Performing Arts

Why does my guitar keep going out tune?
Bought an acoustic guitar. What/how should I learn to strum with?
Good piano solo to play at a high school talent show?
How do you do a "pick slide" when playing the guitar?
how much do flute cost?
Where can i find a Talent Agent?
Piano Teachers please help!?
What songs are good for GCSE music?
Dramatic speech for a male (monologue)?
Guitar - Finger Picking help?
Please work out the chords!?
What are some good songs for the Harp???
Can you help me choose a musical instrument to learn to play?
where can I get a decent beginners guitar for nothing (except postage)?
What is the best equipment to use at a beginner's level and budget for home studio recording?
Iam beginner in guitar my fingers are paining (ounch) ?? Need advise?
How to keep a level head when trying to learn guitar.?
what is the violin accessory that fits btw bridge and fingerboard making students bow in a straight line?
Good musicals to cut for Speech Contests?
Does anyone know an instrumental song that would work with...?
What is a good quality starters guitar to begin with a jazz type electric hollow body I am told is the best ?
What does it mean to have an 8 octave range?
The natives are hostile?
Does race really matter when auditioning for SMent?
what type of electric guitar should i buy?
Who played Mary in There's Something About Mary (1998) ?
is it a good or bad sign when you audition for practice and the director wants you to audition again for real?
guitar player getting into a band?
Does anyone know the play RETRO by Megan Terry? NEED HELP NOW! I WILL GIVE BEST ANSWER FAST!?
Seriously need someones opinion whose funny!!?
where can i send a music sample to a talent agency?
Voice lessons?? Best answer five stars(10 points)?
Musical abilities?
Should I get a new vocal teacher?
Who were the masked magicians in FOX's final two magic-related specials?
Where can I find information on harnessing my superpowers? Have you any superpowers?
Does Oh! What a Lovely War make a social comment? In what way?
High E string on acoustic guitar too bright & overwhelming?
Is there such a thing as a practice attachment for a grand piano to reduce the sound level?
Which is more appropriate: magician or someone who has learned how to do a few cool things?
Why is it so hard to learn guitar?!?!?!?
Harmoica instruction book?
what song does Cold Play do that has the words "when we collide"?
what do you prefer? alternative or classical theatre?
Favorite Broadway Show?
Why are gymnasts always so short?
THE RYCROFT RRAIDERS band what do you think?
What is your own special talent?
Comedic monologue for audition?
Alto saxophone key sounds an octave too low?
what is the best glue for repairing guitar necks?
Musical Audition Song Ideas?
can you give information on vocalist?
Are the Flute and Piccolo uncommon instruments?
I always miss notes on guitar?
Hey I need an easy....Quirky talent....?
Is there a good audio if Kerry Ellis and Dianne Pilkington in Wicked?
please help how do i tune my acoustic guitar?
What is the technical term for a person like this?
What do you think of Lana Del Rey?
how can i contact Teddy Geiger?
Do i have a potential to sing?
What's your favorite Shakespearean tragedy?
needs a place that customizes guitar picks?
What is a good up todate emotional 1st person female monologue.?
I'm alexia. I'm a 14 year old girl that can sing dance model and act. I'm looking for some way to get on tv.?
What's a good song to sing at a talent show?
Any suggestions for an alto saxophone?
What's a good brand of guitar?
Someone Help Calm My Nerves ... ???
Can i become deaf if i listen to music from 1 ear?
How to act like kirsten stewart ?
Demo Cd- Berklee auditions?
How do I change my avatar into a gurl one??
I can't read musical rhythms at all?
How do I join an orchestra as a young adult?
which school?
Do the bass and the guitar have the same notes?
is there brain training technology to learn musical instruments?
Does anyone know what Aris Sas is doing now and how to contact him?
Trying something new. The Violin/Drums?
no a 15-20 person play?
What is appropriate,(in leiu of flowers) to present to a teenage male after a middle school stage performance?
What music calms you down?
Do I need ID present when entering a Broadway show?
What would you consider the best guitar learning method?
Any musicians out there? Please!?
what is the title female role in the ballet don q?
Who's great with music theory?
Good Choir Songs to Sing?
Is woodwind & Brasswind a good store to buy off of?
how do you trace images with candle wax?
Which should I get? the Marshall MG30DFX? or the Marshall MG10CD?
Very Consufed!? Help!!?
Can I sing?
Does this sound familiar?
i want 2 know if there is any vacancy for music teachers or hindi teachers in london or usa.?
In Guitar tab, each line represents one of the strings. What's the Line?
What is a good dramatic scene for two women where one cries?
Advice on buying a second guitar?
If you could get on stage and perform with any artist who would it be with?
What is name of flutist?
Why can't I sing higher?
what are the pros and cons of active pickups on a bass?
How can we get more men to sing in our choir?
Good card tricks with solutions?
How can you stop being shy in front of audiences?
how to become a solo artist?
in Serlock Holmes.. what is Dr Watsons firsst name?
How does one become a funny stand up comedian?
tell how oratorio and opera are similiar and tell how they are different.?
I hate being me. What do I do?
Audition help?! Please answer 10 points!!?
How can I become a famous singer?
Does anyone know any good sad songs?
What is the best way to practice the piano?
Do you think I could do it?
how does the Hite Premiere compare to the Hite Artist Series Model D?
who are the greatest music artists ever?
Do Pianos get nervous before a performance?
For those in band..?
is there any way to play guitar?
Could a monologue from Maxwell Anderson's Mary of Scotland -1933, be considered "contemporary?
Guitar Fingerpicking?
Does this mean I have relative or perfect pitch?
How would you go about putting emotion into your singing?
I have a right handed guitar, is it possible to change the strings around to make it left handed?
Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan and Jerry Garcia flowing on a train?
good electric guitar under 300 dollars?
About Clavinovas, what does hammer graded mean and what do you call the feature that controls sustain?
What is the price of a grand piano?
What instruments are played in this?
On the piano, what are measures?
What if you only have $100 for a flute?
What Linkin Park sing is this?
Funny broadway song to show off a coloratura voice?
playing the guitar?
Does anyone know any good musical performing arts schools in Atlanta Georgia ?
What is a good girls piece?
Cann you learn to play keyboard and not piano or is it the same thing?
Where can I find free sheet music for the tuba part of "The Thunderer?"?
sombady can send my a fender strat.guitar to spain ?contac to my .?
I bought my first guitar and this **** is too HARD!?
What should I name my guitar?
Does the hook on a Kyser capo serve a purpose?
what song do they play in john tucker must die when the cheerleaders are cheering?
plugging bass/guitar to computer?how to record with a song?
Who is better...Phillip Glass...or Mark Isham?
What guitar strap does the edge use on his gibson explorer?
My upper back always hurts when playing piano.?
Cannot get any better at trombone?
Finger picking?
Do I have any chance of a musical career?
Where can I get a Martin Freres clarinet fixed?
I'm having a hard time picking a song to sing for my school talent show! Please help?
What is meant by describing a guitar pickup as "hot"?
Can anyone find a really good love song?
How do I get the courage to do a round off handspring?
Where can I find the fingerings for all three octave viola arpeggios online for free?
How to write music on a bass guitar?
What do I need to start playing a lap style steel resonator guitar?
Help, how do you sight read sheet music for guitar?
Your Open Question: Best starter guitar for under 90$???? Guitarists help!?
Do you always have to move to Hollywood to become a Filmmaker?
How do you give a presentation? I have giant stage fright and I have to give a presentation.?
Does acting sound right for me?
acoustic guitar?
Describe the timbre sound of the oboe?
Which hymn is featured in the 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky?
How often should I change my acoustic guitar strings?
Which of the following trumpets is better?
How do I get my voice to have vibrato?
Where can I find a chord progression chart?
Delay pedals! Can anyone give me some good insight?
what's your favorite dish to cook?
I ed my guitar pick which i just bought it last week, too fast, isn't it? Is it because I strum too hard?
Anyone know of a awesome flute cleaner?
How to learn to play the Piano for beginners?
What are some U.S. colleges where I could major in music recording or music production?
I can't sing and I want to do something emotional and expressive. Are there anything else so beautiful...?
Who has tried out a flute through Flute World?
How do I dampen sound in a room?
Where can I obtain a blank template for a 2.5" guitar strap?
Planning a Talent show / battle of band benefit event?
Are 'One on one' flute lessons in groups?
Piano players please help!!!!!?
Plastic mouthpieces for euphonium?
Who's the best guitar player of all time?
Can I get flea (rhcp) sound with a Warwick bass?
I need 2 contrasting 2 minute monologues where can I find good ones?
What are the guitar chords for If I Only Had the Heart by the Maine?
I'm having problems with my acoustic guitar, what do I do?
what are the steps in writing a screenplay?
Ideas for a middle school theater production?
how do you sing and play the piano at the same time?
can u give me any songsthat i can sing ?
Im thinking about getting a guitar and learning how to play... advice needed.?
Is it more difficult to learn to play the guitar at age 25 than age 15?
I play Guitar How can I Improve myself?
what do you think of this poem i just wrote i am 17 is it lame or good or so-so??? plz be honest??
How can I get into the singing career (by myself) with out spending big bucks?
Printable Flute Music - Twilight?
does my flute has a major leak?
I tried out for theatre in a specialty high school and didnt get in. Should I keep trying with theatre?
Is girls sing well or Boys ?
Is 15 too old to learn how to play the guitar?
Did anyone out there catch Beyonce's performance on the BET Awards Show the other night?
How can i overcome stage fright?
Favorite song to play in your instrument?
how do i fix my guitar?
What song will you belt out no matter where you are?
Where can I find more information about Bina Sharif the artist?
I am writing a musical and using existing songs. How do I get approval to use these songs?
help with chords on guitar?
What should I wear for my play?
Talent Show Idea?
URGENT how to play did it hurt by nevershoutnever on acoustic guitar?
Good Starter Keyboard?
Good songs for a female, 20's, repertoire?
Good audition websites?
what is rennaisance?
Are there any professional or expirienceed drummers out there who know what that talent can lead to?
How can wrestlers perform in front of Hugh crowds without feeling nervous or awkward?
what are 'acts' in musicals?
if anyone knows about guitar then you should be able to answer this what is a P and a H stand for?
how to worte a play?
what difference do bridges make on cellos?
I need a monologue for a knife with its owner trying to catch its target.?
Dancers, convention costs?
Online Guitar Lessons!?
Any tips on playing Othello?
What Are The Roles Of Rosencrantz And Guildenstern In The Play HAMLET :)?
What is the song called from center stage that says "dance" a lot?
Where did marimba originate?
Can I replace ukulele strings with guitar strings?
How Much Should I Sell My Clarinet For?
What do I need to know about recording a V.O. audition mp3?
which guitar pack would you get?
Why is it so hard for me to learn how to play guitar?
Shows similar to breaking pointe?
How can i increase my guitar skills fast?
Do i have a chance of becoming a professional dancer?
Can I use my electric guitar amp on my bass ?
who sing cupcake no fillin???
What is your favorite music artist?
Skrillex Scary monsters on bass clarinet?
how to learn the guitar ?
who sing this song crush?
Where can I find wholesale BULK ruffled lace trim - 100 yards - no not ebay - please!?
Good music for stomping?
Help identify Harmonica.?
