I have a painting that i want to sell and need help on an estimate for how much it is worth.?
What do you think of this painting?
I have a print of tretchikoff "chinese girl" which was purchased back in 1970 with the original frame.
How long can it take to get a response from an artist grant foundation? Elizabeth Greenshield?
The artist that painted La Chahut, The Can-Can was interested in harmonizing complementary colors. The result?
Salvador Dali painting?
Which looks more like rust?
Will acrylic paint work on?
Where can I find FACE PAINTS? Not Halloween make up.?
van gogh still life?
Who is your favourite artist and why?
If you could give this girl a name, what would you name her?
Does Primavera by Sandro Botticelli utilize perspective in the background?
what do you know about Wylen the painter?
What paint color is this?
How many Monet paintings?
Anyone answer a question about a painting ?
What is this painting showing you?
How do you like this painting?
how can i value a seascape oil painting by schubert on the net.?
what's your favorite band/artist/musician?
worried about offending people that are really proud of been British in my painting?
how can i express the use of colours???
Would putting glitter in paint work ?
What is the best way to determine a reasonable price for my art?
best man in year 2006?
Is my painting disgusting ?
What are some of Domenico Ghirlandaio's (painter) most famous works?
What artists paint (or do any media) on black backgrounds mostly?
Favorite color?
Thinking about getting an artist to paint my walls consisting of people who inspire me. Good idea.?
Where can I buy Chinese folk painting?
Pop or Retro art for an Optician's Office?
Can/How do you paint a guitar?
Can spray paint be used as an under painting with acrylics?
Does anyone know where I can buy neon body paint in birmingham. UK?
what was Monet's favorite quote?
Do you have to use primer for an acrylic painting?
Any artists who relate to the topic 'identity'?
How do you put a price on your paintings?
How do you copyright artwork in spokane washington?
When you look at a painting from Van Gogh, how do you feel?
name of a painting that you can't tell what it is...?
What is the difference between baby pink and rose pink?
Where are the paintings in the heading of d painting?
Can anyone help me identify these paintings? I saw them at the Vatican Museum. I want to say Bernard Buffet?
Where can I find oil painting classes in Fairfax, Virginia?
Is it valid in terms of originality to use somebody photo to make an artistic paint?
I want to start painting. I found some kits, but I don't know what to do. Thank you for your help!?
indian contemporary art - A must visit site.?
Please help me! I want some paintings which depict unity?
what are they?
Any information about Jim Dine's artwork?
how many brushes do I need for _watercolors_?
What store can I buy Rembrandt Soft-Pastel Turquoise?
what is the difference between fauvism and symbolism?
what is significant about Picasso's piece, Weeping Woman?
What type of painting is this?
glow in the dark body paint?
In classical art, what is the "classical ideal"? And how has it impacted the art of the western world?
what is a good website to look up information about the mayas?
What is your favorite color?
what exactly is mixed media?
circle time activies?
What do you think of my work on Ebay? I've just received a bid for my first painting on there.?
If i am painting a room.....
True or false ? Fashion homework?
How can an artist become a Copyist?
Mod Podge on a ceramic cup?
Beautiful flower painting, interested? click link!?
Does anyone know where I can find a guy named John Fox that used to airbrush in Panama city beach,FL in 1992?
I don't know what to paint! Please help me you guys!?
wich color is better green or red?
Does anyone know the name of this mermaid painting?
where can i buy spray cans online so i can spray paint my computer ?
when were cave paintings discovered?
how do i draw a rose?
Would spray paint and paint markers work to paint converse?
I work in a cancer clinic and need some ideas of what I can paint on a tile.....?
if red isn't red and maroon is red then what should we call red?
I need help and info of a certain painting i own?
oil paintings??????
What is your favourite tint or shade of blue?
Is there any way to make oil paint on canvas dry faster?
found what looks to be a paint can opener from james b sipe&co? Is it something rare?
please explain me , why the paintings of artist in the exhibitions are being auctioned at very high cost?
how to get regular picture frame to frame a painting on stretched canvas?
Can anyone name artists/musicians/bands who became famous for their work after their death?
How do art forgers make money?
Best watercolor videos/tutorials on Youtube? {& or books}?
what kind of paint should I use for body painting?
Where can I get inspiration for a painting? I need a muse.?
I'm looking for a specific painter?
velvet painting for art class?
what was quietdrive's original name?
Anyone ever hear of the painter HB Bugden? And if so, are his works at all valuable?
Is there an artist who uses cross brush strokes?
Do all the colors o' the rainbow really mix together to form white?
how can i express the title "cycles" through painting?
cheapest paint jobs for a?
The Adoration of the Magi hangs in the Royal Uffizi Gallery in Florence. What is its catalogue number in 1890
Two questions in one!?
What is your favorite colour and why?
Will bright yellow paint cover lavender paint with 2 or 3 coats?
where can i get Canvas Fabric in Brampton?
How do you fix plastic that you peeled duck tape off after spray painting it over?
My son wants to paint a mural on his wall, he is only 5. what paint would be best to use for this project?
What objects did Chirico paint?
What is the meaning of the fish paintings/pictures in Japanese restaurants?
what art form was leonardo da vinci's last supper painted in?
Help finding a painting!?
What are the steps used to prep/paint/seal acrylics onto wood that gives you a durable painting?
Is there anything I can use to clean my oil brushes except for turpentine or turpenoid?
What is the colour of glass?
Who are some famous artists influenced by Michelangelo?
choose the bst choice?
How do I describe compostition in art?
Should I paint the Edges of my canvas painting black?
what should i paint next?
Where i learn Thanjore painting class in thanjore?
Does a gel medium always dry clear?
How can one remove 'art masking fluid' from a pair of jeans?
Can you mix Winston oil paints with Gamblin oil paints?
I am moving to Normandy after Christmas and I need to know the best way of selling paintings in France.?
is it possible to make a circle appear to have depth by using big, simple black and white shapes?
Artists who present adolescence/ teenage life ???!?
