what is a medium when talking about painting?
Did you ever produce any artwork (or, works of art) when you were a child?
Looking to buy cheap, beautiful artwork?
What are your favorite colors out of these?
What is the name for paint cards?
effects of hudson river school?
is a copy of a painting a primary source?
What is something simple and colorful that a 7 year old could draw?
I have a huge problem with a commission need advice!!??????
Is it legal to spray paint my air soft?
How do i paste my head onto another person with Paint?
ive just bought Croco ling paint in Turqoise. im using it as a overcoat on a already turqoise painted box?
can you believe some people don't think graffiti is art? Check this out?
Thick Gold Artist's Paint?
Which one has more class?
do you think the world will prefer paintings created by using a computer and a photoshop software?
When Egytions had art.. was their garfetti??
Hustle, Series 2, who did the dog paintings?
ratio dish soap to tempera paint?
What is an A. Ferrari painting (born 1942) worth?
does anyone know what the next big art movement will be?
Do you remember the painter Bob Ross and his show "The Joy of Painting"?
what is a picture painted directly on to a wall called?
If you could change the color of the White House, what color would you paint it?
ARTIST- KAREN KILIMNIK!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?
i got a painting by david hansberger?
how do you make art?
how to become a famous local artist?
What 4 roles of artist does van goghs,starry night follow?
How is Agustin Jean Fresnal connected to the lighthouse?
who was the founding artist of color field/hard edge?
How to get paint out of paintbrushes?
Can someone help me identify the artist of this painting?
Is there a name for this type of artwork?
UV lights and UV paint?
Is this an Artist-less painting?
Acrylic paint on a t-shirt, Will it wash out? or will it bleed in teh wash?
Stuctural, Subjective and Cultural Frame ...?
the persistance of memory?
What do you think of my painting?
Frida Kahlo?
Help. Im starting my final unit of art coursework?
I have some old hard paint brushes how do i clean them and straighten out the hairs?
artist help! How do I paint in a similar way to this, what is this technique?
where do I find info about a picture I have?
i have this painting by corot that was donated and i think its do i find out?
What does “avant-garde” mean and what are three attributes/ goals of the “avant-garde” artist?
I'd like to try artist quality oil pastels on stretched canvas. Any tips for which brands are the best?
I need the index of modern furniture?
History of Watercolor ?
What painting is this?
hi the name of this color please?
contributing money? - what doe sthat mean?
Classic art that comments on loss of the individual?
what does "the scream" picture by Edvard Munch describe/or show?
art question?
I am painting my kitchen red and taupe?
What should I paint? (help)?
How much should I price my art for?
Metal flakes in wall paint?
drawing/ painting/ creative competition?
Help me describe this artwork for 10 points ?
how to fix a canvas that is stretched too tight?
Suggestions on how to paint guitar cut out?
Help with identifying art work..?
Do I need to prime my canvas?
What is farmula of aerosol tin can paint spray?
Who is this painter in this self portrait?
Art question? Van Gough?
who painted this picture?
object for art piece?
I want you to make a program..?
What are the 3 colours that looks good for some combination in a monochrome painting?
Getting together with a friend of my Dad's?
Who was the model Girl of Valdarno by Vinciata?
i need a simple meaning for 'Cubism' ?
painters name is douglas arthur?? treg or trog cannot find?
how to make orange with basic colors ?
how do i take acid?
how do we know what a painting means?
I want to know about Simon Stevenson?
rembrandt's student dutch painter, name is octivelt...jacob octvelt?
HELP..HELP i have an oil paniting, turn of the century signed spaiden?
A name of any famous painter who paints/painted colourful paintings?
Where can I find a list of titals of all artwork done by Winslow Homer?
what makes you go WOW?! [easy points (:]?
analyse paradise and hell for hieronymus bosch?
can you give me pictures of beautiful flowers to make a pictures galery?
question about drawing.please help me.?
The dome in the mosque of Shaykh Lutfallah?
PLEASE help me name this painting?
How can women control man ? How can man control women ?
what does composition of an artwork mean?
How can I find out the value of oil paintings?
Are you my soulmate?
Help with the Mona Lisa?
How does SAI paint tool clipboard work?
Which website can you find the artist named Shah Moin??
What is the most a painting has EVER sold at auction for, anywhere in the world?
Why my Corel Painter eraser erases in black?
body paint kids?
Can anyone tell me the artist of these paintings?
what are some really famous artworks that are influenced by technology?
What paint to use for a paint fight?
help finding this painting?
Is there any University in India or Kolkata that giving Degree in Fine Arts through Distance Learning Course?
how can i identify an artist of an oil painting by just a signiture /clifton/ in the lower left corner?
Which musical artist or style, do you relate to most when create visual art?
What is this painting called?
what colour is avendale paint ?
what is this hole on the painting pallet called?
Where can I order these brushes?
What colors should I use to paint my vans?
Is paint a technology?
How many people are painted on the Sistine Chapel ceiling?
What do you think about my paintings?
Do you like my oil pastel painting?!?
The Mona Lisa?
What colors should I use to paint my vans?
whats youre two favorite colors?
is there anyone looking for a stained glass artist?
Reading: Family Scene by Lamplight Info?
Corel painter 11 or 12?
does anybody know were i can get montana spray paint?
Many artists of this movement wanted to move away from the emphasis of light and color to a more expressive ap?
I am trying to find this new neon r&b artist she came out this year.?
Man with red afro hair who paints on tv?
Does anyone know who the artist Steve de Kapetter is? And, what his work is worth?
When Mixing paint do you add the warm color to the cool color or the cool to the warm?
what paint is best for plastic?
What kind of paint brushes should I buy? (for oil)?
what game should i get for the wii?
How can I find the proper web-friend for a 55 yrs old gentleman? I am a little busy and not very familier PC?
patterns of temperament?
What influenced Monet to develop his style of painting?
How can I learn different type of paintings at home in India?
What is your impression on this painting?
what bad things did Michelangelo do?
