Performing Arts

6-8 minute female monologue?
is there a ray charles CD available that has "'til i can't take it anymore on it"?
what are some songs like white horse?
Roller Skating Party?!?!?!?
Should I play Oboe or Trumpet?
Best Fingerstyle Guitarists?
i just bought a new box guitar know any place to learn online?
How rhythmically accurate does singing with acoustic guitar have to be?
Do you guys think the play 'Footloose' is a total blast?
What can i do to make my left hand go up higher for playing snare?
What are some good guitar duo's for intermediate players?
What are some good songs?
Can White people sing gospel music?
Can you draw pictures like the ones in
How to win a beauty pageant?
What should I start doing NOW if I wnat to focus on music production in the future?
Good guitar power amp?
Should I quit orchestra?
Pianists' or organists' improvisations for silent films of the 1910s and 1920s were often based on?
How did broadway go from being entertainment for everyone to an enetrtainment for the upper middle class?
How do I start a monologue?
Wooden Flute?
sight reading music?
Have u seen the films, step up, honey, take the lead?
Could i be a model??????
How do I convince my parents to by me a guitar?
Best songs for an alto girl to sing and rap for a school performance mash up?
Should I go to Choir if...?
could I put a whammy bar on my gibson SG?
Becoming an actress and finding an agent?
Why can't I dance?
antique guitar. restoration, and preservation
What is the Pentatonic Scale?
How to learn to play bass through videos for free?
Where is a good place to find good pop flute books?
Anyone know age to start child's singing lessons?
Bassoon reeds for beginners?
How do you make Piano Sheets?
Is whistling well considered a rare talent?
Can girls with deep voices sing in choirs?
Help with performing on stage for audition?
Questions about playing drums?
Are there any famous modern philosophers from Asia?
Guitar playing question?
What song should I sing at my talent show?
Marching band is a sport?
Colorguard question - Crunch n Munch?
Is Marius Pontimercy do-able?
Does anyone know piano sheet music for christmas songs? No websites plz..?
talent show?
where can i buy a dancing cane?
What's an easy way to play a french roll on drums?
s p balasubramanyam?
How many people in the US claim acting as their main profession?
Auditions for concert or jazz band?
Can you play good sounding music on a touch sensitive keyboard?
Are mimes catholic art students doing penance?
Performing arts and practical arts,are graduation requirements but what is this?
I want a listing of Oklahoma composers of choral music?
Does anyone play a william lewis violin or viola(pref 60s-70s)? whadaya think of its tone?
Dis you teach yourself how to play guitar?
what type of colour should i use to mix with liquid latex and get coloured liquid latex?
Does anyone know where i can find the full Corpse Bride script?
What brand/model of guitar is this? Acoustic electric archtop fhole made in west germany pre 1989.?
Am I singing incorrectly?
What should I sing at my brothers graduation?
how do I become a DJ?
how do you play real fast on guitar??
should bank/building society staff be allowed time off paid to make mock street carnival advertising films?
Any tips on how to get better at piano?
guitar riffs........?
where do i get e-pals from musician communities?
What Sweeney Todd song should I use for this audition?
What do you think of the name Alex Camden for a stage name?
for my drama assignment im going to make a trailer for a movie, and i was wondering if anyone could help me?
Anyone start rhythmic gymnastics late? In particular age 18?
Weird Echoey Sound when I play High Notes on Clarinet? URGENT!?
a good instrument to play?
how can you learn to control a VERY high note?
where can i find a showing of the opera , h.m.s. pinafore?
is this funny or what?????
Any one know how to do that magic trick indecent, by Wayne Houchin?
Is Heavy music considered the Devil's music or satanic ?
I need a song for a Godspell Audition!!!?
Any bassoon tips?!?
whats this bass guitar technique!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
can i still play guitar?
Why when I have just tuned my Guitar and then play the open notes, then at the 12th fret are they not in tune?
What type of ukulele is best for beginners that last long for a low price?
are concerts becoming to expensive?
are there any theatrical circus schools in wisconsin?
what is it called in english? the plays that are performed for tv broadcasting.?
Are there any stage musicals that straight guys like?
Audition Help?!?!? 10 Points Best Answer?
How do you find or get in touch with a talent agent?!?
what are the steps in kapa malong malong?
Drum Corps Question?
How to learn guitar online?
Will it be hard to teach my self to play guitar?
Can someone give me singing advice?
What if you like a guy and you go out with then and then the dump you the next day?
Why do backing dancers wear earphones?
Can i learn to play guitar on my own?
Could I become a professional hoop dancer? (video)?
What instrument should I learn?
Where are the best camps in california for acting,singing,and dancing?
What are some good r&b love songs?
Electric riffs I can use ?
My violin is terribly out of tune, but the tuning pegs slip. Help?
Best friend= lead role in nuter and hard moves?
Ukulele tab for safety dance by men without hats?
Do u like Jonathan Ross from BBC's Film 2006 I don't?
what instrument do i play for marching band?
Whats a good way to learn the guitar if you dont have the money for lessons?
can i join a band when i go to college?
does anybody have any tips on learning wrist vibrato in the first position?
Guitar pedal advice...?
I wanna play the guitar like joe satriani and eric johson. What are some good resources to help me learn?
I am 17 and want to runaway and join the circus!?
Flute replacement pads?
Acoustic guitar expert come here..?
Is C6 the same as "females' high C"?
Need to present a 1-2 minute monologue for acting class. Any ideas?
Who knows of a good mezzo song?
What guitar would be better for a gift?
in your opinion, what is the best piece of music from cirque du soleil?
I have never studied any of the arts and I am not so young. Is it too late to start now?
Can you improve your voice?