Has anyone heard of the artist Frank Donnini?
How do u make an oil painting dry quicker?
Old art print of angel on bridge value?
What do you think this painting represents?
Painting Landscapes Pictures ect?
Ever heard of a painter named Forman early 1900's?
Who painted this famous painting?
what is the style of artist sue coe's work?
What did Robert Heindel work in? Eg what type of paint?
Room painting?
what can i say about the painting 'Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy' by David Hockney?
How do you paint pearloid type of paint on a pickguard?
What should i paint? i have no imagination ?
painting trims what takes off the bleeding after the paint is dry?
If I'm trying to write on my wall, what kind of paint and brush should I use?
Does this look okay to you?
salvador dali painting?
for painters only?
help!!!!!!!!!!!!!help help help?
What is my favorite color?
i need painting job?
How much should I charge for painting a little girls bedroom?
What will happen if i mix glow in the dark paint with normal?
Is this a good painting?
Please help with colors !!!?
i need some ideas on what to paint in art class?
1910 painting by Aurthur J elsley?
I would like to know the artist of this painting:
Any recommendations or techniques for showcasing artwork?
I have a print called Victor of the Glen very old print by Landers. Does it have a value?
Other artists like Alex Pardee?
how do you sell actual paintings online?
how do I find out how much paintings by Constantin Kluge have sold for recently?
which oil paints are considered transparent and which are opaque?
what is a good brand of oil paint for a beginner?
I am trying to learn how to paint people. Where do I start?
Salvador Dali painting?
In his letters to his brother Theo, Vincent van Gogh expressed his ideas about color as a force to show?
paintings about the effects of society on children?
what should i paint a picture of?
Does these old paintings have any value?
how do i locate dennis kohler?
how much is a painting worth by Donna Jacobson?
ok i need to find a book that lists the oil painters in america mainly illinois thank you?
Has anyone had a portrait done by "anything on canvas"???
How do you use Alkyd flow medium for oil paints?
Do you still have your childhood drawings/paintings?
How do I tell the difference between a Giclee and a Lithograph?
Artist called Sydney Cox?
Haunted circus painting?
What is the name of the famous Filipino painter known for koi fish paintings?
words/quotes/lyrics should I put on my colourful scream painting?
did you know that Washington Crossing the Delaware painting is incorrect?
when was the first professional bodypainting competiton held? and where?
What are the Element's and Principles in this painting?
good paintings to reproduce/replicate?
why were the artists ingres and delacroix enemies?
Artists with styles similar to Hundertwasser?
how do you find the value of an old oil painting?
Thesis suggestions for the paper regarding Rembrandt and his works?
How is this pop-art painting called?
questions about this artwork...?
80's pop art painter?
I found a painting but no idea who its from? I dont understand the signature?
Time: Art work to go with this theme?
what is the most amount of money you would spend on a painting?
Where can I buy an antique sea chart reproduction?
How to color on Paint too Sai?
painting of the saint maries sarah etc arriving in boat at stes maries de la mer?
who want to know an italian painter?ih ih?
What Do you think I should name this painting (picture)?
How does an artist committ to their art work day in and day out?
oil paint canvas question(removal/overwrite of painting)?
Modern thinking at the turn of the 19th/20th century(not modernism)?
What are the colors of passion?
Comments and thoughts about my art?
nikki de saint phalle title based on her artwork.?
Paint tool Sai question?
Does this sketch have perspective?
what was happening to the world while leonardo da Vinci was still alive ?
Is an artist made or born?
do you think pornography starts in renaissance ?
I am trying to identify this painting wondering if anyone could help.?
where can I buy turpentine?
does anybody know anything about an american artist - max something - who painted a man with umbrella?
what colour does orange and green make?
What art movement is associated with Van Dycks 'Renaldo and Armida'?
How do i spray paint a scratched metal design?
What are pictures painted by R. Hogfeldt, Swedish Artist going for.?
New music, artists, news?
Angels fighting demons?
Should I watercolor flat or on an easel?
How / from where do people get colours for paints such as?
How to prevent brush strokes when adding white markings on a breyer?
I have some red paint , how do I create a blood splat effect?
what colors to mix to get dark blue?
I have a painting framed by illinois molding co of a gypsy with a guitar an I can't find any info on it ?
Painting of a room full of paintings?
What is the best and most affordable way to sell your original artwork over the internet?
Is Van Gogh's ear a rip off?
How do you make a paint by number look more realistic?
Graffiti:Why is it going mainstream!?
Does anyone know a good painting program?
what aspect of the world does the art of paul klee represent to the viewer?
please tell me what you think of these 2 paintings...?
How much is my andre kohn painting worth?
What painting by A.J Casson had water and sky, rocks and a couple branch trees?
What do you think are the benefits of painting for children?
Can I paint a brown wooden piano made in victorian times a glossy piano black?
How do I get my Art shown in a museum?
i need some really interesting facts about henri de toulousse lautrec the painter.?
Masterworks of Chang Dai-Chien?
How much is a Painting by C. Bosseron Chambers worth? That Men May Live"?
Can watercolurs be applied to latex? watercolour questions.?
10 Points. I am doing a painting and I need ideas on what to paint?
Name of a painting with an angel in bed?
artist nicholas de corsi biography?
infomation on Dan Kelly?
Painting a t-shirt: how to stop it running?
Anyone know anything about an Armenian painter by the name of Z. Aidjian, active in the first part of 20th C?
How do you make a thicker line on paint tool sai?
Can you make black from the primary colours?
Where do I find out about a painting that states on the upper back of frame that has certificate of..?
How do I stop watercolor paper from rippling?
What to paint for charity art event?
What years was Pablo Picasso active as a painter?
Do I have to use a medium in my oil paintings?
stuck on a good face painting business name.suggestions?? :)?
I have a painting which I would like to get printed onto canvas - where can i get this done in KL?
f jaques artist from france?
Where can i get a 30 foot by 12 foot artist canvas?
How cool do you think this would look?
