What Pollock Etching is this?
Can you roll a watercolor painting and it be ok?
What Kind Of qualities Did Leonardo Da Vinci Possess ?
Please help colour question!!!!!!!!?
what would you like to create\invent?
what the painting of Fernando Amorsolo, Planting Rice depicts?
cost of chinese art brush?
Looking for a LARGE version of Van Gogh's Almond Blossoms 1024x768 at least?
I have a painting from THE ART CENTER GALLERY in Laguna Beach, CA signed JENSEN.Floral oil paint OLD!Help!?
What would be a nice gift to a painter?
How much would an original oil painting sell for?
In which gallery is "The Village Wedding" by Sir Samuel Luke Fildes?
Vincent Van Gogh???
The movement by artists to paint outdoors was facilitated by ________.?
How do you find if an artist is listed?
I'm a graduate/fine art painter/tutor/lecturer who wants to work from home...?
I am just completed paint techanology , what field did i choose marketing or R&D?
do boys like art.............?
Does any one know how to do those cool swirls with paint?? i hve been trying to figure it out.?
Lafosse & Jalabert?
Does any1 know anything about charles blackmanm and his paintings?
How to get a vintage look to my artwork?
Someone can tell me anything about artist (painting) Tymothi W.Sharp?
I am supposed to do a 6' bullfight painting and for cheap. Will Banner Bond paper work?
where can i see frida kahlos paintings?
Do fairys exsist?
Are there any correlations between cat color and personality?
what type of silk screen...?
Paintings and photographs that feature the themes of doppelganger or doubles?
How do I paint with water colour?
Is there any difference between acrylic gesso and acrylic primer used for decorating?
what is the name of the paint that doesnt smell?
painting help needed?
How do you know how much a certain painting is worth?
Do u like this painting??? (pic) :)?
Does anyone know where I can sell my original paintings on-line?
What is your opinion on Henri Matisse' art work?
does anyone know an artist first name starting with A and I think last name Cioppon?
what style is this artwork?
infomation on Dan Kelly?
who painted "dont work hard work intelligent"?
Help with art hw?.."select three different paintings or photographs write down the dominant...?
what animals do you think represent the 7 deadly sins?
Looking for a textured artist?
what did hundterwasser like to paint and what materials did he use in his art /?
Present: Artist Sketch Book...?
what is the difference between pornography and a painting of a nude person?
Want to sketch!!?
I'm actually cupid and I'm working on only one painting for Valentines day?
when did bob ross die?
I live in Ipoh Perak, where to find fixative for pastel drawing? I also try online but did not find it?
Can someone paint a canvas for me please?
Does anyone know the name and/or artist of a painting of a young girl with red hair holding a book (bust)?
What message was Goya trying to send when he painted Charles the IV and his family?
Can anyone tell me what this person is using to paint with?
When working with acrylics , Is it better to have a medium with it ?
How do I make clear paint?
Know of more paintings like this one?
What do I loosen black oil paint with (I have no linseed)?
Who did this abstract piece and who else does abstract art like this?
Certain painting?
i want some recommendations on what to draw for my oil painting class... easy please im a beginer?
Who is this a portrait of?
How much are Francisco Ribera Gomez original signed oil paintings worth?
How do you pronounce this artist's last name-Peter Doig? Thanks!?
where can I find thomas kinkade prices?
Watercolours! How to use them! Please help?!!?
Artists that explore time or ageing in their work?
I am looking for a link to the image or at least the title of a Norman Rockwell Painting.?
Am I able to change my course of study?
What is twentyfive percent of sixthousand dollars?
Will using a spray varnish over gouache help keep the paint from chipping & peeling?
what color symbolizes sincerity?
Presidential Portraits and Vice Presidential Busts?
I am just getting into Oil Painting. Ultimately I would love to paint like Mr. Thomas Moran. Is that possible?
What was Leonardo Da Vinci's most expensive painting?
a quote by andy warhol, what do you think it means?
why do religious images in the midieval period tend to use highly stylized or abstract art?
Help On Tagging Names?
What is a highly saturated complementary color?
I need to paint a blue morpho, but I couldn't find any paintings of it online. Could somebody please help me?
Trying to sell my artwork, where to begin!?
Has anyone ever hard ofan Artist named Peers who painted clowns?
Can a finished oil painting be toxic?
What is the name of this Cecily Brown painting, link below?
What is the name of your favorite painting?
does anyone have a gallery to sell my art work?
I am looking for art by Don Townsend. He is a Sgraffito artist.?
Can i spray paint my room?
What shade is Heliconia?
Michelangelo or Leonardo Da Vinci - who was better?
how do i paint bricks?
what is the best kind of paint to use on wood ?
help i need to find some painting ideas?
What is the best city to pursue an art career?
has any one tried the paint zoom from the informocial?
Name artisits who used vegetables or other objects to form landscapes or portraits likeGiuseppe Arcimboldo?
Who was the most influential artist (painter) of all time?
I have an old Tin?
catherine bruni?
What is this famous piece of art called?
Is white Castle harem?
Virtual Nighthawks?
Microsoft paint question.?
please explain to me the differences of types of paint?
why most of male painters portrait nude paintings of females ?
Can I use artists oil paint on a metal mailbox?
What color is love?
Can you help could help me identify this painting?
Has anyone heard of Deborah Kass?
Which of the following is the best example of high contrast painting?
I have the canvas, The easel, The smock and the beret. I have the paints and the brushes, Now what is the ?
i think ive invented a new colour?
Does the late artist Bob Ross make you fall asleep?
Is Paul Cezanne's painting Apples and Oranges a successful piece of artwork?
How do I know if something I have is valuable?
What websites allow you to display your paintings in a virtual setting?
Hi there! where can I find a place to sell "world largest fully colored hand written Quran"?
My mother in law has painted a horrid canvas picture of me?
How to paint a mural on a concrete sidewalk?
If you had the chance would you destroy the mona lisa?
How much would a portrait by Leon Franks be worth?
paintings by Julius Von Payer?
