what kind of paper should i use if i'd use mixed media rendering? (watercolor, markers, color pencils)?
what is the best website for finding out the latest about art news.?
What kind of paint and sealer should I use to paint a splatter pattern on plastic?
what type of white paint is good to use on man made black leather?
How was Albrecht Durer inspired in his work? GET 10 points!?
What kind of techniques did Francis Bacon use in his art work?
I have a painting of an old man taking a thorn from a litttle girls finger, she is standing in a wheel barrel.
i want to paint (costomize) some nike dunk highs...?
Spray Can Trick? (MS Paint)?
I would like to sell my paintings and such on etsy however...?
where do i have to give my painting for the cover of a fairytale or a book?
Does oil paint oil dry because of air exposure?
Ten best painters?
This term refers to formal balance?
What do you think of my painting?
Can I sell visual art (like paintings and/or sculptures) on the street in D.C.?
Do you agree that a painting that was restored is no longer the original?
when transferring a photo onto canvas...?
I am looking for information on artist Robert Cot, the value of his work, and his blue roses painting.?
Were most of the "Old Masters" homosexuals?
anybody know artists who use bright colours?
How do you critique a painting?
is there a way to erase dry paint from your paper?
Who in here customizes their JanSports? Who here does things like color the tag, and splatter paint on ,?
Horse far....any good?! (pic attached)?
I have a late 1800's oil painting & would like an auction estimate. What's the best route to take?
paint-by-number eagle in wilderness instructions?
Marilyn Monroe Calendar?
What are the names of some famous living artists?
any body know abt d history of ice-cream?
For a small room with no windows, would you recommend painting the walls a dark or light color?
How To Start A Painting?
why should I do a masters in fine art?!?
can you put PVA glue over watercolor?
artists forum UK?
Where can I get a painted picture of my cat?
If I paint a Disney character on someones wall can I be paid for that without infringing copyright laws?
how much square feet can a pint of paint cover?
What do you think of this painting?
Is Leonardo Dicarpio an asshole in real life ? ?
Art: Fernand Leger Help!!!!!!!?
Putting Matte Tulip Fabric Paint On A Jacket?
I have a painting signed by MP Elliot- Does anyone know who this artist is.....?
It seems few paintings are posted. Are you disappointed that deviantArt has evolved into a gallery for photos?
If I mix black paint with plaster, will it turn gray?
what's that famous art painting that american soldiers and g.w. is on?
Jack Vettriano matches?
I need a small watercolor sketchbook?
What is the name of the abstract painting in which rain falls out from an umbrella onto a man's head?
could you tell me about three graces ?
What is Fauvism?
Van Gogh!....How you would have helped prevent Vincent van Gogh from committing suicide?
What is my brush stroke ?
describe a mural in bad condition?
Whats a word i can spray paint? ?
what epoxy do artist use?
How do I paint eyes that look like they're crying using watercolor?
Help! My expensive kanji art paint brushes are soapy!?
egg yolk in acrylic painting?
Why is this question even asked?
where can i find information about georgette chen's and affandi's work of self-portrait?
can i paint a portrait of you? but only in red or green?
Is the Mona Lisa celebrity art?
The painting - "the scream"?
how do I sell my re produced paintings?
What are the best ways to market your art online?
What type of paint is best on plastic dolls?
What background should I paint behind my zebra?
when somebody gives you their e mail how do tou find them on ?
I am about to paint my guitar and I wonder if it's ok to use automotive paint to paint it.?
Angelus leather paint?
Who is the artist and what is the name of a painting of a music master and his student kissing?
Help naming a painting.?
How was "the last supper" viewed at the time it was created? How is it viewed today?
how do i find a artist named June Doreen Manatone-Rhys-Sand?
how can you tell a real from a fake water color print?
NUDE PAINTINGS : pornography or art ?
Silk screen / screen print>??help pls help???? screen filler method?
Seascape Painter Don Fairbanks?
Do you know a website for paintings of "Pink Lady and Blue Boy"?
nell or neil stanley,painting of connemara mountains?
How to mix your own paints?
how do i tell if my painting is a watercolour or a print?
How do a paint a design on a wooden panel?
If a picture paints a thousand words then why cant I paint You ?
Do You Know Any Websites I could Get Some Drawing Information?
? does the banner the bird is holding in Frida Kahlo Frida Y Diego say?
Help with Sai paint tool licence?
How do you paint a drum set?
Anyone understand English copyright laws?
How much does Color Me Mine Cost?
What would I call an immitation of a famous painting?
Value of Bob Ross paintings?
how do i mount these on watercolor board properly?
Who is this painter?
renaissance and medieval paintings, are they the same?
How to get out (or even if) FolkArt Acrylic Paint out of Clothing?
Do you every buy original art or just live with posters?
is anybody intrested in buying handicrafts from chennai india?
Detail on the painting "The Ambassadors" (Holbein)?
What is the historical context of this artwork" Les demoiselles" by Picasso??
I have some Thomas Kinkade authorized prints to sell?
How should I paint my room?
What's a name of a painting in the baroque period?
Pricing a piece of art?
Who was the first Vanitas painting done by? What was it?
How to Make Nicotine Tooth Paint?
Does anyone know of a place where I can buy some paintings unique to San DIego?
For the art of "true fresco"?
how can i make sure that my boyfriend really love me?
What do you love best...?
What is non gloss paint called?
best airbrush for painting a car?
what color goes best with red?
What is the Signifigance of the Painting of The Dogs Playing Poker?
What is the name and year of the shell painting by Georgia O'Keeffe?
i wanna know , wat all da colours represent, mainly Yellow, Blue, and Pink.?
Why did the artist, Van Gogh give his ear to a prostitute?
What is a Painting with one subject in three separate frames called?
anyone know any portrait artists and interior/exterior artists?
What is the proper amount of time to look at a painting?
Good names for a painter/artist themed clown?
In the painting of Napolean crossing the Alps. what two names are beside his name on the rocks?
what is the name of this painting?
can you mix acrylic paint with oils?
Paint Question?
what's an anamorphosis technique?