Is book of Mormon musical tour coming to Texas?
would like site that shows opera aria lyrics in italian?
What do you think of my poem?
Alan Baltes Question?
When is America's got talent auditions for 2012?
i need quotes for my essay!!!!!!!?
tips for writing?
why do i get -5 points for asking questions on answers?
Play a musical instrument , If yes if so , What and for how long ?
Looking for a good school in the UK with musical theatre program?
Monologue topic?
what costumes and props do mimes use?
Why does playing a C# scale over an E major chord sound so much like the style of the Allman Brothers Band?
What's a good keyboard to use for synthesizer in a metal band?
Is it possible to self-teach myself the flute?
What instrument is harder to learn... Violin or French Horn?
What's a Spodify premium code?
any tips how to act great??
is learning to play the acoustic guitar pretty easy??
i am a 16 year old boy want become an actor.?
how to hold down two strings with one finger on guitar?
is this guitar any good?
Do We Sing Good?????????????
Why does my bass clarinet squeak when Im playing?
Why is dancing not in performing arts?
Do students 'grind' at your school dances?
While growing up, did you realize how moralistic "The Wizard of Oz" is?
What kind of Electric Guitar and Amp should I get as a Beginner ?
worried about my career? singing/ acting?
I CAN'T SING!?!?! Does this really matter?
What is a good song to audition with?
when i'm on stage i get kinda nervous! what should i do?
Does anyone know the name of this bellydancing song?
How to get rid of an artist manager?
who is the more versitile actor keanu reeves or tom cruise?
If you play ukulele would picking up a guitar be easier?
What are some good songs for me?
Flute songs?
Someone pls figure out guitar tabs?
Are there any stage musicals that straight guys like?
I need a good stage name.?
How can I get better at Guitar wth out taken lessons?
How to wire a stereo output jack on my guitar?
What is your favorite Disney Musical and Why?
What other instrument should i learn to play?!!?
Does oboe playing affect asthma?
What is a good cabaret show to see?
Okay, so i'm in this school play and i REALLY want to quit...?
Is it right to play the guitar 12 hours a day?
Can anyone help me figure out Flange settings for Tool's Stinkfist?
Could I learn how to play the piano?
How much is a George Washburn guitar worth?
Jeffrey Sweet, the value of names?
i've got an audition next month can you see succsess?
the positioning of the whilst stillor moving. It conveys a meaning to others?
Does anyone know how much a Yamaha Xeno model YTR8335RG is worth?
What would you say is the importance of The Performing Arts?
Halloween is almost here Poison Ivy or Wonder Woman?!?
Which song is the best ever song?
Is the guitar harder to learn then the piano?
Maddie Ziegler's Star Power solo?
How can i become famous and successful without all the fame?
Is a flute open on both ends?
I need help picking a song to make myself sound professional for choir auditions. Easy 10 points.?
Which is the Best Opera in History?
Is too late to start gymnastics ?
our Undecided QuestionShow me another » Why do so many more girls play the flute than guys?
What pieces would be good to audition with?
How do you count an eighth note that starts at the beginning of the measure?
Solo female musical theater song? For Districts competition?
Where can I buy an Acoustic Guitar?
who should of won britains got talent?
questions about learning the violin?
How could i add a pickguard to my type of guitar..?
what type music to play on your guitar during a speech?
How can I get a theatrical voice?
Does anyone know how to play the "Hips don't Lie", trumpet flourish?
Any fun musicals that arent on broadway?
Which version of Die Fledermaus used to play on the PBS stations New Year's eve in the 80's?
Did you sing in your High School choir? ?
How did you learn to "shred" on guitar?
tremolo to hard-tail stratocaster?
What's a good website for searching drum tabs?
How can I start as an adult movie performer?
is there any way my 11 year old daughter can become a singer?
Can I get to 8th grade on the tuba in 6 years?
You Go Girl?
Have you ever gotten piercings for a play?
Where can I find Dear Lord and Father of Mankind set to the tune Repton, for free, on the Internet?
Whats the best instrument to play for a girl the clarinet or the violin?
how to play All i want is you on guitar?
how do you play F chord on the guitar?
Why do guitar teachers say to practice guitar at least 20 minutes everyday?
Male color guard members in marching band?
How do i express myself?
Buying an Acoustic guitar?
Good audition song for "Rent"?
I want the world to hear my voice.?
Do you have any rituals that you do before a show?
Does the oboe and the bagpipe sound good together?
What's the difference?
What would you say the youngest reccomended age for a Good Charlotte concert would be?
There is a theatrical piece in genre of protest theater with the name of THE ISLAND. I need the author.?
I am going to sing in front of my entire senior class on November 22, and. . .?
if my voice is damaged from wrong usage of singing warmups, can i recover??
are jean baptiste musical instruments any good?
I need to do a monologue?
Monologues for a teenage girl?
What do I need to do to get my skills back up on my trumpet?
Learning the guitar is confusing?
Gymnastics pump up thxxxx?
Can anyone tell me a decent cheap Active PA speaker?
What Irish songs are there?
How is the local music scene in Ann Arbor?
Help me please! Taylor guitar! 10 P O I N T S !?
How to become a vanpire easily?
The body of my violin, and it's strings have lots of white rosin on it and looks ugly...?
This morning at breakfast I saw Elvis in the instant oatmeal. All shook up. Shrink or shrine?
Learning to play the guitar!?
What's THe Difference between Heavy Bass Strings (.050-.105) and Light Bass Strings (.040-.095)?
What brand of reed is best for my oboe?
What is the most performed musical or play?
After 20 years which country will be powerful in univers?
Is the Andino Polyblend Composite Clarinet (by Luis Rossi) a good begining clarinet for an 11 year old?
I disagree with my coach?
