How can I start my introduction?
Is the painting "The Coronation of Napoleon in the Cathedral of Notre-Dame" neoclassical or romantic?
where can i buy brightly colored paint?
how the hell was pablo Picasso a major force in art of the 20th century?
what is the original size of the starry starry night of Van Gogh???
Can you name this piece of art?
how can i create this effect with paint?
1980, african american female artists?
What exactly does Abstract mean in art?
Would Daniel Richter be considered an abstract expressionist?
What did you imagine edward and Jacob to look like before you watched Twilight?
how to learn to draw?
What will be a good present for an artist?
I found paintings hidden underneath my floor, they are by "Sherman." I don't know what to do, Suggestions?
What artists Do Illuminating artwork?
What painting has boys on a small railroad car and a sail?
Have maktou painting is it real?
What do you think of the name Vincent?
What is the name of a particular cowboy painting?
Painting Question -- William H Lippincott -- "Solid Comfort"
Do you need to use matt paint to paint on a t-shirt?
Which room should I hang this painting ?
Name of artist/movement from style description?
anyone who knows about airbrush compressors?
Help with what i can paint on a canvas for bedroom wall.?
Professional Power Painters?
What's the difference in being represented by a gallery or having your work exhibited in a gallery? and contrast?
Were can I get free one stroke lesson on line?
How do I set the price for my original artwork and prints?
is there somewhere i can order custom letter cut outs for painting?
Where do i find a website for helping to identify an artist by emailing them a print?
Can I use a picture of marilyn monroe for a t-shirt (please read more info)?
My canvas is blank, what should i paint?
who painted the famous friesco "The last supper"?
HELP!!! Does anyone know anything about the painting "Mummy Potrait of a Man"?
I need to find a FAIRLY SIMPLE famous painting to copy...Any Suggestions?
Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night?
i need to know the name of the artist and/the name of the picture that is with this question..please help.?
Modge podge a painting to make it shiny when its made out of water based paint and flimsy paper?
Can you spray paint a chalk board black?
How do you protect your artwork?
What is the worlds most valuable painting?
Does anyone have any information on a James Muthard or Muthart?
Can someone please explain how to use beeswax with watercolor?
I also have a painting by lee bukk, has anyone ever heard of this artist?
I have a oil painting by Florence of a saiboat tied to a pier. can you help identify?
I need some help about H.R Giger?
Who painted more than 300 covers for The Saturday Evening Post?
what is your favorite song? or artist?
define art?
I have 2 1986 paintings by Alex Katz. What are they worth?
Why did Francisco Zurbarán insist on wearing a polka dot bikini when he painted Surfin' Rory Emerald?
art extended essay question help!?
how did roy lichenstein create his work?
Did 18th or 19th century men ever put an important book in a locked red box in their study? What kind of book
Where can I find very large angel wings?
i have a 1912 copy of tresure island, what is it worth?
Do you often listen to music while you paint?
What kind of paint can i use on a backpack?
Do you know anything about this picture?
Do you know anything about Peter Paul Rubens??
Does any body know how much my painting is worth?
Can an original painting be considered a #2 of 5?
First time painter. Advice?
where did Howaida Moussa-Weel studied?
Painting designs on guitars?
What are some influences on Salvador Dali?
Who is the artist to this song?
Soft pastel mural? Can I do it?
can oil paint be used ontop of liquitex gloss gel?
how rich can a painter be?
What is your favorite painting and why?
Im an artist. gotta question.10 points?
What is the hourly rate of of a painter & decorator?
Fabric paint help??? Design making!?
Anyone know of a painter who paints by dripping paint down the canvas? He has had work at the tate and ikon?
Whenevrer i apply oil paints on earthern pots it fade away after drying...?
How to keep a sketch book?
ARTY FARTY QUESTION, ANSWERS PLEASE GUYS!:( Any answers much appreciated:)?
Can lithographs be considered paintings?
I need help on an art project?
im new to painting and need info?
Help me find the artist to this painting!?
An artist that paints festivals ?
Why do Eygptians paint their bodies in profile?
i need help in art?
Where was Salvador Dali born?
Does anyone know who this is by?
should i buy stencils or rent a projector?
Is the 1 dollar spray paint from walmart any good for graffiti?
How to keep paint from fading in the wash?
help selling paintings?
does anyone know a famous artist, that drew/painted about LOVE and COUPLES?
Has anyone got any information about an artist named David Tearne?
anything on artist Eugene Garin?
What is the most beautiful painting ever painted?
Artist references...........?
what is the name of the artist who painted jesus in a t shirt with a tattoo?
Life and Death art ideas?
anyone know of E. Dunkel?
I need some suggestions on new Colors! 3D Paintings.?
Is someone out there willing to paint me from a photo?
Is Sennelier I'aquarelle watercolour paint decent quality and value?
List the literal objects in the painting?
I want to sell a painting what should the price be?
Does anybody else think that Modern Art Paintings look like they have been made by a preschool child?
How do I identify this painting someone gave me?
Is it possible to make around $1000 dollars a month by selling paintings on ebay?
What of commentary did Salvador Dali make?
My marching band is going on a trip to Florida. Any ideas to put on the shirt?
How do you use watercolor pencils?
Mexican War Paintings?
Can I apply encaustic paints directly on top of artists oil paint?
Wall paintings in home?
Finding/buying a new Sketchbook?
stencils on paint?
How to make parts of a painting disappear (Magic Trick)?
Do you like this art?
original persian art?
What Elements Of Art Did Picasso Use In His Paintings?
Where is Christina's World by Andrew Wyeth?
Paint Tool SAI brush help?
who is the beetle with the boogie woogie beat?
I need to paint some clear silicone black. What kind of paint should I use?
can u tell me names of well known artists!?
Acrylic painting too bright - Can I darken with Acrylic Wash? Painting how to question?