How can I get a certificate of authenticity of artist Oswaldo Guayasamin ?
Can anyone give me the name of a reputable art dealer who can give me going prices for paintings?
I get brush marks when painting with high gloss enamel.?
What perspective is being showed in The Tower of Babel by Pieter Bruegel the Elder ?
I am looking for a business who does Giclee reproductions from my personal art on canvas?
This question is for African Americans Only; What is your favorite color?
whats the meaning of life?
Do You Have to Prime A Canvas After Writting on It?
I need the name of a certain Madonna painting from the Renaissance?
Looking for original Fox Hunt Oil Paintings?
Need awesome body and face paint?
I have a painting of flowers signed Orlando?
So i have Corel Painter Essentials 4 and i want to learn how to fully use it?
how can I prepare a texture paste for acrylic ?
Whats your favorite color?
when did the artist Fritz Koenig finish the world trade centers sphere?
Want to look at this beautiful painting?
Need 05, 06 plus pieces in Canvas Painting. Prefereably in some natural scenes?
I sold a painting that to me was oil on canvas of a?
Looking for an artist.The painting was of a women in a dress with landscape background. Her face was blurred?
Why did Edvard Munch paint?
what are those letters that are letters that usually spell out a name but looks like a picture?
Do you feel as a painter,some of those "professional"dvds on painting are helpful in your artistic development?
Can I use oil paint varnish over blood?
Does an oil painting need to breathe to preserve it's life or quality?
How to dispose of paint water?
How to decorate a glass pipe?
Has anyone seen this painting?
Artistic help on types of paints?
vicente silva manansala and his painting?
I'm taking a beginner's watercolor course soon, I just have to register. I have good drawing skills,?
looking for Sonja Bezuidenhout - we grew up together in Kliprivier?
About how much in dollars is the da Vinci painting "Mona Lisa" and "The last Supper"?
I don't like Picasso. Am I normal?
Do i absolutely need a medium when using oil paint?
who painted the portrait of the "man in the golden helmet"?
is there a solvent for white spray paint?!?!?!?
Does anyone have a list of the colour of lead glass from late 17C to 19C when seen under ultra violet light?
Who commisioned to paint the lamentation for christ?
What is the name of this painting by Jenny Saville?
what were faith ringgold's mediums?
What is truly art: a painting that takes 2 months or a painting that takes 15 minutes?
Which Naked palette by Urban Decay should I buy? I also want to know which primer potion, Eden or Original?
I'm looking for a painting similar to Flaming June...?
what is the best most used oil painting medium?
I would like to know the name of the actor "Pierre" in the Pierce Brosnan ver. of around the world in 80 days.
How did Kandinsky get that soft effect in his oil paitings.?
Navy diver motivational poster?
What is this type of art called...?
on a old world map by Peter Shcenk , how do I know if its a legitimate art work?
Who is your favorite artist of all time?
Who stoll the famous painting of the Mona Lisa?
Value of Barbara Mock Magnolias dated 1985 number 162 out of 1950?
Supplies for Painting silk?
Where can i find this painting online or on google?
does anyone know a mural artist in burbank, ca? thx u.?
Who painted these? It's driving me crazy not knowing the names of the artists?
How hard is it to sell art?
Andy Warhol...Race Riot Painting?
want to know the value of a rockwell oil panting?
hudson river school paintings..?
Why do people paint? How does it help them in a theapeutic way?
Signed painting need help!!!!!!?
I have painted a picture of Marilyn Monroe which is on eBay. Why does it not show up in google image search?
painting a guitar?
what is the problem with colours?
does anyone know the exact age of Sam Leach the most recent archibald prize winner?
im looking for an artist named jose roberto who paints in surrealism can you help me?
Do you like this painting? I am a beginner.?
How can i find out how much the Vinciata oil painting is worth that I have?
What is the name of this Diego Rivera painting?
why do people go to museum?
Info on a German female artist called Marie (Mizzi) Wunsch?
How do people get their art placed in prominent galleries?
are the any artists that draw nightmares?
What stories have you hear regarding the Da Vinci code & "the last supper"?
What feelings do you get when you look at this painting?
Impasto paint and acrylic paints?
Significance of Giorgio Vasari's model of artistic progression? 'Lives of the Artists'?
does anyone know the name of the painting with men in air on an exposed beam, its a large group of men in it.?
What brand is extreme rainbow paint?
how much would my acrylic paintings go for?
How do I prepare my Golden Taklon fiber paintbrush for use?
what do you think of this painting ...honestly?
Was Salvador Dali gay or just brilliant?
what's your answer.......????
why is paint thrown on a canvas considered art?
Classic painting with a lion, panther or leopard?
what was Ernest Zobole's addres?
what do you think of my sister's drawing?
Cheap blank canvases..?
Is this a fair price for a painting and the shipping and handling?
Whats your favourite colour?
Artists, have you ever lived with another artist ?
what or who influenced francisco goya to his artwork style?
I was wondering if anyone knows a cheap paint i could use to splatter paint garbage bags?
Can anyone identify this autumn forest painting?
Does anyone know the name of the artist who painted this Chinese painting?
what countries exhibited in the great exhibition?
Piece of Art in Pawn Starts?
Who am I thinking of?
How do you sell art?
information over the pompidou centre (paris france)?
how much should i sell my paintings for?
Which artists use color very well?
Answer this if you can...?
does anyone know who ben magos is?
They told Dorothy to follow the yellow brick road. Where does the red brick road go?
What is the Painted Coffin of Djehutynakht made from?
How do you make paint?
Is there anyone who like to buy....Female bodybuilder artwork?
Wanna attend student art painting show to expand horizon and then open solo art exhibition.?
Does the direction of the eyes in a painting have meaning?
Is my art any good, is it inspirational or, what do people think, and is it possible to sell my art,?
Oil painting with a baby in the house?
does anyone know of the artist J. Chester. Active I think at turn of 20th century used watercolours.?
Where is the blue boy painting at?
did vincent van gogh change the art world when he was alive?
Does anyone recognize this painting?
