Performing Arts

Magic Tricks?
Does anyone know a website where I can listen to showtunes for free? THanks?
What do you think of this song?
What guitar should I get?
Tuning- Jackson Ps-4?
How to sing better?!?
what major/minor is best for becoming a PR agent?
How to customize guitar?
Homecoming Performance Help!!!?
Magic Tricks?
Can you say a show is one of your favorite shows if you've only listened to the cast album?
I have a voice that can have improvments, but is still good. What should I do (practice wize)?
How to improve intonation on cello?
learning guitar?
Where do i find tabs for guitar?
where can i find sketches/blueprints of gameshow stages?
How Do You Learn To Play Fingerstyle Guitar???
what are some songs about....?
Section 5 of Appalachian Spring (“Simple Gifts”) is in ________ form?
Would I be considered a thespian?
I need to know the name of a song to my alma matter. I think it's called "Americans, We."?
Are the fingerings for a trumpet in Bb the same for a trumpet in C?
Music learning?
HELP! Bugsy Malone License NEEDED!?
How do you get better at playing guitar?
Easiest instrument to play?
Who else is saddened that Nickel Creek plans to break up in late 2007?
how can i find my talent?
violin wrist? Any violin players have wrist problems?
I need a description of the sugar pulm fairy, personallity and costume?
Marching Band cheerse for woodwinds?
who plays on the east coast in the Tans-Siberian Orchestra?
How old do I have to be?
I play double bass, is learning Cello hard?
Should I quit marching band?
i am new at guitar and was wondering what to look for in a new guitar?
do you think i can sing?
some good stunt ideas?
What's the difference between these 2 guitars?
Switching from trumpet to french horn?
Community Theatre DISASTER!?
How long will it take me to learn a piece like Pachelbel's Canon in D?
Pretty and easy Guitar tabs?
Is this guitar good???????????!!!?
Which play by J.B.Priestley is the one that gets highly complicated?
Do you play a musical instrument?
Are there any sites with free guitar lessons for beginners?
How do you sing well?
Guitar Notes On Fretboard.?
why is christina rossetti important to the 19th century?
Band camp starts today, and one of the keys is sticking on my clarinet. Help?
Do electric guitars and acoustic guitars share the same kind of strings?
Talent/ Acting agencies?
What is "experience"?
How to avoid stage fright when performing infront of an audience?
What do you need to set up at a craft show?
What's your favorite song from Phantom of the Opera?
What do you think a good song to sing for a "talent" show would be?
Undecided which college to go to?
Guitar playing question.?
Name a really good electric guitar I could get for around 300-500$?
How did you learn to play guitar?
where can i get violin notes?
How well do I sing? Please rate!?
who is the best singing teacher in london?
Sticky Keys on Instrument?
i want to become a dancer?
How can I reach higher notes?
'Absurd' monologue ideas?
AMP settings for sos & hold by the JONAS BROTHERS for an electric guitar?
What are some good songs to make love to?
i'd really love to be a do i get there?
who sang "As Time Goes By"?
Have you ever heard of Eric Whitacre?
Will I be poor if I do this?
chamber theater?
Do you think Russian Pointe shoes are good or bad?
do monkeys taste nice roasted,cause my gran said,she tasted sweeter after eating a bbqed monkey in n.z.on site
Got any ideas for monologues i can use in audition?
Odd instruments I can learn?
I need a good song to sing for a "British Invasion" themed talent show.?
Where are the serial number's on a gibson guitar?
i need a acting audition plz?
how to encourage girlfriend for sex?
What are pentatonic scales. How are they different from regular scales. How do they help?
i've played the violin and the flute and i quit. i wanted to play the clarinet but now i want 2 play
A Broadway duet for two girls that is not overused?
How can I overcome my fear of performing??
I live in Dubai and am interested in taking acting classes, anybody knows any place that conducts workshops ?
Flute scam?
Where can i find a free online published play?
What is the difference between a violin and a fiddle?
How hard is it to get into AMDA or Tisch?
best pianists alive today?
Will playing through a tube amp really make me a better player?
Help? Finding A Violin Solo Piece!!?
Handel:Why don't they get it?
I performed in a drama called "Belles" about sisters who interact only on the phone. Can I get a script?
how do i make my vocal cord stronger?
Where can we buy Jasmine 35S takamine guitar in Singapore ?
first time buying guitar?
Help with music analysis?
What should I name my bass guitar?
The Phantom of the Opera, 25th anniversary in Royal Albert Hall in London?
Me and my Friend want to have a REAL guitar battle at the talent show?
Female parts in man for all seasons?
in midnight club L.A. how do i get karol to call me because i am now the "idol" rank?
Piano: Can you stretch an octave easily? How many keys can you reach?
What are the words to The World Turned Upsidedown?
Question about guitar and tapping your foot?
What's the best musical on Broadway (NY, NY) to see right now?
Best Bass Guitar?
When will my Voice Change?
Who is he that was said to be the world's greatest drummer?
questions about guitar tuners?
flute players - how hard is it to learn and play the flute?
A rude, racist, cruel, and/or mean contemporary monologue? Better to audition with shows materials?
how do you do a fouetté in ballet?
Will be Coldplay also in Paris?
My band director gave the solo to someone else?
What to ask my bf to teach me in djing?
Do I have a shot at being professional ballerina if I start at 13 ?
Do you like mimes?
in the restaurant scene in the Godfather. What do they say in Italian? what is the translation in English?
Are oboes cool... I play one and some people say they arent?
Metric Displacement in Music?
Websites for Student project actor searching?
the most expensive guitar?
Rate this performance, please?
any preformers/ dancers out there ? ?
