What type of paint should i use to paint the droid 2 global's shell?
How do I know that the paints I am buying are safe and not chock full of lead or other dangerous stuff?
Oil paint over acrylic?
Looking for a career in genital painting?
What do you guys think about The Wreck if the Ole '97 painting ? How would you guys DESCRIBE this artwork ?
Why were portraits painted? 10 points best answer!?
How do I get oil paint off my skin?
Can you just buy Ink or varnish at any art store?
What is the name of this painting?
Looking for information about an oil painting?
What style of art is Georgia O'Keeffe qualified as?
hudson river school paintings..?
Exist any explanation for the spirals in "The Stoclet Frieze" From Gustav Klimt?
Is there any site to download e-books on Oil and Watercolor Painting techniques in .pdf or .doc format ?
Identity of model used for "Lilith" (1892) by John Collier ?
how much should I charge my student for private painting tutorial at home ?(its only one student).?
The Painting "Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte".....How do you pronounce Jatte?
10 easy points! can i use this to create the glazing effect with acrylics?
do you believe in the mysteries in the DA VINCI CODE?
A good website for learning to draw?
What's the name of this painting?
I drew a picture and then colored in with prismacolor pencils. can I paint a black background on it using.....?
What's the name of the artist that paints pictures of people and replaces there faces with fruit? ?
Clover Tattoo meaning?
What could i paint on?
What is the diffrence between Acrylic and oil colors?
Having used pure turps as a thinner to my oil paints, why is it now shiny and how do I make it matt?
where do you buy buy spirits of terpintine?
Do I get in trouble if I make a painting showing the cover art of a well known album?
Does Silver spray paint cover in one coat?
i need help with spray painting?
What is turpentine used for?
I have taken up painting again and want to know what I should paint?
If I use a pencil to sketch a picture on my canvas, then go over it with oil painting, will the pencil show?
what style is picasso's starry night in??
Salvador Dali/Basket of Bread?
Does anyone know of a good (& inexpensive) art supply store in L.A.? I'm going to buy oil painting supplies.
I am artist painter Morocco berber I a have a wonderful collection of oil painting I would like to sell?
What should I paint???????
Which features are characteristic of Etruscan depictions of human figures? A) realistic detail B) serene detac?
What should i paint a picture of for my personal project?
Is this painting closed form or open form?
i use acrylic paint on fabrick it dried stiff what to use instead?
What is Georgia O'Keeffe's Most Famous Painting?
how much should i ask for my 12x12 original acrylic painting?
what do you think about my art?
were can i find music dance and art and animals?
who is artist gayatri and what is his speciality in paintings?
Why do people spend thousands on those paintings have one blob of paint on it? Seriously.?
When was the painting 'Games' by Michael Craig Martin painted/printed?
What Japanese artist is this?
Is he that good an artists painter or not?
Is The Rowers' Lunch considered Impressionism or Post-impressionism?
Whay colors did Claude Garamond used in his type?
What do you think of my painting?
What other ways can I create texture in painting?
Why shouldn't you use white all the time to lighten colors?
Artists who paint birds?
Name of painters or artists!!?
looking for info on an european artist named ott who painted menus for swissair in 1957, beautiful watercolors
Art by artist?
I have a big canvas but don't know what to paint on it?
What's you're favourite colour?
I hav a large oil painting by P. DuTeurTre this is exactly how the painting is signed?
Who is a really talented up and coming artist?
Can You Tell Me Who This Was Painted By?
oil paint help?
Where can I get Thermochromic ink/paint?
What was Diego Rivera best known for?
criticize my painting please?
Prismacolor verithin?
looking for somthing avout a painter named Hühmel?
What varnish can I use to finish a poster paint mural area approx. 6' x 6'... any help urgently required!
where can u find designz for your pictures n collages?
What is your opinion of Cadmium Red oil paint?
The Painting Portrait of young woman are there any symbols or codes, what is the arrangement of the portrait?
monochromatic color scheme painting?
Can a major triad be dimished?
Besides flowers, lambs and rainbows, what reminds you of spring?
WRITERS! what spray paint caps to use?
Paint shop pro?
colors of tuschany?
Who are some of Salvador Dali's critics?
what oils can i use instead of linseed for oil painting?
art help???
How to take prints of my Original/Masterpiece paintings?
i have oil painting from van bell?
Where can I get body paint to paint myself for a sporting event?
Art Museums in London?
Where can I get a rubber chicken painting from the Alberta Clown House?
How much should I sell my painting for?
House painting?
Whats the difference between canvas panels and other types of canvas?
I recently came into a John G Brown painting of " The Country Gallant". What is it worth?
A good quality easel.....?
How much are "priceless"artworks really worth?
which is the better colour, browish red or reddish brown?
Ways to preserve paint on a t-shirt?
Whose David do you prefer, Donatello, Bernini, or Michelangelo?
Canvas painting ideas?
Where can i Find this Watching Buddha painting for my boyfriends b-day?
I want to make a tree on my drawing, but we're out of green paint?
Do pastels need to be framed?
Are people naked under body paint?
What kind of paint should I use when painting canvas shoes?
What is the name or artist of this painting?
Masonic Symbol: Da Vinci The Last Supper Superimposition?
monet powerpoint slide ideas?
Does anyone know what this painting is called?
What does the quote "I paint objects as I think them, not as I see them” by Picasso suggest?
........Leonardo da Vinci..........?
What's you're favourite colour?
I have an oil painting by Bernard from Artistic Interiors, Inc. with a certified Original oil #595099 tell me?
What is the best oil pastels brand?
We have some paintings by Canadian Artist Robert E Wood. Is there a way we can find out what these are worth?
is buying oil pastels a waste of money?
What paint should I use on a gloss top acoustic guitar?
Question about Corel painter?
I need high definition pictures of Van Gogh paintings?
When Painting cellphone with fingernail polish should i put a top coat on to prevent peeling?
Does any one Know??
if we are not all great artists why do we talk about them?
i need a good university in america or canada!hellp me?
