Where can I find cheap canvas?
Oil paint or acrylic paint?
When re-painting a bike frame, do you have to sand of ALL of the paint?
Is abstract expressionism a style of art or is it a movement? What is the difference?
A complete henna beginner kit?
Any information about a painter who signs as "Ruthanne"?
what is meant by saying "painting is easy for those that do not know, but very difficult for those that do!"?
Is there any University in India or Kolkata that giving Degree in Fine Arts through Distance Learning Course?
Anyone with an artistic back ground?
Do you prefer non-objective, realistic or abstract art?
What Kind of Paint can I Drop in Water?
the name of a famous artiste who did or does perspective drawing or painting?
Impressionistic painting, landscape, need to find it?
How do i 'be' an artist?
How do you write a reflection on a painting?
How much are Willard Leroy Metcalf paintings worth?
why are most poets and artist gay?
What to paint for her 18th birthday?
Would I ruin Winsor and Newton Series 7 Watercolor brushes if I use them with oil paint???
Paintings or Etchings by Henry G. Walker?
how to paint a canope with tea bags?
Is it possible to acquire talent at painting, or is it just something you're born with?
Should I paint on paper?
What does anyone think of Salvidor Dali's paintings?
Where can I see the original of Picasso's "Guernica"?.?
What do St. Michael and St. Raphael look like?
painter machentance?
I have a oil painting from M. Kurzwelly who is he?
how do i make my paint colors come back on Microsoft paint?
In music, dance, and the fine arts{painting,etc.} are we being fed art or controversy?
Is there a name for this type of artwork?
What are some good colour schemes for a 14 year old girls bedroom?
Can some one suggest me classical composers like Ludovico Einaudi?
Vision after the Sermon a painting by Paul Gauguin?
i love my boyfriend and i want to paint a picture to express myself but im not sure what to paint?
Im a water color artist that needs images to copy were can i get some??
WHERE IS THE ROSE (in The Mona Lisa, Leonardo 1503-1507) ?
what should i paint? i REALLY love painting, but i just cant seem to have an idea...HELP!?
Oil painting dry brush in cadmium?
could I have opinions on my first digital painting?
Does anyone know Leyendecker's secret turpentine mixture?
Wanna sell abstract paintings and open art exhibition for free?
Whats the story behind the two swallows and the willow tree painted on dining plates??
What should my products companny be named?
How can i tell if a brush is ruined?
old tv program featuring an artest who taught oil painting; big hair guy?
What kind of paint is good for a paper mache mask?
painting my car?
the value of d,gestetner 1881?
help! title/artist of this surreal painting?
The Accident by Paul Fenniak Artical?
what is the style period of Mary Cassatt's 'sleeping baby'?
how will i be famous in fine arts?
What are some clever ways to frame a large painting?
Is acrylic paint mixed with textile medium safe for skin and hair?
why is Picasso so popular, what am I missing that others are seeing?
What is the symbolism associated with this painting?
painting? pleases help?
why is the mona lisa painting recognised world wide ?r=1242456941?
Why do Artists/painters prefer the person to be in front of them staying still rather than just a picture?
I NEED IDEAS! Most intersting gets 10 points!?
i need the name of this artist!?
is this a good sketch?
art portfolio?
Vincent Van Gogh?
Principles of art in Van Gogh's 'Wheatfield with Crows'?
I have a painting done by Natalie Wood and I'd like to know the value of it - ??
i was asked along with others to help paint and come up with an idea of what to paint on a mural it should..?
when was silk screen printing invented?
how to mix brown...?
Who painted this painting from Rob and Big?
Need Response ASAP:Painting Plastic-What Primer to use?
Canvas painting ideas help! please post image link.?
What is a painting by Fernand Pierre(Haitian Artist)worth very old maybe one his first paintings due to canvas
what is a good website to buy graffiti supplies on?
How did diego rivera influence art?
Who made this painting and what is it called?
URGENT: What is the work of art in this picture?
What country, example, and year do these paintings come from?
What type of paint should i use if i am painting these paintings?
I would like to start painting but I have no imagination so don't know what to paint. Do you have any ideas?
Kiss: Nail Artist Paint & Stencil Kit Help!!?
Are there any articles on paintings of Soviet Moscow?
I have a painting of abraham lincoln and matthew brady painted by norman rockwell, is it worth anything,?
How many paintings did Jean Dubuffet paint in his lifetime ?
who was maximililan de LaFayette?
Where did Georges Seurat live and create his artwork?
How many paintings did Justin Aerni paint in his lifetime ?
Salvador Dali Interpretations?
does anyone know of a website where i can upload my paintings (artwork) to display and share with others?
where is the original John Constable's The Hay-Wain (1821)?
How much is turner painting worth?
What does the painting The Last Supper by LEONARDO DA VINCI make you feel?
self portrait influences?
When you paint with acrylics is it good practice...?
What painting is this of from within The Louvre?
How can I judge a painting is worth to keep for?
what is the best brand artistic oil paint for oil painting, how much should they cost.?
Can you do marbling with acrylic paint?
What do you think to my art?
Anyone know what the paintings from the 60's with orphans (urchins) with big sad eyes were called?
featured article on ultra realism artist?
Who painted this image?
How do you take a photograph of a drawing/painting with minimal amount of light being reflected?
Does ne 1 like this picture?
LS lowry "the contraption" limited edition signed print?
Who are some street artists that "lived fast and died young"?
watercolor class for a TOTAL non-artist?
Can somebody tell me about Vietnamese eggshell painting and some tips for water colour?
I have a couple of questions about the artist known as Leonardo Da Vinci.?
poster and face painting competition?
what was the technique of roman wall painting?
What supplies do I need to start painting without seriously overspending?
paint tool SAI help!?
Should I sand between coats when painting a hotwheels car?
is paper coated by brushing the coating agent over it, or by dipping the paper entirely in the agent?
what is the middle ground in a painting?
