whos your favorite artist/ painter and why?
is there any artists who have similar styled work as Richard Phillips?
where is a good, cheap place to get montana spray paint?
What is the Title, Artist or Subject of that famous classical portrait?
Which artist uses complementary colours??
I love this art work. do anyone know who is it by?
Can anyone tell me of any artists/photographers that portray ugly things in a beautiful way or deal with ...?
If you were to give artwork (painting/drawing) from someone for christmas, is that a good present?
Can anyone supply information on a Victorian artist (1830's) that signed her works as Miss le K B?
Does anybody recognize this painting and its painter?
im painting lady gaga, can u find me a pic ?
What Color scheme is Munch's "The Scream," an example of?
Where can I find the Jean-Jacques Sempe poster entitled "Kindly Wave"?
About Vincent Van Gogh's eyes and how he saw the world...?
What is your favorite colour?
Who appraises artwork? Whose to say one piece is worth more than the next?
What are the elements in this painting that makes it be rennaissance style?
What color should I paint myroom ?
Does anyone know where the Originals to these paintings hang?
bird silhouette painting?
are umberto bruni paintings worth anything ?
What Type Of Spray Paint I Should I Use For My Rubber Mask?
Does anyone have any information on Jim Dines Hearts project?
why is mona lisa's painting expensive?
Anyone know anything about oil paints?
description of tint?
what's the yellow curtain by henri matisse about?
Why do i feel afraid of starting painting?
How does my blog look?
How to paint on wood?
would you associate the colour red with destroying someone ?
How can I get over painter's block?
what is red scare 1919-1920?
catherine bruni?
Where online can I buy a hat-sized Che Guevara stencil?
Looking for the name of a painting?
10 POINTS! I need a picture of a simple painting!? ASAP?
Bob Ross/ Barbara Powell? Floral Painting?
what was monet famous for?
What kind of paint should I use on a xbox 360 controller?
Is it possible to do a regular painting on glass? Or get a print on clear plastic?
whats the difference between a fake and a orginal painting?
Does anyone have any tips when it comes to mixing arcrylic paint?
Where is Mark Bradford from?
Can use you a house painting brush, for acrylic painting?
Is Napoleon life-sized in "Crossing the Alps" by Jacques-Louis David?
hi just wondering if you know weither M.Harwood is a known artist or where could i find out thank you?
What art movement is used in Allen Song's painting The Selfless Gene?
What should I include in my circus painting?
Question About Antique Oil Painting Artist - L. E. Davis?
is there anyway to keep a pallet of oil paints from drying up over a week?
i need help in art?
can i use oil painting varnish in acrylic painting.?
brett whitely?
oil painting by C. Villarrs of Hotel De Ville in Paris - worth anything?
What artist painted this picture?
advice on a painting portfolio?
Is acrylic paint washable from a twister mat?
what is the more common name of Leonardo Da Vinci's famous painting "La Giagonda"?
My gcse art theme is ghosts :/ Are there any artists that drew/painted ghosts, the soul?
I want to get into airbrush painting...any tips?
Serious critique on painting?
Anyone know what the name of this painting is?
ideas for jeans graffiti project?
I am looking for information on a French Artist.?
I would like to have a go at oil painting, any advice?
Who's paintings would you conisder more impressonistic, Van Gogh, or Monet?
Analytical essay of a renaissance painting?
What colors are most popular in abstract painting?
who is S H Jee?, I have two paints from him?
What do you think about my art work?? PLEASE be honest! ?
What did vincent van Gogh paint with?
Painting on bookbag? (Acrylics on Eastsport bag)?
Textural Painting ideas?
name of picture by boris vallejo?
What movement did El Greco participate in, and what were some of his themes?
What do the numbers 11.31 mean in art/screen printing of the artwork of Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol?
Having sex on a canvas?
Trombone slide is still sticky after putting on slide oil?
value of a print by larry toschik titled "that glorious sound of sunrise at mallard hole" # 357 of 1000
Are these paintings worth anything?
List two reasons why Jackson Pollock's Convergence is a work of fine art as opposed to an arbitrary compositio
If you can paint something in the sky, what would it be?
Can you customize T-shirts with acrylic paints?
Does anyone love Michael Sowa as much as me?
Dante And Virgil In Hell (sexy painting)!?
What are some paintings that are somewhat easy to reproduce but not super easy?
I want to sell my 16 x 20 paintings, which are watercolor and acrylic but don't know how to charge?
Where do you buy your pastels and supplies?
Why is the Mona Lisa is such a famous painting?
What is primer(for interior painting)?
Style at the Hudson river School (1825-1870)?
What made frederic remington interested in art?
What is this painting/piece of art called?
where can i get mime painting?
what does 1252 stand for?
Who are some of the most famous women painters?
Body Painting in Public?
What are the cheaper/simpler ways to frame art durably and in a cost-effective manner?
Can someone help me with tips on painting a room? Thank you!?
How do you analyze this artwork? ?
What does AP mean on a signed artist print? Thanks, Ray!?
What artistic talent can you find in Pablo Picasso's abstract paintings?
can i use indian ink in an electric spray paint gun?
Does anyone recognize this painting?
Willem Kooning's early works?
Looking for the name of a painting?
spray painter 33 yrs experiance willing to help with handy tips and hints on all spraying jobs 2 pac and base?
Spray Painting tips,Effects?
I think I've heard of a produce, but not sure, do YOU know?
Van Gogh Starry Night Print?
Is this the secret message of mona lisa?
What is the name of this painting of the england flag?
Need a bio for a German artist named Walter Muller born 1901. Can anyone help?
Who is your favourite artist (the painting type) and why?
Buying "Hue" acrylic paints instead of normal ones?
Oil on canvas signed Burnett?
I have a question about painting...?
i have a signed painting dated 1903 by john elsley?
How do you get letters on paint?
is carter c a famous painter can anyone help?
would you die for art?
which art webpage is better in 2 candidates?
