Where can an artist display work in Cambridge, England?
artists. ive heard many times that you should shy away from entering art festivals an art fairs why is that?
What was Francisco de Goya's preferred topic to draw/paint/recreate?
How much would a painting by Charles Rennie Macintosh be worth?
How to paint a Sunset scene?
Is Krylon Spray Paint dangerous on skin?
What is this painting (does anyone have a picture of it)?
What is a good art school that i could go to in the south east of brisbane?
i have a painting i want to know wat its worth plz help heres the certification number 41592?
Why is yellow the color of Capitalism?
how to do aling painting furinture?
Is a painting of people dancing expressionism?
at the beginning of the Renaissance, rich families in florence became patrons of the arts in order to :?
how to picturised a natural beautiful ladey art?
what is the best type of paint to work with?
ART PEOPLE help me out please :)?
What would be around the normal price to charge for a painted wall mural?
Fine Art paintings to hang in a house?
We have an oil painting its an harbour scene with an old type yacht,something you might see in Greece ,?
Anyone know about glass painting websites & also give some ideas of glass painting.?
Painting software question?
What is the best material (surface) for oil painting besides canvas?
Art help please with a painting by Rene Magritte?!?
Ok I have been painting my room and asked several questions already.?
program lik corel Painter 11?
Do you get back pain when you paint?
Which studio can custom my oil portrait painting with high quality and affordable price?
Artists that explore this kind of thing?
Is this type of art still popular?
What's the name of the colour you get by mixing orange and green ?
In this painting what should go in the bottom right corner?
silk screen help?
Who painted this depiction of Jesus Christ?
who are some paint splatter artist?
I am looking for an artist who can paint me when I am fully naked, do you know anyone in London ?
Paiinting in Frasier?
How do you have a paint fight?
What is the best way to display, frame or hang an African Batik painting in my office????
I am looking for some well designed creative websites on paintings, particularly contemporary art?
Please answer with your opinion, If you were in a Cafe..?
is canvas (artist's canvas) made of fabric?
Turn a painting into a poster?
Again , I need to enlarge some paintings I received by e-mail ?
Dose some one Know the value of George Jensen?
What's better gouache or poster paint?
What is truly art: a painting that takes 2 months or a painting that takes 15 minutes?
Who saw the Bodies exhibit and what you thought of it?? I enjoyed it and found it facsinating .?
Who made that painting of Dante & Virgil exploring one of the 7 rings or somethin'?
i am looking for a painting from the t.v. show drop dead diva?
I'm an Unknown Painter and would like my work exposed, any advise?
Was Andy Warhol racist?
Did Holbein paint in watercolors,?
Metal flakes in wall paint?
Duccio and Giotto were two artists whose innovations in ...?
If you're an artist & have ever had a creative "block", how long b4 you overcame this?What are some tips?
does using paint pens on your griptape ruin it?
how does Hieronymus Bosch and his paintings show these traits...?
how much cost a herb parnall painting?
bedroom art studio?????????????
can i use watercolour paints on a cotton canvas?
Anyone familiar with Thomas Kinkade?Should you shine a light on a picture to get the full effect?
i need imformation on a artist hutchman noon?
what is the best acrylic paint?
What are some fun easy things to paint?
what do you preder to hang on your walls?
where can i find pictures of arcangel when he was young?
I HAVE A PAINTING BY AN ARTIST NAMED "FUMIO KITAOKA"where can i find info about this artist?
what is the best kind of paint to use on glass.?
what is the name of the painting that has a skull at the bottom - that you can only see from certain angles?
does anyone know of michael scott, the contemp. british artist?
Is there a way I can do this on MyPaint?
Which picasso painting is this?
Where can I get white body paint?
where can i find acrylic paints? if you know where to get it at SF thats a plus. thanks!?
which carrier oil is sometimes called "red oil"?
I need a fresh blood offfering?
