Is it really worth to be an artist or a painter?
Bob Ross Finger Painting?
If i like a drawing on internet and try to copy and make my own just like that.. would it be plagiarism?
What walls should I paint with the darker color?
How should I pack my paintings both some oils and prints (framed) so they will be safe from mold and or damage
if you have a blue gray color what color added to that will make it brown?
Do you keep paintings around your house and if so, where did you get most of them?
research paper on leonardo da Vinci's "mona lisa"....somebody help me..?
what type of paint is good for painting a landscape picture outside?
In the literal meaning of modern art/contemporary art, how can we justify a departure from the classical?
What is the title/artist of this painting?
artists who did paintings of the city?
What is the best paint?
When was this painted? Rauscheberg help?
Which colour represents your mood today?
what does baby oil do???
Whenever i am painting a wall mural. I always seem to leave behind brush strokes of painted wall which looks r?
who invented the kulick frame? is it still being made? was he a painter?
Modge Podge vs Matte Medium?
Question about painting my rooms?
what is the name given to a portrait or picture that was painted very long ago?
gcse art - artist help please :)?
What is the name of this painting?
what colour is better lime green or sky blue?
What kind of poster or art will go nicely with this bedding?
What is heightened realism?
Has anyone have info on a artist named " H. Westcott" Desert scenes from 1953 a Reward is in place?
Can you use oil paint on a mirror?
who is leo jansen?
Who is your favorite painter of all time?
What's the name of this painting and why was it painted ?
What would you call painting "ontop of" text/literature?
Why don't museums allow taking pictures?
who paints the pygmy elephants in India and why?
what are some similarity's in the Middle East?
What's better, to paint standing up or sitting down?
Da vinci dress, how much is it worth?
The artists of the Renaissance focused on all of the following EXCEPT: humans and their experiences?
What color should I paint myroom ?
girl in a wheelchair?
who is the artist of the original song the way before fastball did a cover?
What's the best paint to use? Water colour or acrylic?
how did leonardo da vinci get famous?
Artists that have produced really miserable work?
Is The Rowers' Lunch considered Impressionism or Post-impressionism?
A good site where i can email a picture of my oil painting to be assessed?
Paper cutter for splitting sheets in two?
What's you favorite color?
i want some information of famous indian painter?
why do the paintings are sold at such huge prices even the new artists are making money what make paintings?
where can i find a negative art review of rembrandt?
What is the meaning behind the painting The Agitator by Diego Rivera?
I love all of Salvador Dali's work but is there any evidence that he used drugs to create his artwork?
Where can i find information on a painting?
the last supper/marilyn monroe?
What is Craft?
I have a art show coming up.But every time I start to paint I think don't wont to right now?
steps to hand painting w/ acrylic paint to a shirt?
Graffiti, Cons and Pros?
What is the price of a remake john constible painting?
What surface(s) does acrylic paint work on?
Does anyone know of an Artist named CARLO. I have a large oil painting that I purchased about 25 years ago.?
I want to etched my name on a glass mug then paint it with acrylic paint. Will it hold the paint. Will the pai?
can you work out the value of the symbols and hence the missing value?
Who is the artist of this painting?
what colour is avendale paint ?
Edward or Jacob?who is better?
I would like to start painting, using canvas' which type of paint is the best?! The best brand?
How can I sell my art?
What's your opinion about these modern art painting?
what should i do with my paintings?
Painter named Roy in 70's?
Would you ever.....?
what are the main causes and effects of paul gauguin's becoming a post-impressionit artist?
Rembrandt's first name?
Tinkerbell painting! Plz artists help!?
Any Artists that paint emotions?
What do you think of this artwork i am doing at the moment?
if artists dont use black pigment then how dark burnt amber for a shadow?is dulling the same darking?
is black a color and is it an absent of light?
what is these paintings called?
I need help finding a painting?
Help me find artwork?
Compare and contrast Norman Rockwell's artwork to Georgia O'Keefe's. How are they different? How are they alik?
Da Vince, Michelangelo great artists or phycos that cut up people's bodies?
Who is interested in buying art from the Philippines?
What is the warmest colour?
Make my own painting?
Can anyone identify this autumn forest painting?
Which painting should I chose?
How do I determine if Art from a new artist has potential to appreciate in value?
Where can i find affordable tubes of oil paint?
Question on art??????
I have a painting of a horse signed KWO. Any ideas who or what?
where did the names for colors come from, i.e. magenta, yellow etc.?
About Vincent Van Gogh's eyes and how he saw the world...?
Why did Leonardo da Vinci go to France?
what do you guys think of my first attempts at being artistic with watercolor pencils?
Where can I find a painting or drawing of eyeshadow?
paintings in the 13th century?
What should I use to seal my acrylic painting?
Canvas Paintings, please help!?
What type of colors can I use to paint wood?
What is your favourite type of art Why? and tell me a painter?
What to do when i make thinner for paints with Benzen,Di-acetone,Butyl-acetate&Methanol… change in red color?
Bob Ross/ Barbara Powell? Floral Painting?
What is the best spray paint? (read details)?
how to network myself?
How much should i sell a (gravura) stamps ?
What is a good acrylic paint that is easy to find and a brand of brushes easy to use with acrylic?
whats the difference between water based paint and water colour paints?
a thousand bucks to whoever can identify this pic?
original water color dated 1958 european street scene sign. unreadable last part of name may end "man"
I like to paint pictures of nude women so far have to use the internet for my sources where do i get a model?:?
Artists who use sound to create artwork?
what is your favorite gem?
how do I get into selling my paintings?
Is there an artist by the name of J. Sibal or J.Sihal, of V. Sibal or V. Sihal? I can't read the name very we
What kind of spray paint shud i use?
What's that famous painting with the old man facing the sea, back facing the viewer, with a lot of waves?
What is Bellas Power in Breaking Dawn?
I purchased an oil painting by the artist named Huwite. There is a cert.# 573363 by Artistic Interiors Inc.?
