featured article on ultra realism artist?
Is the full version of Corel Painter more demanding on the hardware then the demo?
how to paint with poster colours?
Who is this artist/painter?
i have a old painting of pinkie what is it worth?
What is the name of this painting by Elizabeth Blackadder? PLEASE HELP!!?
Who requested Margaret Preston's self portrait and why?
Looking for Filippo Lippi- Noriate Altarpiece 1445?
does anyone think my artwork has potential?
Name the artists who inspires you the most
how do you clearcoat over enamel paint?
Who are some World War 2 artists?
what artist always painted hidden animals in his paintings?
See my painting, plz?
Where can I get a painting by NATCHEZ?
Picasso and his lovers?
Help to identify the full name of a painter with the last name Hopkins?
Who painted this? (Harlem Renaissance era)?
who is the painter Tom Hulme?
Identify and point out two specific examples of line in the painting in The Death of Socrates?
I have these very old oil paintings?
Where did Georges Seurat live and create his artwork?
Does acrylic paint bleed through an egg shell?
If Leonardo Di Vinci was alive,would he be able to add some touch ups to the Mona Lisa?
What is the big game in the flaming oil prices?
How do I convert a Hexidecimal color to something that the paint person can understand?
Need tips on painting celings?
I'm a painter (watercolor and acrylics) and I'm doing a huge (8' x 24') outdoor mural. Any suggestions?
how do i draw a rose?
If you could live inside any painting, what would it be?
I would like any information about Wyoming artist Jess Frost?
Painting reflections on still water?
How can I find out who an artist is?
What is this Painting Called?
what color should I paint my room?
My paintings look so high contrast. How can I refine them more? I use acrylic for learning right now?
Can someone please post me a link to the most epic best "Pegasus" wallpaper ever! like the one below please!?
What paint is best for a new painter?
I need to find the artist of this triptych?
how long does Gesso take to dry?
Mona Lisa in a Sari? Who's the artist ?
valuation on water colour goera bridge 9/100 copy signed whats it worth?
What exactly is the meaning of contemporary?
Painting homeless people? what would it be the reaction among the socity?
Why is Frida Kahlo so famous worldwide and other mexican painters aren't?
where can i find reproduction prussian military uniform?
Most famous piece of Impressionist artwork?
Some facts about Pablo Picasso?
when was the dance of youth painted?
drawing and paiting: 'flat' art?
How To Make Paintings Like The Ones From 'The Orphan'?
Tempera paint smells like permanent marker?
How does a high temperature affect paint? What are its effects?
Have you ever looked at a painting and cried?
Do the shades tan and russet complement each other?
who is m foxton ? artist i have a tray painted by him i would like to?
How much do painting easels usually cost, and where can I find one?
I don't know what to paint.. I need ideas?
Does anyone know the name of this painting or the artist (check links below)?
Which painting is considered at the oldest painting in the world?
Does anyone know of a good (& inexpensive) art supply store in L.A.? I'm going to buy oil painting supplies.
Spray Paints for t-shirts?
is acetone safe to use on my paintbrushes to get dried acrylic paint out?
Artists like Nate Van Dyke?
Did Heinrich Scleimann appreciate classical architecture?
My first oil painting what do you think?
If I sprayed paint my baby's cradle would that be harmful for my baby after painting it 4 weeks sho?
Spray paint AND acrylic on canvas?
In which museum can I find Salvador Dali’s painting ‘Inagural Gooseflesh’, and what is its size?
What is the best medium to use for painting portraits?
I am wanting to start putting together a painting supply kit for my partner for Christmas. What do I need?
Art terms that make good girl names?
How do I take care of water-based oil paintings?
How can I get ideas to paint pictures in water color , I like to paint flowers and children .?
in picasso's painting synthetic cubism how was shape used?
I need help with a francisco de goya project! all i need now is about his paintings and his childhood! HELP!!!
how many paintings can you do in your life time?
VERY SPECIFIC QUESTION! Art shows in Washington DC! I need to find an artist!?
self portrait?
what should I name my painting?
art paintings contest for europe from internet?
Is Derren Brown a con artist?
painting styles?
meaning of the name monalisa?
Is this a nice and simple abstract painting?
Mod Podge on a ceramic cup?
What kind of art is this?
How much would an original Norma Rockwell go for?
What should i paint next in my gcse artbook?
If I take pictures of a ballet-performance in the theater can I use these to paint from?
What can I use to make my painting not scrape off so easily on a smooth plastic surface?
I need help about Graffiti?
Name of a landscape artist?
How can I paint my Doc Marten Boots without the paint peeling off?
What Victorian artists made paintings similar to audobon with flowers/birds?
What painting style is this?
How to paint realistic trees?
Electric Guitar Painting and Refinishing?
Need help with an idea for my self-portrait painting? please?
Has anyone tried "nova color" acrylic paint?
What's your favourite colour?
The artist of the painting 'Girl Tokyo' or 'Tokyo Girl'?
Can any one recommend a good book/textbook on how to look at paintings (what to look for) for amateur?
Spray painting a bike?
Oil paints- How long does it take to dry?
Can I use regular paint to paint my guitar?
Can I remove paint from a canvas?
does anyone know anything about d.sherrin's art work??
I found a painting in my attic from 1977 by a J Lyncker, have NE one heard of this name?
robert hutchinson 1918-1985 water colour painter?
Stephen Hawking appeared on The Big Bang Theory - Does anyone know anything about the painting behind him?
what are some handy house hold papers I can use to watercolor practice efectively?
i am a painter who loves to paint birds. are there any websites of beautiful bird images?
Can someone give me information about these paintings?
What kind of paint should I use?
Can I have some info on Picasso's Still Life with Pitcher and Apples?
How do I get rid of the dried up/ hardened paint on my paintbrush?
When did "Paint me a burmingham" come out?
E. Larroque Painting?
What kind of paint should I use on my skateboard if spray paint isn't an option?
