What kind of paint will stain clothes?
What symbolism was used in Caspar David Friedrich's painting "Wanderer Above the Mist"?
i want to refurbish my gold chain, but i don't know how to paint it?
does anyone know where i can buy something like this?
Can i dry an oil painting with a hair dryer?
what is your favourite coulour?
why was roman arts better than persian arts?
I am looking for the name of the painting in the Thanksgiving Pottery Barn catalog on page 74.?
Does anybody know of a artist whos last name is Osburn?
how do you make an oil painting look glossy?
Can someone give me some useful information on Van Gogh? I am currently doing a sch project.?
What is a good picture to use for a monochromatic painting?
Robert Bateman- Midnight Black Wolf- Premier Edition 534/950?
Who was leomardo da Vinci?
what do you think influence a person's perception of a work of art?
How do I paint an accurate American flag on a rock?
Which Enrico Prampolini works are on display in the Nationale d'Arte Moderna in Rome?
Why do I feel anxious about the quality of a painting I have bought?
How Many art gallerys in Pitt Meadows???
cray pas junior artist oil pastels question...?
Who is this artist? Some Bullfight painting.?
How do you get dried acrylic paint off of brushes?
what is the art of jackson pollock?
Who is your favorite artist/painter/photography etc?
good at drawing means good at painting ?
I have a painting of a flower signed by S. Dresser. Not real sure on spelling of last name.?
how do you paint a cubism painting?
Mothers day picture frame?
What is the name of the artist that made the image of a woman's head in a spiral over clouds?
reverse harem anime list?
i am looking for a print of a women asleep on a cream sofa?
could anyone tell me who this painting is by and what its titled?
when painting is it ok to put your entire name?
scholarly journals or articles on Edgar Degas's 1899 painting "the four dancers"?
what do you think a Painting is worth if it is on Canvas and it is Oil or Acrylic and signed?
Bella story is coming out great on the canvas sea pearl is romantically appropriate?
Do expensive ( heavy ) acrylic paints make a difference?
Edgar Degas - Ballerine Alla Barra?
What type of piant should I use?????
Question about Painting?
About a human statue costume....?
What kind of groups outside schooling or education can offer the same creative environment?
A new painting in work, tell me your thoughts!!?
How many prominent artists are there in the history of painting? Is there a list of painter's whose paintings
Protective Coating for Murals?
How can I remove oil paint from my paintbrush? How can I maintain it clean?
Can you please give me the name of some artists who specialise in drawing/painting shoes?
Where is a good place to go and see crop circles,why are you so gorgeous, when will I win the lottery whyask?
If you could give this girl a name, what would you name her?
I have a "Charles M Rusell" - "Pipe Of Peace" could be original or could be print, on canvas, how to find valu
Can I have price quotes for wall murals?
what is the best way to produce the impasto technique in acrylic painting on canvas?
Putting a Picasso painting on my Guitar?
What size air brush do I need for painting breyer horses?
Acrylic in Place of Fabric.?
paint brushes and art supply questions?
where can i find the works of the artist named azoulay?
What is the best spray paint to use on leather nike cleats?
i have a paul detlefser painting called close of day can eny one tell me what it is worth?
In the painting "down in his luck" what do you see?
stencil painting( McDonald's)?
Acrylic paint help..?
What is the name of this type of the painting....!?
Where can I go to buy paint?
Which airbrush has the largest spray nozzle?
What makes an artist's work famous???
is the mona lisa a self portrait?
does anyone else see the face on the wall to jesus' left?
What is the artistic movement or style of the mona lisa?
where can i find cheap canvas/ big piece of paper (8x11 feet)?
Oil paint or acrylic paint?
Help me find this painting!?
How to draw rough sketch for oil painting?
How to make natrual paint?
Has anyone ever heard of an artist last name of Vela?
I have an art print by Andreas Betz, a German artist. I'm looking for more info on what it is worth etc...
Can you describe a painting for these objects- forgetfullness, activation, immortality?
what is the first name of the artist Larsen who does ocean, whale, dolphin paintings?