I changed the suit color and cleaned it up a little. Opinion?
Ken Arts and Gallery ? does any one know anything about it?
What do you think this painting means?
the totally abstract nature of absolute music males it unique among the arts?
Antoine Blanchard painting - authentic?
What is the original size of Monet's "Sunset in Venice"?
i m looking for art collector of India who are buyers and purchasing paintings is anyone know them?
if it was possible, what would you ask Henri Matisse?
I have an old painting I bought at an auction?
what stores carrie montana paint?
do you know an artist by the name of R S Taylor?
Will Acrylics work with a Ceramics piece?
I need a pattern to paint an angel.?
what is the top selling painting idea ... flowers? animals? landscapes?
What do you see from this painting???At least I can't see anything?
What should i paint a picture of?
Compare and Contrast Chuck Close and Vincent Van Gogh. OR Chuck Close and Claude Monet?
Oil painting substitutes for linseed oil?
PLEASE answer as noone will.?
Is anyone familiar with an impressionist painting composed of flowers being sold by a street vendor?
Does anyone know the artist of these paintings?
paint shop pro problems?
What would be a good idea to remake the American Gothic painting?
Are new colours being created everyday?
I have a porfirio salinas painting?
Why did Andy warhol paint Mao ?
what were vincent van gogh's characteristics?
What is an A. Ferrari painting (born 1942) worth?
I want to start an online portrait painting business. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Where can i get my guitar painted in Delhi.?
Any argumentative research paper ideas or topics please?
How much should I charge to paint a mural on a cafe wall?
I found an old oil painting..artist Leila Creel. Is anyone familiar with her?
What are the names of these two paintings in spanish?
How should I incorporate a " lipstick smear " in a painting?
To Joan H. I'm still a beginner..?
What was his message?
I'm Looking for a freelance drawer and possibly painter in Los Angeles, CA?
is reeves oil paint toxic?
paul gauguin painting worth?
what type of paint should i use for anime drawings?
Does age affect what an artist creates?
Who painted the painting at the beginning of Linkin Parks video Somewhere I belong ?
IVOR BIGUN.....was he a famous artist or composer?
Is there a painting that depicts a man leaving worldly possessions behind?
How do I pack/ship a canvas painting for ebay?
Are you supposed to seal a water color painting behind glass when you frame it?
Are you creative enoughh?
Do you like my painting/drawing thing? :]?
I am about to paint my guitar and I wonder if it's ok to use automotive paint to paint it.?
Does anyone have any information on Jim Dines Hearts project?
Which Group of Seven Painting is This?
Hey what do you think??
Do I paint light colours or dark colours first?
When did Vincent Van Gogh drew Starry Night?
All Who Paint . . . please answer my question about canvas.?
Paint tool Sai question?
who likes Rene Magritte?
oil paint dry????????????????????????????????????/…
If you were to buy a painting what would it be?
Do you know the title for Albert Tucker's self portrait 1937?
How does Leonardo Da Vinci use color and space in Madonna of the rocks?? ?
Did any Renaissance painters in Europe find inspiration in Arabic beauty?
A Goldsmith in His Shop, Possibly Saint Eligius?
Where can I get body paint to paint myself for a sporting event?
how did brasque use value in the painting woman with guitar?
Is This Painting Good For a 13 Year Old?
How is the meaning different between Caravaggio’s and Gentileshchi’s painting of Judith Slaying Holofernes?
I am an artist. But it's hard for me to get myself painting. What should I do?
Cine a pictat SOTII ARNOLFINI?
I have a modern art painting by an artist that looks like "Reud" or "Reucl". Anyone know who this is?
Where was J.E. Sampson Canadian artist born?
How do I find information on Prints by artists William Collins and Walter Boodle?
Other JPL 1969 Paintings?
Is Housing-Painting a good job?
image of a g gardiner?
who sells the best one coat coverage craft paint?
The St. Sebastian of the Louvre?
what's your favorite 2 colors?
