Performing Arts

Guitar questions(lots)?
How long would it take to learn guitar?
Guitar songs WITHOUT capo?
any tips on learning break dancing?
opera company that will produce new l opera in English?
Help! I really Need It! Singers!?
My throat hurts after I sing and I want to stop it. how do I do so?
Would you go to the circus?
What is the album name of the Rockapella album that features the song entitled "Breakfast at Tiffany's"?
Finding a Talent Agency?
Should i take dance in high school ?
which of the following music instruments is easier than others to learn and play?
Is it hard to learn the acoustic guitar?
for starting a career as a singer should I hire a manager first or I should record my demo first?
What are some good bass guitar companies?
Any good on budget preamps? (under $100CAD)?
Where must the Gemeinhard flute made in?
I want to go to a guitar camp next summer which ones are really good and focused primarily on music?
Where can i find a Cinderella monologue?
Does an electric acoustic guitar sound different than a regular electric guitar?
Should I learn the piano or guitar (acoustic) first?
Legally Blonde the Musical!?
can't get flute lessons?
What are good songs to play on acoustic that a 15 yr old would like? STANDARD TUNING A MUST!!!?
Drama performance help?
slipping pegs, how to fix?
is it gay to sing in church? not in the choir but while set in congregation.?
Price for Vito Clarinet?
how well do you think I'll be able to play electric guitar by the time I'm 16?
Why did my new guitar string break?
how do theatre performers "give back" to the community?
Tell me why Mozart is genius but Led Zeppelin and the Beatles aren't?
what role does the epigastrium play in the breathing process?
Condenser Microphone or Acoustic Pickup Louder?
what if i was a rockstar?
Does anyone have know any fun up-beat duets?
How do I get discovered as a singer?
i need a really good inspirational song to sing????
I want to learn to play guitar, and I wanna know wether I should choose electric or acoustic?
In musical theater, which composers/lyricists wrote new musicals in a short timescale? Were they any good?
How does a screenwriter get paid?
Can i sing a popsong to audition for juilliard?
Need help on this one... BADLY (please and thanx)?
what song do you sing in the shower?
In your opinion/experience which brand of flute is the best? Yamaha, Jupiter, or Armstrong?
Does anyon know where I cna find an acting adition in Ohio for the ages of 14-16 yrs?
Spring Awakening Audition Songs?
what do you call it when two people play the piano at the same time?
Is a shecter omen 6 fr a good guitar?
where can i see a video of my marching band show from las year?
which (between these 2) guitar would be better for?
help with monologue!!!!!!!!!!!?
I need a song to perform a song and dance in a competition?
Guitar: fingernails concern!?
Do you know what a bass guitar is? (Read On)?
I Have a Question About Opera Singers?
why do i get -5 points for asking questions on answers?
What are some great sounding, easy to strum to, guitar songs?
Please help, convincing parents to let me go to performing arts school?
Theatretrain or Stagecoach?
I need a good audition piece for a school musical?
Making a name for yourself as a standup comedian?
Dunlop Crybaby Wah cuts power off to entire board?
Anyone know any talent agents?
Thin electric acoustic guitar?
If I'm in a talent agency, can I book work outside my agent?
My 10 year old sister has a talent show comming up soon and we need ideas.?
Modeling question...?
What harmonica should I buy to learn on?
Acoustic Guitar Beginner?
What would you say are the musical characteristics that make an art song different to a folk song?
Can you majoring in musical performance on marching snare drum???
best acoustic bass from dean that i can get for under $200?
I want to sing Opera
how do you keep your nerves calm when in front of audiences?
Years on the Acoustic Yamaha's symbols.?
Broadway/music practice room?
Can you help me find a picture of the Mouse King from The Nuter?
Would this be a good mic?
looking for capoeira classes in las vegas south side?
Where can I find sheet music to Public Enemy?
How to win a beauty pageant?
good electric guitar fr beginners?
How do you remove crayon marks from an electric guitar?
Guitarists, I have a problem. Help me out please?
What monolouge should i do for class?
How can I contact Playtone Productions?
locking tuner problems?
how do you become a good singer ?
What are the best techno/trance songs??
What is the best way to find an agency/agent for a 13 year old singer/actor?
do fingers get longer when you play the guitar?
How do I find ways to sing to an original song?
what is your fav. color black,blue,green,or purple?
Should I still march in the parade?
Guitar Customisation Help?
Famous in a small town?
PLEASE rate my singing out of a 10 and be honest about it!?
Senior Pic Ideas- Colorguard?
Where would I find a list of important opera performers?
where can i get a traben bootsy star bass?
Why do I feel the rush to be good at guitar?
Is my way of learning the Acoustic Guitar alright ?
Beginner Flute Buying Help!!!?
I trying to write a poem. But I need Help.?
What guitar should i get?
Music people: How long do you practice daily and what do you play?
What is the most violent pulp fiction scene?
What should I call my podcast?
Why is my guitar alternate picking not getting any faster?
How do you fit playing an instrument into your schedule?
what are the carers or professions related to arts category?
Where do I learn to become an exotic dancer?
Fender strat pickups Q old 1986 model one humbucker?
What is the difference between grand piano and piano?
Good songs for a 16 year old?
What do i need to get done to my guitar for drop A tunings?
What are those little lines along the outside of a violin called?
What Would Be a Good Color Guard Uniform for the Field Show STYX?
Is there a way to change the key signature on the flute?
Which is the best way to time pass?
Ladies/ Girls : Do you prefer a classical guitarist or an electric guitarist ?
Are there such things as minor scales or other such scales?
Question about Fender Strats and Ibanez (and guitars in general)?
