Performing Arts

does anyone know where i can get acapella arrangements of Only You by Yaz or any Beatles songs?
What's a good acoustic-electric guitar?
Do you like Paris Hilton?
Guitar players with short fingers. Please help me.?
Does anyone know where to find the guitar chords for Simple Plans When I'm Gone??
What is the best place to go to an acting class in Texas?
Does Zaneeta Shinn have any dancing solos in the Music Man Jr.?
How long would it take an adult female who is 26 to learn how to tap dance professionally?
can someone help me with my guitar problem?
What is your favorite Broadway Musical and why?
Is 16 too old to start playing guitar?
What song could I sing at an audition for a musical?
Should I go for fame, or stay the same? PLEASE ANSWER?
tango shoes?
Bass Guitar Pickups Wiring?
how can I start acting?
How do you whistle a shrill blast?
Costume for the character of Marzelline (Fidelio), the opera?
Bassoon reeds for beginners?
Should there be more opportunity for actors to get into productions if they don't go to an acting school?
Pop solo audition for a mezzo help!!?
Good song for a high school talent show?
Is this guitar good guitar for a 13 year old?
Guitar Question! Help?
tips for writing?
I need to recite a poem?
I would also like to sing professionally?
Do you know where I can get a Vito Yellow Dazzler Clarinet?
where can i get private singing lessons?
What Shakespearean play was banned in Britain during George III’s period of madness?
Well, im going to start a band in grade 9, im am currently in grade 8 and i want to know what i need, help ?
How much would it cost to get an instrument plated?
What's a good song to do a character duet?
Abstract artists of the 20th century?
What are the names of American music conservatories that allow double-majoring in two performing specialties?
who's the world's greatest pianist?
good/easy songs to play on the guitar?
good songs (that are christmas-ey) to audition with?
Why do the first 3 tabs on my guitar sound the same?
viola notes for right round?
How would i break into acting?
are cd's on the way out?
What is the difference between a band and orchestra?
Do you play an instrument?
What is a good price for a used Tiwanesse Dd2 Boss delay pedal in very good condition?
What guitar shall i start with acoustic or electric?
My guitar is not working properly?
What are your favorite musicals?
Is dance (ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, pointe, modern,ect...) considered a sport?? i think so!!!!!?
Its friday friday geting down on friday?
Do you think my daughter is a good singer?
help! i need help finding the name of a monologue.?
I play the clarinet twice a day. I have some problems, they are to be explained in details below.?
What's the definition of dance according to you?
Is 21 too late to learn how to read music?
How do I improve at public speaking?
where are the best peforming arts schools in ny?
What are some really easy songs to play on the acoustic guitar?
Who's the better pianist, Lang Lang or Li Yundi?
I need an up beat BROADWAY song for my audition! Easy to sing but origional! Please help!?
How do I go about creating music?
john casablanca center help?
Which 1 of 2 Sonatas is easier?
Can I become a successful actor?
anyone know how to get famous????????????????????
where was Stradivari the violin maker born?
Should I take and acting class from an agency?
What is a good classical setup for my tenor saxophone?
What is the difference between a Fiddle and a Violin?
i have a yamaha 281 c flute, and i was wondering what kind of brand cases can it fit into?
When will my Voice Change?
audition song,i need help fast,please?
How to write a monologue?
Do Guys like girls who play piano?
What is the best flute to buy for a 6th grader?
What type of guitar strings are best for a beginner on an acoustic guitar?
my guitar strings keep snapping?
Do blondes like "blonde jokes" and do women that dye their hair blonde like blonde jokes?
where can i buy a dancing cane?
Heyman Talent? Columbus OH?
What is the audition process of Frank Sinatra?
How do you find your inner stand-up comic?
Which is a good acoustic/electric guitar to buy?
How wud a composer incorporate rhythm,dynamics,melody,harmony&texture&t… in2 a composition 2add intrest..?
Where can i find a decent cheap guitar in the U.K?
Whats the best modelling agency?
What is this song called?
where can I find a locking bridge for a 1956 dan electro U2 Lefty?
Does anybody know of a pedal that doubles your voice when you sing or anything of the sort?
How will I determine voice notes?
Good guitar tab book for spanish guitar?
What's your favorite musical?
How to Over Come Stage Fright?
How challenging is it to move out?
Can one learn to play an instrument at 16?
how do you sing in school?
Is it easy to teach yourself the violin?
what are the elements of comedy?
What does using a capo on the guitar do?
I am just learning how to play clarinet ! i have 2 questions look below?
Where can I find someone to manage a Polish Baroque musical ensemble wanting to perform in the U.S.?
How can you improve that sond of your voice?
What are some good guitar pedals for playing lead guitar?
how can i make myself vanish in front of people to perform a magic trick?
Any websites for free short skits?
audition solo 100% ne ^^vip_pro(^^)?
does anyone hav?
What would be a good song to sing in a talent show?
Monologue help needed. Please!!!!!?
how to become a choreographer at disney land?
Views on abortion?
anybody know who this street performer is?
how do i get over my stage fright?
Guitar Tabs Help Confused!?
wat do u think of my poem?
guitar chord C\D?
Question about voice lessons?
Is it to late for a 25 years old to learn piano?
trupet playing?
What does salsa style mean in English? I don't understand what they mean. Can you help me?
Can banjos be dangerous?
What to look for in a piano concerto?
is clarinet better or saxaphone?
Where can I take voice (voiceover, cartoon, etc) lessons in Kansas City?
Do I suck at the piano?
I need your help!!?
Is it possible?
I need a piano piece for a collage audition...Any ideas?
good duet for baritone/mezzo soprano?
What is your talent?
A career in singing???
Band or Theatre for High School?