Can you oil paint a mask?
whats the name of that art thing you paint on?
want poster of a woman walking away with a detailed back of her dress, hat in right hand, misted background?
Who should I paint for my oil portrait?
A famous painting with a hidden meaning?
Compare Cimabue, Madonna and Child Enthroned 1280 to Titian Madonna of the Pesaro Family?
how to overlap two faces in ms paint?
O'keefe and Degas?
Apart from portraits did Van Gogh ever paint two or more version of the same subject?
does anyone airbrush?? I am in toronto ontario, I am looking for the badge propel cans where can i find then?
How can i sell my acrylics paintings by the internet ?
best of Nick Cave album cover?
leonardo da vinci science?
Where can I find a biography and information on the modern artist Anita Austwick?
Please help! WHAT ARE SOME FAMOUS DRAWERS AND OR PAINTERS??? please please read!?
Where can I buy body paint.?
what are the types of 3D art?
Help me if you know anything about the colours black and white?
what is the era of art in the 1900's?
A Question about watercolors?
is it safe to sell artwork online on websites like fineart america or redbubble?
I have a oil on canvas signed robert wood its of the golden gate bridge 3ft high and 2 ft tall can you tell m?
Can someone name this painting for me?
What is a word for a person who looks at art? Like paintings, pictures, etc.?
Is there such thing as a transparent spray paint or something similar?
getting the best flesh tones?
How do I get oil paint off my skin?
Who wrote the poem 'The Vin de Rose' used alonside the Van Gogh painting 'Cafe Terrace on the Place Du Forum'
if you had a chance to paint one huge painting... what will the painting be??? and why???
paint brush for oil paint?
How do I dry mushrooms for painting?
Painting in the Prado, Spain?
Lost in art?
Artists that use writing in their work?
Is a self tanning air brush able to be used with an air compressor, or is it just the propellant cans?
painting my room ?
How do you tell how much a painting is worth and if its a replica? Its a Jon Constable, signed and dated 1817?
do you know these paintings?artist?
What are some "allegorical references" in "Summer" painted by Giuseppe Arcimboldo in 1573?
what 2 colors mixed together make up the color black?
How did John Constable portray landscapes in his paintings?
who is the best guitarist that ever lived?
Pre printed canvas?
how to make paint splatters on my guitar pickguard?
Artists that depict these emotions in their work...?
How can I make a print of a painting on canvas?
I am looking for a print called Lost Dreams Diner. It has James D, Elvis P, Marilyn M. Humprey B. in it.?
I have an OLD painting that is signed "RAVENAL" It is a water color that is Chinese in nature... Any ideas
Where could I find Good Mexican History research websites? Art,films sculptures etc. Not to buy.?
Suggestions for paintings?
photos of the cystine chapel?
what do you think about my microsoft paint painting?
What did Andy Warhol;s DAD die of?
Want To Give This Little Painting A Name?
I'm looking for a coffee table art book.?
Can you help me with Sparkle Spray Painting A Guitar?
What paint is usually used on a canvas?
Leonardo da Vinci's "Last Supper". Was it a civic commission or private commission?
what paint is best for plastic?
out of all the impressionists who was the best?
Does paint wrinkles clear up when dry?
(10 POINTS FOR BEST ANSWER!!) Would you leave a copy of a painting with someone of which you are selling?
Help identifying acrylic paint tool?
Is there such a thing,as invisible paint, or is it going to be made.?
Painting styles for school. NEED HELP!?
Where can I get old style black frames like these?
I have an oil painting by Bernard from Artistic Interiors, Inc. with a certified Original oil #595099 tell me?
Does anyone know what these pictures are about or off.
What Color Should I Paint My New Apartment! HELP I WANT TO MAKE IT AMAZING!!!?
what is the main meaning of romero britto's artwork?
what is it called?
Neil Simone, artist, Harrogate,where is he now,has anyone heard of his work?
Can freezing or baking make oil paint dry faster?
who bought monalisa picture for the first time?
who painted this picture?
Who Created This Painting?
what colours mixed together make black?
what are the paints used for airbrushing?
what can I use to fix watercolour painting layers on canvas (after priming it properly)? And what to preserve?
hi the name of this color please?
Can anyone tell me who the artist is?
Questions about oil paint and art in general?
how can i draw using guache?
Help me describe this artwork for 10 points ?
How do you restore paint on vintage ceramic coffee mugs?
Can I use Liquin to glaze over a dry oil painting? I like th shiny gloss like look better than Retouch Varnish?
I am looking for a conversion table for artist canvas sizes from figure portrait marine to the US system?
Is there any way I could make gold paint?
Where can i buy water color paper in mumbai and navi mumbai?
Is there a secret on Leonardo's painting? (The Last Supper)?
Can anyone tell me who this artist is?
What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say 'Vincent van Gogh'?
Paint [Not the one what already is on computers] Help?
Easy face painting designs?
Why do people paint? How does it help them in a theapeutic way?
Tips For Painting Molded Plastic?
Acrylic paint not adhering to surface after priming ! ?
What do you need for an airbrush? ?
What kind of paint can you use to paint sunglasses?
How does an art gallery work?
what is so great about the art Vincent Van Gogh drew?
what painting is this from the harlem Renaissance?
Aussie Painter 1940's - 50's?
where can you go to paint the glass like an arts and crafts store?
Who do you think made better paintings? Leonardo Da Vinci or Titian?
What colour should I paint my room?
Why is the mona lisa painting so famous?
How do you paint using oils (oil painting)?
Who is your favorite female Christian artist?
Does anybody know how to mix acrylic paints to get the brown skin tones of a person from india?
what to do with the turpentine/mineral spirit and linseed oil?
Need help identifying artist/oil painting?
what 2 colors mixed together make up the color black?
at is a good cold water tie dye brand?
Why can color be spelled colour?
I have some oil paintin from an artist James Breen..anyone herd of him he Painter in the late 19th century?
