What information should i include when writing an art exhibition on a painting?
Does anyone know of an artist Tom Wong?
What is the name of the artwork of a white background and a black dot in the middle?
How do I paint on shoes made of a fake leather?
Do I need to primer paint my walls before painting them?
Im looking for the name of a painting of a woman.?
How could i appropiate gustav klimts painting 'the kiss'?
how to make oil paint dry faster on non porous surfaces?
Is painting with water colors easier than oil painting?
How can I paint a dog?
Will Jack Wills Autumn 2009 Collection go onto clearance?
best way to mix extra virgin oil and 100% lavender oil for massage purpose?
Can someone help me get an interview?
Does any have paint by numbers?
how to make black was for oil paints?
A great painting site dl program?
Joan Miro's "Head of a Woman"... what would you title it and what would it mean to you?
Would satin finish be the best for painting bedrooms and living room ?
When stuey visits the Chicago art museum he states at a painting of a little girl. What is the painting called?
Custom painting a ukulele?
Does anyone know what gunsheild art was painted on the forward turret of the WW II ship HMCS Kitchener, K-225?
In The Painting "Le Guitariste" by Pablo Picasso what is the story behind the painting ?
Can anyone help me find this painting?
I'm looking for oil paintings by either William Grant or Duncan Grant (signature is Grant 26)?
Can you guys please tell me names of famous artists that used seasons (Winter etc) as one of their pieces?
What are some good ideas for Art Consentration?
what happen in the painting "Stonebreakers, in 1849, Gustave Courbet ?
trying to figure out who is the artist of a painting I have?
what kind of paper for acrylic paint?
When painting a portrait in watercolour, do you add water to the page or the brush?
Is this type of art still popular?
"Bansky" Vs. "OBEY"?
How does the painting THE GARDEN OF EARTHLY DELIGHTS made by Hieronymus Bosch represent renaissance ideas?
can i bring a digital camera to projekt revolution?
What's the best color combination with blue .?
portrait painting using similar techniques as Rembrandt?
what is your favorite color?
Where to sell paintings ive made?
Any ideas for GCSE Art coursework?
What can I paint for my boyfriend?
Why aare the waiting rooms before one goes on TV painted green?
Would you consider the Alice and Wonderland Animation surrealism?
I want to work at Hooters, I think I'm pretty hot and fit for the job. I have big boobs too.?
Whose pictured in the last supper painting?
What are those circular items that painters hold which holds the paint?
paint brushes and art supply questions?
What color paint does Bella Swan use in her room?
Will I need to paint the wall white to paint a mural on it?
Any artists that focus on love and fate?
C. M. Russell Artist "Wild Mans Truce" may be duplicate to "Pipe Of Peace" can anyone share info..?.. Value of
can blind people see colours?
Who first achieved complete abstraction in art?
What are the most famous Sistine Chapel paintings?
who was the artist that did the baked bean can painting?
how did stephane breitwieser steal the princess sybille des cleves painting?
What jobs can be done by visual artists other than illustration or computer graphic design?
Can you give me some constructive feedback as an artist on this painting of mine?
how would you compare these two portraits?
Can anyone name some famous pieces of art from the Renaissance?
Who painted these pictures?
What's the name and author of this painting?
How much is this painting worth?
My trees look like pom-poms?!?
how do i learn to oil piant?
Who is the artist or what is the name of this painting used in Assassin's Creed II?
What is the name of the artwork of a white background and a black dot in the middle?
how to network myself?
help! i need an artist who looks at fear!?
Do you think Hitler was a good artist ?
Canvas painting! need help!?
what kind of paint can I use to put my lip marks on a glass hookah?
Painting a lighter with acrylic paint?
proper hanging of paintings?
where can I find videos about Painting cars and flames?
what was a demand of black students at predominantly white colleges in 1960s and 1970s?
Appraising oil painting on canvas by R.E.Noble?
An original painting by comedienne Phyllis Diller of Rory Emerald; what's it worth?
Who is Martiros Saryan?
Have you tried making water miscible paint by adding clear detergent to regular oil paint?
theres this really cool painting and its a nun playing a les paul guitar, anyone know the name???!!!?
Where in Minnesota/Wisconsin you could sit for a portrait sketch or painting for honeymooning couple!?
Putting Matte Tulip Fabric Paint On A Jacket?
Can I get your opinion on and title suggestion for this painting idea?
i have a painting on glass w/gold trim sitting on a gold type holder, signed c russell, any value?
what were your favorite crafts when you were younger?
canvas paintings with the kids for their grandparents, what are some in techniques or tools I can use?
Does anyone think Botero is really bad?
Painting a horse tack box any ideas or designs?
Is there anything like Painting with a twist in Southern California?
Is there a way to protect my mobile painting?
what is your favourite colour and why?
What kind of paint should I use when painting canvas shoes?
can I paint the oil on tarpaulin?
My new guitar has a small chip , can I paint it with nail varnish?
What do you think of my print (spray paint)?
What type of paper is best for Acrylic paints?
my composition (animation) in after effectes has too many layers and became very big for memory. what can i do
I have 4 water collors sighned london madstage 1976 how can i find the value.?
Can you tell me the title and artist of this painting?
Jane Ray art online...?
I want to be a famous artist what does it take?
What do you think about this painting?
What color does a general gray mixed with a general brown color make?
Do space painters use poster boards or posters?
respond to examples of work by other artists?
Who is your favorite Artist?
What paint can I use for tshirts?
Please direct me to a website where I can buy original abstract paintings. I'm also on a budget. Thanks?
Is there anyone who like to buy....Female bodybuilder artwork?
name of painter?
What should I paint onto my canvas?
Indian ink and pen nib painting?
What modern painting is your favorite and why? Please include any references or web sites for the image..?
what are some good websites where you can sell beginner paintings?
who knows blake bates?
Why is the Mona Lisa so famous?
Why is the subject of war so commonly found in art?
what is the best material for spray painting?
what inspired michael angelo's work of an art?
what is your opinion about the smile in the MONA LISA?
