Performing Arts

Is there any other shows in Los Angeles that are similar to the Punany Poets?
Can someone PLEASE give me screenwriting tips?
Shy but wanting to start a band?
How to sound good as a band live?
Ginger Baker Drum set.?
Looking for a solo song: female, beautiful, broadway!?
What is common among Shakespeare tragedies? What happens to the hero in the end?What moral do we get from?
What should I sing to my show choir audition?
Whts a good one minute hyper, fast talking monologue?
I need a song i can sing and play for this years talent show?
Drummers. I have a two bass drum question.?
Who is the highest soprano in the world?
how to shred on a guitar?
What is the longest electric bass solo on record?
fouette en tournant? how the heck?
What effects/pedals does Doug Wimbish use to play the main bass tune for 'Quasimodo'?
Bye Bye Birdie audition song?
On guitar tabs, Capo 1 fret. Chord shape or actual Chord?
What double bass pedal does Matt traynor have?
What instruments were played by court musicians in Shakespeares Time?
Hard to play the guitar?
Did you ever wake up with them bullfrogs on your mind?
When playing the classical guitar, how do I know which (right hand) finger to use to play the note?
Need help with drag king ideas!?
how could the musical 'cell-block tango chicago' be described as distinctively visual?
why is it so hard to find dancers for a crew in the south?
A good 16th-17th century opera solo for an alto/second soprano?
How are we going to explain to class that " how to make pom pom flowers" ?
is anyone a manager for singers???plz get back @ me...?
audition song,i need help fast,please?
Where can I find scripts to perform at a local theater?
How can i get over my stage fright?
Fiddle tabs?
What can I sing for my school talent show?
How do piano sight reading tests work?
Have any good Drama club themed shirt ideas?
how can i become an actress? i am good in acting.?
Should I quit choir or not?
how can i take the drums for starlight by muse using Fruit Loop Studio 9?
which is better? to go to juilie arts school of music or yale to become a lawyer like my father?
Percussion Music Help?
Question about music notes- black x?
are violins and fiddles the same instrument?
just a thought!!?
what are some good recent rockish songs?
Melodic minor scale any examples in popular use?
are the Nelson twins Gay?
is there such thing as Am tuning for guitar?
What's a good, popular upbeat pop-song I can sing? See details...?
can someone get me biographical information about Kirk Hammett?
Do the majorettes(baton twirlers) at your school wear a costume with sequins or one like the cheerleaders?
I wanna buy an acoustic guitar,any recommendations?
Is my guitars intonation off?
Is this a good guitar?
Performing arts middle schools in NJ or NY?
help i need an guitar?
what can i do to join the circus?
Is the Yamaha FG700S a decent beginner guitar?
Any tips/advice to get in Julliard or RADA for an aspiring 14 yr old?
Elvis Presley or the beatles?
i am left handed and i play the guitar right handed?
is it legal to get a movie script off the internet if so can somebody get me the lnk 2 the script of get smart
How long do you think it takes to become flexible?
What key or scale is this section of Puccini's Tosca in? - It sounds almost Jewish?
what shows do you recommend either on or off broadway this weeekend?
What was the name of the Wolfgang Amedus Mozart Masonic Lodge?
Singers only please.(Not Rock) What type of music do you like to sing, and why?
Tips for a blind guitarist?
Any Jugglers Out There?
How much do piano lessons cost in your country?
Idina Menzel "I Stand" Instrumental Music?
Why do kids learn musical instruments so much faster than adults?
What was Johnny Cash's vocal range?
I need a hilarious male comedic monologue lasting anywhere from 2 to 5 minutes.?
How do I go about finding out if I need a permit to be a street performer?
Where can i get my acoustic guitar neck fixed in Vic, Australia?!!?! 10 PTS!?
Where can I find the individual instrumental scores for the accompaniment of the Yellow River Piano concerto?
Help with my saxaphone?
i need sad drama pieces for forensics?
Contortion routine song?
What is a good girls piece?
What are Mary Margaret Vinmont's birth and death dates?
I'm looking for a good guitar company besides the obvious fender or gibson?
is nude dancing an art?
Im trying to think of some stage games to do whilst Im DJing?
Once I master the flute will it be hard to pick up on the piccolo?
Which type of guitar is better for learning Beatles songs?
Is it a good idea to homeschool if you want to make it to broadway?
Do you know any thing about Franz Peter Schubert I have a report?
What does a talent agent really do?
What microphone should I use?
Violin Finger Placement?
I need some feedback on if I can sing or not...but I don't know how to let you guys hear the song?
I'm 21 years old and find myself to old to start acting after finishing drama school?
What in you're opinion are the greatest eras of the theater?
Am I the only one who can play the D above the staff on oboe?
How does the solid breath magic trick work?
what musical is the song money money money by abba from???? PLEASE HELP?
performing artss audition?
Chromatic flute scale: Low C to Bb3?
What's a drum rudiment?
What instruments have the same fingering as flute?
How do i find the name of a dancer?
Is there anything i can put over my fingers to stop them from being sore(guitar)?
How do I get over stage fright?
What is the fastest way to learn how to play the guitar?
should I switch my handedness?
Does anyone know what electric acoustic guitar this person has?
Good Broadway Musicals??
How can I stop being so nervous when singing?
How can you tell if you can sing good or not?
Identify this guitar brand?
where did magic jonhson grow up?
how much would you pay for a guitar lesson?
Songs to play on guitar?
How do I know if I'm good enough to audition for a performing arts school?
What are some good recording arts schools in the U.S.?
