What one other object would you like to see in a still art with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?
Who was Jul VD Seijpren, an artist painter ?
What do you think ok those portraits?
What do you think of my artwork?
any artists who painted the queen through her life?
Painting a Guitar Case for Taylor Swift?
what paint scheme should i use on my sisters of battle?
Please look at my artwork?!?
Can tell me a bit about these painting?
What do Keith Harings symbols mean?
What type of pictures can u paint with metallic colors??10 points? 10?
Does anyone know what this painting is called?
Need help, need a picture that was created by the artist called Banksy?
creative ideas for me to paint/make?
Anyone know Anything about Pop artist Dizzy?
Does anyone have a Christmas Paint Brush I can have
What kind of paint should I use for a "paint party" for my daughter sixteeth birthday?
Are Children accomplished artists?
what is a good idea for a painting?
I want to get an original painting reproduced. Does anyone know any credible place where I can send/take it?
Wen painting a car do i have to sand and primer the whole car?
what do u mean by coating no a pot befor pot painting?
I want to start hand-painting children's rainboots. I need a very durable, waterproof (obviously) paint?
Do you dig Ray Caesar?
does anyone know anyting about the painter Sinisca?
Can anyone tell me what this is a painting of ?
what is the name of an artist's paint mixing board?
HELP with spanish project?
How Much is my Painting worth?
Painting Material from Brussels?
I need help with art project?
oil painting problem...?
A free sight to teach painting in acrylic do you know where I can go?
What kind of wood are canvas stretcher bar made of?
can anybody help me i.d painting?
Value of 1970's paintings by now deceased artist.?
I want to apply very thick varnish on my oil painting. How will I do it? what is the best thick varnish 2 use?
Who influenced Vincent Van Gogh to paint?
I need some help/advice for my art exam?
Paint help please?? 10 points?
Painting citation .. Rene Magritte?
can i paint over varnish and with what paint?
Good Long Lasting Glow Paint?
Artists that paint mysterious places?
Want to see some good Paintings art. Any recommendation for me?
How is my painting for the first time?
dadaism- popular works of art?
what kind of surface can you mosaic on?
why was mona lisa painted?
Don't know what to paint...?
Does Anyone Know This Painter? Please Help If You Can.?
Why were cave paintings, by cavemen not called masterpieces?
Does age affect what an artist creates?
Why and how was Leonardo Di Vinci the greatest painter of his time?
when was the first stencil image produced?
What team Edward? , Jacob?, Jasper?, or Emmitt?
how do you ship paintings?
Isty obscene? When is the work of art ends and obscenity begins?
bleach on a canvas painting...?
How can I selling a master a painting from nicolaes maes?
Question about painting canvas shoes?
Paint mixing problem...?
Which is the faster medium to work with?
Spray Painting A Rubber Mask (s)?
Corel Painter X keeps reversing my work to an earlier stage.?
Wheres At Least Four Songs With Figuritive Language In it?
does anyone know aworse thing in the world?
What's your opinions about China's Shenzhou-9's taking paintings to the space?
Can you use watercolors on canvas?
Does anybody want to buy a painting?
What paintings/pictures do you have in your living room? Please be specific.?
does anyone know aworse thing in the world?
Does art paint (oil) smell?
I'm looking for cafes/restaurants that let me, an artist, display my paintings for sale on their walls.?
What colors should I buy starting out in oil painting?
Is anyone great with coming up with painting concepts?
drawings done with type?
I have a lacquer panting of NGOC LE artist hanging on the wall over 50 years, but i dont know who was NGOC LE?
How to recreate a Piet Mondrian piece?
What do you get when you mix yellow and pink?
Acrylic vs oil paints?
What artist were influenced by John Singer Sargent?
I paint with oils, but I do not add linseed or anything, should I?
Is it Okay to use Oils w/ Homemade Gesso? :S?
Name the artist and title of the seascape painting on the "The Jefferson's" T.V show?
what's the name of that famous artist whose paintings looked like comic strip panels?
Hi were can I find Greek Mythology painting pictures on the web? Please I am dieing to now.?
Can anyone give me any information about an artist called R.J.Walters who lived in Winchester UK?
Is it Legal to create a painting from someone elses photograph and then sell it for a profit ?
I need some help with my Face Painting?
whats so odd about wanting to paint ya head blue?
difference between bright and light colours. also name some colours?
Where can I get Mary Leslie's Lock And Load horse painting print (30.00" x 26.50") for less than $200?
I want to paint a mural on the back of the local food bank. Any ideas?
Did Klimt, Monet, Mucha, Van Gogh or Waterhouse ever copyright their work?
What is the american artist Lucy Arnold's date of birth?
I have the opportunity to get a Vose & Sons Cabinet Grand Piano 1853. Is it worth anything?
How did realism affect Renaissance art?
How would you influence society with your art?
A Serious Question About This Nude Painting I’m Working On?
what is the address of Cooper Union School of Art?
Is it okay to use hairspray as a fixative for pastels?
What paints can I use that will be very bright (possibly glow in the dark or blacklight) for a "party table"?
how much does a can of spray paint usually cost?
Where did Paul Gauguin go to school?
Is a "Mark King" Martin Lawrence Limited Edition a poster or print?
Paint shop pro brushes?
what is the name of the artist who paints parts of people showing what's inside?
Help! When I mix acrylic paint it makes a sludge color every time!?
how can i paint sterling silver?
Does anybody have bio information on artist Antoni Ditlef?
Can someone please explain a 'picture plane'?
What time frame was the baroque era?
Does somebody know the name of the American artist who painted the posters and pictures for the 1945 war?
whats your favourite colour and why?
What was the first year Hl. Schutzengel painted The Garden Angel?
What should I paint? ?
does any body know how much a painting by brian ryder the british painter would sell for ?
