Should I quit marching band?
Does anyone know who will play the touring Elphaba when Sho leaves Wicked?
Anyone know a good teenage monologue for 14 year old?
can anybody help me become an actress!!!! please?
Do you think Christina Aguilera can sing?
Could some one record themselves playing the lyrical and technical for this years all county audition on flute?
Dry Mouth when playing trombone?
how is was the treatment of women in moveis during the silent film era different from today?
mask placement vs head voice?
Opera need help?
Should I belt this note for my audition?
how much could i get if i sell my alto saxophone?
What kind of bass guitar should i get if i'm only 5'6?
who knows about the music education college piano audition process?
where can i enter a singing contest in az and win or try to win?
how do I become confident enough to sing infront of others?
Would electric guitar strings that havent been played for 3 months still be ok if there was string protectant?
How can I get motivated to play my guitar?
I need cheap junky violins/cellos?
What choices do I have at 16 shy and not very experienced?
what is tamber???????????????????
What's the hardest style to learn or play on guitar?
Does it really help if you undergo voice lessons?
Best University in England for Acting/Playwright?
what is beautiful line vertical line or horisontal line?
Hows my voice?
Troubleshooting/another way to play the d chord on a guitar?
Current song suggestions for show?
In cirque du soliel what do the titles of their shows mean?
How much is a George Washburn guitar worth?
Violin Solo?
What is the difference between art and entertainment?
Learning to play euphonium?
Bundy selmer clarinet serial #1191740?
Can anyone help me with this guitar strumming?!?
What is a good violin to start with?
Me and my friend are in an 8th grade talent show, what song should we sing? HELP!?
I keep hearing my guitar pick when i play (Extra info)?
where can i learn how to yodel?
What are good songs for girls to do a duet for?
dose anyone know where u can audition for theatrical plays?
is there specific fingerings for guitar?
Book to teach techniques for writing songs and how to set them up. Whats a middle eight and waltz time?
Contrasting monologues ?
What should you do to became an actor in holywood.?
Viola Question, Please Help?
Where can I learn how to produce music?
How to get over stage fright?
Which would u rather see on broadway?
Is this a good deal? $375 dollars for...?
Does anyone know any good songs?
How can I apply to Ford Models?
where is a good place to learn how to play guitar.?
Should I start off learning acoustic or electric guitar?
What chiddy bang has a willy wonka intro?
Does anybody know what time the VMA start today (MTV)? please answer in Pacific time.?
what is love?
I need a monologue for a female age 13 1 minute or less, comedic or light hearted. Librabry not help. Book sto?
Can you help me with my guitar string?
I want to learn to play the Electric Guitar...?
Need help identifying a Kay acoustic guitar?
is it too soon for me to get a second uke?
Are you still in shock that the King of Pop isn't with us anymore?
How much is having a custom guitar built?
how much does a bamboo pan flute cost?
Anyone have any good magic tricks? Variety show HELP!?
Set second string of guitar in first's place?
Marching band is a sport?
Funny things to do in a forest? (while filming)?
My daughter is a talented singer and is trying out for her schools variety show. What song should she sing?
How do I know of I can sing?
I really wanna sing but my voice is horrible. Is there any way i can learn how?
I wish I could sing...?
i need to find a monolouge called Talentless By Rebecca Young From 100 Great Monologues.?
How can i change my voice from low to high?
does hayden christian dress up as darth vader?
I need a great dominatrix name? help!?
Out of the two, what name is better for my stage name?
What do you think about my singing?!?!?!?
gymnasts working out?
how can you read guitar tabs?
Some Guitar Workouts?
What would you suggest I do differently on my show ?
how do i start a monologue ?
What would be a good way to start a speech about yourself without saying "my name is..."?
Why is the competition called DCI if the bugel corps (the winds) perform as well and the drum corps is d-lines
Is this guitar worth buying-please suggest?
Do you play more than 2 instruments? if so ...?
where can you buy backstage passes for concerts?
Poll: Who do think was the greatest guitarist of the twentieth century ?
How to play guitar clean?
guitar string hits fretboard?
Have you ever casted a simple spell, and did it work?
what is the chinese word for the "Chinese Shadows Theater"?
