can someone edit a picture of my painting for me?
is there any procedure due to which paint on wall should be smooth not should be rough due to paint brush l?
Andy Warhol question : D ?
give me an idea extensively on the contribution and ideas of phylosophy on jean pestalozzi?
How can i figure out how to color in Paint Tool SAI?
What does Cubism mean to you?
How difficult would it be to paint a watercolor painting of a person without it looking ridiculous & amateur?
When using gouache paint in art work what medium is required?
How would one enter the gallery circuit?
What's the name of this work?
what is this................?
Is there a curator or professor in the SF Bay Area who can lecture on still life paintings?
customizing my chucks?
Your three favorite colours?
I am trying to find a Jack Skellingtion Andy Warhol style painting...?
similiarities between leonardo's da vinci and arnolfnis wedding?
Who is leonard wren?
How much would an original Jasper Cropsey painting go for?
Painting advice tell me what you think????Song of Athena(Richard franklin)?
Why am I a starving artist?
Who were the first artists?
which famous artists were inspired by japanese arts?
has anyone ever used cooking oil for oil painting? why/why not? how'd it turn out?
How to be a painter if you do not have a talent and you can not find a place to study fine arts?
Edward Cullon and Bella Swan?
im painting a picture. i need random objects? HELP!?
what 2 colors make blue?
Who is your favorite classic artist (painter)?
Can I paint over paint?
How do you clean brushes after doing oil painting?
I dont want to use the Mouse in using Corel Painter X! What other device should I use?
why an artist wanna be it nessesary to be an artist?
What do you think of my painting?
Best paint for ceramic?
How can you avoid a glossy sheen with oil paints?
Could someone help me find the origin of these prints?
Who painted this?
I have the smock, The beret and the cigarette hanging from my mouth, I have the Palette, Easel and Brush,What?
Paint that wont rub off of flip flops?
Oil Painting Supplies?
does anyone know of an artist who draws fruit or has a famous painting of one?
What are Worpswedders?
Who paint this one
What type of spray paint is sticky for a long time?
Is there a certain software for wall colors?
What types of things do you learn/do in a painting class?
Easy/fun/cool things to paint using acrylic paints?
Anyone know where I can buy graffiti art?
is there a message in wayne thiebauds work?
Does anyone know details of who painted Fabiola George Ballerat?
what paint to use to airbrush my whole guitar body.?
Who are some of the intellectual artists of the early 20th century? The late 20th century? Name their work.?
Can I paint white canvas shoes, and if so, how?
Who thinks Mona Lisa's smile is actually THAT captivating?????
artists that study light?
who are the famous painters of the classical period?
do you know of an artist called molf?
Do you know anything about Henri Matisse?
To New Pastures, 1883 by Sir James Guthrie. Looking for print?
Favourite Colour?
I need help with my art?
What is the name of this style of hat?
What happened to the Mona Lisa after Leonardo Da Vinci died?
Have you become a successful painter if your painting gets sold at more than $120 grand per painting?
How can unreality be described spatially on a canvas.?
I am looking for a kind of drawing tablet, a simple tool, to do sketches and paintings and doodles etc,?
I have a Robert Wood Painting that was painted in 1956, anyone kno if it has any value? Im in need of money?
I have seen a painting that I am trying to identify. Web is:
Where do I find argan oil?
what paints should I use to paint murals?
i am looking for info on A L Moore 89 southampton row london glass artist name on church window circa 1899?
do reproductions of famous artist's works generally increase in value over time?
Why was Edgar Degas so interested in the human anatomy?
What's the name of a really old painting of a dead priest surrounded by clerics,monks and others?
Is the artist Escher a painter?
What does Władysław Podkowiński's painting "Ecstasy" mean? Please give an analysis of elements?
How do we get masking tape glue off of dried freshly painted paint?
wales 1961 ls lowry painting how much is it worth?
who is your favorite painter? and why?
Have you ever heard of the Penis Painters of London?
Who is your favourite artist at the moment?
Does anyone know the artist of the painting?
Are the painters interested in sports?
has any one sunbath nude in there back garden in the uk?
Claude monet Lithograph print (one of many printed in USA company)?
Can a fine artist still paint celebs?
My first ever portrait!! What do you think?!?
O.M. Robb Charcoal Sketch Valuable from Sykesville, MD. ?
What does the color chartreuse make you think of?
Are there any books on advanced composition?
Neeed help with canvas anyone?
Anyone know about a painting from a White Mountains artist?
artists that use cultural themes?
what information would you need to include on a charity poster?
What would you suggest I teach a grade 8 class about art?
What do you guys think of my painting?
Similar artist to Mark Ryden?
Can anyone help me?
any artists bsed on art of contained?
What are some paintings that convey Voyeurism?
Art Experts---What is this, Please?
How do you put art on this site ?
General questions about Rene Magritte. Does anyone know any of the answers?
Where can I find the pictures of paintings inside the Miami Ink shop??
How much is my painting worth? dont know this signature but its a halve circle around a j can anyone give me ?
I'm going to paint my girlfriend face whilst she sleeps what colour is best?
Is graffiti an art or a crime?
how to create skin colour using arcrilic paints? .s.?
what artist's bird illustrations fetched a printed book record $8.8 million at a 2000 auction?
what cool things can you do on paint shop pro 9?
Who can help me identify the artist?
Question about photography that looks like it was painted?
Does anyone know what painting is behind Ariel in this scene of The Little Mermaid?
artist known as sonnhofer information about this person?
Painting Anime figure Eyes?
Who is this painter who focused on war?
I will never paint my mail box the color ____?
what are YOUR favorite artists of all time?!?
Can you dye wool with acrylic paint?
Explain what I need to Oil Paint other than the Oil Paint itself.?
How to Display/Sell/Buy My Paintings Online?
Who is your favorite artist, and why?
Painting a Valentines Tea Kettle?