What artist did the art for Matson Lines magazine ads in the 1940's?
how much do Anne Worsham Richardson original paintings go for?
is it necessary to prepare canvas for oil painting,can't we use the oil colors directly over canvas?
Artists! Any great ideas for interactive exhibitions that folks really remember?
Do anybody know how to paint a flame?
Dose anyone know what to do when there art is called stupid?
What was the last painting Vincent van Gogh ever painted?
Whats the opposite colour of red??
Why is my acrylic paint smudging when i touch it?
were can i find a website to sell my paintings?
What is your favorite Picasso painting?
Who painted Guernica and in what circumstances?
Who is Yves Ruarte? Besides being a wealthy art collector?
is an unopened Elvis Presley signature product puzzle worth anything?
Painting your nails while in chemotherapy ?
what materials did Jacek Yerka use to create his painting, Attack at Dawn?
What is the best way to clean paint brushes used with acrylic or oil paints?
im trying write/make a symbol kind of thing on a white shirt..what do i do?
oil paints for face painting?
what type of color should i use in sand painting ( available in India)?
Does anyone know the years for Diego Rivera's paintings "Sugarcane" and "Liberation of Peon"?
help me figure out this painting?
Can anybody recognize who is the man from the picture -
artist named riposi?
Can you paint over gold leaf with acrylic paints?
Does anyone know how to make or where to find a true black rose?
Do you recommend a general linear model or a curvilinear model?
I want to start painting what are the best brushes to use?
Am I the only person in the world who thinks Mona Lisa is not that attractive?
Need help with a painting..?
Would nail polish remover work as a paint remover?
Do I need a canvas for melted crayon art?
What is the style of Impressionism of Edgar Degas?
does emulsion paint cover vinyl silk paint?
Is it okay to put spray varnish on a charcoal painting?
Color Theory Questions?
what paint colors do I mix to get tan?
how do you remove dried oil based paint from skin?
If I want to start painting, what should I buy?
How did Andy Warhol influence American culture?
Vibrant exotic birds?
Where do I buy UV black light face paint?
plzzzzzzzzz answerrrrrrrrrr? with link?
How get a painting to look good online?
Do exhibitions at the walker art center MN cost money?
What are your thoughts over mona lisa?
How to turn a yellow color fabric into red?
What do I treat leather with so I can paint on it?
ART or CRAFT .....what is the difference?
ladys where did the use of make up come from?
Please help. Does anyone know any artists who painted factory buildings or just buildings...?
has anyone heard of this artist?
For people who know about Native American Art?
I went to an art gallery today?
What is the coolest painting you ever seen?
Who is the famous modern artist who painted industrial sites as if they were churches?
in your opinion, what's the most meaningful piece of art?
Whenever i am painting a wall mural. I always seem to leave behind brush strokes of painted wall which looks r?
help make out this painting signature?
is there a way to use both acrylics and oils in one painting?
How can I paint these gloves red?
I'm trying to make a painting and then embroider on it what type of canvas should I use? I use?
Bleach on oil paint brushes?
Help with this Picasso painting please, URGENT?
what are youre three fav colors?
How do you write a reflection on a painting?
Help on working thesis for Van Gogh paper?
What is the name of a skull and book painting?
Can you eat off a clay platter that you made and covered with acrylic paint and mod podge on top of it?
What artists have drawn or painted the changing seasons?
What are some funny colours, sad colours, fearful colours?
UK plastic Spray paint types?
Not sure what bridge this is or where?
Paint Shop Pro Help?
What do u think of this guys art?
scratch off cards paint?
where can i get dehan wax?
where were artworks of the 1400s put on display?
who do you contact to determine if an art find is original?
Are there any paintings of Guillotines?
where was leonardo da vinci born?
Do you know anything about this picture?
How do I repaint a spoiled canvas?
Conceptual Self-Portrait?
Can you paint pumpkins with finger paint?
What type of paint tdo I use for a canvas?
where can i sell my paintings? Can I get a list please?
what's your favorite color?
Interpretation of this painting?
How is the effect in this painting achieved - it says mixed medium?
What do you think of these paintings?
What are some good but easy painting projects for kids 5-12 years old?
How to paint a child's white partilce board toy box?
j wright, artist hunting scenes.?
What's a good painting set for beginners?
Painting on shoes for fun ?
How do art gallery directors decide to place certain pieces together?
Give me three interesting facts about MARY CASSATT?
I have a Hudson River School painting signed in 1875 (1879?) by a "J. Delois". Who is that?
What are some modern cpop artists? ?
Any information about a painting?
prints making of original art?
i cant draw but like the idea of painting and creating something to express my emotions what art can i do?
How did painting evolve as an art form?
Painting clay cup coasters?
what were your favorite crafts when you were younger?
Where is the "Madonna of the Meadows" by Raphael displayed?
How do I sell valuable artwork - I have been asked to act as agent for an artist who is a friend of family?
I have a Painting of Saddam Hussien from Iraq?
I am looking for a painting by Diego Rivera, please help?
I would really like an opinion about this painting?
all paintings that are breathtaking please?
need desperate help please!!!!?
who is the best pattern artist?
how is the last judgement different from the ceiling?
rock painting?
Analysis the painting,Earthstopper on the bank of the Derwent by joseph wright of derby, 1773?
What Do You Do With Your Unused Creative Ideas?
harry j williams watercolour artist?
Why did Caravaggio use the technique of foreshortening?
what is my favorite color?
Looking for charles pyemont born 1823 dudley worcestershire, artist in painting in 1861. Anyone heard of him?
Does anyone know the artist Aquilay?
Are there any artists who do work on depression?
which artist paints on 'gestures' paintings ?
Can I re-use my canvas?
Anyone know of any artists in Northwest, UK
where is the best place to sell your art online? anyone had any luck anywhere?
I am looking for a Lithorpaph by Simon Thorpe called Wrath of Apophis?