When purchasing a seriolithograph, what does it mean to be "numbered on verso?"?
Who was the first native painter to achieve recognition in the USA?
a painting that shows different classes of people?
Does New Zealand have a truly national art?
Why is the Mona Lisa painting so famous?
How/Where to Paint Tool SAI for Mac in English version.?
Should I paint on paper?
Does anyone know where to buy nice canvas's for a low price?
Should I give up on oil painting?
How can I flatten a watercolor to mount the print? Can I use an iron or steam? Does anyone know the name of the Artist of this pic?
Surrealism in Dali's "Persistence of Memory"?
need help with choosing a painting for a wedding?
Is Damien Hirst a Real Person?
what year did paul kane go back to europe to study painting?
What is the carhartt material???? is it canvas?
I am looking for info on Don Aikens a painter. I bought an oil painting but can't find any info anywhere.
A good website for posting artwork?
Bob Woodruff?
What's your favorite color? (a bright color)?
Wall painting in church Normandie?
How do I communicate with John Digby?
Painting on canvas(acrylic)?
what's a good art piece to use in a dance ?
Do watercolor paints degrade with age?
What is the name of this famous painting?
why does all easels has 3 legs?
Supplies and where to sell for painting sneakers?
what's the first name of the painter of Starry Night?
Im looking for a large picture of a girl on a forever 21 gift card?
what impressionist painting is this supposed to be?
what does blue and yellow make when there mixed together".?
What colors should i use as a background with white and red text?
German(?) artist begging with 'M'?
other than using lots of oil paint, how can i thicken my oils to create a thicker, so as to create a texture?
Why they look different from egyptian wall painting and compare it to greek vase painting?
18th century painting/art form?
i am a 14 year old girl, looking to sell and or put my paintings in a gallery?
Why did Leonardo da Vinci go to France?
How do you paint something on your bedroom wall that is only visible under a certain light?
where can i find info about Mary Cassat "CupOfTea"?
Is it just the original art of an artist that increases in value or do prints too?
Painter W Lenz question.?
I'm trying to identify a sailboat painting?
%% what's the best way to matc )h face paint and spray paint ?
How can I add "movement" to my artwork?
How can i oil paint my tee??
12 weeks pregnant, Can I paint on canvas with acrylics?
For artists who impasto paint on large canvases?
Looking for a quality replica of a Picasso?
What do you think of my painting?
how tall was PABLO PICASSO?
What are some of the best brushes to use with acylic paint?
How do I go about selling my paintings on the net?
Identifying a Picture?
What do you think of my painting?
What does Figurative Paintings mean?
What Valspar green paint color looks kind of like mint chocolate chip ice cream?
Art in Paint Tool Sai help?
How to color on Paint too Sai?
What is the best gift no restrictions for a boyfriend who is an artist?
Anyone know any famous artists that paint cats?
i have bought some old picture frames to use they have painted canvasses in them .?
I am looking for a bank or any organization that give loan on old and rare paintings and antique?
Street Art - What is a good large portable surface for painting on?
Do you know the title for Albert Tucker's self portrait 1937?
Does Glow in the dark paint glow under a black light?
Why do people like Pablo Picasso?
Where can i find pictures by Winslow Homer?
I need unusual artits for an art project?
How did Georgia O'Keeffe affect the art world?
What are some ways that I can get my art to the public?
I'm a graduate/fine art painter/tutor/lecturer who wants to work from home...?
Does anyone know the name of this print or artist name? Even the type of art (abstract, etc) would help!?
Where was the painting "The Cliff Walk, Pourville" by Claude Monet painted?
What Paintings are featured in Modigliani (movie, 2004)?
Can Fed Ex Kinkos make an art copy on canvas?
who is the major patron of Botticelli?
what are your favorite artists or songs? why?
Need help writing an art critique?
Is there any word that rhymes with 'purple'?
Can water based paint, be put into permanent markers?
asian paint shade card?
is it true that if you mix all the colors except blue the result would be yellow?
Familiar faces , familiar places?
why is the painting of MONALISA so famous?
Who would you guys say is the world most famous painter--the one that immediately comes to mind?
is my limited edition Salvador Dali print genuine?
how do i het house paint off of my skin?
Paint Won't Stick on Plastic Mask?
where can i get the paints that the old master used?
my art for my dad?
How to do bubble wriiting?
The best spray paint? And where to buy it?
who did this painting of Jesus?
How do you pronounce "Van Gogh"?
are or were male painters painting mostly or even only males or is it a taboo (would be considered homesexual)?
Where can I find art by Tseng-Ying Pang in New York City?
Trying to find info on artist painter R. Gulbert?
What kind of paint should I use to paint a mural? Any tips that could help me along?
i want to know where in grand rapids, mi can i get a canvas oil painting appraised. no web site pastes?
what kind of painting can you admire in san apollinare's church from ravenna?
how could a man like bob ross,who made people feel so relaxed with his joy of painting die from hyper tension?
How is Bansky the DaVinci of our time?
I just painted a ballerina flower?
Which in the best annimation institute MAAC or Picasso?
Do "Stuckists" regard all modern painting as "Stuckist" art?
what is the best way to thoroughly clean oil paints from my brushes?
Creating an art canvas with kids for school's fundraiser what kind of paint should we use, want it nice n safe?
Pablo Picasso's anti-violance pieces?
when did haigh and sons frame art?
Why is S.J Peploe an important artist?
How come people from ages ages ago could paint so good?
Who is your favorite American painter?
I'm 14 and want to sell my paintings but don't know how...HELP!?
which medium is best to use with oil paints and?
My Mother has a Mariano Moreno gorgeous painting, paid $200 for it 50 years ago, is it worth anything?
Where can I find the works of Wilhelm Kaulbach?
alternatives to squinting oil painting?
hello my friends can you telll me in which store can i find viltrea 160 for painting?
What the heck are implied lines?
Whats your favourite colour?What do you associate with diffirent colours?
what would you like to create\invent?
