Performing Arts

Calling all flute players!?
Where can I go next summer?
Where can I find a multimedia presentation setup job?
Where to start learning the bass guitar?
What is the name of the opera song that used to be on a spaghetti commercial?
What song should I sing for my school's Variety Night?
What do you think?
What Are Some Of The Best Broadway Shows?
are there any good male musical theatre songs for someone with a range from low E to high C who can belt?
how to find acting auditions?
How do you become a good singer?
Tillie in Bugsy Malone Jr?
Can you provide information on a flute?
Am I to old?
how do u do solid breath Not magic breath?
Casting Agencies in the South West of England?
How should I prepare myself for a vocal performance?
has anyone heard of the band kansas ( they sing carry on my wayward son)?
Which Valve Oil to use?
what style of solo is this?is this hard to play?
Are you naturally gifted at anything?
How does Criss Angel Levetate?
What is 30 measures of Phantom of The Opera's "Think of Me"?
Can you names these Broadway shows???
Is a Jeff Dunham concert suitable for a 11 year old boy?
Is this guitar worth buying?
"The Wiz" auditions? 10 points.?
What's your favorite broadway musical/song from that musical?
which metal guitar would u suggest for me to get?
In the musical Annie Get your Gun are there many harmony/solo lines for principal chorus?
Musical Audition, Help?
Just got my first guitar yesterday, and I have a couple of questions!?
How many male ballet dancers are in the world?
About not performing app?
what's better: clarinet or saxophone?
good acoustic guitars for beginners?
I want to learn how to play drums
Where can I purchase a Ciel Phantomhive (Girl Version) Wig?
Ludwig Van Beethoven composed how many symphonys?
How do I tighten the tuning peg on an acoustic guitar?
i want to become a great singer but i am only 13
What songs sound good on acoustic guitar?
which is the hardest instrument violin or guitar?
What should I wear to a trial run at a theatre school?
What can I use to clean the rosin off of a violin without affecting the strings in any way?
Why did Philip Glass like composing music for theatre?
Help with Musical audition song!?
guitar help?
what acoustic guitar: Silvertone, Epiphone, Ibanez,or Fender?
Why do i get these instant migranes after i sing a phrase???
What should I look for when buying a pipa (Chinese instrument) and where should I buy it? )?
Could sing before puberty?
Is the Little Martin LXM a good guitar for a small child?
Should I play acoustic guitar solo or lead guitar in band for the girl i like ?
What happens to a guitar that causes it to sound better with age ?
Need a Name for a Female Gospel Group?
how old is keith urban?
What are some good ideas for a VBS act or presentation?
i need some ideas for a theme around the color green for a camp, please help, last year was the green beret's
can anyone tell me where I can find a video of the lion king on broadway?
how do i become a licensed pyrotechnician in arizona?
marionette puppet wood read description?
should i teach myself the acoustic guitar?
Whats the best bass guitar i can get for 300 dollars?
How am I progressing?
Learning to read guitar sheet music?
Singing Help?
In Hairspray, what does Edna mean when she calls Tracy a "teenage Jezebel"?
i would like to learn playing keyboards but i am 23 years old.?
Do men EVER play the flute?
I need help finding songs for a showcase Figure skating program. HELP PLEASE.?
Why don't kids in glee go to any other classes besides glee club?
What Songs do you recomend for a violinist in High School? (Freshman)?
how can this be?
How do I get more views on Youtube?
Is this a good monologue? ?
What can cause an adult to have a really squeaky voice, like Prissy in Gone with the Wind, that goes up at the?
What instrument should I play?
Does a clarinet ligature fit a bass clarinet?
Should I take forensics?
Good acoustic guitar for total beginners?
Good Musicals?
if i practise enough could i become a really good drawer or do you have to be born with it?
Van Zant's CD,Who is thanked by the duo at Bill Wall Leather?
Where can I find cheap sheet music.?
romeo and juliet!!?
Where do I find the instrumental for the song The Mad Hatter from the Broadway musical Wonderland?
Monologue? "I am rubber you are glue. Whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you"?
x shaped electric guitars?
I am learning piano at a music skl.I'd like to know, if I can use keyboard(n not a piano) to practise at home.
Does anyone know how i can get into acting?
Any idea how i could go about getting a job dong hair and makeup for broadway shows.?
abaruray dance?
How can I get prepared for marching band camp tomorrow?
How do you properly breath when you sing?
Shopping site to buy guitars in india with Cash on Delivery option?
What is the best brand of cello for 14 year old?
I am playing my cello for a food tasting at the fresh market in town, what should I play?
Where is a good website to get ideas to write?
How do I apply makeup for the wizard of oz characters?
What is a good swich from a trombone?
Musical/Theatre buffs- HELP! I need a good audition song from the pre-1920's era?
how do i tune my guitar to capo on 1st fret?
What are the best seat for the Milwaukee Ballet's performance of the Nuter in Uihlein Hall Marcus Center?
How do you do a backbend?
What's some good screamo bands?
I am looking for lyrics. elyrics to: "Put Your Shoes On Lucy" I belive it to be written in 1947?
Can someone type/find Cece from Shake it up's monologue?
Does anyone know the piece Francis Poulenc composed that imitated birds?
i have heard that guitar lessons are not necessary to learn how to play guitar well. Is that true?
what happened to the tap dancers and mariachi kid on Americas got Talent?
What instrument to start with?
what song sounds like, its a eeellphotoaction ona... forty five?
duet scenes for women?
My Alice in wonderland monologue?
does anybody know were i could find fountain of dreams sheet music for viola?
how hard is it to play the mandolin?
Tips for a drum major?
How would you comfortably change a 6/8 time signature to 4/4?
Is a 1.3 watt amp good for a beginner?