Am I beginner or intermediate guitar player?
easy keyboard songs to sing and play?
what is the best glue for repairing guitar necks?
Jobs in the preforming arts industry?
What sound does a bell make?
How many people actually know how to "play" the guitar?
Difference between premium and default Aquila Nylgut strings?
Will a standard acoustic guitar fit in a classical guitar case?
How do you strum a guitar?
I need advice! Singing advice!?
What are the best cover songs to play at a bar acoustically??
What guitar should i get?
Is there anyone out there who would like to become a part of a motion picture?
Does anyone know some simple magic tricks that are really good?
Is my violin worth fixing up?
hey does any 1 know where i can find really good examples of performance poems? i need some asap?
Why is it that singers with an exceptional few are not good looking whereas most dancers are good looking?
Are there any good books on Keith Moon a.k.a. The Best Drummer Who Ever Lived?
I'm a mime. What should I imitate?
How long does it take to have a very flexible back(like a contortionist)?
does LP ASPIRE cajon is good one?
Why is Dave Grohl a demi-god?
If i get a bfa in dance and a ba in business management how can i start my own dance studio?
I am writing a music paper about semele does anyone have any good sources that critisize or praise the music?
Acoustic guitar strumming?
Romeo and Juliet Parody?
Left-Handed Guitars?
who knows everything about avril lavigne???
What are some good, out-of-practice ways to get my Colorguard girls to bond?
Are electric drum sets mobile?
Does anyone know really good exersizes for the trumpet?
Whats a song that i can sing?
Help, I'm beat deaf/tone deaf! :( Please help? I would really appreciate your answer.?
In Guitar Lingo What does "Fully Shielded Pickups" and "Big Block Tremolo" Mean?
what is the big difference between a violin and a fiddle?
What can I use for fake Rapunzel hair?
what's a lyre???
What do you consider the most beautiful piece(s) of classical music ever composed?
I need suggestions for naming a character that is a beautiful, dark, edgy exotic dancer. Any suggestions?
i am a guitar novice, can anybody tell me what type of ovation i should get?
Where to get a cheap student flute?
variations on a guitar.?
What is the best flute i could buy with $400-500?
i love my viola what instruments do you play????
How to learn bass guitar online?
I want to play piano for a church?
Lots of career trouble/ambiguity in decision. Will you please help me?
how do Light guitar stings copare to Medium strings?
Bass vs electric guitars?
I play guitar what can I do to not mess up when I play in front of people?
where i have to come for an audition?
Singing musicals?
What are some good tips to do before I even start playing the bassoon?
music track with lead/rythm guitar cut out?
Is this a good or bad film? What would you do to make it better?
Virtual electric guitar classes?
I can do a girls find that sexy or not? Wondering...?
Do i have an accent? help!!!!!?
How can I prepare for a Susan Pevensie audition?
where can i find flute sheet music free for the artist lights.?
How can I convince my parents to let me do Contortion?
What is the song Massachusetts by Bee Gees all about and why was it so popular?
Does anyone know what musical the song Do, do ,do is from? It's by Ira Gershwin.?
How do I train in strength and flexibility from scratch?
Why does my guitar make noise when its not being played??
What is a good unknown song to sing at a school audition?
Has anyone seen the new musical, "The Color Purple?" I'm thinking of taking a trip to NY to see it! How is it?
What should I do With all my talent?
Shoes to wear for a piano recital?
when is michael mcintyre next perfoming at the 02 arena?
Anyone where i can Distillers guitar tabs?
What is a better guitar the Fender T-Bucket 300CE or the Ibanez AEL20ENT? (both Acoustic)?
A song performed on the piano?
Who wrote the play P.T. Barnum I believe is what it is called?
Can't decide a Christmas song to sing for a solo?
Do you name your guitars?
I wish to learn the cello but can't? Help!?
Why acoustic fingerstyle guitar teachers don't teach or use standard notation but tabs only?
How can I make my voice sound different (better) when I sing?
What song should I sing for a talent contest????!!! Help!?
I play the violin, I need vibrato help! Any tips?
Hands too small for the fretboard of my guitar?
what is a pantomime where did they come from?
Monologue Ideas for 13year old girl?
How can I prevent drama this year?
I am interested in doing voiceovers. What kind of voice samples should I include on my audition tape?
Does anybody know any single string low e guitar songs?
is there any international sand sculpting competition in australia?
Would you go on American idol?
Did u just see Rhydian's performance on the X Factor?
Beautiful musical songs to sing?
Hey this question is for Livia, but if anyone knows it...?
is gonna be more popular by roping in tom cruise to ask questions on this site?
what is the difference between culluloid and pearl guitar plectrums/picks?
Should I do Performing Arts of Film Production?
Marching Band Problem - Who should play the solo?
Any flute tips??????????????
I don't understand opera music?
Which heavy metal band had the first "rock ballad"?
Do guys do acrobatics?
What stores sell colorguard equipment?
Is learning to play violin hard?
I need help finding an agency PLEASE!?
What would you say in a three minute play?
Guitar gift for my friend?
Why does my throat hurt when i sing?
What are cool things to do for a talent show?
What would be a gaurunteed way to contact Dustin Hoffman?
How is my singing voice?
Wont the clarinet play the same note?
Spice Girls Ticketmaster Presale Password/Code?
what instrument can i play if i have a problem with my hands ?
can someone tell me when my Kay guitar was made?
What guitars do A Day to Remember play?
How do you restring a Floyd Rose Tremolo?
How do you learn how to play the guitar?
Cleaning wax off acoustic guitar?
crate tube amp head temperature weather?
Is it too late to start electric guitar lessons?
What instrument should I learn to play after the guitar?
Is it revealed in Phantom Of The Opera that the Phantom's name is Erik?
do i have a chance of being a professional violist????
