What is turpentine used for?
what is the best way to prep watercolor paper?
make money with digital painting?
I don't think reproducing art is something an artist should never do. See why-
why michelangelo painted the creation hands?
Spray paint protector?
does anyone have information about the location of this painting or the artist?
I need help with what colors represent.?
Who is this artist.?
Unknown artist from movie!?
how much is a joseph farquharson original painting worth?
How to erase on a carbon paper copy?
Why was leonardo da vinci's ideas/work popular when he was alive?
what is the nature of the colours?
How to smear oil pastels?
What is an unusual things have you used to paint or draw a picture on? Thank you?
Does anyone know the name of this painting?
what primary colors do you mis to make neon orange?
What does everyone think of this painting of mine ?
what color do we get by adding all the colors of rainbow?
What is an Original Elijah Walton Painting "Roman Trial" Worth?
who do you think is cuter??????????????
whos your favorite artist/ painter and why?
Painting canvas alternatives Artists question.?
The Mona Lisa?
Watercolours! How to use them! Please help?!!?
Would you let someone paint a portrait of you on craigslist?
What type of spray paint canisters do I use?
how to get oil paint off a masonite pallet?
Walcutt painting of driftwood, seashells, and seagulls?
Is a Frank m Hamilton painting "the frozen earth" worth anything?
What do I need to start airbrushing?
Who is the greatest artist (painting or sculpture) to have lived?
what color is cobalt?
where was the painting "the forest" by paul cezanne created?
searching for paintings of american Indian pottery by Natoche. c?
I'm using paint tool sai, trying to practice just coloring...?
Appetite for Destruction?
i need a caption for our school exhibition? plsss help?
How Much Would it Cost To Ship My Painting?
Where can I order a collection of prints by the Master Artists?
artist? bright, colourful artwork?
Do you love Oil Paintings?
Question about my painting.Beginner.?
Are there any artists that paint beaches?
Has anyone heard of the artist Thomas Pike and know where I can find a bio on him?
show painting fruit from a f bonnardel?
Western Pines by Ivan Moser, any one know him? How would I find out about this artist?
what is a painter's guild??
Did Vincent van Gogh really cut off his ear?
is it okay to spray paint wood?
I need ideas for Pop Art?
what is the difference in technique in painting in acrylic and oil?
Help me identify silver tea set?
Is a self tanning air brush able to be used with an air compressor, or is it just the propellant cans?
who is Jackson Pollack?
Comment on the bone structure of the three girls?
A name of a herb used by European artist to make the color red?
Help finding print of lady or angel dressed in white laying on her side with face half submerged in water.?
How can i unclog my airbrush?
What does the #'s mean on the bottom left of an oil painting example 362/1000?
What kind of painting Things to do with kids while babysitting?
In Van Gogh Vincent sunflower painting, how does the painting make you feel?
Can anyone tell me what the color pink symbolizes?
i need some fantsy based paintings made with chalk or oil pastel?
does anybody knows what kind of hair spray can did they use? .the link is down at the details?
artist ptroele glouher?
I have 30 paintings that I need to find the values . Who has a referral?
Has any one heard of E Garin?
CMYK Mixing doens't match guide.?
Does This Seem As Creepy To You As It Does To Me?
diff between oil and acrylic paintings?
Projector for tracing on wall?
Camera for photographing art?
selling a painting on Ebay?
Why was the painting "The last judgement" famous? What is the painting about?
acrylic paint can be used on what type of sheets ?
Would you consider these paintings good?
Where can i get painting supplies.?
Whats the name of the paint for ceramics? (oxide?)?
Who is your favorite artist?
Pease can you tell me which temple is this (is neoclassical)?
Who would you guys say is the world most famous painter--the one that immediately comes to mind?
The ORIGINAL crying clown painting?
Bob Ross/ Barbara Powell? Floral Painting?
Help identifying a work of art?
Painting to be enlarged on canvas?
Can anyone help identify this painting?
what are some good china marker drawing ideas?
Have you seen these before? Can you tell me anything about these portraits?
Oil Painting -- diluting with oil?
is Natalia Guicciardini Strozzi the real last living desendents of mona lisa ?
french painting or artist?
Should painters clean what their about to paint before they start painting?
Sea-themed mural for my bedroom. what should be in it?
if if have an airbrush kit with no air conpressed air can what else can i use?
Everything a graffiti artist needs?
Does anyone recognize this painting?
does anyone know what the painting of NYC is, in the Fresh prince of bell air? It hangs in the living room?
do u know what is my favourit colour?
Is there a spray that I can put over canvas to make the print stay longer?
the best painter of india (painting artist)?
What is a good website to find original art (paintings) in the $100-$300 range?
on paint how do u put in 2 pictures?
i am looking for famous artists from 1912 with last name holst who painted ocean landscapes?
What does Hundertwasser's name mean translated into English?
what's your favorite color???
What's the name of this painting?
The Best of the best Rock-n-Roll?
Question for professional and semi-professonal painters?
Painting the nursery?
I need help mixing a light skin tone using the primary colours, black & white.?
I have a blank canvas......too much chaos in the world, I need some inspiration. What should I paint today?
painting photographs?
Mary lampman paintings snow covered barn ?
Which color? Red or Blue?
Reading: Family Scene by Lamplight Info?
What are the benefits of making your own paint?
What is a difference of artwork which is made by male and female at the late of 18 century?
what is the best material to make airbrush stencils?
If you can paint something in the sky, what would it be?
where would i buy silkscreen ink?
Does anyone know a site or something that lists colors and thier meaning?
Name of a painting/photograph of dog pulling on a girls swimmers/underwear?
Ordinary and/or Extraordinary. Art exam question?
I can't find Aivazovsky pic 'Pushkin at The Black Sea shore' (Odessa(Ukrain!) Art Museum)?
what is the difference between a hand pulled and a hand painted lithograph?