What is the best painting you've seen in your own opinion?
skin tone in watercolour?
How do you erase in Corel Painter Essentials 4?
when you add white to a color it is called a?
disabled acrylic artist looking for place display paintings.split monies 60/40 dfw area?
Painting for my bedroom?
Why are colors so inportant?
oil paint canvas question(removal/overwrite of painting)?
who is the artist that painted The Kiss?
how long until enamel spray paint stops sending off fumes?
When airbrushing t-shirts what equipment do u need to heat set artwork to prevent it from fading?
Anyone know any famous portrait artists.....?
What should i put on my folder?
Where (Galleries)can I get African Art (paintings) especially from South Africa to buy? URGENTLY!?
when painting a portrait: is it cheating to grid out the original picture to get the proportions accurate?
how to write about art painting?
Is my acount good?
hat artist traveled to the Louvre in hopes of painting one gallery containing several masterpieces, only to fi?
What's your favorite color?
Have an art question, a painting by Lovig Seybold printed by John Drescher Co.?
HEELLLPPP 20 points !!?
Who were Fauves? What kind of impact did they have on early modern painting?
I love Twilight and Pre Raphaelite style art. Can anyone suggest a painting or artist for me?
What do these murals in Denver airport symbolize?
How can I upload pictures of my paintings on an art discussion group site?
i need help with an art project. i have to do a painting that represents kandinsky and de chirico.?
I need to know more about Donna Sumner, a Colorado artist?
how to find international children drawing competition?
The questions of acrylic painting...?
What is banksy's painting of a gangster throwing some flowers about?
Where is the painting "The Rage of Achilles" currently held?
What is the title of the painting in the Jane Eyre BBC mini-series (2006) and where can I find an image file?
how do you make brown?
What is the best cheapest paint to use on canvas?
I NEED IDEAS! Most intersting gets 10 points!?
how much money am i allowed to sell my paintings for? what is appropriate price?
artist ?painter, engraver, east.european now resident in venice. ? name= "vec"?
I know about Claude Monet but who was Manet?
Looking for print of cowboy ,walking horse with both of their heads down?
I need to paint a section of glass a clear, even color. airbrushing enamel perhaps?
What makes Picasso so great?
where can i buy cheap textle paint here in the philippines ?
picture into Painting?
What is the title of this Joan Miro artwork? I know it's one of his constellation paintings.?
how do i get my painting energy back?
Which aids in making the paint dry faster ?
How does Wheatfield of Crows by Vincent van Gogh use color?
john morris value on paintings?
Is it true that Mona Lisa is a man?
Who is in your opinion the greatest painter?
How do I sketch a John Deere tractor as realistically as possible?
Is the back of waterproof paper waterproof too?
What is the name of this famous painting?
Can I use white tempra paint for Gesso?
How do you do this watercolour technique?
I'm looking for a price range on a Jack Boynton painting. Help me someone1?
what puertorican famous paintor has a paint in el museo de louvre?
Where can i buy art glass oil lamps?
Is it possible to buy Bob Ross's "The Joy Of Painting" series on DVD? If so where please?
i need help finding painting lessons in albuquerque nm!!?
Artist, Beth you have any information on her?
How do you pronounce the name "Thiebaud", as in the artist Wayne Thiebaud?
has anyone seen this painting before?
how do you make paint?
What kind of spray paint shud i use?
is it possible to screen print complex images like a photo or a colorful drawing?
Surrealism painting help?
information on a painter?
what kind(s) of paint will work on midsoles of shoes?
What are you favourite colours and for what reason?
indian horse war paint?
why does mona lisa have no eyebrows?
What was Paul Klee, (The Swiss Artist), influenced by?
What do you think of my paintings? (don't worry, you can be proper mean)?
An expert has claimed to have unravelled the mystery behind the Mona Lisa painting, what are your views?
What do you think of my painting?
What's you favorite color?
what art movement did van gogh belong to?
Why does the auctioneer talk so fast when he is auctioning off an item?
how to get a neat edge at the top of the wall when painting?
how much is my "Home court advantage" painting worth?
How can the dried oil painting color tubes be restored back?
microsoft paint splatter?
When is the painting Antigonus in the Storm by Joseph Wright of Derby finish date?
When Did Michelangelo Live?
I heard that is the best in Warhol art and they where right?
Guy who paints self-portrait with his hands?
Light-sensitive paint???
do you know who douglas graitom is?
Does anyone know what to use with acrylic paint to make it pop and change colors when it's struck by light?
hi guys any suggestions for what i could do for my uni painting project called 'spirit of space'?
David Siqueiros painting called War. Need to know the meaning of the women being naked laying on red drapery.?
Favorite Halloween Costume?
What are the best museums in San Francisco to see some amazing Paintings?
what color?
does applying more coats of paint hide sand paper swirls?
is there a way of getting oil paint out of your clothes?
Do you put lighter paint into the darker paint or the other way around?
Saving Canvas Failed - Paint Tool Sai?
Question on oil paints?
What are four styles of wall painting?
Point out common themes or styles of your art work?
arti lingkungan secara umum?
What should I paint for this room?
Who or what dictates the price of paintings?
I Need Help Naming a Fine Painting of Myself Standing Behind a Penguin. PLZ HELP!?
Does anybody know the best way to search for artists?
original oil paintings about Tibetan are good?
Who painted this picture?
Question about artists/art movements?
Need help indentifying artist signature on painting?
What is the majority of this artwork made from?
My gf needs paint brushes?
How do i find out what my Lee Burr ship painting is worth?
What's the name of that famous painting of an old man & woman standing in front of a house holding pitchfork
How does Jeffrey Smarts paintings reflect the time and place?
Any artists that do portraits with a mythological beast theme?
What is the name of this painting?
Does anyone know where I can find information on the roman painting, Nightingale from Pompeii?
if you mix red and yellow what color do you get?
What symbols could represent endlessness?