Who are some awesome jazz trumpeters I can listen to on my iPod?
International Model Talent Association?
What is a good way to strengthen your voice?
What do you think of this poem?
How do you make a demo tape?
Can you name some rehearsal techniques for theatre?
how long does it take to learn to play the banjo?
Broadway duets?
How do I get over stage fright/nervousness?
When playing a gig, where do i look at the audience?
Guitar Nut width 1.81 Vs 1.88?
Who are famous Eb alto clarinet players?
Where can I find a private place to practice?
what does the following shakespeare line mean?
Do pro dancers make a good amount of cash?
My lips! Please help!?
How do use a mentronome?
I Play guitar, where would you rank me?
How much would my guitar cost?
Do you think dancers r athletic or lazy?
So if i major in visual arts and be in a metal band will it be like this?
What is the point of music during Cirque du Soleil?
how is my guitar progress after 6 months ?
More about Wicked?
Should I be a musician?
I Need help finding A song to sing for my school talent show.?
What should I charge for piano accompanist services to college students?
What should I know about stage makeup?
Rate my song lyrics please. is it ok?
what is the song Wicked Woman performed by the rock band Coven?
what is the difference between an opera and an oratorio?
How can I calm myself before an audition?
Is there a recording of Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 29 "Hammerklavier" actually played by that instrument?
is my singing good...?
can i sing how do i sound?
Found a Signet guitar, should I sell it?
How is my singing (please be honest)?
What kind of Double Violin Case should i buy?
I'd like to have a BFA in musical theatre?
candle making?
Star wars skit ideas?
help me choose an actress?
Performers: any tips on being expressive?
How do you put or drill holes in coins?
I can't sing and I want to do something emotional and expressive. Are there anything else so beautiful...?
Within how much time can I expect to hear the results in my playing after using a metronome?
How can I get an early start on a modeling career?
How do I become a comedian?
What are the different types of contract for an Actor?
Why do I like to listen to Johny Cash and Dolly Parton during these particular times???
What is the most difficult instrument to learn?
Why do people hate on Glee?
What do you think about culturally specific theatre/film?
should i get a pickguard for pickguard-less acoustic guitar?
Could I have some advice on choosing between these three electric guitars?
What company makes the instrument books for school bands?
Any Squier Strat Mod/Upgrade Ideas?
What chiddy bang has a willy wonka intro?
Thoughts on staging Mary Zimmerman's Metamorphasis.?
Will there ever be a 4th INDIANA JONES movie? If so, would Spielberg, Lucas, and Ford want to do one?
what liquid did they use to clean this flute in this video? (link description)?
if i sing RandB,Pop and Hip Hop were can i find someone that can help me get sign?
how would you define theater arts from your own perspective?
What instruments did or do you play?
can i still improve? ~piano~?
What we call a piano that can also play/produce sound of flute, guitar, violin etc.?
I want to buy an acoustic guitar, any suggestions in terms of price and model?
Is sending Poop in the mail illeagle?
How to paint a black felt hat?
What are the notes for these scales?
How much are nuter tickets?
Does Victor Wooten give private lessons?
Electric Guitar Experts (sound)?
Who was the first black broadway star?
Does anyone know a song that i could sing to audition for the part of Phila in A funny thing happened on the?
what are the golden seats box at the First Midwest Bank Center in Tinley Park IL?
Can I sing I want to get into LaGuardia?
I can't do a backbend!?
What are good techniques to refrain from voice strain?
Should I quit 2nd semester band (drumline) my senior year?
Learning and buying a violin?
Is this duet composition for cello and violin good?
How do I avoid "the shakes", both vocally and physically, when I'm trying to perform?
What else do I need for guitar?
How do I learn to sing like her?
Can you use guitar pick earrings to play guitar?
I want to know the lyrics to an arabic song called 'men like' by Aline khalaf?
How much should it cost to refurbish a flute?
Do you need a microphone to perform acoustic instruments in large places?
best violin case for travel?
Anyone who plays Acoustic Guitar?
Early entry for the wiltern theater? (concerts)?
A duet for boy/girl (friends)?
Where can I find Steve Martin's two Oscar Monologue's 2000, 2002?
Does anyone have advice for easing nerves before an audition?
Iron maiden or Metallica and why? :)?
Ibanez IJAE5BK jam pack or Fender FA-130 Acoustic/Electric Pack?
Cheap Violins in Long Beach ,California?
Who was a theory teacher at Moscow Conservatory when a benefctress named van Meck?
Does it sound gay to say i like to sing???
i need help with stage fright!?
Switching from flute to oboe, any tips?
learning guitar by ear?
Bagpipes do you love the sound of them?
Okay so... good broadway song for a baritone...preferably upbeat?
Did Gram Parsons acctually write "Wild Horses" by The Rolling Stones?
what to do to avoid the sticking of the wax in a mould when i pour it?
playing two trumpets at once?
how do you sighn up for americas got talent?????
When are SmartMusic due dates? What time?
How to press to guitar stings down with double jointed fingers?
what is that song in step up 1?
Can I pug my amp into a cab?
Where can I learn how to play the guitar online?
O2 Academy question? Really confused?
How can I make my voice pure and innocent when I sing?
i have to sing tomorow.....what can i do to not loose it over night!?....and should i warm up in the morning!?
How do you play spicatto?
Know any good guitar solos I can learn to play?
Who originally wrote the music for the musical Phantom of the Opera?
Can you become a high school cheerleader even though your not flexible at all ?
What should I do to prepare for a one hour singing concert?