What's your favorite website design by an artist?
Britis Artist who fell into the ocean--who was it?
famous realist artists?
I made a mess of the last posting, so here I go again?
ceramics to paint?
In what year did Picasso start his "blue phase"?
"Picasso is crap".....?
What is Dali's most famous painting and what is its sister painting?
Art!I need help?
Pierre Auguste Renoir?
I just started painting. What do you think of my first two paintings? ( 10 points and thumbs up )?
Will Acrylics work with a Ceramics piece?
I have an oil painting from 1969. How come i cannot find it in any gallery. I have his name its rich m smith?
artist that look at womans roles?
how do you make brown?
In Charlie Wilson's War, there is a Revolutionary-era painting that is on the wall. Name? Painter?
what is the best quality acrylic paint?
are the colours black, white , base colours?
Has anyone else seen item 220035772717 on Ebay? I think it's hilarious!?
Painting over a logo on a guitar?
I just found a painting signed A TSAI SHEN. Anyone know anything about who that is?
which paint color looks good with a purple hue gray?
is it possible to paint a smell?
What is the name of painting?
why would paint chip/fade off a car?
can you paint oil over acrylics (if dry) and vice versa?
No matter what I do, I can never get a clean stroke in paint tool SAI?
Just Curious, What is your favourite colour flower?
confused with aquarelle paints ?
SEX ART? what kind of paint.?
Why, do you pro/suppose, do the photographs of Ansel Adams and the watercolor paintings of Adolf Hitler depict?
Have you ever framed a painting painted by your child?
what is the name of the stick with a padded end that artists use?
How can I find the artist to this painting I have?
This is for you artists out there: If you knew your next drawing, painting or sculpture would be your last.?
Why are old paintings more expensive and famous?
can a painting be framed while its wet?
What is the name of this Diego Rivera painting?? please help!?
I have a painting framed by illinois molding co of a gypsy with a guitar an I can't find any info on it ?
1. For what reasons did Renaissance artists make reference to the artworks of antiquity?at least 3 artworks.?
Painting over wallpaper?
I need help finding a copy of Aurore de la Morinerie's 'Runway'.?
El Greco Gifts?
Need the name of an artist?
Who is this painter who focused on war?
question about a watercolor painting who the artist is?
who coined the term Magic Realism?
How would I paint a mural over a mirror?
I am looking for a painting or copy of it of a woman reading a book She is in a yellow dress with brown hair.?
can i clean my oil painting brushes with linseed oil?
help any one know about leonardo da vinci?
What single artwork can someone suggest me?
What is the title and artist of this painting?
What is the name of this painting?
How much does master highlighting cost for a Kinkade canvas?
please tell about the arts, types of arts and all about arts?
I have an old painting with the initials LMS. Can you please help me identify the artist?
What happened to the paintings Mark Rothko painted for four seasons?
What is summary of the poem women in dutch painting?
painting guitars?
Does anyone have any paintings done by Harry Cummins from Dublin in the 1930s-1940s?
Hey did anybody hear about that Leonardo Davinci picture the last supper with the hidden knight holding a baby
My family has this old painting. We would like to find some info about it. Any idea how?
I spray painted my skateboard once then spray painted it over wit black will it affect anything?
Mediums, techniques and central theme for these artworks?
Painting question. please help?
Oath of the Horatii?
How do u put a price on a painting? If there is a criteria how do u put a price on it to *** to the final cost
He painted realistic scenes.?
what are the good websites to view black art?
Do any Professional Face Painters know where to buy paint in uk?
Oil looter?What is a oil looter?
Name the artist that hold both the most recognized art work in the world and in the religious world too?
I am looking for a painting for my wife. It shows knights riding out from a castle into the woods with fog?
How do I go about appraising and selling a framed oil painting by Gordon Dean Smith?
why deos man thing they're bater the women?
Who are the major artists?
What influenced Abstract Expressionism?
Bryan Wynters artist abstract.?
How would I go about trying to change the "Starry Night" V.G. painting to sunset colors?
Were most of the "Old Masters" homosexuals?
Can anyone explain the artist Peploe's style compared to Van Gogh's?
Spray Painting A Rubber Mask (s)?
Question about Salvador Dali's self- portrait?
the persistence of memory by salvador dali?
What is the name of this painting and the artists name?
Can you read this artists signature?
Where can I buy a 3-d print of Van Goghs work.?
Is Charcoal color more of a grey color or a black color?
shipping a 12x12 painting. help mail?
Why are there court room sketch artists?
What do you think of my painting?
What is your favorite colour and why?
need opinions on selling paintings...?
Is there a market for selling Egyptian papyrus art / paintings (replicas) in the USA?
How many layers of gesso should I apply to a tummy cast?
what are the colors to mix to get a bluegreen color?
i want some information of famous indian painter?
What colors do you mix together to make purple?
Was Van Gogh's paintings good? where can i get them?
Paintings by Bertram Hartman?
Does Goya normally paint himself in the backrounds of pictures?
Where can I buy white board paint?
Can someone please identify the painting that accompanies "The Wedding Present - Katrusia" at YouTube?
What is matte painting?
Are there any Anatomy artists?
What is the proportion of paint to thinner for airbrushing?
What are the characteristics of Malang's paintings and comics?
what colours represent each month?
Where can I find an Artist Representative Contract?
Can I use Boysen oil tinting colors for oil painting?
what is another name for a french painter?
Copyright info for painting "Adoration of the Shepherds"?
I'm painting, what are some good colors that go with purple?
I'm using corel paint shop pro X,How do u blend two pictures together?
Name the artists who inspires you the most
I want to use drier to dry my oil painting......?
10 words to describe Picasso?
Can you airbrush white true flames on flat black paint? ?
Painting: "The Visit"?
Where to find canvas'?
Help me come up with painting ideas?
Was Salvador Dali gay or just brilliant?
