How did geometry contribute to the success of Piet Mondrian's artwork?
I need to know the name of this painting!?
Does anyone know where I can buy an acrylic paint set for art a level for cheap in the UK?
what is the color mineral?
Frida Kahlo?
how to get graphite pencil off of painted on canvas (I ALREADY TRIED WARM WATER)?
What are more powerful colors?
i have an oil painting of john wayne, would like info on the artist, vern jones?
Who is the artist of the paintings in the Jenny Craig advert?
how much is this painting worth?
i need a painting idea as a gift for my grandmother?
Information about W Mcgregor scottish artist?
Why doesn't my girlfriend like my naked paintings of my mother?
Has anyone heard of an artist Les Benton or something like that?
Do you think an artist really enjoy his paintings?
what is the meaning of Girl with a pearl earing?
Does anyone know how to stencil letters onto a round object like a glass? Is it easier to cut out the letters?
How can I enlarge & transfer image to fill an entire wall?
What are the building blocks of an artwork?
ladies,who would you most like to sketch in the nude and why ?
I have a piece of art worth around $5,000. I'd like to sell it, but don't know the best way. Any one?
Does anyone know what this painting is called?? And the artist?
iformation on william melby artist?
I,m looking for artist Bob Sanders art work , I know that he is from London?
oil painting?
When do you paint background?
How do I get enamel paint off an ostrich?
What do you think of my paintings? Do i have potential? Honest people only!?
heinz ross the painter?
What is this shadow of? 10 points best answer!?
Present to give lady gaga?
How young is too young to pose nude in the name of art?
Which are the suitable crayon drawings for an 8 standard kid to draw?
is it expensive to get into acrylic painting?
how can i make a deep red deeper?
Where can I find a print of the painting Children Sitting on a Wall Herbert Harvey?
Please help me, I need information about this?
pls let me know of any shop selling A4 size canvas for painting in mumbai or vashi.?
which painting do you like the best?
Can anybody through some more info on painter picasso?
what is the name of this painting? Woman kneeling, kissing man's hand. Can sort of read title on link below.
What do you consider to be some of the best paintings ever done?
who is this woman? (surrealism)?
What is your favourite painting?
help with jan vermeer?
acrylic pad and oil paints? ideas? read description?
anyone know where the Dali painting Medative Rose is displayed?
I have painting by arthur j elsey 1903 that has 4 little girls and one little boy walking a white horse?
How much is a Jean-Louis Ernest Meissonier painting worth?
Do you like the color PURPLE?
How can you preserve homemade watercolor paintings?
Last Supper and Mona Lisa ?
have an 8x10" painting i want tp blow up and need some advice on sizing?
Things to paint??????
What color should my bedroom set be if my room is darkish purple?
has any body seen a serigraph called After the workout bt Ronald julius Christensen?
What is the meaning behind the painting The Agitator by Diego Rivera?
i have a picture signed by A. McLaughlin is there any value this picture.?
blue yellow and red? what kind of colors are they?
Can I use regular adhesive tape to stretch watercolour paper?
Everything you need for oil painting?
Who are 5 premier American artists?
I need help on how to start selling my paintings?
Can constantly painting your nails kill the name/make it weak?
how much for a marilyn monroe plates?
Where can I buy spray paint for art projects? Not Home Depot etc?
Inspiration. Opinions on it, please.?
my first oil painting ever ?!!?
where is this painting located?
Has anyone ever seen this painting?
Whats this type of art called?
should i use oil paint or should i switch to watercolor because i heard oils are toxic?
Experimenting with watered down acrylic paint?
What is the name of the artist who.?
What are Some Good Watercolor Techniques?
i need to make £10,000 before the summer?
what paints are used in murals?
who design the colour wheel?
When using watercolor and ballpoint pen/marker, which is better to use first?
I need help with Iconography?
How did Pollock's art redefine our definition of art and what art can be?
What color do you get when you mix yellow and purple?
If I were to study 5 painters in-depth, which 5 painters would you recommend?
How many years was monalisa painted?
Can I get sued for having a piece of classic art as an album cover?
Where can I get Mural info?
How can I find the name of this painting?
Want To See A Month's Worth Of Work On One Canvas?
neon and splatter paint is in..whats next?
some questions about paintings and where to buy?
How do I sell a reproducted painting?
Friends and boyfriends?
What type of paint should I use for my shoes?
Which is the best type of paint for a beginner? acrylic, oil, watercolor?
Which paint to use for beginner?
Name of famous painting?
Does anyone know the name of famous artists' who'se works are similar to Picasso or a type of impression?
about Leonardo da Vinci the artist?
anyone heard of an artist named verdan?
What wire do I use to hang my canvas up? And how do I attach it?
Please help: fine art portfolio?
where can i sell origional art works for top dollar?
If colours were sounds?
how does Proserpine painted by Dante Gabriel Rossetti..?
How to create an oil painting with resin on a panel?
the totally abstract nature of absolute music males it unique among the arts?
Do i need to be good at drawing to paint?
How to stick paper on wood for painting designs?
This girl Marla (4 years) can really paint good?
What color.....?
What's the name of this Dali painting?
Whats the name of this painting? Someone please help!?
Is it just me, or do you see a face in this version of Monet's "Japanese Bridge" (link to image)?
What do you think of this art work?
Why is art-making valued in today's culture? Why do many middle and upper class people desire to create art?
Are there any famous paintings of Arthur?
what was da vinici famous for?
What should I name my art piece on oil spills?
What is the best type of surface to use with acrylic paints?
Water mixable oil paint drying time?
how to find information on a painting called Moonlight over a pond presented in Sotheby's Auction House?
Is it a good idea to paint my walls with glow in the dark paint?
could someone tell me about this medium. It just says colourless painting medium brillant gloss huile oil?
