I am moving to Normandy after Christmas and I need to know the best way of selling paintings in France.?
How can I hang handpainted wrapping paper without frames? Is there a way to adhere the paper to a canvas?
does watercolor paints ruin acrylic paint boards?
Can anyone tell me where I can find artwork by Saryan?
What is the painting called on the cover of the 2013 Treasures From the Smithsonian Engagements Calendar?
Expert painters I have a question?
Difference between Applied art and fine art in painting?
what is your favourite colour ?
What should i paint on my guitar case?
how to portray emotion in painting/art?
why does mona lisa have no eyebrows?
Blake's lamb represents experience; his tiger, innocence.?
I was given a Charles M Russell painting called "The Fireboat". What's it worth?
Can you get mixed colour rose bushs?
name an artist that paints things zoomed in ?
Washable parking lot paint?
Could I use white paint instead of gesso on cardboard?
How long does Winton oil colour take to dry?
List random objects that I could turn into a surrealist painting!!!?
How do you become a artist for IKEA? :)?
I am looking for the name of a famous female artist that is known for oil paintings of cakes/pastries...?
Need help finding information on a painting/artist?
Has anyone heard of fake robert falk paintings or perhaps an artist whos name or goes by the psuedonym r.falk?
why is the Mona Lisa so important?
What's a really good modern photo or painting with a message or meaning behind it?
Contemporary Tenebrists...? Know of any?
Why is Mona Lisa important in france?
What are the rules and methods of glazing technique in acrylic painting?
I'm looking for info on an artist (oils - birds seem to be a theme) whose signature says 'Monti" - f
What is the best art gallery in the world?
Can I make liquid watercolor paint from my watercolor tube paint?
can anyyone?
Los Borrachos or El Triunfor de Baco?
Emboss powder how to?
I inherited an oil painting from 1981 by an artist named MONSH. Whats it worth?
What is the original English name of Claude Monet's "Water Lily Pond"?
Does anyone know where I can go to see works by Basquiat on display?
Can anyone give me some ideas to get out of a creative painting/drawing block? Thank you?
Compare the english landscapes to the realist?
Would anybody be willing to photo shop this for me?
I have a Antonietta Brandeis Painting of Ponte Vecchio, Florence can you help me please?
I need something besides acrylic paint that won't smudge or fade in the washer, help?
Caravaggio vs Gentileschi?
you remebr that one show with the guys?
Who is the artist Wm. Collins?
looking for water colors by A Kuethale?
Which Abstract Expressionist painters' works have fetched the highest price at auctions?
Can anyone identify these artists signatures?
What are those angels or Gods in the paintings during Renaissance Era?
Does anyone know what the primary and secondary colours are?
What kind of paint does Romeo Britto uses? Is it oil or acrylic?
Does anyone know the artist and title of this painting?
What kind of paint/marker to design my shoe?
Do you know any artists from 1950's period or work in that style please?
I need to draw a picture for my project, and my teacher wants me to paint it, What kind of paint should I use?
what was the colour of the norman people?
who owns the painting Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh? If a museum, which one?
Which artist?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a STREET artist?
Get paint out of leather?
describe art of shading?
I'm looking for abstract pictures - faces, any one can help?
who is your favorite painter?
Painting bluw walls pink?
Where can I sell my paintings online?
is black the void of all color and white the results of all colors?…?
What type of paint or paint markers would be good for the skin?
How would you analyze this painting?
I have a painting in my house of two tall ships on the open sea.?
What is Tim Burton's Artwork style?
how do I paint custom shoes?
what is your favorite colore and why ??????????????????????
What is your favourite color?
how do you get an avitar if you already have the simily face?10 points for most helpful?
Can anyone learn to draw/paint or do you have to be a natural?
I'm looking for a religious painting.?
can someone please give me an artist that is well know for his/her's?
How does this girl have the glow paint?
i want to be an artist, so what do i do?
need to know the estimated value of a 1923 signed and dated picasso painting called the lovers?
Can an elephant with a paint brush create art?
How do I paint an accurate American flag on a rock?
Leonardo de Vinci...?
what do you think of my artwork?
Cleopatra, the waiter and the dwarf?
major in fine arts school in philippines?
REALLYIMPORTANT> How do I replicate this wood jewelry?
Found a Westal painting and need some info on it.?
How many paintings did Justin Aerni paint in his lifetime ?
how do you make brown paint!?
Help with this Norman Rockwell painting?
Anyone know anything about the meaning/significance on the painting "The Kitchen Maid" by Johannes Vermeer?
acrylic painting?
Want To Interpret This New Black And White Painting?
which are the best art schools?
I'm looking for a mosaic (checkerboard) floor in chicago?
whats the first image you get when you see or hear the word aftermath?!?
Can someone explain to me what stretching and framing of artwork is and how much it usually costs?
I want to become a painter/artist. I need some tips. Any artists out there?
Is it okay to spray paint my instrument?
mixing paint: making red a darker shade?
can i use olive/corn oil as a medium for oil painting?
where can i find a sketch of an indoor pond in a reception type room?
How can I paint one hell of a Grafiti?
Has there ever been a blind famous artist before?
What else should i spray paint on my skate board?
I need tips on how to go about painting a picture for my mom on Mother's Day!?
how many colors are in a crayola crown super size box?
Airbrush seems to backfire why?
Pablo Picasso Girl in a Chemise?
Who was: PBS Painting Lessons cowboy hat guy?
where can i find out about advice/assistance to become a self-employed professional artist.?
Art: Fernand Leger Help!!!!!!!?
protective covering for canvas paints?
favorite color(s)?
what animal should i paint?
What colors go good with a Napalm Orange?
I want to know the which colour is best for canvas sheet, as i want to start making professional paintings?
What do you think about my painting?
Best stencil material?
Is it possible to do a regular painting on glass? Or get a print on clear plastic?
Can you please tell me which picture would look better in a painting?
what do draw in a abstract painting for a girl i like?
What are the essentials for oil painting?