Art students and artists......................?
help make out this painting signature?
what kind of paint should be used to paint picture frames?
anyone know of E. Dunkel?
Who is the most reliable painting company on long island?
how can i fix my painting?
valuation of an original etching of the east gate warwick?
What kind of paper is good for spray painting?
What can I Use Instead of Damask Varnish? For Oil Painting?
How can you get dried acrylic paint off of clothing?
How do I make an image transparent in Paint.Net?
What are the names of some good painters?
Can anyone help me find a large painting or tapestry that will fit a space of 78Wx96H?
How to make bright green/lime paint?
Is there a play based on John Michael Hayes' rear window?
I'm going to paint my this color gay?
Please Carry out your judgments?
why are penises so small in most forms of classical art? even in Greecian art they are small.. why?
Is there a painting that depicts Peter walking on the sea?
Painting a large paper fan! HELP!!!?
where can i buy Firaus oil?
Stupid question?
a very, very complicated question?
Antique Foil painting?
Need title and artist of a painting?
Is there a brush for Photoshop that is like the water brush in Paint Tool SAI?
I want to start doing Murals as a side job. How do I charge and how do I get those first few customers?
whats famous about Mona lisa painting?
Face Painting: I need advice on Ben Nye Creme colors and Magicake?
does anyone know anything about Dante Gabriel Rossetti la belle manno?
Which paint to use for glass bottle?
Photoshopped? o.o;?
inspiration pleaseee?
PLEASE help me name this painting?
did the catholic church support leonardo da vinci's work?
Which photoshop is better for painting?
Who is the artist that painted this piece?
what is my favorite color?
Artists, I need your Help! s!?
painting in oils novice?
Is it difficult to learn to sculpt/paint?
List of fine artist who painted 'The Knocker Upper'?
what kind of painters where Nicolas Poussin Johannes Vermeer?
what are the characteristics of renaissance art?
how much do Van Gogh paintings cost ?
what to use to draw on canvas?
Painting a mural on my wall, what kind of paint should I use?
Can a red sky symbolize warning, danger, and disaster?
i have an oil painting with the letters kvtz its a painting of some boats can anyone help me with this?
Oil Paintings? Please Help if you can?
what is the story behind the andy warhol painting of the birmingham race riot 1963?
why is dali so much appreciated (too much)?
Pablo Picasso's 'Le Reve': What does the painting signify?
Is it true Mary Magadelene was sitting with Jesus and the Apostles in the Last Supper picture?
What is the real secret behind Monalisa Smile?
What do you get if you mix white, blue, green, and red paint together?
Mona Lisa or Night Watch which is better?
what would you put on a ................HELP!?
A scene boy picture...?
why is red red and blu is blu why aint green orange?
How much is a Frederic Mizen painting worth?
what is an emulsion paint used by artists?
What animal to paint?
Where did Michelangelo live? Where did he spend most of his life?
Who is an artist that you wouldn't expect to actually be an artist?
is the shroud of turin copyrighted?
My Daughter is an artist (13 years old) and would like some opinions?
Do you know any good things about Georgia O' Keeffe? Was anything invented in her time? I need help!!?
What should I paint or sketch?
which is the best book you know of, that specifically covers the psychological side of how the use of colour?
Why was Leonardo Da Vinci unsatisfied with his own work?
Do you really think...........?
I like the works of Vincent van Gogh. Do you?
What are some quiz questions about portraiture?
Pollack Johnny's?
is winton oil colour waterproof? Can I leave it in water and expect it to stay?
A well known victorian artist who painted the crucifixion?
can anyone give me a list of famous portraits that are paitnings of a woman?
where can i find Emil Noldes Last supper on the net?...image or text..?
what colors make red?
What's the process of making a painting digital?
I need pumpkin painting contest ideas?
how do i carry my chalk pastel pictures around?
Does anyone know how commercial galleries pay artists for the works that they sell?
I would like to start my own Face Painting business what do I have to do to get started?
looking for a room idea?
Who said this famous quote?
In art can I use a lacquer over acrylic paintings or should they be behind glass?
Paintings similar to these by Rubens?
I want to start painting and I have no clue what to do!?
Where can you buy empty (unused) spray paint cans?
what is the difference between oil and acrylic paints?
What paint programme do deviant artists use?
Do you like my name, is it likable?
Are you in to Art?
what are the good websites that are teaching on how to make nice paintings?
who is the most influential artist of the 21st century?
I want to Paint Shoes.?
What does a White whale sitting on a spoon over a flame mean?
I want to tie dye. can someone show me examples on how to?
How much are Willard Leroy Metcalf paintings worth?
Has there ever been a situation where a fake has been worth more than the original?
where can i purchase "Rose or Lover" the optical illusion art/painting of the rose with humans kissing in it?
Who is your favourite Painter?
why did diego rivera paint?
who is the father of art.?
OIL PAINT help...thank you...?
where can i find a new york yankee painting rolling pin?
Is there any good oil painting gallery on line?
Who is the BEST ARTIST in the world today?? plz help!!?
art help????????????????????????????????????…
Who is in your opinion the greatest painter?
What improvements can I make to my painting?
should you paint cotton with oil paints? and how can i fix it?
How did Jean-Louis David's painting "Death of Marat" influence the French people about abolishing the Monarchy
what's you favorite color?
who did this piece of art and the name of it?
Painting: Do you start with a few main colors?
i have an oil painting of a young woman who is sooo beautiful,signed by Marguerite Reeb.who is this talent??
I have 3 year old tubes of Acrylic paint, still good to use?
Can anyone identify this autumn forest painting?
Aluminum sign painting- help?
Hi, i have a painting thats called :winter new" but i cant figure out the artist handwriting. It looks like "?
What is the name of a skull and book painting?
can anyone send me links to really good pictures of a cleveland bay horse?
what form of art is this? and what do you think of it?
