Performing Arts

where can i get a KEYBOARD? pic included???
Can you play the les paul like an acoustic guitar?
what's your favourite comedy routine?
where can i buy "congatulations you sure made a man out of him" by Arlene Hardin?
Can you take a 16 bar cut from a duet or quartet as long as it's a long enough solo line?
Is there a cheap adapter to hook up two guitars and one bass to one amp?
I'm left handed and have a question about guitar?
Can you learn to play a Sax without a teacher?
Question about voice lessons:?
How would you graph a musical note such as Aflat?
I hope you won't miss me too much for a while?
Which guitar should I start with?
Giuseppe Verdi Lyrics?
do you think i could be a good singer?
I am a Lefty. Is it okay to play a right handed acoustic guitar with its strings reversed ?
Does anyone know where I can find the guitar chords for the song 'Hymn' by adiemus?
best brand/model of tenor sax?
Acting Advice? How to improve?
Can you help find a monologue from a published play, drama and comedy for a male?
How do I get rid of stage fright?
acting or singing summer camps with full scholarships for 14 year olds in the southeast?
Does anyone know?
Why is exercise important for dancers?
how to tune an acoustic guitar with a tuner?
what is a sexy but yet no to show off-y costume for a teen girl?
What am I???????????????
What are songs similar to Gethsemane (I Only Want to Say) from Jesus Christ Superstar?
flute help me my foot joints key is to high?
Poetry and songwriting the same thing?
Can I get some violin knowledge?
Help! Piccolo Judge. What to look for?
Im in Drama, and i have a skit i have to do, but im really uncomfortable with it. should i ask to change it?
Should I stay in band? Section leader issue..?
How do Altos find singing Defying Gravity from Wicked?
Questions about the Ukulele?
what's a good song to play drums along to?
Advice - Writing songs and singing!?
Do you think I Can sing?
What type of guitar should I get?
Should I buy this guitar?
is it possible to add a tom to a 4 piece sound percussion drum set?
Music lessons- piano, guitar, or bass guitar?
Violin, wondering if lessons or learn by book would be the best approach for this instrument ?
Are There Any Good Vocal Lessons Near Puyallup, WA?
How to learn how to play guitar fast and easy?
How can i find my talent?
Is nokku varmam possible?
Can anyone learn to sing?
I hope you're happy...?
playing the guitar?
How can I pass my music Exam ?
What is a great song to play on guitar that will blow peoples mind?
What is the best way to learn how to play piano?
How can I get over my fear of playing a trumpet solo in front of an audience?
breakdancing class?
In your opinion what's the best guitar POD out there and which one do you recommend i get thats not too pricey?
I Need Guitar Help! this instrament is being my worst enemy lol?
What should I sing for my Audition?
Does anyone know the piece Francis Poulenc composed that imitated birds?
Careers in music?
I need to find full scripts of plays that were written after 1995?
Seriously.... Can they even sing?
What costume would I need for characters especially Benvolio inthe very first scene of Romeo and Juliet?
Does anyone know where i can find the sing kirk franklin silver and gold instrumental or any gospel music?
How do you play WMYB on the guitar?
What do ballerinas wear?
Guitar hammer on pull offs question.?
Quotes for a high school drama department t shirt?
Do you think I have perfect pitch?
What is the best musical to watch?
tenor sax chromatic scale?
Dance costume help!?!?
can anyone sing???
Where can I find this contemporary monologue?
I am a flute student who would like suggestions on where to apply for a BM next year?
i want to learn how to play guitar . which should i get .?
Why is it that instrumentalists can perform with music in front of them but vocalists cannot?
Who is going to be the next Elphaba on Broadway?
Who here loves to dance, sing, and act?
Which song for my tryout?
What is the song Twilight Zone performed by Debbie Byrne?
is it possible to add a tom to a 4 piece sound percussion drum set?
Help With Trumpet Problem?
Theater Arts, Speech Charactization?
sometimes on drum kits, ive seen an extra bass drum in front of the primary one, what is that for?
HELP!! Choir EXAM tomorrow! -How to name minor triads?
Does a $479 violin has a better sound then a $259 violin that are same brand?
learning to play guitar?
I just got an Acoustic Guitar and I really need...HELP!?
Where did Shakira learn to belly dance?
What's a good quality but reasonably priced guitar for a beginner?
Best Headphones for Bassists?
what are good duets?
do you need a permit to play guitar in public in oceanside?
Who knows of Ravel?
i have an ibanez acoustic guitar, but it only has one strap pin, and it didnt come with another. any ideas?
Guitar string help please!?
What do they call the cymbal that looks inside-out and sound dies off quickly?
What is a good starter electric guitar?
Solfege needed for mode scales?
What is the thing called that clips ro a violin fingerboard?
What is the best guitar? (Links below)?
Do chord variations on guitar sound the same or does it matter?
Which drum roll is better?
What are the best jobs for resting actors?
Help with a guitar beginner?
Spice Girls Ticketmaster Presale Password/Code?
play congas?
what is a 1963 club date ludwig drum?
where can i buy a bass clarinet online?
how do professionals that paint designs on violins do it?
Spanish Fly-Van Halen or Buckethead-Nottingham Lace Guitar Tabs?
Accordion experts: Hohner not making sound when keys & bellows activated. Advice?
should I change my stage name?
Do solo singers make up stage names?
Performing arts schools ?
Playing in tune on trumpet after 6 line F?
What is the best guitar to get for a beginner?
What's better in your opinion. A double major in...?
Im going to drama school to do musical theatre, what tap shoes do I get, and what new pointe shoes?
Voice teachers near West Hartford, Connecticut?
Guitar Strings?
is it easy to play the violin?
Free Verse Poetry?
