Who painted this picture?
does anyone have something wierd todo with points and lines or numbers like.....?
Does anyone know where I can view David Bromstad paintings from his show? ?
Why is an original painting worth so much more than a good copy?
Art focused on words and lettering?
How much it costs to take a print on canvas ( 4' x 3') form a digital image?
I caught my cat sittig on my canvas. It's a little saggy in the middle, can I still use it??
a very, very complicated question?
scholarships in painting in Rome in Italy?
Do you have any oil painting tips??
The quotes by Picasso on the walls of the Museo Picasso Malaga?
It's a series of 4 paintings, for the 4 seasons, 1 is summer and the man is made of fruit...?
anyone know the value of a rembrandt reprint of a boy holding a mop and the background is in red stripes?
Fresco at Lincoln's Inn by George Frederick Watts?
I am trying to find a picture of Hubert von Herkomer's "The Lady in White" I cant find it anywhere. Any Ideas?
What is my favorite color?
What is the story behind The Marriage of the Virgin by Raphael?
Could someone tell me what the focal point is in this painting?
Why isn't the word "chemotherapy" spelled with a "ch" instead of a K?
Feedback on my Painting?
Tips for painting bamboo forest.?
What acrylic colors do I mix to make a chocolate brown color?
What kind of canvas or pallet could I use for my bubble gum art that would not breakdown over a few weeks?
What the lama badge mean in deviantArt ?
What was Georgia O'Keefe's style of painting?
Figure Painting? How long to improve?
Who is the Leonardo Da Vinci of our time?
I want a good and cheap easel, but not a used one. Can anyone help? No silly answers please.?
What painting by Picasso best shows a mix between his Spanish roots and new Avant-Garde tendencies?
Whats that song about Andy warhol Called?
where does botticelli's birth of venus hang?
what is the best kind or brand of paint for painting a room?
Are there any Anatomy artists?
Social and political surrounding of The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo?
Which acrylic paints are the finshest in the world?...which company are they made by?
is mona lisa a paint or what?
How can I make my paintings original?
How do you use open canvas 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
what do i do when i am bored?
what was going on in the Post-Impressionist movement?
how do u make paint at home ?
was vincent van gogh a racist?
Do you think the use of camera ruins an artist's ability to make a good painting?
why is that the virgin Mary always appears to people and none of the other saints or male saints do?
Need a web site to look up the worth of paintings.?
In this painting what should go in the bottom right corner?
who is the artist that painted The Kiss?
How many paintings did Jean Dubuffet paint in his lifetime ?
wha color is blue?
Question for professional and semi-professonal painters?
who is your favorite artist?
how can i make a plain white umbrella funky by painting it?
I want to paint over the design on my longboard.?
Questions about Georgia O'Keeffe?
What do you think of my paintings?
Where did Georges Seurat live and create his artwork?
why is gorgia o'keefe famous?
Does any body know websites to those hyper realistic murals?
Does anyone know about elephants painting pictures?
can anyone find a painting by R.D.BEATON of dell farm?
Websites that describe the significance of paintings?
Looking to get started in painting...?
What type of paint to use?
History Of Futurism..?
I need answers QUICK!Have a good idea for me?
Basic info & researched facts on Jasper Johns?
my most recent paintings what you guys think?(pics) PLEASE COMMENT?
Is having an 'art box' (like to hold your paint brushes or pencils etc) immature!?
Does anyone know who painted this oil on canvas painting?
how do you properly cite artwork?
what should I paint????
I have a small painting of a cover bridge with the painters name of L. Sommer. any clue?
As a student of art, should I sell copies?
Plain Canvas Sneakers?
How did John Constable portray landscapes in his paintings?
Can this be used to power an airbrush?
What is the best way to paint a rabbit? ?
Where can I find inexpensive oil paints?
Which colours mixed together makes the colour coffee?
Who is Mona Lisa?
have you ever heard of Aletha Harper?
art inspiration needed pics please?
Who is the artist who did this painting?
Help with paint (pin stripping)?
What is a Carl Patty watercolor worth?
washing spray painted t-shirt?
Elements of Art/Design for this Painting ?
What is the Mona Lisa painting so famous for?
What shades make up cobalt blue?
Your favourite medium for painting?Oil, Pastel, Water colour, Acrylic, or something else. Why?
help with analysing a painting?!?
famous painting?
I need help with Some Graffiti stuff?
What style or artwork was Leonardo Da Vinci?
10 points for the best answer, kindly help me if you dont mind. thanks?
What would a teenager paint on...?
i have question about art?
I have a g. rodo. boulanger painting with a woman holding a goat or ram?
Experts: Can a sparkling gold illusion be created with oils?
What do you think my tag name should be for graffiti ?
Do you like my painting?
Trying to stretch primed linen canvas over an 80" x 66" frame. Linen will NOT stretch. Any ideas?
what color comes from mixing blue and green?
Can you use prismacolor markers on canvas?
alternative for paint brush?
Why are there two versions of "Odalisque with a Slave" by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres?
How long did it take to paint the original Mona Lisa?
What was Francisco de Goya's preferred topic to draw/paint/recreate?
This Canadian director has built his reputation through a variety of mediums. He is currently on the Canadian?
What colors would you paint a coffee shop?
do you know anything about this picture?
what are your reactions about Joey vilasco paintings?
Do you think its odd that I think Andy Warhol was a better artist than Leonardo Da Vinci or Michaelangelo?
what business activities are done at exhibitions?
Mona Lisa but george bush face photoshoped, where to find?
'Oil' Painting on cardboard, (snatched off boxes).. any tips?
A question about painting a guitar?
can someone please describe artist peter blake's rise to fame, and his influence on British culture? please!!
What is Masking fluid made of ??
do the colour of buses have a significance?
have you head about a poem called speed a pastoral by john Forbes?
what is van gogh's most expensive painting?
what paint do you use for water painting?
who did this painting?
how to make pictures look aged or weathered?
help with this craft please?
is it illegal to make paintings from the photos on net?
