Performing Arts

Help with exaggerated and omitted parts in The Glass Menagerie?
Advice for a young filmaker.?
Best guitar for a beginner?
Should I still play guitar?
In what order should guitar pedals be set up?
night on broadway...what song should i do?
Music and drama groups?
if paul and ringo was going to fight who do you think would win?
How can I scream on the trumpet, and hit higher notes?
Ukulele: Good quality for beginners?
I need a song i can sing and play for this years talent show?
Hi, i want to help my daughter to get into tv, she is with bambini but no jobs how can i help her, than you?
what are some easy/modern songs i can learn on piano?
How'd Elvis become famous?
How do I read these guitar tabs?
Hollie Steel, Britains got talent slip up?
What are the alikes and differences of a concerto and a symphany?
what is a talent fee?
how do i stop a dream i can never fulfill?
where can i get sample of interpretative reading piece?
What kind of amp do I need?
Cirque Du Soliel's Alegria?
How do I convince my lead singer to break off on his own?
Do you know what Dyslexia is?
Need to locate a music quartet of classical singers either called "Libertad" or have an album called Libertad
I Want to learn to play guitar, What are the basic stuff i should know?
Thinking of starting the Saxophone?
What are some good places with open-mic stand-up comedy?
Is mariah carey completely insane or am I just a bottle of mayo?
I have a George Washburn special edition Harvest Acoustic Guitar, how would i find what it is worth??
Does anyone (in the UK) know whose responsible for that wicked marching tune...we used to hear at GODSKITCHEN?
Any tips for drum major?
Which seats would be better to see The Nuter? (Picture.)?
What is the audition process for an art school?
Anybody know a good online resource to study Brass arranging ie Trumpet, Trombone and Tenor Sax.?
What is the best type of guitar?
Getting yelled at by a director?
Who was the "BOB" woman who played the secretary in The Producers on Broadway?
I'm looking for a duet or trio to sing with my daughters (I have 2) for a Mother Daughter tea?
How do i audition for X Factor?
Do Tenor Sax And Alto Sax Have The Same Fingerings?
Who was the original producer for "The Producers"?
What should i learn next on the Guitar?
I need help buying a guitar?!!?
how much does it cost to make minor adjustments to a guitar?
whats the difference between a trumpet and a cornet?
why do people hate screamo?
What is the most difficult instrument to learn?
electric guitar?
Where can I find a good audition monologue?
What would cause dead notes on an acoustic guitar fretboard (Garrison G40 L - CE) 5th string/ 6-12th frets?
Is having a Talent Agency represent you, the same thing as having an agent?
Dare to Dream...Act?
Any good ideas for songs?
Favorite song to play in your instrument?
What is a good age for a child to start learning piano?
Websites to Find Talent Gigs for free??
deaf composed music???
Can people gain musical talent through hard work?
Got my theatre headshots on a cd today, but can't find 8x10 photo paper?
who designed the stage at FIFA world cup final match in Berlin?
Should I buy an acoustic guitar or an acoustic-electric guitar?
I have no talent....?
I have an audition Friday, and I woke up today with a terrible cold?
Neo- Classical String Quartet Advice!!?
What were the first songs you learnt to play on guitar ?
Whats the difference between my trumpet, and an expensive trumpet?
How do I learn how to consistently sight-read on the flute?
what are some cool drum stick tricks i can learn that are also quite easy?
Can the same note be played in different ways on the clarinet?
How do I get over stage fright?!?
What is a good piano and vocal song to do in a high school talent show?
I love one direction?
What is the meaning/definition of Orchesis?
Percussion instruments?
What type of Guitar pick should I use?
Frusciante/Hendrix style bar chord?
What should I wear to a trial run at a theatre school?
I need a list of cheers?!?
How to get better at strumming on a guitar?
Seen once before, can't find now: Play dates for the 13th Floor Elevators at the Avalon Ballroom - SF in 1966
should i get this guitar !!?
Why is there such thing as "A acoustic guitar for beginners?
what props should i use for sexy jazz dance?
what are good songs to know on guitar?
how do I get my kids into modeling and acting.?
What thickness of guitar pick do you recommend?
Is there any website where i can learn how to play guitar from scratch?
What is the "Big switcheroo"?
Is playing guitar hard? Whats your experience?
Why do directors think CGI is a good idea?
I was just very curiouse.....?
When writing to a modeling agency is it better to type your letter or hand write it?
Sould I be scared of clowns?
A play or musical about divorce?
what is the best brand when it comes to pianos?
should i get an esp explorer guitar? are they comfortable?
How to string an ESP m 400 LTD guitar?
Which acoustic guitar should I get?! ?
Should I restring all the strings on my guitar if just one is broken?
I am supposed to sing a song for Father's day at church and have no idea what to sing.?
how do i fix my guitar?
Any suggestions for a neck heavy Epiphone SG?
acoustic guitar problem?
does anyone know a good duet for a girl + boy from a musical thats not too overdone?
Why are the terms "director" and "producer" used interchangeably in opera?
easy songs to play on a keyboard,?
Best guitar?
Which is easiest to learn?
I want Information about Colleges in South Africa.Performing Arts Schools in Gauteng,Durban & Cape Town.?
Audition Help???? Please Answer! Urgent!!!!?
Is it possible to learn an entire guitar scale by ear?
Opinions on these lyrics?
Do you need a permit to play guitar in a public place?
the big book of christmas plays?
What is a good beginner drum set?
May I SPANK YOUR BOTTOM ? Why or why not ? Is this a SILLY QUESTION ? Why am I alive ?
"How to" speech topics?
do i need a permit/pemission from the state to pierce ears?
I am having a problem with power chords on guitar?