Music and arts rent to own question?
Who's been Clara?
When was the date of birth of Brenda Joysmith?
I need a scene between two girls from a play by Tennesesee Williams?
What Careers can I go into with a BTEC national diploma in performing arts?
how long does an extras casting for a movie last? what do u wear? if it says 10-4 does it start at 10 ?
I love theatre and theatrical arts and i'm just dying?
What are some father-daughter duet songs?
Need TO Impress this girl..i have a guitar?
i am trying to learn to sight read at piano and i have anxiety attacks. any advice?
Is there a CD/CD set with recordings of the complete Schumann Symphonies and the Piano concerto?
Yale guitar audition?
performing arts middle schools in nj?
Where can my daughter learn to play the drums?
What other instrument can I play that is similar to clarinet?
Starting stand-up?
I need help in picking out harmony's!?
The cork in my flute just slides?
Easy acoustic guitar songs for beginners?
Buying an acoustic guitar?
Am I tone deaf or not?
why cant i sing and play gitar at the same time?
How does French culture manifest itself in French art?
OPINION NEEDED. Need a good title. Which one? The Cavaliers, Les Cavaliers (meaning The Riders) The Horsemen?
When a band is performing,what are those rectangular speakers(??) out in front of the performers pointed towar?
what are some good "i don't need you" songs?
I can't Play certain notes on my flute.?
What is the real difference between Elixir Polyweb & Nanoweb strings?
1/4 Size Upright Bass for 5'1" Young Adult?
Do you have a passion for something you know?
i was just wondering where i can find a violin!?
addiction??? mental illness or character flaw???
How much are classes to learn how to play cello?
Can I make a living doing standup comedy? How hard is it?
am i too old to learn to play piano/keyboard?
good recording software to make demos? price range, where to get it?
I need ideas for a pantomime!!! Please!?
Is it a good idea to spend $400 on and acoustic guitar as a begginer?
How do i become a dancer?
I just bought a cheap acoustic guitar - I am left handed - Can I just restring it?
Why does my guitar make noise when its not being played??
Is it too late to start a career in dancing?
Strippers/Exotic Dancers ONLY !!!!!!!!!!!?
Why do I have such bad stage fright ?
I have an evil drama teacher who hates me for no reason, what should I do?
how can i start my acting career?
Help with violin form?
What's the best way to learn the notes in the major and minor scales?
What are some high quality electric guitars for $300-$500?
Circus how do you spell circus solea? I can't spell it?
do i sing good?
Are there any plays written by Edgar Allen Poe?
Which Brand for Acoustic Guitars are good?
How much does a 12 string guitar cost?
I need a quick actin class or lessons?
How do you wash leather cheer shoes?
how do i get a recording contract? contract?
O Holy Night flute notes?
Gibson fretboard wood HELP PLEASE!!!!?
I play guitar but I cant get over the fear of being in front of alout of peolple?
What can I do with music?
Do i have an accent? help!!!!!?
Indian dancers with a high pitched noise are called twirling what?
What is the easiest way to teach yourself how to play the guitar?
I'm trying to breakdance and it is SO SO hard!!?
What should you know going into the pageant world?
Should I play Cello?
Any 1 minute comedic Monologues (male)?
Are there free ballot classes for preteens and teens in the U.S.?
How to write a concert report?? Need help with the musical vocabulary!?
Electric Vioin Questions!?
What store can I go to to buy character shoes?
Where should be left hand thumb when playing guitar?
yeah.. i wanna learn how to sing ?
Do you consider yourself a good story teller?
How do I get over stage fright?
What instruement should I play?
Can Anyone tell me the notes on the music staff for C# Minor?
Is it true that push ups make your voice better?
where can i get free printable viola music worksheets?
Ever heard of yogowypie?
Have you seen The Broadway Lion King Musical?
Upbeat, popular, easy-to-sing song for school choir competition?
How do you know that Greek Vinegarette doesn't like playing Guitar Hero instead of CNN.?
is slash a virtuoso performer?
Audition for college, need a song to sing?
What should I sing for my first voice lesson?
Did the grateful dead get kicked out of woodstock?
What guitar recording interface/recording package and software should I get?
The Columbus Performing Arts Center in Columbus, Ohio?
How do I get an agent?
I can't play or do aything special man wtf? I've been trying so hard at piano every day for a year...?
What are the best music schools or universities for classical guitar?
Where can I download/buy the takarazuka phantom (2004 cosmos troupe version)?
stop blood from congealing?
Can i still be a dancer?
I want to learn how to play guitar and piano?
Songs to play? Acoustic guitar?
Adjust the Neck on a Bass Guitar?
How do I tell my mom that i want to be a actress/singer? Please reply, I'll take anything.?
i want to be the best singer in my school. how can i do that?
I really want to learn to play the cello...?
What to play for my Juilliard pre college audition (bassoon)?
How Do You Play Simple and Clean by Utada Hikaru on Piano?
What is Marshall Plan?
What is one talent or skill you don't have but always wanted?
How long untill?
Bruce I hope you are not making a movie?
What are the fingerings for the B scale on trumpet?
What are some good screamo/techno bands?
Please help men: I need a (possibly) funny 3 min monologue for a woman.?
Which one do you think I should take, the clarinet or flute?
How can I learn to play the piano online?
SNUFF by SLIPKNOT???????????
15yrs Old w/ a Kiddy Voice. Will I grow out of it?
what is your favorit band or song?
What is a good beginner electric guitar?
Audition songs for sopranos?
How do I become a professional dancer?
I'm trying to decide between an electric guitar or bass. Any advice?
please help me!?