Death and the Maiden by Chavannes
Where do I get alot of purple body paint for not a lot of money?
oil on tin painting: civil war soldier and wife? help me figure out?
Information on Painting "Winter Woods II"- Pix Included?
what is a cool/ cute/ colorful painting or artwork?
i need info. on the painting mist fantasy painted by j.e.h macdonald! FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Do you like this painting?
what is this painting called?
The name Giorgio Vasari is important in art because of his?
When was this painting created?
Artists what do you want from an art box? What do you want it to do/hold? Intersting and unusual ideas please.
I have no idea what to sell my paintings for... help please?
explain the steps u take to do an oil painting. thanks.?
Nature Artists?
I bought 2 pices of art last night at an auction... can someone tell me what these are?...?
Why is my spray paint still sticky?
what's your favorite colour?
Who is the artist in the fineartamerica advertisement titled little wayne pop?
Have maktou painting is it real?
i want to paint an old style picture?
what emotions does the colour red evoke?
Are there any current artists who are as talented as the classical artists (Rembrandt, Monet, Vermeer, etc.?
Where can i buy the andy warhol banana bag?
I have done a painting of fish with a green/blue backround in oil.I want to put some kind of treatment over it?
Was the real Don Quixote painting all black?
What is the name of the asian graffiti artist that paints marine life mixed with machines?
Good oil painting brushes that will not shed...?
Who is the artist who painted this cup?
What is my favorite color?
US Born Artist and their Painting?
How do I know somebody likes me?
I have an oil painting by Daniel Sherrin it's 24 by 36" I believe the title is "Tall Sails" What is the value?
lightest to darkest?
Im painting a picture for my dad, is painting this okay?
What is the best spray paint to use on leather nike cleats?
Where did Andy Warhol live most of his life?
I like to paint with water color any one have any tips?
does anyone know of the artist rafael garcia?
wall text painting program?
Are they're any famous artists who have focused on perspective in their works?
Steps to paint a sunset?
i have a painting and i'm wondering if anyone knows the artist?
Anyone know of any ballet artists?
Painting Graphics on my guitar?
Cheapest art supplies online?
Please; your help! My essay question is: "Psychedelia was the ultimate flowering of Surrealism." Discuss?
Can I reuse a canvas?
Does anyone know where I can view full length Bob Ross painting lessons?
Who is considered to be the "father of painting"?
a yard gnome fighting a dragon?
Anyone know where to get pumpkin face paint designs?
what is a dominant color?
Marilynn monroe...?
idea for something to paint...?
What is the best painting from the Romanticism era?
Modernist Theatre - Information?
Airbrush problem? Air coming out wrong end?
What is realism in art?
How do you appreciate a painting?
acrylics or oil based paint? paper or canvas? what kind of brushes?
Please Look at this?
Watercolor by S. Takeda 1930s?
What type of paint to use on a mirror?
Does anyone live in Boston?
How much does a auto body painter make ?
Huge Painting paper.?
List of what should I buy if I want to start painting (and with Acrylics)?
Tell me your opinion about this painting, please!?
In an oil painting, should the background be done first or last?
Will i be able to draw overtop of Satin finished paints by Martha Stewart with pen or marker?
Cadmium Yellow or Arylamide Yellow? Which oil paint is more colorfast?
okay guys LEONARDO FANS?
is ove life-sized portratis bad in artwork?
what should i paint for my living room?
Will watercolor paints run lnto oil pastels? PLEASE HELPP!?
What are some great quotes to write/paint on a wall?
Trying to Find Autumn painting by current, independent, unknown artist...?
Painting the nursery?
What flowers represent Asian cultures?
Peter HOUSER + Artist.?
I want to mail a 4'x4' painting. How do i do this safely and cheaply.?
Am I Good At Drawing/Painting?
What is the difference between brightness and lightness?
is white or black a color?
the name Pius is it cool?
need someone with educated opinion/expertise on fine italian renasance artwork?
Who painted it?
I want to know why is the Mona Lisa painting so famous?
Paint programs... not really sure...?
I have a painting sign Frank W Benson 1907 portriat of my daughters 68x91cm or 26"x361/8 how much is it worth?
How can a Chinese hand-scroll be displayed on a wall?
Why is Art considered so important?
Looking for information on artist W. Moninet.?
Can anyone find me a picture of a Painting by Neil Shawcross called Red Barn a.s.a.p. please?
Doing some detail painting on my grand prix yellow or red? Or any other color?
Purchasing Paint Tool Sai?
can someone help me?
How to you decide what to paint? Where do you find inspiration?
Land scape pictures?
painting a room help!?
How do i sell oil paintings that I own? No EBAY thanks.?
What exactly is AN ARTIST'S FELLOWSHIP......?
What makes Rembrandt one of the greatest loved painters of all time?
what's the difference between color and shade?
What would happen if i dont use oil paint on a canvas and instead regular paper?
I wanted to know which oil paint is available in the market for canvas painting.?
I have an oil painting by Kowalski (NOT Alfred Von Wierusz). Anyone have any information about this painter?
Where do I start with painting?
What time of day/night is it in the American Gothic Painting?
how do I get votes for this
if bansky was a black artist would his work still sell for as much as it does and would he still be getting?
What should a college art student charge for a painting?
look for a picture painted by r.j.mcdonald called the mighty presence?
Whats the bes primer and paint to paint fiberglass subwoofer box?
whats the deal with abstract expressionsim?
Whats the deal with Leonardo DaVinci?
Please name me a good, but less well-known artist?
Is there anywhere to rent studio space for painting by the hour/day in Chicago?
do bulls see red colour?
which art university is best in australia.?
what color is derieved by adding all the basic colors?
Any information on this artwork by Dale Chihuly?
what are the best small arts cities in US?
What should I paint ?
Why do painters always mix colors that seem unlikely to work together, but somehow it works out okay?
Does anyone have information on this painting? HELP :'(?