How much should I charge to accompany an opera singer?
how to develop skills and techniques in choreography and dance?
Are you for Hip-Hop or for Metal?
Can I play the Sousaphone with scholiosis?
acoustic or classic guitar?
HELP!! I have auditions tomorrow!!!!!!?
Who wrote the play "Ascension Day"?
Harmonica Players... here's a rookie that needs your help?
What song to do for my Solo Performance Music GCSE year 10?
Anyone know the song that starts: Amedus Mozart had a lovely little go cart?
tips for marching baritone?
what kind of guitar is this?
What should I wear to my Governor School audition?
What is the best way 2 memorize a play?
Does anyone know a good audition piece for an alto?
what was the actors name who played the villan in "Sleeping with the enemy"?
When do you know when you are in your last stage?
how do u like my song?
Are there any decent monologues which are modern?
What is Falsetto? Please help!?
Crazy for You musical character question?
what is the different between preview and opening night of broadway performance?
How can I prove to everyone that my talent will not go to waste?
How do you not sing in your nose?
What is the best way to become a movie/tv extra?
Do you eventually get better at guitar?
Why are you not supposed to eat dairy before you sing?
how do i loose my voice?
Where is "Tango" dance from?!?!?!... Finland or Argentina!?!??!...?
Violin or viola?
I am looking for free short monologues for my 11th year old daughter, can you help? Thanks,?
Are people in orchestra dorks?
Does anybody know where I can get the sheet music for beethoven virus??
Can I be a studio musician without a music degree?
When I play my violin, I can't keep my bow in the same place. How do I fix this?
What song should I sing for my audition? ?
Please let me know the amp settings for Wipeout by The Surfaris?
fire staffing and poi?
Should I continue using my cornet in my brass quintet?
I need a monologue ASAP!!!! 10 points!?
Good quality guitars for smaller fingers?
What do you think is the best musical?
What acoustic guitar songs to learn?
Can't decide whether to learn to play the Guitar?
Where to get tabs for an acoustic version of "end of the line"?
What song should I sing for a talent show?
What are some cool talents to learn?
Don't know what type of strings to get for guitar...?
Do you really think the violinist Paganini sold his soul to the devil?
Please help me find this monologue?
Arm hurts when playing guitar?
What ukelele should I buy?
Can someone teach me how to sing?
How much money can you make in an orchestra?
what guitar does breaking benjamin use in "until the end" ?
What is your special talent?
Is nickel back still playing?
When do I lift the sustain pedal?
Book Of Mormon or Avenue Q?
when u study music at college, do u have to know how to play the instrument already?
If you could live anywhere in the world? And with whom would you live?
what is the background story to Peter Grimes?
I wanna play in xxx movies.?
Is the Alto Clarinet more popular in college-level ensembles?
Any that plays keyboard/piano and fan of queen?
In Wicked the musical, Elpeba flies during the song "Defying Gravity" How is this done?
What's a good stage name?
who to impersonate ??????????????
what r fun songs to play on guitar?
can you hold this simple finger position on the guitar?
Should I tell my parents that I want to be an actress?
what are the career options in arts feild?
Ibanez or Squier Bass Guitar?
Phantom of the Opera Novel?
How to play the mandolin part for Losing my Religion by REM?
how can you make money as a dancer?
What does a guitar delay pedal really do?
Instruments To Play? : Ukulele?
Are DC Pro saxophone good quality?
whats the best home based business?
how do i read this tab confused?
What songs does frank ocean sing in?
Why do colleges only teach Classical Guitar? Is it something good to learn and not chords or jazz or blues?
is clarinet better or saxaphone?
In one word, tell me or describe to me, what the universe IS?
How can I modify my Conch Horn to play a full scale?
how Do I make money Fast If I am !3 And I have No Talent?
where can i enter a singing contest in az and win or try to win?
who is the artist manager for Bon Jovi?
how do i get this sound from my guitar?
Understanding hipsters :S?
I really want to learn to play the cello...?
What do I do about my amp?
I am looking for a club in the detroit area that features male dancers as I am having a bachelorette gig?
Audition tips? Easy ten points?
BOSS Heavy Metal HM 2?
do you think these are good dancers?
Would this be effective?
I want to play piano for a church?
What are some easy songs to learn to play on electric guitar ?.?
What is the perfect piece for a tenor solo?
Hi! I'm searching for violin arabic solos. Anyone know where I can download some music sheets/ scores?
Are there any websites with songs to play for violin?
are guitars any good?
In acting, what are they referring to when someone is "chewing up the scenery"?
Is this stage fright or something more?? Advice, tips, recommendations, anything?
is it easy to learn flute if you know sax?
Increasing vocal range(for a girl)?
How long does it take to become a competent pianist?
How can i know the functions of a director in connection with tryout and casting?
should i give up on guitar?
What could my stage name be?
americas got talent?
i am trying to think of a title for my dance recital we are using music from various television shows?
Drama Schools???????????
What do you think of my guitar pro. tabs on ?
i am in namiss this 2007 year im scared its in 2 days what should i do?
What is a good musical to do with two major male leads.?
Why are violin bows so expensive?
do you know any love songs?
What national arts programs are there?
How do you write a script and/or screenplay?
I am learning how to play electric guitar but cant get the hang of it?
Plays by Whitney Ryan Garrity?
How long should I practise guitar if I want to make a career out of it?
Dance at UC Davis on 4-20 to 23 2006 Information, please?
Changing guitar strings?
is this guitar legit??!!!?
cool baritone section shirt ideas?
Some good songs to play on guitar?
