Anyone with an artistic back ground?
Artist from 40s 50s? Cant remember?
i wanna paint my boyfriend something on a small piece of canvas, any ideaS?
How can I use "tube" acrylics in an airbrush?
Can I use acrylic water based paint for face and body art? Thanks?
helen anderson art world inc.?
Paintings similar to Edvard Munch's "the Scream"?
looking for Sonja Bezuidenhout - we grew up together in Kliprivier?
Need information on Lorenso Tiepolo piece called "Pareja de Majes"thank you. circa 1400 litho in Spain
Is there an artist named Caspian?
What color is yellow?
Where are Marie Antoinette's portraits?
poster color basics!?!?
what is the art of jackson pollock?
Name that painting!?
im going to a art gallery and i really need help with my speech Please Help?
Im looking for a large picture of a girl on a forever 21 gift card?
Artists who had loads of creativity but not much skill?
information on a painting by E.W. Harrington entitled REUNION?
What kind of art style is this?
How much should I price my original paintings?
Why isn't my group on the directory?
How big is a 14.00" x 12.375" painting (examples)?
what do you think or my paintings?
Who are some painters with a style like Gustav Klimt?
I have found a painting by the artist Ben Hampton, looks to be an orginal, framed it is of Fort Marr?
how should i paint my room?
looking for somthing avout a painter named Hühmel?
how to paint rocks?
Am I infringing on copyright if I post and sell a painting I created of a celebrity?
Average price for a Bob Ross Original Painting?
What Salvador Dali give his father?
Do you like my painting for Graphic Design?
What painting is this called?
Could someone tell about an old framed art that I have?
How can I seal and protect paintings done on ceramic tile?
what you think is a good tagging name!.?
Laws for airbrushed shirts with logos for sale?
About a human statue costume....?
how to put a glossy finish on anything?
Question on oil paints?
I have an abstract original painting called a/c Aqua Mother II by Beckerman. Does anyone know this artist.?
how to paint dry flowers?
i want to refurbish my gold chain, but i don't know how to paint it?
catchy titles for leonardo da vinci report?
How to properly write this sentence?
Calling all really good portrait artists!?
Impressionism is a form of modernism.?
Does liquitex have the best acrylic paint there is?
is a photo or hyper-realistic painting a con? Or is it the ultimate artistic skill?
On Paint on the computer all colors turn out black? Why?
i just bought a painting at a flea market and was trying to figure out the artist.
What is the famous painting that has the little UFO or spacecraft in the corner of it?
Information on Raphael's family?
Will there ever again be an artist like Van Gogh or Monet?
An painting problem...?
I paint with acrylics. Any tips, hints, brainstorms?
Courbets "Stone Breakers" and the Bourgeois?
How do I light paint?
How can i get brushes for Corel paint shop?
What were Marcell Duchamp's idea's and method's in his art?
I have a painting by James William Booth (of the Staithes group) done at the age of 9, any value?
Does anyone know anything about a painter named Karl Kaufmann a.k.a. B. Lambert?
What is meant by "know when to stop" in painting?
I have a painting that I believe to be valuable...where can I email the photos?
has anyone ever heard of A J Dupree the painter?
who painted "dont work hard work intelligent"?
when painting, brush hairs get on the painting. how do i get rid of it?
Need a painter that painted Geisha?
What does red, yellow, and white represents?
Which artist wanted to go to Japan because he believed he would look less conspicuous there?
How do I remove damar varnish from a painting, and can I paint over a sanded area of varnished painting.?
what do you think of my painting?
where would be the best place to sell oil painting of mandy smith,ex rolling stone wife of bill wyman?
whats the name of that art thing you paint on?
If I have pink can I mix it with anything to get green? alternatively to get brown? Many thanks?
What's your favorite color?
frank gaard Untitled (for john and alice)?
Anybody have information on an artist who does nature paintings signed R. Boren?
I am artist ...i have lots of paintings how can i sell in gujarat.?
Interested In An Art And Rock Music Fund Raiser?
How do you do newspaper nails with quotes?
What is your favorite color? Mine is yellow!?
can i paint this part of a key?
how can i make my classroom a starry night?
Can you answer these questions on picassos les demoiselles d'avignon?
What type of artwork is artist Martka Boyajean known for?
Can you make home made Paint for Art?
drawing design on to canvas...?
i need to know the real GOD?, anu body can tell where?
What animal should i paint?
How can I contact Britain's greatest living painter, Lucian Freud?
Does anyone know the name of the artist?
What exactly is cubism?
what should i paint my roon?
Please help: What are some basic....?
has anyone ever heard of A J Dupree the painter?
I submited my shop at Cafe Press to your search engine in December - why can't I pull it up.?
What sort of cloth/rag should be used to wipe oil paintings (wet or dry)?
1937 Royal Family print?
What is a good varnish to protect/add a nice glossy finish to my acrylic paintings?
I have a old portrait and I am not sure of the artist.?
I want to start hand-painting children's rainboots. I need a very durable, waterproof (obviously) paint?
What's the Best looking, durable Face/body paint/coloring?
what is the significance of Budha painting in a house?
Can you tell me what kind of art this is?
Can someone please tell me a site I can use to learn how to custom paint gymshoes?
Why is my painting ing?
what is a way to get a man?
Hi, Whilst painting my tiles, tile paint splashed into my enamel bath, does anyone know how I can remove this?
What should I draw for my friend?
What does the color black make you think of?
What's the best way to gain skill at painting?
Is it possible to make skin color with in acrylic paint with Portrait pink?
mallory lake?
i have a very rare painting i want to know how much its worth about?
How to Worship Thomas Kinkade: Painter of Blight?
What is this painting/piece of art called?
How can Black and white not be colors?
I need to create a work of art/painting that shows alzheimers?
water color?
what are the best sizes for a painting?
i have a painting by B. Mitchell with barns and pumpkins and fall settings?
