Tissue paper painting?
Suggestions on how to finish this painting?
Names of some very famous urban artists?
want to make my own canvas painting,?
I've been experimenting using good quality latex paints on small glass paintings.Any thoughts on sealers?
what are the different painting techniques? I DON'T mean walls, or houses...!?
1930's artists?
what should I know before I begin to paint?
which is the better colour, browish red or reddish brown?
Why is my spray paint still sticky?
Any info on artist Amadeo Boroni, please?
heinrich hofmann painting?
what are the parts of a paint brush?
Who is artist Marie C. Kruczkowski?
Does anyone know interesting websites of young artists want to sell modern paints? Tx?
Which is your favorite painting?
what paint can I use to spray paint a cell phone faceplate?
Any tips on painting simple fur on an otter?
Questions About Salvador Dali?
what art elements are in this painting?
Strange man in painting by Francesca, The Baptism of Christ, c.1450...wearing UNDERWEAR?? PULLOVER SHIRT?
have painting by L. Sommer(somner) do you know anything about artist?
What do you call your artwork done in Paint tool Sai or any Painting Software?
is it plagiarism if you sell a painting of a liturature character?
Who likes the colour yellow?
what do dragonflies stand for?
Claude Monet?
What paintings symbolize/depict a sense of power or authority?
Where to get cheap packs of spray paint?
Best way to sell your art?
where can i find Information on works of arts?
paint colors for my baby?
What Pokemon should I paint?
What type of paint adheres well to silver?
Edgar Degas's Dancer at the Photographer's is associated with what art movement?
i need help finding painting lessons in albuquerque nm!!?
what is the name of the paint that doesnt smell?
What is the easiest form of art to start with for a beginner?
How can I do such paintings?
van gogh vs adolphe monticelli?
Why do some people criticize Mona Lisa by Da Vinci?
Is there a name for this type of artwork?
Are Oil paints dangerous to sleep with?
can blind people see colours?
Doing some detail painting on my grand prix yellow or red? Or any other color?
what is the the name of a black boy who the bbc did a documentary on who draws pictures from memory?
Has anyone ever used the paints from Turtle Feathers?
Where can i buy........?
using your intuition please write two words of advice to help guide me?
Some info on "oswaldo guayasamin" what do you think of him as an artist?
If I want to design my own shoes, is it okay if I use markers?
QUESTION ~ what does this painting make you think of?
How to find wholesale oil painting?
Where can I get Mary Leslie's Lock And Load horse painting print (30.00" x 26.50") for less than $200?
Oil Paint Smell is Strong?
How does one break into the art world? I paint & draw & when I email galleries, they don't even respond.?
How do you go about becoming an art demonstrator, for different art material companies ?
Can you please explain Madonna of the Rocks?
how was "the last supper" by Leonardo da vinci typical of renaissance art?
What is the point everything in a drawing or painting goes to?
What are the original dimensions of Jacob Jordaens painting, "The Judgment of Paris"?
Where and where did Christina Rossetti decide to write?
Was Georgia O'Keefe a lesbian?
Have old oil painting cannot find info on artist?
What is a good username for an artist(painter)?
Why not buy boiled linseed oil in bulk from lowes instead of an 8oz jar from hobbylobby?
What song would be coloured red?
How much should I charge for a painting I made that is 12"x15"? I say $75 reasonable. How much do you think?
Aspiring Young Artist!!!!!!!!!!!?
How do I find out the name of a person that hand painted a wooden plate.?
why must i be broke? is it the high speed net, feed me? why must i be so hungrey? look at my art @
What does yellow and purple mixed together make? i need to know.?
I just moved into a studio and painted it Rastafari red, yellow, and green. Am I crazy or what?
How to Create Torn Paper Painting; Artist use only tiny bits of torn paper to create impressionistic style?
Monet's painting?
Obama & Seth Godin's National Call To Service?
Ideas for a painting of achievement?
When is the Aaron Brothers 1 cent frame sale?
What is the name of this painting?
does paint dry faster in cold temperature (~50 deg) or hot temperature (70 deg)?
which artist has been reusing canvasses?
found what looks to be a paint can opener from james b sipe&co? Is it something rare?
baroque vs. renaissance ART?
how many shades of red are there?
what art form is this painting in?
How do you make ink from plants or any other natural material?
does an old painting of Mary holding baby Jesus on canvas that has been adheard onto masonite board?
Can you spary paint fabric with normal spary paint?
How much does it cost to stretch a canvas painting?
Hi! Who Is Your Favourite Artist ( Painter ) And Why?
da Vinci and Michelanglo?
Thomas Kinkade paintings?
Besides flowers, lambs and rainbows, what reminds you of spring?
i'm doing a project on Guernica?
Can you copyright a symbol from a painting?
Are there any digital painting programs like paint tool SAI?
How can I get people interested in buying my Contemporary canvas's and start a business from it?
How can I get in touch with the President of "Cowboy Artists of America" organization?
What is the actual effect of linear perspective presented in this mosaic?
Why I like this painting?
Where can I find a painting of an Aspen Grove?
how do you think of a cool graffiti/tagger name?
Can someone give me reasons why modern art is not a waste of time?
How to fix an uneven gesso surface?
Looking for a painting called "The Storm" with two people running from a storm. Who painted? Picture on web?
can i use spray paint from wal mart to paint an engine block?
What Type Of Spray Paint I Should I Use For My Rubber Mask?
Brian; thanks , yes I need to enlarge the e-mail paintings to get reasonable size printed copies.?
would black poster paint stick to wood?
Does anynoe know where i can see works by arthur rackham or salvador dali?
who is a french female artist?
guitar painting AND CLEAR COAT CRACKING?
who is the artist who did the kate bush LP cover NEVER FOR EVER..?
airbrushing my guitar....questions?
j. fletcher ship painting?
any website that instructs painting on clothes with acrylic paint?
how do i make money from being an amateur contemporary painter?
Looking for advice in saw painting. What paints, primer and sealants do you recommend?
Do you where i find a painting of a court trial from an older era?
Comparative analysis of artworks?
looking for a painter name kao zylla?