Mercadante's opera "VIRGINIA"?
I have a yearning to learn two new instruments, but I can only pick one. Which one do you recommend?
I need examples of Nigerian literature, music and theatre,during the 20th century?
how can i learn to sing?
Help. How can i fix this?
What are all tthe guitar chords ?
I have no talent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How can I sing without anyone hearing me? ?
Were you amazed when Paul Potts won the Britains got talent award?
What instrument should I start?
How do you stum a guitar with just your hands? When I try, it hurts or sounds I just use a pick.?
Movie help?
What Electric guitar shall i get?
How to make a guitar with a box?
how do you play F chord on the guitar?
Flute cleaning liquid?
Which guitar should I learn how to play?
Is it difficult to learn how to play the piano?
Does Lyle Lovett play in "Roy Orbison: Black & White Night" performance?
What are the strings of the guitar from thinest to thickest?
what is a good tryout song?
Whats a good song to sing?
How do you juggle Mill's Mess?
Is there a USB guitar that can tab what you play?
Is the acoustic guitar a "cool" instrument to play?
What are some tips for a beginner guitar player?
I have a friend whose voice is lost very easily....?
Calling anyone that knows what a baratone is!!!?
Do I need strapping tape for my plastic rifle?
What should I do for my expressive arts performance?
How do you replace a guitar string?
I want to buy my first acoustic guitar suggestions?
Is this talent or can you learn it....?
Is my headshot professional looking?
If i buy a tele pickup, will it work with a strat?
Whats the cheapest price for Yamaha violin?
Does your pinky give your trouble when playing f # M?
D'Addario strings...?
Didn't the Beatles release another Album after their #1 Cd? If they did, what was the name of that CD? thanks
Whats a good guitar to buy for a starter?
What are some easy songs to learn to play on guitar? for a beginner?
What could i do better with this?
what is (in your opinion) the most simple instrument to learn for a beginner in intrument playing?
Could I learn how to play Bass or Cello?
Theme ideas ????!!!!!!!?
Has anything exciting happened to you today?
What are violin notes for Mat Redman's 10000 Reasons?
Is my Electro/house music i make any good? please need advice!!?
How to take acting more seriously?
Can a song be used for a Dramatic Interpretation?
What are some good Broadway/musical soprano songs?
what were FRANKIE LAINE`s main hit records?
what is the best way to learn how to play guitar?
When washing leather cheer shoes in washer what do you use?
electric guitar or violin lessons?
I'm having trouble with finding the right Guitar pedalboard power supply.?
I have to sing solo in front of a lot of people. Tips?
Clarinet to basoon switching?
Marching Band Section Leader....?
What is the simplest instrument to build?
songs for fashion show?
acoustic guitar suggestions for a beginner?
Philly question?
joseph and the amazing technicolor coat on broadway?
Some good motivations?
Acoustic or Electroacoustic Guitar?
*Help!* Is this a Classical Guitar w/ Nylon Strings or A Acoustic Guitar w/ Steel Strings?
I'm just beginning to play oboe but don't have the money for private lessons?
does anyone have any good singin tips?
what is ensemble acting?
Which of these these names would be the best stage name?
Does anyone know the guitar tabs for The Dreams "Falsetto" solo?
can i still play violin without experiencing it?
Can someone describe to me a pianist's hands?
How long does it take to develop good vocal vibrato?
do u like christina agulara?
Should I play English Horn in high school?
Marching band is a sport?
I am having squeaking issues with my tenor sax? I know it is a reed or embochure problem.?
how old do you have to be to play Rolfe gruber (sound of music)?
What do you call the part of a piano that protects the keyboard - the thing that raises and lowers?
why did the lute lose out to the guitar in popularity?
Is "Ain't It Good" a good solo song?
What's the best way to memorize songs?
I am going to sing in front of my entire senior class on November 22, and. . .?
What do caster sockets do in an amp?
Whats a good website to download showtunes from?
slow violin solo piece (intermediate to advanced?)?
Decent electric guitar amp for under $200?
What is that clamp thing that you can put on a guitar neck?
Hey does anyone like musicals????
what time do they mean for call times for this movie?
Why learn guitar scales?
I need suggestions for naming a character that is a beautiful, dark, edgy exotic dancer. Any suggestions?
electric guitars?
Trumpet instrument question?
What are some easy songs to play on guitar?
Any good pantomime ideas?
Boston massacre interview(fake)?
How long does it take to become a competent pianist?
teach me to play guitar free?
Who knows how to sing really good!?!?!?
Cirque du Soleil commerical song?
where can i find the performance the got 2 live crew banned from performing?
Whats a good drum solo like Massacre Drums by Audiomachine?
Where we can find world class talented musicians?
where can i find the lyrics for the song The Moment (Short Chorus Mix) by vargo?
Driving Lessons Script!?
Is the Bob Seger song, "Turn the Page", about a handsome cab driver?
Have you been tango'd?
Question about dj mixes ?
I taught myself how to play the piano. Right now I'm learning how to create a music track.I'm having problem.
Is buying this guitar worth it?
How can I start an acting career?
how do i become very rich?
Does the cat in 'HONK!" have a french accent?
Really good Chicago sheet music stores?
How do people sing?
Can you make your voice good if you cant sing?
where can i find cheap ticket fpr an opera?
Cool Band Name Ideas, not bad ones!!!?
Which music instrument should I learn next?
National Tours / Regional theater auditions for teens?
Hellllllllp me! Please!?
Which acoustic guitar produces a similar sound as this one?
I'm looking for a video clip from MADTV or SNL about babies attacking adults???
I'd bang Jewel, wouldn't you?
Does a b-flat sound different in Denver than in Miami?