Where can I find a picture of Man with Still Life by Fernand Léger?
where do i find new aviator stuff?
What is your favorite colour?
Painting my room, colour ideas?
How do I get sharpie off the back of a canvas print without it soaking THROUGH it and ruining the print?
what ingredients to make colour paint?
any ideas what I could draw?
what is the name of this painting?
does anyone recognize this painting?
Bedroom painting?
Help wanted from art student?
What Colors do i mix together to make gold?
George Catlin art movement?
Who is your fave artist?
When you look at a painting from Van Gogh, how do you feel?
what was Ernest Zobole's addres?
I want to start painting.. Want kind of supplies should I get?
how could i make a adventure time mural without paint?
can one create good art/drawing/painting if he is lacking technical skills? e.g.copying nature?
Can someone paint a canvas for me please?
what characteristics of the painting Guernica make it Cubism?
Henri Matisse masterpiece information?
Where on the internet can I get complete information about the many artworks of Ed Paschke?
Why people don't buy painting anymore?
Tools that are used to paint the drover's wife by russell drysdale?
how to get regular picture frame to frame a painting on stretched canvas?
I have a painting that has a signature that looks like C.H. Chase or C.H. Chow.?
what's the chinese character for karma?
Is there a major online archive of classic painting images?
What should I paint or sketch?
How important is the quality of canvas in oil or acrylic painting?
How do u bid drywall and painting?
Will this cause damage to my painting?
where do i get a good black book!?! help?
Dented canvas -- how to fix?
Looking for Stephen Kelly oil painting from 1950's information?
is it ok to paint a mural with house paint?
need a motorised table or wheel for spin pictures with paint?
Why Famous Painters Show Adam and Eve With Belly Buttons?
What to paint on a plaster craft mold of pregnant belly?
How do you have the original texture pack and another texture pack in Mine craft?
Was Frida Kahlo transgendered?
What is an Artist?
Graffiti stores near me?
What is your favorite colors?
Is there anything else that can be used instead of fixative on pastels to keep them from smudging?
Where can I buy art paint in Toronto?
Banksy? have your say?
What is the namesake of the famous Boston "paint"?
Can anyone give me some information on a painter named Le Grand?
Is it ok to inhale spray paint and wd40?
what is the opposite of the color orange?
How do you think of this painting?
What shades of grey exist? what are these shades names?
What's the best airbrush or airbrush kit for a beginner?
Question about airbrushes?
Why did Roy Lichtenstein..?
if i mix blue and i get blellow?
which brand of artists watercolor ?
What is the more common name of Leonardo Da Vinci's famous painting "la gioconda?"?
How do I keep my artist brush stiff & pointed?
Disturbing artists? anyone please?
Anybody has a serial key for Corel Painter IX.5?
Looking for a painting of two people in a garden, the girl possibly on a swing, the man behind her?
Painting about "Alone" by Maya Angelou?
who painted Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica?
when you use water colour paint from a tube, do you water it down? Mine seems to go on too thick.?
What are the most famous baroque organs?
How would you jump on and off the green screen foreground like they did on this video?(link in descrip)?
Do you know what this painting is called?
is there a website where I can find some painting models ( for free) ?
Paintings by Alwes?
what color is often used by artists expressively?
Why does oil paint sometimes stay glossy in one area of the painting?
Why won't anyone answer me question?!?!?
where to find raw yellow ochre?
Can I get info on a female artist - last name, Kenyon?
In Sargent's "Daughters of Edward Darly Boit" . Has anyone suggested Sargent intuited child molestation ?
what were the themes to diego rivera paintings?
What kind of spray paint works well and is not too expensive?
Where can I buy inexpensive art online? I need a painting that has bright colors in it to brighten my apt.?
What are the different types of cave paintings?
painter maurice de vlaminck?
how can i able to find a person who can by a paintings whom i can trust?
Leonardo da Vinci's Notebook?
Who's the woman in the Da Vinci painting of the last supper?
I'm looking for a home painting job. Doing pottery or something like that nature.And i don't were to start.
Technical artist, Please help?
how do you get started?
Where can I buy an inexpensive print of a Kenton Nelson painting?
What are black dollars and what does it take to make them white or original colour?
Do you know a painting where you can practically hear the sound of silence?
I am doing something for my art calss about acrylic painting?
Is this too much to price a painting for?
Please Help with the name of an artist/painting.?
what is the original name for ebay?
How old was.......when he painted...?
is graffiti good or bad?
Spray paint on fabric?
What should I get spray painted on my backpack ?
Prices for painting in Ontario?
lightest to darkest?
Found a painting by Count Regis de Bouvier de Cachard in the attic of an old home?
Help me find artwork?
a dolphin and an anchor (but no sea). what famous phrase is printed arund this seal with these clues?
i need help with anything you might know about this painting please?
What is the best way to remove a brush hair on wet canvas?
Does anyone know any famous cat paintings?
i have an art project due but i don't have any ideas.plz help asap.?
Is there a painting called "CHECKMATE" involving the Devil and some player with the devil winning?
Painting price querie?
what stores carrie montana paint?
painting with acrylic and lacquer or enamel !?
iformation on william melby artist?
Has anyone ever (successfully) used bleach on a watercolor?
What are your thoughts on Artists', who hire a painting assistance to complete artwork?
Value of Dogs Playing Poker prints?
What is my favourite color?
How old do you have to be to purchase spray paint in California?
What is the name and artist of this song?
I have a lacquer panting of NGOC LE artist hanging on the wall over 50 years, but i dont know who was NGOC LE?
who was the model of Leonardo Da Vinci in his painting called "Monalisa"?
Does anyone know the ingredients of 'Liquid White' which Bob Ross sells and uses on his pbs art show? I
any tips with watercolor?
Tell me something to Paint?
Have you ever used anything uncommon in your medium?
