Main ideas of the painting Salome?
Art galleries where I can hang my paintings in...Illinois.?
Ideas For a Plant/Flower?
Poll: Those who appreciate art: If you could own one great or renowned painting, what painting would it be?
for my fellow artists out there?
What do you think of my painting?
information over the pompidou centre (paris france)?
Why is the mona lisa painting so famous?
Painters: do you prefer linen for your canvases?
Why do you suppose that no acrylic paintings were created prior to the 20th century?
I have a giant oil painting from the late 80's by Lee Reynolds (signed).?
anyone have advice on where i could sell a valuable painting?
looking for a certain painting?
what do you think about this piece of art?
Lamp shades and stars?
Can you tell me what you think of my painting?
how does mona lisa match the high renaissance?
Why on the painting of Leonard da Vinci there is a woman?
Could anyone write a detailed paragraph about Salvador Dali and the influence he had on surrealism?
Where can I get fine art prints made?
Doing a report,on the renaissance, and i'm doing the lute.?
Is watercolor painting difficult to learn?
I want to know about biography of Arnold Rice, who painted SEER in 1995... Will you give it for me? Please...?
I need a paint and supplies list for using acrylic on canvas?
How to sell oil paintings on '"?
Could anyone please help identify the artist or title of this artwork?
Is acrylic paint recommended for painting designs on my TOMS?
can you use watercolor paint brushes with inktense color pencils?
How much paint for an oil painting?
What is the best type of paint to use, when painting a pumpkin?
" Monalisa " . Is " Monalisa " beaytiful as some people say , or it's one of the fakes of life .
To those of you who hate Thomas Kinkade, can you honestly say that you can paint as well as he can?
How does the subject matter of an artwork differ from its style? How might one influence the other?
I really dislike abstract paintings, what do you think of them?
When did "art on a plate" really take off?
what are 3 characteristics that the sibyl paintings have in common in the link below?
What is your favourite painting by a well known artist?
Where is 'A Music Party' 1864, by Arthur Hughes, located? As in which gallery is it in?
Does anybody know any schizophrenia painters or artists?
How do I paint an accurate American flag on a rock?
what is the best Europe sites which i can find the collectors??
Acrylic vs oil paints?
Artists who could be linked to the word 'Humanity'?
reverse painting on glass or silouhette on glass?
Which is the most over-rated and over-priced painting ever?
I'm doing a paper on realism or abstract paintings. Which one(realism or abstract) appeals to you and why.
What is the best varnish for OIL PASTELS? And where's cheapest place to get it online?
People in love with the "arts"?
What color would you get if you took green and subtracted yellow?
Help me please with my essay , What is Art?
What is the value of Frida Kahlo's el venado herido?
Steps to paint a sunset?
Anyone know of good resources for ceramic tile painting?
Which painting would you spend an inordinate amount of money on if you were rich?
C.kieffer painting ... Help...?
Has anyone seen a picture of an angel in a bathtub with her wings cut off? ?
What did you first paint to learn how to paint?
How Do I Correct a Mistake Like This?
ART--- which artists were actually alive when they were famous?
how do you paint indians???
I am a high-school student going into my 12th grade year. My next course will be AP studio art. Our next?
Where can I buy painting materials like paints,brushes,canvas and such here in Nairobi?
Why do painters wear white?
art painting name reality?
Does anyone know where Vincent Van Gogh's self portrait with the straw hat was made?
Why style of painting art was popular before impressionism?
Painting: Canvases?
looking for a room idea?
How can I find original paintings by student and unknown artists?
can someone help me with canvas please?
How do you pronounce "Baroque"?
Tips for painting grass?
what can i paint for my volleyball coach?
what shall I paint my room?
What would you put in a box for memorable items for henri matisse?
what is the best lightbox to get as an artist and why? me?? how can i use oil color should i mix it with oil or water ??
help birth of venus?
Does anyone own, or know someone who owns, a painting by Kansas City artist Modesta Richerson?
picture into Painting?
i like to learn oil painting can you pl. advise free oil paintig lessons from indian sites and paintsselection?
can art portfolios contain ore than one type of visual art, ex photography, printmaking and painting?
I'm looking into selling some of my paintings as prints. Where can I start?
Sould European Parliment adopt the new improved : "GOOD LUCK EURO SWASTIKA FLAG " as official flag ?
I want to send a gift to the qween of London; would she be happy to receive it?
what colors should i use?
The Assumption of the Virgin by Correggio?
how to show my paintings on web?
Current fine art painter?
Where can i watch The Joy Of Painting with Bob Ross ONLINE for free?
What painting is this?
Spray Paint Primer necessary?
What mediums did Roy Lichtenstein work in?
Artists who paint dance?
Is michael Angel a Homo sexual? Can any one establish?
Do you have to name an artwork after the reference?
where can i buy glow in the dark body paint in sydney!!!?!?
where are the good sites for Richard Diebenkorn? He was a awesome painter,especially in the abstract world.?
How did painter bob ross die?
How to safely sleep in a newly painted room?
what should I name my painting?
famous portrait with long distorted neck, sunglasses, floppy hat?
Jan Vermeer?
Need info On Artist C.Pickett Fuller,I Have original painting signed and dated 1973 Titled Friekel Face...?
Forgot to gesso wood before painting?
In your opinion, who's art was more groundbreaking: Pablo Picasso or Vincent Van Gogh?
Art final piece? I really need help, please?
so if flammarion woodcut isnt medieval and is done in the 18th century, so its rococo style?
i love art but why doesnt some people see what i see in a sketch or a painting?
Can You Use a Fiberglass Panel for Oil Paints?
Is there an emmett kelly or emmett kelly jr. oil painting reading a street journal?
I painted my chain but it looks more yellow than gold?
what can be added to semi-gloss paint to make it a matte finish?
What's that website where you can paint online in an artboard with other people?
what does composition, perspective, distance and depth mean when describing an artwork?
How do I remove grime from an acrylic painting?
Which one has more class?