How much does the world spend on gambling?
A question about The Wiz?
E3-F5 vocal range?? What am I?
Good alto sax fingering chart?
Bass help for the absolute beginner?
What are some fun songs you like to play on your guitar?
How can I ease my nervousness in front of class?
Can I interview you for my langue arts assignment ?
Whats the song called in wicked??
what is so good about buying guitars and people at the store for guitar hero 2?
how to go to britains got talent final...?
i live in ny city and im looking for a dance school or cheorograper that has hip hop classes?
What is a good prose performance piece? Can't be a movie, play, or drama. Can ONLY be book!?
Is "Toucha toucha toucha Touch Me" a good audition song for "Seussical?"?
Is it hard to go from tenor to bass trombone?
is doing any type magic good or not ???
If you speak english, you can help me?
What is a good site for printing sheet music?
anybody know good old songs?
Does anyone know why AFI has bunnies on there cover of their new CD, and why in the video of "Miss Murder"
How can I Teach myself Guitar?
How could i use midi?
What is your favorite Broadway musical of all times?
theater musicals................................…
help on custom bear totems?
QUICK! good songs to sing....(please read!)?
what can i say about Brahms' Concerto for Violin and Cello in A minor?
i need a nice presentation topic from history, for which statistical data is also available, please suggest.?
Is it to late for a 25 years old to learn piano?
Is it okay for men to sing high notes?
Whar are some good Marching Band Slogans?
who wrote the song my way?
The slide lock on my trombone won't move any help to get it to move?
Violine learning - Beginer?
Should I join stage crew club?
Can Somebody Finish This Dark Monologue For Me?
My string are buzzing, What should I do?
how many jimi hendrix albums are out there,including comercial ventures,bootlegs,and otherlive show recordings
Good, punk songs to learn for electric guitar that I can sing to?
Did Gustav Mahler ever write any solo works for the viola?
What monologue and song from a musical should I do?
How to become a great dancer in the age of 13?
ok I have a Kramer Pacer, the serial number SI06050143 and I cant find anything on this guitar at all. help!!.?
How do you sight-read sheet music?
Best way to learn acoustic Guitar?
Is it late to learn violin when your age is fourteen???
Help needed please!!!!!!!!!!?
How do you know if your scene?
What song should I sing?
Wicked the Broadway Musical?
PLEASE HELP ALL MUSICIAN !!!!! Saxophone players?
Where would find a Alto saxophone fingering chart?
flute duet?
Is this duet composition for cello and violin good?
What are some good modern songs (pop, etc, kelly clarkson type music or whatever) for a beginner vocalist?
Musical auditioning help?
is it ever too late to start to learn to play a musical instrument?
In the Nuter, what was the name of the girl?
If you were offered a job to perform in Disney World.........?
When is Wicked coming to Toronto next?
Where can i find someone to play the trumpet and/or tenor saxophone on a reggae-ska song i have written?
Who ruined the World?
Can you play guitar in single notes?
Can someone recommend me a good guitar to buy?
The Axis of Awesome 4 Chords?
Help!! for a Trumpet Player!!!?
How can i get confidence ?
I want to be a director or an actor but need advice?
How do blind people learn to play instruments?
What style should I learn on the guitar first?
What guitar pedal should i buy first?
Name of song with lyrics take your cat, but not my sweater, there is nothing left to weather?
how can i get a better singing voice?
i am in M.A english needs topics for presentation?
Good starter songs for beginner acoustic guitar player...?
What is a good song for a guitar ensemble audition?
how can i become a kid actor?
What instrument(s) do you play?
What's a good acoustic-electric guitar?
Talent Show songs?
Really need help on Julius Caesar question. Please help I would really appriciate it a lot.?
I need pageant names?
I love to sing but i am no good at it what should i do?
Do guys like girls that play an instrument or do they think its dorky?
Help! Singers Please! Advice! I Really Need It!?
What do you think of opera?
Can somebody tell me the story of LOST briefly and clearly?
I cant find this music anywhere!? Want the solo piece for the saxophone.?
Solo/Ensemble for choir?
Anyone want a guitar?
How can I relearn how to play piano?
How do I become a professional dancer?
How do you strum like this?
Best gauge of guitar strings?
What is a good brand for valve trombones?
What is the best way to find an agent?
Can anyone recommend a monologue?
Guitar players: How to you practice?
Is the Jackson JS32 Rhoads a good guitar?
I'm trying to broaden my taste in music. Help me out? Give me an artist I might like?
I live in Illinois and want to study cello performance in college-where is a good place to go?
I just started playing guitar my fingers hurt, I'm going to give up!?
Avion vs Les Paul Guitar?
I am Trying to write a musical! But I am struggling with the manuscript!?
Who is Renato Fasano?
What would be a good piece for group interp for two girls?
What can I do to regain range and endurance on a trumpet?
Whats the difference between a bass guitar and an electric guitar?
When do I humidify my guitar?
Do models talk? Read discription!?
How do I read Shakespear?
Is this ABUSE?
What guitar magazine is best for me?
how do you find a tv audition for disney chanel like hannah montana?? and do I need an agent&manager before??
passed out during marching band?
Starting bass for pep band.?
How do you become flexible if your over ten and you dont have double joint?
Is there an easy way to learn a back walkover?
Is it too late to learn baton at 15?
how can i stress my vocal chords so i can scream while sing?
Why cant i get a record deal?
Is this a good headshot for an acting audtion?
Is censorship a greater evil than absolute freedom of expression?
Some advice for a good beginners electric guitar?
what is a good duet song that isn't about relationships or love?
How long does it take the average person to be good at playing the guitar?