Who paints the pictures of dolls with either oil or acrylic?
Who is your favorite painter and why?
Silk screen printing?
Prometheus Bound painting by Rubens..?
Acrylic painted guitar protection?
what to cover my custom shoes with?
if white paint has titanium in it will it stay whiter or be brighter?
Complete list of Chris consanis paintings?
Do any Adolf Hilter painting exist? I know he was an artist, but i'm just curious?
Where can i buy cheap spray paint cans?
How can I exhibit my latest piece of art in the Louvre Museum?
Going to spray paint computer desk, is there a program to simulate what it will look like?
How do you make a website?
I found some paintings by varied artists from Collectors Corner. Is it a ligitamate business?
When was the painting 'Games' by Michael Craig Martin painted/printed?
I have an oil painting by S.Bowman?
Somebody know the name or author of this paint?
Has a child's painting ever sold for $1 million?
Claude Monet analytical information needed?
is there such a thing as edible glow in the dark paint?
I want to find out more about a painting I have and the artist Jan Ho Nam.?
can I draw on a canvas with sharpie?
Birth of Venus.?
"Rory Emerald Revisited" is a sexually charged painting by Norman Rockwell. Why did he deviate from the norm?
What is the real secret behind Monalisa Smile?
What are 4 similarities (list) between Leonardo da Vinci, The Last Supper and Mariko Mori, Empty Dream?
Whatever happened to black velvet paintings (Elvis and Jesus mostly). ?
New painting! Portrait of a girl in a hat. what do you think?
"Clair de Lune" why it belongs to the musical Impressionist movement.?
what is it that makes the mona lisa so wonderful?
what are those paintings called that change when you walk by them?
Would love some feedback on my work?
European glass artist who incorporates faces in his artwork?
Is white or black the absense of color?
Does Salisbury Cathedral have rose windows? Can you tell me the name of website where I can find it?
What was Roy Lichtensteins painting style?
What is the secret behind the mona lisa painting?
Do you need a permit to face paint?
Hi, how much is this Constant Troyon painting worth?
what's your favourite colour?
Artist who expresses emotion????? ?
how much linseed oild do I mix with my oil paints?
Value of a print by Gabriel Max of Jesus Christ?
how the italians got the monalisa back from the french and how the french got it back?
Opinions on an Artwork?
artists' websites?
i have this question for years. about mona lisa painting?
Think about contemporary artists who create the same kind of impression as the Romantics did.?
Where can I buy Marilyn Monroes biography from?
How big is a 14.00" x 12.375" painting (examples)?
what is this called?
Stephen Hawking appeared on The Big Bang Theory - Does anyone know anything about the painting behind him?
Which Oil Paint Brand carries Red Ochre, Permanent madder deep, and Extra Fine Indian Yellow?
Do I refinish a guitar just like I would a hardwood floor?
When was Jim Gray(the artist) born?
Help with my painting please...?
How can i find the number of dovetails that could fit on a board?
what is that picture were birds turn into a plane?
what is your favourite colour?
Can you identify the famous actor in this painting?
what is a large painting on a wall called?
Favourite Colour?
Why doesn't anyone currently paint wonderful landscape paintings like the old masters?
sealer/protector/spray for painted canvas shoes?
which are the then most important paintings of all times?
Pretty Little Liars s3?
Whose portrait should I paint?
What is a painters apprentice?
art question please help?
Can you give advice on this painting? (pic)?
Can art fixative help to dry oil paint quicker?
Allergic to oil paint?
Is color place paint made by sherwan Williams?
Salvador Dali?
Airbrush Problems!!!!?
Name a piece of modern art that was influenced by Leonardo Da Vinci?
Help! Where can I find Takeshi Kitano's paintings on the net?
Art & MY DESTINY....!!!?
'Last Judgement' was the first painting ofan Italian painter named?
I'm looking for a black shiny material?
Analysing vanitas paintings?
What is love?
a 1400's painting called, tne next universe?
WILL EDWARD DIE???? will bella end up with jacob? i need to know. can u help???
What should I paint next?
Which color? Red or Blue?
which brand of artists watercolor ?
what is the three piece painting in the basic format of an alterpiece?
What's the best technique to meditate?
can anyone identify this artwork?
help........ need help getting my paintings seen, any ideas?
Where can I buy crayons?
Wood pieces on canvas?
Egyptian Art?
What is so good about the mona lisa?
is it better to use oil paint or acryllic?
Any advice for thinning out and mixing acrylics?
Do you like this painting? Why?
i need an idea for something to paint?
What color of paint? ?
Can I mix fabric paints with water?
Painting competition for my 6yrs old child?
What is this painting showing you?
Blue Colour?
when painting i never know how much i want to have in the painting. like a good painting, the artist knows...?
I am looking for art by Don Townsend. He is a Sgraffito artist.?
Car bursting through wall mural?
What are some famous acrylic artists that are still alive?
Are artists (painters extra) considered geniuses?
How do you paint a green football helment black?
Boy Trouble, Joseph Greco?
Why does everyone like Van Gogh?
Is it safe for me to spray paint my room?
Why do i need to sketch and paint again??
Paint Pen help ^_^ thanks?
which keywords to search painting?
do you know any painter pritz avgustkaubax.M?
Saloon pictures?
what where new styles of painting in the italian renaissance period?
what are the best colors to be used on a painting of today?
Yellow represents ______?
What is a good artist to research when looking at paintings of buildings?
Who is the artis who painted that person made out of all vegetables?
Please help me identify this Bernard Buffet lithograph?
i'd like to know the name of the painting and aritst. Can you help me?
Priming a canvas with Enamel?
Paul Detlefsen Painting?
does anyone know the artist who has a stand at Castlepoint in Bournemouth, website would be good?