Is there anyone alive today who would qualify to be said to be like Leonardo Di Vinci?
Why is MS Paint blending the colors after saving?
Describe and Analyze the Mona Lisa, Help me Please?
Where can i buy glow in the dark paint?!?
how to identify art painting?
is poster paint oil based or water based?
is there an arist with the name of Rico?
How do you show saliva on a tongue?
what is your favourite color?
is it okay to iron an acrylic painting on paper?
how do you make the colour beige?
I'm doing a project on Salvador Dali. What could I paint that would represent his type of painting?
Any cool or fancy names for face painting?help pls....?
Hello i bought a painting yesterday but am i within my rights to get a refund from the artist?
How do I find out if this is a stolen work of art?
what would you call those signs that are hand painted really cool and have your name painted on them?
doubting painting I class?
who knows the name of this painting on the cosby show set?
What are the easiest things to paint?
IDEAS FOR ART?????????
should we kill all dumb people or jsu use them so do basic taskes eg cleaning?
what is causing my oil paintings to be shiny and dull?
how do we know how colors express emotion in paintings?
I'm trying to identify a sailboat painting?
where can i download melody of songs?
What's the best way to remove wrinkles from canvas?
Can you help me with my drawing?
what is chrisbrowns favorite color?
Japanese Flower Painting?
Where does Ruben's painting of Caterina Grimaldi currently reside?
I want to paint portraits for people?
what is the best easiest way to become an artist?
Like my artwork?
What was the artist L.S Lowry's first ever painting?
What type of media did Jacob Lawrence work in?
Do you like this painting?
what keywords should i use for my art gallery website which features contemporary indian artists?
I s it possible for me to finish painting a canvas within 88 hours?
how to dry oil paint faster?
ARTISTS! What can you tell me about these paintings?(Van Gogh)?
In the movie Boiler Room, in the judges office, what is the name of that painting with the bulls in it?
where can i find a pic of joan miro when he was young?
why did Elizabeth Peyton start painting?
Artist's that paints portraits?
Does anyone know any information about Julian Beever?
Which artist uses complementary colours??
who was Georgia O'Keeffe named after?
what is the approx. value of a John Dixon oil painting dated 1918?
what removes oil paint?
I am an artist and cannot sell my work, how do I get it out there?
Where can i find this poster?
What's the name of the painting of a man standing on a mountaintop looking at the clouds around the mountains?
How do you blend two different colors in a painting?
Can you use Martha Stewart chalkboard paint on a plastic binder?
i am an tibetan artist devoted in ressurection of old wall paintings, can you suggest where i could get help f
My color is too black, I want Purple!?
How do you protect your artwork?
What is a Dornor Portrait?
robert scott lauder prints?
What medium is used in these paintings?
Can I spray paint on an oil pastel painting?
Can someone give me some useful information on Van Gogh? I am currently doing a sch project.?
I am a visual artist (painter). Do I need an agent?
How should i paint my room, the colors are hot pink and black?
Any info on A.E.Godber a victorian watercolour artist? Thanks.?
Whats the name of the painting where famous people are on a skyscraper?
How does Michelangelo (the artist) be an influence?
Stupid question, I know, bear with me: What makes you fly?
What is the name of this KANDINSKY work?
How do you use wtercolours?
which of these art forms is not associated with the work of Georgia O'Keeffe?
can you reuse a canvas?
Who is the artist Wm. Collins?
Paintings and photographs that feature the themes of doppelganger or doubles?
What are some cubist paintings that are easy to paint?
What colors do you mix to make the color of copper?
Where Can I Take A Face Painting Class?( i think i found my new hobby!)?
Who Is you favorite artist and why?
who did the cover art for city and colours bring me your love?
what is the best lightbox to get as an artist and why?
what is the name of the song on the muller light advert and how is it by ?
Need imformation on a artist.?
Michelangelo painted with much more intense colors, a discovery made when his painting "the creation of Adam"?
how do you create an alias for yourelf if you are an artist?
painting by manet winter scene arch bridge?
what are some new good rap and hip hop songs?
persuasive speech: why should you do art (painting) as a hobby ?
Anyone familiar with oil paints?
Harrison artwork??? Please help?
What do you think about this piece of art?
Why does spray paint smell so good?
what two colors go well together???
Painting My Car "Candy?"?
help with painting please?
If I have a canvas that has acrylic paints on it , can I reuse it ?
If a picture paints a thousand words, what picture would you be?
What are some Gothic genre-related paintings?
where is color value found?
what kind of paints will i buy for customizing my shoes?
Who are the artists or artist who painted these?
Who is the artist of this painting?
What kind of art movement was Diego Rivera?
How can i be better at painting ?
I have a vintage C.Lewis perez oil painting with collectors corner certificate on back. how do i find value?
im painting my room orange,will this go with it?
How can i paint like this?
How do I paint an aluminum mailbox?
A question for all you artists out there.?
What kind of paint should I use for painting kids blocks safely?
What do you think aboutty in art?
is there an artist whose style and subjects are similar to fernando botero?
does anyone know how to mix a really bright turquiose from aqrilic paint, im mean like reallyreally bright ?
How to discover value of painting?
What is a good picture to use for a monochromatic painting?
Love a few suggestions please!?
How does Vincent Van Gogh connect with alchemy?
%% what's the best way to matc )h face paint and spray paint ?
a song to a painting?
How can I make white with watercolors?
why do my paintings stick to each other?
Did Edward Hoppers paintings show real life america?
Historical perspectives?
What is the meaning behind Dali's stretch elephant? Please, as much information as possible would be greatly
What is your favorite media for painting/drawing and why?
Where is the picture or painting from where the lobster has his arm around a cow and a chicken. ?
What are some ways to "paint" on fabric?