What do you love best...?
who worked on paint frescoes in the private office of pope?
What is Thomas Cole's painting style?
What are the consequences if your caught doing graffiti?
Does anyone know where I can find a kid's art smock - either at a store or online?
a process that uses grease and water to reproduce many prints is called?
what your favorite color?
Do people Like Watercolor paintings?
Does anyone know value of Adolph Treidler artist, picture The Moorings Paget, he signed it?
Where was the Oriental Poppies painted in?
How To Put In A Spiral Stretcher?
Who was watercolor artist Edward Hoffer? Where can I find any info about him?
Can anyone identify the artist of this sketch?
What is the best oil paint medium ?
need info about van gogh?
How can I make my own website to show my artwork for sale.?
Opinions please!!!!!?
how much does a painting instructor (in a community college) get paid?
Are Bob Ross oil paints similar to any oil paint?
Is there an artist who paints flowers and how they change?
How do the artists Caravaggio and Da Vinci represent the humanism of the renaissance?
what is medium used for in painting?
Was the Mona Lisa ever stolen?
Is an oil underpainting necessary on a store bought triple primed canvas?
Do you like this Audrey Hepburn painting?
What is the color green added to the color orange?
Is there an emmett kelly or emmett kelly jr. oil painting reading a street journal?
Why do Roy Lichtenstein used comic strips in his painting?
i need help with my canvas painting?
what is hyphe?
Why do painters wear white?
What technuiques were used to create the painting Weeping Nude by Edvard Munch?
what do I need to do to launch an art exhibition?
If I clean my brushes real good, could I switch from oils to acrylics?
gouache vs distemper vs watercolor?
If you were a painter ?
Which website can you find the artist named Shah Moin??
Can anyone name some grad schools in North America with programs for Art Restoration?
Moving paintings?
A color called "Passion Purple" is made by mixing 5 oz of red paint with 9 oz of blue paint. What percent of P?
What should I paint for my aunt?
Why did Raphael choose to draw those people on the painting, school of athens?
Art technique? Please help?
I need a blue colour begining with H?
i have a print signed by arthur j elsley bought around 1900 and wanted to know how much this would be worth?
I want to paint this model.?
before I paint some oil colors on the paper do I need to add something mix up the colors?
How effective is chain mail? Pass it on.?
There are 3 artists named James Cole. How do I find out which artist did my painting? I have asked art folk.
did frida kahlo have any brothers and sisters if she did what are thier names?
what is a representational composition? What is a non-objective composition?
Who is the painter J. Montejo. I believe he is from Spain?
how to market paintings from india?
What should I do to help my mother?
Is there anywhere I can buy a David Bromstad Painting?
Will epoxy make acrylic paint permanent on steel?
which tag name is better?
angelus leather paint?
Who painted this?!?!?!?
I need help identifying this piece?
Is this cheating?
Who Would buy a Original by Re. William Gilpin???
Hi, Anyone Knows where I can get Chrome paint in Canada?
who was the first recognized african/american artist?
Painting by paul deftelsen?
How can I find out the value of my painting?
What is the name of the painting this image is from?
Please help me! I want some paintings which depict unity?
How can I improve my focus while doing artwork?
How much per square foot painting ?
How do you compare and contrast two painting?
Opinions please on this painting that I just finished?
Original painting, stamped b y the illinois molding company, artist is Rugan. Can't' find any info. Help?
What are the similarities and differences between Realism and realistic painting?
Who created the paintings in Donald Faison's apartment in the movie "Skyline"?
Does any1 know anything about charles blackmanm and his paintings?
Why is S.J Peploe an important artist?
Legit source where I can find original hand made canvas paintings?
Where is the cheapest place to buy canvas fabric? for artists?
Can you help me with my drawing?
A designer or artist inspired by cities/architecture etc?
what does the artwork of "The Baptism of Jesus" by Leonardo da Vinci show you?
Where to buy Luminere Paints in Australia?
do you think the artists of the impressionist period were all pretentious w@nkers?
What kind of oil should I use? ?
Painting warm colors and monochromatic?
Good websites to sell my paintings fast?
which is the best paper for water painting?
What are some cool colors to paint your room?
is this good? yes or no?
painting shoes/skateboards?
Is this painting abstract figurative?
Painting Over Enamel Based Clear Coat?
Painting my welding helmet , ideas?
Who was Georgia O'Keeffe?
how do i make paper marbling solution from scratch?
What is a good affordable brand of acrylic pant?
Where can I buy those large jugs of acrylic paint?
Who is Misha Lenn?
Whats your favourite Colour?
What made you want to be an artist?
can you use a sketch paper work with oil pastels?
What kind of paint should I use on a Vinyl Toy?
Who painted Mona Lisa ?
Where is the best place to Sell paintings online?
Colors used -calla lily turned away painting?
who painted the famous friesco "The last supper"?
What is Cubism and who invented it?
How to paint a home office complimenting an Charles & Ray Eames ESU desk?
How to make prints from an original painting?
Painting sites?
does anyone know what michael angelo was famous for (like what paintings ect)?
Can you oil paint on anything other than canvas?
how much to charge for a commission?
Recommended Artists for a Portrait?
What artist's work is the most stolen?
What should i wear while air brushing paint models??
favorite colors?
I need to find a painting...?
Any artists who base their work on real events?
Why is Art considered so important?
What comes to mind when you hear 'fine arts'?
What should i paint? (watercolor)?
how is paper made?
Where can I go to get interpretation of Gustav Klimt's Beethoven's frieze?
I have an original wajih nahle do i know what it is worth?
did van gogh paint the scream?
where can i sell my antiquities like bronze ashtrays, cups, etc. and papyrus painting here in manila?
artists that use cultural themes?
what's your favourite colour?
First Time painting............?
Can anyone suggest me some goods sites for Canvas Painting? Thanks?
What year did Renoir paint The Skiff/La Yole?
What does the color yellow mean?
how can i tell if a painting is an original oil painting or a lithograph?
what style of these artists ?