Are Broadway Bootlegs Copyright Infringement?
What is the hardest song to sing?
Am I pretty enough?? Pics included?
What is pakhawaj?
what type of doctorate should i get if i wanna make music at a studio using all intruments in there?
Help! Arts award silver! What do I new to include?!?
I need ideas for a 1-2 minute long comedic pantomime?
How do you learn a whole opera role in one month????????
i have been looking every where to find guild D-25?
where will i find notes for playing flute ...i have a eight hole carnatic flute ...?
How do you work a metronome?
Good bands??????????????????
Why does the catholic religion have so much to hide and why would they care about "The DaVinci Code" ?
What would you say is the most important thing to become a pianist?
How do you two different things with your hands?
Question about MSOBA Solo and Ensemble?
stage fright, or life fright?
What is your favorite song to sing?
Can You Still Hire A Barbershop Quartet Type Group To Sing For Someone ?
Am I the only person who thinks that Bob Dylan is over-rated rubbish?
should I look at the guitar notes and play or what?
What instrument should I play?
Hi. I am going to buy an electric guitar and I would like some advice on which one to buy:?
What guitar, make, model and year does this serial code go with?
How long for a guitar to show wear?
Does any wiccans know if there is a loosing weight spell?
Should I get an acoustic guitar or keep my classical guitar?
can u give me tips on performing good in a debate?
where are the internet on line radios stations?
Drama research? Bluebeard help!?
Cool gifts for "Theatre Kids"? not too girly though...?
How do you produce a Black & White effect on stage?
stage fright, or life fright?
Electric guitar humbuckers?
What kind of stand do I need for a China cymbal?
who is better criss angel or david blaine?
How to master electric guitar without a teacher?
What would be a good song to sing for my dads wedding??
what color guitar is best?
Flute duet piece suggestions?
help with strumming pattern?10 points!!!!?
singing for talent show?
Was I out of line? I will tell you the situation with our guitar player & then tell you how I handled it. Our?
Winter Rpyale piano?
can u make a living as an actress in america?
Why did Fender make Stratocasters with screw in tremolo bars?
how long does wicked the musical last?
i want to learn how to play guitar . which should i get .?
Are there any good songs?
Do ok vocalist sound great in studio?
Anyone can answer this!!!?
What instrument looks good?
I need an extremely funny monologue!!! HELP!?
Which is a good acoustic/electric guitar to buy?
Helpful hints on playing high notes with a good tone on french horn? And maybe some help with double tonguing?
I want to play a guitar on stage but?
How much should I sell my used clarinet for?
I never learned how to tongue on the trombone!! HELP!!!?
Where can I get a blank sheet of music paper that I can add notes to, it will play those notes, continued.?
What genre do these bands play?
What Kind of Guitar Guitar Does Paco De Lucia Use?
Where can i find tenor drum music?
What is the difference between Aural and Oral?
Why do we close our eyes when we sing??
whats a good song to sing in my next teen pageant?
Hi everyone, what does my singing sound like?
Clarinet case?
What song should i sing for my solo?
Do gynecologists go to "girlie" shows?
emergency:i need to know right away!?
What Are Some Riffs For Guitar?
Who is the Architect of DRINA BRIDGE & In which century has been built it?
What makes the vibrato sound when people sing?
What state choir groups can I join?
What are some Theatrical songs?
whats a good song for a hiking mime?
Where can I find Free Loops?
Guitar help?
What is an easy guitar solo to learn for a beginner?
best scales to learn for an aspiring lead guitarist?
easy songs on acoustic guitar that impress girls?
I'm in ninth grade what is the normal high range for a ninth grader on the trumpet?
How difficult will it be to get into the Peabody Conservatory for flute?
What do you think about this guitar solo cover?
How do people beat box so well and how did you start?
How do i get rid my stage fright?
What are some good warm-ups for my voice?
Auditoning for Guys and Dolls- Need to gind a FEMALE solo or somg from 1940's to sing.?
I need a monologue?!?
What should my Stage name be for " The Voice "?
Is there medical proof that singing improves one's health and attitude?
can i be good at palying violin?
For all my broadway lovers, im looking for a solo male musical peice that i can DANCE to for a competition.?
What's a good song to sing for a solo competition?
Sometimes I think it would be nice to play the guitar, but I hesitate because every time I have tried ....?
I thinking of auditioning for meat in wwry, any tips?
How to get school to let me do this?
How can i become a backup dancer?
My grandmother used to tell me about Vaudeville. I would love to see one. Any suggestions?
Is a Mandolin a respected instrument (like the violin)?
How do I stop snapping strings on my brand new guitar?
Someone Help Calm My Nerves ... ???
resume and portraits for a ballet company?
What's your electric guitar? ?
Why do people hate mimes?
Musical Theatre Songs for Tenors?
Midsummer Night's Dream phrase question.?
is it too late for me to start?
how to write songs please help me i can sing very well an self taught my self guitar ann?
oboe high notes not working?
Why do drumers in marching bands tape their drum sticks?
What is the greatest Broadway play ever?
What are some easy songs to learn on guitar?
what to wear for an audition, 10 points best answer !!!! xx <3?
Can our primary school (UK) perform the musical 'Oliver' without breaking performance/copyright laws?
Suitable plots for the pilot episode of a high school drama series?
Do good guitar players play guitar hero?
What is a soliloquoy?
Making a gift for a pianist?
competition contemporary/jazz song for a duo with sisters?
How can I sing infront of a crowd?
Songs to play on guitar?