Impressionism is a form of modernism.?
I have named my baby girllope rose. what do you think of this name?
Will apple barrel acrylic water based paint come out of clothes?
how did georges braque die?
How would adding a bit of sleep add to the colors used in a painting?
need email or phone number of painter Manisha Parekh?
Who was Jul VD Seijpren, an artist painter ?
Can i dry an oil painting with a hair dryer?
wats the best way to blend coloyrs while painting?????
Who is trying to locate Paul Klimaitis?
Is Jackson Pollocks early work underrated?
Can you paint over wallpaper???...?
how does one learn to appreciate impressionism?
Help me interpret the meaning behind this acrylic painting?
Do you like my painting?
who own most of the oil?
Why was michealangelo ....?
do you like art?(why?)?
What are motivational paint colors?
what kind of NEW SKILLS do artists need for making contemporary art?
French artist or printer, Paul Dupont. Anything known?
Do you have any idea what this painting is called/who painted this?
Would you critique my painting please?
Can a Paasche Airbrush be used with car paint?
What do you think to the paintings of Bob Ross?
How do you get dried acrylic paint off of brushes?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a STREET artist?
Where is the studio of Odilon Redon? Is it in Paris, and do they allow visitors?
Discuss the purpose of each era and choose a painting that exemplifies that era and fulfills the purpose via ?
i wanna give THE MAINE, a gift when i meet them in November... ideas?
how is bob ross`s art described?
Explain "Contes Barbares" by Paul Gauguin?
Which painting would you like to be in?
I just bought a birchwood casey synthetic gun oil with PTFE lubricant. (aerosol 6ounces)?
Fernando Botero nationality?
Where can I buy a print or poster of the painting Gare Montparnasse (The Melancholy of Departure)?
who is the artist from the tv show good times that did the artwork that jj was supposed to have painted?
Who is the painter for the "Delaware Water Gap" picture?
How does photography (and or paintings ) depict the age ?
any where i can get bob ross paint equipment cheaper than e bay ?
Palette/Paint Knife Help?
How to paint a picture of a girl with silk hair?
Could someone please tell me what is going on in Salvadore Dali's "Idylle Atomique"?
Where can I order a collection of prints by the Master Artists?
Need to know famous painting/picture of cowboys riding horses?
I have a painting by John A. Lomax called "The story of the elopement" How old would this be?
How is it possible monalisa painting is a clue of tracking movies?
what makes a good gemstone painting from rajasthan?
Looking for a painting?
What bone remind you of a tool used by surgeon, or of support structure in front of building that painter use?
Give an example of a painting medium the vehicle and the binder it uses:?
is my art any good????!!!!!?
where could i get spray cans?
Where do i get cheap washable paint?
why is your uran yellow?
The Peasant Wedding by Bruegel?
What is a good design to paint onto a cow's skull?
when was Norman Rockwell's painting Big Decision painted?
i want to put a painting in ebay for 100$,and i live in india?
Trying to find a painting?
Is oil painting Dangerous and is smelling paint thinner dangerous?
Scared to be a painter, an artist?
Where is the Mona Lisa painting at?
the betendes madchen i am looking for is of a young child in a nightshirt praying with a yellowish light above
How do you feel about this painting?
i inherited a thomas kinkade orginal painting of the potrait of christ, it has COA how much is it worth?
Is tagging/graffiti cool? Why or why not? Details please :)?
What do you think this painting conveys?
i was just wondering what Benjamin Moore paint was closest to the wall colors of this room in the picture?
What type of glue should i use to stick a piece of painting on a canvas?
what is your favorite artist/painter?
Who painted the Sistine Chapel?
can you help with my art project?
What paint can I use for tshirts?
Does any one know this painting?
Greek Vases?
Where can I buy blank art Canvas?
What color scheme should I use?
about oil painting?
What type of artwork is this? Who is it by?
What kind of paints should I use for painting on glass ?
What is this painting called?
Painting of Justice?
how can i make glow-in-the-dark oil paintings?
Whats a good paint for thin paper?
Do you know where I can hear No boundaries by Kris Allen?
What are the similarities and differances between Courbet's "Studio of a Painter" and Valasquez's "Las Meninas
how many art? //////////////////?
Satisfied with your body?
charcoal on canvas?
In Oil Painting, Is liquin, linseed oil, and orderless mineral spirit the same thing?
Do you like painting or Drawing? WHY? Are they important to adults?
what will happen if i try painting with acrylics on watercolor paper?
Paint tool sai for netbooks?
how to clean my oil painting picture after year?.?
How do I go about selling my paintings.?
The painting Friday artist walter dendy sadler.?
who is the watercolor guy?
How do you get chunks and imperfections out of acrylic paints?
who are some other splatter paint artists other then Jackson pollock and Hermann Nitsch?
What is the name of the oil painting at the back?
I need a good shiny silver spray paint?
black paint?
does anyone know this artists signature?
What is your favourite colour?
What do you think of my painting?? Please answer.. Trying to raise money?
What style of portrait is May be used as an apartment by salvador Dali?
Why is Golden the best brand for acrylics? Or is there another brand that works just as good, for less?
Where can i buy bulk stained glass paints?
How do I paint words on canvas?
Really Urgent!!!!?
Does anone know of a painter called J Castle?
pablo picasso dora maar painting ,colour dimenstion and description of whole painting?
how to take proper care of paintings ?
I would like to have the printed copy of the Coat of Arms for Vatican. Thanks in advance.?
why is illustration board not suitable for pastel painting?
where can i get mime painting?
i am looking info. on a abstract painting. the artist signed the name ryan?
What do you mix with acrylic paint when you want to customize vans?
I need some info about picasso for my home work?
Were there any artists significantly ahead of their time?
Celebrity inspired artists/artwork?