How to mix and get the materials on Dry brush ? ?
Who is H Richler - a portrait painter in early 1800s?
Is it too late to paint?
when did amelie matisse die. and how old was she when she did?
Everyone talks about breaking the rules in oil painting.?
What color should I choose 4 my room?
When you put watercolors in a palett do you let them dry in the pallet?
How to discover value of painting?
HELP I need 1920s paintings!?
What art movement does Noel Fielding belong too?
I need Description about diferences between : Bruegel and Jan Gossaert Adoration of the Kings.For my oil paint?
when painting in oil is there a right side and a wrong side to a canvas ?
bristle hilaman consavorty?
Can i use duct tape when painting?
web site to find a fein?
Peter HOUSER + Artist.?
A VERY difficult question about Andy Warhol, Care to try?
what is your favorite color?
What can I paint?????!! HELP?
Painting that I can't remember...?
what color makes brown? i remember its two colors but i forget.?
Marie Antoinette and her children...?
How do I make this a 18x24 size in paint?
if you see a painting on the internet, have you seen it at all?
Creating Artwork Painting Timeframe?
Is there a temporary spray paint I can use on my car?
painting by manet winter scene arch bridge?
Looking for a painting/print of baby Jesus?
what was the objective in abandoning any form of representation for the American Abstract Expressionists?
please please please help please?
what year did monet get famous?
Where can i get really drippy spray paint cheap?
I'm using corel paint shop pro X,How do u blend two pictures together?
I have a hand painted picture of my grandmother?
Anti-Rococo critics?
An artists' mixing color rule ?
Who are the figures in this stained glass window?
Does anyone know the artist or name of the painting?
does anyone know the artist who painted a picture of cardinals coming down the vatican steps ? period ???
Is it true that Michael's have acrylic paint for 59 cents?
which kind of paint i have to use to coat a silver ring into gold color?
Please take a look at my artwork?
I hear that white is not a color is it true?
Legal to sell...Painting?
I have some paintings, I want to sell them but I don't know too much about the painters?
how can i get free photo shop?
What artistic style is this??????????
9 months ago i sent my art off to be reproduced, ive not got it back and the business keeps giving excuses?
What should I draw for the theme Animation Themepark mural painting?
how do you make beige in paints?
Do you like drawing?
any one know of any contemporary artists that make paintings about race or stereotypes?
Anbody know where to find out how much a painting is worth?
I want to start hand-painting children's rainboots. I need a very durable, waterproof (obviously) paint?
Can I apply acrylic paint over spray paint?
I am looking for a pic. of Steve Largent by Leroy Neiman. Know where I can get one?
Painting- unknown artist?
anyone got any idea for a textiles sketchbook?
Linear perspective??????????
Da Vinci or Picasso?
How to represent Israel defeat in gaza war in a cartoon?
what is the painting of a lady playing violin to a full room?
where can i find original works by billy morrow jackson for sale?
What is the value of an original Porfirio Salinas painting?
Avon Warner? or Werner(painting of a Spanish solider?
Claude Monet......changes?? HELP!?
Name of Blek Le Rat Piece?
Title of this painting?
Is the painting The Departure of the Winged Ship done by Vladimir Kush or Salvador Dali?
Watercolours! How to use them! Please help?!!?
How do famous artists upload their artworks?
Hay girls do you like smart or dumd boys?
Do fine art painters ever use something other than a brush or palette knife to paint with?
Would you pay umpteen million dollars for a Picasso painting?
What can I do in my art book?
Please tell me what you think of my painting?
english artist of watercolours edwin s?
Who was a banker, a ruler and a patron of the arts in the year 1500? He supported artists like Michelangelo.?
can I use any kind of paint in a airbrush?
What does Dali's "The Black Cherub" have to do with Dante's Inferno?
Is an original Gerzso of value?
comparisons between paul cezanne and sj peploe style ?
What are some famous Australian Artists that use Iconic landscapes or structures in their work?
Anybody miss Bob Ross on the Joy Of Painting on Sky !!?
What do you think? Modern art? (pics)?
What kind of painting do you like seeing?
what types of paints are best for painting a metal/tin trunk?
What do you think of my artwork idea?
Is it really "art" when I try to paint, people praise my pictures but they are not what I wanted.?
Paintbrushes used for oil paints?
what style was frida kahlo famous for?
Why does the same color look different when it is surrounded by a lighter or darker color?
ever heard of a painter Elaine Nice?
what is art attack model?
Is it sleazy to pose naked for a still-life painting class?
I don't know what to paint! Please help me you guys!?
What kind of art movement was Diego Rivera?
Whats the big deal with abstract art??
How much is this worth if anything?
Question about painting my kitchen?
How do i spray paint a scratched metal design?
difference between original painting and fake?
how do u know which paints r u more into ?
Charles Saachi?
Who is your favorite artist?
Do Elmer's Painters or Deco paint markers last longer?
Who is your favorite Artist?
how to make the paint brown?
Out of this list, who is your favorite artist and why?
do you prefer?
Any information or links about Chris Hull a local artist in North Wales,UK? Mainly watercolours of Snowdon.?
Cannot remember the artist of classic painting - Girl in a Field ....?
Does any one know where i can find legit articles on Josie Morway?
Paintings w/ desription of Sadequain?
How to fix an acrylic painting where the spray fixative shows?
why do faces turn up in my artwork? is there a website i can go to for this rare question?
German(?) artist begging with 'M'?
gilbert and george exhibition is it free at tate modern?
What paint would go with a maroon carpet and a light and royal blue bed?
What is the name of the famous painting?
is it ok to duplicate an original painting by painting it yourself ?
Who did the artwork for Rogue's Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs, and Chanteys?
How should I go about painting a mural on concrete?
Persistence of Memory painting, by Salvador Dali ?
How would you use pointillism in a sentence?
I want to know how much my painting is worth?
What is the name of the painter who painted nature scenes for pbs?
How to use tempura paint?
The cheapest paint job?
Who is Florence Ezzell Stevenson?