What inspired Albrecht Durer to print the Apocalypse (1498)?
Why do my metallic pigments seem to barely make a difference when added to acrylic paint?
How do I paint an accurate American flag on a rock?
Let's Get Back At Men!!!!! Let's protest to gain a voice... some acclaim for the great women artists?
Clear glossy spray paint?
Does anyone know of Artists who paint naked women?
I am trying to find a picture of a painting that I know little about any help?
Have you ever heard of an artist called "Mingola", and if so, is he still alive?
What does art (or artistic) practice mean..?
What are your views on abstract expressionist painting?
I need an art piece appraised and can't find anyone local. Any websites out there for this?
What brings you the most joy?
1. Where was Ludwig Von Beethoven from and when was he born/when did he die? 2. Why was Beethoven's lif?
What would be a good picture to paint that involves factory farms?
Do you like this painting I got of Bono from U2?
What is the title/artist of this painting (let me describe):?
Who asked about Amelia Lee Cunninghams' painting?
Please help me!!! I just painted a design for someones' CD cover. how do I price it?
How do I know that the paints I am buying are safe and not chock full of lead or other dangerous stuff?
What should i add to my painting?
Lord Leighton painting - have forgotten what it is called!?
Paint that won't damege sides of car?
What connects Martin Schongauer, Giorgione, Andrea del Sarto and Holbein?
Do you like drawing and painting?
How much is this painting worth?
where did giovanni bellini paint the agony in the garden? please help?
Can i use a hairdryer to dry my oil painting?
Does anybody know what this painting is called or its artist?
Do you think the definition of art has changed?
I what to know about collectable painting?
what type of painting should i give to mother in law?
High resolution fine art online?
Does anyone know of a Picasso portrait of a young Catalan?
what is the best way to add mosaic effect to a video?
What kind of paint should I use if I want to paint my body and my face?
what to paint for dad?
Painting by Norman Rockwell...Called "Look Up"?
who do you think is the most skilled painter of all time?
Can you work on a painting in high humidity?
What kind of paint do i use for airbrushing art on shirts?
Why do modern artists (painters) defy the rules of perspective?
Why do painters always mix colors that seem unlikely to work together, but somehow it works out okay?
How to use Red Spray paint on a Black Shirt?
How do you analysis abstract art??
Oil painting; woman's head covered in a hijab, piercing eyes, red sandstorm background?
I want 30 question answers for conducting trade test for painters(brush painters and artisan painters)?
Recommended Acrylic Paint brands? (artists please help)?
What should I paint? No idea.?
Contemporary Fauvism Artists?
how to make the paint brown?
Glow in the dark paint questions?
painting water (acrylic paint)?
How do I contact Ron Howard about a movie idea/?
What color is yellow?
Where can I buy a gigantic paintbrush?
Leonardo help please?
Artists like James Jean and Alex Pardee?
can anyone help identify this painting?
what are the characteristics of Filipino painters?
would like to know the origin of painted ceramic eggs with The Egg Lady labels?
who started pointalism?
can i use crystal glue instead of white glue in making a paper mache?
Купить масло картин
Can you help me find a painting?
I need information on artist Fujita Tsuguharu's painting of Apocalypse?
Can anybody through some more info on painter picasso?
Maybe a dumb question about spray paint...?
What is ur fav. color?
Does anyone know the formal name of this painting?
artwork related to humanities?
Watercolor artists on deviantart?
Painting over uneven surfacees on cardboard and tape?
What is the difference between "eroticism andty"?
zimbabwe artist joan evans. value of oil on canvas?
Are there any famous art pieces involving just a single massive detailed eye?
Is it possible to buy the Mona Lisa painting?
Can you spray paint a beanie hat?
Looking for a series of paintings?
Please Give Some Help On Painting 40K Miniatures?
Does anyone know any information on a Russian artist named Stepan Feodorovich Kolesnikov (1879-1955)?
how can i make a paint job on a wake board waterproof?
Paul Cezanne's Apples and Oranges?
What is one of a series of ten woodcuts that Paul Gauguin executed after his return to Paris from Tahitia?
what is the story behind the andy warhol painting of the birmingham race riot 1963?
can you mix regular oil paint and water mixable oil paint together?
What creative activity can i ask children to do using paints/colours?
question on a painting?
Your favourite artists?
when was the first use of paint brush?
H. Mompo? Does anyone know of this now deceased Spanish painter?
Eny one that knows about Graff, and painting w/ acrylics!?
Can I paint normally over glaze?
In art- what exactly is split-complementary color scheme?
Where can I buy cheap easels in Miami? Help, it's important :(?
Is there anyway to cover up an oil paint with a latex paint?
Old Oil Painting?
Should I let my watercolors dry?
how to clean my paintbrush, accrylic paint on it?
why might an artist in 1779 use a bucking horse to represent the american colonies?
Art Connection Ideas...?
who painted the lord's supper painting?
What paint would you prefer? acrylic or oil?
What paint will stick to mirrors?
I would like to show you the painting, I could email it to you if you email me?
when were cave paintings discovered?
Please help critique my artwork?
I need a photo cropper like the one in apple works painting but for windows?
Howmuch you think this is worth?
What's the name of this painting by Emily Carr?
Where can I find an Artist Representative Contract?
I need help on trying to find the origin of an oil painting?
Active vs. Still Art?
Need help with this mystery painting?
Is there a picture of bare breasted Virgin Mary?Allegedly some medieval painter painted such a picture?
Going to spray paint computer desk, is there a program to simulate what it will look like?
How to dry my oil painting?
i'm looking for information on an artist W. Godfrey?
If you leave watercolor on a palette, can you use it again?
I have a painting, does anyone recognize?
How do owners set a notice to be sent to members when a photo is uploaded to an album.?
What is the name of this color?
favorite color?
Is there a free similar program to Easy Paint Tool SAI?
What should I draw?? (pencil sketches)?
Airbrush Paint question?
The Great Mystery picture?
what color would you considered this?