Where can I find someone to manage a Polish Baroque musical ensemble wanting to perform in the U.S.?
Best Fender brand guitar under 1000$?
How can i get an appointment with Hollywood Records??
Guitar pedal that transitions gradually between clean and distorted tones?
Do all of these pieces have a flute part?
why does the lead singer always outshine the rest of the band?
Advice for a new bassist?
Do you think i could make it as a singer?
Whats easier to learn?
songs for a back to school skit?
ha-ha do u guys think i have a good voice?
Digitech tl 2 or electro harmonix metal muff?
I need a stage Name... any ideas?
Looking for an appropriate Piano Learning book?
Higher voice version for "Isn't it Romantic"?
Buffet clarinet BC 1134 AG?
Whats your opinion on the Epiphone Les Paul Studio Gothic guitar?
How do you play guitar ?
How would you suggest a person who can read music learn to play the guitar by teaching themself?
Can I play Clair De Lune with a 61 keys?
How can you increase Vocal range? and quality?
How Can I Learn Guitar Without Boring Books and Lessons?
Should I buy a used guitar?
Ibanez problem?
What is a Cirque du Soleil audition like? Do i have a chance?
i wanna be a singer but i or nobody else thinks i can sing what do i do?
I am starting a band but have no money for equipment.What should i do?
How did you learn to "shred" on guitar?
what is easier violin or guitar?
Does anyone know of any drama groups around Birmingham?
What is the name of the frequency instrument that the pitch is changed by hand motion?
Can you learn the violin at the age of 17?
My guitar is not working properly?
Have you ever dropped out of school to work for a dream?
Is following a dream that might not come true worthless?
Should I get the Fender CD-60 or the Cort Earth 70 NS?
Need help on Power chords?
I am trying to play guitar ?
whats wrong with my guitar?
So, I'm going to a very great Performing Arts Center this summer. But I have a on...?
What would be a good belting Broadway song for me to sing?
Universal word for all?
How can i teach myself to play guitar?
Who wrote The Pearl Necklace?
(Please Read) Should I be a shadow (Marching Band)?
what note?
help with fingerstyle guitar?
Do you have a nice rack?
Help with guitar question Please!!?
i've got an audition next month can you see succsess?
How can I motivate myself to learn guitar?
In Chicago, do you have to have a liscence to play in public?
Why is there rough spots on my violin?
Was Hamlet ever performed while Shakespeare was alive?
For those who play guitar, have you ever heard of this happening?
How do you play the D# harmonic near the beginning of Portrait of Tracy by Jaco Pastorius?
How do you play jingle bells on the clarinet?
What is a plot?LANGUAGE ARTS?
Natalie Maines, what do you make of this "chick"?
I'm a soul/R&B singer. Could you suggest me a cool stage name?
Who's your favorite composer?
Is there a actual Performing Arts school that seems similar to the Nickelodeon Series Victorious?
How can I learn to play guitar well?
Is Mendini by Cecileo a good brand for flutes.?
Does anyone like Britney Spears anymore?
Should I learn to play acoustic guitar or piano?
What is a good monologue? (see details)?
What is your special talent?
Does anybody know a good song to audition for a play with?
What should I wear to the opening night of an opera?
Do you know any funny Broadway songs?
Scales for E♭ instruments?
Most dangerous martial art?
Movie help?
Why is there little black spots on my Bass Clarinet? How do I get rid of it?
why should I learn to play cello?
What do you think of my playing on this?
what should my group do for this drama assignment...?
I am going to Blue Lake tomorrow and I have a few questions?
Ideas for Madness and Insanity presentation?
can any1 give me tips not to feel nervous when singing for(the camera, people, audience)?
What is the deal why do celebritys get older so fast?
How can I earn much money?
what is singer Billy Ocean up to now, what is he currently doing.?
how many years would it take for you to reach level 8?
Lead guitar and Bass guitar?
how do directors work with dancers? and singers?
What strings should I use for my Les Paul Ultra III?
Ron Nelson Music?
What's the appropriate scale for Clarinet?
How do you play "somebody to love" BY JUSTIN BIEBER on acoustic guitar?
How do i learn to sing? How should i start out? I have no experience at all?
Which Strings would sound more like paul mccartney's early hofener?
What are some songs for a very beginner to learn on acoustic guitar?
Who is Gerald Blanchard and is he considered an important African American singer?
South Pacific : Honey Bun?
when is the next brain surge audition?
Should I become a model?
Any good website about Vangelis?
What are some easy songs I can play on the acoustic guitar?
Beginner guitar help?
can someone name a good song that i can sing for my music exam?
what are some SUPER easy songs to play on guitar?
Pageant talent idea for an EMT?
Do you have info about a play titled "Breakfast Madness"? I've looked everywhere.?
Who is the better actor: Sean Connery or Clint Eastwood,nationalities aside.?
what is the best major for a singer at a university?
When you get taken as an SM Town trainee, can't you just live where you live now?
Nervous for piano recital?
Ragtime Audition Help Please!?
are you a funny dancer or a good one?
NEED NOW! Help with guitar strumming?
highway star - solo guitar is difficult to cover?
Does your guitar have any marks and scratches on it?
Perfect Pitch?
Is tuning an acoustic guitar important?
suggest any good electric guitar that's priced under $250..?
what is the email adress of atif aslam? where can i get email adresses of oyher celibreties?
MUSIC HELP! Elements on Music?
what is the first part of ..........make strange bedfellows?
Can a 5oz bird carry a 10 lb coconut?
do you like to sing in fornt of large crouds.?
Where can I find alternate lyrics for songs from the play, A Chorus Line (for high school kids)?
Getting a "beginner" guitar....???
Summer Drama Camp- I need ideas? I have to produce three or four mini-productions in three weeks. 3-5 grades?