GUITARISTS! Got any ideas for a beginners guitar?
can you do anything without using any part of your body ?
Which musical instrument?
How to act really good!?10 POINTS!?!?
hey guys any good excercises i can do at home?
Am I Articulating wrong (playing bassoon)?
What do you think is the best guitar ever?
What is a C3m guitar chord?
Should I play the flute or the clarinet?
Was Paul Weller an art student and did he go to Eton college?
How can I get better at sing? Tips? Tricks? Practices?
id anyone attend NSSO concert on Saturday - it was brilliant - no empty seats and a great singer in Mel Cotton
A weak voice?
Where does Big Bang, Korean pop group, perform?
how to fake like you're nauseous?
HELP!!: 16-Year Old dreaming of becoming a Violinist!!?
Would it be a good idea to self teach myself piano while I'm self teaching myself guitar?
please help?
can I still play violin with a fractured wrist?
i Want to learn the Vioin?
** do you like this bass guitar/ simple question**?
Alto Clarinet and Timpani duet sheet music?
Perusing acting... are looks everything?
how does dance music and drama relate?
i wanted to sing for my talent show but im afraid to sing in front of a lot of people.what should i do????????
What can I audition for?
Have you been to performing arts schools, and what was the experience like?
How do i play a chord on my guitar ?
How Much do Broadway actors ,including understudies and Backround people, get paid?
MUSICALS WITH 2 Female Lead?
What song is right for me to sing in my school talent show?
Junk drum for a junk band?
what is a really good 12 string guitar? Can go no higher then $3,000.00?
i know women go crazy 4 guiter palyers?
Is violin easy to learn?
how much do madonna's dancers ger paid?
Which bass amp should I buy?
Where Can I get a drum set for cheap? s?
Violin bass, cello, or viola vibrato help?
Where can I find a reasonably priced piccolo ?
any one going to glastonbury 07?
Wheere on the nternet can I find how to play jingle bells on snare drum.?
Where are the best music academies in US?
how to play african thumb drum!?
right handed guitar question?
Best guitar to start out with?
what is the best way to memorize music?
Clarinet with no brand name?
going solo at concert?
What position is a Low D on the Trombone?
Where Can I hire a really good lyricist or producer to do popsongs for me?
What are the benefits of owning a stall of seats at the Royal Albert Hall.?
Footjoint hard to insert on used flute?
Can someone help me figure out these guitar tabs?
Where can you get mime attire?
What is the name of the opera with Figaro in it?
I Want To Make Someone Float!?
Cecilio flutes? Cibaili flutes? HELP!!?
Do You Think So?
What is the best way to buy Cirque du Soleil tickets when they're in Dallas, Texas? Thank you.?
I've always wondered... Do they lip-synch in those Broadway musicals?
how can i become metal singer?
Will guys be amazed if they saw a girl drummer?
Do you think that i sing WELL??? ******?
How can i improve my voice?????
Important: song suggestions??
how do i get over my stage fright?
Acoustic guitar w/ no words?
Should I still perform next Sunday?? - Advice please!?
Should i go to drama school?
What do you think about a man with a soprano voice which is the highest female voice yet he can sing bass too?
My Electric Guitar String Just Broke!?
What's the best Bar Song?
Online Sites for Slam Poetry?
What's a good guitar?
Split in my cello bow - how severe is it?
Should I sing to this girl?
I'm going to a Performing Arts High School... ( please read )?
I'm a left handed but i play guitar as a right handed, should i learn to play as a left handed?
Which is easier to play: bass or guitar?
How much is this guitar worth.?
Guitar Question: Review on the Gibson Wildkat?
How do you say the time signature of a piece of music? For example, how do you say 2/4 or 3/4?
Sore fingers while playing guitar, please help!?
is my voice any good?
What should I sing for the talent show???Help! need song!?
Is ther anyone into Neo-soul? i myself use my music to express feeling i want 2 see if any 1 else doe's..?
Should I switch from flute to mellophone?
Am I good enough singer?
Do you need to learn piano if you want to learn how to sing?
Guitar Holding?
I want to be a mime (silence)?
Audition Piece for Godspell for 14 year old girl?
I am just learning how to play clarinet ! i have 2 questions look below?
Hi! I'm playing penny in my school play hairspray. Can u give me something 2 wear 4 every scene! THANKS!!!!
Is Scott Weiland really a bisexual?
Who is taking drum lessons?
What's a good beginners ukulele?
Amateur wanting to buy an ACOUSTIC GUITAR?
Songs to suit my voice - i'm 13 :) (vid of singing included)?
Spring Awakening VS. Avenue Q
Does anybody have Beatles sheet music?
Would you see Teacher's Pet as if it were ever a Broadway show?
Is this an ideal Djent Guitar?
Do You have lyrics for contemporary christian music?
how do you feel when ur performing ??
What acting tips can anyone who's competent in acting give me?
whats the fastest way to learn to play a guitar?
Ballet vs modern vs lyrical dance?
What's the quickest way for me to get noticed in LA?
What kind of guitar is this?
In what ways is Mozart's Magic Flute masonic?
are the give high school musical 2 on Disney Channel on Sept 8?
What is meant by c5 c6 in vocal ranges?
Beautiful modern piano solo pieces to learn for piano?
What are good girl duet songs?
tell me how to maintain emotional continuity shooting with disjointed sequences. i'm an actor.?
When playing the guitar, will you play faster if none of your picking hand or forearm touches the guitar.?
Where is the clarinet from?
Anyone know good modeling/acting angencies in toronto?
I need your help... please try to help me!!!!?