What is the best way to sell art prints?
help me estimate this please!?!?
how to re-varnish an old violin for wall hanging?
Best way to make my stencils work more?
I have a set of amber glassware. Can someone tell me what it is and its value.?
What is name of famous painting man and woman with hay fork in country setting?
i need famus artist ideas?
Artists often use which of the following to suggest depth in a painting?
jay is it necessary to varnish my oil paintings or just leave them be ? thx for your ans.?
Problem....I`ve got a ......?
what do you call a realistic acrylic painting?
What combination colour can produce a black colour?
I would like to talk with someone who might know anything about a painting I have.?
what is the sky color?
I have an oil painting that is framed but not under glass. Can it be cleaned?
where was Joaquin Torres Garcia born?
What type of paint do I need to buy?
I am very new at hand paintng murals on walls in bedrooms, sheds outdoors, race car (2005) vet what is the go?
Can acrylic paintings sell as well as oil paintings?
Does anyone know of a substitute for block printing ink retarder?
how do you make HOME MADE marbling ink?
Acrylic Canvas Paintings?
Can someone tell me about William Robinson, an Australian artist?
Who painted the cover art on Jeff Beck`s "Truth" album (Epic,1968)?
Christians - If a painting is bad, do you blame the painting or the painter?
looking for price for a donald teague painting called stagecoach arrival?
What's a good way to get started with encaustics?
has anyone seen the sorcerer's retreat painting by tom kidd?
for people who know a lot about famous artwork..?
Why is the sistine chapel vault interesting today? Why is it important?
What is the name of this painting?
in what city does the mona lisa reside?
what color palette should i use?
should i water down my paints?
Who painted "The One & Only"?
Does anyone know anything about R. Colad Paintings?
what varnish should I use for a mixed media painting?
How do I get noticed? Painter needs work?
What could I paint on my canvas for my study room?
What does it mean to paint 2 horizontal stripes on each side of your face?
Good ideas for a surrealism painting?
pricing art (seriously)?
Any young artist to join us?
If you like fine art, there is a new painter. Comments and suggestions about his work?
Where can I find a place in Australia where they paint portraits?
could i make a living ...?
Help to identify the full name of a painter with the last name Hopkins?
How do I Judge how high to hang a painting or print?
where can i get murals done for my kids bedroom cheap?
i have a painting from switzerland it is jesus infantulus pragensis it's been in my family for a long time
I ate paint help??????????
A van ostade?
Painting over white washed?
Taylor has been producing artwork for years?
is there a website where i can download ayami kojima's paintings?
who is your favorite artist of musician?
How would I find out how much money a contemporary artist's paintings have sold for?
Who do you like better michelangelo or leonardo?
What should I create/sketch/paint to impress an AP Art Teacher?
a great painting enriches our experience of life what do you think about it?
Which artists use color very well?
I am painting on bristol board with gouache within an area that I drew in pencil?
I want to paint a stone walkway in an acrylic painting please help?
Okay artists...a question for ya...?
Frederic Edwin Church & his paintings?
What colors are used to paint a green meadow?
does anybody know about 'the dance' by henri matisse?
airbrushing tamiya and testors paint on the same model?
Spray Painting Metal?
How do I Sell My Paintings ?
Was Hitler a good artist?
trying to figure out the artist of this painting... any help?
Anyone willing to give free watercolour painting lessons?
I have an original painting by Artist Jean McLean of Millinocket Maine. It is a floral with blue flowers an a?
How did George Seurat Develop Pointilism?
How much does a can of Liquitex Professional Spray Paint cost?
why he invent the osborne?
What's your favorite color !!:)? ?
What colour should I paint my room?
ugly realism art in the 70s?
please a link on spatula paintings technics?
What's your favourite painting of all time?
If I dislike a painting, is it still art?
name of the patriotic painting that has a drummer, and flag carrier marching?
Is there a really good stylus type instrument for painting on iPad/iPhone?
SAI Paint Tool help, please?
Zombie painting ideas?
Famous painting: something like "Explosion in a Cathedral"?
What does "sized" paper mean? How are the surfaces differences betweem cold pressed and hot pressed?
Could this painting be old enough to be painted by Robert Hubert?
Similarities and differences between Picasso’s Guernica and Motherwell’s Elegy to Spanish Republic?
Can anyone tell me the name of this painting or the name of the painter?
how promote the image of the filipino?
Does anyone know if the artist Max Ernst was an anti-semite?
What is the best method for thinning acrylics for airbush use?
who is jose maria panganiban?
Helpp!!! Painting by Auguste Rodin?
how can i get straight lines without getting "vain's" or bleeding under the tape or "tool"?
Medieval Hair Eating Hell Painting?
Does anybody know where to get informations bout Fudô Myôô?
I have a painting and I don't know who the artist is?
What do you do when you can't think of something to paint?
Who is the artist of the black and white paintings of the girl and boy?
is it a sin to paint graffiti?
Can I paint team logos or characters on walls legally?
I am looking for a female artist in america by the last name of Cleary?
How is it that some oil painters can finish so quickly, dont they need time for painting to dry?
what is the personality of a person who loves the color green?
Is this artist charging me too much?
What does red, yellow, and white represents?
Does anyone know of a good (& inexpensive) art supply store in L.A.? I'm going to buy oil painting supplies.
What were the major features of romanticism and realism?
what is the future if u r have a bachelor degree in painting (fine arts)?
Painting Ideas...........?
Why did Vincent Van Gogh cut off his ear?
It is so sad that Thomas Kinkade such a great artist commited suicide. Didn't his paintings and sayings seem?
What paint will stick to mirrors?
should i paint my room with mountains,waterfalls,trees like a really cool painting ?
Custom painting Toms, what paint works?
Can i use hairdryer on acrylic paint to soften it on a window and scrape it off?
Great chiaroscuro but what is the painting that has a lit scientist in the middle surrounded by a audience,?
how many painting did jackson pollock paint?