Which are the glow in the dark paints/phosphoric paints I can use in art?
how to sell my handmade canvas oil paintings at proper price? How to start its business?
what else can i call it?
Where can I find Joy of Painting with Bob Ross online videos?
Art painting ideas? anyone out there?
Need help for painting project!!?
What is my brush stroke ?
marcel duchamp artist research?
Does anyone know a site where I can look at surreal paintings?
Why are some people so good at drawing or painting and others suck?
Where on the internet can I get complete information about the many artworks of Ed Paschke?
Artists which paint nature?
10 points: Does anyone know the name of this baroque painting?
how did the franciscan theory influenced giottos 'the lamentation' and 'the nativity ' in the arena chapel?
what can i paint on a canvas?
Need Help! If you're creativeeeeeeeee!?
Why did Hitler fail as an Artsist?
Do you believe there are hidden images in Leonardo Da Vinci's "Last Supper", such as Templar Knight?
Plain Canvas Sneakers?
How do they authenticate a "Banksey"?
I do oil paintings. How do i go about getting prints made and prints onto christmas cards and maybe cups?
Did you know MotherskyDrangonfly finished the painting WOMEN,what does the olive branch mean?
why are artists and poets drawn to the mysteries of the bog people?
what influence did the invetion of the camera have on the impressionist movement?
What is this painting?
Where is the best place to show off artwork to sell?
What was Futurism? How did it differ from Cubism?
Do artists always sign their paintings by painting their signature or do they sometimes sign in ink?
Who says you are an artist?
Who were some of the Renaissance artists' who painted hidden self portraits?
Graffiti, Cons and Pros?
If I make a painting of a building from the exact same angle as another artist, is it a copyright violation?
Do you like my art?
looking for a artist names R. Terry?
Who is an artist that you wouldn't expect to actually be an artist?
What movement did Abel Grimmer belong to?
how to make my water color painting shiny ?
Copyright law relating to collage materials?
Use cotton t-shirt as canvas for acrylic?
i need an idea for a watercolor chinese landscape that is easy to paint..any ideas of where i can find one?
Help identifying acrylic paint tool?
all jamacians please respond-what is the color of your flag yellow green and black or yellow green and red?
If you do a painting using oil paints, how long should it take to dry?
What type of artist is Francesco Clemente?
Q about oil paintings?
what means washable distemper?
Best places to ask if they would like to display your artwork?
What colors should I use in this painting?
is earl gross painting worth a lot of money?
is reeves oil paint toxic?
What else is there?
Help on painting a sort of mini- mural/picture on my bedroom wall?
can you make painted furniture look antique?
What Materials did Frank Romero use?
what is your personal response to German Expressionism?
Artists similar to Audrey Kawasaki?
need examples of MODERN ART!?
I don't have any ideas for painting?
What do you think of my 2 paintings?
How much should i charge a canvas painting and shipping to LA?
Whats the mask thing called that people use when they're using spray paint?
Trying to find out who painted a painting?
Would you pay SGD$180 for a framed hand painted silk painting?
how can i make a picture of my dog (by using water color) if he's white?
Which paint do I use to paint my ukulele?
where i can i buy a chocolate fireguard?
Want To Find all info. on art Pantings. off Phyllis J Burnett?
Does it seem strange to you that Michelangelo painted a navel on Adam in the Sistine Chapel?
can anyone send me some paint brushes, or secret laboratory map pieces?
Horse painters and artists?
what should i paint.........?
What inspired hundertwasser? and how?
question about a famous!!! (10 POINTS TO THE 1ST TO ANSWER)?
Where can you purchase GAC 900 (this is a paint additive manufactured by Golden Artist Colors)?
Where can i find information of Monet and his painting, Sunset in France?
whats the best spray paint to buy at walmart for graffiti?
where was norman brick created?
Can you use watercolours on a canvas?
painting signed j d 1833 who is j d?
were there any influences on 'leanardo da vinci' or 'mona lisa'?
Could you write a 4000 word essay on 1 artist ?
Would you have any suggestions?
i have some question, answer please!!!!?
who owns the original blue nude by picasso?
how can you tell if a painting is an original or repro?
where is cozma cristina in brasov?
What is trufuel oil. ?
where can i buy montana cans in stores??
How do I clean dust from a giclee painting?
What can I put on my acrylic painting that will soften the lines?
what do you think of my PAINTINGS?
what were Leonardo da Vinci's influences on Italy?
What color is similar to scarlet, but darker? Scarlet is a red with orange tones. What's red with orange but?
do you believe that using a camera obscura or projector is cheating when making an artwork?
painting tutorials?
what is a mendez tear?
I dont know what to paint?
what are some unique things about vincent van gogh?
I want to be a professional painter. Where can I buy the right paint?
what materials did boticelli use?
Why does the line keep going even when i lift the pen up? (easy paint tool sai)?
identify artis Bush Turkeys?
Anyone know an artist named Milo who painted old time ships?
Is this website any good?
What type of oils can be used to fatten oil paints besides the usual linseed oil?
Surreal artists?
what are some cool spanish paintings?
Which artist painted the portrait of Napoleon?
looking for good quality gift for oil painters, to get 'her' back into the hobby.?
during what period did science perspective perfected?
What was the most famous modernist painting?
I have an old print by an Artist named "Beggie Penge Cutmong can you help me with more info?
What colors do I mix for hot pink?
Who is your favorite artist?
Did Michael Angelo paint any of the 1st 15 chapels, or just the sixteenth?
some details about this painting ?
does someone recognize this painting?
Need awesome body and face paint?
does it make scene to buy one?
What is Cubism?
What influenced abstract expressionism?
what is an emotional response to artwork?
I am looking for info on an artist named Dorothy Swift,who painted Murals in the Denver Capital Building?
What to paint for masquerade party?
i need to find ar student?
I need some pictures of posters or paintings on van mahotsav day?
is it possible to buy da vinci, picasso, or van gogh's artworks?
What type of work did Vincent van Gogh do?