Do i need to paint you a picture?
im thinking of a painting for a birthday?
who sells the art work on a stall in the white rose centre in leeds?
Poll: Survey; I scream......delicious and deadly....?
Looking for the name of a painting?
How can I remove oil paint from my paintbrush? How can I maintain it clean?
Easy Paint Question - What Kind of paint should I use? ?
Is there a name for this type of painting?
Can a Gallery charge you to wire your painting without telling you in advance?
what fine art stores and art gallerys are there in burnley?
what do you know about mughal art(painting)?
Paint tool sai added brushes in elemap not working?
which two colours are required to make orange colour?
Does anyone know the name of the famous Vladimir Lenin painting?
What brand is extreme rainbow paint?
What is the best medium to mix oil paint with?
What is a good way to get fabric paint to dry faster?
Painting an instrument?
Art Movie about these two artists? HELP please!??!?
Expiration on Oil Paints?
Who is Henri Charpentier?
Which artist painted the melting clocks?
Do you think its tacky to give paintings (mine) for Christmas presents?
I would like to know the value of two prints i have done by Jaro Hess.?
Hey, so for my art class, we need to describe our artistic style, could you help me out with that? I'm lost.?
Am I supposed to mix watercolor paint with water?
What are some warm colors that are kind of used a lot?
Why is the Mona Lisa interesting?
what kind of new artist would you like to see emerging in the music industry and why?
artists who specificlly draw/paint shells?
if i am a painter,...?
Do you know any artists or photographers who base their work on unusual or alternate viewpoints? Thanks.?
Are people naked under body paint?
What does the yellow ribbon signify ?
Do you like Art ???????????
Where does Ruben's painting of Caterina Grimaldi currently reside?
If I have just one day to spend at the Louvre Museum in Paris, which sections should I plan to visit?
"The Women in Persian art", please share some facts about this topic to me. Thanks.?
What color should i paint my car? (something unusual)?
what is the opposite of oil paint?
How to organize a successful art-gallery?
if we sale limca record tongue painting ,how much it will go in aucrion,
Which Bengali painter create the painting named 'URDHA AKAKSHYE SIDDHA DAMPATI'?
Out of the four roman wall painting styles, which was the most preferred?
who painted the picture hanging in Frasier Cranes Apartment?
What is the difference between Surrealism and Dadaism?
what type of paint to paint sneakers?
Easy was to clean paint brushes?
is there a story behind this picture?
How can someone "draw a blank"?
Help with paint (pin stripping)?
Leonardo's the Last Supper?
Paint Markers for a Wall?
The scream " famous art work" who drew it?
Can you reuse acrylic paint after it has dried?
What are the BEST watercolour inks to paint with?
Kehinde Wiley Artist?
Which paints shall I use to paint this picture?
Anyone ever heard of a painter called H Mason. Its a old painting of a flower.?
What technique is this?????????????????
art web site name how to get traffic to the site plenty hits irish art oil paintings watercolour paintings?
Does anyone know of the owner or someone or company that have the rights to the "Vargas Girls" collection.
sculpture vs. paintings?
Can education ruin your art? ?
painter available im loking 4 painting jobs?
Explain how Leonardo da Vinci's THE LAST SUPPER brings together Christianity and the humanistic thought from t?
what is the the texture of the painting "the oath of the horatii?"?
Is there any good oil painting gallery on line?
what was Andrew Wyeth's accomplishments?
What inspires you?
Why not buy boiled linseed oil in bulk from lowes instead of an 8oz jar from hobbylobby?
permission for sending paintings for auction outside inida,taking foreign currency against auction sale?
what did leranado da vinci inspire?
To street artist : Krylon or Montanna?
Lovers' Leap by G. Franklin Arbuckle?
Good name for high-end art gallery Western & Romantic Impressionist art?
Buying fine visual art reproductions?
Your zone Paint? Colors?
What do I have to do to become a painter?
who painted this or what is it called?
Constructive criticism for my painting please?
Would this finish work?
antique painting?
What are some of the uncommon colors?
Do you know the Artist Tony badwy? who paint back to the Future !