Who is Velosi and is he or she a painter?
i need help finding out where i can find "the singing Bulters" original size and what type of paint used
Painting stripes ideas?
How can I get free artist paint brushes for free?
Any suggestions on where to go for high-quality prints on canvas for an original heirloom oil painting?
whats so odd about wanting to paint ya head blue?
What kind of wood are stretcher bars made of?
Can someone identify this painting for me? I have pictures/screencaps.?
information on Mexican artist Jose Plaza from mid 1930's to 1950's?
Which artists could you recommend?
Drawing Ideas, Needs Tweaking Help?
Will acrylic paint stick to a shiny iphone case?
Its it ok to paint after one coat of priming?
Any artists that you would recommend?
What are some famous paintings about/of pirates?
I would like some informaton on aVasily Kandinsky print and other .?
Do you think that Gustav Klimt is a great artist?
Ideas for things to paint..?
Why is Van Gogh regarded as one of the greatest painters of all time?
I am starting an exam on the word 'temperature' what artists are there that I could look into?
why do u need a basecoat while painting your nails?
Painting with Oil over Acrylic?
What was the name of the mural Diego Rivera made in Cuernavaca?
DEGAS, is there a website where i can view all of his work or see pieces purchased in the last 15 years or so?
Ideas On What To Paint For This Girl?
Art question..please help?
Does anyone have any details or insight on this oil painting?
I did work on this one? Is it better? Your opinion?
Where did the artist Michael Turner go to college?
Rough painting value estimate?
i need help to find a painter who signs their artwork with the name park in the low right hand corner?
What designs would you want on a deck (I.e. Skateboard/Longboard)?
How much are Willard Leroy Metcalf paintings worth?
Want To See A Work In Progress (Week Two) ?
How to make dark turquoise paint?
Besides paint and brushes, what other tools will I need ?
how do i start painting??
Where to find tutorial to paint a sketch of a tree?
What colour is blue . . . . . . . .. ?
what's your favourite colour?
Was Henri Matisse famous for painting portraits?
what is your favorite colour?
fernandez paintings?
About an artist???
I bought an old oil painting on canvas at the back is written ROBERT DYAS LONDON EC knows someone tell?
I am trying to find out the name of a painting I saw at the Art Institute of Chicago. Can you help?
what should i always have with me if i do graffiti?
What do you think of my paintings?
Has anyone here taken a bob ross course?
Which picture should I paint for my art class?
what's one of the famous art work in new york city ?
What are some good art fair painting ideas?
What is the name/artist in this painting?
How do people get their art placed in prominent galleries?
What is the best paint to use for body art?
please help this is driving me insane?
Is it ok to dry my painting with a hairdryer?
Robert Henri Painting Value?
I'm looking for info on a realist painter Koler.?
Need awesome body and face paint?
How can I evenly apply red glass paint ?
What equipment would i use for drawing with crayons?
Can anyone identify this signature?
what odorsless cleaner can i use for oil painting?
What can a painting express that a photograph cannot?
What You THINK of My BULL?
Trying my hand out at painting, what tools?
What kind of career can I get with Art?
im trying to find paintings by malvine anderson?
What colour to paint a dragon?
Airbrushing Indoors?
Is painting dead?
Is there any University in India or Kolkata that giving Degree in Fine Arts through Distance Learning Course?
In your opinion, who's art was more groundbreaking: Pablo Picasso or Vincent Van Gogh?
I am looking for a painting of a woman in an orange dress reading a book. Does anyone know what it is called?
Where are the boundaries between painting and mixed media?
i like drawing soo much what i have to do to make my hooby grow up plz help?
Photoshop Brush Grain Issue?
What painting am I thinking of?
How do you make paint with ashes or charcoal?
Does anyone know the laws for painting and selling wild turkey feathers in Illinois?
I have a painting of a palm tree signed andrew?
what do i need to become a painter?
Best way to ship a painting?
What type of mangoes should I paint?
Painting Journals - that contain good images of paintings, drawings and prints..?
Oswaldo Moncayo painting?
What is the best medium to mix oil paint with?
Best places to ask if they would like to display your artwork?
Is there a way to stretch watercolour paper without using a board/flat surface?
Can I have some info on Picasso's Still Life with Pitcher and Apples?
What should my favorite color be? Pink, Black, or Grey?
I need a Leonardo Da Vinci! :D?
Your favorite color?
can you give me ideas on how to paint my room i dont no?
painting of graffiti?
pitre- artist?
Where can I learn how to paint?
Is there a pet safe paint?
I inherited an oil painting on canvas from my grandmother, at least 80 years old, probably more.?
You are an art critic. What are the four steps you could use to determine whether or not a painting is or is n?
Best Crafting Paint Brands?
What is Ur favorite museum?
Marc Chagall and Christianity?
For painters...?
I need to reuse a painting canvas?
what does azure mean? what color does it represent?
What was Joan Miró's first (or earliest known) painting?
Can anyone recommend a good book on painting theatrical backcloths?
When you buy new Oil paintbrushes do you use them straight out of the package or do u need 2 clean them first?
MIcheal Fatali?
where can I buy non-reflective museum glass for my pictures or framed art online?
Abstract Art help? ?
Can anybody provide me with information on Alesso Baldovinettis "Portrait of a Lady in Yellow". Thankyou.
Art Composition? please help?
when painting is it ok to put your entire name?
I submited my shop at Cafe Press to your search engine in December - why can't I pull it up.?
Can anyone tell me the name of an interesting painting located in the Phildelphia Art Museum?
PLEASE HELP! Who painted this image?
Spray Paint Help??????????????
there is a painting that i saw once that showed a man in a penthouse just staring out the window.?
What kind of primer should my daughter use when she gives my car a hippie paint job?
Has anyone heard of the artist R. Nucum?
painting in the cold?
How do you take a photograph of a drawing/painting with minimal amount of light being reflected?
Whats the name of the l s lowry picture showing pontypridd park and boating pond?
Meaning of From The Lake by George o'keeffe?