Spray Painted without a mask?
How did Mia Parmento die? (Finnish 2007 Idols)?
Show piantings of bettie zelder?
I am desperately (!) trying to find the name of a Salvador Dali painting (glass of water on a chair in desert)?
Please please answer! is it possible to spray paint converse?
what is the art in angola like?
What would you use to paint Converse trainers?
how many paintings has david hockney sold?
Has anyone heard of fake robert falk paintings or perhaps an artist whos name or goes by the psuedonym r.falk?
would it be Ok to rub a finished painting down with linseed oil when done to put on a shine?
Can anyone PLEASE tell me the name of this painting?
Aluminium Box body van any advise on painting it ie type of paint to use primer remove all old paint or sand?
What do you think of my mixed media painting?
Difference between Mucha and Cheret's women in paintings?
how much does it cost to get t shirts airbrushed?
How much could you expect to get for a hand painted canvas at car boot sale?
How fine are pearl-ex powder pigments and can they be made even finer?
What is your favorite color?
what is the golden apple about in the painting brozino?
What kind of art can I make with black and white spray paint?
I own a wall hanging signed "finesse originals". Just can't ind my exact wall hanging anywhere.?
what liquids can u see under a blacklight?
who is the famous artist that painted 2D people silhouettes?
most misinterpreted painting?
Tell Me What Do You Think Of My Painting?
why ,how batik was made?
why is it if you look good you are treated well,and if you are no oil painting you are treated bad surely its?
Painting with acrylics?
When from yellow gold is being used as ornaments. The mythological as seen in paintings & pictures really wore?
Please give me the names of your favorite painters?
What does White and Silver mix into?
Smiling portrait?
i work with acrylic and would like to know if linseed oil would work like it does with oit?
Custom painting Toms, what paint works?
What flora and fauna should i paint?
Can i use cardboard as a canvas for oil painting?
I am desperately (!) trying to find the name of a Salvador Dali painting (glass of water on a chair in desert)?
Who makes the names for the crayons? Youknow, the ones like forest green or midnight blue. Who decides how blu
Making a grid painting!?
is there any artists or pictures showing clothes that the royalty would wear?
What is a painting called that has 3 canvases?
How to sell my work ? ?
Painting featuring a garden party?
How do you make resin? How do you make moulds? I just want to start a hobby?
why do we feel as if we are not capable enough to do something that we like.i like doing fine am losin
tint or color a glass bottle?
what was Surrealism's effect on literature?
anyone know any good, modern, relitively famous collage artists?
About Lady Gaga!! READ!!!!?
Bush and the Dali Lama - Is it true that they're lovers?
what style or period of art did leonardo da vinci use?
*#*#* AnyonE KnoW a GooD UrbaN CanvaS WebsitE ***?
Where can I buy a Cy Twombly print?
What is the highest price ever paid for a painting?
Who knows a french artist who uses really bright colors and paints town alleys? I think his name is Pierre?
Name this Renaissance-era painting, because I can't remember what it's called?
Any Marilyn Monroe Quotes?(:?
what could I paint with these colors?
how i can find out the artist?
what is original location and date of queen nefertari's painting?
error, W.C is on the bottom right?
What do you think of my master piece art work?
Whats the best way of painting a straight edge in oil and a straight line?
Painting in Doge's Palace Venice that looks like a Bosch?
9 months ago i sent my art off to be reproduced, ive not got it back and the business keeps giving excuses?
What are differences between oil, acrylic and water painting?
I Need Help Painting My Guitar?
Who is your favorite artist?
Do i need to be good at drawing to paint?
Do you like my blend??
Best international Certificate?(10 points for best answer)?
Who painted The fat and wrinkled version of Ronald McDonald?
I would like to find a site depicting Queen Dido of Carthage in art.?
is it really worth being a graffiti arties?
Do you work with pastels?
Oil Painting Manga Help?
Looking for a site on how to color a horse in when done drawing?
What is your favorite painting of all time?
Is water coloring tough? I'm taking a class on it.?
Robert Bateman- Midnight Black Wolf- Premier Edition 534/950?
Who is Auguste-Hyacinthe DeBay?
Creative Wall painting, ART?
Why is Prima Ballerina by Edgar Degas popular?
Look at this pic, what is the technique of OILS that would achieve this fog?
can you paint over furniture that has a foil finish?
I need help! Who likes painting?
What to put in my art work?
Is there a comprehensive listing of on-line art galleries?
Artist-Gloria Rosamel 1800s?
english artist of watercolours edwin s?
Whats the safest way to send an acrylic painting on stretched canvas across country?
What do you think of my painting?
What color paint would you be?
was paul gogen in an island?
What's this painting i'm thinking of?
which painting by Tanner was awarded a medal from the Paris Salon?
does acrylic paint come off your leg?
Who was mona lisa? What was her status?
Info On Jasper Johns?
bob ross question?
why isnt lead used in paints anymore?
painting signed Mac or Mae W?
Art: Which colours symbolise...?
soft pastels (advice)?
things to symbolise politics?
what paint should i use for metallic body painting?
What did Leonardo da Vinci sketch a lot?
Craft quality acrylic paints?
How can a get a very smoothe surface on a stretched canvas, to paint in acrylic on?
Is it wrong for a male to have his favourite colour as yellow?
Where can I show my art in public?
why is every one so in to Mona Lisa's smile?
Who is the artist or what is the name of this painting used in Assassin's Creed II?
Unknown Italian renaissance painting?
How much does an unprofessional painting cost?
important question bout paint brushes pls help?!?
What kind of spray paint should i use for graffiti?
Does anyone know of some good sites for advertising and selling ones art?
Does this painting show her nipple?
Has a tone ever heard of the famouse sea painter Wyland?
Would Leonardo da Vinci be considered a genius if he lived today?
Is Franco Betti a Painter?
What does a gallery curator do?
Question about painting my rooms?
why should emily pankhurst go on the 4th plinth?
where can i buy plain white canvas tennis shoes for under $5?