Finally! Cheerleaders are finally considered athletes! I think cheerleading is more of a sport than boxing!?
I need a name for my guitar, ten point for best answer(:?
How to sound sinister/evil?
Is it possible to fall asleep standing up?
Wagner's Siegfried was represented at Paris Opera?
What are the names of the masks used to symbolize drama - comedy and tragedy?
I want to buy a guitar,how to buy a guitar?
What should I learn first, the piano, or the Guitar?
My friend wants to know if u can still be intimate with ur partner if they have kids?
My Dream is to be on Broadway in New York. But my parents tell me i need to have a backup plan.?
What's do you think is the most memorable line at the 2007 melbourne comedy festival?
Has anyone got experience with Johnson diatonic harmonicas? are they any good??
choosing a right handed guitar?
for a bass baritone male voice what key would be the best to transpose Defying Gravity from Wicked to,?
I love to sing but I'm so shy ?
what was marylyn monroes bra size?
I sing ALL THE TIME, is that wierd?
How to get a full sound out of my horn while marching?
should i enter this extremely elite international competition?
How can i meet bway acters take pictures, get autographs??
Should i play the saxophone, clarinet, or trombone?
are there any performing arts camps?
Should I get 80/20 or phosphor bronze strings for mahogany guitar?
Do You play guitar?????????????????????
I want to become a backup dancer?
Is this a good clarinet (rising high schooler) ?
Help!! Stage fright issues?
Is there a demand for alto/soprano information product?
how much will it cost if i take to the repair man shop to polish my flute?
I really hate my voice on recordings...?
Beginner electric guitar?
Fry screamers, I need you to answer a question for me?
someone please!?
Need help with ideas for a Young @ Heart Banquet?
What type of guitar strings are best for a beginner on an acoustic guitar?
How can I become a model?
who here plays bass?
Monologue help about parent child relationships?
Which bassoon reed brand?
How Can I improve??
Whats a better instrument, Flute or Violin?
guitar lessons rates????? help plz 10 easy pts?
good D&B/ trip-hip / dubstep artists?
Can Anbody tell me which insturment I should play. Tuba Saxaphone or clarnet.?
First time restringing an old guitar?
What does the word "Cabaret" evoke for you?
Script problem?
How to be confident on stage?
Any know some good tragic, sad, art songs or not too difficult arias for Soprano?
need power source and cable for Casio CTK 520L piano.thank you.?
What is the difference between maracas and egg shakers?
Is ' Fame' The musical suitable for a 7 year old?
How long does it take to develop good vocal vibrato?
Im interested in buying a Bass Trombone. What Brand is good but still has a resonable price?
Do you like these songs i wrote for the future? Please critique and be honest?
Can somebody tell me cool stage names for female that plays in a punk rock band?
how old should you be to play 7 minutes in heaven?
What's the easiest musical instrument to learn?
Where can I watch the 2004 version of The Phantom Of The Opera?
How can I sing and dance with confidence again?
Have you ever seen "The Lion King" musical?
stretches to be able to do a backbend?
I need to find this sheet music online for free?
What song did Sarah Brightman sing (as a duet) at Diana's concert.?
If you could earn a living doing what you love, what would you do?
Pianists , guitarists and drummers ? a question please?
How do download songs performed on America's Got Talent?
What does a "Dancer's Lines" mean?
Anyone heard of Americas Next Top Talent? ANTT?
Clair de lune sheet music?
who do u think should be in the rock in roll hall of fame?
How Do You Sing From Your Stomach?
what is gharana?and wht are its distinguishing features?
With classical guitar training, how do I use that to play country, pop, folk, rock fingerpicking songs?
why wont my high E string on my acoustic guitar tune???
stolen clarinet- what should i do?
Ever since I learned to play the piano with my penis, I'm not allowed in the music store. Any suggestions?
Alto-range audition song?
Does anyone know good opera songs/ artsists/ plays? ?
What should I be doing to practice?
How much more efficient is a grand piano as opposed to a upright piano?
Looking for piano duet - want a more pop culture genre?
Where can I get FREE Piano Sheet Music...?
Is it true that Gibson Les Paul necks break more often than those of any other high-end guitar?
Advice on playing guitar?
if you could hypnotise somone what would you make them do?
What is this guitar chord?
What do you think of my playing on this?
Does anyone know where david archuleta is performing in idaho falls?
what "key" is the standard concert flute in?
How do i sing like a pro?
pageant ideas Broadway?
problem with bending strings on guitar?
How to know when to adjust the guitar's things in the back?
What is Claude's highest note in the musical Hair? and what is Berger's highest note?
Good names for a stunt show?
College Audition Songs?!?
Singing Help?
Anyone ever been pantsed in public? lol?
which is right? I'll sing to her or I'll sing for her?
What should I tune my 3/4 size guitar to?
How can I appear more aggressive?
My Clarinet Rattles When I Play Low C?
What are the best reeds ?
Question about High School Musical (stage): Do Kelsi and the tv-announcer guy kiss & (more)?
could i be a model????????
What are the 12 Bb Clarinet scales in Concert?
I have to sing a special at church and am very nervous..?
what are the different types of guitars?
help I dont like my talent..?
Is john casablancas a scam? ?
do yo believe in magic?
i need quotes for my essay!!!!!!!?
I fell infront of everybody!!!!?
Can a band have a bass guitar without a regular guitar??
can pachelbel's canon be played with one violin?
why can't I talk/perform in front of people I know?
Duet songs for two teenage girls?
How to stop stage fright from badly effecting your voice?
What is a good taco?
Having trouble playing the guitar. How to fix this?
What are some good solo alto saxophone pieces to play for a show?
