Performing Arts

What song should I sing for talent show?
switching from 4/4 time signature to 12/8 and then 6/8?
Angry female monologues?
I made my first video would you please watch and give me feedback, please and thank you.?
How to play a 6-stringed violin?
Effect solo?
For senior musicians: What have you lost to age?
is it hard to learn to play the drums?
Guitar? Can i still learn how to play guitar?
What are some popular musicals performed in high schools?
What was Mary Pickford's height and weight in the mid 1920's?
Get out in the music business as a solo artist?
How can I get the confidence to express myself and sing?
Tips for my singing? video?
What is the best way to practice?
What did Joey Ramone die of?
Breakdancing help needed?
How much does it cost to put strings on the guitar?
songwriting festival Nashville?
How come no one can teach me how to play the guitar? :/?
How much pressure should I place on a guitar string?
Are acoustic brand bass amps any good?
the washington post march for flute!?
what would be more entertaining, Blue Man Group or the musical Wicked?
how do you become a bad singer?
What is tom delonges new blink 182 rig?
EASY VIOLIN DUETS? PLEASE.. I need it ASAP. Thanks! :)?
how to play guitar solos better?
ESP EC-50 Guitar?? Agathis or Basswood Body?
Question about JYP auditions?
Can I call you? so you can hear me sing?
for interlochen summer camp- do you ever get to sing alone?
I need a song a song to sing for try-outs for a musical. IDEAS? s for most ideas!?
how do you play the panpipe?
Acting Problems?
What is the best sort of trumpet?
Is it ever too late to learn how to play the guitar?
What exactly is the circle of fifths and how do i use it?
The Night They Drove Ol' Dixie Down?
Where to find an audio recording of Handel's Messiah online?
Can anyone recommend a good beginning guitar instructor in MN (preferably in the South TC suburbs)?
Anybody know where i can find Steve Vai backtracks to play guitar with?
what are the chances?? i need to know, im so stressed out here!?
WHo can give me the title of a good song to perform a male strip-tease??
Who would you say is the current world number 1 ballerina?
Wanna help name an A Capella group?
viola notes for right round?
Which is easier to play? Guitar or a Banjo?
does anyone know the name of russian singer with high pitch voice?
how do you get rid of stage fright?
which brand you reccomend? etude or alora?
Staying motivated to learn guitar? any tips?
Can anyone suggest a good tuner?
Am I to old to become a star?
Where in California can I watch classical (Beethoven, etc.) showing this month?
Who is opening for Queens of the Stone Age in Winnipeg May 7th 2008?
Does anyone know a comedian in Yorkshire for hire?
Starting stand-up?
Is it too late for me to start dancing/acting?
please suggest me a site where we can learn free acoustic guitar lessons for beginners?
Do you like scene girls?
How do I control my tone better?
does anyone know a good song for a boy/girl duet?
Does your guitar have any marks and scratches on it?
who is Bruno Mars's record company?
How can Beethoven Create music though he was Deaf?
Need To Learn How To Read Music Notes For The Flute?
How can I be a serious writer??
What songs would be good for a talent show?
Guitar- Any suggestions on how to memorise chords?
How do I safely sing rock music?
What should I sing for an Anything Goes audition???? HELP PLEASE!!!!!?
I want to learn how to play an instrument, but which?
Good VOICE agents in/near Dallas?
What is the seating capacity of ICC Theater in Grand Rapids, MN?
Does chewing gum help you sing better?
How is my singing? Is it okay?
"Rossetti" baritones-are they decent?
One minute to impress at an audition - what should I do?
i need a song?
what should i sing for my audition?
Good Songs?
I'm looking for an acoustic guitar that is very lightweight....?
What instruments do you play and what instruments are you good at?
how can i exibit my arts work international?
When can I remove the felt from a new piano string?
A Script is written/given to the actors just to learn their lines and know what they are doing (correct)?
How does 'Nabucco' end?
who lives in kirkwood, missouri area? i need help?
How can I get someone to learn the talent that I have?
Broadway Songs???
What is method acting?
Drumming bass drum question?
how do you play a guitar?
Does anybody know where I can get free Destiny's Child sheet music for orchestra?
Would this be an okay guitar for a 16 year old beginner, or is to to "kiddish"?
what is exactly a theremin?about it, & some other info on it??
Is it enough for what I want to do?
I want to buy a guitar?
1940's musical artists?
Which double bass pedal?
Where would i find online no downlaod violin lessons for begginers?
I have my first violin lesson tommorrow, but is it weird to have a female teacher?
Talent Show ?
What song should I sing for an audition?
Acoustic or electric guitar?
How can i become famous and successful without all the fame?
What chord sends shivers up and down your spine?
dose anyone know where u can audition for theatrical plays?
me and my bestfriend is finding a song that we could sing in our school contest?
How would I find out if a stage manager has worked at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts?
is the guitar hard to learn?
How much are theatre companies willing to pay for costumes?
What are the best broadway songs?
I want to be an actress but hear me out first?
Should I start playing electric guitar now or am I too old?
What is the vocal style of kiss?
How to write music on a bass guitar?
Guitar tuning nightmare!?
Question for guitar teachers and experts?
I need a really cool stage name!?
i think i ruined my vocal chords what can i do about my voice?
If you could bring any actor/actress back from the dead, who would it be and why?
Which form of comedy is the hardest to do well, and why?
I am tuning my guitar.. Does the sound HAVE to match the other notes i am tuning from?
Does anyone know anything about a Kawai electronic organ?
Is acoustic guitar easier to start out on for a beginner than electric?
what is your violin practice routine?