What do you think? Modern art? (pics)?
How can I dissolve acrylic paint?
I used oil pastels on my walls, can I paint over them?
why did andy warhol paint john lennon?
Could you critique my painting?
where can you get your snowboard painted?
What do you know about the world's most famous painting?
Aren't tempera on wood and tempera on panel the same medium?
Is it really worth to be an artist or a painter?
Can you explain the meaning of Salvador Dalì's "allegorie de soie"?
What's the attiude or reactions, personality.. of an artist?
What should i paint that is sort of easy?
what colour does cyan magenta and yellow make?
Please tell me some famous indian artist's name & something about their painting...?
Where can I find some good free acrylic painting tutorials - especially for landscapes?
i am looking for pictures painted of sailboats by vincent vanGogh?
I am looking for artist Clara Thorward works. I would like to find out how much her paintings are worth?
Why doesn't my girlfriend like my naked paintings of my mother?
Help with finding artists who paint swans/birds?
What color do blue and orange mix to make?
Do I have any artistic talent?
What makes an artwork stand out?
Tips on watercolor paper? How about using sponges? Good guidebooks?
how should i paint this.?
Does anyone recognize the paintings on these Bruckner CDs?
Hi, do you use acrylics for painting and if so what are your favorite brands?
Who can help me identify the artist?
Do you have to patent or copy right a painting?
Does anyone know where I can find some cheap art? Doesn't have to be famous artists - just good paintings!
who is the new artist for easyrider magazine that took over for David Mann?
Is spray paint bad for you.?
I want to spray paint (graffiti) on a canvas...?
Art color project. I need ideas.?
What do the red stamps on traditional Japanese artwork mean?
Anyone have information on Rembrandt's Self Portrait at the age of 34?
How Many Biblical Stories are painted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?
Acrylic or Gouache for painting on glass christmas tree bells?
watercolour ideas for orange wall?
can anybody give me some websites to go to for w.e. sallman
Lady of Shalott Art Criticism?
What can I do to improve this painting?
Is Maceba, the Polish painting horse, the only horse in the world that paints?
Wasn't the recent death of painter of light Thomas Kinkade a de facto suicide?
What's a good cleaner to use for paint brushes, when using acrylic paint?
How can I get craft paint to stick on an acrylic/ plastic container?
Can I paint or do I suck at it?
How big was the canvas that was used to paint vida azule?
How is the meaning different between Caravaggio’s and Gentileshchi’s painting of Judith Slaying Holofernes?
Does anyone have the following books in PDF format?
What do you think Leonardo Da Vinci meant by this quote?
Why is the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel famous?
I am wanting to seel some of my paintings that I've painted. How would I go about doing that ?
How should I apply writing to my art? Please help!?
Which painter pained the ceiling of the vatican over 50o years ago.?
How do I learn to paint in acrylics?
How can the dried oil painting color tubes be restored back?
Hi! Could you give me some information in english about the korean painter Christian Asuh?
trying to find information on Jim McCloskey primitive paintings, can you help?
need help finding this painting ?
would you like to see a painting called "The Wrath of the South" about hurricanes on EBay?
what rhymes with brush?
Can I sell a painting I made containing painted beatles images?
how do i find unclothed big beautiful women without resorting to pornography?
i need help in grafitti? any seggestions? pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeez?
is airbrush tan water proof?
what drug did vincent van gogh use and what effect did it have?
Identify the media used to create Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper and Tintoretto’s Last Supper .?
can someone help identify this norman rockwell art?
what should i do for this artwork?
Artists that paint in watercolour?
Are acrylic paints good?
I am trying to find a site where I can submit duck pictures for stamps where would this be?
Does anyone know the best way to make a weapon sling for 1/35th scale figures?
what is romaticism and realism?
Painting camera?
How do you get a shiny finish to an acrylic painting?
how long does a light coat of spray varnish take to dry on a painting.?
A group of painters from the 19th century that used sunlight to affect their style was known as?
Black Art: Who is the artist and what is the name of the painting?
Can anyone give me a list of classical pieces of art everyone should know?
The best brand of watercolour pencils?
What's the name of this painting?
The location of hte original Painting "The Last Summer"??
.Did you learn painting or drawing in your childhood?
Where in the world is Glow in the dark powder normally located in craft stores?
Art 1 quiz question please answer quick....?
I'm attempting to paint this. Advice/tips?
Could I use rubbing alcohol on cardboard?
What is the name and artist of the picture in Ferris Bueller's Day Off?
Help, all Painters! I need advice!?
j wright, artist hunting scenes.?
Who painte the mona lisa??
Tips on painting water (acrylic)?
What paint do i buy for face paint?
where can i get some good tips/info abt painting ?
In which museum can I find Salvador Dali’s painting ‘Inagural Gooseflesh’, and what is its size?
Help with Oil Paints? ;)?
how do i write an outline for a research paper on Michelangelo?
Doing a painting about my hate for the BNP and propaganda against other races/the poor and need a slogan?
a game site that has to start with hotel something?
Who's better Edward? or JACOB<3 ?
Who is Christofer Drews girlfriend?
how could i argue that Robert Mapplethorpe's art is not obscene?
Was Mona Lisa a poser?
Which Acrylic/oil paint is best?
Is there paint at the dollar store?
can you use computer paper for charcoal, oil pastel, acrylic paint, and tempera paint drawings?
What is the meaning of this painting?
What are the most famous Sistine Chapel paintings?
Help with this Norman Rockwell painting?
I am looking for wall art, and would like to know of some good amateur artists.?
Inhaling paint fumes?
Who is you favorite vintage pinup model?
Does anyone know who makes this easel or where to buy it?
How do you use Puffy Paint?
does anyone know of a painting titled "Builders of Babylon"?
I have an old print by an Artist named "Beggie Penge Cutmong can you help me with more info?
where can u find designz for your pictures n collages?
Can someone help me find the value of art if I provide pics.?