Whats the painting in the background of four rooms?
I just found a painting signed A TSAI SHEN. Anyone know anything about who that is?
How would I go about estimating a price for a mural that I am being asked to paint?
Best way to ship a painting?
Powder Paint to throw on canvas?
famous painting with girls in invisible dresses?
where can i find a biography about felipe morales?
Art with both African Americans & Caucasians?
tortured artists questions?
who is the artist and what is the name of the painting on a vatican ceiling dome with angels slaying demons?
I have an authentic pencil or chalk gleaner picture by J.F. millet, how much is it worth?
I am looking for the artist name of "The Trio" which has a pic of "The Guitar""The Farwell" and "The Saxophone
What should I paint on my canvas?
what kind of painting is this?
how do i find out about a canadan artest named stefan bell?
I am trying to locate a painting/poster titled Maple Bush by W. Saunders (Bill)?
How to make a abstract fluid painting?
How did Marc Chagall deal with the death of his wife?
Painting secrets, I am not sure what to do?
What color do you use to bring life to white paint?
is there a theme in georges brague's painting mandora?
can anyone help with a presentation on st. martin chapel in assisi?
what two colors make purple?
What's your stance on artist using drugs?
could i found a architecture magazine publish my paints?
who is the best painter?
How do I make turquoise with acrylic paints?
If I learn to paint in watercolors, can I paint in acrylics and oil?
egyptian artwork?
metropolitan museum of art Are art lessons available online?
Questions about Monet?
i think i have a bob ross original oil, i would like to find out where i could see more of his paintings, thx?
i want to be an artist but how do I know I am talented?
how did vincent van Gogh contribute to the society? what are some of the important contributions he made?
How good can I paint for a 15 year old?
Any opinions on Philharmonic Center for the Arts in Naples, FL?
What are the dimensions (Length and Height) of the original Bords de la Marne (c1888) by Paul Cezanne?
Where can I buy blank art canvases online, in bulk?
How do I properly clean a wooden paint palette.?
How much should I charge for this painting?
Which of these artists are the best for you: Michelangelo or Raffaello?
Do you think artwork like...?
I am looking for art supplies?
What is the name of the painting with a medic where his reflection gives him angel wings?
what race is Laylah Ali(The artist)?
What should I paint (10 points best answer [= ) ?
Where can I buy Graffiti Caps round here in Boston/Everett/Malden?
do u need a patent of copywrite for paintings and if so how do i go about it?
Picasso's weeping woman?
Question about an Artist...THOM?
What Kind Of Painting Is This?
cartoon paintings of children and animals?
architect zaha hadid is a modernist?
What should I paint? (help)?
Local places to buy a canvas?
I have recently become interested in art, are there good place to see different paintings?
Colonial americas famous artists?
is there a program to see paint ?
What is the main unifying element of White Iris by Georgia O'Keeffe?
please name of this artist?
Looking for a picture called Bathers by Jean Metzinger, any ideas?
1+1=? can anyone(ladeis) help me to getin frend with /F she is artist work aim artist?
why is Leonardo Da Vinci's name famous?
List of Famous indian artists?
need your advice?
good artwork? fghhjk?
How to paint a snowboard (with oil paints)?
Feedback and Opinions on a future project in college? It will be much appreciated good or bad :)?
Which is Georgia O'keefe's most famous painting?
What is the difference between Romanticist, Rationalist, Modernist and post modernist?
I am painting an outside mural on steel, what are the best paints to use for metal?
Is Pablo Picasso considered a latino painter?
Why only old paintings sells?
art help: how to use water colour pencils?
How to start off my painting analysis?
What do you think of cy twombly's paintings?
What is your favourite colour? and why?
what 2 primary colors make brown??
how to make oil paint dry faster on non porous surfaces?
Does anyone know who this artist is "E. Rene His" please?
does anyone know an artist first name starting with A and I think last name Cioppon?
what is ur opinion about arts is it art is loosing its value today?
Help, I feel like giving up on art? I'm seriously crying....?
How did the painting of the dogs playing poker become so famous?
I am not done with this but your expert opinions are appreciated? Thank you very much?
do you agree that some of vincent van gough's paintings look like they were painted by a 5 year old?
Can I sand over paint?
what do you do if your original painting was used in a movie without your consent?
How do I use acrylics and watercolour paints effectively?
What french artist painted fruit?
J C Beauchernis? Need information not sure if the last name is spell correctly?
neon and splatter paint is in..whats next?
What is the name of this painting?
what style of painting do you enjoy the most frequently?
how do you paint over dark brown panels?
please help me...T.T?
Making acrylic paint glossy?
How long did it take Henri Rousseau to produce a painting?
How much is a Florence Wilkins Furst painting worth?
Is sparkles a color??????
What is the value of my Picasso Estate Commisioned Giclee "The Dream"?
What is the name of this picture and who drew/painted it?
Is my 1907 indian head penny worth anything?
Someone saw y painting on Facebook and wants to buy it, but they asked what media I used. What is that?
What kind of paint would I use to spatter pants?
Do you think this is a good painting?
Throughout how many days can I paint with an oil painting before it drys out;?
Which renaissance artist is associated with which color technique?
what is the best air brush (under $60)I could use for action figure customizing?
How do I find art works and their value by Vinciata?
Analysing vanitas paintings?
What are the best sites to post my artwork/paintings on for max exposure?
I am trying to find out the artist and title of this painting?
What would be considered high value art?
Painting face for rugby match? No face paint, help please?
art help??
Why was it so difficult for Venetian painters to make fresco paintings?
Whats best technique for painting high quality cold cast porcelain figurines+ getting a real "Shinning Finish"?
Is She Goth? Pagen? Serious Or Sad? What Do You See In This Painting?
what makes the colour blue?
the life of Andy Warhol. Know and research sites?
Looking for the name of a piece of Mexican Artwork??
What is Fernando Amorsolo's art style?
Can someone please help me?
