Name of famous painting?
i have aset of sabrina china with 22k gold trim that is over 60 years old with the rose on ii how much worth?
Justify what is appealing about the painting, "Holiday at Mentone"?
Looking for a poster that was copyrighted by Verkerke?
I forget; What type of art is painting on a wall to make it look like a window?
whats ur favorite color?
is it okay to mix oil paints with washing up liquid to make them spread evenly and smoothly?
how do I sell?
What do you think of Hitler's paintings?
Is this extremely creepy old painting worth anything? It has paintings on both sides. I linked pictures!?
I am painting my convenient store and I don't know what colors to paint it! I NEED HELP PLEASE!?
Help? Linear Perspective?
Anybody here that earns money by selling paintings?
What can I do to water-based paint to make it thick enough to use on clay without painting a thousand coats?
What is this colorful painting of a couple with umbrella walking down a lit forest path?
how do i identify the artist of a painting?
how do i use gesso?
why is the virgin of the rocks by Leonardo da Vince so popular?
What dries faster? oil paint or acrylic? why?
Is there any truth to the link between artists and left-handedness or is it just a myth?
Can a fine artist still paint celebs?
What is your favorite painting or sculpture?
Are you a visionary?
Acrylic, Watercolour, and Oil paint. Which is best?
this activity will work well when you make the foot prints on sheets of manila paper w/ have foot step on?
I'm looking for info about a painting I have. It was painted in 1968 by H.C. Kimball.?
how many shades of blue are there?
Does anyone know how to write stylishly with dimensional paint? Are there tips you can buy?
Does anyone need some art?
Does acrylic paint work better on primed or unprimed wood better?
Painting ideas?
What movement does Henryk Szydlowski belong to?
paintings ideas ?????
I need the name of a strange painting I once saw!?
How did Humanism affect religious artwork during the renaissance?
Need help identifying this impressionist painting?
Screen Printing - Multicolor Printing?
Can I use transfer paper to print onto my pickguard?
please suggest a good professional painting course/school in Bangalore for my frnd who has just completed BSc?
Is it true that Mona Lisa is a man?
How do we make pictures tarnsparent on paint?
I think my airbrush is broken?
Bob Ross(painter) is he still alive?
Painting over white washed?
what is the story behind the andy warhol painting of the birmingham race riot 1963?
Protecting wall mural?
What and who have influenced Vincent Vang Gogh?
Suggestions of books?
Do you sometimes make mental image of how someone might look based on their paintings or drawings?
what was Salvador Dali's biggest achievement?
Does anybody know the name of the painting depicting the famous personalities,or the artist who painted it.?
cool paintings that you know of?
how do you use mont marte gesso universal primer?
Goya's output included almost no religious art.?
what is your favorite color pink or blue?
I read/heard somewhere that you can use hand/face lotion in paint but I'm not sure how or what medium. Help.
Ideas needed for painting series?!?
Chris Ofili's painting "Chief Powhatan Kisses Rory Emerald" skews the vision. How was this effect created?
Help with art idea? thank you?
where can i find critiques of specific alfred sisley paintings?
Who invent OIL PAINT?
Do you prefer using water colors or oil paint?
Can I copy a copyrighted picture?
How would you describe the tone used in these artworks?
what was da vinici famous for?
I am doing a paper on Charles manson's paintings/ art. Anyone know when to find reliable info?
i need some facts about Oskar Kokoschka?
What is the name of the era or period of this art?
How to locate the black art collection of Bernard and Shirley Kinsey?
I am looking for the name of a painting?
Any well known reputable online art gallery's where i can exhibit my paintings?
Can you make water color with regular paint?
King Phillips II court painter?
how much can an artist make in one year?
What to paint on my guitar?
What is the name of this famous painting?
i have to compare bronzinos cupid from venus, cupid, folly and time with canovas cupid from cupid and psyche?
Where can I buy a modified functional respiratory mask?
Can anyone identify this painting? or tell me where I can find it?
I will praise you (oh my redeemer) artist?
I have some sort of painting and it is signed by Louis Godfrey?
I want to sell paintings online, so what are some good places to do this on?
Elements of Baroque paintings?
I found a limited edition piece of art, what can I do with it?
Abstract Oil Paintings?
what art medium is best to use for a portrait of someone old?
How do acrylics paints and oils paints mix?
can anyone find me a picture of the painting "Hoar Frost" by Theodore Rousseau?
please can you give me any info on this picture?who the artist is/ where I could find it.sorry about the glare?
Painting help? watercolor vs acrylic paint?
Can anyone identify this painting?
forgetting to wash paint brushes, still with acrylic paint on them?
Do you title your work?
Famous paintings with animals on it?
What color to paint my bathroom?
2.Examine both paintings carefully and identify the effects of linear perspective in each composition. Describ?
Don't yellow and blue make gray?
Is this a good price for customizing (painting) an xbox 360 controller?
What brushes and paints to get started pinstriping?
can i use acrylic, oil pastel or oil paint over soft pastel?
what colour is nan?
What should I paint for mothers day?
If I want to learn to paint?
Can someone tell me a bit about this painter?
Publishing a painting?
can them sell fast the Chinese arts i supply?
my first oil painting ever ?!!?
Other than the primary colors and black and white, what other colors of paint should I get to paint acrylic?
Who posed for jesus christ painting?
whats the name of this painting?
painting by r brownell mcgrew"morning melodies"?
What IF...?
In the 14th Century, what scale (size) were the tempera paintings commissioned by churches?
Is it hard painting an anime garage kit figure?
Ciao a tutti! Have a look at these lovely paintings, if you like?
how can i sell my paintings without a gallery?
Who is the artist of the song....?
Pour Rouby- Pablo Picasso?
how do you use mont marte gesso universal primer?
How do you paint a green football helment black?
What colors are "Cafe colors"?
I am somewhat well informed concerning "art," but there is something I have often thought about and can not
info on artist beky?
How do you get high of of reddi wip?