What can i do to become....?
Looking for a drumline piece called "Taco"?
Becoming an actress?
Do I really need to go to college for technical theatre?
What's a good stage name for a girl?
What are the ways to do vibrato on the violin?
What instrument do you play?
I want to be an actor but sadly I don't have the confidence?
what do you think about the drums? are them easy to play?
DipABRSM Programme Notes - Peter Sculthorpe?
Okay. So i'm an actor and model. Does anyone know a good website to find acting and modeling jobs for teens?
is shakespear still interesting in this age?
acoustic guitar question?
Were can I find a recording studio?
What do you think? Guitarists only !!!?
I need a musical with a french title?
5 favorite things Frida Kahlo likes/love?
What would you recommend (instrument wise) to someone wanting to learn the fiddle?
Where can I find a nice acoustic guitar?
What are some good Shakespeare soliloquies that are around 35 lines from a tragedy??
what brand of upright piano is the best in the world?
What amp should a Intermediate+ level guitar player get for this tone? 10 POINTS.?
what are the priorities of a good artist?
I want to know where i can go to become a male model?
what genre and what audience did charles bukowski write for?
Who play drums on the studio version of Paul Simon's song Outrageous (Surprise)?
Percussion vs. The flute?
Is there such thing as an illegal musical instrument?
How can i spend this holidays with my two kids one boy is 7 year another boy is 4 ?
What exactly is the purpose of the conductor of a band or orchestra?
What's a good stage name for a girl?
What is the opera Matt Damon attends in "The Talented Mr. Ripley"?
How do i begin a career in doing voice overs?
Louder pickups for a fender telecaster?
Which guitar should I learn? Beginner?
how do you play tap tap with songs from your itouch?
The body of my violin, and it's strings have lots of white rosin on it and looks ugly...?
How did you become a DJ ?
In what year was the Hoffmeister Viola Concerto in D major written?
Has anybody ever heard of Lois Leventhal, pianist/professor at University of Southern Mississippi?
Interesting christmas music?
Yamaha YAS-23 Alto Saxophone? Is it good?
Muse Tour Dates?
Cyber Monday deals on Acoustic guitars?
Can you give piano lessons to a 5 year old?
How many strings does a bass guitar have?
What is the first thing that comes to your mind if you read the name Shakespeare?
I am missing my front teeth on top can i still form a good emboucher on alto sax double lip maybe?a?
I need a song for a talent show for 2-3 vocally talented teachers. Something fun for the kids.?
Serious, sad or comedic female monologue?
Tenor Cadences?
Cheap violin, good strings?
Is there anything I can do to help my singing voice?
i've got an audition next month can you see succsess?
Do you need a pedal board to use a guitar effect pedal?
do monkeys taste nice roasted,cause my gran said,she tasted sweeter after eating a bbqed monkey in n.z.on site
Is a $400 Harpsicle lap harp good for a beginner?
What kind of guitar do I have?
Help! Freaking out! plz! Help! Advice Needed!?
Fingering for second octives on Trumpet major scales?
Which is the best West End Show in London at the Moment?
how can i learn how to play the guitar when i got no money for lessons?
is this how you play blues?
armstrong flutes???????
What's a good way to incorporate more emotion in to my piano playing?
How would you replace a soundpost that got loose in a cello?
How can you become a stand up comedian?
what Mozart classical piece was a big hit in the U.K. in 1971?
Yet another guitar question?
guitar tuning?
Is this a talent scout?
Difference between Distortion and Overdrive Pedals?
I need the hardest song from Footloose?
When I was a kid we our local fire dept. had a drum and bugle corps.?
I am a PERFORMER, seeking a stage. How can I best start?
'Absurd' monologue ideas?
how do I become confident enough to sing infront of others?
Acoustic duet for two girls to sing?
Calling all flute players!?
How do you play piano by ear?
How can I become popular?
how many days does it take for a beginner to learn a guitar?
could I put a whammy bar on my gibson SG?
Who has a copy of Raul Manglapus' THE CRY OF YOUTH?
message taken from relatives?
What is the lowest price for a good banjo?
Is it possible for someone who can't sing to learn how to?
Which drum set do you recommend for a beginner/intermediate?
DO you know Adytiya narayan host of saragamapa?
Who sang the song More?
Song Choice AGAIN!!?
Is it easy to learn the acoustic guitar?
A good christmas songs for kids?
Should I swing my guitar around myself at the end of the song or the middle of the song?
I need a good song for a choir audition.?
How can I channel my nervousness?
What makes a good screenwriter?
I want an electric violin, which?
Need help picking a Trumpet!?
What styles of music are used in West Side Story?
Why is Rucka Rucka Ali hated a lot when he isnt racist?
i need a slogan for choir vice president...something creative...HELP!!?
what is a good music school to go to?
Is it possible to teach myself to sing?
Name of this Drum technique?
Otto Benjamin ML500 or Otto Benjamin ML615?
where can I get the "Recitative for bass" sheet music for free?
violin bow on violin?
Best strings for my guitar?
What should my acting resume picture look like (sizes, pro., ect.)?
how would u go about learning to sing opera ..?
Question about bending notes on a guitar?
how can i get good photos through email daily for free.?
how do i find a voice lesson teacher in my area that teaches gospel music ?
I am buying a ukulele, but I can't decide between these two...?
Need guitar help.?
What is the best system for playing back backing tracks whilst performing live?
Should I take the lessons?
I visually see music? why and how?
Guitar tab sights for praise and worship?
I want a story of a visionay cultural manager from any part of the world.?
Can I Exchange My Electric Guitar for an Acoustic?
I sing very well and i just got an acoustic guitar? i really wanna learn to play?