In the musical, "George M!," is the Director a large role?
Should I get out of it?
is 16 years old too late to start learning an instrument?
Is being able to play a musical instrument considered a talent?
Whats the difference between a Harmon Mute and a Extending Tube Mute?
Do you think I can still learn how to sing?
UMM....There's this contest??!!?!?!?!?!?
Are U interested in funding a big dance performance event in london in 2008. we need partners for this event.?
what is a good way to begin to learn how to play music?
What is my Broadway "Type"?
Acoustic Guitar Computer Recording?
i play the oboe. are their any other instruments with music similar to the oboe?
How can I convince my mom to allow me to play violin!?
I have a Trevor James flute and when I play.....?
How do i become a dancer?
Vince Gill sang Go rest high on that mountain, did he write it also?
What would be a good name for a record label?
what are some easy songs to learn on a acoustic guitar? i just started playing.?
Is muse modeling in Portland, Or. a good agency?
Is this a good Vocal Exercise?
what do you you when you lose hope?
After 20 years which country will be powerful in univers?
Yamaha CG192S Or Alhambra 4P?
About how many people are 13 at Walnut Hill's Summer Theater program?
How to get over stage fright?
Who ruined the World?
burlesque name help!?
first time buying guitar?
any one out there into jazz?
Do you like Chinese Opera?
lefty with a righty guitar that needs help?
I have to make an add containing english dialogues on any product.?
Can i still be a dancer?
HELP!!!!!! I'm having some marching band PROBLEMS?
MUSICALS WITH 2 Female Lead?
Are scales an essential part of learning how to play / write songs on guitar?
Why do my fingers tense up when playing the piano?
The Ballad of Pepper Pete.. help please?
Help! Which Talent!!?
Why do we close our eyes when we sing??
does actress lucy liu have breast implants?
What's the name of the violin technique where your finger moves the strings to make a vibrating sound?
Is there a school that focuses on the fine arts in vancouver?
What song should a big group of girls sing for a talent show?
Were can you get Indian instruments in Florida?
What should I name my guitar?
Dance audition requirements?
Planet Waves Guitar Strap: How do you get it on your guitar?!?
what college degree do i get to be a film actor?
Lyric Soprano here or not?
where is guitar classes in colaba or crawford market area?
How can I be drum major?
Is this a good girl group name?
How do I know what string to buy for my guitar?
How to sing crazy but in tune?
What instrument should i play?
guitar picks (read PLEASE)?
are there any colleges that major in performing and media arts? if so what are they?
Anyone want to wish me luck?
Can anyone reccomend me some pretty easy songs I could learn on acoustic guitar?
Good Monologue for class?
What is a contemperary monolouge and where can i find them for 12 year old boys?
When did it become cool for singers to sound like a stuttering robot getting sodomized.?
Challenging and really pretty songs to play on acoustic guitar?
Star spangled banner for Bb clarinet?
Audition Song for teenager help?
Where can i get a bass clarinet in good condition but cheap? ?
i need a monolouge for a female?
What is your favorite song on the Piano?
dit david copperfied got magic now . where he go now?
How can I exercise my fingers to moving from one guitar chord to another faster?
What tuning does metallica play in?
Where can I find the Reed 2 (clarinet) orchestra part for Fiddler on The Roof?
Where can I get the free music sheet for God Bless The Broken Road by Rascal Flatts?
I have a slight problem: I don't seem to be LEARNING the music. Any help?
what would you pay for a PRS CE22 guitar with damage?
High School Musical (HSM 06)?
what do you think about magic?
Does anyone know of a place in Memphis where I can rent a flute besides Amro?
can you inspire me to pik up my guitar and play? i need motivation.?
What kind of guitar is this?
When I was 14 an arts school told me I had no talent as a writer. Should I ever try to write again?
Help reading guitar tabs?
Could you tell me how could i be a singer?How can i start a career?What shall i do?Where shall i go?
What was Menander, the Greek dramatist comedian's, greatest work?
What should I wear for a costume for Pippin?
alto or tenor saxaphone?
How can a tenor get more power and better tone?
an essay on shaw's man and superman?
My soul your beats sheet music for trumpet?
What are some good songs that would help people what to become involved?
Any good colored clarinets?
Do you guys know of a website where you can auto tune your voice online?
Little mix what was jades audition song?
how big is a standard size electric guitar?
Ear protection for piccolos?
What are the first things to learn for jazz style guitar?
What is the best way to learn how to play the electric guitar?
What would you call someone who made it to the show from the auditions?
How can I sing popular music correctly and not sound like an opera singer?
What would be easier on a teen? Modeling or Acting?
Tips for putting emotion into this monologue?
How to fix muted/dead banjo tone?
Does Guitar Center sell Ukuleles?
A career as an Actor?
Could you give me an honest opinion about my singing voice. follow link to here me sing. Thankyou. xx?
Songs that are good examples of poetry?
do you eventually develop an ear for guitar and how soon?
Acoustic or Electric?
What instrument would you also want to learn how to play and why?
How to perform mask changing?
What advice does anyone have for a teen with a dream?
How do you create vibrato when playing the clarinet?
Musical theatre song choice for alto 17 yr old girl?
flute players help?
how is my guitar progress after 6 months ?
what gospel artist other than jeremy camp sings empty me?
What are some good music and acting (ones that have both are preferred) colleges in London?
What happens when God gives you a talent but you have no idea how to use it?
When will I develop calluses? (guitar)?
help from singers pls.?
Should music be a required course in grades 6 to 8? Why of why not?