My snare drum has a very bad creek and overtone?
FootLoose Lovers???
What happened to Claudio Arrau's children? Arrau's children?
Connect Electric guitar to home theater?
any tips how to act great??
is drama club concidered dorky???
How was Chester written out of Gunsmoke?
What can me help with screenwriting?
has anyone ever plucked up courage to tell those bleating sheep..they simply can't sing?
What is the best Acoustic guitar for beginners? ?
What are some good recording arts schools in the U.S.?
Male/Female Musical Theatre Duets?
Interview with One Source Talent?
What should i play for a college professor interested in me?
Is there such a thing as an electric-acoustic guitar?
The Phantom of the Opera, 25th anniversary in Royal Albert Hall in London?
I go back and forth to new york to act so my dad is kind of upset that I am going back but acting is my dream.
Considering taking up the piano?
Can you carve designs into clarinet bells?
Can playing on a electric set make you sound better?
How to improve the barre?
what do you think of my poetry idea?
how to audition???? easy 10 points!?
What DVD Can Teach Me Ballet?
Monolouge ideas??
How Can I Audition For Music Videos?
what instrument is harder? flute or violin?
How can I get my vocal range back?
what is stevie nicks "real" name?
Question about learning guitar?
Are Guitar Packages worth buying?
Can Thrust Stage be used in Concerts?
Know any good fine arts camps?
What is your favorite Broadway Musical and why?
How can I work as an actor in London without a work permit?
What should a good Church praise team have for PA and gear?
How long does it take to get ABRSM exam results back?
My brother is getting married next summer. I want to sing a song at the reception. Any ideas?
how can I get Beyonce to sign an autograph?
My opera can't watch videos online. I need help.?
HELP ME! Instrumental question?
Want to learn Guitar, but afraid of callouses?
Songs for low voices?
What are the best free online resources to learn how to act?
Nick names for a dancer?
baritone & normal acoustic guitars..!!?
what are the best ways to learn how to drawl?
Should I play guitar, bass, or drums?
Does anyone know what music was used in Mayerling the ballet - choreographed by Kennith Macmillan?
I'm four foot ten, what size acoustic guitar should I get?
How do i begin a career in doing voice overs?
Has anyone played La Folia?
Is Astro a good brand of tenor marching quads?
Should I play guitar, bass, or drums?
Would like to go into broadway but need dance experience.?
Is my daughter a good pianist?
In the motet "Lonc tens ai mon cuer" how many languages are represented.?
What are some good songs to play on an acoustic?
can most good musicians also sing well?
What guitar is best for beginners... Please Help!?
Should I put P90's on my Gibson SG or trade it in?
does anyone know a site where i can get free guitar lessons that actually help?
What is a good clarinet model for a university student?
What is the best way to get a scholarship with UCLA and have the performing arts program?
If you had to name the top 20 to 25 for teachers in the world of opera today who wouuld they be?
What are good songs to sing in a middle school talent show?
Any ideas for a duet song one highish (alto) or above and one low (alto)?
Best University in England for Acting/Playwright?
What's the absolute largest audience that an artist ever performed on stage for?
Extending bass range?
what are some good acoustic guitar songs to learn without an high E string?
What are guitar tabs?
I was wondering, what does it take to start a band.?
Talentless ? No Hope ?
Can I become a successful actor?
How much more efficient is economy picking than alternate picking?
what is "strap" in publishing?
I'm looking for the name of a claasical artist that starts with L?
Good talent show ideas?!?
what songs did Muse play in their San Diego 2010 concert?
Whats a good guitar to buy for a starter?
Music theory project help?
how much did jason lancaster contribute to a lesson in romantics?
Making a living as an indie musician?
what is a mma/grappling glove made of i wanna make one?
Is it hard to learn how to play piano?
How do you sign up for a gig?
how many people can lick their elbow??????????
How much does a flute cost at Laconia Music Center?
Harp Stores???
How to read music??????
What is a good excuse?
A question for dancers/POM squad?
how do you play the chorus on the guitar for Hero by Enrique Iglesias?
I am researching film schools does anyone know anythin about California college of the arts? It looks good!?
Honestly, what do you think of my voice?
guitar class 1?
What exactly is an "artificial harmonic"?(guitar)?
Question about "The Nuter Ballet"?
Is there a percussion group much like STOMP in Singapore?
Whats the best way to un box my scales on guitar?
Would having glasses harm my chances of being an actress?
who is musician Anne Bredon?
Which is sweeter,Love in the fields or love on bed?
Is it hard to play the drums softly?
Can you give a MOST IMPORTANT characterstic of DIVINITY?
Any tips for learning all the pentatonic scales and their extensions on guitar?
What do you call the area where the orchestra plays during a ballet?
How can i meet bway acters take pictures, get autographs??
Whats the best reed for an M13 vandoren clarinet mouthpiece?
Is David Archuleta participating in the 2008 summer tour?
Do you think its possible to learn to play an instrument just by..?
Is the phantom of the opera good?
Is there someone out there who would like to critique my SATB arrangement?
Intermediate Songs for Guitar?
why does my clarinet screech?
Is a Squire a good guitar?
Dance and Drama Industry?
Could some one record themselves playing the lyrical and technical for this years all county audition on flute?
Are you willing to be my mentor?
how would you promote an online comedy show?
I have an Epiphone bass guitar and am looking for a new one, what would you suggest to be a good new bass?
2fer broadway tickets?
Whats your favorite broadway show?
how can i learn to play the piano by myself?
Parallel Fifths and Octaves?
Problems singing in public, tips please!?
@@@how to make cleaner sound on soprano sax@@@?