What is the name of this painting?
Will my Van Gogh when I step on Degas?
are red and purple primary colors?
What is name of this photo of Bansy with a terrorist and flower?
Did you ever get 'Painter's Block'? How long did it last & how did you get over it?
any tips on using water colours?
Do you like painting?
Ragdy Ann and Andy help?
Airbrushing questions?!?
Anyone know any famous failures? People that became great after they died? Other than Van Gough or . . .?
How to paint a black felt hat?
im looking for a certain kind material?
Do you need to have drawing skills to be able to paint?
How do you send canvases/sketch pads in the mail?
How do u make an oil painting dry quicker?
What's you're favourite colour?
watercolor and gouache question!!!?
does anyone know the name of this man roy photo?
What are the necessary steps for painting spruce? I am making a sword scabbard, and I can't find any poplar :(?
I'm a new Acrylic painter; need tips?
Palma Vecchio - Bathing Nymphs c. 1525/8?
Can someone find this painting?
face painting tips - how to keep clean!!!?
Millie Kinsey #1 Rated graphic designer at to see her?
What is a modern style that you like and another that you do not like....?
Stencil websites?
what do you use to put over acrylic painting when you have finished?
artist martin uzalefsky?
compare painting to music,why many people think that paintings are harder to understand?
What sort of cloth/rag should be used to wipe oil paintings (wet or dry)?
What object do you think is the most painted?
Thomas Fedro - Free Energy?
Artists, when you work on a piece of art is it sometimes necessary to take a break from that particular piece?
How did artists depict ordinary people?
? Was Neo-Classical art really Classical at all? ?
Memorial wall artwork?
whos hotter jasper or jacob?
what is it... COLOR or COLOUR or COULOR?
What is your favourite colour?
What is the name of this painting?
What's the name or author of this painting?
Require Info on natural history artist C. Lee he works in water colours?
What's you favourite subject in a painting?
What is this photoshop brush called and where can I find it?
About 1960s in Canada?
What's the name of this japanese painter? He paints semi-nude women, sexual related themes and cockroaches?
What type of paint is best to use on a canvas?
why do many people say Bob Ross wasn't an artist?
How Long Did It Take Michelangelo To Paint The Sistine C hapel Ceiling ?
Who are some of the most famous women painters?
Painting at beginning of charles darwin tree of life documentry?
How do you pronounce the artist Gericoult?
Who is Pablo Bertolini?
What paints/markers are best to use on iPhone case (10 points)?
Do you know this artist?
I have a painting and it's starting to form waves. Why is it changing and what could be done to fix it?
i need a best site about surrealism painting?
Artists like James Jean and Alex Pardee?
What to paint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I am looking for a blank canvass that can be drawn on with oil pastells i live in coventry so where could?
what is a good thesis statement for a research paper about the meanings of Paleolithic cave paintings?
When Was Reg Mombassa Born?
Is there a type of stainless steel liquid or paint?
Is there something else other than paint thinner that I can use to clean my paint brushes after oil painting?
Would everyone comment on my art.?
dads got 0il painting called horse an hounds any ideas?
painting question?
What period do these artworks come from?
If you could retrieve ten works of art or high craft, what would they be?
what should I know before I begin to paint?
Creative things to do on canvas?
is kobra aerosol spray paint suitable for re-spraying my bmx?
Hi to all, here's a question about paint;?
Is all Elmer's glue washable?
I am interested in hand painting coins and would like to know what materials are best to use.?
What two colors make brown?
how to get permanent paint off of my wood door?
Compare and contrast the Realism of Courbet with that of Manet.?
how does van gogh's 'sunflowers' painting affect you? does it capture a mood, feeling or emotion?
Need help finding a silk or semi-matte coated inkjet compatible paper?
Is Albert Simon a known artist/painter?
Art lover's.. who is your favorite artist and why?
Is Beethvon a famous Painter and Van Goh a famous Piano painter?
what is the value of an original pocahontas painting?
Where is Andy Warhol's Marilyn dyptych painting currently located?
Paint Won't Stick on Plastic Mask?