Colourful artists using typography in their work?
when working with soft pastels do you use a complementary colour 1st (like a primer) to help tone down?
Ventilation safety for acrylic paints?
Question about starting a painting on a wood surface.?
Decoupage on wet oil paint?
What did artists use for the statues eyes to look more realistic? ?
Having sex on a canvas?
How should I price some of my artwork to sell at a church craft fair?
What should I do for my Art final piece?
i want a portrait of my parents painted on a canvas for their 25th anniversary.who can help me?
How to start drawing, painting ?
Who is American artist Don King?
where can i buy candlenut(kukui)oil in the uk does anyone know please?
What type of paints do I use for a canvas?
Can someone please help me on finding out the value of a Jim Dine 1985 the nuveen company painting?
name a few famous artists and what they did?
Want To Interpret This Painting (Number 9 In A Series)?
will ink work if I'm painting a wall?
Art Connection Ideas...?
Do you have any ideas on what to paint?
Who Painted This?
Do you know any artists that do art on guitars?
When is the painting Antigonus in the Storm by Joseph Wright of Derby finish date?
what is not a primary color ? blue red green yellow?
what paint should I use for and outside mural on a metal surface?
where is the escondido galerie?
Compare and Contrast Fauvism and Expressionism?
Is tagging/graffiti cool? Why or why not? Details please :)?
How much to charge for a 900sqft painting?
Is western art in decline?
Why is the Mona Lisa so mysterious? How does her/his eyes manage to look everywhere?
What should I use with oil paints to get an opaque result?
did mary cassatt have a pet?
very short biography about Gustav Klimt?
How do you paint blurs? Specifically, acrylic paint?
Can people write me answers on information or self portraits of John singleton Copley?
I found Belart Inc. Master piece collection wall decor painting dated 9/26/69 #D44113 artist dana can you tel?
How do you paint in white overtop of pencil sketches on canvas?
Which work of art has sold for the highest price to date?
all CREATIVE artists I NEED YOUR HELP with my current painting?
How much is the painting The Thorn worth By James Hayllar?
what is a hand painted Hollohoza made in Hungary worth?
any tips for oil painting?
Hidden images/tricks in renaissance paintings?
when was daybreak painted by joan miro?
Does anyone know anything about the artist Terry Redlin?
How to improve painting skills?
What can i say about Georgia O'Keefe?
what is the impact of color imaginary in turner work?
What is the history behind "The Blue House" by Marc Chagall?
How can I protect and frame an old acrylic painting?
Moonlight Over Capri Painting?
Identify this painting please?
Why should Leonardo da Vinci have a national holiday?
Which American portrait artist painted each of the first five U.S. Presidents?
What is the best medium?
Does anyone know of any graffiti stores in Hamilton, Ontario?
Does anybody know who this painting is by?
Why does oil paint sometimes stay glossy in one area of the painting?
Arist on La Ink?
Which charity should I give 25% to and why?
What is tempura paint made out of?
What would you say about my painting?
What do you think, fineliner on a canvas? Quite proud of this...?
Does anyone have a piece of art by the artist on this website?
what is the painting on bbc's Civilisation dvd cover?
For big paintings...?
Can I mix oil and acrylic?
Help where can i find beautiful paintings?
I need information on the painter Alicia Grau Perez-Agustin?
sites that have the best collection of paintings..?
is there a story behind this picture?
What painting is this?
Which is a better oil paint thinner? Linseed oil or turpentine?
A Painting by Renee Magritte called "This Is Not a Pipe."?
What are your impressions toward this painting?
When were colors invented?
Why is my acrylic paint smudging when i touch it?
Is there a major for oil painting?
How do you remove acrylic paint from porous wallpaper?
Can you use nail acrylics to paint an acrylic painting?
lightest to darkest?
What do you call the piece of wood that you paint on???
Which 2 colours do you think i think are peaceful?
who is vincent sturdivant?
Searching for the name of the artist from Quebec who painted country scenes on plates.?
information required watercolour painting by J Douglas called The Highland Pass?
What watercolor medium was most likely used ?
Does anyone have any information on Chas Scott the painter ?
Why has nature inspired so many artists over time?
painting room........?
Is there a free similar program to Easy Paint Tool SAI?
Recommendations: pastoral, lakeside, "past times" artists?
whats the prettiest color?
h ow do I know if my breakfest at tiffinys poster is an origanal one?
Help, I need beautifull pictures of ocean (I paint picture for my boyfriend)?
im really keen in getting started on air brushing but not sure where or how to start in new zealand plz help?
Thoughts on my painting ? ?
My husband keeps looking up nude women on the internet. I know this from loooking up his history. What should?
Where can I buy Montana Cans?
I'm looking for a picture of Jesus, on a hill, sitting on a large boulder, looking down on a village,?
Can someone tell me who painted this?
help, poster on my ceiling ripped paint!?
Who was the original painter of this oil painting?
Decorative/Painted Wine Bottles?
What do Albrecht Duerer, Jan van Eyck, Peter Breugel, Peter Paul Reubens have in common?
What is your favorite color?
can someone interpret this painting?
There is a painting that has face of a man that is evenly divided in 4 squares in the painting?
Looking for a famous painting of two people in love, hands on each others faces.?
Why was leonardo da vinci's ideas/work popular when he was alive?
Anyone know anything about picasso?
Show Name for Buckskin Paint?
Good face painting pencil?
what is the history of paint by numbers?
Where was Georgia O'Keefe born?
Team Edward or Team Jacob and WHY?
Whats a list of artistic movies?
The funeral Procession PAinting?
What kind of paints should I use for painting on glass ?
oil painting?
Question for artists: if you could create a truly great work of art...?
Picasso's Nude Standing by the Sea?
spray paint stencil paper?
Whom can I find that might want to buy a 128 year old painting by J. Serret of Cleopatra with her servant.?
oil painting classes in chennai how much they charge?
mindmap artist?