How can i not be nervous on stage? i can't sing well and keep shaking!! Sometimes even crying on stage?
Musical Theatre songs based on Ambition?
Hitting the whistle register?
Do you think I am a good actress? check out my youtube videos? (:?
How to play what makes you beautiful by one direction on piano/keyboard?
What do you think of my play?
where can i find a entertaining 90 second monologue for a major assesment?
2. A guitar string is plucked at time t=0. 12 second later the sound has faded as to be inaudible. Assume the?
what is my guitar worth? Yamaha Acoustic FG 332 (Not Jumbo) Bought in 1981.?
My Flute Crown Can Never Tighten?
What kind of talent agent should i get?
does anyone know of any comical female/female duets for the holiday season?.... but not "Sisters".?
what is the date when all's well that ends well, by Shakespere was written?
Tips and advice on songwriting please?
Time of your life cover (comments/rate!) s constructive criticism? GREENDAY?
Where are conn french horns made?
Is it possible to learn how to sing?
Can you do the gangnam style without farting?
where can i find a cd for the musical or opera Lizzie borden?
Do you think dancers r athletic or lazy?
lefty with a righty guitar that needs help?
play music in 12/8 time???
so i have a report due....who is a really good modern virtuoso performer?
A 2 (or more) channel amp & foot switch or seperate effects pedals (electric guitar)?
Is it illegal to borrow musical themes from composers in my own piece?
What is a good acoustic guitar to buy under $200?
what exercises can i do to extend my vocal range and reach higher notes?
valve oil mass order?
How can I play a solo on the xylophone really fast?
How do professional artists/musicians maintain good relationships if they work all of the time?
Any good cabaret ideas?
Does anyone enjoy singing contemparay christian songs?
Is 16 years of age to old to start playing guitar?
can anyone suggest a few songs i will want to play on guitar at an italian restaraunt,?
What do you guys think of ...?
Customized Guitar Pick in Sg?
Will anyone buy my guitar?
A few questions about X-Factor US Auditions?
SERIOUSLY:There are several versions of the ballet version of 'Giselle"and I need help with an analization.
Favorite band instrument?
What are some upbeat Broadway songs for a boy?
Cleaning a electric guitar help!?
Can anyone tell me how to "shred" on the guitar?
I need a song for my jazz or contemporary dance solo!?
How do I build a movie set? My group and I have to teach our class the basics of set construction.?
Is it okay for a boy to play the clarinet?
What is a good piece for a small brass ensemble?
I need help with a pedal board - Guitar?
Does anyone know when evanescence is performing in Ottawa?
What's your view on a self-taught musician?
Need help finding monologue, double points?
Is it easier to play the trombone with braces than playing the trumpet with braces?
Sometimes on "Britains Got Talent" are there 3 judges & other shows 4?
Where can I get custom guitar picks?
What categories should I include on a score card for a high school talent competition?
What's the difference between these Epiphone guitars?
i have a grad degree in drama, wanna teach, where should i?
How to better my guitar playing ability?
What songs are good to play on the guitar by an intermediate and sing at the same time? These songs...........?
What would you do if you met EminƎm?!?
Am I a great singer or what?
My drama teacher wants us to make something including the word shine.?
How to sing?
Whats a Good Slow Musical Theatre Song?
My fingers are weak, guitar beginner?
Classical guitar audition?
Any tips on how to improving the tone, vibration, and bow movement for cello?? >.>?
What's your favorite thing about Marching Band?
What do you think of my niece singing?
Trying out for Titania or Puck advice?
define music :]?
What are some Asian-related performance ideas??
details about cañao?
With classical guitar training, will I be able to fingerpick acoustic songs like Travis, Chet Atkins, etc?
Popular and strong duets for two girls to sing?
HELP!! What's a good way to get my voice back quickly?
Suitable Guitar for a 10 year old?
Proper power Chord Charts?
What kind of Dances should I try & take lessons in.?
Dance duet costumes for 16 and 17 year old girls?
Vocal Technique Question?
What are some nice, portable musical instruments?
i need help!!!!?
How much can I sell my guitar for?
where can I purchase K'nex?
I'm having a hearing for misconduct and I want to make myself break into tears, how can i do this? Onions?
performing arts school?
What are their dances, songs and traditional rhythms?
What has been your most significant achievement so far? What motivates you?
How to learn lines quickly?
Question for girl drummers!?
i m about to take guitar lessons,what kind of guitar should i buy as a beginner?
Should I get an acoustic or electric guitar?
What is a good affordable 7 stringed guitar for metal music?
How to put together my new color guard rifle?
Who played Pedal Steel guitar on the Grateful Dead song "Pride Of Cucomonga"?
Pleez HELP! Did Steven Tyler sing "Dream On" in the 70s becuz it sure doesn't sound like him. Wazzup?
what chord is this, when you press the 6th string on the 2nd fret and 1st string on the 3rd fret?
How do i get my voice ready for a choir concert?
Question About Marshall Guitar Cabinet?
Can anyone recommend some good CDs to work with for a very beginning vocalist? Thanks!?
How to get better at playing over the summer?
Stagecoach - is it all true?
Were is Lime Wire?
compare Frida Kahlo to Edouard Manet?
How do you tell if you're tone deaf?
Can anyone give me reviews over Solo De Concours for Clarinet?
How is my singing (please be honest)?
Theatrical preformances in Michigan?
how to find list of metallica songs?
how do u like my song?
I want to learn how to play guitar. Will i be able to?
Today is your last day in the world?
how to sing a high pitch song perfectly when you can only sing low pitch?
I've been playing acoustic guitar for about 2 years....?
Help! Which Talent!!?