What means to play guitar with feeling?
Tips and critique for trying out for a symphony-orchestra?
Can someone tell on Jason Latimer Cups and ball routine what the song is?
Does UC Davis have a colorguard or winterguard program???
Xbox 360 versus PlayStation 3?
Did I write a good song? (please comment)?
Can a person learn to play solo guitar with only 2 fingers, index and middle?
Is it too late for me to start dancing/acting?
How old is too old?
How much do you have to pay to audition for John Robert Powers?
Girls That Go To Uniformed Schools; Do you roll up your kilt? How many times?
Hey people that play guitar!?
Big audition tomorrow for Lola in damn Yankees which should I sing????!!!!!!?
Can you sunburst an acoustic guitar?
College Audition Song?
How do I teach guitar to someone who is autistic?
Is dancing essential for a career in Musical theatre?
Whats a good bass guitar for a begginer?
Im going to start learning how to play the acoustic guitar but idk what brand of guitar i should get?
Trying to pick a name for my guitar?
How do I mount a steel violin mute?
What are comedy clubs looking for when they book a comedian?
How do you make a flute out of carrots?
best answer 10 points?
John Cage 4:33 for Piano. Is it music?
Flute or Clarinet one is more fun to play?
Gay Pride Parade Tel-Aviv 2012?!?
madonna's birthday?
Music Degree vs. Musical Theater Degree?
Piano or Saxaphone? Preferance and why?
I am about to start taking guitar lessons?
Guitar advise?
why am I so nervous?
How many months do I have to pay for Flute?
Did anyone go to see delirium by the cirque du soleil in Birmingham last night? what did you think?
Are there any solo guitar tabs that sound good without all the singing/drums ect.?
Where can I take guitar lessons at?
Is it easier to learn the guitar or piano?
How do I make a room in a house look like a theatre?
volume problems on a marshall lead 100 3210 stack?
How hard is the transition from classical guitar to electric?
Help me with the Yamaha YT-100 guitar tuner?
How do I get in touch with Arthur Bicknell, the author of Moose Murders?
The top note F#5?
What is the best drum manufacturer? (pearl, PW, tama, ludwig...)?
What's the play with the song saying "One singular ----- every litttle thing she does"?
What's a good musical theater song for saying thank you and goodbye to someone?
If you were ahead of a successful business, what would you look to gain from sponsoring a musical event?
Should someone yank Selena Gomez off stage with a big hook?
I need to know! What is easier to learn? The Bass guitar or Electric?
Is flute easy to learn?
budget guitar.. i need help.?
Does anyone know what electric guitar this guy is playing?
What is the name of the classical song that plays when two people skip to each other in a field of flowers?
Is Numa modelling a scam?
Can you plAy one by metallica?
i need help with stage fright!?
Im trying to find a Monologue for Salome by Oscar Wilde in French Language? The one with Iokanaan?
Cosplay ideas for two girls?
Is it possible to learn to play the guitar if you are tone deaf?
What do you think of he song I just wrote?
Help please!?
best way to play guitar (heavy metal, death metal)?
Help tonguing on the clarinet? Very spitty and feels gross?
I ed my guitar pick which i just bought it last week, too fast, isn't it? Is it because I strum too hard?
what is an easy way to memorize your major scales?
Is this a good headshot for an acting audtion?
Monologue help about parent child relationships?
i need help on a bass guitar question?
What does ESP mean, when refering to the guitar company?
Help!Im setting up a summer music camp but cant think of a name to call it!anyone have any ideas?
I am 13 do i sing okay for a 13 year old? will i get better as i practice and get older?
People who can` t sing would like to join a musical group. They can` t . How shall I tell them?
Who likes opera?
I am a violinist. Would learning flute be difficult due to the octaves?
do you belive that DAVID COPPERFIELD is a sorcerer? OR is he just an expert magician?
How long does it take to learn to play violin?
What is the BEST saxophone you can get for under $4000? (Professional model)?
I need an audition song for a 13 year old auditioning for an arts high school.?
How hard is it to play bass guitar?
I have chode fingers. Will i be able to play guitar?
What do you think is a good song to sing at a talent show?
How to put more fealing into my voice?
Name of a mexican brother and sister duo that play the guitar acoustic really fast, seen them on talk shows?
how long did it take for you to play the guitar well?
Is this a good electric guitar?
I hate wind ensemlbe. How can i tell my band director that the music we play is too easy for me?
What is a good art song, classic folk song, or aria for singers?
The BEST guitar DVDs or Book?!?
does anyone know a good website that gives piano lessons?
what are choices in a teenagers life?
Samson G-Track, very ugly noise.?
Don't know where to buy sheet music?
Any tips for auditioning for Hodel?
Acoustic guitar and amp help?
On a scale from 1 - 10, how difficult is this piece to play?
If you are deaf or hard of hearing, where can I join the poetry in motion?
who can teach me how to sing a song?
How do you get an O2 pass for a concert?
Thinking about auditioning for American Idol, what do you think of my singing?
what guitar has these specs?
i have to right a monologue fur a character for my sppech proficiency, whats the format for a good monologue?
sticks go all over the plazce when drummingisnt?
Can you play trombone music on a bassoon?
where does sade adu live?
Does anyone know any good broadway music for one girl to sing?
Viola Tuning?
learning guitar is easy or hard?
full script version of the glass menagerie drama?
How much do tickets for RENT on Broadway cost...?
what do you think is the best scene or part of the play the crucible?
What do you need to do to get on Broadway?
Should I take a singing class?
How do you perform a talent show and what do you need?
Does anybody know where I can find a vocal coach at in Chicago, Illinois?
Good Theatre project ideas?