What could have been some "GILLIGANS ISLAND" Drama they never showed on Television?
One Direction VIP Tickets.?
i need free french horn music?
what is the scale of the soprano recorder in a picture?
what do u think of my guitar playing? (video)?
how to avoid getting nervous at band chair tryouts?
How do I make my electric guitar sound electric?
Tired of trying to fit into the music biz?
Is it too late for me to start?
Emotional Lyrical Song for Male and Female Duet?
Majoring in music?
Which ibanez guitar is better?
Is it possible to make nice sounding music in the chromatic scale?
Anyone know good modeling/acting angencies in toronto?
Female Teen Monologues?
Why are we picking up a radio station over our sound system?
Who wrote the song in the play Macbeth called Lady Macbeth?
Guitar pickup wiring, what should i do?
is it easier to start playin an electric guitar or a normal one?
I need an audition song for a 13 year old auditioning for an arts high school.?
HELP me does anyone know whats a JAPANESE PARASOL DANCE. and what does it look like or anything ol about itpls
BB King Epiphone Lucille?
What type of Ukulele should I get?
What to do on holidays?
Should I try out for a Disney Character Look-a-like Audition?
Guitar Tremolo/Floating bridge problem/question?
the video when people are outsideof a part and there eyes are glowing?
Where can i sell my guitar?
what would be a good instrument to learn to play?
another marching band question ?
Becoming a go go dancer ?
What are some good recording arts schools in the U.S.?
Where do belly dancers work?
How Can I get a Deeper Voice?
how do you feel when you see someone with great talent performing?
Did Didi Conn (Frenchy) sing any songs in Grease?
What is vibrato in musical instruments?
United States National Anthem? Confusing! (Read the Details plz)?
music school?
(question for musicians/performers) Do you feel a let-down after a gig?
Hey! I need help please! Thanks!?
What is a good classical guitar with a small neck?
What hotel are One Direction staying in?
Who teaches the contortion.?
What song should i do for my talent show ?
I'm looking for an acoustic guitar that is very lightweight....?
i have Romeo and Juliet questions?
how can I learn the guitar ?
What is a good musical number for 3+ actors to perform and compete with?
Help on guitar information ?
Is it too late for me to be a professional dancer?
Did you see the pornography on big brother to-night Mon 30th July?
Im confused with this?
Any good clarinet books?
Questions on "Theatre"?
Difference between premium and default Aquila Nylgut strings?
Any good acoustic duets for a wedding?
Can I summon a council of Angels and Demons to help me rule the world?
What are good acoustic songs to play on the guitar?
Where are the serial number's on a gibson guitar?
what is meta cinema ?
I have to write a monologue and I need ideas, any suggestions would be great. Any Ideas?
reasons why vbs is so great?
What is this song by Chin Chinawut?
Where can I go for classes on directing?
Are these good guitar covers, with links?
I'm interested in learning to play piano but can't afford one so was thinking about buying a keyboard to learn?
How can I get into pagents?
What are the main differences between keyboards from the department store and instrument stores?
how many ppl here know how to play the piano but only hav a keyboard?
need help getting started doing pageants!?
Help with time signatures?
Anyone know a performance artist that does isolation?
which guitar should i get?
native instruments battery 3: does this program only provide sounds or is programming available?
I have to sing solo in front of a lot of people. Tips?
I'm looking for the best acoustic electric guitar under $1000 for fingerstyle.?
What's a good hard rock/heavy metal guitar under 400 dollars?
How do you pick up notes in slender?
How to make it look like you've been crying? For my audition?
i am intrested in going to police services shuld i take arts?
has avery brooks returned to the university as a professor?
How to play 16th notes (flute)?
what is the best method or technique that i could use took make smooth transitions throughout my registers?
Anyone want to recommend a good acoustic tab to learn?
What are Guitar Scales!?
What is a good song for an audition?
I touched this guy's guitar and he was a real prick about it?
Where can i find baritone guitars?
Ole Bull violin, what is the cheapest price for it? is it around $600 or $500?
Can a 13 year old die from fright?
Why do you play guitar?
What is this articulation/ vocal warm up?
has anyone ever been in a renasance festival?
What songs are sung my the character Christine Daae in the Phantom of the Opera?
is screenwriting practical?
I need to impersonate someone for performing arts homework please help?
I went to baseball game and i yelled a lot and now i cant hit my whistle tones?
Setting up a large sound system with 2 inputs. I need to duck one of the inputs. Can I use a gate to do this?
How can I learn to talk to people better?
where can i buy a flamenco guitar online?
Which of the following is suitable for me? and why Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, French Horn?
Need guitar, bass and drum tabs for Time For Miracles - Adam Lambert ???!!?
What is the best way to create the illusion of fire without having actual flames?
any good "slow tempo" songs to help my vocal range?
Suggestion for Broadway/West End Song for 3 female singers?
any Deep Purple, Uriah Heep and Grand Funk Railroad british fans here?
how to make a crocodile costume for stage?
dose anyone like seussical the musical?
I need some more guitar chords?
does anyone know good salsa remixes?
my brother does not know who soulja boy is! do you think there is something wrong with him?
I am an aspiring screen writer/director looking to collaborate with film maker(s) whom have access?
Help Help Help!!!..... Part of Sandy (Seriously easy 10 points :D) ?
Good Guitar?
Ever since I learned to play the piano with my penis, I'm not allowed in the music store. Any suggestions?
what could i do?
Which guitar should i learn how to play?
Ukulele (or guitar) experts please help!?
Best acoustic guitar to start off with?
Does anyone recall a song from the 1970's, the title was "Grayhound Annie" ?
where & how can i find the guitar pro file of every little thing she does is magic by sting?