What does "nac" stand for at the bottom left corner under a picture?
Can anyone tell me anything about Australian artist Robert Stokes?
Choose the correct answer.?
Name of art paint? An open book, a female butterfly with a baby in arms?
Are you a Duchampian or a Picassoan?
Who's your favorite artist?
What is the name of this Diego Rivera painting?
Artist with name that looks like Burile, or Barile or Bavile?
What is this painting by Diego Rivera named?
What is an F.R. register number for a painting?
Am i a bad artist if i draw on my canvas before painting?
Any Contemporary artists?
What should i put on my canvas?
wuts your fav color?
Who did Vincent van Gogh influence? In which ways?
Art Homework Help?
How much does a custom oil painting from a picture cost?
Sven Westin. Artist! Does anyone other than me have one of his paintings?
Can you suggest a third colour for this camo scheme?
why is mona lisa's painting expensive?
Do you know this artist?
Western painting techniques.?
What is the best way to find the value of a painting?
What are some famous ceramic artists..?
What type of paint is this?
A link to see the 60ft penis on a rooftop in Hungerford?
I'm planning to paint my room but I don't know which color?
I'm painting the back porch for 'the queen'. she insist it needs a coat of primer before I do it white. ?
How do I read my oil stick?
How do you pronounce Michelangelo ?
Team Edward or Jacob and why?
I bought a print of 'The Marriage ...' by Jan Van Eyck. On the back it says plate 10. Does it hold any value
I need a blue colour begining with H?
Where can I get information about the artist "William Monk".?
I'm blind, what does the color white look like?
I have two painting with a monogram of a t in a triangle. Can anyone tell me what artist this is?
can you name me some famous artists?
Siphon spray gun not picking up paint?
A Serious Question About This Stupid Painting I Just Finished?
Anyone know good japanese lounge artists?
what kind of paint is best used on rocks?
How did Henri Rousseau Use Depth or space in his paintings?
Vladimir Kush posters?
Has anyone tried both the Anderson swivel easel and the Eric Michael easel - what did you think of both?
Does anyone know how commercial galleries pay artists for the works that they sell?
Does anyone know of an etching artist by the name of J D Mullowney from the 1930s?
What is the best way of using a watercolor pencil?
25 horse johnson oil mix ratio?
Have an oil painting with Frankonia and Maltuch Lot. No.E02040 on back and it is signed by Hel Bel?
I want to paint an easy Beatles mural to do with peace?
Who is wisdom by the city gates?
how many caots of primer over craft paint?
When was this painting created?
wilton motley oil paintings and values?
Where can I buy Marion Peck prints? ?
Do drawings become real...?
can I use a camcoder woth my instant voice messenger?
artist similar to mark Ryden.does a painting of a girl sucking blood from a pigs head through a straw.?
Is this a good painting for my age?
Is Marisol Escobar Latino?
who on this site likes 2 graffiti besides me?
what is the best matching colour for sunrise red?
What ten works of the Italian Renaissance are considered the best?
Can I re-use dried acryclic paint on my palette by adding water to it?
Is there any truth to the link between artists and left-handedness or is it just a myth?
what's the best way to clean an oil canvas painting please?
what color?
What is the name of this painting or it's artist?
Searching for a particular painting, Please help...?
maragret w tarrant, famous "fairy" artist?
Name of the Artist? Title?
Leonardo da Vinci???
how do i paint skin using oil paint? my subject has a pale white skin tone?
Painting - Tissue Paper?
How much is this worth if anything?
What the name of the artwork?
What do you think of this painting ?
good painting apps for ipad?
How do you get a painting unstuck from glass? ?
Where is the best place to sell limited edition art prints?
Why is the Jackson Pollock painting No. 5, 1948 worth $151,000,000?
i have a 1979 unicef heinrich wall plate does anyone know the value?
Looking for a painting I saw at LACMA in 2007?
who are some other splatter paint artists other then Jackson pollock and Hermann Nitsch?
is there a kind of paint that can be applied on pictures?
As a kid what was some things you found scary?
Do you know this painting? Please help!?
Who are your favorite artists? Why?
what does this quote mean?
Acrylic paint help?
Steenhower Paintings?
what paints would you use to paint slate?
How can I get better at painting?
help identify or locate an artist?
Kudos if you can provide artist or artwork name by this description...?
My questions concern bodypainting.?
how do you say french cafe in french and what is considered fancy to like write it on a store wall?
Favorite painter?
plz rate my painting again out of 10..?
How to make acrylic paint 'dribble'?
help me find the name of a christian painting?
The names of artists who use vibrant colours?
anyone know an artest betsey clark ?
Beginner painter w. canvas, what are some good beginner ideas on what to paint?
To fine artists: What is the best thing you did to enhance or advance your art career?
What are good spray paint and primer i can use on my scooter?
Senga Murray painting?
Why is Picasso so famous?
i am doing a painting with acrylics and oil pastels?
What is this painting?
where to buy artwork online?
Has anyone heard of a contemporay portrait artist named "Boruta"?
Its about my varnish gloss?
What is the meaning behind the painting The Agitator by Diego Rivera?
What medium did Eugeniusz Kazimirowski use in the painting Divine Mercy?
A way to do paint splattering...without making a mess?
How do you paint (Details inside)Canvas Sneakers?
what else can i call it?
Selling my paintings online?
can any1 find the"female figure study" by paul prudhon anywher in the web?
I want to paint a basic seascape using acrylic paints on canvas can anyone give me any tips on how to start?
How can I find inspiration for my school sketchbook pages?
Why do I hate abstract art?
Can someone help me find a proper brush so i can speed-paint with photoshop CS3?
Does anyone know the name of the artist of the fantasy print named 'The eclipse'?
What is the name of the painting and/or who is the artist?
Painting my Stratocaster?
what famous artist signed his paintings samo?
do you know any famous artists today?