Can anyone provide info on the chas h elliott co.,philadelphia?
Claude Monet is my favorite painter.Can you tell me something about him that I do not probably know?
What exactly is the meaning of contemporary?
what is the best way to splatter paint?
Is your studio organized ? or does it look like Francis Bacon's Studio ?? (link attached)?
artists who painted pictures of royalty in the past?
How do I scale up a picture for a painting?
Millet, Courbet and Manet preparation question help!?
does anyone know how to mix a really bright turquiose from aqrilic paint, im mean like reallyreally bright ?
how can i get oil painting out of my clothes?
Anyone know what the name of this painting is?
What's my favorite color?
Can someone tell me the name of this picture or the artist?
Why did Wayne Thiebaud...?!?
What do you think of my art?
Where can i buy cheap spray paint thats still good?
I need pictures/artwork that relate to...?
Would anyone buy a modern contemporary grandfather,floor clock?
If I send you a picture of a painting, can you tell me its origins and date of publishing?
i need help finding a painting,sculture or something artistic with the the theme of a soul mate ?
what is your thoughts?
2 most comon types of contemporary planning techniques?
what two colors make purple?
Jan van Eyck, Man in Red Turban Question?
What colour best represents innocence?
Artist-Gloria Rosamel 1800s?
Do any of you painters have a suggestion on how to mix a near-neon (bright & vivid) pink in oil paints?
where and to whom can i sell my paintings?
Can anyone give me tips on drawing and painting?
Best recipe for homemade paint? A recipe for Kool-aid watercolors?
Mona Lisa's Original name?
What can I add to this painting to make it better?
How did Van Gogh lose his ear?
Question for artists or people who paint?
How much should I charge for a painting I made that is 12"x15"? I say $75 reasonable. How much do you think?
Is it okay to sell paintings from photos?
How did Andy Warhol change the world? PLEASE HELP!!?
if i have very an old painting really old fromVAN GOGH time where i can sell it or even ask about it?
what artists do still life pieces?
When and how did Tom Thompson die?
What movement does Henryk Szydlowski belong to?
Conoscete il quadro di millet sentiero nel campo o qualcosa di simile?
Louvre museum question.?
Can I use Jojoba oil as a oil paint medium?
for those of you who know your artist and there paintings?
traditional el salvador?
What colour should i paint my room?
Angels paintings?
What can i say about Georgia O'Keefe?
Why is it that artists don't generally use poster paints?
Where can I find the paintings of Al Wettel?
Any info on A.Wilson w.color artist painting in 1921 mostly churches/cathedrals?
How much does A Pierre Auguste Renoin and H Bolton Jones painting go for?
Someone who has a wide knowledge of artists/art?
Which paintings you like that can always lift your mood :) ?
where can you find body paint?
Why do people often associate The School of Athens with the Renaissance?
where can i get some good tips/info abt painting ?
What have I done wrong with striping paint off?
is this real i dont know?
sand & paint combination....?
How do you make an area transparent in Paint.NET?
Spray Paint help... (buying caps)?
Spray Painting A Shirt?
Famous American artists.?
Will my oil painting be dry by Friday?
does any1 know where this swirly butterfly photoshop brush is at? plz?
Give me three interesting facts about MARY CASSATT?
I have a framed Bev Doolittle, Prayer for the Wild Things. It is about 9" x 12". Do you know it's value?
Anyone know the funny version of "don't work hard, work intelligent"?
In the British TV show "Bottom", there is an Asian lady in a picture on the wall in their flat.?
I have a picture of a painting and I need to know what who the artist is and what it is called. Thanks!?
who discovered electricity, i know its benjamen somebody but i know u guys would know!?
history of J.B. Souter. Artist Painter.?
where can i find an artice on Peter Paul Rubens The Descent from the Cross?
Art work question. I have a piece of artwork which I know is valuable, but I canno decipher the artist's name
Aluminum sign painting- help?
Vincent van Goe, van Goff, or van Gochckchck*?
Who is the author of this portrait of Christopher Wren?
What should i paint?
What materials were used in the painting?
Trying to remember a painting in the past 300 years about marriage?
Let the opinions begin. Who's art work do u like better? Pablo Picasso or Henri Matisse?
What would be the best way to paint and finish a golf ball so that the paint doesn't chip off?
I woild like to find the artest named Squartisoff , how can I find this person ?
Artists who specialise in animals/underwater animals?
What does this painting mean?
Secota Town (1585-88)?
I have a Oil Painting on Canvas and I cannot read the Signature?
Can someone tell me the name of this painting?
Found a Westal painting and need some info on it.?
i need help in art?
what is oil pulling? i want to know its uses.pls?
What perspective is being showed in The Tower of Babel by Pieter Bruegel the Elder ?
1920's portrait artist Walter W Calvert Has his work survived?
Can you critique my art??? (New at this whole painting thing)?
So what's sir Tristan's quality?
about the oil painting?
Can I paint a painting of a famous living artist? Or is this a copywrighted?
I would like to have the printed copy of the Coat of Arms for Vatican. Thanks in advance.?
How did fauvism get its name?
Rate my artwork please?
what were some major works of van gogh that reflect the current style? or create a new style?
What is the difference between presentation & representation in the artistic point of view?
What type of colors are black and white formaly considered?
Watercolor Question?
what should I name my contest?
How has the Mona Lisa stayed undamaged all these years ?
What's the best way to sign an oil painting? What's the best technique? Small brushes...or ??
How much would a painting by Charles Rennie Macintosh be worth?
How do I go about exhibiting my work in an Art Gallery?
Can you guys help me with this painting?
Why did Raphael choose to draw those people on the painting, school of athens?
Is there any way I could make gold paint?
I have this painting and its aboslutley beautiful but i don't know how much its worth?
I need help trying to find the artist of a painting i once saw?
where is the golden section in this painting?
Do i need to paint you a picture?
I want to buy an air brush for my 14 year old son.I know nothing about air brushes.?
What do you think about my sketch? it's a recreation of another one, does anyone know the name of it?
Does anyone know about this painting?
Where can I find images (paintings) of Isabel Montezuma Cortez?
