What should I paint?
Do you like this abstract paintings???
artsist whos work is similar to pablo picassos?
who knows a project i culd do about frida khalo (the mexican artist)?
printmaking lesser form of art?
where in manchester england can you get a family portrait painting done?
artist who have painted on the theme irish potato famine?
what is easier to pick up as a beginner, oil painting or watercolor painting?
What your favorite Piece of Art?
Does Anyone Know This Painter or Person From 1927?
do u like art and jewlry?
Frida Kahlo description?
Rembrant Van Rijn Questions?
Warhammer 40k - My painting?
Why do you think people like to have a painting in their homes?
Got some ideas on encaustic painting?
Would someone please explain whats so good about Mark Rothko?
What do you notice first when you look at the Mona Lisa?
who was the artist that painted Old Ironside?
why is gold used in christian paintings?
Are there any good books on imagination and painting?
What is the first step to start a art career?
Help with artists to do with colour pleaseee!?
claude monet?
Automtive paint question?
What do you think of my drawings/paintings?
Where can I buy a blank wall art canvas?
How do I get dried acrylic paint off a plastic or wooden palette?
how do i get started painting the wet on wet technique?
i am an artist, and graffiti astonishes me. but i cant do it. is it something you can just catch on to?
what is the best type of paint to use to paint a name on a car?
Is this Steve Ross Painting?
Art Painting help!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Best paper for watercolour paints for a beginner?
Who is waterfowl artist who signs his paintings "Shane"?
Has anyone used twigs on a canvas?
I need Description about diferences between : Bruegel and Jan Gossaert Adoration of the Kings.For my oil paint?
Both Modigliani and Picasso were influenced by the art of?
Where can I find a list of all the colors....and how they are made. ??
What is the name of this painter?
colors that go together (paint)?
My profile, berni Ensminger?
Crayon art question?!?!?!?
Does white and black have an actual shade?
what two colors combined makes red?
"yellowing" white paint?
I have original paintings i want to sell?
You Think Your (or any) Three Year Old Can Paint This?
Does anyone like The Pre-Raphaelite artists? Who prefers modern artists?
Painting a clay model question?
recommend any symbolic painters ?
what should i paint a picture of?
What's the Picasso-ish painting that hangs beside Gordon Gekko's desk in the movie "Wall Street"??
what is a rossini oil painting worth with a certification number on back of painting?
Paintings: What to do with them?
Removal of adhesive/oil based paint. ?
Has anyone tried a winsor and newton golden regency brush?
critic of last supper by salvador dali?
oil paints for face painting?
Fritz Rudolf Hug's painting goes for how much?
Famous artists??????
what colours should I mix to create Rembrandt Blue for acrylics?
What is the title and/or artist of this painting?
why did Van Gogh paint so many self-portraits?
Does anybody else think that Modern Art Paintings look like they have been made by a preschool child?
how has pablo picasso (spain) arrange the parts of weeping woman?
Can anyone tell me where to find sketches of Alice in Wonderland?
How much would you pay for your own painting.?
How much commission do art galleries charge (New York or London or large market)?
does painting flames on something make it go faster?
how can I get a picture of the rococo?
what's hunter parrish's phone number?
I have a White full face plastic mask what should I paint it?
Which verb(s) do you native English speakers use to talk about graffiti on surfaces made with spray paint?
shading with paint markers?
What is the best visual arts school in the Philippines?
The origon of the name Emin??
public artwork????????????
Neopets- I'm Gifting Paint brushes <3?
I'm looking for details of and artist named I or J Stroyer. Possibly Swiss. Was working @ mid 1950s onwards
I have an original painting by Richard Akerman - where is the best place to get it valued?
Can I use acrylic water based paint for face and body art? Thanks?
Does anybody knows where to get tattoo done in Birmingham ,Alabama USA?
I have a painting signed THOMAS LEE. It's of two birds perched on a branch. The picture is about 4ft. x 4ft.
titian's paintings in the net?
Where can I buy a copy of Viajar a Chipre by Marta Rivera de la Cruz?
Watercolour painting: Winsor and Newton?
is Clement Greenberg is trying to place modern twentieth-century painting within a tradition?
what are the names of the people in Renoir's "luncheon of the rower's party"?
How do I ship a painting?
I want to paint my cell phone. Have you ever done this?
Abstract art explanation ...?
Where can i buy some good oil on canvas paintings online?
who's painting is this? thr woman with her hair wrapped around her neck... seems familiar..?
someone please help me i have a problem!!!!!?
What do you think of my abstract Angelina Jolie drawing? (pic inside)?
Who knows the poet who design mona lisa?
does white one coat non drip gloss (paint) come out of red hoodies?
What things did leonardo da vinci do to improve his abilities?
How much could I sell this painting for?
How to use Bio Oil? ?
What comes to your mind when you see this color?
If a picture paints a thousand words, what picture would you be?
Where can I find a reasonably cheap but quiet compressor to use...?
Paintings?? what type of painting is this?
Paul Detlefsen Painting?
how long does it take artist's oil paint to dry?
What is the name of this Joan Miro painting?
How can I tell if the Bob Ross painting I bought is real???
I need a list of FAMOUS Artists who painted CITIES and images of the cities would be great too, if you can?
Help to find the author of the painting?
which side of the cardboard surface is better to oil pain on; the smooth or hard?
Which version of this painting do you like better?
I need help choosing a CUTE background for my picture!?
Does anybody like Shanga?
I have a painting by armin Heving and was unable to find out anything about him. Can anyone help?
What is the message behind chuck close's artworks?
In American "primitive" art?
# on the back of a sealed paint,framed print,what doe,s it mean? is that the I.D OF IT?
What were the Realist painters (such as Courbet) trying to do in their work that is reminiscent of the work of?
pablo picasso maar dora painting?
where did picasso go to school?
Is it a good idea to paint my walls with glow in the dark paint?
Who is the most renown Impressionist painter?