I'm looking for art depicting feeling confined in a crowded space.?
what is better? red or blue?
HOW to paint a blue night sky?
spray painting question?
yall gangsats or spraypainters i need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Do colours have impact on you?
what is the most amount of money you would spend on a painting?
Is there an artist who's paintings main topic is music?
Oil paint over acrylic?
I have this painting and its aboslutley beautiful but i don't know how much its worth?
Why are people so ignorant to art?
ideas for an abstract art painting representing love or friendship?
artists who painted inside of houses?
OK.When adding yellow to the color blue, at what point will the color be called green?
Return of the Flame - René Magritte?
I'm a 17 year old boy why do I like the feeling of painting my Nails with my sister nail polish ?
What is the best medium to mix oil paint with?
Those familiar with the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh :?
Did Donna Dewberry really invent ....?
thoughts/annotations on this painting (mark francis)?
Truman Capote's "The Headless Hawk"?
Is there a single word in art for the effect where the eyes etc seem to follow you around?
I have a Minnie Wonsmos painting?
Who is the artist that painted Microsoft's Dreamy Meadow desktop wallpaper?
Can I write on an acrylic painted surface with Sharpie oil-based or water-based paint markers?
im mailing out a painting today, 24" x 30". Does anyone know where i can get a box? ?
What do you think of her art? Does she have potential?
Would a mountain in the far distance cast a reflection in water in a lake that was painted in the foreground?
I am interested in purchasing a seascape by M.Charles. Please contact: Thanks?
What is the name of the painting with the guy who has his hands up to his face like in Home Alone?
Acrylic or watercolors?
Is this Canvas big enough for my Art Exam..?
Is Andrea Mantegna’s "Judith and Holofernes" painting classified as Renaissance or Baroque?
Student art selling price?
please provide me with some ideas for english Exhibition?
How much is a glow in the dark paint?
What is the value of the painting "The welcome home" By Al Cornet?
why is Picasso so popular, what am I missing that others are seeing?
Why style of painting art was popular before impressionism?
view my paintings and prints?
How do you make one understand a Picasso?
Who is the artis who painted that person made out of all vegetables?
Should I charge for cost of shipping supplies?
Who painted this piece?
What does the blue ball and the red pillow represent?
What type of paint or markers works on plastic and won't wash off.?
How did Art Nouveau artists such as Louis Comfort Tiffany use line and shape in their works?
Do you think this portrait would be any good for purposes of recognition?
What did they use to paint/color the 1940-1950 ads?
I have a Grandma Moses "Early Springtime on the Farm" painting, how can i find out how much its worth?
Who are some famous artists (and their pieces) who painted the Connecticut River? ?
Where I can sell paintings besides eBay?
I need ideas :)?
How do I make invisible ink with a paintbrush, lemon juice, and light?
what category on craigslist would a painting list under?
what two colora make the color purple?
list of famous artisits/painters?
Some ideas for acrylic canvas paintings with LED lights?
spray paint used by thierry in exit through the gift shop?
does reproductions have original painter's signature?
Know of any atheist art?
ok im a guy n im painting my bedroom and i want to use red as one of my main colors ?
I need an idea for a painting or poster on environmental degradation ?
What color do you get when you mix red green yellow and blue?
Should I buy a 5 mil $ painting ?
Can anyone give me info on American portrait artist Joseph J. Filemyr; he painted 1915-1950?
i have a oilpainting of 4 grey wild horses running on the seafront which is signed at bottom left corner?
Tell me. Is this Emo? ?
the age of the great cathedrals is also known as the? A. Gothic B. romanesque C. carolingian D. Byzantine?
How does the subject matter of an artwork differ from its style? How might one influence the other?
How can I get a curator to help me to get sponsors for an exhibition about Elizabeth II?
who's the prettiest:)?
What should I paint for my next piece of artwork?
What does a Zentai feel like?
Grant Wood's American Gothic?
Do you know of any famous unfinished artwork?
What historical content gave rise to Surrealism?
Use oil paint like henna?
I need a Artist stand with everything in it.?
How long before Banksy is allowed to decorate the Tate Modern walls?
What do I treat leather with so I can paint on it?
Paasche VL vs. Iwata HP-BCS (airbrushes)?
What's a good painting set for beginners?
Who painted Guernica and in what circumstances?
i bought paint for glass, ceramics and metals...?
i have an old painting ,how do i find out who painted it?
Can you airbrush on vinyl kindermat?
anybody want 10 points?
How to use glow crazy?
what was Georges Braque, Violin and Candlestick intentions? please help!?
What's the story behind Andy Warhol?
What is this picture
Is it copy right or illegal to take fragments band's sheet music and put it in a painting?
What do you think of my mixed media painting?
Our father is looking for a picture of men on a high beam eating lunch from a long time ago.?
how do you get gradient on your micrsoft painting?
how do you change colors on corel painter essentials 4?
what color do red and blue make?
What colour background should i have?
Airbrush problem: Paint won't spray?
what kinda of paintings did leonardo da vinci paint?
What makes glow glue glow?
Painting on tile? Ceramic studio - Paint, glaze and fire or buy at Lowe's and "paint and go"?
Where can I find the image "Gerolamo Mercuriale" by Lavinia Fontana?
Need help with a painting..?
What do you think of my painting?
In Renoir's painting, Girl with a Watering Can, is the white behind the figure part of her dress or a cat?
How to make a flag with blue, red, and white?
What is the best way to store oil pastels? What is the best way to frame them?
What do you think about this wolf I made?
I am looking for an artist Rudi Reichhardt I have a painting called Cape Hatteras?
Iwata AirBrushes?????????
skullphone copyrights?
what was the medium of this painting?
What's another name for a color the shade of orange?
Where can I find paintbrushes..............?
Is Paul Cezanne's painting Apples and Oranges a successful piece of artwork?
I am trying to identify a piece of art, can you please help?