How to fill a hole in a bass guitar?
Ideas for a script urgently needed!?
How to rosin and tighten a violin bow?
Swapping guitar pickup positions?
Any guitar tabs for SNSD or Wonder girls songs?
What Song Should I Sing For a Disney Audition?
Am I too old to learn to play electric guitar?
Tips on being a better director?
When can I go en pointe?
I'm buying a guitar from some guy, what should I know? ANY GUITARISTS?!?
I need a broadway song like "Not A Day Goes By"?
Other that NYC , where is a good place to start a career in Theatre and the Arts, not acting, but set design?
How do you sing from your tummy?
Does anyone know a good solo for a teenage female mezzo-soprano?
I need the dates the the opera Tristan und Isolde was performed at Bayreuth in 1963.?
which talent agent should i get?
Musical Theatre Duet Songs?
Are there any upcoming performances of Hedwig & the Angry Inch on stage?
do they sell different color guitar strings?
I'm trying to find this french song, its a duet, with a male singer and a female?
How can I become a producer?
Are classical musicians more analytical/logical or emotional?
How much do opera tickets run for?
Marching Band conflict?
Age of Buffet flute recently acquired?
Broadway songs for audition to show confidence?
Ok I need a hilarious monologue !?
This woman I know wants to learn to play the saxophone and she is 55 years old-isn't it going to be too hard
Whats the layout for Cello/Bass?
Is a raven west guitar worth buying?
What are the best songs sung by a male in a musical?
Whats the best musical instrument for me?
One Little Candle movie scene?
what's beef?
I love Broadway! But I can't see any shows.....?
best preforming arts high schools in los angeles area?
Is it to late to take up piano again?
Is a 1.3 watt amp good for a beginner?
ideas for a three person monolouge?
How do I set up a Fender Strat for 10's?
Why would or wouldn't someone be asked to sight sing at an audition?
Ive been playing guitar for 5 years, and i mostly play blues and rock...i wanted to know if anyone could help?
what is a drive for a guitar?
Computer recording from a USB mixer?
What Song Should I Sing?
I really really want a guitar but im 16 and my mom thinks its a waste of time and wont pay, any ideas?
How can I sing better and sound better?
I'm 19, Ido you think it's too late to teach myself guitar?
what's the difference between a violin and a fiddle?
Acoustic guitar why do i need to tune my guitar everyday?
What are some good places to start to get into old time folk, bluegrass, and jug type music?
Have you ever went to an Opera or Ballet?
What song should I sing at a church this Sunday?
joining colorguard?
What a good quality mouthpiece for an intermediate french horn player?
what career choices will charley have after big bro?
Phantom of the Opera, London - Seating opinions wanted?
How long does it take to develop a decent voice?
Is Proscout talent agency a scam?
who can i take my songs to and get them published?
Is barbizon a scam ? is it good place to start ?
does anyone know what a poetry slam is and are you interested in going to one?
Should I use a stage name?
How can I manage acting, modeling, and dancing in my life?
Natalie Maines, what do you make of this "chick"?
I am quitting school?
How do I find a drummer?
Am I too old to start an acting career at 23?
What's a average/medium thickness size for acoustic guitar strings?
When will "The Sopranos - Season 6" be released on DVD?!?!?
who is better criss angel or david blaine?
Someone sing to me.!? Plleaaaaaase?
Death Metal bassists, what equipment and techniques do you use and why?
i have i horrid singing voice how can improve it?
Are these good choices of songs and monologues for musical theatre college? URGENT?
Tips on playing drums louder?
Shoes to wear for a piano recital?
What Trumpet To Buy?
Talent Entry Video Ideas!!!! Please help!?
How do you know if you mastered the piano?
My performing arts future?
Checking out a used saxophone tomorrow--what should I look for?
Do Left-handed String Players Exist?
which is the most fast and powerful martial arts in the world?
Last year of dance, contemporary solo?
Easy acoustic guitar songs for beginners?
Who wants to take my place?
Whats the best substitute for a guitar pick?!?
Why am I?????Help!!!!?
Do i have a good voice?
would it be awkward to post this on craigs list?
What songs are similar to the intro to the song to live is to die by metallica?
Is it me or is Jon Stewart like the sexiest, smartest guy ever?
Good website on guitar information?
This makes me angry?
which are the best acting universities in new york?
gibson or fender..what is better for electric guitars
What qualities should a Professional Moving Head light (in theatre) have?
How to make my bow changes less obvious?
bass clef on acoustic guitar help !?!?!?
what is the best movie ever????????
Is Cambridge CSVPA Drama school amazing?
what r sum good songs to sing fo an audition?
Orchestra audition tips? ?
Does anyone have any ideas for me?
Whom do I contact to become a Broadway Usher?
How do you check the action in an Epiphone Les Paul guitar? Thank you?
How can I get my school to do winterguard?
How can i stay hygrated without having to use the bathroom a lot?
What good thing about neaw, year?
what in your opinion are the greatest and famouse phrases in songs of the latest 4 decades?
How do you remove crayon marks from an electric guitar?
Good songs to sing at a talent show?
I have a 25 year old guitar, and despite seeing heavy use for some of those years, never broken a string??
I have a solo audition tomorrow, any tips?
What is the average price for an average bass fiddle?
How to develop the passion when you have the talent? has to do with instruments!?
How can I learn to play guitar & sing at the same time?
how does Big Bird Work?
I am very much interested in learning to play the bagpipes. Is it a difficult instrument to play?
How do i get over being so nervous to sing in front of people?
is romeo and Juliet really that good of a story?
can u make a living as an actress in america?
Does anyone know of a place in Memphis where I can rent a flute besides Amro?
violin theory??!!?
what is the best yamaha keyboard for a beginner?