What to paint a name on with?
Was This Painting Done By A Chimp?
how do you properly prepare a canvas before painting?
is the old blue guitarist static?
has anyone heard of an artist by the taught at an acadamy in Milano Italy?
where in chennai i could buy some good Paintings?
tool belt for painters?
I have some painting and I do not know the artist!! Please HELP!?
Artists similar to Francisco Goya ....?
how to scumble glaze?
for duller burnt sienna using burnt amber or mix with blue?
painting of the deceased with their own ashes?
who painted the Mona lisa?
Where are the vanishing points in these paintings?
I am looking for an artist by the name of Rose Rose where can I find her?
Is Henri Russeau' work in public domain in the U.S.?
how much should i charge for my painting?
Question about painting of gary and gretchen bi j ingwersen?
Romantic Painting Portraying Innocence?
What are the differences between oil, acrylic, and watercolor paints?
I painted Ledger's Joker... any feedback from an art perspective?
what would be something good to paint?
What type of paints are [most probably] used in this painting??
Does anyone know much about jaques-louis david?
Where do I get Ceramic paint to go on mugs?
how to frame a poster without spending too much?
Where to find a paint scanner in Glen Allen Virginia?
can somebody give me complete infomation about a saint bernard?
What is the best medium to use for a Portrait of an eighteen year old girl?
Will extra tack frisket work well when stenciling onto wood?
where is paul frank manufactured?
where can you get glow in the dark paint from?
What did artists use to make the eyes of statues look more realistic? ?
Art that includes cows?
Where is "The Son of Man," by Rene Magritte, located?
Where can I buy textile paint?
What do you think of this painting?
What is your favourite color?
Does anyone know what color you get when you mix blue and yellow?
Bumpy paint job in my bedroom?
is parchment paper ok to use for stencils for spray paint? If not can you give me other suggestions?
Can paint really get you high?
how many shades of brown are there?
I need info on the painter Norman Rockwell? 10 points!!?
ideas for a painting on the four elements. something simple and effective.?
i know nothing about art!! HELP!?
What is this painting by Max Ernst called? It had a yellow wing. very swirly designs?
Face Painting?
what is retarder in the acrylic ?and i could replace it by what?
Who was the lady that rejected Vincent Van Gogh?
Help finding a biography for Pieter (Gerritsz.) van Roestraten?
This painting. of a painting.?
My moms aunt wants to buy a painting.?
Need name of artists that do soft delicate portrait paintings of people in the style of......?
I want to create a painting by painting my girlfriends body and then pressing against a canvas. Ideas??
Whats your opinion on artists?
Henri Matisse?
What are the first five words that come to mind.........?
where do you get painter pants?
contempory artists and their work?
What's the best site to buy abstract oil painting canvas?
How much acrylic or oil paint do i need?
What color is portland?
I am trying to translate "Appenzell den Bundthaben gemacht beschliesst sich der Schweizer Macht. Thank you.
can i spray paint my Ts?
How to earn money? - Artist?
Why would an artist paint the sun blue?
Are burgandy and maroon the same color?
Did Salvador Dali ever do any kind of drugs?
Who is your favorite modern artist and why?
for people who know a lot about famous artwork..?
How do you get blacklight face paint off?
if you saw a swastika drawn on a BNP logo what would you think?
Where can I buy a good quality canvas...?
Where do I buy drawing/painting supplies for pros?
Whats the name of the artist who became as the 'first great engraver'?
artists work that is about their childhood or their past or reflections?
whats the name of the contemporary/modern artists that draws dogs/cows in his paintings?? elongated animals!?
How much do medium sized canvases cost at Hobby Lobby?
which Acrylic painting tools should i buy?
Nude art??
HR Giger painted THE NECRONOMICON. What was his meaning in this art piece? Did it have to do w/the REAL one?
I am looking into buying a painting called: Les Anges De toute mon ame. What does this mean?
How do I go about custom painting an umbrella?
similiarities between leonardo's da vinci and arnolfnis wedding?
I have an oil painting by John Graham from Artistic Interiors?
Does anyone know who painted the below?
How do I wash off acrylic paints?
Where in Cleveland, Ohio can I have an original 1832 aquatint appraised?
Why do painters always mix colors that seem unlikely to work together, but somehow it works out okay?
What kind of still life painting should I put in a thick wood frame?
whats the name of the painting?
how do you find the value of an old oil painting?
Artists that explore this kind of thing?
what is so great about the art Vincent Van Gogh drew?
how do you paint a cubism painting?
can anyone tell me aboutsaint vincent's life and works?
how much would my acrylic paintings go for?
which artist[s] specializes in or is known 2B a master of river-scapes? i want 2 find some [possibly stylised]?
How was Monet’s experience of making art from Verrocchio’s?
what can you tell me about andy warhol?
What type of painting is the best for my mum?
How has portrait photography been influenced by portrait painting?
Any ideas about what i should paint?
What is the name and artist of this painting?
I want to do some paintings abstract creative. What do I need to get started bare minimum cheap?
Where to purchase an OSHA gasmask easy 10 points need help ASAP time is of the essence?
when was Norman Rockwell's painting Big Decision painted?
My Tablet stopped working for PaintTool SAI?
What is the law on art vs. Pornography, and is John William Waterhouse's Hylas and the Nymphs art or porn?
What I have to paint ? I'm in trouble , I don't know ... help me !?
list of words to describe willem de kooning's paintings?? thank you in advance?
How do I paint shadows with acrylics?
I need an 'ordinary' artist!?
Floral Canvas Art Painting Wanted. Please advise main source?
Im white can i just spray paint myself to be black?
Will it blend???????
what type of spraypaint do i need to spray a bike?
Where do you get the faces for paint?
Painting ideas?
im looking for a drawing talble?