Can anyone figure out the name/artist of this landscape painting? It's killing me! (Picture inside)?
Who's the best unknown artist that you know?
Need Help! If you're creativeeeeeeeee!?
Does a canvas need any sort of preparation or can you just start painting a picture?
why are the edges of some grenades painted brown?
Where can I get a painting by NATCHEZ?
Who are some well-known artists who express mental illness through their artwork?
I need an inspiration for my new painting to enter in a contest?
Can you recommend a good book on how to paint portraits?
Does anyone know anything about the artist D.L. Pollard?
the art gallery painting.?
SEX ART? what kind of paint.?
What kind of art do you like?
belgium painter carlo tarras?
Who is the best known watercolor painter within the past decade?
What is Norval Morrisseau, native artist, currently doing?
Please answer me once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
does anyone know who ben magos is?
what kind of paint is this?
Can you rate my art please?
Hans Skalagard? Anyone...Anyone...??
what was Surrealism's effect on literature?
What are Worpswedders?
Good reasons of why someone would be passionate about painting?
Ideas for an art final piece?
How to Paint Music and Who is Famous for it?
Is Filipino artist Juan Luna's oil painting of Rory Emerald one of his best?
the most famous contemporary americans painters?
Symbolism of The Gulf Stream by Winslow Homer--HELP!!!!?
In Olympia by Manet, how do we know that Olympia was a by looking at the painting?
I want to become noticed as an artist but am i too young?
Where can I buy Gil Elvgren pin up art online? Besides ebay?
Do you think this painting could be in a gallery?
Does taping a straight line in a painting really work ?
Why do you see graffiti as a problem?
Is painting on canvas a dying art because of computer graphics?
how to paint fire in oil paints?
do you know how much 3 1800`s paul peel paintings are worth?
How do you clean off dried acrylic paint from a paintbrush?
Where in Minnesota/Wisconsin you could sit for a portrait sketch or painting for honeymooning couple!?
who are hortensia, alfonso, miguel, abuelita in the story esperanza rising/?
I'm looking for info about a painting I have. It was painted in 1968 by H.C. Kimball.?
Art A Level ideas - Theme is "Light"?
Is Dennis Miller Bunker's "Portrait Sketch of Rory Emerald" 1890, at the Museum of Fine Arts (Budapest)?
Kurt Cobain vs. Pablo Picasso?
does anyone know what perspective did the artist use in The Embarkation For Cythera painting?
I want info/website about artist/painter "uwe" was in san diego?
Info needed re canvases please?
how are colours made?
Any way I can find out how much this piece of art is worth?
what is the name of this painting?
What is best surface to paint on - canvas, canvas boards, wood - Thanks?
What to Paint for contest?
Can you help me with Sparkle Spray Painting A Guitar?
why are school buses painted yellow....?
I don't understand art?
Painting Questions Please Help!?
Is This A Famous Painting Unknown Artist Who IS THIS Chinese Japan American Impressionisms Oil ART PLEASE HELP
why does a certain belong in a museum?
Can you give me ideas on selling my paintings?
would you paint the whitehouse black if it were your house?
What makes this paintings by george braque cubist?
Airbrush help????????
About how much in dollars is the da Vinci painting "Mona Lisa" and "The last Supper"?
which brush is used to paint trees leaves?
Painting different shades of color?
A type of paint that works for...?
Is black paper expensive than white paper to print on for an invitation card? or do they cost the same?
How do you thin Createx airbrush paint ? water based paint ?
Haloween things to sketch?
What is something (an easel type thing) that can sit on my lap and hold supplies, for painting in public?
how much is a black and white pictuer worth with the signiture os one POTTER,PALIUS?
Can you use acrylic on shoes?
who is the artist and what is the name of the painting on a vatican ceiling dome with angels slaying demons?
Oil pastels and other art supplies ?
What is the CREATIVITY ? Is the Creation an incidential act or mentally planned, kind of work by a human?
I have an original oil painting on canvas with no signature...?
Is this a good theme/idea for A-Level (Higher level) Art?
how to add a subtle glossy finish to my painting?
Painting my rrooooommm.............?
Creating the look of Fabric with Acrylic paint [PIC]?
am i the only one who likes ecko unltd?
What do you call a painter of peoples faces?
Can I paint with acrylics of watercolor paper?
What do you think of my paintings?
how do you set a price for a painting?
When was this painting created?
Why dont people in general see disable artist work worthy?
Where online can I find glitter paint in gallon cans, many colors available?
what is the best thing to paint on for an art project? PLEASE HELP!!!!!?
I paint Blue Dogs in my paintings, The artist attorney is demanding I stop and send my work to him. Legal?
whats a good airbrush kit that i can buy locally?
Most renaissance artists were trained as apprentices?
Where are Leonardo Da Vinci's Notebooks at the moment?
I found the UGLIEST painting in the world at Goodwill. I want to paint over it, but not sure if it's acrylic?
What would happen if I mix flat paint and semi gloss?
Blonde Painting the House?
can you show about creating textured painting?
In period pieces painted by Salvador Dali, He used a mythical creature to represent himself?
Who knows the Email address of the austrian painter "Otto muehl"?
Gimme some good ideas on winning a facepainting competition..?
What objects did Chirico paint?
How do I finish and seal Sharpie Paint Markers?
Can I paint Disney themes in my business?
what should i know before i start painting (art)?
What should I paint my mother for her living room?
which artists paint mystery and imagination?
Does any body know what the name of this painting is?
Do you like my watercolor portrait painting?
Painting idea options?
pricing a calender?
in basic painting what colors do i mix to get black?
Where can I buy a large fan paint brush?
Art on wood protection?
hey in glass painting?
Was there an actual attempt to recreate a dinosaur like on Jurrasic Park?
How can you tell the difference between a lithograph and a painting? Or a drawing?
How much should I ask for this hand painted 1 of a kind motorcycle helmet?
what are your favorite colors?