What is a good book on the history and theory of Academic Art?
want to make my own canvas painting,?
is this good airbrush?
What should I do for my next art project?
Where can I get a painting valued online?
How do i make an object transparent in paint shop pro 9?
how much is this painting worth?
where can I purchase original art or art prints of scenes of Mt. Gretna, PA, esp. Inn and Lake Conewago? HELP
The difference between the infamous Mona Lisa and the mauipulated Monica Lewinski?
About how much would it cost to get this framed???
How can you eliminate brush strokes when doing an oil painting?
Can you paint over a bright bright blue with any color?
Pollack Johnny's?
Does anyone have information on tile paintings of paris signed Andre' on bottom right corner?
how to put a glossy finish on anything?
What do you think of the painting: The Fiddler and the Dolmens?
How do you get spray paint not to drip when tagging.?
Why many pieta's did michelangelo create?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
how much anna gasteiger painters cost?
Can you point me in the right direction regarding artists?
What is that reaaallly famous Christian painting called again?
Please help me! I want some paintings which depict unity?
What's the name of the colour you get by mixing orange and green ?
What is the name of this painting by Edgar Degas?
help! pointers in how to analyze "man reading" by georg friedrich kersting..?
How can I make my own oil paints?
Hey everyone, My question is: say my job was painting people on the computer. What would that be called?
When is art considered finished?
biggest exhibition?
I am looking for a painting on the wall of the Assisi Basilica...?
where can I buy graffiti supplies in Indianapolis?
As a beginner, which method is the best for stenciling t-shirts?
I want to start painting and I have no clue what to do!?
Do I have any potential to be a Folk artist?
Is it ok to copy or reproduce old paintings? what u thnk?
how much acrylic retarder should be put in a certain amount of acrylic paint?
how can you tell if a painting is an original or repro?
What's Your Favorite Color?
in painting we use water with water color and poster color to dilute. wat we use to dilute with oil paints?
Where can I get the Van Gogh almond blossom print/canvas with a yellow background, not blue?
Your opinion? Which do you like better?
i want to achieve a controlled splash with my acrylic
Do you know where to find a painting of a red haired naked woman and lion?
francisco goya?
Do I have to use a medium in my oil paintings?
few questions in watercolor painting ?
I want to identify an art print.?
I have a new air brush. New to it. Paint only comes out when I depress button. doesn t have steady stream.?
Depiction of Philosophers in Art?
What is the details Art-course(drawing&painting) in CBSE (india)which can be tought in the school?
Resources to Claude Monet?? Please help..!?
art exhibition ideas?
Who is in the background of famous Justinian Mosaic?
i need a pinkish purplish sparkly color for painting my room?
How many paintings did Henri Matisse complete?
If you we're an impressionist painter, describe what your life would be.?
How do you get high of of reddi wip?
a pair of paintings of a young man smoking a cigar in one and holding his whilst sitting at a table?
Any cool ideas for art supplies to buy?
What can you apply to watercolor paper to keep white's white?
How do i think like a surrealist?
Would bob marly make a good house painter? :D?
What are little wooden plates for that come with stretched canvasses?
New still life . . . what do you think?
What is this painting called ?
Artist's Loft Dual Tip Markers?
What are some coming and going artworks?
combine our name karla and raymel?
how to make silver paint?
What is a thesis statement involving O'keeffe's New York night and Dali's Persistence of Memory?
If I have just one day to spend at the Louvre Museum in Paris, which sections should I plan to visit?
A painting called sunshine and snow by Edwin Douglas?
What are the names and phone numbers or email contacts of Art Supply stores in Dubai?
Who would I pay royalties to, in order to legally use Gustave Dore's artwork for my band's shirts?
Where could I get white guitar lacquer?
Any source of info on Samikshavad?
Where would I find info about a painting I have. How can I get ahold of the museums?
what kind of paint do you use for airbrush tatoos?
rozi dermant?help on la inocencia erotica?
Watercolor painting? please help!?
why artwork is considered classical?
what year was andy warhols painting butterfly made in?
where i can find an icon painting job in UK?
Describe the painting "Saying Grace" Jean-Baptiste-SimÉon Chardin in 1699–1779?
How can I paint these gloves red?
what are good painting specific art documentaries?
lehnert and landrock print number 2263 - is it of value?
Does anyone know the artist that paints pictures of like a goth girl with red tears?
What would you insure each painting for?
What would you say is the best drawing or painting program?
the scream (paintings)?
Is there ever evidence that Leonardo Da'vinchi ever visited Jerusalem?
best way to sell aboriginal arts and crafts on the web. Original works.?
How can I create a psychedelic pattern with paint on a flat surface?
What should I paint on these canvases?
The value of a couple norman rockwell plates?
What does yellow and purple mixed together make? i need to know.?
What are some paintings that convey Voyeurism?
When your painting do you get the paint everywhere?
What was hundertwasser s favorite art?
Did Sir Henry Raeburn of Scotland ever make portraits of his children or stepchildren?
What's the best type of spray paint?
how do people use to do signature on their painting in the cave age ? like when they do something artistic.?
What colour is your least favourite colour?
Why did Van Gough cut his ear off?
Effects of Francisco Goya's art?
How do I open an image file in Paint Tool SAI?
purple is an amazing color, dont you think? i
Pablo Picasso is known as the "Father of Modernism"?
Western Pines by Ivan Moser, any one know him? How would I find out about this artist?
What is the name of the artist who created images with tiny dots?
Oil Based Paint?
Does Drawing/Painting Come Natural?
How much would it cost to get my paintings printed onto canvas?
Oil Painting Supplies?
Alternatives for watercolor masking?
Painting Material from Brussels?
I am somewhat well informed concerning "art," but there is something I have often thought about and can not
Why isn't there such hassling, questionable controversy over the charming, artistic Marla Olmstead but not on
How to get good at water color painting?