Relationship related art?
oil painting signed J. Atkinson approx 1800-1940 dark landscape trees and things any info welcomed?
Who is the Artist Alicia Hayes?
In which websites I can get free collection of design sheets for fabric painting?
Do people really enjoy looking at modern artworks?
Why do you enjoy doing art or looking at art?
What is a classic painting that has a gibbous moon in it?
Can you paint a masterpiece with bran muffin batter?
Looking for artist R. DeLongrie?
Does any know who the female artist who draws abstract ethnic women with flowers and flowing hair is? Thanks!?
Do you like my new painting?
Can you visit Van Gogh's grave?
Where can I frame paintings for cheap?
If "fast" and "slow" were colours which colours would they be?
what is your favorite COLOR?
how do I determine the value of a painting?
what is folk art? explain in detail about its origin?
What colour do you get mixing green and orange?
Oil Painting In My Bedroom. = Unhealthy?
Where can i buy art glass oil lamps?
1968 Paul Lancaster Painting Signed?
Why do modern artists (painters) defy the rules of perspective?
Do you like this painting?
who was Titian, the painter?
Whats the copyright status of "The great wave off Kanagawa" painting/woodcut .?
breaking into the world of art .... any ideas out there from genius minds?
Using Your Art To Pay Tribute?
How can I keep permanent marker from fading on acrylic paint?
Can constantly painting your nails kill the name/make it weak?
How much would a signed Stephen O Gunter print be worth?
Fabric paint help... I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!?
To everyone on ! answers have a Happy and Safe Holiday?
How much would you pay for my painting? (photo included)?
Can an oil painting be done on wood?
What's your favorite zentai shop?
Montana spray paint - Best??
What coloring method is closest to tattooing?
What paint will stick to mirrors?
what is veneficus.atlkpk@celgnr.hearpreparelrstn…
how much does a Zabateri last supper cost?
I'm painting the back porch for 'the queen'. she insist it needs a coat of primer before I do it white. ?
Does anyone know any country that supports amateur artists (painters)?
What media did leonardo use the most?
What is the best kind of paint to use when painting newly built picture frames?
How to i make the foreground look more interesting than the background when painting?
Anyone know any artists/photographers that do sticks/branches/trees?
a site for ask medical questions & what things is necessary for oil painting?
Is an abstract painting beautiful?
If you had known Vincent van Gogh in his lifetime...?
Artists, tell me about the painting you are working on now ?
What is creepy about the painting Spanish Dancers at the Moulin Rouge by Giovanni Boldini?
What is so popular about Mona Lisa's smile?
How do you make brown by mixing colors?
painting of graffiti?
What would you call leonardo da vinci's most impactful things?
Can I get more likes for my face painting on facebook?
I must make the comment of this painting?
I Need Info on a Dead Girl!?
how much does an creation artist make?
help on find a value for this painting?
what type of art is la Guernica?
death of pentheus painting questions?
To all Canvas Artists out there...Are there many types of finishes with canvas?
Does anyone have any painting ideas?
I'm looking for art depicting feeling confined in a crowded space.?
does anyone know what michael angelo was famous for (like what paintings ect)?
What were the purposes of Medieval art?
what can help me become an ok artist?
What is the value of hues?
How many paintings in Metropolitan Museum of Art?
What kind of paint do you use on glass so that it doesnt come off????
What is a live sketch?
Does anyone have a painting by Emma Drown Morgan for sale?
What do you think about this?
arti dari no littring, no parking, no exit?
what is the best way to splatter paint?
Painting ATV?
What changes in the depiction of spatial depth in painting from past to the 20th century?
What do you mix with acrylic?
I am looking for a cheap alternative to acetate for making stencils. any ideas?
Famous artists that create images based on "this world"..?
What is the best way to get paint out of pants.?
Is there a collective name for drawings/paintings that only use dark black and white?
I need a RELIABLE website about.....?
i lost my friend's paint brush accidentally while going home after meeting her.i could not find it anywhere.?
what is the name of people who sit in art galleries making sure that no one steals/defaces the paintings?
Why do painters wear white uniforms ?
What is the name of the painter who paints kind of cartoonish with dots?
what is thematic substance?
How do owners set a notice to be sent to members when a photo is uploaded to an album.?
what is your favorite van gogh painting and why?
What is the best thing to paint on canvas for a diningroom?
What is the best way to learn portrait drawing?
Sell My Paintings For Little Girls Bedroom Sets etc.?
How long does an oil painting take to dry?
what colors make peach?
Who was the painter that said "the eyes are the window to the soul"?
Does Bob Ross and Micheal Thompson paint in different styles?
Linen Liners?
An arts degree???
painting question?
What is a good, light, girl color, other than pink, paint color for my bedroom?
Can you be good at painting but bad at drawing?
What's the complementary color of Biege in tint color?
Looking for German artist Paul Heinz Olbrich?
how to organise an art exhibition?
What artists paint woodland/forest?
Can someone tell us who the artist is?
painting beginner?
How to make a paint sound sculpture?
how can i value my paintings by w h margeston?
oil paints for face painting?
Free Oil Painting techniques, Anyone know where to find some?
Why is it a well known artist can smear their feces on a canvas and get hundreds of thousands for it?
painting by manet winter scene arch bridge?
I have several paintings which i copied from pictures found in books and magazines isn't there some laws re:
I am painting a horse picture with acrylics and I was wondering what color background I should do?
painting my study and suggestions?
Please help me out with this painting? Value? Im lost here!?
If I could travel to one city in the USA or Canada, where should I go to see the largest collection of?
How to paint a wooden duck with regular paint?
I would like to know what these colours remind you of in your life...?
Help with painting? ?
Can anyone tell me the name of the painting and artist of this:
In painting what is the difference between these perspectives?
Bernard Buffet painting.?
whats the basic method how to determine estimated costs on painting the interior or exterior of a home?