Carroll Forseth Painting?
Name Of A Piece Of Art In "Mona Lisa Smile"?
what is all about "Tribute of Money" made by Titian?
What is Fauvism?
.Painting my wall?
How do you find good art?
My best friend is an artist painter, which will be a good gift for a reconciliation?
want to paint on canvas board to create an abstract image. Havent done b4 dont know how to start.?
What did Henri Matisse want to be or trained to be before e became an aritst?
How do you stop watercolour paint tubes drying out?
Do I need clear lacquer paint when I've used black gloss (on plastic)?
how come there are no artists after 2000 for most valuable art?
when did bob ross die?
I need opinions on this painting/drawing!?
Just say that I painted a copyrighted painting and after I died?
What is your favorite colour ?
How do you get oil base paint out of your clothes?
what artist portray anorexia/body abuse/drug abuse?
What's the name of the painting of a man standing on a mountaintop looking at the clouds around the mountains?
Air Brush not getting the air?
Why where William Dobell's paintings seen by critics as controversial?
Satisfied with your body?
What is abstract art?
Where can I buy a blank wall art canvas?
Why did Manet paint Lucheonon the Grass?
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, give me your best guess.?
Any famous painting of water?
Do you guys think this painting is good?
Why did Edvard Munch paint?
where can I see paintings by Jack Lord?
How can I show my artwork in NYC? Who should I contact? What should I prepare?
Our father is looking for a picture of men on a high beam eating lunch from a long time ago.?
Is Emilio Perez up and coming or on the way down?
what artist's bird illustrations fetched a printed book record $8.8 million at a 2000 auction?
Camera for photographing art?
Can an oil painting be done on wood?
I need information about the painting The Mask Maker by Ulf Nilsen in the Oslo National Museum?
Are you a professional fine artist? If so, how did you get started?
Corel painter essentials isnt showing the layers button?
Painting ideas for the troops in Iraq?
What was the most famous modernist painting?
what is the best color in the world?
What medium is best for painting on wood (art)?
Do you know any good tutorials on digital painting in photoshop?
What do you think of this painting......?
Question about paintings, sculpture, and architecture (ASIA)?
Value on another Norman Rockwell print (Looking Out To Sea)...2'x3' on canvas?
What would be a good name for a painting that...?
Do you know of any paintings that depict unrequited love?
Wish to preserve salmon skin for art project. Any ideas?
what do you think of graffiti?
Why is it important for the public to know about the life of Raphael Sanzio (painter)?
How is the Mona lisa so important?
Do oil colors dry darker or lighter than its original appearance?
What type of paint is used for silkscreening?
who is the artist from the tv show good times that did the artwork that jj was supposed to have painted?
I want some good Abstract Art Paintings?
Depressing paintings and artists?
I am looking for a 20th century british artist called Stanley James Russell Golding?
art help needed please?
How do you make the spray paint t-shirts?
Can you use egg whites instead of mod podge?
Isaw a magazine showing a decorative painted girls bdrm based on the book "Emily Goes Wild".Anyone have it?Thx
where are the animation centers in india?
What should I paint? I NEED IDEAS?
What does the paint "The Good Shepherd's Cottage" symbolize/represent?
What type of paint should I use?
Any idea who Carpie or Compie is I have 3 hand Painted vases with his signature i think he maybe Italian?
In the 70's, this type of painting was soft to the touch but couldn't sing "All Shook Up".?
Who invented colours?
Any good Leonardo Da Vinci biography that is also easy to read?
Pablo picasso and Van gogh transcriptions?
What kind of influence do you think the Bauhaus school of art had on modernism?
Can someone tell me how to improve my color theory?*picture included*?
what color should i paint my room?
I need a studio?
What techniques did Paul Cezanne use to paint?
Rising action of leanardo da vinci?
what produces three-dimensional effect in paintings?
Da Vinci or Michelangelo?
I am trying to find a picture of a painting that I know little about any help?
Anyone know where I can find a poster of Verkerke?
Artists who paint unusual fruit?
I need help, please?? (repost, why can't anybody help?)?
what is your favorite art work?
What's my favorite color?
condition of larry green?anybody knows anything?
Examples and non-examples about realism?
What can I paint in watercolour?!?!!?
A painting that I cant find!?
english renaissance art?
What fluorecent colors do you mix to get brown with uv blacklight?
what if i use the photograph of the famous person which has a copyright and add in composition of my painting?
name of a japanese artist who paints still life?
Do you like my painting?
Which Artist would you think is most famous?
Who is better - Michelangelo or Leonardo da Vinci?
does anyone know of this painting?
Interesting person to do a biography on?
I need help on where to look up a pic from 1876?
How can I paint a dog?
I need Painting help?
how is that you can go right up to a multi-million dollar original painting in a museum?
mantlepiece varnished wood, not sure if paint is water based or oil based and dried out, nothing will take it?
I'm doing a art exam soon and i need help with artists (dangerous)?
How much would a very large picture painted by Bob Ross be worth?
Paint tool sai free help!!?
Does oil paint come off of your skin?
I mistakedly painted over my pencil lines in watercolor. I can still see them but can't erase them. Solutions?
Oil paint colors question?
Can someone help me find the name of this painting?
Who is the artist the painted/drew a picture of a boy in a doctor's office looking at a diploma?
Can you used Martha Stewart chalkboard paint on glazed ceramic mugs?
Is there permanent ink for polyester fabric?
Does anyone know the paintings at the National Gallery of Ireland very well?
Can I Use A Plastic Palette To Mix Oil Paints?
How long does an oil painting needs to dry?? and how can I speed it up??
Can anyone tell me the name of this painting or the name of the painter?
What kind of camera is suitable for documenting paintings?
What kind of paint should I use to paint my glasses?