Has anyone heard of this Polish Artist called "Caziel"?
where can I find more information about Anatole Vely? I have some things made by him.?
where is piet mondrians work displayed in london?
Why are some music rooms painted black or covered in a fabric that is black?
Whats the big deal with abstract art??
plzz help me with the other one?
comparison between 'the scream' and 'the dance'?
What does the scott lobaido painting "forever 27" mean.?
How can you paint over a picture like a Transparent paint is it possible to color comic characters?
is it normal for a 13 yearold girl to be a facepainter?
how much do rodney gladwell paintings go for in todays market?
what is buttermilk paint?
is printing the mona lisa from the internet legal?
Where is most/least blood flow in the face and neck and shoulders?
Painting of a sad clown signed A.Jamji?
how do you get green to purple?
A Serious Question About This Nude Painting I’m Working On?
Can alizarin paint be lightfast?
Anyone know anything about the artist "Hoppin"?
Does the local super market sell body paint?
please help! art related ?
If an Artist paints the Evil paintings is he a evil/bad too?
Any words of motivation?
does home hardware sell spray paint cans?
What makes a strong composition, any tips?
Lady of Shalott painting?
Does Anybody know where I can purchase Paintings done by the late Eduardo Oropeza?
What do you call the person who an artist is painting or drawing?
whats so special about monalisa that it is considered so expensive???
I need help with this painting!?
Painting Questions Please Help!?
The best spray paint? And where to buy it?
Someone offered to do a "uniform pair portrait" for me. What is that?
what is meaning of shop painted?
what is an example of eschers metamorphosis?
I paint oil pastel paintings how much should I sell them not a pofessional.i do it as a hobbie.?
Does the pelvis make the hips angular instead of spherical when a person lean down?
About paintings on the internet for downloading and printing ..?
Can't identify artist who painted this picture--can you help?
What can I do to keep paint on a coffee mug?
markers that will give a screen printed look on a shirt?
When was Ben Quilty's painting of Margaret Olley painted?
I have latex paint in the bathroom can I paint over it with an oil based paint?
Please help me to name this painting.?
What should I use to clean my paint brushes?
What do you think of Piero della Francesca's Painting --Resurrection?
Can I use acrylic paint on my face for about 15-20 minutes?
How to mask off section of furniture for painting?
Who thinks Mona Lisa's smile is actually THAT captivating?????
Can someone Link me the Official site to buy Paint tool Sai?
when were these paintings/arts paited?
Where to find a poster/painting with..?
Which do you think is a better painting, 'Creation of Adam' by Michelangelo or 'Mona Lisa' by Da Vinci? & why?
Why would one weep when one paints, draws or creates?
what are the functions of an oil based finishing in a paint system?
What is a good art portfolio carrying case?
Why do people overthink the Mona Lisa?
can I paint over watercolor pencil?
Does anyone know where Lisa J Arts went after her shop closed in Wall Heath West Midlands?
Can anyone tell me what this painting is called?
Dali's Self Portrait as the Mona Lisa & Warhol's Double Mona Lisa?
Where can I find a cheap oil painting?
Ancient Roman Painting?
The best way to paint shadow in watercolour?
I made a painting using acrylic paint and charcoal not sure which fixative to use?
If you could walk into the studio of Leonardo da Vinci or Michelangelo or Raphael at would you like to ask?
Can I mix acrylic paint with baby oil to get a dripping effect?
How do I look?
Where can I find the "list of 100 famous paintings" or "list of 100 famous sculptures?"?
What permit would i need to sell/do spray paint art on a sidewalk or something in Kansas City?
Does anyone know what the mural/painting is called in Italy.?
Renaissance Art - Venetian Renaissance Style (Notion of color) vs Central Italian (Design)?
In Gros' painting, "Napolean in the Plague House at Jaffa", why is the #32 on inmates headdress?
Where was andy warhol's factory?
Is there any way I could do art like this without getting paint all over the wall?
Artists similar to this one?
Leoardo DaVinci's famous painting La belle ferronnière?
how much does an average sabavala (1970) painting cost?
Can an experienced artist please help me with skin tones?
Is this Dali signed book worth anything?
Does painting pva over paint stop it peeling in a bathroom?
do u no any good artists like cris brown?
where can i find information about The enamel saucepan?
What are some "famous" paintings that have very good use of color?
Does anyone know of a good Brand of Watercolour pencils?
how much does it coast to paint pottery ?
Do they put toxins like Paris Green, White Flake, etc. in generic paints or pastels anymore?
how to teach painting about how to get rid of poverty to kids and children about 4 to 13?
bubbles in wallpaper after painting?
painter called R. Dangerfield?
trying to finding an artist?
What Spanish artist said he would eat his wife when she died?
I need some ideas how to show emotion in my artwork???!?
can self taught artist be as successful as artists who went to art academies?
Did Eliza Doolittle Marry Professor Higgins?
How can I find a Museum's with Mati Klarwein paintings?
Does any one know???
My dad just told me that my painting is "not artistic"?
Salvador Dali's "The Persistence of Memory"?
the artist Michelangelo: Isn't the first part of his name prounounced like MICK, not MIKE??
Is anime considered an art? see details...?
thoughts/annotations on this painting (mark francis)?
Where can I get dark black paint?
You've heard of writer's block. I now have painter's block. Help!?
Need help from someone good with colours (graffiti canvas)?
how many paintings of soups campbells drew Andy Warhol?
What is it like to be a Painter and Decorator?
whats the whole color name of the house in scarface?
How do I get dried acrylic paint off the handles of my paintbrushes?
Anyone want to critique my paintings?
Are all artists(painters/potters/sculptors) calmer through creation and creativity.?
Have a Cantrell oil painting that is 19 x 15. It is of a creek running through some trees with a sunset.?
can I paint over oil with acrilic?
What paint can i use to paint my whole entire backpack black?
Renaissance Painting background information?
ralph lauren paint?
picture of 'kitty fisher'?
motion sickness...?
artist who draws oulines of people....?
Where can i get varnish for shoe art?
whats an artists practice?
Does anyone know what type of plaster i could use to make a textured canvas painting?
Who Painted These Pictures?
