Performing Arts

Does anyone know who Freddie is in Bye Bye Birdie?
Waddya do if your staff are being roped into meetings where they report on their activities and problems?
is this a right kind of harmony? (guitar)?
How can I contact Toby Keith's people to arrange a benefit concert?
does anyone know where to get a good, kinda cheap ($500)
give me a modern song about someone u love?
Which is easier to learn to play bass or Accustic Guitar or drums?
Could This Mean Something Good?
Should I pay 112 dollars for a concert?
Would you rather be extremely wealthy or be young forever?
I need help with choosing songs for a preforming art school?
If Genevive Nnaji is alive is she still performing?If yes then can someone tell me her latest release.?
If i wanted to use a song in my musical...?
fun things to do at 4.06 am?
What shows should I audition for?
is it possible to maintain the singing voice if one's work ends at 1 am everyday?
What's your favorite quote from a Shakespearean play?
Can anyone recommend a book on subdivision or a clear process ?
Is this a good question: "Who has heard Beethoven play?"?
About how many people actually are in Walnut Hill School for the Arts?
I would like to learn how to play the saxophone but i have no knowledge of it whatsoever... How can i do that?
What scale should I play over this Chord progressions?
How can Or where do I mail script and letters directly to actor,writer, Tyler Perry?
Why/How did Marilyn Monroe become such an icon?
Good solo instruments to learn?
How were pageant wagons designed?
how can i convince my mom to let me play?
What kind of guitar has a set of mirrored A's on the headstock?
◄◄◄◄►►((what guitar pickups should i get??)) more details below..Please help me,!!!◄◄◄◄?
where can i find a entertaining 90 second monologue for a major assesment?
How many kids does Angelina Jolie have, is she married?
where is the dirty dancing musical playing currently?
What is the coolest guitar you own?
Acoustic guitar string gauges?
How hard is it to get into the governor's honors program for music?
looking for a cute christian easter play/skit for children to perform in a church setting.?
What is the whole story line of the nuter?
Finger tips numb after practicing violin?
is 15 too late to start the violin?
Why am i afraid to sing in front of people?
Does a orchestral composer have to write for every instrument?
Best/Favorite voilin strings?
I studied piano with August Leopolder in 1971, is he still alive?
Les Miserable Question..?
WHere can i find a Sg guitar for a good price?
Did he touch my guitar because he secretly likes me and finds my guitar sensual?
what does it take to be a choreographer?
I need to sing two contrasting songs for an audition. What should I sing?
Which acoustic guitar is best to buy first and how much would it cost?
Yamaha APX500II electro-acoustic guitar - YES OR NO?
What's happening in Columbus, Ohio May 19-21, 2006?
What are some songs that I should learn on guitar?
What are good finger picking tecniques?
Pepper, July, Duffy in annie. what songs to sing for an audition for these three parts?
What song should I audition with?
Is the clarinet easier to play than flute?
What are the better brands of flutes?
I want to learn to play rock/metal guitar, but don't have the money for lessons?
what is a good classical piece for piano guitar duo?
Can you spit (Rap) harder than me?
guitar solo?
Are you sick of mediocrity?
What are some great fusion guitarists or guitar solos?
Bassist having Issues with band? HELP!!?
taran adarsh?
What are your favorite radiohead songs??
Prestige Management how do i get in with them.?
Is it better to teach yourself to play guitar?
What would be a good NAME for a magician?
how can i find competitions for classical ballet in the operas for girls aged 19 ?
What is a good song for a Spring Awakening audition? Non Broadway songs required.?
Brands of Acoustic Guitar ...?
Guitar amplifier questions ????.?:$;&&3@;6:$3"?
Music Competitions?
How can I reach high notes on the bass trombone?
Why is the drummer always positioned at the back of a stage?
who won america's go talent?
i want to do something with music when i grow up but i don't know what to do?
What piano song should I learn?
I'm looking for Christmas arias for bass-baritone. Any suggestions?
How much could I sell this guitar for?
where can i take acting lessons in singapore ?
Newbie to guitar pedals- suggestions?
What should I sing for school performance?
who is the cello teacher at the Boston conservatory?
what song is the fat guy playing on piano in the film 13 Tzameti? Who wrote the piece?
How to make a monologue longer?
What song did I play on my Clarinet??
Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Electric Bass Guitar Special or an Ibanez Bass?
Where can you sell Guitar Pickups?
the little mermaid on broadway?
i want to be a contortionist....?
What are the best talent agencies in Michigan?
Guitar help (acoustic)?
How do you play a Keyboard Accompaniment?
How do I learn to play guitar faster?
where can i find male acapella arrangements on-line for free?
Where can i find places to compete on the Viola?
I would like to know who did sing the song 'Nine Below Zero'?
Do u believe that the handwriting of a person represents the mental state of him while writing?
What instrument should I switch to for marching band?
how long does it take to learn how to play the guitar?
What is the best instrument for me to play?
What capo is the one were you just pu on your finger.?
if i play guitar, and i strum with my right hand and fret with the left..does that make me a left handed?
Where can i learn to play piano /keyboard free i tried youtube any sites with vids thanks?
I am Trying to learn to play the Guitar but how can I strengthen my?
need a frind who can help me in learning guitar???
strange question??? Does anybody know what they mean, in rap songs, when they say "diamond in the back" ?
Will I be good?
Can a girl play The Phantom (Of The Opera)?
Which Shoes Look Better?
Which type of guitar is better?
Recommend a good acoustic guitar for a beginner?
Tips for self-teaching?
How do i attach an Onori guitar strap to my guitar? Can it be upside down?
Is it possible for an adult to learn to play the cello?
Are these good choices of songs and monologues for musical theatre college? URGENT?