Does anyone have any info about artist Gilberto Almeida from Ecuador?
what did clara do to calm down esteban Trueba?
paint dripping technique?
What made the Monalisa so famous?
Can you see Rory Emerald in Félix Vallotton's painting Senegalese Soldiers at the camp of Mailly?
how does one learn to appreciate impressionism?
How much could I sell my paintings for?
What do you get if you mix the colour Cyan and Blue?
How did the Louvre gain ownership of Da Vinci's Mona Lisa painting?
would you consider digital painting a work of art? why?
is airbrush tan water proof?
What is the name of this painting?
Have you ever sold one of your paintings?
orange is my favorite color?
im going into my last year at my crap art college?
I have a Lee Reynolds painting and would like to know if it is real and what it is worth?
Protecting wall mural?
where do i get bio oil?
Can anybody give me any information about something called Zentai?
Artist of a painting with a man facing away?
looking for German artist K. Neppel.painting is plums on table with copper bucket?
Could someone tell me what the focal point is in this painting?
would you buy this painting? if so how much?
What do you paint over purple?
Has anyone ever heard of the artist , Danny Garcia?
What supplies do I need to start painting without seriously overspending?
Can I sell art done on cardboard?
Ideas for a 'Golden Oldies' theme?
What does "Do not use more than 10% of water to thin paint"?
does anyone know who was the famous artist that painted with his/her mouth because she/he was paralyzed?
What to paint on a Big Canvas?
what is your favorite art work?
Does anybody know anything about an old painting of a girl sitting reading a bible?
Are you a painter who works from a planned idea or,?
What is your favourite color?
What do you think to my art?
artists: How much do you sell your canvas giclee prints for? How much does it cost to get them made?
which website can i use to surf marketing management concepts?
What do the hands in some of Dali's work mean?
Where can I find information, or a directory of Ontario artists (water colours or drawings)from the 80's?
What Mediums Do You Prefer?
where can i see frida kahlos paintings?
Art Majors HELP on painting!?
Help identifying this John Lennon and Yoko Ono painting?
How can I get the colors from this painting?
Name this Renaissance-era painting, because I can't remember what it's called?
How to paint like this?
Do you like painting?
What kind of stores/shops sell big, blank banners?
The Madonna of the Rocks-leonardo da vinci?
What is the name of this piece of art?
Ideas for a visual response to a piece of artwork by Anselm Kiefer?
Looking for more info on artist H. Gailey, an oil painter whose work includes seascapes?
What art movement inspired impressionism in Renoir? What were later influenes?
What emotions do u get when looking at this painting ???? plz help?
How does expressionism influence art today?
Powerful Message, Art Painting?
Do you have any ideas on what to paint?
*o*O*o*What style is Francis Picabia's "Hera" *o*O*o*?
what are vincent van gogh's interests?
Hard to find...?
How to become an art dealer?
What type of paint should i use?
What are some basic painting supplies I should buy for a painter?
I have a painting company and I need to buy the product call Polimix, where can I get this?
Who are the subjects in Rafaellino del Garbo's painting "Madonna Enthroned with Angels and Saints"
What is the name for paint cards?
Is black paper expensive than white paper to print on for an invitation card? or do they cost the same?
Who is this painting by?
Edgar Degas's Dancer at the Photographer's is associated with what art movement?
susan jones calif fine artist?
I need help on how to re-produce this painting.?
where can i find a painting like this one?
who is this artist??
Does anyone know Leyendecker's secret turpentine mixture?
Rene Magritte biography?
Rate my graffiti sketch please?
What color will I get if I mix up all colors, except black in equal proportions?
how much does a window painter charge?
Can I paint my my guitar?
I have a lacquer panting of NGOC LE artist hanging on the wall over 50 years, but i dont know who was NGOC LE?
How Effective Is This Narrative To You On This YouTube Video?
Does any one know some websites which have detailed info on one of Matisses's and one of Derain' paintings...?
Paintings by Gennady Privedentsev?
Is modern Art rubbish?
Good portrait artists?
what kind of art is this?
Do you think i should start a painting bussiness?
What are your favorite colors out of these?
San Francisco Art Institute Info?
Wall painting_Gouache vs. Watercolor (Aquarelle)?
pencil showing through oil paint?
painting circular metal tube help?
Which websites are good for selling paintings?
Help me find a 'confused' artwork?
What should i do with this unwanted artwork?
What is this picture? Who painted it? Why do you think the artist painted this?
Bamboo tablet/Painter Essentials issues?
Great Painting Ideas?
what were the first art tools?
Vincent van Gogh?? What.....?
Can you watercolor paint with ocean water?
where van gogh was born?
I need to produce the color brown using acrylic paints.?
WhErE dId ThIs CoMe FrOm???!!?
Are there more jobs in art therapy or for people with an MFA?
I want details of an atleast 60 years old painting showing an angel guarding two children on a bridge?
How do I properly clean a wooden paint palette.?
1930's artists. non americans?
Which is your favorite painting?
What normal jobs would a painter do?
what should i paint?
can you name old picture of two men with a torch or fire possibly cleaning a boat?
What is your favourite colour?
Does anyone have the URL for a painting by Joan Miro?
Poster print sought of Graham Lavallins " Rowboat on a lake "?
What is the painting app it in the new ipad commercial?
What was that picture of those girls who have painted on their self?
Which kind of paint can I use to paint some wood words ?
What is a mute color?
What kind of paint/ink is best for printing on t-shirts and fabrics?
What is it pictured in this painting?
Environmentally safe way to paint / stencil fabric?
what color rooms do girls paint for there rooms?
Anyone know any artists/photographers that do sticks/branches/trees?
What art style would this be considered?
I found a limited edition piece of art, what can I do with it?
Acrylic Canvas Paintings?
Eco-friendly vegan paint for art?
Why do people write Graffiti on Buildings and Train Cars?
what is yellow colur?
MS Paint help?
I really want to sell my pastel paintings?
Need help on the Paint program>!?!?!?!?