What's the proper way to?
Any heartbreak paintings out there?
Can anyone pleasee tell me who's painting is this 5th woman from?
Does anyone know if the painting "Sunset on the Moors" by J E Hennah is worth anything?
1. For what reasons did Renaissance artists make reference to the artworks of antiquity?at least 3 artworks.?
What is ur favorite painting?
I have some red paint , how do I create a blood splat effect?
how can i repair a painting that is done on a large fungus?it has ed?
I am loooking for words which start from Di,me,de,da,ma,mo,mi?
I’ve a great interest in painting.Is there any institution where I can study fine arts after graduating BBA?
comment on this painting please?
What were some interesting facts about the Castel Sant' Angelo?
I have 2 original oil paintings back during WW2. How much do you think they are worth?
If i were to essentially paint murals on my walls would i be able to paint over it later if i needed to?
what is the meaning of claude monet's paintings?? help?
What kind of paint would i need for this?
Will Acrylic paint wash off skin?
Can anyone provide info on the chas h elliott co.,philadelphia?
Will oil paint work and stay on my helmet?
painting over sharpie...lost cause?? please help!?
Wanna sell abstract paintings and open solo exhibition for free?
Painting on canvas(acrylic)?
Does anyone know anything about a painting called Precious Moments by Leon Bonnat?
What do you think of this painting by Degas and do you know anything about it? (Link included)?
what is you favorite coulor,and why?
Can anyone provide me information about where is the best market in wild life art/paintings in the world?
what's the name of the painting or artist that painted a woman surrounded by cupids and she's not listening?
Anyone wishing to sell an Andy Warhol signed & numbered artwork reasonably?
What is the term for artwork found in church ceilings?
Is learning to paint before learning to draw a bad thing?
can i use oil painting varnish in acrylic painting.?
What style of art is this?
Where is the Painting "Girl in a pearl earring" located?
Ideas for a painting?
can someone read this chinese painting.?
Artists similar to Henri Rousseau?
where do they sell scented pens?
Do you think Dali made brushes from his mustache? Is that why it was gigantic?
If I had dry paint in my body could I die?
i have enrolled here in english arts and humanities, does mona lisa has mysterious smile? i dnt think so.?
what animals do you think represent the 7 deadly sins?
I'm looking for a painting???
What do you think about this piece of art?
What is the meaning of titles "Gernica"(Picasso) and "Galatea"(Rafael)?
Was Grigory Lapchenko a Neoclassicist or a Romantic painter?
Question about an art type?
What should i do now? feel lost?
painting tutorials?
What kind of drawing tools is this artist using?
Monet's The Railroad Bridge?
what's your favorite painting ?
How Do you make a colloge in Paint.Net?
hi, i have an interview in an art school tomorrow, just wondering what you think they will be asking me about?
Where can I find washable Body/Face paints ???
What is this painting called?
How to sell my work ? ?
Any artists out there? Help with Visual Arts questions? Please..?
I Need a pillowcase of Jacky Vincent ^_^ please :)?
If you were going to paint love...?
Do you like or dialike Fride Kahlo's work? why?
If there is a best friend youve knone your hole life and bes mean to you and never stops what do you do??
At the Philadelphia Museum of Art there was a painting of naked babies in a stream, does anyone know the name?
Did Edgar Degas use paint, ink, pencil etc for "Jockey on Horse"?
name famous artists that paint people in a unique style?
what color is puce?
where is the mona lisa kept?
What do you think of this colour scheme?
what should I paint today?
Need help for my painting. Ideas needed! How can I portray "the world is beautiful, the people in it are not"?
whats a n00b?
When did cubism art begin in Australia?
What is the value of Artistic Interiors, Inc. Certification number 106270?
Of 500 lithographs is the first or last of the 500 the most valuable as of Salvador Dalis works.?
i have a 1800's chair with a bearded man holding a beer stein?
Who is oil portrait artist london?
painting a pot with african art.......what should i paint on it?
help me find name of painting and artist?
I'm looking for abstract pictures - faces, any one can help?
What are some good paintings to practice lighting replication on?
Does ne 1 like this picture?
Original oil painting marked Charles?
I have a painting done by an artist with the last name Garrett done in 1944. What is it worth?
Unknown artist signature of abstract painting?
How were values of humanism expressed in these paintings?
Is it illegal to paint a copy of an artists work and sell it AS A COPY?
How can I tell if my Maurice Utrillo painting is an original?
im kinda getting frustrated?
What are some non-van Gogh paintings of the night sky?
Am I the only Y! Answers user with any interest in JMW Turner?
Where can I find a agent to sell my paintings. All my paintigs are original and done by myself?
How do I paint a guitar chrome without spending hundreds of dollars?
Can you learn to paint? Or does it have to come as a natural talent?
Why does dark oil paint dry so much slower than light?
Impressionistic painting, landscape, need to find it?
I am looking for paintings from an artist from Caruthersville, Mo with the firs two names of Cathy Carmean?
Can anyone find a picture of Sunday in the Alps by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (1922)?
would i be good enough to get into ECU?please take a look-(pics included)?
Does anyone know substantial info on the Cathedral of Milan?
Am I free to duplicate in paint the paintings of the Masters, like Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and so on, to sell?
Whoever loves visual Art, please give me some tips on painting with acrylics?
How do I sell my art?
What should I paint...........?
Can anyone identify this painting?
Artists who focused on their mother/father?
bob ross question?
Buying from
What do you think aboutty in art?
Standard Figure Modeling rates?
what materials and techniques did andy warhol prefer to work with?
how do you use water colour paints in a tube?
architects in india tell me if anybody presen there?
What type of paint to use on a mirror?
Need help finding a silk or semi-matte coated inkjet compatible paper?
I need help identifying this painting.?
How do I sell paintings in the UK from a foreign author? Advice needed badly...?
what is a painting by melton certificate #96340 worth distributed by artistic interiors?
Can anyone prove to me that Leonardo da Vinci was the greatest Inventor??
What is aromatic painting ?
Where can i find a Trompe L'oeil of the bathroom with no floor?
what is your personal response to German Expressionism?
how do you paint over dark brown panels?
treasures of art from paintings of the master?