Hello: Tell me what you love about Portland, ME. The pros and cons?
are there any sites that I can get free sheet music for...?
Are there any songs on the guitar that....?
can any one do career in ARTS?
I want to start dance?
How often does your armpit sing show tunes?
Raunchy Hardcore Sex Songs?
How do I play the chord F9 on guitar?
I want to act, where should I start?
Which Daisy Rock acoustic guitar is better?
Drama and dance piece?
What is Sondheim's masterpiece?
are these sheets suitable for this type of flute ?
Music Gigs?
How do I get discovered as a singer?
What is Private Funding for an Performing Arts Project?
Does anyone have the chords for an acoustic version of Y CONTROL from the yeah yeah yeahs?
What is a good starter acoustic guitar to buy a 44 year old male who is a serious music buff and 6'4"?
what flute should i get? this would be my first?
What are some good piano songs to learn for a beginner?
How to sing?
Any Good Quality Acoustic Guitar sites?
Should I tell the judges at the audition that I hurt my ankle?
Does anybody know the acoustic chords to Love In the Present Tense?
can I mix Chinese and Japanese arts?
How to de-fret a bass?
I am quitting school?
What's an Alternate Major?
how do i find a modeling agent?
What type of career sounds best for me?
I need help/suggestions!?
americain idle.?
How many people here think Neil Diamond was and maybe still is one of the greatest American songwriters & why?
Which flute is better for a (incoming) professional player. Armstrong, Gemeinhartd, or Yamaha?
What Is your favorite Musical and Why?
how do you know if you are good enough for an audition?
Do you know your music? Can you answer this question?
Has anyone seen the Tokyo production of Phantom of the Opera? Is it performed in Japanese or in English?
Do you think its possible...?
Barbizon Modeling/Acting Audition?
Do comedians really need profanity to be funny?
Can someone learn to sing good even if they don't have a good voice to begin with?
A dean acoustic or standard steel string flattop acoustic guitar?
What is your opinion on "Kohlert" clarinets?
How many instruments can you play?
Should I watch Camp Rock or H20 Exposed?
Very unusual clarinet issue?
any guitar players out there?i need to know wich one to get.les paul or an sg?
How do I build a model of Shakespere's Global Theater??
Is tom cruise really gay? I know people in the industry that swear he is.?
Okay my friend is auditioning for Thoroughly Modern Millie, Jr.?
How can I spin a pen with my fingers and make it look really good?
How do I clean my acoustic guitar with home stuff?
Godin SD (discontunied 24 fret) electric guitar?
What are all major/minor scales?
i have got this problem with my amp?
Does "Because Of You" by Kelly Clarkson need guitar?
What is Guitar Ensemble Class?
I really want to learn flute but when I blow, the air hole is heart shaped so can I still play?
how to do the magic trick shoe't by mark mason?
I'm going to kill my guitar and I need your help?
read and tell me what you think?
How do i draw a neko?
What songs can I expect Pretty Lights to perform live?
Can you teach me how to sing better?
Birthday Party ideas for 15 year old girl :) x (read full info)?
Can you still develop Callus when play you a electric guitar or any instrument with nylon strings?
Public Guitar Playing?
Rags The Broadway Cast Recording!!!?
How do you cry on demand?
Help with merengue homework!?
dance moms music please read(partypartyparty)?
Canon in D for ErHu??
I want to switch from clarinet to bassoon?
who are the characters in the musical footloose and what songs do they sing?
Is an oboe hard to play?
Flute books for grade 5?
What's The Hardest Instrument to Learn?
Im Trying to teach myself Violin..Any tips or suggestions appreciated!?
I need a new output for my guitar, I have an old bass, could I use my basses output?
How do you tune your guitar?
Acoustic guitar?
How can I get flexible?
Good Broadway Audition Piece ?!?
Vocal support from your diaphragm?
Are Romeo and Juliet reliable characters?
songs 5th grader should sing or dance for school talent shows?
Is it too old to learn an instrument if you're 14?
lyrical solo?
Any good songs to play on the piano and possibly sing to to impress girlfriends/family/audiences?
can anyone help me with guitar scales?
How do i audition for a movie?
What do you think about music being cut from eelementary schools?
Where are the Macy's day performers performing?
Does any one know where I can get info on Violins?
qualifications needed to get into performing arts, broadcast and media sector?
Can anyone tell me how old Bert Bonaldi of the Gaylords is?
belly,av artist,graduate in st.andrews university performed sex carrer?
Should I play my guitar everyday, even when I don't feel like playing?
Help with stage presence?
Should I fire my guitar teacher? ?
Learning Guitar?
How can i learn to do the splits?
Any suggestions for a song to sing at a 7th grade talent show?
wat do you think about the epiphone dove?
Is Big Top Sh;t or is it nice to see the old faces and Amanda Holden ars!e?
learning to play guitar?
Can you sing opera?
How do I start learning guitar?
does any one know criss angel and if so can anybody tell me how i can learn to levitate like he does?
What Chords Are In A minor?
Drum Key; key chain. Help?
americain idle.?
Flix sticks drum help?
What are some exercises to help a singer develop the whistle register?
Who is the most famous drummer in the world?
Can I re-use a used guitar string?
How do you solve a problem like Mariaaaa?
Exactly how can you practice anything you have never done before so that...?
im nervous...and im in drama!?
How many octaves is my vocal range? and also am i soprano,mezzo, alto or what?
could you give me some info on the bass guitar?
Can someone explain to me what the difference is between all the different Ernie Ball electric guitar strings?
In the entertainment business, what talent takes you the farthest?
What Brand of Guitar is this?
Should I go to a school just for music?
We need Singers and Dancers.?