HELP PLEASE spanish art?
When did Salvador Dali stop painting? Did he sell any works in his lifetime?
your opinions on 'nude woman with necklace' by picasso?
why does all easels has 3 legs?
Where to buy Marilyn Monroe portraits?
Can someone help me with tips on painting a room? Thank you!?
accter jop?
whats ur favorite color?
Popular songs, paintings, poems or speeches that caused or agreed to rebellion?
pop art portrait - who would you want of?
What paintings did Vincent Van Gogh sell?
Where can i buy ironlak spray cans from ? And how much would it cost ?
Name and Artist of picture with peasants and hay similar to "The Gleaners" (Jean-François Millet)?
Where can I purchase William Alexander Magic White. Neither Hoby Lobby or Michaels has in stock!?
Whos good at interpreting images??
what your top 5 favorite colors ?
i'm looking for information on an artist W. Godfrey?
what is this kind of art called?
what is the best thing in the whole world that you've painted?
In today's trend do you think Jackson Pollack style in painting would be saleable?
Who painted the banana/ canned soup in Andy Warhol's silkscreen prints?
how can u tell the difference between Abstract and just another failed attempt to be abstract ?
Will painting on my ukulele change the acoustics?
i am told to make a painting on ''save mother earth'' ... HELP!! asap...?
G. Michael Langdon art paintings from J. Ferry?
Compare cezanne and picasso to each other?
was all the artwork in all the museums of the world purchased legally?
Is Painter Union free?
davinci's last supper flipped and transposed upon itself: can anybody see the robed red figure, or baby?
What impact did transport have on cubism in the 1900's ?
Can i use a hairdryer to dry my oil painting?
how can I find out about a painting I have signed by the artist Lindberg?
How much should I sell my oil paintings for?
Can you recognize this painting?
What is your take on Graffiti? Vandalism or art?
Oil painting for the first time?
What is this object in this painting?
what you think of when you hear Summer or Beach?
What should I paint today?
Can you watercolor paint with ocean water?
is my painting worthy or worthless??
how to paint with poster colours?
Face painting. designs?
Who can give me information about this painting?
WHAT IS THE ARTIST TRYING TO SAY? What is the art movement's date and objective? Van Gogh?
What is the axis line in art?
What brings you the most joy?
what is so special about the mona lisa ?
Do paintings of egg tempera get smelly like rotten eggs?!? If not, why/what is added to it?
I am a painter, how to get a job?
What colour/How should I paint my room?
Do you know of a good site online to teach me how to paint trees and leaves?
the delphic sybil by michelangelo?
what is special about the artist Masaccio? Why is he Famous?
how do you set a price for a painting?
I am looking for information on Imre Knopp, a deceased Hungarian Artist?
Name of a painting with an angel in bed?
how do you paint chrome?
A few examples of a Traditional Portrait?
Into whose cottage do the Doctor, Martha and Joan escape?
in ca what do i need to do to start painting houses for money?
what makes you go WOW?! [easy points (:]?
how do i write an outline for a research paper on Michelangelo?
What makes this painting visually dramatic?
What's the difference between Fantasia Painter free and PonyPhoto?
The Garden of Earthly Delights?
What can I Use Instead of Damask Varnish? For Oil Painting?
I Have An Art Exam Soon, But I Still Need To Look At Safely Contained work By Artists! Does Anyone Know Any ?
how do you start airbrushing real flames on a car?
Would you consider the Alice and Wonderland Animation surrealism?
i have to do a colour study for art what building from any where in the world should i paint?
Do you know Gerhardt Richter? Why?
I am looking for a print of a paintingcalled "this to shall pass" I think she is a canadian artist w/cancer??
In the market for oringinal art?
what would be a good peice to enter in an art competition?
Do you think people are more obsessed with material things/money now more than any other point in history?
How can l start a charity business and how is that type of business diffrerent from normal business.?
Would anyone buy a David Penfound painting if I put it on ebay?
O.M. Robb Charcoal Sketch Valuable from Sykesville, MD. ?
Do you know the artist who did these drawings of stiletoo shoes?
where did Hans Haacke grow up?
was is kollay named koolay?
Help me find a store in the Brooklyn/New York area where I could buy a blank panting canvas about 40x30.?
Ok so i dreamed that i was painting a sunset and it was really pretty what does this mean ? ?
Does anyone know any interesting facts about the artist Judy Pfaff?
What is this stencil?
artist Cortex Matas do you know anything about him?
How to make acrylic paint last longer?
It's very difficult.?
What to wash out with my linseed bottle with?
how to make plaster of paris?
What process did the pirsoners use to paint license plates?
In this painting, why..?
artists to research for igcse?
What is Baroque style painting?
Experimenting with water color : critique? ?
who is the odd one out?
What colour should I paint the background of this painting?
Does anyone know how to upload images from Corel Painter Essentials 3 to the internet?
if yellow colur can mix it can become blur?
how are adam and eve depicted in this painting?
What's the name of the artist?
Can I use apple barrel acrylic paint as body paint (read description)?
Methods for oil pastels?
Can you use a 250psi air compressor with an air brush?
1896 aurelio s. alvero?
Was Leonardo Da Vinci a perfectionist?
What is the most economical method to reproduce an original watercolor painting?
what your favourite colour?
how do i make a career out of oil painting which is my interest?
artists which have looked at movement or stillness?
Painting .....?
Painting in Doge's Palace Venice that looks like a Bosch?
Can you clean dried acrylic paint off a silkscreen?
So JUST WHAT WAS Mona Lisa smiling about? (Or did she just get satisfied, and it's the "moana Lisa?)?
how can i make a spray can spray thinner[thickness of line not paint]?
Help..please..I am looking for a way to transfer the outline of a picture onto fabric (so then I can paint it)
where can i get a price quote for a painting i own?