Can I paint acrylic paint over oil after spraying oil paint with fixative?
Where do i get Painting and craft materials in Hyderabad?
where can i buy cheap blank canvasses off the internet?(UK)?
I have the opportunity to get a Vose & Sons Cabinet Grand Piano 1853. Is it worth anything?
Identify and point out two specific examples of line in the painting in The Death of Socrates?
How do unknown artists set the prices on their paintings?
What color do you get when you mix yellow and purple?
What techniques do I use for watercolor and charcoal?
what do you see in this canvas?
Famous artists that does Outerspace / Universe / Astronomy paintings?
Value of painter "McCain" paintings. Information on artist "McCain"?
Which picasso painting is this?
Varnish that isn't sticky?
Can anybody give any idea on Cleaning and restoring paint brushes ?
Where is Claude Monet's famous garden?
Renaissance over dress?
Expressing Depression Through Painting?
i need to watch a video on painting a ceramic tub?
tell me what you think of this painting?
Is black white and gray colours?
What does a bull in a painting symbolize? How about a peacock?
how to describe an abstract?
tool belt for painters?
does anyone know what version of paint shop pro this is?
Looking for a fantasy painting of a lady knighting a soldier in court in the medieval era.?
I bought a painting of an apple an grapes from a thrift store with the initials HU 76 on it is it worth money?
what r the techinques andrew wyeth use to make master bedroom? plz help :)?
Why shouldn't you use brushes made of natural material for acrylic paint?
Can I paint my ears with gloss paint?
How to use gouache paints?
How would I get a painting appraised?
Wheres Dodge and Burn on Corel photo paint X5?
Which acrylic paints are the finshest in the world?...which company are they made by?
What is the best paintbrush for painting letters on a sign ?
tips on cleaning paint brushes please? :)?
Where can i buy........?
Who was starry starry night dedicated to?
information on a painter?
Who's the artist of this lovers' hug picture? - Chi è l'artista di questo abbraccio tra amanti?
Claude Monet is my favorite painter.Can you tell me something about him that I do not probably know?
who is the american artist wagoner?
Branza's Unique Glassware Designs?
Is Paint Thinner bad to sniff?
can you find me an image of 'nur farhana jamal?
why does mona lisa have no eyebrows?
Are natural sponges treated with toxic substances before they are sold in an art supply store?
Do you know any artists similar to Camille Rose Garcia?
Do you think it's bad to combine two paintings into one?
Artist Freud's first name and where are his works located?
Are all tempera paint brands the same?
What's the name of that painting..?
why do painters were white?
Can I use white tempra paint for Gesso?
in titanic ???
Artist Dusso, Leon D'Usseau?
Does anyone know if the paintings of a Museum can be sold ? I think it is not possible since the art inside th?
Who is this in the painting?
I have a new painting company, What should I name it? Please Help?
painting help!! please?
Where Do You Get Your Inspiration on What To Paint?
Georgia O'Keeffe with two f's?
Salvador Dali information?
how can you tell a real from a fake water color print?
How do they authenticate a "Banksey"?
what kind of painting technique is this?! :o?
can you paint over a oil painted canvas which has been varnished?
what color do u like best blue or purple?
why is mona lisa such an expensive painting?
with what color should i paint life goes on with blue ocean and sky background?
Anyone have any details on this oil painting?
Artists- how do you price your work?
Help, Halloween body paint? What kind of paint to use?
what is the capital of new york?
what are some famous paintings and who are they by?
Need help identifying mystery painting.?
What is name of this painting? HELP!?
How many paintings in Vatican Museum?
tom hill the artist?
Issue with colors in Paint Tool Sai?
I am trying to find a painting it is a black and white face its kind of scary anyone know what it is?
Artists who paint apples?
I need neon paint that will glow in the dark ( with out a blacklight)when put on a black poster. Any ideas?
How to fix an uneven gesso surface?
can I draw a drawing then paint it with Acrylic paint?
with what technique does leonid asimov so his paintings?
Things to paint on my wall?
Need help with a painting..?
Did Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze have children or a wife?
paint brushes and art supply questions?
How long does it take for acrylic paint to dry?
Where can I buy an antique sea chart reproduction?
What art supplies should I buy?
why does watercolour paper need stretching?
Easy/fun/cool things to paint using acrylic paints?
How long will I have to wait after spraying a painting with retouch varnish by mistake before I can spray?
What type of paint should I use to paint faux suede?
How do you make blacklight paint?
What was the influence of Japanese prints/art on impressionism?
Need a natural form artists? ?
what is the cheapest way to make prints of my artwork to sell?
what is a good paint program ?
Who is in your opinion the greatest painter?
Looking for a monatary valuation for a Max R Scharf signed and numbered print.?
why does all easels has 3 legs?
what compressor works with this airbrush?
who is the best painter in USA?
Where can I submit an artwork contest ?
What would be your favorite color for a car that you owned?
how to install brushes for corel paint shop answer please hurry?
What is the name of that picture with a boat falling of the edge of the world via a waterfall?
who painted this?
What do you think is the best way to let go during painting?
Would you buy my painting please?
compare and contrast these two artists goya and gericault?
Help me please with painters!?
WHAT DO YOU THINK!!!! plz plz plz really quick!!!?
does anyone know which musseum i could find this painting in?
Looking for meaning of Egyptian art?
Did Andy Warhol ever have a g/f or get married??
How should I paint this sign?
Drawing/ Painting hands?
what type of paint is used to paint a hobby horse?
Trying to find a picture of a painting, and need help...?
acrylic paints ,does anyone know how to do them pictures?
Which are the most two complimentary colours?
Is it a good idea to buy oil paintings reproduction of classical masterpieces?
Describe the 'light' of Paris--as might a painter when he/she first arrives.?
i want to put a painting in ebay for 100$,and i live in india?
Please help me find the artist and title of this painting?