Which stringed instrument is more fun/rewarding/easy...?
I need a song to audition with?
What order should I learn tricks for glowsticking?
What are the softest acoustic guitar strings?
hwo do i get a clean sound on my Amp when i do hammer-ones and pulloffs on high E?
Can u thin of an idea for a drama scene?
Need help with wiring Bass cabinets?
SM EntertainmentGlobal audition 2012, results .?
What is your gifted talent?
Strengthen and toughen my fingers for playing guitar?
Recorder (instrument) question?
Talent/ Acting agencies?
A professorial opinion on Trumpet mouthpiece choice?
Does anyone who has seen the stage production of Rent remember what Maureen wore while singing "Over the Moon"
What are the copyright issues for podcasting worship services?
What instrument should I learn?
will i find a best answer?? if i get an answer that i asked for sure?
How To Make Someone Sound Like They Can Sing?
I'd love to learn an instrument, but can't decide between the guitar or the piano?
Any Suggestions for a good song to sing for a Competition?
What are good songs for a talent show?
Why do songs sound the same regardless of accent?
Why don't Shooter Jennings and Hank III get along?
What acoustic guitar should i get for under £200?
shred guitar problem help me?
Do you know this monologue?
what is the easiest way to identify the notes on all scales for the trombone?
How great is The Lion King Musical in London?
what is gretchenwilsons favoritcolor?
How do you play the intro to Strawberry Fields Forever on a piano?
How do you become a famous sing?
How do you get an agent to like your resume?
is my Pearl Flute model PF 765 solid silver?
Who are your top 5 favourite guitarists?
how can i become good to myself?in performing such things to be good?
have yall heard about total drama world tour today at 11:00 or 8:00?
I asked my mom for an agent and acting classes?
easy guitar tabs?
I want to see more funny singing vids onlne.?
Can you suggest a good quality violin that costs less than $500?
How can you prepare to play bass drum for college marching band?
please answer asap please please?
Phantom of the opera ending?
Is it possible to both double major AND double minor?
Did anyone else see the Royal Shakespeare Company's production of Taming of the Shrew?
Dream to act , agencies anyone ?
What kind of cello strings should I get?
does anyone remember who mitch mitchell is?
Help me become a better dancer?
What's the cheapest electric guitar?
Any violin playing tips?
What is a good piano piece to play for people?
1-2 minute audition monologues?
How to develop a powerful voice?
Know of any companies/websites/shops where I can rent-to-buy a tenor saxophone?
Do you know a good website where people can get their music listened to, and listen in turn to others'?
I have an audition tomorrow. Which song should I sing?
What Musical Instrument(s) Do You Play?
where is the nearest upcoming paramore concert to seattle,WA?
Why don't British singers have an accent when they sing?
Any Hannah Montanna Lovers?
Does anyone know a place online where I can get free drum and/or bass loops?
can someone please help me with more songs and ideas?
Where are good places to perform and get discovered---by a record label--in LA?
how is the chinese musical instrument that sounds like a girl called?
How can I find out how much a scrimshaw script is worth?
Mandolin tips???
Hit songs in a baritone key good for an audition?
Does anyone know any good male and female duet songs?
What would be a good cheap guitar amplifier?
How do I get rid of nerves when playing the piano?
Need help on Power chords?
I need help from singers or anyone who knows a lot about the voice...?
how to become a booking agent for musical acts?
When playing clarinet, can I have gloves on?
Check out my guitar solo, incredibly amazing?
words that rhyme with festival?
What does it take to play in a symphony or to play music for movies?
Why am I such an unsuccessful violin teacher?
Is an autoharp an easy instrument to play?
Are girls more attracted to singers or guitarists?
What do i do about my crappy rythm guitarist?
Best path for a aspiring actor/singer?
How much should I sell an electric guitar for?
Is because of you a good song to sing at an audition ?
How you think singing is?
how can i get an audition to read audio books?
is guitar easy?
is guitar easy to learn?
I don't know what to sing for an audition?
What would I got to college for to become a talent agent?
where did the members of phish go to college?
Curtain time for Evita at Irving Arts Ctr, Irving, TX, Sat. matinee? Cost of tickets?