What's the difference between Fantasia Painter free and PonyPhoto?
who is painter F. E. Mea****?
What are the benefits of painting?
does anybody know where pancho villas heads at and is there any pictures of his home or his shot up car?
Painting a Guitar....?
Who is the artist and what is the name of this painting?
What do you think of my new artwork site, the link is attached check it out.?
help me!! please!!?
artists that draw decaying objects?
Why do people have favorite colors?
Where to find drawings for practice painting?
Acrylic Portrait artists?
Hidden images/tricks in renaissance paintings?
Metallic paint for wood?
what is the best way to produce the impasto technique in acrylic painting on canvas?
Do you know anything about the Mona Lisa?
does anyone know what these are?
what is the meaning of colour rythm?
How old do you have to be to be hired at the Painted Potter?
pricing an oil painting containing gold?
What do you airbrush on? Help?!?
worried about offending people that are really proud of been British in my painting?
what is tha new fine art today?
What is Mona Lisa thinking in her painting?
The scream art painting questions?
what is the style period of Mary Cassatt's 'sleeping baby'?
I am looking for the original print of a John wayne painting?
what two colors make yellow?
What's the most durable spray paint in a can?
Leonardo Da Vinci vs. Michelangelo ?
I have a large Oil painting by Kee Fung Ng. Does anyone maybe have a clue as to value?
Can I use an acrylic paint on coloring my jansport backpack?
Oil painting anyone? i left my brushes out for a week and now they are all dried up..?
a question for artists?
What would be the value of a painting done by President Eisenhower in the 50's?
How much would it cost to get into oil painting?
what tip/cap is best for flairs?
What is a painting worth$$$?
What type of paint do I use?
About how much should it cost to start watercolor painting?
What is significant about Van Gogh's Shoes?
Can you learn to paint? Or does it have to come as a natural talent?
inspiration pleaseee?
If I mix black paint with brown paint, will it make dark brown?
can someone provide contact information for ART Classes in MUMBAI , where they teach oil paintings?
What is the name of a painting in Louver museum which is a dead woman floating on a river?
For a factory paint what grit of sandpaper do i want to start with and progress to to get a bare metal finish?
is Carmen Winsted real? because im confused?
Help finding a hispanic painting?
Can anyone tell me the artist of this painting as i cant read the signature many thanks?
Can you use canvas boards instead of canvases?
valuation of an original etching of the east gate warwick?
Do you have to know how to draw before you paint?
LOOKING FOR INFO ON 1898 of sara bernards?
What is you favorite painting on
what is important in life?
Kiss fans or art fans please tell me what you think of Paul Stanleys paintings?
Georgia O'Keeffe?
Where can I buy cheap streached canvas and spraypaint?
How do you gloss these lyrics?
artist famous for his "art factory"?
What does Applied Jesusdom mean?
Where can I buy a good angel brush for cosmetic use that is not expensive?
What emotions do u get when looking at this painting ???? plz help?
After many years being a serious artist, I think I, finally, found the perfect?
How to make a glossy/wet look for a painting?
which colour is better yellow or red?
What materials did Michelango use in his paint to paint the Sistine Chapel?
I am going to the met?
What do you think of Piero della Francesca's Painting --Resurrection?
What does the still life painting "The Famous Pears" by Marina Owens represent or mean to you?
Who actually painted The Exploding Tardis?
Has anyone heard of the artist C. Charleston? Where would I look to find thids info?
what did hundterwasser like to paint and what materials did he use in his art /?
Who is the most interesting contemporary artist?
I saw a painting by Gino Severini within the Vatican depicting two doves and some books. What is this called?
has anyone heard of this artist?
dois te ' bendiga bendicion
How can I paint a cardboard box, without paint?
What is the name of this painting and who did it?
I need help deciding how to paint my parking spot?
The funeral Procession PAinting?
What is the real secret behind Monalisa Smile?
Which Iwata airbrush do you recommend? (or other brands)?
Using tube watercolor for a covered pallette?
Where can I find this painting or ones like it?
The meaning of the painting "The Librarian"?
gcse art - artist help please :)?
What were the names of the 2 paintings Mary Cassatt was commisioned to paint by the Archbishop of Pittsburg?
How can you eliminate brush strokes when doing an oil painting?
I need to websites!! please?
Watercolor over acrylic? help please :)?
Was Vincent van Gogh inspired by renaissance artists?
Having trouble with oil painting?
Does anyone live in the Ochre Yards area of Gateshead, and if so, what's it like?
I need a name for a brown and white paint filly with a one eye panted?
Can someone help me find a name of a painting?
Where to buy mug painting kits?
Best way to paint a table?
Does anyone know anything about Ribero Paintings?
tell me the online resources to teach painting to my kids 0f 9 &10 years old.?
Paint that won't damege sides of car?
How do i look up old paintings and what they might be worth?I have 2, one is signed with the name, Reynalds?
where could you have a design professionally spray painted in uk?
im looking for the artist who did this painting?
thickening paint?
What is a good name for a male african gray parrot?
Where is Patrick Otis Cox from?
I need to know the name of a painting by Pablo Picasso.?
Does anyone know where I can buy Quality Oil Paintings on the Internet?
why is it important to learn how to paint a portrait?
what artist, genres, or cultural ideas defined the first era of rock & roll?
what type of silk screen...?
painting a pot with african art.......what should i paint on it?
Do you have any tips or suggestions for painting with acrylics?
I'm thinking of painting an inner tube to look like a donut and throwing it out the 4th floor window?
Amazing watercolor or oil painting?
Which is the faster medium to work with?
The fact that the figures in Leonardo da Vinci's The Virgin of the rocks are arranged in a figure triangle?
What do you think makes a good portrait?
When did Andy Warhol paint Marilyn Monroe?
IDEAS!! What should my friend paint for me? How much?
i have a signed W. Harold Hancock color painting of downtown nashville, Indiana. Any idea of value?
what color i must use in oil painting?
so that the art of jackson pollock is pure visual sweepings?
what supplies do you need in order sray paint?
Biggs and sons London?
Question about varnish... (matt or gloss or both? How to avoid yellowing?)?