Where would i find BAAM in brooklyn, ny. Egyptia?
I really want to play snare drum, how can I convince my parents?
what are the steps for teaching yourself how to play the guitar?
can u dance 24hours?
What was the style of dance during the lifetime of Christ?
How do you take care of your orch hand?
Looking for a song by alabama mass youth choir title 'yes there is hope'?
Is a Saxophone from the brass or woodwind family of instruments?
Would replacing the pickups on a guitar with split coils still let you use the split coil capabilities?
What would I need to get this guitar tone?
What is the best way to learn how to write beautifully?
Anyone know any romantic classical guitar songs I can learn?
I'm making a glee club at my university and I'd like tips about what I can do to make people want to join.?
I was playing my nose today...?
Friends , Romans , countrymen could you lend me your ears ?
Do you think i can handle a Tenor saxaphone?!?
Did Bob Marley and Jimi hendrix ever have jam sessions together? ?
what guitar book?
What would be the best way for me to seat my violins?
What qualities does it take to be successful and famous in Hollywood?
Fender vs Dean Acoustic guitars?
What is the best thing to get to help me learn how to play the acoustic guitar?
Where is this eddy from? An Iron Maiden album cover? Tour poster? Where?
What to wear when performing?
What is a good audition song?
Why is modern dance done barefoot?
Does any one have inforemation that I should know from the company Models productions inc.?
Marching percussion braces?
What do you look for when you try to see if someone has a "good voice"?
What is the best brand of flutes?
What are the laws surrounding recording/performing other people's songs?
Are guitar tabs pretty much a waste of time?
Killswitch on a guitar...?
How often should I change my violin strings?
Why do my hands get sweaty everytime I play guitar?
Acoustic Guitars- Steel String vs. Nylon String?
Guitar Strings?
Are kalos electric guitars good?
If I start playing the violin, will it affect my studies?
How To Find The Right Talent Agencies...for prospective models, singers, dancers, actors, etc...?
Do I Sing Good!? 10 Points?
BOA marching contest in San Antonio this weekend ?
Do u think i can sing good?
music theory class?
What is The Electric Gumdrop Love Machine?
Can I sing good???Please Answer?
What would you consider to be the best flute brands?
I need guitar chord help?
please help with mt writing?
does anyone here know the song highways of my life?
Friday?? pls read lol?
What is the easiest type of guitar to play?
Crack on tailpiece? (Cello)?
Would you recommend String Theory (St. Louis) for guitar lessons?
How do i make my fingers stronger for guitar class?
I need a movie for my theatre arts classes.?
What is so significant about a Stradivari 1721?
does anyone know any good 1 person skits that i can preform in a talent show...reasonably long...??
Should i go for it and audition?
Names of good keyboards with 88 keys around $500?
free guitar learn?
I'm alexia. I'm a 14 year old girl that can sing dance model and act. I'm looking for some way to get on tv.?
How to learn to sing better when no voice coach is available?
Do you think I could make it into college as a cello player?
I want to learn to play the guitar?
how do get involved in the arts?
How many black keys does a piano have?
Learning Lines???
How to become closer to your band director?
How does a theatrical performance make use of the audience.
Can I learn viola by myself?
How can I become a famous male model in Chicago?
Is it hard to start playing the guitar and if so how long does it take to get good?
Where do I find a good, free online guide to writing a script or a stage-play?
In band, are all drum major's seniors?
what is the price to replace the peg of a guitar?
Music video I saw on FUSE?
How to choose a good acoustic guitar?
My vocals are so week from not pratcing, any help?
how can i connectto shakira?
I want to be a go-go dancer?
What is the name of the song that Christine sing on stage in the 2004 film Phantom Of the Opera?
Is the Kramer Jersey Star guitar reissue good?
what is adobe photoshop?how can a person learn online ,or any books foe reference in india;?
Any good ideas for making acoustic song covers for live performance?
what's a scene and a song from a musical that has four girl parts?
how can i removemy hesitation in speaking though I have knowledge about .?
How do acrobats get as flexible as they are?
How far can the high e string on a nylon string guitar tune up too without snapping?
when i play guitar i put band aids on my fingers, is that ok?
how can i become a better ballet dancer?
Can I convert my solid state amp into an effects processor?
What's a good christmas song to show off my voice?
Favorite classical musician?
Does any one no where to find a monologue from hello dolly?
How do you get a famous performer to come to your party?
My four year old really loves to play the wii band hero drums. Should I consider drum lessons? or wait to see?
What are some reasons to go to an opera?
How did Jimi Hendrix learn guitar?
Increasing Vocal Range?
Is popular music inferior to classical music?
I am in desperate need for songs that have to do with growing up?!?
Is it fine, if i get my first guitar private lesson in around 18-20 years old...?
Yamaha keyboard won't play C in any octave?
should i teach myself the acoustic guitar?
How do you learn how to play the guitar?
how hard is it to play the guitar?
should i get a bass guitar or skateboard?
do you like my hair?
Beginner guitarist song selection help? I need easy/beginner 3 chord songs?
I can read music, and want to play piano. Where to start?
The bridge fell off the Viola how to I get it back on?
Costuming Question...?
Any good Audition belting songs?
Marching Band cheerse for woodwinds?
If the play "Hamlet" is a revenge tragedy, then is Hamlet truly the "tragic hero" or merely agent of revenge?
what is the cast list for westward ho! the play?
how can i stop being nervous about singing in front of my family?
which of these is the best band name?
Why do I feel so old @ age 24?
How to play some songs on acoustic guitar?
What is the best way to find auditions for plays and commercials? (Besides Hiring an Agent)?
what is the best musical instrument to write a poem to (CHOICES:GUITAR ...PIANO...VIOLIN?