What painting, features a tall woman, two children at her sides, holding her hands, against a backdrop of sky?
how do you make people pay the worth on custom art work?
What does this painting mean?
What do you get when you mix pink and blue together?
Can I paint oil into wet gesso?
When and where will I be able to purchase a CD by Melinda Doolittle? She is amazing!?
characteristics of tones?
What do you think of Norman Rockwell's Freedom from Want, Freedom from Fear, and A Family Tree?
Portraiture Artists!?
need opinions on selling paintings...?
Who's the woman in the Da Vinci painting of the last supper?
I need help finding the name of a painting I saw years ago.?
Oil do i start?
what paint stores will donate spray paint?
stop sign grafitti?
Does anyone know the paintings at the National Gallery of Ireland very well?
What color does a general gray mixed with a general brown color make?
I am looking for the print Great Blue Herons by Ellen M. Snyder?
who is a famous artist that lived around 1587 in europe?
what is the structure of a wall text in art (a description of the painting next to or underneath the artwork)?
Looking for a painting representing sadness and anger?
opinion on a painting?
What colors do i need to combine to make the color black?
I am trying to find information about a painting I have, ther artists name is Wijmer.?
What do you think, be honest!
Lumpy acrylic paint, fixable or lost cause?
Is my artwork any good?
If you could paint a portrait, who would it be of and why?
Did Mona Lisa suffer from Down's Syndrome?
Leonardo da Vinci question?
Who is the best painter of The Renaissance period?
How to protect painted shoes?
Is this creative?
How do you paint impressionism?
What is the theme that the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci wants to convey?
Arty ideas for a piece of wood?
Paul Gauguin and Gustav Klimt?
What are some of your favorite paintings that are famous or it doesnt have to be famous?
In the Sistine Chapel, why does the image of Adam have a navel?
How do I Sell My Paintings ?
What to paint on a canvas to match with my bedroom theme?
Crazy/fun ideas for painting bedroom?
WHAT IS THE ARTIST TRYING TO SAY? What is the art movement's date and objective? Van Gogh?
As in art, name 3 Dutch artists who were highly skilled in painting surface appearances.?
Has anyone heard of the Artist Albert Fink. He was responsible setting up most head shops from California to?
did pablo picasso change the world in anyway?
how can i sell my paintings?
can someone help me with this painting?
what do think of my painting?
What is the title of this painting?
What is your favourite colour?
Who is Robert Bateman?
Whats a good subject to paint for a children's room?
Beggining as a painter?
I am an above average painter,but I can't draw to save my life! I can't even draw trees. Read On...?
Average price for a Bob Ross Original Painting?
how do i get ahold of someone from the smithsonion?
how do i price my painting???
What is a painting by Russell May ,Old Watermill worth?
Is abstract painting meaningless?
what do you honestly think of my painting? & what color should i do the backround?
Where can i find pictures/paintings where there is a hidden picture or person????
whats Oli Sykes gf's name?
What kind of painting do u recommend for a beginner who likes drawing still life or portraits?
What are the top galleries in the World for Academic and Classical Realism Painting ?
Can someone send me a link to the picture of Madonna of the Linen Guild by Fra Angelico?
feedback on my art website?
Compare and Contrast Giotto and Duccio's "Madonna Enthroned"?
European glass artist who incorporates faces in his artwork?
What type of canvas works well with acrylic paints?
what can i paint on with acrylic paint for practice?
What do people think of Luke Chueh's art work ?
Suggestions of books?
What's good about the composition in this painting?
Doing a project about Mary Cassatt, help?
Names for a painting of me and my mom??? ASAP!!!?
What's the difference in style in Picasso's early work vs his later work?
I have to write a 2-3 page paper on describing a greek vase painting, not literary analysis?
Can someone tell me the name of the blue painting that was at the museum of modern art in San Francisco?
What are Quartic Graphs and how do you sketch them?
How is imprisonment shown in Edward Hoppers paintings?
what is a fast way to dry oil paints on canvas???
What are the names of some famous living artists?
Which aesthetic theory does Picasso's Portrait of Gertrude Stein adhere to?
Who is your favorite PAINTER ( ARTIST )......???
Which tool do you prefer using to sketch on your canvas?
Bought Jean Halverson framed art 468/950?value?
cute pin up girl wall art?
anyone know an allergy tv ad featured a lady visiting a museum while a portrait of van Gogh watching her?
Can anyone give me a list of classical pieces of art everyone should know?
What Category (Or Style) Would You Place This Painting Under?
Who is this girl or who is the artist that did this work?
I am new iin Boston, are there any upcoming acrylic canvas-painting competitions?
Picasso Anyone?
Impressionism and Monet please help?
Burning vegetable oil to use it as paint?
Does anyone know who the artist is who painted Vincent Van Gogh painting starry night?
Florence Ashley artist from Bolton?
What do i need to get to begin painting?
What size do you use the oil?
what is your personal response to German Expressionism?
Do you prefer outdoor painting to studio painting?
Do I have a Real Pierre-Auguste Renoir "Bal du Moulin de la Galette" (1876)?
anyone knows whats the name of this painting?
1920's artists?
where can i find more info on Georgia O' Keefe painting Red Cannas 1927?
How to smear oil pastels?
Where can I buy original art?
An painting problem...?
Searching for the name of the cover painting (Paris H ?) on the book "Painting People: Figure Painting Today".
What should I paint for my boyfriend who is a pilot?
Are there any decent graffiti shops in or around San Bernardino Ca?
how would you describe lichtenstein's work ?
what are some easy face painting designs for a 7 year olds birthday party?
Colour matching artwork on photoshop?
why did leonardo da vinci didn't drawn eyebrows of monalisa?
Can anybody identify the artist with the signature PreHA?
how to depict scale and proportion in abstract art?
Whats the opposite colour of red??
How much will a George F Hargitt Painting go for these days?
To everyone on ! answers have a Happy and Safe Holiday?
I have a painting but I can not find any info about the author and origin anyone can help?