Does anyone know the name of this painting?
why is nature is called mother of art?
Mosaics in the Basilica of San Marco in Venice. I need information and pictures, anything please!!?
What makes a painting amazing?
Who painted the girl crying blood....?
Can anyone I.D. this painting?
How to make gouche color paints into tranquil colors?
any mom have read the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer?
What can erode/eat away paint?
Where can I find Monet's paintings? Read on for details?
What makes a painting to be artistic?
what color would this be?
PLEASE HELP!!!!when was dick twinney born and when did he start his career as an artists?
I want lil ideas for canvas painting ?
How do I need to prepare a wood canvas before painting on it?
What are the principals of design and elements of art used in Diego Velazquez's painting La Meninas.?
can anyone please submit to me their ideahs fopr painting ogre kingdoms?
who painted on the berlin wall?
Major mannerist artists?
Every time i try to paint something of nature, it doesn't look REAL enough, it looks cartoonish.............?
What does gloss gel from an acrylic paint pack do?
How do you make acrylic paint very fluid without losing the color's intensity and body?
can i carry my art portfolio work on my laptop?
who is the artist of this song ?!!!!?
Anyone ever heard of the painter Thomas Di Lorenzo?
Best paint to use for...?
How did the renaissance inspire Van Gogh?
What color should I paint my room?
what Is your favourite part in a museum and why.?
Favorite color?
places where is portrait painting place?
What should I use to clean my paint brushes?
Where can I get a print of the artist Lucian Freud's painting Baby on a Green Sofa?
I am trying to find out about a painter called Prof A Salvadori from Bologna/Toscanella di dozza?
How can I improve my artistic ability.?
Hi! Any of you familiar with Etsy? How or where did you promote your shop when you just started out?
Where I could sell my paintings in London?
is paint art or science?
Can someone please give me a detailed answer on Leonardo Da Vinci’s art style.?
where is this painting located?
whats harder oil painting or pastel painting?
Is there any painting considered perfect from all points of view?
john rowell australian artist?
does anyone know where to find info on art paintings. need to know if signatures are from famous people? ?
How do you get a painting unstuck from glass? ?
what rhymes with cup?
Does anyone know where to find pics of Arthur Boyd's painting 'Melbourne Burning'?
Of jesus christ's 12 apostles which one is your favorite apostle and why?
do you like my drawing?
Where And How Much Would These Things Cost?
For all the graffiti artists out there i need to come up with a good tag name but i cant think of one can you?
What colours go really well with orange?
What painting is this ?
What type of canvas works well with acrylic paints?
is reeves oil paint toxic?
i know nothing about art!! HELP!?
What colors to mix to get the color GOLD ?
oil of Arkle byLaFontaine?
Can I use watercolour paints on a normal canvas?
What are some very peaceful paintings?
How do you erase in Corel Painter Essentials 4?
Can I use paint or fabric dye on a lycra suit?
Why are barns always painted red?
How much can I charge for a copy of "Le pont D'Argenteuil painting on canvas?
where is a good place to paint little kids's faces?
I've lost my creative drive -- help?
Anyone know where I can find a photograph (books or online) of christiane pflug's painting "avrom isaacs"?
why is the paintings in sistine chapel called the agony and the ecstacy?
neep help on??
What's your favorite art style or period and why?
Does anyone know why the Virgin Mary is always depicted wearing the colours blue and white?
How do I paint a person and get a ghost effect?
morrocan oil for skin?
What type of spray paint is sticky for a long time?
why did diego rivera paint the mural El Vendedor de Alcatraces ?
What inspired Frida Kahlo to paint?
How can I make white with watercolors?
What paint to choose for my shoes?
Help with my GCSE art assessment?
Where can I go to find out if a painting is worth something?
how can you make oil paint dry faster?
color mixing question, please help?
when talking about a painting in an essay how would I write the date?
What are the most famous Sistine Chapel paintings?
How can I protect and frame an old acrylic painting?
what colors should i use?
How do you legally copyright album artwork?
why did leonardo da vinci didn't drawn eyebrows of monalisa?
Whats something thats iconic or symbolic in 2012 ?
Art question about Thomas Kinkade?
What paint can I use when doing nail art with airbrush...paint from hobby lobby?
i have the canvas painting of "by the seashore from museum of art H.O. Havemeyer collection 1929. what value?
Where can I order cheap prints of my artwork online?
What type of paint can I se on a shirt?
What historical value does the sobng Painted black from the rolling stones have?
I've been asked to paint an indoor mural but am wondering what paints and varnish to use?
how can i get a copyright for mt panting works?
where can i see how much the painting el pueblo by filastro mottola is?
What technique is this?????????????????
What should I do with my Thomas Kinkade painting?
What western town did Salvator Dali Live?
is it ok if i use wall paint on canvas?
Anyone know where I can get a certain Ivan Drago canvas?
is there any information about artwork with the stamp "Aohonia Malleinon" anywhere?
How can I dispose of used paint?
Artists similar to Henri Rousseau?
website collection of folklore paintings?
Can anyone tell me when Salvador Dali's 'Landscape with Butterflies' was painted?
looking for information on artist Fritz Schreiber?
Products for oil painting? Oil only...?
When was Billy Childish born?
Which painting is your favorite?
Ideas for wall art decoration?
The painting Fall from Paradise by A.L Egg is so sad. Do you think this best illustrates how women?
What is the name of the Van Gogh painting I am thinking of?
american teen flower painter?
Who commisioned the art work The Floor Scrapper by Gustave Caillebootle?
what is the procedure of making MILK PAINT and how can we determine that it is done correctly?
What is the name of the painting that features a couple running from a thunderstorm?
Is there an Artist named M. Duloc or M. DuVoc?
Where can I get (free) high resolution images of famous paintings?
I want to paint my room a red color what is a good shade?
Where can I go and what do I need to get a beginner's kit for painting.?
Has anyone bought art from a local college or school? is it cheaper than buying from stores?
I have dark brown leather lining and burgandy and honey and browns in the the fabric.?
i need a reference?
who do u think is a good painter? da vinci or van gogh?
what website can i buy?