Which are the best Art Galleries/Art Museums to visit in and around Eindhoven in Holland?
Which paint tool program should I buy?
I 'm Wondering if Acrylic Paintings need protection from heat?
Is Bayonelle a French painter?
Painters - how have you successfully got your work out into the world?
I need some Painting ideas?
how do i find a for a buyer or an appraiser for a Gopher Armstrong canvas painting?
What are the best ways to market your art online?
What kind of paint should I use on a Vinyl Toy?
how much is my painting worth?
I'm looking for a painting, but can't seem to find it online.?
Can someone help me find the artist and name of a painting I'm looking for?
details on blood painting?
How do you learn to paint realistically?
Would You Like To Interpret This Painting?
Anyone know of a painting with a man behind a veil or thin curtain?
whats special in the painting mona lisa why is it so special?
What does this signify on a crucifix?
who sponsored albrecht durer?
looking for artist of a train mural at kansas city's union station?
THE NEW SCHOOL [artwork by Jeffrey Smart] - when was it painted?
Do I have to be really good at painting to go Art school?
Painting help: What is this or is a regular pencil?
Painting a room yourself?
What type of paint do real artists use?
What do you think of my drawing? Tell me what do you think honestly?
Can someone help me with this MS paint question?
Entering a painting done on photoshop in an art contest?
what are the wooden things that comes with a canvas?
What's another name for color?
Oil painting? Info needed *Pictures*?
Where can I find the entire gallery of Salvador Dali's paintings?
How do I make paint?I need it.?
Will rubbing alcohol remove oil paints off a canvas?
What would be the best paint to use to paint a skateboard?
Getting together with a friend of my Dad's?
Do you need to know how to shade in order to paint?
Trying to find the name of a famous painting?
what do u think eastman johnson's painting ***** life at the south represents?
how to arrange an art exhibition for the first time?
What is a good shop name for hand painted shoes?
Can anyone recommend websites for analysis and criticism of well known paintings?
Trying to stretch primed linen canvas over an 80" x 66" frame. Linen will NOT stretch. Any ideas?
What should i paint for mom as a gift for her birthday?
define monochrome colors?
Is it true that david was notable neoclassic painter?
How would you describe this?
I am looking for a painting for my wife. It shows knights riding out from a castle into the woods with fog?
What do you think of my watercolour painting?
Have you ever painted by numbers?
who is this artists?
I just bought some canvas's and wanted to know what those plastic rectangle/triangle things are that came on
What kind of sky should I paint next?
I need tips on painting a wall mural?
What is the most popular color?
Im loking for a web page for an oil painter by the name of P. Sanchez.?
Fun things to do when painting?
Why is it that people don't smile in old paintings?
What are the real colors of DOHMS logo domes inside and outside top?
color mixing guide to produce another color?
Can you put a different varnish over a previously varnished oil painting?
is this REALLY an acrylic painting?
What is something simple and colorful that a 7 year old could draw?
Can you identify the woman in the larger painting?
What three pieces of artwork did Salvador Dali display in the Carnegie International Exhibit in 1928?
How to paint a wooden duck with regular paint?
Do you like the Original Numa?
did mona lisa exist as a woman?
Tips on spray painting rims pleaaase?
Artist's Loft Dual Tip Markers?
"The process is the content" Refers to art created by artists such as?
What paints can I use that will be very bright (possibly glow in the dark or blacklight) for a "party table"?
who knows the name and artist of this song?? it's driving me crazyy?
Arabella Stuart portrait?
what does surreal mean? and what are the most famous surreal paintings and artists?
What is my favourite colour?
did Davinci actually painted messages in his works of art???
What is the name of the original painting?
What's so special about the Mona Lisa, and Munch's "Scream" painting?
can you change the shortcuts in sai painter tool?
want to know where to find info on a joe splendora painting?
How do you properly blend paint colors?
Painting ideas!!! help me plz!?
What does Baroque have to do with pearls?
can i use oil paint on vinyl stickers?
What type of colors can I use to paint wood?
Water mixable oil paint drying time?
I painted a canvas blue with oil paints. The blue is too dark. Can I lighten the blue?
Abstract Expressionism?
photos of painters?
i have 2 paintings by c rossi one sunset with a palm tree and one with flowers. no writing other then artist?
What can I use to write small red words on wood that's painted black? (Has to be smaller than a paint pen)
Can girls have a job as a spray painter?
whats youre two favorite colors?
Can you use oil paint on a mirror?
What is this painting showing you?
Does art paint (oil) smell?
When all colors from the spectrum are mixed together, what color do they all form?
I have a Artistic Interior Inc. painting No.715426 what is the value?
does anyone know of the artist J. Chester. Active I think at turn of 20th century used watercolours.?
Painting a trailer and preparation?
What do you think of these paintings?
Textures that can be associated with the outback?
what to paint on my new canvas?!HELP!?
how I get creative painter software+serial?
Who is the artist in the fineartamerica advertisement titled little wayne pop?
i want a painting/art work mexican indian type?
I am starting an exam on the word 'temperature' what artists are there that I could look into?
an artist who only paints in white, black and red?
what do you know about mughal art(painting)?
How do I pack/ship a canvas painting for ebay?
how long did it take lenrdo de Vinci to paint the Mona Lisa?
Help identifying Painter/Paintings?
how should i frame my art major?
Montreal ART / PAINTING question...?
Is this a good painting to represent the song "Eleanor Rigby"?
How do you get inspiration? What inspires you? Give me some suggestions on what to paint..?
If I used acrylic paint on a pumpkin, could I still eat it?
Where to buy good quality fabrics to design backdrops on that aren't expensive?
Did Donna Dewberry really invent ....?
Attach and detach wooden ends together?
What kind of paint should I use to paint old LD, CD or DVD?
where is located?
Does anyone know any famous artists that work in a colour scheme?
Canvas painting ideas?