What is the best US city for a painter?
Can someone help me find the name of a painting?
need some paint to paint my controller?
paint shop pro problems?
War hammer 40K painting tips?
Something to paint?
Which photoshop is better for painting?
what are the characteristics of mrs. grace darymple painting that can be consider as rococo art?
If you could be any colour of the rainbow, which colour would you be?
What is the meaning of the word "Spolarium" not the painting.?
What is there to see at the Louvre?
Is it legal to sell paintings that I made from pictures?
Modern Art- is it me or is it just crap by people who can't paint or draw?
The best place to learn Latin dancing in NJ?
Albert Marquet painting of a man with a newspaper?
Redo-ing my room for eighth grade graduation present? Ideas?
Although Vincent van Gogh suffered emotionally throughout his life, he was able to give his emotions tangible? can I trust it?
Job for Fine Art artists?
I'm doing a presentation on Surrealists art, and the artists Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte?
It is so sad that Thomas Kinkade such a great artist commited suicide. Didn't his paintings and sayings seem?
can you spray paint under armour?
name Leonardo's greatest contributions?
Is it weird if a girl has painted on eye brows ?
Have a look at my Gallery?
What primary color is the closest to brown?
How does it work if you want to use a copyrighted photo to paint from?
Canvas Ideas for Art GCSE?!?! URGENT HELP?
how do i protect a painted surface like a paint drawing on a skateboard? from water and scratches if possible?
do you consider Graffiti art?
looking for the name of the painter and painting from Metropolitan Museum?
looking for an artist of oil painting, only signs art: D. Atlas. Any idea?
i need help comparing two paintings? PLEASE I NEED HELP!!! ASAP!!!?
Working on an acrylic painting for the first time....advice?
Famous artists who's work involves landscapes, particularly skyscrapers & city landscapes?
Why is it a well known artist can smear their feces on a canvas and get hundreds of thousands for it?
Can someone give me some links to paintings that's theme is to never give up or keep trying???
can you name an artist?
Vincent Van Gogh is ???
Where can I get a paintball marker custom paint job?
How old is Benton Paul,the musician?Cannot find a bio anywhere I look.Searched all over the web:nothin'.?
which artist is best to compare Miro too?
8th grade art question?
Does anyone know what famous painting this is?
Can a guy like the color purple?
formalist description?
What is the painter's name?
What artists paint woodland/forest?
How safe is tamiya acrylic model paint?
What kinda paint could i use for this ?!?
Is linseed oil dangerous?
What exactly is the definition of primary colors? Put it in a simpler way that a child can understand please.?
Can anyone give me any information on the Spanish artist Manual Casal?
Who did frame roger rabbit?
anyone know how to paint clouds?
Is there any site in which I can sell my digital paintings and flash animations.?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of using
how is a van de graaff used today?
Can someone Find me a Paint Splash brush ? =] like to use on photoshop?
I need somebody who is into abstract art to view a couple?
Which types of paint are good for canvas?
Where to get a painting made?
Has anyone heard of a hypothetical price that the Mona Lisa would carry, if it was to be put on the market?
How would one make more meaningful artwork?
what is your favorite artist?
What type of spray paint do I use for my science board?
Where would one go to have an oil painting appraised?
I am seeking the current address and phone number for: Painter/Artist Andrew Choi, of Ames, Iowa. Thanks.?
is jacquard brand fabric paint good for painting on canvas shoes?
Is painting on canvas a dying art because of computer graphics?
Painting,'53 cady ,'49 merc. woody, A biplane over shore TITLE "End of 66" who is artist? starts with k___?
what can i draw on this canvas?
what do you think of my new painting??
How can I make art prints of my work to sell -- please?
what was da vinici famous for?
Do You Recognize This?
whats the best printer for fine ART PRINTS?
How does Banksy not get sued?
Would this be considered copyright infrigement?
Compare Cimabue, Madonna and Child Enthroned 1280 to Titian Madonna of the Pesaro Family?
How did Roy Lichtenstein create his work?
Which of the two is the best one to visit in NY, The Museum of Modern Art or The Metropolitan Museum of Art?
What is the perfect painting for a teacher's birthday?
What kind of paint for a matte finish on canvas shoes? (Wearable) I want bright colors that won't bleed.?
What is a painting of a scene with people who are not posed called? An everyday scene?
Dali mixing bowl, spoon , wasn't water involved some where in it too?
Can you submit a painting into a highschool art gallery if it's on computer paper?
how do painters detach themselves enough from a painting to sell it to someone they don't know?
What is your favorite color?
How much are Willard Leroy Metcalf paintings worth?
How do you paint ghost flames with and airbrush?
what kind of paint we should use for for painting leather shoe?
I have summer evening and spring cleaning by frank m hamilton. does anyone have info on the worth?
2 seascape paintings by A. Sehring. #AR3 and AR36. Any information on these paintings and/or artist.?
im lookin for a picture i painted bout 25yr ago last knowm place china?
what is your favourite colour?
Spray paint for glass that dries immediately...?
5 facts about hundertwasser?
Share your art works (paintings, drawings, sculptures,...)?
Why did da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man become part of the Greek Canon?
im kinda getting frustrated?
What is a favorite color? ?
Who is the classical artist that painted a child peeking from behind the mother's skirts?
I needed help with the following question?
What does "white fire" symbolise?
What time of day do you think it is in the Mona Lisa?
I would love to find someplace to purchase oil paintings featuring Harlequin characters, any ideas where?
american flag?
Famous painters?
Modge Podge vs Matte Medium?
How much does being a art critic pay?
i have two paintings i would like valued i stay in dundee?
Which are the best Art Galleries/Art Museums to visit in and around Eindhoven in Holland?
Why is Van Gogh considered to be such an important artist even more popular than any other time in history?
Will washable paint come off canvas shoes?