How do I locate and purchase a specific piece of art from a specific artist?
Who is this painting by?
What should I paint for my Mom on Mother's Day?
How much should I charge for painting?
group for freelance artists?
oil painting?
I have the canvas, The easel, The smock and the beret. I have the paints and the brushes, Now what is the ?
whats the name of this paint?
What is pink?
Children Play Paints And Artist Paints?
what is the title of this famous painting?
'The Fury Of The Goths' a painting by Paul Ivanovits?
I need help about Graffiti?
How do artists do such cool looking pictures?
What are the best museums in San Francisco to see some amazing Paintings?
Looking for a specific landscape artist the signature is Rosé. Please help!!! Or direct me to a place that can
Which pieces make my portfolio strongest?
Jacob, or Edward, What do you think?
What do YOU Think of this Painting?
How to hang a painting on canvas on the wall?
Does anyone know any interesting Salvador Dali facts?
What do you think about this artwork?
How Much cost old antonius stravidarius copy from czecho slovakia old more from 100 years?
Do you like this painting?
Please give me a famous social realism painting?
can you use lavender oil instead of eucalyptus oil in the boiling water?
Where can i find what the color peacock blue looks like?
Bacteria colonies have started to grow on my painting, what should I do?
Too Many Late Nights In Front Of The Canvas?
Oil Painting Help!!!!!! Easy 10 points!!!!?
How do people determine if a painting is real or a fake/reproduction?
Why did Vincent Van Gogh cut off his earlobe?
What is the meaning of Victorio Edades' work "The Sketch"?
Are there any stores that carry Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint?
How would i get my bass look shiny/polished
Where can I find art by Tseng-Ying Pang in New York City?
The painting in the movie Prime?
I'm looking for a sketch of Manlio Fabio Altamirano by Diego Rivera in a book of Frida Kahlo's?
Any ideas for a painting?
Why did vermeer paint so many people standing by the corners of rooms by windows?
where can I get beautiful paintings for the home?
How much paint for an oil painting?
Can anyone tell me about artists called Robert Stokes?
Thoughts on the artist Lisa Yuskavage?
how can I sell my modern brasilian art work?
What do you think? Artwork by Charles Young would anyone care to critque it?
Anyone here like to paint?
In warhammer 40k what colour paints do i need to paint the eldar biel tan rangers (in link below) ?
What dutch painter was not able to display his most fantastic religious paintings in the dutch churches?
painting my bedroom...?
Can someone tell me why Andy Warhol is not a true artist?
How can I paint a wooden sword and have it be temporary? (for cosplay purposes)?
painting of The Last Supper!!!?
Picasso or Monet?
change theme in paint shop pro 9?
paintings by Chauncey Hare Townshend?
The best way to show my art?
does any one have info on a museum print edition of "Blossoms and Bird Nest" by Worsey??
which painting like kk haber?
does any one know of any good comic artists/painters that do commissions?
Paintings by...first name of painter Mark?
Things that change with the seasons?
Elements that contribute to a successful exhibition?
I was given this as to what my art is like...Is it true?
What's your stance on artist using drugs?
I have a necklace that looks pretty old I know my grandma gave it to me it says copyright Da Vinci on the back?
What do you think of Palette Knife paintings?
Entering a painting done on photoshop in an art contest?
What is Abstract Expressionism?
Can anyone please help me identify this artist and this piece...?
What was that painting where Jesus forgives the adulterer. I'd like a print. It had a "Darwin" in it?
how do you pronounce the last name "Géricault" for Theodore Géricault?
Does anyone know where I can put artwork up for sale in a st.louis or st. louis county location?
could anyone tell me who this painting is by and what its titled?
Can anyone tell me what this item is?
who likes blue?
I have a painting*clown with child by Fernandez Diaz in1964.Given to flushing high school in mi. anyone know ?
What's the name of this painting?
What do you think of my drawings and paintings?
What do you think about this painting?
What is an Artist's first body of work commonly referred to as?
Good gifts for an artist?
To make small details on my oil painting, should I dip a pen or pencil into paint and then draw?
Social Values of an Oil Rig?