URGENT PLEASE!What kind of shapes does Pierre Auguste Renoir(or any kind of artist) use in their paintings?
how can i find out if a painting is worth money?
Do all the colors in the spectrum make white?...and is black no color?
What to charge for painting house!?
How much does the original "The Starry Night" painting by Vincent van Gogh cost?
Characteristics of Renaisance artwork:?
What are your thoughts on Artists', who hire a painting assistance to complete artwork?
Where can I buy..??(Marie's art pastels)?
what person/painting do I look like?!?
what song do you think of when you see this painting?
Getting paint out of clothes (urgent)?
Where are airbrush painting workshops available in Adelaide?
Paint Tool SAI won't start?
Are paintings pretty?
How do you restore paint on vintage ceramic coffee mugs?
a insight of how john brack ''the car'' created his painting and how is it important to australians ?
What are the primary colors?
can i use permanent markers for graffiti?
How should Paint on leather?
Need a name for an Online Art Gallery: ?
What are the top 20 RAL colors?
What finish medium is recommended to go over an acrylic painting to protect it? Or should I leave it as is?
List of Famous indian artists?
Does the Bamboo have a paint tool similar to SAI paint tool besides LiveBrush? (Bamboo Drawing Tablet)?
who is the painter of 'souvenir'...its a painting....hung up in new york???
How can I paint like these artists?
Hey Toledoans?
What is the name of the art technique that artist Andrew Regan uses in his painting "Monkey in a Fire Place"?
Where can you find a full face basic white mask for children to paint ??
i want to sell paintings on ebay, help and advise?
Is oil painting bad for the environment?
how do i clean brushes dirty with oil paint?
Have you tried painting digital online paint by number?
Is it really nessesary to buy and play White knight cronicles when I can play 2? And why?
What is the greek ceiling cloud painting with the men reaching out to each other?
Ok so i love anime and since ima paint my room..what color do you think represents that im an anime lover?
What is this painting called?
who is ur fav. artist ( painter/drawer)?
How to be a successful artist?
What kinda picture should I paint?
Can anyone suggest a good book about painting in GIMP or Photoshop?
Is this a value or classical speech?
What do you think about my art work?? PLEASE be honest! ?
What is this painting I'm thinking of?
How could I use the title 'Ordinary and/or Extraordinary' in my GCSE art and textiles exams?
Would watercolor work over spray can white paint?
Information On PP The Old Guitarist?
can anyone send me links to really good pictures of a cleveland bay horse?
Where can I locate the artst and title of a painting?
should i name my daughter leonardo?
How do you splatter paint t-shirts?
Painting a mural when i can't paint my walls?
I dont know what world event to base my art painting on?
Should I Stretch watercolor pad ?
What is a good painting to hang over my bed/?
Which painter pained the ceiling of the vatican over 50o years ago.?
Survery of the Western Culture: Fully describe any painting.?
confused what does this mean?
What is the most fluid way of Painting on a Large Scale?
any cow artists............?
How to make a paint sound sculpture?
which is best to use boiled or raw linseed oil for oil paints glazes?
What do you think?
Why was michealangelo ....?
How do I start portrait paintings? HELP!?
will permanent marker run on canvas when wet?
How can I find out more about my Violin?
How much is my painting (by artist Ferrante) worth?
What is the Mona Lisa painting so famous for?
What does refined linseed oil do?
Where can I find information on Tom Cayley Canadian artist 1974 with Doon School of Fine Art Kitchener Ontario
What paintings represent America culturally?
Can you safely paint indoors with oils? What kind of ventilation would be needed?
Are artist most likely to be men or women?
Where to find "Dimmi Cara" by Giovanni Battista Bassani?
What Famous Artist should i work on? Im in 8th grade. (we will be trying to copy the paint.) So ?
what is suitable ideas for painting mural on my house school wall?
pablo picasso paintings?
Who is Damien Hurst patron whosesensational exhibition launched his career internationally?
what is the meaning of this painting?
Is washable tempera paint watercolored paint in a different form?
I am trying to write something on a pen. For instance "I love NY" but I'm not sure how to do it myself without?
I'm looking for a painting of a medieval maiden wading into the ocean.?
paint question?
What is the best way to clean a screen for screen printing?
I am an emerging artist and I would like to know the best way to promote my art?
Whats the most effective way to blend acrylics on canvass?
what do you think of my PAINTINGS?
what do you think the davinci code means?
Could anyone please help identify the artist or title of this artwork?
do you know of an art gallery interested in emerging artists?
Is Mary present in Rembrandt's 1634 painting The Descent from the Cross?
Roy Lichtenstein paintings?
How much is a paint touch up?
What bone remind you of a tool used by surgeon, or of support structure in front of building that painter use?
Mixing pigments to make red paint?
What is the name of the abstract painting in which rain falls out from an umbrella onto a man's head?
can you teach me charcoal painting?
Do u think the smile of Monalisa is unique ? Why ?
What painting looks better?
If i am painting a room.....
Where can fine art get a person to?
What should i paint? (watercolor)?
What is the most expensive thing you have ever bought?
Why was batik made and when+where was it first made?
Do you have to use special paints for painting clay?
what do you think of the painting "the queen of hell" by Peter Howson?
can you please give paintings with meaning?
canvas price n the best paints for painting?
Where can i find a GOOD spray paint?
artwork based on popular culture? blurring enlarged pictures?
What is a piece of artwork from the renaissance?
Can someone give me some meaning to this painting?
Can you help me find this piece of artwork?
How do i find norman rocquell (idk how to spell it) paintings?
How much is an Ellis Wilson funeral procession painting worth?
Rs of glass painting in tamilnadu?
How do most people work on oil paintings? Let them dry a few weeks & then return to them?
Can anyone tell me where i can get quality paint for cheap??
Does anyone know anything about the art deco watercolor artist 'Marigold'? (1930)?
i am an artist.want onlin i can get it.?
when was da vinci born?
original name of ebay?
where can I find works influenced by Dante's Inferno?
name for a wolf painting?