Most popular and your fave kpop groups?
Without lighting, would Pink Floyd be just amateurs?
What pieces does The Marriage of Figaro consist of?
What Do You Think About The Irmo High School Marching Band?
How clean is the color purple?
Where can i get a Baritone/Euphonium helleberg mouthpiece 5E?
What is a Cirque du Soleil audition like? Do i have a chance?
Should i see Wicked or Phantom of the Opera on broadway?
How do I become famous?
Is this a good idea?
Why do most Acoustic-Electric guitars have cutaways?
sitar importets in usa?
Buying a beginner's acoustic guitar??
Guitar chord question?
Hi..I want to learn acoustic guitar..Plz suggest guitar?
Tips for sore throat/nose congestion before an audition?
Parts/cast of the musical Chess? s for best answer!?
Why don't people believe in me?
What Can I Do With Sore Fingers From Guitar?
Why does "BONO" wear elevator shoes? Is he self-conscious about his lack of height?
where can i find an list of online mnologues after 1945?
What song should I use for competition?
what is the best play on broadway right now?
In The Winter's Tale, is Hermione pregnant during her monologue at the trial?
I want to see if I like playing guitar?
how to become a solo artist?
What do you think of Defying Gravity as an audition song?
Christian songs to play on guitar?
not allowed to buy a guitar?
Music Festival: Mixed Duet - Under 18?
Is it easy enough to play a bass guitar if you know electric?
Who is the artist of first class?
how do i get started in natural pageants?
Good songs for jazz and/or ballet dances?
electric guitar string replacement?
How do I play these notes on bass?
Is being an actor or actress a lost dream? Is it completely unrealistic?
Is sending Poop in the mail illeagle?
how much are wango tango tickets?
How hard is it to play the cello?
what is an opera libretto?
How do make my singing voice vibrate?
Girl Guy Duets like Darling I Do...?
Once On This Island "Pray"?
What type of flute should I get?
Do you think playing music/making an awesome indie rock band is a good way to make a living or.....?
Is 15 too late to start dancing again?
If im doing a review of a musical...and im not i still have to buy rights..its not the hole show?
I want to learn the guitar?
Who wrote the music peice "The Firebird"?
How to play the guitar with sore fingers?
I'm looking to take up violin. I'm going to rent-to-own. Should I use a website or a store?
What should i sing for solo and ensemble?
favorite play?
Is this an impressive vocal range?
What are the best cities to start an acting & singer career in Canada?
Where are the Members of the Techno/Dance Band:Book Of Love?
Guitar, is it hard to learn?
Can I start on an electric guitar, or do I need to learn regular guitar first? What's the differences?
How much does my guitar cost?
What's an arpeggio on the violin?
what is the tremolo arm on a guitar and how does it work?
How do I begin to learn snare drum?
if you go to see a comedian live which seats are better?
Learn instrument in a year but which one !?
What are some Broadway solo songs about unrequited love and which musicals are they from?
Ok so i have to write a monologue and sing for an audition i have my monologue but no song any ideas??? ?
I love one direction?
Identify an instrument?
i like this girl and she wants me to play a song for her on my guitar. ladies help!?
What's the secret to being able to sing perfectly -- or nearly perfectly -- on pitch and in key at all times?
Does this stage name fit me? Pictures included?
how to play fur elise on the keyboard?
Is dance (ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, pointe, modern,ect...) considered a sport?? i think so!!!!!?
What styles/ genres of dance are incorporated into the dances at cabaret shows?
so you sing in the shower?
Clever costumes for two girls?
What does the word "Cabaret" evoke for you?
Can you play Guitar with long finger nails?
Beginner on guitarrr, where do I start?
where did the clash play their first gig and when?
will Karate help my 7 yr old?
"Joe Turner's Come and Gone" does the title have a meaning?
Does anyone kow where i can find cheap Evah Pirazzi full set strings for violin?
Guitar help asap!!! Which brand is better?
Where in beijing can i find a cello shop?
Is there a substance or material that is typically worn by fire twirlers to decrease chances of combustion?
Do you think I have talent?
Answer me please.?
How much is a regular, good, guitar?
I am a dance instructor at a perofrming arts camp and need some ideas for lesson plans!! help please!!?
I need a cool nickname for my guitar?
my school is doing the play Annie?? have u ever been in it??
What is your talent?
easy guitar mods for a strat?
What instrument does Dave Matthews play when he plays the new songs, "Shotgun" and "The idea of you"?
I need a female solo musical theater song!?
Which performer to you is the best?
JYP online auditions:?
Opinions on these lyrics?
is an acoustic preamp also a pickup?
i wanna be a singer but i or nobody else thinks i can sing what do i do?
Who has seen The Phantom Of The Opera?
i want to learn string instrument but i can't choose between Cello and Violin?
Is Mama Who Bore Me an appropriate song?
Bass Clarinet plays sharp. Any suggestions on how to fix this? ?
Does anyone have any tips of how i can get over my stage fright?!?
guitar tabs?
when i play guitar sometimes my fretting hand freezes?
What should I know about Mozart?
How to cry?
Can someone help me with drum tabs? D:?
Water based stage makeup?
where can i learn to sing online free??
Theatrical duet for an alto and soprano?
how can i improve my left-handed piano playing?
How do I make Oboe reeds hit high notes smoothly?
Where can I find A Capella sheet music cheap?
Have you had you violin's bridge lowered? Was there a huge (negative) change in sound/tone?
Considering "Expressing My Talent"?
Good reliable websites to buy concert tickets?
What's the absolute largest audience that an artist ever performed on stage for?
Is this a good guitar? I want to buy it.?
How to use GUITAR RIG 3 without the pedal?
question about marching band color guards?