Does any one know were I can sell my paintings either on the internet or in Greenville S.C?
Any information on Derbyshire artist Robin Gibbard?
I have picture by Elizabeth Brownd with bronze background and blue Iris's as picture. Cant find this picture
What colour describes engagement?
Do you think Hitler was a good artist ?
can you use computer paper for charcoal, oil pastel, acrylic paint, and tempera paint drawings?
Hanging Paintings: Eye-level means…what?
Who is C.Burton (artist)?
Anyone know what the name of this painting is?
What's a good cleaner to use for paint brushes, when using acrylic paint?
Who was the German painting guy on PBS?
Does anyone know the artist of a painting of a girl with a skull face and red background?
Hans Skalagard? Anyone...Anyone...??
I want to paint my guitar?
Sunrise 1872 painting by Claude Monet has what type of pattern, form, color and line?
what sort of materials did picasso use to paint his cubist pictures?
how can i make a picture of my dog (by using water color) if he's white?
if you could be reborn in any era of art, which would it be?
Would Painting a Room twoo colors help it appear bigger or smaller?
what kind of paint do i need?
Can anybody tell me the website of the tricky museum in japan?It contains paintings that people can interact.?
Anybody know the artist (painter), Earnest Wood?
Is spray painting easy?
How many layers of gesso should I apply to a tummy cast?
Question about the Mona Lisa?
Need to know the name of the artist, his artworks are rooms with objects not in scale?
Art analysis help!!!!!!?
how do you clean a paint brush with mineral sprits?
Where can I display my art?
Does anyone here have an experience to share about their use of Pearl Paint line of fine art brushes?
Help on a painting?
who is this artists again?
Jean Michel Basquiat paintings.....?
Information on "The Accolade" painting by Edmund Blair Leighton?
can we use masking tape on paper for acrylic painting?
Besides flowers, lambs and rainbows, what reminds you of spring?
Can a person learn to paint and draw well if they never demonstrated any special talent for it?
help........ need help getting my paintings seen, any ideas?
Can you use Enamel paint in air brush?
Help with POV/perspective of a church window?
Who has marilyn monroe clothes now ?
What three points about Picasso describes his style?
How to do glass painting?
Is Art History going to create lasting experiences?
Can i enjoy Vatican museum without a guide?
What was the name of the musician that had a mental illness and made paintings, most notably of his own death?
How should I paint my Ked's?
Being exposed to toxic train paint?
When is it legal to add a picture of a famous painting to an essay?
What do you think about my art work?
Whats an air brush design?
how do i duplicate something in paint tool sai?
Is it okay to clean my paintbrushes with bleach?
What is a good oil painting medium which will leave a matte flat surface.?
I am trying to find out the name of a painting I saw at the Art Institute of Chicago. Can you help?
how can i paint this kind of paintings? i have no single idea about painting?
what is the difference between gloss and matte medium for acrylic paint?
I forget; What type of art is painting on a wall to make it look like a window?
Thinking about painting my room any suggestions?
What paint is good to use on guitars?
Whats your favourite colour?
what inspired leonardo da vinci to paint?
I'm a beginner at painting with acrylics.....I love it but I'm horrible at there any hope?
collecting Art for pleasure and profit?
where can i buy phosphorescent paint or powder (glow in the dark paint or powder) in my area? (philippines)?
Is it possible to learn to be a very good artist even though I have no talent/gift whatsoever?
Can I make art my profession without selling my paintings? Hate parting with them & art is my calling! HELP!?
Where can i get high quality images of famous paintings?
Children Play Paints And Artist Paints?
Is it OK to sell artwork that is a replica?
Preserving watercolors?
How much should I sell a painting for?
How should I arrange my paintings?
Painting Canvas Shoes?
Is the colour black ALL of the colours or NONE of the colours?
how do i paint what i feel?
Making a difference?
How do you clean a paint brush after using it for oil paint?
I am 23 yr old guy, engineer. Lately i am having an erge to learn some art? like guitar or dancing or painting?
Why do people go to a museum?
I am artistically gifted but can't decide whether or not to put my time and efforts towards...?
can you hate someone who you have never met?
how do I remove oil based ink from a silk screen?
Can you paint regular acrylic paints on non-fired pottery??
how do you download paint not gust where you paint things?
what's your favourite color??!?
biography on 20th century artist marc selva?
Why style of paintings did Titian do?
diego rivera painting.?
How do you get your drawing colored in on ms paint without it coloring like the background and other stuff?
What do you think of "Student Works" painting?
What is the name of the artist who cleverly disguises bible verses in tree trunks, and fence posts?
Can anyone help me find this painting?
Why should I learn to paint if all I have to do is put a black streak on a canvas and charge $600, no frame?
what art period best describes van gogh?
9X12 Heavy Sketchbook by Michael Roger Press, Inc.?
what can anyone tell me about cubism?
paper on Leonardo Da Vinci help me?
Where can I find information on one of monet's paintings?
What does Frida Kahlo's "Memory" picture describe?
Can you patent or copyright a style of art?
How might photography and painting be merged to create a piece of art?
Thomas Kinkade?
what are some famous paintings and who are they by?
who painted this?
was the mona lisa stolen once????
what's so mysterious about monalisa's smile?
Who is your favorite painter?
do you like my art ? how do i get it out to people and sell it ?
WWII art ideas?
my son has just left school and is looking for a job with a painter and decorater anybody intersted coatbridge
I have a 36x30 BARBARA MOCK print, Flowers & Blue Porcelain. I need info and value.?
Guttering or the liquid stuff?
how would u describe hard edge painting..?
an artist named?
Where can I find such paintings....?
Can someone answer this question?
What's the best web site for art appraisal?
Floral Canvas Art Painting Wanted. Please advise main source?
How did Picasso changed the visual language when he came up with Cubism?
artist born in Vilnius and now living in USA. Painted scenes of the holocaust and expulsion from their homes?
Vincent Van Gogh helpp pleasee!?