Is Mama Who Bore Me a good audition song?
Instrument, Guitar or Violin?
Is it Easy to Play the Ukulele?
Age of Buffet flute recently acquired?
How to Quit Piano? Any suggestions?
I need a ten minute play for 3 males and 1 female. Need Script as soon as possible. Preferably one from online
Which stage name should I pick?
What's the name of the song they didn't sing yet?
Ibanez EW20ASE or the AEF30E?
Guitar Hero II?!?
What website is a good one to learn how to play the guitar?
singing help?
I'm left handed; Can you help me decide how to play the guitar?
Where can I find a puppet stage about 5' 10 " high and about 3 or 4 feet across.?
How can i get better at playing the piano.My fingers are so uncordinated....?
How do I read Shakespear?
Bow amount and notes?
how to deal Stage fright?!
Decent priced guitars?
how can i make marching with the quints easier?
What would you say is the most important thing to become a pianist?
Where is Eve Matheson, British Actress, working now?
I want to become a famous actress, but dont have alot of money for an agent. how do i get noticed?
Guitar Pedals Question..?
For Who Plays Guitar...?
is martial arts more fun than ballroom?
where can i find a list of artists that appear on gaither homecoming videos?
Is youtube a good way to start a acting career?
what is the highest height in feet you've ever jumped off of?
I can't find theatre work experience!?
Shakespeare help needed ,please.?
Please help me choose a monologue?
Any great indian songs that I can belly dance to?
What is your true talent?
3 things to be successful on stage?
Improv Homework help?
Does anyone on this site sing opera?
What kind of electric guitar should I buy?
hey what guitar pedal should i use if i'm gonna play post-hardcore songs?
How should I make a working model of any Indian festival?
Help With Guitar!!!!!!!!?
Do guitars have personalities?
why is it bad to say macbeth?
where can i go to watch/download the numa numa song/dance?
What is the best guitar brand out there?
Pumped up Kicks- clarinet?
Good songs for a solo performance?!?
Is Dynasty marching baritone a bad brand to order offline?
I have been playing the cello for 3 years, I am buying my own now, what should be an ideal priced range?
Why do I feel happy in days only when I finish my guitar practice for 60 mins daily?
Does an electric acoustic guitar sound different than a regular electric guitar?
funny/good band camp skits?
Help with updating voice over demo?
Do you practice playing the guitar standing up or sitting down?
What age did you have to be to perform in broadway theatre in early 1900s?
Tips to become the drum major next season?
Talent Show?? Suggestions? Anyone? :D?
What is an inexpensive way to travel to or from Ulyanovsk,Russis frim Minneapolis,Mn?
Are guitars easy to learn? i will be teaching myself?
Do you have a talent...?
Why do so many pop artists sing in an American accent?
Does any1 have any useful contacts for the acting industry?
Acoustic vs Electric. Which guitar should you learn first?
best quality guitar for 250-300$ for...?
will u plz tell me hardest digest food in the world?
How can I become a singer?
what are scales and how do you do them?
Im scared to sing in front of people?
does anyone know of any audition websites that is not connected with explore talent and is free to submit ?
what are some tricks to to hold a really long note on the tumpet?
What is an easy-to-learn guitar and piano duet?
What does Segovia have in common with Eddie Van Halen?
How Much Does A Regular Bass Guitar Cost? Where To Get One?
A virtuoso is someone who is very skilled in performing. True False?
What will a Music Performance Major get you? (Jobs)?
Does anyone know of a website where I can put notes onto staff paper and print out?
What's your favorite love song from a musical?
Girls-guys that can play guitar and sing?
Which website is the best place to learn how to play guitar?
Any songs similar to 'Im Alright' by Neil Zaza to play on guitar?
How Do I Make My Face Look More Like A Man?
what are some popular plays in the U.S. during the 1900's to 10940's?
i just got a guitar for my bday i wanna learn how to teach myself .?
Does anyone have some simple magic tricks that work?
What is the range of income for a Las Vegas Dancer?
sophomore mascot?? super EASY!!?
what are the implications of street play?
Can you ASK to be an extra?
I need to find the instrumental (no vocals) version of "Ronda de los enamorados" It's a zarzuela.
Does anyone know anything about Angelica ukuleles? ?
I want to play the cello and violin, where do I start?
How do you get good at playing guitar?
my boyfriend just broke up wit me !?
Why do they throw flowers on the stage at a Smiths concert?
are there any colleges that major in performing and media arts? if so what are they?
Is it too late to learn how to play an instrument?
Difference between versions of Les Mis?
How much should i sell this Eppiphone Les Paul and Boss pedalboard for?
Can you help me find an audition song?
How difficult is it to conduct an orchestra?
What would happen if I liquidised my guitar and than drank it?
in orchestra what is the easiest instrument to play?
what is the history of philippine music..?
What does it take to become a pianist?
ow ow ow!!! MY FEET AND MY LEGS ARE KILLING ME!!!!!!!!?
What should I do about the band I'm in?
I need a good song for a Talent Show.?
neyo VS christ brown who the best singer?
How do you fix a muffled tuba?
what type of sax does aldo reed play?
Is Francis Poulenc's Sonata for Flute and Piano difficult to play?
does anyone know any place online to get samples of traditional new england states folk music?
"My Favorite Year"- Herb Lee INFO?
what are the order of songs in the nuter?
what is the minimum price of a guiter?
i have to sing tomorow.....what can i do to not loose it over night!?....and should i warm up in the morning!?
what`s the best city 2 start an acting career?
what is the meaning of That's the way love goes?
Training yourself to hit the high notes?
What's the best Powell flute?
do i have a chance to make into the arts school?
Does anyone know that red special guitar of brian may?
favourite rnb artist? :P?