Girls Only!!!Girl Gymnasts Please?
How do you write Renaissance music on guitar?
Guys, what do you think of girls bellydancing?
Is it too late to start piano lessons?
How to get rid of stage fright?
Which Guitar Gods do YOU worship?
Acoustic guitar love songs?
what is a good Ovation low action guitar acoustic/electric, for smaller older hands, how do we categorize 'em
am so irritated by people on the net who critique the hell out of your music...what's the deal ?
Piccolo tips?
Stage Name?
How to become a disco jockey?
Nervous ?????????????
What is the best way to market a small town theater production (40 miles from large city)?
Is it possible to become a ventriloquistic?
what do u think about?
Approximately how many talent agencies are in the United States?
How long does it take the average person to be good at playing the guitar?
do you need a electric guitar amp for the guitar to sound good?
How to add fast transitions to videoclip?
What are the keyboard notes for lovers concerto?
HELP! Chromatic scale with 2 octaves for flute?!?
who sung jitterbug?
Feel like I have no one to play or write music with?
Any good(simple)songs that people know for playing on the guitar?
do i sing well?
Thoughts on my monologue?
I'm always worse at playing guitar when I play it in front of my teacher?
How do I sell my guitar? ?
which color is the best?
Help for fingers! Bass guitar!?
how do time signatures work?
Is the queue for standing at Birmingham LG Arena inside?
Acoustic violin to electric?
From Flute to Oboe?
Other than Boulders, What else rhymes with shoulder?
How to build a guitar amp using old speakers?
I am a Lefty. Is it okay to play a right handed acoustic guitar with its strings reversed ?
If I want to sing what do I need?
Is it possible to learn how to sing really well when you haven't had any previous training?
What Kind Of Dance to do, with christian music?Help?
Musician city?
I need to make an audition tape to send to an arts college in the U.S?
When do Prokofiev's works become public domain in the US?
Should i go to summer marching band???
performer at the miss universe 2006 evening gown competition?
Who here plays a musical instrument and which one?
Is the musical Dirty dancing appropriate for children?
What is the required range for the tuba solo "Concerto in One Movement" by A. Lebedev?
Im Going To Be Famous!?
Acting Questions? Please Help?
what can u do about stage fright?
what is a good place to preform a show?
What questions should i ask when inquiring about a second hand piano?
Good drum set, $500-$600?
ion drum kit, can alesis cymbals be used?
how can i play guitar clean in distortion?
How can I pass my music Exam ?
Guitar combination? ?
which movie was better: spiderman 1 or 2?
How can I learn to sing good and loud?
why is my flute tone not as resonate some days?
Where can I buy some old red velvet stage (theatre) curtains from?
What should I do to my clarinet if it gets wet?
Harness Equipment For Stage Show?
Please rate my song from 1-10?
Good acoustic guitar?
How to sing?
have u been to ne auditions and came back happy:)?
I need a new dance lesson :((?
Actors: Should one send 8x10s or post cards to casting directors if you already have an agent?
is "my new philosophy" from YAGMCB too overdone for an audition?
I need help making mallets!?
How do I read guitar tabs?
Can someone give me tabs to take five? Prefferable for saxophone...?
I need a good flute fingering chart that is free. Can anyone help?
Which electric guitar to go for?
how 2 develop good sense of humor?
Is it ok for me to play the guitar the right-handed way even though i'm left-handed?
i need a SCENE FROM A SHAKESPEARE COMEDY ./////////...for enacting ,.please help......................?
Places to audition in California?
Whats a good song to sing for an audition?
I want to tryout for a dance team at my high school in a few weeks?
Is this plagiarizing a song?
why do they reject me because I do performing arts?
Would you consider the guitar an easy instrument to play?
I need a monologue for a knife with its owner trying to catch its target.?
Website for guitar tab?
Does Taylor Swift play electric guitar?
How to be myself on stage?
Which one would sound better an ibanez scoustic or a fender acoustic guitar?
whats the black knights drill team website in dolton ill?
Does Jason Aldean have several tractor trailers?
Have I got the right clarinet reed?I have a 1.5 prestini USA which squeeks sometimes.Been learning since xmas?
Learn drums or guitar?
Tenor Saxophone issues, help?
Help me please.. Im freaking out....HOW DO I CALM DOWN AMD MEMMORIZE THESE LYRICS?!!!?
Who is the greatest comedienne of all time?
Learning trumpet and having difficulties?
Anyone in a college marching band?
what is the difference between regular humbuckers and floating mini humbuckers?
What is the difference between a conservatory and a school of music?
Can someone shed light as to the following chords are correct for Fantasie Impromptu in C# minor?
Do you have any tips?
Which is the best way to time pass?
i want to become a musican,am 17 is it to late?
What would be a good instrument to learn?
Do you play an instruments?
how to self teach yourself guitar?
How can I remember the words when I sing?
Where can I find out about auditions for Physical Theatre companies in London?
What is the best String for guitar?
Guitar upgrade for beginner?
stable and unstable notes in a minor scale?
Is this a good talent or would you say it is average?
Does anyone know the lyrics to "Stranger"?
Should I learn drums or guitar?
Can you teach yourself to play the ukulele?
I'm planning to audition to be a disneyland princess after highschool, how can i prepare myself?
Do you like scene girls?
Does Gary Rossington (Lynyrd Skynyrd) use the bridge position more or the middle/bridge position more?
Advantages of a triple french horn?
How do I find my muse?
what is the suggested music list of songs for Laguardias audition?
How can I get hold of a script from the musical "Guys and Dolls?"?
What is a GREAT song to perform?
Don't Laugh - I can't get my violin to make a sound?!?!?
What do you think is the best DISNEY SONG to sing???
why am i nervous when i play the guitar?