How can I straighten a painting that has been punched out so now there's a protruding bump in canvas center
Most popular paintings in Art Institute of Chicago?
Could someone draw this for me?
The Virgin and Child with St. Anne help with this painting?
Any cool or fancy names for face painting?help pls....?
Name of the technique in art?
What are some small round objects i can paint for art?
how can i get a copyright for mt panting works?
Is this a good painting?
Want To Analyze This Work in Progress For Fun?
Which collection by Thomas Kinkade is the most popular?
Water color storage?
Who misses Bob Ross?
why is the sky blue!?ihave to know!?
What is your opinion on this painting?
Are people naked under body paint?
I want a magical Mystical Door and don't know how to make one. Help?
how do I sale my paint, you know somebody who is intresteng in buying conteporany paint?
Can I use Fountain ink as Drawing ink?!?
Acrylic paints/Markers on drumsticks?
if red is blue and green is orange, then what is purple?
René Magritte - The lovers?
can you see a print screen picture without paint?
Im trying to find the owner of a painting i have had for years, Please Help!?
hi i have a original paint by chand bibi i wanna know the worth.?
I have clown paintings by an artist Jack Cooley or Jack Coaley?
plz rate my painting?
What are some famous landmarks by the sea?
im in an artistic mood and want to draw something but what should i draw?
Art question about Renaissance?
What is the name of the Salvador Dali painting with the lady sleeping on the beach?
Looking to find out where the painting "Who do you love" is from Fred Morgan.?
a reletive has given me a water colour painting by m.e.ibbs 1840 curiouse about it?
Revenge in artwork?
What is the highest amount anyone has ever paid for an oil painting?
What is the name of this Robert Wood painting/print?
World War 1 Artist "Adrian Hill", anyone heard of him?
List random objects that I could turn into a surrealist painting!!!?
how do you properly prepare a canvas before painting?
What is the content of Fisherman's Cottage on the Cliffs at Varengeville by Monett?
Best paint to use on Converse Chuck Taylors?
are Paul Klee's paintings part of an Art movement?
Any1 know anything bout a painter from 60's,70's named octavia thompson,mainly oil,sunset with windmills?
painting...what brushes to use...?
what is the wild girl painting?
How to paint a snowboard (with oil paints)?
What is unusual about Red Vinyard at Arles by Vincent Van Gogh?
christmas face painting ideas?
glow in the dark paint?
I need to know the artist of this piece of artwork.?
Can anyone identify this signature?
Graffiti artists, should they be allowed to deface our public property?
why are artists remembered (visual artists)?
Can you sell oil painting reproductions if they were done by famous artists? Does anyone know the copyright?
Do you know of any artists who represent the sea or water in any form?
Advice for painting on those pre-stretched canvases?
This may seem like a dumb question, but I'm really not sure?
Which color should I paint my room?
What type of paint should i use to paint the droid 2 global's shell?
Do any Professional Face Painters know where to buy paint in uk?
Can I use an oil-based paint marker on top of dry oil paint?
An expert has claimed to have unravelled the mystery behind the Mona Lisa painting, what are your views?
Are there art competitions for new miniature artists? How would I start?
has anyone been successful at selling your paintings?
Drawing and painting on walls?
Any sources on Salvador Dali?
Acrylic vs oil paints?
Why would you say that Apollo and Daphne is one of Bernini's greatest work?
Painter named Nansen?
Shy deep male arty types. Would you mind a woman making the first move?
How do I make tube paint thicker?
Anyone know the name of a huge napoleonic(?) war painting at the Musee D'Orsay?
Name of artist who always places a small airplane in every one of his paintings, mainly scenic portraits?
where do we get to buy staedtler colour pencils i b'lore?
baroque vs. renaissance ART?
what kind of techniques can i use to make my poster colour painting better?
favorite color(s)?
ive got a really strange picture signed mito 1924 any any ideas who this is?
Do you prefer Surrealism or impressionism paintings more?
:Looking for the name of a 17th or 18th century oil painting of Moor.....?
How to personalize my guitar??? HELP!?
Schizophrenic Artist???
what piece of art has a bull bucking in the dust, with steam coming out of his nostrils?
Why did Vincent Van Gogh cut his ear?
how can i find a larmoyeux painting?
Kris Marcovich & Kelli Murray style?
How to achieve a skin color?
I have a painting in the artist's country of Bolivia O Voelkel. with his signature on the bottom right corner.?
guitar painting AND CLEAR COAT CRACKING?
what type of color should i use in sand painting ( available in India)?
Graffiti:Why is it going mainstream!?
Any one familiar with "Woman with a book" by Pablo Picasso? if so, what did the painting represent.?
If I leave peice of art (acrylic on canvas) in my apt while I'm gone for the summer, will it warp?
Is Pablo Picasso considered a latino painter?
Photographers who "specialize" with flowers.?
What color is love?
Ok i'm looking for a Michelangelo BOOK THAT has alot of pictures! Cause my brother doesn't like to read! lol?
What do you like/ dislike about this image?
Who is the artist of the "girl with no face" in the Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum?
Can u help me with my painting If it has any value ?
Painting called The Oxbow by Thomas Cole?
How do I blend/blur in Corel Painter Essentials 4?
where can i find horse painting sold at target early last year?
Modern artist?
Cheapest art supplies online?
When you paint with acrylic paint, do you freestyle paint,or sketch the drawing out on a piece of paper first?
List of artists who make portraits from objects?
What would you classify Alex Pardee's art as, And name some similar artists ?
soft pastels (advice)?
artist martin uzalefsky?
What kind of style did the artist Rene Magritte have?
What kind of paint is used for painting windows (ex. 1/2off Sales ) outsides of businesses?
What is the meaning of Van Gogh's Starry Night?
A group of painters from the 19th century that used sunlight to affect their style was known as?
What was the primary difficulty in difficulty in drawing and releasing the bow?
Why use nude subjects in paintings?
What art movement is associated with Van Dycks 'Renaldo and Armida'?
How should I go about liquidating items in my aunt's estate, especially her artwork?
who is Jacob Rothcov?