Warhol art from photos I heard that makes it, is it only on canvas?
What kind of paint will stain clothing?
how do i paint a cardboard pyramid?D:?
how to fix my water color painting?
Subliminal messages in the Sistine Chapel?
Painting by Monet (Artist's Kiss?)?
A dark painting of a woman stanking in a boat..called lady death I think or something like it?
How do I paint transparent objects with oil paints?
whats your favourite colour?
Please help me any assistance is appreciated?
What is the going rate for decorative / sign painting?
what color does it make when you blend green and yellow?
Who is the person in this Painting? Or who Painted? #Art?
Do you know how to mix colors in painting?
Why do paintings of artists sell for so much money, after there dead?
why is the mona lisa so important?
Vincent van Gogh described his purpose and style as follows: "we may succeed in creating a more exciting and c
What color can I add to red to make dark red?
how do you paint a verdaccio underpainting?
How do you make a canvas?
name 3 of leonardo da vincis designs and why they are seen to be ahead of his time?
What do you think of Gustave Dore's drawing of the Passion?
What 2 acrylic painting colors make Old Royal?
"magically magnetic" paint?
Can anyone tell me a famous landscape painting?
What kind of paint should I use to paint a t shirt?
Blue Colour?
How do you use salt to paint?
who is the author of this painting ?
Does acrylic paint work over latex paint if latex is dry?
How can I make an oil painting look old?
i am looking for a website that can show me different techniques and effects that can be applied to canvases?
Is modern art really art?
Can anyone think of a classical roman/greek painting/sculpure/work of art that follows these guidelines?
i have a painting called lady playing mandoline by ha van vuong can anyone tell me tha value of it?
what are some techneques used in the painting wonderer above the sea of fog?
What's the best way to ship a painting across the country?
Thinking of painting a little bit of my interior in my car?
Could this painting be worth some money(photos)?
Paul Ruebens?
An original painting by comedienne Phyllis Diller of Rory Emerald; what's it worth?
What is a good username for an artist(painter)?
What can i paint for someone who loves marine biology?
Does Basics acrylic paint contain lead?
leonardi di vinci?
Easy to do?
What are the characteristics of fauvism?
All-white painting? Help me remember the name?
what is the japanese name of japanese painting?
I have some antiques here with pictures?
What products should we use for textured artwork?
What is the name of the painting of the "sad young bishop" portrait in the Boysen Decore commercial / advert?
Are burgandy and maroon the same color?
how would you get a baby oil stain out of a wall?
Where can i buy the andy warhol banana bag?
what is the best brand of watercolor? Is expensive watercolor worth the money?
How do I read my oil stick?
Picasso's " boy with a pipe".Why is the boy wearing a band of flowers around his head.?
what is the best color?
Questions about the painter, Rembrandt?
anyone knwo any silk screen printing artists?
Social and political surrounding of The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo?
What is the painting medium of the mona lisa?
How much is my painting worth?
Where was Pablo Picasso born?
What is the effect the paintings of Winslow Homer has had on you?
Good info about George o keeffe ?
My digital paintings, rate them and what do you think?
How much would a painting by Charles Rennie Macintosh be worth?
Who is the painter of this painting? And possibly the painting's name?
a question about paint brushes?
What's best way to store oil & acrylic painting in the home?
An online website for me to buy 'Royal Soft Grip' and 'Loew Cornell' 's brushes that ships internationally?
There is a picture or painting out there of some stairs that are all over the place? Wut is the name of it?
What are examples of themes (motifs) in artwork?
whats the deal with abstract expressionism?
Paint - whats the difference between purple and violet, if any?
Can anyone tell me where i can buy a copy of the following poster. THE W ATER BABY BY HERBERT JAMES DRAPER?
What color should I paint my room?
Any Artists need a Life Model to draw or paint In Madison Wisconsin Area?
What's the best way to outline a painting?