Which one of these should I draw for my self portrait? PLEASE?
Artist who paint about love ? or memories?
Can anyone give me any pattern artists?
Can anyone tell me how much my painting may be worth?
A famous piece of Art?
Creating the look of Fabric with Acrylic paint [PIC]?
US Born Artist and their Painting?
I want to know about biography of Arnold Rice, who painted SEER in 1995... Will you give it for me? Please...?
i have bought an artist 16" x 20" canvas and i have a photo i would like transfering on to it, can i do that?
Why is red such a good color?
I am looking for information about Loren Bishop - artist - Newfoundland I think?
who was j.w.clarke the painter?
Need help on an abstract painting...?
Any information on Steinlen's "Le Chat Noire Gaudeamus"?
Creative ways to paint my surfboard.?
True or False: Modern artists usually paint silly nonsense and call it 'art'?
does anyone know about a website for free where i can simulate my car as of paint and etc.?
Trying to identify Henry Optiz painting?
name of wife of diego rivera painter from mexico?
To what extent do audiences need art galleries to view artworks?
i am looking to purchase a jose puyet painting by the name of "la coqueta", or a print, can you help?
I saw a painting in Kirklands and now I can't find it anywhere?
Has anyone ever sold their artwork to the Art Institute of Chicago?
where is a good, cheap place to get montana spray paint?
What are some of the areas covered under commercial painting?
why do so many people have the same painting by r colad?
What's so special about the Mona Lisa portrait?
What is your Favorite colour. and Why ?
Where can I get Pastel Dust?
Whats that painting with all the surreal stairs in the room called?
examples of 10 rare handicrafts with steps?
Sacrifice in paintings?
What should i do with my paintings?
What is the point of using multiple coats of primer for painting?
What is YOUR favourite color?
who's the artist behind the picture of the fox smoking a cigarette next to a little girl!?
how can i improve that i am the painter for someone ?
what do you think the 10 most famous paintings are?
How can we take inspiration from Martin Craig Martin's work?
What is name of the painter?(pictures linked)?
Finding an Auction for rare Marcantonio Raimondi Print:?
Does anyone know any artists who do paintings of landscapes and use bold colours?
what's most liked color in the world?
can someone tell me about the electronic paintings of Buffy St. Marie?
What are the names of some famous pastel artists?
What is one change that takes place in the status of artists during the Early Renaissance Period in Italy?
Who is your favorite painter?
how to paint on glass surfaces?
dali ke odam posle za strumica?
I need ideas.........?
Please help to choose Acrylic painting colors.?
Painting by Picasso (I think?)?
I have an old painting of Grandma. I would like to reproduce in the form of a photo.?
If paint peels off due to blister does this have to do with the type of paint used?
Can anybody give me some names of artists who used the natural environment as inspiration for their work
What is a pre-stretched canvas? How is it different from other canvas & which canvas is better while painting?
How do I price art that someone wants me to create for their organization?
what is the value of my painting?
what country did Andy Warhol work in?
Where can you buy Painting whites in Adelaide? eg pants?
Whose pictured in the last supper painting?
i am looking for an artist named gwen constantine who has done oil paintings of point lobos,ca. please help.?
Artists names?
Where can I buy painting materials like paints,brushes,canvas and such here in Nairobi?
what is this painting called?
Do I have potential as an artist?
is your favorite color is purple?
Amateur Painter?
I can't paint my wooden project the same color as the last time ?
How do you compare and contrast two painting?
Diifference between Floral and Landscape Canvas Painting? Also give some examples if possible?
what is the name of the painting that has a skull at the bottom - that you can only see from certain angles?
Do you still have your childhood drawings/paintings?
Who is your favorite music artist?
Anyone know where i can buy this print?
Can you please tell me three modern artists?
Who is the artist of the drip painting in House Beautiful magazine July/August '11 pg.111?
Original painting, stamped b y the illinois molding company, artist is Rugan. Can't' find any info. Help?
Spray painting t shirts?
I'm looking for a link to the painting of William Blake which illustrates this section of poetry:?
I'm looking for info about a painting I have. It was painted in 1968 by H.C. Kimball.?
Name something that is purple?
Who is Martiros Saryan?
how I cant find why is painter to my lithography and where I find certificat for this lithography?
I'm new in painting and coloring, can you judge my artwork?
Will someone please cite this painting for me in MLA format?
I really want to paint a mural?
I found some kind of artwork by a dude named Pollock.?
I have a painting of abraham lincoln and matthew brady painted by norman rockwell, is it worth anything,?
Norman Rockwell Clock made by Ridgeway.?
Fixative on canvas?
Where can I buy Linseed oil....?? Best answer will get .s.?
I have an old oil painting, the artist name is Gustaberg I think, how do I find out about this artist?
Who is hotter emmett or Jasper?
what is ur fav COLOR ?
AHHHH! I messed up with dark paint?!?
What is the best painting from the Romanticism era?
Danilo Hilario Ramirez??? ?
Could someone give me some information on Apple Tree in Flower by Mondrian?
Can someone tell me what Micheal Snow's painting style and technique is?
How should I paint my room?
What is Fluxus-Brut-Avant garde art?
In the 1989 Batman, what painting did the joker write "Joker was here!"?
How to Use Oil Paints?
An 1907 ECU class ring?
What is the likely origin of a round oil painting with a circular bronze frame?
Paintings of Greek style clothing?
Painting ideas for the troops in Iraq?
Can you recognize this painting?
Where are some GOOD websites for ANCIENT Egyptian wall paintings??
I need a cheep cello but not ebay?
Am I the first one to think the Mona Lisa was based on the Man in the Moon?
Has Norman Reedus ever been to Australia?
What is the name of that famous French painter who paints cats?
I'm looking for the name of a painting - very realistic looking (read description below)?
I spoke to a director at a gallery but she claimed she was too busy. What do they do there anyway?
The lady and the tiger by frank stockton?
idk where i can find a free program to make my own pictures lo0k like oil painting i need help?
What do you think of this painting?