What do you think about this one?
How do unknown artists set the prices on their paintings?
Picaso print The lovers number 12 of 100 signed by the artist.?
name of hand painting china company starts with dopl???? made Lido W. S. George Canarytone 18??
Artists who paint dramatic faces/people?
Daily painting practices I can do?
What do you think makes an abstract painting pleasing.?
how To sell artwork? how can I sell my paintings?
Why do artists use oils?
Analysis rather than a description?“Tree of Architecture.”?
What colors should I paint my planets for my project?
Need help identifying a surrealistic painting online of a cluster of buildings over a rivery landscape?
would like any information on a painting bought in Dallas TX by john Hansen the artist?
What are some good ideas on what to paint?
what color do red and blue make?
What is the meaning of Victorio Edades' work "The Sketch"?
Is green a shade of blue?
Who are some AVANT-GARDE artists & singers?
What is the original size of "His Station and Four Aces" by C.M. Coolidge?
h.m bennett painting would like info about him?
What Type of Art is this Called? (Pics Included)?
I am looking for a Derek Hobbs,Painter?musician whko lives in the S.F./ Bay area.?
is there a painting named "the ring leader" by prudence turner?
Can anyone give me tips on drawing and painting?
Is forged artwork still valuable?
ferrarese school - who exactly is the painter?
How to save an oil painting painted on acrylic gesso?
Is there an art gallery in London that has artwork by georgia o'keeffe?
What happened to Otto Dix's paintings The Butcher Shop (1920)?
Where is the support?
How do you paint blood and rust? (silent hill fans welcome)?
Does anyone know the name of the artist featured on LA Ink?
How to get rid of Oil Paint in my paint brush?
You guys did so great; Would you Critique this painting please?
What are these things called?
Who is Florence Ezzell Stevenson?
Where can i buy Permanant Silver Fabric paint in the UK?
Oil Painting?
What is your favorite work of art and why?
who discovered electricity, i know its benjamen somebody but i know u guys would know!?
What is valuable tubes?
What kinda picture should I paint?
Where can I find information on one of monet's paintings?
painting of the ocean?
Does anyone know an acrylic painting course online that I can take? Or A dvd I can buy?
I need to find approx. value of a nude painting by a hungarian artist ,birth date 1925 Name: Koros ,24x36?
Would taping coins into my art sketch book and carelessly thrashing paint on it be considered art?
How much is a stain glass painting of beauty and the beast worth?
Who is the painter (that I believe current and still alive) that paints the scenes changed by light?
Do you know any famous flower artists?
If a manufactoring company was to mass produce paint stirrers, what materials and techniques would they use?
"Abraham's Sacrifice" by Rembrandt?
Transferring sketch onto canvas. ?
which museum exibits edvard munch's sream?
What are the artistic, formal elements used in this painting?
who is the artist of this painting?
A type of paint that works for...?
what can you use for a top coat to stop paint from peeling?
Who Would buy a Original by Re. William Gilpin???
What's good paper to practice painting on?
Whats your favorite color?
How to tint glass lens?
How has the postmodernism era shaped and changed the way we perceive artists and their work?
Can you paint glass with acrylic paint?
Can anyone tell me about the native american artist Fred Beaver?
does everybody know who Dali is?
Can you describe a Fresco Painting?
Please tell me the name of an oil painting done in 1973 by August Holland?
fibers coming out of my primed canvas +painting?
What is the best colour to glaze a sea scape with?
Is the sistine chapel a cathedral?
Is painting a mural on a guitar hippe-like?
does any one know of an art gallery looking for new artist , i am a young talented artist in plenty of ways?
What size paint brush do I use for a watercolor painting of a flower?
What's the name of this Dali painting?
How can I paint a wooden sword and have it be temporary? (for cosplay purposes)?
Can anybody tell me about this painting?
Is It Illegal To Spray Paint A Rock?
what makes a painting like van goghs "sunflowers" great or his painting of blue cart in the field?
is bob ross, the painter, still on tv?
What painting is this?
why does oil painting takes too long to dry ?
how to you paint a rose from a photo with acrylic? Thx!?
how to paint a design?
quote by painter Manet - "the perfect painting is that which the public does not want to see"?
Help finding paint it??
Is a bunch of dots art?
Help with name of a painting.?
How did andy warhol create his art?
Ideas for a canvas painting?
Are my paintings good?
How difficult is watercolor painting?
Etoile Bleue's painting?
where can i buy caps for spray paint cans?
Who is your favorite artist? DaVinci? or Michelangelo?
Which painting is your favorite?
What painting medium to learn beside oil??
Wyeth Lederle?
I saw a Russo oil painting at a yard sale and am wondering if anyone knows what it might be worth ?
How exactly do you use oil paint?
what to splatter paint?
What type of paint do I use to paint Wall Art?
What is my painting worth?
How to basically start over on painters canvas?
Who is the French painter who painted water lilies even as he was going blind?
make gray color on water based color?
i need some fantsy based paintings made with chalk or oil pastel?
r der any nail artist out der...?
What is this impressionism painting?
Describing Demuth's work..?
modding painting laptop?
Can You put Painting over wall papers?
need someone with educated opinion/expertise on fine italian renasance artwork?
Who's the artist that painted colored squares?
is oleo por Paul Giudicelli a self portrait?
got a mexican oilpainting,24by 36 womon old frame?
Famous Western Cowboy Paintings?
How do I start over with an acrylic painting? White paint or gesso?
Hobby Lobby Canvases?
Why is it that people don't smile in old paintings?
How can you paint a bathing suit to 'customize' it more?
Why did Wayne Thiebaud...?!?
I would like to get my portrait painted like this. Where would I go to get this done?
ever seen a painting that looked soooo real,had the history told and brought tears to your eyes..because...?
Does acrylic paint puddle when applied to a synthetic surface?
Who leaves eight open cans of paint lying around?
What should i paint using watercolors?
i like to do oil painting but i have problem with colour mixing, i dont get my desired colous.what should i do
How much is this painting worth ?