Does anyone know the size of the portrait "Penitent Magdaline" by Jusepe De Rebera?
Artists who explore 'society'?
Lady Gaga art theme ideas?
What was Frida Kahlo's interpretation?
im making a puffy paint t-shirt for my churches youth group and i need ideas.?
I have made a few errors painting the flesh tone on my reborn doll. I was told i can buy a flesh tone paint?
When is art considered finished?
Can you make powdered paint pigment from blood?
What is the cost of Ruby Throat and Columbine picture?
Which airbrush has the largest spray nozzle?
What is a fine art Festival? What can u do there?
what is the name of the artist? Who paints pictures of people and painted the faces in with dots?
Please tell me what you think of my painting?
Why is Theodore Gericaults "The Raft of the Medusa" considered a romantic painting?
Fine artists: Any hints and tips for beginners or someone who can't paint well?
where can i go to find pictures of farm animals?
i have a panting for v.bacsereav 1883 pinxit ,i cant till its worth?or who he is?i hope its worth mil...,lol h
How do I make clear paint?
Who was the artist thst invented Glazing,not oil-based paints?
can I find a commercial clear medium to mix with artist tube acrylic paints that will work well?
Identify Renaissance Painting?
How do I get this brush stroke without a tablet?
What paints should I use for a mural?
Fine Artist available for commission pet portraits?
help!! this considered a "still life" painting?
QUickly!!!!where can i get good paint and tile?
I got acrilic paint on my pants!! What do I do?
splatter paint a white dress?
does anyone know this painting?
I need help finding a painting?
What is the name of the artist and painting?
Does acrylic paint bleed through an egg shell?
what religion is Thomas Kinkade?
Need Help Identifying this Painting?
Quick! What would look cool with a poisonous mushroom?
how i sketch Interior disgn?
wicked themes going towards a final painting?
is canvas (artist's canvas) made of fabric?
any artists who painted the queen through her life?
How do I make an image transparent in Paint.Net?
Which paint is best for body painting?
can i paint a block wall green an use it as my green screen?
Where was peter schiff born?
Is it possible to paint clothing with regular paint?
How can i find out more information about a painting that I have?
Why was this painting created?
How much do you thinks this painting is woth?
Does anyone know where I can find biographical data on circa 1908 American artist Sadie Wendell Mitchell?
what type of art is la Guernica?
What did artists use for the statues eyes to look more realistic? ?
Bob Ross/ Barbara Powell? Floral Painting?
Ideas needed for painting series?!?
what does anyone know about pacino di bonaguida, mediaeval florentine artist? or the laudario di sant'agnese?
i have a painting by j salazare?
Is black a color, is white a color?
I'm an aspiring artist?
george serrah?
How did leonardo da vinci die?
How can I have a paint fight?
what is the price of the mona lisa portrait by da vinci?
who is the author of this painting ?
what do you know about Wylen the painter?
Why isn't Mona Lisa smiling in her painting?
indian horse war paint?
Can you answer these questions on picassos les demoiselles d'avignon?
Watercolor tube buying help?
How to make a stretch canvas?
what is the difference between impressionism and expressionism?
what is an exhibition bout?
What comes to mind when you hear 'fine arts'?
Where can i find images of paintings on the internet of black couples in love?
did leonardo da vinci paint the ceiling in st pauls cathedral or the sistine chapel?
How is acrylic paint created?
doubting painting I class?
What is the differences between Fine Arts and Fine Art Canvas ?
What kind of top coat should I use on a guitar that has been painted with water base, acrylic paint?
does anyone know of any cool punk artists? (like painting artists)?
can you make a mosaic canvas with tiles?
what is the most expensive painting in the world ?
How did Andy Warhol do it?
Renesmes favourite colour?
How do you interpret Henri Matisse's statement:?
i did glass n oil painting, where can i get beautiful frames for it in chennai(near central r in t. nagar)?
What is a good brand for spray paint?
who is the major patron of Botticelli?
What do you (the general public) think a demand would be for mythological portraits?
What is this painting?
What is the name of the painting by Yves Ganne that shows a beachscape with boats on sand?
Is there a temporary spray paint I can use on my car?
Want to buy painting of Isha Mahammad?
I like to do some painting, but not very good at colours.?
Is the Mona Lisa celebrity art?
I'm looking for info on a realist painter Koler.?
are there really people that live underground in new york city? mole people?
what are the universities that offer cources on painting?
what did Roy Lichtenstein use to create his artwork 'WHAAM'?
Which Face Paint is Better? Snazaroo, Kryolan or Wolfe? HELP!?
What subject or subjects would you use to portray the spring season in a painting?
Anybody know who painted this?
Filippo the Architecture?
I need help finding information on how Leonardo Da Vinci was influenced when he drew the picture of....?
PLEASE answer as noone will.?
How does this Van Gogh painting represent Impressionist art?
describing picasso's work?
What's so special about the Mona Lisa, and Munch's "Scream" painting?
Value of Dogs Playing Poker prints?
What is the type of art/painting called that uses extremely vivid colors? Do you know any artists who do that?
What do you think of my paintings?
help with body painting?
do scene kids like neon colors?
how do i get started in photoshop for painting?
is Ric-art-do a good name for a blog?
Edgar Degas's Dancer at the Photographer's is associated with what art movement?
Would you say this artist's works are very physical (pic)?
Hypothetically speaking, when one finds a rare antique painting by a famous artist in one's new home...?
Help! What is the best title?
modern artists?
what brand of paint should i use for acrylic panting?
painting of a girl in a field?
Need painting ideas please?
Opinions on artists.?
What is the ultimate neutral colour?
Can you use fabric paint like face paint?
is painting/drawing people haram in Islam?
Robert Owen Clown painting information?
Someone explain to me what Outsider Art is please?
Oil painting question?
who painted a picture call "The Last on in" it was in a encycolpaedia called the "world of the children"
who started pointalism?