I am to give a musical performance for the first time. Is it correct for me to bow or curtsey at the end?
Fighting Tips Please!! Help me! (bullys)?
Do you guys think OnSource Talent will get me some good opportunities?
My Clarinet Key Fell Off how can i fix it?
beginner guitar player....I can't play for too long cuz it hurts my do I solve that?
Where is the best place to sit when seeing a broadway musical?
How long until you can play Twinkle little star on the violin?
How can I make a duet??
What is the funniest 10 minute monologue?
why do you spend your whole life looking for someone when they have been there the whole time waiting for you?
Do acting classes help shy people?
Is is hard to learn how to play Guitar?
What ever happened to El Penfold the Mexican songwriter?
What are some good musicals?
What Colleges are best for a music degree in New York?
want to buy second-hand tuba?
How does one find a talent agent specializing in music?
Should I learn the Electric Violin or Acoustic Violin First?
Good beginners electric guitar?
how do you stay calm when performing?
Should I play Drums or Bass?
Where to restart on guitar?
What is a good songs to do a lyrical solo to?
What qualities does it take to be successful and famous in Hollywood?
What are the best brand of nylon strings?
Which musical instrument would be best for me to learn next?
what do you find offensive about Christians?
Can a horse rip off your arm?
Casting Agencies in the South West of England?
Is 10 sessions of 30-minute voice lessons better than 5 sessions of 1-hour voice lessons?
EMERGENCYY! i need a song by today for a tryout tomorrow!?
how much days,months or years requires to learn guitar?
Guitar and fusion jazz lovers. I am trying to find the name of a Flamenco/ Jazz player who became popular?
What should my stage name be?
How to read ukulele finger picking chord chart thing?
where can i learn about bar chords?
Would a £300 guitar be better than a £200?
Colorguard IS a sport!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
My lips get swollen from playing the trumpet?
What program should I use to teach myself to play the guitar?
Do you have to go to performing arts school to be an actor/actress ?
Is this guitar bag suitable for an Ibanez?
What key signature is this song in?
what song to sing to audition for female lead in grease?
Aspriring Comedian needs some advice?
What's the easiest musical instrument to learn and play?
What is better as a first guitar- electric or acoustic?
When my hands hurt playing bass guitar should i stop or play through it?
Could you name the most significant British and American playrights since 1945?
Are Clowns and Mimes brothers?
Guitar amp EQ question?
an isseu with my voice, cant sing as well i was able to before. plz help!?
What qualifications do you need to go on broadway in NYC?:)?
What will exactly happen to my guitar if I play it with out tuning it?
actress what go into getting ready for a rode?
How to find your voice?
Who is Minister Vitus Eze?
need help on 4-part writing?
What are good songs to sing for a talent show?
Marching bass drum help?
I'm feeling discouraged in my career in life as a guitarist?
What song should i sing?
Where can I find violin lessons in NYC?
Help with Liverpool accent?
Dance Solo?
Directing people so that their work is performed correctly and on time is called?
pls translate this french for me?
Where can I find the scipt for Lady of the Larkspur Lotion?
Does anyone know how to make those signs?
Help identifying a keyboard?
Do you have a talent?
sounds on a digital piano?
Whats better acting or singing and why?
(on sheet music) what is the C next to the treble clef (right where the time signature should be) called?
Good songs for a tenor to sing?
If given the chance to perform on stage, which would be your priority?
where does the actor , richard widmark live ?
What is the best guitar solo you have heard?
publication date Teddy Bear's Picnic?
Should I learn piano (keyboard) or guitar (acoustic)?
What is the difference between a violin & a fiddle?
What would be the best way to start a career as an actor?
Peavey Vypyr vs.Line 6 Spider IV?
Help - I can't play barre chords on the guitar?
Please can you describe to me the timbre of a double bass and a cello.?
what i have to do to propose a sweet girl bindh?
how can i become famous!!!!!!!!!?
how do I play sharps on an open string on guitar instrument?
Easy songs to learn on the Ukuelele?
Voice acting?
Should I take bass guitar lessons?
Takamine, Yamaha or Gibson?
What are some good guitar duo's for intermediate players?
HELP! How do you keep calm before performing?
Asymmetric Mouthpiece for Trumpet?
do you think it's wise to sing this song?
I have a naural ability to write songs and poems, but why am I so afraid to preform when someone ask?
please translate - ti amo?
How to deal with performance nervousness?
Tuning my electric bass?
How can I practice being louder?
What are good ways to get over stage fright?
Question about stage makeup?
Cello Suzuki/orchestra advice?
Describe beauty?
What guitar skill level is this?
clarinet troubles i think?
What's the best program to learn rock guitar?
Is This a decent setup to play heavy metal . Im on a pretty tight budget.?
WHat should a 10 year old girl sing for tryouts?
Fiddler on the Roof Audition Songs?
How can I send an Videotape audition on Disney California?
to impress a girl with the guitar, what song should I learn to play?
How much to Broadway performers get paid during rehearsal time?
Purchasing a Tenor Saxophone...?
How hard is it to learn flute and how much does it cost to rent?
Does anyone know where I can find the guitar chords for the song 'Hymn' by adiemus?
Musical Composition Copyright Question?
Different bass settings? Done through amp?What do they do?
Any long-haired, muse-smitten ladeez out there who can play an instrument, sing like a bird, and would like?
What should I do for my audition?
12 MAJOR scales prob!!!!!!!!!!!?
Band Camp Pranks!?!?!?
Classical favourites dressed up as pop songs: Hate 'em?