I'm working on a new painting, and was wondering about the combination of different paints...
Do you think Mona Lisa was a real woman per "recent findings"?
Where can I get Ravi Varma paintings prints in Chennai?
What type of paints are best for someone starting out painting art?
Who painted this: a lone man standing on the peak of a tall mountain surrounded by cloud. and it's windy.?
What is so great about Mark Rothko's paintings? Do you like them?
Can enamel and other paints of this nature be used in a cake,tatoo airbrush?
Who is Andy Warhol?
who is your favorite visual artist?
Can some one tell me the name of the Painter that was on LA INK who got a self-portrait of a 1440's painting?
Is this called Street Art?
What 6 women paintings by Willem de Kooning were in his Janis show in 1953?
Etoile Bleue's painting?
Bedroom painting ideas?
Paint My Shoes Please Help me ?
are there any painters that work using squares of paint with their work looking slightly pixelated?
What happens if you drop wintergreen oil onto brown paper?
anyone have info on Mark King the painter and what his stuff sells for?
what color does yellow and blue make?
Paint your own mugs and glass's?
When Is it too late to BECOME AN ARTIST....???
Can I get sued for having a piece of classic art as an album cover?
who painted 'the light of the world"?
i need some ideas for a biology painting?
Cleaning paintbrushes?
Has anyone heard of Livingston Galleries in NY from yrs ago?
how can i make a portfolio to show people that won't cost me ???
What is the family background of Juan Luna?
If a picture has acrylic paints used in it, what type of painting would the picture be?
How has Jackson Pollack's abstract expressionist paintings, made life better for human beings?
What are these green marks on my oil painting ?
What's the colour called which is a lilac pink?
What kind of clothes should you wear to a beginning water colour class?
I have a new painting company, What should I name it? Please Help?
Help with this Picasso painting please, URGENT?
I have just recieved my GCSE exam paper?
please judge my painting...?
Are there any correlations between cat color and personality?
need photoshoppedty?
How do i apply a paint over previous layer of paint on a canvas without mixing the colors?
Does anyone know the title of this painting?
would like to find a non firing glaze to apply over ceramic tile that is hard and will withstand heat?
Can you please help me with this?
Who did the faceless business man.?
erotic artwork question?
What are the most famous/recognizable paintings?
Where can i buy Posco paint pens?
Artists/Photographers who did pieces on the Seven Deadly Sins?
What wouldThe _____ marked the beginning of the Baroque era. you like to ask?
What is the beat place to buy art supplies I want to start a bigger canvas and need paint(oil or acrylic )?
John or Mary in The Last Supper painting?
What do you think of my painting?
glow in the dark paint in austin texas?
How can a youngster like me, be cool like the old people are?
where can i find detailed information on a painting by claude monet?
Can I re-use painted canvas?
What do you think of this painting?
Huntington Ink artists?
Is there a way to paint/dye pleather boots?
Mona Lisa and Leonardo Da Vinci?
How low of a price is too low for a canvased abstract oil painting?
who has ever done it with a brush?
St.Francis of the Desert - Giovanni Bellini?
What do the flowers and candles represent/symbolize in As the old sing, so the young pipe? (top left)?
is it ok to use oil paint on a dog?
What is your favorite painting ? Who is it by ?
Who is this Postmodern artist?
What's your favorite pop Art Painting, and Artist?
i need activites for 2 and 3 year olds to do at daycare?
How do unknown artists set the prices on their paintings?
If you mix pink & blue paint, what color does it make ?
Who is you favorite photographers? why do you like their work and give a description of their work.?
Where can i find nice pictures of flowers in detail to paint?
Is the stupendous painting "Princess Victoria and Rory Emerald" by Sir George Hayter in the Louvre?
Haloween things to sketch?
What is the best paint for printing on t-shirts?
what painting is on the back cover of Danielle Steel's "The Dating Game"?
On Paint on the computer all colors turn out black? Why?
What do you think of my painting:)?
Can someone please help me identify this painting or what the story behind it is?
Which hues should I use for a traditional triad?
Can this sort of faded effect be achieved with acrylics? *pic*?
what materials do I need to paint on wood and glass?
Why is the Mona Lisa the most famous painting in history?
Do you think the best way to learn how to paint is to copy pictures?
If you could live inside a painting, which would it be?
Leonardo da Vinci's "The Last Supper" and linear perspective?
Does anyone know of any modern anti-war artists (ww1 onwards) that i can research for an art project?
How to mix acyrilic paint for perspective in landscape painting and flesh tints in portraits?
Jaitun oil uses for what purpse?
renaissance artist's name?
Color-Field Painting was associated with what artist?
what do you think about these colours?
whats the best spray paint to buy at walmart for graffiti?
have oil painting signed k. richter, can someone ID?
I have an painting signed by T.Grudzinski or J.Grudzinski does anyone know anything about this person?
what do you think of my new painting.?
What artists use a form of 'combination' in their work?
how much acrylic retarder should be put in a certain amount of acrylic paint?
What inspired or influenced Salvador Dali to paint "Cannibalism in Autumn"?
Of 500 lithographs is the first or last of the 500 the most valuable as of Salvador Dalis works.?
People who are left-handed are artistic geniuses, including Albert Einstein, Leonardo De Vinci, Picasso,?
is a close painting of a person's face from memory a violation of copyright?
Looking for info on an artist-C. Dantsy-Horvath!?
Hi, I am a teacher and i want to do something fun with my class i don't have any suplies What should i do!!!!!?
Where can I go to buy paint?
Oil pastel and turpentine--able to mix into a paint-like substance?
What famous artists have painted insects?
whenever I am in London I visit the Tate Gallery, But I went to see The?
i found a picture of a nude lady by earl moran. was he famous. is my pic worth$$.?
What is the name of the artist who paint pictures of roses on woman's bodies?
Art and craft tv show?
Question for art lovers?
Are those Bob Ross' "Joy of Painting" kits really worth the money?