I have a watercolor painting by ALEXANDER F HARMER?
Kurt Cobain vs. Pablo Picasso?
find work for painting in simpsonville sc?
have you seen the movie "Frida" about the painter?
wHERE CAN I sell an authentic Remo Mario Trentini painting?
POLL: If you were a famous art dealer/collector?
who are some famous painters from Trinidad (T &T)?
How to face paint someone's face to blend into a tree in the background?
i want to know more about the artist named vincent vogh?
why are Vincent van Gogh's paintings so important?
How to make oil paints usable again?
How do you open a picture on Twisted Brush?
What is your favorite Edward Hopper painting?
what is the name of a modern artist..something like kourkoska?
Mona Lisa's smile--why the mystery?
WHy ?????????
Which kind of art do you prefer and why?
What do you guys think of my painting?
Rate my painting from 1-10?
what is a good paint program ?
I m a calligraphr but i m not use a brush in before so plz gve me ans what is usd?
Would bright, tropical watercolours sell in a cold climate?
Amateur: How do i tell if this is a real painting or print?
Who is an artist that you wouldn't expect to actually be an artist?
How can I seal an oil painting on a ceramic plate?
what color do red and blue make?
what painting is this?
Can anyone identify who painted this picture? Or give me some search parameters so I can identify it?
What is the best collage art glue?
I'm a beginner at painting with acrylics.....I love it but I'm horrible at there any hope?
Who painted the Mona Lisa?
i am lookig for wylan he does ocean pictures would any one know where to look them up on internet?
What should i paint on a canvas?
Is it bad to inhale pair fumes the day after painting for a minute?
How much would it cost to get a bmx frame chromed?
How to sell paintings and get true value from them?
how to get sick?
What kind of paint should i use to paint my guitar?
1909 painting signed edvnd magrath Someone HELP me identifiy?
tell me the online resources to teach painting to my kids 0f 9 &10 years old.?
How long did it take to paint the original Mona Lisa?
How do artists get their work recognised?
Who is the artist of the painting on the cover of this book?
What should I paint for my Aunt?
Do you like the song " O Holy Night"?
where can I find artwork on the internet that is pro bush?
What would be a good replacement for rubbing alcohol?
Spiritually Speaking... Which would you take... The Mona Lisa, A Lamborghini, 25 Billion Dollars, or...?
What other color makes orange pop out?
I picked up a framed Lowrey print at a market for just £1, Is it worth more?
In your opinion, who have been some of the most influential artists of all time?
Who is this Painter!?!?
How much would an original oil painting sell for?
Need help spray painting?
what do you think of this 8x10" study of a sunset at castlerock wi?
How do I paint this on canvas ?
how much do u think an ozz franca oil painting could go for on ebay? its a landscape from 1964.?
What is a good brand for spray paint?
Camel hair brush shedding?
What are the best paint brushes?
Besides canvas, what other surfaces can take acrylic paints?
What is the message behind sureal artwork?
what type of artwork did pablo picasso use?
painting advice help?
What is so great about the Mona Lisa?
What are the 36 color combinations to make brown using the color wheel?
Does anyone know a good painting that goes with "The Hollow Men" by T.S. Eliot?
i have recently purchased 2 painted canvases of Steve Bloom....i cant find any art he painted online...why?
Im thinking of taking up painting, which paints are best?
making rich chocolate paint?
If a picture paints a thousand words, why can do most invoke only a few four letter expletives in me?
How do you think the painting is?
how can i become a face painter?
have print. looks like pen drawing.30 of 35 titled Dos myjers or mujers.artist initials MB signed.any value?
Watercolor paint questions? help?
how do i do this on piantshop?
What do you think of My Art?
What should i apply as primer on silk fabric for making painting on it?
Who painted this picture?
Is curb Painting a good business?
Paintings/ Pictures about Mythology?
I want to do a painting for my parents 20th anniversary. What should I do?
What colors do you associate with spring?
art styles?
Easy renaissance art to replicate?
I want an artist to paint a self portrait of myself.?
Can anyone name this Anthony Crickmay Photo for me please?
Unity in a piece artwork can be altered if a portion of the composition is even slightly changed or removed.?
How can I blend images on SUMO Paint?
can i have a list of artists who paint landscape thank you...x?
Painters, have you ever experienced nausea or vertigo while using oil-based paint? How can I prevent this?
Where can I buy Kagaya paintings?
Painters - do you have a link to your art?
How to sell paintings on my own website?
What is your favourite color?
color pencils or colored pancils?
how can I remove glass paint from a mirror?
On average how many ounces of paint do you need to paint your face?
how did Henri Matisse work relates to his life?
.ptg pictures into .jpg ?
ok can u mix two colors to get red or not if u can can u tell me?
i need a physical description of renoir.?
What does this painting say to you?
Trying to find citation for "Composition aux Disques"? "Composition aux Disques" by Sonia Delaunay...?
Trying to find a specific painting of a woman in red or orange...?
Photos of an assylym in the seventies i think......?...please help?
Do you think the Mona Lisa is beautiful!?!?!?
Name of this painting?
What color should i paint my room ,, ,well to colors?
I'm doing an assignment on Guernica by Picasso. Question is, how does it reflect Spanish culture?
If you could walk into any painting and actually experience the moment it depicts, which would you choose?
Why is Corel Painter not working?
Are fur paintbrushes vegetarian?
Is there any online painting school? That too free coaching, means without fee.?
What is summary of the poem women in dutch painting?
What's your favorite Lady Gaga?
How do I sell my portrait art?
I found some paintings how can i find out what is worth?
who are the best water color artists?
How did Paul Cezanne and Henri Matisse revolutionise still life?
What varnish can I use to finish a poster paint mural area approx. 6' x 6'... any help urgently required!
Christians - If a painting is bad, do you blame the painting or the painter?