Was the Mona Lisa really Leonardo Da Vinci dressed in drag?
How much do canvasses run for along with acrylic paints?
Can someone please tell me the significance of an exposed left breast in portraiture?
WRITERS! what spray paint caps to use?
I'm doing a Surrealist painting for my art course, and I need to pick an artist, help?
I'm taking a beginner's watercolor course soon, I just have to register. I have good drawing skills,?
The artist "J Poole" or "I Poole";- anything known?
what is best way to thin oil paints?
Painting ideas?!? neeeeed help.?
Corel Painter 12????????
Help me describe this artwork for 10 points ?
Can you please analyse these questions for "Self portrait with Skeleton Arm" by Edvard Munch?
Can you tell me of the Renaissance artist, Andre Mantegna?
what stores carries spray paint caps?
Did anyone ever paint along with Bob Ross?
can i use salt dough for a canvas substitute?
Cobos, born in 1928 in Seville, Spain. Any information about the artist?
Original Fiora Cozzi paintings...?
What kind of paint is used to paint Russian dolls?
how do you like my paintings ?
what do you guys think of my first attempts at being artistic with watercolor pencils?
Spray Painting Metal?
Can you get prints done of a painting that is already professionally framed?
What makes this painting visually dramatic?
is premiere paint toxic ?
what do you call someone who paints you?
Yves Brayer painting?
What can I draw to resemble a Renaissance style?
What is that painting with the ghost-like being with the wide open mouth?
When repairing an old oil painting how important is it to find out details of the medium used?
what colors does it take to have tangerine?
Where on Internet I could find a website that teach painting using water colour techinque?
Do You Think Women Artists Received the Same Amount of Recognition as Men-Artists?
Who painted the girl crying blood....?
What is huile oil for oil painting?
where the painting "la soif" was painted?
favourite painting and artist?
can ne1 no nefin about van gough?
Difference in Art Critics Rosenberg and Greenberg?
Like my paintings?
What's your veredict?
If painting a bb gun is illegal what if I use removable paint or even MUD!!!?
How can I find original paintings by student and unknown artists?
Surrealism painting help?
Whom do you consider one of the greatest artists of all time and why ?
What's better, to paint standing up or sitting down?
If cupid really did exist in this day and age what would you ask him?
How many paintings do you need for an Art Exhibition ?
Where was J.E. Sampson Canadian artist born?
please help.. what artists work in the theme of reveal and conceal but also show emotion?
can i paint a copyrighted character if i put a disclaimer on it?
best painters of the baroque gothic era who specified in photos of musicians/artists?
who painted squares?
spray painting sweatshirt help please! and Quick!!!!?
What do you call the raised dots/grooves on a oil painting, from the canvas?
Who is your favorite Fantasy artist.?
Is Krylon Spray Paint dangerous on skin?
where did charles rennie mackintosh get his inspiration from for the rose?
How do i go about selling a painting to a gallery?
What is the original type of glogg made from?
What is the differences between Fine Arts and Fine Art Canvas ?
salvador dali?
What's your favorite painting or exhibit at the art museum?
Can i use acrylic paint on material canvas?
if you bought your own house could you do graffiti on it?
How do i remove paint from a leather shoe?
What does Cubism mean to you?
What should I paint today?
Do you like my watercolor portrait painting?
Name of this woman?
what century did van gogh work in?
Is there a program like Paint tool Sai?
Paintings of buildings falling apart?
how much is old oil base paintings worth?
How do I find out how much the painting I have is worth?
arti lingkungan secara umum?
Looking for a James Rosenquist painting?
Can you paint over oil base primer with latex paint?
When did kris hotvedt the artist from New Mexico die?
vincent van gogh?
How do I sell my portrait art?
How long after painting the exterior of a house before rain will affect it?
What was the name of this famous artist? i forgett?
What do you think of this painting? I'm thinking of putting it over my bed?
Light painting on canon rebel t2i?
I'm trying to find a painting called safe passage the one with the angel and 2 children crossing a bridge?
Sketch of Bella Swan?
Will somebody please look up subtractive color mixing?
Where can I find explanations of paintings?
what does el miro mean?
What are 8 major accomplishments of Michelangelo?
What is an Optical color definition?
charles rennie mackintosh Wassail ?
I'm trying to find a book with many renoir works in it. Suggestions?
How do you use open canvas 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I have a metal wall mounted fireplace and I want to spray paint it a different color would it work?
why you cant use the flash in the louvre?
What is a name of a cubist artist who is alive?
I am looking for information about an artist who signs his work s w?
i hate art? i find it so boring!?
Painting my tires lettering?
Cindy Sherman photos. Hellp.?
I have a large tiger painting and it has "Tarman" signed in the bottom left. I am looking for the value.
how do you make brown in panting?
Is yellow a colour?
Help on Winsor and Newton painting mediums oil?
I have a print of "le jardin du luxembourg" that is signed picasso, but I cannot find the name of the painting?
How to sell a peice of artwork artwork?
How do you remove oil paint from a wooden surface?
Do I need to seal my oil painting with anything?
Homemade face paint with food coloring?
How much is a machine that prints Giclees?
Arist on La Ink?
The cheapest paint job?
what artists use clothing as a canvas?
what is the hole for in the painting pallet?
What is a mannerist painter?
why are people so grouchy every day?
Do I need to gesso canvas paper if I am just practicing oil painting with the wet on wet technique?
What is the difference between oil and acrylic painting?
a good site for colour theory?
in el grecos painting christ healing of a blind man?
Can anyone tell me about this painting?
Suggest an artist for me?
where can i buy outdoor acrylics to paint large mural?
e.j. maybery caerleon artist?
think...all day?
what are some political aspects of 15th century paintings?
Does oil, acrylic and watercolour help you become a better digtial painter?
Is dirk dzimirsky the best artist ever? his paintings put every piece of art ive ever seen to shame...?