What would you define as Contemporary Theatre?Where does it start and where odoes it end?
Electric guitar for complete novice - which one?!?
Drum Major Try-Outs?!?
So I want to start playing guitar but i have no idea where to start?
Where should I go to get a Clarinet exam (for levels) In TORONTO?
Which is cheaper out of a guitar, a keyboard, and a set of drums?
When will start SM weekly audition 2012?
What other methods are there for guitar other than learning to read music the classical way?
What's your favorate 3min monologue? Or your fav. author of a monologue?
Are singers born singers? or can you improve from bad to good?
how to sell tickets on stubhub?
Can anyone help me find a good dramatic monologue?
Anyone know the current Broadway cast of Billy Elliot the Musical?
Is it difficult to learn to play the saxaphone?
Help with guitar tuning?
do chicks think that guys who play guitar are hot?
What effects/pedals does Doug Wimbish use to play the main bass tune for 'Quasimodo'?
Where can i take indian classical dance?
Who/What inspired you to pick up an electric guitar?
Do you know of a website were i can look up songs and learn to play them?
what's the male equivalent of a diva?
does anybody know an affordable recording studio in nyc?
Is 8 hours per week guitar fingerpicking or fingerstyle practice a good amount?
Which is more fun- clarinet or guitar?
Anybody play the ukulele?
What wind instrument would be the easiest to learn? the flute? (For a Marching Band)?
Does anyone know where I can get the orchestral score for Bacchanale by Saint-Saens?
Warped tour 2011 question??????
lip sync assignment for theatre?
What should you do if You have the word (beat) in a monologue?
Do I have to buy a practice mute, or is there a way I can do it myself?
Where can we buy Jasmine 35S takamine guitar in Singapore ?
How do I level out my tremolo?
Guitar, I need HELP!?
what is the name of this guitar chord?
What's the easiest PC music recording software to use?
Do you think...?
How do I get into the American Academy of Dramatic Arts? ?
Guitar synths?
i am very very bad at the guitar but.....?
What's your really awesome talent?
What are the words to The World Turned Upsidedown?
In Chicago, do you have to have a liscence to play in public?
whats the best paper to use for origamis?
Bumping off Bobby Brown and shipping Whitney Huston to Osama bin Laden is the US's best anti-terror option?
how to tune guitar to open c6 tuning?
what is the best drum kit for beginners?
looking for a left handed guitar?
What songs to play while trying out a guitar at the store?
whats the perfect ballerina foot?
Does anyone have the words to the songs from menapause the musical or know how I can get them?
How do you obtain the theatrical performance rights to Moulin Rouge?
what is dv8?
What style of guitar playing is this?
20 person script ideas?
What is a realistic way we can portray God in a drama for Easter?
What's the best way of getting into proper acting and singing in the UK, when you don't live near a big city??
how do you become a singer a dancer or a actor ?
Does anyone know a good way to practice and train to become a better marching snare drummer?
Is it hard to learn how to play an acoustic guitar?
Mm , How can i become famous ?
How to play flugelhorn?
where are there any good buirlesque clubs in london?
I have to play center-mid today and don't know what to do?
Should I stay in marching band? Quick answers please!!!?
Need Help Picking A Stage Name?
Best audition song to sing?
How does Woody Allen's movie Match Point end?
who sings papa was a rolling stone?
Hello, I really need your help. I have an audition coming up, and i really need a good musical theater song.?
What is parodied in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'?
can someone explain guitar modes?
What's the point of having more than one guitar pickup?
Electronic tuner changing!?
Which Performing Arts University would be considered One of the best?
Funny Topic For A Vlog??
is it hard to play guitar??
How good are GA seats in Meadowlands arena for Timberlake concert? Center Stage, GA on Floor level.?
What are some good dvd for learning to play the drums?
Can anyone please help with Viola fingerings?
how many feet of tape for 40 inch hula hoop?
i just want a cheap acoustic guitar to mess around with should i just buy one of ebay?
can someone give me some websites or books with good poetry in it ?
What are guitar chords and scales? I'm trying to learn how to play the guitar on my own! Any pointer's would h
does rosin have to be warmed up to use?
Do you have to warm up before singing?
Where can I find free sheet music?
What makes a good dancer?
Who absolutle loves Wicked?? (book or musical)?
Music critic major?
Is Amanda from the Glass Menagerie a tragic hero?
where can i find the flute fingerings for "time's scar" , the opening theme of chrono cross?
How do i get my voice ready for a choir concert?
Best places to source volunteer actors in the U.K.?
What are the acoustic guitar chords for What makes you beautiful by one direction?
Little shop of horrors?
Buying Guitar for beginner?
How is the broadway play mamma mia?
5 importance of arts?
How should I continue my screenplay (my script)?
I'm suppose to Drum..?
Is it bad that idina menzel is more of a role model for me than my parents?
Gay Pride Parade Tel-Aviv 2012?!?
Did you take piano lessons as a child?
56 Hours?!!!!!?
Want to start learning card tricks, where to start?
What's the best way to promote your band?
I want to play......?
What size portrait do I need to bring along to my daughters audition tomorrow?
How do i sing like a pro?
How cats can you own before it start become?
what would you honestly rate this 1-10?
can anyone tell me the difference between finger vibrato, hand vibrato and arm vibrato?Which one is the best?
How can I improve my chord transitions on guitar?
I am lookig for the most economical portable sprung ballet dance floor.?
I can sing wonderfully, but can't draw for beans. Am I artistic?
Are there drums in Guitar Hero Metalica or is it just the guitar?
Iron maiden or Metallica and why? :)?
A Broadway Song??
how can I design backdrops?
some really good songs?
I'm losing my voice, and I have a school play tomorrow. What should I do?
how do you write songs that work to launcha career out of it?
