Performing Arts

guitar tabs: How to play 0h#?
I would like to know who did sing the song 'Nine Below Zero'?
Has anyone read the guide X-Factor Auditions: Tips and Advice? If so what's it like?
What is my voice part? +BQ?
oo oo miss?
what were womens jobs during the 19th century?
What would be a good love song to play on the acoustic guitar?
I need help with G minor piano chords?
why wont my clarinet make noise?
Broadway Songs???
Do you know where I can get a Vito Yellow Dazzler Clarinet?
Does anyone know of any great summer music camps.?
Guitar Rigs Help?
Did you ever appear in a school production?
Has anyone use SeatAdvisor for selling tickets? If yes, do you like it?
Good Performance Arts Colleges?
Opinions please???????
Didn't Fred Astaire sing "Where or When" in a movie?
How can I increase my skills on piano?
Where can I find piano sheet music for "Pure Imagination"?
what are some good songs to sing?
Decent guitar for an Intermediate player?
How can i improve my electric guitar playing?
Guitar players, what are the fundamentals that every guitarist should know?
Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe...?
Using distilled white vinegar on a trombone?
If you play a musical instrument, which and WHY did you choose it?
Where can I find singing lessons in the Richmond, VA area?
What should I do??? Please Help....?
Is 'City With No Children" Minor or Major?
How much can I sell my Fender Squier electric guitar for?
How should I go about finding a ballet performance of Stravinsky's Rite Of Spring in San Diego?
I need a dramatic monologue.?
What are good songs for high pitch voice that can also be low?
When playing the guitar, for really fast songs, is it really cheap to fingerpick it?
What's funnier than a rubber chicken?
How can I get rich within two years playing the bass guitar?
Should a guitar that has not been used for years be left tuned or without strings?
Anyone amazing with Jane Eyre?
How do you get to be an extra on the UK soaps?
how can improve my improvisation on guitar?
What is team starkid..?
where is there a jesus christ superstar free music download?
Why do colleges only teach Classical Guitar? Is it something good to learn and not chords or jazz or blues?
song/ballad selection help???
what shall I do to act in amovie?
Good songs to play for a guitar recital?
Do chord variations on guitar sound the same or does it matter?
Beginners dance????????
can you answer my question please??
Value of Roth violin?
String players -- particularly cellists -- I need some help?
websites for free guitar lessons?
can someone tell me some info on Brazilian drums?
which is better for a talent show?
which is a song i can sing that is good enough to win a talent show?
Where is Mary MacGregor now, and what did/does she look like?
How could I improve this solo? VIDEO INCLUDED?
Can anyone give me names of upbeat female solo songs from broadway musicals?
what r sum good songs to sing fo an audition?
How can i self teach myself to play the guitar?
what is the song "Hotel California" by the Eagles, about?
can u cook?
Guitar pedal advice...?
I have to play a piano solo on Monday! Help! I need suggestions for something to play....?
where can i get silicon candle molds in india?
How to play barre chords... I have small hands.?
What is your favorite Broadway or off Broadway musical or play?
Just now learning the stage may be for me?
I want to play my trumpet ridiculously loud, like, as loud as a trumpet can be played!!?
Why are there so many dif ways to play a chord?
What do you think of my singing?
Audition song for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat?
Which song for my tryout?
What size guitar slide should I get for a size 12 finger?
Where do I keep my bags at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp?
Any Boy Girl Duet Scenes?
Trying to find an Ovation guitar case. How do I know if it will fit?
laptop recording studio setup?
I am Interested in joining an Adult Drama class in Liverpool City Centre does anyone know of any. Thanks?
How to get into character and have a great auditon for....?
I'm just starting to teach myself how to play guitar...which chords should I learn first?
Questions about Little Shop of Horrors' female leads?
Why aren't my guitar strings creating sound?
what is mean by theatrical tour de force ?
How can I play different rhythms on different hands on piano?
So if i major in visual arts and be in a metal band will it be like this?
Hello i need help with getting started with my modeling portfolio?
What song should I sing when auditioning for 'Maureen' in RENT?
I've been playing clarinet for 4 years and I don't know how to play really fast!?
Do you have any special talents?
Should a Double Major Or Do a Major And Minor.?
Having trouble playing the guitar. How to fix this?
School Music Audition songs?
Anyone want to make a trio?
music download for Andante & Allegro?
what are some good love songs?
what kinda guitar strings should i get for my electric guitar?
Good guitar? Good Strings?
Music For A Drama Peice...?
Taylor swift easy songs to play on acoustic guitar?
Book to teach techniques for writing songs and how to set them up. Whats a middle eight and waltz time?
Is oboe even needed in band?
I need a movie monologue?
Guitar beginner: how long does it take to learn popular songs?
URGENT - how can I convincingly vomit on stage without using liquids or food?
Can you sell Choreography?
In your opinion is opera meant for just the elite or for the whole of society?
European artists or films?
Good upbeat song for audition?
what are current texts used in the study of directing, theatre+film?
IMPORTANT: Would "Vedrai, carino" from Don Giovanni count as an Italian art song?
What type of solo should i do ?
need a good song to sing for a competition?
What are your opinion on second hand alto saxophones? As a starter, should I purchase one?
Calling everyone who is or has previously been in marching band?
What should I do about the band I'm in?
What is the difference between a Roland V-Compact and a V-Tour electronic drum kit?
candle making?
what would you pay for a PRS CE22 guitar with damage?
What do you think is a good stage name for me?
How do I get my harmonic squeals/screams as good as this?
What do you think of my Tonight Tonight (Hot Chelle Rae) cover?
When is the right time to audition for an agent?