Artists: Where is the best online site to purchase quality but inexpensive oil paints?
I have a piece of art worth around $5,000. I'd like to sell it, but don't know the best way. Any one?
Expressing Depression Through Painting?
Do you have to have insurance to do face painting at public events?
I have spray paint that says its meant for plastic can i use it on my BMX frame?
Modern Japanese Artists?
Question to Degree trained Painters?
What's something simple to paint with watercolours?
What was the painting in Stephen Hawking's office in Big Bang Theory?
why do artist paint and draw..?
Painting technique question!! Easy points if answered!!!?
What is using Blopens like?
Where can I get free skull and flame stencils?
how can I paint on my guitar with sharpies(marker)?
Does anybody know a website where you can describe what a painting/portrait/image looks like and it will find?
What all do you need to paint a car? Not spray paint.?
How does this work challenge ideas about traditional subject matter of art works?
What's your favorite Salvador Dali painting?
What is the painting with multiple guys playing instruments but they don't have faces?
Who are some famous artists influenced by Michelangelo?
all jamacians please respond-what is the color of your flag yellow green and black or yellow green and red?
looking for info on the artist robert wood and a print named pine and birch?
Why do people consider black to be a color?
I am a graduate of fine art painting, bored of doing humdrum
What colors can you not mix 2 colors 2 make??
I'm doing a paper on realism or abstract paintings. Which one(realism or abstract) appeals to you and why.
Who is Alf Maloway(artist, oil painter)?
PACIFIC FABRICS AND GALLERIES are u guys familiar with this?
I'm looking for a Maxfield Parrish painting?
Where in Minnesota/Wisconsin you could sit for a portrait sketch or painting for honeymooning couple!?
What's the difference in paint brush sizes?
How is paint applied in starry night? How does it look?
Is there any one who is looking for a RAVE painter?
Does anyone know where the painter Lucian Freud lives or where I can see him in person?
What is this painting about? What does it represent/signify?
The famous art competitions?
What does the facial expression of the woman in DaVinci's painting the MONA LISA mean to you?
What is so special about etoile bleue painting?
In The Canterbury Tales, the Knight is like a modern day Marine, what modern day figure can the monk be?
PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!! Is there any way to get acrylic paint out of carpet?
where is the durabo museum?
where can i get oil free face paints from?
What r the two paintings that included van ruijven?
a great painting enriches our experience of life what do you think about it?
where does botticelli's birth of venus hang?
I have an oil painting by S.Bowman?
Actual painting software?
website or mail for a professional drawer.?
How do you take a painting and put it on the internet without making it look like it was photographed?
I'm looking for a painting of a Half Sailor Half Mermaid Baby?
How do I set up a starving artists sale for a benefit?
Genuine and interesting Artists?
information please about Regency artist Stewart Warren Lee and his work?
Do you have any idea what this painting is called/who painted this?
Do u know anything about Picasso's artwrok " Don Quixote"?
What oil painting medium to use?
Can I spraypaint the cover of a spiral notebook without it chipping?
what do you think of my painting?
Need Help With Identifying Artist Signature?
Analyze this Edvard Munch painting?
does anyone know this artist?
I am trying to find the value of a painting titled East Wind with a Turner Manufacturing Company sticker.?
If an extremely talented 14 year old started selling his paintings would he get famous?
How much should I sell this painting for?
what colours should i mix to make a caucasian peachy skin tone?
Can I use acrylic paints on watercolour pads ?
if you bought a painting, what kind of thing would you buy?
Can anyone identify this autumn forest painting?
Do you like my new title page?
Can I get some inspirations?
Which celebrities, contemporary or classic, sell best as posters or artwork these days?
display my paintings in web sites ? good or bad?
Selling Nude Paintings Online?
Dose any one know about Bakos hes a famous artist about the bulls painting?
Who is your favorite contemporary artist?
Did I achieve Monet's style on this one?
Who are some famous tasteful nude/romantic painters/ sculptors?
What was Frida Calo`s favorite drink?
Have you seen the painting of dogs playing poker?
i have an old german oil painting of a man lighting his pipe with a candle and holding a glass of drink?
Who does the artwork for The Flaming Lips?
what are some intriguing, romantic, or adventurous stories behind paintings?
Klimt or Schiele? Who do you prefer?
Paint Question?
Which of my paintings do you like best?
Who painted "The Fall"?
Besides canvas, what other surfaces can take acrylic paints?
who is u r favorite painter?
why raoul dufy is in modernist paris?
I am looking for a free wesite that would have info on little known artists.?
What are some good tips on drawing/painting people?
anyone know of an artist ... ?
Dali's painting Slave Market with the Disappearing Bust of Voltaire?
What movement would you say this painting belongs to?
Hi, Can you suggest me a name for my website of my artwork portfolio? I tried artway, artray, artisan, ..?
I'm doing a project on emotions in art and I can't find some famous artwork that reflects happiness?
does anyone know what this painting is?
I need info on purchasing tickets for the Rembrandt exhibit in Netherlands for April?
How much would a canvas cost - about 6x10 feet? (already stapled and everything - ready to paint and hang)?
My dad has a really nice peanut stand and I am painting the letters on it.?
what grade would you give my painting? A,B,C,D, or F?
Anyone heard of Louis Robichaud?
How to make oil paints dry faster??
where can i find Cezanne's Poetry?
Faberge egg design PLEASE HELP?
Is this illegal?
What medium/ printmaking technique did Francisco de Goya use?
Hi. I am just turned 60.Yeah rite.(LOL)I want to teach.I am an artist(painter)& a new 'Nan'.but have no degree?
How do you make a grid for painting?
Are there any stores that would sell a painting canvas?
what is your favourite colour?
Which are some of your favorite painters?
Should the government be allowed to prohibit the exhibition of art work that it finds offensive?
what is this painting called? please help?
How does expressionism influence art today?
what do you think of my new painting.?
why are ppl so obssessed with mona lisa's smile??it's just a smile!!i'm sure back then other ppl smiles too
Who is this artist?