What about a children place equipped for spontaneous art and skill learning while parents enjoy over coffee?
Crayola melted crayon artwork?
how can you tell if an oil painting on panel is an original or a print?
Can anyone find a picture of Robert S. Duncanson's 1871 painting titled, Sunset on the New England Coast?
romanticism and nature?
Painting a dresser what type of paint??!!!?
Was Andy Warhol an albino?
Are Painted Cigarettes Cool?
Was Magritte an early postmodernist?
iam searching for some watercolour paint model like flowers do u know some good site?
Painters: Do you blend your own colors or buy individual hues of paint?
can i draw over gesso before painting on the canvas?
What do you think of my watercolour painting?
in will and grace there is a painting on will's wall.....?
Looking for meaning of Egyptian art?
how do i find my self as an artist?
About Camille Pissarro....?
artist info please!!?
who is jose maria panganiban?
Soy Based Oil Paints?
If the mona lisa could speak for an instant, what would she say?
when did amelie matisse die. and how old was she when she did?
Is My Perez painting worth anything?
What is the substance that you can mix into acrylic paints to keep them open (more like oils)?
What artist's work is the most stolen?
What is the name of the (romantic?) painting of a cathedral in snow covered woods? I can't find it anywhere.
What do you think of my cousin's artwork?
what is a painter's guild??
How do I paint in van gogh's style?
your favirite colour?
I'm so disappointed about the Salvador Dali painting that I just found out that it was about impotence lol?
How much does a mini canvas from Michael's cost?
How much should I charge for painting a mural?
What is that thing in the Le Grande Jete?
Why do paintings with koi carp have only 9 of the koi carp in them?
Know of any modern artists that recreate or use prehistoric or ancient art as inspiration?
What the history behind these paintings by El Greco?
how do i do this on piantshop?
what is it worth?
what is your favorite art work and who is the artist?
Can you critique my painting?
Do you think purple is a good orange color with yellow and green. What would be a good name for this color...
How are people able to paint on the side of freeways?
does anyone recognize this painting?
What are Quartic Graphs and how do you sketch them?
Artwork ideas?
What's the best way to learn to face paint?
Some ideas on real twig/branch art?
where can i find paintings published with a hidden name 'Rives"?
Why not buy boiled linseed oil in bulk from lowes instead of an 8oz jar from hobbylobby?
How do artists earn a living? Not the painters or sculptors but the ones that make weird installations.?
What South American art is easy to reproduce?
on diseny how do you put your painting in the contest?
Any ideas for a fresco?
i need help with my art work, need an artist and meaning about an eye?
where in mallorca can i find a easel and canvas for oil painting at reasonable prices?
What do You think of my painting?
Is using a brush and a brush-pen more or less the same?
Could you match a song to a Leonid Afremov painting?
painting beginner?
name a few famous artists and what they did?
How do you make pigment powders from vegetables and fruits?
I am seeking information on an Isreal artist Nahum Gilboa. Is he still alive, exhibits.?
What is your favourite colour (s) and why?
What the difference in spray paint between A color Finish and A clear coat?
what is suitable ideas for painting mural on my house school wall?
I have my original art photographed digitally on CD. What websites can I access to sell these images?
How does the colour sage look?
Can you paint onyx?Should you paint onyx?
Is it true there are two places in Detroit to see actual Salvador Dali paintings? (as opposed to prints)?
Painting artist help?
Does acrylic paint mix when dry?
what painting medium can give me soft grey tones?
rare paintings by H.Scheffel?
Courbets "Stone Breakers" and the Bourgeois?
If I mix linseed oil with mineral oil does the mixture dry?
Painting blonde hair tips ?
Any good beginner-intermediate art classes in Sydney?
Where do I buy paintings by Ana Bagayan?!?
Analysis of 'Sweets' by Randall Diehl?
What paint brand and airbrushes do you prefer so I am able to paint some minor decals on my electric guitar?
who was the american impressionist artist?
which artist painted "provencal landscape?"?
The artist I was posing nude for briefly touched me (down there), is that normal?