Noticed the connection between "Mr. Crowley" and "The Inspector Clouseau Theme"?
Help writing a (musician's) resume?
is it possible to replace neck pickup with bridge pickup?
What is the meaning of the word 'movement' in musical orchestras?
I need a really cheap flute?
What would you be willing to pay for live music at a party/wedding/special event?
How do I get a concert for my band?
What do I do about the buzz on my guitar?
Are certain types of guitars better for certain types of music?
Charlie Chaplin, Laurel & Hardy or the Stooges? Who is/sre the best comedian(s)?
lyrical question????
Getting Tickets For Avenue Q Day Of?
where can i find anime music, with no download?
best brand of B-flat clarinet reeds?
will getting a lip piercing effect flute playing at all?
What will Marching Band Camp be like?
how to make sheet music online without having to download something or make a login?
How do u get rid of scratchy noise in acoustic guitar?
how much money does a porn star really make?
I want to make money fast... I kinda wanna be famous too, how do I do it??
Can you spit (Rap) harder than me?
How do I play Vibrato on a Viola?
To all you keyboardists, which is your favorite synth?
Is the theatre really dead?
flute players - how hard is it to learn and play the flute?
what type of dance or artist is this? (pic)?
Which acoustic guitar should I get?
What do you think?
what was that london dance performance video called?
So im having a dance concert! and i need help on some music choices! PLEASE HELP!?
Acoustic-Electric Guitar?
What is the first step to becoming a model?
Audition for godspell?
What's the difference between Performing Arts and Musical Theatre?
Are Motets and Madrigals the basis of some music styles used today?
What is a good prose performance piece? Can't be a movie, play, or drama. Can ONLY be book!?
Is Mason Jennings the son of Waylon Jennings?
what do u think is jimi hendrix's best song (guitar wise)?
Me and my friend are wanting to win this year's talent show, how can we make sure we place?
Is anchoring a bad technique for guitar?
why cant i sing in front of people??
do you think there should be male strip clubs and why?
What is your favorite Musical?
musician ppl, guitar or bass????
What kind of things should i say to the audience when there is a pause in the middle of a vocal performance?
What musical instrument would be easiest for me to learn since I already play piano and a little bit of guitar?
How can you make it rain onstage?
help i need an guitar?
Curious, how important is ballet to a musical theatre profession?
What kind of skills and level of skills are required to work at Disneyland as a costume character?
What is a normal sized acoustic guitar.... what would be a good beginner size for an adult... 19 yrs old?
Singing question???
how do i take in my shirt? it's too wide and it's slim fit already?
Do you think opera singing is pretty?
who do you think are at flute.?
Which instrument suits a teenage girl the best?
Is there a technique to putting a vibrato in your singing voice??
Are you able to turn flexible?
What do you think of my short skit?
Guitar Note trouble? (why does it say C when it's on the E line)?
Who performs the best version of Anderson's Sleigh Ride? (Orchestral only!)?
Just got a guitar acouple days ago, what are some good ways to practice?
Ive just got a job as a solo singer in pubs/clubs/hotels, do i use my real name or have a stage name?
I have a crazy idea, and I dont know how to execute it?
What is the best but also reasonably cheap piano to learn to play on?
coheed and cambria welcome home solo lesson?
What have you gotten out of studying Shakespeare?
How much do piano lessons cost in your country?
How Do I Tell My Parents I Want To Be A Burlesque Dancer?
Do you think it is disgusting to go around in public and not wear underwear?
What is your favourite musical and why?
I have a problem can you help solve it?
With classical guitar training, will I be able to fingerpick acoustic songs like Travis, Chet Atkins, etc?
What is the keyboard called that is held like a guitar. Like Janne Wirman From Children of Bodom Plays?
What is a good song for a 13 year old girl to sing solo in her school concert?
Broadway shows?
Why is the volume on my bass so low?
Stand up comedy clubs in Singapore.?
What songs are appropriate enough for a school talent show?
Im in Drama, and i have a skit i have to do, but im really uncomfortable with it. should i ask to change it?
Help with a musical audition song?
A month ago my 5 year old granddaughter sat down at her family piano and proceeded to play?
What acting/drama school did Reece Witherspoon go to?
Having trouble learning Master of Puppets on guitar?
Is it possible for and untrained alto to become a soprano?
which famous Baroque composer died in 1750?
How to regain my confidence and be a better performer?
Is it ok to make pencil marks on the violin?
what kind of guitar should i get?
Our spring musical's theme is 70s, do you know of any good songs for me to sing?
need help learning guitar?
which are the best acting schools in the world...?
can i learn guitar by books?
Anyone know what store i can buy the dvd wicked?
what is a good duet for a girl and a boy to sing at a wedding?
How would you transport your marching French horn?
Should I buy this guitar?
How do screenwriters envision their characters while screenwriting?
How Can a Harmony Singer in a Worship Band Get the Crowd Into a State of Worship?
What song should I sing to audition for my schools production of into the woods?
what size guitar do i need?
I need kid friendly skits please help?
How would you describe the person in this picture?
Is this guitar good????
How can i sign in front of my parents ? a.s.a.p?
Can anyone help me write a song?
Quick! Is Beowulf a play?
Challenging songs to learn on guitar?
Where can I find drama camps and classes for my 4th-grader held on weekends near my home in Sherwood, OR?
Piano: Is it possible to learn to play piano alone?
How do u end stage fright?
piano players??
What violin technique is this?
where can i find pics of toronto?
Is it too late to start learning to play an instrument or dance?
Is Oprah really gay?
What happened to Ray Floob after he fell off the Empire state building?
A good Broadway solo?
graduation song by vitamin C?
Playing the guitar right?
Piano Theme- How to learn?