Vocal Lessons,how long till perfect singing?what is the price you paid?Is it wise to check different places?
Is it too late to start piano now?
why do flutes produce sound?
Does anyone know where I can find the sheet music for "Chloe Dancer Crown" by Mother Love Bone for PIANO? ?
What is the formula for finding a note that is a certain interval below a given note?
How do you start playing gigs on the flute?
pianists out there?? a good prelude?
Do people in marching band really get picked on in high school or is it just a stereotype?
Good bands?? Teenage music. ?
Frasier Theme Song Sheet Music?
names of performing arts schools?
Does the Percussive Arts Society (PAS) still have a website?
How to do a aerial and backflips?
how do you do Diaphragmatic breathing?
Is it too late for me to become a famous actor?
How do you change a string on a guitar?
Chord Progression?
What should I sing at my audition?
Help with stage names?
How do i get an agent for my art work?
does anyone have a yamaha silent viola? is it any good?
What Sweeney Todd song should I use for this audition?
competition contemporary/jazz song for a duo with sisters?
How to teach yourself beyond AP Music Theory?
What Should I Do?
Have I lost my voice?
If you could bring any actor/actress back from the dead, who would it be and why?
What's a good crowd pleaser to play at a gig? in a band?
middle school appropriate songs i can sing at school?
does anyone know good salsa remixes?
A question for dancers/POM squad?
If I practice guitar for 18 hours a week will I be really good for February?
How do I get a guitar and a harmonica to sound good together?
where can I purchase rubber sardines to use as stage props for my son's play?
Guitar similar to the Taylor GS7 but cheaper?
Which is better for a college audition?
How can I convince my parents to let me learn another instrument?
i need to know who a really good female ballet dancer from germany is, for my exit project.?
What's the best brand of "metal" guitar?
how can i become a director?
Can someone read my script and tell me what they think?
I have my first audition at my college on the 21st and I need a monologue. It HAS to be from a published play.?
Should I give singing a try?
i need to audition for footloose and it needs to be a song from any musical but; im an alto?
How do I play the guitar? Points to the one who helps the most!?
What music did stavros flately dance to on their first audition?
understudy or secondary character?
does anyone know where to get a good, kinda cheap ($500)
Can someone recommend a good acting coach/class/or school in the NYC area?
I can impersonate actors etc extremelly good to a professional level. My friends say so, I have done stand ups?
Does anyone know of a good duet to sing for graduation other than "For Good"?
Magic if, given circumstance and emotional memory?
Do dancers (strippers) really get turned-on when giving dances???
What are some pros and cons of scalloped fretboards (for electric guitar)?
how do i play guitar?
I love to sing, and my voice is actually not bad. Only i suffer extreme stage fright.?
How to help overcome nerves in a big performance?
Are Pearl Flutes any good?
i want to take guitar lessons but...?
What website can I get accurate guitar tabs for free?
Easy way to learn bass?
Good songs for a talent show?
Which is better, Wicked or Mama Mia on broadway?
Cant find movie helpp!!?
changing guitar strings??? stupid question, but please help??
How to clean a clarinet?
What if I use Paint on my Guitar...?
at home with 4 and 6 year old little girls we are board what are some fun things to do?
What to wear to a theatre dance audition?
Who taught jimi Hendricks how to play the guitar?
how can you get someone that you know can make it big to meet the right people to get his carreer moving?
what is the first step to being a singer?
I would like to play in a symphony, what instrument is the easiest to learn?
If you could help make a school choir dreams come true, would you help?
Can you find this Tab?
Who or what is "Harry Komo"?
JS30KE Kelly™ Neck width...?
What are the best piano pieces to listen to?
Do you think i can sing okay?
A female musical theatre ballad?
what song would you like me to sing?
How much would you pay for a good electric guitar?
Any current or former strippers on here?
I Want to Play Violin but I don't Know Where to Start?
i need to get my country songs i have written in the hands of someone who will try to get them recorded?
what key does judy garland sing 'i got rhythm' in?
help me please, i have no voisce and i have contests on saturday!1?
Easy: what number was Bruckner's first sym?
Constructive criticism on our show?
Should I do marching band or quit?
Opportunities for working in the arts in New Orleans?
How much should I sell my used clarinet for?
What is a good guitar warm-up?
Females: Do you look at a guy differently when he plays an instrument?
are there any job vacancies for actors,theater producers,session musicians,stage managers in new york for 2008
How long did it take you to play the piano?
Nervous about solo? Please help?
how can i get an audition to read audio books?
I play trombone, should I double on baritone or bassoon?
Who is performing at Hallowicked 2008?
Why does my voice sound better when i sing quietly?
Guitar player online?
Name the single largest collaborative art project ever undertaken in the U.S.Clue:it consist of 2.5M of art?
Have I failed my Saxophone exam?
If you can sing the "blues", can you also sing the "oranges"?
How to learn lines for a play FAST?
What is the secret behind REAL happiness?
Is thirteen to old to start doing pageants?
what words means the people who pretend to be a status, often seen at festivals....?
What is your favorite musical?
where can i find sketches/blueprints of gameshow stages?
Lost my voice but can't sing, when will it come back?
How can you tell the difference between an A-string and a D-string for a violin?
Whats the difference between a Harmon Mute and a Extending Tube Mute?
What type of harmonica do i own?
What are some kinds of auditions for competions or tours or something in Ohio?
i want a real good name for my techno culatural fets cumin up next week plz suggest a few?
What was Demenico Scarlotti most famous for?
What are my chances of getting into Juilliard?
What should I use to file down the legs of a floor tom?
How to work in the Renaissance Faire circuit?
I want to know where i can go to become a male model?
I wanna learn how to play a Harmonica,but i don't know the first thing about them,what do i need to know?