What will you choose and why?
What is a painters apprentice?
Unknown artist from movie!?
why foundation learn from black and white?Not the colour first...?
Is there a website that has the COMPLETE works of Raphael Sanzio in CHRONOLOGICAL order?
what will i need to consider for this painting?
How do you know how much a certain painting is worth?
What does it mean to" sign yourself as a signed painter ?"?
Why is ! Purple and Yellow in colour?
what is the name of the painting on rob dyrdeks wall? and who is it by?
The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci (personal experience)?
where about on oxford street is banksy's christmas shop?
What kind of paint is this ?
How do I change My Fate ?:?
new to painting?
what would be a good peice to enter in an art competition?
What would I call an immitation of a famous painting?
what is the most expensive painting?
Where can I sell an 208 years old painting?
What was the significance of Leonardo's Vitruvian Man?
What do the red stamps on traditional Japanese artwork mean?
What are some of the differences between the work of Braque and that of Picasso?
Whats the best book for learning Oil Painting?
Does Da vinci's mona lisa have eyebrows?
In the world of fine expensive ART,why does the artist have to be dead before their works sell?
What kind of paint won't flake or chip when Rolled up on posterboard?
rate my painting please.?
Does anyone know of any current famous artists (painters)?
Look at this artwork! what do you think about the artist himself !?
Gettting acrylic paint off of a couch?
When and where was stephen lawrence lowry born?
As a beginner watercolor painter should I get artist quality paint and paper, and kolinsky sable brushes?
why did picasso become famous?
Tell me your opinion about this painting, please!?
Photo to Paint by number HOME PC Program?
can you mix regular oil paint and water mixable oil paint together?
What's The Best Painting You've Never Painted?
who is watercoulor painter ?
mixing oil paint with "mediums"?
how much does an average sabavala (1970) painting cost?
romantisism, impressionism, post impressionism, fauvism....?
What kind of paint is this?
how do you thicken oil paints?
I just finshed my very first painting. Is it good? What is your opinion?
help. graphic art?
when was claude monet born?
Why do people like Pablo Picasso?
What painting is this?
What is better/easier to paint and/or draw with?
Do you know the name of this painting?
How did the artist Juan O'Gorman die in 1982?
I think someone I know copied a painting?
what is the size of the mona lisa painting?
Whats the best sort of spray paint to use for graffiti?
How should I paint my Ked's?
Was Mona Lisa a model or Da Vinci's imagination? GIVE REASONS?
What is Velazquez's Las Meninas really all about?
Painting help?
how does one sell museum quality art?
Who commisioned to paint the lamentation for christ?
What is the real secret behind Monalisa Smile?
Does anyone know where I can find prints of the work of Bill Hughes an American artist.?
I have been painting for a while and my husband thinks I should show my art. Where do I begin?
Who was the artist that moved around the feature's of a person?
what can help me become an ok artist?
In cleaning oil paintings, what is emulsion cleaner and neutralizer?
Who are some famous artists influenced by Michelangelo?
what laquor can i use to cover my guitar that i have painted with artists acrylic paints?
looking for any information about an artist/painter named A. Marc?
I am an artist living with AIDS. Check out my website and give feedback.
Anyone know the name of a painting of a tree on a cliff overlooking the sea, I think by Monet?
Who is the French painter who painted water lilies even as he was going blind?
need website for galaxy glass...products are for faux stain glass products?
what is the color mineral?
What is the going rate for decorative / sign painting?
Is Paint Tool SAI Free?
Did you guys know bread is flamable?
Does anyone know anything about the Italian artist Luigi Bechi?
A. Yoshida artwork of Kumoi famous cherry bloosom in Yoshino Japan?
How do you pronounce Klimt?
i'm looking to paint a small mural on the wall above my bedroom door. what kind of paint do i use?
Where can I buy an Andrew Wyeth print of "Winter 1946"?
oath of the horatii?
Why is van so frigging gorgeous?
I am trying to find out who owns the copyright to the song (La Smooth) by Najee.?
looking for a room idea?
Jeffrey Smart - Australian Painter - What is his most famous piece??
What artists paint woodland/forest?
Ever heard of paintings with gold leaf and marble dust?
who is the best water colour artist?
Where and when did Georgia O'keeffe live in Chicago?
Claude Monet, Impression: Sunrise?
what is this artwork, im not sure of the name but its some like meantr gaeltier belt by paul catllier homme?
what kind of paint should i use to paint a design on my plastic kayak?
I'm looking for an impressionist painting with a woman in a red dress while it is raining...?
can i paint this part of a key?
Question about a portrait in the National Portrait Gallery, Washington, D.C.?
who is the famous painter who painted a painting with 3 horizontal colors?
Japanese art descriptions?
I want to start painting what are the best brushes to use?
Cheap washable neon paint? OR clear neon paint? :)? (birthday)?
i have a painting called after the storm by cammilla lucas dated 1936?
What are similarities between Baroque and Romanticism?
What is the storyline behind The Triumph of Venus?
Acryllic paint washes???
Are black and white colors in the arts area?
how do I create a smooth gradient/tone/depth transition on a face in portrature with acrylics?
Where can I order cheap prints of my artwork online?
david Hockney?
My facebook page is hitting 1000 likes soon. Can someone make a graphic for my page ?
What do you like when you buy Disney Fine Art?
How do I find art works and their value by Vinciata?
What is the difference between "watercolour" and "gauche" paint?
adding shadows to painting...?
Is it true that Vincent Van Gogh had syphilis?
I am painting my own mug?
Claude Monet?
Any ideas of what I should paint?
Has anyone visited my web site
Help with paint protection?
can you make painted furniture look antique?
What is this Dali picture called?
What is oil paint made of?
what painting is this a detail from?
Has anyone heard of this artist?
Why does my oil paint still sink into the canvas after I prime it?
Has anyone used/been using Reeves acrylic on fabric?