Save he ARTS?
How to get paint to STAY in clothes?
name of a painting that you can't tell what it is...?
How is the intensification of artists' self-consciousness in the Baroque period displayed in the arts?
Please help identify painting - Manet?
I need An article about use of Distortion in Surrealism.?
How do logos get designed and painted on to fields that look like their standing up?
Master chiefs color in halo 4?
help me estimate this please!?!?
Cani use painters tape on paper?
Blue Dog Artist.?
What can i paint/draw at home?
Help me identify this famous painting please!?
painting a tear wondering about color?
I'm a painter, how can i get my paintings into a gallery to have them displayed?
can someone tell me about painter Artesmia Gentileschi and her time spent in Britain?
what color should i paint my room?
Confirmation name?
how can I remove regular ball pen from a gouache painting?
Is this a painting or charcoal drawing?
what to do with mold on a painting?
Famous painting: something like "Explosion in a Cathedral"?
How do i keep paint cans from clogging?
what color do you suggest in matching it with color GRAY?
Thinking about doing a masters study but dont know who to study from?
Help with painting homework?
Whats a good subject to paint for a children's room?
need info on artist, name of R Hirschel?
I have an old canvas painting, could I reuse the canvas and paint over it?
featured article on ultra realism artist?
Who was the blind artist?
where can I buy non-reflective museum glass for my pictures or framed art online?
How do I paint a shirt?
I need to find a renaissance painting, sculpture, movie, or song that was made after 1700?
lack of motivation and lack of inspiration. how can i get inspired?
What are the first steps as a beginner painter?
am i going to be a painter? if not then "WHY"?
7) What are 3 or more ways that artists can convey the presence of time in their artworks?
What isthe song by US artists for a charity/cause..a few yrs back?
Looking for Art Collectors?
Who is the best painter according to u?
Would you buy this artwork? Why or why not?
Can you spray paint a beanie hat?
What was Willem Kalf's (painter) painting style?
is tempera painting can execute on large scale painting?
i need to see print of field of poppies by claude monet (1873)?
How much are Philip Lyford Paintings worth?
What two color mix together is orange? purple?
Would oil color or acrylic paint work on a plastic school folder?
beginner painter?
What inspired hundertwasser? and how?
Can I buy glow in the dark paint?
Salvadore Dali?
How do I display original art on a wall in a public place without pounding a bunch of nails in the walls.?
could anyone help me with tanjore/mysore painting classes in east banglore?
Idea for painting with hidden letter in a "scene" it is just one letter of my initials which are..?
What's the cheapest and quickest way to frame a painting?
Colouring shrink plastic.. What can I use?! Normal acrylic paint perhaps? Hmm...?
I have two sepia prints of Briton Riviere's religious paintings of Daniel in the Lion's Den. How valuable?
How much is my painting worth?
Who made this glassware set and possibly when?
water colors dry very quickly during rendering,please can you tell me any tip so that water col. dry very late?
what are the similarities between modern art and contemporary art???
What do you think of my art?
How to paint splatter a bookbag?
IMPORTANT! When was the sea at les saintes-maries-de-la-mer painted?
DeviantArt monitored by the police ?
I have a piece of art worth around $5,000. I'd like to sell it, but don't know the best way. Any one?
ok I have Karl Ritcher, Klaus Ritcher, Karen Ritcher, you art experts how can I tell which one did the job?
where can i find a store in chicago that sells car paint?
what is the secret behind Mona Lisa's smile?Please no Dan Brown answers!!?
peace love happiness painting
why did michelangelo paint the sistine chapel ceiling?
im trying write/make a symbol kind of thing on a white shirt..what do i do?
Can I get your opinion on and title suggestion for this painting idea?
Why is blue not yellow?
can you give me the name of this painting?
Art sketchbook help please?
a insight of how john brack ''the car'' created his painting and how is it important to australians ?