What do you think "art for arts sake" means?
what is favourite colour?
i want to become artist?
adding shadows to painting...?
abstract painting?
what does an orange ball symbolize in art?
help!!!!!!!!!!!!!help help help?
Have you Heard of The Head by Vernon Ward? (painting)?
Preserving Painted Shoes?
The Color Blue......?
Which statement is true about balance?
Painting with gouache, how much water?
what colors needed Chicago Maroon?
Looking for the value of Ozz Franca's Litho Pink Navajo 1989?
What are paintings about identity ?
What do you think is Art?
Who is your favorite modern artist and why?
how to make a coloring book page into a classical painting?
Whats this painting called?
artwork based on popular culture?
How much would a John Bampfield original sell for?
Picasso exposition poster from 1969?
is mother of pearl worth anything?
What Is Your Favorite Art Movement?
Can I get Paul Normansell prints?
What happens if I eat paint?
Artists who paint doors?
What is name of the painter?(pictures linked)?
Where can I buy unfinished carousel horses? The large ones that are put on stands?
I have a painting by Armstong?
Painting fur in acrylic?
Where can I find information on 19th century painter I. Snowman?
why am I date less?
Who is this painting of and who painted it? PLEASE HELP!!?
Does this look okay to you?
Where can I buy a London Branded Sketch pad?
How much is a painting called "Morning Glory" by Robert E. Tuckwiller?
What is the best kind of paint to use on rice paper?
How to know how much a painting is worth before selling?
Oil pastels and other art supplies ?
What do you think of the artwork done by Alex Grey?
From Where I can get Chromakey Green Paint and Chromakey Blue Paint in India.?
Who are some artists of the 20th century?
Using acrylics and colored pencils ?
What are the best 5 paintings in the world?
can any1 find the"female figure study" by paul prudhon anywher in the web?
How would you wash t-shirts or any type of clothing using this kind of specific paint?
Artwork & Painting?
What is your favorite color (or color mix) to use for flesh tones on portraits?
Can anyone suggest me some sites about art - pencil shading,oil painting etc.?
what surface is the mona lisa painted on?
I painted the tips of my hair with red paint (water colours)?
what can we learn from Henri Matisse to improve our own work?
How long does acrylic paint take to dry on air-dry clay?
Know the name of a painting withtransparent, kind of "ghostly" images of children playing in an old schoolyard
Why do people hate Dale Chihuly, the renowned Seattle glass artist?
Can I sell a painting I made containing painted beatles images?
I have a couple of questions about the artist known as Leonardo Da Vinci.?
Who makes the names for the crayons? Youknow, the ones like forest green or midnight blue. Who decides how blu
Iwant to change the apperance of my cursor?
Does anyone know how I could learn the skills of Picture Framing?
Henri Rousseau?
How to dry my oil painting?
whats the best way to sell my art, that doesnt involve ebay?
how do i get oil paint out of paintbrushes?
Is water based acrylic paint safe to draw designs on fingernails?
Was Salvador Dalí a great artist or just a wallpaper manufacturer?
which are the best art schools?
Bedroom painting ideas?
I want to get into airbrush painting...any tips?
Do I need to prime my canvas?
Who are known artists that have painted the outlaw Jesse James?
What are 6 forms of pure abstraction?
What store can i find HOT PINK paint?
Does anyone know where to buy colourful exercise books in Australia?
Can you recognize this painting?
is leonardo da vinci ?
My Canvas' wood frame smells bad, what's wrong and what do I do?
name Leonardo's greatest contributions?
Help - Ideas for how to paint closet?
where can I buy Visionglow glow-in-the-dark paint?
Your 3 Favorite Artists?
I have lost a painting. Is there a website that lists found paintings?
Five Facts on Claude Monet (French Impressionist Artist)?
Painting your own canvas?
what is enamel paint a top coat or a primer or what?
Caravaggio - The Calling of St. Matthew?
if you mix yellow and green what color do you get?
how do i make my white paint whiter?
what is a painter architect? is it a bad thing?
i need help with artists regarding j20 bottles?
Is the artist Escher a painter?
do i have to use primer while painting my scooter?
Whats the best way to mail an oil painting?
ART LOVERS! i'm freaking out! please interpret this painting!?
Which medium was it painted with?
What are good things to paint?
in what way does Severini depict "Suburban Train arriving in Paris"?
The two paintings with a boy and a girl by the sea on a rooftop in the night. I don't know the artist or title?
Which of the following was the 2nd style of Greek vase painting to evolve?
Can anyone give me any pattern artists?
What's your favorite painting in the collection?
What should I paint for my aunt?
What feeling did picasso's art give off?
What is this painting and where can I find it?!?
who made the most popular paint of monalisa and wher and when?
How to explain balance in a piece of art?
What are some fun easy things to paint?
Do you know this who painted this?
How is Bansky the DaVinci of our time?
why did andy warhol paint soup cans?
What do you think of my painting?
Do you know a site that shows famous old painting in large size ?
Can anyone give me any information on the Spanish artist Manual Casal?
Where can I get a copy of a Diego Rivera painting that is not being reproduced?
can self taught artist be as successful as artists who went to art academies?
What 2 colors make white?
any ideas for easy but cool black light painting for a 13 yr old?
Does anyone know what type of plaster i could use to make a textured canvas painting?
where can i get the paints that the old master used?
What's with European art andty?
who knows the mona lisa secret?can you tell me?
Painting of Sea Captain looking down on his Shipwreck?
Watercoloring newbie?
What are some famous paintings of the 19th and 20th century that deal with music?
what colors do you have to mix to get normal blue?
Dumping oil paint in the sink?
how to draw names in clouds?
Can I use matte spray paint over semi-gloss?
Native Art?
Metal flakes in wall paint?
Do you like my painting?
I have a art show coming up.But every time I start to paint I think don't wont to right now?
I need someone that is an amazing sketch artist?
Can I paint over a pre painted metal surface?
should i get a white violin or wood colour?
Do you know any good UK art hosting sites where I can sell my artwork?
What's the best technique to meditate?