I have a painting called chess players by p.arengen and want to find out more about it?
Could sum1 plz tell me the name of artist that draws/paints snow pictures??=]?
What is your favorite colour....and where did you see it looking it's best?
Which material is ok to make a small stencil out of?
Selling an Original Painting of Tom Selleck?
where is Rembrandt in his painting?
Can someone help me find a painting?
Anyone know the name of a famous impressionist painting which has woodworkers planning a floor?
Rembrant Van Rijn by Salvador Dali #103D And Toulouse-Lautrec #105D?
Want To See A New Painting (3rd. in a series) ?
What's the difference between oil painting and watercolor? And in your opinion, which is better?
How to get my sharpie paint marker to work...?
I want to paint a person but don't have a model?
hi, if anybody is from india, please tell me, if there any workshop for young artist? to come 2gethr n work..?
I would love to find someplace to purchase oil paintings featuring Harlequin characters, any ideas where?
does anyone know if the painting ohe cying boy is worth anything?
How To Improve My Painting?
Queries about the website etsy?
what colors can i use to mix paint to get "pink"?
Which website is the best one to shopping a oil painting? on
Can the fumes of paint kill you?
In the context of paint, explain the role of the following physical substances:?
I have a Blue Nose painting done on canvas from atleast the 50's how much is it worth?
What is the name of the painting on the cover of "Keturah and Lord Death" by Martine Leavitt?
Opinions on this drawing please. Out of interest, would anyone consider buying it?
Need help getting the color just right! Painters only!?
can you list ways and styles of how to design a munny? like painting it?
how to figure out who drew an art piece?
What kind of camera is suitable for documenting paintings?
What symbolism does bosch use in the Garden of earthly delights?
HELP! Mona Lisa's Smile ...?
i am looking for info on A L Moore 89 southampton row london glass artist name on church window circa 1899?
What are the main themes of Marc Chagall oil paintings?
i like to have art paints with high resoloution,but i can not find you know any site that have this?
were could i find a painting of the birth of the virgen by miguel cabrera?
Anyone know where i can get souvenir paintings of places around the world?
How do I preserve / protect watercolors on canvas?
What are some of the uncommon colors?
how well does paintings do at flea markets? and what are the price ranges?
What did Cave Men use as paint?
What inspires you when you draw/paint/sculpt?
Where can I buy metallic gold paint?
im looking to buy an airbrush should i get a Badger if i want to paint:cars, paper, hats ,etc.?
Can i huff spray paint?
What books our sites can help me to become better divisionism painter ?
What is the best way to get prints of an original drawing/painting?
binkw.dll for Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning?
If there is no copyright on the Mona Lisa, how could anyone be arrested for producing and selling a copy of it?
what is the composition of Van Gogh's "The Church at Auvers"?
Name modern portrait artists I could use for art coursework?
poster color basics!?!?
How do you paint glass?
How much can I sell a painting for that was appraised at $10,000?
If you had a goal/dream and did not want to divert because you were close to completion>> See Below?
where can i find paintings published with a hidden name 'Rives"?
which of the of these three elements contribute the most to a painting?
How does one make it in the art world today (what are the steps)?
who is better artist between Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.?
Can't paint anymore? Need help?
What is the best type of paint for decorating wood?
Painting Background Ideas please?
what is the name of the set of art books that the new york metropolitiant museum had for sale thru the mail?
My art topic is Alice in Wonderland, does anyone know of artists who paints in a fantasy or storyboard style?
why is nature is called mother of art?
how can i find inspiration for a new piece of artwork i want to start?
Analyze painting please?
how to use oil paint?
Custom headphone painting?
mona lisa with mustache for commercial use. copyright infringement?
Who is the painter for the "Delaware Water Gap" picture?
HELP i need a good artist that does scary paintings on demons etc?
Was Mona Lisa a real person?
Where do I find appraisers for old lithographs of famous paintings?
Art Painting: color washes & glaze suggestions please?
Can sumone please summarize some facts about diego rivera?
As a beginner, which method is the best for stenciling t-shirts?
How many varieties does winsor newton paint come in?
Where can I find Picasso Paintings with explanations easy to understand?
I have painting called "Metropolitan Harbor" by Allan McClain. Is it valuable?
Who is a famous Hispanic artist?
what's the name of the artist who did the pictures on the cat lady's wall in clockwork orange?
Cool Stenciled Tees?
why did Vincent vaan gogh cut his ear off?
who painted that picture?
i have questions about the mona lisa?
Do you think a painting showing a finger sticked in the *** can say something?
Why shouldn't you use white all the time to lighten colors?
What makes expensive paintings expensive? such as picasso?
What is the going rate for decorative / sign painting?
Spray Painting A Rubber Mask (s)?
How to save an oil painting painted on acrylic gesso?
How do I become a brit artist?
How to exhibit my paintings in an Art gallery?
Does anyone know where I can get a henna artist near jacksonville florida?
Anadye repainting questions?
What can I paint on a medium sized canvas ?
what do you think of this painting?
Need the name of this fabric?
French Revolution artists?
how do i colour in a dog with watercolours without making it look hairless??
Why is Frida Kahlo so inspiring to feminists?
Does anyone know where to find art reviews? particularly on Joan Brown's Wolf in Studio, 1972?
What are the causes, and effects of street art?
Can you help me name 1 sculpture and 1 painting?
Oil mediums Help?! please?
Does anyone know the name of the artist who painted this Chinese painting?
Monet Painting question. Please help!?
I need to paint a 20x30 foot opaque mural on a huge window. Any idea what type of paint I should use?
How to paint Black Vans (shoes)?
Old Oil Painting?
best painters of the baroque gothic era who specified in photos of musicians/artists?
what is the best kind of paint to use on glass.?
I need help with painting ideas!!!!?
Micheal Angelo Questions ?
What Is Your Favorite Art Movement?
why is mona lisa a *****?
Which one to get a better grade and a better bedroom?