How long is Jim Gaffigans Stand Up routine?
where can i find spanish music sheets. songs in spanish?
calling all flute players!?
How does the solid breath magic trick work?
What song should I sing?
how would you go about writing a coda?
Can I become a professional dancer?
How do you get to perform for schools?
whats the best way to structure a routine of practising guitar?
does anyone know of hula dancers in st. louis?
did Ron O'Neal have any children?
why is it that opera singers never sing in English?
Why is Dave Grohl a demi-god?
Clarinet Mouthpieces?
Scandalli or Hohner Accordion?
its vaccation and any one can say me how to spend my vaccation in a good way?
Are weimar flutes any good?
What makes a good guitarist?
Which is the best clarinet brand?
Where to start doing Stand Up (specifically)?
whats the highest note you can play in a euphonium?
drilled holes in guitar changing the sound?
Guitarists-Only Question?
Neo- Classical String Quartet Advice!!?
How do you sweep pick on guitar?
Whats the strumming pattern for America's Suitheart on an acoustic guitar?
What songs should my band play for a 30 min beach gig?
I Have recently finished drama at college and wanting to know the next step?
What/Who is a florid lyric soprano?
Best Fingerstyle Guitarists?
anyway to help me for a kinda serious problem?
what are some good collages or universities where you can become a choreographer?
If you're stuck on a desert island what one thing would you bring?
Acoustic vs Classical guitar?
What is the best system for playing back backing tracks whilst performing live?
*girly* broadway song??!?!?!?!?
PLEASE! I WANT TO SUCCEED! Do i have talent?
How long did it take for your fingers to get accustomed to guitar strings ?
what are some good love songs?
Do you know anyone who can invite a good-qualified Hungarian chamber choir?
Church duet?
Easy to learn audition songs please?
Is the flute and Piano pretty easy to play???
wat 2 where on a violin recital???
Can making people happy be a talent or is it not?
Classical music: Why is it that 2 pianists play the same classical piece differently.?
Do you agree that Mayor Shinn is the antagonist of The Music Man?
what is the most upbeat (happy) color?
Band rehearsal clubs in Sunderland?
Do you ever feel...?
Where do I start to become a professional guitarist, acoustic fingerstyle or fingerpicking?
I have a talent question?
What's your hidden talent or hobby most people may not know?
Tips for my singing? video?
What to do with my sousaphone position in marching band?
Which instrument is harder to play, a Piano or Guitar?
can someone tell me who wrote the 1812 overture please.?
Should I stay in college and do my degree our follow my dream to became a singer?
What is performing arts special?
What song to learn on piano for a talent show?
Does anyone know anybody interested in new talent?
Acoustic left-handed guitar for beginner.?
What's A Good Song to sing to an Ex-Girlfriend?
Finger picking?
Can you help me find Sinfonie In C sinfonia 1 that was edited by....?
Where can I find accurate guitar tab for Neil Young's Southern Man?
how can i stop machine heads buzzing on my squier strat?
Could YOU spare some time to record me some vocal sounds?
Euphonium to Bassoon?
can you write songs with a bass?
Waddup with my voice?
is it hard to learn to play piano?
which monologue should i use for my audition?
when and where are the highschool musical 3 auditions?
Anyone know any good upbeat love duet songs?
I wanna be a good public speaker. help?
In the opera "Thais", when is the piece meditation played?
where can I find monologue over the internet?
where can i find online videos on practicing for snare drum?
How do you belt a falsetto?
auditon tips!!!?
What's a good finger strengthening technique for guitar?
Should I get a good quality alto recorder or a cheap, inexpensive student flute?
Musical Audition, Help?
is tenor Guiseppe Di Stefano still living?
what is the name of moa lignells guitar that she had in ''vakna med the voice''?
Who is Welcome to My life by?
How much is too much??
Can you add to a monologue that is not yours?
Guitar: What do I learn now?
Disney songs to sing for a girl solo?
+44 bass tabs?
Does anyone know what the song that Signature on Britains got Talent danced to is called?
What kind of characteristics do you think Hermia from A Midsummer Nights Dream needs to have?
is their another way to tune your guitar?
What is the appropriate attire for the Fox Theater in Atlanta, GA?
Heywood Banks (singer, songwriter, comedian....)?
Bass guitar fingering? different from double bass?
I need a funny/comedic monologue for big audition!!=]?
what song should i sing for a talent show?(video included)?
What's the cheapest way to get a wearable chain mail shirt?
where could i find older (lefty) ibanez electric guitars?
How difficult is it to get into music school for opera?
who is Bruno Mars's record company?
trevor james privliage flute?
I'm 14 years old... I wanna know... How can I become a professional violinist??
Beowulf and the Song of Roland?
Good Stand Up Comedians ? suggestions please :) x?
does anyone have any knowlege of a porn actor named long dong silver and do any of his movie still exist?
is 17 too old to be a contortionist?
Is the banjo more difficult to learn than guitar? Are there any sites for beginners?
I've just been casted as anybodys in west side story ... good part ? ?
SONGS TO SING????????????????
Names of good keyboards with 88 keys around $500?
What is a good song for a drum major audition?
Crazy For You- Bela Zangler?
Why was Romeo and Juliet so famous?
In your opinion, which brand makes the best acoustic guitar ?
My guitar is in tune but on higher frets it goes out (when i play open E and then E on the 12th fret)?
Advice on what to learn first to gain basic competency playing the guitar?
How can I become more of a bozo in my day-to-day life?
Guitar players only!!!!!!!!!!!?
Need money by using ma talent..i am best advisable ever....?
What are some good beginner violin exercises?
sing voice help?!?
What Song Should I Sing For An Audition? ?