Is an authentic lithograph print of Jon Bruegel's Winter landscape worth anything? I like to sell it.?
What's the subject matter/description of Van Gogh's "Cafe Terrace At Night" ?
What do you think of my new artwork site, the link is attached check it out.?
how do you get oil based paint off of you? help?
how do i copy diagonal stuff on paint without the white being around it?
Does anyone remember a painting of a boy putiing some ballet shoes on a bench with a baseball cap behind him?
Which scene do you think I should paint?!?!?
Where is REAL painting of "The Last Supper" located right now?
What is it about Lamentation by Giotto that makes it so popular?
Anyone have info on a German Artist named S. Gruber?
what are some of the main modern techniques?
How do stick objects on an acrylic canvas painting?
Can anyone give me information on the painting Reconsideration of Time and Space by Grace Clements?
can someone help me anaylise this picture?
If you paint from photos, what are your fave,...?
airbrush or spray paint?
Whats the name of the painting with the couple at the dinner ?
acrylic paint gloss & framing help?
Does anyone know what the name of the bleeding heart painting that is on the first white noise movie?
Anyone heard of Trevor Lawrence an artist (pictures)working in the 1960,s?
Can't remember the name of the artist of a painting?
What type of artwork is artist Martka Boyajean known for?
What color is love?
i have what i believe to be a rare john horsewell oil painting but its an old english scene is this right ?
How long does acrylic paint take to dry on air-dry clay?
How northern renaissance painters were different from italian renaissance painters?
Do you like these colors?
i need to buy framed paintings and prints for my store wholesale. can anyone give me information?
How do you fasten the wooden tenterhooks onto canvas?
i wanna have friends as painter?
what does banksy rat's "you lie " mean?
To create glass face paint?
teenage girl painting walls?
If you were to buy a painting what would it be?
does anybody know where i can get the picture "front porch" by adeline fletcher?
Fluroscent body paint?
Do you know how to prepare a CD for painting on ???
Who is Des lynam?
picture framing co. out of houston that are no longer in buisness?
Where is the real starry night picture held?
How to get my paintings seen and sold in an art gallery?
non toxic paint glows in infrared light?
how to get graphite pencil off of painted on canvas (I ALREADY TRIED WARM WATER)?
I need an 'ordinary' artist!?
Info needed re canvases please?
new to oil painting................................…
I want to start painting?
How do they authenticate a "Banksey"?
Does the louvre museum add new paitings to its collection?
Glow In The Dark Paint - On Metal - ?
What kinds of paintings or prints do you hang on your walls?
Is krylon the best paint for graffiti ?
Glow in the dark paint or stars?
Can constantly painting your nails kill the name/make it weak?
I bought some canvas yesterday. Is acrylic paint the same as oil?
How do I paint an accurate American flag on a rock?
What should I paint? All answers appreciated!?
what can anyone tell me about cubism?
Any suggestions for a solid thesis statement for a paper about Frederic Edwin Church's work?
Question about Paint Tool SAI?
procedure for painting tractor emulsion?
How do you feel about this artwork?
Does anyone know anything about Holguin art?
Quotes by artists on Van Gogh?
can you suggest me a good book about 20th century art?
A "the scream" painting t-shirt?
Why did Bosch create the Garden of Earthly Delights?
which is your most favorite colour or colours?
What's the name of this painting?
Where can i take my painting to be valued? (10 points?)?
Where can I find the printable face for face painting?
Does anyone know what color sally is from the nightmare before christmas? I am painting her but I am colorblin?
I'm interested in expressing my artwork by contacting the canvas on a more personal level?
What color should i paint my hair in my artwork?
Warhammer 40k - My painting?
Tell me your opinion about this painting, please!?
What is the best way to get yourself established as an artist?
How much is Leonardo Da Vinci paintings worth?
The name of an artist who does paintings of patterns on leaves and rocks and leaves them in nature.?
Why is the Mona Lisa considered the greatest painting of all time?
What is the painting in the chicago art institute that is only 3 different colored lines?
Which are best websites for selling paintings?
How can a painter measure how much he's painted?
Abstract expressionist painter Arshile Gorky?
what is y our favorite colour?
is the da vinci code happy or sad?
I have alot of old oil paintings?
What is the name of this surrealistic painting?
what famous painting do you know that has an amazing story behind it?
I have a large painting signed by Richard Reid mason Victory at cape sparta. Number on the back is 6195.?
Is acrylic paint okay for my slip on vans?
Can you do pointillism (optical mixing) with wash paint on canvas?
Do you think that a person can be taught Art ?
Return of the Flame - René Magritte?
Can you give a color for each emotion?
Can airborne bus benches save America's most valued pieces of art?
What should I charge for this type of painting/service?
What's the best paint for painting action figures you plan on using?
Can you paint over wallpaper???...?
Copyright and Painting Pop Icons?
i need help in art?
Do you think the "illusions" we percieve in the paintings of Da Vinci were intentional..?
Who likes the color purple?/??/?
What's the complementary color of Biege in tint color?
why is "The MonaLisa" so great?
What artist painted this picture?
question on
What's the name of the 70's/80's artist with the big hair who used to be on tv painting trees and mountains?
What is the artistic style of Remedios Varo?
Was Jackson Pollock schizophrenic?
Is there ANY good reason for an artist to have a registered 'trademark'?
What do people get out of painting?
What is your favorite color?
what color do you get when you mix yellow and purple?
Spraying black spray paint onto bike?
What do they call the finish they put on paintings?
slogan on cosmetics?
What is your favorite painting or sculpture?
I want to buy a real Picasso?
If I decide to become an artist, should I charge people by the amount of time they sit for their portraits?
do you know?
Name some painters!!!?
i want something not expensive to keep my artwork. i have canvas pads, when i'm finish doing painting i tear?
How can you dress like Marilyn Monroe?
I have a question about Leonardo da Vinci?
does anyone know some cool different things to try with art?
artists. ive heard many times that you should shy away from entering art festivals an art fairs why is that?