Purple is my favorite color what about yours?
what did picasso mean by “Good artists copy, great artists steal”?
any op art sculptures or paintings in singapore?
would you buy this type of craft?
looking for James west ,artist. bought painting in 1974 or 75 in Ardmore , Pa -looking for information on the?
How much to ask?
What is your favorite color???????WHY??????
Does anybody know about pablo picasso?
whats the prettiest color in the world?
what does this picture mean, about the painter and its significance?
I need help with painting??????
some pictures i made on ms paint?
How do I make invisible ink with a paintbrush, lemon juice, and light?
What artist is this? (a painting)?
plz I wann to know the full composition analyse for guernica by picasoo?
help........ need help getting my paintings seen, any ideas?
What is the most beautiful painting that you have very seen?
Can you mix acrylics and water soluble oils?
What is my favourite colour?
Marilyn Monroe Calendar?
What should i put on my canvas?
why do you feel Picasso is of such importance to the world.?
Where can I find the De Mayerne manuscript, other than the British Library?
in your view who is the greatest artist who ever lived?
Help! Need painting examples please?
What walls should I paint with the darker color?
French word vivant in regard to presentation of people dressing up as characters in paintings or myth?
anyone know of Canadian artist Mrs John Pullen of Niagara Falls. Possibly Victorian amateur?
In your opinion, which is more accepted? An artist with a degree of artistic training, or one without?
Any Custom Paint Job Ideas?
How do you make a model of the Sistine Chapel.?
Photoshop will only let me paint in shades of grey?
I would like to start painting but I have no imagination so don't know what to paint. Do you have any ideas?
How can I find out the value of my Blue Boy painting?
What can you tell me about this 1910's "Modern" European Painting?
What is the medium of this painting? ?
I have just moved to live in sugarland Houston tx?
what is the difference between fabric paint and textile paint if any?
Which is NOT true about Caravaggio's Conversation of St. Paul?
Female Head 1508 by Leonardo Da Vinci?
I use oderless kerocene to make litho plate cleaner and I want the mixture to be thicker or like cream?
i need a best site about surrealism painting?
Is painter Modigliani's daughter still alive? Where is she?
What is so special about Mona Lisa's smile?
Wayne Thiebauds Yellow Dress?
I am making a contemporary grandfather clock what materials would you like it made out of?
Are you supposed to seal a water color painting behind glass when you frame it?
Where can i find all the Sharpie Paint Makers in San Jose CA?
where can I get a painting/print called Pagoda Anchorage?
Renaissance Art - Venetian Renaissance Style (Notion of color) vs Central Italian (Design)?
I'm trying to identify a painting somewhat similar to Winslow Homer's Fog Warning. Can you help?
what is significant and unique about van gogh's painting "the potato eaters"?
What is your favourite colour?
I want to try Turkish water marbling, what do I need?
Does anyone know where I can buy an acrylic paint set for art a level for cheap in the UK?
Who is the Artist Alicia Hayes?
how can i spray pant a camo effect?
Why do painters almost always wear white?
Is there an ecologically-friendly alternative to using acrylic paint? And are there natural resins?
aside from using glue and commercial le medium how else can I make a le finish ?
Looking for the value of Ozz Franca's Litho Pink Navajo 1989?
What is so popular about Mona Lisa's smile?
what is the title of this piece of art?
How to paint over an old canvas?
Jean-Michel Basquiat...Can someone explain, please??
What style is the Iseinhiem Altarpiece?
What do you think about my painting? help?
Where can i find more info about Luigi Sandini paintings (including value)?
Which is best for painting on glass, oil or acrylic?
How do i Paint my Converse High Tops? and make it stay?
How can you tell the difference between a water-colour painting and a print when it is framed?
I have an oil painting of venice with no signiture but on the back is c1019 any one know anything?
What should I use to clean my paint brushes?
How should I pack my paintings both some oils and prints (framed) so they will be safe from mold and or damage
can the bamboo craft be used with photoshop or do I need to get a seperate tablet?
Anyone from Flint Michigan?
What is a scene girl?
I'm looking for a fake print of Sacred Ground by Bev Doolittle. I don't need the real thing -wall decoration!
can anybody help me i.d painting?
what is rich picture?
How to post something to Reddit from MS paint?
what is the best way to do face paint?
Anyone know where I can find a poster of Verkerke?
found an oil painting by an artist n spence any body heard of this artist before?
about the oil painting?
what are the main features of the modern art movements?
Help with background ideas for my painting?
examples of 10 rare handicrafts with steps?
Where do I find a paintng by Alan Wynn?
Need help finding a Renaissance painter?
best way and best paint to paint onto a person?
He painted realistic scenes.?
when painting how do u mix colors to make balk?
how do u get oil based paint of ur hands???
Do ART critics have an influence on anything ?
Can I paint a mural with watercolors if I use a sealer?
What the heck are implied lines?
I,m looking for artist Bob Sanders art work , I know that he is from London?
What is the name of a popular, modern contemporary artist?
what color is this?
Certification Number 671616?
Does bio oil actually work?
What medium did Rosa Bonheur paint in?
Where could i get a pro airbrush paint job?
Help for a High School Graduation Painting Gift?
What is the Closer to Love by Mat Kearney about?
I have an Artistic Interiors painting numbered 314782. How do I find out the value of this painting?
what are the famous Italian Artists of 1926?
how would you analyze the creative process of Van Gogh?
About an artist???
Art Homework...Henri Matisse - Goldfish and Palette "discuss"?
help creating emotion based on this artist!!!?
Who is this painting by?
How would you paint the background in this painting?
Do I need to leave a boarder on painting?
i need 2 artists to compare and contrast, any ideas? one thats dead, the other from 20-21 century?
how to do pop art paintings?
What are some clever ways to frame a large painting?
How much room should I leave on the edges of my painting for framing?
I am looking for information about an artist who paints catholic cardinals, maybe Halstead?
What do you think of my artwork?
Do You Recognize This?
does anybody know any information about these two pictures?
was the cezanne painting, lake Annecy (Le lac d'Annecy) a commission?