Painting help: What is this or is a regular pencil?
help i have ?s out painting?
trying to find artist, born late 1800's, signs work M.P.?
is economy spray paint good quality?
names of watchmakers?
can i use oil paint on A4 standard paper?
posing naked...................................…
who is billie young, artist?
I want to make my own face paint?
Best paint for a paint party?
School Project --- Painting?
Hey what do you think??
Diebenkorn's Ocean Park is?
How could an iridescent silver acrylic paint be mixed with another color to make a flatter silver?
how do i paint a car on a canvas?
how can I make an embossed border around watercolor paper?
How did Katsushika Hokusai make use of lines in The Great Wave & what effect do the lines have on the artwork?
Who would I pay royalties to, in order to legally use Gustave Dore's artwork for my band's shirts?
who painted this famous painting?
How to become a still life model in Vancouver?
Artist who focuse on the coast?
I paint Blue Dogs in my paintings, The artist attorney is demanding I stop and send my work to him. Legal?
Why is it that in renissance and classical paintings and art the women are chubby?
Pieter Brueghel's painting of "children's games" 1560?
what is craquelure?
What varnish should I use for my painting?
Do you like this drawing?
I need help with skin tones (oil painting and all color mediums)?
Is using a brush and a brush-pen more or less the same?
How much is a Marriete Lydis painting worth?
What are the characteristics of a Romantic painting?
who is the artist who always paints dead people.?
What is the name of the Van Gogh painting I am thinking of?
What are Gustave Courbet's contributions and accomplishments?
I painted(oil) a photo (altered it) from a newspaper and want to sell it, any copyright infringements in that?
An Indian Court Judge in 1942 did painting i.e. 3D. How much are his paintings worth today?
Can you tell me what this painting is worth?
What's the name of this work?
in the painting 'mona lisa' what are the uses of colour, line, shape, tone and texture in the artwork?!?
POLL: Who is the best painter of all times?
Does anyone know anything about art?
What is the difference between Baroque and Rococo art and how do you tell the difference?
How do I change the color of my canvas shoe with acrylic paint? ?
Illustration Board Nightmare ?
What is the benefit of going to art school if I'm already an artist?
What is the best colour art?
What do you think of my artwork idea?
Where can I buy body paint.?
anyone know where the Dali painting Medative Rose is displayed?
where is raymond izquierdo?
What will i write in a certificate of authentication for paintings?
can u use acrylic to paint your shoes?
Can u spraypaint a plastic 2 liter bottle?
who are some famous civil war artists?
What's good paper to practice painting on?
How can I age paper?
I'm starting school in September, I'll be a paint major..?
Things to paint??????
Who is the artist of this painting?
I can draw and paint way better than my art teacher in drawing class?
How can I appreciate and enjoy the Turner prize art?
my period is late 2, 3 manths please give me idia?
US Born Artist and their Painting?
What colors go well will Dark Forest Green?
What exactly is plagiarism when it comes to painting?
Where can I buy inexpensive art online? I need a painting that has bright colors in it to brighten my apt.?
Anyone know of this artist?
I have a Richard Shelton Painting would like it appraised?
who was the american impressionist artist?
How do you keep watered down paint on a shirt?
How do you properly pronounce 'Van Gogh'?
want to learn to paint realistic flowers (oil on canvas) would like to find free tutorials or videos online?
Why is Pablo Picasso so often listed as left-handed?
I have an oil painting, bought in Zurich, 2nd hand shop, alpine scene, signed Conti. Any ideas who this is?
Can you name this surrealist painting?
What artist painted this? (picture)?
Why is Monet's style called Impressionism?
I am going to paint my Xbox 360 case, what type of paint should I use?
What word would you say describes the essence of Picasso's work?
What are some social issues that I could create a painting from?
I need an idea for a painting? (HELP?)?
What is a piece of art is created with many faces or people to make one landscape? Who does this?
hey guys, some graffiti help here? im kinda new in the business?
Painting a bike frame - clear coat over enamel paint?
Do I need a release form if I painted a portrait of someone's face/likeness from a photograph of them?
What is it called when you throw paint (paint balls) at a canvas? Is there a place where you can do that?
Who was a painter famous in 1974?
Is there anywhere I can buy a David Bromstad Painting?
What things did leonardo da vinci do to improve his abilities?
Is it possible to to have 2 versions of an artwork or is one just a replication?
How much do you thinks this painting is woth?
Art Painting, who painted this?
need to know the estimated value of a 1923 signed and dated picasso painting called the lovers?
What stories have you hear regarding the Da Vinci code & "the last supper"?
Why do painters wear white uniforms ?
an idea for an 11x12 or 14x16 painting/drawing?
What's you're favourite colour?
I need help with a painting?
Which colour represents your mood today?
What type of paint should I use?
Where can I buy art supplies in England?
what primary colors do you mis to make neon orange?
How to make a spraycan cap ?
Does anyone out there have any info on an artist named Delongprie?
Can I use matte spray paint over semi-gloss?
Does anyone know where I can buy an acrylic paint set for art a level for cheap in the UK?
How much is a 2 by 4 amanda van vort self nude in fair condition worth?
what is the best way to advertise my new website on the web?
What is the first thing you think of when you look at this painting?
IMHO the Mona Lisa is just a mediocre portrait of an ugly woman. Why is it so venerated?
What kind of paint and "clear coat" should be used to paint a controller? Where can I buy these paints.?
Where is the best store to buy materials that you would need to paint a watercolor picture for cheap?
How do you hang a canvas?
Your favorite Acrylic paintings?
If an artist is associated with a gallery, are they still able to sell directly to their network directly?
in what city is are davinci paintings kept ?
What do you think are the benefits of painting for children?
Japanese artists name?
Were do you get your inspiration?
Pretty Little Liars s3?
Painting named Musical Moments. Artist J.Bambor.Any info?
Is there something else other than paint thinner that I can use to clean my paint brushes after oil painting?