Was Ginger Rogers an Artist,Actress,and a dancer?
Music means what to you?
How to prevent getting your Trumpet mouthpiece stuck?
Me and my Friend want to have a REAL guitar battle at the talent show?
my chemical romance?
Good twelve string guitar brands?
Can a bass guitar be acoustic?
Have you ever hired entertainment for a BIRTHDAY gift?{like a dancing dog,or someone tap dancin or singin?}?
My new flute it harder to play?
I need to learn to dance?
Where is a good place to buy a ukulele?
What is the origin of the name Grateful Dead?
What are the thickest guitar strings commercially available?
guitar no longer fun for me?
How would I become an actor?
Does anyone know any 7 minute sad mologues for a teenage girl?
how do i act like i dont care when im getting told off at school?
Can someone suggest a song for me to sing for a talent show?
What are the Three Stages in SM audition?
How can I get info on old clarinet?
how do i get sharpie off of my fuel acoustic guitar?
What is the normal size of a Acoustic Guitar?
How to memorize marching band music?
How can I sing better?
Any websites that have free monuloges?
Speech introduction question...?
Can I put mandolin strings on my acoustic guitar?
if i fast on ekadasi, is really my dreams will come true?
Would you think it was weird?
I want to become a backup dancer?
Is it too old to learn singing ?
How to play Higher by creed on the guitar?
what are limits of artistic expression ?
Whats a good bass guitar to start off with?
"urgent" how to quickly hard tail a floyd rose?
Do you like my singing?
What is the best Mic and Amp?
Whats easier to play a piano or a guitar. ?
being first chair in orchestra...?? points!?
Johannes Brahms or Tchaikovsky?
A good songs to play on guitar for a talent show?
What kind of make-up should a guy wear onstage?
Guitar Question: What is Contour on an amp?
Harmonica Help--Single notes on 7,8,and 9 draw.?
where can i buy and look at pictures of a SONOR JUNGLE DRUM FORCE 3000?
correct piano sheet music for Imagine?
I'm auditioning for a musical and the part I want is a soprano/belter... help me...?
is the snare drum suppose to be parellel to the ground and does a snare drums tuning effect a drum role?
Is my 'dream' unrealistic?
Do you want to star in my proposed new movie, THE UNDOCUMENTED WORKER?
How do I start to write a screenplay?
How do you harmonize a chromatic scale for piano?
Wanna Start A VK Band? (Visual Kei)?
If farting is socially unacceptable why is it so funny?
how to make a good impration at a model and talent seminar?
Chromatic Guitar Tuner Tuning Down 2 Whole Tones?
How to improve my voice without lessons?
help!!!! I'm buying my son an acoustic guitar and I don't know anything them?
funny classical comedic monologue for female?
I'm looking for track info from a CD called Sergio & Odair Assad and their family: a Brazilian Song book?
Transposing question.?
What is a good song for a 7-9 year old girl to sing in a talent contest?
How to get over stage fright?
should I switch my handedness?
What are some good Theater schools?
What perfomances are they having at this year's NDP?
how do you play the high notes on a clarinet?
Beauty Pageants?
Help- I'm wanting to become a recording artist- I sing, write and play piano- where do I start?
how can i audition for catching fire?
What kind of acoustic guitar should I get?
Help me. I want to become a famous singer.?
help with breathing while playing a wind instrument?
When does fingering yourself become too much?
Ready to get Gutiar?
Should I buy a double horn?
What Are The Political Reasons That Cause Shakespeare To Write Macbeth?
flute players - how hard is it to learn and play the flute?
What color guitar should I get, Black or Natural and WHY?
What are some good acoustic songs that can be performed at a cafe?
Being a great male lead? PLZ only real answers (10 points on the line :P)?
What would be a good beginner bass?
Is clarinet better or violin?
Is it easier to learn to play guitar on acoustic or electric?
nice songs to sing and play guitar?
why are there no left handed violin players?
I didn't get picked for drum major ?
why can't I talk/perform in front of people I know?
Can someone please recommend me a monologue?
question for girls?
What were the 43 instruments Roy Castle played in 4 minutes on BBC television?
Why do many modern Broadway stars purposely sing with such nasal voices?
Best Acoustic Guitar for Under $2000?
I really want to learn how to play the guitar?
how can i become actor if i am shy??plz dont say a school play?
I`m looking for the name of a song a i like it goes like this: forever will be blue , its sung by a man , it`s
Do you want to play animal crossing city folk with me?
i am a male 12 yr old singer nd wanted to know wat i should sing at this talent show?
Any advice on learning to play the guitar? Should I attempt to teach myself, pay somebody, watch videos?
Is It Hard To Audition In AMDA? ?
I want to learn guitar, but have no idea where to start?
whats the highest note you can play in a euphonium?
When you saw Dumb and Dumber when you were a kid did you think Harry said something opera related?
Help!1 stage fright!?
What are some easy songs to learn on guitar?
Is The Phantom of the Opera actually an opera?
Guitar Videos << Anyone with a guitar!?
Things everyone does on a daily basis?
Should I get a normal Dunlop CryBaby or CryBaby Bass pedal?
Suggestions please.....?
broadway alto songs under 3 minutes?
Do you sing or play a musical instrument?
what are good heavy metal bands?
Help!!problem with my flute.?
Buying a drum set, shell pack?
Opera, straight acting?
provo, utah performing arts middle schools??
info about tours of maroon 5, 30STM, green day, simple plan?
What id A major key dropped 5 steps?
any good women's monologues?
Is Bass Guitar easy to play/learn?
how to sound proof drums?
Short, Comedic Monologue Help?
Professional Help for Singing (Baritone - Chest Voice)?
Do you believe that Allison Dubois & other Mediums can actually SPEAK to the dead ?
easy songs to learn on guitar?
how to sing/scream?