What are these artist doing?
what does cut do in your tools in paint?
What colour name is this?
How can you make a homemade palette to paint with?
Does anyone know where i can find cheap deals on art for a teenage room?
an informative printers web site?
what is the best paint striper for parking lot?
What is Australian Aboriginal Krill Krill painting and music?
how do i get a painters permit to paint on the venice beach art wall?
canvas panels... online ordering?
what do you call this art?
Can you check if it sounds natural/authentic, please?
Watercolors and acryllic..?
1. This painting depicts one of the two symbols of Rome and portrays the beginning of Rome's history, the mona?
what artwork do u like better?
what was the influence of british paintings on indian paintings?
Who is the Artist Alicia Hayes?
Who is this artist? (Possibly Spanish?)?
where can i find body painting shops in Houston texas?
what is the sale price for this painting of Baby Jesus by C.B. Chambers. It is an oil painting; 11x14 size.?
please can you give me any info on this picture?who the artist is/ where I could find it.sorry about the glare?
Is it safe for me to spray paint my room?
similarities and differences ast gcse exam need help?
What is the best visual arts school in the Philippines?
Where can I find the image "Gerolamo Mercuriale" by Lavinia Fontana?
I am about to paint my guitar and I wonder if it's ok to use automotive paint to paint it.?
greatest painters of all time..?
I have a few works By Maximiliano Gonzalez...Are they valuable?
Renoir Print? Need help!Title?
why do painters' talents get recognized when they're dead; not when they're alive?
Rene Magritte's early paintings?
what brand of paint should i use for acrylic panting?
Who is this painter?
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo or violet?
What pictorial space is used in melancolia I by Albrecht Dürer?
what's that word???? (has to do with art)?
Painting ideas for a beginner?
what is the painting in celestic town cave?
what is your favourite colour?
Have time for a couple of art collecting questions?
What art museums have you visited?
Does anyone have good links where I can find some good paintings ?
what's your favourite color??!?
Painting above a layer of oil is a bad idea?
What are some good, well ventilated places to oil paint in Winter?
What was Rembrandt’s most noticeable work feature?
who is marilyn purtue?
Any Ideas for a painting?
similar artists to francis vallejo?
Do you like art? Why?/Why not?
what is the name of the paiting with the boy sitting on a boat fishing alone. i think its by winslow homer?
details on blood painting?
what exactly is mixed media?
Aboriginal/Indigenous Artworks?
How to paint light skin tone on a doll?
How would you paint this?
What are copyright practices or limitation with regards to art paintings of Leonardo Da Vinci, Rafael, etc.?
How would i go about painting a white dresser black?
Im loking for a web page for an oil painter by the name of P. Sanchez.?
Can somebody help me find this painting?
Can anyone identify this painting? Artist is Ward, subject Landscape?
Could I paint this necklace?
What are some cool canvas painting ideas?
what are the roles of a commercial galleries?
paint: what colors make black??
Why do some painters "organize their tonal scales in a lower key?"?
What are names of famous painters?
what medium is used in flower seller by diego rivera?
Why did Andy warhol paint Mao ?
How much is a machine that prints Giclees?
painting advice help?
should I spray it with clear coat or not?
tell me who the author of this painting?
What is a good brand for spray paint?
Where do I get Ceramic paint to go on mugs?
Salvador Dali quotes?
Where can I find info on 19th Century British Artists who exhibited at the Royal Society of British Artist?
what colour do u get if u mix pink,purple,black,red & blue?
Ely Laumonier Painting Price Range?
Can someone please write about the techniques and style Picasso used in all his artwork?
when was the first use of paint brush?
Do you recognise which painter my grandfather copied this from?
What is your all-time favorite painting? Which artist painted it? When?
Why is art-making valued in today's culture? Why do many middle and upper class people desire to create art?
Ideas for painting for boyfriend?
other than using lots of oil paint, how can i thicken my oils to create a thicker, so as to create a texture?
im painting a picture. i need random objects? HELP!?
what does the colour yellow signify?
Can I sell my paintings in a public park?
What is the name of the artist who was banned from a museum because he would come in and paint on his works?
Is it too late for me + art...? please read on?
Question about artistic style?
whats the difference between matte and satin varnish?
is there some kind of a lacquer that wont absorb dye i can use when tie dying?
Which color is your least favorite? Green, Orange, Purple, Grey, or Brown? Why is it your least favorite?
I've lost my creative drive -- help?
Permanent Acrylic Paint??
I'm painting a pair of heels, what kind of paint to use that is flexible and durable?
How can I paint these gloves red?
Trying to find "In the Blood" print?
How do you paint hair?
Is it possible to replicate a bouguereau painting with acrylic?
Question about painting (Oil paints)?
forgot to buy paint thinner to clean my brush coated in oil paint is there something else i can clean it wit?
Lea Bradovich Information?
Some ideas to paint on poster board?
I want to start hand-painting children's rainboots. I need a very durable, waterproof (obviously) paint?
I have in my possession "Oak Hill Road" painting by Alexander J Rummler. Is this something I should insure?
what do you think of the changes i've made to this painting?
chose wrong paint color, too bright now what do I do???
where can i get some good paint?
the seagram murals at tate modern...?
is there a phone that i can reach rene andre vigil at?
where can I get good family photo frames in pune?
Which artworks were in the Chicago exhibit "Translating Revolution U.S. Artists Interpret Mexican Murals"?
Name of print by Cornelius Krieghoff from Collection of Edgar F. Tolhurst. Looks like "The River Road" (1855)
Wall painting in church Normandie?
Who is the artist of these paintings?
what is your?
Artists, painters who have portrayed problems of the world?
I need an artist who paints boring / mundane environments?
window mural help please ?
What kind of paint to use in plain t-shirts?
What is the style of painting in which scenes of terraced lawns and gardens are depicted?
I'm looking for information on an "Artist",?
is linseed oil and teesi oil is same?
what is you favorite color?
Are acrylic paints okay to use on skin?