To My School Talent Show should i sing and dance to My Humps-With 2 friends or Lip Gloss-by myself?
Should I learn piano or guitar?
Is there going to be a "Wicked" movie?
upbeat Broadway song?
what broadway plays are brian d'addario in?
What is the best flight case for a trombone?
Which distoriton pedal is good for my tube amp?
C flat scale, flute, two octaves?
How do you cry on command?
What are some good disney songs?
how to belt, and how to not damage your voice and how to sing like Christina Grimmie?
audition songs....?
what is paul mc cartney's middle name?
Acting Advice? How to improve?
What is the best on line guitar lessons on the net?
What is a Lyicon Muscial Insterment?
Good accordion for beginner?
Approximately how many talent agencies are in the United States?
Is it ok to self-learn how to play a guitar?
has anyone tried perfect pitch?
Anyone know about Sheng Liu Model 6 violins? Considering buying one.?
Do you need to have a beard to be a Morris Dancer?
could you tell me how my singing voice provided?
To be a voice actor, do you have to be able to sing decently?
Can somebody tell me how to play a b sharp on guitar?
I would really like to do voice acting?
Violin: I use my entire arm to bow (play for 7 years) and now I'm trying to fix it. How do I hold it properly?
Hungarian dance?
Does anyone know the name of the performance art group that did the shadow figures at the Oscar's last night?
How hard is it to get into AMDA or Tisch?
Where to start for a 17 year old wanting an acting career?
I need some strange help?
Am I a musical prodigy?
Resonator Guitars?
Is Lady Gaga appropriate to sing at a talent show?
Dancer turning board?
Is The Mark Jermin Stage School good and how much does it cost?
Do I sing well? *link to video inside*?
Ways to make money as a musician?
Do you know any funny monologues? Help would really be appreciated.?
Music theory project help?
Bass Clarinet and bassoon?
What to expect for first guitar lesson?
Need help from very good "play by ear" musicians PLEASE!!!?
what is hobart road weston super mare like to live at?
is 84 too old to learn to play a guitar?
Tabs for 'A Boy Named Sue'?
What would you like to see someone do for a vlog?
what type of clarinet reeds?
What do you need to sing?
what is a diatonic and chromatic scale?
Getting into the boston conservatory for dance?
Can i become deaf if i listen to music from 1 ear?
What kind of stuff do they teach you in acoustic guitar classes?
Where can I find an extremely cheap violin?
can any one teach me to play guitar??
Does this guitar chord have a name?
Epiphone to Gibson parts compatibility?
i am a highschool student and want to try out for our musical. i need an audition song badly! any ideas?
Electro Acoustic guitar for my boyfriend?
Audition song ideas please?
easy way to memorize the notes on the guitar fretboard?
how much time is needed to learn guitar?
Is it too late to start gymnastics?
How many auditions should someone who is with a talent agency go to every month?
Hey, does anyone know if "First Act" brand clarinets are good?
Why do some drummers place a pillow inside their bass drum?
do you sing or play guitar? if so whats your favorite song to play or sing?
When is it too late to start singing/dancing/acting lessons?
what is a playlet???
Which cover picture do they use for the Britney Spears, In The Zone album in the USA?
Why cant i get a record deal?
Can I use my electric guitar amp on my bass ?
What instrument does a faggotist play?
I play a crazy number of Musical Intruments!?
Whats good belly dancing music?
What sponsorship opportunities are there for Children's Theater?
Favorite guitar player?
Is it hard to start playing the guitar and if so how long does it take to get good?
Do you dance to the beat of your own drum?
What's a good 10 minute excerpt of Shakespeare?
What kinds of professional dance pays the most?
How do you encourage a child to participate in performing arts without being a pushy parent?
Do long fingernails affect violin playing?
In your opinion, which talent is more impressive?
If farting is socially unacceptable why is it so funny?
why do opera singers pull weird faces when they sing?
Guitar Modifiying?
Yamaha or Knabe 5 foot baby grand piano?
Hiromi! My first listen to an extraordinary pianist?
To all the what age did you start playing the drums and what made you choose the drums?
drum lessons?
am i the only person who doesnt give a crap about harry potter?
parents wont let me buy a new guitar?
Name a choir you know the name off?
What to write a 10 minute play about?
whats a good rock/metal song to play by myself at the talent show?
How much does a Lorre oboe cost right now?
Colorguard IS a sport!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
If life were a circus, what act would you perform?
Buying my first Ukulele?
what guitar should i get?
Nervousness suggestions?
Found a Fender stratocoaster for sale with a amp for $320 dollars, good deal?
What model guitar does Ed Sheeran play......?
If Marlon Brando was not the greatest american actor of the 20th century who was?
music help. I need help with choosing one?
Should i learn to play the piano?
Does anyone know some songs like...?
How do make a prop bed for stage using cloth?
Footloose audition song?
Is the Michael amott signature guitar a good guitar?
I have to write a monologue and I need ideas, any suggestions would be great. Any Ideas?
How to address group of people in mail?
Why is vibrato desired if a "shaky voice" isn't?
Is it hard to learn to play the drums?
Question about tuning without a tuner?
help understanding guitar theory?
how do you describe a flute?
Do you agree that if Miley Cyrus wasn't so overrated she'd sing actually pretty good?
what is a good elctric guitar?
What kind of acoustic guitar should I get? I'm a beginner?
GIRLS: Would you take this role?
What to name my rifle?
Does it sound like I should pursue acting?
Auditioning for a college choir, not sure what type of music to sing...?
Heifetz, anyone?
Playwriting Contests?
How do I attract more piano students?
How would you describe Luciano Pavarotti's powerful voice?