What's a good guitar brand?
Anne Akiko Meyers?
Are my fingers magic or am I high on Ether?
How should I deal with my musician as a filmmaker?
How to do Ramp walk.?? "need some basic tips".......plzzz help..!!?
Looking for a book of guitar exercises?
I'm auditioning for Les Miserables. Song suggestions?
where can I find an online printable script for Fiddler on the Roof?
Why should children explore the performing arts? Should they be devoted to practical subjects (maths/science)?
Can you post the flute notes for Waiting Outside the Lines?
Buying a beginner's acoustic guitar??
Can you tell me the audition reqs for Royal Academy of Music in London?
Quick question about learning guitar?
Can woodwind instruments rip?
how to determine my flute type? cause i have a silver flute and many keys to press?
Female Solos from Broadway Musicals?
Do you think guitar center or sam ash can replace a pick guard on my guitar?
what is the name of the tune played at the festival of rememberence 2nite when the war widows walked in?
Best songs to learn on guitar?
how come my guitar don't sound tuned properly, it sounds lower than most acoustic guitars?
What is a male ballerina called?
What's the best iPhone app for tuning a bass guitar?
Worth buying a better guitar?
Once I master the flute will it be hard to pick up on the piccolo?
Is this the right song for an audition?
Which XCM DVD would you prefer?
How can I play inthe orchestra at the Crystal Cathedral in California?
Weltron guitar? heard of it?
If you were to pick one talent that you dont have right now, what would it be?
My electric guitar randomly cuts out while I am playing it until I wiggle the volume knob. What is wrong?
Why is Dave Grohl a demi-god?
How can I find an Easter Bunny performer for my event in Tampa Bay, Florida?
Guitar pickups changing??
What are the usual rates for a studio recording?
what study classes that you can take to become a dance teacher?
i have a normandy clarinet serial number 3276. Age, Value, other?
when i bought my underwear, they were white. now they're yellow?
Cost of Acoustic Guitar? Self taught?
Warwick bass or Music Man bass (And other bass things)?
how does someone become an actress from the age of 40?
Hey dancers! Help me out!(:?
I need a southern monologue?
is it appropriate to do vibrato if your section does not?
Monologue or dramatic reading ideas?
Pointe question (Dancers please help)?
Great names for a band that aren't already taken?
Guitar Help?!?!?!?!??!?!?1?
I am 18 and just learning how to play the drums, is it too late?
Phantom of the Opera sequel?
Instrument for the musically challeneged?
What should a guy wear to a dance recital?
is 2puc really dead?
What note are each holes on the C harmonica?
anyone no who sings that song was just on britains got talent.people were dancing 2 it.?
Tips to becoming a better euphonium player?
tell me how to maintain emotional continuity shooting with disjointed sequences. i'm an actor.?
how do you feel when ur performing ??
Do any of you musicians have experience with beta-bloockers?
My daughter has the ability to become a stunning ballerina, but her adult height is 6'1. What can we do?
Are there any fine acoustic guitar stores in Colorado ?
is anyone intrested in teaching a 14 year old girl how to play guitar over web cam? if so comment.?
where to find sheet music for drumline cadence duckmouth by Famu?
why does my violin sound like an elephant? any violin tuner can help me do the violin tuning?
Fender Starcaster vs Epiphone DR-100 acoustic guitar?
What is the meaning of the play 'The sty of the Blind Pig'?
New guitar for my birthday...?
is violin very diffrent to guitar?
l i wrote a song tell me if it is good im only 12?
Melodic scales on guitar?
who wrote the song Doris Day sang called "Que Sera, Que Sera"?
Drama exercises I can do at home?
How can I enter bollywood music industry as a composer, guitar player?
How do I find the value of a used Baldwin trombone?
What do I have to do to regain my musical ability?
What's a good guitar to start out with?
How much do music lessons cost? (clarinet, flute?)?
I need help finding a top talent agent!?
Phantom of the Opera..?
Can i still become a dancer for a career with the experience i have?
how do you play a high b-flat on a flute?
Is it a bad idea to teach myself piano.?
How can I find my balance to do handstands?
Sheet Music?
Song 2 minutes or less for audition?
This is a hard one. Anyone know how I can find an online screenwriting school?
Does anyone know of an NHS/Private dentist that has worked on WOODWIND musicians?
Need help from shamisen experts?
I am new to the L.A area. I am wanting to find a good agent, or train in acting for film. Where should I go?
Contemporary up-tempo (NON-MT) audition song?
What does Guitar Hero 4 have?
What's a good piece that I can play on guitar for an audition?
Gettin an A in school, not a problem. Getting famous, no clue.?
Which string should I put my violin mute on?
Hi all, my son name is (baby boy) "PRABAL" how is it?
what is the basic know how to read the tabs in guitar?
What is the most violent pulp fiction scene?
improv scene?
Why does marching band have to do gay little ballet moves during shows? Why can't we just march?
can u plz answer my question about french horn{frenchhorn players}?
How do i play the guitar at home without any teacher ?
Should I get a Shcecter Omen 6 LH (I'm lefty) for my first electric guitar?
Do you have any tips or advice you would like to share with a beginner drummer?
Should I buy this for scratches on my guitar?
How do you start to learn guitar?
What do you think of my singing?
How can I get a good country tone out of my electric guitar?
What are the seats like at LA's Greek Theater? Comfy or concrete?
Tingly fingers when I play electric guitar?
what's up with the grishko 2007 pointe shoe?
What song should I sing for my Grease the musical audition?
wHO is opening up for the Jonas Brothers? Do you know anything about them? What songs do they sing?
How much does an anime voice actor make?