Does anyone know how to get rid of a cold FAST!!!?
How can I learn to play the drums without actually having a drum set?
should I get a dean edge 09 starter kit or the Ibanez starter kit ,(btw i like heavy metal stuff )
How hard is it for a left handed person to play the guitar right handed?
How is my singing? How can i improve?
What song should i do for my audition?
If you could have any kind of superpower, what would it be? Why? Would you use it for good or evil, or both?
Anyone know of any helpful hints for a singer who is losing her voice?
What are some places i can volunteer at if i want to be in the music indstry?
What is your opinion on Fender Acoustic Guitars?
What are the differences and simalarities of Jazz dancing and Modern dancing?
What song should we sing?
reading music for guitar?
ANYONE SEEN THE PLAY DEADLY DEAL BY BILLY ST. JOHN??????? please help!!!! (Eldridge Publishing!!!)?
I've been trying to get into splits for a year!?
what is a monologue?
What kind of guitar to buy for a beginner?
UK drama schools: Should I do an acting or musical theatre course?
for a bass baritone male voice what key would be the best to transpose Defying Gravity from Wicked to,?
I want to learn how to play guitar. Will i be able to?
How to play on the violin really fast?
Do you need a strong core to be a ballerina?
Did anyone out there do theatre studies/ Drama at University?
what is the best ibanez hollow body?
one example of non-GUI?
what can I do for my Performing Arts Nerd Character?
what are good jazz chord progressions?
Does anybody have Beatles sheet music?
what are the harmonica notes for moskau?
How come when people with an accent sing, they lose the accent?
How easy would it be to learn guitar from scratch?
Tuning on acoustic guitar?
I have to sing a very high note for a recital this Wednesday.?
How do I fix my guitar?
Guitarists to idolize? ?
How to play a guitar?
What activity would be good for me?
What's a good brand of acoustic guitars?
upbeat Broadway song?
What are the lyrics to the song because we believe by andrea boceli?
Does anyone know the lyrics or where I can find the lyrics to 'Who wears these clothes?'?
I need a duet for 2 girls.?
Peavy amp problem buzzing noise?
Actors: what do you like better: theatre or camera and why?
I'm looking for a good live burlesque show!?
I have a guitar question please help me?
How can I Teach myself Guitar?
Anyone here in Chicago?
What types of keys have the same tonic but different key signatures?
how can i buy cd's that are purely instrumental so i can sing along with them?
Who's your favorite composer?
Tips or advice on better acting? I want 2 be an actresss help!?
Do you love/respect everything thats living? And if so what do you consider to be alive?
How do i tune my guitar?
Any good acoustic duets for a wedding?
Getting past a road block on guitar?
Do you know what an oboe is?
read and tell me what you think?
How do you do vibrato?
Giving guitar lessons. Where is a good place to begin?
Please WATCH this VIDEO and tell me WHAT YOU THINK?
alto sax Reassembly help !?
Career dilemma! Please help!?
What guitar did kirk hammett use on master of puppets, ride the lightning, and ...And justice for all?
for an audition, should i put my resume on top of or under my headshot?
Cort EVL X-6 - where to buy - best price?
Good amp for playing mostly metal music,for under 500 dollars?
Does anyone like Britney Spears anymore?
How do I find arpeggios to fit my solos?
Female comedic audition songs?
How to not get nervous in an audition?
What should I get if I want to start playing drums?
What type of music, or song, makes you sing at the top of your lungs?
What websites offer free drumming lessons?
What are your five favourite....?
Musicians, how did you decide on the instrument you play? How do you think most people make the decision?
american play from 1935 to 1955?
How can i get my Guitar Pick out of my Guitar!?!?
I need a title for my script. Any ideas?
Where can I find sheet music to Brooklyn the Musical?
what is the name of the company who helps with paying for john casablancas?
Guess Song From Lyrics. Be First Correct, Get 10 Points....?
Writing a script for a video/skit?
What grade/level is this ?(viola)?
1-2 minute Dramatic Monologue for teen?
What do you do if you don't have any courage while playing your instrament?
Who is good at coming up with guitar strum patterns for songs?
question about guitar?
Hey dancers! Help me out!(:?
record producers?
How to sound good as a band live?
I want to become a screamer with my band.....?
This is my first attempt at songwriting, opinions?
Guitar callouses and water?
Cort vs Epiphone Les Paul?
why is Valkyrie coming out on christmas?
How far can you go with learning to play the drums, without an actual drum kit?
Is it too late to pick up the violin at 16?
I do contemporary dance and it really hurts, is it meant to?
What do you think of my guitar abilities?
What classical songs should I sing for my high school audition?
i need the lyrics to "a dream is a wish your heart makes" on a music sheet. it is by Cinderella?
I'm having a problem playing high notes on an oboe?
which dci bluecoats show is the one where the guard takes the drumline's jackets off?
How do you create a short film?
what are the similarities between martial artists and dancers?
female duets from broadway from 1890-1960?
where can i find and listen to the classical piece: Le Petit Chaperon Rouge: Pantomime by maurice jaubert?
Where can I get an acoustic guitar?
is this weird?
Did Miles Davis have name for his trumpet?
what does a in the wood of a clarinet look like?
is there any colleges with business, performing arts, and cosmetology?
Stage name for Emily?
What instrument should I start playing if I'm going to teach myself to play?
Can I create a band called the Police Officers?
My Guitar is a Ibanez AEL black guitar and I don't know what to name it. Could use some help! Thanks!?
does any1 no where I can find a picture from the song I'm not that girl from the musical wicked 4 my Ipod?
Need Help Choosing Bass?
what does the american dance therapy association actually do?
have been a film buff for many years, and have interests in many different generes?