What does Mary Cassatt usualy paint with?
Can someone translate the symbols/stamps/markings on my oriental paintings?
i don't know how i want to colour scheme my salon i'm thinking pink/purple or do i paint it a tan colour?
How much can I sell a painting for that was appraised at $10,000?
Where can I buy paintings by Gladys Dawson of Manchester UK?
How do i make a picture look glossy after printing it?
im painting a canvas for my nan and aunties, and ideas what i can paint?
name of painting, depicting the military execution of an apartment building. black and white.?
How can you dry oil based paintings?
Can you analyze this picture?
Can someone recommend good art schools in Paris where one can study oil pianting and water colour.?
where can i get some good tips/info abt painting ?
How do you become an art counterfeiter?
What do you think of this painting?
Wet on wet painting: drying help!?
how do i make baby blue paint?
Do you like my art? comment please.?
I need help finding information on how Leonardo Da Vinci was influenced when he drew the picture of....?
Who is your favorite artist and why?
For my gcse art exam I'm painting sweets! Any ideas what I could do? I need to be very unique but colourful!!!?
Can anyone identify these stamps?
Why does the mona lisa not have eyebrows?
How do i figure out what it is i really want to do as an artist?
I have a 18"x16"ink picture intitled Point malines by Dutch painter Van Doorn.About whout is its value?
Have u ever witnessed an unusual light or flowing tears on a religious painting?
What should I paint my friend?
Can i use paint to edit colours and textures on sims 2 body shop?
what are two tools for applying paint?
i want to paint any ideas?
Working Artists....?
In Oil Painting, Why do people wet their canvas with water before priming it?
What gets paint off glass?
Why do painters wear white?
i would like to know if is steel a color?
have a panting by georges coulon call still life with bread my mom got it in italy over 45 years old?
what are some biblical allusions in art?
clear coat that doesn't effect gloss on metal?
where can if find photos of all of Carol Grigg's paintings?
What can I use to substitute Acrylic Paint?
which colour copes with blue?
Did Michaelangelo go blind painting the Sistine Chapel ceiling?
any famous tie die artists?
who is the artist of the day on Jan 4th 2008?
Did Giotto paint the Francis of Assisi frescoes?
How to get creative with fingerpainting?
How much paint would an oz of powdered pigment make?
Does anybody know the name of this painting by Edward Penfield?
Can someone tell me who is the artist of this painting and what it is called?
what program do they use for digital painting?
What should I paint need inspiration?
colours that will go with a blue and yellow and still give an egypt feel?
Who's an artist? How did you get started?
Are the "Bob Ross" oil paints just regular oil paints?
Would you like to be a darling and write me an analysis of Andy Warhols Marilyn Monroe painting?
my profile picture is of a painting i did of my mother from an old sepia photo. do you think it would have?
where can i find paintings w/ explanations on it?
Where can I find books about j.torrents llado?
Can you dry an oil painting in the oven?
What is a good tagging name?
Applying color on canvas. (Acrylic)?
How to go about painting this Sunset?
Art Homework Help?
any artists who draw/paint about their childhood and childhood memories and family?
what do think about the painting "christ crucified" of francisco de goya?
does anybody know anything about paintings on milkglass from the 1800's? ty.?
What do you think about this one?
How do you Spanish??
Trying to find a painting I saw in the Louvre?
Can you tell me if my painting of r.colao is worth money?
Where can i buy a really cheap canvas?
What's your favorite PAINTING / PAINTER ? Can you explain why?
Do you think that VAN GOGH'S PAINTINGS are overrated?
What spray paint can paint glass?
What's so special about the Mona Lisa portrait?
What is the name of the painting in Uffizi museum where Jesus is grabbing Mary's breast while 2 men look Jesus
What do you think of this colour scheme?
what are complimentary colours?
How do i get a finger smudge out of a wet paint object!?
What's red and smells like blue paint?
What is the pop artists' Dufi's name? 10 points!?
Can anyone tell me the name/artist of this painting?
What exactly does Abstract mean in art?
Does dried paint give off fumes?
what is your favorite color?
Can I use this finishing spray on my watercolor painting?
Recommend me detailed artists?
I paint two eggs, one red, on yellow, now you?
Geo.R.Capoot made water color portrait and signed on the right side Geo.R.Capoot?
I have a painting signed R. Lanian - any information on this?
artists, painters, drawers, where can i find a site that people post art on for inspiration?
does anybody know where i can purchase blacklight hair spray & body paint?
all painting are made up of what 3 ingredients?
painter with a name that sound rouse (mouse)?
pierre renoir sketchs ?
How much it costs to take a print on canvas ( 4' x 3') form a digital image?
who is the artist responsible for "The Absinthe Drinker"?
where is the painting art market who will be the buyer? and are my painting good for art market?
I want to sell my paintings online. Can u give me reliable online gallery address ?
What painting is this???
Where is there a picture of JANETTA FALLS by Jasper Francis Crospey on the internet??
Dali's Self Portrait as the Mona Lisa & Warhol's Double Mona Lisa?
what is a dominant color?
Joan Miro's work compared to Magritte and Dali?
Robert Juniper?
What do you think of this painting?
What are some good spirit slogans?
who which artist came up with splatter art?
What are some things that impacted Vincent van Gogh's artwork?
Why is this question even asked?
does anyone know a mural artist in burbank, ca? thx u.?
The Kearsarge at Boulogne by Manet?
Information on van Gogh's 'Bedroom in Arles'?
How would I find values of Salvador Dali lithographs, and where would I try to sell them?
Why can't you use regular house paint on canvas rather than the much more expensive artists paints?
Rough painting value estimate?
what kind of paint to paint a t-shirt?
looking for a web sit that i can check if painting i have bought in the past are worth anything.?
Does anyone know the artist of the painting?
what are the characteristics of the Florentine Renaissance paintings?
Is the Water Base Stain as durable as the Lacquer Base stains?
Artists, I need your Help! s!?
Colours and decoration for cafe-bars?
can you find me a great drinking toast idea?
how do i find out about a painting i have? can't make out all letters in painters name.?
art lovers question...?