I play bass guitar better with bad posture?
My girfriend, me, and her mom and going to see WICKED at the Pantages Theatre in LA. What should we wear?
How to learn hisrtory answers faster?
boys like girls concert in baltimore oct.2???
Is it to late to start and learn piano at age 19?
where can i get cheap broadway theater tickets?
i am auditioning a dance for my schools talent show. does anyone have tips?
Why does everyone want to play the guitar? why?
Knowledgeable trumpet players only?
what does performing arts include?
Desire to become drum major?
Are my fingers magic or am I high on Ether?
What are some newer songs to sing for swing choir?
Mexican folk dance. What are they?
what is color of your eyes?
The question is: what is a Manah Manah?
Where can you find good cheep voice lessons in Puyallup-Sumner?
Male audition song for "Bye Bye Birdie"?
What is a good song to sing for my school talent show?
Shakespear Unabridged?
Girls, what would you SAY and DO if?
Changing key with Saxophone?
do you believe in bad singing?
what is a good pattern to learn when making rock solos or leads?
Where can i take a career aplitude test?
Any of you guys ever auditioned for HSPVA with a musical instrument?
what do you think of this poem i just wrote i am 17 is it lame or good or so-so??? plz be honest??
where can I find a cello teacher on the south side of Atlanta?
what r the notes for B Melodic minor routine with the arpeggio and thirds?
where to get help on how to be better at poetry interpretation for the National Forensics League?
how hard is it to learn how to play a violin?
Is there a better harmonica microphone than the green bullet?
Does anyone know the name of the opera song in k-drama Dream High?
Do you need batteries to play an acoustic electric?
if i walk through harlem at night singing old confederate songs, will the people be nice to me?
Is it easy to play the Mandolin or Banjo if you play Guitar?
Am I breathing properly for singing?
First one to give me a type of wood the violin is made out wins!?
if one of my guitar strings broke, should i change all 6?
Learning how to play violin?
how do you get on americas got talent?
how or where can i learn to play a electric guitar ?
I need help with my drama monologue?
Do you prefer going to see a theatre play, a movie or a concert? Why?
does anyone have a song i can sing on youtube?
did thomas middleton write Women against Women?
I have P1 Visa, can I work as background for movies and TV?
for the ones who perform graffiti .how and why did you started performing graffiti?
I need help on Buzzing with the Trombone.?
Is it good if your Guitar buzzes?
help with guitar for a begginer?
What is the Saddest Story you can think of? (I need it for a dance)?
Can anyone help a 17 year old girl find a good talent show song ASAP? Anything but broadway??
Can I be an actor? How should I become one?
How do you become a US marshall?
Who plays a musical instrument?
How to string an ESP m 400 LTD guitar?
where can i get d theme of splitsville which agni had performed?
what should i do????
Why are certain materials of an oboe used today????
Does anyone know if there are any Broadway or Disney songs about clumsy people?
Should everything look stretchy after playing guitar hero!!?
Should i sing "O Mio Babbino Caro" at a pre- voice lesson with Juilliard teacher?
Led zeppelin passcode question?
What is Tom's responsibility in "The Glass Menagerie"?
Popular soprano names in opera?
2 piano questions?
Where to buy classical guitar sheet music in NYC?
Is it true that likin park band seprated?
Can anyone recommend a good comedy monologue that will read for a minute at max?
How much do dancers make?
Do you think I can still learn how to sing?
do u think in general that cheerleaders are snobs?
what brand is the guitar used in born again by the newsboys?
Can I learn to sing good or no?
When was The Mystery of Irma Vep by Charles Ludlam written?
My acompaniment is good or bad?
What is the appropriate dress for attending the theater in Chicago?
What is a good, up-tempo song, preferably major key, for Solo & Ensemble performances?
I have an audition tomorrow but I have a sore throat, any quick fix?
Are there any stage musicals that straight guys like?
How to raise the action on an acoustic bass?
'Only Hope' Piano sheet music?
Oboe or Clarinet or Flute - which to learn?
Why did you becme a musician?
viola sheet music for paramore and jonas brothers song??
How to play the guitar?
I don't know much about suessical the musical. Does anyone know what the characters are and what it's about?
what is a good electric guitar for around 450 dollars?
How can I convince my mom to let me have guitar lessons?
What guitar should i get?
what album was "southern air" by ray stevens on?
Calling all dancers! Jazz shoe question?
what part of new york is the new york film academy in? 100 E 17th St, NYC?
Beginners Acoustic Guitar?
Is it strange to care for stars?
How long is Winter Jam?
Can we learn shredding with gibson les paul double cutaway model guitar?
First guitar lesson tomorrow, nervous?
How to not be nervous for a guitar audition?
What are some good body movements for an Earth Wind and Fire marching band show?
What USB mic is the best?
British Accent?
Is 4 octaves a good range for a fifteen year old?
What is a good song to sing for the talent show?
I think everyone is capable of at least one impersonation who can you do, give me an example?
Need help finding somthing?
Is House coming back next year?
Is this a decent beginners electric guitar set?
Who sings in choir?
How much is an acoustic guitar?
Do you have to be skinny to play guitar?
I practice scales/stretching/dexterity exercises without playing songs on my guitar?
What is meant by the performing arts industry?
can anyone help me like i can sing and i just need some advice on taking it to the next level?
Girls, when a guy plays the guitar, do you prefer strumming and singing or fingerstyle or electric guitar ?
do you tilt your head in a backbend?
Is it bad to play a power chord and mute the string infront?
Need help with an audition song for "Footloose"?
what should i sell my guitar for?
do I sing or not?
guitar for a beginner?
How can I not be affraid of singing in public?
How would your ideal rehearsal run?