Can I paint on a lightbulb with watercolour?
what makes Mona Lisa so famous?
did anyone heard about Montenegro painter Petar Lubanja or if is he Petar Lubarda?
i have a painting made by robert wood what is the value?
I have about ten to 15 painting Ive made how do I go about selling them???
why were Andy Warhol's everday consumer goods (ex: campbell soup cans) paintings his most famous works?
Do Artists tend to hate their artwork?
painting in the cold?
has anyone ever heard of irving amen?
Paintings in "death by landscape"?
Where can i buy hard coat mod podge in New York, NY?
Certin age for spray paint?
What is your opinion about keith haring' graffiti??
wayne thiebaud 10 facts?
Is this a good painting to represent the song "Eleanor Rigby"?
anyone know an allergy tv ad featured a lady visiting a museum while a portrait of van Gogh watching her?
Why aren't sci-fi/fantasy painters rated as great painters?
Question for professional and semi-professonal painters?
what are some of the main modern techniques?
Do I have any potential to be a folk artist?
Is watercolor transparent or opaque? Why does a watercolor artist NOT need white paint?
I have a new painting company, What should I name it? Please Help?
how do you create a stencil?
what color should i use?
how can i able to find a person who can by a paintings whom i can trust?
Could produce in the current society another Michelangelo or Leonardo?
is there an edible form of liquid blue paint?
impressionism or contemporary?
what is the difference between alkyd and galkyd mediums?
Colour Composition Question + Pic Easy 10 Points for you Artists!?
Are there any artists who paint and let the paint run down the page?
Crucified Woman (art)?
what is the best spray paint for graffiti?
What is the process of transferring a painting to a print?
The artist I was posing nude for briefly touched me (down there), is that normal?
Painting ideas for my art class?!?
what do u think of michaelangelo merisi da caravaggio?
What can I say about this painting? (Franz Marc)?
i would like to make a frame for a picture i have painted. i thought i would make it out of plywood. insturc
Any Information about the Eye of The Storm by Michael Craig Martin?
painting straight lines in oil painting?
i did a scetch on a piece of paper and wasa wondering how to get it onto a canvas so i could paint it.?
Where to find a paint scanner in Glen Allen Virginia?
What is Frida Kahlo's...?
is orange considered as a girl's color?
Your opinion on my paintings?
What was the name of that museum.....?
O'keefe paintings?
The head of the Woman from Ostrava Petrkovice is a good example of realism, or shapes and appearances that fai?
I would like to paint my face for battle of the sexes at my school, what kind of paint should i use?
which Type Of Colour Is cyan?
what colours can u mix to make white?
Anyone like this art peice I did?
How do I use glow paint?
Do you know the artist who painted this picture?
i have done something in ms paint i wana know how it is?
What would you like a painting of to hang somewhere in your home, and how much would you pay for it?
Any auction house or online gallery??
Does anyone know the name of this painting and who made it? Because I really like it and it speaks to me?
videos on german expressionism in painting?
Any info on artist Charles G. Blaylock American Artist?
painting: pics for my room!!! 10 points?
What kind of paint should I use?
Help with this Picture!?
I'm trying to find a book with many renoir works in it. Suggestions?
How to deal with a touchy artist?
unltd by ,arc ecko or merrel??
Do I need to seal a watercolor painting?
where can you find drawings of catfish by a famous artist?
Why only old paintings sells?
Help with describing this painting?
Glow In The Dark Paint - On Metal - ?
Should I get some acrylic paints?
What materials do I need?
What are the first steps as a beginner painter?
What is the name of the era or period of this art?
art history paper advice/ideas?
Can You Identify the Nationality of Music? How and Why? (Don't think about language or artist)?
Who is Sue? The one who has just blaimed Sharon Tate myidol?
Norman Rockwell painting the Saturday evening post?
Need Help With Identifying Artist Signature?
Art Topic Question...?
What kind of media do you think this artist uses in his work? What is your perspective of his work?pective?
Is black paper expensive than white paper to print on for an invitation card? or do they cost the same?
Artists that use contrasting scales?
The Kiss by Gustav Klimt?
What does "nac" stand for at the bottom left corner under a picture?
Who painted this painting!?
I have a pitcher by paul detlefsen a sturdy landmark how old is it and how much is it worth ?
Constructive criticism for my painting please?
who painted this picture what is it called? ?
What's your favourite type of paint?
Has anyone ever heard of the artist Sjafri?
I have an old Oil painting signed ONLY "Mario" and cannot figure the artist?
UV lights and UV paint?
How do I buy a painting or reproduction of a painting I've seen?
What are the painting names and artists for these famouse works?
I want to get hobbies, to start painting again! Where should i start?
On Club penguin, i have painter top, how do i paint with it?
How can i paint one of those pictures i see on ebay of film/rock stars or cool cars?
What music artist came out this decade?
I need help with my art?
how do i make painters tape (scotch) stick to sand paint?
how do you know if a oil painting is numbered?
Are caravaggio and Michelangelo the same person?
I need help, please?? (repost, why can't anybody help?)?
easiest way to mix acrilic paints?
Who is the famous artist who painted with their mouth?
What was andy warhols work about?
What is the name of this Picasso painting?
I have the paint, brushes and canvas; now what?
Water mixable oil paint drying time?
Help! Looking for artist of black and orange splotch painting?
paintings by James Johnson (1803-1834)?
portrait painting using similar techniques as Rembrandt?
What motivated the artists of the Renaissance?
How do I seal a painted photo album?
Intention of Artist Jean Tinguely?
How do you use wtercolours?
how do i get a picture on ms paint?
which paint to use?....?
why would you award Leonardo Di Vinci the 'most important man of the renessance age' award?
name of a painting that you can't tell what it is...?
i looking for the very very lower price oil.?
Can anybody teach/explain how to spray paint?
Tie Dieing???? Best answer!!?
what is the name of this famous painting?
are the colours black, white , base colours?
Do you think that i have a talent in drawing?Here is one of my paintings:?
HEY GUYS!!!! please help me please! about drawing competition ?