Isn't it better ? Need opinion.?
the paint "annunciation"by fra angelico how does it represent the culture of the renaissance?
How do you hang canvas painting?
"voi sorridete" or "voi sorriso"?
which colors go togethor well? easy ten points?
Would like to view paintings from Cape May,NJ artists & galleries, all I get are addresses.Can you help?
Who has some tips for a beginner art painting?
Looking for the name of male, American or English abstract painter who is till living.?
can this make a water-color effect?
what colors do you mix to make purple?
What do Korean teachers teach children?
Spray Paint My Zippo Matte Black?
lyonel feininger print?
blanco family coat of arms and history?
Face Painting Business Names?
Do you think it would be a good idea to sell paintings on craigslist?
How to ask for spray paint?
city of god painting?
What is the exact color is this paint ?
What's your favorite watercolor brand?
I'm looking for businesses from where I can get art buying advice.?
Art, Is this some thing you enjoy?
what is land scape art?
where can i buy a print for "Bad Route" by Mexican artist Miguel Calderon?
How is the only way that we can make art work last forever?
Simple Painting Ideas?
what time of nithg?
The artist of this is sitting beside me. Please see painting and comment.?
What do people paint paintings on other than canvases?
How would you answer Maths question on Viewing Artwork?
Could you please give me tips on crayon art?
Examples of Classicism, NeoClassicism, and Realism?
What is the name of this painting by Elizabeth Blackadder? PLEASE HELP!!?
Oil painting question??? ? problem?
Does anybody know of a good impressionistic art painting or picture to recreate for art.?
need email or phone number of painter Manisha Parekh?
why did wayne thiebaud paint cakes?
What can I Use Instead of Damask Varnish? For Oil Painting?
What do you think of my painting?
i am painting a picture will post when im done but i would like help on what style i should try for painting a
Colour and numbers help??? What is the meanings of the colours and the numbers?
What makes Gentileschi's "Judith" and Caravaggio's "Judith" Different?
Who is the author of this portrait of Christopher Wren?
I'm looking for a painting of a Half Sailor Half Mermaid Baby?
Can you tell me a color (of paint) that looks good with this bedspread?
It wont dry what now to use?
Tetrad Color scheme examples?
Any one know what art piece this is?
Why is commercial painting getting increasingly popular everywhere?
is there anyway to keep a pallet of oil paints from drying up over a week?
how can you do a visual on the word improvised?
who design the colour wheel?
Who is the artist that painted this?
What is the definition of watercolour painting?
what are the new forms of realism in arts? help please.?
what is the best easiest way to become an artist?
why didnt the abstract expressionisnts like Andy Warhol?
how do you give feeling through artwork?
What is the protocol for returning art work that doesnt work in your house?
Do you think Mona Lisa was a real woman per "recent findings"?
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Art & Paints!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Maybe a dumb question about spray paint...?
what 2 primary colors make brown??
I have an oil painting by Jean de Gtigon. I've seen 'Old Man in Hat', I have a similar one without hat. Tell m
acrylic paint on stainless steel?
Show me some support!!!! I really want this!?
Is there a famous artist with the name of T. Shipley?
I'm looking for paintings by THEO he was last known in Virginia.?
What is Frida Kahlo's...?
How could I safely paint a frying pan?
Why doesn't the Mona Lisa have eyebrows?
What brush should I get for Oil paints: Synthetic or Natural?
i usually draw a sketch of my intended painting with black chalk on the canvas?
what do you do with your works if you have many of them and you think they are good?
Landscape or Seascape?
Hey, I've been looking at this painting and its done in black and white ink and is ink a painting or a drawing?
Thomas Eakins' painting swimming...?
are there any painters that work using squares of paint with their work looking slightly pixelated?
I'm from the USA and I'm thinking of spending several months in France painting and seeking ladies any ideas?
was leonardo davinci really gay?
Any suggestions for a solid thesis statement for a paper about Frederic Edwin Church's work?
ok to use pastel over dried oil paint?
Whose innovation techniques were better Picasso or Paul Cezanne?
Can I get more likes for my face painting on facebook?
In Fine Art: Who, if anyone, is your favorite Pop artist?
what companies sells canvis material?
I have a really bad art project?
what 2 colors make red?
Any info on the painting Autumn Day. Sokolniki by Isaac Levitan?
Oils or Acrylics?
Who's the artist that painted colored squares?
How do I go about painting a picture with house paint. Is enamel paint plastic house paint?
Do you find Picasso's work astonishing or weird?
what are Van Gogh's most famous paintings?
painting techniques for blocked artist!?
how can i make a skate toon like pharrel williams?
Do you like to paint pictures with words, with a brush or pen, or do you just admire what others create?
Incorporating Flowers into a Painting?
What should I charge for my art?
Cleopatra has had a too thick neck. What do u think of Botticelli/s Venus?
Can you sketch on a canvas before painting?
What's better? Paint shop pro 9 and studio or paint shop pro 10 for photographers.?
What is the value of my limited edition print of an original watercolour by HRH Prince Charles
What kind of paints would I use for murals, artistic painting on walls... drywall, brick etc?
Why is Art considered so important?
Painting mental front door opintion's wanted?
watercolor paint- color mixing guide?
which is the best paper for water painting?
When painting with watercolour, acrylic or gouache do you work from the distance in the picture?
How can I describe those paintings ?
Painters- how to make something look close and less defined?
how do i seach for a painting if i don't know who made it?
what is the important of 4th july?
What would you like to ask?which artists work is inspired or relate to escape, freedom or dreams?
I am looking for a listing of older watercolor artists.?
what stylye of picture either abstract portraiture impressionist and or gothic is the painting the last------
impressionism or contemporary?
What would you suggest I price these paintings at?
Who is your favorite artist?