What's a really beautiful song that I should sing for my highschool talent show?
which play is better phantom or wicked?
Are my fingers too short to play the guitar?
How do i get started as an actress? Are there agencies in baltimore, md? I don't have much experience.?
Thought Of A Really Insteresting Thing Fir Saxophone. Need Help?
Is a sagbut a type of cello?
Has anyone used SIMPLE CLICK TRACKS as an iPod Metronome?
Guitar Instruction on CD?
What key is my song in?
Have you ever heard of the musician Andre Tanneberger (ATB)?
Am I any good at singing?
Colorguard positions???
I need a script for "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown".?
Is it possible to teach myself to sing?
Acting classes?
What to sing in an audition?
has anyone heard of one source talent agency?
Need a comedic monologue for a female?
At 41 years old, am I too old to audtion for the Mickey Mouse Club?
Do you know my age ?
What is your favourite musical?
Sore fingers while playing guitar, please help!?
do anyone believe in magic/spells?
Starting drama classes soon, need info on CRB check/public liability insurance?
Blue lake camp first day?
Need help finding a dramatic interpretation piece?
help with singing?
is a distortion boss ds-1 pedal good for heavy metal riffs?
What Key is this Piece in?
when was the baritone invented?
Which guitar is best for playing Devin Townsend style music that costs less than 700 Dollars?
how can i learn how to play the guitar when i got no money for lessons?
where is a site where u can get free guitar lessons?
Will the 2007 Drum Corps International at Pasadena will televised on television?
what does the word broadway conjure up for you..does it mean the same today as 50 years ago?
What song should I sing?
Rent on Broadway final performance?
How can I find a nice long monologue for sense and sensibility for Elinor that does not involve crying?
Audition songs and tips?
How to not be nervous at auditions???!!!!?
Is being booed off stage a rite of passage for all musical artists?
i need a musical theatre audition piece?
How long does it take to become intermediate to advanced drummer?
Music schools in Chicago for violin performance???
Are there free ballot classes for preteens and teens in the U.S.?
Very unusual clarinet issue?
What song should I sing for an audition?
Does anybody know the acoustic chords to Love In the Present Tense?
When you are playing the violin, is your shoulder and left neck side supposed to hurt?
What Songs Show Off Your Voice?
Does Guitar Center still match online prices?
What's your marching bands 2006 show?
i am looking for an apprenticeship in theater work!!!?
Guitar or Drums?
Help!!! Finding Instuctor's Website!!?
follow my dreams or be torn down?
Male/Female Musical Theatre Duets?
What's a good song to sing for a solo competition?
Confused about this guy's comment?
Are all actors arrogant in real life?
who is world best art director?
What is the secret to juggling?
What's your motivation for performing music in public?
How is this magic trick performed?
Viola Tuning?
how do i audition for a music video?
I have this old accoustic guitar. . . .?
I am looking for seamed queen size pantyhose in beige for a costume for a play.?
I have serious stage fright but I love to sing. How do I get rid of the stage fright?
How to play SLURS in Violin?
Good quality guitars for smaller fingers?
Should I do marching band?
How well do I sing?
How do I learn to do a cartwheel? ?
Theatre major or performing arts lessons?
What is the chord progression and key of the song Killer Joe?
Recently moved to CA from New Mexico I am looking for an agent for my 4yr Daughter in LA where do I start?
Should we bring back castratos into the opera world?
I have been playing guitar for a year starting next week, what should i know how to play?
I just bought a cheap acoustic guitar - I am left handed - Can I just restring it?
Can cymbal get paint chipping?
WWI Songs for Violin?
I love acting but dont know where to start first. for instance which course should i do first?
On the spot monologues?
What monologue should I do?
How does a beginner go about shopping for his first guitar?
I play a lot of Bass and my fingers are callused but it is still painful and never fully Calluses?
Gibson guitars: What is the main difference between LesPauls?
I have 1946 original record albums in mint condition that I want to blue book! Where do I go?
I have to audition but I can't sing?? HELP?
I want to learn how to play Guitar and Sing?
How big of a difference is the sound between a dreadnought acoustic guitar and an auditorium?
tips on how to get over stage fright?
Statistics on Ballerinas???
How are professional magic tricks done?
would American music exist as we know, it if not for the influence of the west Africans 18th/19th century?
Why do Bollywood dancers wear those costumes?
can n e 1 suggest me a good site for knowing about tailoring?
Nerves, anyone else/how to get over it?
learn to play the guitar?
what is the best group to sing gospel music in the whole world?
Who is your favorite comedian of all time?
Guitar for beginners - Where do I start?
What are the dates of the Bare Bones Dance Show at UCI?
What band instrument should I play?
How is a cheap guitar diffrent than a more expesive guitar?
Somebody Please Help Me!?
anyone know where i can get free sheet music for violin??
Question for Blue Star DCI members!!!?
What is the greatest live performance of any song?
How do you know if you mastered the piano?
Do you prefer Beethoven or Mozart? How do you rate them on a scale of one to ten?
how to get sex pistols to play?
Reciting Jabberywocky?
Identify this string, guitar-like instrument for me?
Did Jack Benny ever learn to play the violin successfully?
what books and what should someone do to develope their "fiction" writing skills?
Should I get this keyboard (piano) at Best Buy?
where can i see a stage production of Rent in California?
The Flower Duet (Lakme)....?
MENTAL magic tricks????
What is the best edition of the Beethoven Sonatas?
Im Dyspraxic and i want to play accoustic guitar can any one give me any tips?
Nylon Guitar Part Broken.?
Has anyone gone to the Phantom of the Opera?
How do i become a singer at 12?
any1 here play an instrument?