Face painting?
Where can I buy a large fan paint brush?
Cat remember the name of painting?
why are leonardo and michelangelo important to study?
In the movie Ocean's Eleven, what the modern art piece in the Billagio gallery scene?!?!?
i would like to submit pictures of my artwork to be seen by the public?
Leonardo is often considered to be the exemplar of the "Renaissance man." ,?
How do I get started in drawing or painting?
Who is the artist behind SMF (HAHA)?
Chinese Mural Depiction?
I am looking for a painting of a knight and maiden kissing in a stairwell
Whats your favourite colour?
Are there any famous abstract artists who have painted animals in a cubist way?
I am trying to find out about a painter called Prof A Salvadori from Bologna/Toscanella di dozza?
I am an pop-art artist in UK selling paintings online. Can I promote busines in US?
Boticelli's Venus?
I want to have a 40x30in. poster framed. How much would this cost for me to have professionally framed for me?
What is the message in the artwork "the persistance of Memory?"?
What is my painting worth?
Are oil sticks and oil pastels the same thing?
Does anyone know Vrubel's painting "Demon"?
What kind of figurative painting would you like to see?
How do you like my painting part V?
What is the function of the painting of Dorian Gray in this story?
Why does my artistic career seem to impede my spiritual development, and vise versa?
nicola roberts dainty doll where can i buy it?
how can i start with an oil painting?
has anyone heard the term painters palsy has to do with a style of painting?
Making carpet out of oil paint?
What colour is this 'nan' ???
is it Vincent van GO! or Vincent van gough?
Need help analyzing a painting!!!?
Who was the greatest painter of the Dutch Golden Age?
Which of the following artists is NOT a major baroque artist?
Who's your favorite artist?
why was leonardo da vinci so brilliant?
opening a website to sell paintings?
Anyone know who paint this?
What is the significance of cave painting?
wild fowler turned painter kenzie?
If I was going to do mostly Southern Utah landscapes what colors of oil paint do you suggest?
what color should I mix for khaki?
Who was the original Bluebeard?
How did painters from centuries ago paint landscapes/happenings while they've never been there?
will i be successful?
are there art galleries for upcoming artists in Houston, Texas area?
whats your favourite colour?
What store can I buy Rembrandt Soft-Pastel Turquoise?
Can I use linseed oil for painting a T-shirt? If yes, how?
Need help analyzing a painting!!!?
Is anime considered an art? see details...?
j. w. pittman was an australian artist. I would like more information about him?
I need sources for my museum report ;~;?
We have a portrait of Abe Lincoln that is a numbered portrait. We believe its from around 1864.?
What is the name of the painting where a child is leading various predator animals?
Just completed a painting on a canvas, what do i do with the edges?
How to tel if its baroque/classical/romantic ?
what style does lorna simpson use in her painting "the park" and what type of art is it ?
Name of this painting need to win a contest!?
Any art/artists that feature half human and half machine?! HELP!!?
Where in LA can I find art galleries.?
What do you think of my artwork?
Who is your favorite artist, and why?
Why would Ernest Lawson be considered an Impressionist?
Can someone please help me with this painting?
does anyone know of an artist who draws fruit or has a famous painting of one?
Could somone please explain to me what "trompe l'oeil" is?
What would be your favorite color?
where do the artists meet up now a days?
What do you think of my painting?
Will there be a Cape Light Series #8 by Thomas Kinkade?
Window Decorations with paint or sticking letters?
How famous is Leonid Afremov? Do you know him?
what kind of paint should i use?
where did vincent van gogh do most of his paintings at.?
John Wenner, American artist, information?
Are you a visionary?
How would you paint this?
Native american artist Tartsah?
Marilynn monroe...?
were to buy dried butterflies in the philippines?
I Need Help Painting My Guitar?
is snanzaroo body paint good?
who would u compare andy warhol to?
what artists signature is this?
What university did Paul Cezanne study Law at, before he was a full time painter?
How to basically start over on painters canvas?
Painting a stratocaster pickguard (plastic, mint green color)?
Do you like this painting?
why is michelangelo portrayed as the tortured artist?
Famous Painting......?
How do you get paint off of your skin?
Is there any artists that label their artwork like Larry Rivers and Frances Stark?
what other colors is gold made of?
How to paint acrylic on smooth surface?
What is your favourite colour?
I have a DecoColor paint marker and i was wondering if it was safe to use on a black t-shirt?
Are there any artists that have artwork that's influenced by science?
my mom bought this old picture at an estate sale.......?
What is this type of artwork called?
1910 painting by Aurthur J elsley?
Is watercolor painting difficult to learn?
Should you pay to have your paintings in an art gallery?
whats the differences between acrylic paint,oil paint,water color and poster color?
Okay I guess I am imagining things....?
I am interested in hand painting coins and would like to know what materials are best to use.?
Have you seen this rainbow artwork?
What year did Michelangelo begin painting?
what's the name of this art painting from Zdzisław Beksiński?
Rate my graffiti sketch 1-10 please?
What Shoes for Painting outside all day?
Who is Wendy Wheeler?
Who is USA's best fine art painter?
Use oil paint like henna?
Any good painting techniques for a beginning artist.?
I have a painting of my mom it was drawn by an artist in the 60's on a piece of wood,could it be worth money?
Why most artist choose painting as their medium in artistic work?
What this painting and how made it?
Renaissance artists?
If I Paint and sell a painting of someone famous do I need to buy licencing?
What do you think?
What is cubism trying to do?
what is healthy diet?
What are some famous ceramic artists..?
get turpentine out of paint brushes?
what does leonardo de vinci mean?
ideas for drawing/painting an abstract cityscape?
What is the best method for painting over a pencil outline?
I have a Harland Young signed painting, what's it worth?
Is painting on canvas a dying art because of computer graphics?