Electric or acoustic guitar?
Which song should i sing for a high school talent show? ( I have made a list)?
What is the best Jackson guitar for metal (up to $2500)?
Music for French Horn/Piano Duet?
Violin Question[s]!?
How to train the voice to work through passaigo?
where can i get free acoutsic guitar lessons online?
Where can I find the clip of the scene that Morgan Freeman ask the kids to sing the school song in lean on me.
Where can me and my band perform in silver spring?
Do you want to be a part of The SWITCH Show?
Male broadway baritone solo?
Is it a bad idea to teach myself piano.?
How do I get rid of stage fright?
portable dance mirrors?
Where is the best place to purchase an erhu?
I've sucessfully been able to get the?
Whats the cheapest price for Yamaha violin?
how can i stop being nervous about singing in front of my family?
i was in a school play and now it's over and it was so fun i want do do anoter play like that what do i do?
I need a death poem written by anybody.?
what is the play rhymers of Eldritch? Better yet, any references to the summary of the play? eldritch about?
How to save up money for the epiphone les paul goldtop?
Want to be a Actor, need an agent.?
What should I know about Mozart?
how do i produce acoustic guitar tones with my amp?
Reasonable prices for double bass drum pedal?
What key should I sing my audition song in?
Cort vs Epiphone Les Paul?
what are some good websites for beginner sheet music for free.?
Is it possible to teach yourself how to sing?
How can "Art" be best defined? Please answer as it is very important Visit
What is the play Grand hotel about?
Trumpet Trouble?
the musical notes for halo CE or halo 2 songs?
Does the Blue Spark Studio Microphone have your voice sound exactly like it normally does?
Should I learn the Violin or Guitar?
I completely ruined my audition and feel horrible?
how much time does it take to be a fairly good guitar player?
What instrument do you play?
Do you think i could make it as a singer?
who is the douglas e wagner?
Bessie Smith: soprano or contralto?
How do I find a song title with only a few lyrics?
What is a good Musicals for a high school production?
Do all girls like guys that play guitar ?
Broken tuning peg on guitar?
does any one play the flute?????
singing for talent show?
Is ther a contest for Beat Maker/Producers?
Favourite musical?
Learning how to play violin?
How long does it take to learn guitar?
Sheet Music and Music Book Storage Options?
Warped TOUR 09 HELP!?
Tell Me, What Do You Think About A Dean Edge 09 Bass and Amp Pack?
Contrasting Audition songs.....HELP!!?
Only to those who play a musical instrument!!?
is the clarinet fingering the same for the recorder?
What song should I sing?
advice for an amateur solo musician?! (more info)?
Hasn't anybody heard of Wikipedia or Google?
has any one heard of a play called "Tea and Arsinic" ?
Anyone out there know what this Hebrew phrase means: "מישהו הולך תמיד איתי"?
How do you know you are in your last stage of ?
I am Trying to write a musical! But I am struggling with the manuscript!?
Is it easy to learn and play the trombone?
Should I just accept I have no talent and give up?
Is there anywhere to get a free saxophone (alto or soprano) online?
How do I go about recording a music demo?
who sing i want to go home?
If I practice guitar for 18 hours a week will I be really good for February?
What Makes You Beautiful on Violin?
tone deaf?
Giirly or preppy monologues??
I found a Black flute, can someone tell me if it's any good!?
How to press to guitar stings down with double jointed fingers?
Is this a good song to sing for a musical theater audition?
how does the dlite magic trick really work?
In ballet why do they repeat the same moves over and over again?
What is the cheapest case that could fit my Dean Z-X electric guitar?
What Kind of Pan flute is this * LINK*?
Is This Good Folk Music?
Will anyone buy my guitar?
Where can I get Chris Tomlin sheet music? Like for acoustic plays at coffee shops?
How can I learn the violin on my own?
is 19 years old too late to start learning ballet?
Why isn't my violin playing/working??
Where is the best spot online to order Dynasty M570 Marching Baritone?is there a better marching baritone?
How to promote a christian musician?
Could I be Annie Oakley?
Why do you guys think is a good song to dance to for our school talent show? (has to be an up-beat song!)?
What is your favorite percussion instrument?
I've never wanted anything so bad...?
How long does an average stand up gig last for a well known comedian? ?
Did you teach yourself to play an instrument and how did you do it?
tell me a R & B song to sing in school, they are 20th century?
Quarter Tones On Guitar?
when you sing in whistle register.....?
Does "Perfect Pitch" exist? If so, how would you define it.?
Where can I sell a clarinet other than ebay and how much should I sell it for?
Help with clarinet scales!!?
What are some famous opposites?
Can you touch your nose wit your tongue?
Stage Names!!!???>>>?
is it too late to learn piano at the age of 25?
"do you think brittney spears is a hoe because of the guys shes been with 'or' because of the way she dresses
Have any albums changed your life?
i have 11 weeks off. What do you think would be good to learn?
Do people who work in broadway get to travel?
Prestini Trumpet Quality?
Stage Fright...?
What is the story behind cirque du soleil and Quiddam?
Is anyone else here a puppeteer?
Is Equus still playing anywhere?
Who was the first known STAGE actress? in what year?
which plays have you been in?
A guitar for sell in West Virginia?
audition stage fright?
I really want to act but I'm too self-conscious?
Should I join our orchestra?
Any daring women out there?
Can you plug your electro-acoustic guitar into any amplifier?
What kind of guitar is the one in this video please?
Guitar help?
How do i pursuer my dream as a Film Director?
I feel inferior to those who are better clarinet players than
What is a nice and portable musical Instrument?
why is stp going to tour?