What are gouache paints?
some help on where to start please?
How do I get a print of my 14 by 20 canvas painting?
can i use olive/corn oil as a medium for oil painting?
What are some Baroque artists or artworks?
Who painted this picture?
How do I paint like....?
Artists and Art Schoolers in Design: Art Portfolio Content?
Van Goghs mind ? ?
What word would you use to describe Mona Lisa's smile?
Is the painting of the Virgin of Guadalupe a painting of Da vinci or his assistant Salai?
How do blend in a watery black color with my painting?
Does anyone know a canvas oil painter named ruby who painted seascapes in the delaware valley area?
Where can I get some Screening Paint at a local store?
What is your favorite colour?
Where can I buy rose hip oil?
Are painter's wags washable?
where can i buy a HUGE marilyn monroe portrait?
can you use oil pastels and/or watercolors on acrylic paper?
why are mostly all pencil orange?
where can i buy big bottles of acrylic paint for cheap?
What is the best and most affordable way to sell your original artwork over the internet?
teenage girl painting walls?
How do you make brown by mixing colors?
Where can I buy a 3-d print of Van Goghs work.?
How much does an unprofessional painting cost?
I need something to paint ?
what is this object?
if you see a painting on the internet, have you seen it at all?
Looking for a specific more?
Why are church clock faces painted blue?
painting? ask me a question?
why are barns painted red?
How do you keep brushes clean as oil painting on canvas?
How much are these Salvador Dali prints worth?
Guernica reproduction in bas-relief form from late 60's value?
what make oil boill ?
What is the artistic style of Remedios Varo?
What is Australian Aboriginal Krill Krill painting and music?
Where / Who can I sell custom artwork to?
can water color paints be used for face painting?
Which principles of democracy are illustrated by this painting?
i have question about art?
How would you paint the allegory of sound?
Washing a signed hoodie that has been painted with acrylics?
How can I make a cheap Gesso substitute?
Photoshop brush! i cant find!?
Does anyone know where to go to see how much an old painting is worth??
What type of paint is this?
Any precautions before using ‘Panel’ for oil/acrylic ?
How can I make red paint darker?
What to paint a name on with?
IDENTIFY A PAINTING? Three women reclining and reading many pinks, blacks, greys. 1800's? Daumier? HELP!
can anyone find me a book writtenn by Andrea Pozo titled "perspective for painters and architects"?
Jacob, or Edward, What do you think?
in which site can i buy chinese paintings?
paint shop pro XI question?
What do yhou feel is good or not so good in the artwork The Family of Charles IV (Charles IV and His Family)?
I'd like to express my emotions by painting.....How do I do this?
What is better for painting model kits revell compressor or iwata tc-20?
What is your favourite subject to paint and why?
There are two paintings I'm looking for that I don't know the name of?
Painting: Canvases?
Im a discovering painter and i was wondering where i should find some really good books?
Who painted this picture?
Which of these would you say ties in with the theme "identity" better?
Who painted The fat and wrinkled version of Ronald McDonald?
I have a painting canvas question for someone?
Where can I go to find out if a painting is worth something?
i have a painting signed by olive l. earle. can anyone add any info on artist?
What should an aspiring painter learn first?
is it just me, or do some pictures of cherubs look like child pornography?
where can i find information on gino severini?
Your opinion: What are the best ways to promote or sell your own art ?
Is there any online painting school? That too free coaching, means without fee.?
colour scheme help for art project?
who is Renee Tully?
Where can I find a HUGE color chart that gives the most common names of thousands of color shades?
Do you know the name of the artist who painted tiny dots?
please can you give me any info on this picture?who the artist is/ where I could find it.sorry about the glare?
What are these paintings (picture) ?
why do religious images in the midieval period tend to use highly stylized or abstract art?
Painting on emulsion on a canvas...?
Thinking about painting my room any suggestions?
Painting over half finished oil painting with acrylics?
Hay girls do you like smart or dumd boys?
Artists that explore this kind of thing?
iwata eclipse air brush?
Why do i need to sketch and paint again??
Anyone know any great expressionist artists?
Paint tool sai, a few questions?
Painters, can you answer these questions?
Hi is there any website that I can search for Greeks Mythology art paintings gallerys?
why did napolean bonaparte sell louisana?
Some help with a body paint?
What are some good ideas on what to paint?
What is your favorite medium?
How do you copyright artwork in spokane washington?
how to paint dry flowers?
a painting that shows different classes of people?
can you paint late at night?
How to properly write this sentence?
what to put on canvas to treat it?
who is your favorite artist? Have U ever met your favorite artist too?
What do you think about this hand my cuz drew?
What was Frida Kahlo's interpretation?
what should i paint on my canvas?
Is it best to have Art for a Dining Room Wall?
In the British TV show "Bottom", there is an Asian lady in a picture on the wall in their flat.?
Question about paint colors? ?
I have been painting for a week. Could you please judge my art?
What is the real meaning behind Edgar Degas's painting, "Dance Class"?
What movement would you say this painting belongs to?
Can anyone help me? I need some title ideas for a series of landscape paintings?
What are some "tools" you use to bring your oil painting to life?
What did Fether Mazda paint?
Wall painting font help?
Help with ideas for an art project...?
Famous african artists?
Pablo Picasso!!!!????????
Where can I go to get interpretation of Gustav Klimt's Beethoven's frieze?
Why is Corel Painter not working?
How many paintings did Jean Dubuffet paint in his lifetime ?
How harmful are the paints, solvents, fixatives, and chemicals that art students use?
What colours do you use for painting people's skin tones ???
outside paint job for church?
I just opened unopened acrylic paint?
were can i sell signed and numbered art work by penni ann cross?
Help! Identify this painting through description?
What term is used to describe realistic paintings?
What type of paint do I need to paint an already painted drywall?
how much square feet can a pint of paint cover?