Which art utensil (oil pastels, watercolor paint, art paint, soft pastels, color pencils)?
Do you like graffitti? Tell me what you think of mine.?
Can you use acrylic paint on unprimed wood?
How Can I Paint My Cello?
Bright colors over black acrylic paint?
Need help identifying a famous painting!?
How to i make a retro type drawing?
Whats the name of the painting of a woman in a white dress, floating, with arms folded across her stomach?
what should the subject for my next painting be?
what is the victorian scroll metal peice that I have seen underneath paintings. Its only decorative. thanks?
Who is the Austrian Painter Ernst Karger?
I really want to sell my pastel paintings?
i did a scetch on a piece of paper and wasa wondering how to get it onto a canvas so i could paint it.?
Discuss the development of landscape painting in art from ancient times to the Baroque.?
what is a difference between view painting and photograph?
example of twenty-first centuries art or architecture?
What makes art priceless?
what is the name of a blue flag with yellow Fleur-de-lis and white stripe?
harris pictures?
Cool paintings to put in a red room?
!!!Salvador Dali, Help!!!?
Name of print by Cornelius Krieghoff from Collection of Edgar F. Tolhurst. Looks like "The River Road" (1855)
Can anyone tell me who this artist is?
How has Cindy Sherman and Frida Kahlo depicted women please help!?
Questions concerning GAC 900 Fabric Painting Medium...?
I have a painting of a palm tree signed andrew?
Art review on the Labyrinth?
where can i find free good and free web sites for my work?
Can you tell a genuine Jackson Pollock painting from a fake one?
I am looking for the original print of a John wayne painting?
Was Vincent van Gogh inspired by renaissance artists?
who was monat?
who was the artist who defined the decade 00 i.e richard ashcroft?
im painting my computer room coral is it a good color??
What should I paint on a huge canvas?
Is krylon the best paint for graffiti ?
Save he ARTS?
how would someone go about selling a painting of martin luther king jr and his wife. have papers to verify?
what is art?
Judgement on Georgia O'Keefe's painting Poppy?
How do i go about graffiti-ing my room?
Colorful creature to paint?
what are some famous artists?
'Oil' Painting on cardboard, (snatched off boxes).. any tips?
Bedroom painting ideas?
Anniversary Gift Ideas for Husband who is a beginner artist?
Trying to find the name of a painting, possibly by Jenny saville?
What should I paint on my canvas?
How good is glidden paint?
Why is it so hard for painters to create a realiztic flesh tone?
Frida Kahlo or Norman Rockwell Trivia Questions needed.?
What would u say was Diego Rivera's syle of painting?
How did Andy Warhol impact the changes that took place in the 1960's?
I am trying to source a copy of a painting of a girl with pigtails in a red dress sitting on a wicker chair.?
What do you think of these?
how did art (painting/sculpture) change during the enlightenment period and who were the most important people
How to face paint someone's face to blend into a tree in the background?
where was Sal Vor Dali born??
Are you good at painting?
In the painting 'the lictors returning to brutus the bodies of his sons"?
need to know the estimated value of a 1923 signed and dated picasso painting called the lovers?
what are the similarities between modern art and contemporary art???
What would u like to ask?
I want to paint?
Artists Who Painted Pearls, Beads, Jewellery Etc?
How do you enjoy the art (paintings especially)?
where can i buy un-stretched prime art canvas for painting in Tokyo, please?
How can you fix an old paintbrush?
can i mix different brands of oil paint?
Does any body know anyone who custom paint Toms for a low price in new york?
Any Suggestions About A Dilemma I’m Facing About The Sale Of A Painting?
Help Please!?!?! Mythology Painting Analysis?
Painting my face white?!?
what artists work with stripes?
jasper francis cropesy susquahanna river 1856 original oil painting location?
how do i paint this?????
What do you think of my painting??????? (picture included)?
My dad has a painting from 1862 we do not have the painting with us right now its in our storage unit?
what do you honestly think of my painting? & what color should i do the backround?
what type is ready mix paint?
Van Gogh or Vincent?
What was jackson pollocks most famous painting?
What are the best type of paints to use on canvases?
Face painting?
Best Crafting Paint Brands?
Where do I find an art collector in my area as I have an oil paint I want to sell?
Why in old paintings and sculptures they make the mans male organ tiny?
how do you keep a paintbrush from losing its form after drying out?
im looking for a certain kind material?
My paint color is new violet by Behr and I don’t know how to style it. Any suggestions?
Who is Maria Luisa Pacheco?
what do you think of my paintings?
What is commercial and artistic value?
Artist as a Career?
Who is your favorite artist?
I need PICTURES!!!!!about the poem a "Rose for Emily" by William Faulkner?
Can I spray paint canvas shoes or will they when I use them?
john piper artwork??
what to paint?????????
Artist Almà Ch: what information can you give me on her?
Is Dawn dish detergent harmful on paint brushes?
need some paint to paint my controller?
Why is there a rape scene in the Primavera by Botticelli?
To find information about art pieces?
i have my art mock exam on monday and i really don't know what to do?
I also have a painting by k. boxy. What was the conclusion on this missing artist?
How much can an beginning artist sell a very passionate, heart felt painting for?
Myra Hindley picture uproar question....?
How do I get stared on my own with oil paint?
What are fun things to paint?
how many shades of red are there?
Can you think of ... ??????????
how do you make horizontal and vertical paintings of various mixed colours on a medium density fibre board?
ARTISTS! Can I use Liquitex brand paint to paint on clothes?
if i do a coat of acrylic paint and let it dry can i paint over it with another color without it blending?
What is a good art school that i could go to in the south east of brisbane?
Are there any Artists that Depicted Class/Social Division?
How much could you expect to get for a hand painted canvas at car boot sale?
I have to face paint for the first time ever in three days. I need ideas and help help help.?
where did this photo come from? who painted it?
a nice' good quality painting set/ brushes and paint for a begining painter?
Which is the mahoney color ?
how do u sketch golden,glamourous chandeliers?