Is the LeakyCon performance of AVP3D AVPSY going to be the only one ever?
Would this be interesting for a talent show?
where would i send a letter to the cast of wicked for the LA tour?
What exactly are tube amps?
would it be possible to learn how to play an acoustic guitar by....?
butler high school ..?
Transcribing Guitar Finger-picking to violin by ear?
Which Bach trumpet should I get?
Muse - "Can't take my eyes off of you" instrumental or minus one version?
What is a good "biker" name for flutes to put on t shirts for the flute section in marching band?
wat do you think about the epiphone dove?
Whenever you need some sheet music, where do you go to buy it?
what date was my acoustic guitar takamine "jasmine" made?
i need to see a harmonic minor scale drawn out for alto clef. can anyone help me?
i need a script for the musical porgy and bess. where can i find one?
if my voice is damaged from wrong usage of singing warmups, can i recover??
I have my first audition at my college on the 21st and I need a monologue. It HAS to be from a published play.?
How do you move your fingers individually?
Where could i buy cheap acoustic drum kits without bidding?
Is the guitar easy or difficult?
Can anyone have a talent? And be famous for it?
how to glissando DOWN on clarinet?
acoustic and/or electric guitar?
How do I play my instrument more emotionally&heartfelt? I've been studying modes but they're not 100% helping.
Can someone play this for me a send me a recording of it?
Dose frenchy have a solo in Grease the musical?
Wrecked campervan set ?
Celebrity Look-Alike Question?
Which guitar is right for me?
Could you see a Broadway Musical on Kurt Cobain?
Where can I find Layla [Eric Clapton] sheet music for the violin?
Which "Coppelia" ballet had what appeared to be an Asian woman and a Black man as the lead roles?
1&half years, guitar player. how to get good? loosing itt.?
What would be a smell associated with musicians?
"In the Heights" national tour? ?
is learning any instrument at 14 going on 15 to late?
who is the best musician in history?
how to play All i want is you on guitar?
What are some cool guitar riffs to learn?
what kind of stings should a beginner put on a Lyon Washburn Acoustic guitar?
What are some good acts for a variety show?
Anyone know any good websites that can teach me how to play the bass? =D?
How can I break bad musical habits?
Is this guitar site legal?
should you detune a drumset when shipping it?
An idea for my child's birthday party?
What do you think about girls who plays piano?
I can't get my violin to play notes.?
Do you regret not playing a musical instrument when you were younger?
what is "time served" sentence?
Dose anyone think David Archuleta will come back to Sac to preform?
What to do when I am Bored?
How easy/difficult is it to harm ones voice?
Do go-go dancers get paid well?
I am looking for a club in the detroit area that features male dancers as I am having a bachelorette gig?
What is the c note on the flute?
what are some good acting/modeling/dancing websites (not schools or scams)?
Songs to sing for musical theatre audition?
Remember Moe Howard from the 3 stooges? Wouldn't life be great if we could bump people on the noggin every
How to help me learn my part?
What should you say to a musician, good luck or break a leg?
What plan would you follow to become a famous singer or actor/actress?
Can I sing slightly well? Audition?
What do you need in order to work in circus?
What guitar songs?
what is the easiest way to identify the notes on all scales for the trombone?
Do u like Jonathan Ross from BBC's Film 2006 I don't?
i need a really emotional song to sing that will make people cry sung by a girl :)?
Beauty and the Beast on Broadway.....?
I have a problem can you help solve it?
How do I become an actress?
What are the instruments in the Brass, Strings and Percussion sections of an orchestra?
Why is guitar sheet music never arranged but piano music is?
1 Minute Comedic Monologues?
how do i tune my guitar to capo on 1st fret?
Just what is Talent Rock and when is there next event?
Guitar Customisation Help?
Buying a Guitar?
I can sing well and have performed in many shows. I want to be singer can Any body help me. babakinglali@
Anyone know a sight for guitar lessons? Specifically mexican music but anything will do.?
Which playwrights have won the Nobel Prize for Literature?
I play drums, but I moved, and where I live is not allowed to play drums, what I can do?
What guitar should i get?
What kind of guitar do you play?
whats your talent?
How to get natural and permanent confidence?
who thinks Antonio Bandares is the hottest man alive?
i want to sing................?
To all guitar players...Do any of you suffer with my problem? I have played guitar now for many years, But?
guitar strap, how to attach it to a classical guitar?
Dancers conditioning?
Learning the flute?
I'm about to take a shower. What should I sing?
What are good monologues to practice to myself?
How do i make my friends crazy drum set quieter? i cant even hear myself play guitar?
what is dv8?
Where can I learn how to produce music?
Off broadway/lesser known alto songs?
Help with child learning piano?
what are hand held instruments one can play besides the tambourine?
How to become a more advanced dancer?
Back to school:Where can I buy tabs? (For binder)
What trombone should I get?
Can you explain what is drama classes?
What are some broadway songs good for a cabaret?
What guitar chord is this?
How would knowing a foreign language be advantageous if you're a musician or music producer?
Have you ever gotten piercings for a play?
the x32 by yamaha...advice on how to start it?
How hard is it to self-learn keys?
What pieces should I play?
wooh oo, i can play the opening to mozart. now, about tighteing my bow?
After name of classical music played at twin towers memorial?
Anyone going to see the 'Whose Line is it Anyway" guys at the Cape Cod Melody Tent this Friday?
What's the best type of Music?
What would be the best clarinet mouthpiece for me?
Violin Finger Placement?
Do you play a musical instrument?
Who are the dancers in mambo no. five?
Is it too late to learn the guitar?
Is ait a good idea to have back up string for electric guitar?