Should i buy an electric guitar, or can I switch later from a classical?
i have a trumpet and it has a dent on the bell and the tuning slide is stuck ,?
What singing career should I go for?
what are some good screamo/techno bands?
What are some clever "Burlesque" themed bar/club names?
violin, violin, viola trio songs?
Can the corruption in India be eliminated by hanging a few corrupt Indian people?
HELP! New beginner at guitar? need an acoustic guitar?!?
At 40 years do you think Im too old to learn to play the clarinet?
How do you cqlm pre-performance nerves?
Drums with double bass - how difficult?
What would be some good ideas for skits?
I need a monologue for a knife with its owner trying to catch its target.?
where can i find an agent?
i want to be a Hip Hop dancer?
What is the title of the musical composition that uses no music??
what is performance art?
needing help on buying a ukulele?
What physically happens to the body when you sing?
Help - I'm thinking about buying a Bass, but I have some questions first?!?
mortal combat?
Are Lazzaro clarinets any good?
A stage production with a lot of parts?
Could I put piano as a special skill on an acting resume?
Acting, drama etc. - HELP!!!?
dukoff mouthpiece?
can anyone help??
Why was Shirley Temple an important figure in musical theatre?
Patterns to make traditional chinese silk jackets?
Do u believe that the handwriting of a person represents the mental state of him while writing?
how to play guitar?
where can i find a club i used to belong to where you could buy concert tickets before they went on sale?
how early should i be at a venue for a concert?
Are there any copyright issues concerning cover songs performed in places like coffee bars, street corners...?
Dropping Picks in Acoustic Guitar........?
Wanting to learn the Mandolin but I need help?
Can raccoon learn to play guitar?
Would having a rest day for my voice improve my singing?
what note?
How to play a 6-stringed violin?
What guitar should I get?
Bought left handed guitar but I'm a righty!!!?
What are the fingering scale of the third octave of key D on an alto sax?
What's your favorite song from the musical "Wicked"?
Can anyone tell me the tabs to play The oogum boogum by Brenton Wood on Bass?
What is your favorite type of guitar?
Where can i find an Orchestra on the beach?
How to be a stunt double?
Does anyone know where I can find a piano accompaniment, kareoke, or non vocal version of Always a Bridesmaid?
Anyone know age to start child's singing lessons?
How come some sopranos can hit really high notes but cant hit the notes in between?
I'm speaking in public tomorrow. How do I get rid of the fear of public speaking?
What exactly is the purpose of the conductor of a band or orchestra?
If you had a disease and cure was to cut either your sexual organs or hands what would you do?
Good, easy songs to sing for a solo?
Should I learn Acoustic Guitar or Keyboard first?
i need help with electric guitar effect stuff plz?
what is your favorite guitar solos?
So, is it vital to know ballet if you want to play Christine Daae in the Phantom of the Opera?
Im a 13 year old director?
Clarinetists that can play opening of Rhapsody in Blue, Gershwin?
I'm getting a acoustic guitar and never had experience to play one is it easy?
I need a monologue for my audition!?
Good extended range 8 String guitar?
Which guitar color looks coolest?
Female Dramatic Monologue About Losing Love (makes you cry)?
any good teenage love songs?
what are the most loved musicals of all time?
How to loose some kgs healthy way?
what size is a standard adult acoustic guitar? Is it 38"?
What should I do about my acting and sing career how do I get it up and off the ground?
What should I sing for my talent show?
Broadway song suggestions PLEASE?!?
If i take vocal lessons will it help me become a good singer?!?!?
What are the requirements to becoming a Professional pianist?
How does one get into doing books on tape (audio books)--not getting them--performing (recording) them.?
Does anyone know where I can find the organ sheet music for the Wreck of the Eben Fitzgerald for free?
I bought a guitar... how do i play it?
Should I learn drums as well ?
What is a good way to get your band noticed?
Disney College Program Questions? Entertainment?
Proper dress to attend a play?
Do I have to act in theatre before pursuing film/television?
I dont know what to do for my Britains Got Talent audition ?
what do you think of this guitar song i made?
Learning how to play guitar?
Does A Bear shiit in the woods?
Help! I have to sing in front of like 100 people for a recital! Im so scared!!?
how can i learn how to play and sing guitar at the same time?
Hardest Decision i have to make.?
What is the strumming pattern for Look After You by the Fray?
honors band clarinet audition?? sightreading?
Do you need a teacher to learn guitar?
where can i find notes for songs (flute) (indian classical notes Sa Re Ga...)?
why do classical musicians wear a gown or a suite?
Acoustic Guitar question?
My lips! Please help!?
Good guitar effects pedals?
How did people dress in the 1970s?
Is anyone supporting Jimmy Carr on his new stand up tour?
I need help naming my guitar.?
yamaha YTR4325S?
whats the best way to get into acting? or musicals?
a question for drummers?
Can you ASK to be an extra?
I want to star learning to play a guitar. What type of guitar should I start practicing on?
A Level Performance (Guitar) - 20 minute recital?
is explore talent a scam?
What is your favorite musical?
need list of bollywood songs for solo dance in school stage performance?
Are Indians (from India) the Best Artist in the world ??
instruments to learn????
Has anyone heard of "all i really need to know i learned in kindergarten?"?
What's the secret to being able to sing perfectly -- or nearly perfectly -- on pitch and in key at all times?
What career opportunities would you like to take advantage of in the music industry?
where do you take a hip hop class?
How do you tune a flute?
When looking for a cello does hand size matter?
is it wrong if play flute..and im a guy?
talent agencies in Philadelphia that represent singers?
what do i learn first on guitar?
Can singing be taught or is it a talent that you have to be born with?
can someone clear this up for me please :)?
What Are Your Top Ten Fav Musicals?