Does anyone know where I can find Beryl colored pencils??
can anyone give me information on Maria Izquierdo the artist?
How did Jackson Pollock get started in his art?
Watercolor painting books by famous painters near pune?
Can anyone identify this American painting?
Why did the Impressionist painters focus on scenes of leisure and landscape?
Does acrylic paint puddle when applied to a synthetic surface?
Picasso's Nude Standing by the Sea?
Anybody has a serial key for Corel Painter IX.5?
What is the diffidence between White and clear?
Why did people paint cave paintings?
Why am I having trouble spreading oil paint?
paint problems?
information please about Regency artist Stewart Warren Lee and his work?
i have two original paintings from paul detlefsen how can i find out what they are worth?
Is there actually any one bluer than me?
what's an anamorphosis technique?
where can i buy a starry nite pic?
like my painting?
I can't paint. i am afraid to begin?
Is imagination, interpretation, and the search for meaning the way that Paintings work on and capture the mind?
fellow artists...what is your motivation?
Natural forms artists?
What artwork has direct relationship with the Grapes of Wrath?
What color goes with tan and magenta?
how long does it take artist's oil paint to dry?
What will happen if I do not gesso my watercolor paper before painting it with acrylic paint?
Writing On Walls With Permanent Marker?
Frida Kahlo?
Should I paint my bedroom red?
Where can I buy Shellac (paint?) in the UK?
Can anyone recommend any cityscape artists?
help out of desperation? When was this Nazi painting painted?
Why is Picasso so famous?
How to price a painting?
When black and red color are mixed?
which artist has been reusing canvasses?
What colour picture frame would go well with Van Gogh's Cafe Terrace at Night?
Yellow represents ______?
How can you erase permanent spray paint on a car?
How do you interpret Franz Marc's the Yellow Cow?
Where can i find gouache?
Most influential modern artists?
What's the name of the drawing on this bottle?
Does rite aid sell glow in the dark paint? Or party city?
is there a famous artist who is known as sister mary...if not mary than another female name after sister?
Can you use clear spray paint on clay?
What artist did these paintings?
Who is your favourite artist/painter ?
whats a good paint to use for a spray gun and screen printing for shirts ?
Id like to start painting plates and cups and bowls (dishes) so...?
I need a good artistic nickname?
Is it possible to make black out of the three primary colors?
What would be the best material to use to color/paint on regular brown cardboard?
What's your favourite painting?
can i see prophet cartoons?
What should I paint ?
What have I done wrong with striping paint off?
The Fine Arts?
What did Van Gogh think about religion? did he not believe in god, or very religion/ went to church alot?
do u like art and jewlry?
Help identify lost masterpiece.?
glass painting - tell me whats acrylic based paint?
where to find the best and original tanjore art paintings ?
Painting question about chemicals?
I am looking for information on 2 Betty Felder paintings?
what's your fave famous painting?
what is the original size of the starry starry night of Van Gogh???
Tips for storing oil paints?
is it ok to use oil paint on canvas panels? the boards?
Were most of the "Old Masters" homosexuals?
Does art increase in value after the artist passes away?
What did Winslow Homer paint "A Summer Day," with?
Info about Leonardo da Vinci?
Do I need a license or permit to sell my oil paintings?
Can any aboriginals help plz?
I am a very famous artist who paints pictures of various athletes and celebrites, how can i sell my work?
what inspired rita angus to start painting?
what are ingredients in crayola washable paints?
What store sells spray paint caps?
Where can we buy Henna Candles from in Derby?
hello, what is the name of this painting?
What is your favorite color? Also what is your favorite combination color?
10 Points. I am doing a painting and I need ideas on what to paint?
Ely Laumonier Painting Price Range?
is jane goodall still alive?
The ORIGINAL crying clown painting?
could you look at this?
What was his message?
How the paint is produced?
mr super clear for BJD faceups?
hey I have a bottle art project in art... I need help with painting ideas?? Creativity!?!?!?
Can I use quotes in my art without siting the author?
i am looking for famous artists from 1912 with last name holst who painted ocean landscapes?
What native americans are on Mount Rushmore Paintings?
can u tell me names of well known artists!?
orginal gangster photo?
Artists similar to this one?
who is your favourite visual artist?
Would you ever like to animated?
is it okay to spray paint wood?
would it be a bad idea to blow dry my oil painting?
What kind of paint should I use to paint clay figures?
Wedded by Frederic Leighton?
why do i get angry when i paint?
Is it illegal to post a painting I painted of Ron Pearlman on my art teachers website?
I was spray painting my longboard and accidently breathed in some of the fumes and smelled some?
help me find a title for my painting about box's and squares and society's definition for the perfect person?
what is life?and how one can make it colourfull.?
can i paint my head blue?
HELP!!! 4 pg ART ESSAY comparing 2 FRUIT paintings??!!?
Robert Henri Painting Value?
Metameric colours?
Can one rent battery-powered lamps for paintings?
Art history help!?!?!!!?
Have you -------- the painting yet?
Does anyone know any interesting Salvador Dali facts?
Where can I get the best price on Golden Fluid Acrylics online?
Name an artist who uses a lot of texture...?
does anybody know how much madjid oil paintings are selling for?
Where can i exhibt my Famous Autographed Rock star art ?
What is the name of a this famous painting from World War one about Horse Cavalry.?
what is the name of the museum that was in "night of the museum"?
What should i paint on my guitar case?
Favorite 1960's (musician) Band/artist?
What brushes and paints to get started pinstriping?
What Brand of Soft Pastels would you recommend?
How do I get oil paint off my skin?
How did Andy Warhol infulence American Society and Culture?
What should i paint? i have no imagination ?
I have a late 1800's oil painting & would like an auction estimate. What's the best route to take?