How can I get a good country tone out of my electric guitar?
What is a good guitar body style and wood?
what keyboard should i buy?
Too old to become a ballerina?
I'm currently using Sennheisser 66 shotgun mics for crowd mics, and am looking for other options.?
Should I rent or buy a saxophone?
is it rare for your voice to improve very quickly after 3 months of singing lessons?
What is your talent?
song in which girls can do solo-dance?
Where can I find an Avenged Sevenfold Guitar rig 4 preset?
how old are the characters in "Of Mice and Men"?
Where can I find Victoria Wood Monologues?
My saxophone won't play a G or under it a leak?
Am I singing incorrectly?
Does any body know any good father/daughter songs?
Alto/Contralto Leads in Musicals?
Urgent guitar help needed?
Best Acoustic-Electric Guitar For Around/Under $300?
How long will MCR play at Bamboozle Left?
I am doing a festival this year, It is a Celebration of diversity of Cultures. Where do I get funding?
How much is a George Washburn guitar worth?
Where can I perform music?
Where can I buy all of Mozart's operas on DVD?
how many singers has the red hot chillies had?
Becoming a contortionist - what's first?
any musicians there?
relay for life team names :)?
What are some good bluegrass songs to learn on acoustic guitar?
What should I sing for an audition?
How can i do this? 10 points!!?
which of the male leads in brigadoon has the bigger part singing and acting wise?
Tips for memorizing sheet music?
girls if you were to impersonate someone who will it be?
Has anyone ever seen Disney on Ice? How would you rate it?
What do you think about Criss Angel Mindfreak?
Having trouble blowing into my clarinet?
how can i learn to play acoustic guitar?
How do time signatures work? (guitar)?
What is a good screenwriting book?
I'm teaching little girls flamenco and I need a website that has basic step by step, flamenco steps. Help!
is $1100 a lot of money to spend on a guitar.....?
How much is this guitar worth?
How do I learn fingerstyle myself?
What do you think of my singing voice?
Lead Guitar Help????
Are there any VHS documentaries about the life and career of Leontyne Price? Any done by PBS? Thanks.?
How many of you participate in the performing arts?
Where can I find songs from broadway musicals?
Shakespeare! DREAM PLAYS?
what is a good way to begin to learn how to play music?
When you are at a festival.....?
What are some good, more contemporary songs about rain?
Good ShowChoir Audition Songs?
What is the best way to teach yourself guitar?
are there other plays with the same theme of William Shakespere's Romeo and Juliet?
What's the procedure to getting permission to film at certain locations?
music counting help!!!!!!!!!!?
Skyrim: What do you think is the best way to play Skyrim?
Where can I see pictures from Robert Mitchum's drug bust?
How do i sing in front of people?
where can I find broadway screenplays?
Need to learn guitar read details.?
Headphones for a guitar amp that wont break my wallet.?
who is brian james wallace?
does anybody out there have some gin blossoms tablature besides what's already on
What *easy* Broadway song should I do for my play audition?
What does everyone think?
What musical should my high school do this year?
What guitar songs?
How to march tenor/quad drums without it bouncing?
how do selman musical instruments compare to other manufacturers?
Are you supposed to take of your clothes when you go for casting?
Are there any good songs that can help me play bar chords on guitar?
How would you become a voice actor, do you know anyone who is a voice actor?
Do you think any one can sing?
Where is the root note in a guitar chord?
Art song(s) for conservatory audition?
What is a BLUES GUITAR! Is it easy to learn?
is it easier to learn to play bass on a fretless or fretted?
I'm teaching myself guitar so where do I start?
Help me please.. Im freaking out....HOW DO I CALM DOWN AMD MEMMORIZE THESE LYRICS?!!!?
What is the similarity between a woman and a guitar?
Should I replace my guitar strings?
how long shoud u practice and is it bad to practice 4-6 howers a day for a 14 teen year old?
Anyone know what technique this is? Guitar Players! :)?
My High School is having a Talent Show. Does anyone have suggestions what a 16 year old girl can sing?
What are some good songs to sing?
each chord of father and son is strumed how many times up and down?
Hard Sheet Music?
What's a good name for my chicken?
is there any stuff that you put in your eyes to make yourself cry?
How much is an Bastari accordian?
What to do with my sousaphone position in marching band?
Guitar sequences that sound good fast?
What kind of song do i sing for an audition, if the band is a rock type but they play all types of music?
What does it feel like to play the Guitar?
help for stage fright?
Hand Stands?
what is classical literature?
When you're flat on a violin is that a high pitch or low pitch?
Help playing notes above D6 on the Bass Clarinet?
Is it okay if I learn violin from Youtube? I'm 16 already and there ain't any violin class in my place?
lyrics to...?
what is a good song to sing at a talent show ( i have a middle voice range not to high but not to low)?
what is the best method that you use to learn guitar licks from songs?
Was this ok for her to do?
i want to download a free recording studio thats simple to use?
what are some great clarinet solos?
Can i use iRig for my acoustic guitar?
how to measure time signature?
What would happen if you got an opera headshot at kmart or sears instead of a regular studio?
how do i get recognition for my guitar talent?
was elliott smith murdered?
Best lubrication for sliding on an Electric Mandolin?
Would you go all in the first night? or go home all alone and all hot?
Is it alright if I produce trance and techno music?
What should I sing at my audition?
audition song help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What broadway/musical song is this?
Has Anybody Ever Written A Song?
How do I go about getting permission to arrange copyright music in the UK & how much will it cost me?
how do i clean a Bald cap when I'm done performing?
What is that long thing inside a metronome called?
i have a normandy clarinet serial number 3276. Age, Value, other?
how did michelangelo's sculpting change as he aged?