Is there a 'Macbeth' movie out there that's in actual movie form, and not play?
If a pianist is at least reasonably good, should teachers discourage performance and competition?
Does anyone know of any arts schools in orlando.?
Who is the tenor who has the better voice quality, Pavarotti o Andrea Bocelli?
How to get a nice rich sound on the mellophone?
Global Talent Agency?
Luna safari guitars reviews?
What instruments do you all play?
Has anyone heard of Cat Stevens??
How much distortion go YOU play guitar with?
where can i find sheet music for the Army Strong theme?
what are some good books for learning music compostion techniques?
Where can I find free printable broadway sheet music?
Car or guitar??????????
Ransom note ideas for college panto?
what is the last stage of love?
My Bass Guitar wont go in tune?
What's the best way to get a modeling agent?
how do you give a good stage performance?
Is this a good guitar for someone that has been playing a few years?
whats this world class band in japan?
What's Ballsy? Whats a Mink?
Where can I find the deleted scene fron Journy to regionals(Glee) ?
How much do u think one should practice guitar if they want to be able to play in bands regularly?
What are the best drum corps shows of all time?
Comedy Movie Title Dilema?
If you were to audition for American Idol, what song would you sing?
where can i find good guitar exercises(intermediate player)?
Theatrical upper register songs?
What's the appropriate scale for Clarinet?
Make Your Body Forget How to Do something?
How do I stop ukelele strings going out of tune quickly?
how to dich school?
Choir Question....?
How can a teen learn about opera?
I got very good voice and i faced so many singing competition but now i m fed up bcoz i m married .?
I just got a first act guitar, did i make a mistake?
I want to be a club DJ.?
Christian songs to play on guitar?
What is the character description of Matilda in Thoroughly Modern Millie?
I really like to play guitar, and sing. And people like it when I do it. But it's really scary up on stage!
where can i rent a baritone saxophone in california?
High E string on acoustic guitar too bright & overwhelming?
How much do vocal lessons usually cost?
What are performing arts colleges like?
I'm doing the school pageant?
Squier P-Bass or Epiphone Thunderbird?
Is there a paint that I can spray on grass that will just wash off if it rains?
Do you know any funny monologues? Help would really be appreciated.?
viola survey !!!!!!!?????????
How can I tell if my clarinet is a b flat clarinet?
Are there any open mic poetry nights in ct?
my chemical romance?
I am currently on level 9 of piano. A lot of my friends quit. Should I continue?
i want to learn how to sing, my voice is terrible?
How can anyone like the generic, soul-less, cliche ridden music of Bon Jovi?
Broadway musicals/plays for a father and daughter to see?
what does it mean to have a good speaking voice?
does anyone have any good singin tips?
Has anyone heard of a baoshi guitar?if so,are they a good brand?
what are some good love songs?
What do i do about my crappy rythm guitarist?
Looking for some honest feedback on my singing/guitar playing?
Would this be a good amp for a fiddle?
Can I sign up for Britians Got Talent Anytime or only in the summer?
My clarinet is old and doesn't play well, how can I improve it's sound?
left handed guitar?
New Version.Phantom of the Opera?
I play the piano and I was asked to play background music at this social event.?
how do i find out about auditions?
Dance preparation for Zaneeta in the Music Man?
Where can i find someone to play the trumpet and/or tenor saxophone on a reggae-ska song i have written?
what is the poem that starts out dance like no ones watching, sing like no ones listing ect how does it go?
I need to learn a song on guitar?
Are there any other instances of musicians?
What's your favorite broadway musical?
Simple question about learning the Drum?
How to levitate?
Talent agent in MA?
Which of the following guitar multieffects is betterr?Line 6 PodXt Live or Vox Tonelab SE???
I don't have a great voice but would love to be able to sing. Is this possible?
do you love Timberlands music?
Anyone Got A Spare Kings Outfit...?
Is Lance Bass even really relevant anymore?
Good Musicals For Small Youth Groups?
What Careers can I go into with a BTEC national diploma in performing arts?
In what way you can differentiate a good and bad poetry?
Teen Music Camp for summer of 2009 possibly in texas?
Free Music Creating Program?
What is a good song for a Spring Awakening audition? Non Broadway songs required.?
Is Fur Elise too cliche for a pageant?
How much does it typically cost to fix/change out a guitar string?
Do you have to learn acoustic guitar before the electric guitar?
i need to get the images of the syrian actor jehad saad?
12-string guitars?
Whats are some good bass guitar songs to play?
Please listen to me sing?
i want to get started in classical guitar?
high e string twang played open?
What is it like to play for a college orchestra?
What is the magnet that sits on top of a 6 string electric guitar called. It produces string vibration and th
How do you play WMYB on the guitar?
How do I begin to sight read music?
My parents doesn't support me wanting to do music when I get older?
Is it too late for me to learn to play guitar?
Blue lake camp first day?
Where does the concept of throwing food at an act originate?
Any method to drum faster?
Anyone know the notes for Westside story Somewhere on saxophone?
Have you ever had a passion for something but not the talent?
Acting agencies question?
What does the name "Vivviana" make you think of?
What are some easy rock guitar solos to learn?
Cool song to play at my school talent show next year (guitar)?
Will my voice get better? It sounds hoarse and i can't sing high.?
Is 40 too old to learn to play the banjo?
Cello or Violin............ Which do you prefer?
Are Zephyr trumpets nice?
What kind of ballet shoes should a 17 years old female beginner get? Also any tips?
What Girls gone wild dvd is best?
playing and singing at the same time?
Is there any way that a Bird Girl in Seussical Jr. can get a solo?
who likes to sing?