Is there a book showing most of Arnold Bockling' s paintings?
how i do freelancing?
Can someone tell me what is the name of this painting and who is the painter?
Artists: Would you give up a well-respected job to pursue entrepreneurial interests?
pen to glass?
where can I find tole painting materials near Mississauga, Ont?
need info on oculopharyngeal?
What was Tamara De Lempicka's inspiration for painting Jeune Fille Vert?
How can i make acrylic paint shiny?
Is paint miscible or is it immiscible?
Golden painting. An artist wants her painting to be in the shape of a golden rectangle. If the length of the?
painting chrome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
out of all the impressionists who was the best?
hi is it ok to say in english i told him today about the painting or i have told him about the painting toda?
How did northern renaissance artists blend italian renaissance ideas with their own?
Art Portfolio Difficulty: Extra Questions i appreciate for advice?
Can anyone help me to figure out the name of a vintage tiki/exotica painter?
Experts: Can a sparkling gold illusion be created with oils?
Need Help With Identifying Artist Signature?
John Haymson watercolor, i think?
format of starry night by Van Gogh..and how it participates in its meaning?
define patronage?
car advertisement wall painting?
What are the most well-known pieces of Artemisia Gentileschi?
where can i find pop art paintings?
where can i find Da vinci's paitings online?
how many years did it take michelangelo to complete his painting on the ceiling of the sistine chapel?
Why did Van Gough cut his ear off?
Does anyone know who painted the below?
Average shipping cost for an 11x14 canvas painting?
I inherited a painting and want to find information on it including its value.?
What is your favorite color???????WHY??????
Is wearing a mask with spray paint on it safe?
How can I manipulate values in my painting. My painting seems weak ?
I need HELP! Ideas for a Children's Rock n Roll Portrait?
what is the best clear coat to use for spray paint? ?
What do people do to help those with crutches?
what kind of paint would i use to paint my xbox controller?
how do i move a picture on paint tool sai?
Any idea how I can get job in oil paint restorations..?
Question about the last supper ?
what is the form of this painting?
help with painting please?
What artists painted windmills?
Who is the best painter of all times?
Is my painting worth money?
Do u know anything about Picasso's artwrok " Don Quixote"?
What is that famous painting of a naked white (statue-like) man simply lying down with his hand on his head?
How do I paint my paper to make it look like an ancient map?
If you know alot about Leonardo, then answer fast please?
info about artist anton h dahl?
cray pas junior artist oil pastels question...?
How do I get a light peachish color?
does anyone know of a bessie guttman-?
art history question?
A famous piece of Art?
Easily recognizable celebrities?
I've recently taken up painting, where is a good place to sell my artwork?
I have a piece of art worth around $5,000. I'd like to sell it, but don't know the best way. Any one?
What is the general price for puffy/ dimensional paint and fabric markers?
What are the basic steps to create an oil painting?
what is your valuable feedback on
Teenage bedroom mural ideas?
whats this art and whos it by
I hate my artwork... What do I do?
What's the name of the painting in the Thomas Crown Affair of the man with an apple in front of the his face?
How do you put a price on your paintings?
Does the artist get royalties or money from 21million sale?
How many coats of spray paint do I need for a skateboard deck?
Have you ever splatter painted? How do you feel about it?
how do you create depth with color in pictorial space?
what is the difference between frame for picture and frame for oil painting?
Who is the artist of this painting?
What does this painting by Diego Rivera represent?
I wonder if Ivo Stoyanov thinks its that cut and dry?
Whats chur favorit colour?
How should I paint this sign?
who here loves art?!?
Where does Ruben's painting of Caterina Grimaldi currently reside?
What should i paint?
In painting-fine art, what is considered a still life? Can it only be indoors? And can people be it it?
where can I buy starry night?
When you buy a Rose for someone do u believe that the color of the Rose has a meaning to it like these colors?