How can I turn 2 large canvas boards I painted into a queen sized headboard?
Artists using the theme Home?
Who is your favorite artist and why?
If I mix black paint with plaster, will it turn gray?
how much are thomas j lloyd paintings worth?
How can I find the value of a Harland Young painting that i own.?
How to make clouds with acrlic paint?
Who is this painting by?how much is it worth?
Is Spencer's blacklight paint okay to get on your face?
Spray Painted without a mask?
What would be a good gift for a graffiti artist?
What Artists in 1863 began there name with the letters G.H. ?
do you art..............?
do you like graffiti?
Easy Beatles pictures to paint?
some famous artists ?
So I was thinking 'bout painting the ol' bass guitar?
Is this a good painting?
why does a bull chase something red?
rowboat painting little girl and fisherman famous artist?
what is the best way to stick small stones on canvas or board?
What's the name of this painting?
Best paints to use on wall and on canvas?
Painting by Lee Hochberg,anyone know anything on this painter?
Artists: Did your memory and recall increase the better you got?
My sisters boyfriend is a terrific artist. He has offered to paint a portrait of her and myself together.?
What kind of paint should I use to paint pegboard?
paintings by Lee Reynolds?
How would u describe this painting??? plzz help?
What is the salary of a painter or brick layer?
Does Anyone Know Any Artists Similar To Jason Mraz Or Paolo Nutini?
What's a good subject for a first painting?
why are my oil paints drying so fast?
what are your favourite paintings or artist?
How does Leonardo's Mona Lisa best exemplifies Italian Renaissance Art?
my boyfriend is an artist and he painted me...?
Name of the painting of a princess knighting a man? Where to buy?
Whats your favourite colour?
Linear Perspective ?????? Help please.?
info about painter j. henry ehlers?
Which style of entertainment do you like better, Romanticism or Realism? Explain why. Give examples of your fa?
Any artists similar to Salvador Dali?
Painter named Nansen?
how do u refer to a painting in a frame??
Where in Oslo is the bridge featured in the Scream by Munch, does it have a name?
What was Diego Rivera best known for?
How much money is this signed painting worth? (details in the description)?
Has anyone ever covered a painting with polycrilic?
I am looking for a recipe to mix liquin for oil paintings as well as make and prepare canvasses.?
Are tere any websites where i can find paintings done by Friedensreich Hundertwasser??? Plz Help?
How do you make paint on a shirt dry fast?!?
Inspirational words to paint on my wall?
salvador dali. paintings and their meanings?
What is the drawing & painting class thats for juniors in high school.?
could I use a regular lead pencil to draw my design on to Stretched Canvas before I paint?
Do you like Frida Kahlo's paintings?
Do you think anyone would buy my painting? (pics included)?
I cannot read the artist name in this painting.?
I'm trying to find portrait artists in the seattle Washington area.?
How much would you pay for this painting?
Can I use PVA glue instead of white paint?
Can someone identify painting signed "Masse" with an initial in front of Masse.?
Is the start of this teapot painting a mess?
Do you consider andy warhol to have been a great artist?
how MANY floors in Metropolitan museum of art/NYC to EXPLORE?? :o)?
Where can I find L.S. Lowry desktop wallpaper for my computer?
I had an idea to paint and color pencil all the planets realistically.?
what should i paint on my canvas?
what art time period did paintings of city scenes become popular?
which artist painted a goat playing a violin with a woman on his shoulder, he has 1 human hand and 1 goat hoof?
where can i buy stryofoam paint in sydney?
where is the mexican restaurnat with a mural painted on the side. what is the name of it and where.?
explain the steps u take to do an oil painting. thanks.?
favorite color?
Why do some painters "organize their tonal scales in a lower key?"?
why do most artists live in France?
Can anyone identify this signature?
Know a good artist?
india orginal name?
name what company handpainted lido w.s. george canarytone?
Drawing with adobe photoshop?
how to make brush stroke effect on photoshop?
What is the best brand of india ink for use in brush inking?
About museum print editions, and this question about painter DRAKE?
What medium did Rosa Bonheur paint in?
Can you use acrylic paint on clothes?
How do I stop paper from curling when painting with Tempera paint?
Why is the Mona Lisa painting so famous?
Visual center of a painting?
how you would want to be remembered as a work of a sculpture, painting or an arc?
in italian da vinci means?
Is ting with a paint brush dirty?
Botticelli's Adoration of the Magi question!?!?
do copyright laws protect literary characters?
how do i make painters tape (scotch) stick to sand paint?
Describe the type of art that Octavio Ocampo does?
how to paint backgrounds?
how do you make HOME MADE marbling ink?
Please send photos of Maa Durga?
Famous artists that paint in the theme: Mysterious\Imaginative?
Where can I buy a copy of Viajar a Chipre by Marta Rivera de la Cruz?
Jan Vermeer?
how do you feel about Warhol?
1917 Chicago Portrait Co. Painting...?
painting a pot with african art.......what should i paint on it?
I'm having a tough time coming up with a thesis for michelangelo's last judgment. Can anyone help me?
How can I straighten a painting that has been punched out so now there's a protruding bump in canvas center
what does banksy rat's "you lie " mean?
Famous suprematist painters or paintings?
what is a good paint program ?
I love to paint but how do I get myself in the mood to paint?
Cake / Food Painters?
What colour scheme would you consider red and black to be?
is there a certain name for sad clowns with white faces & tears?
where the original statue of David is found?
I have just recieved my GCSE exam paper?
What painting is this from?
if you guys have ever seen the painting, the scream, what would it inspire you to write about?
Hirondelle/Amour? painting by Miro Juan?
Identify Artists signature?
3 Places cave painting have been found?
Is there anyway I can make my own canvas? It's so expensive.?
where can i find this painting?
Who is this artist?
Anybody use latex primer for prep. canvas for oil painting?
What emotions/themes were Hector Poleo trying to express in the painting "The Broken Doll" (La Muneca Rota)?