Guitars...Acoustic, or electric?
i want to record my voice for my application on voice talent where can i go?
What website can i be thought how to play base guitar with videos?
Music lessons- piano, guitar, or bass guitar?
i want to dance but...?
Im terrified to sing in front of people..?
Question about finally following my dream? I'm scared.?
Punchline Algebra Book B answer to Why is it better to be married to a successful broadway producer than....?
How much is a stetsbar?
*Help!* Is this a Classical Guitar w/ Nylon Strings or A Acoustic Guitar w/ Steel Strings?
Music composition?
How can i stop my guitar strings screeching?
I'm writing a 10 minute play for theater class, and i'm a little stuck? any ideas appreciated!?
Music help! if you can at least please read this?
Is 19 too old to start playing Drums ?
fur elise free online sheet music?
Contemporary music no lyrics with climax?
Broadway songs for a female musical audition?
GUITAR METHODS: Fastest (effective) way to learn?
Why is Ab/G# the only note that cant be written with double flats or sharps?
Does anyone know an Italian Monologue?
There is problem with the F note on my flute.?
why is it takking me almost 4years to find work in general & in the music industry.?
What are some good flute songs for a beginner?
How does this sexy singer get back her sexy 6 pack in 2 1/2 months 4 her next show?
Where can I find this peice free and printable for the cello?
An important american instrumental ensemble of the 19th century was the ?
Question about singing?
what does this monologue mean?
Sing your favorite song for me?
Why does my bass buzz when I fret a note?
I need a two minute comedic and a two minute dramatic monologue?!?!?
How do you overcome stage fright?
What is the secret of quick-change artists?
Guitarists, What is one thing you never perform without?
Is the b flat clarinet same as the Bb clarinet?
Can anyone tell me where can I find Acoustic Guitar?
Who should I cast as Doctor Dillamond in Wicked?
Don't know the title or artist!?
My new philosophy (it's a broadway song)?
are guitar center online sale prices the same as the actual store price?
Good Choir Songs to Sing?
I need a Dramatic Monolog!?
What positiin to assume while marching?
Which website is the best place to learn how to play guitar?
i'd really love to be a do i get there?
Best way to learn the guitar?
how hard is it to learn to contact juggle?
In your opinion, is Roger Waters proud of his bass skills?
Opinions on these lyrics?
If you had a disease and cure was to cut either your sexual organs or hands what would you do?
Why must there be so much bad pride in piano competitions?
Is it wrong for a solo musician to use playback in a concert where he plays one part and sings?
What do you think of my singing? :)?
Bass & Electric guitar help? Are these any good?
James Bond ,,which is the best actor ?
Can and aerial cartwheel be done by a begginer?
Bass Guitars?
I'm looking for an upbeat broadway song. Any suggestions?
what is the greatest challenge in life? living like a human being???
Does anyone know the title of this play?
so you think you can dance?
Any websites that can give me bass scales?
How much does it cost to license a musical?
i think i have a lefty guitar can i switch the strings around?
What is the best way to clean a viola (or other string instrument) bow?
What is the point of Guitar Scales?
Anybody watch the Royal Variety Performance?
Monologue..Can you help?
The Phantom of the Opera Question?
acoustic and electric guitars??
Pianists , guitarists and drummers ? a question please?
I have been playing guitar for a year starting next week, what should i know how to play?
Theatre as a genre lesson plans?
what does the term "mamela" from LION KING mean?
Should I play guitar, bass, or drums?
can anyone help me like i can sing and i just need some advice on taking it to the next level?
Guitar, is it hard to learn?
I love to sing but my mom doesnt support me?
How can I learn Acting?
Should I still perform next Sunday?? - Advice please!?
What website for Italian for opera singers would be the best one?
What are 12 string guitars used for?
Make Money Online With Talent?
Is it easy for guitar players to learn piano?
How not to damage my voice when shouting and screaming?
I'm a church keyboard player. How do I train my ear?
How to play high notes in clarinet?
Can you play a Paloma guitar like an acoustic?
Getting discouraged by being a beginner actor?
How to be good at improv?
Does anyone know the price of a ticket to theater in 1947?
I picked the same stage name as someone else?
How easy is to learn the Violin if you play the Guitar?
writing song (guitar)
Should I play acoustic guitar solo or lead guitar in band for the girl i like ?
Who's your favorite character from RENT?
Performance anxiety..?
famous duets from musicals?
One of my (acoustic) guitar stings doesnt play well like the other strings?
do I get an acoustic or electric guitar first?
olympic ice skating or fireworks? witch would you rather watch?
if you start playing violin when you are 16 can you be a profeshenal?
what in your opinion are the greatest and famouse phrases in songs of the latest 4 decades?
what do you think is better, a music conservatory or a University that has a music program?
How can i make myself seen as a dancer?
15 isnt too old to start piano, is it?
Shred Guitar gear setup?
are instruments becoming obsolete?
What guitar strings to use for my acoustic?
what are GOOD duet songs?
SINGERS!-I'm trying to learn to sing(on my own, w/o a voice coach). My voice gets scratchy right away-HELP!
What kind of clarinet mouthpiece would you suggest for someone going to a college level?
What is a good upright bass?
How many of you........?
My play is tomorrow, and every time I go on stage I forget my lines. What do I do?
How much would you be willing to pay for a piano?
was christina aguilera classically trained?
Why can't I strum the guitar?
What would be a awesome band name to use?
What are the chances of a boy being a famouse singer or actor?
What is the alternative name for a tightrope walker?
What's a great song to sing and play on the guitar at a talent show?
Am I talented? (for my age)?
Will acting in porn ruin your acting career?