I am looking for information on a French Artist.?
In the Archibald Prize, How many prize winners are awarded? And what are the different prizes?
does anyone know about an artist...N.A.Jorgensen?
am i good at painting? pictures included?
famous filipino paintings?
Will tempera paint wash off my car?
What is one of a series of ten woodcuts that Paul Gauguin executed after his return to Paris from Tahitia?
Describe what you see in this artwork? (Narcissus by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio)?
describe maniera greca painting style?
Do I have to apply anything to prevent ing - oil painting?
I have a painting done by an artist with the last name Garrett done in 1944. What is it worth?
I bought a print but don't know how much it will cost to frame?
What is the difference between a gallery and a museum?
clown oil painting signed Tom Rubens , i can't find anything on him.?
In Oil Painting, Is liquin, linseed oil, and orderless mineral spirit the same thing?
Opinions: Is my painting good?
what should i paint for school?
What was your reaction to salvador dalis painting?
Know any artists who based their art on change?
Bright and simple ideas for a blank canvas?
Two unknown Paintings by Monte?
Does anynoe know where i can see works by arthur rackham or salvador dali?
where in chennai i could buy some good Paintings?
Who should I paint for my oil portrait?
want to try and sell some paintings/drawing.?
What would you name this lanscape?
Do you know about paintings . Help me please???
What do you think?
How did Art Nouveau artists such as Louis Comfort Tiffany use line and shape in their works?
Dadaism vs. surrealism?
Facts on the face of mae west dali?
I have a painting*clown with child by Fernandez Diaz in1964.Given to flushing high school in mi. anyone know ?
What to paint for huge project?!!?
Is it possible to make oil paint from acrylic?
Does watercolor work on canvas?
artists who use patterns?
Can you think of a quote for this image?
What kinds of paint are there?
Why is the Mona Lisa such a masterpiece?
i want to tea stain my paper...?
How much for a Roger Flythe painting?
i have a sir joshua reynolds the art innocence plaque dose any one know what is worth?
What are some good painting ideas?
What is the ultimate neutral colour?
who is the original artist that sang please dont stop the music?
Do you think there is balance in this Painting (Cape Cod Morning)?
which museum is the mona lisa in?
how do you trace on a canvass?
What type of paint did Raphael use?
do you paint and then hang up what you paint?
paint type used to paint a canvas awning?
Oil painting trouble.. paint is too tacky/doesn't flow easily on canvas?
10 describing words for this painting?
Different Types of Paints?!?
Is it possible for art to be bad?
what is most noteworthy about mannerism?
What is the value of hues?
where r the art galleries?
What color would you say this is?
How Much would you pay a Dean Exotica (Guitar)?
erotic art???????????????
Who's the artist of that famous painting, I think mission era, with simple asymetric blocks of primary colors?
Is it safe to paint with acrylic paint ?
When is art considered finished?
How come there are no famous paintings showing slavery ?
Any information on Andy Warhol? 10 POINTS EASY!?
Famous artists who uses Distortion or Reflection in their work?
Decoupage on wet oil paint?
Cheap Vladimir Kush posters?
The Outlaw, N.C. Wyeth Painting?
can anyone tell me art tutoring classes in north bangalore?
When mixing colours, what is the base colour?
Should I sell custom shoes like this? and etsy question?
Looking for Stretching Canvas Service?
What can I paint with only black and grey paint?
Which Impressionist artists did Mary Cassatt influence/inspire?
when is christofer drews real birthday?
C.kieffer painting ... Help...?
How To Improve My Painting?
Paint tool SAI session expired?
help with art research?
what materials did salvador dali used for his painting "persistence of memory"?
where can i buy watercolours paint in singapore?
what is the artist peter max's real name?
How can I get paint out of my hands?
What would you ask Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, if they were alive today?
How to sell jmw turner oil painting?
I am interested in examining the background to paintings of Nell Gwyne.Can you help?
What colours go really well with orange?
How can I tell the difference between my Paasche-VL airbrush needles / tips?
How can i paint one of those pictures i see on ebay of film/rock stars or cool cars?
Hi! does anyone know where I can get info on Robert Greives? australian artist?
Example of 2 different takes on the same subject by 2 different artists?
Best Biography Of Pablo Picasso!!!?
Who is the best painter in oil color in the world?
please let me know the names of authors who wrote books on how a potrait can become photogenic?
Soft pastel mural? Can I do it?
Which renaissance artist used their image in their own artwork, besides self-portait?
What kind of paint does Bandai use for their multiple figures? Like Chogokin Diecast, Ultra-Acts, etc.?
I would like to have someone paint a self portrait of myself.?
what do artists do every night?
what are two tools for applying paint?
I am an artist trying to make money?
Painters at the Académie des Beaux-Arts with Keese van Dongen..?
Why do you paint?
Calling all really good portrait artists!?
linkin park video 'in the end'?
Was the Mona Lisa ever stolen?
Givenchy Leroy Neiman print worth what??
I Need Help Identifying A Painting?????
Why do I think what I think about art?
What present would Vincent van Gogh like?
What's that color...?
did you hear about CORT guitar?
Can i use interior paint as acrylic paint?
What is the name of the artist who painted the picture of melting clocks?
Art: What media did Andy Warhol use for Michael Jacksons portrait?
Who is stalking Rene Walker?
Polls: GRAFFITI - art or vandalism?
Any Romantic Painting in Abstract Oil.?
Could you refer your feelings of love to Micheal Angelo's painting Fingers?
Art Topic Question...?
What paint color is this?
Can you use Prismacolor Markers in Doddle 4 Google contest?
Is there a copyright of Raphael, Michelangelo, etc paintings? Is it legal to produce postcards?
what are primary colours?
How much should i sell my paintings?
FACE PAINTERS: I need YOUr help!!!!?
Which of these paintings do you like better?
who is Janusz Antosz?
Anyone know any artists that paint birds or focus on the bird life cycle?
who was caravaggio?
wet on wet paint style?
what is a vanilla sky?
how to get a girlfriend?