Artist Einar Petersen?
Paintings, pictures...?
What's the title/author of a bare breasted Virgin with red & blue angels in Groeninge museum (Bruges,Belgium)?
I got acrilic paint on my pants!! What do I do?
Why did Vincent van Gogh's peers saw little value in his artworks?
It is so sad that Thomas Kinkade such a great artist commited suicide. Didn't his paintings and sayings seem?
How do you remove acrylic paint from carpet?
Where can I find Eadweard Muybridge's Female Semi-Nude in Motion?
Who are some well-known artists who express mental illness through their artwork?
Large ship painting signed R.H. Nibbo with brighton under name. Value/age???
What made the 'Mona Lisa' different from other paintings created at that time?
What painting would you like to see yourself in?
can I use Americana DuraClear varnish outside?
How much should I charge for painting a realistic & anatomically life size whale mural for a museum?
What do you think about this painting?
What kind of paint should I use to paint clay figures?
you think vango was crazy?
what is the name of the artist? Who paints pictures of people and painted the faces in with dots?
Who knows art?
Whats the bes primer and paint to paint fiberglass subwoofer box?
artist signatures?
Wall Painting?
Need to take a break from answering questions and would like to check out some art?
Where is the best place to buy inexpensive canvas board?
Where would be the best place to sell a painting?
how can I blend oil pastels?
How to get paint out of a shirt!!!?? help!?
Creepy Clown Art?
Can I paint my grandson's hair bright colors?
Recently, I came across an artist/painter whose style I fell in love with! Can I legally use the same style...
I'm painting my wall?
I want to know the best free way to bring my website closer to the top of a websearch?
I painted my arm blue and now it won't come off... what should I do?
What was the name of the train station before it was le Musee d'Orsay in Paris?
Figure Drawing & Painting DVDs?
Heard there are four Art museums claiming to have the authentic "Monalisa" where are they held and which do
my concept and ideas for painting are low.. what can you suggest to help me?
For those who have seen the actual Mona Lisa, how would you describe seeing it in front of you in real life?
How about Colorful Canvas Name Letter?
Chasing vermeer info!....PLEASE HELP!!!?
Copyright of a painting?
who paints like andy warhol?
Is learning to paint before learning to draw a bad thing?
Has anyone heard of Native American Artist Melody Lightfeather?
Does anybody know anything about an old painting of a girl sitting reading a bible?
Anyone know a painter who pours paint on canvas and then moves it around making abstract shapes?
Where can i find Xanadu?
What is the medium of Damien Hirst's spin painting?
hey painters....can you tell me how to do this?
what do you think is the legacy of leonardo da vinci's last supper painting?
Acrylic Painting Please give me advice?
does anybody know anything about an american artist - max something - who painted a man with umbrella?
Where are some good website to sell art work.?
Help with ideas for a painting to give my gf on her birthday?? ?
in your opinion who is the best painter up to now and all over the word?
what is the message given by Roy Lichtenstein's Drowning girl?
how did the people in the past get the primary color?
how to ship a painting?
how can i downlode somthing related to painting,sclpture. etc all that i want is more info about this things.?
What is the last name of this painter?
How to turn a yellow color fabric into red?
What techniques did Diego Velazquez use?
Am i good enough to sell portraits? (picture included)?
Where is the candle in Georges Braque's Violin and Candlestick?
Any idea how I can get job in oil paint restorations..?
Importance of Fernando Botero?
Brett Whiteley's sydney harbour paintings?
Acrylic Gloss Medium Transfer question?? Any experts?
The paintings of Paul Cezanne.?
What images come to mind when you see the word "white"?
Can you patent or copyright a style of art?
A lot of watercolor paper for a little money?
What do you think of my drawings/paintings?
Can you spraypaint papercraft?
rate my graffiti artwork please?
What type of paint did this artist use? (pictures)?
Modern Art? I don't get it at all?
Why do so many people think Van Gogh painted The Scream?
Symbolism of The Gulf Stream by Winslow Homer--HELP!!!!?
i am trying to see if my artwork can be sold?
How can I avoid getting distracted when painting?
Is it within the rules to use pictures from art books as a guide to teach myself how to paint ( Oils )?
What is the name of this painting of George Washington crossing the river?
painting a teen girl's bedroom- color scheme?
what are paintings by otto van thoren worth?
what's your favourite famous painting?
List the three(3) most BEAUTIFUL things you have ever seen: human, natural scene, structure, painting?
what were the individual contributions of cezanne, seurat, and van gogh to the genre of post impressionism?
Contemporary Artists?
The two main phrases of cubism!!?
Corel Painter Essentials 4: What does that little layers symbol mean?
Where can I find artist studio space for rent in Los Angeles?
Name of the painter that tried to restore an ancient artwork!?
Help! Identify this painting through description?
How do you pronounce "Van Gogh"?
What is the name of the painting that features three people marching; two drummers and a flutist?
What are similarities between Baroque and Romanticism?
when doing an oil painting how do I get the paints to dry - painted on canvas. Thanks?
Best painter in your opinion?
My paitings including Pencil and pen and Ink drawings?
Where can I find out about Art/drawing/painting contests?
Where to order rolls of canvas?
im not sure where to spray paint?
I need someone that is an amazing sketch artist?
How long do I bake apple barrel gloss paint?
The Last Supper?
I want to start with airbrush ?
What company is it, PLEASE HELP?
Purpose of paint sealer ?
What should i draw a picture of?
What would happen if the Mona Lisa was slashed/stolen?
who is your favorite visual artist?
What is this painting by Thomas Kinkade called?
i have a painting, how do i find who painted it?
how do you properly prepare a canvas before painting?
painting of an old ship signed by P.Davis?
If you had to paint one part of your body bright purple, what would it be?
Where can i find George Braque's paintings AND explanations of them?
Does anyone here make their own paints vs. buying tube paints, oils, acrylic, watercolor?
where in the uk can I see a Salvador Dali painting?
how do i paint something very bright with acrylic colors?
how many art? //////////////////?