Music theory--I play the trumpet.?
shakehow many things did shakespeare write?
How do you get an agent to like your resume?
Someone penned the lyrics: "TO EVERY THING...turn, turn, turn,...THERE IS A SEASON..."?
How much does it cost to get pads on a flute replaced?
Anyone know of any artists like Dezarie!?
who is the best pop artist in the world?
Any good ideas for a mime with a twist?
OK i just got a wooden 6 hole flute.... and i need help!?
How would I dress to go see a college ballet?
Is it possible to be a good violinist and a bodybuilder at the same time?
A good beginner's guitar?
know any good acting classes?
How do I get over stage fright???
What 10 performance skills are there when in a show??
How can I find the price of my guitar?
What to sing for a talent show?
what are the instruments used by artists or architect in drawing or lettering?
What musical instrument to create?
How to use a digital guitar tuner?
I have chode fingers. Will i be able to play guitar?
How to show Expression while Rapping?
ho to perform safety practices in workshop?
bass guitar for beginners?
If I wanna learn to play the saxophone, does that make me stupid?
Any long-haired, muse-smitten ladeez out there who can play an instrument, sing like a bird, and would like?
can someone give me a powerful love spell?
Do I have talent at screenwriting? Please tell me your opinion!?
Whats middle school choir like? ?
Performance anxiety..?
I want to teach myself to play guitar?
Uptempo, belty, rangey Broadway song for high school audition? i need 16 bars. and there must be sheet music.?
If you could teach your butt to sing one song...?
what are good performing arts colleges in georgia or surrounding states?
what is a 12 note composition?
Auditioning for musical in a couple days- Help please?
What to play for my Juilliard pre college audition?
Good guitar lesson books?
If i play gh on expert how will i fare on a real guitar?
What is a lead sheet?
How do you encourage a child to participate in performing arts without being a pushy parent?
HELP!!!! What should I wear 2 my Broadway audition 2morrow?
Does She sing well ?
Can anyone tell me a good trumpet sheet music provider?
Who are the most famous mezzo sopranos to sing "Carmen"?
How do I begin to sight read music?
Should I play Bass or Electric Guitar?
How do I cite musical pieces?
how old does music have to be to become public domain?
vocal competitions...?
does piano consider as an instrument?
black and white (not race related)?
What Happens To My Lips When I Play Alto Sax?
dance song?
What is the best venue?
How to/tips to ascend in notes VERY quickly on clarinet?
Are you willing to be my mentor?
Voice warm ups to get a shrill croaky voice?
What do they call that guy... at the end of any performance there's always a loud clap followed by the rest.
ideas on final major project please? theatrical and tree like :)?
How do u become famous for your Singing and Acting?
What are your talents?
Good acting schools not a fortune?
could i be a model/actress?
How much can I sell my used met alien beh ringer electric guitar for?
What thickness of guitar pick should I use for Reggae/Ska Guitar?
Ways to improve screenwriting?
How do I write characters doing different activities as days pass in a screenplay?
Answer D: ???????????? 10 points?
What is the highest-grossing Broadway show of all time?
What do you think of my niece singing?
Reading A Monologue Tomorrow. Need Tips?
How do I preform in front of an audience and not get stage fright?
are there any heavy metal musicals?
Is there any way to make your voice sound better?
i wanna know the best kung fu coaching center in bangalore city regardless of the fee?
What else can I do to prepare my voice for a choir audition layer today?
where can i get a good dvd on how to belly dance?
How to tell if you're singing in the same octave as a recording?
Why do so few people go to the theatre? What is the biggest theatre turn off?
Too late to learn how to play music?
Can i add a strap on a classical guitar taht doesnt have a strap hook?
What's the difference between Viola and Violin?
What good is a baritone? (voice)?
Dog names?
Will I need to cut my nails short in order to be able to play the guitar well?
Is there a video game that teaches you how to play real guitar ?
what is the best online web site that teaches how to play guitar?
what is a website where kids can sing along karoke?
Monologue ideas/help??
Can someone help me with reading music?
Do you name your guitars?
I am looking for group violin lessons here in the philippines, preferably in makati, does anyone know of any?
how can i get in touch with american theater producers to book a tour of a play about Frida Kahlo in USA ?
Any good resource/ebook for learning guitar notation?
Before Learning a bass guitar?? PLEASE HELP?
Custom Case for bass? (hey, that rhymes)?
What should i name my Performing Arts studio?
Cheerleading over modeling/singing/acting?
What does Segovia have in common with Eddie Van Halen?
Playing the flute?
Is it possible to sing opera without any professional help?
I'm a new piano's learner,how i can play piano easier and be a become a good and fast learner ?
What are good music schools near Hollywood, FL to go to for voice lessons?
Tips for my audtion....going against an enime/friend. Any ideas on what I can do, to have a good voice?
Does anyone know anything about Angelica ukuleles? ?
I asked my guitar teacher about sweeping again?
know this song?
What can be good to bring back your voice when you have a sore throat??Do any of u have any tricks please?
Does a musical count as a contemporary play?
What is bugsy malone about?
can someone please help me with Noggs from Nicholas Nickelby play?
In what ways is Mozart's Magic Flute masonic?
Is this alto saxophone good...?
What is your favorite Van Halen song? Why?
Anyone know where I can buy a cello stringed instrument in Kolkata?
If you were to audition for any k-pop ent. which one would it be? and why?
Who is taking drum lessons?
learning flute, violin and alto saxphone?
How can i improve my guitar playing and accuracy when playing?
facial expressions? help!!?
what are your talents?
can i sing good? clip included!?
Can't Play The Flute Anymore?
What's your favorite thing about Marching Band?
what songs would be fun to play on guitar?
Where can I get a duet acting script FOR FREE?