I have an abstract acrylic painting signed Reynolds. What is it worth and who is the artist?
Do you know who the artist is ?
Hobbema Avenue Middelharnis?
Where can I buy a print of Picasso's 1957 recreation of Diego Velazquez's "Las Meninas"?
What is your favorite shade of blue?
I have an old print by an Artist named "Beggie Penge Cutmong can you help me with more info? you like my painting :)?
What is your favorite color?
How did Francis Bacon meet George Dyer?
the seagram murals at tate modern...?
Painting a pair of jeans with fabric paint?
When Oil Painting, Can Ordourless Mineral Spirit be used instead of Turpentine?
Can I Study Art at Harvard? ?
Siphon spray gun not picking up paint?
is this painting symmetrical or asymmetrical?
what is 12345?
who is the painter with the initiale Qd or QQ on a black and white canvas painting from haiti?
I would like to paint a picture on my basement wall. What kind of paint would be best to use?
How to improve painting skills?
Who, since Michelanglo, could create a masterpiece as fine as the "PIETA" ?
How much would a signed Stephen O Gunter print be worth?
re more information on my painting, it has W.C on the bottom left, its a scene from an old cobbled street?
is roger thayer a famous painter?
What are the essential colors to have for beginning oil painters?
Who misses Bob Ross?
What is the differences between Fine Arts and Fine Art Canvas ?
Is it worth the extra money to buy a giclee print instead of a poster?
Do you have a favorite painting,out of your own paintings?
What paint should I use for a mural?
How do I get a painting on from a canvas to the computer?
what style or period of art did leonardo da vinci use?
Does Drawing/Painting Come Natural?
Would you buy this Marilyn Monroe portrait?
Looking for a LARGE version of Van Gogh's Almond Blossoms 1024x768 at least?
I'm doing a painting for breast cancer awareness n I need ideas?
Who Painted this cover art?
what's the difference between acrylic prints and canvas prints?
whats the meaning of the artwork 'Whaam!' by Roy Lichtenstein?
How do I get rid of the dried up/ hardened paint on my paintbrush?
What kind of paint is commonly used with a palette knife? OIL or ACRYLIC?
Neeed help with canvas anyone?
Help! any ideas?
where is the latest exhibition of Ralph blakelock's paintings being held?
Does Anyone know who painted this or what it's called?
How do you make the color gray when painting?
Is it safe to buy any painting from Actually I don't have any online buying experience.?
What should I paint in 15 mins?
Do you recognize this detail of a painting?
I have water based paint what are the likelihoods of it rubbing of onto my clothing?
What is Abstract Expressionism?
I am looking for a website that sells Mona Lisa souvenirs, collectibles, postcards, magnets, puzzles, etc.?
What do you think of my painting?
as an aspiring artist how can i get my work into a commercial gallery?
where can i get romantic poster?
what color is representing of Fear? what color is representing of change?
does anyone think my artwork has potential?
how to draw sasori?
What Qs would you ask an artist(painter) in an interview?
I have aquired a painting done by G-JF.Dietler dated 1839, could anyone help me with regards to this painting.?
What brushes and paints to get started pinstriping?
for a beginner painter what supplies should be bought?
What is the color of harmony?
Pls help in finding title and artist of a pic?
In Leonardo Da Vinci's painting "The Last Supper", who is the woman on the left of Jesus Christ?
wher was arna bontemps born?
Have you ever tried painting anything by dipping in paint? I'm wondering if you can get good results on steel?
What was the intentions of van gogh as a painter what did he want to achieve?
heinz ross the painter?
Where can I buy artwork produced by Jane Brayne?
What type of paint for pinstriping?
As a professional artist is stretch canvas the only acceptable base on which to paint oils?
how much does a Zabateri last supper cost?
What is your favorite color and why?
In the artistic gendre what does Fauvist mean?
Why do pot heads/Hippies paint/like bright paintings and colors?
What is the coolest painting you ever seen?
Painting shcool for my daugher?
what kind of new artist would you like to see emerging in the music industry and why?
places where is portrait painting place?
Is my painting ok to you?
Where is Roy Lichtenstein's artwork featured?
i would like to know what you think of my (painting) ?
Mess up on acrylic canvas Painting?
How do you make face paint cakes?
What makes an artist so interesting?
is a painting with a renoir dated 1866 worth anything?
Name of a painting in the Louvre?
Can anybody give me the names of artists who specialize in Coral sea creatures?
Looking for art reproduction of asian/chinese woman laying on chase lounge...?
I see conversations as paintings?
What should I draw/paint?
Information on artist "Lee Dubin."?
inspirational message for my 13 year old sister?
Are jars of cheap acrylic paint generally "weaker"? How?
Is it true that Mark Rothko flunked out of the Earl Scheib Painting School?
Who is the greatest painter of food and wine?
why people buy expensive art work, painting or sculpture?
Know art? I need help finding a painting. The title has something to do with "Killing the Golden Goose"
Who did the art installation that consisted of the gallery being filled with black liquid maybe oil?
What is the minimalist technique of layering?
Why are Gottfried Helnwein's paintings are forbidden?
which colours do you think?
Does anyone know where I can find this painting?
Who is Johannes T. Baargelk? I need his Biography.?
airbrushing my bike's plastic's?
will spray paint fade after washing the fabric?
pushed a stick into a unused canvas and it has a dent in the fabric, can i straighten it?
Real Life Painting Program?
Where Can I Sell My Art?
Where is the best place to see artist Adela Camille Sutton's paintings?
How to keep used mineral spirits for oil painting?
How do you find good art?
I am a high-school student going into my 12th grade year. My next course will be AP studio art. Our next?
is acrylic paint waterproof, even when mixed with water?
where can i get a great artist to make a mask from a image?
Famous artists that paint in the theme: Mysterious\Imaginative?
what paint can I use to spray paint a cell phone faceplate?
Any artists similar to Salvador Dali?