Want some help with a Choir Solo?
How do I Buy Danzon no. 2 by marquez for first violin?
do you girls like watching guy's butts at ballets performances?
Does anyone know how to make those signs?
Instruments that not many kids play?
So much art these days, especially abstract and performance seem like garbage to me and I do like both but?
Girls olny Please?
What is a cool hip-hop song me and my partner can sing for theater arts?
Becoming An Independent Filmmaker?
emotional female monologue?
Do you need an agent to audition?
Question. Need some Advice.?
Did you hate piano lessons as a child?
What are some good beginner cymbals for a drum set?
Is there a performing arts school?
Freeedommm?! Pleasee Help! Thankyou!?
Piano music symbol question?
HI! I need a stripper/stage name A.S.A.P.?
What would be some good questions to ask your vocal teacher to help development of voice?
how to impress my own bridge?
Which Performing Arts University would be considered One of the best?
yeah.. i wanna learn how to sing ?
is it be possible that a production that closed on Broadway because of poor sales,make a return on Broadway?
How do I keep my fingers from hurting when I play my guitar?
where can i find a good western violin teacher in pune? a good teacher in deccan area?
double bass question about level of skill required?
What is a Broadway/torch song expressing a sense of loss?
I LOOKING FOR music job?
how do i get a karaoke version of without love from hairspray?
I heard a song today but I can't find it..the song says when you think Tim Mcgraw Think Of My Favorite Song?
What's the worst piece of theatre you've ever seen.?
What is a good unknown song to sing at a school audition?
I am sexy, drug addict and sing soul music .. who I am ?
How much could a solo violinist make yearly?
Ibanez V70ce ~ Guitar center mistake...should I keep it?
What books should I read to help me become comfortable in the Culinary Arts profession?
Have you ever coined a phrase? What is it?
Where can I find a full moon/black sky theatrical stage backdrop for rent?
Good beginner guitar songs to learn?
I have a question about broadway?
I'm looking for open auditions for musicals/plays in Tampa... can you help?
What to do with my guitar?
What are my chances of getting into Juilliard?
Does anyone have a recording of any sort of, "Sonata 3" for flute by Handel?
What types of wood are used in making violins?
How can a teen learn about opera?
Christmas music?
Ate there any hampton roads femalw artists?
Am I to old to learn drums?
what is a good slow song to sing with that has piano in it.?
How long will it take to get my clarinet recorked?
what word is funnier than "poop?"?
Drum sheet music-jingle bell rock?
what is the best subject to study out of these to become a NCIS special agent?
Any tips for overhead 11018 T plate welding?
what is the flute chords of one time by justin beber?
advice on ARTS ED auditions?
What is a good 200 to 400 guitar amp with effects? ?
What was Shakespeare's main reason for writing and performing his plays?
learning to play guitar?
I go back and forth to new york to act so my dad is kind of upset that I am going back but acting is my dream.
What song to sing for an audition?
Songs to Sing for an Alto ?
Which instrument to play?
What are the gauges on factory fit strings for an Epiphone AJ-220ST?
What is a good brand for acoustic guitars that have pickups?
Guitar help?
Is Ed Sheeran good when live?
where can i get a black and white Masquerade mask worn by the back up dancer in the Phantom of the Opera?
What kind of music is the AXL Eldorado guitar best for?
How much would a rapper(performer) get doing a live performance?
is it possible to buy a violin without varnish on the back?
on America's got talent, the group " traces" i think performed...what was the name of the song as well as the?
PERFORMING hELP?????????___?
any information to get farther in my singing career...?
Dunlop Crybaby wah pedal mod. question?
Good acoustic guitars for beginners?
a poem by ME!.......let me know your thoughts after reading it..thank you...~~?
How to repair the broken headstock of my guitar?
What grade were you when u applied for the brit school (UK)?
You fell from a clif not a scratch?
Should I record guitar demo's with Macbook pro or Ipad?
Songs/Tabs for acoustic?
How difficult is the piano part of Schubert Sonata for Piano and Violin in D- Op 137?
how can i make myself vanish in front of people to perform a magic trick?
i need a new guitar?
what are the contributions in the renaissance period?
Is there other movie that is similar like the phantom of the opera movie?
Does anyone here like Tecktonik/Electro Dance or Shuffling (dancing)?
Is it possible to learn & teach myself how to play violin?
guns and roses dvd?
Im trying out for drill team next semester and I have some questions?
How can I learn to play the guitar?
Earls Court Theatre, London, Good Seats? Bad Seats?!!?
when you first start to sing through your head voice do it suppose to sound like your chest voice?
my first time giving guitar lessons. help?
How do you get good at playing guitar?
Is the Seymour duncan sh-8 invader the same pickup synyster gates uses?
is it too soon for me to get a second ukulele?
Attire for the West End?
can miley cyrus even sing?
how do i find a manager for my music'?
I am great singer but i dont want anyone to know it but i want to what should i do?
what is the best guitar to start lessons with?
How to use a pick and get good at guitar?
Takamine guitars- any good for beginner?
Preforming Arts Schools Hilliard Ohio?
What could be a better piece of costume: a mask or face paint?
Is a Sabian 20" B8 ride a good choice for a begginer?
How do i get over stage fright??
What to do with my life?
Is there anyone from San Francisco that wants to teach me to sing or play guitar or play for me?
what is a good girls western duet song?
What is the monologue about the lady who kills her husband and is now teaching a home ec class?
Email me the score please?
are purple guitars cool for guys?
How do you become a singer?