Anybody familiar with a DC painter named Jerry Laughlin doing abstracts in the 1970s?
what type of material could I use to create a 8.5 ft. x 11 ft. painted letter?
How much is my painting worth?
How would I compare two things??
the components of art are?
Ideas of something to paint for my boyfriend?
How do oil pastels work on canvas?
Would you like to buy my paintings?
When will lanco hills signature be completed?
What are the differences between European Landscapes and Asian Landscapes?
surrealist artist?
feedback on my art website?
i need some inspiration for my paintings?
Paint Tool Sai Yuumei brushes?
I am searching for info on a 1991 artist by the name of Carol V. Gray.?
Can purchasing painting from Street Fairs or Art shows be a good thing?
Good names for a painter/artist themed clown?
Can you analyze this painting?10 points?
Anyone want murels painted on their walls?
Whats a legit site that sells large (30x90) landscape pictures or paintings on canvas?
are water-based oil paint fumes toxic?
Shaking from painting so much?
I am looking for an artist who can paint me when I am fully naked, do you know anyone in London ?
Can you please identify the sculpture at the Louvre, Paris, shown in the following Picasa link?
plz tell me all features like perspective, foreground etc. of painting meeting of john and anna by massacio?
Corel Painter Essentials 4 is not loading! What is the problem and how do I fix it?
Is this worth much?
Which of these European artists produced asymmetrical compositions, with the subject not in the center, first?
whats your favourite colour?
Do you know any famous paintings in Metropolitan Museum of Art?
Ideas for something to paint?
Can one sell paintings on the street legally or do you need a permit?
What about Tony Smith the artist?
How could I promote my abstract paintings?
Artwork/Painting questions? HELP!?
Is this all I need to get my boyfriend, AIRBRUSH?
What type of artwork would this be considered?
Who painted the large portrait of the sad, dark dressed woman in the keith urban video tonight i want to cry?
What happens to Siliconized Acrylic if you paint over it?
Thesis statement and Paul Kane!?
Why does the color blue go with every other color?
How did artist Thomas Pradzynski (1951-2007) die?
I need 2 critics' quotes and one quote from salvador dali himself on his work, Galatea of the Spheres, PLEASE!
what is the name of this piece, and who is the artist?
Help with face paint?
Can someone briefly describe John Copley's style of painting?
What is the name of this painting?
Art/craft show question?
How much should I sell this painting for?
I have a print by painter named Nathaniel Sichel but can't find images of his paintings anywhere. Please help
Whats the best spray paint I can get at walmart lol?
Marcel DuChamp. Do you know a lot about him?
what's that normal rockwell painting...?
Cannot remember the artist of classic painting - Girl in a Field ....?
Artist who is similar to Alex Pardee?
I am looking for a full list of names of artists in tzfat israel or just the name of this one!?
Good way to paint headphones?
What's the name and author of this painting?
where can i find a surrealism paiting with full and explained details?
Artists, I need your Help! s!?
what does this painting say?
Are you an art appraiser familiar with the work of Sante Fe artist PAUL SARKISIAN?
How do you write a reflection on a painting?
Where can I find great pictures of famous artists and paintings on the web?
Painting a horse tack box any ideas or designs?
Is Buncho poster color safe for skin?
What does Clean straw mean?
Self-Control in an Art-Supply Store ... Is That Possible? Need Help Choosing Colors?
how long must i wait for acrylic paint to dry before i can apply the varnish?
How can I learn to paint?
What painting is this?
Customizing shirts??
i did many oil paintings for fun besides my daily work, but church friends often ask for free, what would I do
Really Urgent!!!!?
What type of paints are best for someone starting out painting art?
How to tell the difference between an oil painting..?
what kind of sidewalk chalk do sidewalk artists use?
A good painting ????
a painting that shows different classes of people?
who drew "The Creation Of Adam" in d Sistine Chapel,Vatican?
If Salvador Dali became a knight, would his title be Sir Real?
would you buy this painting i made? and for how much?
How do you analysis abstract art??
Graffiti is art or vandalism?
my name is shawn and, I am starting a clothing company and, I needed a painter to help me.?
Who was George Chinnery's dad?
is there any mixed media artist who inspires you?
What would you pay for a good oil painting?
Georges Rouault?
Artists like James Jean and Alex Pardee?
How is the colour black made if black cant be made from the primary colours?
What colors make a white skintone? (watercolor pencils)?
Is cubism considered postmodern?
Can I use acrylic water based paint for face and body art? Thanks?
a question for ARTISTS who know stuff about different styles?
Would acrylic paint stay onto a plastic surface is it coated with glaze?
Where can I buy thermochromic paint in the UK?
what color should i paint my room?
Albrecht durer The Adoration of the Magi?
can you name the artist???
Where can I find an art appraiser?
What distinguishes Matisse from other fauve artists?
Im looking for info and examples of oil paintings by cornish artist Mike Kerris,please...?
Painting copyrighted characters on car?
I have had the same type of perez painting but in color, I paid over $300 for it. Interested what its worth.?
Can I paint with two different primers?
Can a Vinylmation figure be taken apart?
What is the analysis of avenger by Andy macnab?
What do you think of my watercolor portrait painting?
Bright colors makes me feel sad and cold?
Glitter and acrylic craft paint?
Identify a Painting by photo(link included).?
How can i paint in a realistic style?
Looking for artist that painted a picture of a small boy in blue royal cloths, being asked by a man of rank?
How long are paint brushes supposed to last?
what kind of paint makes a painting look like this ?
An important religious council took place in Florence in 1439, so Benoso Gozzoli represented it in a very ama
What kind of ink stains skin?
Want To Find all info. on art Pantings. off Phyllis J Burnett?
Abstract Art Flower Motives?
What to paint for mother's day?
I am looking for a bank or any organization that give loan on old and rare paintings and antique?
can i use oil paint on A4 standard paper?
need help with painting, i have gotten better but?