Do you like the paintings?
painting from barbara weber?
What is your favorite colour and why?
How to price a painting?
Get answers from millions of real people.?
Transitions in a painting?
Help Please!!!!!!!?
Can You Give Me A Timeline Of Leonardo Da Vinci Paintings?
who paints electricity pylons?
Can anyone name artists/musicians/bands who became famous for their work after their death?
was there a British artist (painter) surname WAKE?
Is it possible to varnish a painting without leaving streaks? (brush strokes)?
Andreas Zielenkiewicz?
the totally abstract nature of absolute music males it unique among the arts?
What happened to Otto Dix's paintings The Butcher Shop (1920)?
What jobs are available to artists?
What is The Difference Between All these Davids?
What type of paint do I need to buy?
What store sells different canvases for paintings?
Artist Georgia O'Keefe info?
what do you honestly think of my painting? & what color should i do the backround?
I'm looking for the name of a spanish painting depicting 4 women in Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid?
Need Help Identifying this Painting?
Which is the best oil, acrylic, or watercolor?
How to stick bones onto an acrylic canvas painting?
For the art of "true fresco"?
Why do people often associate The School of Athens with the Renaissance?
the real meaning of Banksy's Telephone Box art?

oil paints or acrylic?
can anyone give any opinions on my artwork?
Did the public like Pablo Picasso's artworks when they were first released?
What colour should I paint my room 10 POINTS TO BEST ANSWER?
What team Edward? , Jacob?, Jasper?, or Emmitt?
What is the name of the famous painting of Eve standing in a giant shell naked covered by her long hair?
I have an oil painting by S.Bowman?
How do I paint leaves/shrubbery with acrylic paint?
Paint tool Sai question?
i need a Long handled painting brush (not a soft one) which return to point + snap?
What is the painting with a nigthsky/lamp post/ man?
Painting by Adolf Wegener Germany?
What do YOU think da Vinci's Mona Lisa was thinking about?
Which artist should I do my research paper on?
How can I make easy art?
Painting on bookbag? (Acrylics on Eastsport bag)?
How do u get 2 from the museum?
can I protect acrylic lacquer paint with acrylic enamel clear coat finish?
How many days to paint a room with details?
Is Akiane a fraud?
artist nicholas de corsi biography?
I find steadying my hand very difficult with a mahl stick, is there anything else i can use for more control?
about artist Paul Balluraiu?
Is the painting ( boulvestment ) on ebay truly the original ?
I want to start a painting course.?
how to paint superman logo?
Acrylic Paint vs. Oil Paint?
I need to find a FAIRLY SIMPLE famous painting to copy...Any Suggestions?
How do I make a painting become an album cover?
What type of pastels do i have?
I have some prints and want to get them framed relatively cheaper. What is the best place ? Michaels? Walmart?
Glitter and acrylic craft paint?
Artists what do you want from an art box? What do you want it to do/hold? Intersting and unusual ideas please.
what kind of paint would i use to airbrush on glass?
Please guesstimate how much the Rory Emerald contemporary (by Bridget Riley) is worth?
whats the best paint to paint a plastic model ship that goes in the water?
Which one is better, Shinhan TOUCH or PRISMACOLOR double tips markers? thank you :)?
what is the address of Cooper Union School of Art?
Would You Like To Give This Cute Little Painting A Name?
What shall i paint in water colour ?
Do oil paints really take this long to dry?
Who created the artwork 'peace' ?
I love Twilight and Pre Raphaelite style art. Can anyone suggest a painting or artist for me?
name of print by Marc Chagall?
Hi guys, I have some questions about realism art?
I am doing a school assignment and i need 5 examples of pop-art artworks of then and now ?
Who is the artist and what is the name of this painting?
scholarships for artists?
Where online can I find pottery depicting Virgil's Aeneid.?
Love, Romance, ect?
Gundam models painting.?
Where can I display my art?
What is your favorite color??? :)?
Where's a good art school/class in St. Paul, MN?
what do you think of my painting ?
Human-Like Farm Animal Paintings?
Rate this painting!?(picture)?
painting needs?
Favorite color?
Does anyone know if this painting is worth anything?
Any Artists that paint emotions?
What else is there?
How do I get dried acrylic paint off a plastic or wooden palette?
What famous artist/painting??!!!?
Old painting signed Newport, anyone heard of him or her?
Where can I buy a London Branded Sketch pad?
Why do old paintings (say from the 1500's) look odd?
how do I get a copyright license to reproduce images of works by Monet and other impressionist painters?
Fine Artist who paints moose, birds, bears and foxes?
When Mixing paint do you add the warm color to the cool color or the cool to the warm?
how do you do this painting method?
I am looking for information about an artist, Clark W. Valentine.?
Question about artist DANIEL RICHTER?
Simple things to paint?
im painting a picture of a pink hibiscus?
I want to be qualified artist to know painting and to know what is the art history.?
what shops can i buy plain art canvases and paint? ?
Does oil mix with anything?
What relationship did Vincent van Gogh have with the people he painted?
Who are the top three Bluebonnet artists of Texas?
Do you know the italian newspaper L'Informatore ?Its about antiques.I want to know its web address?
Diego Velazquez or Picasso, which you consider the best artist, why?
what is the defenition of exemplum virtutis?
do you believe the Mona Lisa has been painted over?
whats your favourite colour?
If u r an artist, do galleries pay u for exhibiting ur art in them?
I am seeking a painter from approx. the 17th & 18th centuries; paintings including "blueboy" & "pinkgirl" pair
What is your favorite painting?
Picasso or Turner?
Do you prefer realistic art or abstract?
Best way to make my stencils work more?
Do you know any artists that do art on guitars?
How can I sell my paintings?
What is your favorite colour?
abdul the painter painted a beautiful picture of a young latino woman showing her perky nicely shaped breast.?
What paints or markers would be best to use to write on this?
Would You Like To Give My New Painting A Title?
what do you know about vermeer?
Why is my acrylic paint smudging when i touch it?