Backhand Spring tips?
Where are some good websites where I can get violin books from?
Whats a good way to learn the guitar if you dont have the money for lessons?
What are some good guitar (acoustic) songs to play that are pretty new?
im scared 2 sing infront of can i stop my stage fright ?
what are good song writing tips and ideas?
What is F And G major chord in guitar?
I need at least 2 good college audition pieces...any suggestions?
Okay i got this brand new acoustic guitar and i want to learn how to play!?
What's the best way to calm nerves for drama school auditions?
What are some good, more contemporary songs about rain?
modeling agencies for teens in san francisco?
What guitar recording interface/recording package and software should I get?
What movies?
Do you think your voice sounds weird?
Where is "Tango" dance from?!?!?!... Finland or Argentina!?!??!...?
why is broadway such a big deal? Where do its reputation come from?
does anyone know any magic tricks?
where can i find eminem's tattoos in a very large image that i can see very clear?
If I learn to play the recorder, and harmonica, will it be extra helpfull to learn the soprano saxophone?
Add a footswitch to my guitar amp?
Help on flexibility?????????????????????????
i need some help!?
for men only....what do you think?
good pop song for classical voice ?
I can't do a backbend PLZ HELP?
Is it too late to start learning how to play the acoustic guitar? Im 14.?
any duet songs? (females)?
Is there any books available that is all about interior designing a performing arts theater or an Opera House?
Where can I obtain a blank template for a 2.5" guitar strap?
My teacher suggests Juilliard?
How Do You Sing Good?
Could my constant breaking of high E strings be caused by my guitars?
Where can I find a lesson to print out to learn how to play the piano?
I found hard to play barre chords! I play an acoustic guitar, any tips?
Is it possible to lose a talent?
Can someone please recommend me a monologue?
Does anyone know any/know of any 5 Minute monologues?
I want to learn guitar. Advice? Do you reccomend starting on a 6-stringed acoustic first?
Im 16 can I still learn how to play piano good?
What is the best way to learn Black Magic?
do i have a chance of being a professional violist????
What does this mean in music?
do you need to sing to become an actress?
where was the film the inheritance filmed??, evenswood?
Why does my hand start to tense up when i play the piano?
Buying a guitar. Any tips or suggestions?
Does any 1 like any heavy metal like fall out boy, hawthorne heights, or simple plan?
Why is trumpet so challenging?
Can anyone recommend a intermediate acoustic guitar?
Music for Mixed Ensemble (beginners)?
Where can I find monologues (for preteens) that I can read online?
How can my band get an encore during battle of the bands?
i need help deciding between activitities to join!?
How do you play a Cadd9 with a capo on the 4th fret?
Me and my friend dont know what to do for talent show?
What song should I sing/play?
Can I sign up for Britians Got Talent Anytime or only in the summer?
Is there ANYTHING I'm good at?
Does Borders sell music sheets?
Should I get a double or triple ocarina?
How can I get in direct touch with the producers of a mini-series?
Violin sheet music for irish drinking songs/flogging molly/dropkick murphys?
why do comics use the same jokes regardless of who is in power?
A little help with musical composition?
Help learning guitar?
whats a good rock/metal song to play by myself at the talent show?
How much is my drum set worth?
what instrument should i play?
Any suggestions for good etude books for flute players?
HELP ME find a monologue PLEASE!?
What song to sing for an audition?
What does Les Paul "R8" and all the other R#'s mean?
What would be the best clarinet mouthpiece for me?
Why are Steinway Pianos so Expensive?
I am dying to become famous but I live in stinky ohio. How am I supposed to audition for things?
Is is hard to learn how to play Guitar?
What italian music artists would you recommend?
What country song should i sing for my talent show?
Has anyone ever heard of / purchased a Pearl River piano?
what is a good dvd course to buy.?
Does being a great musician really get you this kind of attention?
Should i do a solo singing in front of all my school?
Does this sound okay for a beginner?
How to recover a strained voice. ?
If I play Rock Band, am I a musician?
Help- I'm wanting to become a recording artist- I sing, write and play piano- where do I start?
As a person gets older, does it become harder for them to sing high notes ?
Are there any good guitar lesson books out there?
Looking for beautiful choral music?
What are good drama qualifications to have?
What instrument do you play (if one)?
I don't have a guitar anymore - now what?
How to make fake blood for on stage?
Why cant i find anything?
Beginner guitar player.. should I get 3/4 or full size acoustic?
do they offer any dance class in maui?
Songs to suit my voice - i'm 13 :) (vid of singing included)?
Looking for info on 70'S band Company Cain?
what musical is "in the big dollhouse" from?
Dancers, tips on leg extensions!?
I have a 9 yr old son and I would like him to learn the guitar. What should I buy him an acoustic or electric?
What is a good Mime school?
Can you lose skill from not practicing a instrument over a summer?
Triple Time Step In TAP?!?
I need at least 2 good college audition pieces...any suggestions?
What is your favorite musical?
what means DOLCE VITA?
" Mother India " ..The best Indian Movie ; Who's the director ? Any iformation about him ?
Where is a web-site that gives me the names of all 70's singers?
i feel uncomfortable when i play drums, my back starts aching.. why? :S?
For Musicians Only!?
is this a good bass guitar?
What uses up more of your air, a flute or a trumpet?
Well, my band did terrible...?
Do you think my friend here will remember the fans from before his fame hit mainstream status?
concert band seating arrangement?
how did aalya die?
Do you collect Antique Toys? Old trains, ships, cars, robots?
How do I become what I want to become?
what are the 2 advantages of the arena stage?
Do guys like girls that play guitar and are good singers?
I'd love to learn an instrument, but can't decide between the guitar or the piano?