Where can I find posters of Kandinsky's Der Blaue Reiter (1903) and Improvisation No. 30 (1913)?
i want to sell an original artwork by govinder nazran so where is the best place to do this?
Who are some New England Painters who have painted pictures to do with loss.?
if i do a coat of acrylic paint and let it dry can i paint over it with another color without it blending?
Copic markers for painting mugs?
What paint to use to paint my acoustic guitar?
Painting someone else's photo?
Artwork - Help with an example...?
i am looking for a xlarge print of jack vettrianos elegy for a dead admiral?
Do you have any tips on oil painting?
How can I paint like Grandma Moses?
Contemporary Artist Inspired by Ancient or prehistoric art?
How do I know that the paints I am buying are safe and not chock full of lead or other dangerous stuff?
what is the name of the painting by Maxfield Parrish that features a young girl holding a bundle of wheat?
Who is the artist for this painting?
is jacquard brand fabric paint good for painting on canvas shoes?
clothes dyeing to change color?
What is a good website to sell artworks?
how is mary cassatts paintings difrent from painting is the reannaisance periods?
who was the artist arthur trengrove?
Where can I buy painting materials like paints,brushes,canvas and such here in Nairobi?
What is the cause of of my car burning oil? I had an oil change 2000 miles ago and still it burned 2 qts?
If you use sugar as thickener in acrylic paint on canvas do you prepare the sugar first?
Should I paint this or leave as is?
romantisism, impressionism, post impressionism, fauvism....?
Painting your ceilings blue keep away flies?
What should I paint a picture of?
where can I get face painting training in orange california?
How much should I pay for a custom painting?
what companies sponsor stencil artists?
what are the names of some artists that create yellow artworks?
Why are most Barns the color red?
what is the syle of this painting?
Doing a project about Mary Cassatt, help?
Has anyone ever created thier own canvas paintings?
I have a few paintings I bought about 40 yrs ago by an artist named KOWALSKI, no first name..You have anything?
Why is the Mona Lisa so famous?
How can I protect this painting?
What kind of paint should I use to paint a t shirt?
What are the names of pigments used in oil paints?
what are the different art mediums?
who is your favorite artist?
wich color is better green or red?
How are paint colors made?
What should I paint on my canvas?
What is the significance of the green coated guy in La rendicion de breda?
Does anyone know how much an orginal Cucaro is worth?
What are copyright practices or limitation with regards to art paintings of Leonardo Da Vinci, Rafael, etc.?
why does paint or blister?
Oil painting?
Why wasn't Vincent Van Gogh's work understood/appreciated while he was alive?
way to remove acrylic paint on paper?
What innovation techniques did Paul Cezanne create?
I have an art print showing water boats and sky signed W f Burger 52 is it possible Wilhelm frederich burger?
Art Class paper Mache pig painting?
Why is your favorite artist your favorite?
where can i find a critique on a piece of art called sunday morning by an artist name lanford monroe?
Who is the most famous painter?
I need ideas on what to paint..any suggestions?
is my painting worth anything?
What does Hundertwasser's name mean translated into English?
Checkerboard Design?
painting academy in Rome in Italy?
Does anyone know any Russian artists?
Please help me find this painting?
Roman era man on horseback???
Does A.C. Moore sell individual oil pastels?
Would it be better to post my artwork on facebook or a personal website?
How to paint the colors of the color wheel?
what is a painting by melton certificate #96340 worth distributed by artistic interiors?
Do water based acrylic paints contain wax? Does stain contain wax? Thanks?
What does the color beige look like?
Why isn't Mona Lisa smiling in her painting?
Do you know a really Great Painting of any of Wren's buldings?
Which is better: Reeves (tubes) or Prang (semi moist)?
if we sale limca record tongue painting ,how much it will go in aucrion,
Can anyone identify this painting?
Who is Peretti artist?
Norman Rockwell the picture The problem we all live with?
A certain type of marker?
i have a raymond wintz signed painting with a copyrights symble is it Original?
I went to a local art museum and I was shocked to see so many paintings from the 13th-18th centuries where the?
Outline th primary aestethic concerns and workin methods of the Impresionists refering to examples of painting
Is acrylic paint dangerous???? (If swallowed)?
Should I watercolor flat or on an easel?
how do i put the perfect shading in all my drawings?
spray paint a Guitar?
How do you make rainbow colours with oil paint?
How can I protect and frame an old acrylic painting?
My family has this old painting. We would like to find some info about it. Any idea how?
what is grid mean in a painting or sculpture?
painting ipod touch chrome back?
I am looking for the name of an artist or a painting?
Is paint a durable item?
different/creative art projects?
imagine life without museum... what would it be?
Could "Swan Song" be defined as old German Leda?
Would watercolor work over spray can white paint?
I have 2 paintings by Frank V. Hoffman/portraits of Italian villages. Are these worth anything?J. Carlson?
Two mysteries in the Da Vinci LAST SUPPER painting?
is fabric dye the same as fabric paint?
What are Worpswedders?
24. Which one of the following types of painting is notorious for having the least amount of flexibility?
how do i evaluate a painting?
Painting question. What's the name of the guy holding a chrome sphere?
Where is the Keki Moos Art Gallary?
Does this look like Mona lisa?
The difference between the difference in an oil painting and water color is 35 years.?
What is your favourite colour?
Leonardo Da Vinci books?
The content of professional level art work.?
Who is artist O. Mallon?
I have a question about SAI painter?
Can't identify artist who painted this picture--can you help?
What Colour's Better, PINK Or GREEN?
What is the name of the artist?
What can I spray on a canvas painting to protect it?
why did cavemen paint on caves?
What does Cubism mean to you?
who is the famous painter?
the works of william shakespheare, johann gutenburg and leonardo da vinci best support the conclusion that the?
Do you like my painting?
looking for the worth of a painting by Jean-Paul Loup,titled " feast in the village" or "the village in winter?