How to hide braces on a stage?
Is there a word for a solo performance with an electric guitar in stead of an acoustid?
how did aalya die?
baritone strings on a gibson acoustic (non baritone) can I do it? What do I have to adjust?
Guitar experts? How does a guitar work exactly?
can i learn guitar at home?
What is an interesting song that you could play at a talent show in front of a 1,000 people with a band?
Do you think "The Actor's Studio w/James Lipton" is pretentious?
Any good websites on learning to play drums?
What do you think of this?(repost)?
What does a conductor do in an orchestra? all of the players are either looking at their sheet or instrument?
I want to be a go-go dancer?
Aristophanes' play Lysistrata - when was it written?
What is the normal age group to attend a one direction concert?
I need to make a paint remover, WITHOUT household lye. Any options?
where is the best web site to buy a nice acoustic guitar?
Switching from Clarinet to Brass...?
who makes the cymbals on tama swingstar drums?
Left wrist hurts when I play power chords?
do you think mandisa was fat?
What to do? Sore throat, but have to go to a musical audition!?
What instrument should I learn to play?
Eyes wide shut music notes?
Can I Exchange My Electric Guitar for an Acoustic?
Have you ever wondered how many children might grow up to be outstanding musicians but may never touch an ?
What to do with my guitar?
I'm auditioning for a high school for art and i need help...?
Please help me with this scouts/rescue question!?
Whats your "Favorite" Instrument to play or just listen to?
Songs for Mother's Day.?
why is hard for me to sing a song for someone in front of public but more easier to sing for myself in public?
Anybody know where i can find a SG with a vibrato?????
I want to grow a guitar...?
what is a good audition song for pirates of penzance?
Easy songs to play on bass guitar?
easy way to get over stage fright?
What are the best Fine Arts collages in the Chicago area?
Guitar pickups changing??
Where can I find more of this kind of music?
Should I sing in school…?
Oboe Tonguing and Help!?
i love to sing and how do i submit my song to itunes?
Good places to go for online bass lessons?
Ambrosia (the group): what high school did David Pack attend?
What are the lightest weight drums sticks you know of?
Can you list all the broadway shows you've seen live and which one of them you liked the best?
Choir Question....?
is there such thing as over rehearsing?
Ideas for a Broadway Duet for 2 girls!? *NO WICKED*?
Do you like having perfect pitch?
Violin bow bounces on loud down bows?
How to get a free acoustic guitar?
Looking to Learn to play the Guitar?
Why do I sound like I can't sing on a video,but I feel like I can when I sing I myself?i feel like Ican't sing?
girls, what shoes make your feet the most sweaty and smelly, and does it bother you?
Clarinet - to rent or buy?
GIA SCALA ...the American-Italian actress ..what's her real story ?
Does anyone know if the old Fender Bassman 10 tube amp has for wattage?
whats your talent? :)?
Who is the playwright of The Phantom of the Opera? Urgent please reply!!?
does anyone hav?
Are sousaphones a little easy to march?
Pandora - anyone else confused?
What was popular on Broadway/on-stage during the 1960's?
What's the best way to get an agent?
musicians, how do you connect with your audience?
Do you think I'm good enough for my school musical? (Listen to my singing)?
How heavy is the Les Paul Special 2 electric guitar compared to the Special SG?
whats the difference between hybrid slinky and super slinky ernie ball strings for electric guitar?
Music, Art,Life, Finding yourself.?
where can i get an acting career starte without having to travel?
i dont have a talent?
Where can I find free flute sheet music that I can easily download and print?
how should i practice guitar?
Do I have a cheaply made violin?
Does anyone know where I can find a violin besides ebay?
Did Connie Talbot won the Britain's Got Talent?
What male celebs love performing barefoot?
What to sing at the talent show?
What song should i sing for my school talent show.?
Just found out my gymnastics teacher is also a stripper!!?
ideas for a performance (happy ending by mika)?
What are people called where they look like they are trapped behind glass ?
I need help on how to blow the F note for the flute?
is Matthew Mcconaughey dating or living with Penelope Cruz?
How do i make my high range not sound thin?
Looking for an agent/manager!?
i need a website that i can find the jist of what the broadway musical "cats" is about?
Does anyone know a good place to get a decent sax for cheap?
what are good bands with female vocalists that are good to cover?
Do me and my friend sing good ?
so were doing pippin the musical..its all black and white so any costume ideas? crazier the better!!?
is it illegal to play my saxophone out in public?
What musical instrument is harder to learn of these two?
can anyone tell me the difference between finger vibrato, hand vibrato and arm vibrato?Which one is the best?
Do you like Family Guy?
How do I sing higher notes LOUD in my head voice?
What guitar gear should I buy?
Tell me why Mozart is genius but Led Zeppelin and the Beatles aren't?
How can I learn to compose music?
have the judges on the x factor gone completely mad and deaf, the contestants i saw tonight are just awful.?
What are some exercises to extend my vocal range?
Anyone know good Opera songs/Opera's?
I'm terified of my choir teacher but i need to audition in front of her.?
I can sing very well quietly but when I raise my voice I lose key why?
how to sound like a grandmother?
Can i still play the clarinet even with a sore throat?
what is broadway dance?
Is there anyway i can practice my embrochure in clarinet without having a clarinet.?
Were is Lime Wire?
A 15 minutes radioplay script for 6 people?
What is the easy type of brass instrument to learn?
What brand of piano is this? (Picture)?
Billie Holiday aka Eleanora Fagan aka Lady day?
Please help!!! My niece is going to be in the 6th grade band and she really wanted to play the flute but..?
Is it scary being infront of a crowd? [plz answer this!]?
If I have absolutely no idea how to sing, then what're some good exercises I can try?
when and where was the first ballet preformed?