How to fix an oil pastel and watercolor drawing? Please?
Can an artist sell a print for £4,000?
Does Anyone Know Anything About The Painting Called Hope By Lovell Whitfield or Where I Can Find Information?
Is there a way I can make my shirt less stiff and more wearable (Fabric paint)?
please help!!!! :( how do i erase permanent marker ink on my stuffed animal's eye?
What is a "Van Gogh reversible brush series 191 no. 4 (pointed model, round, selected filament)"?
What did the artist use to make this painting be specific link bellow?
lisa yuskavage... where can i view all of her paintings?
Mehron or Kryolan? which is better?
does anyone know how i could edit my picture to look like it is being painted by bob ross?
What do you think about this painting?
painting fimo with acrylic?
I would like to know the artist of this painting:
What is the best way to get into the portrait painting business?
Favourite color?----------------?
Help with a Celeb Art Portrait Project...?
Corel painter 11 or 12?
what was the meaning of Salvador Dali's elephant picture??
I have an original lithograph by Moses Soyer. It has been authenticated by The Collectors Gulild, N.Y. I?
Which website is the best one to shopping a oil painting? on
What's the easiest paint to use (question for artists)?
What do I really look like?
Does anyone have any info on an Artist named F. Crosoni?
Does This Painting Tell Enough Of It's Story For You?
Is Frida's Casa Azul the same as the studio-house that had been built by Rivera's friend?
What do you call your artwork done in Paint tool Sai or any Painting Software?
wat two colors make red?
Is this a cry for help?
could i found a architecture magazine publish my paints?
I'm trying to see if the painting I have is worth anything. It is by a Benson.I was thinking oldmanandthesea?
Artist Only: Have you ever tried selling on eBay?
Can someone please help me with the name of this artist?
is it legal to sell paintings?
Who is the artist and value of my oil painting?
Canvas painting materials?
who drew "The Creation Of Adam" in d Sistine Chapel,Vatican?
What colors should be mixed to make a "white chocolate" color?
When did Walter Disney die??and when was he born???
(10 POINTS FOR BEST ANSWER!!) Would you leave a copy of a painting with someone of which you are selling?
where can i get my shirt airbrushed?
What is a rubber painting? (need this for T.H.E. homework)?
I wanna write Peace & love on my wall in big letters and i was just wondering what can i use? Paint?
Where to get car paint pens?
What techniques do you do for Abstract art?
what colours do i need to paint this sea in oil?
b stirling canvas paintings?
I don't know!?
Does spray paint chip off of aluminum?
Anyone heard of an artist named Anton?
Airbrushing question?
Would kitchen caulk work as an alternative to gesso?
what is your favorite color ?
How do you mount a fabric painting?
Help!!!... ? About painting THE DELIVERY OF THE KEYS TO SAINT PETER!!!?
What to paint on a Big Canvas?
Where is Judas?
Art theme : nostalgia, any relate artist ? ?
What kind of paint can you put on your body? and where can you get it?
why is mona lisa famous and what's about the smile?
Anyone know who the artist of this painting is?
Hanging Paintings: Eye-level means…what?
How much would oil paints, a palette, & canvases cost?
watercolor lessons on line?
What can I use to write small red words on wood that's painted black? (Has to be smaller than a paint pen)
Will watercolor paint stain clothing?
stencils on paint?
If your school had been given a valuable painting should it be out on display or kept away in a safety vault?
Really Urgent!!!!?
What could happen after what this image shows?
i have a painting by j salazare?
Do you think artist should use Photshop or do you think they should keep everything natural; pen, pencil, etc?
Which animal is known as painted lady?
Can You Give Me A Timeline Of Leonardo Da Vinci Paintings?
how to repair chipped oil paint of canvas?
acrylic setting for flower arrangement?
Having troubles w/ digital painting, random white/grey splaches?
Are you a painter who works from a planned idea or,?
What kind of camera is suitable for documenting paintings?
Some artworks dealing with 'Confinement'?
What mediums are safe to put on a munny?
What are some techniques used to convey belonging/exclusion in Nighthawks by Edward Hopper?
Which folk painting do you like better?
How do I know if my abstract is good?
Lois Dodd "Echinacea", 2011. How can I describe this painting ?
How to make a damaged film effect in a painting?
HEY, did U notice the light IN THE PAINTING : MONA LISA?
I'm looking for an Italian artist, first name starting with F, last name starting with Mi?
What painting is this?
how much is the van gogh sunflower sined painting is worth? i have a van gogh and i need to know what it is wo?
Is this cheesey..............................?
the artist Michelangelo: Isn't the first part of his name prounounced like MICK, not MIKE??
I got paint over my favorite shoes how can you take it off?
Does anyone know the original dimensions of some of Rene Magritte's work?
are painters cursed to sell on millions only after they die?
Canvas paintings?
im lookin for a picture i painted bout 25yr ago last knowm place china?
What's the difference between normal colored pencils and watercolor color pencils?
How do you use oil pastels?
what do you think of the artist lori earley?
what is this?
Recommend an artist for me?
Artists that paint with glue sticks/spreaders?
What's your opinions about China's Shenzhou-9's taking paintings to the space?
Painting to be enlarged on canvas?
How much paint for an oil painting?
Is my michele cascella painting real or a reproduction?
Can I paint a glazed porcelain figurine?
How do I get a painting from a museum?
How does Impressionism reflect life in Paris?
Any famous/good photoshop artists..?
Why did Raphael paint the Knight's Dream?
how long will artists oil paints keep sealed in 37ml tubes?
whats the name of the famous painting of the swan with open wings, carrying a man under one wing.?
problems with paint tool sai?
Did Maybeline One By One mascara have a ball brush instead of the brush they have now?
Does any one know of a site that will help find out what an item is and its value?
what was the value of the mona lisa when it was just painted?
i need to be inspired for art?
Where can I sell my Ken Jepson paintings?
Why is the sky blue? My mom said it was painted. Who painted it?