What is the name of the square in Van Gogh's painting, The Yellow House?
What is the most beautiful painting you have ever seen, regardless of being a famous one or not?
What paint to use on ceramic?
How do you clean oil paintings?
what colors should i mix together to make a skin color (watercolors)?
How much is an original hand painted Disney cell of Lady and the Tramp worth?
How do i determine if a painting is a fake?
Giovanni antique print,original frame,Christus Am Lberg,33x17.never been out of frame,beautiful,what do I have
What do you think of my art?
painting resin over a large fairly thin canvas?
Can acrylic paint be baked in the oven?
Who was Lady Donna Velata(Leonardo da Vinci)?
Acrylic paint on newspaper?
Question on the artist Titian (Tiziano Vecellio). Help!?
What should I paint next?
Any information on Gabriel Leveque artist?
I know this is a long shot, but please help if you can?
If you were to set up a personal museum...?
Do you have to use primer for an acrylic painting?
what's the difference between color and shade?
Replacement for Paint Thinner?
Where can i buy this marilyn monroe print?
how do you get gradient on your micrsoft painting?
how can i make sure that my boyfriend really love me?
glow in the dark spray paint?
What is a problem usually encountered when painting with analogous colors?
please Read and try to write a brief analysis of this painting?
I am still looking for a model?
can you give me some verbs and adjactives?
what is the meaning of this painting?
What are the names of some famous well known artists?
What is the name of this type of the painting....!?
I want to know about Chinese Painters in the Ming Dynasty where can i Search?
where does the artist Vernon ward come from. and where are is paintings from?
How do I paint waves.?
who was leonardo's teacher?
where can I sell my printed oil paintigs by the artist Hargrove?
I have a victorian painting titled Adventure and United is anyone familiar with the artist?
who sponsored albrecht durer?
What are some of your favorite things about Norman Rockwell paintings?
Would it be considered vain to hang up my paintings in my room?
can I get paint in Glasgow?
rozi dermant?help on la inocencia erotica?
if i do a coat of acrylic paint and let it dry can i paint over it with another color without it blending?
any information about carnation,lily,lily rose?
name paintings that represent war?
how rich was salvador dali?
I have artistic talent but how do I motivate myself to put other things aside and make painting a priority?
Alot of people think i paint primative (child like)?
What is the best and cheapest paint i can use on concrete?
i need inspiration for a painting?
what is color?
Who is the most important painter in the world today?
What is your favourite piece of art?
pricing art (seriously)?
How does Michelangelo (the artist) influence to change the world?
Do you like my painting?
artistic photos,drawings,paintings of fat women on internet?
i have a painting it has the signature but under it is print that said 112c henk bos;copper series litho in u?
Looking for information on painter H N Eddie (or similar).?
What is the title of the painting in the Jane Eyre BBC mini-series (2006) and where can I find an image file?
Where is the best place to get fabric paint?
What Do You Think Of This Work In Progress?
how to make artist brush from deer hair?
What colour should i paint my bedroom wall?
can you use black paint as chalkboard paint?
I want to paint a wood table using 3 different color paints?
Is this oil painting worth anything?
guys, do you like my painting? please leave comments?
Mona Lisa smile?
i have some paitings and want to sell them. How can i do that through the interent?
y do people not like the color yellow?
water colorpeople? that actually have used water color paint and are good at it.?
Which artist painted this?
how to paint a design?
Trying to Find a Painting by Description?
Did Holbein paint in watercolors,?
Ordonez, any body know who he is?
Need Help with finding some Artists?
can yougive me any facts on julian opie?
What ideologies did Andy Warhol expose?
Where can I find photoshop brushes that look like SAI brushes?
Getting permission to paint on a mural / legal wall downtown?
Is this a good price for this painting?
What is the best art gallery in the world?
How are Raphael's works still important to us today?
How to make a canvis like iithinkii?
Art painting questions ?
i need a simple meaning for 'Cubism' ?
what colours do i mix to make a pale red?
why are barns red or black?
Why is the Mona Lisa in Paris, and why is it so famous?
this thing is frustrating, can't do anything!!!!!?