How difficult would it be to teach myself to play guitar?
looking for free piano lessons?
I want to sing.....?
what type of rap music do you listen to if you like it? (survey)?
If you sing bad, can you still play guitar and kind of make your voice sound kind of okay?
Have you ever seen "The Lion King" musical?
****Alto Saxaphone****?
How can I make money with only my guitar?
Do you think "good and evil" is a good audition song?
What can I sing for my school talent show?
How do the different types of wood affect the tone of a Piccolo?
Should I learn how to play an acoustic guitar?
does anyone know where to get arawak music?
What is a good upbeat, theatrical or Disney song I could audition with?
Is it ok to self-learn how to play a guitar?
Does anyone here like Tecktonik/Electro Dance or Shuffling (dancing)?
Has anyone ever auditioned for Dollywood? Specifically as a bluegrass musician, but any info would be awesome
Which one looks better on your resume?? John Casablancas or Barbizon?
Is it possible to learn standard notation reading without taking classical guitar lessons?
Yamaha W5: How do I get the sustain pedal to work?
In your opinion is opera meant for just the elite or for the whole of society?
How to look caucasian with makeup(needed for school project)?
How many members does the McGavock marching have in 2010?
Did the band "Live" perform in Mobile, AL?
How can I increase my bass-playing stamina?
how did i contact someone who has answered my q when they dont enclose email?
Should I get a new vocal teacher?
What are three acts of the Nuter ballet?
Dance song in magic mike first club scene?
What college in Canada has the best technical theatre program?
how long does it take to learn how to play the guitar?
if you switch from french horn to the mellophone for marching band, do you have to play with the right hand?
I wanna get a dancers body as soon as possible?
Need info about My Artist's Place! URGENT?
Mridangam Tips? (Indian Carnatic Percussion)?
im trying to strum realy fast on my bass guitar with a pick i can use my fingers?
What sort of guitar gear would i need if i want to play 80s thrash metal?
Do you need to be selfish to be an artist?
I'm 26, am I too already too old to learn flute?
how much time does it take to be a fairly good guitar player?
good electric guitar under 300 dollars?
Which actor do you aspire to emulate and why?
If your life were to made into a movie who would direct it?
Whats some really good snare drum sticks, for a middle schooler?
What do you wear to a Disney audition?
Where joy of belly dance come from? What does it take to be a dancer? any costum or audiance prefrence?
Anyone know of any good 2-person dialogues?
Guitar Help?
Have i finally gotten over my stage fright ?
I Need Audition Monologue?
Tips for not being so nervous?
How do I get my fingers to play the correct guitar chord without muting other strings?
what instruments do you play?
serial number on my flute.?
What kind of bass is a Planet Rock?
has anyone watched good guitar video?
Comedic monologues for girls? (?
Can someone please tell me what kind of output these amplifyers have?
Am I damaging my vocal cords?
Luna guitars: What is your opinion of guitars made by Luna?
i sing well. I wanna make my voice very sweet. how to maintain my voice.?
Where can i get samba music?
NEED IDEAS!!! I'm organising a show to raise awareness about child abuse and to raise money?
my 5 yr old recently got a electric guitar and i was wanting to get him some kinda book or dvd to help him?
Question for violinists?
Is this monologue okay for drama class? PLEASE ANSWER!?!?
i am trying to find please help me?
When are the Grammy's?
Which instrument to learn?
Are flutes eazy to play?
where can you find talent agents?
Can you learn to play the piano when you are older?
does anyone know where joaquin phoenix lives?
Cosplay Suggestions Please!?
does anybody no the illisons of earth song?
Tarzan Broadway-next locations?
Are the rights for 'Rock 'n' Roll' available?
what beatles album did the mull of kintyre play on side two also ?
Is there any other bands with original solos like DIRE STraits?
Why does the band always use this key?
Strange guitar tuning?
Just got new MySpace site used 2 be w/David Copperfield show please check it out,let me know how to improve it
Am I to old?
Does any body know any good father/daughter songs?
I feel pressured to do something, but I really can't...?
Best Arts Colleges?
Is this normal for a brand new flute?
bass guitar pedal help....................................…
I broke a guitar string.. what do i do now?
My guitar amp (Peavey Rage 258) just stopped working?
What are the lightest weight drums sticks you know of?
Audition song suggestions for "Secret Garden?"?
Need an oldies band to play at a function?
Trying out for Marty from Grease, what song and monologue should I choose?
Annie Audition Help ?
Hey people that play guitar!?
anyone here who can play the violin? or harp?
Is it bad to do the same audition song?
what happens in the end of Sam Shepards' play "True West?"?
who do you think is the best comedian ever?
vocal exercises for the bass/bass-baritone voice type?
If I tighten down the screw in a string saver for a guitar can I re use the string?
Need a good girl's STAGE NAME. *Will Award Best Answer.*?
I just bought an epiphone jumbo from guitar center, and I was wondering what anyone had to say about them.?
What does the name Tim mean?
Good piano/sax music websites?
Beginning contortion. A little help?
I need suggestions for a male 2 minute monologue for a college audition in performing arts?
drumming advice, drum pads.?
How do I learn to play the guitar?
what is the name of this song?
Pianists , guitarists and drummers ? a question please?
What's your favorite song from the musical "Wicked"?
beginner tips for marching band?
Violin String Help!!!?
How do you use Power Tab guitar tablature program?
Any one done theatre & performance at Plymouth university, U.K?
Women seem wicked when...?
What guitar would be best for a beginner?
Guitar help for beginner.?
Does anyone know acting classes for teens in portland or?
anyone know an agent or some way to be discovered?
B minor!!!!! how do i play it on guitar ? ?
Can you teach me how to sing better?