I'm going to paint a mural at school based on a quote. Help for visual ideas, please?
could my designs become popular and make it big time?
What is a Dornor Portrait?
Who should I paint?
how much square feet can a pint of paint cover?
I am giving up on art.?
how is plastic smoothed so as not to be sharp?
I'm look for a painting by K A Zimmermann. I think he is a FL. artist.?
Please rate my drawings?
slogans on enviroment for t-shirt painting?
Does anyone know the artist of my modern/contemporary art painting?
Can you splatter finger paint?
Do you know any famous paintings in Metropolitan Museum of Art?
plz tell me,how to send my handpaintings to the art galleries over internet for to display&also for selling?
Poll: Which painting do you think is better? George Washington or Mona Lisa Abstract version?
Painting a picture of london but need some pictures that aren't the usual?
Is there any website that has an at least 10 sentence description of "The Fireside Angel" painted by Max Ernst?
Is it too late to paint?
why artists use red yellow and blue instead of cyan yellow magenta and black?
Can you spray paint a beanie hat?
i have an old german oil painting of a man lighting his pipe with a candle and holding a glass of drink?
Having sex on a canvas?
drawing design on to canvas...?
What could I use instead of spray paint for graffiti?
What age Do you have to be to buy spray paint?
I just began selling my art, people want the same pieces?!?
I paint with acrylics, and it seems that no matter which black I choose, it's thin.Is there a thickener?
Norman Rockwell painting name?
Do you like the Mona Lisa?
Oil paint and collage?
How much should I charge for a painting?
What are the stylistic characteristics of Florentine Renaissance paintings? Give Examples?
Will tempera paint wash off my car?
is there way for oil and water to mix?
Who is owner of Ravi Varma's famous painting "Krishna as Envoy"? Other info welcomed?
how long does it take for a oil painting to dry?
Who did the faceless business man.?
How to mix primary colours to get the light bluey green of tropical water?
Stumped...need help identifying world icons/landmarks?
Can a Fan Dry an Oil Painting Quickly?
How much for a good paint job and interior?
Name something an artist uses.?
I am looking for a recipe to mix liquin for oil paintings as well as make and prepare canvasses.?
name of a famous painting!?
I am Studying to be an Artist...Do you think People would buy My Ceramics? :)?
What is the contemporary framework for John Brack's paintings 'The Bar' and 'Latin American Grand Final'?
How do you pronounce Michelangelo ?
Give me 3 beliefs Andy Warhol had?
Linen vs cotton canvas - which would be better for painting fine details with blood?
Creative paint ideas for a truck?
What is the El Bosco painting "Extracción de la Piedra de la Locura" depicting?
snails or rainbows? no joke!?
What should I do with masking frisket?
At what degree would paint's viscosity (consistency) change?
When will lanco hills signature be completed?
"The Thomas Crown Affair" is my favorite move....?
Will nail polish mess up my acrylic paint?
Comment the below picasso sentence:?
Methods for oil pastels?
Where can I buy cheap paintings in the Philippines?
What kind of style did the artist Rene Magritte have?
Black canvas. I need subject Ideas.?
A Question for Art teachers, professors, etc.?
What should I paint for my aunt on canvas?
Names of some mad artists?
What are the 3 primary, secondary and terciary colors?
What is the best brand of paint for airbrushing my car??
how many kind of architecture pics?
Love or hate Picasso?
Can anyone tell me where I can find artwork by Saryan?
Where do i find cobblestone in minecraft?
How does one develop a nom de plume?
Can you tell an artist by looking at his hands?
whats a good abstract shape for the word " FINALE " ......?
What does it mean to paint 2 horizontal stripes on each side of your face?
Stencil websites?
wild fowler turned painter kenzie?
How would you put this onto a shirt?
Does anyone know where i can find a picture/painting of joan miro AS A CHILD?
Why is the Mona Lisa more famous than other Da Vinci paintings?
What paint is good to use on guitars?
what is the differnece between the french impressionists and the american impressionists?
20th century artist a weggers?
Who is Pablo Bertolini?
artist young and old?
Where can i buy car paint?
what is the best colour in the world?
Famous painting of Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus?
ever used water soluble oil paints?
i´m painting a paint, what should i paint???
Where is it legal to paint graffiti in South Carolina?
Can anyone recommend any cityscape artists?
If you leave watercolor on a palette, can you use it again?
Is acrylic paint recommended for painting designs on my TOMS?
What can I pour over a painting to seal it and make it shiny, durable, smooth?
Any good artists/photographers who focus on cats?
were was the artist ford madox brown born?
Beginner's Oil Painting Question: Cleaning Brush while Painting?
Got an oil painting (seascape,yachts,houses,cliffs) signed Stephen Sims.Who is he and is it worth anything?
love by robert indiana please help?
Who is A Birdsaw. A seascape artist?
Body Painting in Public?
Love As Art? Art As Love (It's Valentine's Day)?
Does anyone love Michael Sowa as much as me?
How could i find a painting of a guardian angel with muscles?
should i use oil paint or should i switch to watercolor because i heard oils are toxic?
Guardian Angel Print?
what is your favourite colour?
what is the biography of jose rizal?
Why do so many great painters come from The Netherlands?
how was the paint in vincent van gogh's starry night applied?
I am looking for any info on the painter A N Blackman. I am told he was a painter of seascapes and rivers.?
is it ok to paint acrylics on cardboard? what would the effect be?
I want to paint some flowers on my Fender Strat. What paint should I use?
how to start selling paintings online?
What is your favourite colour?
What do you identify in this work of art?
What painting should i draw?
Artists that paint colourful plastic items, toys or dolls?
Anyone know were I can find information on the artist Michael Mathias Kiefer?
lista de pintores famosos en espana?/list of famous paintors in spain?
Does anyone know a famous painting of a normal street (with houses)?
Can anyone figure out which painting I'm describing?