Would this work? (oil paint)?
trying to find name of a painting?
help i need to find some painting ideas?
Suggestions for a decent airbrush?
How do you make paint on a shirt dry fast?!?
what painting is this (women sitting at table)?
What do you think of when you hear the name Constance?
what is thematic substance?
How did andy warhol create his art?
What is this type of art known as?
I seek artist-painters Bulgarian of the Art schools and/or experienced for oil paintings reproduction?
Engraving on Silk. Depicts a coliseum battle and is signed ""S.J. Ferris Etch/""1884 and J. Stallaert Pinx?
how do I sell my artwork-paintings fastest?
I am looking for a oil canvas painting of Tinkerbell from Peter Pan?
Is white the absence of color and black the combination of all colors?
Paint cursive R using stencil?
What should I paint for my boyfriend? Need inspiration ?
Fine Artist who paints moose, birds, bears and foxes?
Artist reference problem?
Is my painting disgusting ?
Where can i listen to the song that was hidden in the painting of the last supper ?
A question to those who know the answer?
In Photoshop 6.0, how do i change my paint brush size?
What are some tips for oil painting?
I need to know what this painting means!?
iv got a painting by mabel lucie attwell (there are fairys) and im wondering how much it is worth?
inspirational quotes & grafitti?
Okay, I give up....should I spray paint my dog pink?
what do 3 black feathers symbolise in art?
Any good artist?drawing, painting?
Pablo Picasso's 'Le Reve': What does the painting signify?
Aesthetic Movement in Art & Music - where is best place to research this?
what is the original size of the starry starry night of Van Gogh???
where can i find a link to the drawing 'Two Girls with Billowing Robes and a Bull' by Pietro Testa?
When Egytions had art.. was their garfetti??
which colors are best for painting on canvas?
what are some similarity's in the Middle East?
What are some social issues that I could create a painting from?
Need a bio for a German artist named Walter Muller born 1901. Can anyone help?
How can you tell the difference between a water-colour painting and a print when it is framed?
Where can i buy a cheap airbrush to paint my shotgun?
how will i lower a 5 gal air tank with 135 psi capacity to about an adjustable 15 to 70 psi for airbrushing?
What colour shall I fill my sketchbook with for school?
What can you put on a acrylic painting on a wall to protect it from running if water is splashed on it?
what do u thing about David, Jacques-Loui painting The Lictors Bring to Brutus the Bodies of His Sons Paris 17?
Are there any famous photographs or paintings that include lens flare?
How do I find buyers for my "Jackson Pollack"?
is david ransom related to odd nerdrum the famous painter?
What objects would you recommend drawing in an art exam?
Frida Kahlo, what do you think of her?
borticelli's early paintings are famous for their..?
What is Paul Cézanne's technique?
How should Paint on leather?
I have a very old painting that I am trying to find out who the artist is?
artists/painters that inspire you?
when you add white to a color it is called a?
Who decides that a Campbell's Soup can is art and dogs playing poker isn't?
Who is your favourite artist, whose paintings are in England (so I can see them first hand)?
What do you think of my painting?
ideas on man made objects to do a still life painting of?
Who painted this picture?
How can i frame a canvas painting? (pic)?
whats the theme on Christinas World painting?
Painting leather soles...?
What should I paint???
Will paint cover up sharpie?
how can I make brown colour from other colours?
Help me ... I want to be a painter?
How should I price my art?
please answer quick! how much can I sell an original painting for?
Artists that use light and shadow?
In art what are advantages of using gouache paint?
Painting a Library/Study Room?
I need to know what this painting means!?
francisco goya?
okay do you think this is a good painting for Romeo and Juliet?
Can some one tell me how to paint a Grulla Appaloosa?
"The Starry Night" (Which story is true?)?
if you were going to immortalize someone in tapestry, who would you choose?
Painting Room, Please Help?
What side is Andy Six's stitch?
what type of rose did Renoir paint?
what is suitable ideas for painting mural on my house school wall?
where is Claude Monet, Sailboats on the Seine?
Any artist out there interested in link exchange ?
Anyone know of a red paint that won't fade in the sun?
14 year old splatter paint party?
I am an artist and I need info on how much to charge for a copywrite on my painting?
Do you need more than one brush to paint and mix colors?
What is your favorite Vincent van Gogh painting?
renaissance artist's name?
What kind of art is this?
Information On Painting "Thrashing Wheat" ByThomas?
Are there any art contests for me to get my artwork noticed and into the public?
want to make my own canvas painting,?
best temporary paint for cars?
who is the artist of the painting "love is in the air?"?
To accomplished artists: what pushes you to persist in improving your craft?
Marilyn Monroe........?
How come i loath painting and drawing, yet.................?
How do i get dried acrylic paint out of a paint brush?
How do I get dried acrylic paint off a plastic or wooden palette?
Jeffrey Smart - Australian Painter - What is his most famous piece??
what aspect of the world does the art of paul klee represent to the viewer?
What did Leonardo da Vinci sketch a lot?
Do you know who painted this picture?
Need a good website about paintings.?
What types of art did Paleothic do?
looking for info on a artist named Ken Bridges?
if i painted a cup with acrylic paint could it be washed off?
Whose signature is this?
who is m foxton ? artist i have a tray painted by him i would like to?
36 Views of Mt. Fuji Question?
show my paintings to an art critic?
What is your favorite color combination?
Would this painting be worth any money? *pictures*?
whilst doing an art course i worked with a kind of artists paint that was quite thick and dryed?
Does anyone know who the model is in this poster?
What does Dali's "The Black Cherub" have to do with Dante's Inferno?
Millions in art and a drunk just kicks in the door?
Do you know anything about Henri Matisse?
whats the difference between paint thinner and lacquer thinner?
HELP! How do I adjust HUES in Acrylic paints?
how to get my art sold?
"painting" the cottages"?
I have an origianl watercolor of marilyn monroe signed by an artist named hershy. Want info on artist please??