What is the story behind Simon Pereins' painting The Altar of Pardon (Altar del Perdon)?
where to buy metalic gold body paint?
How do you make a paint by number look more realistic?
Did you ever start painting an art work or carve or play a musical instrument like a pro when you never did be?
What do I do about giving my art a realistic look?
is H.R. Giger still alive?
There's a painting by a Dutch artist with lots of objects in it... anyone know who it's by?
Where is the easiest & fastest place to sell my paintings with a good price?
How much are these paintings worth (approximately)?
How has Jackson Pollack's abstract expressionist paintings, made life better for human beings?
where can i buy montana cans in stores??
Can textile paint work well on primed canvas?
Know anything about Leonardo Da Vinci?
On Paint on the computer all colors turn out black? Why?
color place spray paints what should i use for a clear coat? for an xbox 360 CONTROLLER?
what do you think about graffiti?
can any1 tell me where can i go online to find drawing lessons plzzzzzzzz!?
how do i find unclothed big beautiful women without resorting to pornography?
What is the difference between representational and naturalistic pertaining to art?
acrylic pad and oil paints? ideas? read description?
Could anyone possibly identify these paintings and more importantly the artist? (1830's from Holland)?
Best Way to make face paint?
Surrealism Art ?????
What is a limited edition Peter Max print worth?
What do you think of my paintings?
what will you do if you already know that you don't have any chance in the heart of someone you love?
What do you think of this drawing?
Where can i buy an oil painting of a lion?
Do you think purple is a good orange color with yellow and green. What would be a good name for this color...
where can i find Information on works of arts?
Making the color skin tones out of primary colors?
What was your favorite color as a child?
Any good artists/photographers who focus on cats?
a qustion about Chinese painting?
Airbrush Paint question?
what will happen if you zoom in on the absolutely perfect golden section -will it be a transformation to art?
Does anybody know any information about this painting?
What type of paint is good on plastic models for a shiny metallic look?
has any one tried the paint zoom from the informocial?
Do you think that Gustav Klimt is a great artist?
What are some artists that paint the human form?
How do I blend paint colors!?
I have a pierre auguste renoir painted signed and dated 1866. Avase of mixed flowers "Spring Bouquet". What?
What is the most economical method to reproduce an original watercolor painting?
sugest any modern figure who could be described as a Romantic artist or thinker?
How do you remove crusted paint?
What kind of paint should I use to paint a mural on an outdoor metal utility box?
Which Paint is best for body painting?
Mexican War Paintings?
Can somebody explain why this painting is highly valued?
german painter fl harder around1920.need information?
Does anyone remember a painting of a boy putiing some ballet shoes on a bench with a baseball cap behind him?
what do you think about my art?
whats the meaning of life?
How often did Charles M. Russell take a bath?
Life and Death art ideas?
What is the best way to do glazing and washing techniques using acrylic paint on artist's canvas?
How to use Red Spray paint on a Black Shirt?
any color ideas for a tie-dyed t-shirt?
Any1 know anything bout a painter from 60's,70's named octavia thompson,mainly oil,sunset with windmills?
I'm looking for a painting similar to Flaming June...?
Any info about Carroll King, an artist or painter please?
how do mountains represent Canada?
can someone help with with one question about the painting "The Triumph of Death?
What do you think makes a good portrait?
Can't decide: painting a wall mural or putting up art in my bedroom...?
where can I buy large rolls of linen?
Trying to research a male artist that does abstract portraits?
Artists: Do you ever get really vivid visions in your mind's eye?
Your favorite color?
If you were to paint something what would you paint?
where can i get the paints that the old master used?
How much does a swirl paint job cost?
how good are Reeves oil paints?
What are some visual/artistic techniques used in this painting of this photograph?
Does anyone recognize the paintings on these Bruckner CDs?
What's the best paint for painting action figures you plan on using?
I have 2 original oil paintings back during WW2. How much do you think they are worth?