Craft Help!!?
an artist who highlights one or particular features of a person?
When did Leonardo Vinci paint The Mona Lisa?
Im looking for a painting of an old woman dying in bed with her family around her and her spirit is rising ouf?
Spray paint a cheap guitar?
how can you tell that Edward Hopper is a modern artist?
Hundertwasser - the Austrian painter, architect, ecologist. I'd love to hear your ideas for lesson plans?
in the european baroque period, the human body is often shown in motion to show?
Man with red afro hair who paints on tv?
I am planning on making an acrylic painting on balsa wood. Any suggestions as to preserving the final product?
How much is this painting worth ?
dose any one know how to stop bitting your nails habbit?
Need Help Please?
What exhibitions were at the Tate Modern in January 2012?
I have an old black and white copy of the Mona Lisa.Copyright date in England is 1910, is this worth anything?
Info about Hew Locke?
where can you buy glow in the dark paint?
What do you think of my beginning art?
Does anyone know of any good paint brushs to use with acrylic paints on a canvas?
Where is the best place to see artist Adela Camille Sutton's paintings?
Water activated/ gummed tape?
Where is Salvador Dali's "Burning Giraffes"?
I'm trying to find a painting called safe passage the one with the angel and 2 children crossing a bridge?
How can I get paint off of a display board?
Looking for a picture of this painting or anything similar...?
Pablo Picasso?
I want to have a painting of mine. Can anybody tell me some names of famous painters in Jodhpur? ?
What does it mean" a living Velasquez! My stars! what an etching Rembrandt would have made of him!"?
Favorite Halloween Costume?
What kind of paint should my 18 month old use for a canvas?
Colors evoke emotions, yes? So what emotion would peach evoke?
Using the art elements of line, colour and texture describe the Mona Lisa's shape texture line and colour?
Acrylics questions?
Help..please..I am looking for a way to transfer the outline of a picture onto fabric (so then I can paint it)
Help? Beginner Watercolor Supplies Questions - Paper, Paint, Bargains?
Who is the greatest American artist?
What do you think of abstract painting?
Is painting on canvas a dying art because of computer graphics?
Do you like Mona Lisa's smile?
How do i paint on canvas? Do i paint on the edges too? How do i frame it once i'm done painting?
ART--- which artists were actually alive when they were famous?
what artisits specialize in racism?
Where Is the Painting, "Annunciation," Used for Santana's Landmark Album Cover?
Does paint stick to chrome?
Is there an old world artist named Rimmeaue.?
Selling My Art?
Are there any Georgia O'Keeffe paintings that don't look like a vaginia?
What's the best paint for painting action figures you plan on using?
leonardo da Vinci???HELP!!!PLS?
Can anyone help me identify this artist and pictures?
how do you trace on a canvass?
What is the name and creator of this painting ?
what the colour white signifies?
Who is this?
how do u make a heart in ?????
What can I do to learn how to digital paint / sketch?
I have paintings by an artist named R.Colad.Seems no one knows of this person,same here.Any value at all?
who's your favorites artist?
what kind of paint did Grant Wood use for the painting "stone city "?
i really need help on how to price my painting! help?
making rich chocolate paint?
Why does the color red contrasts the color blue?
What is your favourite medium to work with? Oil, pastel, watercolour, pencil, acrylic, charcoal?
I hate my artwork... What do I do?
Who painted the poster for Wicked the Musical?
Art Portfolio Difficulty: Extra Questions i appreciate for advice?
artist Gary Ratushniak?
What is the best paint for painting a mural?
This Post-Impressionist artist and friend of Van Gogh eventually moved to Tahiti?
Jan van eyck and other 15th century paintings.?
Can anyone give me any information on the Spanish artist Manual Casal?
Artists - what inspiring blogging ideas do you have for a super-duper art showcase?
why is that the virgin Mary always appears to people and none of the other saints or male saints do?
Need information on 18"x24" framed painting of Renoir's A Girl With A Watering Can?
Where could I find online paintings that are not copyrighted?
Why is "The Ghent Altarpiece" so important?
How do I use acrylics when painting a portrait on canvas?
Leonardo Da Vinci? ??????
Painting: Do you start with a few main colors?
Whats the right paper to use for Oil Paintings??? Link to an actual product would be very welcome, thanks!?
I can draw very well...but I can't paint?
does anyone know the name of the picture on the self-titled Tindersticks album?
What can I paint on.......?
i have a painting signed eggelston. there is no first name. can someone help me find this aritist.?
You you think it would be ok to use acrylic paint for face painting? ?
What is your favorite color red or blue?
i have questions about the mona lisa?
What is the value on this Norman Rockwell print (Looking Out To Sea)...2'x3' on canvas?
what kind os oil, brush, and canvas da vinci used on the mona lisa?
is flat spray paint the same thing as non gloss spray paint?
What did Winslow Homer paint "A Summer Day," with?
what`s the best paint to use on indoor wall murals ?
who drew this painting?
What museum does the potrait of Mona Lisa found?
Leonardo da Vinci was the first to use the illusion of light in the backgrounds of his paintings, giving us th?
Does anyone know any modern artist who paints with a style similar to Vermeer's?
You've heard of writer's block. I now have painter's block. Help!?
How much is my Andy Warhol worth?
How do I sell my paintings online besides using e-bay?
colours that will go with a blue and yellow and still give an egypt feel?
what is the structure of a wall text in art (a description of the painting next to or underneath the artwork)?
What is the Title of Famous Christmas Painting?
how come, in the past 1000 years, paintings have progressively become better and better?
Is there a program that can turn your digital photos into high quality painting?
What should my products companny be named?
I am looking for some well designed creative websites on paintings, particularly contemporary art?
What do you think when you hear the name Leonardo Da Vinci?
what are split complements?
Really Big Lettuce anyone? ?
What do you think this painting represents?