Why Vincent Van GOUGH commited suicide?
Does anyone know where to go to see how much an old painting is worth??
Blank Art Canvas....To paint on?
how do you create a stencil?
so what do you think of this painting?
How to avoid streaks when painting with gouache?
folk art painting classes?
Where can I find a picture of an artist's idea of what El Dorado looked like?
where can i find krylon or belton spray cans in los angeles?
Would acrylic paint work on plastic?
key artists of the FRENCH Art Nouveau style?
does anyone know any good sites for instructions on how to do face painting.?
Does anybody know any artists influenced by drug abuse?
so i need a peom about america it has to be completely origanal.?
oil painting classes in chennai how much they charge?
Any tips for one stroke painting on fabric?
who invented art ?
how can i incorporate my name into this artwork?
can someone look at the painting Cliff Dwellers painted by...?
I want to paint on a spare tire cover?
help with analysing a painting?!?
Virgen of Guadalupe Painting by Feliciano Cortes?
Art Composition? please help?
Can you name four paralyzed artists?
what is that picture of the huge swan with a lady getting off its wing in twilight called?
What mediums can I use on canvas shoes?
Can I wash my painted canvas?
Need an artist who..?
I am asking question again cause i could not receive proper answer about UFOs in ancient paintings?
Has the world changed since the Mona Lisa was painted?
Can you tell me a website that i can look at renaisence art?
Please, I'm looking for that famous paint from a long time ago?
What is the name of the dark painting of a flower?
Painting Class Homework?
Is painting a difficult hobby to even learn?
what title should i give an artwork that involves death and suffrage?
Painting with water in living room and waterfall on the stairs?
Can you help me? I am trying to find Chinese Stencils for the following words with symbols...?
did rembrandt paint himself into The Nightwatch?
Actual painting software?
What is the name of an american glossy box?
How do I get premission from Disney to paint murals of characters?
Should I paint the guy OUT of the background??????????????
What is Wassily Kandinsky's most well known painting?
what precisely is the "wash" technique?
I love all of Salvador Dali's work but is there any evidence that he used drugs to create his artwork?
Can you tell me what you think would "balance" this painting?
What paints do you use to paint on china?
what do paintings of Greek vases depict?
Does anyone know any Oceanic (Australian, New Zealand) paintings?
Painting from the victorian or renaissance era that represents the poem 'To Autumn' by John Keats?
Oil Painting Supplies?
I have 2 1986 paintings by Alex Katz. What are they worth?
im thinking of selling paintings on ebay?
Is that art, or just the fingerpainting of a five year old's?
where is the art display in queensbury village?
What type of drawings did Edward Wadsworth do?
a qustion about Chinese painting?
Do you know about Armenian painter Arshile Gorky?
why is the mona lisa so important?
Can I use watercolour paints on a normal canvas?
Is Wyndham Lewis' painting [Rory Emerald Blasting Off] still on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum?
What is the original English name of Claude Monet's "Water Lily Pond"?
Is there a website that has the COMPLETE works of Raphael Sanzio in CHRONOLOGICAL order?
How can you find out if a sketch is worth something?
what is the name of the drawing of a hand holding a crystal ball and in the crystal ball you see the old man?
I want to know the artists name who paints curvilinear protraits of Twin cities landmarks.?
Artists who paint dramatic faces/people?
How do you find work as an artist?
art question?
help! art dissertation!?!?
worth of a countess vichy painting called oriental magnolias (Z44) from publication of new york?
How expensive would it be to start experimenting with painting- acrylic being the medium?
I don't know if my watercolor paintings are what watercolor paintings should look like?
how to paint on glass surfaces?
Is it possible to acquire talent at painting, or is it just something you're born with?
Where is the best place to see good graffiti in Los Angeles?
What Color is best?Blue or Red.?
Inosculation is the natural form of what other word?
I am trying to get in touch with gopal subhedar the bombay artist. any suggestions?
why won't my pearl paint gift card work?
what is your favorite renaissance painting/artist?
Which paint is better to paint a car sherwin william, ppg or dupont.?
where can i look up spainish art( picasso)?
could you make pink using the three primary colours?
The painting/photograh "crazy stairs"?
Where is the cheapest place to purchase art supplies, online or otherwise?
Is there any Artists that link there work to 'freewill'?
I am trying to find the title of a work by one of the old Masters.?
Where did Michelangelo live? Where did he spend most of his life?
What is the tip size on a badger 155 anthem airbrush?
what colors should I get , beginner watercolorist ?
what theme shall i use for my o level exam?
i need to know the real GOD?, anu body can tell where?
Salvador Dali. Genius...madman...or attention grabber? Is he a bit of all.?
I have a marie Charlot oil painting is it worth anything?
Is it true that Jackson Pollock was a drunk ?
what is wrong with the mona lisa painting i heard it was taken?
Does anyone know the name of the artist of this painting?
Where can I find prints of famous paintings for cheap? ?
MANET`to me is the master of art why?
does any one know where can i find a tatau artist in the states, preferably florida?
How do you paint ocean waves / forms in watercolor? thanks!?
Does anyone now anything of the Artist F. Mill around 1920 to 1940's also Claude Monet 1974?
is this any good??????????????
Specifically, what type of paint do you use if you're screen printing shirts?
What is the name of the artwork in the background of Samuel Adams Summer Ale?
Who is the greatest painter of all time?
Who is the artist of this painting? ?
Is there an artist named Caspian?
Face-painting pros and cons?
What artist is famous for painting flowers?
when was Vincent Van Gogh born , died , nationality , field , awards PLZ ANSWER A.S.A.P.?
Spray painting drums to get that professional look ?
looking for the name of old painting of three women working the soil in an open field?
Acrylic lift?
On Paint on the computer all colors turn out black? Why?
Where can I find cheap canvas?
I know about Claude Monet but who was Manet?
Where can I get some Screening Paint at a local store?
who invented art?
Sketching onto canvas?
What two colors make the color red?
what is a cool website where i can look at contemporary paintings?
Best artist oil paints in the market ?
A picture paint a thousand words-Mona Lisa?