Can any one tell me the name of this painting so I can find it?
Need pastels?
How good is this painting?
i have a painting of a cat and it is signed S. Dorias 1976, does anyyone know who this is .?
Are there anybody in upstate NY (around Elmira) that would be willing to pose for a portrait?
whats your favourite colour?
Master chiefs color in halo 4?
What type of paint should I use to paint my adiadas copas?
Greg Gossel Artist Facts?
tattooing with art and craft ink?
How can you paint over a picture like a Transparent paint is it possible to color comic characters?
pierre renoir sketchs ?
I need some kids painting & art works, are there anybody who can help me PLEASE?
Can I paint over an already painted electric guitar?
Where can i see the most of John Currin's Art on the net?
where can I find cheap Thomas Kinkade paintings?
Do you collect ACEO/ATC paintings?
creative ideas for me to paint/make?
How should I protect my acrylic painting?
How do I carry paintings/artwork around?
Anybody miss Bob Ross on the Joy Of Painting on Sky !!?
Can anyone identify a painting from the GQ October 2008 issue?
What style did Van-Gogh paint?
How much would oil paints, a palette, & canvases cost?
How much could I sell this painting for?
Is my art good enough to hold a amateur exhibition in my garden?
My grandmother has a painting called "The Cheat" or "The Card Cheat" by Caravaggio?, why no info on the net?
How to wash your oil painting brushes?
Question about a style of painting?
Procession of the Magi by Benozzo Gozzoli?
Does anyone know where I can find a kid's art smock - either at a store or online?
What is art?
Would watercolor work over spray can white paint?
do u think imagination is better than knowledge?
has anyone out there heard of blink182
What was the last painting Vincent van Gogh ever painted?
I need to find a good watercolor that is in a tube, not a cake. Any suggestions on a Brand?
what do you do if your original painting was used in a movie without your consent?
Fernand Léger painting?
what does claude monet 's painting of water-lillies mean?
Did any prominent artists copy Degas?
Certin age for spray paint?
What's the name of this painting?
where can I find biograhy of Salvadore Dali?
where can i sell my paintings?
Can i paint on a canvas without an easel?
Which is easier to paint with watercolor pencils or regular paint?
who is salvatore dali ?
where can i find a buyer for franz frankl artwork, pre 1940?
Any artists who use mummification or bandages as a theme?
what website gives a lot of info about father fermin lasuen?
what are the best types of paints to use when painting a wall mural?
What does Diego Velazquez's Las Meninas mean to you?
Ok, I REALLY need the name of this painting:?
Where can i find and buy artwork by maribella dexter? ?
Artists that look at space?
I want to get my MFA in painting...?
Which color family do these colors belong to?
artsist whos work is similar to pablo picassos?
Any tips on painting: acrylic or oil.?
looking for a painting, dont know artist or the title redhead writer in bluecoat?
Name something the color red?
What is the name of the famous church with the paintings on the celing?
Is Lucian Freud over rated as an artist?
how did andy warhol make his silkscreen paintings?
And Sashico ? do you know a paint of this artist?
what is Non WAter Based Paint?
Whats the name of this painting?
what is your favourite colour?
What is this type of artwork called?
how do you download paint not gust where you paint things?
How much does an oil painting cost?
What type of paint should I use for this project?
Fellow answerers in painting section- can I say goodbye?
Tell me your favorite colors.?
What posthamous awards did leonardo da vinci recieve?
what set of acrylic paints should i buy?
Can you name well known artists that perfected a certain type of art (painting, sculpting, etc)?
Found an abstract painting signed by V.Hoople. It is 21x59 and shows a city or palace gate. Request info.?
Querie about C M Coolidge 'Dogs Playing Poker' paintings?
Like my paintings?
Help finding paintings?
Which modern day artist inspired a high school student to paint a picture called summer of a little girl.?
Identify the media used to create Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper and Tintoretto’s Last Supper .?
Art Help Please! Hard-Edge paintings are?
Here's one for the art set: Wyndham Lewis. Anyone remember him?
what was the best album ever recorded by an 80's artist?
Who is interested in buying art from the Philippines?
What type of brushs do they use to create name art?
What is your favorite color?
german art movement?
How was Albrecht Durer inspired in his work? GET 10 points!?
PLEASE answer as noone will.?
If you could magically jump into a painting on the sidewalk and vacation there for a while would you?
why is the Mona Lisa so important?
What paints can I mix to get gray if I dont have black?
what is your fav painting???
I have an old painting, of what appears to be a view from across the Seine River in Paris France. Help please?
how to make fire red (r,b,g) 5 stars?
School help please?Which artist was known for painting a feeling while experiencing it?
How can I improve my painting skills?
What was the mail moto of IMPRESSIONIST ?
Are there any artists websites which have a sort of virutal model/figures in diff. positions?
Does anyone know where I can find the original Bill Brauer Scarlet Dancer painting?
Who do you think is the greatest artist?
Will spray paint on a shirt rub off?
Help me interpret the meaning behind this acrylic painting?
Is it okay to use latex wall paint rather than gesso when using acrylic paint?
information on a painting by j burns of shandon on "peace to reflect"?
I'm starting school in September, I'll be a paint major..?
What inspired Francisco Goya to paint ?
velvet painting for art class?
What is your favourite colour?
What is the price of a remake john constible painting?
i want to do a canvas painting , i'mm doing it for the first time ,is it that easy as they show on the tv ?
Is there a way to wash oil paint brushes without (turpentine or any other or any other expensinve chchemical)?
Where can I buy cheap spray paint that is suitable for Warhammer and such? Besides Games Workshop?
Why do they find it so weird that i paint in the dark...?
Painting where a symbol is the important element?
I just started to paint with acrylics, I noticed when I buff the canvas after it intensifies the colors.,?
How can i remove acrylic paint from a canvas?