Anybody remember which classical composer always wrote on his music "Play Enthusiastically... Can't find it..
I bought a handmade guitar pick (for jazz) on the web, but I don't remember where from. Any ideas?
What song should I sing??
What do you think is a most popular form of stand up comedy?
Is it true girls love guys who play guitar?
Can you give piano lessons to a 5 year old?
Guitar help please!!??!?
do you have a special talent? something that only you can do??
I have a problem with my bass guitar, a bad one.?
Top ten favorite Broadway musicals?
I want to play guitar!?
Is the Yamaha F335 electric acoustic?
Is it normal to know you are better than someone else?
What is your opinion of a film/television actress never involving herself with theatre?
13 the musical sheet music?
i want to try out for my school talent show next year BUT...?
My Female Singers?
Guitar question about octaves?
guitar tabs - what does 6s7 mean?
Open hole flute?
What type of guitar headstocks do you prefer?
Does anyone know how to play Beautiful Dreamer or Unchained Melody on the recorder?
Ready to get Gutiar?
Am i making big mistake? starting guitar playing.?
Guitar Trouble Please Help?
how can i download a crimson glory song for free?
How much should I charge artist for music video?
Who are some singers/musicians that went through college/ university?
Is too late for me to learn how to play a violin? And what about this song?
How many watts does a home-use bass amp need?
Best acoustic guitar string brand?
Is it enough for what I want to do?
What do guitar capos do?
Is there any Role Players out there?
gibson hard case locks?
HOW TO DO THE S P L I T S !!!!!!!!!?
How do i audition for SM entertainment when i am not from korea?
How can I stop smoking?
La Vie En Rose Bass Clarinet lowest notes?
Tips for Drop C Tuning on guitar?
Whats a good website to learn about the guitars?
How do I do a shoulder roll?
What is Eleanor Parker up to today?
Why opera is not as popular in this sentury as in the 19th?
What is the best guitar to get for a beginner?
What is a good up todate emotional 1st person female monologue.?
How should I act as Hamlet?
do you think I'm too old to learn music instruments ?
Need Good Violin Duets?
Where does first chair viola sit in an orchestra?
Did Bach finish Art of Fugue?
beauty pageant in wisconsin for beginners?
How much should I expect to pay to buy an electric guitar, amp, and lessons?
I enjoy writing music with all my heart its my breath. I have a young family should I give up my dream?
Best drum set under $1,000?
How Good the Guitar Lessons should be and how long it should be?
the theater, the theater, whatever happened to the theater is from what movie/play?
who is Katrina Kaif?
What are some popular plays produced between 1900 and 1940?
why does my edge 3 bridge changes tuning after everytime i pull it back?
What's wrong with my fifth and sixth guitar strings?
Thought Of A Really Insteresting Thing Fir Saxophone. Need Help?
When are you ready ro play 12 string guitar?
how do u no if you sing good?
Do you appreciate the art of the burlesque dancer ?
Where can I learn how to play the guitar online?
Who can buy my songs?
Do you guys think the play 'Footloose' is a total blast?
Look for my name in lights?
EMERGENCY!! Monologue help!?
Is this a good headshot?
Play only chords on keyboard?
Can you play piano tabs on guitar?
How good is suzuki 4?
What is the best 7-string guitar brand to buy?
Should I learn the piano or guitar (acoustic) first?
Where can I get an acoustic guitar?
how can I use the Berklee Pulse Music Method?
What acting tips can anyone who's competent in acting give me?
Where can I find Gimme Gimme from Thorouhgly Modern Millie? Free sheet music for an audition?
HELP! What song should I choose for audition?
Is it gay that i want to be on broadway, and i'm a guy?
How did the film makers create those "magical" effects in the Harry Potter Films?
allegro agitato by gershwin?
Does anybody know what happend to the R&B singer Maxwell?
what is your special/hidden talent that sets you apart from others?
Listen to my song and let me know how terrible my voice is?
what are good excersises for solo guitar?
well i like to draw a lot?
Music Festival: Mixed Duet - Under 18?
Does anyone know an Italian Monologue?
What should I do about the band I'm in?
when do you get a good ear for guitar and does it eventually come ot everyone?
Where can I find the tab for Plan B by MuteMath?
Speed Kills Metal Method?
Is Washburn a good guitar brand?
Are all actors arrogant in real life?
I need an audition song ASAP!?
have any of you been in a play? i was in Annie!?
brass players, do you find it easy to switch to a woodwind instrument?
What do you call it when someone starts singing a song, sings the first line then the next person starts...?
Help with fixing up a guitar?
As a pianist, when accompanying a violinist, what do you do if their rhythm just isn't consistent? See details
which music instrument is you usually use to play for romantic music?
easy songs to play on electric guitar?
I need a song to perform?
Isit hard toget intocolleges like LaineTheatreArts,and fromthere isit hard to get into shows and musicals?UK!?
3 female alto singers.. Songs?
What are some cool guitar riffs to learn?
where can i take my guitar to be re stringed and tuned?
I CAN'T SING!?!?! Does this really matter?
Questions about getting a Les Paul custom guitar?
i need a modeling signature.?
how can i let my voice be heard i love to sing?
Why did Elphaba turn Fiyero into a scarecrow?
Learning to sing...what are dynamics and how do you develop your own style?
Should I take bass guitar lessons?
Broadway working hours????????????
RGT Electric Guitar Exams?
Help me please...?
where can find sheet music for "Start Of Something New" for the piano?
Is It Easy To Learn To Play The Acoustic Guitar?
what is the sum of the measures? LIB ARTS?