Historical Western Repertoire?
Ibanez IJAE5BK jam pack or Fender FA-130 Acoustic/Electric Pack?
Which instrument is the easiest one?
where can an 11-year old take guitar lessons?
How do you take care of your orch hand?
I can read music, and want to play piano. Where to start?
what's the difference between ...?
what is a good theme for a choir camp?
How do i become a rappper?
Is there anyway to tune your guitar so it sounds like you put on a capo?
Songs that could represent Julius Caesar Act 3, Scene 1,2,3?
How to i read guitar tabs?
Anyone know of any good colleges for comedy in california?
Best acoustic guitar around $150?
What is your favourite song to sing?
Questions about a voice acting career?
how do you read tenor drum sheet music?
tips on how to play the guitar?
Do you think i got what it takes to become a singer?
It only happends when i sing?Talent show comming up?
I would like some personal info on shoji Tabuchi?
what's more important to you in an acoustic guitar, tone or character?
What are some good ideas for my 18th birthday?
Can you provide information on a flute?
Drinking alcohol before performing?
If you had to learn a ballroom dance, Which dance would you chose ?
Fantasie Impromptu question?
Do Les Paul guitar owners actually know who he was?
shirley jones recorded a number called Silent Strength in 1989. Where can I buy a copy?
how do you replace a string on a cello?
I don't have stage fright but I still get nervous on stage?
Do I sing really good ?
Which portable/battery powered amp has the best sound quality for an outdoor concert?
Is Criss Angel going out with Camrin Diez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
how can i tell wether or not i can sing? i love to but dont have the confidence to sing infront of people.?
I'm just beginning to play oboe but don't have the money for private lessons?
where can i find good standup comedy videos on the internet?
What are funny things nurses do? (like for an acting skit)?
does any one know were you can find/buy Marzan tubas & euphoniums?
can i play a guitar without the second smallest string?
What are the best seats at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York?
What do you think about this? (if you have drumming experience that could help answer this)?
Can't decide whether to learn to play the Guitar?
Who are some good traditional Native American Musicians?
I am shy as ----, should I take acting classes?
What do you think of this?
Please help! I need to memorize this march songby Saturday!!?
When I play my clarinet, is it normal for my teeth to cause scratches on the top of the mouthpeice?
Hi-Hat too big?
How much could I sell a Fender Squire Stratocaster 20th anniversary for?
Starkid Productions - will they still do LWL?
Are guitar inlay designs used only after being bought?
anyone here who can play the violin? or harp?
how can i break bad habits on trumpet?
I want to learn to play rock/metal guitar, but don't have the money for lessons?
Audition songs?Helpppp!?
Can all floating tremolo systems on guitars flutter?
I need a 4 person renaissance scene?
Memorization !!!!!!!!!!! Help!!!!?
Who should I audition for in "Our Town"?
If I replace one string on my guitar, do I need to replace all of them?
Has anyone seen the broadway play, Lestat yet?
Who sang the song while my guitar gently weeps?
How do i properly blow to my flute to make a tune?
What song contains your favorite saxophone solo?
In beauty and the beast how is Chip, carried and twirled around on a tray without his body showing?
how can i become a better singer??? besides taking lessons im already taking lessons.?
what's the best theater company in new york?
broadway talent song for competition!?
Do you like the bagpipes?
How hard is guitar to learn?
I need help with my baritone saxophone?
why does my guitar sound sloppy in E flat tuning?
How to improve classical guitar skills without memorising the score?
Why were others given talent and others not? Beauty and not?
Is this a good acoustic guitar?
Is there a PLAY performing somewhere around the pomona / los angeles area SOON?
Are you right handed or left handed?
where can I find monologue over the internet?
What songs could I use for my routine?
What are some Theatrical songs?
Why is modern dance done barefoot?
Anything Goes- Does the old lady in wheelchair have any lines?
Need help with a loop pedal!?
which one of these short guitar clips is better? to post on my wall?
Guitar Center Question?
i want to learn how to play the violin but i really dont have time so how could i learn the violin online?
Is it possible to learn to play guitar in under 2 weeks?
French homework help, who is Jerome Murat?
whats the difference between a trumpet and a cornet?
Does anyone know piano sheet music for christmas songs? No websites plz..?
drama / stage school?
does anyone have any tips for learning guitar without taking lessons?
Electro Acoustic or Semi Acoustic?
Does anyone know where I can find the Thriller sheet music for trumpet?
La Vie En Rose Bass Clarinet lowest notes?
how much food do u feed a dog?
Is The Phantom of the Opera actually an opera?
Hit songs in a baritone key good for an audition?
Guitar players answer this?
How do you tell what key you are playing in when playing guitar?
Is 90 dollars an hour for private guitar lessons expensive?
What's your talent??
Do you play a note in the left hand if it is still "held" by the right hand?
Are there any websites that teach piano online for free?
do you play an instrument? if so what kind and what can you play?
What are some good acting agencies that someone could recomend?
what's a good chord progression to show confusion?
Do Pianos get nervous before a performance?
I need ideas for a band service project.?
Explain performing arts school?
Any idea of new media in performing art?
A wicked song i'm not that girl where do you find a version of it with no voice of her?
How can I become good looking?
Good Costume for the Reading Music Festival!???
how do i stop a dream i can never fulfill?
Upbeat male/female duet- not from a show!?
How dressed up does a man have to be to go to the Opera in Paris? Suit? Blazer? Tux?
What would be easiest instrument to learn?
How can I make a orphanage backdrop for a play?
I'm an actor. I need a website, except i want a website like for free! I want free hoster/build
2004 Phantom of the Opera question?
What kind of guitar do you play?