Story behind the Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?
describe this painting :) best answer 10 points?
Still working on my PAINTINGS....take a look?
I need interesting facts about Aaron Douglas from Harlem Renaissance period. Something unusual .s for best?
If i inhale some spray paint while outside, is it bad?
What is this famous piece of art called?
how did leonardo da vinci get famous?
How can you get a review of " Boys in a Pasture,1876" by Winslow Homer?
famous artists who paint animal(a modern artist)?
Is Gnocchi Franco a noted artist?
ART help; artists that use racism in their artworks.?
Where can I get Pastel Dust?
I'm wondering if any art experts might tell me the name of a painting (description)?
Problem solving?
Where can i buy paint that won't harm the enviorment or skin?
ideas what painting i should use?
what do you really feel like painting in here *points to heart* not from others?
y did they paint all barns red?
can someone help me with Monet's paintings?
Ideas On What To Paint For This Girl?
Why are paintings and pictures considered art?
painting shirts?
learning to paint with palette knife and brush... what is the best technique for realistic grass and trees ?
The Adoration of the Magi hangs in the Royal Uffizi Gallery in Florence. What is its catalogue number in 1890
Who is your favorite artist of the impressionist era?
What paint works well on plastic? Also is there any paint that is superior on metals?
I dont know what to paint?
listed artists 1880 uk?
What have I done wrong with striping paint off?
Where is the best place to get canvas prints made on a budget?
Contemporary art rock painting Paris cobblestone you like ?
Would Painting a Room twoo colors help it appear bigger or smaller?
What relationship did Vincent van Gogh have with the people he painted?
The best spray paint? And where to buy it?
I need an 'ordinary' artist!?
is clear a color?
Is this a Banksy original?
Who is Mona Lisa?
who knows the history of pigment? friend is doing project on markers...?
Can you help me identify and locate an old home interior picture?
how long does WATER SOLUBLE OIL PAINTS dry?
If you have painted airfix models?
Has anyone seen this guy's work yet on the Internet.?
Where can I buy cheap canvas panels in bulk?
I am a big fan of Claude Monet, where can I get a great reproduction of his oil paintings on canvas?
What do you see from this painting???At least I can't see anything?
water colors- pencils or tube paints?
Why is painting so hard?
How can I find the artist for an old painting?
what are some famous artists of the 1960's?
If you were gonna paint a picture of the sun and the wind,which colors would you pick?
where do i find the art work of j yazzie?
What other surfaces, besides watercolor paper, can you use to paint with watercolors on?
Name of a painting?
Art Supplies?
Can anyone Identify what is about?
How much is this painting worth?
How should I go about selling a hello kitty beside table that I painted?
What could be considered in the budget details when planning to have an art exhibition, cost-wise?
Why is the last supper considered a Renaissance artpiece. Please give me specific details?
Does anyone know if Elvis Presley's father, Vernon Presley, ever painted paintings for a hobbie?
If you are an artist, do you have your own web page?
Unknown painting? two lovers staring at each other for eternity but never being able to touch?
Can you please tell me what you think of this painting?
Who is a Similiar artist to Christo and Jeanne Claude?
Are Stevenson Acrylic Paints, high quality? What does "%100 acrylic emulsion" mean?
do painters draw too?????
Why I don't understand art.....Picasso, Van Gogh, Dali?
Gcse Art final peice, some ideas please?
Painters: do you mind getting your hands covered in oil paint on a daily basis?
What painting are you working on tonight?
What is the approximate size of Claude Monet's painting;"the Main Path at Giverny?"?
which colour copes with blue?
What paint color is this?
The last supper painting!?
What is the name of the worlds best painter/artist??
What is the best site for free to find the value of paintings?
How to draw rough sketch for oil painting?
how do i get the Licenses for Paint Tool sai?
What type of materials did Claude Monet use to paint?
Can anyone identify which painting of Christ this thumbnail is from?
Joanne Pemberton-Longman original?
How should i clean my art canvas?
Recent Russian painter-- what's his name?
Anyone know of any artists who looked at the theme of self-image or identity?
How much would an original Fredrich Von Amerling painting be worth?
Can anyone suggest me some tips to improve my painting skills?
Recommended Paintings to see at the Lourve?
What is your favorite art medium?
How long do canvas paintings last for ?
i need advice; thanx?
Can anyone tell me which year Concert by Marc Chagall was made?
brushes for oil painting?
What color combination would go good with a pastel green?
trying to find artist, born late 1800's, signs work M.P.?
i have some old world war 2 oil paintings i was wondering how much there worth?
What type of canvas and brushes should I use with a glossy acrilyc paint?
drawing and painting?
For Oil Painting Do you have to have a medium ?
has anyone heard of artist elizabeth strath?
Do you have any oil painting tips??
What is this painting called?
What are those car marker paint things called?
IS there a way to differenciate bad art from good?
Where can I find a mass produced print of Dorothea Tanning's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik?
If a colour was said to be 'Carbon Black' what colour would it be?
Can I return or exchange a frame purchased from Michael's if I took off the plastic wrap?
How do I get this shade of green?
What is a good name for a male african gray parrot?
Acrylic paint drying time???
who painted the Mona lisa?
how can I find out if the paintings i've got in the house are paintet by faimous artists?
Does anyone know the name of the painting where you see a skull if you look at an angle?
best method for oil painting light reflections on water?
What art periods do these paintings belong in? Best Answer.?
ART: which of these two photos should I choose?
Fred Gonsowski Cats Painting?
Where is Duchamps' Nude Descending the staircase #1?
Why did Andy Warhol paint Mickey Mouse?
Spray Painted without a mask?
painting for my bedroom?
Ideas for a mirror?!?!? TEN POINTS!!!?
What is this artwork called?
Spray paint question?
what are the five sub categories of color???
do boys like art.............?
Painting with your fingers. What do you call that ?