Are there any articles on paintings of Soviet Moscow?
Value of Recital reproduction by Fredrick Neissen?
I have a beautiful little sister who is great at drawing and painting....?
Are there any artists who's material looks similar to this?
What Is Your Favorite Famous Painting?
im doing a science fair project on ''Which White Paint will cover the Red paint the best"?
Can you tell me who painted this? ?
can anyone read this oriental writing?
i have a painting of lilies here that is by LLpark where can i find this artist web sight?
Modern Portrait Artists ?
I like work of Mondrian, but pretty hard to understand.?
what is mint color? not aqua, not lime green, mint!?
who was mona lisa? thanks?
i've started a spiritual revolution tnto the world of paintings?
Who's the artist that painted colored squares?
ideas to paint for art???????????
is mr brainwash know to many artists?
I have a painting lady of castille by puyet i was wondering is it worth anything?
If I trace a picture and paint it can I still say it mine?Is it still classed as talent?
How shall I frame my paintings for really cheap? I work with acrylic paint.?
How to paint photorealistically like Jeff Coons?
how do i put hand prints of my children on a coffee mug?
were do I find custom paint jobs for cars,airbrushing?
Artists, Any advice.........................?
Dry acryl paint spots on my painting paddle?
do you like my artwork?
Can you just paint something with primer?
Difference between Applied art and fine art in painting?
Paint tubes,air brushes, nylon brushes,or synthetic pigments open the doors 4 early twentieth-century artist?
Can I paint a mural on a treated fence with my acrylic paints?
can art portfolios contain ore than one type of visual art, ex photography, printmaking and painting?
I want to know about this picture. I think it was painted by J.Pilre.?
Why shouldn't you use white all the time to lighten colors?
Do You Have Oil Paintings In Your Homes?
who is your favourite artist and why?
Which artist always put a deliberate mistake into his work, because he believed ?
Will bright yellow paint cover lavender paint with 2 or 3 coats?
If you have time for one museum in Madrid, except Prado, which one will you see?
I have a painting by Ethel Bristowe is it worth anything?
Where to buy body paint?
Can I use an iron-on T-Shirt transfer on a painted canvas?
Can I use famous photos in my paintings?
who is John singleton copley?
Trying to find a poster of Marilyn Monroe?
what should i paint?????????????
how to dye mother of pearl or conch shell?
Super easy face paintings that goes on your cheek!!!?
what qualifictions do you need to be a artist?
Who are some of the greatest painters?
How do I make the most of this painting?
what is impressionism?
How can I make my own thinner for oil painting?
Painting a mural on a bedroom wall.?
Spraying black spray paint onto bike?
Has Bruno Mars ever drawn/painted a self portrait?
Good things for me to paint?
Help with custom shoes?
the artist Michelangelo: Isn't the first part of his name prounounced like MICK, not MIKE??
I have some original signed paintings by Theodore D Coe. I'm trying to find out anything about this artist ?
Art Culminating I need a colour!?
Wasn't the recent death of painter of light Thomas Kinkade a de facto suicide?
I need help trying to find the artist of a painting i once saw?
What type of paint do you recommend?
Which colour do you LOVE ? and WHY?
What artists are there that create images of black-and-white faces (as in grayscale)?
Emily Carr's first painting??
Do you think there is such a thing as an artistic temperament,?
How much do canvas' cost at acmoore or michaels?
What were some of Hildegard of Bingen's paintings called, and what did they depict?
is it possible to paint a picture of a face which is uglier than a china-chink-face?
Suggestions for a painter to study?
i need help with empiers dawn of the modern world?
What do you need for an airbrush? ?
what is a painting a well-off family might have?
Why did Andy Warhol try to pin Rory Emerald for the murder of Edie Sedgwick?
How to keep paint from fading in the wash?
Is there such a difference in airbrush paints?
I want to paint my guitar...?
best way to sell aboriginal arts and crafts on the web. Original works.?
Whats a cool tagging name?
What should I Paint??
How can I make an Andy Warhol style picture?
What is the name of the famous Filipino painter known for koi fish paintings?
How much do blank canvas cost (painting) ? 20x24 or more?
Why is the Mona Lisa painting so popular?
How can i fill up balloons with paint, and what kind of paint can i use that dosent cost more than 10 dollars?
How can I have an painting exhibition in Toronto?
The best brands for oils paints?
where can i look up spainish art( picasso)?
does anyone know where the bayeux tapestry is being exhibited at the moment?
anybody know similarities/differences between pollock and Kandinsky?
characteristics of ninette de valois chorographic works?
Does anyone remember a painting of a boy putiing some ballet shoes on a bench with a baseball cap behind him?
In what ways did thenew approach topainting & seeing the world presented bythe Impressionist affect the public?
How can I find info on a landscape artist named C.P. Seltzer?
looking for a 19th century artist that paints figures by the name of Bryson possible name Charles a or W L?
Who is your favorite artist?
'Exhibition of work' tips please!!?
Can a Nikon D5100 do light painting?
Where can I find Glow in the dark spray paint?
Is purple or yellow a better color to paint a room?
What is this painting called?
Is there any fighting technique related to horses?
We hav a painting by W Bovgvereav 1896, and would like to know how to tell if it is an original?
my favorite color's is red purple and pink whats yours?
I'm tye dying with menstrual blood and selling the t-shirts on ebay?
Spray Gesso vs. Paint-On Gesso?
Starting a pastel painting?
Is Gustav Schafer a father!?
How to save an oil painting painted on acrylic gesso?
what does the painting "christ into limbo" represent. HELP PLEASE!?
The grey drawings in the ceiling panels of the Hermitage are called?
street plan around the octagon theatre sheffield s1?
what color would you considered this?
Watercolor technique question?
What industrialist established standard oil?
Can someone tell me if these paints are good for paper?
Is black white and gray colours?