What is a color of spray paint that is not only hideous but really hard to get out of a car's paint job?
This is an art question. _____ + black= brown? Does anyone knows what color that is?
were can i watch or get the future of graffiti 2 wild style lettering?
I would like to purchase a full size reproduction of Mondrian's Broadway Boogie Woogie. Can anyone help?
know of this artist and his work?/?
I just started to paint with acrylics, I noticed when I buff the canvas after it intensifies the colors.,?
After finishing a watercolor painting, what do I do next before framing it?
Is western art in decline?
How does this painting show Humanism during the Renaissance?
Should I paint what I want or conform to the viewers needs?
How do we make pictures tarnsparent on paint?
Can anyone tell me the name of/artist behind this period painting of a woman with an owl?
a very, very complicated question?
Ideas for my company name?
How to take care/preserve oil paintings?
What are some non-van Gogh paintings of the night sky?
Video game room walls.?
What is a good shop name for hand painted shoes?
Do you enjoy visiting Art Galleries?
Who is this painting by?
pablo picasso?
I am looking for background on an artist named E Tovey. I do not know if his work has any value?
Can anyone help identify this painting?
representations of leonardo da vinci's Mona Lisa appear...?
Painting nursery 2 different colours?
Where can i find parkville, main street painting by gale stockwelll in 1933?
Can I successfully paint on canvas outdoors in the winter?
What are the names of some good painters?
This might not be the place to ask this but does anyone own a painting by Milena Carbone??
Can i use cardboard as a canvas for oil painting?
Any information on CA artist named Richard Bruser?
anyone no what type if painting is once made of i think alumanium and oil that makes it shine in light amazely?
Where would I find cheap wrapped canvases of Paris online? ?
What does a bull in a painting symbolize? How about a peacock?
was the mona lisa stolen once????
How do i preserve or rather keep water colour paintings those done on paper?
why such an enormous artist like P.Lion' "Happy Children" is barely known in the uk?
when discussing a painting what is Context and Patronage?
I painted a self portrait, what should I do with it?
Mothers day painting ideas?
What is oil painting?
I've just spilled a good cup of water all over my papers, is there a way I can keep them from wrinkling?? ...?
What websites allow you to display your paintings in a virtual setting?
Rene Magritte?
favorite color?
What is your favorite piece of American art?
What colors would go well with mint green?
group for freelance artists?
How to become represented in an art gallery?
how do i bring back the layer palette in
What paint can I use on vinyl coated canvas?
What can I add to yellow paint to make it darker?
does any one have info on a museum print edition of "Blossoms and Bird Nest" by Worsey??
paintings vincent van gogh sold in his lifetime?
I am looking for info on the artist named Justane Henry Mosler.Painting The Lost Playmate.?
can anybody tell me any informition about the spanish artist segrelle?
I have a painting and need help with anything you might know about it.?
who is a better artist van gogh or winslow homer?
How do i get a finger smudge out of a wet paint object!?
What shall I paint next?
artist in need of a little inspiration!?
What would happen if you mixed acrilic paint with shampoo?
skateboard artists?
Questions concerning Andy Warhol! :DD?
How much do canvases cost?
how can i sale my paint on ebay?
Who is your favourite artist, whose paintings are in England (so I can see them first hand)?
Can anyone help with the composition of what I'm intending to paint?!?
Polar Bear Family...?
wher will boogie woogie audition going to held in delhi?
Does anyone know of an artist in the late 40's early 50's that signed their oil painting with just Edwards?
Ever thought of making a book with your art work in it?
What is the name of this painting and who painted it?
I want to know more about Picasso, is he a great artist?
What is the plastic or wood knife-like thing at the back of the canvas?
Question about painting shirts?
Who painted a picture of a girl crying blood?
Contemporary Artist Influenced By religion or spirituality?
i am a framer and i own a frame shop. one of my co- workers lost a customers painting that wanted to be framed?
what art form is this painting in?
Does anyone know this artist?
Does anyone like artwork by Michael Godard?
Please help me! I want some paintings which depict unity?
Anyone knows how a minor can buy spray paint ?
European glass artist who incorporates faces in his artwork?
Best paint for a skateboard? Clear coat oil paint?
what are computers?
what cap will work on these spray paint cans?
whats the paint that changes colors?
What do you know about the world's most famous painting?
want to see a painting titled doll marrige by mf husain?
Information on Carole Andrews?
A few examples of a Traditional Portrait?
Who uses halos on their paintings?
What is the meaning of color YELLOW?
name of a famous painting!?
What colour should I use to piant ork Boyz?
Oil Painting problem?
Tips for composing a portrait painting?
what are some pieces that have a lot of text on them from byzantine, early middle ages or the romanesque eras?
Where can i find ecceltic oil?
100 dollar budget to buy complete artist oil paint set.?
can you use guouche with liquin?
what do you think of my painting?
Who's your favorite artist?
Does anyone know where I can find the original Bill Brauer Scarlet Dancer painting?
my roommate keeps painting on canvases and putting her art on the walls.?
Have to paint boxes with light behind them? help!!?
Question bout painting?
how much should i sell my paintings for?
Plz plz plz help me !!?
where can I get custom art?
How Did......?
When you are commissioned to paint a landscape for someone and you do not have a picture, only their?
I hear that white is not a color is it true?
Who, since Michelanglo, could create a masterpiece as fine as the "PIETA" ?
Does anyone young like Classical Music and who do you like???
What can i use to represent strength in a painting?
Working Artists....?
im doing a landscape painting, and it looks great from a distence but it looks flat up close how can i fix tha
What would you pay for a good oil painting?
Do you like this abstract painting?
Tattoo (from Fantasy Island) as an artist?
What is the painting medium of the mona lisa?
Anyone recognises this painting? Who is the painter?
can i use poster paint to paint my miniatures? what is poster paint made of anyway? is it like acrylics?
Looking for australian contemporary artist Lincoln Miller?
Is an artist made or born?