What does "tapping into your richness" make you think of?
Acoustic or Electric Guitar?
Is this a good idea for a duo or trio at a dance competition?
What is a " TAPURRO"?
i want to be famous!!!?
Guitar pickup/electronics questions?
What is a better photo - a sunrise or a sunset?
What is the best concert you have ever been to in your life?
Entourage Rustic CW QI Question?
How do I find out what brand my clarinet I have?
Any tips for barre chords?
How do you make a skit backdrop that will gather diagonally when a string is pulled?
where to find?
What piano theme should I play for my school show?
How do I tune a drum set?
Guitar Center Help!!!!?
Why do backing dancers wear earphones?
How to get good at playing the piano?
What are the best colleges to attend for a dance major?
I want to start screenwriting where do I start?
i wanna know where i can find a magic shop store in bombay...i want street magic props...can u help me out???
Any good bands with a violin in them?
Epic, fasted pace music for fight scene?
Does anyone own a Yahama P-120?
how can i go about being a real actress right away. i dont want to waste my time going to acting school.?
What Level Guitarist Am I And How Can I Improve?
I want to teach myself how to play the guitar, what is the best book to teach me how?
Performing arts school in Florida?
Where can I find the scripts of Pancharathna Krithis, preferably in kannada or telugu?
where is enya from?
is it hard to learn how to play gutair?
how do u get noticed as a singer?
What song should I sing?
What Happens To My Lips When I Play Alto Sax?
GUYS: what are your turn ons and turn offs?
Selmer Flutes????????
A few clarinet reed questions from an experienced player?
Christmas gift for a drama boy?
Violin teacher question?
PLEASE, PLEASE advice???
how can i raise my pitch?
How do arts bring the community together?
if you were to stand up and say something what would be your special message for the world?
I am an actress and need HELP?
Question about guitar strings.?
What language should I pick? and What instrument should I pick?
female musical comedy skits (solo or duet) preferable theatrical but its alright if it its not:)?
what is the importance of lighting design in theatre?
What book should I get for my grade 1 violin student?
Im terrified to sing in front of people..?
i'm afraid to sing in front of any one?
Anthony Rapp and Jerry Dixon in The Wedding Banquet?
Besides myself, what other good-looking and talented people are born on August 13?
How does a guitar with tremolo bar fit into a case?
What's the scale for E2? on guitar of course?
Dropped my guitar on its face, dont know whats wrong?
Where can i get free irish viola sheet music?
Best music schools for flute?
Riverside Community College Marching Band?
should i give up on guitar?
what are values of goge africa to africans?
Where is the best place to setup your drumset?
Why would learning to play the guitar be an important skill?
Hey!!!!!! i have a music exam coming up, and i need help picking a song to sing????
Funny Ideas for a talent show for preteens?
Do you think my voice sounds good?
Why do British accents disappear when they sing?
Metal guitar partitures?
Is Rent Still On Broadway?
When buying an instrument online, what's the difference between an "outfit" and a standard instrument? ?
Help on rhythms?
any body interest in starting a music band?
Where can I find the sheet music online for Ave Maria?????
How do you slide a harmonic on bass guitar? (or any other string instrument)?
Is this all played by the electric guitar? (read details)?
Can I get a guitar instruction manual somewhere on the internet for free? I bought a guitar and need to...?
What EMG pickups can i put into my gibson sg?
Why does everybody wanna learn how to play "slap" bass?
Is Marius Pontimercy do-able?
Why do people in theaters tell each other to 'break a leg'?
Besides that Mrs Lincoln...?
How do i read the chart thing showed on here? (ukulele)?
How can you improve that sond of your voice?
Does anyone else play contra bass clarinet? How high is possible to play?
Does Hanah Montana have a boyfriend?
can you use the guitar hero world tour guitar for guitar hero 3?
need a broadway female duet?
How is my singing? Is it okay?
How do you juggle Mill's Mess?
What song should I audition with?
I play Sax now; What would be the best brass instrument for me?
Opening night gifts?
what would broadway want?? .s.?
When opera singers sing in their highest voice, what is it called?
What is your favorite Disney Musical and Why?
What are your thoughts on the play The Skin Of Our Teeth by Thorton Wilder?
Getting lighter gauge guitar strings?
What brand (or kind) of acoustic guitar should I get?
how does david copperfield 'fly'?
Where can I buy a Hope Solo jersey?
How can I learn to sing in harsh Metal vocal styles?
Smart people need help!!?
How long did it take you to play the guitar properly?
what should i sing for my middle school talent show?
Can a left handed person use a right handed guitar?
What effect is used for the guitar solo in "Time" by Pink Floyd?
how can i write a good song?
what is the political reasons why and when noh theatre developed when it did?
Names of good keyboards with 88 keys around $500?
What is the best part and best song in "Once Upon A Mattress"?
What should I Do For Thailand's Got Talent?
What guitar should I get?
I'm new to guitar, help!?
What do you think of when you think of Knoxville?
Is it ok to play guitar but not sing?
How to help me learn my part?
Should I use woodern sticks on an Electric Drum kit ?
My daughter (honors student) is graduating from middle school this year. We just love Rent.?
where and how can i scout for people who are willing to be in the entertainment company and pay to learn?
How much money does a good electric guitar cost??
What does D.C.I. stand for????
Can I teach myself how to play guitar?
What a cheap college in california where you can learn screenplay writing?
I want to know how to sing well?
Can anybody tell me where I can find free sheet music for gospel hymns online?
Tips on learning heavy metal songs by ear?
Which timber of voice is considered the most rare in the opera singing?
music: is there such a thing as a double sharp? is is connoted with an 'x'?
Is it a good idea to buy hand strengtheners for playing guitar ?