How do I remove dried up acrylic paint from my bristle paintbrush?
What is the name of the artist that made the image of a woman's head in a spiral over clouds?
Italian School?
Who's your favorite artists?
Where online can I sell back a piece of used art (alexander chen print)?
Is there anything I can use to clean my oil brushes except for turpentine or turpenoid?
Know of more paintings like this one?
hello everyone!!!!!!?
how do u mix colours 2 make the colour coral?
India Ink + Watercolor?
high quality oil paints and brushes and materials?
What are the consequences if your caught doing graffiti?
What medium did Rosa Bonheur paint in?
Anyone know where I can find a brush made of squirrel?
William Blake picture?
website that lets you upload photo of car and try paint colors to see which looks best?
I saw this painting in the first episode of the third season of Boardwalk Empire and it seamed familiar?
I have a print by Bill Medcalf,copy by B&B,called"atta boy!"w/Lou Gehric in background.How much is it worth?
I need help to write a cictation for an artwork ?
what is the price for the painting etched and glided german armor?
What's the name of this painting?And who painted it?
When did Picasso go through his cucumber style?
Where can i learn glass painting in bangalore ?
Art help please?
Which English Romantic Painter's painting was auctioned for the highest price for an English painter?
What kind of picture do you want to draw?
does anybody knows what kind of hair spray can did they use? .the link is down at the details?
How do you have the original texture pack and another texture pack in Mine craft?
how to paint grass like this?
How do you know you're good enough?
What is your favourite colour?
Can you spary paint fabric with normal spary paint?
Can I paint with two different primers?
dont you think spray painting is cool?
definition of monochromatic?
when working with soft pastels do you use a complementary colour 1st (like a primer) to help tone down?
Questions about the artwork - woman and bird in the moonlight - joan miro (in description) - not many!?
How long do oil paints keep?
what is special about the artist Masaccio? Why is he Famous?
Can I use oil pastels on white canvas?
Is there a place online where you can buy actual paintings from famous artists?
Best air brush and what kind of paint?
When asked to paint an angel, this painter replied "show me what an angel looks like". Who is this painter?
Good and realiable sites to buy spray paint?
does musician Joni Mitchell do painting?
Do you know any good botanical painters?
What are some famous artists who paint based on surrealism?
Who are some american artists of the 1930s?
Where is Le Blanc-Seing (the painting itself) by Rene Magritte?
What do you think of my artwork idea?
How much should I charge my painting for my aunt?
Is it safe to pour turpenoid and oil paints down the sink?
famous art work 1965?
Would it help if I drew one for you? . . A Fishicopter, that is!!?
is it legal to paint murals with famous paintings on a public place?
artist block~anyone ever experience this if your a painter?
What color paint should I use?
How to get paint off a white brush?
If you could choose to spend a week with Da Vinci or Michelangelo ... who would you choose and why?
acrylic painting?
One of Giotto's greatest contributions was his?
Air tool oil substitute?
Who is your???
Is it too late for me + art...? please read on?
Bigger Trees Near Warter by David Hockney?
Help me to name my painting...?
Is Art essential in your life (and why?)?
Are there paintings in the Taj Mahal?
Ways to splash paint on canvas?
I want to open the art gallery ( especially painting ). How do I begin???
What do you think this painting means?
What is a Renaissance Man?
tips on drawing and then painting this? (link)?
Where can I sell an oil painting by Manuel Munoz Ruiz?
Whats this type of art called????????
Need technique for air brushing pantyhose.?
when i go on adobe photoshop, my brush strokes are dots not a smooth line...what did i do?
What medium did Eugeniusz Kazimirowski use in the painting Divine Mercy?
what is your favourite colour?
If you had to paint a painting on a canvas?
What is the artist name who created the painting titled"Piranha Woman"?
What should I paint???
Is J.J.Audubon artwork is valuable?
morrocan oil for skin?
guitar painting AND CLEAR COAT CRACKING?
john lewis gift list for Mona and Stuart?
Regarding Christian writers/artists how can I contact you if you are interested?
is it illegal to make paintings from the photos on net?
Cost to rent a face painter?
Hello,can anyone out there tell me any thing about an artist Lee Bukk ?
does anyone know how to get paint to stick to glass?
Do you need to know how to draw to be a painter?
Liquid and Dry Media?
What is the value of a large signed Leeteg of Hina Rapa, on velvet?
what are your reactions in the movie "mona lisa smile"?
How can you tape a watercolour paper...?
What did famous Spanish painter El Greco paint the most??
21st century mural essay?
What is the value of Artistic Interiors, Inc. Certification Number 93014 painting?
An artist relative of mine signed himself William Twibell R A.?
what brand of paint has a deck paint that will go on over current paint?
When did Krylon change their spray paint formula and why?
Painting signed Ri as...?
The name of the painting in Patty Hewes' office on the show Damages?
what is community participatory action research?
Okay, spray paint question for artists?
If you could retrieve ten works of art or high craft, what would they be?
Is dere anyone interested in glass painting?i have a question for him/her?
do reproductions of famous artist's works generally increase in value over time?
Who is this in this painting?
what relationship did mary cassatt have with the people she painted?
Hi as a guy, what type of art painting or photos should I buy for my bedroom?
What's the best period of western fine art/painting in your opinion and why?
What is the related betn oil absorption &gloss in manufacture of paints?
Help with painting ideas! :)?
I put my work on Is that wise?
Art GCSE Trying to find a meaning for my painting?
i really need to do a painting, but i dont know what of, any ideas?
I drew a picture and then colored in with prismacolor pencils. can I paint a black background on it using.....?
Is anyone interested in Serbian/Croation art works (painters)?
What is the name of this painting (description)?
what is considered to be harder? live oil painting college classes or drawing college classes?
need to know the estimated value of a 1923 signed and dated picasso painting called the lovers?