Who are your favorite modern (as in still breathing) artists?
Does anyone recognize the style of this painting?
did leonardo marry lisa?
What techniques did Leonardo Da Vinci use in portraits?
Are pastels paintings or drawings?
Paintings of the Isle of Wight?
What are some good tips for painting with watercolors?
where can i buy spray paint for my body other than online?
If you were an artist with $500,000...?
Is this okay to do- artwork?
Does anyone know if a painting by artist name "Madeline" worth anything?
where can i buy watercolor canvas and/or watercolor board in montreal?
has any one heard of an artist name " C CHANDLER ROSS AND WHERE CAN I FIND INFORMATION ON HIM?
Someone who does spray paint art?
I want to start painting what are the best brushes to use?
which famous art movement did Roy Lichenstein belong to?
Who painted Mona Lisa?
Crayon art question?!?!?!?
what are some good paintings?
I painted Ledger's Joker... any feedback from an art perspective?
Can You Use Acrylic paint on tshirts ?
problems downloading paintbrush ?
to all the pursuing artists out there? where do you get your inspiration?
Who made this glassware set and possibly when?
Do you think people are more obsessed with material things/money now more than any other point in history?
Is it unusual to sign a print? or is it the norm to have the signature printed along with the original work?
What is the difference between "watercolour" and "gauche" paint?
Acrylic Painting suggestions?
How can i make black ink/paint out of?
Can someone please give me some tips on painting with pastels?
which of these art forms is not associated with the work of Georgia O'Keeffe?
Can anyone recommend a good range of acrylic paints other than Daler Rowney/System 3?
Can I mix oil and acrylic?
Has modern art become nothing more than a forum for leftist politics and lost it's way as an art form?
Questions about Michelangelo and Diego Rivera.?
salvador dali research paper???
Where can I buy original art online in the UK?
What date was Upper Weimar Painted?
How to set up a live paint session?
Is my painting disgusting ?
Charles Saachi?
i'm about to paint a mural on a cement wall outdoors...any technical advice??
Is it hard to learn how to paint?
Airborne Inspiration?
who painted newman decor watercolor #1553?
How did Pablo Picasso die?
If you are in Gustav's path . . . are you taking art supplies with you?
Do people Like Watercolor paintings?
What is the name of the artist or artwork?
ironlak vs monatana vs molotow?
When did Walter Disney die??and when was he born???
Help identify lost masterpiece.?
What should i paint on my men's toms?
I can't read the name of the artist on my oil painting. Are there any websites that can help me figure it out?
A protective coating for paintings on glass?
Is The Rowers' Lunch considered Impressionism or Post-impressionism?
what is 5x4 + 8x2 +3?
Courbets "Stone Breakers" and the Bourgeois?
I have two painting with a monogram of a t in a triangle. Can anyone tell me what artist this is?
is there special paint i can buy to make me look african american?
Any other mediums that work well with watercolor painting?
I want to build a castle in the forest?
How important is looking and observation for an artist?
i need activites for 2 and 3 year olds to do at daycare?
where can I buy acrylic paints and other painting materials in the Philippines?
How much is my Andy Warhol worth?
what is georges seurat's history?
How can I get an oil painting of myself?
Has anyone ever seen the funny version of the scream edvard munch?
What is your favorite Vermeer?
What should i paint thats pretty easy?
do you know ivan roxas, one of the best Filipino painter? where does he work now?
yellow reminds you of?
how can i get straight lines without getting "vain's" or bleeding under the tape or "tool"?
where can i find artist june nelson signature?
who said the line " every individual is a potential artist"?
Can you use acrylic paint on unprimed wood?
I forget; What type of art is painting on a wall to make it look like a window?
Does anyone know the name/artist of this painting??
*CANBERRA* where can i buy spray paint and caps?
How to make a glossy/wet look for a painting?
I'm looking to fine the value of a print from Jose Trinidad. Tried E-Bay with no luck. "Guardian of the Roses"
any tips for creating le?
Looking for a print or poster of what I believe is the Virgin Mary holding the severed head ofJohn the Baptist
What is the art craft called in which you put a picture and and small objects in a frame?
i really want to take an art class(painting), but i suck at art?
Why are Barns Red????
ART - Anyone use cosmetics as art materials?
I have this thing on my computer called paint?
What is the info that is displayed next to the mona lisa in the louvre?
Wall paintings found at Akrotiri reveal the bright colors, natural forms and sophisticated decorative sense ch?
Who are Narutos parents?
can you Rate my piece so far please?
As an artist I constantly question art and realism?
what do i need to paint with oil pastel?
Can you find Eric Scott...?
What are these painting? Western style painting.?
How much should I charge for a painting?
Where can I buy uni paint markers?
Does anyone know the painting with a couple with bed sheets over their heads?
What do you all think of my painting?
Can use you a house painting brush, for acrylic painting?
Where can i sell my paintings online for free?
what is the painting in the buitoni commercial?
Does this mean i am not a real artist?
Oil painting substitutes for linseed oil?
Painting in Doge's Palace Venice that looks like a Bosch?
Where can I buy Tjaps online?
how can i get paint out of a snapback?
Painting Material from Brussels?
is there a book that has most of Thomas Kinkade's paintings in it?
Can I paint pictures on tiles with Acrylic Paint?
what is the average size of the painting shown in the gallery?
does anyone know how to paint in layers where if the top layer is scratched away, you can see through to the?
Cheap washable neon paint? OR clear neon paint? :)? (birthday)?
Can I use water color paint to do cat whiskers?
About museum print editions, and this question about painter DRAKE?
Who is the producer of ''Om Santi Om''?
ART or CRAFT .....what is the difference?
Where can i buy........?
What is your favorite painting, who is the artist, and why?
where I can see beautiful painting of woman and men love relation?
What is the value of an original etching by E J Maybery titled "John Knox's House"?
whats another thing that looks like paint?
Painting dried flowers?