There is a painting by Goya called 'La duquesa de Alba' (The Duchess of Alba), where you see a lady...
Do you have suggestions on getting traffic for my artist blog?
What are the pros and cons of returning artworks to their original sites?
I have some original signed paintings by Theodore D Coe. I'm trying to find out anything about this artist ?
Dali Museum in St Pete Fl - Mustache picture?
how to paint very good art in water colour ?
Why is the subject of war so commonly found in art?
Why do we do Art?
address of association of art critics of madrid?
What is the meaning of this painting and what is it called?
The color in the crevasse of that Bella story cometh fourth Kissinthria?
explain the steps u take to do an oil painting. thanks.?
Do you know any thing about an artist named Robert Chailloux or his painting: still life with strawberriers?
Who is the artist of this Indian painting?
Famous 21st century artists?
What is the best wayto paint a perfect line?
maestro di violino by domenico modugno?
Artists who have done work with Chinese/Japanese themes?
I'm trying to identify a painting somewhat similar to Winslow Homer's Fog Warning. Can you help?
What are these things for?
Help with my lollipop painting?
What supplies to I need to get my wife started in painting?
Have you ever seen Renaissance paintings of ancient Greek couples, like lying naked on couches, eating grape?
describe the painting THE GARDEN OF EARLY DELIGHTS made by Hieronymus Bosch?
Questions about Michelangelo and Diego Rivera.?
Chalk board paintt. please helpp (:?
what lacquer can i use in an airbrush so colours wont run(read on)?
Any Contemporary artists?
How do i make paint with nature.?
What is the exact title of Kandinsky's "Squares With Concentric Circle" painting?
The famous art competitions?
kush vs skunk? which one is better.?
40% of the people I offer to do a painting for delete me from Facebook within a few weeks?
Can anyone tell me the name of/artist behind this period painting of a woman with an owl?
Is black paper expensive than white paper to print on for an invitation card? or do they cost the same?
Beneath the snow encumbered branches?
Is it ok to copy or reproduce old paintings? what u thnk?
Where can I find info on Impressionism?
Camel hair brush shedding?
i have to design a logo with specifications quadrichromy?
write short notes of prehistoric Art of these countries;Vietnam,Russia ,France,Argentina,Brazil,Peru,Portugal,
matching colors, HELPPP please, re-painting bedroom?
How do I decoupage kids' artwork on wood?
Do acrylic paints normally require a well ventilated room or am I developing an allergy?
How to market my art?
Has anyone heard of an Argentinian painter called Sergio Boccachio,hes aged about 45 and comes from Mendoza.?
Will oil medium work with acrylic paint?
Opposite of Red color?
Do you want ten points? Then...?
Can you just buy Ink or varnish at any art store?
girl with a pearl earring.............?
Oil-paints on top of a layer of water-based house paint?
what can i paint for advanced placement art?
Where can i find Information about Margret Olley's still life artwork "Rushcutters Bay"?
Here is another painting. What do you think about it?
Questions about the Mona Lisa..?
Psychics ,lets see how good you are...What am I planning to paint on my white roof with black paint?
Help naming a famous Renoir painting?
I need to draw a picture for my project, and my teacher wants me to paint it, What kind of paint should I use?
Can anyone help?. . . Who is the artist who produces the "jelly Baby" style paintings, any clues would help. .
how many paints do artists use ?
Can I paint flowers on my cello?
Do you find fingerpainting fun for a change?
What color paint should I use?
Is Henri Russeau' work in public domain in the U.S.?
Trying to find out the name and artist of this spanish painting.?
Recommendation for a good quality acrylic or oil paint?
why does some of the glow in the dark paint on my shirt glow?
Advantages/experience when using oil paints? Vs acrylic?
what is the three piece painting in the basic format of an alterpiece?
where on the internet can i put in number off back of old painted print and find out about it?
Does anyone know the value of paintings done by Chris McGalliard?
artists i'd like?
What kind of paint is indestructable by water?
How do you make a portrait look like the person?
I am looking for the original print of a John wayne painting?
Can I combine acrylics and oils on the same painting?
who's your favorite artist and why?
tell me all cristian artist you know?
Salvador DalĂ­ - magical realism or surrealism? Or both?
How To Start Acrylic Painting?
What is a good social issue that i can paint a picture of?
Where can I find someone to paint a picture of me in atlanta?
Airbrush Not Working?
What can I draw to resemble a Renaissance style?
Why does the Mona Lisa not show any teeth?
How do you get old paint off of the brushes used to paint with?
folowing a real dirty white van i saw?
which of following artists created paintings in which ...?
can you work out the value of the symbols and hence the missing value?
where did Hans Haacke grow up?
Where is the best place to sell an old expensive painting?
a friend of mine gave a me a painting of 8 horses running what is the meaning of it and where should i hang it
How to use watercolors?
Music of the Middle Ages and Renaissance?
Photo-manipulation or painting? What to you think it is?
teenage girl painting walls?
What is the highest price ever paid for a painting?
Is Art Creations buckeye road, Mishawaka, IN still in business?
what is the best way to splatter paint?
erskine nicol paintings?
What style of artwork did Vincent Van Gogh paint?
is clear considered a color?
who is John singleton copley?
I don't understand breaking dawn, ch 17, jacob's point of view?
What types of art did Paleothic do?
School Project --- Painting?
Did Georgia O'Keeffe intend for her paintings to look like s?
Doing some detail painting on my grand prix yellow or red? Or any other color?
Symbolism & superficiality?
How does George Frederic Watts' painting 'Hope' symbolise hope?
Does a colourful image or painting always portray happiness?
where is pablo picasso from?
What's the differences between Oil paint,Acrylic,and Tempera?
Need to take a break from answering questions and would like to check out some art?
describe a mural in bad condition?
How can I find the artist to this painting I have?
Why is an all-white or an all-black painting considered art?