Where can I see painting(s) by Julius von Payer, and how much should one of his paintings be insured for?
What's your favourite Color ?
2.Examine both paintings carefully and identify the effects of linear perspective in each composition. Describ?
what does the color black signify to you?
What materials did the old masters use for drawing and sketching?
Who is your favorite artist and why?
i am trying to find out if this oil painting i have is worth anything...i have typed his name H.R. tyner that?
I need ideas for a face painting contest - The topic is - Rise and Fall. Please suggest something?
I love a mix of styles furniture, like Shaker's, Frank Lloyd Wright,Art Deco,Art........?
Is acrylic paint good to use on chart paper?
Selling paintings on e-bay??
what are some artists like camille rose garcia?
Can you paint over color pencils?
Did Andy Warhol meet the Pope?
What is your favourite colour and why?
Lanscape Rock Cleaning question?
Leonardo da Vinci's self-portrait?
How do I start over with an acrylic painting? White paint or gesso?
Does anyone know what this picture is and means?
where was leonardo da vinci born?
Spray Painting Metal?
Urgrntly required Paintings on Topics Dogs and ships?
Do you have a face? Do you like to answer questions?
what are three best qualities of Leonardo da vinci?
anyone know of an artist ... ?
I NEED ART HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1?
What are similarities of Picasso and Van Gogh?
xx.What colour would be nice for a teenage room i have 4 walls i want 3 pink but dnt no what other colour .?
Does anyone know what this painting is called or who is by?
Where Can I buy Argan Oil in Canada?
I painted a mug with acrylic paint, what do I do now?
Has anyone heard of a contemporay portrait artist named "Boruta"?
why was this art movement significant?
Which musical artist has influenced the biggest number of today's musical artists ?
I am Andy Warhol and I'm back from the Dead.?
Does anyone know why the Virgin Mary is always depicted wearing the colours blue and white?
I am looking for info on an artist called Yeena King, particularly a painting of a girl feeding chickens.?
Paintings by Bob Sanders?
what are some famous artists of the 1960's?
Is it ok to paint oils on top of acrylic, and what is the effect long term?
Do you love art and creativity?
ive got a really strange picture signed mito 1924 any any ideas who this is?
who is R. Delino who paints beautiful land scapes?
I need a painting idea!!! acrylic canvas size 8x12. no portrait?
I am starting a gallery and I am looking for a 5 or 6 letter name for the gallery?
What film was originally advertised with the slogan “In space no one can hear you scream”?
Cheap way to make a Batik?
i would like to know more about leonardo da vinci.?
Where can I sell two original oil paintings I own? One by Todd Lockwood and one by Fred Fields?
Body painting nude....would you do it?
New to painting, what paint should I use?
L.C.Lytle artist?
plz tell me,how to send my handpaintings to the art galleries over internet for to display&also for selling?
What colors go with sky blue & pink?
Otto Dix - Card Playing War Cripples, what's it about and why was it made?
What is your favorite oil painting by Claude Monet?
will yellow spray paint show up on something black?
does anyone know who drews this?
Is Thomas Kincade a real artist or a gimmick artist?
What are oil paints made of?
Want To Figure Out What's Right With This Painting?
Spray Painting - What mask or respirator / filter should be used?
artwork related to humanities?
What is the most valuable peice of artwork?
i want to know about box of death hand painted by artists?
What happens when you mix equal parts of red, yellow, and blue oil paints?
Is she pretty???
Who or what did Salvador Dali influence?
What varnish can I use to finish a poster paint mural area approx. 6' x 6'... any help urgently required!
change eye color on corel paint shop pro XI?
For a small room with no windows, would you recommend painting the walls a dark or light color?
analysis help for Guernica?
how do i go about selling a print of a painting?
Could I paint over lacquer?
Adding a frame onto a painting?
How do you paint ghost flames with and airbrush?
what date was van gogh's sunflower produced?
Can constantly painting your nails kill the name/make it weak?
I am about to paint my guitar and I wonder if it's ok to use automotive paint to paint it.?
The painting/photograh "crazy stairs"?
contemporary artists?
what is the name of this painting?
surreal painting?
What is the name of the artist who painted children with large eyes?
What's a good color between a brown and a yellow?
What art media and techniques is Claude Monet known to have used?
where is the hermitage museum , one of the world's foresmost houses of art with over 8000 paintings of the ...
Survey: Of these six artists, Who's style do YOU prefer?
Help brainstorming for ideas of what to paint for assignment, Please?
paint to use on polystyrene?
Whats in the anointing oil at Coronations.?
How do I remove dried up acrylic paint from my bristle paintbrush?
Favorite DA Vinci Painting...?
How do I get dried acrylic paint out of my microfibre/suede sofa?
How to successfully promote painting ?
When was this painting created?
Is or was there an artist that painted?
Purchasing Paint Tool Sai?
How did Pablo Picasso die?
I think that purple goe's with green. but I don't know.?
What store sells spray paint caps?
What is the Norman Rockwell painting with the birthday boy in it?
How can you make a dark green paint to a light green?
Face Painting Hawaiian Themed Carnival?
favourite two colours?
Anyone know the best way to whiten cow skulls to use as art ?
What would you do if your family had mixed feelings about painting over a mural?
Bettie hebert zeldan painting worth anything?
Why was Andy Warhol so famous?
need website for galaxy glass...products are for faux stain glass products?
Picasso or Monet?
Copyright Photoshop Painting?
what painting is this?
How did french baroque and rococo styles differ?
question about apprasial?
what colours do you put together to make purple?
Who is an artist I should do a report on?
18th century painting/art form?
ART help; artists that use racism in their artworks.?
how indians got the yellow and bright red colors of paint?
Artists : Got idea for Blog Name?
Pan Flute Art or Paintings?
do you know what a good sign for power is?