Do acoustic fingerpicking guitarists use tabs or standard notation to play their advanced fingerstyle guitar?
What song should I sing for church Dec. 23rd?
what type of pickup for solid body ukulele?
Is it possible to lick your elbow?? ?_?
What Clarinet to Buy?
Good Lines To Practice With For An Anime Voice Over?
Broadway Stars?
Help with a lolitas dream?
i want to start a sining career. whats the first thing i should do?
Hi, I'm a Christian Artist. I have my first CD out and looking for places to perform & sponsors.?
how can you perswade your parents to take you out of band???
could the show music affect the judge's score?
Pop solo audition for a mezzo help!!?
What's your talent?
why are musicals so powerful and popular among audiences?
Why do you hate Demi?
Is a shecter omen 6 fr a good guitar?
? for guitar players?
On F-horn in high school how high do you have to play for a scale test or what are the high school scales?
Whats the best guitar for 450$?
What does a conductor do in an orchestra? all of the players are either looking at their sheet or instrument?
who are all of the artists who sang the song "Yesterday"?
A particularly resonant instrument is the __________.?
im lookin for Panic at the Disco sheet music??????????
which musical instrument is good for learning specially for girls?
Is Michael Feinstein gay?
Are there any stores that sell ocarinas?
My High School is having a Talent Show. Does anyone have suggestions what a 16 year old girl can sing?
What male actor could pull this off?
Guitar case not safe?
Anyone explain the vocal ranges to me? Like alto nd stuff?
What do you think of Dance Like Sing Like Pop Star Demi Lovato DVD?
I'm looking for a trumpet solo for UIL...?
Any Squier Strat Mod/Upgrade Ideas?
What are the truly great krautrock albums?
What song is playing during the scene in The Breakfast Club where they all are dancing?
Is this a good acoustic guitar?
Marching Band Drum Line question?
Who would be the ideal, great and awesome ballerina to you?
what is a metaphor for beauty?
Can you GLEEK?
Can someone translate this Shakespeare monologue for me?
What are the ethical responsibilities of artists (musicians, painters, filmmakers, actors)?
what if i just cant cry when acting?
Help! My voice s when I'm nervous! And why do altos want to be sopranos?
What song to sing for solo performance?
i would like to know r their any millionaires that would like 2 give me money, just out of kindness?
are there any colleges that are only for acting or drama classes?
Do you have to like someone to find them funny?
Is it too late?
What kind of guitar picks are better for fast picking - stiff ones, or flexible ones?
Why are musicians so competitive/mean with each other? There seems to be no teamwork anymore. Am I right?
Lessons with singing?
Something is up with my big muff?
Well im f##k#d teachers are gona go skits?
I have an audition for a paid vocal position with the San Francisco Symphony Chorus. Anyone have any advise?
All time favorite guitar? And what one should I get?
Whats the one talent you wish you where born with??
In which movie did Clint Eastwoood's character die?
Low easy broadway songs to sing? (14 year old girl)?
IS it best to take air in through the nose or mouth or both when breathing for singing?
Contemporary Musical audition songs for a female?
Glasgow Am Dram!!?
where is one direction right now in the world?
Whats your favorite broadway show?
What colour were the magic shoes worn by Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz?
What Do You Think About The Irmo High School Marching Band?
One handed piano pieces?
Decreased funding in the arts?
Guitar sounds out of tune, but my tuner says nothing is wrong?
Where can I find good guitar music for free on the internet (printable)?
How can I improve the sound of my cello playing?
Does anyone have good videos of males step dancing?
What's the difference between a "Fiddle" and a Violin?
Is self-teaching or taking music lessons better for success as a musician?
What are some GOOD acting schools in california,LA?(s best answer)?
what song should i sing for my talent show?
Can your voice be trained at 17.?
What are the opera houses in America in the 1920s?
How do I play Sharps and flats on a trumpet?
What is a good song for a teenager to do a dance solo to?
Can you teach yourself saxophone?
Acoustic string placement chart?
Who's from Korea?
Help me understand how much a club should pay an artist for performing at their venue.?
how can i fix a deep scratch in my bass guitar?
Any good pop songs to audition with?
Whats are some good bass guitar songs to play?
okay, be honest. were you at all surprised that the CROCODILE HUNTER died?
My saxophone sound isn't very good?
Why does my brother think his good at playing the guitar?
From Flute to Oboe?
Anyone want to help?
my fingers hurt when playing guitar?
Jeffrie Silver Clarinet?
How to vibrato on a violin?
Is 10 sessions of 30-minute voice lessons better than 5 sessions of 1-hour voice lessons?
Can anyone cry under water?
Ode to a Freckle by Steven Frank?
Do you have to be somewhat happy to be complete?
Can a beginner guitarist give tips to more experienced guitarists?
which instrument should i play..? please help?
Is it best to learn the basics of reading music before learning an instrument?
Does anyone know the approximate price for an ok seat at a broadway show such as wicked?
attention getter for a speech on animal abuse?
My daughter is a talented singer and is trying out for her schools variety show. What song should she sing?
Where can I buy "The Whole World" by Outkast?
What is considered stealing choreography?
Which trombone should I get....or keep?
How can I play different rhythms on different hands on piano?
Learning to play guitar and I need help?
After you get a place in a professional orchestra, can it change?
What's a good song to audition for Radames in AIDA?
What songs can i play on guitar when I'm missing the a string (therefore 5 strings)?
dancing dying swan spoof video?
What choir should I choose for middle school?
Does anyone know of a man that has an unearthly beautiful singing voice?
what are some good anime songs to play on acoustic guitar?
Is American Idol the best way to go for a singer?
Can anyone wright a love type of song for me to sing?
what matters more for guitar tone is it the actual guitar itself or the amp?