Does anyone know a site where you can print snare drum sheet music for free?
is college-age too old to start competing in pageants?
Do I have talent?
what is a good free site that teaches me to read music?
I want to be a stand up comedian?
Info about Phantom of the Opera 2?
Visual arte college ?
What do you think about this? (if you have drumming experience that could help answer this)?
where can I buy an Etavonni guitar and how much will it be?
Need lyrics of a song called "Without You"?
How do I refurbish a Spanish Guitar?
What's an unique solo for alto in a choir?
Good quality guitars for smaller fingers?
We breathe in dust everyday... Don't we suffocate?
What is a good musical for middle schools?
I'm really confused about communicating intentions in performing arts?
Is there a better vibrato for the violin? Arm vs wrist?
Where can I buy same day theater tickets for Boston shows at discount prices?
How hard is it to get into the cleveland youth orchestra?
should i get an acoustic-electric or acoustic?
HELP!! My voice is messed up even resting for 3 days after a baseball game HELP !!!!any vocal advice will help?
What do you think of my poem?
What are some good songs with Ukelele in them?
What song should I audition with?
where is one direction right now in the world?
What are the features of non-fiction children's stories?
Can I be an actor? How should I become one?
What Does Lucerito's, Lucero's, "Fuego Y Ternura" mean?
The best guitar solo of all time?
Do you think this is a good deal for a guitar?
clarinet tips ?
Should I use sand paper to file down guitar bridge where strings keep snapping?
What would do if you could no longer play your instument?
Can anyone play a acoustic guitar?
What effects would be used for the guitar in Black Sheep By Metric?
Which instrument you like the best?
details of south coast musical festival corpus christi texas april 29 2006?
Name unique talents.?
Is my way of learning the Acoustic Guitar alright ?
were to go to get a pome copyright?
How much are section leaders paid in a generally volunteer church choir?
How can I make myself practice the piano?
how to become a booking agent for musical acts?
I need a good DJ NAME!!!?
Looking for a guitar upgrade... Advice?
Is it weird for a guy to play thr ukulele? ?
What is a good or funny tune I could play on my Clarinet?
Violin RCM grade 9 level, some suggestions plz!!!?
Need advice on a playing Brahms - Intermezzo in A Op.118 no.2?
is Karl Pilkington for real?
What is the easiest way to memorize lines?
What is a talent??????????????????????????????
Who's the most popular singer in the united states these days?
how long does it take to be good on the flute?
Buying a new guitar?
how to play the viola?
Which band has animal color gaurd?
Best cort guitar for price?!! Help plz!?
Is playing an electric guitar just like playing an acoustic guitar?
What is a good acoustic guitar for a beginner?
Is it weird to like a guy who plays the flute?
Anybody ever heard of Dancing in the Anointing?
Audition and song choice advice please?
What is the GREATEST Musical of all time?
Acting conservatory or university?
where can i find spanish music sheets. songs in spanish?
Could I do vocal vibrato this way?
do you think i'm too inexperienced to...?
What's the cheapest electric guitar?
FootLoose Lovers???
1982 Marshall Jcm 800?
Creative ways to stick text messages or emails in bedroom or ways to cherish them...?
I'm going to learn how to pay guitar, but I have a few questions!?
what was the 2004 rush setlist?
Does an nj classic mockingbird bc rich guitar play as good and fast as a special(not special X, the other)???
What sized guitar do I need?
Can anyone send me pics of correctly tuned tuning pegs of an acoustic guitar?
Improve trumpet tone quality?
What's the lux level for normal day light??
Acoustic guitar: A topic to write about.?
Does race really matter when auditioning for SMent?
Good Online Violin Shops?
Guitar Question?
if your HEART is the TREASURE, what would the MAP show on how to FIND it?
Age of Victor recording #12006-A (Marche Slave recorded by Boston Pops)?
How much money can you make in an orchestra?
What can I do with a BA in Theater Arts?
What is the point of learning how to play an ELECTRIC GUITAR?
what makes a grand piano grand?
Poem number 3, fire away :)?
Can you please help me with my voice?
Since there is a musical era for every period of time, what would now be considered?
Any ways to Learn your multplacation 1-12 pretty fast?
What double bass pedal would you recommend?
Musical Ideas Please?
I m a singer pls tell me how i cn show my talent?
Fiddle vs Violin?
What would be a good monologue?
Performing with me ex: Awkward or not?
what is a good website to buy cheap concert tickets last minute?
what do you think of my guitar playing?
How can I become an actor?
e-mail or telephone contact to Vicente Aranda filmaker and director?
Not overused, good upbeat Broadway songs for audition.?
how do i get the courage to sing in the talent show?
bass amp that would be good for me?
how can i become good to myself?in performing such things to be good?
What are some clean, popular upbeat songs that elementary school kids would know?
what guitar strap is best to use whilst playing a black les paul?
Can someone who knows Italian please give me a proper translation of Pavarotti's Dolente Immegine di Fille Mia?
How is it that Patti LuPone never gets in trouble for stealing costumes?
is it possible to buy a violin without varnish on the back?
Performing Arts High Schools in Canada?
Magicians and Michael Jackson sometimes perform the illusion where they lean 45 degrees?
How do I become popular when I'm kinda unliked?
What movies did Albert Finney and Alec Guiness star in together?
when you sing in whistle register.....?
Good Role-Playing ideas/topics?
Where can i start becoming an actress?
what is the best key for songwriting on guitar?
Instrument for the musically challeneged?
Is this ABUSE?
Where can I get custom guitar picks?
What did you name your guitar?