Does anyone know of a paint artist who will paint me in a death scene?
Does anyone know this artist at MOMA?
Are any of Otto Dix's art form world war 1 being exhibited in LONDON?
What is so special about the colors green and blue when coloring or painting landscapes?
artists that paint mysterious places?
Would it be possible to disappear into one of my paintings and never return?
Can anyone tell me where to find all 7 ot the masters knots not just the 2 listed in George Bains book?
What are some good colour schemes for a 14 year old girls bedroom?
Where can I watch "The Joy of Painting"?
Can you stretch a canvas over a bulletin board?
Was Jesus Black or White or Yellow?
Painting model horses-only for collectors?
Is there anything exciting going on in Chicago tonight?
Still life painting.So what do l choose?
can anyone tell me aboutsaint vincent's life and works?
Who owns the copyright to the paintings of artists such as Da Vinci, Monet, van Gogh, Raphael and Rembrandt?
Anyone have watercolor painting tips?
Rock art project?
i have an old picture i found in a house built in 1919. The artist is De Nara, Vara,or Kara?
i have a painting it has the signature but under it is print that said 112c henk bos;copper series litho in u?
Im getting into watching Bob Ross on tv tell me anything you want about him or his artist style?
how mant times has "the scream" been stolen?
Where can I find more info about the artist J Hens who painted "The Steamer Stanley"?
has anyone ever heard of an Artist called " PASANAULT "??? If so please email me at Th
How difficult would it be to paint a watercolor painting of a person without it looking ridiculous & amateur?
Salvador Dali? Was he actually mad?
Other than the primary colors and black and white, what other colors of paint should I get to paint acrylic?
Are there any reliable places to sell a wildlife painting online, other than ebay?
Painting? I want to learn, but how?
Looking to find out where the painting "Who do you love" is from Fred Morgan.?
How to Find Inspiration for Painting?
What is it with famous painting reproductions being tacky and what is the solution?
has anyone heard of rafael saadiq?
I LOVE the abstract paintings in the "Better off Ted" office. Who is the artist? or a website?
oil paints help, i've never used them before..?
Can someone help me with a Presidential portrait website?
Best Solvent For Oil-Paint.?
how can you get people to like you?
is painting a talent, or it is a series of techniques?can not a person paint by only taking some courses?
where did this photo come from? who painted it?
What is this picture
who are the greatest artist at all times? could you name there art works?` i need it for my homework.?
help me!! please!!?
what is the main objective of Leonardo da Vinci for making the last supper?
opinions and advice on my painting?
Which kind of paint can use to paint some wood words that I have?
is colour the most important part of drawing? if so why?
Where can I find some very cheap but good quality artist oil paints and brushes online?
What is the best way to display, frame or hang an African Batik painting in my office????
What are the dimensions of Mona Lisa's face for a golden rectangle?
if you're not successful in art, you probably work too hard?
The pattern can be painted on internal face of inside-painted bottle?
Why does a Jackson Pollock painting sell for $140 million and a Rembrandt only $46 million?
what are the little pieces included with a canvas?
What is paint thinner used for?
Who painted the famous Santa Clause with oil paint?
Color schemes?
creative birdhouse ideas?
Leonardo da Vinci Mediums?
Does anyone have any information on Salvador Dali's "marilyn"? Any interpretations?
Can anyone identify a steel engraving called, "The Sacred Ibis"?
What is your Favourite Colour?
AR3 y00hh SMARt LiK3 y00hh SAy y00hh AR3?
When oil painting fat over lean, can i use liquin with the fat layers?
What kinda of paint would I use for a paint fight?
Where Might One Find...?
An artist uses indian ink?
how shall i expose my paintings which are all very much realistic as it is inborn within & i dont have degree?
Does anyone have a biography of Willi Korber, the artist, not the writer, unless one in the same?
Difference between: Gloss, Matt, and Satin (varnish)?
what kind of style paintings did vincent van gogh do?
Know any significant Canadian art (plays, tv, music, paintings, scultpures) from 1900 to 1930s?
Is there a color whiter than white?
Van Goghs mind ? ?
british artist 20th century initials RH - any ideas??
if you could paint a picture of anything, what would it be?
What's the best way to remove varnish and paint and restart a project?
Information about the painting "Canoe Race Near Sault"?
How man ytimes did Gentileschi paint Judith Slaying Holofernes?
how did leonardo da Vinci show professionalism?
How to decorate a glass pipe?
What style of art is Georgia O'Keeffe qualified as?
is painting a talent, or it is a series of techniques?can not a person paint by only taking some courses?
What can I paint for my grandma?
My Oil Paints are Cakey?
where is monet's Chemin dans les Bles a Pourville on display?
How is it even possible?
what is the meaning of Gustav Klimt painting "Death and Life"?
Can I achieve a permanent watercolor appearance with acrylic?
What were specific materials, tools, techniques used or developed by Georgia O'Keeffe?
Is it wrong to make a painting of a photo I got from the internet?
who likes the dali lama?
what is the painting of a woman hunting a deer at washington DC museum?
What is the best paint to use on tiles and where can i buy it from? i want it to look professional?
Which crazy printed animal should I paint?
steve polomchak watercolor. i bought a watercolor. and with it has a certificate of registration?
fairfield porter, sun on rough sea. what is the color scheme?
hows does jackson pollock go from studying with thomas hart benton and using imagery in his paintings to drip?
Can someone tell me the name of the artist/painter of "The Blue Horse"?
Where can i find turpentine oil?
Do you think these signatures look similar?
Are Norman Rockwell and Kent Rockwell related?
who is the artist E. Arnold ?
What is your favorite color?
What's the name of a series of paintings showing the destruction of a kingdom?
What ever happened to this original painting: "Madonnina" by Roberto Ferruzzi? Do you like it?
What style did Marius de Romanus paint in, in the queen of the damned?
Water colours ??????
MFA in painting and Letter of recommendation?
does anyone know anything about yellow ware bear banks circa 1880's?
What should I paint today?