Can you use finger print art on a canvas?
what is the meaning of Gustav Klimt painting "Death and Life"?
Pablo Picasso?
who was the artist that painted a picture of a bunch of men flying with umbrellas in front of a building?
Is it hard painting an anime garage kit figure?
What's so special about the Mona Lisa portrait?
Oil painting question?
similar artists to francis vallejo?
what was leonardo davinci's given name?
Which should i paint?
Mystery Painting.?
Do redimix/watercolour paint stain clothes?
Salvidor Dali forced Schizophrenic states of mind?>?
I need to alter a zentai morphsuit?
how to start acrylic painting?
thinking of becoming an artist? any artists who can give me some advice?
I have a original water color painting by Delerue?
How can I copyright any kind of artwork, with intentions of selling it.?
What is my painting worth?
Need Help; Who's the artist?
Can you give me some information on silk??
How to know if my paint is non toxic?
Artists names?
Any fabric paint ideas for 4 year olds to use at a bday party? That stays on what are painting, not on them?
On some art auction descriptions... there is a "EX COLL: person's name" what is the Ex Coll mean?
Can you name some painters famous for their work with acrylics?
All of the paintings I've been doing lately have been really crappy.?
What is the full name of the artist who painted this painting?
Ma Saraswati's idol on a canvas(Indian god's portrait).?
Where can I find some Guidance in the world of Art?
definition of monochromatic?
Who is an artist that you respect and why do you respect them?
Funny story for how the Mona Lisa got her smile?
I'm looking to buy art that is very detailed and looks a lot like a Vermeer or Humborg?
what printmaking tool is used so you can coat the brayer with an ever layer of ink?
Does anyone know who Josephine Wall is?
where can I buy an original Bob Ross painting at?
I painted an old upright piano. Opinions?
Any artists who elaborate architecture when they paint?
How does art create moods? ?
can anyone identify this artwork?
What is the best paint for printing on t-shirts?
How can u get rid of paint of a suitcase?
Help with name of a painting.?
i want to draw on my chuck taylors!?
what color comes from mixing blue and green?
What do you think of my art work?
Is anyone aware of an artist who signed his/her work with the initials AGY in a vertical pattern?
Who painted the Mona Lisa?
How do I keep my paintbrush bristles from getting stiff?
Is it illegal to post a painting I painted of Ron Pearlman on my art teachers website?
can i make black by mixing yellow , cyan ,magenta, if so what proportion of each ?
Can you sketch on a canvas before painting?
What good jobs can you get in painting and in which universities in london?
Any great modern art paintings? Names?
do you know any artists that look at natural form?
Best brand for long lasting glow paint?
The name of a Southwestern Painter something like "Pena Reiajzo"?
In what room would each of these 2 paintings look best in?
What can u tell me about girl who love ""black and hot pink"" colours?
In the context of paint, explain the role of the following physical substances:?
Does Salisbury Cathedral have rose windows? Can you tell me the name of website where I can find it?
Whats Good Juggalo Face Paint?
Where can you buy flourescent body paint?
Having sex on a canvas?
Poll: Survey; I scream......delicious and deadly....?
How can i clean my paintbrushes after using oil paints & acryllics?
Can I paint on ungessoed wood?
What do you think about this painting, would you buy it?
How does Vincent Van Gogh connect with alchemy?
How do you write a reflection on a painting?
Why doesn't anyone currently paint wonderful landscape paintings like the old masters?
What is the artistic style of Remedios Varo?
Would the Louvre, national trust, Smithsonian,national gallery or any other museum ever consider selling ->?
Which should i paint?
Who can give me some drawing/painting ideas?
Need Mona Lisa Help Please!!?
an artist who draws people really tall and thin?
Looking for an artist that does 'illusions', a painter, NOT M.C. ESCHER. He has a Spanish or Latin last name.
Anyone know anything about picasso?
Can anyone identify this painting? ?
What genre would you say this painting is?
whats another thing that looks like paint?
Who is this artist.?
who painted the painting of cardinals on the vatican steps...?
Famous ARTISTS from El Salvador?
Why was my question about Benjamin West Painting removed?
Comparative analysis of artworks?
Does Glow in the dark paint glow under a black light?
What is the full name of “peace tour”? What about their art exhibition? Where to find the detail information o?
Sylvette. Where I can find analysis and definations for this painting?
Diego Rivera's Mural in DIA?
A place where it is basically a huge paint fight?
How do i get dried acrylic paint out of a paint brush?
what is the name of this painting???
Is Mona Lisa hot, or not?
Does anyone know any country that supports amateur artists (painters)?
Do you like graffiti?
I want to know more about Picasso, is he a great artist?
does anyone have information or art of joseph westerfield, surrealist 1970s nyc artist?
which British artist was renowned for hiding a mouse in his art work?
Van Gogh's Paintings?
What is the best type of paint to us on a piece of durable polycarbonate resin thermoplastic?
Can anybody tell me the site for breif notes on color description?
What are some fun things to make on
A picture of Monter&Child painting by gari welcher in 1860-1932?
How can I find out information on an oil painting by an artist named Arashi.?
What element is absolutely necessary for color to exist when it comes to art?
Painting Shoes with Tempera paint?
what is this painting?
questions about painting in the 1800s?
where can i get spray paint at midnight?
Who painted this picture?
im looking for a painting depicting the marriage of two midgets called "the wedding of the dwarfs"?
How do you tell if a 'real' oil painting from a varnished print laid onto canvas?
difference between acrylic extender and retarder?
What kind of this art are called?
Does anyone know anything about pewter? I recently inherited several pieces which very intricate designs.....?
Why did Andy Warhol take self portraits in drag?
What is your opinion of Thomas Kinkade's artwork?
HELP! Custom paint Timberlands?
How do you get inspiration? What inspires you? Give me some suggestions on what to paint..?
I need some drawing help..?
Good ink to use as an outline for an oil/acrylic painting?
What's a good medium for painting on old roofing slate ?
will glow in the dark paint (glowaway™) still glow if mixed with oil?