Learning to play guitar. Should I learn all the pentatonic scales first instead of the major scales?
i just got a letter from juilliard?
what are guitar riffs?
ok. apart from ykw who where the other jackson's jermain randy tito jimmy who else?
Guitar tuning and tab? Experts needed?!?
best brand/model of tenor sax?
Getting more burlesque shows?
Root notes the guitar chords?
are there any men out there high school or beyond that would like to sing in a choir in Lakewood, NJ?
Does anybody know where to find violin notes?
Who were the dancers in "Liza With a Z?
Musicians, what are you thoughts on ASCAP, BMI or other performance rights organizations?
Acoustic duet for two girls to sing?
need info. on concert violinist in Youngstown Ohio in1930-40?
Here is a clue to a broadway show can you tell me the name. The clue "I want you to clean my house now."
What is tone deaf?????????
How to become guitar luthier?
for all you dancers!?
How to play this song on guitar? Please help me out! :)?
can the keys on keyboards like my casio mt-18 be changed?
Are Alvarez's good guitars?
How can I get better at sight reading music?
what instrument should i play piano,guitar,violin,cello, or drums?
How do i make my high range not sound thin?
What are good ways to win this place?
blue blistex?
whats a good guitar with great sound?
how to keep your throat open and your jaw relaxed when you are singing?
what was the top grossing movie about the gulf war through 1999?
Know any good Serious Prose for competition?
I want to be an actor so I need to find some agents that would be intrested in me. So if you know anybody....?
do you suck at guitar hero if you play REAL guitar?
what can i think about when im acting?
How Hard is High School Level Electric Bass Jazz Ensemble Music?
What style of guitar playing is this?
What does it take to get into the Juilliard drama division?
Guitar Help?
Would it be impolite to say that a street performer is busking in front of the street performer.?
whats a good guitar amp for $150- 200?
Whats the next step to be a singer?
On My Own from Les Miserables?
How can I get max Schneider to perform at my cousin's birthday?
Any good modeling show coming up in Mumbai, or delhi ?
What's your favorite musical?
Who was the original producer for "The Producers"?
When does a script become a play?
Why do so many musicians lack emotion these days? Why aren't people striving for their own individual sounds?
I need help finding Broadway songs fitting specific requirements?
is hunters' chorus an etude?
What do people think about the youtube Federal Racism Hearing at the Met Opera? The racist comments?
Define LOVE?
i want to buy dvd of rio carnival , where can i buy ?
To all Musicians, Dancers, Artists out has your world been impacted by Michael Jackson's death?
At what stage of life are you at?
when is monica naranjo coming to north america?
lame names for a circus?
I'm so confused! DANCE OR THEATRE?!?
what song sounds like, its a eeellphotoaction ona... forty five?
How many of you play and instrtements? And What instrument do you play or are you in a choir? School 0r Home.?
how does it feel to sing with a microphone?
what guitar does glen hansard of the frames play?
Where can i find a piano sheet for i wished you loved me by tynisha keli?
Vocal and Guitar Lessons?
what type of guitar string?
What is the name of the stage lighting equipment that has 4 lights on a stand (Picture Supplied)?
which is a good guitar package to buy?
sick of this guitar center?
What do you need to know before you start learning a musical instrument?
Is a color black dark or bright?
Could you suggest any plays with monolgues that a good for auditions?
Is It Easy To Learn To Play The Acoustic Guitar?
can 6/8 time in cut-time be used in a waltz?
Could I make it big?
Which heavy metal band had the first "rock ballad"?
i am having trouble getting my musical career going. any help or suggestions? my music means the world to me.?
How can I be more graceful in my piano playing? I seem to be off-rhythm a lot of the time :(?
Anyone out there know when Josh Groban is coming to NH?
how much does stagecoach theater arts cost to attend?
How is the guitar jasmine nex s34c?
What new songs cud i learn of guitar?
Are Dimarzio Cliplok's comfortable on heavy guitars?
Who origionally sang Moondance?
In Les Miserables, what does Fantine die from?
why do my eyes water when i sing?
how can a young girl like me become famous??
What musical theatre songs can really show off my voice?
If money was no object, what type of Saxophone would you own???
How much does a good acoustic guitar cost?
if your voice is damaged, can it recover?
Couple questions about my musical career?
What's the most peaceful instrument to play by yourself?
Best acoustic guitar for beginners?
Is yamaha a good company for electric guitar?
Which broadway should my High School put in production?
Judge Singing/Audition?
Learning note names in EADGBe format?
Can anybody think of a good song for a 10 year old girl to sing at a big competition!?? 10 points!?
Who likes "Twelve Angry Men"?
How can I sing good without getting lessons?
Guitar Through Bass Amp Question?
Why does my guitar make noise when its not being played??
Beauty and the Beast?
Musicians From Connecticut?
How to play piano better when your a beginner?
How do I play notes using the register key on the clarinet?
Can you play Sharps and Flat on a Carrot clarinet?
What would be the best pickups for an old fender precision bass?
What instrument should I play?
Anyone ever played "mask of zorro" for marchin band?
How Do You Put A Coin Through A Soda Can?
Good audition songs for Annie?
Where can I find a cello player in Maine?
does anyone know where i can submit and sell an idea for a script?
Auditioning for school musical... What song should I sing?
Can you look at a piece of music and know what it sounds like in your head?
10 scrips you must read before you die?
What guitar would be suitable for beginners?
What relatively inexpensive options (under $300) are there to record guitar / vocals onto a PC?
Don't you think BGT's Susan Boyle is too theatrical to be a recording artist?
Is 'violinist' a smart career to follow?
How much do you think i can get off on this guitar?
Free bass lessons and tabs online?
Learning piano at 20?
Which is easier to learn? Drums or Gutair?