Which would you choose? A perfect grilled cheese sandwich or a personal viewing of the Mona Lisa?
What is happening in the painting of "The Calling of St Matthew"?
What is the best canvas type to use with oil paints?
I have a Blue Nose painting done on canvas from atleast the 50's how much is it worth?
How do I sell paintings in the UK from a foreign author? Advice needed badly...?
Nautical Signed Oil Painting Ship Sailing?
Severe creative blockage... HELP!?
I purchased an oil painting by the artist named Huwite. There is a cert.# 573363 by Artistic Interiors Inc.?
Who is this painting by? go to
Is the painting "The Old Temple" by Hubert Robert any valuable?
Painting a desk?????
how old was manet when he first started painting?
Whats the stuff that you use to build up on a canvas to make it raised?
What did Van Gogh use to paint the famous painting Starry Night?
Does anyone know the name of the Jamaican painter who painted a seascape with a blue tint over it?
I need help on where to look up a pic from 1876?
How much would someone pay for an original, very large Bob Ross Painting? Where should I sell it?
What kind of paint do they usually use to do portrait when it comes to airbrush??
Is it possible to paint a canvas that has alrwady been painted on? Artists only!?
What 2 colors other than black goes with yellow?
what are computers?
Is there anything i can coat waterbased paint with to make it waterproof?
What do you think ofty in art? Do you think it is artistic or do you see it another way?
Anyone know this painting by Salvador Dali?
Here is the Georgia O'Keeffe original photograph. What do you think?
what is your favourite era in history?
What size air brush do I need for painting breyer horses?
What should I add to my painting any suggestions?
a 1400's painting called, tne next universe?
Where can I find Eadweard Muybridge's Female Semi-Nude in Motion?
Am I the only one who watches painter Bob Ross in order to help me fall asleep?
Painting my Bike Helmet...HELP!!!!!!!!!!!?
I'm trying to find portrait artists in the seattle Washington area.?
is it legal when we repainted others painting who show their painting in youtube and other sites?
Has anyone ever heard of an artist by Amin?
What do you like in a Painting? ?
Analysis of 'Sweets' by Randall Diehl?
I spray painted my fimo clay after baking it, and it's not drying! Help?
How do I achieve that muted colour in a painting?
Do you like this art?
What do you think of my Artwork?
Art question about Thomas Kinkade?
What type of art is this painting?
Would you be interested in my art?
Why are barns always usually red!?
What can i use instead of turpentine?
Can you use fabric paint on a poster board?
How much would an original autographed hand-painted red Skelton painting be worth?
Bruno Zupan Paintings, how much are they worth?
ineed to find an agent named don hoffman fine art at can't find any source for him can u help me?
The Color Blue......?
i have a painting by a artist named AmBrose, it shows some women in a field and child kneeling with a basket?
Whats this painting called?
Can you wash spray-painted shirts?
painting a picture?
if it takes pink and blue to make purple what does it take to make white?
Hi to all, here's a question about paint;?
help needed, i had a idea about painting my wall and using it as a background for portrtes?
Question about Art/Impressionism?
Do i really need to use a bbowl and brush?
would my artwork sell?
What should I paint? No idea.?
I'm painting a landscape in art class tomorrow? any ideas? i want a sad feeling to it?
What can I spray paint on my Tshirt?
I was wondering if anyone knew of a way i could create t shirts that would withstand being washed?
need help with this assignment?
art, help, identify painting?
What kinda paint could i use for this ?!?
Who is the little boy in the the picture, Le petit parisian 1952 by Willy Ronis??
shadow colours?
what other colors is gold made of?
Where can i by a print/reproduction of the painting of the Battle of Moscow by Adam Albricht?
Is there anyway to get permanent marker off of an oil painting? its over 100 yrs old &my daughter wrote on it?
ring shaped brush for psp(paint shop pro)?
name 3 of leonardo da vincis designs and why they are seen to be ahead of his time?
Help on working thesis for Van Gogh paper?
What would be a fun name for a paint your own pottery store?
where can I find the price of an original Renoir?
which websites can i find some of sylvester Stallone's oil paintings?
what oil do you put over a painted canvas to keep it in good condition?
How many legit original mona lisa paintings are there in the whole world?
How much would paintings by Ang Kiukok be worth?
Will my Van Gogh when I step on Degas?
Can a 13 year old buy spray paint at fredmeyers?
What surrealist painting is this?
Where is Patrick Otis Cox from?
Does Circus Osorio use animals?
How do art curators detect forgeries and fakes?
Why do people spend thousands on those paintings have one blob of paint on it? Seriously.?
Where is The Marriage of the Virgin by Raphael located?
I have 3 year old tubes of Acrylic paint, still good to use?
what kind of paint do you use to paint slip on vans?
What kind of paint would I use to spatter pants?
Why all the fuss over DaVinci's Last Supper and all of its alleged secrets within the painting?
What are some fun things to paint?
Why is the Mona Lisa famous?
indian artist oil paintings?
Surrealism art painting?
how did angelo spizirri die?
I want to paint a basic seascape using acrylic paints on canvas can anyone give me any tips on how to start?
Can I use regular acrylic paint for my nail art?
Should I paint this? Is it a bad idea?
Why is a painting like a pizza?
CAN YOU HELP ME????????????
What company can you send in your photo and they make a painting of it?
Is Mona Lisa a Leonardo Da Vinci self portrait?
publish some paintings/drafts?
Does Goya normally paint himself in the backrounds of pictures?
Can you use Campbell soup labels to support Alzheimer's program?
what is the painting with god's hand reaching out to another?
How much should I expect to pay a Mural artist to design and paint a mural for my sons room? (12ft ceilings.)?
I have a propane tank in my yard and was wondering if any one had ideas on what I could paint it?
What ideologies did Andy Warhol expose?
Where would the color of Brown-Violet be placed on a Color Chart?
where is Rembrandt in his painting?
Are my paintings good?
? the meaning of the BRITTO?
Where can I find more information on an artist named chivala in the 1500's?