Renaissance painting?
Where can i enroll in a water colour painting course?
A question for all you artists out there.?
Does anyone know anything useful about Albert Tucker?
Intention of Artist Jean Tinguely?
How does it work if you want to use a copyrighted photo to paint from?
what kind of paper do I use for oil paintings?
Tips on using tube watercolors?
Can you make homeade Graffiti ink with Lacquer thinner instead of Paint thinner.?
Selling a painting on amazon?
why are mostly all pencil orange?
Does anyone know the method or media used to create this painting?
Is it okay to sell paintings from photos?
Comparing Government House (1807) with Invasion 1 (1999)?
Do you have any articles on the artist Josie Morway?
Artists who paint examples of culture?
why do some painters break their brush after they are done painting?
Famous Artwork 10 points!?
I have a question to ask about being a independent music artist?
hi im have a painting by fontana any one know who that is its an old painting email me thanks?
anyone know the value of a picture printed on glass called blossom time by smith frederick?
best paint to use when painting on converse shoes?
Egg tempra using oil paint as a pigment?
Searching for the name of the artist from Quebec who painted country scenes on plates.?
help finding abstract artist romeo B?
What are the names of some famous pastel artists?
Can you mix different brands of Acrylic paint?
Is there a glossy finish that can be applied to an acrylic painting?
What makes oil paints better than egg tempera paints?
What is the best way to mix basic acrylic paint colors to get the color of Caucasian skin?
What is the name of this painting?
What kind of fabric do you use for a black velvet painting?
Mat color for a 60-year old pickure?
can i call myself an artist if all i can do is sketch out something i like thats been done?
do you like art, like painting and drawing, I've been doing this for a long time. Please answer, Jim, a friend
is vinci an only child?
What is best surface to paint on - canvas, canvas boards, wood - Thanks?
Where can I find the picture of Recapture the Crater by Henry E. Kidd?
Painting in the Tate Modern London.?
whais biographical insident/sketch?
what kind of paint do you use to paint slip on vans?
What is the point everything in a drawing or painting goes to?
im a painter....?
Who is your favorite Painter?
What type of paint should I use...?
I have some very inexpensive oil paintings. The colors are too bright. How can I tone them down?
where can i find a painting name hunt of a tiger?
how to make a sky blue color?
What exactly is Early Renaissance Art?
how would i apply for the oil field as a beginner?
Do you have to have a blacklight for glow in the dark paint to work?
What is the best oil paint medium ?
Who knows any tagging names?
What does Red and Black mix into?
choose the best option...?
Why and how was Leonardo Di Vinci the greatest painter of his time?
How do you erase a sketch on MS Paint?
What should I paint my friend?
What brush should I get for Oil paints: Synthetic or Natural?
I need a painting that uses vertical lines. It has to be a famous painter, does anyone know who this is?
Paintings which refer to the Bible?
Any paintings that show the values of truth, beauty, and goodness?
How long does it take for an oil painting to dry?
What is the story behind Mona Lisa?
Is it too late for me + art...? please read on?
What do you think of my painting so far ? ?
Varnish or lacquer?
I would like to have someone paint a self portrait of myself.?
I am trying to make a stencil to glue it on a masonite and paint over it. what can i use to glue it momenteral?
I need artists who make seaside related art?
How to clean a painting brush? 10 POINTS!?
iwata eclipse bcs wont spary!?
Paint that wont rub off of flip flops?
what did van gogh paint?
what type of paint do you use to paint on plushy toys?
what artists use their own experiences in their work?
What Makes a Painting Good or Bad?
How can I find original paintings by student and unknown artists?
Does anyone know of any graffiti stores in Hamilton, Ontario?
i think i have a bob ross original oil, i would like to find out where i could see more of his paintings, thx?
Painting bedromm dark red. How would this make me feel?
What is Van Gogh's identity? Can you please read lower question?
I have (what I believe to be) a pre-columbian painting from Cuzco can I determine it's worth?
Where to buy a cute/patterened art smock or apron?
I am asking question again cause i could not receive proper answer about UFOs in ancient paintings?
What should I draw for art showing metamorphosis?
which year artists start painting daily objects instead of royal ppl alone?
What exactly is a "purchase award"?
How can I sell my paintings?
Do you think that Chinese reproductions are worth buying?
I have an original oil painting (1947) by Violetta de Kozeghy?
were can i find a appraisal for painting from w. Ontario, Canada if possible?
why do crayola waterpaint trays dry chalky instead of rubbery like other brands of waterpaint?
Where can I find glaze paints in melbourne?
How much are these paintings?
HELP! i need to know what's the best paint to color a styrofoam!?
Which is your favorite paint?
What is Van Gogh's identity? Can you please read lower question?
what is claude monet role as an artis?
what is the style for the painting called "Chinesa Lookout" painted by Antonio meijueiro?
3 primary colours plus what other colour will make all the colours in the colour spectrum?
Can anyone help me with alla prima painting?
If I clean my brushes real good, could I switch from oils to acrylics?
I'm not finished yet. However.......??
Where does Ruben's painting of Caterina Grimaldi currently reside?
What is the best way to remove a brush hair on wet canvas?
Who painting "departures"?
where can i buy chrome spray paint for plastic?
Where do you get insperation from? ?
help identifying this painting?
René Magritte painting help?
Why people can't produce painting like the Renaissance one?
A Renaissance Man in 2007?
How can I get the caps to my acrylic paints unstuck?
what color paint is your room?
What is the value of a k gaterman wooded wonderland painting?
How do I remove acrylic off a watercolor painting?
Can you please tell me three modern artists?
Is there any way to make oil paint dry quicker? Can i use my hairdryer...or will i be hairdrying in vain??
Would it be possible to spray paint this onto a skateboard?
how sell paintings & earn money?
Why do you think that Mona lisa isn't smiling?
Where do i find oil pastel teacher in liverpool?