Scooby-doo monologue?
what kind of instrument should i learn?
What should i sing..?!?
If a Broadway song is in a songbook, is that song a published song?
Fun and girly soprano song?
Is argentina the land of tango?
International Model Talent Association?
How do I transpose bflat clarinet music to bassoon music?
Do I need to get licensing permission to record these songs?
is it easy to switch to saxophone from trumpet?
I need some...?
when im singing sometimes my voice just like cuts off specially when I get to the high part. It like cackles.?
Is it easier to play guitar or clarinet? Which one would you go for?
is playing the trombone hard?
Where to find a list of dancers?
what are the 3 main types of vocal music heard in a opera?
How can I learn more about Jimi Hendrix? ?
do the killers sing live and let die?
Should I learn trumpet?
What is a good song for a teenager to do a dance solo to?
what site can I hear the music from the play cats?
Where can i find stage and entrance props in spore?
Hey, who are some new smooth jazz artists today, (preferably sax and flute!)?
First Guitar(my first one)!?
where should i buy a sitar from in new delhi?
I never played the saxophone. I love soprano. Can I start on soprano?
Celebrities that might be good politicians?
Can anybody give me some fun songs to dance at my school's pep rally?
Is It to late for me to start learning?
i need sad drama pieces for forensics?
where can i get skillet piano music?
Performing arts and practical arts,are graduation requirements but what is this?
What pick do you use to play guitar/bass?
Is the Alto Clarinet more popular in college-level ensembles?
Kinnergarten Monologue?
Is there any way that I can recycle used drumsticks?
Guitar help: is there an alternate fingering for the F chord?
Do you play any instuments?
where can i get some sheet music to play on the violin?
How do I find out what famous or hard to find opera cds to buy if I don't know anything about opera?
My mother will not let me sing or act, at all! No choir, no lessons, nothing. Any suggestions?
What is a serious comedian?
Quit band & join choir?
Why does the Grammy Foundation need $800,000 of public money when it is run by millionaires?
What are the letters called when you write letters instead of music notes?
whats the starting song from america's best dance crew where all the teams danced on in episde 6 the broadway?
What is a good song to sing for a audition?
Easy audition songs for Zombie Prom?
Is a squier a good guitar?
Is there someone out there who would like to critique my SATB arrangement?
What to look for in a piano concerto?
what is the play hot mikado like?
i sing well. I wanna make my voice very sweet. how to maintain my voice.?
What song should I sing for my camp's talent show?
Do you play guitar?
Guitar Customisation Help?
do you have a short play on gratitude/ gratefulness?
how do you deliver an effective oration?
does anyone know where I can go to find beats or insturmentals?
how is this guy i know getting this attention?
what are the names of the different pitches? tenor, saprano, alto ,beartone, what else?
Guitar Pedals Question..?
When you play with the frog part of the bow on the violin, are you supposed to keep the hair straight?
Whats the difference between an acoustic and electric guitar?
im looking for the date and location of an upcoming elvis tribute show in bris?
Finger Callouses/Strength?
how fast is a 6 8 beat?
can anyone give me a new angle to look at "KABUKI"-- japanese theater. im writing a paper...?
Why can't I sing in front of people?
tell me that how can i improve my com skils , am a shy person.....?
Is it too late?
Should I play flute or piano?
a play for two teenage girls to see?
How do I sing in front of someone without being scared?
Are all the people on the leader board out of work?
Help! We need a name for our show choir!?
How do I sing better?
How should i upgrade my pdp z5?
how is this possible?
I need help on how to blow the F note for the flute?
What kind of Guitar is best for beginners?
Does anyone else feel like this when they hear music?
Did Ashley Deserve to go on Saturday?
Cirque du Soleil commerical song?
In DCI, why do some people hate the Blue Devils?
whats your talent?
Any open calls for a major movie??? In los angeles? Any good FREE open casting call websites..?
MUSICIANS: How important is it to be able to read sheet music?
Harness Equipment For Stage Show?
What should I do about this?
Whats the difference between the sound of a tom and a note on an stringed or key insturment?
Where can I find a good agent?
I'm 19, Ido you think it's too late to teach myself guitar?
what sites have info about the sounds of an orchestra and the sounds of a synth/keyboard?
What is YOUR definition of music?
Why do i cry when i sing?
So the talent show is coming up and I need a good monologue....?
How to further a young singer's chances of success?
Does anybody know what the musical accompaniment De Ushuaia a la quiaca by gustavo santolalla is about?
Suggestions on what to peform for Music GCSE Solo Peformance?
I lost my guitar pick, what do you recommend I use instead?
Can you get a record deal if you're a solo artist?
Why is my Alto Saxophone rusting after only four years of playing?
What do you think of my rendition of the US National Anthem ?
I need help on how to blow the F note for the flute?
Can I find a second hand silent piano in san francisco?
Is the Acoustic or Electric Guitar easier to learn?
Following on from my previous question - what makes a BAD singer?
HELP! Performing axiety..?
I would like to learn how to play the piano/keyborad?
Can A Contemporary Scene Not Be From A Play?
Too old to learn and instrument?
i need to write a play?
all about piano?
please help if you are a dancer?
I really want to be a model, I don't know where to start though?
Hey anyone got an ide for a story? I'm making an opera theater!?
Can making people happy be a talent or is it not?
I've had the same guitar strings for 3 years?
what is you all time favorite broadway play?
I'm looking for contemporary/instrumental/modern music in 3/4 time...?
How old do you think..?
what are the basic techniques to attract children when I talk on public stage?
I've just been offered a job as aporn star?