Something is up with my guitar?
Is 6/8 time fast or slow?
How hard is it to get into the governor's honors program for music?
Does anyone know any showtunes about sadness?
Should i quit the saxophone?
Please help me pick a song for a chorus audition?
Can't play piano using both hands?
How do you sing from your diaphram?
i got fight wid so many friends of mine will i get them back ,,tell abt my studies and job?
i take voice lessons is it effective?
Why am I?????Help!!!!?
Where Could I Get Free Sheet Music For Piano?
Where can I find a "Breakfast at Tiffany's" Broadway script?
when did Harrison Ford die?
A hobo just stole my oboe! What do I do?
What is a good combo for a kinda good intermediate penspinner?
how can i become a succesful comedian?
How high's the water, mama?
Are all electric drum midi?
Who's the better actress? Nicole Kidman or Cate Blanchett?
How can you have a rehearsal without having a hearsal first?
I want to be great at playing piano, but It's not my talent :(?
Does anyone know the name of this bellydancing song?
How can I audition in Hong Kong?
Just started DJing, don't know whether or not I can do certain types of gig, what do I do?
Need help with choosing a guitar?
How can I be a drum major without loosing my head?
Getting discouraged by being a beginner actor?
What would be a good love song to play on the acoustic guitar?
GUITARISTS, any advice for a newbie?
What are the best schools of music out there?
Any tips for improving range and tone quality on a 5b trumpet mouthpiece?
Seriously need someones opinion whose funny!!?
how can i get my voice to be louder?
What are some musicals that begins in D flat?
How can I prevent guitar strings from getting dirty?
Voice type of each one direction member?
Value and/or Advice about Lark Guitar?
why do people sing in the shower??
I have a friend whose voice is lost very easily....?
how do they do quick changes at the circus?
Real World Audtion tape?
what are the lyrics to wood harris' "night song"?
Do you think I am a good singer?
im 13 and want to become a comedian?
Is Bono REALLY a answers user or is it a loser that just put Bono and a pic as user????
How to play a kind of musical instrument perfectly?
what are some good duet songs?
Why when people sing do they all sound the same regardless of an accent when they talk?
What is the difference between a muppet and a puppet?
Need a good dramatic monologue!?
How to Promote an Artist Effectively?
is this guitar any good?
What is the most important part to an electric guitar's tone?
singing techniques, need help?
When you were just starting guitar...?
Should I Give up my dream of singing, dancing, acting?
What can I expect in college marching band?
I'm interested in learning to play guitar?
Anyone able to help me get a similar tone on my 6505+ amp?
How can I make my son sing more manly?
Guys please help me to choose a guitar. I have never played a guitar before and I want to get electro-acoustic?
How long do I need to play acoustic guitar before my fingers stop to hurt so much?
Guitar Hero 3 Guitar Function?
Am I too old to learn learn how to play guitar?
How to find a legitimate talent\acting agent?
I'm thinking about singing a solo for my school's talent show, or maybe a duet, any suggestions?
Can someone tell me what exactly is being said here?
In discussing a traditional Christian hymn, which term ("verse" or "stanza")is correct? interchageable?
Best Orchestra in the Unites States?
I need a monologue for a 13yr. old girl! asap?
Songs like cell block tango?
Professional Dance Schools?
our drummer wants to join another band?
Does anyone know?
What's wrong with me? Is it stage fright?
Guitar novice seeking guitar expert's advice?
am looking for sites that provide free downloads for Celiene Dion songs?
honestly do i have talent?
What are the best songs to sing along to on a road trip?
How to sing like an opera star?
My clarinet keeps sounding cloudy and squeaks randomly!?
m starting a dance class for kids, which includes jazz, balle n free style. suggest names!!!?
is it better to learn to play acoustic or electric guitar first?
Favorite Bands?
Giirly or preppy monologues??
How do I find the lyrics to the Phantom of th Opera movie?
Any tips on how to disguise/distort my face?
I wanna learn to sing, cos i think id be ok at it but i cant find a coach anywhere near preston, lancashire.?
What are some of the most crunchy overdrive pedals?
Have You Heard Of Terra Naomi?
What guitar should I get?
contest duet music? middle school?
My electric guitar randomly cuts out while I am playing it until I wiggle the volume knob. What is wrong?
Is there any substitutes for a 10th fret F barre chord on the guitar?
Model portfolio? help!?
Does anyone know the name of the Australian Street Poet who is called ' the egg'?
A/B Box questions for Bass/Vocals!?
Would it be difficult to play the guitar if you have lost half a thumb? ?
Can you help me make a stage name?
To see Saw IV, do you need to see the first 3 to understand what's going on?
Erasing breaks while approacing upper register?
if halloween is about being scary, should i dress up as hitler and walk through compton & beverly hills, CA?
What are some good guitar (acoustic) songs to play that are pretty new?
Setting my guitar amp and peddle?
Who is the celebraty you hate the most?
Anyone know any good tips to get along with people?
What is wrong with my guitar?
I am really uncomfortable playing a role?
What's a good guitar for learning barre chords?
Does any one know any free modern sheet music sites? Im a piano fan with a low budget...THANKS!!!?
Who wrote Shakespere in love?
ok so I'm in 4 bands?
Is it too late to start acting at 14?
how can i learn to play the guitar at home?
What kind of guitar strings should I buy?
Are there any good websites on how to set up PA systems?
My 15 yr old daughter wants to buy a new Flute?
10 scrips you must read before you die?
If You Play Alto Sax, what good does it do for you?
what are some songs you just can't get over?
blues instrumental artists?
I'm lack of of confidents performing an actions in front of viewers. Please tell me what should I do?
is it against the law for me to play my guitar and sing on a public street?