Anyone know the history of, " The man in a golden helmet", by Rembrandt.?
I am trying to find out who owns the copyright to the song (La Smooth) by Najee.?
I am entering a painting for my local Produce show, and I have no idea what to paint!?
How do i get oil paint out of my paintbrushes?
A picture paint a thousand words-Mona Lisa?
Is this legal?
Painting ideas for color me mine?
Has there ever been a situation where a fake has been worth more than the original?
A hardened glow paint?
How did the pop art movement affect the culture?
What is the original "Sunday Morning" by Ben Hampton worth?
What is a painting that captured you from this set of Monet paintings?
Can I use oil paints on this watercolor paper?
Who is your favorite painter?
I need the name of a famous painting. It is of five naked women holding hands and running in a circle.?
what do you think of my painting?
Making a wooden wall for a tech project , I'm painting it and want it to look realistic ? Any tips ?
Does anyone know the complement of yellow-green?
what is ur opinion about arts is it art is loosing its value today?
Do you know what this Artist DWO technique is? ?
anyone know what this artwork is called and who painted it has mary magdalene and her breasts are on a plate?
Can anyone tell me the size of the painting "My Fan is Half a Circle" by Miriam Schapiro?
kabaw mo anang marker sa tres de abril (luyo sa PLDT) kanus-a gi buhat ug kinsay architect?
Rate(%) of Deprection on Painting as per comanies act ?
Has anyone heard of Native American Artist Melody Lightfeather?
Where did Jessica Galbreth's old artwork go?
dirk bouts painting of resurrection?
value of a painting by john franklin earhart 1913?
Who painted the picture of the two kids on a red bench...?
Where can you buy Painting whites in Adelaide? eg pants?
If I have just one day to spend at the Louvre Museum in Paris, which sections should I plan to visit?
how do you dispose of dirty cleaning fluids from oil painting- turpenoid etc.?
What kind of artwork is selling best on eBay?
I have a watercolor signed Moran called Prairie Rose...Who is the artist?
who do you think is the most skilled painter of all time?
Is it ok to mix art paint with some lotion?
Describe the 'light' of Paris--as might a painter when he/she first arrives.?
i think the best movie ever made was "BLUE VELVET"?
Portrait in oil signed S. Dawson?
you probably shouldn't be an artist if...?
Who is the Leonardo Da Vinci of our time?
Painting with Oil over Acrylic?
why mona lisa's smile so famous????????
Spray painting rubber boots?
What gets paint off glass?
customizing my chucks?
What kind of fruit does this look like and why?
effect of colour in art?
Similar artists to Joserivas?
I need to find a directory of artist. Know any sites?
What your favorite colour?
what to paint on my new canvas?!HELP!?
Artist opinion?
Inspiration for portraits or landscapes, cityscapes or seascapes?
Techniques to use with acrylic paints? Different size brushes?
Are there any relatively well known paintings of people walking down dark tunnels/passages?
How can I paint my Doc Marten Boots without the paint peeling off?
does anyone know about the artistic value of toulouse-lautrec?
I got really into painting last semester and want to keep painting, but I don't know what to paint?
Is this painting by Margaret Preston?
Why did my painting oil corrode my cup?
Artists: Is it okay to regularly clean your paint brushes with baking soda after you oil paint?
About being apprenticeships?
Any Serious Tips on How To Make The Color Of Gold By Mixing Paint?
What bone remind you of a tool used by surgeon, or of support structure in front of building that painter use?
What is a Doll's body made out of and what kind of paint should I use?
Is painting houses a dirty job?
I have a original painting by Harland Young called Winding Road. What would it be worth?
who's team jacob and who's team edward???
I have a painting by an artist known by Kaber; can anyone tell me any information about it?
i know nothing about art!! HELP!?
High Renaissance Model?
Are guys turned on by classic nude paintings?
Does spray paint expire?
steps to painting greenware?
The name of the painting in Patty Hewes' office on the show Damages?
what should i do?
Ideas on what to do for on art project?
what was the last thing you painted ?
i have picture of stallions by n bonetti is he or she known to anyone?
Where can I find interior pictures to build my artwork website?
Any precautions before using ‘Panel’ for oil/acrylic ?
I bought this painting and I'm not sure it is of?
Can I use the same linseed oil for furniture as a medium for oil painting?
What would you say if your friend very lightly touched a Picasso painting at a museum?
What is the earliest known piece of art with an *identifiable* artist?
I am doing a research paper on Frida Kahlo. I need to interview someone but I can't find anyone!!! Help!!!?
Do you think purple is a good orange color with yellow and green. What would be a good name for this color...
How to show my mom I'm capable for painting?
if you could be reborn in any era of art, which would it be?
what about artist Julien La Croix, is he a famous painter?
why is the scream so priceless?
Can anyone tell me about a male artist with the first name Kelly (or Kelley)?
What was Roy Lichenstein's idea behind his work?
What are random things I could paint?
What are some spray paint brands?
In art schools teaching Classical Realism how are the Charles Bargue drawings used to teach ?
What is the meaning of gough?
Corel painter and paint tool SAI?
Please help, I need the name of a specific Dali work.?
which is your favorite colour?why?
What do you think?
p.wilson painting artist,hay field subject any info please?
Is there anyone interested in paintings by Salvador Daii?
I would like some patterns and ideas how to paint on turtle shells. Also any other ideas for decorating them.
Does anyone sell Darger prints?
Did anyone ever paint along with Bob Ross?
why deos man thing they're bater the women?
Painters, what style of art do you paint ?
what is the name of the vintage pin-up artist known for his style of using candybars (baby ruth)?
is there a way to use both acrylics and oils in one painting?
I cant find any pictures of some Albert Tucker work - Please help??!!?
Valspar paint pre interview test?
Couldn't a million high school students paint something as good as a Van Gogh?
Why aren't early artists recognized?
Does anyone know what this picture is and means?