Does any know the name of this painting/image?
airbrushing body question?
What do you get if you mix purple and orange?
when painting, brush hairs get on the painting. how do i get rid of it?
Where's Judith in the last supper painting?
analysis the painting,Earthstopper on the bank of the Derwent by joseph wright of derby, 1773?
How should i paint my ceiling? I am putting disney quotes?
hi nice ppl ... a question about art ?
What is this paiting style called?
does anyone know who artist tom rubens is?
Da Vinci Code?
Can acrylic paints be used on fabric as fabric paint?
Tips for showcasing work, selling paintings, getting a patron, please?
What really inspires you?
Are you my soulmate?
When buying "fine art" what is the difference between RENAISSANCE EDITION, AND STUDIO PROOF? besides price. ?
Why is Jesus portrayed as young, fit and shaven in the mosaic; The Good Shepherd?
i cant pick my paint color HELP!! THANKYOU =D?
What is the best way to find an artist to commission a painting?
What type of paint to use?
Could there be a way to do impressionistic paintings with acrylic paints.?
What is a good way to write the style of graffiti known as "WIldstyle"?
How do I make something 10 by 10 inches on MS Paint?
Does anyone know the name of the artist who painted this Chinese painting?
Does anyone know anything about art??
What three pieces of artwork did Salvador Dali display in the Carnegie International Exhibit in 1928?
has anyone heard of oil artist jane bauchesne?
How do you make paint?
Why do people like abstractionists?
I want to know about Papa De Povlo?
Berlin Wall still standing?
Which watercolour paper do you use?
tube watercolor vs block watercolor ?
What is your interpretion of the famous painting American Gothic?
would you buy this painting i made? and for how much?
do you like murals? why or why not?
where do they sell yellow spray paint?
Why is Hitler considered to be a tacky painter/artist?
What type of blue is this on the wall?
Give me an enthuaistic slogan on Red color?
elizabeth 1 portrait, ermine?
Looking for a James Rosenquist painting?
can you use acrylic art paint on the wall?
Question regarding art and websites.?
What type of pencils !?! ?
Alison McGill Artwork?
Is there a way to paint leather effectively?
please provide me with some ideas for english Exhibition?
Does anyone know who the model is in this poster?
hows does jackson pollock go from studying with thomas hart benton and using imagery in his paintings to drip?
Can I spray acrylic clear over acrylic colors on a painting, then paint more colors over the clear?
What type of art is this?
Photographer Herman Leonard?
IMHO the Mona Lisa is just a mediocre portrait of an ugly woman. Why is it so venerated?
Romanesque facial features?
What do you think about "The Waterlily Pond,Harmony in Pink" by Claude Monet? ?
If cupid was here on the earth would he make a good president?
can i get a girlsfriend?
i want to paint my room a crazy color. any ideas?
How long would Oil Paint on regular computer paper take to dry?
how do i locate dennis kohler?
Anyone have any idea what an original John Piper painting would be worth?
Pictures with a theme of time?
ART: What are your favorite masterpieces?? (more inside)?
Gold palette ideas for contrasting?
What kind of wood to use to paint on and do artwork on?
Need pastels?
What type of painting is the best for my mum?
Vincent Van Gogh helpp pleasee!?
How do I take care of and frame oil paintings?
What is the name of the artist that painted the picture of the park using all dots?
Which Bengali painter create the painting named 'URDHA AKAKSHYE SIDDHA DAMPATI'?
what are the modern techniques to conserve water?
Name of a painting in pre-raphaelite style of miners, part of the collection at Manchester City Art Gallery?
What do I need in order to start painting?
Simple Painting Ideas?
Is there any Artists that link there work to 'freewill'?
Where can i buy Esao Andrews prints ?
What is your favourite colour and why?
Do watercolor and graphite mix well?
What do you think of my painting?
Bought Jean Halverson framed art 468/950?value?
artists who painted pictures of royalty in the past?
Where can I find the painting "Certain Uncertainties" by Christian Vincent?
for people who like to paint, how does it make you feel?
How can i best sell original oil paintings created by my father?
How do you reduce the intensity of a colour but still leave it the same?
Danloux's "Portrait of Two Children"?
What is my favorite color?
Does this stimulate ur sad senses???
In what situation would it be OK to use Winsor & Newton Galeria, Permanence B, Vermilion Hue paint?
What do you guys think of picasso???
how can i have money in painthing?
any ides of how i could make may art more appeling?
Do you like this painting I did?
acrilic and water color are the same?
does anyone know the name of the black and white impressionistic painting?
I'm doing a project on emotions in art and I can't find some famous artwork that reflects happiness?
Is it OK for a professional painter to paint from a photograph instead of a real life model?
who is Barrister Anthony?
do you know any books about the affects of temperatures on paint? or just books about paint and what paint is?
Where can I find flags like this?
What is Samuel Bak's style?
What do you think of my 2 paintings?
what would a pitcer thats signed by john wayne and it says best wishes pauline john wayne?
How do you buy paint for contemporary painting?
how do i keep a painting canvas taut?
Would like to know any popular Abstract Acrylic Artists?
Is there software that turns you photos into a pop art style?
Is it ok to paint with a wet paint brush?
who design the colour wheel?
Who do the people on each side of mary on The Sistine Madonna represent?
ok does any know how to change the eye color of a picture.. like eye color is brown and the background gray?
What color represents "trustworthiness" and "honesty"?
How can I make my paintings original?
What do I need for digital painting?
What do I use to transfer photocopies to canvas?
Who is your favorite artist? ( paintings, etc)?
details of a german painter, Johan Snyder or Snider.?
What do you think a painting needs to have to be a successful painting?
Why were women from old paintings fat?
Does anyone know any information on Picasso (artist) For Example, Where he was born, when he was born etc.?