What size Alex Morgan painting should I get?
can self taught artist be as successful as artists who went to art academies?
Help, easy one word answer, 10 points!?
Would Acrylic Paint Work Over Latex Paint?
do you like my painting?
i have a painting pierre aguste renoire i want to know if its real?
what is the painting of a lady playing violin to a full room?
Is this painting worth money?
How do I create long-lasting bas relief on canvas?
What is the message behind sureal artwork?
Can anyone tell me about this artwork?
Where did pop artists get ideas for their artworks?
what is the name of an artistic stidio?
is gary colman dead?
do u sell somthing that your proud of?
I forgot the name of my favorite painter help!?
What was the influence of Japanese prints/art on impressionism?
which dries faster oil paints or watercolor paints ?
Some art questions? :)?
Do you know about Armenian painter Arshile Gorky?
What is a "resist" technique in acrylic paint?
accrylic painting fixative-what does it do?
i'm looking to find out more about 2 paintings i have, i do have pictures but can not find where to go to find?
who's your favorite artist?
is there such as thing as a successful artist with a happy life?
This girl Marla (4 years) can really paint good?
what twelve sketch colours indicate?
Can I paint on my guitar without having to sand it?
What would you say if your friend very lightly touched a Picasso painting at a museum?
Hiya, do you mind giving me the name of an artist who has painted shoes?
Can you mix spray paint and glow stick stuff?
there is an artist who paints life like 3-d murals it was sent in a e-mail-who is he?
Whats the best book for learning Oil Painting?
opinions and advice on my painting?
Lee and Leslie Keno are antique dealers, I am trying to get an email address or physical address to ask.?
Adding sand to paint?
what kind of paint program is SAI?
what colours mixed together make green?
10 famous Diego Rivera paintings.?
How to make an old leather book effect in painting?
What type of painting should i use for a beach painting?
is there a czech painter k.vitek who painted in 1933?
Can someone paint a canvas for me please?
anyone know who painted this painting?from a grade 10 visual arts textbook....?
Do street and graffiti artists work differently to artists in general?
How can you clean old oil paintings?
Can you paint regular acrylic paints on non-fired pottery??
Van Gogh or Monet?
How can I relax and just paint without critiquing myself or something?
Is it stupid to have yellow for a favorite color?
Can you customize T-shirts with acrylic paints?
what are some political aspects of 15th century paintings?
Whats a paint so I can use and put Polyurethane or Nitrocellulose on it?
Other than the primary colors and black and white, what other colors of paint should I get to paint acrylic?
How do you remove acrylic paint from carpet?
Where was Leonardo da Vinci educated?
I am trying to find the first name of a painter sined reynolds who painted a girl playing a flute while crosse
Who else is going to Painter Wolfgang Bauer's Gallery Closing party on June 9th?
I have to paint a cityscape?
need help with canvas wall art!?! please?
Whats the most famous Roman Painting?
How old is the monalisa?
about vat dye?
How much would a Grandma Moses print from 1951 Springtime on the Farm be worth?
How can I carry a large canvas while riding a bike?
Is there a difference between acrylic and enamel paint?
How to make a skinny cap for spray paint cans.?
What kind of paint do I use for cotton T-shirts?
Did anyone ever paint along with Bob Ross?
Can you help me with anything that would look good on my project for Art please?
Does anyone know the name of this painting?
What is the general price for puffy/ dimensional paint and fabric markers?
Anyone ever painted a painting ?
I want to know the history of Jonathan Green's painting called " Dora and Friend"?
whats the meaning of the artwork 'Whaam!' by Roy Lichtenstein?
Art colleges do not offer academic art, classical realism drawing and painting. Where should I study?
Acrylic vs oil paints?
How do you think of this painting?
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My husband keeps looking up nude women on the internet. I know this from loooking up his history. What should?
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Looking for a picture on the net thats able to copy. Its a painting by Francois Gerard called the music lesson
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