I need info about the painter of watercolours H W STANDING born in the 19th century?
does anyone know the name of the black and white impressionistic painting?
I am a artist, painter.How do i find an agent and promote my work?
what materials did vincent van gogh used in his portrait, Musee d'Orsay?
how can you get really good at art things except art school?
Are there artists now whose art looks similar to Italian Baroque Painting?
does anyone know the name of this painter?
Best city for a paint and bodyman to make money?
what was going on in the world doing the time period of 1870-1880?
information postcards german artists barlog,stamm.?
Does anyone know where I can find prints of the work of Bill Hughes an American artist.?
Mixing oil paints with thinner/linseed oil?
how can i make the colour gold ( or near to it) by mixing primary colours?
Looking for images of famous people that I can paint?
Why Nude paintings where so popular during the Renaissance and Baroque eras?
how much does a can of spray paint usually cost?
Artists that express issues?
Hibari Kyoya Cosplay Costume?
We have a golf cart parade in my community. What is a good idea to do for my golf cart?
Make a living out of Reading and painting?
how do I start an art gallery in akron ohio?
Do anyone knows where I can buy face paints in the NJ Area? Please Help.?
what do i paint?! i have no idea what to do!!?
A canadian painting with 3 people in it?
Is it bad to smell silk paint?
What makes it okay to paint your face black?
the march of humanity by david alfaro siqueiros?
Who is the artist who does the paintings of sad/scary doll type characters. I have a picture.?
Can I mix acrylic paint with baby oil to get a dripping effect?
need opinions on selling paintings...?
Where can I get the Van Gogh almond blossom print/canvas with a yellow background, not blue?
Method developed by Christians to identify their paintings while avoiding persecution?
Art Galleries and Museums that showcase Rembrandt's workkk?
Settling the Boundary,by Margaret Dovaston?
how to make oil paint dry faster on non porous surfaces?
Information on Jackson Pollock.?
Among Leonardo da Vinci's work in the field of science,arts,etc.what is the most significant?
I want to sell my charcoal paintings please suggest. i m frm mumbai?
I want to be an artists but don't know what type to be?
Is there an artist who's paintings main topic is music?
What is the name of the blue which is invisible?
Is painting larger compositions easier in some ways for you than smaller ones, if so why?
how can you paint similar to Monet?
who knows about food color yellow in particular?
Do you think this idea would make me millions?
Which musical artist has influenced the biggest number of today's musical artists ?
Did marilyn monroe have a daughter ?
Can anyone identify this autumn forest painting?
What color pallete you can use to paint a tree on a landscape?
where can i get good painting wall picture collection in mumbai for cheap price?
Need opinions on what to charge for Art?
Looking for meaning of Egyptian art?
How can the dried oil painting color tubes be restored back?
Why did Andy Warhol paint Che Guevara?
Thomas Kinkade painting question?
Artist analysis help?
I am painting a portrait of the twin towers..?
what are some examples of surrealism art??
clear glow in the dark body paint?
Can anyone identify these stamps?
Christopher Wilkinson?
Can anybody tell me, what is Florika painting?
I am painting a portrait of the twin towers..?
What is a Acrylic painting?
what's yur opinion on the Mona Lisa?
What is this painting?
Could you please check out my prices?
can you make a mosaic canvas with tiles?
what is special about the artist Masaccio? Why is he Famous?
What is the best school for an aspiring singer, dancer, and painter?
What kind of paint do they usually use to do portrait when it comes to airbrush??
How was humanism a part of The Mona Lisa Painting?
I have abeen asked to restore a painting, how to tell if a painting is oil or acrylic?
Name of a Salvador Dali painting?
will ink work if I'm painting a wall?
How does Leonardo Da Vinci's "The Last Supper" reflect secularism?
What do the hands in some of Dali's work mean?
Looking for a certain painter?
What kind of paint do you use for face painting??
How long did Jasper Johns live in New York for?
Can anyone identify the name of this painting.?
who is the famous western artist cullussell from the early 1920`s?
does anyone know anything about the artist RENE MAGRITTE?
What is the name of the peter booth painting? ?
i am a 14 year old girl, looking to sell and or put my paintings in a gallery?
latex and acrylic paint?
Opinions on my latest painting please?
Anybody have poster ideas?
Gino Severini - need to find a picture?
why do ppl hate graffiti?
What are these painting techniques called?
Is Manet's painting, A Bar at the Folies-Bergere, more realism, impressionism, or romanticism?
How long should I watery before sleeping in bedroom after painting it?
How do I do raised lines and scrolls in acrylic painting?
Bali Wood Carver - Id Bg Menuh?
What is this piece of art called? Who is the artist?
I have a painting which I would like to get printed onto canvas - where can i get this done in KL?
i need artist thast work is inspired by family ritual ? any ideas?
Painting Skateboard Deck with brush?
Help me find this painting!?
Does a painting really say a thousand words?
can you give me one word please?
what kind of paint brush do people use to "freehand" on cars?
I want Roses, Trees and Natural Scenes Paintings.?
Are water colours hard to use for beginners?
I have a painting of a palm tree signed andrew?
What was that painting where Jesus forgives the adulterer. I'd like a print. It had a "Darwin" in it?
Which of Henri Matisse's portraits were of Olga Merson?
what was Monet's favorite quote?
I'd like to begin watercolor painting, but i dont know where to start!?
I need to sell this original Picasso, but it's not really.....mine. Advice?
Who is this Painter!?!?
Question about modern surrealism?
How did andy warhol create his art?
I want to spray paint something funny on my suit case any ideas?
was Picasso's blue period of 1901-1904 considered neoclassicism?
what if i had a jmw turner water colour?
What makes the Dutch Renaissance paintings different?
Can education ruin your art? ?
is it legal when we repainted others painting who show their painting in youtube and other sites?
What are some good books of Andy Warhol's art?