Why is it that on the majority, guitar players play too loud at gigs?
Anime club contributions at school, any suggestions?
What do critics have to say about the song "Oh My Luve's Like A Red Red Rose" by Rene Clausen?
what is an appropriate gift to give an orchestra conductor?
Are musicians generally messier people?
How do I get the color guard captian seat in marching band?
I need sheet music for a violin with out notes?
Can metal bands amplify their vocalist's scream a lot?
who sing i would do anything for love....but i wont do that??
Should I try to learn Bass Guitar or Electric Guitar?
Have you seen the Broadway play, 'The Phantom of the Opera'?
I am trying out for Western Australian Academy for Performing Arts?
What are some contemporary plays with strong monologues for girls?
Does anyone know where I can order plain black guitar picks?!?
The Best Gibson Guitar For Jazz Guitar.?
mom wants me to get lessons...?
Monologue help needed. Please!!!!!?
what instument do u play?
The best electric drum kits?
Is 'Defying Gravity' from Wicked a ballad? Could you name some other ballads from musicals please?:)?
Magicians and Michael Jackson sometimes perform the illusion where they lean 45 degrees?
Pros and cons of my headshot?
Hey! I SUCK at writting poems...But, I wrote one! CAN YOU EDIT AND GIVE ME YOUR OPINIONS? SeizeTheDay SaulBell
Here's the deal: I'm going to an audition for a play today, I'm not nervous, but I'm nervous when I ge........
How do I start performing?
Romeo and Juliet -- Question three -- Why a tragedy?
What is a nice and portable musical Instrument?
I really want to learn to sing, how?
what are the best jobs for actors to make money between gigs?
What is a good gift to give?
what should i sell my guitar for?
help give me some pantomime ideas?
whats a good website to find spare snare drum parts?
Is there a way to make my fingers more flexible?
Are there any performing arts middle schools and high schools that only teach the arts?
Good Les Paul copies ? - Electric Guitar?
What songs did Paul McCartney perform at the Grammy's?
Who did these famous Shakespere parodies?
i want to learn how to play the guitar. what kind of guitar should i start with?
is there anyone that can help me. im trying to find a film or something professional on screaming,?
How to convey I am a lesbian? Realistically?
Sheet music?
best websites for model/actors castings?
I need suggestions for demo material. I'm going back to doing voice-overs....?
what is the different between independent films and the big budget films?
Music sheet for something from the "Magic Flute"?
How to become a stage hypnotist?
What is the easiest way to learn how to play the Piano by ear?
are there any music producers in the house?
Where can I find tabs for piano ?
What's the quickest way to learn how to play guitar?
Can you still enjoy playing a electric guitar even though your not in a band?
Do you think I am a good actress? check out my youtube videos? (:?
learning to play guitar any advice learning basics at mo?
Why doesnt the rock group Boston go on tour anymore?
Where can I find a free download for Apres Moi by Regina Spektor?
(If you have seen the Macbeth 1983 BBC Version) What is your opinion about Macbeth films compared to the play?
Does anyone know who Freddie is in Bye Bye Birdie?
Video script? Buddhist nativity scene?
How do the bass peddals work, such as used by Mike Rutherford of genesis on a song called "Afterglow"?
how do you sing and play the piano at the same time?
guess the broadway musical?
How can I learn to sing?
Can I still train my voice to sing well?
p90's on a gretsch junior jet?
Is it hard to learn how to play an acoustic guitar?
How much time ,...Guitar Beginner?
Guitar Scales?? please help?
What part should I audition for?
Is my jaw harp good enough to play?
piccolo? .?
All pointe dancers! I just got over surgery and i need help!?
what is the rubber on the side of an upright bass called?
Weird dream .. My boyfriend goes to jail?
i want to learn how to play guitar, how long would it take to get fairly skilled?
Lessons with singing?
what are the requierments of a record producer?
I Play guitar, where would you rank me?
Where can I find Neckpipes for Baritone Saxophones?
Where can I find sheet music for...?
What song can you sing well even if you are not a professional singer?? :))?
How do I know if my 6 hours per week guitar practice is enough to get better fast?
There is problem with the F note on my flute.?
Can I use a MIDI keyboard to learn to play the piano?
good female audition songs for haispray?
how can i learn to do martial arts at home?
Can u suggest any nice relaxing songs please?
Are Gear4Music Saxophones good?
can someone tell me about Comedia dell arte?
I'm looking for scenic designers for a class paper. Any suggestions?
how do you adjust the keys on a flute?
How can I be sexier in this dance routine?
Easy songs to play on guitar?
I play guitar and now I cant?
Who else feels warm in the heart after seeing beautiful examples of the performing arts?
A different acoustic cover?
am I a decent singer?
stage names ideas.?????????
They say illusions do also have tricks is that true?
Have you seen The Broadway Lion King Musical?
What are some good monologue sites?
When I sing higher notes...?
What is a " TAPURRO"?
Band students: How to play oboe in 5 months?
what guitar technique should i master first to be a good guitar player ?
Does anyone have the words to the songs from menapause the musical or know how I can get them?
What is the email address for Geneviève Gilardeau from Tafelmusik?
Audition Tips Please!?
What are some good electric guitars?
I am nervous about open mic night?
Can I actually take a few of guitar exams together at once?
How to not get air under your lips when playing the oboe?
Funny things to do in a forest? (while filming)?
Were/are you in colorguard(flags)?
Circus de soleil!!!!!?
Is there a reed that can substitute an alto clarinet reed?
Does anyone know GREAT acting/modeling/singing audition places?
I am an aspiring film director, but I don't know if I'm good enough? Can anyone test my skills?
where can i find a good acoustic guitar for $80?
I'm left handed; Can you help me decide how to play the guitar?