What is the title of the play that Shakespheare co-wrote with another playwright?
Learning to play the piano at 18? ?
shryl crow ROCKS , right ?
How to come up with a stage name?
What do you guys think?
are there any good guitar amps you can get for under 150 bucks?
Why is the movie "Grease" so popular?
People who are into MUSICALS!?
do you think?
I need some site to play music and teach it. I play the piano.?
How do I know what AMEB grade I am?
viola slogan?
How long is a saxophone?
i'm getting a new guitar, should I buy a capo or a set of new strings?
I need a desperate opinion! PLEASE HELP!!!?
Contemporary music no lyrics with climax?
What could be my nickname? My name is Rosemary.?
Where can I buy ACRYLIC DRUMS?
Guitar Playing~ how long?
any1 know any pyro tricks or websites?
What is a costume checklist?
Opera or Broadway Opportunities?
Learning how to play guitar is hard how do I get better?
What are some obscure musical instruments that you can think of?
How many songs can a tribute band play for one artist?
how do you play F chord on the guitar?
Any good bands or bassists worth checking out for begineer?
Which Performing Arts University would be considered One of the best?
Should I try learning the ukulele?
best violin lessons in sacramento?
websites for free guitar lessons?
What instrument should i learn to play?
Can I sing?
what wrong with my guitar its a squire and the magnets are custom wiring i checked and still no sound?
How to get better tone quality in lower notes on trombone?
I have an audition and im nervous?
Who makes the best acoustic guitars?
Places for me to sing at?
where can i find philippine folk songs?
Is Wicked always performed with American accents?
How to look caucasian with makeup(needed for school project)?
How did the Blues get started?
good song to sing with a lower range?
What is a nice DAISY ROCK GUITAR for a 13 year old beginner girl guitarist?
how do you get over writers block and stage fright?
i need help?
Where can I hire an Agent in Australia?
Important Question for all?
School Play Audition?
What is a good song to sing for a group of thirteen year old girls?
Who is Jimmy Chi in Australian music and theatre arts?
I'm looking for a certain speech?
Switching from clarinet to alto sax for jazz band!?
what musical instrument would you say sounds like wisdom?
Is a Jasmine by Takamine S35 acoustic guitar a good guitar?
Singing question.........?????
What is best beverage for singers ?
How long does it take to get a degree in flute performance ?
who to impersonate ??????????????
How to get into Denver school of the arts for theatre or dance.?
What should I sing at my audition?
whats belting?
How can I make a Marie Antoinette Wig?
I am looking for the young gospel pianist primer level piano book?
Are there any adult praise dancers in Texas , that may have information of any upcoming workshops?
if i made 5 mistakes in my honor band audition can i still get in?
Where would I find a guy and girl couple to perform on webcam for me?
What are some good acoustic songs that can be performed at a cafe?
trembling lip when playing flute?
Can I Sing!? 10 Points!?
what is the best major for a singer at a university?
What is a good combo for a kinda good intermediate penspinner?
If given the chance to perform on stage, which would be your priority?
Oldest daughter wants to be actress when she grows up? This a good idea at 15?
good left handed guitars?
What would they think if I stripped down to my men's brief on stage?
i know the Moog Liberation is an older model of keytar, but are there any out there with MIDI inputs? jw?
good altosax mouthpiece for a beginner?
Has anyone ever heard of "access world talent"?
I'm not getting ANY commercial/print auditons what so ever?
Do the majorettes(baton twirlers) at your school wear a costume with sequins or one like the cheerleaders?
Are Romeo and Juliet reliable characters?
free monologues for a Funny Teenage Boy!!!!!?
Help with Cirque Du Soleil's Corteo?
takamine guitars?
What song should I sing for my audition?
How do I make my own rolling capo?
clarinet/saxophone sheet music?!?
John Casablancas Modeling ?.?
How do you play "Tears of the Saints" on the piano?
1m15. I wrote this song. Please critique it and be honest.?
learning how to play drums on a double bass pedal?
What grade (music wise) would the piano part in My Immortal (Evanescence) be?
who is finer jo lo or halle?
Music Conducting Help????
Does anyone know where i can find a monologue that requires a country/Appalachian accent?
what song should I sing for my high school show choir auditions?
who is July in the musical "annie" and what does she have to say/sing?
Pls tell me a site whre i can see the Present Alternative Theatre is Doing???
Need songs for lyrical solos!!!?
What is the GREATEST Musical of all time?
what type of guitar should I buy for some one that wants to beging to play guitar?
My fingers tear open when I play guitar .?
Can you sing with braces on?
Showchoir choice? im sick though!?
Are there any performing arts middle schools and high schools that only teach the arts?
Does anyone no anything about William Potstock? Plz send reply if u know any urls or if u have info ty?
How do you get over a GUY??????
How long did it take you to pick up on the guitar?
How long should it take to become a good drummer?
why are band ppl so annoying?
does anyone that plays trumpet or clarinet know the notes for the saints go marching in?
can anyone give me the analysis or overall meaning for the songs in Twelfth Night?
what is a good solo for an alto voice from a broadway play please?
singing and Acting help?
Does anyone know of any Technical Theatre scholarships?
How to show potential at something?
Vote for my band (Southern Ambition) to play a gig this summer.?
What are some common popular musicals?
Hey, does anyone know if "First Act" brand clarinets are good?
I need some tips on how to panhandle people on the street...?
I wanna learn guitar?
Singing Help?
What is a good quality trumpet & mouthpiece?
how to look someone in the eye without looking away?
How to play the alto recorder in Final Songwriter 2010?
well i wanna sing?
New York Audition Songs! HELP PLZ!!!?