I can't go onto demi-pointe in my pointe shoes?
What is a good guitar tech website?
what exactly is double tonguing?
What are some good Heavy rock/metal band settings for the Boss ME-25?
What electric bass would you recommend to get for a beginner bassist who doesnt have alot of cha ching?
Help with a film?
Which of these two songs should I sing for the talent show?
Any tips for playing high notes on trumpet?
Guitar equipment info?
is there a website where i can take free acoustic guitar lessons?
Please! I need Help! Its Urgent!!!?
What mallets sound better for a soloist marimba player?
What musical performances will be in St. Louis in March 2006?
i need answers quick!!!?
Marching Bass Drum questions?
what do u think of the script?
what does "la vie en rose" mean?
Performing Arts Highschools?
How big is the Kramer Focus 420SL bass guitar?
is it bad too take a cartoon character from tv and draw it with some other cartoon characters to make a group?
Out of The Box Broadway Numbers?
What does "stacc. e leggiero" mean?
can the keys on keyboards like my casio mt-18 be changed?
Is there a proper sophisticated dance to go with “Canon” by Johann Pachelbel?
Why is Terry Gilliam considered to be a member of Monty Python?
help!!!! I'm buying my son an acoustic guitar and I don't know anything them?
How do i clean white marching gloves with Velcro and grip?
where can I sing live?, so that I can get discovered?
do you know who did a sytycd audition using the song no one by alicia keys?
Where was the first American theater built? NEED THE CITY?
My flute can't play D, E, or F? Help?!?
don't want to be in a band or play out...?
William Shakespeare's plays: a super duper very brief summary?
Where does the mouthpiece sit on your lips for french horn?
Have you ever been in Annie Jr? What character were you?
Could a monologue from Maxwell Anderson's Mary of Scotland -1933, be considered "contemporary?
what is the term for a play with only two actors?
how to sing like a mermaid?
is it easy to learn guitar on the internet?
what do you think of improv?
Hey, can anyone help me? (guitar info)?
How do you amplify a NON electric acoustic guitar?
Good Acoustic Guitar For Beginners?
should i buy a baritone or a euphonium?
please help!!! 10 points for the best answer?
Do you have to be experienced to join high school band or orchestra?
America's had LENNY BRUCE, RICHARD PRYOR and BILL HICKS..when is the uk going to produce a comedian with heart
which would be more accurate in hearing what you really sound like?
ABRSM Performance diploma programme notes ?
how can you get an agent?
When was my harmonica made?
how would you rewire a pickup?
How do I clean a bassoon that hasn't been used for a couple years?
what do you think of this poem i just wrote i am 17 is it lame or good or so-so??? plz be honest??
Songs to perform in front of people?
Audition songs for seussical?
What is it that is one thing you have always wanted to do, but do not have the talent to do it yet?
my daughter wants to learn to play a instrument?..?
Has anyone sung On The Steps of The Palace for an audition? How did you learn how to come in on beat?
Looking for a orchestra or concert band to join and play.?
did tracy chaplin sing get here?
Fair trade? Marshall amp for Fender.?
how do love songs influence behavior of the listeners?
What are guitar modes???
do the killers sing live and let die?
Can anyone think of a Broadway or Disney song about a clumsy person?
in the musical thoroughly modern millie whats the character discription of Daphne?
Where can I get easy sheet music to practice my readings?
Seville guitars? Heard of them?
What are some stereotypes on French?
Beth leavel recording the winner takes it all?
Ok...on a scale from 1-10 how horrible is my singing?
Can someone play this for me a send me a recording of it?
i can't get the sturming right for "one time" by justin bieber on acoustic guitar?
how long has Joseph the musical been around?
pageant question!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What are some good talent agencies in Charleston South Carolina?
What temperature does graphite melt?
Whats the best broadway song?
Guitar Amp, Music Expert please?
I`m looking for the name of a song a i like it goes like this: forever will be blue , its sung by a man , it`s
Do you know of a good summer camp for orchestra or a violinist? I'm 14 years old.?
Thoroughly Modern Millie Script?
why is there a signer at the RCG opera, when there are surtitles?
I've been playing violin for 5 years and i got suzuki 4?
Has anyone ever performed in the Nuter Suite? If so, what part did you have?
Any guys get further in the Harry Potter audition for Tom Riddle?
If farting is socially unacceptable why is it so funny?
did Cass Elliott sing on hrpuffnstuff?
site where good play or drama is?
What is favorite natural talent you were born with?
Which string should I put my violin mute on?
I want to dance on broadway?
What is a good website for French Horn scales?
how long does it take to get good at piano, define good.?
Do actors smoke real cigarettes when performing on Broadway?
Can someone type/find Cece from Shake it up's monologue?
I'm looking for an upbeat broadway song. Any suggestions?
Are there such things as minor scales or other such scales?
How do I get rid of stage fright?
what would be a funny one man skit joke?
Vote for my band (Southern Ambition) to play a gig this summer.?
How can I use the guitar to train my ears?!?!?
Does Kohlert Model 430 Student Bb Clarinet is good for begginers?
Doctor Who theme for french horn please?
What are some good colleges for Performing Arts?
Should I teach myself guitar or take lessons? and is this a good age to start guitar?
what is the history behind the drama faces?
What can I expect in college marching band?
What's better seats for the Spice Girl concert at HP Pavilion in San Jose ?Flr 3 row40,seat7/8 or sec102 row18
Music learning?
I am singing in a wedding next year and am looking for song suggestions. Any ideas?
Mozarts' birthday is this friday. What is your all time favorite Mozart piece?
What is a good song with some creepy violin in it?