What is the first play to make spanish music popular?
What instrument should I learn next ?
How much would it be to get a guitar made from scratch?
I go back and forth to new york to act so my dad is kind of upset that I am going back but acting is my dream.
Theatre through the ages:What can i dress up as?
What are some common popular musicals?
I'm forming a band and i know how to play the guitar and sing very well, should i have an other guitar player?
Very important Guitar Question!!??
What is wrong with my acoustic guitar?
How much should I practice?
How high can you sing?
Can i controll energy?
How do you find and join an orchestra?
When will Matthew Bourne's Nuter be on tv and what channel will it be on?
what makes a good actor/actress?
Does anyone know where i can get full Translation of ACt 3 Scene 4 of Macbeth Shakespeare?
What should I wear for my singing competition?
Is it possible to play guitar without lessons?
A good musical song for a male 13 year-old.?
which is harder, acting, dancing or singing ?
Anyone know of any helpful hints for a singer who is losing her voice?
Does anyone know the best way I can learn guitar online or with videos?
Does any1 know any info. on how to audition 4 any disney channel shows or their headquarters email address or#
Thumb question on sweep picking?
acoustic guitar?
Advice needed about Marshall Cabs!?
major scale?
I may have gotten tkts for last row, Family Circle section, Met Opera, NYC. Can I still enjoy show from there?
Should I switch from flute to oboe?
What is the NYU in step up 3 ?
How long will it take to learn all eleven positions on the violin?
Vocal Performance Programs?
Does anyone know how to play the "Hips don't Lie", trumpet flourish?
Are there any critics for realy good and original english or romania poetry?
Gibson Explorer or Fender Stratocaster?
Music people: How long do you practice daily and what do you play?
any other flute, violin, or piano players?
I am not sure about my future i need an opinion?
I am looking for a specific monologue from the play Brighton Beach Memoirs. Can anyone help please?
How could a performer use physical theater to communicate to an audience?
Ideas for a Drama Scene?
Best drum kit for intermediate-advanced players
Advice for my Laguardia Audition?
revenged for center fold concert in san deigo fri the 28th?
I'm a girl but can sing low D sharp...?
Calling all Nevershoutnever fans!!!!?
Got caught cheating on my girlfriend?
Are there any alternative endings to 'The Emperor's New Clothes'?
Voice Problem?
How do you get seats close to the stage during a concert?
Calling all Nevershoutnever fans!!!!?
Im in the high school marching band, and im just wondering what band camp is typically like.?
My pointe shoes are too short, which size do I need to go to for a better fitting shoe?
Guitar lessons?
What year did "Chicago" debut on Broadway?
Am I A "Good" Singer Or Not....Just Wondering?
do people sing and clap along during a musical? what to expect at a musical like jersey boys?!?
Can I play well on drum set?
Which guitar should I buy?Acoustic-electric or acoustic?I'm beginner.?
I want to know the pedal that David gilmour used at robert wyatts meltdown to make the synth sound .?
am i a good singer ? ( video included obviously , haha)?
Can you help me replace my guitar strings?
What is the difference in sound of the Cello and Viola?
When did you first play an instrument (and which one)?
Where can I start an acting career?
are there any websites that provide free piano sheet music?
question about marching band color guards?
Should I do marching band?
I'm having trouble with playing guitar...?
Music Appreciation PLEASE HELP!!?
Learning guitar?
Learning guitar?
What kind of guitar pick do you use, and what genres do you play?
Does anyone know how to dance?
What are some good modern violin songs?
Which should I learn, Guitar or drums?
What are some tips for writing songs?
What are some good Theater schools?
Does Performing arts include acting ?
What should I get or do to learn how to play the drums?
what are some easy love songs to play on guitar?
What song should I sing for my school talent show?
Should I sing in the talent show?
how do I know what key to do a guitar solo in?
The cd in your hi-fi player at the moment is....?
wat instroment is easiest to play?
What are some good upbeat, modern male/female duets?
Love of the stage but I have stage fright?
Would you use this monologue ever?
I'm a girl & my voice is surprisingly low, i find it hard to sing high notes in tune? Wat can i do to practise?
Is it better to start learning piano or guitar?
Directing a Play?
Any good ideas for making acoustic song covers for live performance?
Standard 1/2 Step 5 string bass tuning?
Which is better for me, Flute or Clarinet?
I need to sing better?
What's a contemporary song with a good message?
Saxophone made of brass?
I just started on bari sax, How do i get more notes to come out?!?
How can I get rid of my stage fright?
How do I find talent agent, in Illinois?
School or Career?
What all do we get to learn from doing theatre?
Should I switch to bassoon?
where did the music from alicia key song "unbreakable" come from?
PLEASE HELP! I need to know where I can find and instrumental version of All I ask of you?
How to really finish up things if i'm an idea type of person?
Where can I find the sheet music for "Rondinella" Gori Cortés? Does anybody have it?
What's a good website for contemporary sheet music?
Will Any Of These Flutes Become tarnished?
Good reliable websites to buy concert tickets?
Out ofsheer boredom what's your favorite guitar?
College Vocal Audition Undergrad?
Is a musician career really that hard? Why?
Advice for playing Fantine in Les Miserables?
Is learning to play the guitar with an electric guitar a good option?
how do i fix my marching bass drum mallets?
The High After Doing A Good Gig?
Shreddy songs to play on guitar?
is this guitar legit??!!!?
how do i become a professnal whistle artist from biggner?
I need advice! Singing advice!?
What quality pedal to run through a marshall mg100hfx head and an mg4x12a cabinet to play metalcore/hardcore?
do u find this funny?
How long is Winter Jam?
Nervous before a performance?
Explain The Ballad Opera?
why do musical notes go E B G C A E (yknow what I mean)?