Where can I find info on Hispanic artists and the names of their paintings?
i have a painting by r ward binks its a german shepherd call buster ,the date is 1922 will this b valuable?
School Project --- Painting?
What was Picasso's Parents names?
Are my paintings good enough to sell?
gold paint?
A painting (I thought it was by Hopper) of an old couple?
Who took this photo of Hugo Ball, founder of Cabaret Voltaire?
How would i keep my paint brushes clean?? Points Rewarded For best answer!!?
"The Swing" Painting. Where do you think this is located and when?
should i buy this art table?
venneramp oil painting value?
Homer's Helen and Angelina Jolie?
Can medium matte polymers for acrylic paints expire?
Who wrote "Sotii Arnolfini?
has anyone been successful at selling your paintings?
Having trouble with oil painting?
What to draw then put in bedroom?
how to create a body of artwork? choose a signature style that will remain and subjects to choose?
Black and white painting with fish?
what is the rule for matting and framing watercolor paintings for a gallery exhibit?
Where are the paintings in the heading of d painting?
diego rivera paints what flower?
Has anyone EVER heard of Pierre Cuypers?
Artist help needed?
Anyone here like to paint?
Need your opinion,Which is more pretty?
Is it hard to learn how to paint?
Claude Monet is my favorite painter.Can you tell me something about him that I do not probably know?
Why do we treat music artists like Gods?
what is a good paint program ?
I have a painting by miharu lane Called evening tales,?
is oleo por Paul Giudicelli a self portrait?
Trying to find a picture of a painting, and need help...?
Anyone have a painting you want to display or sell here?
"painting holder" what it called?
michol williamson?
Looking for a painting of a small girl with a puppy.?
My Mother has a painting by Fiora Cozzi titled "Forest" #118118 xvn and she was wondering what it worth.?
What is your favourite piece of art?
I'm looking for portrait artists like Saville, Nielly and Freud?
Does anyone know anything about Arthur Henry Miles, an artist who used watercolours around 1930's, Wales???
To what extent do audiences need art galleries to view artworks?
I found this painting and wondering who the artist might be and of any worth?
Where can i find this painting?
What does the position of the fingers in Sandro Botticcelli's Portrait of a youth signify?
If you own a rare painting by a little known artist where would you go to find information about it?
What is the family background of Juan Luna?
How should I start painting?
Art mystery...please help.?
Favorite Halloween Costume?
Whats a good subject to paint for a children's room?
value of oil painting?
Doing a painting about my hate for the BNP and propaganda against other races/the poor and need a slogan?
Meito China Made in Japan, hand painted?
Emperor's New Clothes Syndrome?
A Goldsmith in His Shop, Possibly Saint Eligius?
what can i paint for my volleyball coach?
does anyone know the name of this painter?
picture called Mrs. Jordan's car?
i have two paintings i would like valued i stay in dundee?
Need help painting a part of my car.?
ok can u mix two colors to get red or not if u can can u tell me?
Is there a bass clef in the left border of Da Vinci's last supper?
Does anyone know the name of this painting I saw in the Portland Art Museum?
Does anyone know where I can find this picture or painting?
Putting Matte Tulip Fabric Paint On A Jacket?
Where can I get information about the artist "William Monk".?
Where can i buy cheap spray paint thats still good?
I want to sell some prints on e-bay. They are recognised Monet prints but are copied by someone else.?
Quick Vincent Van Gogh question!?
Anyone a true antique oil painting expert? Need Info?
Abstract Expressionism, worth it?
Anybody recognize this signature?!?
inks for screenprinting?
I need help writing a thesis on George Braque's Violin and Pitcher?
how do i find a artist named June Doreen Manatone-Rhys-Sand?
what artist painted this?
How can I safely ship stretched canvas?
Symbolism in the Madonna of the Rocks?
Symbols of corruption in Jan Steen's painting of a Dutch urban household include each of the followeing exce?
what is a blacklight potser?
What is the painting in the chicago art institute that is only 3 different colored lines?
Who are some master artists with self portraits?
What is the name of the famous painting of the old man and woman sitting at a table praying?
what does the cow symbolise in Gauguin's 'Vision after the sermon'?
where can i find mori sosen posters?
Who is artist Peter Colby?
what color shoud I paint my room ?
Is it grey or gray?????????????????
starting a blog???????
who is Salvador Dali???
Good websites for cheap photographic artwork of Paris?
how would i paint expressionst grass, or expressionist thunderstorms?????
What are the art elements in this painting?
Whats that artists name?
old portraits of people look the same!?
Flower Canvas Paintings....?
The hunger games, painting, any type of art?
What's your favorite painting of all time?
Can I spray paint model cars with krylon spray paints?
drawing/ painting/ creative competition?
When did cranes start to apper on pottery?
could anyone tell me who this painting is by and what its titled?
What is aromatic painting?
why is mona lisa smiling?
The Mona Lisa?
What was the name of the technique that Caravaggio developed?
what color should i paint my room?
Any good ideals?
Is there such this as a "bad" painting?
What is a good contrast colour to blue, black and red?
What is the meaning of Guernica, drawn by Pablo Picasso?
artist/painter, signs work Jg, I have a painting by artist, colour scheme is blue palette, subject naked women
Can you guess the first name of the person who painted this yellow daffodil painting by ?. McPherson?
how old was manet when he first started painting?
Wallpaper or paint, which one you prefer, and why?
Why did Théodore Chassériau choose to paint romantic frescos of Rory Emerald much like Dionisius?
What is an unusual things have you used to paint or draw a picture on? Thank you?
Gundam models painting.?
Figure Painting? How long to improve?
Colour associations..?
I have an oil on canvas painting, 3' x 2' a copy of Renoir's 'The Pianists' by R.A.Earing. Is it of any value?
What do the red stamps on traditional Japanese artwork mean?
how you can decide that this is very very good painting?
1909 painting signed edvnd magrath Someone HELP me identifiy?