I have been playing guitar for a year starting next week, what should i know how to play?
What script should I do for my drama exam!?!?!?
What's the best clarinet for me?
Is it proper theatre etiquette for the director to bring unannounced guests to a closed production rehearsal?
Which is the best major--vocal performance, music education, or something else?
Will I enjoy music more if I play a musical instrument?
what song should i sing?
GART50QATRB Ibanez guitar review?
Where does creativity come from?
how good am i for a 14 year old on guitar?
Digidesign Eleven Rack?
What is the funniest 10 minute monologue?
Free band theory websites?
What do you think of my interpretive dance theatrical play idea?
I lost all my talent?
What do I need to do to become a talent agent?
what is a tiger-back violin?
Where to find Auditions in Australia?
hey dose anyone knows anything abt horlicks wizkids???
How long would it take to perform all 38 Shakespeare plays in a row?
Good piano/sax music websites?
does anybody know any good songs to sing at a high school graduation?
Guitar advise?
How can I prepare for gymnastics?
guitar problems?
A duet for two girls. Any voice part.?
Piano playing?
How to learn the D scale, C scale, and Chromatic quickly on the flutes, within an hour?
I really want to be a model, I don't know where to start though?
Selling antares acoustic guitar wats price?
alexandra bynre phantom of the opera 2004?
Shred Guitar gear setup?
Violin: How to play left hand pizzicato in Souvenir de Sarasate by Potstock?
Why are so many people "drop tuning" their guitars?
Blue lake camp first day?
would you class Pocahantas (spellng) as a musical?
17 year old wanting to work internationally?
Why do so many beginner guitarists want dreadnought guitars?
what would be a cool name for a magician?
What is a good Musicals for a high school production?
what is billy joel doing these days?
How to get my arabesque higher?
Squier Affinity quality?
how does david copperfield 'fly'?
Is it legal to play guitar at a public place in India?
Black stuff on/inside my flute, how to clean?
What is a good idea too put on band tee shirts?
cheap guitar?
My neighbour asked me to shut the hell up when I was practising my flute.?
what's the best way to remember trombone slide positions?
What is a good intermediate violin?
I want to be a comedian. ?
Are these percussion instruments tuned or untuned?
Versatile Guitar in 500-700 range?
What instrument should I play?
I want to be in a circus how can I get in one?
learning keyboard..?
Did you see the pornography on big brother to-night Mon 30th July?
what is a good website to buy cheap concert tickets last minute?
Improving a Marching Band?
Do I have a cheaply made violin?
Fender Jaguar for metal?
Where can I get a copy of a RR Flying V?
HELP?! Panicing! Performance..?
1st Clarinet question? Is it harder than the other parts?
who is/was the greatest stand up comedian ever, in your opinion?
Is Mamma Mia a good song for an audition?
Do you like to dance & sing like no one is watching?
Stage Fright? Any help appreciated!!!?
Any clarinet players out there?
What types of magic tricks would you reccommend for a Garden/ Lawn Party?
whats your favorite broadway play?
Can you put nylon strings (or other softer strings) on an acoustic guitar?
Feedback for Improvement?
About Tesoro Mio Waltz?
Should I tell my parents that I want to be an actress?
How should i upgrade my pdp z5?
What would be a good audition song for me?
My first rap, please give me you feedback!!?
does anyone know any good emo/screamo bands?
should i buy a yamaha F36S guitar ?
How do you go about starting your own Rennaisance Faire?
how to start listening and enjoying classical music.?
How to play the guitar?
is the Randall rg200 guitar amp good for playing metallica, megadeth, iron maiden, etc.?
how did aalya die?
wat 2 where on a violin recital???
Any alto sax suggestions?
What do the metal knobs do on a guitar???
Funny monologues for pre teen girls?
I can't sing?
Who's the most popular singer in the united states these days?
what the heck IS this!?
What bass drum pedals can you recommend for Rush, Dream Theater and fusion type drumming?
why should you do a focussing technique before you perform?
!!!!!!!help my guitar gets out of tune after doing a bend or using the whammy, how can i fix this?????????????
how does the music for movies get chosen?
i wanna start writting songs-what should i write about :S?
To experienced guitarists out there... from experience would you say this is a good guitar for a beginner?
Getting into the Curtis Institute?
Where can i learn to read music sheet( Violin ) ?
What musical instrument makes the canons in Tchaikovsky's 1812 overture?
Do you have a suggestion for two females who need to perform a fun song/dance number?
What to sing and wear at my America's Got Talent audition ?
Should I get a guitar teacher or self teach myself?
what is your talent?
how do you play F chord on the guitar?
How do download songs performed on America's Got Talent?
How can you tell what string is each on guitar if you don't have the strings packed in order ?
what is the bass that Flea used for stadium arcadium?
tips for doing a bridge kickover?
What guitar would be best for a beginner?
I want to learn how to play the piano.?
Is it OK to clean your instrument's strings (on a cello, viola, or violin) with 70% isopropyl alcohol?
What can you do to get fast at moving your finger and better at guitar?
in the little mermaid on broadway i saw the cast recording-are they lip syncing on stage?
How can i meet bway acters take pictures, get autographs??
How to perform the perfect murder?
Average dimensions of a guitar?
Another aspect to a Resolved Question?
Male Exotic Dancer needed in Soledad, CA?
I'm 16 , am i late to start playing guitar ?
how long does a givson acoustic guitar last?
how many hours do you practise guitar a day?
where did the saying "Break a leg "originally come from and why do we say it before a theatre perfomance!
Where can i find a great broadway Layout 4 myspace?