High School Pit Orchestra's hiring other high schoolers?
What is the easiest instrument to learn?
Best ways to start of an acting career?
what is the last stage of love?
job question?
Is my acting headshot good?
Sweeney Todd Download?
I want to learn to play Dear Mr. President by Pink on the guitar but I need the notes! Where can I find them?
Am I too old to start dancing?
does anyone know the name of this play?
I'm 21 now and want to learn how to play piano or violin, is it too late?
i think i sing really good but how can i know for sure?
Where can i find a prop list for "The Music Man"?
What is the second (bottom) part of a duet or line of music?
Do you play an instrument?
Why does my bass buzz when I fret a note?
Drumming (Drumstick grip wax help?)?
What is the average salary of a Pornstar?
Performing double pirouettes?
How are circus tents set up?
Hey I play saxophone and i am really good do guys think the saxophone is kool?
Caring for a Vintage trombone?
pantomime audition?
Is "I Think My Girl Is Bi" by Omarion appropriate for a SYTYCD audition?
Does anyone have tips for playing the piano?
What short monologue can i do for a play audition?Im in the 8th grade but its for a youth theater?
Am I the only one who can play the D above the staff on oboe?
How do you hit higher notes with the french horn?
cheep guitars?
What are the songs that Madison (Renee Olstead) from A secret life of an american teen sing in the finale?
does anyone know a good song for a boy/girl duet?
I want to be in Musical Theatre when im older?
Good quality DCI videos on youtube?
Which instrument to learn?
No talent at it possible?
Who is a deaf musician that plays piano ( 6 letters )?
Can I still go to a performing arts school?
Is there any interview pageant coaches in Michigan?
Need Mandolin Purchasing Advice?
Performing arts school in new york city?
Is it okay for an alto to sing descant?
What do you think of my singing?
How to describe a guitar?
What's more tragic: talent without ambition, or ambition without talent?
where is clara h kesller?
Do you think these are good concert seats?!?
For recording Producers, how can I emulate a 1970's guitar recording sound?
Is it imortant to have strong fingers on the guitar?
Which guitar brand is better? GIBSON or MARTIN?
Problems with cello bow hold?
Which guitar should I get?
Where can i start becoming an actress?
I want to learn to play Dear Mr. President by Pink on the guitar but I need the notes! Where can I find them?
DO you know who ______ is?
THE Nuter Ballet DVD? where can i find it?
i live for acting onstage, but i want to start in film, so can anyone give me tips on how to get an agent?
Yiruma Piano Sheet Music?
Could you name the most significant British and American playrights since 1945?
How good are these notes?
what do you think the difference is between steve martin and robin williams , in your own oppinion?
Flute anyone?
how to become famous at 10 Years old quickly?
Alto-range audition song?
I need an altissimo fingering for Alto Sax. It's the G that is 7 ledger lines up. Does anyone know one?
Please help, this is my career!!!?
Which guitar should I buy?
is anyone an all-star cheer leader if so what team?
How do I sing louder in front of people?
how do i become a famous rockstar?
I Really Need Gymnastics Help Please?
What are all tthe guitar chords ?
what is the difference between these notes on the guitar?
What we call a piano that can also play/produce sound of flute, guitar, violin etc.?
What is suitable piano repertoire for small hands?
How should I breathe when I am singing?
Piano fingers?
Can somebody give me a website / Link / Video to show how to play different notes of the Duduk?
How i can sing better?
does any one know a good comedic monlogue that is possible to memerize by tomorrow?
I need a Violin Piece for Audition?
Can I teach myself to play guitar?
A monologue from When You Cure Me?
the name of a Spanish comic group?
Please help me out with this! How talented must I be?
Why would or wouldn't someone be asked to sight sing at an audition?
What's the best John Coltrane album?
Is there any performing art high schools near Joliet or Naperville Illinois (desperate needs lol)?
What song should I sing for a voice competition?
Auditions tommorow but sick....?
I have to perform a contemporary monologue and....?
How can I find out how much my Stradivarius violin is worth and how and where can I sell it?
Does anybody know who sing those songs?
African American (female) Monologues?
First attempt at using Sony Vegas, advice on result?
How can i get to sing on x-factor or America's got talent?
Single word about mother?
what helmet do you use for breakdancing?
i have long fingers. what instrument would be ideal for me to play?
How difficult is the cello?
as far as audition pieces go, would you consider "Over the Moon" a song or a monologue?
A good acoustic guitar?
What's a simple song to sing for Musical Tryouts?
Please! I need Help! Its Urgent!!!?
What's your favorite opera?
is £79.99 a good price for a steel string guitar?
how old is my clarinet?
What styles/ genres of dance are incorporated into the dances at cabaret shows?
What is the BEST saxophone you can get for under $4000? (Professional model)?
Does anyone know the Vera Sanders Monologue from "Smoke on the Mountain"? Or where can I find it?
Is a black Epiphone DR-100 a good guitar for a beginner?
Small theatres in Connecticut to book a band?
How Long Does It Usually Take To Learn Guitar?
Which magician do yo like best?Criss Angel,David Blaine or David Copperfield?
How to get the most out of private instrumental lessons?
Solo? Which should I do?
I have a antique zither act, How can I get on TV and show how entertaining was done 70 years ago.?
Cannot get any better at trombone?
In the book 'much ado about nothing' by shakespear?
Do I sing bad?????????????
Why did my new guitar string break?
how do you read guitar tabs?
is 27 too old to be performing in a band?
Musicals with many large roles?
Minor scales for tenor sax?
Does Lyle Lovett play in "Roy Orbison: Black & White Night" performance?
Who is touring with Aersomith in their new tour?
What is the average range for a soprano singer?