Can I use acrylic paints on stone paper?
Painting an iPhone case?
what is lorenzo's oil?
Vincent Van Gogh discovery. VGM soon to release press info. How much would an unknown gogh be worth?
Can anyone Tell Me the full name of the artist that signes his paintings W Vine?
What kind of paint has been used to make this painting?
Watercolors or acrylic paint for a sunset/sunrise?
why is there graffiti at schools?
where can i sell my thomas kinkade paintings?
any answers to: getting out creases in primed and painted canvas.?
Which is easier to paint with watercolor pencils or regular paint?
did gene sterling paint a painting called the brave one?
Golden Open Acrylics
Please could you give me some feedback on my final image digital painting?
What is the big game in the flaming oil prices?
How to paint a black felt hat?
What kind of Painting should I paint?
Analyse the Picasso painting Guernica?
Like my avatar? I painted it myself :)?
Mary Cassatt question?
Can you tell me what kind of art this is?
looking for an abstract artist that paints mostly women draped in cloth?
How can I save left-over acrylic artists paint without it getting moldy?
Who else is just obsessed with peace signs and colorful stuff?
Oil Painting Mediums: Less expensive substitutes?
Analysing vanitas paintings?
Acrylic Canvas Paintings?
what is the difference between impressionism and expressionism?
Details about Da Vinci portraits?
can someone with a knowledge of aboriginal tell me about this painting?
What is the mystery of Mona Lisa? What is it everyone is trying to solve?!?
Locate Norman Edmead's house?
Is anyone interested in looking at my abstract art that is for sale?
What's the name of this japanese painter? He paints semi-nude women, sexual related themes and cockroaches?
I have a oil painting from artistic interiors no. 178701 whats its value ?
Can anyone find some simple african paintings?
advantages and disadvantages of wood and cotton canvases for oil paint or acrylic?
tell me what you think of this painting?
What do you think about the quality of these paintings? Are they priced right?
Which painting is the real Salvator Mundi?
Where can i find nice pictures of flowers in detail to paint?
I want a good and cheap easel, but not a used one. Can anyone help? No silly answers please.?
In the movie "In the Bedroom" there is a painting of a man in a boat near the shore hanging in th dinning room
What is the term used to describe artists canvas, paper, tile etc?
Who's paintings would you conisder more impressonistic, Van Gogh, or Monet?
who was the artist that painted a picture of a bunch of men flying with umbrellas in front of a building?
steps to hand painting w/ acrylic paint to a shirt?
how to paint sun shinning through trees?
any artists out there ?
where can i take a lithograph to get it appraised? the artist is rivera?
Painting on Glass Windows?
did you hear about CORT guitar?
Does anyone know what gunsheild art was painted on the forward turret of the WW II ship HMCS Kitchener, K-225?
what colour do you get when you mix red and yellow?
why i like art?
Did leonardo de vinci make more than painting such as cannons weapons during medival times?
Could I use white paint instead of gesso on cardboard?
What should I paint next?
Is it normal practice to sign a contract with an artist when buying a painting?
Ideas for paintings? URGENT!?
artists named ratcliffe in the 1920s?
What are some real subliminal messages in music by artists that passed away?
on painting nr.A 17412 the value determination?
Canvas giclee or fine art print (foil embossed)?
What fluorecent colors do you mix to get brown with uv blacklight?
Needs some ideas on what to paint.?
Ethel Buckingham ,English artist?
What kind of paint can I use that I can still see thru (like on a vase)?
can you help me find a painting by Rothko titled "Green andRed"?
what do you think about this painting by dali?
AirBrushing a Guitar?
Can I sand over paint?
Feedback please? Looking for honesty....?
What paint should i use to paint my ps3 controller?
what is the color marigold made of?
spray painting on canvas - problems?
What makes oil paints better than egg tempera paints?
Can someone help with the name of a painting?
How is the effect in this painting achieved - it says mixed medium?
artist Gary Ratushniak?
Oil Paintings by J. Verbergheim?
anyone know of any artists with work online on the subject of surfaces or change...?
what was the purpose of casta paintings?
Need help for my painting. Ideas needed! How can I portray "the world is beautiful, the people in it are not"?
Do paintings in museums have backlighting?
Why was it so difficult for Venetian painters to make fresco paintings?
How old is the monalisa?
What is the name of this painting or it's artist?
Anyone know how to paint with water?
whats the best way to sell my art, that doesnt involve ebay?
Where is the best place to show off artwork to sell?
Painting Hard Plastic?
What is the name of the painter?
I paint on canvas boards, but I don't know how to display my art work help?
Salvador Dahli famous Painter/Artist?
Drawing out mural design?
What type of pencil and eraser should I used on pre-gessoed canvas?
whats something easy to paint with watercolor?
Bob Ross workshop?
What is the best way to paint a fantasy mural on my room walls? Paints, tools, videos/tutorials?
If a manufactoring company was to mass produce paint stirrers, what materials and techniques would they use?
Purchasing Paint Tool Sai?
where can I find online classes on how to paint bisque?
Examples of encaustic painting out of Egypt (fayun portraits) are over how many years old?
Artists....How do you all dispose of your used mineral spirits after a session of oil painting?
Can someone help me of this painting?
what to do with the turpentine/mineral spirit and linseed oil?
There is a book with famous artwork is redone with cats. Does anyone know the book title or author?
Im starting a watercolours course, and would like a pack that includes paints and brushes, what would you sugg
painting of blindfolded angel with owl?
Anyone know this modern painter (moochums?)?
What is this yellowish stuff coming out of my oil paint tube?
what art did peter davis, helen clarks husband do?
I waited till my acrylic paint dried so I could blend another color in on my painting?
How do you frame an oil painting?
Help with a painting? -work in progress- (pictures included)?
Which is the greatest masterpiece by Picasso? Guernica or Les Demoiselles d'Avignon?