On tidying up our lately deceased aunts highland cottage?
How many paintings did delaunay?
what is the material called that you paint on?
i need to find out about a painting i perchaced?
What's so special about the Mona Lisa?
I need some inspiration.....I want to do a watercolor painting of multiplies with variation.Suggestions ?
Im so white what cani do about this?
Does anyone know which artist's goat died of heat exhaustion while he was painting it (so was replaced)?
Can anyone tell me who the artist of this painting is?
h. gailey painting for sale . email
What makes expensive paintings expensive? such as picasso?
Does anyone know what the symbols, codes, tattoos are in Luis Royo "subversive beauty" book / paintings?
Need info on Ancient roman mosaics please....?
What is your favorite color red or blue?
Can someone help identify this painting?
Artwork - Help with an example...?
how do i find a list of enamel artists?
The Scream, painted by Edward Munch was sold for how much?
Is this painting worth anything?
does anyone know an an artist that uses oil pastels?
Smudged my oil pastel all over my paper...?
What do you call someone who looks at a painting? Spectator? Audience?
Where can I buy a Bob Ross original painting?
Imaginative person.. please. I need your help!?
why must i be broke? is it the high speed net, feed me? why must i be so hungrey? look at my art @
how tall was PABLO PICASSO?
Hva eyou heard about Brazil and there oil COmpany?
Have all the colours been invented in the world?
Painting techniques??????
paintings have been passed down to me from family, the name on it is VenKay can anyone help me?
is roger thayer a famous painter?
What museum is Bathers at La Grenouillere housed in?
i have a very beautiful oil painting that has small specks on it i do believe it is wine how do i remove these
What kind of paint should I use for canvas painting?
how do you get oil baset paint out of clothes?
Is this a good price for this painting?
What colour is beautiful and why?
How to keep a sketch book?
Is eric b a pic collector on craigslist?
why is this painting considered a surreal art?
Modern thinking at the turn of the 19th/20th century(not modernism)?
what do you think my favorite color is? it has to be right in order for me to pick yuors?
What glue can I use on top of oil paint?
How do I put a artist portfolio together? and how do I show it to galery's?? please help!!!?
Can a person learn to paint and draw well if they never demonstrated any special talent for it?
who is the artist of guernica?
rozi dermant?help on la inocencia erotica?
Is there anyway good where you can buy framed prints and canvasses in Newcastle Upon Tyne?
What details classify that the painting The Starry Night is the oil on canvas style?
Famous modern portrait artists?
what are primary and secondary colours?
What would you say about this?
iwata eclipse air brush?
Which principles of democracy are illustrated by this painting?
I have made these paintings recently...I'd like you to have a look..?
DAVE WHITE - How did he make this?
I want to start an online portrait painting business. Does anyone have any suggestions?
what spray paint is best used for space grffitti art on poster board ?
I am in possession of Harland Young painting i purchased over thirty year ago. how valuable is this painting.?
how do i earn some money with the oil paintings i have made?
How do you attach pastel art on paper to canvas?
How do you unstretch a painting that's on a frame?
What are some of the major differences between oil painting and water colors?
Tips for storing oil paints?
What are some mysterious paintings?
I would like to find out about the artist Thomas Lee?
Difference between Renaissance portrait paintings and modern portrait paintings?
Interesting facts on Andy Warhol?
whats a substitute for food coloring when making face paint?
where is a good place to paint little kids's faces?
What is a good High Pressured Spray Can I may buy?
How do I figure out if the owner actually knows a lot about the antique they own?
who are artists that use value ?
Can you use Martha Stewart chalkboard paint on a plastic binder?
please can you give me any info on this picture?who the artist is/ where I could find it.sorry about the glare?
Where can I find the "list of 100 famous paintings" or "list of 100 famous sculptures?"?
Want to learn to paint....?
where can i take a lithograph to get it appraised? the artist is rivera?
I have 2 oil paintings with the signitrure CHO, trying to find out who this is? Can anyone help?
does anyone know the name of the panting with different colored circles?
how we can be good people?
can you mix oil paints and vegetable oil and will it still dry properly?
Who knows anything about Paul Cezanne?
Spray paint protector?
What Dali painting is this from?
graffiti blackbooks (old skool writers)?
Why do highways paint over graffiti ?
Autobiography of Salvador Dali?
Do you like my artwork?
Da vinci dress, how much is it worth?
Do you need to know how to shade in order to paint?
Any artists that look at the contrast between rich and poor? (painters, drawers etc not music artists please)?
What do you think of this painting?
Painting artist help?
Compare and contrast these two painters (Please help)?
Between these three images, which would you describe as "beautiful" and which is "not beautiful" and why?
Art project ideas?
Are these all the steps to painting a car, I'm just painting a something little to see how it turns out?
Fearing my paint brushes?
Like my avatar? I painted it myself :)?
there is web for calligraphy?
Was Monalisa of Leonardo da Vinci the same as Mother Mary? Or was she the wife of a silk merchant?
Canvas painting ideas help! please post image link.?
Is Leonardo da vinci's work still able to be seen?
I am an artist and would like to know the best site to sell my works?
What should I do for my Art final piece?
Worried about Cellulose Thinners?
Can you give me info on painting a canvas?
Who is the girl in this painting?
Animal Artists to study?
What color does blue purple and yellow make?
Painting of Man with Clock for Head?
Has anyone heard of an old artist named E Tiorentine. My gradmother tells me we are related?
What is the painting that features really tall, skinny, shadowy figures?
What is the artist's name and the name of this painting?
is gustav klimt's 'death and life' on display anywhere? if so, in which gallery?
What audience is the painting "Las Meninas" meant for? 10 POINTS?
did Renaissance artists focused more on the 'meaning' of the art than more realistic paintings??
What can I spray paint on my Tshirt?
where can I get Testors enamel paint?
can anyone define these three art terms?
Whats your faveorite color?
Any ideas on painting a poster?
I have a fine art piece by "Franz Charlet? dose anybody know about him?
My paintings look so high contrast. How can I refine them more? I use acrylic for learning right now?