Where can I buy a print/poster of Roy Lichtensteins "We rose up slowly"?
who is f.f. erril?
What is texture in painting?
What is an F.R. register number for a painting?
What type of paint can I use to paint my body?
Do yu know of any artists that use flowers or floral pattern entwined in frames or any other objects, shapes ?
Who is the famous artist who painted with their mouth?
famous, creepy artists and artwork? please help?
What's that neoclassical, or maybe Renaissance, painting of Jesus?
Who is the greatest artist in the world?
Oil or acrylic paint?
Artist's that paints portraits?
does anyone know the artist of this painting?
why does mona lisa have no eyebrows?
What kind of paint should I use on a Vinyl Toy?
Can a fine artist still paint celebritys?
who is the famous painter who painted a painting with 3 horizontal colors?
for all u artists?
Does anyone know how to make or where to find a true black rose?
Still life painting.So what do l choose?
What do you think of the pot i painted?
What is something that is mellow and nice that i should paint on my wall?
Why watercolor paintings are considered less valuable than oil paintings?
How To Turn Permanent Paint To Washable?
what is the meaning behind the paintings i have listed?
Title for painting please!?
is expertvillage reliable?
Calling all creative artists! Project on flappers.?
Medieval period...?
does anyone know of a place where you go in the store pick out a piece of pottery and paint it right there?
Can you help me identify this painting?
I bought a oil painting in a garage sale and there is no signature just a label on the back?
Do you like my painting?
Who is famous spanish artist (painter) that I could find alot of info on?
Anyone know about paintings by Alan D'Estrehan?
Can you use Paul mitchell color with a Redken developer?
Ok i'm looking for a Michelangelo BOOK THAT has alot of pictures! Cause my brother doesn't like to read! lol?
How do I find my LPL Account?
what colour do you get when you mix red and yellow?
Say all you can on this painting?
I have 2 watercolors by tom lynch...both signed with certificates-chicago shores and twilight skyline. Worth?
Out of these artists wich do u like better?
How to paint a mural on a wood frame for first-timers?
Help finding a certain picture?
Famous artists who mix animals with humans?
Would you like to answer 8 questions about your arts practice for my university assignment?
Does bio oil really work?
leonardo da vinc and his contributions........?
Painting Advice Needed!?
Best paint to use on air-dry clay? Acrylic, Oil paints or watercolour?
Can someone tell me if there is any textbook for BFA course which is conducted at College of Arts, Tilak Marg.
Help me name...?
What do you think about this painting that i made?
Blue Shadows Are Bordering The Desktop Icons?
How do you pronounce Edward Degas' surname?
Dance Halls, Cafes, Concerts, and the Theatre were fave subjects of which group of artists?
I need ideas for a face painting contest - The topic is - Rise and Fall. Please suggest something?
Does anyone have any idea what this would be worth without the frame?
Burning vegetable oil to use it as paint?
When painting do you mix your own primer and if so what ingredients do you use?
Where can I get a AtoZ cafe poster?
How can i make this painting ?
Watercolour painting help?
I want to sell some of my paintings from college, but I don't know the best way to get a good price for them?
why does so much art suck?
Is there a website that I can find Robert Owen's clown paintings?
Any artists who paint in a cartoon-ish/animated style?
Presentation Ideas on Leonardo da Vinci?
How did Frida Kahlo die?????????
painting matt paint on metal & plastic?
who painted "unicorn in captivity"?
I have a huge problem with a commission need advice!!??????
Neopets- I'm Gifting Paint brushes <3?
what is the Rene Margritte painting with a bottle and glass full of clouds?
What type of paint works well on imitation leather?
Can someone help me find the artist and name of a painting I'm looking for?
Who loves blue???
Painters whos names starts with a G and ends with a V the g could possibly be a q?
What do you think of my painting? (Pic Included)?
I am looking for a painting or copy of it of a woman reading a book She is in a yellow dress with brown hair.?
Am I infringing on copyright if I post and sell a painting I created of a celebrity?
Which french expressionist artist coined the term "cubist" as a derogatory term?
Who was john singleton copely?
What type of paint do I use to do window painting?
i'm looking for artists that paint people looking lonely/emotional?
Does anyone know about art??
What can I do to get into Arts? Or at least recognised as an artist?
Who are some famous body artists who use airbrush?
If I have a canvas that has acrylic paints on it , can I reuse it ?
anyone knows whats the name of this painting?
How do i sell my art work?
what are the old paintings called that have older fat woman or sometimes men in them?
I want to know about biography of Arnold Rice, who painted SEER in 1995... Will you give it for me? Please...?
oil painting tricks?
Painting ideas for boyfriend?
Does anyone know this painting?
Who is the artist behind SMF (HAHA)?
Did Sandro Botticelli like painting at all?
When painting a vehicle, do you mix the hardener with the clear or the color paint?
what's love?
my fathers art please view?
what is the difference between a fresco and a mural?
Who is the right person to ask if you want to sell a painting, and how will you know its worth?
Do you think there would be marketing value in putting poetry and art together?
painter emily mason?
Painting a storm/screen door black?
Realism, boldness, and action characterize the paintings and sculptures of the Kamakura period.?
What's the difference in paint brush sizes?
How can I age paper?
does white one coat non drip gloss (paint) come out of red hoodies?
What kind of paint do i need?
Can you ship a painting Media Mail?
This term refers to formal balance?
a well known pin-up girl artist?
what should i paint?
What was the highest sum ever paid for a painting?
how long does it take artist's oil paint to dry?
What do you think to my art?
What are the odds of painter throwing three touchdowns against tampa?
Why did Goya paint the "family of Carlos IV"?
who's your favourite contemporary painter, designer or photographer?
Where to find drawings for practice painting?
which is your most favorite colour or colours?
Oil paint mixed with Sand?
Carnegie museum of art photo. Can someone recognize this painting?
how do i draw a rose?
Do you have any good suggestions of music to paint by.?
Is there anything else that can be used instead of fixative on pastels to keep them from smudging?
Where can i find turpentine oil?