How do I demonstrate how to be a vegetarian and not just talk about it?
How do you dance a gavotte?
How can you find your own sound on guitar?
Good websites to learn intermediate guitar?
On an electric guitar, what's a good amount of frets to have/How many frets are necessary?
What guitar should i get????
can you help me use a capo on the guitar?
whats a good way take care of my vocal chords, while training for singing?
what is the historical impact of woodwind instruments?
is it easier to play the chelo, viola or violin?
where does elisabeth schwarzkopf live now, and is it possible to write to her?
I have an audition for Leaf Coneybear in the National tour of Spelling Bee. Any ideas for audition material?
I'm wearing a beard of bees for national beard awareness day today. What are you doing?
I need a monologue fast?
music lyrics hushaby?
Which do you like better: Nylon Acoustic Guitars, or Steel Acoustic Guitars?
Is 6/8 time fast or slow?
Any beginning tumbling classes in Long Beach, CA ?
What would you do?
Need a Sax Teacher, doubt I can find one?
Are chords considered melody or harmony?
What is a good Acoustic Guitar brand?
What is a good website for Christmas poems and skits?
5 String bass strings wont fit?
acoustic guitar peg trouble (real quick)?
is musical theatre training the best type of training for someone who wants to go into the performing arts...?
What type of electric guitar would you recommend a beginner?
what strings should i buy for ukulele please help :D!?
Is starcast auditions open to the UK?
I am taking a survey?
What would be a good song for an 11 year old girl to sing for an audition?
I am in forensics and i have looking for a really good prose piece.?
i need a stage name?
When you sing high note what happens?
Where can I buy a Roland G-77 Guitar?
It is bad to leave a guitar permanently suspended by the neck?
What do you think of the book Wicked?
Is 14 to old to pick up the bass guitar?
Does Volume hairspray work for...?
guitar tabs for super mario theme?
what are some sites for skits of the 1920s?
What college can i go to to learn to be a professional actress?
What is the easiest way to learn guitar sight reading?
have u been 2 a food fight???????????
Guitar Questions?
What is good song for a 13 year old to sing to try out for a musical?
What do you guys think about Tabla and Flemenco guitar?
How do i attach an Onori guitar strap to my guitar? Can it be upside down?
What do you think of he song I just wrote?
what are the options for a fine arts graduate in india?
Who are better guitar players, left or right-handed people ?
where to get free online material or books of chinese martial arts?
How can I become famous?
How long should I practice the guitar and piano each day to become very good?
Should I buy a student flute or an intermediate flute?
Is 16 to old to learn how to play guitar?
what's a good classical guitar for 300$?
CAN'T FiND any acting classes in ohio?!!?
Guitar center shipping?
I just saw the movie 'Rent' based on the play. How about the play?
whats the most legit brand of acoustic guitar?
What is production model?
What is a good double girl duet i could sing?
All State orchestra audition..what should I wear?
how to encourage girlfriend for sex?
Should I learn Acoustic before I learn Electric Guitar?
The red hot chili peppers Snow(hey oh) riff is virtually impossible 4 me any tips?
What is the physical difference between a Tenor's Larynx and a bass or baritone?
boss me-70 versus line 6 flood pod plus?
Is being a comedian the hardest profession?
Do people in marching band really get picked on in high school or is it just a stereotype?
who is known as the father of postal stamps?
Broadway show seating question!!!?
What do you think of my guitar instrumental?
what is the cast of wicked 2009?!?!?!?
Pageant help?how do i ask my mom?
Whats the songs called in the dance Flawless in Britains got talent?
Buying Hand-made oboe reeds?
what is the best program for me to learn how to sing?
what is a good song for a beauty pagent?
what is the best way to learn how to play guitar?
I can't find the Guitar tabs for this song anywhere. Is there anyone who could tell what tabs they are by ear?
What is a good instrument for me?
i can't stand my mom!!!?
Do you like the musical, 'The Phantom of the Opera'?
i want to be an actress. read on please?
I need a female vocal?
Should I reveal my true identity on Answers?
How can i get a good quality backing track of 'what is this feeling' from wicked, for free?
How can I hit the higher notes in the bass cleff in choir?
Which song would you choose?
classical scores?
Talents?? Anyone?
Where can I buy an acoustic guitar in the twin cities of MN?
Would any of these guitars be good enough to play Disney songs on them?
What kind of pickups do most artist use for their acoustic guitars?
I need a talent for my male Pageant?
What can help me sing better and higher?
Do you prefer Beethoven or Mozart? How do you rate them on a scale of one to ten?
Does anyone play a william lewis violin or viola(pref 60s-70s)? whadaya think of its tone?
Can someone recommend some bands I may like?
Anyone have humorous drama ideas for this monologue that starts with this starting statement?
Why don't more women play lead (solos and riffs) guitar?
How much is this Bass guitar worth?
Guitar: What do I learn now?
Tenor Saxopnone Keys?
Who invented the musical alphabet and staff.?
Are these 4 wire (neck) humbucker pickups?
Can Someone Give Me an Idea of Where to Get a 100% Lycra or Spandex Dance Belt Made?
What accents should I learn?
How hard is it for a bassist to play guitar?
6 string or 12 string guitar?
guitar technique thumb plays chords?
tenor sax squeeks on G?
Where does Liza Minnelli live?
Should I buy this guitar?
Yamaha W5: How do I get the sustain pedal to work?
pls tell me how well i sing?
Too late to learn?
Ever Been In An Opera?
can someone teach me how to sing?
Information about Jewish and Yiddish festivals around the world?
When strumming the guitar are you suppose to use your wrist or your arm?