I need help locating a painting.?
What did Georgia O'Keeffe used to paint pictures of?
Survery of the Western Culture: Fully describe any painting.?
What's your opinion on Portraiture Paintings? (Art history help)?
Does anyone know where I can find a guy named John Fox that used to airbrush in Panama city beach,FL in 1992?
Artist Fredrick French painted in the early 1900, does anyone out there know anything about him please?
How should I start a new style of abstract?
How do I find oil painting lessons in Madison, WI?
John Constables painting of Stonehenge?
How to use acrylics mediums?
I am looking for prints of Maxwell Parish's work, but no luck. Am I using the wrong name? HELP PLS.?
does anyone know what the painting of NYC is, in the Fresh prince of bell air? It hangs in the living room?
what do you think of my art work?
How do you get oil paints out of brushes?
Has anyone every heard of old Spanish paintings using bulls blood? Are they worth anything?
What color is your favourite color?
What are the copyright laws for painters using a photographers work?
How to clean an oil painting?
Mona Lisa Smile or not ?
Painting of Mary and infant Jesus shown in the documentary "Banned from the Bible" on the History channel?
I have a painting that I need help with?
How to i make a retro type drawing?
what paint can i use for cardboard?
Was Frida Kahlo a good painter? How much artistic merit did she have?
Satisfied with your body?
Clear Waterproof Spray Paint/Coating/Gloss?
Painting .....?
Who remembers those pictures with the spaces with a number in them that told you to paint it a specific color?
What are some good Web sites for learning how to use watercolors?
does anybody know where the artist caravagio lived for most of his life, and did he go to art school?
some questions about paintings and where to buy?
What would you say is the best paint type for landscape painting? and whats best paper?
can you use normal paint on a potting tray?
Could somebody pretty please tell me the name of this drawing? Or is there a place online that will tell?
Can I use Jojoba oil as a oil paint medium?
who was said to be the greatest practitioner of impressionism?
Spray painting rubber boots?
How much is it to restore a painting?
What type of paint marker will work best for my project?
How come artists who were depressed used bright colours?
I think that purple goe's with green. but I don't know.?
Did Kandinsky ever do a painting entitled the wedding - or about a wedding?
Artist who works around containers?
What does the yellow ribbon signify ?
who repainted the sistine chapel?
What colors do you mix to make navy blue?
Ideas for a painting?
What is the value of an original etching by E J Maybery titled "John Knox's House"?
what is a painter architect? is it a bad thing?
when doing an oil painting how do I get the paints to dry - painted on canvas. Thanks?
there is a painting that i saw once that showed a man in a penthouse just staring out the window.?
Where do i get cheap washable paint?
Any good tutorials on rendering digital paintings in Photoshop?
2. Explain the two painting techniques of ‘buon fresco’?
How could I relate ANY historical painting to ICE CREAM?
I want to be in a art class but all the classes are mostly about painting?
How many artworks picasso produced in his lifetime??
Any Artists that paint emotions?
Do you put lighter paint into the darker paint or the other way around?
Where can I find a mass produced print of Dorothea Tanning's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik?
Painting my bedroom, help?
I have a large Oil painting by Kee Fung Ng. Does anyone maybe have a clue as to value?
Maybe a strange question.....?
urgent help please..................................…
what is the best type of paint to use to paint a name on a car?
What is the biggest frustration in life ?
How did the pop art movement affect the culture?
please identify this painting for me?
I have to find artworks that depict the human body? HELP!?
is every thing wrritten in the da vinci code book true?
How to paint someone (physically paint a person and photography them) tips on what type of paint is best etc?
does anyone recognize this painting?
what is the interpretation of 100 cans painting of Andy Warhol?
how can i look scene?
find work for painting in simpsonville sc?
what lacquer can i use in an airbrush so colours wont run(read on)?
is there any summer art lessons somewhere in rizal?.....angono, antipolo, tanay?
who drew this painting?
How to remove masking tape from an acrylic painting?
who was inspired by the beatles and mozart?
How Do I Re-Paint My Canvas? Should I Sand It Down First?
Can you identify this painting?
Can someone explain Jackson Pollock's contribution to art? Why is he important?
Painting of girl overlooking hillside with spanish style house?
Can a museum enhance/retouch original paintings?
Where can Gustav Klimt's THE TREE OF LIFE be seen today?
How much should I charge for painting a realistic & anatomically life size whale mural for a museum?
What is an A. Ferrari painting (born 1942) worth?
In Woody Allen's Match Point, who were the painters featured in the galleries?
can a hole in a painting be repaired?
What is the difference between poster colour and acrylic colour?
'Bridge' by Kenneth Noland, 1964.. One paragraph about the painting?
where could i get spray paint cans in jaipur?
Does anyone like artwork by Michael Godard?
name of painting or artist?
What Does 'Compare contrast between the Mona Lisa and any other artwork you are familiar with' Mean?
Need tips on painting a mural?
Why was the painting "The last judgement" famous? What is the painting about?
why do i need to use gesso?
What are some good black painters/paintings?
how do you find a specific artist of a specific painting?
acrylic and water color paint?
identify the picture, it has a herd of fresian cows walking towards the viewer, walking on yellow field ?
Where can I find more Art Inspiration?
which color you get when you mix red and yellow?
name of wife of diego rivera painter from mexico?
Large Original Canvas Oil Painting. Looking for Value.?
Inspirarion for a painting?!?
Does anyone know what the title of this painting is by Picasso?
How do you..................? easy 10 points?
How can I improve this painting?! (Pictures included)?
Rate this painting please.?
how can i fix my painting?
should i use acrylic paint on a plastic blank white mask?
I want to paint a painting for my boyfriend of one year, for him any suggestions?
does anybody know where i can locate the artist alfredo isaac because he is like the best artist in this world
How does this girl have the glow paint?
Do we all see colour the same - is my red your blue?
I have one of Norman Rockwell's original triple self portraits. How much is it worth?
what are some good color themes?