Are Lazzaro clarinets any good?
I want to sing but Don't know if i'm good enough.?
Does the book "Fiddle Time Joggers" show the fingering positions?
Should I play oboe or alto sax?
Okay Can Anyone Help Me Find A Specific Acoustic Guitar?
What clothing would be appropriate for a colorguard audition?
where can i find the guitar tablature for karu by Setenced?
Is this a cello or a double bass?
America's got talent help please!? Where does the melody begin?
Should I start playing the drums or guitar?
Free performance plays for the classroom?
Can you please give me your opinion on my Piano playing?
How do you pronounce Fur Elise?
Are there any good upbeat duets that are fairly new?
What relationships exist between drama, theatre, and the musical?
what is falsetto?
Should I make the switch from Vandoren to Rico reeds? (Clarinet)?
How do i learn to play guitar?
cigarette for beginner?
Ideas for a school music show?
Favorite Bands?
What's your talent??
what is an octave in a piano scale?
How do you develop advanced tone recognition?
what is the difference between a philoharmic orchestra, and a symphony orchestra?
What is the best los angeles acting school?
are you a screenwriter?
When a magician makes someone disapear, where do they go?
How do you like my mime impression? (see inside for details....)?
Why does my throat hurt when i sing?
Wireless bass guitar system?
Any violin/viola/cello/bass players out here on this site????
does anyone know the guitar chords to ethan gold's our love is beautiful?
What do i need to play guitar?
Help: I had a horrible improv experience. (long)?
Where Can I find the script to the play Copenhagen?
Musical Keyboard?
What are some good beginner guitar songs?
To find Brunei Darussalam tradisional lyrics song.?
What vocalist can melt you into romance when you hear them sing?
What Is The Name Of The technique that we can stand, walk and fly in air or without using any type of machines?
followup to my Opera question what if there was a person that made you find a new found love for classical?
Can Anybody help me!!??
How to overcome stage fright of playing piano?
Is it okay for an alto to sing descant?
I need help with the piano part for my composition?
how to teach myself how to play..?
How can i become less shy making speechs infront of a audience?
Best acoustic guitar to buy?
Answer this right!?
The Ballad of Pepper Pete.. help please?
Auditioning to become a dance/theater major?
Does anybody play the flute?
What kind of talents are needed to get a best answer ......?
New at marching band, please help?!!?
what are some good songs about love?
Any model/talent agencies near and or around san antonio texas?
I am 15 and am i to old to learn the guitar?
What are good songs to sing at a mother daughter dance?
what has your worst smell fart smelt like?
I don't know how to start my monologue?
How do I prepare to audition for the colorguard team and what should I be expected to do?
Please Help.?
when did the first Miss America pagent take place?
Anyone have any music festival advice?
how to make better tone quality on my flute when i play a high A?
Will it be hard for me to play the bass? (Experienced basses help me).?
Is the ukulele easy to learn to play?
How do i enter music competions?
Can anyone tell me the names of Donny Osmond's 2 brothers who don't sing?
What's the best way to play guitar better?
what liquid did they use to clean this flute in this video? (link description)?
Do you think im good at guitar?
Anyone know musicals with bass guitars in them?
How to play the guitar?
What kind of reputation does the Peabody Conservatory have? For instance, how does it compare to Eastman?
How much would I make playing guitar at venice beach?
Disco Inferno: How do these characters behave ?
Resources for playing guitar?
Do you love/respect everything thats living? And if so what do you consider to be alive?
Harry Styles shirtless picture?
I have practically NO talent, do you recommend anything for me to learn?
Do barre chords get easier?
why are there more notes on an organ than on a piano?
Is there Chinese love songs that are like american soap opera's or musical's?
Bio of Swedish opera singer Bridget Nielsen?
How can I get over this "nervousness"?
can someone help me identify and price my acustic?
Do you think the violin is a pleasant instrument to be heard? If yes, why?
Percussion Instruments???????
Programmable Drum Machine or fruity loops for drums?
Are there performing arts schools in the Philippines?
Juilliard Admissions?
do you play guitar?
Getting into acting help?
I am interested in screenwritting for a career, i have written several short films and was wondering how to go
How Do you play this guitar Tab?
school talent show this friday?
IS this trumpet good for the 6th grade.I need a cheap one.Check this one out..?
Cheap and Reasonable Belly dancing scarves?
how do i get a karaoke version of without love from hairspray?
What national arts programs are there?
Does anyone have or know wher to find the bass guitar tab for sign by flow?
How do I hit high notes?
Just sang horribly in public at open mic night. Now what?
What's your special talent?
how can i sing sweeter without sounding nasily?
What's the deal with Kathleen Battle, the Met's infamous soprano?
learning the drums?
Who/What is the Vitruvian Man? .....?
can "popular" from wicked be sung as a solo?
Ah!!! You've just become...?
whats are the qualifications for the audition at dsp entertainment? is it ok if ur not korean?
understanding rhythm in music?
upenn music camp?
What makes someone a good pianist and music reader?
How do you properly position your picking hand while playing the guitar?
How does one learn how to sing hardcore?
Audition Song for Girls?!?!?
How much should I sell my guitar for?
What grade/level is this ?(viola)?
How Important Is It To Warm Up Properly?!?
Looking for 12 tone jazz composer Ed-last name begins with F?
Is being able to play guitar really a turn on, girls?
Can anyone join the Screen Actors Guild if they pay?
Are Dean guitars good guitars?
how do i make it were my hand slides down my guitar neck faster?
How would you feel if?
how can i hannah montana backup dancer?