What colors would go well with mint green?
What is the name of this painting?
What do you think of my Mother's watercolour animals?
What are the paintings that are considered in the movie, "The Da Vinci Code"?
Can someone explain to me what oil painting is about?
what is the best way to paint this picture?
HEY CREATIVE PEOPLE What should I paint?
Ohh and is it safe to cover our selves in paint?
Who is your favorite Impressionist Artist?
Modern art is a hoax - right?
How much does it cost to ship a 24x30 canvas painting?
What do you think of this 8 year old Egyptian boys painting?
Artists that look at space?
Where can i buy liquid latex, the rubber form, not body paint?
John Berger and "silence" of a painting?
why is the mona lisa so famous?
What are some good colors that go with purple?
I have a painting by James William Booth (of the Staithes group) done at the age of 9, any value?
What is this type of art called...?
How do I paint wood grain texture with acrylics?
What's you favorite color?
Creative things to do on canvas?
Spray Paint Xbox 360 Find Decals or Cutt Out objects?
What do you think about this Irish sketch?
what style painting is lazuve?
what style is the mona lisa painted in?
Can I use oil paints on top of an acrylic base?
looking for info about watercolors signed tana dated1919. these are nature scenes?
I have 2 floral paintings from "Artistic Interiors" of Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Would you know the value today?
How would YOU describe this artwork from the SUBJECTIVE frame???
why home made oil colors with linseed oil lose the shine on canvas?
How much should I charge for painting a realistic & anatomically life size whale mural for a museum?
I have a lee reynolds oil painting lot # 2483ys whats it worth?
what is mono-chromatically painted?
The painting/photograh "crazy stairs"?
Humanities research paper topic?
who is this artists?
Can somebody explain why this painting is highly valued?
How did the Louvre gain ownership of Da Vinci's Mona Lisa painting?
Why Pablo Picaso artist work considered important?
Yellow represents ______?
Who is this Postmodern artist?
what can i use alternatively for white body painting cause i cant find any paints?
hello everyone!!!!!!!?
Where can you find the video of the women in famous paintings morphing that was on I-caught last night?
I would like to do a nude painting, would you buy it?
Has anyone ever heard of an artist named G. Vanelli - probably from late 1800's to early 1900's?
Good fantasy artists?
Does anyone know Banksy the artists identity yet?
Does anyone have any links to sites that tell you how to make colours with other colours?
Where and why was Raphael's 'The Resurrection of Christ' painted?
An expert has claimed to have unravelled the mystery behind the Mona Lisa painting, what are your views?
How can I paint a cardboard box, without paint?
Whats the copyright status of "The great wave off Kanagawa" painting/woodcut .?
Solvents for oil painting? Help? Registration?
How to discover value of painting?
Napoleon Dynamite Watercolor on
Paintings concerning isolation?
If Mars and Venus are a couple, then who the hell is Adonis?
What is the best way to find the value of a painting?
Can someone give me a link for supplies to make a Minuteman era Comedian costume from Watchmen?
why i'm so bad humorated in the weekend???
if I sell a painting that I did, do I have the right to have access to it later?
Where can I find a white board like the one at the Children's Discover Museum to paint on?
Paintings of Greek style clothing?
What do you call an artists who copies the style of a famous artist?
how many times can a man make love in one night without taking any pills?
painting? ask me a question?
What exactly is impressionism?
edward or jacob???
What is the name of the Artist who painted this painting?
How do i get a painting valued?
What store can I buy Rembrandt Soft-Pastel Turquoise?
How is Renaissance Art different from the art of the other movements?
What is your favourite colour?
How do I find people who want the kind of paintings I produce?
What kind of paint to make these shirts?
Can anyone identify a large (5' x 3' approx) picture on canvas of 2 ladders and broom against blue background?
selling spray paint art?
how to Make tanjore painting gold foil?
What is oil painting?
What is your favorite painting of all time?
Drying oil painting in the sun?
Can I Study Art at Harvard? ?
What is the artist's name who painted this?
what do you like to paint the most??
how to treat blown plaster?
I want to know how much my painting is worth?
I want 5million US dollors to make a movie.?
Thinking of using watercolor. Any tips?
How can I find the value of a Harland Young painting that i own.?
help creating an adaptation of a painting?
The most expensive Anthony van dyck painting?
Finding Local Art Exhibitions (To Display In)?
From what inspiration does Tom Roberts get for the painting "Sheering the rams"?
Where can I find information and pictures of old Irland art?
What are the Archetypes in "Rest on the Flight to Egypt" by Caravaggio ?
How Do I Paint My Own Drum Set?
Who Helps an Art Curator?
What kind of paint do you use on glass so that it doesnt come off????
I am a portraitpainter, not very succesful. How can I market my portraitpainting better?
Is it Tamara de Lempicka and her daughter on her painting 'The Green Turban'?
What should I charge for this type of painting/service?
Can anybody tell me about this painting?
Should I study painting/Fine Arts?
I have some old hard paint brushes how do i clean them and straighten out the hairs?
watercolor painting , questions ?
If paint peels off due to blister does this have to do with the type of paint used?
What kind of paper can I purchase in single sheets that I can paint on with acrylics?
hello everyone!!!!!!?
looking for an artist called spencer coleman or colman?
Does anybody know who this painting is by?
How can I play around with this Goya painting?
When stuey visits the Chicago art museum he states at a painting of a little girl. What is the painting called?
Mona Lisa's Original name?
What Do you think I should name this painting (picture)?
How do you something with gloss paint on?
OMG! are these real water color paintings?
Grant Wood's American Gothic?
artist young and old?
Where can I find acrylic and glass colour in dubai?
How do I know if my abstract is good?
Watercolor painting inspiration?
i am trying to find how much a oil painting is worth.?
what is the difference between watercolor, paint, and putting water on color pencil?
In what ways did early northern Renaissance paintings differ from Italian Renaissance paintings?
what is ur fav COLOR ?