I really want to start painting, but I get discouraged?
Help with Salvador Dali and Van Gogh.?
¿Can anyone help me find the name of a Matisse painting? Sounds like Piccard's Atelier, but I'm not sure.
Can someone tell me if there is any textbook for BFA course which is conducted at College of Arts, Tilak Marg.
Cheap alternative to a canvas?
Can you paint on t shirts using screen printing ink?
How to use montana spray paint cans?
Do you like graffiti, why or why not?
help with colors?
Do you think if America had a national dept penny center Americans would donate their spare pennies?
question about surrealism??
I'm painting a Xbox 360 controller details in description?
Please give me some links of most famous paintings of the world?
Ideas for painting for boyfriend?
Is Illustration a dying profession?
What color do you get when you mix red and yellow?
How much would this painting go for?
spray paint?
Does anyone know where I can purchase paintings done by gorillas, chimps, monkeys, etc.?
does any one know where i can download bob ross the joy of painting season 3 and 4 without filling in surveys?
Salvador Dali: Soft self portrait with bacon?
What's the best way to paint on t-shirts using a paper stencil?
What type of paint do I use?
what is the best way of washing acrylic paint on my airbrush?
i lost my friend's paint brush accidentally while going home after meeting her.i could not find it anywhere.?
what is the best way to add mosaic effect to a video?
How to be a painter if you do not have a talent and you can not find a place to study fine arts?
how can i fix up my painting, paints gone all shiny and dark and wont fix no matter how many layers i do.?
What are some influences on Salvador Dali?
whats the best way to mask with acrylics?
Can anyone identify these artists signatures?
Anyone know of a painter that had an impact on his/her country?
how come, in the past 1000 years, paintings have progressively become better and better?
Is it pretentious to paint a picture of Jesus Christ?
Who is your favorite artist, and why?
Will somebody please look up subtractive color mixing?
What are some of the most stunning works of art by Matisse?
Need an idea for a painting or drawing?
is it ok to use the arcliyc paint on my face like jeff hardy,,,,,,,,?
What is this painting called?
Do you think life has thousands of possibilities?
Is this painting i did any good?
Should I paint my bedroom red?
Give me some tips for good shoes painting?
What to draw on a green wall for a boys room?
What is the namesake of the famous Boston "paint"?
How did Vivian Tamayo become the world's biggest flake?
My paint? Your expressions?
Info on paintings: 1) Little girl eating cookies. 2) Little boy with red shoes reading a book?
Where can I find the painting "Certain Uncertainties" by Christian Vincent?
Trying to mix my paints to get a color similar to the Boston Celtics logo?
can someone help me with the interpretation of an Otto Dix's painting? -- Flanders (1934)?
I have a porfirio salinas painting?
what can i paint with watercolor??
looking for information on oil painter karl logder or karl slogder or similar last name?
help i need a unique and pretty name for my painting?
I bought a painting at Ross' Dress for Less about 1 year ago and now I want another one does anyone have it.
Why paintings of some painters are expensive?
john fullwoods original etching of meadowlands on a sandwich?
is this illegal?Please help?
nail art websites??i need more than one!!?
Can I get some inspirations?
Title and Artist of a painting.
how do I make an outside wall mural?
Why do people often associate The School of Athens with the Renaissance?
Why is Georgia OKeeffe famous?
what were some of the techniquesused by rembrandt in "the return of the prodigal son" painting?
what year did painting prints start?
is Da Vince's code is true?
How do you put your signature on your painting?
looking for artistic representations of japanese mythology?
painting my bedroom with special effects?! help please :)?
where is the golden section in this painting?
Painting on silk - what are your experiences and tecniques?
will fabric paint come off cell phone?
How do you figure the price of a painting?
I want to paint my calculator?
Im looking for an antique/victorian pattern?
Who painted this?!?!?!?
Which two techniques did Renaissance artists use to produce paintings that were more true-to-life?
I would like to read a SHORT history of painted furniture?
Can anyone please identify the artist and the title to this painting?
Yearly income for an artist?
how old was Monalisa when she posed for Leonardo Da Vince painting?
wher can i get oil painting oil painting tools?
does anyone know how you would go about building an easel???
I need ideas for painting on canvas, need more for the kitchen living room?
Van Gogh's Paintings?
Painting and Decorating CC 1018k and 1010k?
who is penny phillips the artist?
Who is the artist of this American Dream painting?
What clear solid surface can I peel acrylic paint off! I have used shipping plastic, need a solid sheet?
Does taping a straight line in a painting really work ?
How do you use Coffee Grounds ona poster to maske it look tan?
What are your opinions on Picasso?
How do I open an 8oz can (metal top) of Grumbacher Turpentine?
What kind of paint is best suitable for painting on stones?
give me your thoughts about what a "tragedy" is...?
What is your favourite colour?
Do any of you have the ability to stare at paintings endlessly without getting bored of them?
Modern artists who paint in the style of the Old Masters?
How to paint on a coffe mug?
What is a good paint to use on feathers?
where can iwatch bob ross paint online??????????????????????????????????…
I am trying to find out the artist and title of this painting?
who is the artist deth painted night watch?
show the good painting picture?
Is black a combination of all colors?
would like to find a non firing glaze to apply over ceramic tile that is hard and will withstand heat?
Artists similiar to andy warhol?
Do you have good ideas for decorating rooms?
If I want to start painting, what should I buy?
Why is Mona Lisa's painting a puzzle?
Who is Sue? The one who has just blaimed Sharon Tate myidol?
What type of paint was used on the old kelly nursery oil lamps?
T Shirts!!! HELP!! IDEAS s best answer!!?
why do many people say Bob Ross wasn't an artist?
What artwork has direct relationship with the Grapes of Wrath?
does puffy paint stick on plastic?
Help me find the artist of a painting of 2 trolleys on a street in front of Golden gate date 1967?
Best paint for canvas shoes?