Can someone briefly describe John Copley's style of painting?
how to..keep paint on?
Does anyone know who the painter was on public television who painted landscapes?
artistic movenment of "New York, Night: by Georgia O'Keeffe?
How long did it take to paint the 'Mona Lisa'?
Russel Brown - True Artist or Con Job? ? ?
what is meaning of my name dilip?
does anyone know about remer the artist?
What movement would you say this painting belongs to?
Who painted the "eyes" pic that hung in the stairs @the Miami Bad Girls Club House? I want to buy it sooo bad!?
What's the relationship between RAY BAN and BOSCH AND LO MB?
Modern art is a hoax - right?
why did raphael paint his paintings?
List of what should I buy if I want to start painting (and with Acrylics)?
Can I Study Art at Harvard? ?
what color would u get if mixing black,white and tan together?
What painting techniques have been used in this renoir painting?
For the art of "true fresco"?
Impressionist Art Essay...?
What is the name of the painting with the guy who has his hands up to his face like in Home Alone?
what is tumblr is it worth my time?
Where is a good place online to buy original Thai paintings?
a tagger nick name for my friend?
How can I get an Mystery Island Paint Brush (Easily)?
What is your favourite color?Why?
Anyone got some good claude monet websites?
which artist painted 62 self portraits?
What style does Jasper Johns use?
What is a painting called that has 3 canvases?
I want to try acrilycs alongside oil paint will this work?
who are artists that use value ?
Would you pay umpteen million dollars for a Picasso painting?
Paint Shop Pro X Question?
Who is the artist of this nude picture?
Where to buy fine cotton canvas?
in what city is are davinci paintings kept ?
Where is a good place to start selling paintings?
Some help with art research?
What is the best type of paint for a wall mural?
Why does an artist paint abused children?
I have a one of a kind Andy Warhol 4 Marilyns.All 4 6x6",golden,orange,pink,peach.What is it worth in USD?
would i be able to spray paint over an already painted item?
Can you sketch on a canvas before painting?
Do you like my painting that I'm working on?
Can i use interior paint as acrylic paint?
I have a painting by R. Boven. It is of mountains and stream. There is nothing on back of the canvas.?
Know any good acoustic songs / artists?
Is it true Van Gogh only sold one painting while he was alive?
Unknown painting? two lovers staring at each other for eternity but never being able to touch?
color mixing question, please help?
is it safe to put acrilic paint on your face?
Where i learn Thanjore painting class in thanjore?
what is the name of this painting (have pic)?
What is a piece of art is created with many faces or people to make one landscape? Who does this?
what is your favorite color?
What Kandinsky painting is in the movie Double Jeopardy?
Famous artist who paints elaborate portraits of women in lavish gold dresses?
Need Help With Artist Links for Art GCSE!?
What was the subject matter of paul cezannes paintings?
looking for a painting in Gustavus Hindman Millers, 10000 dreams interpreted?
Favorite Halloween Costume?
timothy hanks?
if leonardo davinci planned a design for a mach gun and there were no firearms at the time, how did he plan it?
What are the best sites to post my artwork/paintings on for max exposure?
why do religious images in the midieval period tend to use highly stylized or abstract art?
is it legal to paint murals with famous paintings on a public place?
Does anyone know where I can buy black Bitumen Paint in the Philippines?
Why isn't Mona Lisa smiling in her painting?
decorative paint?
Who is this artist?
where in NYC do i sell a painting from an ex-byfriend. Its valuable enough to have had insurance papers.?
Famous Artist's Painting?
I'm looking for the name of the artistof the Swedish painting "The Hug"?
what type of paints are good to use on glass?
Do I have to apply anything to prevent ing - oil painting?
Does the asian art with mother of pearl carvings in frames have a name?
I am looking for the name of a current artist whose signature style is photrealistic shadows on walls.?
Do oil paints ever completely dry after you use them?
C. Ruano Lopis Painting?
can i paint with acrylic paint on my 3D glasses?
Do the oil painters out there have a technique for painting a velvet (techture, richness) affect in oils?
I like 2 do a course related to art & painting. what will i do? Name of course & in Pune where course hav give
what did artists paint with before oil colors?
Artists, Any advice.........................?
homemade substitue to paint?
how does Proserpine painted by Dante Gabriel Rossetti..?
Madonna and child enthroned with saints --raphael--what is the painters purpose for the pianting and how did?
How do you get paint off of a shirt?
Do you think this would sell?
Does anyone know who painted this girl kneeling in prayer that I use as an icon?.?
Do you really have to use primer on an acrylic painting?
looking for information on artini Engraving # J277-706-BAS?
what are the five sub categories of color???
where can I join oil painting classes in dubai?
I have questions about a work of art. Louis XIV by Hyacinthe Rigaud?
i got gesso on the wood do I get it off????!!!!?
I need to websites!! please?
information on Roland Wheelwright. painter l870 - l955?
How can I cooperate with paints & coatings maufacurer to use an egyptian paint factory c/w all machines?
my daughter is doing a book report on painting all i need is to find something on line about painting pls he?
Whats the genre of chasing vermeer?
Can I mix linseed oil with water colour or acrylics?
questions on Salvador Dali?
Do you know the name of this painting and the Artist's name?
who are some of your favorite artists (painter's etc)?
How to transfer my canvas painting to an online blog?
What paint should I use to paint on plastic?
What are the strengths of watercolor as a medium?
Is There any Indian Site for Artists?
How much would this painting be worth?
What can I do to get over my fear of starting a painting?
I'm looking for info about a painting I have. It was painted in 1968 by H.C. Kimball.?
What is an artists personality?
what female artist has a pet monkey? they made a movie about her?
what does the the Flower Carrier (Cargador de Flores)by Diego Rivera represent?
Hey guys! have you ever heard of an artist named Charles Fernand de Condamy?
Which is Georgia O'keefe's most famous painting?
Why does Leonardo Da Vinci's painting of the Last Supper have 12 people there (excluding Jesus)?
How much should I price my art for?
is there such a thing
1900's folk art birdcages?
Owner of Soft Watch at the Moment of First Explosion?