Is a Tromboon considered a brass or woodwind instrument?
What instrument should I learn next?
Fill in this poem.?
Is Ed Sheeran good when live?
is amable tastu an opera piece?
Should I buy an acoustic guitar or an acoustic-electric guitar?
how to sing more in tune?
How do you sing with your diaphragm instead of ur head voice?
Help!! All Guitarists answer!!?
Would this guitar be too big for me? comment please?
ok i wanna learn how 2 play guitar which is easier 2 learn first electric or acoustic?
Is it better to set a play/film etc. in your own area rather than another place?
are these good guitars?
Where can I find guitar sheet music for Batucada by Isaias Savio?
Something wrong with my clarinet?
Good songs for a female, 20's, repertoire?
Submitting a screenplay?
i am looking for songs for children to sing at a concert?
What would be a good combo amp?
Where can I post my casting call notice online or in public so I can get big attendance in Houston, TX?
How to feel comfortable playing music on stage?
Is whistling well considered a rare talent?
Do you have a talent...?
What will exactly happen to my guitar if I play it with out tuning it?
Pavarotti's first wife.?
Bass or bass-baritone?
Will two back up dancers for a band look cool?
Something wrong with my clarinet?
How does the wicked witch melt?
Mr. Question asks: I want to play lots of Flute Etudes/Studies, any advice?
A question about stage prescence in songs?
where are the PIT sections seats at the Alpine theatre in East Troy?
How do I get into a band?
Is John Robert Powers a scam ?..I have an audition Sunday.?
Is there any way that a Bird Girl in Seussical Jr. can get a solo?
How to perform the perfect murder?
Is there a helpful trick for moving my singing sound from my throat, into my diaphragm? My voice is strained!?
Teaching guitar?
Is 21 too old to learn guitar?
Not overused, good upbeat Broadway songs for audition.?
What are some lower-toned (alto) female broadway songs?
How can i make myself have strong vocals before school starts in august??
I'm 5' 2" and I really want an acoustic guitar. I don't know to get a regular sized or kids sized.suggestions?
Violin or saw?
Good flash mob songs?
French Horn Question?
I can't sing?
Is it too late for me to become a contortionist?
What is the best kind of gum to chew while playing an instrument?
How do ya get a book published?
What else to go visit while in Las Vegas?
Ideas for a senior vocal solo?
what people/bands sing opera?
Whats your most bizarre talent?
What is the difference between stage left and left?
How to create feedback while playing the electric guitar?
If you were in the circus, what act would you perform?
What is meant by the performing arts industry?
Guitar strings for Fender Big Block Strat?
bom chicka wah wah?
How do you deal with failure or rejection after trying your best?
How to deal with performance nervousness?
Where can i find the full Linus and Lucy sheet music for Eb instruments?
What's the best program to learn rock guitar?
advice! swedish version of american idol!!?
How do I become a member of the actors guild?
Is a Fender or a Yamaha a better acoustic guitar?And which one?
guitar recommendation for me?
In your opinion, which talent is more impressive?
beginner guitar help?
Need some help with buzzing?
do i have to learn to play the classical guitar before learning the electric guitar??
Will my voice get better as i age?
why do people close their eyes when they sing?
ok please help i need help choosing?
whos that photographer ?!!?
Answer D: ???????????? 10 points?
How do you....?
I need a new musical theatre song.?
Which one of these instruments are the easiest to learn for a beginner?
what does the greek word Nuntius mean?
Gulbertson (?) Piano - any information?
this is a easy one. what walks on four legs in the morning,two legs at noon,and three legs at night.?
I have to sing on Friday and my voice is basically lost or really raspy?
Band Name Needed!?
Dose anyone know any record labels addresses?
What is the musical "The phantom of the opera" about?
Good exscuse to quit my choir?
What is a clarinet song I can play for my gf?
WHy didn't i get the lead in the musical??
How do i get into the music industry? I have a year to make it happen?
Non-existing karaoke file needed! Got permission to strip vocals from audio file but dont know how.?
How does one establish a scholar ship fund?
Romeo and Juliet -- Question two -- Was Juliet Romeo's first love?
Theatre & Performing Arts: CAN SOMEONE CHECK MY ANSWERS PLZ?
Audition For America's Got Talent.? HELP!?
Where can I buy a study score to Rachmaninoff's second piano concerto?
in written music,what+is+a+5+finger+pattern?
Great monologue websites?
My guitar amplifier emits a loud buzzing noise when I'm using distortion?
how to play triplet bass notes on piano?
How many people can you make a pyrimid with?
I play the saxophone and now want to play the flute?
do you think the judge was unfair??
Does the humidity affect one's ability to sing?
HELP ME find a monologue PLEASE!?
where can i find Title: Synecku Synecku performer: Varmuzova Cimbalova Muzika to purchase? thanks?
Which musical period was Ludwig Van Beethoven from?
Could you guys rate how well I sing please?
How to become singer?
I want to know how to sing well?
Do you like the commercial "Punky Chips Ahoy, oy oy oy?"?
How hard is it to learn guitar?
Have you been to see an opera?
any guitar players out there?i need to know wich one to get.les paul or an sg?
How to perform a Disney Play/Musical?
what is the ingredient of plastic materials, how can i make plastic models as car model in house?
My sixteen year old son composes his own piano music. Here is a video how can he get noticed?
Should we fund the arts?
Has any one watched the movie "Rusland and Ludmila"?
is a 39 inch full size electric guitar a good size for me?
Voice strengthening technique??
Who else here enjoys playing a musical instrument?
Does anyone know where I can get a fingering chart for the fourth octave on a clarinet? [[online]]?
Just got a drumset- how do i tune it or get it to sound right?
Value for a Yamaha G65A Classical Guitar?