How is relative pitch useful in ear training?
What is the standard size for a concert band score?
guitar amps?
Where can i find music for flute?
Will singing lessons make me oversing?
where can i find an instructor for banjo lessons, near mount pleasant, iowa?
Will these pickups work?
What are song that are pop-tango?
I am alcohol-free and feeling great. Now what happens with my "social life" and boyfriend (who drinks)?
I want to learn guitar?
What are the words to The World Turned Upsidedown?
Your opinion on my singing? Constructive criticism?
where can i buy a life?
what is the best (coolest) musical instrument to learn except the piano?
What are "Arpeggios" on the guitar?
I need to memorize a 2 minute long poem/script...?
is this a ok version?
I'd love to learn an instrument, but can't decide between the guitar or the piano?
Am I developing vocal nodule?
should i start playing the violin, or some other instruments?
does anyone study or know the ways of wicca and is able to teach as well?
Help!!!! How can I sing like an angel?
what are some popular plays in the U.S. during the 1900's to 10940's?
where can i find the cords for teardrops on my guitar?
I want to learn how to play drums
When can I remove the felt from a new piano string?
To my fellow guitar players out there?
Help needed please!!!!!!!!!!?
I need two one minute female contrasting monologues from published plays?
where can i get a music instructor?
what can I use to get rid of a strong musty smell in my trumpet case?
I really want to work with music...?
Songs for my girlfriend on an acoustic guitar?
how can I speed pick?
Mexican stratocaster?
Hi. I am going to buy an electric guitar and I would like some advice on which one to buy:?
What are some good guitar DVD lessons?
intresting music facts>?
Trombone Mouthpiece Purchase?
how can i learn how to play guitar at home for free?
I want to be able to sing good:p?
Do you think these would make good plays?
what song should i sing for my american idol audition?
what is a good piano solo to play for competitions?
How can I find New York familes to appear on a new TV program?
Could you tell me what band is better?
Which instrument to learn?
what are red bricks made of?
How can I get an audition for a part in a Disney production in the UK?
i need to find silver glitters pony beads?
Where can I buy a fully carved double bass in PA?
Best summer music camp in the us?
Where can I get Thoroughly Modern Millie accompaniment mp3 or sheet music?
Looking for music inspired by animals. Any ideas?
What musical instruments do you play and how long did it take you to master those?
My C flute doesn't match other instruments... what could be the problem?
how can you determine what voice type you have?
He didn't touch my guitar last night - but he might do it in the future - Please advise?!?
Can I charge for performing Gaga?
Which electric guitar set should I get (Beginner)?
Where is the best place to find guitar tabs?
How to learn to play piano free?
What program do you use so when you type it will say it in a robotic voice but kind of sing it?
Problem with my alto saxophone?
what is Ballet?
sing act or dance??
What is an ideal age to start learning guitar?
how can i be a better dancer?
Best song to sing for a talent show.?
Acoustic guitar love songs?
What should my new name be?
Any advice on flute purchase?
what is the order of karate belt colors? i know white is first & yellow is second & black is last...?
Do you think your voice sounds weird?
whats the best bass guitar and most demanded as well?
Which is easier to play? Guitar or a Banjo?
What are some good instruments to learn?
Which is a good guitar package to buy?
Any ideas on surviving in the musical/performing arts industry w/o sacrificing a comfortably lifestyle???
Why do teens always want to play a guitar?
what are some good songs?
Playing marimba in marching season?
Where can i rent a violin for cheap in the Charleston area?
I just had a great idea for a play what do you think. its probably been done?
Is Green Day the biggest band of the 21st Century?
What's the difference between a Fender Percussion bass and a Fender Jazz bass?
Ideas for a pantomime/mime?
what are some really good songs?
Have you hear of the Saint John's Boys' Choir, from Collegville MN?
Orchestra sheet music for........?
Clarinet Glissando Question?
How much does a violin cost?
help with nerves before performing?
What pickup should i get?
what is a good play for a groups of 10 year olds can perform.?
Bass pickups broken?
what song should i sing for my talent show plz give me some ideas cuz i cant think of a good song to sing?
monologue ............?
A good audition song?
Is it possible for someone who can't sing to learn how to?
When my hands hurt playing bass guitar should i stop or play through it?
What are a list of performing arts colleges in Tampa FL?
How heavy is a trombone?
Dramatic, Humorous, and Duo Interpretation script ideas?
Is The Guitar Hard To Learn ?
how can i sing in the whistle register?
What are some good songs to sing in my senior talent show to really move the crowd?
what is the musical instrument that makes a bass drum sound, it is like a wooden box, it is not attached to a?
What's my Gibson guitar worth?
how to answer in an interview for freshers?
what are some good reeds for playing jazz on Alto Sax?
What do you think of my singing?
Guitar center shipping?
Techniques for learning lines?
Our university started a pep band for the basketball games and we're looking for ideas!?
Need help for Broadway project!?
How can I play the guitar.?
Guitar tuning.?
which kind of classic music is God's talking ?
Clarinet reed got into my washing machine!?
Does practicing drums in a pillow relly help you play faster?
looking for fire works festival?
The violin teacher said that to pratice the violin 15min a day = 90min a week do you think it is good enough?
How difficult is it to teach yourself to play guitar?
Frank Sinatra High School of the Arts?
How can I tell what my singing voice is?
What song should i sing for my x factor audition?
Modeling or art classes in Chicago?
What kind of guitar do vocalists play?
Have you ever been in a parade?
At Royce Hall UCLA, where does one look for people selling (scalping) tickets to a sold out performance?
I`m having some trouble playing this song on bass guitar?
How long does it take to be able to play something along the lines of chopin fairly easily, the harder ones.?