Question for sopranos???
do you think i can sing?
What's the best acoustic guitar I can get for $130?
what is a good song to audition with for a musical?
Mettalica, U2 and Rolling Stones... to old to rock and roll???
Audition song for the play "High School Musical"??
Thinking about being a guitar technician?
about how much would it cost to get a truss rod ajusted?
what are some good songs to dace to for a church talent show?
how do i memorize faster?
Is it bad to use vibrato when you are singing a classical piece and holding out notes?
Which of the following trumpets is better?
Why do I just hate people who play the guitar?
Best songs for an alto girl to sing and rap for a school performance mash up?
Very important-guitar?
How do I play notes using the register key on the clarinet?
Key signature question?
How is a physical performed on guys?
Is it cool that I do contortion?
What is the point of learning the major scale on the guitar?
Do you know the appropriate times to clap during a play or a musical?
Sheet music from Back to the 80's?
How much is my alvarez guitar model 5046 serial number 13308 worth?
Wondering how much I could get for my bass guitar?
where can i buy men's ballet shoes and leoteards in Michigan.?
Would you rather have talent or looks?
How can someone become cast on jerseylicious?
which is the best gibson acoustic guitar for beginners??? please mention the price with the guitar name?
what is your favorite song ?
does anyone have guitar tabs?
What should my vlog character name be...and what's a good video idea?
i think i lost my falsetto voice PLEASE HELP?
Has anybody heard a song named "popular"?
Can somebody tell me how to play a b sharp on guitar?
Where on the internet can you see legally blonde the musical for free and not illegally?
Could you rate my singing?
what is the average cost for a cello?
Where can I find an acting agent?
Aside from invisible thread, what are some alternate ways for a magician to levitate a coin in mid air?
Is It Too Late To Learn How To Sing?
Some good guitarist?
How do I get the courage to do a round off handspring?
Non dancer pointe shoes (Explanation)?
I need ideas for a pantomime!!! Please!?
Should I quit playing trombone?
Would a £300 guitar be better than a £200?
where MC Hammar todaay? He been missin from U can tuoch this?
How to Create a Pageant System?
Cheap violin, good strings?
i want to start a sining career. whats the first thing i should do?
What are some good body resonance exercises?
what date was my acoustic guitar takamine "jasmine" made?
I'm teaching myself guitar so where do I start?
Tango Buenos Aires - Last question! Tango, there is so much info!?
What do you think about my voice?
fire staffing and poi?
musical theater song choice...?
I want to learn how to play the guitar. Whats the best way to go about that?
what is the best 5 string banjo out there for under $400 ?
Why can't some people sing loudly?
West Side Story the Musical. What is the story line? What are the popular hits?
What would be a good instrumental song for a winterguard routine?
I need an audition song please help?
Raunchy Hardcore Sex Songs?
What will i do ??...?
What is an uptempo/fast song that a 17 year old base/baritone (mostly base) could sing?
My voice is horrible, but I love to sing. Please how do I make it better?
where can I find an old tuba that nobody wants anymore?
once a stripper, always a stripper?
How to play classical guitar with shakey hands?
should i play the 1st or 3rd movement of concerto in a minor?
A Christmas Carol audition song?
Help!! Need song suggestion ASAP! Callbacks today!?
what are some good songs to get high to?
For anyone who knows about the Cinderella pageant System.?
Has anyone ever auditioned for Dollywood? Specifically as a bluegrass musician, but any info would be awesome
How hard is it to learn to play a violin?
How to overcome stage fright?
What would be a good audition song for the Beast?
When washing leather cheer shoes in washer what do you use?
good songs to sing for a talent show for black people?
I need help deciding on what kind of harmonica to get?
how to learn guitar? ?
How to sing like Vic Fuentes!?
im doing vocal performance and i need a song!?
I'm learning to play drums and was wondering if it is easier to start with a single bass, or a double?
Trombone Tutorial?
How is the guitar note B/A# fingered on the fret board?
What is the normal range for a female chest voice?
PLEASE LOOK! i need some ideas?
Static Noise on my Line 6 Spider Valve 112?
Essay help?
How to play 2 octave d scale on violin!?
I need help finding the perfect song!?
Is there a way I can learn what the performers ‘body positions’ are saying in ballet?
I have stage fright and I need to perfrom an HI tomorrow?
Talent Agents in Los Angeles!?
Who has the best guitar solos?^?^?
who played the trumpet solo on "bei mir bist du schone" at the Benny Goodman 1938 Carnegie hall concert
custom guitar shop in the uk?
how to do you learn to shred on the guitar?
Problems with the Trill Keys on my flute?
Is this an ideal Djent Guitar?
What exactly makes someone a second soprano?
What song should three girls sing for their school's talent show?
Song for a contemporary piece?
How can I raise upper body/arm strength for Aerial silks?
should i continue with AMEB?
Which is a better school, Cal Arts or Juilliard?
What instrument should i play?
How do you start cosplaying?
I got my first movie speaking role. lots of lines. How can I best prepare?
Why don't the Easter Bunnies in stores talk? Santa talks so why not the bunny?
Original Oratory! Opinions pleaseee!?
im having major trobale in band im dyslsic?
Flute Players Has anyone heard of the flute brand 'Austin'??
Bent acoustic guitar neck, how do i get it back to normal so i can play again ?
Do sell bootleg cd's?
what note on the trumpet is equivilant to a "C" on the piano?
When can I find disney shows looking for auditions?
Does anyone know how I can get something to Joni Mitchell?
stephen jerzak acoustic tabs?
Are Huntington guitars any good?
What effects does "Master of Puppets" use?