How do you use guitar picks?
What should I play on my guitar when some one asks me to play for them?
Is the Sonare SF5000 Open hole flute good?
what did sam sing.?
I need a list of cheers?!?
How do I get over the fear of doing flips?
How much is a George Washburn guitar worth?
are these good drum sets? is there ANY better drum set that costs 300 or less?
Alto Clarinet Questions.?
why doesn't my acoustic guitar play right?
Pageant Help?! Tips or Tricks on Anything Pageant Related?!?
is it weird that my guitar came tuned?
any tips for really quick changes?? i have literally 30seconds to change in a show...?
Another guitar question: Any good programs (preferably free) that will help me out?
does anyone know where i can get a funny comedy monologue?
I'm Teaching myself guitar.Your input?
i need help finding a talent?
Stage fright ? How can i overcome it?
What are some good ideas for my 18th birthday?
any acting jobs?
A good eletric guitar?
learning to play guitar! please help me?
When should children begin taking piano lessons?
What's a good beginner guitar?
Why do all girls think they can sing?
Should I take my acoustic guitar with me?
Where can I find violin and piano duet sheets notes? Is there someone who can help me? Please?
how can i sing better?
chrous question?
What is it called when hired dancers act as members of the public and then suddenly do a rehearsed dance?
was alvin and the chipmunks good or bad ?!?
I'm new at marching band and I don't know how to memorize music. What should I do?
What's that famous Circus Tragedy?...?
How much does a vintage carlos guitar model 260 go for?
Hey, musicians out there, some advice?
Clarinet vs. Bass Clarinet?
hard shell guitar case?
Learning to play guitar and I need help?
For recording Producers, how can I emulate a 1970's guitar recording sound?
The hills song?
Does anyone know about drumming/drum sets?
What is the site for "Royal American Conservatory" (RACE)?
The key above my b is broken-alto saxophone?
Can anyone suggest me a monologue to do?
What does the name "Vivviana" make you think of?
Know any good Ambient type music?
How good do you have to be at playing piano to make money doing it?
good/easy songs to play on the guitar?
What Ukulele should I get?
when was the Société Nationale de Musique was founded?
BAND FREIGHT!! Help me out here.? Oboe question?
Is it easy to switch from playing acoustic guitar to bass guitar?
What would be a good audition song for the Beast?
musical auditions coming up!!?
i have a epiphone es-333 will it fit in a epiphone es-335 guitar case?
Recommend a good acoustic guitar for a beginner?
Can anyone recommend a decent guitar piece for an exhibition?
What should i sing for a musical audition?
Do you know how to play guitar?
Is this solo i wrote good?
what is the average price of a fender fa-130 acoustic guitar?
Who`s that one singer that has breast cancer?
Got a minute? Wanna hear me sing?
I want to learn how to play a guitar. Also some suggesions on a good guitar to buy?
Should I play guitar left or right handed?
What do you clowns think of mimes?
Just curious...What is my voice type?
What are the secondary dominants in the key of C?
Does anyone knwo where I can get...?
Is the Piccolo an uncommon instrument?
I heard that it is easier to pass JYP's audition than SM/YG entertainment. I wanna sing & dance. Help?
CLASSICAL MUSIC: What are these 5 songs?
Where can i take a career aplitude test?
does anyone here know what the title of the song mariah carey revived?
What model french horn should I get?
What is the best way to get people to join my group?
Learning an instrument!?
can anyone help me with my little drum problem?
I cannot sing loudly?
Any ideas?
how to get over stage fright?
Any free tabla software?
Whats Your Talents?
Any Good Music Books?
Do you strum two notes with a beam up and down or just up on guitar?
How do I know if the lyrics of the song are sung on beat?
Is Bari Saxophone hard to switch too?!?? Help?!?
What broadway song should I sing for a Sound of Music audition?
Is it difficult to learn the bass guitar or keyboard?
what would be a good audition piece for the role of Golde in Fiddler on the Roof?
Acrobatics where you drop and dance from two ribbons of cloth. What is it called?
Cirque Du Soleil seating in the Grand Chapiteau?
why are band ppl so annoying?
which clarinet should i get?
How to write a bass solo thats at least 1 minute in length?
who is raven symone pregnant by?
Can anyone suggest me a monologue to do?
Polishing Acoustic Guitar ..... !?
Is it easier to learn to play an instrument on your own or buying lessons?
do i have a chance of being a professional violist????
How much does a Disney character make if they dress up as a full character (i.e. Goofy) and sing and dance?
Do you know any aspiring models in the Washington D.C. area?
Harmonica mouth placement?
Where can I find some really good love songs?
Is this too ambitious of me?
Who Knows what is a Calypso?
is it cool or lame when a girl plays the drums? ?
To all singers...genre doesn't matter?
String buzz on acoustic guitar?
Does anyone know any info on westside story?
how do i get rid of stage fright?
Alto Saxophone for a Beginner!!!?
Does anybody know any good monologues for a teenage girl ?
What type of training do I need to get sign with an acting agent?
How can I sing better?
Who is your fav classical composer and why?
who plays on the east coast in the Tans-Siberian Orchestra?
Where to go 4 a 2 person comedy script 8-10 minutes?
Why is tab music presenting a challenge to me?
What are some good Acoustic Amps?
What instrument should I learn?
who's starring as the 'Herald of Galactus'?
I love acting but dont know where to start first. for instance which course should i do first?
What guitar should i get?
Me and my friend dont know what to do for talent show?
Can I sing? (and maybe give me a rating out of 10_?
How much does a good string bass normally cost?
what musical instrument is this?10 POINTS?
Is the Flute and Piccolo played in any High School Orchestras/Bands?
Who originally said, "It's better to burn out than to fade away"?