Basic oil painting instructions?
Has any body out there got any ideas for places to display and sell art work apart from usual galleries etc?
is jose maria sert considered a great painter?
does anyone know aworse thing in the world?
I am looking for more information on the oil painter Harold westlund?
Describe this picture in your own words.?
How to go about painting this Sunset?
my painting question reposted?
dose anyone know about this painting?
Who is Richard Uptar?
Can you tell me if my painting of r.colao is worth money?
I need to find the title of a painting / art print -- woman with child...?
Does acrylic paint bleed through an egg shell?
What's the best way to document paintings?
Do watercolor and graphite mix well?
the paint used in paper that use on fabric too?
I like this artist but the website is in Spanish?
Any info about Carroll King, an artist or painter please?
When I was young I remember seeing outlines of people painted on the floor/pavement.?
Does Gloria Van Newhouse Adams sign her paintings G Adams? Where do I look on the web to find her?
What are some Venetian Renaissance research paper ideas?
oil paint help?
What is the term for artwork found in church ceilings?
What object consists of metal glass and wood?
I'm painting my wall?
Tips For Painting Molded Plastic?
why are barns red?
Why is ! Purple and Yellow in colour?
I am artist painter Morocco berber I a have a wonderful collection of oil painting I would like to sell?
Who is the artist that painted this piece?
What was piet mondrian's aim in his work?
I need a Leonardo Da Vinci! :D?
How do I paint this on canvas ?
ARTISTS (of all types), how do you get over a creative dry spell?
Can spackle be safely used in fine art?
impacts leonardo de vinci's impacts on the world?
Hanging Paintings: Eye-level means…what?
Helped identifying a painting?
Trying to figure out who the painter Huntington is.?
why did Pablo picasso become a artist.?
Please help me, I need information about this?
Can i use oil base paint over water based paint?
alfred fitch bellows?
honestly how are these paintings?
Why do people paint on easels?
What is the difference between poster colour and acrylic colour?
Can anybody give me a healthy list of surreal artists?
How do you make Ebru Art?
julius feurich piano?
Could you tell me what a illusionistic plane is please (as in art , Paintings)?
scene name?
do you think a girl will be better at 80s boy george impersontons or a guy?
What color should I paint my rocket ship?
.Did you learn painting or drawing in your childhood?
artist who has painted a shoe?
Eugene Delacroix - French Artist?
who painted the Pentecost?
What made Pablo Picasso so famous?
How to convince your parents to paint your room?
When making my own canvas to paint on, what can I use as a Gesso Substitute?
Painting of a boy in a red coat holding a sanfona?
Can I Use Acrylic On A Canvas?
what are lookikng for?
I'm looking for a Lippincott print from Sears (1960) Solid Comfort, Does anyone know where i can purchase one?
Artists, what are your favourite things to paint?
Does anyone know if you can buy things online from the Chiri-men Craft museum?
Easiest paint to use?
Self portrait analysis?
Why is it Painting Artists paint on "CANVAS"? What is with the Canvas?
where can I get picture framing timber by the length walton upon thames?
Does anyone know who's signature this is?
What type of line is used in this painting?
What is a Seriolithograph?
When painting on a poster, which is preferred? Gouache or normal watercolor? (.s right away)?
how did picasso learn about guernica? where was he at the time?
Acrylic paint question? ?
Can you please help me?
Sai Paint Tool Layering?
Question about paint colors? ?
In art- what exactly is split-complementary color scheme?
how does salvador dali use depth and space in his painting of the great tor?
what paint colours were used around 1900?
Does anyone know where i can get "one way mirror" spray paint? (no tint or sheets plz)?
whats Oli Sykes gf's name?
looking for art walk hollywood florida?
why were Andy Warhol's everday consumer goods (ex: campbell soup cans) paintings his most famous works?
I have several small hand painted dishes and would like to know more about them including what they may be $.?
About Bosch paintings?
In the movie "In the Bedroom" there is a painting of a man in a boat near the shore hanging in th dinning room
what is the value of a copper engraving by w.l. ormsby of the signing of the declaration of independence?
Just saw the Monet show in Cleveland. Great. Now, how many paintings in total did Monet do?
Is there any artwork of Adolf Hitler created by Andy Warhol?
What is a canvas and or a human canvas?
Name the Artist who Paints these please?
What are the primary colors?
I need some good options in abstract art painting. Good suggestion will lead for 10 points.?
ideas what painting i should use?
how to paint on a mirror?? Help info!?
What is a famous artwork the is good to write about?
I have to write an essay on Pablo Picasso ....?
name some websites that teach painting from beginner?
How many paintings did van Gogh actually sell? What were they called?
Also Please help for the below Oil Painting selection. Which one should I buy?
Explanation kills art?
what your favorite color?
i want to make paintings but dont have much money..what can i do?
What surface to paint on?
who is James Eichelberger?
Why is Virgin Mary ALWAYS depicted wearing a veil/shawl?
Good paintings/images on disturbing the universe?
Toby Edward Rosenthal's Rosenthal piece. Ten Points rewarded for best answer?
Which name is better for graffiti? GEKS, AGER, AGEK, any recommendations?
Who is John Brett?
opinions about italian renaissance art?
what is the name of this H.R. Giger artwork?
When was this painted? Rauscheberg help?
I'm painting a painting and it'd be gnarly if someone could help..?
Where can I find Artwork from Guyana and Trinidad?
What color should i paint my room ,, ,well to colors?
The Influences of Diego Rivera?
A level art - painting, subject : Advertising , help?
What is the protocol for returning art work that doesnt work in your house?
what do you think of this painting by william blake?
I purchased an oil painting.?
Which museum is better ? Ripley's believe it or not, or Wonder works.?
Concept ideas for a painting?
What kind of people would buy a painting that costs thousands?