Are you allowed to wear woad when painting the town red?
I am an emerging artist and I would like to know the best way to promote my art?
I am looking for an artist to draw my fiance and I.?
painting ideas problem !!!!!?
a divine child ok, ok?
i want to participate in boogie woogie 2009...plzz tell me the procedure..?
Need tips on painting a mural?
What is the best idea?
Identity of model used for "Lilith" (1892) by John Collier ?
what is the cost per sqaure foot for interior painting of walls?
Any Artists That Do Paintings About Global Warming?
What colors should I use to paint flowers?
how to remove acrylic paint from palette using home remedies?
Doing some detail painting on my grand prix yellow or red? Or any other color?
What kind of oil do you put in the transmison?
who is eileen greenwood (artist) and where can i find pictures of her works?
painting by max carlier??????
In period pieces painted by Salvador Dali, He used a mythical creature to represent himself?
Was Van Gogh born French? His name isn't French, right?
this carpet shows a painting,who is the painter?
How do you protect your artwork?
I want information about a spanish painter, modern time, named L. Pizarro. He painted small still lifes.?
Carlton the Peacock?
who is that artist?
What's your favorite art style or period and why?
Best air brush and what kind of paint?
Who are some figurative artists?
Do you like pretty ponys?
Where do young painters meet in London?
I need help with my art?
Cubist artists who drew animals?
Reproducing other peoples artwork?
How can I find out if a paintingis an original?
Who is your favorite Impressionist Artist?
how do i protect the acrylic painting on canvas?
I need good music for a slideshow??
Info on these artists?
figure 7 by jasper johns what support is?
What is matte painting?
the value of a painting by P Philippi from 1909?
What are the best quality water colour paints for the money?
whats the name of this color?
Looking for artist/painter name?
would this painting sell?
How do I paint a corner of 2 walls where both the walls are different colours?
If you saw a painting, what would you want to see that would please your mind or your eyes ?
Having sex on a canvas?
How can I make my acrylic paint thicken like an oil? Without store products that can do it.?
What is the name of the artist who created images with tiny dots?
Materials to paint on?
good subject for painting for little kids and children about 4 to 13?
What is heightened realism?
the yellow house that Van Gogh painted is located where?
what is your favourite color?
what is the focal point of the mona lisa?
Why am I having trouble spreading oil paint?
Can you paint on a kite?
Manga to oil painting?
what do you think is hidden in the lyers of The Mona lisa !?
About michaels craft store.. ?
In the 19th century, what did landscape painting "mean" to the artists?
how did marilyn menroe die?
i need help on ways to find pictures of mary dixon kies if you have andy pictures of her then please tell me?
Where can I get low-priced, good quality watercolor paper?
Who painted the mona lisa?
Do you need a speacoal type of spraypaint to paint a helmet.?
what does Andre Breton's 'Nadja' mean? What does Nadja say about the role of women in Surrealism?
why isn't white a primary colour?
what is the name of the artist who painted jesus in a t shirt with a tattoo?
Are these painter portrait artists?
Where and when is starving artists show in Tempe, AZ?
do you like graffiti?
who painted this?
do u know any painting where there is a man seducing a lady?
Kiss fans or art fans please tell me what you think of Paul Stanleys paintings?
I forget the name of a painting I saw in a british museum. It was a deer/stag standing in a ruin.?
What is a figure-ground relationship?
how do i make a paint alterative?
New music artist - not sure who she is?
I need help?
How do I remove gouache paint?
Can someone discover me please?
How much is an oil painting by E. John Robinson is worth? ?
I would like to ask some inspirational title for a painting...?
How did Tom Thomson (Canadian Artist) participate in The Group of Seven???/????
What famous artists painted flowers trees plants etc.?
Tile Painting Ideas?
Pablo Picasso?
Famous 20th century artists?
you remebr that one show with the guys?
Painting a lighter with acrylic paint?
What inventions did Leanardo De vinci make?
Is wall paint toxic?
"voi sorridete" or "voi sorriso"?
Is this from oil paint fumes? (numbness, burning?)?
What is a oil lipter?
greatest painters of all time..?
I stabbed my painting with scissors and snapped the canvas in half, is there something wrong with me?
Question about Gesso & illustration boards ?
Paint Color Ideas? Purple?
Where can an artist sell paintings/drawings, aside from a gallery? Any websites?
where can i buy a a2 canvas in the uk in .....which well known shops?
painting to painter identification help?
What kind of paint should I use to paint on a leather book cover?
Salvador Dali painting Wall Street?
Does anyone know the artist of a surreal painting where the shoe and foot are blended into one?
What is your favorite 19th century Artist?
How to sell my paintings?
help me figure out this painting?
Which painting should I chose?
Can you name this painting?
What to use for the outline on oil or acrylic paintings?
I am trying to find out about an artist named Provansha.?
which is the best paper for water painting?
How do i paint an abstract picture like this one.....?
Could you critique my painting?
why is it that most of the nude paintings are figures of female... the one that will answer first will get 10?
Can You Use Trompe L'Oeil in Abstract Art?
Image Request: Vegetable Clown portrait?
Do you know the title and artist of this painting?
I am trying to identify a signature on a painting?
How does Ed Ruscha create the effect in his Hope piece?
home painting trends and the like?
What's the name of the painting?
Can someone please analyze the painting "road in the woods" by Jan Brueghel?
Rock painting?
Does this photography remind you of a painting? Pic included?
Can you put a wall paper/ wheat paste on a canvas and paint over it?
Artwork featured on vinyl?
Tips for composing a portrait painting?
What's so special about the monA Lisa?
paintings worth alot?
I saw this drawing/painting of a "human" tree?
Art lovers, how much are you willing to spend on original oil paintings?
Can you help me with finding a painting/piece of art?
How should I incorporate a " lipstick smear " in a painting?
Looking for a place to paint in Sacramento/Elk Grove area ?