This may sound silly.. but can one use coconut oil for oil painting?
Fernand Léger painting?
Bruce Lee in fog painting search?
Where can I find a "Nighthawks" paint by number?
Why would Leonardo da Vinci be interested in abstract art?
What do you think of my mixed media painting?
Well i have two different questions one about singing and one about paintings?
who is Ruth Leger Sivard?
Is painting a good trade to get into, how do you get into it, and how long does it take?
where is Leonardo Da Vinci,s grave?
Would you hang one of Adolph Hitler paintings in your house if you was given one?
Where Can I Sell My Art?
what was going on in the world doing the period of 1900-1910?
How can I make sure the acrylic stain STAYS on my shirt?
If you could link ANY artist to the carnivals and festivals held in Rio who would you choose?
hand painted dishes with the initials or name that appears to be cplz or cpis?
What color is most appealing ? Why?
Why would Raphael be the most influential person of the Renaissance?
how to create a modern, bold, colorful painting out of a regular photo?
where can i buy Color Place or Krylon spray paint?
Any affordable paint/art programs that you would recommend?
Does anybody have info on a painting of a woman in niqab, it's all black and only her eyes are showing.?
When painting a contemporary acrylic painting on canvas, how other than a paint brush, how do artists write?
Is it allowed to copy parts of old paitings or photos for own use and sale?
What can I paint?????!! HELP?
why was michelangelo one of the best renaisannce artists?
Is this a good painting?
artist website bio -- what can i write??
Can anyone please tell me what the title of this painting is?
I have an oil painting by S.Bowman?
Information on Sorollas Paintings?
i have a black and white print of A muskalone hooked and coming to gaff by ht.s watson.. but cant find any
Can you use spray paint on a wall?
Does anyone know who painted this?
Is copying someones painting, and then changing it a bit considered plagiarism?
Does anyone know about the painting called "Spring" by Margo Alexander?
O.M. Robb Charcoal Sketch Valuable from Sykesville, MD. ?
Who out there loves art with a passion or just finds it relaxing?
What do you think of when you see red, orange, green, blue, indigo and violet?
Who knows the profile history of the artist Antonio Garcia LLamas?
Interesting facts about Michelangelo?
where is the painting The Blob Grows in the Beloved Garden?
Help Finding a Name of a Famous Painting?
Does anyone know where I can find a print of Shibata Zeshin's "Waterfall and Monkeys"?
bofkets? wooded areas in 17th and 18th Centuries?
Who Knows how many shades of black there are?
What artist's signature is this? Who is wilson?
I need some help? About art!?
does spraypaint stay on polycarbonate ?!?
What are some websites that have Picasso paintings (No google)?
Who is the artist who made this painting and what is it called?
What sort of cloth/rag should be used to wipe oil paintings (wet or dry)?
Out of the four roman wall painting styles, which was the most preferred?
What items are on the table in the lower left corner of Edgar Degas' L'Absinthe?
Do you like my painting?
Artists who paint childhood objects?
10 points for a good suggestion for a Painting !?
What is the strongest permanent marker?
How to use watercolors?
I have a painting by gertrude shoop,a KS based painter, is it worth anything? she died in 1992?
Who painted the painting with a Guardian Angel Raises an Arm in Blessing?
im searching for edgy talented artist who work on canvas-e-mail me pics-anyone?
What is the official name for this thing.?
is this cute or not please tell me?
Can't paint anymore? Need help?
I am trying to locate an artist by the man of sergio gonzalez tomero fantasia six surgeons and myself?
is there such as thing as a successful artist with a happy life?
primary colors help pleez?
Is ebony colour pitch black or an off black colour?
Artists who paint........?
which artists draw/paint music?
can any one tell me the name of a famous painting of blitzkreig warfare?
What kind of paint should I use to paint a mural on an outdoor metal utility box?
why is Leonardo Da Vinci's name famous?
body work paint?
How much do Richard Akerman Paintings cost?
hi, what is the name of the lady painter that is compared with Picasso?
Should sanding strip the prime paint?
An well known artist that painted beds and bedrooms?
how do i find a list of enamel artists?
are any of seraphine's paintings in museums?
best classical composers?
Is there anyway to remove a layer of acrylic paint without removing the layers of gesso?
can i paint a Porcelain nick knack with acrylic paints?
what is your favorate guitarist?
Okay, spray paint question for artists?
what kind of paint should i use to paint a g shock watch?
what are some natural form artists?
What do you think of this painting?
What would be a good song for a video about Georgia O'keeffe?
How do I turn chunky paint into smooth paint?
How do you get oil paints out of brushes?
Where are the paintings in the heading of d painting?
Does anyone know the years for Diego Rivera's paintings "Sugarcane" and "Liberation of Peon"?
Any good artists/photographers who focus on birds?
what is the main objective of Leonardo da Vinci for making the last supper?
Who are some of the most famous women painters?
how much is this painting and who is it by?
glow in the dark paint???
My son is a very good artist.(see Can you help him find an agent in Seattlle?
do you like my painting?
Can i put primer spray paint ofer primer spray paint?
is juan luna a impressionist? or expressionist?
Should I be a painter or dietitian?
what exactly was a scholar in the 19th centuary?
how do you figure an ERA?
Graffiti.. Art? Vandlism?
What websites have great paint shop pro brush downloads?
Any other artists out there?
What did Andy Warhol wear?
How to paint my headphones?
What does Dali's "The Black Cherub" have to do with Dante's Inferno?
Good websites for cheap photographic artwork of Paris?
Art question?
What kind of painting style is this?
What is the best gift no restrictions for a boyfriend who is an artist?
what's your favourite colour ?????????
what's the difference in using these mediums? WATERCOLORS, ACRYLIC PAINTS, OIL PAINTS?
How long did Vinvent Van Gogh spend mastering his art?
I've heard that the oil in oil pastels will eventually rot paper. What will prevent this?
War hammer 40K painting tips?
how much does a painter cost?
The goal of the Impressionists was to create a photo realism in their paintings, to show nature as close to re?