Inpressionism Art?
How long does it take for watercolor paints to dry up?
Is this painting good?
were can i get a bunch of paint abll s for cheap?
how did humanism influence renaissance artists?
Why are famous paintings so ridiculously expensive?
Where can I get or buy high resolution images of Da Vinci famous paintings?
Plain canvas or white paint?
How do you use Coffee Grounds ona poster to maske it look tan?
Does my painting suck? :(?
what type is ready mix paint?
I am an artist. What's the best venue to sell my paintings?
What is two tone paint?
How did Fransisco Goya die?
If a picture is worth a thousand words....?
How much is a stain glass painting of beauty and the beast worth?
What is the secret to the Mona Lisa's Smile?
Which museum or church is Titian's Last Supper in?
how can i make a jellyfish model?
Can I re-paint my converse?
What is the going rate for decorative / sign painting?
Who is leonard wren?
Value of an Oil Painting by Hermanus Veger?
Does anyone still like the band Blink182?
How Much Per Picture For My Paintings?
Question about oil painting?
Can some one tell me the name of the Painter that was on LA INK who got a self-portrait of a 1440's painting?
Trying to identify Henry Optiz painting?
How did Roy Lichtenstein influence art?
what kind of paint can i use for signwriting on acryllic vinyl tarpauline?
why did they try to recreate art from the Carolingian Renaissance ?
Any suggestions on where to go for high-quality prints on canvas for an original heirloom oil painting?
If you could live inside a painting, which would it be?
Questions about life room modeling.?
whats a good website to post art painting?
How long do you stay In room that Is painted with oil based paint to affect you?
what would a few good things to paint/draw to build a portfolio for an AP art class?
Am i allowed to create paintings of famous artists who have been dead for a long time?
i am fineart student & my stream is painting. Can i do job after completing my b.f.a?
Artists similar to Paul Kenton?
Which brands produce non-animal derived pigment powders?
Do you know who painted thiss?
Do you like my painting?
is it good to keep paint brushes in water, if no whats the best way to store them?
Is this painting worth anything?
what do you think????
what's your favourite colour?
where can i get quality prints of paintings for an affordable price?
What kind of paint do I use for cotton T-shirts?
who is Şükrü Çağlayan?
Painting project question?
any great unknown or known artists?
Who the heck is behind this work of art?
Is this painting worth money?
how do we know how colors express emotions in paintings?
should i water down my paints?
Is it possible for some one to be able to paint but not draw?
What's the name of the artist?
Would you ever like to animated?
What paints can I use that will be very bright (possibly glow in the dark or blacklight) for a "party table"?
paintings in the 13th century?
Famous painting of Paris?
My paintings look so high contrast. How can I refine them more? I use acrylic for learning right now?
Where to sell paintings ive made?
Identify this francisco goya painting?
Are these pencils toxic..more information in question?
who painted Mona Lisa ? The correct answer gets picked a the best answer.?
painting estimate???
Looking for artists like Victoria Frances?
anyone know any on-line sources where i can helpful hints on oil painting?
is my vintage picture a print or painting?
Who painted this picture?
What is happing to me? I don't feel like painting anymore.?
Type of linseed oil to buy??
meaning to Father and Son by Alexander Charles Jones?
art ideas, anyone?
Body painting nude....would you do it?
how do i find unclothed big beautiful women without resorting to pornography?
little description of the painting "the red armchair" (picasso)?
I want to know the history of Jonathan Green's painting called " Dora and Friend"?
is a fresco 3 dimentional?
Is it OK to sell artwork that is a replica?
Do you think i should start a painting bussiness?
When priming with gesso, what kind of brush works best?
Andrew Wyeth's Master Bedroom?
Do You Recognize This?
Removable Murals - Does anyone know what the product is that make canvas murals easily removable.?
Are they're any famous artists who have focused on perspective in their works?
how to make paint shining?
Is there actually any one bluer than me?
Will it work to mix oil paint with acrylic paint if needed? or will it totally ruin everything?
Who painted this famous painting?
How can I hang a canvas painting on the wall without drilling a hole (renter)?
im painting my room what color should i paint it ?
What's the difference between silver && gray?
Who was Diego Rivera?
Do you think I have potential to be an abstract painter?
I have a painting, can you tell me anything about it from a picture of it?
What equipment would you need to create your own Chinese brush painting?
Places/Ways to learn oil painting?
My Bamboo Tablet works on everything but for some reason not on Paint Tool Sai?..?
(10 POINTS FOR BEST ANSWER!!) Would you leave a copy of a painting with someone of which you are selling?
have anyone taken penn foster art appreciation proctor exam? any tip on what I should study?
What are some good political paintings ?
Whats your fav song for getting into the painting mood?
Salvador Dali Questions! Help is appreciated.?
artist fred brockmann?
What is your favorite painting, by who?
Im doing 'Self-image' for my art project..?
Im going to apply for an early acceptance at an art school. can you tell me...?
I have a sara moon much is it worth?
How can i figure out how to color in Paint Tool SAI?
why did joseph cornell create his artwork?
"Picasso is crap".....?
What type of paint should I use?
what do you see in this canvas?
What are some significant symbolic meanings in Durer's paintings in the life of the Virgin cycle?
Please can anyone name any artists who incorporate figures as well as writing in their paintings?
What are some good french songs? or artists?
Can you paint oil paint over dried acrylic paint on canvas?
how to take proper care of paintings ?
what do you think about impressionism?
I am a new portrait artist, and I am trying to set up my business. What are some policies I should have?
Will you help me pick a thesis?
how to formulate watercolor paint?
How do you get a baby neo pet baby paint brush?
What makes Vincent van Gogh a post impressionist artist?
how do you open a paint tool sai file with the layers?
Why does a boomarang come back when you throw it?
Are there any artists that look directly at Global Warming or Antartica/ Ice?
good idea for Toms: One day without shoes?
other name for these colour???