Sai Paint Tool Layering?
does acrylic paint come off your leg?
Where can I find a nice painter's set? ?
Does anyone have any good abstract painting techniques?
does any one know what paint to use to make swirls on my custom shoes?
How to color splash a picture using the old version of paint on a compuiter?
What are some paintings I could buy prints of that have redheaded women in them?
Where is Zdzislaw Beksinskis art gallery?
How can I get the David Choe effect with watercolors?
How much do you decide to sell a painting for if your a fairly new abstractionist?
What is the most fluid way of Painting on a Large Scale?
I need help finding the name of this painting?
Is black a color, is white a color?
I have a Picture of Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe and James Dean?
I do not understand this question- discuss from a historical view, a favorite artistic style.?
Can you give me some information on silk??
What is the trend in art "aromatic painting" ?
what do you think vincent van gough art?
is snanzaroo body paint good?
what paint is used for one stroke painting?
What's your favourite piece or pieces of artwork?
I'd like to paint a perfect huge circle on a wall and would like to know how to do it without making a mistake
How to become a good drawer or artist?
What group of artists used 'en pleine aire'?
How can you fix an old paintbrush?
What are some ideas for a border for a realistic seascape painting?
Have you ever gotten emotionally exhausted w/numerous ideas swimming in your mind for painting?
Wall painting makers?
Artist of watercolor Methodist Church in Bodie, CA- Robert Binker or Brinker?
painting? how do i get started?
My paint brushes keep falling apart on to the canvas. Please help!?
Is it hard painting an anime garage kit figure?
Help paintings signed frank lean?
what topic should i draw in art GCSE?help!?
When will the Royal Academy start to accept submissions for the 2007 summer exhibition?
How can I improve this painting?
Does the Liger Zero HMM Model require any painting?
Can I use varnish or spray fixative on oil pastels?
What is cubism? how to sketch/paint cubism?
should an artist (painter) get a copyright on their works, and if so what is the best way to go about doing th
a thai mv that has people painting and there are circle around them?
I have an old painting of flowers in a vase sign by Farle/blenne does anyone have inform to share with me?
Any Good Artists That You Know Of ??????
does anyone know the website of pictures of .....?
Does anyone know this signed artist, "G Dieckmann"? At last I've managed to get the photo on the net!
Reproducing Artwork project ?
hi, i have an interview in an art school tomorrow, just wondering what you think they will be asking me about?
I need an artist who has a few works of cubistic art, and the works of art are from 1980 on.?
Can someone help me on this painting , opinions?
Does anyone know the artist that signs paintings as ~merri~? I have a painting but can't find it on the web.
How does a painting by a chimpanzee fool the art world?
Who painted the painting at the beginning of Linkin Parks video Somewhere I belong ?
Why didn't Jackson Pollock go by his real name Paul?
critique of Maria Izquierdo art?
Who is the artist of these paintings?
What are the names of some famous portraits?
What is the name of a painting by Salvador Dali in Spanish?
What are some good websites for viewing renaissance paintings?
Where can I get a leather brush?
which colours do you think?
1. Where was Ludwig Von Beethoven from and when was he born/when did he die? 2. Why was Beethoven's lif?
Identify this painting?
About secondary and tertiary colors.......?
how much should i sell my paintings for?
whats ur favorite painting?
what type of bonding agent do I need if Im going to paint rubber?
where can i find the painting of a tiger that chris garver did and tatoo'ed on a guys arm on miami ink?
I want to start selling of my paintings. How can I sell my paintings?
what kind os oil, brush, and canvas da vinci used on the mona lisa?
is there a website for nail painting?
Paint that won't damege sides of car?
How much does it cost to stretch a canvas painting?
How much should I charge for my paintings by size?
Anyone heard of an artist named Anton?
What should I use to apply black gesso on my canvas?
MFA in Studio Art?? please help ?
who was the american impressionist artist?
How to fix a chip in spray paint?
how much i pay for extenal painting in an apartment?
What can I do to get into Arts? Or at least recognised as an artist?
What do you think of Monet?
what is the most valuable piece of art in the world?
can you use acryilic paint in iwata airbrush?
what do you think the painting "the birth of venus"?
How to you identify the theme and mood of a painting? Is it personal opnion?
Painting - Tissue Paper?
seeking info for RL Tindell (artist) in Whitby Yorkshire England.?
Was Kinkade the proverbial "starving artist"?
Who painted the picture of a horse and foal entitled Mother and Son?
I am artistically gifted but can't decide whether or not to put my time and efforts towards...?
Are there any Georgia O'Keeffe paintings that don't look like a vaginia?
Ray Langlois artist?
Does anybody know who this is? Or have any information on who it might be?
how to make a palette for acrylic paint?
I have an oil painting by N.Spence.Does anyone know this artist.I belive him/her to be French or Itlian?
What Salvador Dali give his father?
The Last Supper painting?
I'm looking for someone that knows anything about an artist last name Thatcher that painter on tin or metal.
When & where in USA (Congress?) was a discussion if Michael Angelo should paint Jesus with or without belly bu?
Who painted more than 300 covers for The Saturday Evening Post?
Who has visited Alex Gray's ~"The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors?"?
Would this be considered copyright infrigement?
Can you tell me why these two paintings won 1st and 2nd place?
What would U LIKE to do to a LOWlife gangbanger that you catch redhanded spray painting on your property?!?
Any info on Ralph Goings?
Who inspires you the most/?
Who's happy that the painting 'The Scream' is back!?
guys, do you like my painting? please leave comments?
Can i paint a design on my ukulele?
Which artist?
What river is the painting, 'The Purple Noon's Transparent Might' by Arthur Streeton of?
i need activites for 2 and 3 year olds to do at daycare?
What shade of pink should i color my room?
Can you identify the woman in this painting?
alternative to a paint bursh?