My best friend asks me about butt ugly paintings if they are good should i lie or tell the truth?
i am looking for a matthew ho or ha that is a painter or artist i have a drawing by him and would like more in
im looking to see how much a inc well dated 1527 would be for my grandad it was made in Holland?
what's your favourite colour?
What would be the best type of canvas to paint on?
Why is Hitler considered to be a tacky painter/artist?
In art- what exactly is split-complementary color scheme?
Is Mona Lisa Leonardo's Wife?
I need people who have great knowledge about programs for digital painting, which are simple to use, to answer?
Painting my car themes?
Which are the suitable crayon drawings for an 8 standard kid to draw?
what artist does these paintings(pictures inside.)?
Anyone know anything about oil paints?
How can I get spraypaint of a pair of billies?
Are there any stores that would sell a painting canvas?
Painting for grandmother?
how would someone go about selling a painting of martin luther king jr and his wife. have papers to verify?
Can I use glass paint with an airbrush and what will be the affect?
Do you like art? why?what art form were you best at?
Ludwig I Gallery of Beauties by Joseph Karl Stieler!!!?
Where can I buy a good mop brush (more than 1") in Montreal, Ca?
How munch can i sell my computer?
what paints do i buy for painting on silk?
Is a J. Laycox Sunday Afternoon painting picture with the frame worth anything?
Why is Leonardo da Vinci considered mysterious?
What's an easy way to remove oil paint from brushes?
i want to exhibit my art work in usa, haw?
who is ur fav. artist ( painter/drawer)?
What kind of paint should I use to paint a mural on drywall (stippled)?
in what site would a paintings of combined fishing and harvesting available?
Can someone please help me on finding out the value of a Jim Dine 1985 the nuveen company painting?
What should i sketch?
Did Italians get mad at French cuz they kept Mona Lisa?
What do you think about my "paintings"?
The Grapes of Wrath Artwork?
Has anyone ever tried the oil paint that is made in North Carolina that comes in jars with screw top lids.?
what are the roles of a commercial galleries?
Can i spray paint my room?
I have two paintings signed by Carlo. I need help researching them?
What would be something great to paint along tge line of zombies and other mythicals?
Make a living out of Reading and painting?
artist who would burn his work?
japanese painting on rice paper circa 1876;- does anybody know the best (cheapest) way to obtain a valuation?
i just bougth an oil painting by de grazia, is it worth anything?
Does anone know of a painter called J Castle?
How do I dry my oil painting faster?
Why do you enjoy doing art or looking at art?
Can spackle be safely used in fine art?
How to make parts of a painting disappear (Magic Trick)?
Gimme some good ideas on winning a facepainting competition..?
Who is Maria Luisa Pacheco?
What exactly is Kente oil?
Who makes Japanese fish prints in San Jose?
Picasso....can you please explain why I should like it???...I love Art...but I do not understand Cubism...?
My Mother has a Mariano Moreno gorgeous painting, paid $200 for it 50 years ago, is it worth anything?
i like to do oil painting but i have problem with colour mixing, i dont get my desired colous.what should i do
True or false ? Fashion homework?
Where can I order these brushes?
Why does the painting "Rory Emerald Cloaked in Black" by Swedish painter Julius Kronberg frighten people?
Royal Dux Bohemia boy with basket on back collecting watercress.? Any knowledge?
I have a paint question?
What are the notes for the hidden hymn in Lenoardo Da Vinci's Last Supper and is there supposed to be words 2?
Do I have to use a medium in my oil paintings?
Oil paints vs acrylic?
art extended essay question help!?
Airbrush & car paint?
Painting from the victorian or renaissance era that represents the poem 'To Autumn' by John Keats?
I have a Lee Reynolds painting and would like to know if it is real and what it is worth?
Do you prefer using water colors or oil paint?
What is your favorite Edward Hopper painting?
How To Improve My Talent Painting?
Describe how you think the women may have been depicted if Cassatt had painted the surgeries?
do you think this is an good idea?
Is there a difference between acrylic and enamel paint?
How did George Seurat Develop Pointilism?
Can I please have a list of welsh artists who focus on home in their artwork?
What 19th century painting would go well with this music?
Things to paint on a pumpkin?
What is Latex Spray Paint?
Does anyone know anything bout the following giusseppe arcimboldo the roast, vertumnus, and basket of fruit.?
Krylon vs Rustoleum spraypaint?
What do I loosen black oil paint with (I have no linseed)?
I accidentally inhaled some finishing gloss spray, is that alright?
Does the Dali Lama get down to the Red Hot Chili Peppers?
How do you paint in oils? Any tips?
who are some famous black painters?
How much is my painting worth?
How does an artist make a living off of their work?
Who makes Michaels Craft stores frames?
is mona lisa is a self portrait of the painter himself in a drag?
why is every canvas of anything like $150+?
Interesting artists from 1700 - 1925?
what story is told by the painting "Cafe Terrace at Night"?
is there a russian artist called Blomvim?
What does Lofthus by Karl Schmidt-Rottluff represent?
what does a stipple brush look like?
painting by max carlier??????
I need an idea for a school mural it has to be based on overpopulation any ideas?
where could i get spray cans?
What color should i paint my room ,, ,well to colors?
art work by c.inness?
I was considering oil painting on canvas....Does anyone have any suggestions or tips to get me started?
Does anyone know any famous artists that are not on this list?
A Combination Of Creativity &nd Paint?
is the da vinci code happy or sad?
what do you think of my painting?
How to pint a picture of a cat?
What do green and purple make?
want to try and sell some paintings/drawing.?
what is it that makes the mona lisa so wonderful?
characteristics of tones?
What should I paint on my canvas?
how to apply damar varnish to paintiings?
what is a painter guild???????????
Who are the most famous British artists still living today, apart from Damien Hirst, Tracy Emin and Banksy?
household items to use as a brush for fine details when face painting?
I am in possession of Harland Young painting i purchased over thirty year ago. how valuable is this painting.?