What are the copyright laws (UK) surrounding the reproduction and sale of paintings?
Can you tell me the name or artist of this Art Nouveau style painting?
is there a painting site where i can paint then print?
trying to get appraisal on abstract watercolor by artist broderson?
Word painting is an expressive feature used in madrigals.?
Which paint is best for body painting?
drawing/ painting/ creative competition?
.........BLUE OR RED.........?
What should I do with my artwork?
What art media do you use to paint a plate?
Help acrylic paint issues!! .s best answer!:)?
Contemporary alternative to Edgar Degas?
feedback on my art website?
Can I sand over paint?
besides being a painter and filmmaker what else did salvador dali do?
I just realized my husband is a con artist?
Can any body give me a colour palette with the names of the painting Linen by Natalia Goncharova.?
If I trace a picture and paint it can I still say it mine?Is it still classed as talent?
What's that neoclassical, or maybe Renaissance, painting of Jesus?
Need to take a break from answering questions and would like to check out some art?
How do I use acrylics when painting a portrait on canvas?
Help me ... I want to be a painter?
I have paintings signed by Robert Wook, Woody, Wilmar,Salviati, Lorenz, Tomaso,Whiman Lembke who are these.?
Painting in the movie "A Beautiful Mind" by Picasso, right before she says "God must be a painter"?
What are some non-van Gogh paintings of the night sky?
Who was the original Bluebeard?
Can you help me identify this painting?
What stylistic period was Franz Marc's Horse in Landscape?
SAI Paint Tool help, please?
Can anybody help with my natural forms project?
What makes these artworks look like they are from a certain time period?
Art: Fernand Leger Help!!!!!!!?
Why is Plato pointing his finger up in the painting, "School of Athens"?
I am new at acrylic painting can you give me some tips please?
why is there always a church in bruegel's painting?
Are there any differences between the time Norman Rockwell painted the Four Freedoms and our current times?
Where can i find images of paintings on the internet of black couples in love?
Explain the vatika oil?
Acrylic paint over ed Tempera paint?
Is acrylic paint a kind of paint you would use on a canvas? If so ...?
Leonardo Da Vinci Parachute!?
Where can I get a print of the Russian Schoolroom painting by Norman Rockwell?
Painting about Social Collapse?
What is your favorite color?-If it matches up with mine you might be my Best Answer!!!?
Should I dip my paint brushes into hot, warm or cold water?
How do you make face paint cakes?
Birthday....Painting bed sheets?
i need to find "talents" the art supplier for oil and water colors website..its a famous brand, thanks
What is the name of this Picasso painting?
what are different types of painting furniture finishes and procedures.?
What do you think it takes to shock or anger the art-viewing public today? Why?
Millie Kinsey #1 Rated graphic designer at to see her?
How can I make a canvas painting look like its been burned?
ace powell 3 indian boy paintings, what are they worth?
What similarities do Paul Klee, Kandinsky and Marl Rothko all have?
Do I refinish a guitar just like I would a hardwood floor?
Are there any artists that draw the human mouth or close-up faces?
Where can I find great prints of Stephen Gammell's artwork and illustrations?
Custom painting a ukulele?
Where can i find the picture of The Betrayal By De Niro?
Who else is going to Painter Wolfgang Bauer's Gallery Closing party on June 9th?
painter call s Naylor?
When painting do you mix your own primer and if so what ingredients do you use?
I am planning to use an oil based paint on the woodwork in my bathroom and kitchen. Need help?
What type of art is this?
what Colors do you mix together to make clarett?
using your intuition please write two words of advice to help guide me?
What do you think about this painting that i made?
Who is the artist of the paintings or what were they called?
Improvements that can be made to this oil painting?
never ending stairs?
By mixing which two primary colours do u get purple?
the group of seven?ART!!?
Were do I find a list of all watercolour artists?
How to paint this sky in acrylic?
How do you find an artist of a rare fish plate, named Paliezia? Spelling not correct, its over 100 yrs old.?
Painting ideas for the troops in Iraq?
Do you sometimes make mental image of how someone might look based on their paintings or drawings?
what rhymes with cup?
How to you clean a yellowed oil painting?
Will you be my muse and give me some painting ideas?
painting of pierre noel near the door at christmas?
What is your favourite colour?
I am doing a paper on Charles manson's paintings/ art. Anyone know when to find reliable info?
What kind of thesis would you paint for New Orleans ?
How do I find out about my painting from Muller-Kurzwelly ?
Who have been influenced by Henri Matisse?
Can someone tell me why Andy Warhol is not a true artist?
How do you practice oil painting?
Does anyone know of an Artist [painting] by the name of W.Harold Hancock?
wat are the general topics given in the painting competetions aaaaaa.............?
which of these artists is known for painting geometric compositions which incorporate primary colors?
Where can I find the painting Santa Fe Hillside by Gerald Cassidy?
I am hand painting a pair of toms?
when airbrushing can you layer the paint?
I am trying to find a picture of a painting that I know little about any help?
what year was andy warhols painting butterfly made in?
Would an art gallery assist a starving artist in the shipping cost of his works?
artist ?painter, engraver, east.european now resident in venice. ? name= "vec"?
where is the best place to sell paintings (besides ebay)?
Inspirarion for a painting?!?
Anyone heard of Suzanne Knight, the painter?
How do I make this a 18x24 size in paint?
Which are the suitable crayon drawings for an 8 standard kid to draw?
please help me IDENTIFY THIS PAINTING !?
Does anyone know of an artist called Bleeker?
Who are some known painters whose work concerned with pollution?
Who is this famous TV painter?
What was the American Avant Garde?
How do I paint the light on this painting?
about renaissance music?
What equipment would you need to create your own Chinese brush painting?
What paint is best for a beginner?
Good face painting pencil?
what to charge for painting a design on a dune buggy?
What's your favorite Lady Gaga?
Why is art-making valued in today's culture? Why do many middle and upper class people desire to create art?
Who is the Queen in this painting?