How to double tongue on flute?
Is it possible to pass ABRSM grade 5 piano within a year?
How do I get into theater?
Can I teach myself how to play guitar?
are there any performing arts schools in Manchester/Bolton(UK)?
Which one would be the best musical instrument for a kid to start learning music?
How to play guitar and sing at the same time?
On a scale of 1-100 how brutal is this?
Would Hair Spray "the movie" be considered a performing art?
EASY VIOLIN DUETS? PLEASE.. I need it ASAP. Thanks! :)?
If I break a guitar at guitar center do I have to buy it?
how can i stop being nervous about singing in front of my family?
Worth of an antique flute?
Where can I get free printable sheet music off the internet?
Which instrument should i play?
Is any of the sheet music on JWPEPPER for free?
What to play for talent show (Guitar)?
How do you get into voice-over acting?
Can anyone help me with a really good definition of extemporisation(as in Baroque music).?
I'm an intermediate Heavy Metal electric guitar player, what are some good songs for me to learn?
where to find the star spangled banner notes on alto saxophone?
How would I dress to go see a college ballet?
How to get a talent scout at my talent show?
what can you wear when performing sakuting?
Good reliable websites to buy concert tickets?
Guitar Theory Question?
how did i contact someone who has answered my q when they dont enclose email?
What is the purpose of a raked stage in theatrucal stuff?
Which play should I do this summer?
Someone who plays guitar lol?
is it against the law for me to play my guitar and sing on a public street?
Guitar problem?
is playing a flute cool?
What bass guitar do I need to get for at or around 500?
why is it that i can play a tone with my flute head joint but cant play a note with the whole flute?
which string goes in which hole on a 6 string acoustic?
What would be a good song for a music video about the Shakespeare play, Hamlet?
Where is the best place to buy Broadway tickets?
Good songs to learn on the tenor sax?
Whenever I try to "pull-off" I end up playing the open string. How can I fix this?
Does acting sound like the right career for me?
Anyone want to help?
What is the average cost of a string bass? (orchestra, not bass guitar)?
Looking for an alto range song for show choir.. any suggestions..??
What are Budism beliefs ?
What distinguishes music from regular noice?
Communication with band teacher/mentor....confusion??
Globe theatre?
Herbie Hancock's Cantaloupe Island help?
Where Can I get a drum set for cheap? s?
Is an Armstrong 80B flute adequate for a college music major?
proposed site for male voice choir users?
does anybody have the full version of legally blonde the musical in good quality? ..or where i can find it?
Good songs for high school band to play?
I Read That David Bowie Is In An "Open Marriage" is it true?
What are the fingering scale of the third octave of key D on an alto sax?
In music, what is the meaning of H moll?
Is the pre college programs at Juilliard a full time school?
What's a good site for free piano scores for today's biggests hits ?
Voice lessons?
What are some popular songs in your area?
What is a good make of acoustic guitar?
How to prepare for my piano recital?
What is your favorite song on the Piano?
Cats The Musical?
How to teach yourself beyond AP Music Theory?
I'm planning a concert, where do I start???
Does the Bowery Ballroom in New York check I.D.s?
What does this notation mean? ?
HELP ME find a monologue PLEASE!?
What are good drama qualifications to have?
How to NOT be nervous when playing my instrument?
Do I need to know how to play the piano to play the electric keyboard?
I am looking for a contemporary christian band name. Any thoughts?
are The Beatles too much overvalued by the media?
Where do you rent books and such for high school musicals like The Secret Garden?
name of a beautiful french opera singer?
How would I finger this on the violin?
whats a good scene name for Rosie?
Guitar tuning? Half step down from 440hz?
SATB Version of Live Like We're Dying?
help with this guitar tab?
I've been playing guitar for 40+ years. Should I give it up?
I am in need of a contemporary song that isn't a love song, maybe about empowering women?
Give me some reasons you would be reluctant to join a band, a simple, relaxed group.?
I play cello help !?
what does the saying break a leg mean like when u go on stage?
what are good break up songs?
Audition Songs?
Where to restart on guitar?
What is the most performed Broadway show?
is this good for only playing guitar for 3 days?
Associates in Fine Arts Theater (Technical/Design)?
real guitar or guitar hero?
what are good karaoke songs for people who sing bass?
i live in belfast son wants to go to drama school full time know any where?
Why do guitar teachers say to practice guitar at least 20 minutes everyday?
My friends making a band what should he name it vanishing lights or bloody ending?
colleges for voice and opera?
Where can you listen to a demo track from "How To Eat Like A Child" online?
Well, ive been singing for a while but i dont know my range is called...?
can you take a original acoustic guitar and make it into an electric acoustic guitar?
Tips on playing the Erhu?
how do you play five minutes to midnight on guitar by boys like girls?
Which catches more of your attention: a person who can dance or the one who can sing?
Who was the dancer in 1920's who was strangled when her scarf caught in the wheels of a car?
How can I increase my speed for cliffs of dover intro on guitar?
What would be a good Acoustic guitar for a beginner?
What electric guitar would you recommend under $400 aud?
What instrument's have the same figuring as a flute?
Piano playing?
Does anyone here like "Phantom of the Opera"?
What word means less than virtuoso?
What is a Harder instrument to play?
how do i get the same tone as the shadows on my guitar amp?
What audition song should I do for Aida?
how do you read guitar staff music?
I can't afford to learn to play the piano?
I'm Teaching myself guitar.Your input?
Guitar, left handed or right?
What heavy metal songs are easy to play on the guitar?
For the Pyknic Partery tour 2010 what is the line up?
I can sing in front of people but I can't speak in front of them?
what are good girl stage names!?
Should I Do This?
what are some websites that will improve my ability on how to play flute?