Ok what are some famous paintings ?
From what painting is this image?
how to preserve watercolor on rice paper?
Who is the painter of American Indians hidden in the trees in one painting, and another exact work w/ landscap?
I have a really old painting and I want to know how much its worth. How do I do that.?
drawing with oil pastels on canvas.. need help please?
Who is the Queen in this painting?
Identify this francisco goya painting?
how could i find a job painting watertowers?
How do you get an infernus when playing online in gta4?
emulsion and water based paints?
My marching band is going on a trip to Florida. Any ideas to put on the shirt?
Identify this francisco goya painting?
A-Level art and design Final Piece suggestions please?
Can anyone find me the artist or this painting online?
why did andy warhol do the hundred cans on the camblls tomato soup?
Putting Matte Tulip Fabric Paint On A Jacket?
What do you think of my first painting?
Who is you favorite artist? (not musician)?
Is this a painting or a drawing or?
How hard is it to sell art?
Is it easy to paint with acrylic paint?
I am starting a gallery and I am looking for a 5 or 6 letter name for the gallery?
What do you think about graffiti?
What is your opinion of art thieves?
does anyone here like Surrealism, Dadaism Futurism?
Do you have to know how to draw before you paint?
Social and political surrounding of The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo?
Painters who painted their spouse (whether it be male or female)?
can you please give me an idea to what my painting represents?
Painting advice tell me what you think????Song of Athena(Richard franklin)?
Besides Louis Wain and Royal Robertson, who are some famous or interesting Schizophrenic painters?
What is the most popular oil painting in the world?
What should I paint?
how i can find out the artist?
The best spray paint? And where to buy it?
airbrushing body question?
Can anyone explain the artist Peploe's style compared to Van Gogh's?
Do you know this who painted this?
How to send canvas paintings?
getting the best flesh tones?
I need the name of a famous painting. It is of five naked women holding hands and running in a circle.?
edvard munch's 'the scream'- what media was used?!?!?
What are the top art schools in london?
What color goes good with red?
What should I draw for the theme Animation Themepark mural painting?
does anybody actually stare at a painting you like for more than 15-20 minutes, like I do?
Whats wrong with the pencil sketch portraits I am making? Proportion problem?
What should I put on the front cover of my sketch book?
Where can i buy spray paint without being carded in The Chicago area?
Who and what influenced Vincent Van Gogh's artworks?
How to take your dog's footprint?
Need help getting the color just right! Painters only!?
Legal graffiti walls in bay area california??
What is the cheapest non-synthetic brush?
Will Polyurethane smear paint thats already on wood?
What can I do to improve my picture?
What painting do you like best?
How can I find the name of this painting?
What do you think of my street stencil idea?
How do you find out the artists' name to a song when you only know the title?
Post/Impressionism painting full figured woman lying in bed in pajamas, smoking. Need help remembering painter?
What is the symbolism of the apple tree in the painting "The Baleful Head" (pre-raphaelite)?
I'd like to find cheap art from new artists on-line. Any suggestions?
What are some of Léopold Boilly famous artworks names?
What's the name of the guy that had a tv show in the 80's painting canvas with a household paint brush?
Can I use fabric marker paint on glass?
where is Duchamps artwork?
Does anyone have an idea what this painting is called or who painted it?
how is it that u know that u have made a good painting?
What is your favorite 19th century Artist?
how do u refer to a painting in a frame??
Painting a Longboard?
Why is Guernica (by picasso) an important artwork?
What is achroma colour?
Anyone ever heard of a lanscape artist called Barrington Brumby?
why do artists that paint sign there name on different sides of their work?
where can i find colorful pencil led?
what is that picture of the huge swan with a lady getting off its wing in twilight called?
*o*O*o*What style is Francis Picabia's "Hera" *o*O*o*?
What is most common favourite color ?
What period is this painting from?
dose any one know how to stop bitting your nails habbit?
How much is this painting worth?
What is the most beautiful painting that you have very seen?
A friend of mine has several original old paintings he is interested in selling. How do we go about this?
happiness symbol needed?
who knows the name of this painting on the cosby show set?
where can i find a professional auction appraise regarding oil paintings?
What is your favourite colour?
painting matt paint on metal & plastic?
How do I use acrylic paint??
What is the meaning of Klimt's 'The Kiss'?
does anyone know what this painting is?
What was Salvador thinking as he painted "Swans Relecting Elephants"?
Why does a Jackson Pollock painting sell for $140 million and a Rembrandt only $46 million?
what posters did you have on your wall when you were young?
Did Roy Lichtenstein have any siblings?
Someone wanna tell me where I can read the whole story of the headless horse guy? by washington irving?
Can you give me a list of your favorite pieces of art?
information about the paining called The Bluebird of Hapiness by Harry Neumann wanted?
Anyone heard of an artist named Anton?
An Artist named "Emico"?
What would you pay for an original lanscape oil painting, size 15"x18"?
f 5/2 artists make 5/2 paintings using 5/2 canvases in 5/2 days then how many artists r required to make 25 pa
What can you tell me about William Sydney Mounts' "Farmer Whetting His Scythe"?
a good site for colour theory?
to artists: Can you paint over an oil painting by adding pieces of acrylic paint?
acrylic paint gloss & framing help?
What is the name of this painting?
How should i paint my room, the colors are hot pink and black?
What are paintings made that are black and white with a single object thats red called?
I m a calligraphr but i m not use a brush in before so plz gve me ans what is usd?
Is there an artist who paints flowers and how they change?
Who is Leonard Da Vinci's Mona Lisa?
Does Alfred harps still like me?
Say all you can on this painting?
Who is artist Peter Colby?
Creation of Adam?
what's it called when you burn pigments into papers?
For my art GCSE and for my piece I want to do the Swallows Nest in Crimea in watercolor. Any ideas?
What is Synthetic Media???
What are the diff paintings in the Louvre?
How do you use Puffy Paint?
BUDHA PAINTING - i was thinking of gifting Budha painting?
Museums where you can find Hieronymus Bosch paintings?
where do you get painter pants?