Guitar, my wrist hurts after a ridiculously long legato performance (7minutes of legato-ing) is this ok?
What relationships exist between drama, theatre, and the musical?
Can someone suggest a song for me to sing for a talent show?
I wanted to know if anybody died at Woodstock? Like during the festival?
does anyone need violin lessons in northern NJ?
Can I use Not-Boss adapters for their pedals?
Is there really a red violin like in the movie?
Why the media award some talents when they are already famous?
what instrument did paganini play?
I want to become a real stripper please help!!!!?
Having trouble tuning my guitar please help?
Is an oboe hard to play?
How do you make a good voice great?
comedic monologue suggestions?
I s a samick guitar good?
Does anyone know a good contempory theatrical text? A monologue that lasts for a minute?
What are some good, English tango songs?
talent show?
Any fun musicals that arent on broadway?
I have stage fright...?
Should i give up on gymnastics ?
What are the requirements for getting a talent agent?
TC Electronics or Alesis effects?
Be honest...ever taken a?
what are the differences between playwriting and screenwriting?
What good acoustic electric guitars can I get in this price range?
What easy things could i draw?
Is it hard to learn how to play piano?
how would you direct the fight scene in act 3 scene 1 of romeo and juliet? i was finkin modern look ny ideas?
Thinking about learning to play the flute?
What is good musick?
do u know any fast upbeat songs?
best rapper?
What is meant by stretching the moment?
Hamlet adjective help needed right away?
Is guitar easy to learn if you play bass guitar already?
How to advertise for a musical album online?
Best cello making company/brand?
Circus how do you spell circus solea? I can't spell it?
How can I do magic?
Dramatic monologue?????
How to become a successful model?
Marijuana gives you majical powers.?
Help! Does anybody know where I can get a fake baby bump?
Is there a website that has music for choirs?
how do you relax your voice for SINGING???
Would a PRS SC sound like a les paul if i put les paul pickups in ?
Drumming Tuition !?
Has anyone seen the Nature Theater of Oklahoma "No Dice"?
Is there a DVD of the " original" Broadway cast of Dreamgirls?
Can anyone recommend me some good acoustic guitar?
Opinions from other musicians about any remote chance of being accepted to Juilliard?
good choir type stuff?
What do you think of Lana Del Rey?
How do I become better at formulating a speech off of the top of my mind (we have to do this for a club)?
What is the title of the play that Shakespheare co-wrote with another playwright?
Broadway duets please?
who will win the oscar for best movie?
What does it feel like to be on fire?
where can i get the sea scouts' album?
Would you have a better chance of getting your screenplay sold if...?
Any ideas for my GCSE drama costume?
noWhy do people eat chicken but chickens don't eat people. Where can I go to get people legs in a can, I am a
Other that NYC , where is a good place to start a career in Theatre and the Arts, not acting, but set design?
how much do colorguard uniforms cost?
What should I expect from sending out my demo to record companies?
safe to detune guitar without adjustments?
would I have privacy to have sex in a private box at an opera house?
What should I do with my life?
What do you think of my latest video?
What do performers do when they are sick?
why do i get this popping/clicking noise on bass guitar?
Dramatic Prose Pieces for Forensics?
my daughter wants to learn to play the drums?
What are the best websites to go to for beginner guitar lessons?
we are gonna sing for the city..?
Help! Arts award silver! What do I new to include?!?
Do i need to get new guitar string?
Classic guitar or acoustic ?
I need help, i'm performing a duet with my friend?
i'm learning to play the bass guitar but i have a electric guitar is it the same?
What is this song by Chin Chinawut?
Does any1 have any useful contacts for the acting industry?
How can I improve in voice acting?
I have a right handed guitar, is it possible to change the strings around to make it left handed?
I CAN'T SING!?!?! Does this really matter?
What is this known as in theater??
does anyone want to buy a new violin for 800 or 700 dollars?
Only serious answers please.....?
How can i find local performance opportunities?
Can I put water transfer temporary tattoos on a guitar?
How do I audition for America's Got Talent?
Should I go to a school just for music?
What are cool things to do for a talent show?
What is the string tension on guitar?
Buying a drum set, shell pack?
I need a good quality harmonica?
What do professional dancers do?
wat are some good acoustic songs?
Popular songs for string duet?
Can I still do dramatic arts course ?
What is your fave guitar brand?
Exactly how can you practice anything you have never done before so that...?
Do you think I can find replacement bolts for a Paul Reed Smith stoptail bridge anywhere?
how much is a used travel size acoustic martin brand guitar worth?
How to sing High voice.?
as a performer, what advice was useful to you?
How to buzz lower notes on a French horn mouthpiece?
What instrument should I learn to play?
Getting an agent?
Help with a single person scene - What do you think about my idea?
should i stop learning guitar? what should i ask for for my birthday present?
What should I be passionate about?
What are some good love songs?
I really wanna sing but my voice is horrible. Is there any way i can learn how?
Why can't I switch from D to A on guitar?
Where can I find Western Swing big band charts?
How do I start playing again?
What should I learn on guitar?
i really need a funny monologue from like a tv show or movie?
What instrument should I learn?
In The CD Missy Elliott, Respect Me, What is the name of the Black horse on the cover?
Can I do a carricature of Lord Shiva's grand daugther?
teaching yourself alto sax?
Where is a good place to buy a drum set?
What is the name of the Aria performed in the opera Turandot?
What makes a violin a good violin?
Job as a go go dancer?
do u know any good acoustic songs?
I've been playing clarinet for 4 years and I don't know how to play really fast!?
Is the remake of footloose exactly like the original? ?
How do you re-string and increase the action on an acoustic bass guitar?
What should I do about this audition?