Is Wicked the Musical Good?
what song should i sing for my talent show plz give me some ideas cuz i cant think of a good song to sing?
Can you tell me some songs from suessical the musical?
Funny Songs to Sing for a Cabaret?
are there any performers that would like a chance to perform?
What kind of guitar do you own,?
how do you start off an acting career?
Where I can find the piece 008 by Herb Duncan online?
Who are the top five classical guitar makers in the world?
What is the easiest way to learn to play acoustic guitar?
what is a good broadway or off broadway solo to perform and dance to(possibly sing as well)?
What's the best joke you've ever heard?
How Do I Sing Better?
Does anyone else swoon when they hear "Meatloaf" sing?
has anyone tried perfect pitch?
Do tone deaf people think that they always sound good?
I have no clue and contest is coming. I need help choosing a piano piece.?
guitar question...?
Looking for lyrics to a country song, but I don't know the title or the artist. Please help?
Logan: Should i join Band or Forensics?
Is a josef viola a good viola?
Will learning to play bass guitar help me with playing electric guitar?
is it too late to start taking guitar lessons?
is it odd for a 12 year old boy to be start learning how to play a guitar?
When over the Rainbow's too far, where should I go?
did metallica sing smoke on the water?
Is it easier to play guitar or clarinet? Which one would you go for?
What are the different musical instruments used by the Visayan people, especially Waray, Ilonggo and Cebuano?
What Career can I get with a BFA in Musical Theatre?
this is for the violin player..??
Why is learning the guitar so difficult?
where abouts in Los Angeles does Michael Rosenbaum live?
Is the age of 12 too late to start learning guitar?
Which role should I hope/audition for?
Anyone have any good magic tricks? Variety show HELP!?
Hit songs in a baritone key good for an audition?
Can I Remove My Flute Lip Plate?
How can i learn to play beautiful guitar solos?
What would evaluation criteria be for a senior project in dance choreography?
hey. so me and my friends made this cool website...I NEED YOUR HELP!?
A question from a left-handed guitar player...?
ideas on colorguard related games?
How can I achieve a pop punk/rock guitar tone?
Can you help me?
Where can i buy a button like the ne from "The Box"?
Is It Hard to Play a Song Higher on Piano?
how do i know what my natural talent is?
ideas for my application form?
Is it possible to learn the guitar online for free?
What is the easiest metal genre to learn to play on the electric guitar?
Which guitar amp should I get?
Where can I go to buy a Thomas Jefferson costume?
What is an octave poem?
What's the geekiest band instrument to play in middle school ?
When reading tabs what does it mean when there is a (#) around a fret number?
International Dance Academy Hollywood Real College?
How would I go about making something fly on stage in live theater?
What are the names of the four string instruments of the violin family?
could you tell me how my singing voice provided?
Who's goin' to KNOTFEST in IOWA/MN?
Stage Fright!!!?
I want to take piano lessons, but is it worth it?
Where can I buy Bare The Musical on dvd?
Maddie Ziegler's Star Power solo?
Can I make a living doing standup comedy? How hard is it?
Are you for Hip-Hop or for Metal?
Please help, SCALES??!!?
i need help with what to set my tuner for please?
I'm lookin for free sheet music for I'll be in the sky?
Does one have to have a certain kind of lips to play piccolo/flute?
I want to learn a technique, but which one is best for girls?
How much money should I sell my guitar for?
Guitar buying advice?
Do you name your instruments?
I can't find a single singing teacher in birmingham United Kingdom. Any suggestions or contacts please?
What is the most hysterical, hilarious monologue?
what do you think of this poem i wrote i'm 17 is it good or lame plz be honest and tell me what you think!!!
projekt revolution?????
Is this a good song to sing?
How would I go about becoming a DJ?
which band name is better?
Warped TOUR 09 HELP!?
What is the clarinet fingering?
Is it better to start learning piano or guitar?
Why does the Grammy Foundation need $800,000 of public money when it is run by millionaires?
there were rumors that Russian actor, Oleg Efremov was gay. Is that true?
How to be a nature girl?
Does anyone know where you can purchase?
Is it advisable to buy a 2nd acoustic guitar for $88.?
My sister broke my accordion!?
What is the best way to get discovered as a comedian?
Do you personaly like Phantom of the Opera?
Seriously need someones opinion whose funny!!?
Whats a good guitar instructional program?
Singers I need Advice! PLease Help! Lossing Voice?
Does anyone know of jazz being played by an Alto sax?
How can I start a band if we have no insturments?
What's your favorite Van Morrison song?
can someone please give me a list of cheap good stage schools in essex please?
Can some on tell me...?
How do I make my guitar inlays shine?
Good singing instruction website?
good acoustic for beginners?
American plays?
When did magic first start?
fingers hurt from the guitar? im new to guitar?
How much should I practice bass guitar?
Where should I buy an acoustic beginner guitar?
Who is on the Spring Awakening Original Broadway Cast cd?
How to make guitar sound louder?
What should I do about this?
What does everyone think?
What is the musical term for when the first bar in a piece of music has less beats than the rest of the piece?
how do i ROCK the stage with my dancing?
Do talent agents let you audition for their agencies?
Thought Of A Really Insteresting Thing Fir Saxophone. Need Help?
Okay so I'm not sure if this is going to make sense, but what are equivilant CHORDS to these KEYS?
How long is a Bb bass clarinet and a C bass clarinet?( just the black wooden or plastic part, no bell or neck)
Does anyone know how to get above an E on the staff on the trumpet?
What's your favourite pantomime?
How do you get on the good side of your band teacher?
what do you think?
Bass Guitar? Or Electric Guitar?
What is this articulation/ vocal warm up?