Just wondering about the painting Soint Catherine Dominating the emperor Maxentius by Cluadio Coello.?
For acrylic painters, do you always use a gloss varnish?
Oil Painting Question, Please Help?
advantages and disadvantages of wood and cotton canvases for oil paint or acrylic?
How are your impressions toward this painting?
I have a picture by Dallas simpson can anyone help me?
my favorite colour is green?
paintings by B.Rambert anyone know of this artist?
Metaphors in Girl with the Pearl Earring?
do i need to frame a painting on canvas board? if not, how do i do it?
Is acrylic or enamel paint better for use on plexiglas?
How much body paint do i need?
Question for Art Students!?
Is black a combination of all colors?
How to remove spray paint from bmx ?
plz help?!?
purchase franchecense and myrh oil in los angeles?
Is this a true Flemish Giant?
Need info on painter Raymond F Poulin (deceased) of Two Harbors, Minnesota.?
What type of paint should I use for my shoes?
I am wanting to seel some of my paintings that I've painted. How would I go about doing that ?
Whats an easy paint prog. to use to trace photos on your pc, & turn pix into painting,paint water sky grass?
How can I become a better painter with acryllic?
where can i buy color pigment?
Can acrylic paint be baked in the oven?
What do Picasso and Da Vinci have in common?
how do i make my painting a shade lighter than it is?
I require details of a water colour artist named C.D.Pearson who I believe came from Yorkshire?
michael volpe art ?
B. Mitchell 12 pane painting need to know what it worth/ plz contact me @
i want to paint!?
nail art websites??i need more than one!!?
I want to paint a bench that is Stained Red. To a more lighter color.?
Does anyone know anything about a landscape artist S. Cooper and if so where can i get information about them.
Where can I buy original art from young, up-and-coming artists, preferably online?
problems with my airbrush?hellllppp?
art help needed please?
Hi can anyone tell me who is the artist who painted this art picture?
what colour paint in a drawing room with one window will make it look bright and spacious?
how to improve my painting skills?
what stylye of picture either abstract portraiture impressionist and or gothic is the painting the last------
Famous Art Paintings of this decade?
i have a print/painting by's 24 in width & 48 in has texture all over it need 2 know mo
Does anyonehave any info on Mary Botto, painter?
how do I keep pastels or aqua sticks from flaking?
Who is Cardinal Agostino Cazarorri?
Who Here Loves Streakers?
What do you think about this artist's work?
Which artist is the one who's headlights and street lights light up in paintings?
what do you call someone who paints you?
What does the word "Frahna" mean? What language is the word from?
Fumigation on Paintings?
is Banksy mr brainwash(MBW)?
What Color scheme is Munch's "The Scream," an example of?
How do I get oil paint off my skin?
What would be your favorite color for a car that you owned?
Why was the Mona Lisa created?
I have some Thomas Kinkade authorized prints to sell?
What is a fine art Festival? What can u do there?
Art FINAL gcse exam. Theme is 'LIFE AND EARTH'.. what could i do? landscapes? how? :(?
I want to find a native american print but don't know the title. Can someone help me?
Which Claude Monet paintings were on display at the MoMA from Sep 2009 - April 12, 2010 - exact titles please?
How can you get orange color crayon off a painted canvas??
The Artist of this painting and the date it was published?
should i buy stencils or rent a projector?
Is painting historical disasters disrespectfull?
Oil pastels and other art supplies ?
What is this hard paint that has a sheen and sounds like "JESSO"?
How do I airbrush an electric guitar?
What was Leonardo da Vinci's famous piece of artwork?
What's better - Fine Colour markers or Copics?
Help with Salvador Dali artwork?
i need help planning a mural?
Is there a Apple Museum?
Who is the real J.R. which is in Picasso's "J.R. with roses"?
what would a cheetah and a chihuahua look like if they were combined?
I need this Paint (phosphorescent) for my bike ?
Graffiti paint shop (in London)?
I have a project I have to do about Renaissance painings...?
Besides paint and brushes, what other tools will I need ?
What do you think a painting needs to be a popular painting?
I hate the Microsoft Paint I have?Y?
Where can i find posca paint pens in San Diego?
tips on How To Paint on a Football?
What's the name of the painting of a man standing on a mountaintop looking at the clouds around the mountains?
where is the place where leonardo da vici was buried?
what kind of color can I use on fabric?
How does Leonardo Da Vinci's "The Last Supper" reflect secularism?
how do you sell actual paintings online?
I need help figuring out a title for my painting.?
What is the easiest form of art to start with for a beginner?
What artist represents plato or socrates?
thought's on gardner museum heist ?
if you see someoneyou know painting graffiti on a building how would you hadle the situation?
What ratio water to paint do I use if I want to use it in a marker ?
in photoshop do people usually scan a picture in and start with a basic face outline from that?
art question on australian artist?
Is Edward norton in the movie contraband ?
Mary Sue wants to know if there is a connection between attendance at craft fairs and the number of exhibitors?
What is your favourite famous painting?
What word would you use to describe Van Gogh's style and why?
what were the influences of cubism at the time as cubism was a reaction to society?
Whats the mask thing called that people use when they're using spray paint?
How to remove paint off a bike frame? How to paint a frame?
Info on watercolor paintings I have?
Female Head 1508 by Leonardo Da Vinci?
Does oil paint oil dry because of air exposure?
Does anyone know where to go to see how much an old painting is worth??
My name is peter i am really good at art and i am stuggling trying to blend with oil pastels i use normalpaper?
are cave paintings realistic or abstract?
I didn't paint in a ventilated area?
What is the name of the painting this image is from?
I have an image of a painting, need to find the artist's name, can I upload it somewhere, and get his name...
Why did Vincent Van Gogh cut off his ear?
What do you think of this painting? I'm thinking of putting it over my bed?
are make up artists rich?
How can I make my picture look good with cheap watercolor paints?