What are the characteristics of Malang's paintings and comics?
What is your favourite colour?
How do I make something 10 by 10 inches on MS Paint?
Which is more like tattooing, painting with oils or water color?
I am looking for information on a Southwestern artist with last name of Olds possible first name Henry.?
I need information about paints.?
Info on Pablo Picasso's Woman with a flower?
looking for a certain painting?
what do you think about murals and graffiti in your country?please tell me your idea about it?
Who is the artist the painted/drew a picture of a boy in a doctor's office looking at a diploma?
I have several paintings which i copied from pictures found in books and magazines isn't there some laws re:
What paint brushes to get?
Is a blonde, curly-haired cherub a common theme or symbol of...?
do you think that monalisa is a girl?
How come i loath painting and drawing, yet.................?
What should i do for my Art Exam??
have you seen this Thomas Stanley Barber painting?
Cosplay- using henna & body paint?
What was the first year Hl. Schutzengel painted The Garden Angel?
Why does so many people hate Thomas Kinkade?
I want to sell my charcoal paintings please suggest. i m frm mumbai?
Tissue Paper and Water?
painting; God is on a chariot (Renaissance period) whats the name of it?
What is sumi-e (japanese ink painting)?
Who signed there painting Nielsen ? On canvas panel?
Who painted the mona lisa?
Colour definition question ?
Write an essay on romanticism or post-impressionism?
I would like to know how to put my website on search engine?
Idea suggest for a whimsical painting?
Should I change this on my painting?
Will acyrlic paint wash out of clothes?
What kind of background should i paint?
Did Pavel Tchelitchew see Pavel Filonov's paintings?
Millet, Courbet and Manet preparation question help!?
Is it okay to paint on my headphones?
Oil Painting help...?
is it safe to put acrilic paint on your face?
am i going to be a painter? if not then "WHY"?
Question about paintings, sculpture, and architecture (ASIA)?
help with sense of place artwork?
Does anyone have good links where I can find some good paintings ?
I need a Leonardo Da Vinci! :D?
portrait innovations.?
How do you get paint off of glass?
How much to charge for a mural??
What is the proper way to dispose of mineral spirits?
I need some Painting ideas?
Queries about the website etsy?
is the mona lisa is jesus christ? what's the reason y mona lisa became jesus christ!?
What is the name of the (civil war era?) painting where a crowd is in front of a store reading a newspaper?
What primary colors make the color black?
Which artist painted this famous painting?
I need help with my artist flaw. How come I will start a painting, but never finish them?
Who is the artist of this painting?
want to open an art gallery to do business want to take paintings of great artist of world and want to sell in?
Help ! please. House Painting Emergency !?
does anyone know where to find info on art paintings. need to know if signatures are from famous people? ?
does any1 know the artist of this painting?
Just starting with watercolor. As a new student w/$ an issue, which paints and papers would you recommend?
were can i find a website to sell my paintings?
Copyright of dvd covers to make painting rights?
How long did it take Andrew Wyeth to paint "Christina's World"?
Does anyone know where I can buy a print of the painting at the end of Rocky III of Rocky fighting Apollo?
what is a painter guild???????????
Where you can buy UV body pens or paint in Thurrock ?
What's your favourite colour?
Calling all art critics: Does this poem make sense?
Where do I find/price this picture?
Poll: What is your favourite type and style of painting?
Art exam - with oil pastels...?
Where can I sell an orginal painting by Kerry Hallam (other than e-bay)?
where can i find information about different artists painting styles?
the famous actuals americans artists??..?
Glow in the dark paint!!!?
What's the difference between silver && gray?
What are some famous artists from 1550 - 1650?
Does anyone know if a painting by artist name "Madeline" worth anything?
airbrush for sale?
Please, help Identifying Louvre painting?
Where can I find information on lesser known artists?
Diego Rivera painting -- is it real or fake?
How can you clean old oil paintings?
how many shades of red are there?
Who's philadelphia most famous painter?
what was Lari Pittman meaning of untitled number 11?
Painting named goth kids?
Toilet picture?
can I use this medium for glazing?
Could someone suggest to me a Leonardo Da Vinci biography?
what are some acrylic painting methods?
Are colored pencil works paintings or drawings?
How do I paint Cirrocumulus clouds? Please.?
Can you help me to improve my way of painting?
this painting is also known as the mural painting?
how to make a COLLAGRAPH like this?
Should I sell custom shoes like this? and etsy question?
what kind of color can I use on fabric?
help from an artist?
what are Leonardo DaVinci's math contribuations and how did he use math in his paintings?
Denver Art Museum, name of painting?
is mood considered a element of composition?
Oil Painting - How to?
the artist Van Staaten - is his artwork valuable, and how much are they worth?
How to through "cave paintings from an ancient time" in mt. coronet?(pokemon pearl)?
yellow sticker on prostitutes back.?
Who are the major artists?
Im an artist and I need a ONE name moniker so I don't use my real name..Any Ideas?
Do you know any good botanical painters?
Why is the Mona Lisa so highly regarded?
Does Hobby Lobby carry Loew Cornell Ultra Round series 7020 brushes?
art paintings contest for europe from internet?
Why do artists differ in the subjects of their artworks?
Are there any mystical mythological being who are con artists?
What color should I paint myroom ?
can i use indian ink in an electric spray paint gun?
is this painting by picasso?
What is the name of the painting of a girl in a white dress on a swing under a tree?
Artists' Roles In Society...?
As an artist, what is the reason you draw, paint, or write?
Was 19thC art characterized by artists painting what they feel?
painting/poster manger/crib/holder?
H. Mompo? Does anyone know of this now deceased Spanish painter?
10 famous Diego Rivera paintings.?
When I save a picture on Paint?
Paul Detlefsen painting?
Does mona lisa have eye brows?
who is the best water colour artist?
What type of BJD is this.?
Anyone knows how a minor can buy spray paint ?