What were the favorite subjects (subject matter) of late nineteenth-century artists?
Interested to exchange links? I did it all by myself, and still trying to sell something on the web…?
how do you see aura?
Where can i find free and good spay painting guides? (videos.)?
were is a good place to sell my art paintings her in california? they are 5ft by 10ft.?
Depiction of Philosophers in Art?
Is there a replica of Starry Night by Van Gogh I could buy?
How did Vincent Van Gogh's mental illness affect his artwork?
how do i tell if my painting is a watercolour or a print?
Is there any way I can purchase Joy of Painting with Bob Ross on DVD?
Worried about Cellulose Thinners?
Need help for a painting project!!?
Artists like SuicideKitten?
Caravaggio Biography?
Want To See What Happens When You Mix Incompatible Paints?
Artist Suffragist League Photos! Boudicca?
Painting in Wartercolors?
What is the difference between watercolor paint and poster paint? Can I use the same paint on the same paper?
What are your childhood table memories?
Who is your favorite artist and what is your favorite piece of art work?
What can I Use Instead of Damask Varnish? For Oil Painting?
What can i get my brother for his 40th birthday?
Where can i find cheep acrylic paint, good for canvases.?
What color starts with "C"?
a painting that shows different classes of people?
Whats the difference between surrealism and abstract art?
i am looking for a painting from the t.v. show drop dead diva?
How to name unknown painting?
who is the artist of kali painting ?
Art/craft show question?
I caught my cat sittig on my canvas. It's a little saggy in the middle, can I still use it??
What contributions did Rembrandt make to Western art?
At the time that the school of athens was painted, what did Renaissance Italy have in common with the fresco s?
which colors go togethor well? easy ten points?
Bumpy paint job in my bedroom?
If Russell Brand and Jonathon Ross?
How long should I watery before sleeping in bedroom after painting it?
what is some of joan miros most famous paintings?
how do u make paints?
Boticelli's Venus?
marilyn monroe the last sitting?
Can you help me find a painting?
Who Knows how many shades of black there are?
Where can I find canvas for spraypainting?
who has recently painted the singer James Blunt?
Title of this painting?
a divine child ok, ok?
what are leonardo da vinci person qualities.?
How do I finish and seal Sharpie Paint Markers?
Art class ideas!!?
i jus finished an acrylic on canvas painting of a victoria secret model, where can i sell it?
What type of paint should I use on my guitar?
Where can I buy painting supplies for cheap but that are good quality?
how can I what these pictures are worth oil paintings and free advertisement for them?
when was the school of athens painted?
What kind of paint will not with folding and not wash off with rain?
PLZ ANSWER!! Where can i get spray paint in SE Melbourne?
why do many people say Bob Ross wasn't an artist?
What is the definition of 'ART'?
Is Corel Painter better than Photoshop for doing fantasy artwork?
What do you think of my painting?
Vincent Van Gogh help?
£1 shop paints and canvas for young/old starters good idea ?
Okay, this might sound weird, but I really need a notebook for school that I can paint the front cover?
What should I paint on a ceiling tile for my art project?
My chemical romance? (cover art)?
i need to know the real GOD?, anu body can tell where?
I paint on canvas boards, but I don't know how to display my art work help?
who is the artist who paints flowers? HGTV episode with Candace?
Why do painters where white?
i want a red razr for a cingular plan, is spray painting it a good idea?
Who is your favourite artist/artwork?
Question about different types of art?
Watercolor painting for idiots. Tips please ?
Who likes Twinkies?
have you seen the MONA LISA in real life?
wayne thiebaud 10 facts?
where did the artist wassily kadinsky get his inspiration from?
I want lil ideas for canvas painting ?
how do you make the color brown?
What color do you get when mixing yellow with purple?
Any advice on how to make normal oil paints dry faster?
I have an oil painting on canvas of men who seemed as though they just returned from a hunt.?
What are some funny colours, sad colours, fearful colours?
is it ok to decorate a handkerchief with acryllic?
Artpad ( problem?
I am looking for a print or poster by Jules Worms, called a Spanish Courtyard. Where can I find it?
Who painted the brooklyn bridge in the movie "Stay"?
when I send an email it says it was sent by Jose Rivera. Who is that. It is not me.?
how can I find out about a painting I have signed by the artist Lindberg?
What color should I paint my bedroom?
similar artists to francis vallejo?
Why would anyone be impressed by an Ellsworth Kelly painting?
What colors do you mix to make navy blue?
Does anyone sell Darger prints?
Will watercolor pencils stain on your skin when you write on it, and is it washable?
do you like art?(why?)?
What do you think about graffiti?
Is it better to print a shirt with spray paint or fabric paint?
Who are the described contemporary artists' name?
how one artist can learn greek for one day??? Big problem for today!!! I dont see the way, Do you?
what is the name of the artists that specializes in drawing/painting insects?
When did the National Gallery of Australia open?
Are there any old Italian paintings that depict sex, or the sexual act?
What's a good brand of pastel pencils with a million color varieties?
Has anyone seen a painting like this?
How long did it take Leonardo DaVinci to paint the last supper?
i purchased a painting in 1979 of an island on a lake in the black forest it cost 550dm by waldeck any idea if?
How are paintings related to the advancement of technologies?
how/why are some paintings so expensive?
Airbrush Problems!!!!?
How to get out oil paint?
can krylon spray tips be replaced with other types of caps?
Does anybody know of a great website where u can get free step by step instructions on how to paint w/acrylics
I need help! What type of paint can I use on my skin?
what should I paint tonight?
A canadian painting with 3 people in it?
Art supply store?
are or were male painters painting mostly or even only males or is it a taboo (would be considered homesexual)?
Navajo Bride & Groom painting?
What can i paint that would be fun?
Painting a Valentines Tea Kettle?