Do you consider tattoos, makeup, nail painting etc. art?
can my camera be painted?
artpieces to do with sleep?
Mermaid/Ocean Theme art Project?
What to do about painting?
What are your opinions on these drawings?
Who painted `The Last Leaf` from the Christmas Cottage movie?
[PLEASE HELP!!] What Color Medium Should I Use?
spray paint?
Why is it Painting Artists paint on "CANVAS"? What is with the Canvas?
What will happen if I spray paint a shirt?
Do redimix/watercolour paint stain clothes?
Corel Painter Essentials 4 is not loading! What is the problem and how do I fix it?
How can i unclog my airbrush?
Need an artist's opinion!?
How do I use Masking fluid to create Pop Art?
How do I airbrush a guitar?
What is a Carl Patty watercolor worth?
Is This Painting Silly Or Serious, Profound Or Punkish?
what graffiti names do you recommend?
have painting by L. Sommer(somner) do you know anything about artist?
Spray painted controller?
What do you call the board that artists use paint on..?
Is there any one to help me as art business?
Again , I need to enlarge some paintings I received by e-mail ?
In your own words describe the painting Guernica by Pablo Picasso?
Is there anything else that can be used instead of fixative on pastels to keep them from smudging?
What colors do you associate with each season? ?
can you use gesso on rubber and is it flexible?
Are acrylic paintings safe to store in high temperatures?
rate my graffiti artwork please?
Is all Elmer's glue washable?
What type of paintings do people like to buy these days?
What does the color black make you think of?
what is your favorite color mine is pink?
a painting that represents sacrifice or sculpture?
My Bleyblade paint is falling of what do I do?
How do I save a picture as a jpeg in corel painter essentials 4, and keep the textured brush strokes?
Anyone has a list of notable british architects who are alive and active today? ?
what is your favorite colore and why ????????????
Do u know anything about the Picasso's artwork " Demoiselles"?
Is this a good painting idea? And need famous nature artists :)?
If you own a rare painting by a little known artist where would you go to find information about it?
how does the scream (painting) portray alienation, confusion, identity etc?
what is your favorite song? or artist?
Do you know about Edward Norton Ward the impressionist artist or selling paintings?
Ideas for art project theme?
Is it okay to place a 35 years old paintng 30cm (12 inches) above a heating radiator?
How do you make a color darker without using black?
any artists (painting etc) whose work focus on loneliness, scared, mental, weird, torture, mental institution?
what is the use of distemper paints.?
For my thesis - Is a painting or photograph of the naked male form considered pornography or art? And why?
How to paint muslin. Which paint?.. Which Muslin?? help!?
Can anyone tell me the name/artist of this painting?
Who is Damien Hurst patron whosesensational exhibition launched his career internationally?
spray painting shoes?
i would like to know has anyone painted the last supper, recently,current year 20th century.?
I want to paint something like Rothko's abstract Violet, Green And Red. What method? Roller?
what are chromatic neutrals?
Do I paint what I know sells or what I like to paint ?
Is my sister ethically sound: Nude paintings?
what glue works best on silk flower and plastic gem?
does anyone know this painting?
what is the difference between a painting and a print?
how much are dorit levi's paintings worth?
what made michelangelo famous?
Does anyone know of a painting with a lady floating in a river with her hands bound?
What is your favourite colour? and why?
Land scape pictures?
What did Surrealist artists try to express in their work?
i need an idea for a project?
Paintbrushes used for oil paints?
where can i download painter 7? not corel painter?
American artist's reponse to the idea of Manifest Destiny?
Do you need a permit to face paint?
what is the medium of this painting by Dufy of Hyeres Square?
has anyone ever done a report on Monet , Manet and Renoir?
How does it work if you want to use a copyrighted photo to paint from?
Airbrush Shops in Brisbane?
What is the importance of craftsmanship?
I did not find: (url: why did I find.?
is getting spraypaint on ones hands unhealthy?
What's the best brand of watercolor paint?
why does green symbolise envy?
I need a simply guide to oil paintig techniques,help?
could you buy the mona lisa?
which is the original painting of The Kermesse or sometimes called the Village feast by Pieter The Elder?
Artist girl what does painting mean to you?
i want to sell art works where can i sell them?
does anyone know about a website for free where i can simulate my car as of paint and etc.?
Is forged artwork still valuable?
How can I find out the artist's names signed on two prints?
When did kris hotvedt the artist from New Mexico die?
Any info on the painting "The Locket" by Spencer?
Alex Pardee Awful Homsick?
overspray on an oil painting, can it be removed without damaging the painting ?
Are Pope Adrian VI and Rory Emerald prominently featured in Jan van Scorel's colorful painting the Holy Land?
Quick tips for oil paints?
design for table mats on cartridge sheets!!!.....plz help!!!?
What is your favourite piece of art?
How many times total does Tinkerbell appear in Thomas Kinkade's Disney paintings?
why do dudes wonna show their stuff to you and they know it's you?
What colors go well with purple?
What is the meaning of the fish paintings/pictures in Japanese restaurants?
What is the best site of oil paintings?
Who knows the profile history of the artist Antonio Garcia LLamas?
When did perspective first appear in paintings?
Where can i find pictures by Winslow Homer?
What is the name of this painting!?!?
Whats a creative name for a picture frame business?
What should i paint my girlfriend for christmas?
which is better for a beginner painter with no formal lessons to start with? oils? watercolor? acrylic?
How is Leonardo Da Vinci a Hero?
who was the first recognized african/american artist?
what color to paint a small, narrow, rectangular office space with no windows?
What should I get spray painted on my backpack ?
best painter for the intuos 5 touch ?
Can you describe a piece of Mary Cassatt's work?
Acrylic Ink on to of Acrylic?
things to put on a COLLAGRAPH printing plate?
Does anyone know what this painting is called?
What is the meaning of the painting "Ballet Rehearsal" by Edgar Degas?
· Do you like modern art?