1896 aurelio s. alvero?
I just painted a wooden cross now I want to put some kind of protection on it what should I use?
What’s the most expensive painting ever sold?
Could you refer your feelings of love to Micheal Angelo's painting Fingers?
Does anyone know who this painting is by?
God has made Flames in all colours, but why not Black colour?
1999-2001 game where you go through paintings into other dimensions/worlds?
Does anyone know where I can find some paintings by Ryan Burr?
Where can I find art dealers and art agents?
I have to compare 2 paintings from different ages. Can you help?
Many artists of this movement wanted to move away from the emphasis of light and color to a more expressive ap?
Name Of A Piece Of Art In "Mona Lisa Smile"?
When is the receiving date for the New Haven Paint and Clay Club Spring Exhibition?
Help finding symbols in this painting?
what is your favorite color(one only)?
can you name 7 painters?
If your life was an oil painting, what part of it would you paint today?
How to blend in dark and light colors in a painting for art class?
Is a print by Ted Kautzky, dated 1945, called Winter in New England, looks like water painting, is it valuable?
wher can I buy olympic paints besides lowes?
Peter max signed keyboard?
where doas tox go after we flash it?
What happens if you drop wintergreen oil onto brown paper?
Who painted this painting, and what is the name of the painting?
make up in art???
where in tempe, az can i sell my art?
I would like to learn how to paint, where do I start?
What's with European art andty?
Have you ever framed a painting painted by your child?
what product made it easier for the impressionist painters to paint outside?
who paints the sky at night?
there is an artist who paints life like 3-d murals it was sent in a e-mail-who is he?
I feel like painting, what should I paint?
can i use poster color for wood?
Need help finding a silk or semi-matte coated inkjet compatible paper?
Who was Gladys Judson. She painted charming pictures of black people...?
what is the nature of the colours?
Why do you love art, is art your passion?
which is a great website for talking to people who love or like graffiti?
What colour would everything be if everything didn't have a colour?
Who should I see about etching and scheliacing ?
is there a painting called Crabber's bait?
Photoshop Elements 6.0 > Working with Paint?
Depict the characters of Lady Macbeth on a blank mask...good vs evil type of a thing...?
where can i sell my thomas kinkade paintings?
did u like my art??any suggestions to improve it?
Nestor Carbonell?
Renaissance artwork - classical man. Please help!?
Serious critique on painting?
what are the 3 things Vincent Van Gogh experimented with?
What do you think of my drawing? Tell me what do you think honestly?
The modernist movement challenged American writers to ?
why is the painting of MONALISA so famous?
I added Varnish to an oil painting I finished 10 days ago. Is my painting ruined?
How to sell paintings on my own website?
Can one work for the painting/construction company without painting license?
Whats your fav song for getting into the painting mood?
Can I paint from a photo?
artists that paint buildings in the same style as edward hopper?
What type of pastels do i have?
Sell Art Print with Art brokers website?
anyone know any talented kids age 15 (painting) ?
What is your favourite colour?
Painting my face? Favorite team?
Which is the best surface for practicing acrylic painting?
what do you think about graffiti?
please help, looking for information on a painting?
Describe why 19th century art is important?
How much for roger san miguel painting ?
Are Karl Schmidt paintings valuable?
How do I remove dried acrylic paint from a clear plastic pallet?
is this a mona lisa myth?
Wondering if it's legal to make a painting that includes food items from McDonald's which visibly show the?
Was Jesus Christ black or white? Why is he represented in all his paintings as a white person?
What color should I paint my bedroom?
What paint to use on resin?
Can a Gallery charge you to wire your painting without telling you in advance?
I'd like to begin watercolor painting, but i dont know where to start!?
Where can I sell my paintings?
How to give my les paul a "vintage sunburst" coloring?
what do you think of my sons painting?
Can I make art prints of a 3D painting?
hi everyone : any suggestion to improve my web site design : ?
who is a famouse watercolor artist?
what should i do with my paintings?
Which Artist illustrated the early IBM print ads late 1940's - 1950's?
What is a composition board?
Where can i learn spray can art?????????
Airbrush seems to backfire why?
is livejournal dead?
slut sky/paint.what is the worth?
Why did Franz Marc paint animals,?
What paint should i use on my guitar?
Is someone out there willing to paint me from a photo?
Ideas for painting for boyfriend?
I need facts on Andy Warhol?
Can i spray paint my room?
I need 4 reasonably well known artists whose subject matter is figures.?
I'm looking for a Maxfield Parrish painting?
how do you mount a mural on a wall?
Graffiti is art or vandalism?
Hey how good is this painting?
can i use olive/corn oil as a medium for oil painting?
how were Rembrandt and Albrecht Durer's artwork similar?
what is you favorite color?
Hello everyone!!!!!?
Where can I get fabric spray paint?
How to transport a wet oil painting without damaging it?
what is applied art?what things r included in this? is painting and drawing r included in this?
when can i apply clear gesso?
Is Dali's art abstract?
Where is the original painting Landscape with Butterflies by Salvador Dali located?
painting roses?
who is the man who painted the famous piece of art with the apple over his face and its like.....?
Diego Rivera painting -- is it real or fake?
can I paint oils over gouache?
How do you make skin coloured paint?
Portraiture artists who use text in their work?
is parchment paper ok to use for stencils for spray paint? If not can you give me other suggestions?
Where do i go to start displaying and selling my own art?
what is a hand painted Hollohoza made in Hungary worth?
what do you think of this amazing painting?
Can you check my artist statement and correct, rephrase or interesting, if you have better idea?
how i can gat the grant for my projekt?
how do i find a painting when all i know is the artist and what it looks like?
WATERCOLOR PANDEMIC, in dire need of help?
Information on Jackson Pollock No. 5 painting?
cheap paint by solid content?
I have just come across a painting... Is it worth anything?
I am looking for a Don Troiani "Barksdale's Charge" print. Help greatly appreciated.?
can I paint a picture of a public place?