What type of art should I do?
How can you get a review of " Boys in a Pasture,1876" by Winslow Homer?
What paint colors would go with a brick red bedspread? ?
do you no of a psychic artest which offers help to beginners?
jacques van bellegham?
Spray Painting tips,Effects?
how to sell glass paints?
What resources are avaliable?
what do you think of my painting?
I don't like to sign my paintings, can I sign the side of the frame instead?
Examples of SURREALISM?
What is the original "Sunday Morning" by Ben Hampton worth?
What is the best way to find an artist to commission a painting?
is it wrong to not care about art before impressionism?
Does Maxfield Parrish's "Goldilocks & Rory Emerald" exemplify his characteristic use of androgynous figures?
Can I paint my running sneakers?
where is the painting The Blob Grows in the Beloved Garden?
How much should I charge for an illustration work for advertasing?
I recently was given a painting and in the corner it has the signature W. Henry.....can anyone help .?
i am looking for an artist named gwen constantine who has done oil paintings of point lobos,ca. please help.?
Whats was the Protestant Reformation and its effect on the Mannerist movement.?
how many paintings did albrecht durer paint?
Do you think Beethoven would like my Ode to Joy Euro Swastika flag?
i need inspiration for a painting?
What Colors do i mix together to make gold?
How much is "The finish of the ever ready epson derby 1984" painting by Peter Williams worth?
what is the most favourite color?
What paint works well on plastic? Also is there any paint that is superior on metals?
what's the difference between acrylic prints and canvas prints?
Trying to find a good quality picture of a painting in Sala de los Reyes that shows 10 Moorish kings?
Is acrylic modeling paste available in india?
I want to design tee shirts with acrylic paint. will the design stay on or will it wash off?
Gcse Art final peice, some ideas please?
What is the big deal with art paintings?
Is my Charles Lees print of A Grand Match Played Over St. Andrew's Links worth anything?
Is there any meaning behind Avenue of Plane Trees Near Arles Station (by Van Gogh)?
why is art different around the world?
artists on butterflies?
why mauricio ochmann is replaced by another actor in marina?
What inspires you?
vermeer girl?
Who are some american artists of the 1930s?
My painting: Trashy or not?
Can you use craft glue on enamel paint?
Resources for young Canadian collectors?
what books have information about "Landscape with Polyphemus and galatea" painting?
which painting like kk haber?
need a name of good painting that i could remake in 3d?
i am stuck for inspiration to paint i live near the coast, what should i do??
Was Jesus Black or White or Yellow?
to be inspired?
Who is Albertus Seba?
Can you make every color out of red, blue, green, yellow, black, and white?
I am starting an exam on the word 'temperature' what artists are there that I could look into?
which brand of paints is best?
What is the painting in the chicago art institute that is only 3 different colored lines?
What is this Franz Ackerman painting called?
what does composition mean in art?
Unknown Painting...?
Does anyone know the artist who paints blk/wht images behind birch trees?
hand painted vases by s.usui?
What is a handwritten letter by Robert Rucker worth?
Cheap blank canvases..?
name of the oil paints company?
What 2 colors mixed make Black?
Why is purple everyone's favourite colour?
What is the difference between subjective and objective paintings?
potrait arist who draw people or artist who focus on facial expression or emotions?
teen's art studio ideas?
Variation on/ inspiration by Da Vinci's Last Supper?
Name and Artist of picture with peasants and hay similar to "The Gleaners" (Jean-François Millet)?
Will my acrylic paints dry out if I put them in jars?
What french artwork reflects french culture?
washing spray painted t-shirt?
When did Marilyn Monroe die?
please help!!!! :( how do i erase permanent marker ink on my stuffed animal's eye?
How to give my les paul a "vintage sunburst" coloring?
Where to buy cheap spray paint?
Art Homework...Henri Matisse - Goldfish and Palette "discuss"?
Where can i sell my paintings online for free?
Can you use acrylics instead of fabric paint?
what is the colour of love?
Can anyone tell me who made this painting?
what is the name of the painting on rob dyrdeks wall? and who is it by?
What do you think about this painting, i am kind of nervous about it.?
Help! Paper mache glue on canvas/acrylic paint?
I am wanting to paint some giant letters on some Nylon flags. What type of paint would be best to use?
why dounot is round?
How much is painting Ruin on Rhine worth?
art work by c.inness?
I paint with acrylics. Any tips, hints, brainstorms?
where is the durabo museum?
I am feeling really stupid right now...?
The Scream?
what was the value of the mona lisa when it was just painted?
Is this a good painting?
I am making a painting as a creative response to 3 of Elizabeth Barrett Browning's sonnets, suggestions?
a painting was stolen today from outside a gallery in Islington, can anyone help us to get this back?
help me remember the name of this painting?
When Was This Painting Drawn?
for all those pro painters out there...... what specific colors do u need to mix in order to get a dull jade ?
How long should an oil painting dry before rolling up and shipping for 4 weeks across the Atlantic (in July)?
Could you please tell me some artists that used clocks in their pictures?
I have a poster - "the Billiard Room" by Henry o'Neil, but I lost the information page that named the people.
where did leonardo da vinci go to school?
If I found a piece of artwork online,and wanted to use it, Where do I find copyright information on it?
art appraisal?
which art gallery in Los Angeles do most of the movie stars buy their contemporay paintings from?
I need to know who painted this picture?
What makes Mona Lisa so special?
Not sure what bridge this is or where?
Does anyone know the artist Whistzler?
Do you like my art?
Which eBay listing is better, 7384299575 or 7385454070? I'm trying to improve my auctions. THANKS! Nathalie
Who is the best realistic painter particularly portraits and nudes? Can you provide any web pointers?
Have a good example of finding Math in artwork like a painting?
What color do you get when you mix yellow and purple?
has any one heard of a painter named E. TILO?
Can i fix this can of paint?
Vincent van Gogh described his purpose and style as follows: "we may succeed in creating a more exciting and c
i have a painting by MAX with 90/300 in pencil located on bottom. is it worth anything?