Looking for information on Artist S. Dohanes..........?
Does anyone know where to find art reviews? particularly on Joan Brown's Wolf in Studio, 1972?
How do I get stains out of an old painting?
How do you practice oil painting?
Name a piece of modern art that was influenced by Leonardo Da Vinci?
where did andy warhol live?
tom lanaghan kim hansen are killing my son at the mckenzie river.?
Do you think red and blue are the best colors ever.?
Is this painting made with acrylic or oils?
How much would an original Grateful dead poster at golden gate park be worth?
What are some examples of hometown heroes?
Acryllic paint washes???
I have a watercolour by D Sherrin called "A Dover Cove". It has Series 2806 on back. Worth anything?
What native americans are on Mount Rushmore Paintings?
hudson river school paintings..?
Can one work for the painting/construction company without painting license?
I would like to paint over some old oil canvases with acrylic paints. How do I do this? Thanks!?
what is the connection somalia , monalisa?
Which painting should I Use?
Why is 'Mona lisa' by DaVinci so famous ? Is there anything special about it for a non-art lover ?
Can I spraypaint my backpack?
Who Painted This?
What is the name or artist of this painting?
Who is the Artist who painted himself and his wife at a table......?
Has anyone visited my web site
I want to build a castle in the forest?
how is mary cassatts paintings difrent from painting is the reannaisance periods?
i really need to know!!!!?
What is an example of a painting/work of art portraying the art element space?
Do you think this is a good painting?
Do you know what Thomas Kinkaid ("The Painter of Light") puts in all his paintings?
How do people do graffiti so good?
tagging names?
Where online can I find artwork for cheap?
where was the painting by david gerard called The Annunciation painted and for who and what did he use?
what is your favourite era in history?
Has anyone ever seen any of the "Blue Dog" paintings? What do you think of them?
Mona Lisa's smile--why the mystery?
I have summer evening and spring cleaning by frank m hamilton. does anyone have info on the worth?
Original Fiora Cozzi paintings...?
School Project --- Painting?
What type of paint best adheres to pumpkins?
How do I do raised lines and scrolls in acrylic painting?
I need a cheep cello but not ebay?
How should i paint my ceiling? I am putting disney quotes?
easy ten points?
Where can I find fine art depicting angels?
Who is the artist Capther?
Can someone help me find out about this painting?
want to paint...?
I would like to the value of my oil painting by W. Alexander original and signed and framed 55 L x 31 W?
does anyone no wat type of painting Matisse did? thanx?
what brand of paint should i use for acrylic panting?
What size spay gun and compressor do I need for painting small objects?
Question about my painting.Beginner.?
I'm trying to figure out the artist for this beautiful painting, similar style to Thomas Kinkade?
it's done by an american painter. All his paintings have falling-like people. I'm trying to remember his name
can i paint a t-shirt with acrylic paint and when it dries can i put a thin layer of pva glue on top?
Is an authentic lithograph print of Jon Bruegel's Winter landscape worth anything? I like to sell it.?
Does anyone know where to find Claude Monet's letters to his father when he was an aspiring artist?
Impressionistic painting, landscape, need to find it?
Manet has never made a blunder/ discusse Olympia's painting/ Email zola?
when was Vincent Van gogh's painting MIdday or also title Noon:rest?
Who's your favorite artist (painter) ?
Value of Bob Ross paintings?
Is Mona Lisa perfectly symmetrical?
How does Balla and Boccioni's use of Pointlism relate to the ideas expressed in the manifesto?
What colors should i paint my room?
Old painting...would like to know orgin.?
What is Abstract Expressionism?
What's the name of a rose thats yellow with burgundy edges?
What is the name of this Cecily Brown painting, link below?
How long did it take people to appreciate Leonardo Da Vinci's work?
Anyone know of a shop where i can buy neon paints?
I need ideas for painting my face?
If you like Hedley why do you like it?
I have a silk painting from Japan that was done in the early '60's. Does anyone know what it's worth?
Is krylon clear satin finish okay to use on converse shoes?
Why is the Mona Lisa so important?
Do you have to name an artwork after the reference?
Mod Podge on a ceramic cup?
so acrylic paint come off fast?
HELP! magical realism and its history throughout mystery novels?!?
Why do Roy Lichtenstein used comic strips in his painting?
What style of art is Las Meninas by Diego Velazquez?
what is the value of this painting?
What are the most popular themes Salvador Dali used in his paintings?
Detailed information/ analysis of Le Reve (The Dream) painting by Picasso ?
Who is the Artist that did a series of six paintings showing seasonal changes?
Daily painting practices I can do?
what type paint is best for this?
Name of famous contemporary artist in East Hampton?
Who painted the ceiling of the Cistine Chapel?
Question about painting of gary and gretchen bi j ingwersen?
is there a meaning for fairys?
Has anyone had a portrait done by "anything on canvas"???
Where can I find information on the artist "Rudel" ?
What do you think about my painting? pic?
Which famous painter painted over the Sistine Chapel at the request of the Pope?
what to do when a kid doesn't want to live with the parent that the law said to?
I don't like to sign my paintings, can I sign the side of the frame instead?
I am hand painting a pair of toms?
POLL: Do you like to paint landscapes in the countryside ???
How much is a nice paint job?
I just want to get the flat bristle setting on paint tool SAI, how do I get it?
Am I free to duplicate in paint the paintings of the Masters, like Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and so on, to sell?
What is the name of this painting by Edgar Degas?
I'm trying to identify a painting. Can you help?
Have a painted Japanese plate signed by Hitomi. Who is this painter?
How do you become rich and successful in the art world .(oil painting, ) artistic?
Where can I find some Guidance in the world of Art?
How would I know if I have an original painting of Maestro della Tavolozza -?
do you think if i painted a cloth lamp shade with arylic paint that it would look bad?
Hello, painting issue!?
OK!!!___I got PAINT!!!___What should I go commit some art on today??
graphic reproduction process?