I Miss You by Hannah Montana guitar tab?
Is the piece 6th solo concert for flute by Jules Demersseman level 6 in the nyssma manual for 2009/2010?
where is clara h kesller?
what is the greatest challenge in life? living like a human being???
Im 16 and i know i have a good voice, if i start doing gigs now...?
What song should I do for an audition for a musical?
where can i find a monologue from a raisin in the sun ?
Acoustic guitar help PLEASE!!!?
Which Broadway musical is better?
Female comedic monologue?
Brass Ensemble Name??? Please help!!!?
Can you do the vibrato on the Violin? how long did it take you to learn?
Open mic for standup comedy in the bay area?
Why do some bands encase their drummers in plastic sheeting?
After awhile, it becomes difficult to hold the oboe embouchure?
what song did lloyd daniels sing in x-factor last week again jamie!? in the sing-off!?
what is meditation?
How to add fast transitions to videoclip?
Free Flute Music?
How do I refurbish a Spanish Guitar?
can anyon give me notes for this flute part for flute? instrument music?
What's the hardest style to learn or play on guitar?
what type of bridge pins do i need for my GA-45sce Fender acoustic guitar?
What kind of amplifier is best for a BC Rich Warlock electric guitar?
Romeo and Juliet Parody?
What are good audition songs for an alto?
Drinking alcohol before performing?
Super easy songs to play on guitar?
What is a good guitar to buy for someone trying to learn to play for the first time?
What would make someone physically unable to play violin?
What instrument(s) do you play?
Helen Shapiro. Sorry I spelt the name incorrectly. in my previous question?
Is it easy to learn how to play piano?
Buying New Flute?
can you learn guitar yourself without any tutoring?
Famous Broadway dances using a cane?
Did I break my Violin?
How do you do a simple couples dance?
Do broadway musicals, after they come out, ever come on DVD?
easy songs to play on a keyboard,?
Inspirational Show Chior Quotes?
what kind of instrument do you play?
Where do your fingers go on the guitar tones?
Where can I find more info about Ricardo Castro?
can someone tel me a good website whre i cn find bhangra rnb songs e.g dj rags ,h dhami.miss poojas ??? xxx?
Your Open Question: I have a custom acoustic FG37E? It only been with me for less then a year how much is it w?
What is the best trustworthy website to use to find audition?
I need help on talent for a pageant?
Any1 seen Stomp?
Who was the first person to catch a bullet with his/her teeth?
What song should i sing? Any advice will help!?
Ibanez vs. ESP vs. epiphone vs. schecter vs. PRS?
Is it possible to level a whole continent to its foundations?
Should I use a stage name or not?
Which song should I sing for my audition?
epiphone SG for first guitar?
Is Cort a good guitar or would a Freshman (not sure of spelling) be better?
Irish flute or penny whistle?
Am I too late to start out as a ballerina?
Is wicked going on tour soon?
What is ur opinion on this guitar? (link below)?
guitar ?????
Does your pinky give your trouble when playing f # M?
Is "Flight" by Craig Carnelia in a musical?
Am I too old to play an 11-year-old girl?
Do you feel you have a particular talent , but you have ignored it and not practiced?
Is this a special talent that I can become famous for?
Best musical theatre songs?
What are some good trumpet sayings to put on a t-shirt?
Is the sitar really that hard of an instrument to play?
What would you consider to be the best school of music?
what does Randy Rhoads play at 0:50?
Help: I had a horrible improv experience. (long)?
is playing the guitar hard?
non church goers please help?
Did you study music performance at the Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champlain? How successful were you at it?
I am a music teacher, and I just resigned. I need a good good-bye song to sing to them.?
Is this possible with the piano?
Which catches more of your attention: a person who can dance or the one who can sing?
what is vocal toning?
Arts and Leisure weekend. how do i sign up for this???
Help Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
how can i become a famous actress?
What do you think of Julia Roberts on stage in Broadway?
How can I sing my diaphram, and not my throat?
Does anyone know how he loves us on guitar the lead guitar riff thing does any one know how to play it?
how much is the jago peternalla venice 1965 violin worth?
What is a lead sheet?
Good Hardcore songs for acoustic?
Please help me with my headshot!? Should I use this one?
Which of the following guitar multieffects is betterr?Line 6 PodXt Live or Vox Tonelab SE???
Which is better, acting or modeling?
What do you think about my singing voice? Tips?
Who likes Gilbert and Sullivan?
Opinions of this winterguard team please?
i can sing and i was wondering if anyone knows how i can get noticed??
How do I sing bel canto. Is it all about a focal point? Is my voice teacher doing something wrong?
Broadway Kids!!?
Can i change my reed strength? ヽ(#`Д´)ノ?
where can i find the performance the got 2 live crew banned from performing?
What Guitar and Guitar Strings Should I Buy?
violist playing piano?
What are the best techniques to learn the electric bass?
What's a good way to convince your parents to watch a Broadway musical?
Tips to not have stage fright!?
Have you ever seen "The Lion King" musical?
Help with drama monologue please?!?
Can left handed people play the guitar left handed?
I wannna know how to levitate like Criss Angel?
What would be the best job for a skilled liar?
Should I play guitar on top of the first pick up or between the two pick ups?
Who's the hottest guy on Good Charlotte?
I'm in DESPERATE need to find music for George Bizet's "Carmen Fantasy" for flute!?
what is the english translation of opera title "La Costanza in amor vince L'inganno"?
Anyone have the guitar chords for "light up the sky" by yellowcard?
What's it like to major in music?
New guitar player, twagy and old? Any advice is good advice?