Wonderwall (oasis) painting?
13 finished pieces for art portfolio, is that good enough?
Digital painting for teens?
Tips on using oil paints?
where does michael moffat live?
Suggestions of a title for a painting?
does my painting look comolete?
I have an oil painting signed Markey. How do I determine who the artist is?
how do i paint skin using oil paint? my subject has a pale white skin tone?
how can i make the background white in pictures using paint?
A painting question for painters more experienced than me?
What is great about JMW Turner?
Can you please help me analyse this painting, i cant understand parts of it?
What is my favorite colour ?
from now on if you want to paint me please use arrow paint brushes please?
Why does the Mona Lisa smile?
I want some beautiful and natural paintings online? Any Legit source would be good.?
which is your favourite color and why?
How do you attach pastel art on paper to canvas?
Can Geurnica be considered propaganda?
C M Russell Painting?
I'm looking for a picfram it was maid in 1874 painter is GWSnedeker?
art painting name reality? blurring enlarged pictures?
will hair spray keep paint on my wooden draws?
See that teeny little pic next to my name.....?
How would I put photos of my paintings on my computer? What is the easiest way of doing it?
Do you like Edgar Degas?
How to paint on a coffe mug?
Artists who explore human emotion/condition?
OIL PAINT help...thank you...?
I am trying to find information on old print of young girl with milk or water jug standing next to a cow.?
Can you put a different varnish over a previously varnished oil painting?
first time painter. help?
Why were the Raphael's cartoons called cartoons when they were tapestries?
is profitable to mount an art gallery in us?
who painted the Minor Lisa?
I'm attempting to paint my first oil painting...what should I paint?
how has artwork changed over time?
what celebrity should I paint?
Which art period was this painting created in?
How do I keep my artist brush stiff & pointed?
What would be a fun name for a paint your own pottery store?
will you say at the museum or in the museum?
Want To Interpret This New Black And White Painting?
what products should i use to preserve watercolors?
Why did Pablo Picasso Paint , Girl with boat..?
tell me what you think of my first painting?
I need sources for my museum report ;~;?
Has anyone else put the paint feature on their?
What is the name of this painting? Who is the artist?
How do you paint a kendama?
What painting by A.J Casson had water and sky, rocks and a couple branch trees?
Can you paint onyx?Should you paint onyx?
What did El Greco's paintings reveal about Spain?
i need a pinkish purplish sparkly color for painting my room?
Barbie Painting?
How to paint abstract?
Can someone please help me with my assingment? i know it's cheating but i'm despereate!?
What is the best type of paint to us on a piece of durable polycarbonate resin thermoplastic?
Does anyone know the artist of my modern/contemporary art painting?
What kind of paint would be best to do Ebru Art?
Seascape Painter Don Fairbanks?
Who is the artist in the fineartamerica advertisement titled little wayne pop?
how do you make the color hot pink with paint?
Artist-MonetTitle- Le Bassin d'Argenteuil Registered Number 14-83 beige vel. Could it be worth something?
Raoul Dufy Painting question...?
Does anyone know the name of this painting or the artist who did it?
Making Puffy Paint?!?!?
Custom painted shoes creasing?
Where can we paint each other?
What wall paint color should i get if i have beige/tan furniture?
Can you recognize this artists signature, pictures in link below thankyou!?
Can you name any artists that did pictures of the same place but at different times of day or season?
what picture/paintings do you have in your house?
Anyone know any famous failures? People that became great after they died? Other than Van Gough or . . .?
How much would a painting by Charles Rennie Macintosh be worth?
if artists dont use black pigment then how dark burnt amber for a shadow?is dulling the same darking?
I need a contemprary song that relates to Claude Monet's painting "St Lazare Train Station"?
Is there such a thing,as invisible paint, or is it going to be made.?
Can you help identify artist of old painting (Joseph Kugler)?
Cute things to doodle in notebook paper?
If a picture has acrylic paints used in it, what type of painting would the picture be?
What should i paint for this art competition?
What to paint for her 18th birthday?
is earl gross painting worth a lot of money?
Who was Thomas Meek, Jr. an artist?
Where i can buy a air brush kit? my location is gosford.?
How to make oil paint dry faster?`?
how old was Modigliani(artist 1920's) when he died, where can i find an online example of his works?
Can I use this to thin oil paints?
does anyone know what paint is best to use??
im trying to sell an oil painting of an old jazz band, how could i do this?
How do I make light brown without using yellow paint? please help !?
How do you find out the artists' name to a song when you only know the title?
What are the messages conveyed in the following paintings?
Im a new Absract artist need your Point of View?
need a topic for painting! Help Me!?
How do I hang a wooden panel, without nails??
What kind of paint should I use to paint a model car?
do any one have any information on this painting?
Argan oil...what is it?
Cheese gah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
If someone is copying a famous painter like Diego Rivera and claiming the paintings as origional paintings...?
WHEN DID THE MARLBOROUGH GALLERY EXHIBIT BOTERO ART - looking for the year prior to 1963 on Feb 4?
I would like to know the value of an old litho print by Sir Thomas Lawrence entitled Miss Murray.?
What is a painting that had a focal point and balance?
I'm looking for abstract pictures - faces, any one can help?
What are artist Claude Monet's 4 most powerful/popular and famous paintings?
What do you think about my painting?
Trying to find out about C. Wood a painter who used oils on canvas c.1953?
So I am in a painting rut, any painting ideas?
How do owners set a notice to be sent to members when a photo is uploaded to an album.?
could I use a regular lead pencil to draw my design on to Stretched Canvas before I paint?
Would oil color or acrylic paint work on a plastic school folder?
I ate paint help??????????
how much do you think i should sell this for?
do u like the painting skrik/scream?
I purchased an oil painting.?
Art GCSE Trying to find a meaning for my painting?
Does anyone own, or know someone who owns, a painting by Kansas City artist Modesta Richerson?
Would you pay for this (Digital) painting?
Hans Holbein ' the ambassadors' painting?
artistic interior canvas oil painting #464856?