In art how do you use spectrum clear oil paint?
What paint do i use to paint on wood and what kind of wood should I use to paint on?
name some surrrealism artists!!!!?
Where do I find/price this picture?
how can i paint my guitar like this?
Whats the deal between Painting and Furniture?
What is my favorite color?
what should I name my painting?
What does it say on the painting by Jacques Louis David, Napoleon at the Saint-Bernard Pass?
when was the portrait of the andy warhol done?
What is the method and technique of Picasso's Guernica? [PLEASE HELP]?
Which type of paint would you perfer...?
How much would a original painting from Justus Susterman cost?
who was a painter called Savauge?
Paint for a paw print?
does anyone know how much a replica of a painting by camille pissarro is worth?
Help with my final piece!!!!!?
What movement does Henryk Szydlowski belong to?
Easy paintings for christmas presents? what can i paint?
30/0 or smaller liner?
Should I stretch my original paintings?
What were the dimensions of Mary Cassatt's "Woman with Dog?"?
should I buy a custom graffiti canvas from strive one?
What is a NOT common but yet relaxing color to paint a bedroom?
what colours should i use in my painting?
which carrier oil is sometimes called "red oil"?
what oil do you put over a painted canvas to keep it in good condition?
What can I do to get into Arts? Or at least recognised as an artist?
What are the dimensions of the Painted Coffin of Djehutynakht?
How do you start a collaborative artwork?
Can I use my oil paints to paint a mural over already painted and textured walls?
Who was Henry M. Cosimini?
If to mix orange red with purple red, the orange of a red will to...?
Charcoal pencil in jammu and kashmir?
Things to get oil paint out of brushes?
can dry paint be reuseable?
What is Mona Lisa's real name?
Does anyone recognize this artists signature?
Question about the Mona Lisa?
Please could you give me some feedback on my final image digital painting?
Name for Ceramic Shop?
Who painted this picture?
Spray Paint Textures and Techniques?
What would you say if your friend very lightly touched a Picasso painting at a museum?
Where can I find some primary sources from Vincent van Gogh?
How to make ceramic art ?
Do I need to stretch a pre-stretched painting canvas?
How did a specific time period influence Abstract Expressionism?
Corel Painting Essentials 3 not working?
where is the hermitage museum , one of the world's foresmost houses of art with over 8000 paintings of the ...
Where can i buy glow in the dark paint?!?
is it hard to paint?
What kind of clothes should you wear to a beginning water colour class?
How to increase quality of watercolor manga drawing when scanned into computer?
I am starting a gallery and I am looking for a 5 or 6 letter name for the gallery?
Where can I find art by Christian Heckscher or more specifically, Nice Sunday by Christian Heckscher?
How much does it cost to ship a 24x30 canvas painting?
what colour will go good with these colours?
Virgen of Guadalupe Painting by Feliciano Cortes?
the persistance of memory?
I have an oil painting by renoir, I think it is called BOUGIVAL, it is signed and has "83" next to signature.?
I want lil ideas for canvas painting ?
What are Influences and Characteristics of Botticelli's artworks?
who is the italian painter g. giovi ?
did the impressionists use ground up pastels as a pigment,and how.?
How do you make blacklight paint?
Where can I buy spray paint for art projects? Not Home Depot etc?
Advantages/experience when using oil paints? Vs acrylic?
How can i paint playdough?
check out new paint i did what do u think i need so feedback artist to artist?
Anyone know who the artist is of this painting?
Where can I find GLOW in the dark paint or body paint?
how do you sign a silk painting?
What do you think of Norman Rockwell's Freedom from Want, Freedom from Fear, and A Family Tree?
How do I paint with sumi ink on rice paper without the paper getting all wrinkled up?
what adjectives would u use to deescribe this painting??
Anyone got any neat drawing/painting tools?
How do you remove oil paint from a wooden surface?
what can you use for a top coat to stop paint from peeling?
Artists: what is your take on the Spanish 'restoration' that everyone is talking about? ?
famous nature artists?
Painting museum horror movie they go inside the paintings?
Why did Andy Warhol paint Mickey Mouse?
I need help deciding what to buy...?
Spray Paint That Wont Wash Out Of Clothes?
which is the smallest continent in the world?and what does the word ''manga'' means in japanese language?
Can I make copys of piccasso pictures in oil's legaly?
Anyone have any ideas?
What is the name of the famous painting of Eve standing in a giant shell naked covered by her long hair?
Shakespear Sonnet Help??! Preferably from an artist!!!?
What chemical can speed up the drying process of oil paint?
oil painting on canvas looks like british landscape.singed madge 1892. how much is it worth.goodcontdd?
I am beginning a watercolor greeting card business, and need to know if my signature has to be copywrited.?
what is mehndi?
Does anybody knows who was the painter of The Wedding Veil?
where is the mona lisa kept?
Ideas For An Interesting Hand Drawing?
Where should i get my MFA in painting at?
sir my farm villa don't open?
Painting picture help?
what did georges seurat paint with?
What is your favorite (pre-stretched on wood bars) canvases for professional use?
Neoclassicism Landscape?
I am painting my own mug?
I want to know some interesting facts about Georges Seurat, can you tell me some please?
Idioms Painting. Where can I find it? or what is it called?
what effect did the Portrait of Johannes Wtenbogaert produce?
painter Archibald - who is he?
Where can I buy body paint?
Which colour represents your mood today?
would you buy this painting? if so how much?
I have paintings signed by Robert Wook, Woody, Wilmar,Salviati, Lorenz, Tomaso,Whiman Lembke who are these.?
Does the arrangement of vanitas make a difference?
a classical art painting of a famous shipwreck / drowning?
Does anyone know who the artist was and/or have a picture of the 911 painting given to President Bush?
Was Henri Matisse famous for painting portraits?
80's pop art painter?
history of A. dupont who was an artist, studied in birmingham.?
what is a Japanese woodcut?