Wats Your Point Of View In Graffiti?
In what ways did early northern Renaissance paintings differ from Italian Renaissance paintings?
What is the best oil paints to purchase?
Where to get wall initials?
I think this represents "Allegory" what do you think?
In Alex Gray's Painting, Praying, in Sacred Mirrors, What does the text above the figure's head mean?
how do you arrange a still life composition?
Can you paint a masterpiece with bran muffin batter?
does anyone else love Van Gogh's works as much as I do?
How can you get orange color crayon off a painted canvas??
Does anyone know the story behind Rosso Fiorentino's Musician Angel?
What colour goes with purple and champagne colour?
I'm looking for an impressionist painting with a woman in a red dress while it is raining...?
how do i make an exact canvas copy of my painting?
Does Drawing/Painting Come Natural?
what makes a surrealistic painting surrealistic?
What is the demand for Tanjore paintings and what price do they fetch for amature work ?
oil painting tricks?
How does an extreme tonal range affect a painting?
what oil painting interst you?
Picaso print The lovers number 12 of 100 signed by the artist.?
does anyone know about the print by Gustav Klimt called 'the kiss'?
do you like blue red or lime green?
artist that draw decaying objects?
Which work of art has sold for the highest price to date?
realistic skin tones?
how do i locate dennis kohler?
Do you believe one of those adult[more sophisticated]"coloringBooks"would be good practice4painting techniques?
Your favorite Acrylic paintings?
Artists who use the contrast between good and evil as a subject in their work?
Do you like paintings?
What type of art is this painting?
I am looking for the name of a current artist whose signature style is photrealistic shadows on walls.?
Where can I buy wooden paintings like this?
how do i paint bricks?
Painting for my bedroom?
what are some natural form artists?
what can anyone tell me about cubism?
what is your favorite painting and why?
What's The Name of This Wolf-Themed Painting?
Why and How do you use textile medium with Fabric Paint to paint on t shirts with paintbrush?
Anyone know of a canvas maker in the UK?
To Joan H. I'm still a beginner..?
Anyone know of any ballet artists?
Which heavy-weight paper for Monotype?
Human-Like Farm Animal Paintings?
if you don't have real art talent now, as an adult, is it something that can be learned?
light painting helpp?
There is a painting by Jackson Pollock called Zeichnung Tropftechnik. What museum is it in?
i have picture of stallions by n bonetti is he or she known to anyone?
what sells better sculpture or painting?
what is the neo classical period?
on the web, where can i find the 70's painting of nude woman with bonnet and purple feather ?
Painting ideas for the troops in Iraq?
Are artists (painters extra) considered geniuses?
Sometimes, when I see a certain painting I become inspired, but...?
I have a porfirio salinas painting?
Marc Chagall - can you identify this piece of work?
Do Giclee prints show the density of paint, brush strokes, etc...?
Best way to get paint off of a pumpkin?
What would you say is the most famous painting?
Is it ok to paint over pencil marks?
i am looking for a good site to lean to do pastel portraits?
H. Hargrove painting name...?
what do you call this art?
The sign said "" WET PAINT "" ... But the temptation was toooo much...?
Best way to have a paint fight?
i have a painting of Queen Isabella of spain together with her mother and other sisters.i want to sell this.?
who are the artists of these paintings?
What is the going rate for painting rooms?
Drawing a(n) outline in pencil on a canvas? Help!?
Who are some famous 'grotesque' or expressionist artists (and their artworks)?
Cost for a mural/painting?
I would like some thoughts on R.Virbickas' paintings?
Good Body Paint ? any ideas?
whats the best way to sell my art, that doesnt involve ebay?
how do i get a painters permit to paint on the venice beach art wall?
what works good for removing canned spray paint?
I need help finding the name of this?
what colors mixed make purple?
Beginners painting tips?
Why won't anyone answer me question?!?!?
What are basic and secondary colours?
What is the technique called in Painting when?
what makes a good face painter?
where is the kleenex paint store in Bradbury?
help me with paintings again?
how do i avoid streaking and uneven coverage in my paintings?
What are the main things you should talk about when annotating?
Symbols of corruption in Jan Steen's painting of a Dutch urban household include each of the followeing exce?
Oil Painting on board ?
Manga to oil painting?
Paints for Stained Glass Effect?
why do you not use the Black watercolour?
How long does clear glaze take to dry?
repair chipped lacquer paint on piano?
Help! I need ideas to paint!?
How much could it be worth?
complaints about face painting?
give the defects in painting?
one of georges seurat paintings?
How do you put prices on your paintings?
Who paint first picture of bharat mata and when?
what's the difference between color and shade?
how much would you pay for these 2 antique paintings (84 years old)?
Does anyone know any famous artists that work in a colour scheme?
Why do some artists charge so much for the random splatters of paint they make?
What color would you paint a anquie milk stool?
who is the most influential artist of the 21st century?
Lesson learned, don't use paint spray in my room, what now?
bargain yupo paper in larger sheets?
how to get my paintings seen?
What do you think of Bob Ross?
how to make purple what coor do you mix?
Does anyone have information on this painting? HELP :'(?
In what ways did thenew approach topainting & seeing the world presented bythe Impressionist affect the public?
how is it best to frame canvas boards?
how to paint backgrounds?
Red and violet make what color?
How do I describe compostition in art?
have you seen this Thomas Stanley Barber painting?
Looking for oil painting classes in pune(M.S.)... Can anyone help?
European painter/artist? Kind of pop-arty strange stuff?
should I paint my bedroom Purple, green or magnolia for bedroom?
Painting of Wolves and Bears?
how do i learn to oil piant?
How does this picture reflect renaissance values?
Is Dale Raoul in an Arco commercial?
help!!! i need to know asap!?
Klimt or Schiele? Who do you prefer?