What do most artworks have in common?
best real paint to use as substitute face paint?
Can I make some pocket money out of art?
If you could paint the White House any color, which color would it be?
What colour should I use to piant ork Boyz?
What most painters expect when they hire someone to paint?
when was the painting "Allegorie De Soie" painted by Salvador Dali?
a very, very complicated question?
What is number painting?
Is Napoleon life-sized in "Crossing the Alps" by Jacques-Louis David?
Where to buy Sebastian Int....?
Who and what influenced Vincent Van Gogh's artworks?
What is your Favorite color?
I am ast. I have decided to take nude modelling as a career should I begin with my career?
How can i get sai paint tool on my computer ??
Are soft pastels or oil pastels easier to use?
What are examples of naturalism and humanism in paintings from the renaissance?
Oil painting on wood; do I need to treat the wood first?
I want to sell some prints on e-bay. They are recognised Monet prints but are copied by someone else.?
looking for a collector of antiques to help me reserch what i hae to know the value?
I'm looking for abstract pictures - faces, any one can help?
thoughts on painting in blood?
Will painting on my ukulele change the acoustics?
What is the name of the famous painting based on the Manhattan grid system?
Where can I get the least expensive Atrist's Oil Paints and supplies?
Is it okay to spray paint my instrument?
Multi-media -- printing, lacquering and painting?
Do you think Graffiti is Art?
Anyone know the whereabouts of Edinburgh College of Arts graduates David Ian Ross and Mary McMillan Ross?
Trying to find a painting?
How & to Whom can I sell my Paintings (Renaissance) ?
Does anyone know where I can look online to find a painting i am looking for?
How can I improve this painting?
what are chromatic neutrals?
How long will I have to wait after spraying a painting with retouch varnish by mistake before I can spray?
Did you know MotherskyDrangonfly finished the painting WOMEN,what does the olive branch mean?
What would you pay for an original lanscape oil painting, size 15"x18"?
I find steadying my hand very difficult with a mahl stick, is there anything else i can use for more control?
Who are your 5 favourite artists, and why does their work touch you?
Can i fix this can of paint?
Please help me frame this print of a painting: Mat? Frame?
What is the best time of a day?why?
I want to paint some flowers on my Fender Strat. What paint should I use?
Why do People get Tattoo even though our skin is not a painting?
Painting Vs. Photography As Fine Art?
What is the stuff you're supposed to put on a mason tile before you spray paint over it?
How much do you think this can sell for?
Sell Art Print with Art brokers website?
which Acrylic painting tools should i buy?
IS there a way to differenciate bad art from good?
Vincent Van Gogh discovery. VGM soon to release press info. How much would an unknown gogh be worth?
What kind of paint is this?
Looking for pictures of hands by famous artists?
Can one paint their eyeglass frames?
(Artists please answer) How long did it take you to become good at drawing and painting?
Who is Candido Portinari?
Does anyone know how to find the painting called HERE by Mary Englebright?
I need an artist who has a few works of cubistic art, and the works of art are from 1980 on.?
Painting with watercolor?
Need help to answer a question about MS Paint?
boxes for shipping a painting?
Which is the most beautiful colour?
thinned out oil on bristol?
Can someone please help me identify this painting or what the story behind it is?
is painting dead(art)are there no more movements to discover?
Do you think it's possible to paint, a tie die type of pattern?
Pre-Raphaelite painting?
can you help me analyse the colours used in this painting?
looking for Sonja Bezuidenhout - we grew up together in Kliprivier?
Help plzzzzz...!! caption for a modern art...!!! plzz plzz?
i need to find a acrlyic painters name, A painting I have and I can not make out all letters in his name.?
how can i find out how much my sinatra painting is worth?
What song is this, and who's the artist?
Painting ideas !?!?! please help?
Sell paintings?
Is American "genre" painting considered a stylistic period?
HI i want to do calligraphy painting course could you suggest me from where can STAY VIKAS PURI THANX?
Does anyone know of the place and death of an artist called Felix Emile Andrews?
i will want 2 model?
who is your favourite artist?
are prints by saul steinberg of any value?
How do you proncounce the artists JACKSON POLLOCK'S last name?
What is a good website with design patterns and examples for when painting a birdhouse?
What should I paint with watercolours?
Where can I buy body paint!! Help!!?
Funny reasons for why the mona lisa is smiling?
How much was a Monet painting worth in 1919 that was made in 1865?
Which art painting would match the mood of the song "Beethoven's Virus"?
ANY tips on face painting?
The Museum of Modern Art ?
i have 6 hand painted rooster glasses signed by kathi urbach. Does anyone know the artist and possible value?
Why isnt sumo paint working anymore!?
Is it possible to paint snow in your backyard plaid?
36 Views of Mt. Fuji Question?
What is this the name & artist of this song..?
Advice on which paint to use?
Can you make every color out of red, blue, green, yellow, black, and white?
How many paintings of Gala did Dalí paint?
Paint Tool SAI question (please help)?
Can anyone help me identify a painting?
Anyone know any artists that paint birds or focus on the bird life cycle?
nathan the painter has an appraisal value with it want to know did it go up?
What painting medium was used?
Chasing Vermeer editorial help?
how to you paint a rose from a photo with acrylic? Thx!?
What do you think of my Idea? Suggestions welcomed?
Is my painting I bought on the swap meet an old work of art?
What is the difference between an Artist and a painter ?
where to seal artwork?
is it okay to mix oil paints with washing up liquid to make them spread evenly and smoothly?
is there an earth tone color palette?
what do the words on this photo say? (japanese)?
information on spilner watercolor artist early 1900s?
What do you think of this paiting that I used with the bob ross tecnique?
Famous realism artists pre 1970?
how to paint a design?
Still life exam tomorrow, any advise or tips would be amazing!?
finding a artist q-uevins?
How can I paint glasses?
which medium yields brighter colors for painting - oil or acrylic?