Name of painters or artists!!?
Would it be better to use a roller or a paint gun when painting a basement?
What do you think of Gauguin's painting, 'Spirit of the Dead Watching'?
Do you know any famous disabled painters living today?
Nail varnish painting artists?
Can i use water colour for face paint?
does anyone know the name of the painting with men in air on an exposed beam, its a large group of men in it.?
I am looking for a oil canvas painting of Tinkerbell from Peter Pan?
How many paintings..........?
Tell Me, What Colour is Red...?
Does anyone know what DPI to save paintings for printing off on commercial art print sites?
What do you think of Caravaggio's painting of the Doubting Thomas?
Painting at the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, which was called Nero on the ruins of Rome.?
What colours are "pop-arty"?
How do you transfer a drawing onto watercolor paper?
What paints did Bob Ross use?
Water based oil paints. What happen if they freeze?
What are the steps used to prep/paint/seal acrylics onto wood that gives you a durable painting?
Can anybody tell me who this painter is?
is there any institution that offers fine arts in bangalore?
What makes a painting to be artistic?
Any idea what it's worth?
Looking for the artist and name of the painting of a young woman seeing herself in the mirror as an old lady.?
Would it be ok to write about Mona lisa?
What is hot today as a subject for painting on canvas?
How is Renaissance Art different from the art of the other movements?
Why do painters paint under different styles?
whats the name of this painting???
Hey artists . . . I've got a question about paint.?
Need some help with my very first digital painting... any tips much appreceated?
if you could be reborn in any era of art, which would it be?
Would you get a nude painting of yourself?
How do I find out online how much an oil painting is?
how much is my oil painting worth it's a little boy with a pipe artist is barry leighten jones?
how can i get into painting book covers? / art tips?
how do i animate my picture as a cartoon.?
Palma Vecchio - Bathing Nymphs c. 1525/8?
What is your favourite colour?
Cicero's denunciation of the senate by maccari....whats the story behind that painting?
good graffiti supplies?
why is the colour black not in the rainbow?
What can I paint on my bedroom wall?
Spray paint question....?
why do i never?
Why didn't art critics or art historians accept Norman Rockwell?
What paint do i use to paint shoes?
Which is the most over-rated and over-priced painting ever?
can I use this medium for glazing?
What are the key points of Van Gogh's life?
whats the meaning of the artwork 'Whaam!' by Roy Lichtenstein?
What is the artistic style of Remedios Varo?
art homework! easy points.?
Does anybody know where the store sight I can find the NFL room paint and room color?
How do you clean brushes when oil painting without solvents or anything harmful?
Who is trying to locate Paul Klimaitis?
What is best way to learn to paint?
what made frida kahlo special?
Help with Surrealism paintings?
what are the top 3 most valuable work of art in the world?
Looking for the painter of this painting?
Is Viggo Mortensen related to Marilyn Monroe?
does anyone know any artists that paint fruits?
what is my reproduction worth?
How do I set up and operate an art studio/gallery?
Kehinde Wiley Artist?
Can anyone identify this painting for me? (Initials on painting are V.M., painted on Ricolo cigar box.)?
did Max Weber get a degree in anything ?
what are the basic materials needed for acrylic painting?
Do I need to stretch canvas (from a roll) before Acrylic Painting?
byron birdsall painting?
How do I locate and purchase a specific piece of art from a specific artist?
How can I remove acrylic paint from my tshirt?
hey any one know info about Joseph brant?
how do i duplicate something in paint tool sai?
Can anyone tell me the title and artist of an oil painting i have seen?
I have a picture of my parents and i really wanna get it painted portrait like in a mall stand.......?
What should I make a painting of?
What to paint on a Big Canvas?
what will happen to our paintings if there is no 3 dimensions?
What nationality is Arnulf Rainer?
what is the name of venetian palazzo immmortalised in oils by Claude Monet in 1908?
which is the most plesant color ?
turn my photos into painting by numbers so i can paint them myself?
Sai Paint Tool Magic Wand problems?
can i mix laundry detergent with white paint to make the room glow under blacklight?
Can anyone suggest a good-quality (but fairly inexpensive) brand of watercolor paint?
How can I tell if a paintings valuable?
minecraft texture packs help?
How do you have a paint fight?
Tony Bennet Oil Paintings?
Monet: Jardin a Sainte- Adresse Questions?
How is this art?
Need advice on fine art assignment!?
Anyone have any ideas for my art project? I have to show a picture in motion?
Name of famous artist(s) that drew in scribbles?
What is a URL?
What is the value of a Norman Rockwell plate # 77724 ?
images by sergue jacques?
Oil Painting help...?
What do you think of Mosaic pictures? Artistic or crap?
tell me the online resources to teach painting to my kids 0f 9 &10 years old.?
Like my painting & get me in to the National Gallery!?
artist that paints a vase of flowers?
What do you think about my art work?? PLEASE be honest! ?
I am a new artist. How can I get my paintings in a gallery or at least shown somewhere?
Transitions in a painting?
What is difference between Realism, Impressionism, and postimpressionism?
What does 'The Human Condition' by Rene Magritte mean?
This is a question to test beta?
How long to paint a portrait?
Where can I buy teepee paint? Looked on computer and only found what a teepee looking like after being painted
Still working on my PAINTINGS....take a look?
Who is G MOSES on this painting?
What do u like about this painting?
Face Painting Business Names?
HUGE Monster GRAFFITI Tagging...?
Could you find some georgia o'keeffe's close ups of bones and shells please. 10 points !?
When did "art on a plate" really take off?
what modern artists have made pieces do to with the theme 'reflection'?
How do I find my muse?
Can you make home made Paint for Art?
I have an original by Julian Ritter 'The Bullfight' it is approx. 27"x55" do I get it value...
What is the mood and theme of Annunciation by Leonardo da Vinci?
why is the sky above the earth blue?
how famous would Leonardo's "Mona Lisa" would be if Mona would of posed with a big grin :D?