Should i go on britains got talent?
is this a good guitar to get for my first one? what are the pros? what are the cons?
is guitar easy?
What instrument is better violin or flute?
what is the best university to attend for an opera singer?
What should I sing for a school talent show?
What is a good play for a teenage girl monologue?
What is formal musical training?
Can you imagine an imaginary menagerie manager imagining managing in an imaginary menagerie?
How to get better and making your fingers tougher on guitar?
What is the cheapest Acoustic Guitar you could find?
would this piercing affect my guitar playing...?
An easy unique and cheap instrument?
What about "The Boston Photographs"?
Flute fingering??????!?!!?
Do you play drums, Bass Guitar, Lead guitar or anything else?
HELP!!: 16-Year Old dreaming of becoming a Violinist!!?
My little sister cant do backbend tips?gymnasts help!?
What kind of amp did Hendrix play with most?
who pl ayes the bass?
what is a good guitar for beginners???
a description of a concert you attended?
Yamaha F310 Acoustic Guitar Pro Pack or Fender CD-60 Acoustic Guitar Pack?
Which song should I sing for an audition?
What to do? Sore throat, but have to go to a musical audition!?
What is the best scene in L Word?
help i need an guitar?
how can i become a better ballet dancer?
Do you HAVE to learn the lower positions on the violin?
What is the easiest instrument to learn?
Does anyone else think Morecambe And Wise were overrated?
Is it okay to anchor your hand while playing guitar?
What's a good Beethoven piano peice to learn?
Great half-time performance by Tom Petty. why do u think?
Please someone help me to learn How to sing like this?
What is an actor's reel?
Who were the winners of the "Best African Group" of the Kora Awards 2002?
Is this guitar worth buying-please suggest?
If u r on a worship team at church should u have to audition or does excellence really matter? ?
What is the name of the opera with Figaro in it?
my dad will let me get an electric guitar but not an amp to go with it, how am i supposed to play it?
What type should i learn if i want to be an acoustic fingerstyle guitarist?
hey im going to be performing a soprano i need a good up beat song sugestion for chours and im a sop?
what r some really good dance/acting schools in England?
I've got a Peavey 100w head and DigiTech RP250 and having tone problems. Any good settings suggestions?
Is a recorder easy to play?
What should I expect for the first day auditions at Blue Lake Fine Srts Camp?
where can i find allison moorer's music video "soft place to fall" free to watch on my pc?
I want to learn how to play drums, where do i start?
Theatres In London & stall / balcony rates?
What is the best company (brand) for acoustic guitars?
Do we all sing a song?
are tabs for electric guitar, and acoustic guitar basically the same?
Piano Performance college audition repetoir?
In the opera L'Orfeo, what is the aria that Orpheus sings mourning the loss of Euridice? Thanks!?
what is up with the brass and woodwind feud?
What weird trick can you do with your body?
What is it that opera singers spray into their mouths/throats before singing?
How to get over stage fright?
The American Conservatory Theater!!!!?
Switching Alto clarinet from Bb clarinet?
I am using my school's Saxiphone, and i dont want to use it without disenfecting the mouthpiece. how can i do
Who else likes the tchaikovsky trio?
songs that are easy to sing?
What type of Jackson Dinky electric guitar was this?
What type of guitar did Bob Dylan use?
any site to free download telugu songs or films?
free online acting lessons?
How To Persuade Millions Of People To Come To An Upcoming Musician Live Show?
how to improve my vocals?
bass guitar for beiginers?
Dancers, what is this jump called?
Is kids Talent network a scam?
projekt revolution line up?
F Chromatic scale for Euphonium with fingerings?
what are the flute notes for mary had a little lamb?
Do chicks like dudes in bands?
Whats a good love duet for a guy and a girl...?
I want to start playing guitar?
How to get my Mellophone to project better!?!?!?
How does a guitar amp work?
What acoustic guitar is this?
what was the violin used for ?
Do you think Miley Cyrus can sing?
Is 20 (+) to old to start learn how to play piano?
Can anyone recommend breathing exercises?
Could This Mean Something Good?
how many people are needed to start a band and what a they?
Suitable audition song for West Side Story lead?
What guitar does Ed Sheeran use?
If an attractive man was going to L.A. for 3 weeks, how would he go about getting a date with a star or cast?
How to get the E flat on flute to sound beautiful?
Guitar and bass- EXPERTS NEEDED!?
What's the easiest PC music recording software to use?
How do I become a Pop artist?
Where can I find info on vocal music of the Classical Era?
Want to start learning card tricks, where to start?
When did you first start playing your first instrument?
is there an unusual instrument i can play?
When you go to a concert, what's more important: Sound or Lighting?
New pickup's for guitar. any recomendations?
How can I perform burlesque while on my period? ?
How do I make a song?
Is this a good quality violin?
Christmas monologue/ story/ poem. 2 minuets long?
Did the Cirque du Soleil win anything? (like grammys, oscars...)?
Dropping Picks in Acoustic Guitar........?
This one is for the drummers: How do I develope my hand speed and control?
What does it mean?
3/4 sized guitars?
When a guitar tuning requires the B string to be tuned to a D, do I tune up or down?
what color guitar is best?
for starting a career as a singer should I hire a manager first or I should record my demo first?
Urgent Help - I need a name for a streetband??
What´s the origin of the term clown?
How can I make up a dance for a musical audition?
What is the best brand of a new upright piano?
How To Play Djent Songs Well?
I live in Syd. Australia. How do I get into acting?
What is a cool hip-hop song me and my partner can sing for theater arts?
How do you keep from getting dizzy playing the piccolo?
why are shakespeare's play so universal in terms of time and culture?