What is your favorite musical instrument?
guys why do u think i am not miley cyrus/hannah montana? and i think i sing good.?
Has anyone here ever done impromptu speaking?
How do you take notes on a play?
Teen Film Interview?
does anyone know a great musical theatre song? (solo)?
Calling all dancers...?
Did the movie Rent do the play justice?
Is being able to play a musical instrument considered a talent?
What does "humming the scenery" mean?
what are some songs in the style of the musical hair?
how can you get someone that you know can make it big to meet the right people to get his carreer moving?
learning guitar, help?
How do I hit high notes?
Are there any instruments that don't require learning how to read notes?
Can I win "America's got Talent" - I cannot sing but i have some great sob stories about my life?
I never learned how to tongue on the trombone!! HELP!!!?
which way's easiest to learn to play guitar?
Is this a good song to sing to an audience? how can I get rid of my stage fright?
Am I too late for becoming a professional ballerina?
Does anyone know who Joe Satriani is?
How do i increase my range?
Learning to play guitar...?
Viola 3rd position half steps?
Nervous ?????????????
does anyone know any real magic? please show me.?
Performing Arts- What does a set costume designer do in a dance company?
Sterling from Disney 365 told me that I have to be non-union when I audition for 365. What does that mean?
did the ramones sing a version of My Sharona?
my voice!i could hit high D sharp yeterday.not i can't!whats wroung?
Is it hard to hard to learn to play the cello without lessons?
animal farm please.?
A good song for a band with a piano 2 flutes, clarinet and 2 guitars?
what should i learn before i start to play bass?
What are some good humorous duets for 2 teenagers?
Can anyone suggest a good tuner?
Where can i find the tabs of five minutes to midnight by BLG? the guitar solo on the bridge part?
What means to play guitar with feeling?
Clarinet Anime Sheet Music?
i want to learn how to dance but there are no studios or classes were i live?
I need a great hits/best of compilation album of Beethoven?
If I have absolutely no idea how to sing, then what're some good exercises I can try?
what type of wood are most violins made out of?
Is it difficult to learn to play the saxaphone?
i'm trying out for my high schools's grease production?
john casablanca center help?
How to play louder on Sousaphone in marching band?
Performing arts group name ?
Is it worth joining band just to...?
does anybody know any good love songs ?
Audition song for a Mezzo-Soprano or Alto 1/Soprano 2?
top 10 middle rnb song for 2009-2008?
Is a Boost stompbox necessary on my pedal board ?
I need the Hitch screenplay(starring Will SMith) however I can't find it anywhere on the web?
tips for bigining to learn the guitar?
I can sing but I think my voice is ugly?
What's a talent show song to sing?
Opinions on 'Hoffmann' aria for 17 year old soprano?
Can somebody tell me about Lyle guitar? The model is C-600?
theater musicals................................…
How can I start an acting career?
What Vancouver Audition Site Will Email Me When a Part That Fits My Criteria?
who is mary in the play the emporers new clothes?
Exotic dancers?
Are my fingers too short to play the guitar?
How much is my drum kit worth? Drum world uk jam master?
Ibanez rg350dx vs?????????????????
Any good ideas?!?
What arts do you like to perform?
is this a good poem?
How to belt when singing??? Help!?
I'm teaching myself guitar so where do I start?
list all uk miss world winners?
Making a performance interesting?
Why was Shirley Temple an important figure in musical theatre?
Very unusual clarinet issue?
Will you develop calluses if you play electric guitar?
How do i sing like Lady GaGa?
how can i improve my guitar playing skills?
Does playing squash screw up playing Piano????
how much does an animator get paid.?
525,600 minutes!! How do you measure your last year?
What are some good quality violin brands.?
How can I be a talent agent?
what should i wear to my piano recital?
Can anyone give me a labelled diagram of a balalaika (musical instrument)?
Do you know any easy cool guitar songs?
How do you swap passive pickups in a guitar?
Is my voice good? Do you think I can improve on it?
Good places to go for online bass lessons?
10 points how can I be loud when I'm on stage?
I have a interview at Pacific Theater for a Talent Member Position, any tips?
How do I get my mother to let me learn to play violin?
Do you like these songs i wrote for the future? Please critique and be honest?
What are some good audition songs?
What is my Broadway "Type"?
HELP!Does anyone have ideas!I'm trying out for my schools 3-5Th show choir!?
Should Child write cover letter to agent?
My violin string broke?
What song should I sing for my Grease the musical audition?
what is color of your eyes?
Need email add, for Woopi's agent or management? Need to get intouch with
singing techniques, need help?
corne & twakkie @ the armchair theatre,cape town south africa.wednesday nite @ 9.*** watch.very funny?
whats your favorite broadway show?
I want to become a better musician. Any tips?
Who thinks acting rocks?
Buying a guitar. Any tips or suggestions?
What are some good christian songs that a girl high soprano can sing for a christian talent show ?
Why is it SO difficult for men to put the toilet seat down after they're finished so I don't fall in???
Why can't I play bass fast with my fingers?
Is hypnosis scary?
What is the best performing arts school out of: BRIT school, Tring park school, sylvia young?
Is this a good to sell my guitar?
What are some beautiful piano solos and who is it by?
I have a few questions about my oboe playing?
What will exactly happen to my guitar if I play it with out tuning it?
Classical Ballet..16 years old...Should I bother?
I feel really stupid...but whats an MFA?
Who was a theory teacher at Moscow Conservatory when a benefactress named van Meck gave him the cast to compos
How is the local music scene in Ann Arbor?
How much did the guitar effect American culture and music?
I'm experiencing "grunting" when tonguing in the clarinet's high register. How can I fix it?
How long do you have to play the clarinet to be considered a proffesional?