How to sing into a mac and listen on speaker?
Help Singer Adivice Needed!?
How do you sign up/get into the SAG-AFTRA union and what does it do and help you with exactly?
How do you feel about mimes?
how to play Good Charlotte-I Don't Wanna Be In Love (Dance Floor Anthem) or other good songs in guitar?
is having a "good" voice only the people who is naturally accepted?
what musical instrument would you say sounds like wisdom?
Do You Think Instruments Match Personalities?
Help Please. This is very UrGeNt!?
How do you prevent your guitar string from rusting fast?
How do you string a guitar so that there are loops at the pegs?
what is your opinion on my original piano song?
Pageant help?how do i ask my mom?
Where can I find professional monologues online?
How do i audition???!!!?
how hard would it be to teach myself to play guitar?
Is it worth it to take a stand up comedy class or should I just do stand up?
What is a good mic to buy for recording my piano?
I need to know information on a stage play called "Play On" and it is not a musical.?
Broadadway songs for an audition?
just started a band up looking for names?
Guitar solo for class presentation?
The ability to sing, is it something you're born with or is it learned?
Easy songs to learn on the Ukuelele?
HELP! Chromatic scale with 2 octaves for flute?!?
ok anyone who plays electric guitar?
what is theater art workshop?
Has any violin players tried Dominant violin strings?
Why do i get these instant migranes after i sing a phrase???
How Can I Collab Musically With My Friend Online?
Flute Duet for All I Ask of You?
What was Noah of the bible wife's name?
How many ukulele's were sold in the US last year.?
Beauty and the Beast?!?
did the Sitar influence the guitar? vice versa? history of the intruments?
!!!!!!!help my guitar gets out of tune after doing a bend or using the whammy, how can i fix this?????????????
NEED ANSWERS QUICK: what actor could fit this description?
Best type of acoustic guitar strings?
What should I know about Mozart?
shakehow many things did shakespeare write?
I really want to start an a capella group in my middle school, but....?
What songs feature two handed tapping?
What kind of acoustic guitar do you recommend?
poetry tips?
Ok I need a hilarious monologue !?
how can i contact P. Diddy?
What are some good male solos? (Broadway or not)?
What is your weirdest secret talent?
How do you Cry on Command?
What's better, drums or guitar?
Who is Hotter? Taylor Lautner or Robbert Pattinson?
I am doing historical research on Yoko Ono's father , how can I contact Yoko Ono?
How do I Improve my voice?
Piano Symbol fr?
how do u get noticed as a singer?
Sing-a-long then?
Where can I watch or look for simple baton-twirling steps?
anyone wanna help me with ideas?
In the acting world, how do people become ultra famous?
Any tips on how you can get recognized by a record producer or someone like that?
what are these dancers called?
What instrument do you play? :)?
What are some affordable but good quality guitar brands? (acousitc guitars)?
where can i buy D'Andrea Guitar Picks in Bulk?
Any suggestions on teaching the art form of precisionism to kindergartners based on Charles Demuth's painting,
what is the play rhymers of Eldritch? Better yet, any references to the summary of the play? eldritch about?
Good beginners saxophone?
is the fender fa-100 a good guitar?
(To all pianists/keyboardists) I need a good reference?
whats a cool guitar strap design?
who is the tall man in the world?
Do you sing when you are alone?
Where can I get an English translation of the text for the French LDS hymn entitled "Souviens toi"?
What's the best belcat pickup for acoustic guitars?
does singing with power require strength or breath control?
How to sing "broadway" style music?
I am trying to learn how to play the keyboard..?
can i still dance ballet folkorico while im pregnant?
Any good songs to sing for Musical?
Pageant speech help, please!?
What does it take to be on broadway????
What is the best guitar flight case for the money?
College Marching Band Question:?
Modeling/Acting help?
What are some musicals that a small 7th and 8th grade group can do for their musical?
Does anyone know any good jokes and if you do tell me please!?
Does guitar grounding issue require new pots?
The D note on my flute does not work but the other do.. Help!!?
Whats the potential for getting your band signed in UK?
Which Cirque de Soleil show....?
Whats the best hanna montana song to sing???
Is it true that you can tell when someone sings in a choir?
What is your favorite musical instrument?
How do you memorize 10 choir songs in 2 days?
Can i upgrade american idol live concert tickets?
Which is more difficult art ? Drawing or Painting.?
Does anyone here have a fear of clowns?
How do you start a band and get famous really fast?
Why does my bass clarinet squeak when Im playing?
Which one to go for? Buying an electric guitar.?
Why did Neil Diamond have to pay royalties for heartlight?
can an average kid become a rockstar?
Do actors wear contact lenses to play someone in glasses?
Is the Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar a good guitar?
How can i become apart msk crew?
Dramatic Interp. (speech!)?
Why do you like marching band?
what to do if you want to sing better?
What Can I Do With Sore Fingers From Guitar?
How to learn "Rylynn" by Andy McKee?
I have a Buffet R13 Clarinet. I bought it Aprox. 5 Years Ago. How much would I sell this for?
why the hell every bad thung happens to me about my shopping tips?
Was my sister just mean or am I being precious?
What's the quickest way to learn how to play guitar?
Can amateurs be in films?
Magic: Sawing a Woman in Half?
Help fixing ovation celebrity gc057m Preamp Panel-buzz?
Violin: I use my entire arm to bow (play for 7 years) and now I'm trying to fix it. How do I hold it properly?
What's more tragic: talent without ambition, or ambition without talent?
How do I sing with my diaphragm (not my throat)?
Which of the following guitar multieffects is betterr?Line 6 PodXt Live or Vox Tonelab SE???
Does This Performer Have Any Talent Please Rate And Comment On Youtube?