How much would you pay for your own painting.?
How munch can i sell my computer?
artists that use light and shadow?
What is the name of the artist who.?
what were some of the techniquesused by rembrandt in "the return of the prodigal son" painting?
Is my acount good?
My grandmother just gave me 4 beautiful hand painted scarves?
hi guys name is frederic,where do i get this helicopter to follow pegerino?
Is there a lost "Thru God's Grace" by Bettie Zelder?I have painting of her's ,a woman, little girl on swing
Good Art Or Bad Art? How’s This For A Simplified Definition Of Art?
How much is this painting by Arthur L.Cox circa 1924?
what is the difference between watercolor pencils and watercolour paints?
where is Marena Lyster?
what elements of art was used in Picasso's Death of Harliquins painting?
So are people in top art schools snobby and stuck up?
how do you clean an oil painting at home?
What's your favorite painting?
Certin age for spray paint?
I sprayed 'Love' on a wall, is this graffiti or am I just spreading the word?
name 5 different mexican paintings?????
Where can I go to find out some free information on a oil painting that has been in my family for 75 years?
who is your favorite artist of musician?
why is Picasso so popular, what am I missing that others are seeing?
I am very new at hand paintng murals on walls in bedrooms, sheds outdoors, race car (2005) vet what is the go?
when was the first stencil image produced?
whos occupation is it to explain a illustration?
Why is the painting MONA LISA so popular? What is so special about it?
Do you know Rodolfo ?
Id of strange painting?
What is a Harland Young seascape oil painting 24X48 worth?
What style of art is the painting "The Running Man" by Joan Miro?
what are three significance of leonardo da vinci?
how to mix turquoise in paint??
Why does a boomarang come back when you throw it?
In painting-fine art, what is considered a still life? Can it only be indoors? And can people be it it?
Whats your favourite colour?
Any ideas on how to market my oil paintings?
Is it hard to use oil pastels?
Any way to safely remove fresh ink from paper?
Artists that use world issues in their artwork?
How to make paint on wood waterproof?
why have barns always been painted red?
I'm looking to paint a backdrop of minecraft for a birthday, anyone have any cool scenes?
What was your favorite color as a child?
how to paint smooth surfaces!?
Fine artist looking for wide exposure with minimal this possible? If so please tell me HOW???
What painting is this?
does anyone know what paint is best to use??
Where can I online shop for a primed box wood for painting ?
I'm trying to remember a painting series?
What do you guys think of these?
What are some tips for working with and cleaning oil paint?
I want to try oil painting, what do I use to clean the brushes?
how many shades of red are there?
I need help deciding how to paint my parking spot?
Does painting has any value in this age of digital printout?
Is it sissy for a guy to take up watercolour painting?
copyright art question. can you help?
does anyone no a website where u can find old aboriginal artworks ancient?
what is the painting in celestic town cave?
Im getting into watching Bob Ross on tv tell me anything you want about him or his artist style?
Where Can I find a good information on Photo To Painting ?
what medium did Thomas Kinkade use to paint Pinocchio Wishes Upon A Star?
What is so great about Mark Rothko's paintings? Do you like them? - The ultimate ePlatform For The Artists! Find Artists Platform For Best Dancers,Music,Painting,Art?
how long does Gesso take to dry?
artist on a jigsaw: G Merry...?
What Art Movement was Bob Ross part of?
MaryLLe the oil painting artist?
procedure for painting tractor emulsion?
Is it okay to not like modern art?
Who did water color of Buckingham Palace from st. James park?
Was Michelangelo gay?
can you mix paint and water for airbrush?
Is spray paint bad for you.?
Corel photo paint 8 online classes?
where did antonio buero vallejo grow up?
is it weird that i like rap and expressionist art a lot?
What's the title/artist of this painting?
Is there a famous artist with the name of T. Shipley?
What is the most interesting object you can see now?
What country's mythology influenced Botticelli’s paintings.?
Analyze art experts.......?
What are the similarities between Head of a Woman and Bust of a Woman by Picasso?
What does the Justinian mosaic in the Church of San Vitale demonstrate?
Ever heard of this person?
anybody know any artists that use surface & texture?
Can a fresco painting be made with tempera?
FAMOUS PAINTING? Weight of knowledge?
I have a painting (original) signed Robert Wood if the lower right corner.?
I need a painting of..... 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER?
Can acrylic paint be used to paint walls?
what rural artists are there?
Would anyone know this painting if I can describe it?
how do u do Ebru Watercolour Marbling?
Would you ever.....?
How many portraits did Modigliani paint of Jeanne Hebuterne?
is vermeer a renaissance artist?
How DO I look?
What made you want to be an artist?
favorite colors?
What is my painting worth, if anything?
Why is Van Gogh considered to be such an important artist even more popular than any other time in history?
i just sprayed GLOSS PROTECTIVE ENAMEL and it turned!!?
Which are the art galleries in Europe and the U.S. who promote contemporary art from India?
Did Oli Sykes dieeeeeeee?
what the salary for a dean at cooper union in new york?
Anyone know where I can find info on an artist by the name of Emmerson?
What is a cool and warm colour?
what should i paint a picture of?
Bob Ross paintings?
Frank.E. Beresford painting?
Have you ever seen a work of art that looks like you?
My marching band is going on a trip to Florida. Any ideas to put on the shirt?
What music did people dance to in 1876 in Paris?
What are some unconventional objects to paint on?
Who are some famous painters (modern or historical) that are famous for their macabre works?
I need a fresh blood offfering?
What is the name of this Church??
Francis Bacon Prints/Posters?
i want to paint my room. but i want to two or three bright colors or maybe some dark colors.?
Doing some detail painting on my grand prix yellow or red? Or any other color?
what's the difference between gouache and watercolor?
Am I going to become an painter?
need help with this assignment?
why did'nt leonardo dicaprio respond to my answer to his question?
How much should this painting go for??? THANKS?
how was Leonardo Da Vinci a renaissance man?