How can I describe those paintings ?
I drew a picture and then colored in with prismacolor pencils. can I paint a black background on it using.....?
What are the things that you can paint with sable/kolinsky brush that you can't with synthetic brush?
What is the value of Artistic Interiors, Inc. Certification number 106270?
all artists , painters ,can any one help me?
where can I find works by painter Graydon Parrish?
Would this make for good wall art? Please do not be rude.?
Artists that use contrast?
HAROLD AND MAUDE, symbolism of flowers?
what style does tim storrier use to paint?
what do you think of this for a painting?
Suggest interesting object for painting, that can be brought into school? xD?
Ruined an oil painting with black?
What are some name brand brushes... ???
how to draw a car?
i need help for a description a painting?
anyone knows whats the name of this painting?
I am trying to get in touch with gopal subhedar the bombay artist. any suggestions?
IMHO the Mona Lisa is just a mediocre portrait of an ugly woman. Why is it so venerated?
Where is the pie in Heda's "Still Life with Pie, Silver Ewer and Crab"?
what does the birth of venus stand for made by andy warhol?
What are some Roman still-life wall paintings, and mosaics?
how can i draw using guache?
What painting techniques have been used in Thomas Eakins' painting?
stop sign grafitti?
Anyone know the name of this painting?
I am an artist. What's the best venue to sell my paintings?
I'm painting a picture. Will it harm the canvas if I sketch it out in pencil first?
Are ther any painters who are famous for depicting blood?
I'm trying to find a picture of a famous woodblock print its of a waterfall and temple.?
Humanities research paper topic?
How much do Richard Akerman Paintings cost?
Famous Artist Paper HELP? on Bridget Riley?
What paint can withstand hundreds of hours of very violent vibrations?
favorite color?
How do you mix these colours with paints?
Give two characteristics of oil paint.?
"As there is a constant flow of light, were are born into a pure land" - Colin McCahon?
UK plastic Spray paint types?
any documentary about claude monet?
If someone is copying a famous painter like Diego Rivera and claiming the paintings as origional paintings...?
need help with this assignment?
Are we a spiritual nature as human beings or not?
Which colours do I mix to make peach paint? (for art)?
Do you like drawing and painting?
Where in the world is Glow in the dark powder normally located in craft stores?
what do you guys think of my first attempts at being artistic with watercolor pencils?
who has been involved with production of a TV natioal show?
Name of a cubist painter of a restaurant/club scene?
what are the links between the work created by the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and the Surrealist?
When was Rory Emerald on his Imperial Throne by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres first exhibited in Warsaw?
What is the colour technique called when one colour fades to another?
Abstract Art Painting Question?
Famous artists in fine art or painting that have, or are iconic for using eggs?
color whats the differance between maroon and burgandy?
Has anyone ever heard of G. Harvey? What is your favorite of all his works?
How do you make a "hidden message" on paper that appears when you apply spray paint?
where in NYC do i sell a painting from an ex-byfriend. Its valuable enough to have had insurance papers.?
looking for sister Francesca Rebello in India?
whats the name of a metamorphic art painting in which you can see images of ships and also a crying Indian?
Help me find information regarding the artist of my painting!?
Where can i get a painting by J. Makali?
Hi,I wanna be a vfx artiste, so suggest me some essential ideas, Thank you..?
Will an oil painting dry quicker in a microwave?
Whon thinks Mona Lisa's smile is actually THAT captivating?????
Are there any Norwegian paintings featuring goats?
I watched a video on youtube about swirling it. witch is like swirling the paint.?
Opinions on this watercolour art?
Should I wash raw canvas before stretching?
What nationalities were the painters Rene Magritte, Edvard Munch and James Whistler?
Can you comment on my painting?
I am looking for a good name for a women that runs a bordello?
what's the best technique when painting an oil painting?
Painting my rrooooommm.............?
about mixing oil colours?
what famous person should i paint?
Can you Critique this art exhibition?
lisa yuskavage... where can i view all of her paintings?
Do you think its odd that I think Andy Warhol was a better artist than Leonardo Da Vinci or Michaelangelo?
like my painting?
does anyone know the artist who made this?
for anyone that has venus embrace?
which picture really says WOW to you!?
I am interested in collecting 18th century english art but i am not a zillionaire and i am new to art?
is the painting ''Cloud Study'' by Tom Roberts in the heidelberg school movement?
I'm painting my nails and i need 3 colors ideas, please ?
Is the love can replace of the water?
why is the art world obsessed with the mona lisa?
How would you paint something like this?
Who painted the systine chapel?
I'm interested in expressing my artwork by contacting the canvas on a more personal level?
need a name?
which is the best paper for water painting?
name of time slipping away painting?
What is the stuff you're supposed to put on a mason tile before you spray paint over it?
What do you think of this mural my fiancé painted?
help!!!!!!!!!!!!!help help help?
I am an artist?
Trying to trace the name of a lowry painting?
I have a reverse glass japanese print of a temple done in silver.I want to know how much it's worth.?
Please advice me any legit website where I can Home Decor Paintings?
when was Clifftop 3 made by Angie Lewin?
Where to get original art in the Sydney area?
Why was Da Vinci so concerned with asserting the status of the visual artist over the poet?
What colour do you get, if you mix black and blue paint?
If I mix all the colours in my paint box why do I get mudd instead of black?
Does acrylic paint work like watercolors, whereas it can be easily pulled by water? Any other things same/dif-?
Help me name...?
Is Charcoal color more of a grey color or a black color?
If cupid really did exist in this day and age what would you ask him?
What two colors make brown?
anyone buy the bob ross cd for oil painting?
Is an art class worth it?
what does this quote mean?
What is a mona lisa smile?
What "style" is my artwork?
Are there any techniques on spray painting a hat?
Be creative!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Is there paint, etc. that will make objects look like white marble?
Why is it Painting Artists paint on "CANVAS"? What is with the Canvas?
The Girl With The Pearl Earring?
how can i release my inner artist through painting-when i suck at it?
I found this painting and need to know the artist and story behind it ?
Pre-Raphaelite paintings?