Is it safe to write on the back of a stretched canvas with a sharpie?
what maker do i us for face painting?
Can acrylic paint be used to paint a 100% cotton t-shirt?
In what way does today's technology ruin one's ability to draw and paint?
rate this oil painting?
information on leonardo da vince?
Do you get bored with drawing? What can you do to 'spice it up'?
i need a Tyrannian Paint Brush?
information on a painter?
Where can i buy this marilyn monroe print?
Pastoral Symphony, Titian vs. Fall of Man (Adam & Eve), Albrecht Durer?
Does anyone know of an Artist named CARLO. I have a large oil painting that I purchased about 25 years ago.?
What are the Archetypes in "Rest on the Flight to Egypt" by Caravaggio ?
what is your favourite colour?
Your opinion on my first painting? Pic inside!?
Who Painted These Pictures?
I have to bring in a picture of a painting, but I want a uniquely striking one?
need info on Rodo Boulanger?
Does anyone know where I can get a bunch of free paint and canvases?
Synesthesia refers to...?
On what part of the body is the most painfull to get a tattoo?
Is drawing and painting an art that you can become good at over time.?
what object would go good with roses?
Making the color skin tones out of primary colors?
spray paint?
Will it come out good if I tried painting a beach with crayons or color pencils?
When I paint with acrylic paint, I rinse my brushes in a container of water. How should I dispose of?
what is the compositional difference between dry well/cake and wet-tube waterpaints?
who drawn this?
show the good painting picture?
Can I use regular acrylic paint for my nail art?
What is a local colorist?
Who is your favourite painter?
what is the difference between leonardo da vinci and piet mondrian?
What paint should i use to paint my ps3 controller?
What type of paint is used for a martini glass?
What art sells best on ebay?
Why they look different from egyptian wall painting and compare it to greek vase painting?
lack of motivation and lack of inspiration. how can i get inspired?
What are fun things to paint?
I recently discovered an old oil painting by Dietz Edzard it is worth money. How Can I find out for free?
I want to learn to paint and draw - anyone recommend how to get started?
art question ?
Is this painting open or closed form?
Which painting should I Use?
Any art like this...?
need a motorised table or wheel for spin pictures with paint?
what would you put on a ................HELP!?
Art collectors: What's the difference between giclee, lithograph, canvas, and print?
Why is the Mona Lisa considered the greatest painting of all time?
who is your favorite artist?
What's so great about the Mona Lisa?
Who did that surreal kind of painting of the guy with the big head holding up a little square?
How to study visual art -painting by computer..?
Can I used oil-based paint to customize my shoes?
Does anyone know anything about paint???
What do you think of my painting? (picture included)?
for anyone that has venus embrace?
Bug artists for my gcse?
Can you use any oil paint for wet-on-wet?
If You Were An Artist And You Had Just Finished This Painting...?
Can someone clearly explain high, middle and low key colors?
Where can I watch "The Joy of Painting"?
i need a nice art piece to paint something like flowers, but appropraite for school?
Does oil mix with anything?
What do you think when you look at Melencolia I by Albrecht Durer?
Meaning of this painting?
What is this pattern called?
What is Erika's last name who tributes as Lady Gaga at Canobie Lake Park?
Has anyone heard of the artist Fran Arnott? Is she famous? I have a painting from 1964..?
DIFFERENCE BETWEEN spray paint and airbrush paint? ?
What was Andy Warhol's profession of career?
Could you write a 4000 word essay on an artist ?
i had a newspaper article with a picture of lips, splattered in paint?
Stolen Painting?
Can You Rate My New Painting Please?
What is the story behind The Marriage of the Virgin by Raphael?
How to paint my headphones?
I'm looking for a specific painting but i forgot the name?
which painting website do you like the most?
name of hand painting china company starts with dopl???? made Lido W. S. George Canarytone 18??
Need an artist who..?
What symbol or color or something like that do you think represents lies and deception the best?
Che Painting with no Signature?
Whats a good way to sell art?
why was michelangelo one of the best renaisannce artists?
Shops where to buy colours and things for artists in LONDON?
the name of the painting at the vatican which resembles sylvester stallone?
Where can I find Monet's paintings? Read on for details?
Is there an airbrush apparel store in Miami?
Is there an analysis written on Nick Joaquins play "A Portrait of a Filipino as an Artist?
what's the difference between van gogh starry night and monet japanese footbridge in style colour, composition
How does SAI paint tool clipboard work?
Charlemagne paintings and such?
Did Giotto paint the Francis of Assisi frescoes?
Can anyone help me with this? ( About Corel Paint Shop Pro X)?
where does the artist Vernon ward come from. and where are is paintings from?
I am paintin ma room and have an orange carpet and loadsa white furni but then which colurz shood a do ma wall
There is a very famous picture that I am trying to look for..?
where can i find background information about pinup model Rhonda Ridley?
Can someone give me a good 5 sentence description of Claude Monet and Impressionistic Painting???
What message was Goya trying to send when he painted Charles the IV and his family?
Mothers day picture frame?
An abstract painting - all shades of blue in design darker to the center, fading to edges -european?
Minneapolis street artist?
I can't remember the name or artist of this painting...?
Where can I buy nice modern paintings for my living room?
Is it okay to not like modern art?
Does Anyone know the original author of this painting?
I'm looking for the name of an artist. I really hope someone can help out!?
if i invite guests over, do u think they should clean up after their mess?
romanticism is........................?
If I were to sell my paintings, what do you think people would most often request?
Question about the Mona Lisa?
i work with acrylic and would like to know if linseed oil would work like it does with oit?
I have to paint a cityscape?
Painting from the 1980s?
Are there any male painers who don't paint naked women?
How Do You Deal With A Restless Muse?
where can i travel to find diego riverras new paintings?
can someone please describe artist peter blake's rise to fame, and his influence on British culture? please!!
Do you like graffiti, why or why not?