Help choosing a talent for a beauty pageant?
How do I find my Serial Number!! - Yamaha Flute?
Contralto/Soprano Duets?
what does it mean when a not is smaller than the others on a staff?
A creative name for a dance/gymnastic/falconry talent act?
solo audition!?
i have heard that guitar lessons are not necessary to learn how to play guitar well. Is that true?
What is a good opera to begin with for a Wagner neophyte?
Help finding a guitar tab?
Just an update- cause I am a total show off :D?
Where is handicap seating at the Pantages? ?
what is love?
Do you think i got what it takes to become a singer?
Question for guitar player?
Did you see the pornography on big brother to-night Mon 30th July?
what types of monologues attract judges attention in an audition?
how does one determine the cost of a production.+ what percentage does each party get?
Which one would be the best musical instrument for a kid to start learning music?
Is it difficult to learn to play the guitar on your own?
Who was the first artist to record "The Real Nity Gritty"?
anyone know any good monologue sites? british monologues?
drum lessons?
Is it taboo to use minor props during an audition?
Will David Blaine Make it the full 9 minutes tonight underwater?
i have an ibanez rg370dxgp and when i play the last 3 strings, they make a rattling noise???
What is the play "Kiss Me Kate" about?
What is Strummer saying on Clampdown b4 the words "what are we gonna do now" something about helicopters
How good of a first guitar should I get?
Im learing guitar and i need all the guitar chords no any websites?
Which magician do yo like best?Criss Angel,David Blaine or David Copperfield?
can someone give me a powerful love spell?
Can Someone Help Me Get Sponsors?
what do u think of these videos?
Green day on broadway?
I want to connect my electric guitar to the PC.What hardware and software do i need to do so?
Have any of you used Epiphone's ESonic2 pickup system and if so how do you like it?
Im looking for a good cheap guitar?
What are the best seats to see phantom of the opera on broadway?
How do you play jingle bells on recorder?
How can I sing better?
Singing Till There Was You (Music Man)?
is this guitar good?
What's the point of the arts?
Shooting People -Can we all pay £18 instead of rip-off £30 using their Nov 2007 promo link on shootingpeople ?
I need to know how to make my band profile have that "customized" look like some of the new bands have out now
How do I sing and play guitar simultaneously?
What song should I play on flute for Solo and Ensemble?
Music interval emotions?
Can anyone find a hole in this plan, UK performing arts college.?
What is the guitar in this video? /+ suggest a guitar for a newbie?
How can i improve my electric guitar playing?
Can someone be an Actor, and a Writer?
How Do I Sell My Guitar?
Is there a way to make yourself sing better?
i have an audition for juilliard, i'd like to know what contemporary monologues did the ppl who got in do?
does any body here recommend a good guitar?
Funny Forensics Pieces ?
Violin, Electric Violin, or Electric Guitar?
How do I find/make big, fancy fans...cheaply?
What kind of guitar should I get?
Switching from plastic to wooden clarinet?
What is a good site for guitar chord progressions?
A clarinet question................?
Getting Tickets For Avenue Q Day Of?
how do i get rid of the calouses?
How long does it take to learn how to sing?
How do I get the best sound quality when doing my own guitar recording using webcan ?
Has there ever been an instrument that you wanted to learn how to play, if so what ?
How can male performers (circus, dancers, actors) deal with performing when people can see their penis?
cat stevens?
How do you memorize 10 choir songs in 2 days?
how do i learn guitar for free at home?!?
If you had to learn a ballroom dance, Which dance would you chose ?
How do you improvise and develop your own style on guitar?
What is this guitar chord named?
What is a good way to learn guitar?? Does "Jamorama" work?
Need Some Guitar Rhythm Help?
I need a good song for my Advanced Dance audition.?
Where do I learn to do circus tricks?
LEON How was his performance better tonight than Rhydians?
In need of A GOOD Monologue?
Reading Festival 2012 Alternative Stage days comedian's/artist's are performing?
how it doesn't matter knows to post a question ?
i want to be famous,i want a record deal?
Is this a good sing to play to my girlfriend?
bass help please.....?
Do looper effect pedals work on synthesizers?
im an ok singer, but i want my voice to be better. how can i do that?
Changing guitar pickups?.!!3$3&/@?
Audition songs for Once Upon A Matress?
Why are American men phobic of ballet?
can you play f on e and a string on violin at the same time?
How to learn to play the guitar really fast and good?
Acoustic Frets??
What could my costume be for GCSE drama?
Does this look (and sound) like a decent guitar for the money?
Difference between a dual humbucker or a singlecoil/humbucker on a bass guitar. ?
how to play tambora?
Name for my beautiful guitar?
Drama Schools And Stuff?
how can i paint without a brush?
does anyone know a good "dumb" monologue from a published play?
Im good at acting and id love to be an actor but i just dont know how to start?
Oboists/people who know about oboes?
How to play "life is beautiful" by "sixx am" on guitar?
Who makes the best bassoons? What's the best bocal for it? What about reeds? Price? Details please.?
Why is my voice tired? Any tips?
Wanna be able to sing with piano tracks or acoustic guitar instrumental anyone know what key i should sing in?
I'm thinking of changing pickups on my guitar.?
Why are certain intervals in music scales called perfect as the 4th and 5th are called?
What are some easy/beginner anime songs I can try an acoustic guitar?
what should i put on her? A soft color so the focus is on her or a nice fancy outfit?
Would you do a rating with us, favorite country artist ?
What vocal part am I?
Could I do vocal vibrato this way?
How do I become famous?
should i do my schools talent show and what should i do her is my link to my voice so yeah?
this headset microphone comes around the left can you make it come around the right?
Would I need to audition if I were to sing at a club?