Am I allowed to sell MY paintings of Disney characters?
How can i find an art agent?
gaga want to learn how to silkscreen... Is it hard??
Where can i find this painting online or on google?
famous street artists?
what type of paint should i use. im looking for a high performance paint?
In Salvador Dali's painting of the melting clocks I know that the time on each clock has to mean something?
What do you prefer drawing or painting?
Tips for BALLOON PAINTING? ex: Princess Diaries.?
what do you think of my new painting??
Painter question? :)?
how much does a oil canvas cost?
face paint?
How much does master highlighting cost for a Kinkade canvas?
Is there any product on the market that is comparable to Golden's Liquid Acrylics?
What is the best homemade chalk board paint recipe?
Would Painter's Paint Markers need Clear Coat?
Can't remember artist - painting of a girl reaching up to a door, flowers?
Who is a man walking away in "Adoration of the Mystic Lamb"?
how to find art agent 2 sell paintings?
Advice on pricing paintings?
where can you buy glow in the dark paint?
im trying to find some paintings by an artist Sheila pilmouth.?
Make me proud, Name a painter?
Arty ideas for a piece of wood?
What can I put on to seal the paint?
Can You Use a Fiberglass Panel for Oil Paints?
Show me some differnt paint colors?
Where are the boundaries between painting and mixed media?
what should i name my face painting company?
white, is it all colors combined or no color at all?
My business partner got a domain name w/ small business, she got conf. # and a password(that doesnt work
Are there any accurate paintings of Cleopatra?
What Van Gogh painting is this?
Artists often use which of the following to suggest depth in a painting?
Can anyone please tell me what an Otheograph is?
What qualities do you need to be an artist?
How much should my daughter sell her paintings for?
Edgar Degas - Blue Dancers?
The painter Rodling?
Was Edouard Manet famous and what was his most famous work?
Do I need a canvas for melted crayon art?
Can someone help me find the artist and name of a painting I'm looking for?
price paid at auction for painting by nicolae tempeanu?
How do I find out information about an old print, "Evening on Long Island" by Moulin A Vent?
I need some help with my Face Painting?
How do i Paint my Converse High Tops? and make it stay?
what year did salvador dali die?
Where can I buy spray paint for art projects? Not Home Depot etc?
Have you ever bought a craft kit that the paint was so crappy that came w/ it?
Who painted flowers that looked like private parts?
has anyone used watercolors on basswood?
Glow in the dark paint?
i need help finding out where i can find "the singing Bulters" original size and what type of paint used
Is a sealant necessary on a canvas painting done with acrylic paint?
What do you get if you mix purple and orange?
why aren't black and white colors?
Who's a well known 19th Century (Or earlier) artist...?
Can anyone paint on the Lennon Wall? ?
if black is not a primary color, what colors do you mix to make black?
What is your favorite color (or color mix) to use for flesh tones on portraits?
Are you in to Art?
What do you think about my painting?
Joshua has 10 paintings and wants to hang one of them on each of 3 walls in his house. He is going to store th?
The Umbrellas by Les Parapluies?
Would watercolor work over spray can white paint?
What kind of paint should I use to paint clay figures?
Why do artists glorify the 'starving artist' ethic? Whatever happened to independent capitalism?
who painted the art on the wall behind this lady?
what is the name of the painter or painting?
realism, hyper realism and photo realism, is there a difference?
Why are so many artists (painters) so odd and lazy?
what to do with mold on a painting?
where would i look for conquistador oil paintings on canvas?
Is humbrol paint waterproof?
Chris Garver Tatto - Of Painting - Girl Crying Blood?
I have observed that painters are amongst the least sensitive artists?
What is the name of the painting of the eucharist (in The Louvre) depicting a glorious Christ with Angels?
value of reproduction prints?
ARTISTS! Can anyone tell me what technique this is!?
How can you get acrylic to be more like oil paint?
what type of paint do i use to re-paint my shoes?
Value of camille pissarro print?
What artist invented perspective?
is it legal to sell your own paintings on internet?
What Artists in 1863 began there name with the letters G.H. ?
Some help with a body paint?
Can anyone help me find out the name of this painting?
Information about Henri Matisse?
Where is The Death of Marat by Jacques-Louis David currently on display?
Using contemporary mirror settings, space 4 would be seen?
How do I remove acrylic off a watercolor painting?
Help me find a painting, get ten points.?
What is the name of the painter whose signature is E. Lee?
How many versions of The Scream are there?
what about Matisse?
what's about drupa exhibition in dusseldorf 2010?
Suggestions on how to finish this painting?
is there such a thing as edible glow in the dark paint?
Why don't you paint?
HELP needed! What else to add to my painting? HELP needed! Pictures inside?
Black canvas. I need subject Ideas.?
do you know this painting?
Oil Paint - drying agent?
Name of a Salvador Dali painting?
Why has my painting faded?
website of painter ann celia?
How to i make a retro type drawing?
f. cobbolo 1828 painter?
Can you please identify the sculpture at the Louvre, Paris, shown in the following Picasa link?
where canI find a photo of the British Parmalogical Society building?
please explain to me the differences of types of paint?
Really stupid useless question but i am asking it anyways?
Question about Neoclassical painting?
What's the name of the painting by Soga Shōhaku with the two gods, one blue on the ground and one in a tree?
what is the painting with god's hand reaching out to another?
what do you think about female graffiti writers?
What kind of paint is ok to use on baked polymer clay?
What is the best way to mix basic acrylic paint colors to get the color of Caucasian skin?
Quick! What would look cool with a poisonous mushroom?
Why did Sidney Nolan start painting a memoir series of paintings of Ned Kelly 100 years after Kelly's death?
what are the elements of this painting??
Painting of an Artist - William Dobell?
Any recommendations or techniques for showcasing artwork?
how long must i wait for acrylic paint to dry before i can apply the varnish?
Trying to remove dried-on acrylic to large piece of plexiglass. HELP!?