What are some exercises that would help me to increase my vocal ability to do riffs, runs, trills, scats & etc
why or how did william shakespeare die?
What does yg entertainment audition likely like , need to perform dance or sing ?
I need the artist and song?
in your opinion, what is the best piece of music from cirque du soleil?
What are some good tips for auditioning for a television commercial?
How does a great illusionist make an elephant disappear?
where do they study Ukrainian as a foreign language?
Is there a "perfect" vocal exercise for my voice?
What's should I call my fans?
Any flutists out there? Please help as fast as possible! Thank you!?
How do u change pitches/ play the french horn?
What kind of make-up should a guy wear onstage?
is there a performing arts school outside of Milwaukee in southeastern Wisconsin?
I you use the restroom at a friends house and just HAVE to dump a raw one, what do you do?
Having trouble playing part of my audition piece!? (Flute)?
how to use the diaphram to sing?
song for a winterguard ensemble?
Is 15 too old to learn how to play guitar?
what is a swansong?
Fixing my clarinet, how much will it cost?
i need a open mic to start off my career, where do i go?(san diego)?
"Best" beginner bass guitar?
How is it that Patti LuPone never gets in trouble for stealing costumes?
How do I get to be an extra in movies???
how to find list of metallica songs?
anyone know a great performing arts school that's in L.A.?
Have no time for guitar?
how do i make a pinata without a baloon?
How can i increase my guitar skills fast?
How to name a guitar chord?
Does this sound familar to anyone: Oh (unknown) you & your wise craks ...?
Help! Cello Audition Music Needed for College Audition and Question?
Is it bad to clean your guitars body frequently?
monologues for an audition?
Vocal and Guitar Lessons?
can you tell me if my voice is good?
Do you have jazz guitar chords or tab for "Memories" from musical "cats"?
Transpose music for Bb instrument to Eb instrument?
What is the proper way to breathe when you sing????
What are some MANLY songs to play on an acoustic guitar?
Guitar amp HELP? =]?
What percentage of music majors make it to soundtrack performance?
List of natural talents?
How to train arms and hands for marching snare?
how do i know if i will be good at guitar?
What are some good musicals for high schools?
How did Native Americans originally make their Musical Flutes?
Performing arts colleges?
What techniques does a person use to paly a shakespeare character? Henry IV specifically.?
Why should children explore the performing arts? Should they be devoted to practical subjects (maths/science)?
Would "Stupid Cupid" be a good song to audition for middle school chorus?
Where are some websites or videos to help me become a better drum major all around?
Clarinet Reed question!?
What qualities are needed to become a professional stand-up comedian?
Could I still have a career in the performing arts field?
What is a good starter acoustic guitar to buy a 44 year old male who is a serious music buff and 6'4"?
how much is a yamaha snare drum and glockenspiel worth.?
does barbizon cost money?
do girls like guys that can play gutair?
I love to sing but i don't know how to tell my parents?
Good talent show songs for alto voice?
How do I play my instrument more emotionally&heartfelt? I've been studying modes but they're not 100% helping.
Good acoustic guitar songs?
Do I have to have a guitar AMP in order to plug my headphones (with a 6.5mm plug) to my guitar?
I need help with music please!?
How much will this guitar sell for?
Thoroughly Modern Millie Audition Song!?
Is there a spiritual music section anywhere at Answers?
Has anyone heard that opera singers Jessye Norman or Kathleen Battle suffer from some form of mental illness?
Backstory to Heaven's Light Steven Reineke?
What dance style can be turned into a Martial Art?
good place to practice with no money?
Violin or Viola??????
Seeking backers for an original production which I wish to stage as an Off Broadway production,?
TRUTH DRUMS - When you order bass/toms/snare do they come with legs or a snare stand?
Andrea Bocelli. The finest tenor ever?
guitar lessons....????????????
What are some websites you can go to. To get whole songs?
What is your favourite Stephen Sondheim musical?
where can i find some free wallpapers ?
what bands were around in the 1950s?
Which frets do I play?
Requirements to be a Disney Princess!?
Where are good places to hide a script?
If your a singer and you have a Youtube page....?
Does anyone know where I can purchase a DVD copy of Philip Glass's opera, "Waiting for the Barbarians"?
How to get a SAG number?
Where can I get easy sheet music to practice my readings?
Are there any dance studios in Washington, DC that teaches ballet or hip- hop?
Audition Song for Belter up to B flat?
I want to become a hip hop dancer?
Question for acoustic guitar owners?
What exactly happens at a Drama School audition?
Whts a good one minute hyper, fast talking monologue?
Could somebody help identify what scale this is? (guitar)?
When playing finger style guitar, is it alright if i keep my pinky on the pick guard and just use my other 4?
Poll: Can you name more than two songs by Queen (band) ?
Is learning to play the guitar really as ridiculously hard as it seems?
what time does the oscars start?
How to make a career out of playing clarinet?
I have just turned 17. Am i too old to start learning guitar?
How do you get discovered if you have talent?
What's my voice type? (female)?
Will switching from a plastic to bone saddle, and plastic to ivory or wood pins enhance a guitar's sound?
Tips for getting over stage fright and strengthening your voice?
can anyone define modern drama?
what is a great 2 minute monologue about lust, heart break or death?
what is rennaisance?
What's Shakespeare's greatest play?
Any good websites that allow you to download short clips that teach swing dancing?
What's a better place to start a music career?
Marching band solo audition?
What are some good solo songs to learn on guitar?
Please Help me. I want to model or act and sing. If anyone is looking for models extras or singers message me!?