Would fabric paint protect the autograph on my shirt?
where is the best place to find out what the retail price of things i want to sell?
hi i live in ireand and im looking to get some pictures painted on an oil canvas for cheap?
I need some suggestions on new Colors! 3D Paintings.?
Best paint on sanded wood?
what do you get when you mix white with another color?
what is the opposite of oil paint?
where can i buy pink paint for my bedroom?
Is it true Van Gogh cut off his ear?
how much is a painting by andre komaromi kacz worth?
Which Henri Matisse painting should I use to make a collage?
I have an oil painting of a beautiful winter scene signed by Van Bell. This painting was old when I got it and?
i would like to know the galleries addresses so that i can contact then inorder to represent my paints?
Name of painting with an old village burning down on the shore of some water, showing a dock with bones on it?
If your a painter, have you sold some of your work as an artist?or do you normally just keep your works?
What is Hitler's favorite color?
How can you dress like Marilyn Monroe?
What is the meaning of Franz Marc's Paintings 'Large Blue Horses' and 'The Steer'?
What type of paint would adhere to glossy surface on plastic?
What emotions/themes were Hector Poleo trying to express in the painting "The Broken Doll" (La Muneca Rota)?
I just started to paint with acrylics, I noticed when I buff the canvas after it intensifies the colors.,?
Where I can find hi-res Mona Lisa?
What is the best art gallery in the world?
Watercolor tube buying help?
Is there a French artist dude called Money?
Need Help with a painting. Ovanes Berberian is the artist. can anyone help me?
help! I am doing translating from English to Chinese, here are some words i don't get it. please help! emergen
Can anyone suggest a good online art gallery?
What does "sturr the paint mean"?
Can I get your opinion on and title suggestion for this painting idea?
favourite paintings ?
What do you like/ dislike about this image?
What's You Favorite Color ?
1920's artists?
How can I find A.Y. Jackson's painting "Church, St. Urbain" and info on it?
if my pitbul eats his own ear off, should i re-name him Gogh gan?
what kind of paint color and brand do you recommend?
The artists of the Renaissance focused on all of the following EXCEPT: humans and their experiences?
What could be considered in the budget details when planning to have an art exhibition, cost-wise?
Where can I learn about PAINTING and art Theory?
Isaw a magazine showing a decorative painted girls bdrm based on the book "Emily Goes Wild".Anyone have it?Thx
What artists Do Illuminating artwork?
Does anyone know the work of WAK?
Is it possible to judge a painting as good or bad?
How do you protect your artwork?
who is your favourite artist?
Has anybody heard of the German artist Peter?
An artists' mixing color rule ?
How can i fill up balloons with paint, and what kind of paint can i use that dosent cost more than 10 dollars?
information required on 2 artists, Sarquella (Spanish) also E. Seymour (British)?
What is the name of the Victorian print that shows one man and two women playing chess on a round table?
What do I need to oil paint?
What are the requirements for posing naked for art drawing in art classes?
what is the difference between watercolor pencils and watercolour paints?
Do you know if they make puzzles of Josephine Wall's ZODIAC paintings? I'm a Libra and I would Like One...
Why does the Canadian Government allows people without any training just open up stores?
Can anyone tell me why i am a simple painter?
How could I have painting exhibition in abroad?
could davinci see in slow motionairing a show on leonardo da vinci and?
Can someone give me some feedback on a painting?
help me describe this painting. Caravaggio?
Do you think its odd that I think Andy Warhol was a better artist than Leonardo Da Vinci or Michaelangelo?
What can i paint my girlfriend?
Artist painting sighned ML?
why do chinese doesn't want to paint people? Instead they want to paint an old man?
Where can I find very high resolution images of famous artworks?
who painted on the berlin wall?
How do i get OIL PAINT off my paint brushes?
Have you ever heard of there being a link between bipolal disorder and creativity, in which the artist is?
Who is the artist behind SMF (HAHA)?
Being original?
what are some beautiful paintings from 1780ish-1920?
Is this an Artist-less painting?
copy right infringement?
Is the stupendous painting "Princess Victoria and Rory Emerald" by Sir George Hayter in the Louvre?
what colours are the walls in the room your currently in?
I need a timeline of Vincent Van Gogh's life with six bars beside his birth and death.?
What is the namesake of the famous Boston "paint"?
What kind of paint would i need to use for body painting, and what will i need to take it off?
What type of clothes did the artist Geaorgia O'Keeffe wear?
I'm trying to figure out what artist did this painting...?
Has the world changed since the Mona Lisa was painted?
Is ACRYLIC a poor mans alternative to OILS?
does anyone know of the artist rafael garcia?
What is a good website for a beginning artist to post pictures to get feedback?
How does someone rock'n roll visually, lol?
What artists are inspired by theartrical arts? :)?
how can I prepare material for paint?
tell why is art so expensive?
does white one coat non drip gloss (paint) come out of red hoodies?
would you give your boyfriend artwork like this?
what kind of paint makes a painting look like this ?
hi need some help on canvases?
How do I Sell My Paintings ?
A South African artist: surname is Spook?
I want information on the Italian Artist Pier Germani?
I'm so embarrassed...has anything similar ever happened to you?
any girls who make graffitti out there?
I bought canvas to paint do I prime the canvas? Is there a special primer for canvas?
priming and painting MDF?
any paintings?
Graffiti,Should I Tag My Pieces?
anyone know the name of this painting and who it is by?
Need help from someone good with colours (graffiti canvas)?
artist Nan Perye From Drysdale Gallery, tamborine mountain any info?
Is there india ink in a micron pen?
pretty pics please!?
How is it when two styles in painting are incorporated in one subject?
Best places to find GRAFFITI tags?
How to color on Paint too Sai?
Which are the art galleries in Europe and the U.S. who promote contemporary art from India?
Interpretation of this painting?
Questions with regard to the toxicity of acrylic paints?
What do you think, is graffiti Art or Vandalism?
Has there ever been a blind famous artist before?
How long does it take for watercolor paints to dry up?
Who is the artist of this painting please or can you decipher the signature on it?
What's a good substitute for a palette knife?
what's the name of this painting?
What do you think about my artwork?