Have you ever wanted something so much but people don't believe you could ever do it?
a video on how to play hells bells solos ?
Has anyone ever met nick jonas?
where was the "nuter" performed for the first time?
How do I buy my first guitar?
Music Production Schools?
What acoustic guitar should I get?
Guitar Tab. Ultimate Guitar Help.?
Can I win "America's got Talent" - I cannot sing but i have some great sob stories about my life?
How much is my Selmer Flute Worth?
How Can Narration Be Used In Theatre?
HELP! Monologue Ideas?
How do i create tickets for people to buy?
I am not sure about my future i need an opinion?
What are the best NONE accredited courses for a BA in musical theatre?
Whats the hardest instrument to play?
Singing Opertunities?
A question for snare drum players? teaching myself snare drum...?
Memorizing a DI for Forensics?
What is a great song to play on guitar that will blow peoples mind?
what Aerosmith album has the original (not the live version) dream on song?
how can u start playing drums?
Bass Guitar Recommendations?
what are some acting schools in texas?
What do you think of my rendition of the US National Anthem ?
help give me some pantomime ideas?
What instrument should I start playing if I'm going to teach myself to play?
i need some advice on buying a guitar?
What is my guitar worth?
Good dance songs for a show?
For anyone in Plano or Region 25, do you know if you can change Orchestra Solo/Ensemble Fest info now?
how to play jingle bells on the violin?
What's a good stage name?
What is the definition of a programmatic symphony and pragrammatic overture?
what song should sing for my solo in chorus?
What is a guitar grade?
Dropped my guitar on its face, dont know whats wrong?
acting work permit for me?
Why do i sound different when recorded?
My violin says "Copie de Antonius Stradiuarius Cremonenfis Faciebat Anno 1721" can I get some backround?
Should I take forensics?
how old is sally field?
What brand of violin do u recommend?
Guitar Rhythm Issues?
Does anyone know we didn't start the fire on flute?
Is Judy Garland dead or alive????????????
why arent there guitar tab books for megadeth or pantera?
what are those two faces or masks commonly associated with drama called?
Is Kermit the Frog a chubby chaiser?
How do you play your call by secondhand serenade on guitar?
If you could be a tree, what tree would you be?
What do you think of my singing?
Should I get a new vocal teacher?
Beauty Pageant! Is this okay for my talent?
How to I determine what size my guitar is?
Does a bass clarinet with 2 body pieces have a higher chance for leaks?
What is chorus? In terms of drama.?
do you think i can overcome my problems.?
Does anyone kno of a website with "Halftime(stand up and get crunk)" as a marching band piece?
which guitar should u buy?
does anyone know about interlochen?!?!?!?
how do you play the trombone?
what do u do when u really like some one in u don"t know he like u?
Peforming Art Schools?
Best Guitar speed building exercises?
how do i play that song on my clarinet?
If I sing everyday for like a Hour will I sing better?
Should I go to a performing arts highschool ?
Help!! Where can I find the analysis of Mozarts Piano Sonata in D major K. 284??
Could I make it big?
What is a good guitar to buy?
i was seraching for info on an actor ross o'donovan who was in the 80s aussie musical starstruck but nothing
which SINGER/PERFORMER could i DESIGN an oufit for?
Easy Songs to play on guitar?
les mis costumes?
Does Crestwood make good electric guitars?
I'm looking for a song to sing?
Drop C tuning sounds like standard on my guitar?
what is anastacia's managers email address. company is strageic management?
What makes boys so retarted?
best song ever?
I'm in my twenties. Is it too late for me to start learning to play a musical instrument?
I Want Some Skills On How To Sing Good?
Piano help...trying to write music?
How to improve Clean "Shred" guitar playing?
What is the difference between a violin & a fiddle?
What are some songs like "The Barber and His Wife?"?
I would love to become an actress but don't know where to start?
where can i get free sheet music for the alto saxophone?
who thinks that they can sing...cause i defin8ly think that i can write?
Does singing improve your talking?
What's a good pop audition song for a 15-year-old?
How much is a normal baby grand piano?
Hard-ish songs to learn on guitar?
Is it a good idea to buy a guitar with no experience?
What song should I sing for LVA?
how much days,months or years requires to learn guitar?
Please answer :D Any ideas for what a festival could do?
Should I see the Lion King or Wicked on Broadway?
II'd like to make wooden guitar pick but, I was wondering would a wooden pick brake/chip?
do small hand like girl hand affect your capability when playing guitar compaed to medium and big hand?
How are dance classes?
I need to pick a song to sing at a addition??? HELP!!!!?
I am confused about scale modes?
what to wear for a acting headshot?
how to get ride of guitar inlay?
Where can I find the script for Try by Jonas Åkerlund?
Any audition tips for a musical?
Song Choices!!?
where is the virginias fine art festival vid?
I have an interview with John Robert Powers tomorrow. Can they help me get famous?
Should I quit playing trombone?
who wants to kick justin timberlake dead square in the face?
What are some song like the ones I've listed that I can sing for my school talent show?
Give me some reasons you would be reluctant to join a band, a simple, relaxed group.?
How do I become a comedian?
What is the difference between a learning acoustic guitar and a professional one?
can you sing your own songs on america's got talent audition?
Tips for an Audition and a Good piece to audition with?
What's a good amount to pay for voice lessons in Canada?
Should I strip the finish off my saxophone for better sound?
Seagull guitar questions?
what are the different names of drum sets made by pearl?
Aerial Silk Classes in NYC?
I want to be a Broadway actress but my parents think I won't make much money?
Do you think this show will sell in CPA (Marching Band )? Do you like the songs?
Is this a good guitar for a beginniner?