Will I be able to play one of the lead roles in my arts center's version of "Guys And Dolls"?
does anyone know how to become a music writer for films?
Buying a guitar help?
CAn I sing at all?
where can i get free acoutsic guitar lessons online?
Music notes on guitar?
what are some good brands?
I have been playing guitar for a year, when should i start writing my own songs?
Does the Sterling By Music Man JP50 guitar have a floating tremolo?
I need keyboard help?
how many musical instruments do you own?
Where can I get a cheap capo in Singapore?
I know how to play the cello very well, but want to learn how to play the guitar?
Does anyone know how to make backing music when I can't play any instruments ?
Is it possible to learn oboe on my own? How can I succeed without lessons?
Any body can help me where to download free sheet music of John Williams Schindler's list for guitar?
How can I learn a monologue overnight?
can you develop a music career without learning to read notes?
What are good website for self learning guitar....?
Is BC Rich a good guitar brand?
what is your favorite broadway show?
Teach yourself violin? Help???
Is it better to have a talent agency or agent?
Why did david blaine freeze himself??????
Where can i find the acoustic tab for flyleaf's fully alive?
ok i am 17 and i just wrote a song please please please tell me what you think and PLEASE be honest!!!!!!!!!!!
Planning to major in Fine Arts, is it a mistake?! Please Help!?
Can you lose skill from not practicing a instrument over a summer?
I did something so crazy need help.....?
Can you put Steel strings on a classical guitar?
Do guitar necks warp if all strings are removed?
need to get a good violin you know where?? i live in jersey city, nj?
Whats the hardest instrument to play?
What is a monolog?
Should I play the viola or violin?
What is a good solo piece for clarinet auditions?
tell me about WARN CURTAINS which is a drama technique?
Does anyone have a recording of the E! True Hollywood Story on Dirty Dancing?
What do I need to know for colorguard?
Can anybody help me find a good agent? acting script help?
i need some ideas for a theme around the color green for a camp, please help, last year was the green beret's
is 18 too late to become a contortionist?
is vannesa anne hudgens a better singer than raven symone?
Does anybody know where i could get drum sheet music?
is big bird a person or a puppet?
Basic things i need to know before i start to play the guitar...?
A dean acoustic or standard steel string flattop acoustic guitar?
How does a Disney Character Look-Alike Audition go?
has anyone ever ridden on a stage trapdoor/elevator?
does anyone know of a good singing instruction album that you could buy on itunes?
college audition monologues?
Musical equipment (mixers)?
Theatre summer camps?
Arts RESCUE needed!! How do I make exposed Grahams become harder?
I'm getting a Greg Bennett GD100S at Rs.7000.I'm going to start learning guitar,so should I take it?
Good cello exercises?
Any potential to sing well?
clarinet and saxophone...same keys??
the video when people are outsideof a part and there eyes are glowing?
do u think getting a biz degree is better than engineering?
Is there any other music that would be well suited at a Sweet 16 other than...?
i did amazing in my audition but didnt get a callback. why might this be?
Easy songs to sing?
is a dean vedetta electric guitar good? its my first electric guitar?
What to wear to an honors band audition?
How Do You Sing Good?
How do you learn how to play the piano?
How easy is the ukulele?
How can I get a headshot for free or very little money?
What is your favorite Broadway Musical?
I need a monologue for a 14 year old male. HELP!?
I can't do a backbend plz help?
Can a player with asthma learn to play a wind instrument ?
what are the rules for making a repertoire list?!?
Is OCHSA hard to get into?
am i too old to learn to play piano/keyboard?
what is marilyn monroe's voice type?
HELP Me...i have no voice...?
Siegfried or Roy?
what is a monologue i can use to audition for the play "crimes of heart"?
What kind of guitar do you have?
Does anybody else play the flute?
Is it safe to give credit card info to this online music book store?
A magic trick performed by Santa Clara Vangaurd Marchingband?
Can you please tell me what kind of ukulele she is using?
How do I unstick a piano key that sticks?
Can someone tell me what exactly is being said here?
Learning to play guitar? Feel stupid.?
How do i become a comedian?
where can i get a copy of y tu mama tambien and dancer in the dark around metro manila?
Do you play a note in the left hand if it is still "held" by the right hand?
Question about modeling?
What are the softest acoustic guitar strings?
Decent priced guitars?
did all of J.S. Bach's flute sonatas have basso continuo?
Bands sell out after their rise to fame?
What to do about severe stage fright?
Where can I get the 5012 DW upgrade pedal for my DW 7000 pedal?
how can i strech my voice range?
How much is my bass guitar worth?
Crazy for You musical character question?
Does anyone know of the band good charlotte? It's punk-rock if that helps.?
My guitar strap?
drum kit for a beginner drummer?
Harmonizing question?
Does anyone know what channel 'the phantom of the opera' is on?
What exactly are the standards for an audition to become a voice major at a university (Shenandoah)?
I sing quietly, How can I sing louder and stronger?
Sing to sing in 2012 for talent show?
does any1 no where a 11 year old can get an agent 4 singing and acting?
Volume pots for an electric guitar?
What are good performance songs for a jazz/blues alto voice?
Where would I find about a classical singer Leene Louise?
good audition songs, pop,classic rock. ( NO MUSICAL SONGS!) for a17 year old girl, mezzo -alto ?????????please?
Where can I find professional monologues online?
Who is hoobastank?
What instrument do you play?
I want to be a performer but Im so shy!?
Are the producers of the new Broadway Grease going to use the second place finishers as understudies?
was there any one besides the rolling stones on the original jumpin jack flash?