Do you think being an artist?
why is the mona lisa painting such a big deal?
need name of a classic piece of art picture with a woman floating in a lake with wrists and ankles tied?help?
What do you think of my painting?
Is Leonardo Da Vinci impressionistic or Classic?
I need 5 facts about Edvard Munch! =)?
If DaVinci was Italian, why is The Monalisa in a museum in France?
I ran into a green swingset will fingernail polish work? or will it mess up the paint?
I need some ideas for a painting.?
how could i paint this on my wall?
Francisco Vazquez De Coronado?
Creepy painting for library?
Any opinions on Philharmonic Center for the Arts in Naples, FL?
Bill Talbot (artist)?? PLEASE!!?
where can i find a face template so i can do face painting practice?
If I trace a picture and paint it can I still say it mine?Is it still classed as talent?
whats the picture with the melting clocks, its done by a painter?
essay on futurism in painting?
What to paint my best friend?
I need to reuse a painting canvas?
i get to redo my room and i want to paint my room something unique and creative?
ANy ideas for my paintings?
where can i find a painting by Vain Welueeck?
is acrylic paint a good paint for jeans?
what did michelangelo say about the "site" of The last judgement to Pope John Paul III?
Question on making a Chrome look?
Have you ever splatter painted? How do you feel about it?
Frida kahlo painting interpretation PLEASE!!!?
I am somewhat well informed concerning "art," but there is something I have often thought about and can not
Why can't you use regular house paint on canvas rather than the much more expensive artists paints?
PAINTING POLL/SURVEY: Who's your favorite painter? :-)?
Where can I find a biography of the artist Gianni A. Sarcone (aka Giovanni Sarcone)?
How would I find out what would qualify me as an oil painting artist? I have painted at least 50 pieces?
Whats so good, or talented about modern art?
How big can I blow up these paintings?
Can someone explain?
my brother likes a copy of a painting over the real thing. is he stupid?
Can i use a hairdryer to dry my oil painting?
As an artist I have a wooden shed at the bottom of my garden that has seen better days.?
I. have a royal enfield.i wud like to paint a new colour..i have opted for it okay with pearl white?
how can i become a face painter?
how anyone bought the cd for painting like bob ross?
Do these F's mean something or are they there to look fancy?
painter called liscaro?
Questions for self-supporting artists (painters).?
Can you rate my first digital painting?
I'd like to buy an original Monet painting. How much would it cost?
Where can i get paint pens?
What is the best type of acrylic paint & sealer for HAND PAINTED MAILBOXES?
Any one know where I can get information on the Artist Giovanni Mataloni (1869-1944)?
Is there a way I can make my shirt less stiff and more wearable (Fabric paint)?
Are the painters interested in sports?
why did art in the 60's die out?
Does actually work?
What does the great wave painting by hokusai represent or mean?
what were Leonardo da Vinci's influences on Italy?
modding painting laptop?
How do you spell the name of the French artist who painted redheads at Moulin Rouge???
How long did it take Michelangelo to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?
What do you think of my painting?
What exactly is abstract and modern art ?
water colorpeople? that actually have used water color paint and are good at it.?
alvero castignet artist might have spelling incorrect?
Bedroom painting ideas?
What are somethings that are in a shape of an egg?
Please help me this is really important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Question to Degree trained Painters?
Why did Vincent Van Gogh cut off his ear?
salt and paint?
Wright brothers museum?
what's the process, history, and advantages and disadvantages of an encaustic painting?
In warhammer 40k what colour paints do i need to paint the eldar biel tan rangers (in link below) ?
new orleans artist 1976?
I ve Spray Painted Some Plastic Boots But The Paint Hasnt Dryed?
who's the best in the painting art ?
What is the symbolism of the lotus blossom in art?
I paint in the realist/naturalist style, but people don't buy my paintings. See details.?
help. graphic art?
Leonardo da Vinici's subject matter?
I have an oil painting of a beautiful winter scene signed by Van Bell. This painting was old when I got it and?
Madonna and child enthroned with saints --raphael--what is the painters purpose for the pianting and how did?
Ideas for things to paint..?
What are some quiz questions about portraiture?
im looking to buy an airbrush should i get a Badger if i want to paint:cars, paper, hats ,etc.?
what is the title / artist of this painting?
What are the most unbiased primary paint pigments?
During the Renaissance, the development of _________________ made art portable and collectible.?
What do you people think of Mona Lisa's expression?
Sandro Botticelli most meaningful paintings?
name of painting, depicting the military execution of an apartment building. black and white.?
How do you take a print from a painting you have done on a stretched canvas?
What is picasso's most famous painting?
Is there a paint for wood that makes it look like leather?What sought of paint gives you that rustic look ?
I have a painting that says pastel by schepansky on the back, but I can't find anything about the artist.?
on miami ink chris garver did a tat of a girl crying tears of blood what is the painting called and whos it by
I need help interpreting a Dali painting. Can someone help please?
List of services of a painting artist?
where can i buy stuff to put my spray cans?
How do people do graffiti so good?
Hi i need help !!!?
Is Testor's enamel paint harmful to use?
How can I tell if a painting was done in acrylic or oil?
Salvador Dali Enthusiasts!Need to know about his training.EASY TEN POINTS!?
i wanna paint my room.but what colors???
Good names for a painter/artist themed clown?
I'm looking for a painting of two wild stallions running, one white and one black horse.?
Cosplay- using henna & body paint?
What do the lilies mean in Diego Rivera's murals?
Some airbrush painting advice/help?
few questions in watercolor painting ?
who was the german artist who depicted berlin life in the 1920s?
Who is the best painter in your opinion?
What was the process for Georgia okeeffe poppy painting?
what couldn't renaissance artists paint?
What is the name of this painting?
Does my painting look very amateur like?...?
which, among the two is easier to use, acrylic paint or watercolor?
What is the best way to paint a rabbit? ?
what does the birth of venus stand for made by andy warhol?
where can i find a buyer for franz frankl artwork, pre 1940?