Guitar amplifier questions ????.?:$;&&3@;6:$3"?
What color is best?
Who was Lehman Engel?
audition songs.............?
What do you ttink about their dancing?
caligraphy chinesse?
Which scale are the following notes all found in?
how do you become a fashion director?
where i can get movies' and series' scripts???(website)?
I play double bass, is learning Cello hard?
what did you want to be when you were little?
what is your name and surname?
what would be a good guitar for this type of music?
What does a film director do?
What to play on guitar for talent show?
How do you get over stage fright if you're gonna preform a LEAD role in a play??
how can i sing a high b flat in 2 weeks?
is anyone about to go to percussion camp?
modeling and acting?
What makes a good 2nd Violinist?
Does anyone know any good songs?
Elfen Lied Flute Notes?
Help With Performing?
20 person script ideas?
what is the average price of acoustic guitar?
i really have no talent!?
If the eighth note = 108 in 6/8?
Playing alto sax for first time.?
I'm planning to audition for SM entertainment.. What kind of picture should i use for the email registration?
Can I play well on drum set?
starting a band at 13
how do i get........??
I have not seen Les Miserables? Do you recommend it for tonight?
Does anyone know what key Frankie Avalon sings "Beauty School Dropout" in in the movie version of Grease?
ballet, jazz, or tap?
whats a good site for buying professional ventriloquist puppets thats not
How do you get discovered if you have talent?
I play drums, now I can't really hear, what should i do?
Does anyone have a clue where I can find some young blues artist????
What broadway song should I sing for a Sound of Music audition?
Do all actors in theater have to sing well?
anybody know any good duet songs?
why we treat some humans as god? Is this is ethical in our approach?
Which is the best musical instrument for a beginner who has no previous music experience?
Can i still be a dancer?
How is "Sganarelle" (character in Moliere play) pronounced?
Who is referred as 'Father of Manipuri Ras'?
What's a good song to sing for my best friend's birthday?
what guitar technique should i master first to be a good guitar player ?
Playing the scales on the violin....?
theatre play called "body" by alvaro?
What type of guitar string gauge should I buy?
My four year old really loves to play the wii band hero drums. Should I consider drum lessons? or wait to see?
What's a good duet that middle school girls can sing at a talent show?
how can i become actor if i am shy??plz dont say a school play?
Where can i buy tickets for Disney On Ice: A Disneyland Adventure?
Has anyone heard of/or about Opera Ischia?
Violin bow question?
What will Marching Band Camp be like?
A Franz Hoffman Prelude(1/4). It gives a "muffled" sound. Why is it? Do type of strings make a difference?
What do you think about actors personalities in general?
How do I go about getting permission to arrange copyright music in the UK & how much will it cost me?
Im running in a Cinco de Mayo pageant and haven't the slightest idea what to do for the talent portion?
Where can I find cheap sheet music.?
What are those string things that dancers wave around?
Is it too late for me to pick up a musical instrument?
who can help me with my competition tomorrow?
violin problems,,,?
How good should a concert pianist's sightreading skills be?
How do I find out when movies/entertainment auditions are? ?
I'm currently using Sennheisser 66 shotgun mics for crowd mics, and am looking for other options.?
Which symphonic piece should I audition with?
how i can b come a dress designer?in canada.........etobicoke?
What are fictional character ideas?
What was the set list from the Rascal Flatts concert at Umass Amherst Feb. 11th 2006?
What are some fun role-playing ideas/themes?
is 19 years old too late to start learning ballet?
Cost for a Yamaha flute?
how much should i sell my violin for?PRnqoAA90620261301102"> Are these wicked tickets good?
How can I take the "airy" sound out of my trumpet playing?
i'm looking for dance numbers which have a middle eastern/arabic tune to them? any suggestions ?
should i learn the piano or guitar?
Piano playing?
I'm an alto, but it seems like there aren't any good songs that i can sing. I like slow songs. Please help me!?
When is it too last to start gymnastics?
Yale guitar audition?
I'm a soprano and I fear I'm becoming an alto?
What the easiest way to become?
Do you think it is disgusting to go around in public and not wear underwear?
Who are the top contemporary Indian dancers of Bharatanatyam (Bharata natyam Bharatnatyam Bharathanatyam)?
When playing chords for guitar do your fingers start to get more flexible?
Voice lesson help???????????????????????????????
my best friend strum pattern?
Why don't people like it when I play the piano?
How can I achieve, musically, Perfect Pitch?
what is better, Native American flute or Ocarina?
which one of these short guitar clips is better? to post on my wall?
How can I become a voice over?
whats a good website to find information on medieval theater?
I want to write a musical/opera but can't come up with a topic that I like.?
Carmen overture anyone?
What time do Steps come on stage?
What are the mid-thigh tights dancers wear?
Do i need an 80-100 student grade to get into laguadia high school of the performing arts ?
Who played Mary in There's Something About Mary (1998) ?
What is the highest note possible a human can sing?
What chord is G# B E?
Why would a director do this?
How much does a violin cost?
What is this guitar chord?
Is this a good guitar?
what is a good taylor swift song for an auditions?
What should I name my guitar?
guitar websites!?
Could I be a one-man orchestra?
Help with choosing an audition song for a production of chicago!?
What are your favorite quotes? I am making a quote book so if you know any let me know.?
Who's your favorite comedian?
looking for information on a record that came out between 1968 and1970 called A TALE OF TWO CITIES?
Is a bamboo didgeridoo not good?
Can I put a credit on my talent resume if my scene was cut?