What is the meaning of this image?
paul gauguin painting worth?
I have a idea for a tattoo will a tattoo artist create and draw it for me ?
cool children type painting?
Artistic Interior home sales Oils?
What is a large painting or decoration, done either directly on the wall or separately and affixed to it?
IGCSE Art Natural Form?
Max Ernst Painting!? Can't find it anywhere?
Can't remember the name of a painting!!!?
Is it okay to use acrylic paints on skateboard decks?
Black and white painting with fish?
I have a painting of a bird which is sitting on a branch..wat do i name it?
Information about michael godards red flower?
What are some of the works done by Picasso during his "African Period"?
Any idea on Boris Chezor paintings?
Can anyone please help me about Titian and his painting wisdom?
Where can I find an art appraiser?
Color program for paint ?
Some tips on painting the ocean, Hell and the night?
Can you spray paint over an acrylic painting?
What painting is this???
If you had a choice, would you rather own The Hope Diamond or The Mona Lisa?
how do you feel about graffiti art?
can i use indian ink in an electric spray paint gun?
How can I make heat expanding paint like liquid applique? It puffs when heat's applied.?
How long do canvas paintings last for ?
Fellow answerers in painting section- can I say goodbye?
has anyone out there heard of blink182
airbrush painting safety and questions?
is there a st bernard on petz dogz pack?
Can you put acrylic paint over oils? And vise versa?
Does anyone know who the artists are at
I am painting cardboard and want a mirror finish paint, what paint should I use?
Art "FRANCESCA" "FRANKIE"1990 Editions of 500 by Tom Avila On archival stock need to know more
what diff artists or architects trying to accomplish or communicate.?
If you were a little kid, what five things would u want to be drawn/painted on your face?
what are your favourite paintings or artist?
Painting mistakes in mural Im painting?
what is that tv show in the 90's where the dude teaches how to paint?
so what's the real secret behind mona lisa's smile?
What would you suggest I price these paintings at?
what does this painting say?
how do you pronounce the last name "Géricault" for Theodore Géricault?
Anything like Paint.NET but for older computers?
find the nearest thomas kinkade store from 61081?
who is pablo picasso?
Can somebody explain why this painting is highly valued?
What do you think of my painting?
I want to buy oil colors,can i buy only the basic colors ? or should i buy a larger collection?
Is it acceptable to say that surrealism in the interpretation of the subconcious?
Where can I find out more about artist "R Chapman?"?
What kind of paint do animators use on that transparent cell paper?
Who painted these two paintings, you can see the signature of the painter and where from he is? esteem?
Any one know where I can get a lithograph of "The Settlement of Kansas" by John Steuart Curry?
what type of artwork did edward hopper create?
Can anyone tell me about the artist by the name Julie Gregory?
I have an oil canvas painting with Wallace signature. Who is this artist?
How much are paintings by Ronald J Louque worth?
Can I use white acrylic paint as a masking fluid in a painting?
To the artists out there?
artists that paint buildings in the same style as edward hopper?
what should be in a beginners acrylic painting kit?
What is your art page?
Who do you like better?
Oil Painting - How to?
Painted Shoes with food coloring..What can I seal it with?
earth tone color palette?
Websites for artists hoping to improve? Places to get red lines?
who is an underwater fine art artist?
Can I paint a glazed porcelain figurine?
in india,population density is defined as the no.of persons________?
Who did a painting in Europe called Mary's Well?
does anyone know what the next big art movement will be?
lacquer on plastic cd case?
What is the name of the artist who painted children with large eyes?
How come I can't find any art dealers willing to buy my aunt's paintings?
What paint is used on motorcycle helmets?
What is your all-time favorite painting? Which artist painted it? When?
girl with a pearl ear ring.?
what was the name of the painting on the cover of the smashing pumpkins mellon collie album?
Reposting my question on fire-oriented artwork?
Is it necessary to prime a canvas before painting.?
What does Intellectually Unified mean?
Can anyone help me indentify this painting?
whos the painter in the philippines in the world?
Does anyone know of a horse painting where the horse appears to be howling at the moon?
How can I paint over a canvas painting I did and dont like?
What colors make orange?
Vermeer is my favourite arist. Is he your favourite artist too?
What incident happened when Steve Wynn sold Picasso's Le Rêve?
I don't understand art. I want to buy a painting of old princess street (in edinburgh) cheap. What do I do?
Who is R.Hills Bemisk the artist.?
Looking for an artist that does 'illusions', a painter, NOT M.C. ESCHER. He has a Spanish or Latin last name.
What Qs would you ask an artist(painter) in an interview?
Where can I find out who the artist is of my painting?
Which famous painting should I copy?
How would one START to make a living with art?
Could you add sand to acrylic paint for a painting?
is there anywhere i can get a painting of Elizabeth Bathory?
what is the best color paint that reacts to a black light (also can you send me a link to a pic of the color)?
Art project on the elements, air, water, earth and fire. Want to make an earth canvas painting with mud, ideas?
As a visual artist, what is the best web site to sell artwork via?
painting my guitar - supplies and process?
I need ideas for painting a parking spot!?
we have paint mediums to help us paint, what about people in the past few centuries? what do they use?
How do I set up a charitable scholarship fund in the state of Virginia?
how does peugino's painting delivery of the keys compare to other paintings of his?
What are your opinions on Picasso?
What should I paint...?
What are your best tips for painting oil portraits?
Colour and numbers help??? What is the meanings of the colours and the numbers?
Where can I buy a children ceramic painting kit and plain mugs?
Analysis of Paul Cezanne's The Large Bathers.?
can you use fabric paint for a heat tranfer ?
Fred Gonsowski Cats Painting?
was paul gogen in an island?
Urgent! Famous creepy artists?
Watercolor Pencil help?
Strugling to find inspiration for art?
When you put watercolors in a palett do you let them dry in the pallet?
Why do people pay RIDICULOUS amounts for some paintings / art.How can some form of art be worth 100 mln USD.?