Permanent marker on a Oil Painting?
anyone know any on-line sources where i can helpful hints on oil painting?
Teenage bedroom mural ideas?
salvador dali painting of man being crushed?
Romantic landscape and Literature?
What kind of tape should i use to paint stripes on my wall?
how do you describe the chatacteristics and features of a painting?
who made the monalisa pic?
How do I legally appropriate artworks?
if you are rich but can afford only one painting you choose mona lisa tell me why you choose it?
I want to start hand-painting children's rainboots. I need a very durable, waterproof (obviously) paint?
Is Madonna in Glory by Giotto a Fresco painting?
Any info on an Haitian artist named Georges Jean?
is it ok to wrap a painting with standard brown paper (non-acid free) just for a week.?
Why wont my paint dry?
Speed painter Dan Dunn demonstrated his amazing talent by painting a portrait of what music legend?
How much do you think this painting is worth honestly?
How long did Vinvent Van Gogh spend mastering his art?
I am looking for information about an artist with the last name of VanNeste, early to mid 1900's?
What is the best book out there to study the artwork of Picasso?
when u see van gogh's "The Sower",what do u feel of it??
What kind of paint should I use to paint a t shirt?
I'm painting a bookshelf, would these colours look awkward?
what graffiti pens/colours?
in picasso's painting synthetic cubism how was shape used?
hi guys name is frederic,where do i get this helicopter to follow pegerino?
Florence Ashley artist from Bolton?
I have a canvas, what can i paint?
How can i make this painting ?
What is a good tagging name?
Margaret Tempest Biography?
my son has just left school and is looking for a job with a painter and decorater anybody intersted coatbridge
I am looking for a matching set paintings featuring a man and a woman at a bar that I saw at someone's house.
What do you think of my watercolor portrait painting?
Famous Artists who painted Zodiac Signs in Human form?
Where online can I sell back a piece of used art (alexander chen print)?
want to sell original painting that adolf hitler signed where can i sell this locally im in ft worth texas?
can someone read this chinese painting.?
Does an artwork always have to be appealing to the eyes. Can an ugly subject be considered art?
Maria Magdalene Painting.?
Who painted this and what is it called?
Where can I find modern Australian paintings available to purchase online?
Does anyone know the music played during power of art Bernini episode?
what is the name and artist of the song in the end?
how do i get the Licenses for Paint Tool sai?
Any Marilyn Monroe Quotes?(:?
andhra boys names mix with sai and guru and ama?
whats that surreal painting of horses splashing whitewash of the wave. ? like they are the wave?
What is the best way to clean a Painting from dust without destroying the painting?
is my painting worth anything?
Oil painting question: Fixative sprays and underpainting?
Why does the Mona Lisa have no eyebrows?
how can i even out my skin tone on corel paint shop pro?
On Paint on the computer all colors turn out black? Why?
drawings/paintings that tell a story?
What medium should i use to paint on wood? And whats the best wood to paint on? I heard NUDE WOOD is very good
Is Liquitex acrylic paint paint a good brand?
Anyone ever heard of an Irish artist called J.P Rooney ?
does anyone know of an artist named Antoine or Anthony Pick from the 1890's? Not sure of the spelling.?
what's so mysterious about monalisa's smile?
A scene boy picture...?
I cant identify an old painting i have in my posession,is there a site that can help?
Is the pencil sketch the most important part of a painting?
Where can i find a Red Jumpsuit Apparatus poster?
do you have any idea who could have done this painting - any information is helpfull?
what makes an artist?
i need to find Leonardo's workshop?
what colors to mix to get dark blue?
what is the name of this painting?
How can I locate all tenents at 474 Dolores Apts, San Leandro, CA 94577?
'First Flight' by Nic Shaw - is my print original?
How does a person get copyrights to their artwork?
What do you think of my beetle (insect) painting?
I have an old Oil painting signed ONLY "Mario" and cannot figure the artist?
what do you think is hidden in the lyers of The Mona lisa !?
does my website have what it needs to make it . I also want input on my paintings go to ?
In this painting of "Catullus at Lesbia's" who does each person in the painting represent?
can I use latex instead of oil or acrylic on canvas?
How do you blend oil pastels?
what are some really beautiful romantic paintings?
do you have any painting ideas?
how to put a price on a painting?
who was leonardo's teacher?
Considering abstract art and landscape art, should an artist try both or only the one he's already very good@?
what are the best sizes for a painting?
i want to design helmets, dirt bike, and Motorcycle Crotch Rocket helmet?
The Best Place to Get These Materials: Good Acrylics, Waterproof pens, And canvas SHOES?
Question on art??????
what store can i find spray paint cans?
where can i get in touch with people who are into arts,horror flicks,and music?
How can I master the art of Painting with Ink?
Does anyone know the right way to preserve a blue crab shell?
Did Holbein paint in watercolors,?
What do I have to do to copy right my paintings? Do I have to pay for it?
If you speed up a hand-made drawing is it called speedpaint? PLEASE ANSWER NOW?
What is the top searched or bought type of Art work?
I am looking for an artist Rudi Reichhardt I have a painting called Cape Hatteras?
what is the average pay for a painter in nh?
art galleries; where i can hire an art gallery venue?
what aspect of the world does the art of paul klee represent to the viewer?
how is it that u know that u have made a good painting?
Do you like my painting?
Where Can I find a good information on Photo To Painting ?
Please help to choose Acrylic painting colors.?
Can you give me an example of abstract?
Montana spray paint - Best??
What do you think of my painting of fruit?
What to paint, what to paint?
How do you make paint?
where can i buy absract art?
please help me find some artists!?
I want to buy a Dali lithograph from Les Diners de Gala suite or Lincoln in DaliVision?
How do I apply paint onto my 100% Polyester sweatshirt?
Who is artist Peter Colby?
Palmer Hayden - The Janitor Who Paints?
How do you mount a fabric painting?
any one form los angeles knows about an art curator named bette porter?
How do i charge for a custom airbrush paint job on cars?