I am in the middle of my first ever canvas painting! But I am stuck! How can I.....?
What is Synthetic Media???
where can iwatch bob ross paint online??????????????????????????????????…
what kind of painting can you admire in san apollinare's church from ravenna?
What kind of spray paint can I use on leather boots?
Can you please say something to encourage me? I messed up another painting?
what color is brownish-gray; a 4 letter word?
Can anybody identify these three paintings for me?
I am looking for a matching set paintings featuring a man and a woman at a bar that I saw at someone's house.
Which one to get a better grade and a better bedroom?
painting beginner?
What are the Similarities and Differences between works by Carravagio?
What is this signature?
looking for a site that show painting technique to paint a rock or stone?
could any body help me with this oil painting the sigature of the painting?
how do you remove gold paint from picture frames?
Inspirarion for a painting?!?
What two colors make the color red?
How do I paint this piece of wood?
I find Old Holland Titanium white a bit yellowy, what is the best white to use for oil painting?
I need to know the name of a painting by Pablo Picasso.?
Our father is looking for a picture of men on a high beam eating lunch from a long time ago.?
What style is the Iseinhiem Altarpiece?
looking for a painting, details inside...?
is mona lisa a boy?
Value of Bob Ross paintings?
Spray painting Dr. Martens?
10 easy points :D what are the elements in the painting Christinas World?
Who painted a totally red painting which was something like a red revolution?
How can you substitute food dye or coloring with paint (watercolors and acrilic?
Masonic Symbol: Da Vinci The Last Supper Superimposition?
I need info on the painter Norman Rockwell? 10 points!!?
Paul Detlefsen Painting that has a Barn with A.J. Weber Blacksmith on it,look it up.?
Painting a Longboard?
did van gogh cut off the whole or just part of his ear?
i want to paint any ideas?
Is there a way to put original paintings on a website in a way that no one can copy or print them?
im looking for some cool images to paint?
? the meaning of the BRITTO?
Cubism art sites?
Does the painter Aldo Loungo have a painting by the name "Rock Star"?
When did art galleries become a joke, rather than a showcase for talent?
harry s. warren, painter, artist, paints on buckskin?
What's a good (hypothetical) name for a museum exhibit with Georgia O'Keffee and Dale Chihuly works?
Can somebody explain Andy Warhol to me?
Can acrilic paint be used outdoors?
Anyone know any artists/photographers that do sticks/branches/trees?
Who is the painter M.Paulus ?
Paint tool Sai question?
what an artists' paintings stand out from others?
how is painting eggs also known as?
Painting software question?
Do you think this portrait would be any good for purposes of recognition?
How do artists live?
do you think this painting worth 1000 $ ?? (pic)?
why are paintings / drawings worth more when the artist is dead?
where can i find body painting shops in Houston texas?
Where can i find some information about this painting?
There is E-bay and Etsy....Is there any other good place to sell handmade items?
In which art period does Botticelli's Primavera fit in?
What Do You Think My Latest Painting Is Supposed To Mean? ?
What's the best way seal paint on metal?
im trying to find a historically famous artist?!?
what is the word for a pinky purple?
how can i sell my paintings without a gallery?
Justify what is appealing about the painting, "Holiday at Mentone"?
Bob and Roberta smith?
Can I draw on a canvas before I paint?
Does a canvas need any sort of preparation or can you just start painting a picture?
What does cultural context mean about a painting?
Painting while drunk?
Significance of Rafael's "School of Athens" - the renaissance painting?
Wher is the artist Dorienne A. Simmons?
what kind of paint was use in the monalisa and others ?
Who is the artest who painted that scream guy?
where can i buy one of the boxes of rustoleum or painters touch spray paint that they ship to hardware stores?
Where online can I find pottery depicting Virgil's Aeneid.?
help again....?
What is the Gravure printing process?
How do I Judge how high to hang a painting or print?
What to do with sides of a canvas?
How should Paint on leather?
how do I find out what year my painting was painted and its worth its certification #127013?
what is the composition of Van Gogh's "The Church at Auvers"?
Would you say this artist's works are very physical (pic)?
Making art prints of a slightly 3D Painting?
Help identifying Painter/Paintings?
i would like to know about some artist and painters?
Trying to find info on a painting that I barely remember...?
What technuiques were used to create the painting Weeping Nude by Edvard Munch?
What can I paint a picture of?
how do you use airbrush and sprayer to pin stripe and do murals?
what color makes brown? i remember its two colors but i forget.?
i am making charcoal painting on canvas,which is the best charcoal pencilor stick,as i dont want to use powder
Does anybody else think that Modern Art Paintings look like they have been made by a preschool child?
What type of paint should I use to paint on rocks?
OH NO! ... I need help! :p?
Who sailed in the Nina - Pinta and Santa Maria?
where can i sell my thomas kinkade paintings?
How do you know you're good enough?
What does "you will need CSS" mean when a painting job is advertised?
is a painting by a j.j. rousseau called Nature Pas morte worth any thing?
just got a oil paint set and ive never used oil anyone know any good websites that teach you how?
I have been trying to find some bob ross episodes?
where i can buy glow in the dark paints and powders in Toronto, Canada?
The Mona Lisa?
were should i buy paint?
Numbered print what to call it?
Connection between impressionism and science?
H. Gailey Painting Real or Fake???
Irish born art collector + made a fortune from manufacturing wirelesses + lived on Grosvenor Square?
If I sprayed paint my baby's cradle would that be harmful for my baby after painting it 4 weeks sho?
How to paint light skin tone on a doll?
What are some examples of hometown heroes?
if you were going to immortalize someone in tapestry, who would you choose?
What should i paint?
What color were Jeffrey Dahmer's eyes?
What's that website where you can paint online in an artboard with other people?
Does anyone know an artist who uses bright colours to draw or paint cityscapes or buildings?
Recommend me detailed artists?
Do you paint with oil paints, acrylic, or water?