I need help finding a painting?
the possible influences leading up to abstract art?
Where is the Salvadore DALI mUSEUM located?
does anyone know what version of paint shop pro this is?
does anybody use Digital Fashion Pro..if yes is it good?
Do you know where I can hear No boundaries by Kris Allen?
Wright brothers museum?
Am I the only one who watches painter Bob Ross in order to help me fall asleep?
When painting with oil paints, do you paint the background first and then paint over it or paint the image an?
what is the value of a renoir woman/child?
what is the best impressionist painter?
Do you note a wisp of surrealism in the air?
what art period best describes van gogh?
what are the characteristics of mrs. grace darymple painting that can be consider as rococo art?
Do they give you oil when you get an oil change?
David or Mona Lisa?
Ideal art!!!!?
Whar is the painting by irving amen named new york worth?
I am teaching my self how to paint what are some things I can paint?
What is that painting of your name written in really cool letters called?
the best brand in water colours?
I have an oil painting of a beautiful winter scene signed by Van Bell. This painting was old when I got it and?
Does anyone know anything about this painting?
Information about W Mcgregor scottish artist?
what color would you paint this?
who painted a picture of a man with onions around him, was it someone like Rembrandt or Van Gough?
How do Rogier van der Weyden's paintings show humanism?
I've recently taken up painting, where is a good place to sell my artwork?
what color should i paint my room?
Artists who paint unusual fruit?
Have you seen the photo of "Pricasso" painting a portrait?
whats the difference?
looking for register of paintings by james boyce from nr ireland?
Are my oil paints toxic, even though they don't have a warning label?
Can a mural be painted on a shower curtain?
What's your favourite colour?
What painting style is this?
Artist girl what does painting mean to you?
Wh did it take 12 whole years to paint Mona Lisa's Lips?
Art technique? Please help?
What do you think of my art???? (pic)?
What is the meaning behind Dali's stretch elephant? Please, as much information as possible would be greatly
I need to critically discuss David Hockneys 'A Neat Lawn' in context, how can i do this?!?
Art painting help?
when was Norman Rockwell's painting Big Decision painted?
van gogh's painting on?
What was Leonardo Da Vinci's last name?
Good idea for a painting?
Clear coating my guitar?
What should i paint? ?
What painting is this from?
I am painting another model car and i layered the paint to much on the back and its all streaked really bad?
What is the meaning of de Goya's painting intitled May 8, 1808?
which artist explored the style of CUBISM?
Help with painting composition please!!?
What do you use to clean oil paint off brushes when painting pictures?
I need a website where I can look at photos of abstract art.?
what is the content of an artistic work?
Da Vinci or Picasso?
am i good at painting? pictures included?
painting with unclothed woman and goslings as children?
What's your favorite Salvador Dali painting?
What's the Name of the Artist Who?
Do you know any artist that paint insects?
A couple of questions about Georgia O'Keeffe?
who are the people in the Garden of Love painting by Peter Paul Rubens?
Can you use any type of paint for airbrushing?
Who painted the Guardian Angel painting?
what to do with inherited paintings?
What do you think makes a painting a piece of art?
1. Where was Ludwig Von Beethoven from and when was he born/when did he die? 2. Why was Beethoven's lif?
Where are Juan Gris paintings located at (for example a specific museum) and how much are his painting worth?
Video game room walls.?
Whats the opposite colour of red??
What is the title of this historical painting of a vampire and its victim?
idea for my school painting?
What is the name of the artist who painted old portraits of people but in unusual poses?
what is the name of a blue flag with yellow Fleur-de-lis and white stripe?
Give me some Good ideas of what to paint on canvas?
How can you get prints off your canvas paintings?
i just want to paint one room. i just want to get a paint sprayer?
Your comments on this quote?
Can anyone help me to find artist of this painting?
What other words can you describe something that is so colourful?
I am looking for a good name for a women that runs a bordello?
Who are famous artist that are alive today?
Question for Painters/artists?
How to Write the Name of a Painting in an Essay?
This girl Marla (4 years) can really paint good?
Was Marc Chagall Jewish?
where did edward hopper work at and as?
What makes a painting old fashioned?
Art Class question Mondrian?
Where can i learn glass painting in bangalore ?
Is it my imagination, or is there an artist who signs his name as an image of a rabbit? Thanks.?
what kind of paint is best to put on shirts?
what was vincent van gohg's painting?
Storm painting?
mystery paint became spoil?
Which artist is the one who's headlights and street lights light up in paintings?
I am only interested in Canvas Paintings. Please recommend me good merchant or website (online)?)?
who is an artist of sea life?
Oil paint to dry?
what happens if i dont add water to water colours? and paint wthout it?
marilyn monroe the last sitting?
Why is clear so important when spray painting?
should we kill all dumb people or jsu use them so do basic taskes eg cleaning?
Need help on an abstract painting...?
how many shades of blue are there?
Are you allowed to wear woad when painting the town red?
who is the artist on the cover of Art Now: Artist at the Rise of the New Millennium?
How do you paint camouflage on paper?
Making a Romeo and Juliet mask?
I'm about to paint my house but nearly all the members of my family has asthma...Will I get it by painting?
What are some good tips on drawing/painting people?
What type of clear gloss sealant do i use to seal Createx waterbased airbrushed paint on my guitar?
How many prominent artists are there in the history of painting? Is there a list of painter's whose paintings
Is paint a durable item?
What methods or painting techniques did the Futurists artists (Boccioni, Delaunay use to show movement?
How to sell my fairy fantasy silhouette paintings on ebay?
Trying to find the original Japanese painting?
what is the resultant colour of mixing intense yellow with lilac?
Are black and white colors in the arts area?
Airbrushing? Does anyone have any tips?
does anyone have any names of Peruvian or Dominican Artists? I would like to pull up a website with their art.
what things would you paint thats got to do with emotions?
Need help painting my room a different color?