My husband wrote a play - a brilliant political satire but can't market it.?
What are good duets for a 15 yr old girl and 16 yr old boy in high school?
I need a monologue which is from a play, any ideas where to find one?
Berklee 5 week Program?
Any tips for learning how to play the piano?
Who is Wonder Woman?
Need Opinion: Should my boyfriend and I try this stunt?
Does anyone have a real fight story?
is david blaine's magic real?
Needs some help! Adulteress?
What is a good senior gift idea for theater people?
Am I too old to learn to play the guitar?
Help with Clarinet scales? [read desc.]?
What songs should my twin sister and I sing for YouTube?
Where are videos of circus aerialist Fernanda Perris?
guitar playing help?????
Do pro dancers make a good amount of cash?
Has anyone done the Broadway Jr version of the musical Godspell in public school? How was it received, etc...?
I have an audition for the witch... how should I melt?
What Are Some Modern Piano Pieces?
What Shakespearean play was banned in Britain during George III’s period of madnes?
How To Play This On The Piano?
Where can I find a performance of Stephanie J. Block in Wicked?
Which class should I stay in?...need help with this dilemma now, please?
How to boost pageant scores?
My Sharona on Guitar?
Good guitar brands with good quality?
How do you find an agent?
Whic guitar style is better to learn if you want to play popular music?
Flexibility for jazz?
Song suggestions for LaGuardia High School audition?.. For the electric bass?
What should I play for my audition?
What's some good nautical-sounding music?
The ends justify the means video?
what is the best electric rock guitar?
Plastic Surgery for stars in SM Ent :S?
Pelase rate my song lyrics?
I need the help of someone who is familiar with musicals?
I need good Spanish/Tango Music. HELP?
10 points to best answer! i need help :-(?
What's a guitar book with beginner songs?
Berklee Audition: Do I have a chance?
what are the kinds of stage dances???\?
Learning how to play guitar is hard how do I get better?
pls guys, i sing in church,any solution 4 voice trainning .thanks!?
How can I make a pumpkin head fly across the stage?
Good guitar to buy for beginners?
How do I overcome stage fright?!?!?
Looking for a heavy key MIDI keyboard not too expensive?
Guitar help asap!!! Which brand is better?
I want to learn to play!?
What ever happened to BrothaMan?
Where can I find a harp teacher that's cheap and lives or works around Burbank?
What is the name of this performing "clown"?
I need a funny monologue about a psychotic female. Anyone help?
Do you have a nice rack?
What do you think of this guitar?
A drum program that can make MIDIs into real drums?
can you play bass guitar on a regular amp?
Acoustic guitar price range?
Script for a one minute video of randomness?
What guitar chord is this?
Is there any similar guitar to the Gibson Chet Atikins SST model?
how many quater notes are in a dotted whole note?
what's a metronome??? and where can I get one?
Is this song proper to sing at church ?
How can I get the lead in a play?
How much is my Alvarez guitar worth?
How many women can shatter glass with thier voice as a talent?
How have racism and segregation affected Musicals(film and theatre)?
i am going to audition for a spanish competition called Objetivo Fama,but i dont know what songs to sing?
playing upright bass live?
How to convince my dad to let me play alto/bass clarinet?
best acoustic guitar songs to learn?
Can you learn how to play the piano by yourself?
Where are the Good Jazz Jam sessions in Los Angeles County?
What is a good way I can incorporate Wicked the Musical into a Homecoming float?
Question for band geeks?
Writing a Scene For A Play- About Martin Luther?
Ideas for a performance of "The Pen is Mightier than the Sword"?
Should I get a sitar with a single or a double toomba?
What style is the music of Goldie?
Do good guitar players play guitar hero?
will u plz tell me hardest digest food in the world?
Book of Mormon play!!!!?
Funny Songs to Sing for a Cabaret?
When did Neil Young die?
How am I progressing?
Me singing (link included)?
How often do you change your guitar strings (for electric)?
What is a good Humorous duo piece?
What is it called when professional dancers act as normal people in a public place then break into a dance?
Why do girls play guitar?
Sparkle poi safety................................?