How do you like this painting?
What kind of paper is good for spray painting?
what is the best paint striper for parking lot?
Who is Leonard Cohen?
Do you like my photos/paintings by my mum?
Does Manet moan "Eh," when people confuse him with Monet?
I have eye pain due to a lot of school work, like projects, sketches, any advice ?
why do people make graffiti writers out to be bad people?
Anyone know about a painting from a White Mountains artist?
A painting (I thought it was by Hopper) of an old couple?
what kind of art is the Old Guitarist by Pablo Picasso?
Hula Tan all Natural Suntan Oil?
Will my pencil marks show through my acrylic painting?
watercolor painting what should i paint?
who started pointalism?
i have a painting of barbara weber?
Has anyone heard of a painter called VAN LYECK?
Would You Like To Give This Small, Insignificant Painting A Title?
What is your Favorite colour. and Why ?
will you help me find paintings by R. Weber?
Why was cubism created? And how was it developed?
what kind of paint (from home depot) do I use to paint my (sidekick) lx?
Can someone please help me figure out this Artists name?
Is anyone familiar with the Artist Marina Stern?
When re-painting a bike frame, do you have to sand of ALL of the paint?
What is the meaning of the paintings "The Scream" and "Mona Lisa"? :)?
Can somebody tell me the interpretation of the painting of Ang Kiukok's Crucifixion? :D thanks?
i have an oil painting of a young woman who is sooo beautiful,signed by Marguerite Reeb.who is this talent??
Will nail polish come off a canvas shoe?
Painting my room...Help?!
lacquer spray painting?
Do you like to buy painted rocks?
anyone anywhere know where i can get a portrait painted from photographs?
A good brand art easel for acrylic/oil painter?
I am a painter. I want make a homepage,where I can put on it my paintings.There are anyone who knows how to do
Different Shades of Blue?
is there any free online artist signiture search sites?
is it possible for an artwork to have no texture?
What should i put on my canvas?
Opinions on raw art /art brut? can these be judged as good pieces of art despite the lack of technical skills?
Who is Nestor Vinluan?
Warm and cool color shades?
how to make powder paint?
"old friends"? ?
Does anyone know the original dimensions of some of Rene Magritte's work?
Claude Monet?
How do you authenticate a painting is "real"?
what's yur opinion on the Mona Lisa?
smooth permanent paint?
plz think a bit and suggest me any paint name?
How to dress up as Hieronymus Bosch the painter?
Can I use oil paint varnish over blood?
whats the meaning behind alex pardees painting Escaped Convic(tion)?
How do i restore a painting that was stored outside?
Artists for exam inspiration help?
h calpini does anyone have small painting with red frame to sale?
Multi-media -- printing, lacquering and painting?
How can you thicken acryllic paint?
I want to start hand-painting children's rainboots. I need a very durable, waterproof (obviously) paint?
About Leonardo Di Vinci?
what makes Mona Lisa so famous?
How to paint on photographs, while still being able to see the photo?
Cravings to paint?
When you are commissioned to paint a landscape for someone and you do not have a picture, only their?
what were some techniques that giovanni cimabue used in his artwork?
Why is it in the Mona Lisa, her eyes follow you?
Can I get your opinion on and title suggestion for this painting idea?
Where can I buy glow-in-the-dark paint?
Acrylics Paints... which one is better?
what were the characteristics of painters and art during Renaissance?
Lovers' Leap by G. Franklin Arbuckle?
Artist's that paints portraits?
Tips on a Baroque styled room?
looking for a painting by albert DeForest from Baton Rouge LA done in the 1960's?
why artists like junk?
What colour is this?
Who is the BEST ARTIST in the world today?? plz help!!?
what are white painted squares on the road for?
I'm looking for a painting?
what color is cobalt?
I need help with art supplies ?
painting of woman lying on field, raising arm toward farm house? Christine's Dream?
can you put PVA glue over watercolor?
what is something interesting about francisco zurbaran, a pinter?
What style of painting is this??
How to get out oil paint?
whats the job title for someone who finds the art pieces from around the world in the art business?
where were artworks of the 1400s put on display?
A famous painting with a hidden meaning?
where would i go to sell 3 genuine peter howson pastilles i'm from glasgow?
Information on glow and the dark paint?
My first attempt at really painting-feedback?
spray painting bike parts?
What artists might I like?
I poked my friend with a paint brush? :(!?
who was the artist arthur trengrove?
In The Metropolitan Museum, specifically where are Edgar Degas' dancers paintings?
My poem, "Paintbrush". Please give me some critisism!?
what should be the name of this painting?
Where is the DeMinil collection of Art located?
What acrylic colors do I mix to make a chocolate brown color?
Any ideas of what to paint?
Painting questions for all types of paint?
why are paintings of unhappy people valuable?
How good is the colour green?
How can i get the paint off? 10 POINTS!?
Why van Gogh's paintings cost so much?
Any Information on Leonardo's Mona Lisa? What does "Mona Lisa" mean?
I'm doing a painting for breast cancer awareness n I need ideas?
do u no who can graffiti miss van?
Paint to use on lycra/spandex? Maybe similar to Jones Tones?
Is my painting I bought on the swap meet an old work of art?
does anyone know what a pink pearl is?
What color should I paint this?
How to sell?
How much would a melted crayon art painting sell for?
Can you name this piece of art?
Do all paintings have be signed?
I'm going to paint my girlfriend face whilst she sleeps what colour is best?
What paint makes grey color?
Anybody know any good quotes by artists on Cubism?
What was Francisco de Goya's preferred topic to draw/paint/recreate?
Do we need to use varnish for all paintings?
What is the name of the painting that features a couple running from a thunderstorm?
Mona Lisa - what was going on in the world?
is it wrong to paint in blood?
Why van Gogh's paintings cost so much?
where can I find Itten color wheel ?
Best site to get all the names of Salvador Dali's paintings please.?