Oil Painting - How to?
Looking for the name of male, American or English abstract painter who is till living.?
In Da Vinci's Last Supper, where is the figure holding the the reports say?
Would Daniel Richter be considered an abstract expressionist?
Was banksy finally caught and arrested?
How can I paint in this styl?
What are some questions to evaluate art paintings with?
how do i buy a bob ross painting?
The Museum of Modern Art ?
C.kieffer painting ... Help...?
Style at the Hudson river School (1825-1870)?
will ink work if I'm painting a wall?
How do i paint a rose? food coloring or paints.?
What is you'r Fav coloer and why/?
Unknown artist of a painting?
I Need Painting Tips! Is there a paint that Is as good as oil paint but drys fast kinda like Acrylics?
I need info about the artist, Rembrandt, ASAP!?
What would be the price of pablo picaso's paintting dove and women ?
I live in sydney australia, where can i buy coloured zink for face painting from in sydney??
Information on Paul Cezanne? help please?
What should I include in my circus painting?
I am gonna paint a big sky area and I wonder if I could use an artist foam brush to do that?
Did the original Pierre Woodman castings really include amatuers and illicit content?
can someone help?
Can you please tell me 5 french painters?
What elements of art did Andy Warhol use in his artwork of Marilyn Monroe?
I have some oil paintings (not valuable) that are fly-spotted and dirty. How can I clean them myself?
what is this art of pablo picasso called?
(Japanese Art History): Yamato-e?
can you use acrylic craft paint over a Sparkling metallic finish oil based spray paint?
Canvas Paintings Question?
What is the name of the artist?
how is a cubist painting produced?
Were do you get your inspiration?
Does anyone know where I can sell my original paintings on-line?
what is the name of the artist that does the land and ocean life paintings. half and half?
Who made this painting? Like the Artist.?
painting resin over a large fairly thin canvas?
I have a painting with"eau-forte originale" &"hubert" in the bottom right corner is it worth any thing??
What are some good places to look for inspiration for a group of art paintings?
Who painted the picture of the two kids on a red bench...?
one of georges seurat paintings?
Painting girl room need help?
So I was thinking 'bout painting the ol' bass guitar?
What does "Modernist paintings" Mean?
looking for a painting by albert DeForest from Baton Rouge LA done in the 1960's?
How do you paint impressionism?
Do you have any good suggestions of music to paint by.?
where can i find goods spray paint cans that are cheap?
Does anyone know anything about this painting?
Where to buy frame for canvas art?
What would be a good blog name? My name is Javed and I am draw pics and blogging about artworks and paintings?
where can i buy 100% pure tung oil?
What is something cool, yet easy to paint?
acrylic paints ,does anyone know how to do them pictures?
Photoshop Digital Painting.?
tell me about paintings?
What is sumi-e (japanese ink painting)?
Where can I find pictures of an American artist whose signature is 'Orlando'?
What would you pay for a good oil painting?
What painting is this?
anyone know of any good resources for the painterly technique?
what is the oppposite colour of brown?
Michelangelo Firenze Earrings: Price?
do you like it too? its my favorite.?
Hello, I bought an painting called Quiet pond 3 rd edition signed by SD? I would like to find who the artist?
does anyone know how i could edit my picture to look like it is being painted by bob ross?
Need to know name of ballet painting...?
What type of piant should I use?????
Why is a certain category of art named "still life" and who came up with that name?
Water color landscape painting picture suggestion?
I am rembering a picture I once saw of a giant cat sitting in a rocking chair? holding a child in his lap.?
can anyone tell me art tutoring classes in north bangalore?
Iwata AirBrushes?????????
Can't remember the name of the artist of a painting?
What is my painting worth if I sell it on Craigslist?
Big fiberglass rat project ( like cows in chicago) any ideas?
What artist painted solid colored, little people?
Why would some one put plaster on wood then put a painting on it ?
van gogh's painting on?
Using Matchpots on canvas instead of acrylic?
What do you think of my painting:)?
name of Salvidor Dali painting.?
I could use some major help finding a particular documentary on a painter/artist!?
plz rate my painting...?
what does participatory imitation mean?????
What do you know about the artist Georgia O'Keefe and her artwork-i am particularly interested in the one?
Has you ever made your own oil paints like the old masters did?
Can the backside of an already painted backdrop be painted?
Lady in white dress?
any information about this painting?
What can i use to represent strength in a painting?
What can I use to clean the oil paints off my brushes? Alternatives to turpentine if possible?
In his letters to his brother Theo, Vincent van Gogh expressed his ideas about color as a force to show?
i need the spilling of a russian artist named (soricof)?
The scream art painting questions?
Can you use both sides of a piece of water colour paper?
Does anyone know where I can purchase posters of Jan Brueghel-elder ?
would like to find a oil painting that i own to know it's value?
You Think Your (or any) Three Year Old Can Paint This?
I'm looking on the web fo a great painting (any thing) to put as a wallpaper on my desktop. Help me please!
Can people that answer dis question give me some tips on painting?
art exhibition proposal?
I need help?
what is the best type of paint to start art painting with, acrylic or oil?
The use of people and events that have consistent symbolic meansing. Either, assemblages,allegorical,cartoon?
Why are barns painted red?
If you mix red and blue what color do you get ?
What is the material that is most commonly used to stretch over wood frames for canvas painting?
Russ Conn - water color artist. More information about him please???
Queries about the website etsy?
how to translate a name from a japanese painting?
how to be a good painter?
How many years was Van Gogh at boarding school for?
who did this graffiti art?
Artists that explore time or ageing in their work?
does anyone know a website where i can find analysis and info concerning "the blue rider-der blaue reiter"?
Ever heard of these painters - S.M. Soon (or G.M. Goon) or Smote (or S. Mote)?
Please name me a good, but less well-known artist?
where is sur la plage by manet now?
what's so special about Mona Lisa?
I need to paint a picture, I cannot decide what to paint, any ideas?