Realism different from classicism?
Do you like these colors?
Famous Artists that use flowers??
Acrylic painting or watercolor painting?
drawing/ painting/ creative competition?
What is a problem usually encountered when painting with analogous colors?
what's ur fav. painting & for which painter ?
How Much To Charge For A Painting?
In 1983 a Japanese artist copied the Mona Lisa in what material?
Painting Landscapes Pictures ect?
Has anyone heard of an artist called B D Horswell.Painted in oils I think.?
Where can I get Thermochromic ink/paint?
im trying to find out about henry scott paintings. i have the orignal oil painting dated 1966 ,the great race?
Good examples of artists who's artworks changed with their life?
Effects on Paint Shop Pro X2?
a monogram for a car window?
Beauty and the Beast colors?
am i a good artist?
Do make most of your earnings from reproductions or from selling the originals?
Georgia O'Keeffe Famous Artworks?
Which artist is the one who's headlights and street lights light up in paintings?
painting supplies in Canada?
Are there designed roller brush paint that are very beautiful?
How to draw a beautiful painting of a sunset?
What would you call that orangish-pinkish color seen in a perfect sunset?
What are the best art galleries in London's Bond Street area to buy Antique Asian artworks?
The Victorian Era (Easy 10 points)?
Does anyone know who this painting is by?
Watercolor tube buying help?
does anyone know any biography information on the famous artist kara walker?
Want some input on my art work?
What is the best type of paint to use to cover high density foam and to try to avoid ing?
The name of the painting in Patty Hewes' office on the show Damages?
What do you think of my master piece art work?
Painting named Musical Moments. Artist J.Bambor.Any info?
Does anybody else think that Thomas Kincaid brought more to art than any other painter like I do?
I also have a painting by lee bukk, has anyone ever heard of this artist?
Artists who have done work on construction (people)?
Does Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint Have Lead In It?
Art enthusiasts: Please look at this painting & let me know if you know of any similar ones?
Can I paint acrylics over oil?
I want to ask what is
I am looking for a pic. of Steve Largent by Leroy Neiman. Know where I can get one?
can i get t shirt paint out of my t shirt? i accidently got the paint on the wrong t shirt.?
has anyone heard of the artist Olivia Bryden?
why is lyn joan illeterate?
What is your favorite Impressionist painter? (Don't say Monet)?
What is the title/ name of this painting? I was told it came from Europe (but where?)?
a good artist from the 19th century?
what was the white face paint for in the cane mutiny?
Colour Composition Question + Pic Easy 10 Points for you Artists!?
which painting by Tanner was awarded a medal from the Paris Salon?
when did Janet Fish start painting?
Macarturs park is melting in the dark?
Which acrylic paints are the finshest in the world?...which company are they made by?
Need Help correcting my essay. I got a D grade for my final paper. Please Help.?
where in tempe, az can i sell my art?
I cannot find any art work for the artist named Tully Crook?
Which it the most famous of paintings?
Is Leonardo da vinci's work still able to be seen?
could I get a permit to spray paint the pipes at my towns water resevoir?
How to sell a peice of artwork artwork?
Spray painting rubber boots?
Info on Lithograph artist name spelled arunjne or arungre or similar?
Displaying art on ebay question????
what is the difference between fabric paint and textile paint if any?
How well does arcrylic paint adhere to Masonite board?
Ideas for what to paint?
Canadian painter Frederick Steiger?
Juggalette painting up?
where can i study painting for paraplegics? my range of motion is not that flexible but i can handle brushes?
Can you use white paint instead of primer on canvas?
whos hotter jasper or jacob?
what's your favorite color???
Can I use oil paint on water colour paper?
Recommended Paintings to see at the Lourve?
Do you have to use the best paper and use fixative to make watercolor painting sellable?
I need help finding an artist. she painted crayons.?
What types of arts prints available in andy warhol?
artist block~anyone ever experience this if your a painter?
What was the technique used in the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci?
Why use RYB for painting and not RGB?
How much will a silver matte paint job cost ?
Who can help me with spray paint advice?
Which color? Red or Blue?
What should i add to my painting?
When was the painting "Notre Dame" by Matisse, Henri painted?
best way and best paint to paint onto a person?
which painting techniques are faster ?
How do I find out about a rare 1774 Art piece if some museums never heard of it?
How do I get my Art shown in a museum?
What is your most favorite artist or painter? your favorite painting?
Is it OK to paint with oil paints on a canvas that has been primed with acrylic gesso?
How do you publishing art work? who is the best publishing company?
Need help with a painting..?
How do i paint a glossy mug?
How would I go about painting this? (oil painters)?
Help with colors please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Pablo picasso - rose period?
What is your favorite artist/painting and why is it your favorite?
help me find a painting/picture?
Did Giacomo Balla belong to any particular group?
Sometime I like to watch paint dry, am I the only one?
I am looking for a job\position for an art major in Indianapolis,IN . I.E.: Painting, Drawing, Graphic Design
what supplies n tools do i need for spray can art????????
Has anyone got any information about an artist named David Tearne?
what oily pastel colors should I use for a portrait of a boy and a girl in relationship?
is it possible to screen print complex images like a photo or a colorful drawing?
whats the difference between water colors, acrylic, and oil paint?
will the Honeywell 50250 99.97% Pure HEPA Round Air Purifier be good to use when oil painting?
How do I decide where to go next in my life? Location, career, etc.?
Should i take this advice?
the art gallery painting.?
What kind of art style is this?
I need help with a dark painting?
How do i make paint with nature.?
I'm seeking new artists to display their works, where are you?
can i paint myself with normal paint?
How can I absorb oil based paint fumes ?
1. For what reasons did Renaissance artists make reference to the artworks of antiquity?at least 3 artworks.?
If you had the choice to be any painting which one would it be?
Do you paint better when?
Guess the Painter Part 4?
Famous(?) painting of a Tiger leaping out of the canvas?