What do i do if i have no talents? I cant sing!cant dance definatly cant do art never exelled at sports.?
What is the sexiest instrument for a guy to play?
where and when are the next american idol auditions?
Where can i find the original french musical of les miserables?
What can be a great play to be performed by highschool seniors?
Describe attention given to unity and variety in art music as opposed to design principles in folk music?
Audio Source File for Thud?
Want the lyrics to a song called Turn around.Originally by the Kingston Trio for a girl, lookin for son versio
What kind of amp do I need?
does anyone know good songs to sing whilst marching?
What is an easy talent to learn?
What if I'm not good enough?
Good readers theaters for forensics?
What instrument should I learn to play for a rock band?
Metal knobs for Les Paul style guitar?
Ok I got a big guitar problem.?
Looking for a good saxophone.?
Where can I find basic step by step piano lessons?
Audition song recommendations?
Can anyone tell me how to play pitch harmonics on guitar? Thanks.?
I am interested in training my vocals.?
Good acoustic guitar?
do you need to have long fingers to be good at guitar?
What instrument should i learn to play?
Changing strings on my electric guitar?
Can someone read my script and tell me what they think?
My Guitar is a Ibanez AEL black guitar and I don't know what to name it. Could use some help! Thanks!?
I am a young aspiring Musical Theatre Thespian...I need some tips... Help?
Do you think this girl is a good drummer (with PIX)?
good agents or auditions in NC?
which song should i sing for auditions?
when you sing in whistle register.....?
Who is the brightest star ever on Broadway, living or dead?
Can someone help me find easy tabs for...?
is taylor swift's song hard to play on guitar?
Which class should I stay in?...need help with this dilemma now, please?
Are there any websites where you can download single version or radio edit versions of songs?
Help Me I Need Help Dealing With Starting An Acoustic Solo Project?
Does anyone have a recording of 'Missing You (My Bill)' from The Civil War - An American Musical?
I'm looking for a good prose piece...?
Where can I find the scipt for Lady of the Larkspur Lotion?
Any help with my stage fright?
Can I still learn classical style guitar on a steel string guitar?
How long will it take to learn keyboard to start industrial band?
Help!!! Nervous performer needs advice!!?
When I go to New York, should I see Wicked or The Lion King?
How do I disable an upright piano?
How to teach myself guitar?
Hand modeling agencies in maryland?
Is learning how to play the guitar hard?
how can i learn to play guitar like gabe bondoc?
what is the classical song played by Ray Charles in the movie "Ray". He only plays a few bars,its on the tip
what does 'like a wood woman mean'? Launce; Shakespeare Two Gents of Verona?
Buying portable guitar for study abroad—parents think it's a waste of money. How do I convince them?
is 13 to old to train to become a dancer?
what is a tuner for a guitar/bass ?
what do you call a martial arts instructor? and how do you spell it?
Looking for a monologue/scene for a girl who is insane?
Should I take Music Theory? A question for musicans.
How do you find or get in touch with a talent agent?!?
does anybody here knows a contemporary christian drama... for stage?
Is it good if your Guitar buzzes?
Musicians? (Scales and Repair)?
Did DCI Kill Drum Corps?
I need a Christmas song to sing as a solo?
Any violin/viola/cello/bass players out here on this site????
Why are we picking up a radio station over our sound system?
is there a proper way to play guitar solos??
I am 26 years old, can I learn to play the violin?
What do girls see more attractive a guy who can play the violin or the guitar?
Where can I buy a acoustic guitar really cheap?
Within a week of learning how to scream, I can't scream anymore, please help!?
Which is harder to play? Piano or violin?
Tips for a beginning drummer?
Splits help me pleasee?
Is the CIRCUS cruel?
What Is A Better Guitar String?
Where can you audition for Broadway musicals?
Looking for a short, well-known musical?
I want to become a better musician. Any tips?
should I go to a performing arts high school?
Capo Guitar Help Needed.?
what made you decide to sing?
Does AMDA accept everyone?
Is one source talent a scam :( ?!?
What is your favorite Musical??
Why didnt Brecht set Threepenny Opera in Germany?
PLEASE HELP ME!(are acting classes good.)?
Which of these these names would be the best stage name?
Can I create a band called the Police Officers?
favorite musical instrument?
Who are some well known crooners?
how do you get webs out of a violin?
I need reviews on marivaux's "Le Dispute" where can I find this?
what would be the best guitar amp for my budget?
What style of dance should I do for my audition?
When marching backwards (for marching band), do you always step out with the left foot?
Who was the first artist to record "The Real Nity Gritty"?
why wont my guitar work when i plug in the pedal?
I want to be a singer and record an album how and where should i start?
What are some high school band/orchestral groups going on now or next year?
Acoustic guitar lessons?
i want to learn to play the guitar... quite badly?
Does Juilliard Have a high school program?
Anybody have any tips to help me sing better?
How do you start your own Dance Company?
What are some good guitars for beginners?
fouette en tournant? how the heck?
Violin, wondering if lessons or learn by book would be the best approach for this instrument ?
What is a good hindi song to sing?
What is the best acoustic guitar for a teen?
What to sing for auditions?
i want to be a cheerleader, but im not that flexible?
how heavy [in pounds] is the epiphone les paul custom?
do anyone know where i can get a labelled of medieval drama?
Short dramatic audition monologue?
How should I fix the bubbles in my drum wrap?
can you inspire me to pik up my guitar and play? i need motivation.?
Is this a good Solo Pantomime to preform?
How do i tune my guitar?
Best guitar?
I can't switch chords fast enough! Help!? ;(?
Do soprano clarinet and regular clarinet use the same reeds?
What does "11b12r11p9" mean in this guitar tab?
which singing is better to be honest?