Did W Russell Flint paint a picture titled "Gleams and Shadows" and where is it now?
Geico's 'seen my dollar' commercial- who did the painting in the background?
who are some paint splatter artist?
how to protect a painting.?
Question about the last supper ?
What are your views on graffiti?
painting a room help!?
My wife's charity has been donated a framed print for auction.?
Portarit of Pietro Maria?
what is a good name to tag for a guy?
Could you use puffy paint on wood?
What is the earliest medium used?
Do you know any artists who are known for drawing cities/nightlife?
what is your favorite color?
how do i get recognized in the art community?
art question?
What kinds of paints did Picasso use during his cubism period?
What's Facebook's copyright policy for artwork?
how can we describe a moonlit night?
Is anyone familiar with ink and acrylic paintings?
Which artist inspires you so much, you would have their work on the walls of your home?
Is the painting The Departure of the Winged Ship done by Vladimir Kush or Salvador Dali?
Doe anyone know the name of this painting?
What's your favorite artist that does either realism, landscape or contemporary?
What would be a nice picture I could paint for my mom?
Arthur Elsley the artist information please.?
How do i get oil paint out of my paintbrushes?
what is your favourite color?
Which lights do you use in light painting(writing)?
I have a week and a half to creat and oil painting masterpiece?
What is the significance of a Knife being on the table in artwork/painting?
show me the color fawn?
Was the girl in the Mona Lisa painting real?
can you name a famouse painting that is as well known as the mona lisa?
yo guysss any ideass how to change up this painting?
How Effective Is This Narrative To You On This YouTube Video?
What color should I paint the background?
anybody know anything about an artist, painter, named *ed Ayling?
How do you "paint" music?
how many different paintings do you think their are of the"Annunciation of Mary"?
Where/Who can i find someone to authenticate a Winslow Homer painting i have.?
Vincent Van Gogh is ???
A level Fine Art inspiration?
what do u think of andy warhol and his artwork?
What are the dimensions of the painting "John Brown Reading his Bible" by Horace Pippin?
Is there a difference between oil paint brushes and acrylic paint brushes?
What colors should I use to paint flowers?
What should i draw a picture of?
Could there be made good money selling photos of paintings as wallpapers for cell phones?
ART BABY! yep?
Does anyone else think that "abstract artists" are just people that cant paint or draw well?
Mixed paint with bleach?
help i need to find some painting ideas?
where is a good place to get spray paint?
hello my friends can you telll me in which store can i find viltrea 160 for painting?
Water colours ??????
If you could magically jump into a painting on the sidewalk and vacation there for a while would you?
Who knows about Dose anyone buy oil paintings from them? How is it?
any idea how much an ethel tucker painting signed 1939 is worth?
Does anyone know a painter who is known for painting Women at their Toilette or Women getting ready/dressed?
Airborne Inspiration?
What do you think about these paintings?
heinz ross the painter?
what is the difference between turpentine and turpentine substitute?
Does anyone know a good book that teaches you how to paint material? eg how to create the illusion of material
any places that help starving artists?
How is the Mona lisa so important?
Georgia O'Keeffe, (artist) help!?
What is the importance of the very successful commercial artist?
can you start painting right after liquid white is applied to a canvas?
Can you use acrylic paint on any paper ?
Does anyone know the name or artist of this painting?
Can you make a sketch look like a fresco painting on PhotoShop or PaintShop Pro 8?
How should i paint water over a face?
Wtf? This portrait is screwed up?
I have a question about clearcote hi-shine glaze (FolkArt painting)?
How can I sell paintings on the internet?
Permanent paint on leather?
Is it safe to use non-toxic fabric paint for your body?
is orange considered as a girl's color?
Which theme to paint?
where to find information about .l.s. lowries paintings?
what is the most effective way to use Acrylic paint. ??
Guercino have a painting "St. Anthony pricing to fish"?
egon schieles?
Is there somebody possess some knowledge with/about painter Maria van der Voort nineteenth century ??
How is it that some oil painters can finish so quickly, dont they need time for painting to dry?
I need something to paint?
Question for art lovers?
What do you think of my painting??????? (picture included)?
Is sentimentality desirable in paintings, photography, or any art form? Explain.?
Can I use charcoal on top of paint? The background of my art project are paint filled balloons splats.?
Anyone know much about spray paint?
Ray Langlois artist?
Anyone ever heard of a painter called H Mason. Its a old painting of a flower.?
What techniques are used in expressionism?
whats your favorite colour?
Does This Painting Disturb You?
How to make textures like chris ofili (artist)?
how would you compare Diego rivera's the liberation of the peon and jose orozco's zapatistas?
Anyone have information on the Scottish artist R Kirkwood?
was woman at the well by paul signac pointillism or post impressionism?
what idea or concept it conveyed in imants tillers artworks?
I am going to start a new painting soon. What should i paint?
what is a song that speaks of mona lisa?
Where can i find purple dress in the fontana area?
where can I find a picture of the painting 'Tantric suite' by Rod Paras-Perez?
What is it that drives you to want to paint something that inspired you?
What's your opinion about these modern art painting?
Does acrylic paint stick to plastic?
Which picture should I use for my still life painting?
Why does Mona Lisa smile?
Like my artwork?
What are the primary colors?
Who was the artist? (Rescue of a Lost Friend) 1906? oil?painting Collie and Lamb?
Spray paint on a canvas?
I wish to sell my oil paintings with copy right . how can I do this?
Does anyone know the artist of this painting?
is it compulsory to use turpentine to tone a canvas with oil paint?
What is this piece called?
I just moved into a studio and painted it Rastafari red, yellow, and green. Am I crazy or what?
Trying to find information on an American artist Denny Simpson.?
Rate(%) of Deprection on Painting as per comanies act ?
who makes prints of pictures?
name of hand painting china company starts with dopl???? made Lido W. S. George Canarytone 18??
What is the value of Frida Kahlo's el venado herido?
Why do i get a B for being myself?