Where is the Painting "Girl in a pearl earring" located?
Does anyone know about this painting or the artist in this clip?
What should i have painted on my mask?
What do you think about my new artwork?
what does ack stand for? its a graffti thing --- no haters?
Help with ideas for my art project?
Worlds famous artists ( why is this )?
what do you think about my painting ?
where di marc chagall die?
Name of Blek Le Rat Piece?
you remebr that one show with the guys?
where can I get face painting training in orange california?
I am good at abstract painting using photoshop. can i sell them as jpeg?Is there any site for selling them?
colour that goes well together?
Can someone describe this painting to me? Please...?
Hi..Plz Help,i want to Buy a Full-Long Dvd Lesson Of House Painting from beginner to expert for indoor&outdoor?
What is your favorite colour ?
How much would an original painting by Paul Collomb be worth?
which colours becomes while mixing magenta n yellow?
What kind of paint should I use to paint a mural on an outdoor metal utility box?
What set up do you use for painting with watercolors?
Who is the greatest artist of all time?
Artpad ( problem?
birth date of artist ron deller?
Kelly by Paradise Galleries by patricia Rose?
How is it even possible?
Do you think that Vincent Van Gogh really cut off his penis and sent it to his girlfriend?
Current fine art painter?
what happened to Suzanne Snyder from Weird Science?
should the customer pay for the paint if your painting there bed room?
how could i paint this on my wall?
Why is Renaissance painting considered to be more realistic than medieval painting?
Need an idea for a painting or drawing?
what is your favorite colour?
Need the title or artist of this classic painting, any ideas?
What's it like being a face painter?
How would I go about painting the sky and clouds (in pic)?
Picture of Mount Ararat?
What is the best paint to use on CDs?
What is the movement surrealism about?
what gives a painting its value?
Anyone know if the painting 'Discussing the Divine Comedy with Dante' is available to buy as a print anywhere?
How can I protect this painting?
where I can see beautiful painting of woman and men love relation?
I'm looking for a piece of art.?
what should i paint?
what work of art made you go 'wow'?
Do you like my manga painting? Not finished yet.?
What kind of paint will be good for large (wall size) murals?
what year was Rene Magritte's painting "the return" completed?
What is recreational painting?
Which do you prefer oils or acrylics? Can you tell me some advantages and disadvantages?
What is this painting (does anyone have a picture of it)?
what does the color purple mean?
team edward or jacob?
do you know any famous artists today?
Phillip Guston's head?
How would I look uo art work paintings from a John Van cbeng?
What is this painting??!!10 points!!?
what would be something good to paint?
where a can find boks about caligrafy?
Who's better, Dali or Picasso?
slut sky/paint.what is the worth?
what band has an album cover inpired by salvador dali's "the persistence of memory"?
would this work? and what's the best kind of paint to use?
How do we know Impressionist painters didn't just need glasses?
What is the movie about a famous European painter of modern art?
what is imege gallery ?
Why not buy boiled linseed oil in bulk from lowes instead of an 8oz jar from hobbylobby?
I need to know how much my oil painting is worth?
What's a good starter set of oil paint brushes?
I would like to talk with someone who might know anything about a painting I have.?
What do you think about my painting, Old Glory?
what are the similarities between modern art and contemporary art???
How do you decide the size of your painting?
What is the JOb description of a Spray Painter?
whats the color across from violet on the color wheel?
what kind of watercolor kit is good for painting traditional tattoos?
Was there a 9.2 magnitude earthquake when Tawaraya Sōtatsu painted Rory Emerald Falling Apart?
Are there any artists that illustrate or paint half human, half animals?
What are the similarities and differances between Courbet's "Studio of a Painter" and Valasquez's "Las Meninas
value of original painting by J Ingwersen's Gretchen, Gary?
Can you identify either of these paintings?
Where can I find origional art at low prices?
What's the best way to document paintings?
L.Pentland was governor, Madras in british India in 1901,he was painter-Artist also.Tell about his paintings.
why do painters where white ?
whats the name of salvador dali's painting of the animals with the stretched out limbs?
how do you find out if you have an original painting?
What is the price of the following painting?
Would you tell me each acrylic medium's effect?
HEELLLPPP 20 points !!?
What do you think of my Art?
Besides canvas, what can I paint on with oil paints?
what medium would you prefer? watercolor, oil paints or acryllic paints?
Can Anyone Help Me Find Out About This Painting?
What is the best medium to mix oil paint with?
Can fabric paint be used on rubber boots?
what is a good name to tag for a guy?
Who painted this picture?
Which painting of all time has had the most impact on this world?
what kind of value does Proferio Grossi painting have?
paul cezanne pont de maincy?
in a paint store what exact paint can i ask for that will be the same as a perfectly clear blue sky?
Does anyone know who painted this picture?
whats the differences between acrylic paint,oil paint,water color and poster color?
Who Painted These Pictures?
What's your favourite colour!?
I ve Spray Painted Some Plastic Boots But The Paint Hasnt Dryed?
Would you consider these paintings good?
Is there a comprehensive listing of on-line art galleries?
In the movie "In the Bedroom" there is a painting of a man in a boat near the shore hanging in th dinning room
i have an oil painting that says Cousteau i think its hard to read its a winter painting with trees and a pond?
Name of painting by Siegfried Bing?
Whenever i am painting a wall mural. I always seem to leave behind brush strokes of painted wall which looks r?
who likes the dali lama?
g rodo boulanger?
What paint colour should I chose for my room?
How do i get my paintings out there for people to see...i use mainly acrylic paints?
Is it still copyright if you give the original artist ALL credit?
The dangers of oil based paint?
Brought a painting don't know what it is called HELP?
Who are the Provincetown Players on Cape Cod?
What are some strange things I could paint?
How does a person make money being an artist?
What should I include in my circus painting?
Famous Artist's Painting?