Will Ferell Monolgues.?
How can I become drum major?
Rate my song lyrics please. is it ok?
What are all the notes and positions in the g flat scale for regular trombone?
An idea for my child's birthday party?
How come I dont have a talent?
Ideas for a Broadway Duet for 2 girls!? *NO WICKED*?
how do i string my fender stratocaster!?!?
which should i learn, piano or guitar?
Sweeney Todd Download?
How to make a baritone ukulele sound like a tenor?
What is a good duet for to 7th grade girls 3 minutes or shorter?
how can i exibit my arts work international?
How much would my GWL Acoustic Electric guitar sell for? PLEASE HELP.?
Metal or plastic guitar finger picks?
Just wondering if my singing is any good?
I have an acoustic guitar. It has 3 metal strings and 3 nylon. Is it a classical guitar?
Remove Fine Tuners??
Can you touch your nose wit your tongue?
will you please say a prayer of protection for my friend Akmal?
Best type of guitar strings for this?
How many years of training do most broadway stars have?
how should i learn to play guitar?
How an I start a professional acting career?
Anyone have any tips to help me sing better?
Acoustic guitar question? s.?
Any violin/viola/cello/bass players out here on this site????
Anyone know where I could purchase a D-Flat Piccolo?
Is there anyone out there that may know where I might buy a used or new Powell Conservatory flute or Brannen?
Is this attraction to a 12 years old girl a sign of pedophilia, or just artistic attraction?
Who thinks classical music will disappear forever?
I want the name of singers and songs in "lost highway" directed by David Lynch?
Do you think i have talent?
I picked the same stage name as someone else?
What are some good Contemporary songs?
Where can I find sheet music for "Caitlin and Haley" from Edges?
What is a close substitute for this pinch harmonic (guitar)?
Do you think i can...?
Violinist of 14 years lacking passion?
In which season and episode of Sex and the City does Samantha find a woman who is even bolder than her?
should i even audition? hrmm?
Should I take acoustic guitar lesson ?
How do you know if tou can sing or not?
What are some really good friendship songs? (For a theater slide show.)?
hollywood auditions?
What kind of guitar is this?
What is a treatment for a screenplay?
how does dance heal people?
Was Shirley Bassey offered the chance to sing the theme for Skyfall?
how can i fix this problem with my acoustic?
Guitar Nut width 1.81 Vs 1.88?
all i want for christmas is you?
Which acress died in Monte Carlo by strangling on her scarf?
Is a Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts easy to get?
Any tips for flute vibrato?
portable dance mirrors?
I need ideas for funny, or dramatic female-female duo interps.?
What's wrong with the pickups on my guitar? Are they fried?
Does anyone have the guitar tabulature for the Ohio State Alma Mater, Carmen Ohio?
how to write show reviews?
Learning the guitar, couple questions! ?
whats the perfect ballerina foot?
I can't sing help?
is can you feel the love tonight broadway?
i need a job but im only 14?
Modeling question...?
HELP!! I am really nervous?
Do you love/respect everything thats living? And if so what do you consider to be alive?
Monologue help needed! pleasee help!?
Guitar Strings. Thick vs Thin?
Me and my friend are wanting to win this year's talent show, how can we make sure we place?
am I weird?
Can anyone help me find out more about this guitar?
Can I teach myself piano?
how do arts shape our life?
What electric piano to buy for this...?
How to play 16th notes (flute)?
What kind of guitar picks do you use and why?
Favorite classical musician?
How do i stop singing from my nose, it's hard to stop sing from it.?
Ways of projecting my voice or just speaking a bit louder?
Why dont pro drummers use electronic drum sets?
what album of les miserables should i listen to?
Help with time signatures?
Is Roy Rogers, the old-time 'King of Cowboys' still alive? And what is he doing now?
what are some soprano saxes?
How does one develop an appreciation for Opera?
What to play for talent show (Guitar)?
Without classical music, I would...............?
How to make a D note on the flute?
What are good books/websites that will teach me the guitar?
can any one teach me to play guitar??
how do drummers drum so fast?
What is a good acoustic song to sing and play on guitar?
Is it too late for a person at 16 to learn to play violin and paino?
Delta Lab Multi Effect Pedal?
How can I tune my vocal chords?
I'm planning to learn how to play the acoustic guitar, is there anything I should know beforehand?
Las Vegas Auditions for Shows?
Does anyone really know how to solve a problem like Maria?
What song should we perform for talent show?
I always see amazing arts on DA?
great expectations or david copperfield?!!?1?
good comedy schools in australia, sydney?
How Can I Get My Guitar to sound like this?
Thirsty for fame! What do I do?
i have a clarinet scale but what concert is it?
I need a situation for a monologue!?
Has anyone seen these plays? please answer?
Talent agencies in California ?
Dimensions of the Fender Mustang?
Is jimmy from throughly modern millie a contemporary ballad?
how to remedy the problem on thick accent?
Do children who are exposed to the arts (music, art, drama, dance, etc.) gain intelligence?
Guitar Players Poll: What was the very first chord you learned???
i just got a Mahalo baritone ukulele, problems?
How do you learn how to play the guitar without any lessons?
What kind of ethnic flute is this?
If i've played the flute and bassoon in the past, would i be able to play the piccolo?
Am I good? Or just average?
Booger glue?
Do I buy a left handed or right handed guitar?
I Need Audition Monologue?
i want to be an actress. read on please?
How long should it take me to develop vibrato?
Who else plays the trumpet?
the theater, the theater, whatever happened to the theater is from what movie/play?
In musical notation, can an 8th note get beamed with a 16th note?
What is your dream role to play?