How to explain what oil pastels are to my grandmother?
Los Angeles legal graffiti spots?
Who painted the "The Last Supper"?
When did Leonardo Vinci paint The Mona Lisa?
What's your favorite song? Favorite Artist?
Spackle as an underpainting?
why can`t i just enjoy painting and drawing?
major in fine arts school in philippines?
Where can ibuy white geisha face paint !!!?
Can I sell my paintings in a public park?
What is the name of this Jack Lorimer Gray Painting?
Where can I find out information on an artist?
what is the color of sorrow? i want to do a self portrait?
Are paintings really nessesary?
What is your favourite colour?
How to ship/package a acrylic painting?
Are paintings pretty?
How do i think like a surrealist?
was Picasso's blue period of 1901-1904 considered neoclassicism?
who did pieter bruegel paint for, or sell his art to?
Tell me your opinion. Wich country has the right to keep Monalisa's painting:France or Italy ?give arguments
How to thin acrylic paints?
Name of a well known painter.?
Whats so special in Mona Lisa's painting? What is that special element that made it so hugely popular?
What color will make red green?
how to learn to draw?
can i learn handicrafts freely in internet? if so tell me the web site?
My gcse art theme is ghosts :/ Are there any artists that drew/painted ghosts, the soul?
Any ideas for a painting?
what do i need for watercolor painting?
How much can a painter make with tools in 2 year experience and transportation?
who studies in don bosco ???????????????
Sometime I like to watch paint dry, am I the only one?
Well i have two different questions one about singing and one about paintings?
best equipment to buy for a begginer painter.?
What exactly is a "purchase award"?
has anyone heard of a painter from indyanapolis by name of Cora Peisker?
Help on edges in oil painting?
The French artist, Nattier...I was inspired by a painting of his, but I don't know the title, do you?
Our father is looking for a picture of men on a high beam eating lunch from a long time ago.?
What is the difference between Expressionism and Post Expressionism?
Why do artists or artworks have a message?
i am looking for a painting?
what are the simalarities and diffrences between van gogh art piece garden of irises and starry night?
What is your favourite colour?
How do you remove oil paint from a wooden surface?
Why is not art cherished in this county as it is in Southern Americas or Europe?
Where can we paint each other?
Who is the artist behind SMF (HAHA)?
What should i use to fully waterproof my artwork on my surfboard?
What is the name of this painting?
How much are hand made paintings from people on the street worth?
What would you call that orangish-pinkish color seen in a perfect sunset?
What is the famous painting of simple squares and rectangles?
what is your fav coulour?
what woul be the value of a 1986 print (3 of 100) framed , of joey dunlop,signed by him and the artist?
Is there a woman seated next to Jesus in the painting The Last Supper?
Can anyone tell me what painting this is?
Why use nude subjects in paintings?
What are some techniques used to convey belonging/exclusion in Nighthawks by Edward Hopper?
What was most of pablo picasso's paintings based upon?
name some people i could paint portraits of?
What makes a good domain name for a website?
facts about henri Reseau?
How do I go about framing my oil painting? I know, no glass, but ....?
frank gaard Untitled (for john and alice)?
Acrylic painting tips?
What is the name or artist of this painting?
What inspired the Renaissance artist?
Hi...Using paint-shop-pro, ver 6, i can create a photo within a Square, Rect, Circle, Ellipse..need heart ..MM
How would you compare Diego Rivera with Frieda Kahlo?
What kind of airbrush paint do i use to paint metal?
acrylic painting question?
please give painters that are NOT so famous but has a good painting?
How do I finish and seal Sharpie Paint Markers?
is there a site where you can view the complete works of Clara Davis Inness?
how did the franciscan theory influenced giottos 'the lamentation' and 'the nativity ' in the arena chapel?
What paint is best suited for photorealistic art applications?
what was going on in the Post-Impressionist movement?
Information on Watteau's "Pilgrimage to Cythera"?
How do you take off paint of your hands?
What is the name of this painting i am describing?
Where can I get information regarding Pablo Picasso?
Is there a way I am able to revive dried up tubes of watercolour paint?
How do I boost my confidence in myself when painting? ?
What are some good, informative sites on the Sistine Chapel?
does Australian Export Aerosol Spray Paint stick to plastic?
contemporary artists and the RCA?
who knows The Mona Lisa?
can i make paint using chalk?how?
Political or social message to include in street art?
has anyone heard of an artist called J.C. Arnold?
how to you paint a rose from a photo with acrylic? Thx!?
What painting program is used to make stuff like these ?
i like to see two dimensional art for 3-5?
Which famous painter created 'Study of a Torso, after a plaster cast'?
look up artist theresa van meter artwork called snowbirds?
i want to tea stain my paper...?
How does a colour wheel chart help with mixing colours?
How to "draw" on stainless Steel?....?
What to paint on with acrylic paints?
What do you think of this mural my fiancé painted?
Can someone further explain this phrase in paintings?
Famous Landscape artists?
what do you call those paintings?
What is my favorite color?
rosalie gascoigne artworks..?
What do you think makes a painting a piece of art?
Crayon art question?!?!?!?
If i let paint dry on my wood palette, with it peel off solid?
Is black a color, is white a color?
What is the focal point in this painting?
Who made that painting of Dante & Virgil exploring one of the 7 rings or somethin'?
Are there any great Masterpieces that were painted by a woman,and if not then why not?
why aren't black and white colors?
Canvas for a friends birthday.?
what type is ready mix paint?
Can I use oil paints to paint my TOMS shoes?
what are the the advantages painter has over photoshop or what are the avdantages photoshop has over painter?
What makes it okay to paint your face black?
What should I paint today?
Unknown artist information?
What is the art form where you paint on a brown piece of paper and crumble it?
Are those canvas papers that come in a pad already primed and we dont need to put gesso on it ?
i want a boyfriend who is available like edward i wish edward was my boyfriend?
art painting want to know whats it worth?
Why is it more expensive to buy paint with red pigment?