Whereabouts in UK is this accent from?
What is your favorite music artist?
I need some help or ideas?
how do you tune down to a semitone?
Is 21 too old to learn guitar?
The BEST guitar DVDs or Book?!?
how do you dress up in costumes as characters and get paid for it?
What singing career should I go for?
any one going to glastonbury 07?
i need one direction tickets?
Post-Secondary Performing Arts programs in Canada?
Good song to do a contortion routine to?
I am 14 turning 15 in oct. and i would like to become a cheerleader.I have no experience is there a team 4 me?
Where can I get sheet music for "Taylor the Latte Boy" in a week?
Are Squire guitars any good? Strat or Tele?
how does rick smith jr. escape the locked box?
How to change from baritone to tenor?
Guitar strings for Ibanez rg321?
Does anyone know an Italian Monologue?
What should we sing for a trio?
how to become a gangstaaaaaaaaaaaa ?
Should I take Photography or Modern Dance?
Does it really help if you undergo voice lessons?
How cats can you own before it start become?
Am i too old to learn how to play the piano?
What is the guitar that John Petrucci uses live at Tokyo?
Magic Lovers-know any good sites?
Contemporary dance help?
what are some good pageant appearances to make?
Is there a CD/CD set with recordings of the complete Schumann Symphonies and the Piano concerto?
What do you think of my poem?
is it alright for a person to start learning with an electric guitar, or must he/she start with an acoustic?
my dad will let me get an electric guitar but not an amp to go with it, how am i supposed to play it?
Making a clown presentation?
Can anyone recommend a monologue?
song to sing for tryout???
Can you add to a monologue that is not yours?
Alvarez AD60 guitar or another?
do u think its true that rockstars take even married women backstage and do stuff to them?
Question for any singers that perform?
what is funk the dance?
What are the boundaries of friendship?
Where is the best place i can learn how to sing better?
What is the longest you should have a singing session?
drama performance?
What's a good song to sing for the school talent show?
Interface modeling and talent?
"do you think brittney spears is a hoe because of the guys shes been with 'or' because of the way she dresses
The form of La cathedrale engloutie?
What is a clarinet song I can play for my gf?
Ways to improve screenwriting?
i live in do i get to know about the upcoming auditions for acting in tv serials.?
Is it possible?
What program should I use to teach myself to play the guitar?
Should I cover CCR's Fortunate Son in Chinese?
Are there such things as minor scales or other such scales?
So I'm auditioning for the dance disneyland parade tomorrow and I was just wondering what does the audition?
Can you ASK to be an extra?
What are some free screenplay compititions or script compititions?
What national arts programs are there?
Where can i find the full Linus and Lucy sheet music for Eb instruments?
Shouldn't guitar strings be put on the inside of the tuning peg?
Final Fantasy sheet music?
3m car polish on guitar finish?
how can i find a job as a guitar maker?
What to sing?
is anyone here in the texas girls' choir?
is explore talent a scam?
What are some broadway songs good for a cabaret?
How does one get involved in song writing in the music industry if he/she cannot perform or sing?
Just got rejected at Les Mis audition? What to do now - 10 points?!?
I Have Dreams Of Becomin A Singer?
Opinions please???????
Whats it called on a keyboard when you play two of the same notes but in different keys at the same time?
How can I become a better tubist (tuba player)?
Viva la Vida (Coldplay) acoustic guitar tabs?
how to become famous at 10 Years old quickly?
Why do people hate mimes?
Was joining a musical a mistake?
Do you believe in natural talent?
Can I learn classical guitar techniques using an acoustic guitar ?
Do I sound childish? Singing?
If you can type on a computer keyboard without looking, does it mean that you will make a good piano player?
what can i do to not be nervouse when performing?
How can I listen to Opera on my computer?
How to get at least back to where I was on "Tomorrow"?
Does the recorder and flute read the same notes but with different fingering?
2 questions about drum solos.?
i want to be a singer whaen i grow up ware do i start?
First to answer correctly gets 10 points! What note is C#m7 on bass?
What song should I sing for my audition at Frank Sinatra High School?
What brand of guitar is better?
Stepsister Audition For Cinderella Musical? 10 points to the best!?
what is a graphic representation?
Essential Metal Guitar Schtuff?
What is the best flight case for a trombone?
What does it take to become famous? Steps?
What do you think of my singing?
What are the notes for......?
anyone know any good monologue sites? british monologues?
What strength reed should I buy?
I want to play the guitar. What sort of things should I look out for when purchasing one?
What are some stories that you would like to see in Soap Operas that you haven't seen yet.?
what are some good songs to impress people with on an acoustic guitar(girls)?
Should I trust my Performing arts School?
Any beginning tumbling classes in Long Beach, CA ?
What should I sing for the talent show?
An overture is he first voice part to enter in a chorus of a Baroque oratorio. True False?
Does anyone have or know wher to find the bass guitar tab for sign by flow?
i really want to buy an acoustic guitar. Suggestions?
I am looking for live comedyshows to produce at a local community theater.?
I love playing guitar but the problem is I can't play chords? Plz help?
Help with sore fingers [Guitar]?
MangaNEXT 2007?
is it easy to play the A clarinet?
Is it okay if I learn violin from Youtube? I'm 16 already and there ain't any violin class in my place?
What kind of guitar strings should i get?
Girls what do you think of a guy who plays piano?
Any one know the chords to viva la viva by 'Dirty Heads"?
What happens to a guitar that causes it to sound better with age ?
"Attack of the cartoon animal heads" by dave barry?
Do you guys know any tips for writing songs?
Where can you buy good piano in India?
violin worship team?
what are some good songs for a male alto voice?