I apint with oils. Should I try watercolor painting?
What should I paint? ?
What's your favourite painting and who's the artist?
What is this painting I'm thinking of?
How can I make my painting more realistic?
what female artist has a pet monkey? they made a movie about her?
Mona Lisa's smile--why the mystery?
Anyone know where I can find a brush made of squirrel?
£1 shop paints and canvas for young/old starters good idea ?
what matches flowers and birds? for a painting. please help?
Is the Mona Lisa overrated?
can you describe form in art, define it, and comment on its significance to the viewer? china Art Bigest factory ,do you know his Name or email or tel..?
what is the value on a violet schewenig cottage plate?
A museum wants to obtain a painting of mine..what do i charge?
How do I find my muse?
I would like to purchase a full size reproduction of Mondrian's Broadway Boogie Woogie. Can anyone help?
All About Sigrid Muller?
Can someone tell me what primary colours (acrylics) i can buy that I can mix all colours from.?
What painting style is Norval Morrisseau?
i'm looking for an artist he is a painter who painted a picture of a girl w/ big brown eyes & blood tears
Beginner Air Brush Kit?
Who do you think are the most overrated artists?
How long does it take an oil painting to dry?
Can someone tell me the name of this painting?
when will the color purple become the new blue?
Help! What are some major similarities and differences between artist Thornton Willis and Rory Emerald?
Best way to paint a laptop?
Why is the Mona Lisa painting so popular?
What is the definition of 'ART'?
slogan 4 a painting................?
I can't paint my wooden project the same color as the last time ?
What painters in early Renaissance aimed to make images that appeared like "a view through a window"?
Blurred image using OHP to enlarge A4 to A3?
For how long an oil on canvas takes time to dry? Mine, after a month is still wet.?
Looking for info an an artist in Hawaii, Cathy Pendergrass.?
I'm thinking of painting an inner tube to look like a donut and throwing it out the 4th floor window?
Who painted this picture?
Does anyone know of a good watercolour free course online?
Painting clay cup coasters?
looking for Paintings or artwork of Dinard, France?
if there is anything interesting you know about Salvador Dali please tell me?
How to make gouche color paints into tranquil colors?
Will MF Hussain have been forgiven for all his controversies if he was born a Hindu and not a Muslim?
Starry Night (Vincent Van Gough)?
How come my paints dont look at good as the ones rembrandt used?
What colors do you have to mix to get brown?
How to clean an oil painting?
how can i get an apprasial for oil paintings online?
Is there a pet safe paint?
Christopher Wilkinson?
what should i do to dress up as Luis Waltel Alvarez?
What is this painting?
Which famous painter painted over the Sistine Chapel at the request of the Pope?
Has anyone ever heard of an artist named G. Vanelli - probably from late 1800's to early 1900's?
Who's your favourite artist?
I need information on a old CHARLES EDOUARD DELORT picture?
andre derain portrait?
What are some interesting statue/s or painting/s?
is pink a shade of red or purple?
What inspires you?
Jst bought oil painting "daffofils" by A.J.Stoneman also two prints by Dallas-Simpson are they of any value?
Need help with an idea for my self-portrait painting? please?
How do I find out about an old painting and the artist?
Is there any wall mirals of Peter Max's artwork?
How can i illustrate patience?
How do I find people who want the kind of paintings I produce?
how does one learn to appreciate impressionism?
What do you think?
What colour matches with pink?
morrocan oil for skin?
what color is cyan close to?
trying to remember an older artist that usually painted horse and buggy,children fishing and other sceans?
who was a one paint painter?
Painting ideas?
Can I paint with acrylics of watercolor paper?
Thesis statement and Paul Kane!?
i am an tibetan artist devoted in ressurection of old wall paintings, can you suggest where i could get help f
About les paul guitars?
Why did my copic brush side turn solid?
How much is a 1919 Gordon Ertz painting worth?
permission for sending paintings for auction outside inida,taking foreign currency against auction sale?
Who is your favorite artist and what is your favorite piece of art work?
Does the Di Vinci code offend you? Why or why not?
Describe five characteristics of primitive portraiture?
How can i repair a ed/chipped acrylic painting?
I am trying some new paints. They are Winsor & Newton Artisan Water Mixable Oil Colours.?
Light painting on canon rebel t2i?
What style of artwork did Vincent Van Gogh paint?
famous art piece for a tattoo?
what is a song that speaks of mona lisa?
What do you guys think about this painting, Van Gogh ?
Can you work on a painting in high humidity?
Has anyone heard of, or know anything about, an artist called A E GODBER?
Where Can I buy Argan Oil in Canada?
Artist Karl Maria Schuster (1871 - 1953) austrian?
A question for Artists?
When did abstract art start?
If a person is good with painting on a digital program with the computer...?
contemporary artists who paint from life?
Sites to sell art work on?
can I watercolour on regular stretched canvas?
At what degree would paint's viscosity (consistency) change?
What colour is your least favourite colour?
If to mix orange red with purple red, the orange of a red will to...?
What is 600K in a frame?
Can a guy like the color purple?
do u like painting OR drawing???
Can you learn to paint? Or does it have to come as a natural talent?
Part two to painting trim white?
If you had to paint a painting on a canvas?
Is it necessary to pay in order to have our URL cached for Watercolor Workshops and Watercolor Tips?
Monet or Picasso??
Can anyone tell me the name of this painting SALVADOR DALI?
Ways to make oil paint dry faster?
Abstract you like my paintings?
What role does colour play, In Andre Derain's paintings?
what is gesso and where do find much does it cost?
thoughts on painting in blood?
Where can I find free Rosemaling patterns?
what color should I mix for khaki?
How can i be better at painting ?
Why is the Mona Lisa so famous?
Why was the painting "The last judgement" famous? What is the painting about?
I have one logo with grass green, dark blue and sky blue what color i must add for background?
What's the name of a rose thats yellow with burgundy edges?
How to give a canvas a texture?
Why is the world still so intrigued by the Mona Lisa?
Art painting ideas? anyone out there?
Can baby oil be used as an oil paint medium?
How can I master the art of Painting with Ink?