Can someone paint a canvas for me please?
Diego Rivera Project? Please Help!?
how many colors are there in the world?
which specific paintings were stolen from the isabella stewart gardner museum in 1989?
What is your least favourite colour?
What is your favorite painting or painter?
Did Giacomo Balla belong to any particular group?
Helen did you find the information about the artist J Russell?
What would be a good picture to paint to sell on Ebay?
where can I purchase a print or poster of kandinsky's "riding couple?"?
What should i apply as primer on silk fabric for making painting on it?
canvas paintings with the kids for their grandparents, what are some in techniques or tools I can use?
Do You Know A Useful Art Website? Full Points For Correct Answer!!?
If I want to paint on a laminated desk top what would I have to use for the overcoat so that its not tacky?
what is georges seurat's history?
Painting on glass- best paint?
Can you sell art successfully on Ebay?
Do you like my paintings?
If you use sugar as thickener in acrylic paint on canvas do you prepare the sugar first?
i need a graffiti name. the name is cynthia.?
what boys really want from girls?
A person that paid for an artist's room and board was called?
I have a painting with the signature Yen on it. Who is this artist?
painting a mural in my room need help?
What is a good painting of subjective color?
What seems better acrylic paint or oil paint?
I am supposed to do a 6' bullfight painting and for cheap. Will Banner Bond paper work?
Which of the following could be an example of the driving force behind an expressionist painting?
Does anynoe know where i can see works by arthur rackham or salvador dali?
artists groups in Delhi art gallarys and art activity in this city and about arts exbitions in delhi on arts
What are your opinions on Picasso?
Which pen do I use to sign an Acrylic painted canvas?
Help find a Magritte painting?
can u tell me names of well known artists!?
How to get paint out of a shirt!!!?? help!?
How do I sell valuable artwork - I have been asked to act as agent for an artist who is a friend of family?
What text is "The Capture of Carthage" by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo based on?
what do you think of my painting of me and my bf?
How do you fix a RIPPED CANVAS.... (PAINTING)......????
A good painting ????
Is Rovan Atkinson alive?
PC game where you go through paintings into other worlds?
What color could say "I'm sorry"?
Can someone explain The Temptation of Saint Anythony to me? the Painting ?
Opinion of my painting?
Name of painting and/or artist?
Was Clementine Hunter a slave?
what are abstract works giving the sense of movement through light and colour, 2 letters, 3 letters, ??,a?t?
art critique for oil painting?
How does someone go about selling their artwork, paintings more specifically?
why did Vincent vaan gogh cut his ear off?
Who is the greatest 'painter/artist' -- past or present?
Where is the real spolarium? Is the one in the National Museum in Intramuros a replica?
Will painting a skateboard mess it up and what type of paint can i use?
for duller burnt sienna using burnt amber or mix with blue?
how does matt vs gloss vs w/ primer effect the paint?
What artist painted "Where Eagles Dare": eagle, military jet and lightning painting?
Looking for an artists to print my words on a canvas.?
What is the original name of Amatya Rakchhas?
Is there a legal spot for graffiti in Grove City, Ohio or somewhere around there?
re listed question, painting on polystyrene can any artists advise?
Guy who paints with his feet?
When was Piet Mondrian Born....? and when did he die?
Fastest/easiest paint to work with?
Me & my friend were taking pictures, just kidding around, and this 1 picture reminded me of a famous painting?
What is the carhartt material???? is it canvas?
What are the easiest things to paint?
Where can I buy a good mop brush (more than 1") in Montreal, Ca?
What color do you get when you mix yellow and purple?
Oil paint problem?
Where are these Georgia O'Keeffe paintings?
should we kill all dumb people or jsu use them so do basic taskes eg cleaning?
how do i apply for a vendors license in north carolina?
Where can I get (free) high resolution images of famous paintings?
teen's art studio ideas?
What shall i paint in water colour ?
area enclosed by an outline?
briefly explain various kinds of ornamentation that is structural ,naturalistic, stylised and geomatric?
What kind of paint do I use?
Was Hitler a Good Painter?
Should I paint or not?
What kind of art can I make with black and white spray paint?
im finding it hard to realise..?
where in the uk can I see a Salvador Dali painting?
what wall colours can make my cyber cafe look funky?
what do you call this art?
Roman era man on horseback???
How can I find copyright info on Old Masters paintings?
is a painting by a j.j. rousseau called Nature Pas morte worth any thing?
how much do Van Gogh paintings cost ?
Help me interpret the meaning behind this acrylic painting?
Has anyone done an assignment on Van gogh? ?
How can you get acrylic to be more like oil paint?
What is this painting/piece of art called?
Do you like Fine Art Prints?
Vaue of Haldane Macfall Hisory of Art books, 8 volumes, Leatherbound, limited edition of 500 Copies, Price?
What is a "Digital Signature"? Why is it used?
How can I blend images on SUMO Paint?
Where can we paint each other?
how does drying paint effect it by chipping?
What do you think of this 12year old artist?
Hidden images/tricks in renaissance paintings?
Can I use sharpies over fabric paint on a hoodie I'm making?
Can someone help me find this artist of this painting?
Warhammer 40k - My painting?
what style of art would you choose,from your present knowledge of art?List 3?
who is the famous artist that painted 2D people silhouettes?
where and to whom can i sell my paintings?
How can I make my own thinner for oil painting?
What makes paintings so valuable ?
What are some good, well ventilated places to oil paint in Winter?
Question about a painting?
Can someone provide an interpretation of this painting by Wasilly Kandinsky?
Are there any paintings of the Shakespeare actors?
Sun Conure painting wanted?
What kind of Acrylic paint from Jasmine Becket?
Water color help! how to render with water color to my fashion illustration so that no patches creates how? ho?
What kind of artwork is selling best on eBay?
does latex paint includes toxic?
Why are barns always painted red?
american flag?
Rate my artwork please?