Do you like my artwork?
Who painted this picture?
what do you think about ebay color schemes?
i want to know about reflection of color in vincent van ghog painting?
Why is it a well known artist can smear their feces on a canvas and get hundreds of thousands for it?
Who are the top three Bluebonnet artists of Texas?
What is a Renaissance artist that was French?
Who painted this portrait ?
Can I use apple barrel acrylic paint as body paint (read description)?
What type of patents do artists use for their work?
Which are the best colleges for fine arts in Europe?
What is the value of a Norman Rockwell Print on Canvas?
masking spray paint art
New music, artists, news?
What colours better? - Black or Pink?
What can I paint next?! (Acrylic on a canvas!)?
is leonardo da vinci ?
Looking for artist R. DeLongrie?
Album covers with famous paintings or sculptures?
Does anyone know anything about an artist named Theo Tobiasse? ANY info at all will be a great help?
please help me IDENTIFY THIS PAINTING !?
What graffiti would you scrawl over Picasso cubism art?
King Phillips II court painter?
Art technique? Please help?
Is it better to use soft or oil pastels with gesso?
Where did the painting of ones finger nails and toe nails originate?
what is 5x4 + 8x2 +3?
where can I enter and exhibit my artwork?
for anyone that has venus embrace?
paint brush selection?
Can you paint glass with acrylic paint?
Value on another Norman Rockwell print (Looking Out To Sea)...2'x3' on canvas?
a question for ARTISTS who know stuff about different styles?
What Impressionist techniques did Monet use in Waterlily Pond, Harmony in Pink?
How do you interpret Henri Matisse's statement:?
Is the painting "Rory Emerald Kissy Face" by billionaire Mark Zuckerberg his one and only work of art?
What do you like about this painting?
Do you know this painting?
Where do I begin...?
Is mona lisa a transgender? She doesn't look like an woman?
Where would I find cheap wrapped canvases of Paris online? ?
Thinking about doing a masters study but dont know who to study from?
Do you no were i can by a can of black glossy spry paint?
i love to collect spray paint cans and paint stupid things?
i am looking for a creative name for my art school?
Do you know of a good site online to teach me how to paint trees and leaves?
what is abstract painting?
What do you think about my art project
Where is Roy Lichtenstein's artwork featured?
What is your favorite painting and why?
Norman Rockwell Boy Scout Set of six prints?
My acrylics on canvas? Honest opinions...?
what is your favorate guitarist?
How Do You Make Orange When Mixing Paint?
how can i find the artist of a named painting?
What should i paint? Please answer, im in a pickle xD?
please comment on art work and let me no what you think?
do you like my drawing?
The Outlaw, N.C. Wyeth Painting?
plz think a bit and suggest me any paint name?
Who's your favorite painter?
Compare and Contrast Fauvism and Expressionism?
1. Where was Ludwig Von Beethoven from and when was he born/when did he die? 2. Why was Beethoven's lif?
Corel Painter 12 brush lag?
How do you blend two images together on paint shop pro x4?
How did the work of Rogier van der Weyden influence other painters?
What are some good grafitti words?
I need semi permanent body paint?
I'm looking for a print I saw in a newsletter in 1978-1979. How do I find it.?
Manga to oil painting?
How do I find out the name of an artist?
I have a oil painting by Adorno 1985, it is an American Indian anyone know anything about this?
how do you feel about Warhol?
Is this a good theme/idea for A-Level (Higher level) Art?
What effects fascinated the Impressionists?
What similarities do Paul Klee, Kandinsky and Marl Rothko all have?
Why do we need to paint?
Why was Andy Warhol so famous?
Pastel vs. Acrylic? Helppp...?
Why does a boomarang come back when you throw it?
What is a good social justice issue to create a piece of artwork for and what should I paint for it?
Homestuck body paint?
why Picasso's painting is so expensive?
You Ever Start A Painting That You Put Aside And Forget About?
is it legal to sell your own paintings on internet?
Painting or Popart?
I have a painting signed J. Garcia It is a seascape I want to know if this Garcia is Jerry Garcia?
What are some similar artists to Alberto Vargas and George Barbier?
Where can I find a good custom car painter in Ohio?
What's your favorite zentai shop?
Can anybody tell me where Claude Monet's 'Under the Poplars' is exhibited?
when will Linda Ronstant be loved?
Iwata AirBrushes?????????
is acrylic paint waterproof, even when mixed with water?
Waht year was the painting Nathaniel Pryor and Sam Houston at Three Forks painted.?
Does spray paint wash off somoenes car?
Montana Spray Paint?
Who is your favorite/most influential artist?
What's the best way to begin marketing your fine art?
Beautiful flower painting, interested? click link!?
I have a painting called The Flower Market Norwich by a painter with the surname "Hankey" (I think). Has?
how can i fined an artiste painter?
Am I better off with a $60K debt for a MFA from SFAI or a full assistantship MFA at Bowling Green State Univ?
How do I dry my oil painting faster?
Wrong varnish for oil painting?
What should I use to paint a T-shirt?
Can I use a workable fixitive on watercolor?
why does the mona lisa not have any eyebrows?
What will happen if you paint a toy car with the same paint that you paint the walls?
Are there any famous artists that focus on expression?
what were the individual contributions of cezanne, seurat, and van gogh to the genre of post impressionism?
how much are dorit levi's paintings worth?
A sunday on la grande jette?
Mehron or Kryolan? which is better?
i was trying to sell some old paintings and i was told they were old department store paintings?
Panama girls is a german expressionist painting by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner.?
help me estimate this please!?!?
Do you prefer realistic art or abstract?
How would I paint my Ipod Mini?
Can i use any gel in painting ?
Where are Leonardo Da Vinci's Notebooks at the moment?
i'm looking to sell a piece of artwork , a painting, any recommendation for website to look at?
can you use a storage place for a studio?