Can I spray paint on an oil pastel painting?
How to start to paint?
describe the work of the artist andrew wyeth?
what is symbolized by the thinkers and artists in Raphael's "the school of athens"?
how could i remove old yellowing varnish on an old painting?
Must water colour paper always be soaked before usage?
What does sitting down/standing up mean in Iconography in painting, art etc?
Art Museums in London?
Still life subjects?
Giving a water-effect to a painting?
what are some careers that relates to drawing,painting,and photography?
how large should a canves stretcher be for a simple painting that has room to work but not exspensive?
What colour should I paint my room 10 POINTS TO BEST ANSWER?
how to get permanent marker off painted walls?
Survery of the Western Culture: Fully describe any painting.?
Can Anyone help identify the artist of this painting?
I love to paint (acrylics on canvas) but I just can't get started..............?
looking for the name of the painter and painting from Metropolitan Museum?
Which color suits well with yellow?
Abstract you like my paintings?
can you name a color other then?
What does a bull in a painting symbolize? How about a peacock?
was the mona lisa stolen once????
Who is interested in Indian Contemporary Art ?
Do most artist want to be rich?
how do you pronounce Eugene Delacroix?
What Artists during the Renaissance influenced music?
In your opinion what is the color for ?
what is the difference between shapes and composition from an artists perspective?
Info on artist P.M. Hemingway?
the march of humanity by david alfaro siqueiros?
What are some masking fluid alternatives?
Is your favorite color purple?
What is Vincent van Gogh's style of art?
Any Artists that paint emotions?
What is the best type of paint to use, when painting a pumpkin?
Where can u watch 4 girls finger painting the real video?
There is a painting of the word love, with a diagonail O. Who is that by?
How do I find the value of an autographed painting I found by Umberto Faini, an Italian painter.?
which paints should i use?
Need help finding an out of print of a Indian buffalo hunt with a rifle. It was a poster I saw and want a copy
How long does it take paint to dry?
painting that i once had a chance to see "it was a 3D painting covered with lines and colors"?
Who was Henry M. Cosimini?
What colour do you get when you mix blue and red?
how old was Monalisa when she posed for Leonardo Da Vince painting?
acrylic paint on stainless steel?
Im painting a play house...?
Painting.? help please?
I am trying to figure out the name and artist of some oil paintings I have saved to my computer.?
what color should they be?
Would watercolor work over spray can white paint?
What comes into your head when you see this pic?
I need an artist's opinion...question about a type of paint to use for a painting?
What is the most beautiful painting that you have very seen?
Questions about the movie "Mona Lisa Smile."?
Would I refer to these as "mediums"?
Can you name me an artist from each :19,20 & 21st century that have done a painting or sculpture of still li?
Are there any religious paintings from the first century AD?
What is a difference of artwork which is made by male and female at the late of 18 century?
could you buy the mona lisa?
All Colours Black ?
Best paint to use on air-dry clay? Acrylic, Oil paints or watercolour?
I'm asking about "Mario" again and his painting. Have a pic. How do I display it to get an answer. How?
Tracing an artist with initials E K?
Whats the name of the artist who painted "Viva la Vida"?
What is a handwritten letter by Robert Rucker worth?
NYC Mops: Good or Bad?
Painting for Napoleon, Josephine and their baby?
Justify what is appealing about the painting, "Holiday at Mentone"?
Is there a spray paint I can use on clear plastic?
Where I can sell paintings besides eBay?
found an oil painting by an artist n spence any body heard of this artist before?
Tone of let the circle be unbroken?
How can music be similar to art?
is my photo valuable or rare?
Most important element of Matisse's work?
Can I use the Corel Painter 12 download with a wireless Wacom tablet?
Who was Diego Rivera?
how long will a painting on a paper bag last?
who paint a picture of a lady sitting at a window call "The Arrival"?
What paint did Jason Scarpace use?
Wrong varnish for oil painting?
How did the archibald prize begin and what is it?
felt tip pen on canvas has anyone done this?
What kind of paint does the artist Kaws use?
Quick tips for oil paints?
I need a link or an explanation on this statement. Baroque Art represents the union of Dogma and Sensuality.?
What images come to mind when you see the word "white"?
Is there something that i can put over acrylic paint to better preserve the work? *EASY 10 POINTS*?
Why do I think all of my paintings suck?
Painting help plezzz (answer mine and I will answer yours) (pleezz leave pics)?
how valuable are hand painted nippon vases?
what makes a surrealistic painting surrealistic?
if white paint has titanium in it will it stay whiter or be brighter?
How do you take off a spray paint cap from the can?
What techniques does this artist use in his work?
what style of painting do you enjoy the most frequently?
will you comment on my art?
Is the mona lisa a complete painting,if not why?
What does the quote "I paint objects as I think them, not as I see them” by Picasso suggest?
If you buy a painting like 15 or more years ago is it still worth a lot?
what type of painting does the japanese sumi-e art represent?
Do you think that if I work hard enough, I can be a painter at 16?
Martha Stewart pearl paint?
Does anyone know a website where there are revolutionary paintings with its history? Tell me the link to.?
Did Salvador Dali design ties?
Who is your favorite German artist living in Berlin?
Any cool ideas on how to paint graduation year "2012" on face?
im looking for a title/artist for a painting.......?
who sat where in the last supper by davinci?
Can I Spray Paint Leather Shoes?
is a print by christy edwards worth any thing the print is called open gate?
Do you like graffiti, why or why not?
Ciao a tutti! Have a look at these lovely paintings, if you like?
Is black a color?
Who is the BEST ARTIST in the world today?? plz help!!?
When is Tamara Rojo's birthday?
Can you guys help me with my formal analysis paper with this painting?
art before expressionism?
what is this painting called?
kateman - painter in oils, winter landsc- 2 ft x 4 ft - info ab artist?
What color do you get when you mix brownish yellow and orangish red?
I bought a print but don't know how much it will cost to frame?