Convertible Double Bass Pedals?
Is their anyone who can teach me how to play the guitar quick on Killeen?
Buying guitar strings....?
Who are all these NYC hipster/scene people?
Why are instruments made in different keys?
First electric-acoustic guitar made?
Is there any dance classes in Los Angeles that teaches kpop dances?
Should I learn to play the violin or the cello?
What should I sing for my school talent show?
What do you think of my new song?
Good Guitar Tabs for beginners?
Schumann's Arabesque in C major: Written for Clara?
Funeral songs?
Is it normal to not feel anything when playing the guitar?
Guitar book for beginners?
What website is there where I can listen to the Beatles year by year Christmas recordings?
Help finding a monologue?
Whats your opinion on this voice?
Are you a voice artist?
Need help with wiring Bass cabinets?
tips for seating auditions?
what do you do with a cat that has cancer but you don't want to put him down?
How do you play sharps on the piano? ?
What is a good type of electronic drums?
What instruments are used in Peter Tchaikovsky's The Nuter-Waltz of the Snowflakes?
Do you play a musical instrument? If so, which one?
How does a vocalist "touch" your senses?
local violin leasons?
can most good musicians also sing well?
What are flute pads made out of?
Who else here enjoys playing a musical instrument?
In addition to guidance, should a conductor also be a showman?
Is Jackson Pollock still alive?
What type of guitar strings should I buy?
the best clarinet model?
How to make playing acoustic guitar less hard on my fingers?
who invented classical tutus?
Where can I find free sheet music downloads from broadway musicals?
Are chords considered melody or harmony?
i LOVE to sing...but i cant sing good?
My friend and I are looking for something to do at our school's "Turkey Bowl", where teachers play football...
Music for Finian's Rainbow?
Lion King on Broadway seats?
give me songs that i can sing really badly, loudly, while crying?
What should i sing for my school talent show, Baby girl by Sugar land or Love story by Taylor Swift?
What songs could we use for our student vs teacher sing off?
how can i become famous like fred?
Favorite songs from Musicals?
need some good songs, any ideas?
Any advice for song writing?
Do you guitar players their fingers?
O Holy Night flute notes?
Where can I find free viola sheet music?
Easiest guitar question ever? Haven't played in 5 years?
How do I get an agent?
Guitar help please!?
does singin in the shower help ur voice?
Does anyone know how much the price range for a Vatelot viola is?
Disco Inferno: How do these characters behave ?
Guitar for an intermediate player?
Please help, this is my career!!!?
Is Mill Gibson Being punished for making anti governament or religiously controversial movies?
I Say Drum, You Say..?
I'd love to learn an instrument, but can't decide between the guitar or the piano?
Do you have to audition to get in to the Leinster School of Music and Drama in Ireland?
Where is the best place to purchase an erhu?
Why is my clarinet perfectly in tune when the barell is out about half a centimeter?
what songs should i choose for this audition?
How do I become a successful music producer?
can a shark tooth be used as a guitar pick?
is it easy to learn guitar on the internet?
What songs are good to learn for classical guitar.?
learning to play the guitar... bruised finger tips!?
Singing advice please help?
What award has a man holding up a star as a trophy?
lame names for a circus?
How tall should my drum major mace be?
What instrument do you play?
What songs does Dorthy sing in the musical "The Wizard Of OZ"?
Which acoustic / semi bass?
what is the name of the happy/sad face opera masks?
Intelligence is what intelligence does...have you seen any good performances recently?
I want to learn guitar?
For my situation, would it be wise to switch from double bass to cello?
Is it revealed in Phantom Of The Opera that the Phantom's name is Erik?
I love to sing but i don't know how to tell my parents?
My singing?
is there any good girl band names?
Is this a good beginner guitar?
what is a good book to learn to play the guitar?
Is tuning back and forth from Drop C and standard bad for a classical guitar?
Please WATCH this VIDEO and tell me WHAT YOU THINK?
Popular songs for clarinet?
Hands too small for the fretboard of my guitar?
Is Douglas a good guitar brand?
marching band?
How can i develop a great singing voice in a few months?
How do i keep my lips from getting tired while playing oboe?
how do you make yourself cry on stage?
What sources are good to teach myself bass?
would love to learn how to play the steal drums.!?
Is there a way to drain the spit out of a stuck French Horn slide?
Which is the A and which is the D string?
Why don't people take an all girl's show choir as seriously?
Should I get a new vocal teacher?
What should I be doing to practice?
Do you think that guitarist who play the soft romantic songs to atract girls are a insult to all guitarist?
how often do you tune your guitar?
when is love become a magic?
Phantom of the opera fireworks show?
Self teaching myself the acoustic guitar?
what are the most nudest romantic animes ever?
Who was Robert Johnson?
Are there any operas that have been originally written in English?
what r sum tips on keeping ur vocal chords healthy?
Does anybody know of some great rock pop tunes that could be 'air banded/guitar' to?
Romeo and Juliet (Don't have to have read the play) question. please help!?
is romeo and Juliet really that good of a story?
TC Electronics or Alesis effects?
Dancing, modeling, acting, or basketball?
how a painter can become a femous painter?
does anyone know any ideas for a gluttony pantomime monologue?
a good website for acoustic guitar lessons?...Just starting?
What was the last theatre show you were in or attended?
How is it possible for criss angel to levitate people at home? magicians i need you?
Suggestions for audition songs :)?
I really want to get in to acting!!!HELP!!!!!!!?
fire staffing and poi?
My fellow guitar players...?
Is there a mode I should learn first on guitar?
how do you become classically trained on the piano?