What's primer for?Why is it white?
ideas for front page on layers of art?
Can you find a website for a Scottish artist called David Matysac (or Matisak, or similar) aged nearly 60?
Acrylic color and art?
how do you find out if you have an original painting?
"Swift Fox" Artist - Michael Dumas OR Jake Vanderbrink?
i need info on jean lesage. What was his impact?
How do I price a painting?
Other forms of artwork?
what makes the color black?
how many primary colours are there,.??what are they,.??
Was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart a pioneer like Einstein and Leonardo Da Vinci?
Norman Rockwell painting the Saturday evening post?
im trying to learn how to do spray paint art what kind of spray paint should i use?
help me rank those artists from best to worst?
Does anyone know any Artists who look at pixelation?
Some facts about Pablo Picasso?
What's your favorite Impressionist painting?
Photograph onto canvas?
Are you creative enoughh?
Art class had it but I forgot the name...?
Is black white and gray colours?
how can i sell my paintings?
Who is this painter in this self portrait?
please help?????????
have you ever heard of Aletha Harper?
Any links to paintings or drawings?
is there a book that has most of Thomas Kinkade's paintings in it?
help with painting canvases for bathroom.. please read!!!?
Artist's Loft Dual Tip Markers?
I'm painting a pair of heels, what kind of paint to use that is flexible and durable?
What are the colours of the rainbow?
Am I a good enough painter???
Do You Know A Useful Art Website? Full Points For Correct Answer!!?
I need to sell a piece of original artwork, but have no idea how.?
will paint thinner work?
Can anyone I.D. this painting?
I used acrylic paint on clothes with no textile medium. Can I paint it on there now to prevent ing?
What material to artists paint on?
What size canvas frame do i need if i have 24"x24" canvas material?
Who or what did Salvador Dali influence?
Where can I buy a print of salvador dali's Impressions d'Afrique ?
I was wondering if anyone knew of a way i could create t shirts that would withstand being washed?
what do you think of this painting? - pics -?
An ancienty cave containing a mural of 55 panels on the life of BUDDHA has been recently discovered at?
Do you like drawing and painting? What were your favorite kinds of drawings or paintings when you were a child?
Which hair color is better for my angel?
what is sald oil?
Painting an existing image in Photoshop?
how famous would Leonardo's "Mona Lisa" would be if Mona would of posed with a big grin :D?
how do i sell my paintings..?
Is this 12 year old girl not an amazing painter?/Artist?
What do you think of this?
Description of Edward Hopper's "Lighthouse Hill" oil painting?
I'm buying a new house and have been told we may be able to exhange contracts within the next few weeks.?
How to "tone down" a painting?
Important fabric painting question! Help!?
Scary and disturbing paintings?
finger painting?
Wht do you think abaut my painting?
I am looking for information on a French Artist.?
Which famous painting should I copy?
What famous artists use/used Acrylic?
No inspiration...?
Would anyone know more about an artist with last name of Hopkins who painted a lady holding a letter?
Does anyone know who the artist is of this?
What is a good middle name for Vincent? ?
what is the most expensive piece of artwork?
Who originally painted this portrait?
i want a painting/art work mexican indian type?
is this cute or not please tell me?
Painting with watercolor?
how much is old oil base paintings worth?
which is the best painting software?
Does anyone know who was the artist of this painting? and who the person is ?
Can you Name that Artist?
Why is it so uncommon for artists to sell their work?
What kind of books teach you how to coloring in a realistic way using acrylic paint?
How can you fix an old paintbrush?
Recommended colour and quantity of paint to be purchased? CAMP. desperate need for help please.?
Would it work to do a paint wash over newspaper?
Sometime I like to watch paint dry, am I the only one?
why are barns red?
Is acrylic paint okay for my slip on vans?
Would like to contact Kathleen D about Snow Leopard painting.?
Wandering about where to go to get an appraisal?
Acrylics Paints... which one is better?
i have a plate painted with a depiction of noahs ark and its signed on the back linda undernelur does anyon?
why the wind of the creditor, Ed paints hatred?
Which of these artists are the best for you: Michelangelo or Raffaello?
What kind of people would buy a painting that costs thousands?
An arts degree???
painter of old wild west subjects, cowboys and native indians???
What is the name of this painting? Who is the artist?
I'm looking for the art of international portrait artist L Del Castillo?
I need a fresh blood offfering?
What contemporary person would you consider to be a renaissance man/woman?
important question bout paint brushes pls help?!?
Do you know anything about the Mona Lisa?
I have a oil painting by Adorno 1985, it is an American Indian anyone know anything about this?
How do i permaintly color ruber?
why didnt they take the mona lisa to the moon?
Help me describe this artwork for 10 points ?
Black light paint neon paint?
A Survey for Painters, like you...?
Who painted this?!?!?!?
when did haigh and sons frame art?
OK.When adding yellow to the color blue, at what point will the color be called green?
what how do you make purple?
If you were in a painting, which painting would it be?
why paintings of van gogh and claude look so great when you are on drugs but if you are not they look dull?
why is red red and blu is blu why aint green orange?
how do i sell art?
oil painting?
What can I put on to seal the paint?
How is this pop-art painting called?
What type of color pencils and paints should i get to do photo realism ?
Is there special brushes or techniques i need to be using or applying when painting with oils????
Anybody know how to paint like this?
I want to know how much my painting is worth?
how can i know my dream can become true?
What medians did Willem Kooning use in his abstract pieces?
can i spray paint these white angel wings black?
What can be painted on to paper that will create a hard coating, but can also be painted on?
I got some tubes of acrylic paint. Do I have to add water to it?
Can someone give me the name of that painting of the old couple thst is on a farm and the are standing side by?
How do i go about graffiti-ing my room?
Can I use glass paint with an airbrush and what will be the affect?
Mural ideas for palliative care unit in a hospital?
is tahere jahangir Art galleries website available on net?