10 POINTS! Meaningful drawings/graffiti on guitar?
Could I use white paint instead of gesso on cardboard?
Jackson Pollock...any art teachers out there with some lesson plans? 'Drip' me a line, cheers!?
where can I get a fireplace like the on on CBS's "Moonlight"?
pricing a painted cello?
What Art Period Was Diego Rivera In?
Are there any relatively well known paintings of people walking down dark tunnels/passages?
Is the painting "Crucifixion with St francis" a high christology or a low christology?
Famous artists who paint buildings?
Painting images used on websites?
email address for Julien Ernest?
Does anyone know of this famous painting? I cant remember the title or artist...?
Does anyone know anything about the English artist Angela Baynes who studied at the Slade in the 1930's-40's?
Should I heat-set my acrylic paint (on fabric)?
in relation to the paintings i inquired about are they worth much if anything?
Painting with the theme "finding courage" ?
who are arguably the two most influential painters of the 20th century?
Why did Vincent Van Gough cut of his ear?
Should I paint today? (acrylics on canvas)?
What is cubism trying to do?
Can i paint over the old paint of my guitar?
Can anyone name this piece of artwork?
How to successfully promote painting ?
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Street Berlin artwork?
I know that black is not a color, But?
How do u make an oil painting dry quicker?
More information about painter Evert Collier?
Interested about dates of pop art artworks ?
How to i make a retro type drawing?
Male artists: How to deal with excessive emotion?
Can I use acrylic paints for face painting?
What is your favourite medium to paint with and why?
In Olympia by Manet, how do we know that Olympia was a by looking at the painting?
Who is the greatest painter of all time (personal opinion)?
what is the best color in the world?
What The Heck Is This A Painting Of?
Do you know somebody with the name zé, or josé?
Should the government be allowed to prohibit the exhibition of art work that it finds offensive?
What's the subject matter/description of Van Gogh's "Cafe Terrace At Night" ?
Please help me identify this painting...?
What are some good french songs/artists?
whats an artists practice?
Are there any alternatives to a tint brush?
How do you balance your art and the rest of your life?
i really need to know!!!!?
Who is artist O. Mallon?
In USA is there a market for exclusive Asian paintings ?
Where can I find and purchase Sally Caldwell Fisher's "Lantern Light at Mystic Seaport?
When doing Chinese Calligraphy is the ink supposed to spread out so far from the brush?
what should i use to keep paint on my jeans?
Hi um....I need to find out what race I am I am?
any ideas for a sketch?
Where Can I Find Surrealism Oil Paintings Like Salvador Dali's Pop Cubism and Impressionism For Sale?
I paint in my spare time. I want to paint an animal. Which one do you think?
If someone is copying a famous painter like Diego Rivera and claiming the paintings as origional paintings...?
WHere can I download PhotoshopCS brush? nice brush!?
i am looking for b/w aviation prints by gil ortega?
Bright and simple ideas for a blank canvas?
Are creative similarities between Wassily Kandinsky and Rory Emerald premeditated or merely coincidental?
watercolor paint- color mixing guide?
Art class paint problem!?
What Do You Call A Paint.,Which can be Used to paint in T shirts or fabric ..?
What is your favorite color???????WHY??????
I'm attempting to paint my first oil painting...what should I paint?
How do you determine the price of a picture you painted.?
How can I tell if a painting was done in acrylic or oil?
What is an unusual things have you used to paint or draw a picture on? Thank you?
Which oil painting of Gustav Klimt do you think is most passionate?
Is it possible to te and paint at the same time?
How do you get a painting unstuck from glass? ?
what color does brown, red and blue make?
Where can I find a description of subject matter and function for Dali's painting Visions of Eternity?
does any one know claire from sowbery bridge.?
If you do a painting using oil paints, how long should it take to dry?
What makes a masterpiece?
What is tha artist c. warren cullar's web site?
Who is the United Kingd om's greatest living CONTEMPORY ARTIST.?
how much is a Claude bleau painting worth?
Saw paintings?
who is the best painter in the worlld?
What are the top galleries in the World for Academic and Classical Realism Painting ?
acrylic paint or wall paint?
Airbrushing? Does anyone have any tips?
any ideas for painting loh e qurani?
Where are some good places online to advertise Art work for sell?
I love graffiti, do you?
does anybody know where i can find a artist to paint a human body for a gift?
Have you ever seen this painting?
How to find a reputable art agent?
I am looking for information on Art work from Eva Kubbos, I recently purchased one of her works.?
Christmas nail art? designs?
What should i paint on my pig(wooden pig)?
Tissue paper painting?
Why has nature inspired so many artists over time?
Does anyone know about art??
hand painted dora or other character?
I need to know how to sell my paintings?
what are really good ideas for nail painting?
how much would an orginal george miskch sutton painting be worth?
what style of painting does lissete lugo use?
whats your favourite?
Who painted The Haywain?
Name of painter who did ketchup bottle?
did the painting nighthawks influenced any ad campaigns n what are they if it did plzzzzzz help?
What type of paint do you recommend?
Would you buy this?
Does anyone know any modern artist who paints with a style similar to Vermeer's?
What should I paint on my guitar?
Is it possible to buy the Mona Lisa painting?
Does anyone know the music played during power of art Bernini episode?
O.K. I started painting again, first painting of the season. What do all of you think?
do you like my drawing?
how to take proper care of paintings ?
Detail on the painting "The Ambassadors" (Holbein)?
How to make sure your painting pop out from the background?
HOW do you thin airbrush paint ?
How much is my painting worth?
getting the best flesh tones?
john jonas oil painting tiltled midstream painted between 1989 to 1995 artist from catto gallery london NW3?
Compare cezanne and picasso to each other?
Who painted these pictures?
How can I find San Nicola Church in Rome?
Which are the best colleges for fine arts in Europe?
What mediums did Fra Angelico?
selling my artworks in japan?
what nationaty was the artist julia trig?
hudson river school paintings..?