HELP what RECENT song should i sing for my talent show audition at school?Easy 10 points(:?
what is the best way to find a reputable agent or producer for a screenplay? ?
easy guitar songs for begginer.......?
Is it possible for a person to become a musician without knowing how to read notes?
Getting a name on acoustic guitar? ?
How do I gain confidence when performing on stage?? Please help .s rewarded best answer.?
to late to learn guitar?
How much should I sell an electric guitar for?
I heard that learning bassoon is hard. If I were to go for it, which intermediate instrument should I get?
What program do you use so when you type it will say it in a robotic voice but kind of sing it?
Pre-Teen Nervous For Local Performance. Help?
who might be available to give piano lessons in Pierre, S.D.?
How can I learn to sing?
A good 8 piece drum set?
What would a street performer charge to put on a show?
What order would you put these composers in?
How can I find chinese style lion dancers to hire for a wedding in Miami?
would it be awkward to post this on craigs list?
How to find acting classes in your area?
guitar thumb position "neck" ?
high E flat on the recorder?
Any good colored clarinets?
How can I relearn how to play piano?
How do i stop my drums from moving when i play?
does anyone know a good guitar repair shop?
What is the msuical Crazy for You about? and/or Who is betsy in the msuical Crazy for you?
Where can I find sining lessons in Marlton, NJ?
What is a good Playwriting program?
i am currently trying to hook up a 12 track cd hip hop i have got hold of them beats and i am struggling?
Jump In! Question, urgent!?
Is a used clarinet mouthpiece just as good as a new one?
Getting Tickets For Avenue Q Day Of?
where can I find giovanni bottesini's biography ?
teach me to play guitar free?
Im going to start learning how to play the acoustic guitar but idk what brand of guitar i should get?
NEED help with MARCHING BAND.. . Should I play the clarinet?
How to not have stage fright?
where can i find an agent?
nylon sticks and cymbals?
I just watched a video of a 2 year old playing scales on piano, when should I blow my brains out?
How should i start learning how to play guitar?
What is a sag award?
Chromatic Scales??
on the bass guitar in standard tuning?
i have decided i want to learn how to play the flute?
F Chromatic scale for Euphonium with fingerings?
Two minute monologues classical or comedic from published play OR musicals?
Guitar Center (Easy 10 Points)?
What mus school offers a Doctorate in Jazz Piano?
Is it too late to learn a new instrument?
What is the word used when an actor gives a one person talk or performance?
How much should I expect to pay to get the action lowered on my acoustic guitar?
Acoustic or Electric guitar?
What does Paul McCartney say about the "Paul is Dead" hoax?
APPROPRIATE audition songs for an alto 13-year-old girl?
Does anyone have a recording of any sort of, "Sonata 3" for flute by Handel?
Is a Broadway audition, workshop and set the same way they show it on the TV Show, Smash?
I like dancing? Talent?
To learn how to play guitar fingerpicking the bass, melody and harmony do I learn standard notation or TAB?
Does anyone know where I can find a good 30-second monologue?
what is the best revenge, and how is it best served?
How should I get into acting?
is ellen degeneres a lesbian?
What are the different types of audiences? in a play/theatre etc.?
Should i get a guitar or a drum set?
What level am I at piano?
Fatigue and Euphonium Playing?
Tips for a novice voice actor?
What are some good songs from any broadway musical that feature a female soloist?
Did Hamlet think about suicide? If yes, why?
What are good musicals for a high school to do with a good Pit orchestra score?
How much does an A string on the cello cost?
Guitar players help with podfarm! Please Answer!!?
Would you come to sing a duet at the local karaoke bar?
how to lose stage freight?
What are the copyright issues for podcasting worship services?
What talent would you exploit to become a celebrity?
What can i do to sing higher i would really like to sing alot higher?
Is it possible to be a good violinist and a bodybuilder at the same time?
Can I win "America's got Talent" - I cannot sing but i have some great sob stories about my life?
how can i find the letters for music notes?
How long did it take you playing the guitar until you no longer had to look down at your fingers on the fret?
What can I do for the talent show?
What would be a good elecric guitar to start on?
Can anyone help me figure out Flange settings for Tool's Stinkfist?
How can i hire a talent agent?
Why is the Tone Ring such a important part of a Banjo?
where can i find allison moorer's music video "soft place to fall" free to watch on my pc?
Clair de lune sheet music?
Talent show question.?
How to make my voice improve?
How good are Rossetti Piccolos?
Where to get these for orchestra...?
Takamine, Fender, Yamaha, or Gibson?
How is my singing? Be honest!?
*HELP PLEASE* Where does first chair viola sit in an orchestra?
exactly how many times do i have to change my guitar strings?
Any Tips For The Next Verse?
I want to learn how to play a musical instrument that I could teach myself-any suggestions?
What's the best way to get started in acting in Denver?
1-2 minute audition monologues?
If i attend . Hollywood highschool?
How much would it cost to march with the Cadets?
where can I download orchestra tuning MP3 file?
Which guitar is better?
I want to know the name of a composer who was commemorated in 2006.?
Is every mahogany solid body guitar expensive?
Any good ideas?!?
I'm 14 years old... I wanna know... How can I become a professional violinist??
When was my guitar made?
What are a list of performing arts colleges in Tampa FL?
Can you put Steel strings on a classical guitar?
What does b and r mean in guitar tabs?
Is it possible to. learn to sing in 6 months or less?
How much Is my switch guitar worth?
Tips for playing the piccolo?
How can a fourteen year old make $5000 dollars for a new guitar?
What type of electric guitar should I get for my first electric?
My first rap, please give me you feedback!!?