Critic reviews on Henri Toulouse Lautrec?
what are the basics to remember in oil paintings?
was leonardo da vinci a gay?
Art class paint problem!?
Story behind this photo [Asian woman with metal painted over her eyelids (LINK INCLUDED)]?
what kind of paint do i need?
Curious about a painter named N. Ceylon?
Do you think the definition of art has changed?
I Need a really disturbing scary artist?
how can i get a california painting license?
Mixing bright colours for painting?
Who is artist G. DeLillis? Biography? any info on him I have an original oil by him. know nothing of him?
What's the name of the painting?
Help! What are some major similarities and differences between artist Thornton Willis and Rory Emerald?
Are there any websites (not Ebay) where u can buy antique Historical/Military Prints?
Art Smart?
where can i get info about israel famous painters? Ty!?
I used oil pastels on my walls, can I paint over them?
what is the mystery of monalisa?
Artists who paint chinese or japanese culture?
would it be Ok to rub a finished painting down with linseed oil when done to put on a shine?
Why did Basquiat paint his E's with only 3 lines?
who is your fzvourite artist(painter) and why??
Who is your favorite painter?
Present: Artist Sketch Book...?
Picasso painting, women with 3 eyes?
I have a few paintings I bought about 40 yrs ago by an artist named KOWALSKI, no first name..You have anything?
What are some modern cpop artists? ?
Paint after clear coting?
I am seeking information on a Brazilian Watercolor artist from the 1940's possibly named Koettlez or similar.
What is the name of the painting that features three people marching; two drummers and a flutist?
Who is the artist of these paintings, and how much would these paintings be worth?
ok I need someone good in Norman Rockwell art to help with this question.?
Why aren't links coming out today?
What is the art form where you paint on a brown piece of paper and crumble it?
best airbrush for painting a car?
I am looking for artist Clara Thorward works. I would like to find out how much her paintings are worth?
What is the difference between a gallery and a museum?
ANy famous women artists that you know of?
how can i tell ifs it a print or an orginal painting?
What can I paint with only black and grey paint?
does anyone know who did this painting and the title of it?
Who is your favourite Painter?
Can someone tell me anything about this Asian Artwork?
Of the lower priced acrylic art paints, which one has the longest drying time?
filipino artists/painters and their works?
Help? Beginner Watercolor Supplies Questions - Paper, Paint, Bargains?
What is a lithograph painting, is a 20' x 28' worth $70 ?
Michael Leunig?
How do art forgers make money?
What do you think of Bathsheba Grossman? Opinions?
do you think (mona lisa) is beautiful? is she a beautiful lady if she's real and out of the painting in perso?
Is western art in decline?
Can an original painting be considered a #2 of 5?
How can I straighten a painting that has been punched out so now there's a protruding bump in canvas center
What was jackson pollocks most famous painting?
famous filipino paintings?
i have a air compressor do i need a adaption for a air brush?
what painting might we say is the last modernist painting?
If you want to be like the Joker from Dark Night, what would be some good paint to use on your face?
How to make clouds with acrlic paint?
Where can I take my canvas paintings to have them copied on canvas material?
Does anyone know where I can find a painting called the bachelor of a guy in bed with a big arm? or a picture?
Do you think my "fiance is sadistic for smiling and grinning when I discipline my child?
Antique Foil painting?
What painting is this?
what is the term used when an artist is influenced by another artists style and uses this to create their own?
Can anyone help me with this? ( About Corel Paint Shop Pro X)?
I need info on jackson pollock thanks guy its for my essay?
artwork by Raymond J Stuart does anyone know how to find a value?
How can i paint my boots?
where can i buy painted little lead soldiers(the complete collection)?
Is Art essential in your life (and why?)?
Clear coat over acrylic pain on canvas?
Anyone know an artist than I can do my presentation on?
Artist Harry Roseland?
I have a unused canvas for painting but has mold on the corner. Can I fix it? Should I use it?
Why was Leonardo Da Vinci unsatisfied with his own work?
Which colour would go with these colours??
does a paint shop pro brush can work in adobe too?
What is the colour technique called when one colour fades to another?
i want to paint (costomize) some nike dunk highs...?
where can i buy 100% pure tung oil?
Who's your favourite artist?
Famous artists that does Outerspace / Universe / Astronomy paintings?
Can constantly painting your nails kill the name/make it weak?
can you use wet on wet painting style with acrylic paint?
How to use ceramic stains?
The famous painting "Mona Lisa&" is displayed?
what do the words on this photo say? (japanese)?
How can I get craft paint to stick on an acrylic/ plastic container?
the oil paintings of "The Homestead" and "South Dakota Evening" by Jess Schlaikjer?
What varnish should I use for my painting?
Please tell me what you think of my painting :)?
Who created the artwork 'peace' ?
drying oil paintings?
What is the name of your favourite painting?
how can i find paintings/artists for displaying on my online art gallery?
If I were to add water to acrylic paint for fabric?
the name of a famous artiste who did or does perspective drawing or painting?
american flag?
What should I paint today?
anyone know anything about an artist named jandro I beleive he or she did religious art. thanks?
Whon thinks Mona Lisa's smile is actually THAT captivating?????
GCSE Art: water ideas?
what colour can be produced by mixing violet and orange colours?
I need to know the name of this painting!?
What movement of art was Jac Van Eyck?
If you could paint any picture of anything..and also....?
Artists, Why do you like arts? what do you feel about art?
Are there any Georgia O'Keeffe paintings that don't look like a vaginia?
how can i get paint out of a snapback?
6 artists to show the varity of painting styles?
Famous artists in fine art or painting that have, or are iconic for using eggs?
a friend of mine gave a me a painting of 8 horses running what is the meaning of it and where should i hang it
What type of pen to use over gouache paint?
what was the value of the mona lisa when it was just painted?
who is Dilip Chitre?
What would be the best place to sell Todd Goldman paintings online?
How do you light paint with Nikon D3100?