Why is my painting ing?
how long do i leave liquid white on when do a wet on wet painting before i start?
Help with color blindness?
Where would i find this paint?
is acrylic paint permenant on leather?
What inspired Frida Kahlo to paint?
What painting could this be?
What type of paint should I use?
How do I get a canvas painting duplicated?
I love doing spray paint art but. . .paper?
What is cubism trying to do?
How do you determine the value of art?
Can I use oil paints to paint my TOMS shoes?
which well-known artist such as Da Vinci, Monet, etc. can be used for a theme such as lust and abuse?
Can you use Enamel paint in air brush?
For painters...?
how do you feel about graffiti art?
How can these women with faked nails work at renovating, painting and even changing a child's dieper?
how to make rajashtani miniature painting?
Are there any websites that gives a description of the painting Weeping Woman by Pablo Picasso?
What's the best way for a beginner painter to get started?
Your favorite artist?
can i mix different brands of oil paint?
HELP PLEASE spanish art?
Is it bad to inhale paint fumes?
i have a skull with roses and just wondering what would compliment it?
What is the best process to get my paintings into prints? How much? Where?
what do you think of this 8x10" study of a sunset at castlerock wi?
can anyone help me identify a famous artist who specialized in clowns?
Transferring sketch onto canvas. ?
I need your help A.S.A.P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
chasing vermeer?
Whats the copyright status of "The great wave off Kanagawa" painting/woodcut .?
Painting and online drawing websites?
what art do you like?
What color usually do we use in applying in Wallings, and Altar?
who is glenn wessels?
post impressionism paintings?
what is the best oil paint brands?
Does mimicking works of great artists/creators help create a original artist?
Can anyone give me any information on mary jean olivelli?
where could i buy a poster that has 3 photograph to it to make up the whole painting? is there a special name?
Salvador Dali? Was he actually mad?
How to make an old leather book effect in painting?
:Looking for the name of a 17th or 18th century oil painting of Moor.....?
Chris Garver koi fish painting?
What does Keith Haring Art Represent?
What painting is this? The link is below?
why keep art in school?
Question for painters with at least some experience only?
How much is this painting by P. Duteurtre worth, if it's real?
Value of "Breakers At Eventide" by Amadeo Boroni?
Am I able to visit the Apostolic Palace and see the painting School of Athens?
i was wondering how to.........make your own paint?
Information about Federico Barocci (paintor) ... Read Decription!?
What graffiti cap is mostly used?
Is it ok to inhale spray paint and wd40?
Which Venetian artist painted the Three Ages of Man?
Help, creative-block :O! What should I paint?
Value of 1970's paintings by now deceased artist.?
how to make white paint with other colours?
Glow In The Dark Paint On Clothes?
what is your favorite art work?
As an art student, what was the best advice you ever received from a professor?
I started a painting 2 weeks ago and the paint is dry and i want to go back to it do i work......?
Why does it seem that the subjects of some portraits are staring at you?
How should I paint my room?
European painter/artist? Kind of pop-arty strange stuff?
what would you change about the persistence of memory by salvador dali?
how can i identify an artist of an oil painting by just a signiture /clifton/ in the lower left corner?
Why are people into paintings?
what did you think of the Henri Moore Foundation?
Is the Mona Lisa the most boring painting ever?
What is your favorite spanish painting? Why?
Formal Analysis "Primavera" by Sandro Botticelli?
How to paint a river or tree?
I want to sell some items that my ex gave me at a flea market.?
airbrushing body question?
How is my painting for the first time?
How do you feel about this artwork?
what are the procedures to authenticate a piece of art particularly paintings?
What are some good paintings and examples of military art?
Famous artist who paints elaborate portraits of women in lavish gold dresses?
a good artist from the 19th century?
What color do you get if you mix purple and brown?
where can i find the cheapist golden acrylic paint?
What should I do to help my mother?
What are more powerful colors?
I am a painter and I would like to put my canvas on a greeting card, where should i go or what should i do?
Help Finding a Name of a Famous Painting?
Who remembers those pictures with the spaces with a number in them that told you to paint it a specific color?
What did Robert Heindel work in? Eg what type of paint?
What are the titles of some of Pablo Picassos most famous paitings and sculptures?
What is the main message of this painting?
problems downloading paintbrush ?
How do I protect an acrylic painting while it's drying and before I'm able to frame it?
Can you obtain every color by mixing blue, yellow and red at an appropriate amount?
You you think it would be ok to use acrylic paint for face painting? ?
how can i have money in painthing?
Painters similar to Edward Hopper?
who are some contemporary war artists from ww1?
what craft websites for kids could i use?
is there a website where I can find some painting models ( for free) ?
Help choose color scheme?
Are there any fans of Bob Ross?
Plz help me find an image of the painting "Deux Personnages"?
help i just bought an air compressor with brush and needs help!?
I need help with an idea for my painting about my biggest fear?
What artist signs their name WALKER on painting?
Do you know how to paint?????
what colour paint should i use?
does anyone know of any artists like alex pardee?
Help finding symbols in this painting?
I need ideas for my artwork?
what is the name for a picture painted on the wall?
I am looking for info on an old oil painting by A Cornell?
what are ingredients in crayola washable paints?
Best gifts for an artist painter male born in February 17/1949?
Good Girl Gone Bad? Bad Girl Gone Badder? Or Just A Bad Painting?
coat of paint?
Which do you prefer oils or acrylics? Can you tell me some advantages and disadvantages?
Looking for any info on european painter Lucien Chaffois.?
Paintings concerning isolation?
What do you people think of Mona Lisa's expression?
I made a facebook page which im putting my artwork on?
1917 Chicago Portrait Co. Painting...?
who can paint for me?
Who is your favourite artist (the painting type) and why?
How To Dry Oil Paint Quickly?
Franz Kline art work what do u think?
has anyone painted under water for the three dimensional shading produced by a sealed application?
Is it possible to have a canvas painting restretched?
Does anyone know where I can view full length Bob Ross painting lessons?
what is the correct term?