Why do you like to paint with oil?
teen art project??? please help!?
i have 6 hand painted rooster glasses signed by kathi urbach. Does anyone know the artist and possible value?
An artist friend of mine say's that she would like to "Do" me. Does she mean, on canvas? I find women very?
What is your favorite colour....and where did you see it looking it's best?
what's the yellow curtain by henri matisse about?
what makes a painting beautiful?
can someone , please tell me whose painting is this?
How to preserve flowers on a painting?
Which artists could you recommend?
How did Anthony van Dyck and Peter Paul Rubens' paintings signify prestige and power?
Did Andy Warhol actually paint the campbell's soup piece or was it just like a picture taken?
How old is the shrine of St.Anthony in Padua?
Where can I find a picture of Man with Still Life by Fernand Léger?
Can you make homeade Graffiti ink with Lacquer thinner instead of Paint thinner.?
for girls: color pink or blue? why?
what is it about those long legged elephants?
Art Class paper Mache pig painting?
Dont you think renaissance art......?
Art Composition? please help?
How does this picture reflect renaissance values?
Does anyone know the artist who did comical End of the Trail painting at SFMOMA in 1998 or 99?
what kind of paint do you use to on t-shirts and doesnt wash away?
What is the name of this colorful painting (thought it was called Street of Munich)?
On what can i use water based airbrush illustration paint?
are there tutorials for digital painting?
What is Renoir's painting titled with Gabrielle siitting in front of a mirror fixing a red ribbon on her hair?
When stuey visits the Chicago art museum he states at a painting of a little girl. What is the painting called?
Who do you think was the most influential musicians in the 1960-1980 era?
What part time job, or source of income can i get related to painting?
Painting question about chemicals?
Help On Tagging Names?
Any famous/good photoshop artists..?
protecting artwork temporarily?
Stuck with coral painter x?
f jaques artist from france?
I can draw and paint way better than my art teacher in drawing class?
what is it that makes the mona lisa so wonderful?
When Vincent van Gogh cut off his ear, what did he do with it?
Which are the best sites to sell oil paintings?
where can i buy a t may painting?
Is it possible to buy real skulls or skeletons?
what kind of painting is this?
which of these artists is known for his or her imaginative paintings of American Metropolitan scenes?
Where can i get free georgia O' Keeffe paintings?!for free!?
Does "Paint By Numbers" still exist, if so where can one purchase the kits?
where do i find new aviator stuff?
I hav a large oil painting by P. DuTeurTre this is exactly how the painting is signed?
What are the Element's and Principles in this painting?
I would like to find out the value of a LeeReynolds painting. Is there anyone who will answer my e-mail?
painting in oils novice?
I want to know if the painting (village street 1929 ) by Lyonel Feininger is valuable?
what are the fattest caps?
Does the use of salt in watercolor painting have any detrimental effects (e.i. lightfastness etc.)?
OMG!!! How can it be a Masterpiece?
What color is tamarind?
Do you like this idea?
where can I find the value of a 1963 new york post magazine?
How to make a 15 year old male look like an adult?
i purchased a framed map and found a painting hidden underneath. it is signed simply Jang?
Trying to locate my uncles artwork........any help?
Can you give me a 1 paragraph bibliography of Leonardo Da Vinci?
What is the title of this picture by Magritte?
why r people so obsessed with colors??????
Can you wood burn through spray paint?
What does Jeff Hardy use to paint his face?
Appeal of Jackson Pollack?
Is a painting of Montague Dawson Expensive?
How can I get a copy of Hogai Kano's "Lions"?
does anybody know any information about these two pictures?
where was the painting "the forest" by paul cezanne created?
What background should I paint behind my zebra?
john lewis gift list for Mona and Stuart?
How can I find anything about Paul Klee and his Art work?
Was there an artist, O. Srajistrain who painted in oils around 1915?
What colors do i need to combine to make the color black?
Who painted this picture?
Does anyone know Hattie Trexler, an artist in Charlotte during the 70's who studied under Bob Timberlake?
Why was Vincent Van Gogh a genius?
Fineart (Painting) Question. Need Help?
I don't like my phone and want to paint it pink. Can anyone recommend a paint?
I want to paint some things on small canvases... What would be best, oil pastel acrylic or water colors?
anybody want to model for a painting?
What's your favourite colour?
How blend in paint colors in painting?
Who is your favorite artist?
How to sell my work ? ?
Where can I find info on Impressionism?
how do you get the Ripple Effect while painting with oils or acrylic paints?
What are some tips for painting very realistic water with acrylics?
........Leonardo da Vinci..........?
Is my painting worth anything? help should I just sell it in the yard sale?
I heard that M.F.Hussain is getting threats to his life and he is in hiding. Is this true? Why the threats?
What type of art is this?
Question about Andy Warhol?
name Leonardo's greatest contributions?
How are oil lithographs made? And where might I find the info online?
So i was bored and i painted this. What do you think?
How to clean my bob ross brushes?
I never surfed on the web whare can I get a web surfboard at?
What shade of purple do dark pink and royal blue make?
Does anybody know were is a Montana paint store by Chicago?
I'm painting a pair of heels, what kind of paint to use that is flexible and durable?
information about still life oil paint artist mary y saad, 1918 or before?
What is the name of the artist who paint pictures of roses on woman's bodies?
My name is Cayley and i want a cute scene name! Help?
Why Famous Painters Show Adam and Eve With Belly Buttons?
what is the process from camera to canvas for hyperrealism?
Can acrylic paint be used to paint walls?
i just want to paint one room. i just want to get a paint sprayer?
Questions about Georgia O'Keeffe?
Titian's 'The Last Supper'...please help !?
Who is Alf Maloway(artist, oil painter)?
what is the best way to stain paper?
What is a Painting with one subject in three separate frames called?
What is the link to costing Paint Tool Sai?
what is the name of this painter?
What Towns Landscape Inspired a Famous Painting Of FLOWERS SKULLS And SKIES In MEXICO?
Bob Ross - famous pbs painter?
What is the name of this painting?
How to make a picture same like real?
how can i make the background white in pictures using paint?