I just painted enamel paint over glass. Should I put a top coat to keep it from washing off?
Would this image make a good painting?
what compressor works with this airbrush?
Is Leonardo Da Vinci the best person?
Looking for Stretching Canvas Service?
where can I get some instructions on airbrushing fine details or a fine line how is this done psi please help?
Please tell me what you think of this painting. ?
Does painting a band symbol sound canvas worthy?
Can i play some games so that it will be fun fun me?Or some brats jenie magic?Or play some girl games?Thank's!
Where can i get my canvas paintings stretched and mounted quickly and cheaply?
What kind of paint shows with a blacklight?
Looking for the name of a young artist started at age 3-4 does religious art and poems?
I have a Hudson River School painting signed in 1875 (1879?) by a "J. Delois". Who is that?
How much would this painting sell for?
Japanese painting w/ 2 birds next to a red & white tree?
minecraft texture packs help?
why is the color purple named purple????
who was leonardo da vinci drawing when he drew monalisa?
what painting is the object of ones desire?
What do you think of my painting ? and how much money will u spent on it if it is for auctioning ?
how do you paint your signature onto a painting? paintbrushes i find are too thick and rigid(not smooth)?
Tell me your opinion about this painting, please!?
Did Bob Ross ever live in Indiana?
job at petronas art gallery?
How long should a 8 foot x 8 foot take to paint?
Just completed a painting on a canvas, what do i do with the edges?
anyone know where i can buy a genuine 'Monet' or 'Constable' for less than fifty quid?
What is name of artist /painting - girl leading a cow?
What are good reasons to have art as an after school activity????
Can I use face paint for window art?
What colour background do you think would best suit my art final piece?
Is it a shame to flaunt your artwork to a boy if you're an amateur painter?
Does anyone know about how much this painting is worth?
What is the artistic style of Remedios Varo?
Adolf Hitler was he really an artist?
How do I know somebody likes me?
Can you name some of your favorite watercolor artists?
is a vernon ward print of seagulls worth anything?
What colors do you mix together to make red?
What artist went out on his own at the age of eight, and became a dishwasher at a cafe and bar?
where was campbells's soup cans painted?
today been using my Airbrush to do a model & when I use revell enamel paint and revell colour mix & dont work?
should I put Gloss on my oil painting or leave it like that?WHAT WILL LOOK GOOD?
So JUST WHAT WAS Mona Lisa smiling about? (Or did she just get satisfied, and it's the "moana Lisa?)?
claes oldenburg painting facts ?
The childhood and life of Vincent Van Gogh?
marilyn monroe the last sitting?
Is there a cheap place i can put my paintings so I can sell them?
In the context of paint, explain the role of the following physical substances:?
What should I use to clean my paint brushes?
If This Were Your Painting Where Would You Hang It?
Does anyone have any information on an Artists who signed his paintings with the initials UURR?
Appraising oil painting on canvas by R.E.Noble?
how do i interpret myself as artwork?
Inspirational words to paint on my wall?
Help with Paint???????
help trying to find paintings by thoms drakeley?
Why is Frida Kahlo so famous worldwide and other mexican painters aren't?
Do I need a canvas for melted crayon art?
Is okay to paint outside with acrylic paint on canvas in 90 degree weather or is that too hot?
What products should we use for textured artwork?
whats the name of this painting???
I wish to know the name of a R. Brownell McGrew painting?
does anyone know a site where i can view all of Zhang Xiaobai artworks?
What should I paint (20charactersblah)?
Comments please? How is it so far?
I have just bought an easel and watercolur paper and paints, what advice would you give me as a beginner?
Why do people have favorite colors?
What modernist movement is Picasso's The Dream?
body paint kids?
I need to find a paint website?!?
What is great about JMW Turner?
Spray Paint Substitute for a Movie?
art painting name reality?
Can anyone help me find the original artists?
painting chrome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What gallery is the Starry night by vincent van gogh in?
how to take off oil paint?
what is the main objective of Leonardo da Vinci for making the last supper?
Could someone tell me the name of this type of art?
Is painting a visual diary of your life?
Is their a Dali up number for Rodney Mi. 48187 that I can use?
how would reading the girl with the pearl earring make someone understand and appreciate a vermeer painting?
How do I make money as an artist?
How to erase sketch ink on clothes ?
Are there other types of paint similar to Dupli-Color Mirage?
What kind of paint do you use on glass so that it doesnt come off????
I would like to talk with someone who might know anything about a painting I have.?
can any one reccoment some good artists to research who focus on beauty?
Im 33weeks pragnet and my husben used kilz?? is my baby okay?
please could you tell me the name of a famouse artist who is forign?
i want to paint my children room and decore it any one help me?
What color should I paint my room?
where can I sell my oil paintings? I am an artist.?
oil paints and canvas's. Which ones are best to use?
Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the painting from Good Will Hunting? The Robin Williams boat one?
I am trying to learn to paint fast. Crash Course How do you paint a human face?
can anyone tell me anything about a painting i have. it has FALUSI at the bottom.?
Who can draw me a picture?
What/Who is Luca Beato?
I picked up a framed Lowrey print at a market for just £1, Is it worth more?
what things should i look for to know the age of a painting of a battle in the revolutionary war. what would t
why are paintings on wood transferred to canvas? like The Adoration of the Shepherds" by Andrea Mantegna?
I'm looking for a print by Will Moses called,"School Stinks". Any chance in finding it?
Can u tell this:you better kno the painter Alesandro de Filepipe for his classic creation 'The birth of Venus'
How do i become a car painter?
In Olympia by Manet, how do we know that Olympia was a by looking at the painting?
Can any acrylic paint be baked?
If you were to paint a picture of your life?
Why is the mona lisa famous?
where to find chinese painting frame in Singapore?
How to ask for spray paint?
Where can I frame (at a decent price) an oil painting in Cincinnati?
Art and painting help?
Can somebody give me a link explaining the storyline, important characters, symbols, or objects of paintings.?
What do I need to oil paint?