Water color landscape painting picture suggestion?
What does realism in the art sense mean?
I painted on an old piano. What do you think?
Is POP ART on its way out?
Is it actually possible to sell artworks of an artist online? If so where and how?
What's your favourite colour?
Can someone please explain a 'picture plane'?
What is a pre-stretched canvas? How is it different from other canvas & which canvas is better while painting?
Beautiful flower painting, interested? click link!?
Who agrees with me in saying Leonardo de Vinci was an amazing genius?
am i good at painting? pictures included?
please help identify this artist?
What is this painting called ?
How to get dried acrylic paint out of khakis?
I have painting by Jeanne Mcleish, it is a winter scene by a creek. Anyone know the value of Mcleish's work?
How to make a picture based on a memorable event?
can I use this medium for glazing?
Can you give me a list of your favorite pieces of art?
I have a painting by Mike GUNNELL does anyone know where i can some info have tried all sites i can think of t
why is graffiti bad? explain please?
who is the author of Da vinci code?
What do you think of my drawing?
How many square inches does 1 fl. oz. of paint cover?
What are some good name for a painting of Alasks?
does anyone know how to make water fall with polyresin using moulds?
John A Lomax Painting?
Should I watercolor flat or on an easel?
HELP! How do you remove brush hairs from an acrylic painting?
What was the name of the theme song to The Magic of Oil Painting on PBS with William Alexander in about 1980?
Would I ruin Winsor and Newton Series 7 Watercolor brushes if I use them with oil paint???
Can I paint acrylic paint over oil after spraying oil paint with fixative?
What's better..... purple or aquamarine?
Removing acrylic paint from carpet?
I have made this desert scenery on a Leaf with two Camel riders,give your opinion of my art work.will it sell?
Should the date on a painting be changed if the artist changes it slightly later?
what artworks should i include in my collage?
is the national museum of art in Wash. D.C. the same as the Smithsonian?
Where can I find the meanings behind Vladimir Kush's paintings?
what are the colors to mix to get a bluegreen color?
Any advice for thinning out and mixing acrylics?
is it ok to use the arcliyc paint on my face like jeff hardy,,,,,,,,?
I need a good face paint!!?
Acrylic paints/Markers on drumsticks?
Names of artists that paint in black and white?
What color does a general gray mixed with a general brown color make?
I have a beautiful signed oil painting, but the signature is difficult to disifer.?
What is Fluxus-Brut-Avant garde art?
I saw a painting that caught my eye so i bought it. I didn't get a chance to inquire about it.?
lacquer spray painting?
I want to get my own website?
I want to be a Landscape Artist and Cartoonist for Disney.?
If you could own 1 painting from any collection in the world (but you can't sell it), which would you select?
I would like to know paintings of lord krishna teaching bhagavadgeeta to arjuna?
What is this painting called and who is it by?
What kind of groups outside schooling or education can offer the same creative environment?
My Mother has a painting by Fiora Cozzi titled "Forest" #118118 xvn and she was wondering what it worth.?
ART help; artists that use racism in their artworks.?
how do I make a cerise/magenta colour with acryllic paints?
At what degree would paint's viscosity (consistency) change?
I have to do an essay about Leonardo da Vinci?
When painting with oil paints, do you paint the background first and then paint over it or paint the image an?
I've Got nothing against J.Ross or R.Bland But!!?
i want to start painting?
Looking for artist's name from Israel, painted on walls of his home, published book of his paintings mid 80..
Has anyone ever heard of the artist Edna Hible?
what sort of things help a graffiti writer to progress?
Is this painting okay?
Need info On Artist C.Pickett Fuller,I Have original painting signed and dated 1973 Titled Friekel Face...?
i need help with my canvas painting?
Question about varnish... (matt or gloss or both? How to avoid yellowing?)?
Who remembers those pictures with the spaces with a number in them that told you to paint it a specific color?
Im face painting for the freshman class, need some help!?
What kind of sealer can I use to set the paint on rocks? ?
relaxing colors? Painting designs?
I got a masonite panel at my local art store, do I have to prime/gesso it or can I just paint directly on it?
Why is it Painting Artists paint on "CANVAS"? What is with the Canvas?
how can i descover myself withot the help of my friends?
i need info about leonardo da vinci?
Who made this glassware set and possibly when?
my mom had a dream that she was painting three angels on a large canvas as she finished painting the last feat?
What type of art, drawing or painting, do you like the most?
What materials are used to paint?
What is the most specific way to describe this painting style?
I have a paint question?
i want a good website about (matisse) and his arts?
looking for a painting, details inside...?
Why doesn't the 'Mona Lisa' have Eyebrows?
What exactly is impressionism?
i would like to know the artist who creates pictures of dogs in a human posture and human clothes?
What's the painting I'm thinking of?
Metamorphosis Artwork name?
What are those wooden folders that you paint in?
who invented art?
Can someone help me identify these paintings?
How did Andy Warhol do it?
What is the name of the artist that made the image of a woman's head in a spiral over clouds?
Do you think using the grid method in drawing and painting is cheating?
do you know an artist by the name of R S Taylor?
Where in the world is Municipal Drawing School?
whats the name of this painting???
Is there a "paint" program on macbooks?
What is that Painting Looking Up Perspective, Underwater View of People at the Pool?
mixing liquid clear (paint retardant) and regular paint for the background?
In the paintings of Adam and eve why do they have belly buttons?
elements 6 or paint shop pro x2 - which is best for Creatively changing faces ?
What would you do if your family had mixed feelings about painting over a mural?
What are some Australian Photo realists and what are their photorealism paintings?
What is a realist? Is it a type of politition?
draw but can't paint?
Digital Painting: Working with rich shadows?
is it wrong to copy works of great artists for your own home collections?
What Art Movement was Bob Ross part of?
Is It Illegal To Spray Paint A Rock?
Where can I find out more about water-based oil paints and odour-free thinners for real oils?
How And Where Do I Sell My Own Paintings Online?