What's the name of that famous painting with a girl on a bed and a open window to the sun light?
Do you have to display oil paintings without glass?
How long after the death of an artist do the prices of his work start to appreciate.?
Mike T does any one know this Artist.I have a painting and it looks like a a Old Church or a CA. mission.?
Where is the best place to show off artwork to sell?
Does anybody know the name of this painting by Edward Penfield?
What is a name of a cubist artist who is alive?
What french phrase should i write on my pinup poster?
Where can I get a poster of "Summer Slumber" by Leighton?
Best source to find title of a watercolor?
Oil Paint - drying agent?
What did artists use to make the eyes of statues look more realistic? ?
What do you think of my work ?
What color do you get if you mix purple and brown?
Does the late artist Bob Ross make you fall asleep?
Where can i get the most valuable painting courses in dubai?
Is washable tempera paint watercolored paint in a different form?
1920's Expert?
Mother of Pearl question?
How can i find the address of the famous painter Lucian Freud?
Where was Edvard Munch's "Self-Portrait with Burning Cigarette" painting done?
Rate my graffiti blueprints sketch please?
Explain the importance of leonardo de vinci?
i have a glass reverse pntg from grandmom. Where can i find info about these types of paintings?
Whats a good way to sell art?
How do you pronounce the names Jean Frédéric Bazille and Claude Gellée?
If I sell a painting, which I painted myself - then sell it - who owns the copyright.?
Who is Claude Cahun and what is she made of?
How much my sm322 picasso still life with fish painting worth?
Help critique my painting please?!?
Anorexic artist?
Does duct tape work when stretching watercolor paper?
Chris Lerro paintings!!!!!?
From where can I be known about best museums in the world? Is there any online archive?
Any artists that use sgraffito a lot?
Frida kahlo vs Salvador dali?
What are Worpswedders?
Where can I buy a Cy Twombly print?
how to get red acrylic paint out of a white polo shirt?
What kind of sealant/varnish is best for coating acrylic paint on a wood surface?
See the painting at the left?
I have a huge canvas and i dont know what to paint?
what kind of paper would you uses to paint layers of water colour?
help!!! how can i kill (spray) paint fumes?
Where is Francis Bacon's "Owls" kept? And where can I purchase a print?
Art inspiration?
bayeux tapestry?
How does someone know they are a psychic artist?
what is the opposite of oil paint?
Who is the artist Hobby Campbell?
How do I ship oversized Oil painting to India?
which American painter created the lithograph South Bend?
Who was leomardo da Vinci?
looking for people in the art world...what is the best way to get my oil paintings seen and sold?
what technological device aided impressionists style?
Tone of let the circle be unbroken?
what do you guys think of my artwork? i really need encouragement. (pictures included)?
What do you think of my latest oscar worthy painting "Rose"?
Any body know Good Artists who do Still lifes?
What's the big deal about Andy Warhol's paintings of Campbells soup cans?
do you have any information on a painting by charls bosseron chambers. the painting is of st. anthony.?
Help with painting a flower mural!!?
Who is the artist Wm. Collins?
Do you really think...........?
Do you think it would be a good idea to sell paintings on craigslist?
how much should I charge for my paintings?
What medium is used in these paintings?
can you use a storage place for a studio?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of using
Does anyone know the Landmark Gallery in Colorado's information?
acrilic painting: how do i change pink into red?
What is the correct term to describe a painter who only copies other painters work?
Advice about painting pictures- novice here?
impressionism or contemporary?
What artist did these paintings?
What do you think of art/?
What pigments were used in ancient Egyptian paintings?
can you help me with my ary homework?
Crazy/fun ideas for painting bedroom?
If I want to buy 4 piece canvas Painting how much it cost me on average?
I want to make home made Gesso for painting on a wood board. any good recipies?
im painting my room what color should i paint it ?
what is red scare 1919-1920?
Can someone tell me who this person in the portrait is?
What name should i chose?
looking for name of artist...?
Painting,'53 cady ,'49 merc. woody, A biplane over shore TITLE "End of 66" who is artist? starts with k___?
Jeff Koons and colors?
Do you think this idea would make me millions?
muted green will appear different on a blue background than on a yellow background?
girl with a pearl ear ring.?
Does anyone know where I can get a bunch of free paint and canvases?
I THINK I might have found a Picasso painting, what am I supposed to do?
Painting help?
Sell Art Print with Art brokers website?
Can I sell a painting I made containing painted beatles images?
I have a original water color painting by Delerue?
What is a better or good blacklight reactive fabric paint?
Should an artist conscious about what will sell when creating his/her works?
Why would the Mona Lisa interest someone?
Art Career?
is there a database of modern british artists?
what are white painted squares on the road for?
Who's the artist?
What are some basic painting supplies I should buy for a painter?
Is it safe to put autographed pictures in plastic frames?
What can you tell me about William Sydney Mounts' "Farmer Whetting His Scythe"?
What painter is this? Uses cartoon figures?
What are the diff paintings in the Louvre?
What color would go best in my bright orange bedroom?
I need help finding a painting?
way to remove acrylic paint on paper?
Where can I get the Van Gogh almond blossom print/canvas with a yellow background, not blue?
want to study glass murals free of cost?
is acrylic paint permenant on leather?
Spray Paint Textures and Techniques?
What would you suggest I teach a grade 8 class about art?
mark rothko print?
How do I paint on a too glossy paint by number board?
what kind of paint color and brand do you recommend?
Bay Area Dali Museum?
Can you use muslin for painting?
Can anyone tell me anything about the abstract contemporary artist Turo - a Greek artist I think, maybe 1960s?
i wander by aleitia chaplin?
Which 3 of the following are paintings by Van Gough?
Basic paint brushes for use with oils?
I want to know the which colour is best for canvas sheet, as i want to start making professional paintings?
What is your favorite Monet painting?
which colur is your favorite?
Face painting for 7 year old birthday party?