Is there any way I could do art like this without getting paint all over the wall?
How do I paint an accoustic guitar?
Making the color skin tones out of primary colors?
opinionz???? pleez???
What is creepy about the painting Spanish Dancers at the Moulin Rouge by Giovanni Boldini?
what picture should i paint?
If i let paint dry on my wood palette, with it peel off solid?
How would you simulate terrycloth in 1) some kind of sculpture and 2) on a painting?
Can anyone tell me how to paint polka dots or stripes on wooden letters?
how to paint superman logo?
Leonardo Devinci is an artist right, do you know when to see his art on the web ?
Similar artist to Mark Ryden?
Does anyone know the artist of my modern/contemporary art painting?
How to paint water ? not the just whole thing blue?
Who is a oil painter rene caron?
How is the intensification of artists' self-consciousness in the Baroque period displayed in the arts?
painter maurice de vlaminck?
How did Pablo Picasso use space to establish mood?
Who painted these pictures?
what is the name of this painter?
Where can one find an original drawing or painting from Adolf Hitler?
Why does art change over centuries?
Do I need a release form if I painted a portrait of someone's face/likeness from a photograph of them?
Describe how you think the women may have been depicted if Cassatt had painted the surgeries?
Who is the Leonardo Da Vinci of our time?
Who are the famous Filipino painters during the Spanish era?
what kind of paint works on leather?
Who wrote "Sotii Arnolfini?
What should I paint a picture of?
What is the value of Artistic Interiors, Inc. Certification Number 93014 painting?
um is there a way to get spay paint in bundles?
What art movement is Van Gogh connected to and what was the movement about?
I like very much this painting by Van Gogh..?
Why is it in sculpture and paintings women's breasts are constantly hanging out?
Who was the artist that moved around the feature's of a person?
Is ink wash same as water color? explain the different please if any?
I have a painting from Collectors Corner, Inc. with a Certificate of Authenticity. Is it worth anything?
Ready For A Trick Question? How Many Actual Colors Did The Artist Use In This Painting?
how do i get a value of a painting by helen van wyk?
Caravaggio Paintings?
Where can i find a white house paint by number?
Can you use oil paint on a mirror?
Is There any Indian Site for Artists?
Can you sell antique paint?
Can you paint over a graphite drawing?
Can any one remember the name of the artist that sang love overload?
What should I pay for a pair of Alfred De Breanski paintings?
Do all the colors o' the rainbow really mix together to form white?
What style do you paint in?
what is the square foot price for painting?
can anyone find me one or two australian artists who have expressed the environments through their artworks?
What is this famous Renaissance painting called?
has anyone ever heard of A J Dupree the painter?
What kind of paint should be used for body paint?
What does anyone think of Salvidor Dali's paintings?
Are there any oil painting schools in San Francisco that are NOT part of a college/university?
Can anyone tell me any info about this painting?
Wrong varnish for oil painting?
What painting do you like best?
can anyone make a stencil for a tshirt for me?
Have you seen the photo of "Pricasso" painting a portrait?
how much is a genuine A Sehring painting worth?
Why aren't christian era artists recognized?
Can you use canvas boards instead of canvases?
I'm looking for a print by Will Moses called,"School Stinks". Any chance in finding it?
Who is the artist of this painting?!?!?!?
ART or CRAFT .....what is the difference?
What should i paint for mom as a gift for her birthday?
Looking for information on an artist named Temple.?
Where can I find modern art work for sale?
can i paint over varnish and with what paint?
what artist is this? children as insects and other weird stuff?
Where is The Death of Marat by Jacques-Louis David currently on display?
beginner guitarist question?
is it true that leonardo da vinci predicted helicopter before it was actually invented?
IPad2 stylus and paint brush?
Looking for anyone who might have info on UK artist Warner Hoople, watercolours of W. Texas oilfields.?
I saw a painting by Graciela Rodo Boulanger and need help identifying it.. and need more info?
Main Focus / Manifesto of Fauvism?
How much is String art worth?
Spraying black spray paint onto bike?
How can I get an Mystery Island Paint Brush (Easily)?
I painted a mug with acrylic paint, what do I do now?
Do the paints really matter in Watercolor painting?
What color should I paint my bedroom?
how to paint a rainbow with watercolors, 10 points?
What are some of your favorite paintings that are famous or it doesnt have to be famous?
An ancienty cave containing a mural of 55 panels on the life of BUDDHA has been recently discovered at?
Is it just the original art of an artist that increases in value or do prints too?
Why do people spend thousands on those paintings have one blob of paint on it? Seriously.?
Who painted this picture?
what is your favorite color crayola?
Education in Painting?
Help to identify this painting?
question about spray painting plastic?
;).. $_$ what should I paint?! ?
Please does anyone know some thing about an artist called JP Hull would be very grateful for any information?
does acrylic paint wash out with water?
african painting of jesus baptism?
Che Painting with no Signature?
Can I get ball point pen off my oil painting?
How can i make a frame for a painting?
If you ran a museum and someone?
Any famous ceramic/pottery artist who's work is colourful?
where do you sell your art?
Where is the painting Guernica currently?
Please help me, I need information about this?
Need help identifying a painting.?
What does Mary Cassatt usualy paint with?
Painting Of Eagle Wearing a Coat?
Where to buy large, cheap, stretcher bars for painting canvases?
I'm learning to paint?
What materials did Michelango use in his paint to paint the Sistine Chapel?
Things that are painted red?
How can I clean oils out of their mixing cups?
My moms aunt wants to buy a painting.?
what is the meaning of nuns having gas mask in paintings and tattoos?
What pictorial space is used in melancolia I by Albrecht Dürer?
can you paint with oil paints whilst pregnant?
How do you successfully paint over paper- both sides?
When you paint with acrylics is it good practice...?
What can I say about this painting? (Franz Marc)?
Questions about different paints?
Can freezing or baking make oil paint dry faster?
what are vincent van gogh's interests?