What are some little known facts about leonardo da vinci?
i have a painting of barbara weber?
How to dress up as a famous painting?
Am I a frustrated artist... or do I just suck? Your advice please.?
I have a canvas painting of an african american nude women facing left. She has a necklace on with yarn .?
Being original?
How does this painting show that Leonardo Da Vinci is a Renaissance man?
What do you think of Thomas Kinkade?
What should i paint? Hmm.... out of ideas...?
Whos the artist and the name of the painting?
Does a mirror break if put in a 325 degrees F oven for about 40 minutes?
Watercolor you wash them with soap? Or just rinse in water?
Does anyone know the name of the artist who painted this film poster (details)?
What Is That Painting Called? Please Help!?
Does anyone know an acrylic painting course online that I can take? Or A dvd I can buy?
How did they make Op Art?
when painting, brush hairs get on the painting. how do i get rid of it?
What is your favourite thing about MONSTER MUNCH?
what makes famous painters an artist?
What kind of paper should I use for water color?
What have I done wrong with striping paint off?
What is the meaning of this picture?
Should I paint the Edges of my canvas painting black?
How long can once opened oil paints last? Months, years?
Is tagging/graffiti cool? Why or why not? Details please :)?
Does anyone know the history of Poko Petek or maybe knew her?
How to reuse watercolors?
Anybody know who painted this or what it is called?
What do you guys think of Adolf Hitler?
Need information on a painting(pictures included)?
How can I get detailed imfo about Newman Decor Inc.that was located in NYC?Interested in one artist .?
who painted Guernica, in condemnation of the Fascist bombing of that little town in the Spanish Civil War?
Why Chinese uses paint brushes instead of ballpens and pencils?
Are we allow to copy Copyright photos to paint?
bernadine moss artist of winnetka?
If you ran a museum and someone?
How to paint eyebrows on a doll?
what do the following features depict in the painting "the soldier drinks" by marc chagall?
Oil paint brush cleaner?
What colors do I mix to make midnight green?
How much are these paintings worth?
alfonso hernandez paintor?
An important series of cave paintings were found in:?
Artist whose photographs look like paintings?
David Hopeman and Catherine Hopeman by Rembrandt Peale?
Painting ATV?
Beggining as a painter?
Can you use watercolor paint on your face?
Where can I find actual pictures of each of Emmanuel Oberhausen artwork?
art project?
if you had a museaum....?
What is with the creepy painting in diamond?
How would i go about painting a white dresser black?
Is there a difference between "Gray" and "Grey" BESIDES the spelling?
Can someone recommend at famous portrait painting to discuss at a Writing Class?
Can you use muslin for painting?
Does anyone know about Salvado Dali's Wall Street in green painting?
My first time drawing/painting on a canvas :?
Brush maker in Germany?
Beginner oil painter?
What should be my next painting?
How do you make a skin tone with acrylic?
Name 5 famous paintings?
Where can I find christmas face painting designs?
Do most artist want to be rich?
artist block?
Do you have any oil painting tips??
What side of watercolor paper to use?
what colours make wine?
Who do you think was best? Van Gogh or Monet?
I'm looking for a fake print of Sacred Ground by Bev Doolittle. I don't need the real thing -wall decoration!
what type of paint is good for painting a landscape picture outside?
In last 70 days of his life who painted a picture a day?
I have a painting and I don't know who the artist is?
joanny, french artist. any uk fine art galleries who sell Joanny. Dont want galleries from the USA?
do you want to be a legend and genius like leonardo da vinchi?
What are similarities between Baroque and Romanticism?
I have a original etching by Boyer "On the Canche River" a French etching. I need any further info artist.
looking for info about a portrait of a Portugal fisherman on cork. signed y/redo n/oraer any help thanks?
What kind of paint should I use to paint old LD, CD or DVD?
Disturbing artists? anyone please?
bob ross painting help?
how would you critic diego rivera's 'la noche de los pobres?
How do you make a skin tone with acrylic?
Does anyone know what painting is behind Ariel in this scene of The Little Mermaid?
how do i take acid?
I want to put up art in my new kitchen, like a painting. what would be appropriate? I love Dali, Miro, etc.?
What are the benefits of painting?
Did Andy Warhol break copyright laws?
what is a good idea for a painting?
treasures of art from paintings of the master?
What can I paint for my principal?
in what city is are davinci paintings kept ?
Anyone have info on an old painting "Pharos Horses"?
how to set up a art gallery?
What did the lucayans use to make their body paint?
ugly realism art in the 70s?
help with guitar paint job!!!!?
why do sum people hate graffiti?
is flat spray paint the same thing as non gloss spray paint?
Is forged artwork still valuable?
Are there any Jan Vermeer paintings in the UK?
she doesnt exist and ill never embrace her why? why?
Best brand for large sheets/rolls of watercolor paper?
is drawing or painting a game or sport?
decorative paint?
would you pick flowers or sea landscapes paintings for offices walls?
Please help.. Does anyone know other Artists that could relate to the style of theses paintings..?
How do i reprime an old oil painting to reuse?
13 and face painting at festival???...?
Where to buy spray paint in Singapore?
Norman Rockwell Question?
Is there a secret to learning art?
What is your favorite painting or painter?
Who is your favourite artist and why?
where can i view photos of stolen paintings from the chicago art institute?
What is number painting?
i need an opinion on what color i should paint my x18 pocket bike?
can you name the artist???
Who is your favourite visual artist/ painter?
Where is the original of Dali's painting "Gala regardant la mer"?
why do we live just to die?
where can I buy original art on line?
When was Marc Chagall's 'Les Amoureux de Vence' painted?
Best water-based oil paints?
Looking for a James Rosenquist painting?
lee reynolds painting?
Does anybody know if this painting in the movie Modigliani real?
What do you think of this loony Mexican painter Frida Khalo?
Is anyone familiar with Guy Peellaert? He was the illstrator for rock dreams. What are his paintings worth?