What Artists in 1863 began there name with the letters G.H. ?
How to cover parts while Painting?
how any painting of el greco paint of the burial of count orgaz?
What is a good painting app for iPhone?
How do I keep my non water-safe ink from running?
What are some of Domenico Ghirlandaio's (painter) most famous works?
"The Women in Persian art", please share some facts about this topic to me. Thanks.?
What painting is this?
What paint to use to paint shoes?
Why did Leonardo Da Vinci paint the Mona Lisa?
Is baking girly? Is painting my nails girly?
why is Picasso so popular, what am I missing that others are seeing?
Is this Peter Maxx poster worth anything?
Painting leather boots with acrylic paint?
Does acrylic paint come off clothes?
Is the Mona Lisa really pregnant??
Which of the following is Botero's Mona Lisa, Age 12?
1. For what reasons did Renaissance artists make reference to the artworks of antiquity?at least 3 artworks.?
the artist behind the paintings with skeletons in a bookshop...the one is half lying comfortably in a couch?
artist who did "St. Paul burning of library of alexandria"?
how do I get a painting valued?
What would you say about my painting?
How do I make grey paint using these colors?
who is mona lisa and why is that her painting talked about so much?
Where can i listen to the song that was hidden in the painting of the last supper ?
I sell my fine art painting. Somebody wanna buy ?
why keep art in school?
Is a child's rendition of a copyrighted painting infringing copyright law?
Mannerism vs. Baroque art; differences and similarities?
did van gogh die through bleeding out his ear?
metropolitan museum of art Are art lessons available online?
does anyone know leonardo da vinci's last name?
Does anyone miss painter Bob Ross?
artist who paints upside-down?
Is "DRAWING HEAD AND FIGURE" a good book for a beginner?
I cannot remember the name of a painting/painter I saw in the Louvre. Please help!?
What do you think of this oil painting?
Did Leonardo da Vinci have autism?
what's your favorite color?
what does vp385. Van Gogh mean on the back of a painting?
Help with this Picasso painting please, URGENT?
what kind of paint do i need to airbrush some T-shirts?
when painting, is this considered "cheating"?
What do you think of my paintings?
I need some information on the history and impact of post-impressionism? Maybe some sources even?
Does anyone know where i can find cheap deals on art for a teenage room?
other than using lots of oil paint, how can i thicken my oils to create a thicker, so as to create a texture?
How much do artists make? I.E. paint artist and sketch artists?
what is your favorite painting of all time?
what is the painting style of raphael sanzio?
How do artists live?
Any one gotta good taggin name?
Why do they find it so weird that i paint in the dark...?
What is favourite colour?
where would be the best place to sell oil painting of mandy smith,ex rolling stone wife of bill wyman?
Does anybody have any information on a painter named B. Miller.?
What do you think of this drawing?
Vocaloid Hatsune Miku Theme Gone!?
what is an example of eschers metamorphosis?
Artists (painters)????????
Christopher Wilkinson?
What makes a mosaic recognizable from a painting?
Painting with Utrecht acrylic on fabric?
is pottery painting a hobby?
can i find , online leonardo davincis painting of the last supper?
Looking for an artist in New York City (NYC) that does charcoal drawings on newspaper pages?
My canvas is too wide?
What is the best way to document watercolor paintings to create a portfolio?
Who was it that invented and used the first paint.?
Do you like my art?
What do you think of the painting I made?
Where/how the heck did guys like Michelangelo, Leonardo learn to paint like that?
how to stensil on a complicated design on a painted box?
Anyone willing to give free watercolour painting lessons?
Which celebrities, contemporary or classic, sell best as posters or artwork these days?
How do i take my art more seriously?
how are colours made?
what is the name of the paiting with the boy sitting on a boat fishing alone. i think its by winslow homer?
what drug did vincent van gogh use and what effect did it have?
Who did this abstract piece and who else does abstract art like this?
Why do people have favorite colors?
in what way van gogh have influence on art?
what is your favorite painting?
i have a marty bell painting of penshurst tea rooms artist proof signed AP 19/20!! what is this worth?
how much do u think an ozz franca oil painting could go for on ebay? its a landscape from 1964.?
Why does my oil paint still sink into the canvas after I prime it?
Value of a very very old harland young painting! fall scene with a dirt path and fence ?
Artists that paint dark/haunting things?
I love drawing cartoon characters. But... which is the best cartoon show?
How to get glitter paint off trash can?
Artist with name that looks like Burile, or Barile or Bavile?
is there a program for young artists to perform in carnegie hall?
Where can I buy artwork produced by Jane Brayne?
The best paint and body shop to?
Does anyone know the name of this painting?
I'm painting, what are some good colors that go with purple?
mod podge / acrylic sealer peeling off?
Good and realiable sites to buy spray paint?
Do you think this painting of mine is ok?
info on dos mujeres by simon silva?
what 2 colors do u think look good together?
Any technical suggestion to improve my web site design ?
For big paintings...?
Any good site which has all type of Paintings?
Info about Grandma Moses...?
How much would this yellow flower painting by F. Julia Bach sell for?
What is the name of the Van Gogh painting I am thinking of?
What kind of thing(s) do you think depicts coldness (as in emotionally)?
Which Is The Best Digital Painting Software?
How do I paint a gradient on a wall?
What should I paint for my mum?
should i paint my room with mountains,waterfalls,trees like a really cool painting ?
Is it too late to become an artist at 50?
If you were to explain "modern painting" with only one example, what would you suggest?
mod podge / acrylic sealer peeling off?
How do watercolors behave on a canvas coated with a white acrylic paint?
Compare and contrast the work of Picasso and Matisse. How is their work similar and different?
i need an idea for something to paint?
where can I buy cheap oil colors in turkey?
An Idea for an Art Project?
Help a beginner painter!?
Can I mix turpentine with water colour or acrylic paint?
what's the name of the painting of a room with the sea coming in the doorway?
how much should i pay for a print of the painting of lady elizabeth compton by clifford r james?