Where can I find pictures of Angels with animals?
describe this painting :) best answer 10 points?
Are there an artists from the old american west that paint or draw on horses or other western aspects?
Is it possible to learn to be a very good artist even though I have no talent/gift whatsoever?
I got a job offer in an e-mail to cash money orders certyfi checks and I'm to keep 10% of each check goodornot
Why did Andy Warhol move to New York?
In order to publish work on my website, what is the best way to photograph my paintings?
paint question?
does latex paint includes toxic?
What do you rinse your brushes out with when you use oil paints?
What light is better to paint under?
What paintings are similar to Mrs. Siddons as the Tragic Muse?
whose favorite color is yellow?.................................…
Help with krink graff!!!!!!!?
ART or CRAFT .....what is the difference?
what are the stages for artists ?
painting my bedroom...?
I'm a painter and I write poetry. I'm looking for ideas of budget friendly creations I can sell regularly?
I need some ideas to paint my daughters room!!!!?
What's the differences between Oil paint,Acrylic,and Tempera?
"I'lll just pretend to hug you until you get here" orinal artists website???
Is painting historical disasters disrespectfull?
What do you guys think of my olympic artwork?
I have a painting depicting a lady in 19th century dress that is signed by J Rankin (I'm not sure of spelling)
What is the subject of Umberto Boccioni painting Simultaneous Visions?
If I were to paint my wall a different color then what would i paint it, whats your favorite color?
What is a Karl Gatermann painting worth?
How to you decide what to paint? Where do you find inspiration?
canvas for painting in india?
colors associated with dark blue, dark bright purple?
What are Kandinsky's intentions in his paintings?
In Salvador Dali's painting of the melting clocks I know that the time on each clock has to mean something?
Have you ever heard of D H Tomlinson?
a large container of acrylic non-yellowing sealer for some wood painting and collage craft projects.?
Is there a way to make cheap walmart type of watercolors appear brighter on water color paper? :)?
Why are sooooo many Graphite pencils the colour yellow?
painting on converse?
Do acrylic paints go "bad" after awhile?
do u have 2 go 2 college 2 become an artist?
How can I give my room a slight feminine touch?
scratch off cards paint?
What Makes American Art "American"?
What do you think my favorite color is??? Be specific!!! You must get exact color for me to pick yours!!!=D (=
Can I use washable paint to paint a t.shirt ?
Anyone have any info on an artist by the name of Vincent. Does Partial nudes paintings of women?
Painting My Car "Candy?"?
What year was the Wizord of Ozz made?
Jackson Pollock's style of painting, ?
Identify this painting?
What is your favorite color???????WHY??????
Art website?
Give me some Good ideas of what to paint on canvas?
characteristics of impressionism and postimpressionism:?
Spray Paint, is there an easier way...?
Is it necessary to put an extra coat on for protecting an oil painting?
How do I change the color of my canvas shoe with acrylic paint? ?
What to paint with when you don't have a paint brush?
What is the meaning of Van Gogh's Starry Night?
What would make a good thank you gift for my Orthodontist?
Where can i get varnish for shoe art?
In Corel painter 11, how can I eyedrop colors from pictures outside the program?
How much is "Half-Past Three" worth?
What is his name?
What influenced Monet to develop his style of painting?
Is it ok to inhale spray paint and wd40?
Who copies original art work?
Anybody know what original art by Inikumo is worth?
where can i find information on norman rockwell's 'treasures'?
What is Greek Vase painting?
ideas for a big graffiti wall?
realistic painting?
i want to look at the complete set of the 1997 images of Josephine card set. made by Comic image company.?
paint shop pro 8 or paint shop pro x?!?
meaning of colour tone?
Does anyone have any tips on how to do this....?
art help ASAP?
SUMO Paint Tool Question!!!!!!!!!!!?
How much is this Pablo Picasso Lithograph?
Does anyone know where Vincent Van Gogh's self portrait with the straw hat was made?
Artists similar to Henri Rousseau?
Your three favorite colours?
Does anyone know the value of a signed, numbered print by KH Laughlin?
Is there a difference between "Gray" and "Grey" BESIDES the spelling?
Whose painting is this? I can't figure out the artist!?
how does Starlight Over The Rhone (painting) express the human experience?
help birth of venus?
Why does Mona Lisa smile?
Looking at girl with mandolin painting.. What does it make you think of why.?
Impressionism Painting?
How are Impressionist artists and Renaissance artists alike and different?
i need information on the art piece Arcturus II by Victor Vasarely.It is an oil on canvas and was made in 1966
I need help identifying a sunflower painting...?
How do u use oil paint? (help pls)?
acrylic paints ,does anyone know how to do them pictures?
I was painting my xbox and started putting on the coats of lacquer the problem was that it was white not clear?
Why some abstract art Painting is not understandable?
Who painted this painting?
Want to get painted nude- normal?
What's the best way to make money selling your original paintings?
Medieval Portraiture?
How do I price my paintings?
Why did Pablo Picasso Paint , Girl with boat..?
im trying to find a painting by k.welaert?
I have an oil painting by Maria Callous/ How do I find out if its authentic?
i would like to know the galleries addresses so that i can contact then inorder to represent my paints?
paint tool SAI help!?
Can anyone give me the name of a reputable art dealer who can give me going prices for paintings?
What is name of artist /painting - girl leading a cow?
Removing dirt from old paintings in Photoshop?
watercolor pencils??????????????????????
What is a large painting or decoration, done either directly on the wall or separately and affixed to it?
What is the opposite of an artist working on a commission?
Need tips on painting a mural?
where can i get some good paint?
Need info on the painter James Eagles.?
When was Fernando Botero born?
Remove enamel spray paint from plastic?
Looking for Stephen Kelly oil painting from 1950's information?
Splatter painting question?
Cute nail painting ideas!?
Which famous artists paint fruit?
Is this painting good for my age?
Where can I buy plexiglass around Dallas?
Mona Lisa truth or heresy?
Do you love art?
what are some biblical allusions in art?