I have outlined pictures I've been filling in with pastel pencils. What software is available to do that?
proper hanging of paintings?
Hi what is the colour Yellow ?
Does anyone have a magic trick for cleaning dried oil paint on brushes?
Please help: fine art portfolio?
Why do artists make self portraits?
What is the cost of copy rites of paintings.Thanks?
where can i buy absract art?
my first oil painting ever ?!!?
I read at a tenth grade level is that normal for a 6th grader?or am i a geek?
Can someone give me the name of some good artistd who use science as a theme?
Light green, light blue, white or lavender?
please please help me with this are!!!?
I have an art print by john parry of the mouth of the river yealm, devon. does anyone know who he was?
What colors are "Cafe colors"?
I've got 13 glass paintings,painted some 100 years ago. I need genuine buyers for it. kindly give adresses.
What should I paint next?
Where can I buy Fractal Design Painter?
Oil paint to dry?
all CREATIVE artists I NEED YOUR HELP with my current painting?
Where can I learn about PAINTING and art Theory?
Got a Rare Painting but cant recognize the Artist can anyone help?
can you help me find a painting? modern, naked woman?
Is pastel considered drawings or paintings?
Can anyone tell me if BOOMIRI is a person or a group/?
In The Painting "Le Guitariste" by Pablo Picasso what is the story behind the painting ?
im painting something plastic?
what are three warm colors that go well together ?
What is the name of the abstract painting in which rain falls out from an umbrella onto a man's head?
What type of paint for pinstriping?
what is the residential address of artist anjolie ela menon ?
where can buy or get painting stencils of versace logo?
Trying to figure out what a painting is and what it's worth..?
Does anyone care that the model for the Mona Lisa Was Pregnant?
How much is this Pablo Picasso Lithograph?
Paint My Shoes Please Help me ?
what in a normal art gallery commission for selling a painting?
If you know alot about Leonardo, then answer fast please?
Let me know what you think about this online store for paintings.
HELP - I've forgotten the name of this artist!!!!!?
In 1933 who sign their paintings with the letters N.B.?
has anyone ever heard of the artist Gertrude or Gretchen Sanchez from Arizona?
the value of d,gestetner 1881?
Want To See Some Early Paintings Before I Was Finding Own Style?
Why didn't Mona Lisa have eyebrows?
Montana Spray Paint?
Hi i need help !!!?
Whats the strangest colour you have heard of?
Is there a replica of Starry Night by Van Gogh I could buy?
I have a painting by miharu lane Called evening tales,?
I Need Painting Tips! Is there a paint that Is as good as oil paint but drys fast kinda like Acrylics?
For a Mural, what's the order? (Painting Wise :)?
where can you find a Marie Antoinette broch or more imformation?
Can you recommend a good gallery for me ?
want to make my own canvas painting,?
what is the structural frame of starry night by vincent van gogh?
why are paintings of unhappy people valuable?
Help me please?
Cars and Painting - Which works best?
where can i buy watercolor canvas and/or watercolor board in montreal?
Good gifts for an artist?
Can someone Link me the Official site to buy Paint tool Sai?
Do I need to seal my oil painting with anything?
what products should i use to preserve watercolors?
Where is the best place to sell an old expensive painting?
Is there a famous painter name Pamela B. Show?
What do you think of this painting that I've just finished? It's a self portrait, does it look like me?
What time of day/night is it in the American Gothic Painting?
Do you know, what country sell oil painting cheap price?
what color is puce?
Does anyone know the artist of a painting of a girl with a skull face and red background?
Is this Peter Maxx poster worth anything?
Any web-sites were amatuer artists can sell their artwork?
Heyy How Would El Greco the Painter Dress?? ?
When is it do artists' create?
Recommendations for Painting a Mug?
Why did Frida Kahlo always paint herself as a man?
i want to have a portrait (painting) done?
How can I learn draw woman ?
9X12 Heavy Sketchbook by Michael Roger Press, Inc.?
Am looking for any information on an artist known as MARYGOLD?
How much is the Mort Kuntsler's framed print " Confederate Winter " worth?
Would soaking a water color painting in tea ruin it?
any mom have read the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer?
selling old paints?
what colours make up blue?
is earl gross painting worth a lot of money?
painting on a ball?
painters name needed?
how can i paint a big jonas brothers logo on my wall?
How can i paint/draw my shoes?
What are the best kinds of watercolor, oil, and acrylic paints?
How do I sell paintings in the UK from a foreign author? Advice needed badly...?
How would I find a collector interested in slides of Marilyn Monroe when she was over in Korea for the war?
Where can i buy paint like this?
Where do I find a copy of Rene Dickerson's "Jade" abstract print online?
what year was andy warhols painting butterfly made in?
Photoshop digital painting tutorial?
does anyone know about a website for free where i can simulate my car as of paint and etc.?
How to become a good drawer or artist?
what is the name of the plant that Diego Rivera painted?
What contributions did Rembrandt make to Western art?
Is it okay to spraypaint a violin?
What should I paint? ?
Dose anyone know any information about Lois Mailou Jones?
Original antique painting by GEORGE DAVIS?
Vincent Van Gogh help?
car painting help please?
Alternative to studying Art at University?
Watercolour our Oil paint.. or Acrylic?
What is the name of this artwork?
what is this?
I really need advice on 2 works of art.?
Tthhee ffisshh?
Can someone help me get an interview?
I am trying to find out about a painting that I bought today.?
How do you show saliva on a tongue?
In painting-fine art, what is considered a still life? Can it only be indoors? And can people be it it?
For people who know about Native American Art?
does anyone know how to make water fall with polyresin using moulds?
Do you have suggestions on getting traffic for my artist blog?
Oil Painting for Home Decor Required.?
is it possible to buy primed paper or is priming a process u need to do yourself?
What do you think about my painting?
painting of boy and girl in open flowering field with three trees hue tones yellow scape, who is artit?
I have a painting oil on copper Where can I get it appraised? It is signed G. Bellini its aship at sea sails?