What kind of a clarinet is a Bb clarinet?
what is the best art to conway the boss in need tips?
Does anyone know any good songs for acoustic guitar?
First kiss was a stage kiss...was it normal to feel sparks?
Help With Choreography?
i am currently trying to hook up a 12 track cd hip hop i have got hold of them beats and i am struggling?
Does any1 have any useful contacts for the acting industry?
Is it easier to play on a guitar with a wider neck or a guitar with less width on the neck?
Wat songs make u wna sing along?
A virtuoso is someone who is very skilled in performing. True False?
I was wondering, what does it take to start a band.?
What would be the best instrument for me to leaen to play?
What is "horo"?
What brand of guitar should I get? i'm new.?
where can i contact Oprah?
Anything else mimes do besides not talk and pretend their using objects with thin air?
Do i have a problem???
While My Guitar Gently Weeps tabs?
Can you help me decide which electric guitar to buy please?
What is the best mouthpiece for a B flat clarinet?
Describe the job duties of a costume liaison on a board of directors for a community theater?
Is a color black dark or bright?
What's a good cheap Flute brand?
What should you do or not do if you want to keep your singing voice in top condition?
How good should a concert pianist's sightreading skills be?
Brand new Flute - foot joint very hard to insert into body?
Please help. I need a duet for me a drag queen to do with a drag king?
How can you make things or yourself levitate?
What do ballerinas wear?
why doesnt my ruber ducky sqeak?
Have you been to the play the "Nuter".?
What is the most difficult choral work you've ever performed?
Should I buy a student flute or an intermediate flute?
Good songs for an audition?
Audition and song choice advice please?
what is the definition of Rhythmic activities? and it classification?
What type of music, or song, makes you sing at the top of your lungs?
You or Me?
any songs with the rythm of the bass drum pa pa pa at least 6 songs or less?
Best Self-Teaching Acoustic Guitar Software?
Guitar chords??
Can you whistle? I'm taking a pole...?
What are some good songs to belt ?
Would you prefer to Miss Popular or the smartest girl i n school?
when will you say a beginner guitar player as real talent?
Has anyone read the book "wicked"? or seen the plaY?
What is the process when starring in a musical - from audition to opening night?
Why when i record to myself my voice sound bad?
Do you shake after you finish your stage performance? What do you do about it?
a website or something that has kareoke style songs?
Met LIVE HD Missed Show?
What song does Jesse Cook play with the orchestra?
How do I get over stage fright?
What is a good violin to buy?
How much do Metropolitan Opera singers make?
whats the most powerful guitar solo in the world?
How come all guitar teachers give me tablature or TAB when learning fingerpicking?
Do you know where??
What happens to the vocal mechanism when you sing?
what are the keys in guitar?
in orchestra what is the easiest instrument to play?
Is there any way that you can quickly get your voice back if your sick and have to sing for something?
Can girls with deep voices sing in choirs?
How Often Should I Change The Strings On My Acoustic Guitar?
Why do people hate Justin Bieber?
How would you land a acting career if you live in area that doesn't produce as much as California?
WHAT DO I DO? Dance or Drama?
how can i learn how to read music?
Do you have to pay sticker price at guitar center?
What is a good cello sonata?
How to do a backbend/ splits?
I'm looking for music for my schools full orchestra.?
what do you think of someone who likes to play piano and guitar? is this acceptable lol read details...?
where can I find "nuter" record on 78 LP mercury label mi.synonym orc.?
Any current or former strippers on here?
How are scale modes used in music and creating music?
If you could bring any actor/actress back from the dead, who would it be and why?
Nightmare Before Christmas: The Musical?
How do i get started as an actress? Are there agencies in baltimore, md? I don't have much experience.?
What are some good Musical Theatre Song I could sing at an audtion?
I'm a male soprano. how can I produce the classic opera vibratto effect?
Do acting classes help shy people?
which guitar should i buy?
Selling antares acoustic guitar wats price?
should i become a stripper?
What musical instrument should I learn?
Have you ever dreamed about being famous?
What song should me and my friend and my friend sing for an audition on BGT?
Does oboe playing affect asthma?
I need a song for a talent show for 2-3 vocally talented teachers. Something fun for the kids.?
I am already 32. Is it possible to learn guitar at this age?
How long does it take to be good at violin?
possible breathing exercises?
Judging by this video clip, do YOU believe I should pursue acting?
What is a good guitar to buy?
Get rid of airy flute sounds?
first time symphony attendee?
Can a male baritone,sing a Karen Carpenter song?
Red Hot chili peppers on guitar?
what was the first romeo and ju?
I have a 30 year old Cleveland King flute with a solid silver head in excellent condition. How much worth?
Easiest songs on Bass/Acoustic?
CAn anyone sing now/!!!???
Does anyone know where I can find the recordings of the 3 French Horn etudes for TMEA Region band auditions?
Does it matter if you learn and practise piano on a keyboard?
What's your favorite aria?
What are some forums with a lot of traffic where I can post links to my videos.?
How can I find a nice long monologue for sense and sensibility for Elinor that does not involve crying?
Thoroughly Modern Millie Audition Song!?
Some guitar soloing techniques to start and finish a solo?
Guitar Tab Question???
Tips on front handsprings?
nylon sticks and cymbals?
How do you string a guitar so that there are loops at the pegs?
Can anybody tell me the guitar tab for First Aid Kit's version of When I Grow Up?
I need a manager and producer for a all-girl group!?
So few master the guitar, why so many unsuccessful?
How do you write a professional bio for a musician?
I wanna be an actress, but no one believs in me. Help?
Marching Band 101?
Can someone tell me where to find sheet music for "Brooklyn the musical?"?
How can i make people laugh as a clown?