Silk painters/Embroidery?
How can I turn 2 large canvas boards I painted into a queen sized headboard?
Information about Michelangelo?
Which painting matches this poem?
Can I get a critique of my artwork - figures, portraits, and self-portraits in oil...?
what color wall will go with red furniture?
What's the difference between mauve and lilac?
What is your favorite artist/painting and why is it your favorite?
how can you make dark brown for painting?
How different is Acrylic Nail paint from regular Acrylic Paint?
I'm looking for an artist by the name of Vāmos.?
Renaissance Piece of Art?
Claude Monet?
Is it true that watercolor is hardest medium to learn?
How can the painting polynesie le ciel be Henri Matisse?
paint i need help please?
what type of colour should be used to paint Venetian Mask?
Can you recommend a good varnish for finished oil painting?
Help me find a painting?
Can you help me identify this painting from the set of Cougar Town?
tape use for making flames and designs when painting cars?
Can I paint white canvas shoes, and if so, how?
I need information on artist Fujita Tsuguharu's painting of Apocalypse?
Strange man in painting by Francesca, The Baptism of Christ, c.1450...wearing UNDERWEAR?? PULLOVER SHIRT?
the song "painted black"?
how to take off oil paint?
Is graffiti an art form?
Who are some well-known artists who express mental illness through their artwork?
what graffiti names do you recommend?
help with art research?
Which artist chose graffiti for creative expression?
How do I mix a color wash to paint transparent detail over le paint?
What are my George Barrie prints worth?
What are your favorite paintings or artists?
name the top ten most interesting female music artists?
What can art (graduate studies in painting) schools teach you that you can't learn on your own?
What is the name of this painting?
I've been mixing tempera with acrylic for better texture, can I spray it over with gloss?
Is this a watercolor?
advice for selling my art work?
how many painting schools in india?
Painting a Logo Help
Does non-representational painting have a future?
Qing Dynasty illustrations?
I'm painting my room with anime characters. Should I make them chibi?
good grafitti or tag names????
what is the painting of the basketball player in the mint museum?
Where can I get a painting by NATCHEZ?
Leonardo Da Vinci, Einstein or Mozart? Who is the actual genius?
antique road signs?
Can i use any gel in painting ?
What type of brushstrokes do impressionists use?
what type of painting does the japanese sumi-e art represent?
Can someone describe this painting to me? Please...?
Who makes Michaels Craft stores frames?
can you work out the value of the symbols and hence the missing value?
any one have any watercolor technic that are wild? cst?
What influence Michelangelo to create?
Mary Bonner painter?
what do you think about this van gogh painting?
If I want to buy Abstract Oil Painting how much it cost me on average?
What is Leroy Neiman Nebraska Suite Artists Proof Worth?
Can I swirl a black guitar?
has anyone ever heard of artist K. Gaiermann?Any info would be a help thanks?
Is painting a difficult hobby to even learn?
What is your favorite color?
im trying to find out who painted an abstract painting i cant find a signature, i only found a no: OP00191?
accter jop?
what do u think eastman johnson's painting ***** life at the south represents?
what date was van gogh's sunflower produced?
How do I go about appraising and selling a framed oil painting by Gordon Dean Smith?
Can I sell my paintings?
I painted a pic of my Min Pin..what do you think?
Renaissance artists?
who painted and signed this painting, see photo?
What are painting/drawing exercises for improving perspective?
Paint tool sai, a few questions?
Where is the 'Garden of the Rockies' by Albert Bierstadt located?
What do you all think of my painting?
does anyone know art classes in pune, oil painting classes?
Can you use acrylic paint on shiny board?
how do i find out about a canadan artest named stefan bell?
I want to try acrilycs alongside oil paint will this work?
Are oil paintings meant to last long?
In the 70's, this type of painting was soft to the touch but couldn't sing "All Shook Up".?
What is the artist "Gideon's" religion?
What should I do for art?
Futurist paintings or Artists inspired by music?
Who is the intended audience for these two artworks?
why isnt lead used in paints anymore?
what do artists wear in the Renaissance?
What is the most beautiful painting you have ever seen, regardless of being a famous one or not?
an artist made 21 quarts of green paint by mixing 3 parts blue paint and 4 parts yellow paint.?
Fine art (painting) students...?
who is the odd one out?
Is plaid a color?
What painting do I have?
Vincent Van Gogh - Did he really paint 70 portrait in 70 days?
Abstract Expressionism?
can somebody tell me any drawing and painting tutoring classes in Bangalore-north?
Craft Help!!?
Who painted the charles v at muhlberg?
Rate my graffiti blueprints sketch please?
What is your favourite colour?
Recommended Artists for a Portrait?
How can I get paint off a shirt I made?
did public liked picasso 's paintings ? why or why not?
how do you know if you have an original or print of a Lippincot painting?
who posed for davinci as monalisa?
older prints by steve hanks in the 90's?
Artists only please. Can the likes of me buy and appreciate art?
how do i price my painting???
question about stuff for watercolour painting in art class!?
Does anyone know the name of this print or artist name? Even the type of art (abstract, etc) would help!?
Okay so I have to draw/paint this thing having to do with black history month. Any painting ideas?
What are those car marker paint things called?
information about artist alma'ch ?
What to charge for painting house!?
What should I do as a mural on a cupboard door?
Why were the ninja turtles named after famous painters?
Trombone slide is still sticky after putting on slide oil?
Artists similar to Francisco Goya ....?
When did Monet paint the poppy Fielda in Argentruil?
Minecraft Problem With Cobblestone?
Good graffiti shops online?
what do i do when i lost a painting i was trying to sell?
Unknown artist from movie!?
Do you have a favourate painting?
should artwork rely on extensive explanation for it to be understood?