Any tips on painting: acrylic or oil.?
need info on an artist "R. Thomas"?
any artists (painting etc) whose work focus on loneliness, scared, mental, weird, torture, mental institution?
grenn or blue paint if you want to look diffrent?
Why aare the waiting rooms before one goes on TV painted green?
What are the characteristics of fauvism?
Help identifying this John Lennon and Yoko Ono painting?
Can an oil painting be identified if posted online?
Names of Expressionist Landscape artists?
Who else likes this painting?
I'm going to be painting are a large scale canvas, where can I find one?
The "prints" sell for more than $20.00, where did you get that information?
Searching for an exquisite sunrise/sunset seascape photo to paint, any links or suggestions welcome.?
I'm looking for Artist communities in North Wales and along the Welsh marches?
what type of artwork is this called (HELP URGENT)!!!!!?
Can you name the painting featuring a white bearded bald man in a red robe sitting at desk with a skull on it?
Why did Roy Lichtenstein..?
Similarities and differences between Giacometti and Picasso?
Can I connect M.C Escher and Chuck Close or photorealism in any way?
could you look at this web site and crit the
Ideas for my painting assignment?
A Painting by Renee Magritte called "This Is Not a Pipe."?
If you leave watercolor on a palette, can you use it again?
How do you stretch canvas? Can you reuse the stretcher bars?
Where can I find information on one of monet's paintings?
Does anyone know how to contact Edward Clay Wright?
Which painting medium do you prefer to work with and why?
Charcoal pencil in jammu and kashmir?
What color of highlighter is better to use?
What is the value of a Warner Sallman painting?
Lea Bradovich Information?
How do I mount an acrylic painting in an open-backed frame?
mantlepiece varnished wood, not sure if paint is water based or oil based and dried out, nothing will take it?
B. Mitchell 12 pane painting need to know what it worth/ plz contact me @
Where is leonardo da vinci from?
Does anyone know anything about a painting by E.A. Leur, called "apple blossom Time" ? thank you.......
Who painted this picture?
Where can I buy those large jugs of acrylic paint?
How much do you think a painting by Rockwell Kent is worth?
Does anyone have any info about an mid century artist named Joan Dobbs Henry?
Spaz Stix holographic paints and color shift paints - still available or out of business?
Creative name ideas for my mural buisness?
is this a sellable oil painting?
What inspires you when you draw/paint/sculpt?
What does method and medium/media mean in art class?
Daniel Paulo... Abstract Figurative Artist Question, help would be grateful.?
who is the artist who made paintings using the entire alphabet?
Artist Fiora Cozzi lived above our families store, and she gave us two large paintings what are they worth?
which painting do you like the best?
Can I paint my binder without damaging it?
What are the little wooden shims that come with canvas panels?
Michelangelo's "Creation of Adam" on Sistine ceiling?
Can someone please help me on finding out the value of a Jim Dine 1985 the nuveen company painting?
Why did vermeer paint so many people standing by the corners of rooms by windows?
Thomas Kinkade?
Is it possible to loose painting/drawing skills if not used over time?
dose any one know where the mona lisa is now (2007)?
"All pigments are less permanent when mixed with white (‘reduced’)". Why is that?
what is your initial interpretation of this image?
what art did peter davis, helen clarks husband do?
Any tips on oil painting?
Art from an old porch door what would you put in the window?
i have a beautiful oil painting?
When I paint I use this tape, am I doing it wrong?
salvador dali who is he what did he do why is he famous where is he from?
Is there a book or video on painting murals?
Where could find a painting of a black female ballet dancer? (Not abstract) I saw 1 in a home show on T.V.?
Was Pablo Picasso a homo?
how to remove opaque, water-based paint?
How do you make it big in the art world?
suggestions for contemporary artists to look at?
why are women looking down in Renaissance art. For example the virgin Mary looking down?
ideas for art sketch book?
What do you paint over purple?
Would it be conceited if I put my own artworks up in my room?
Can paint really get you high?
Can anyone identify this famous painting?
Kelly by Paradise Galleries by patricia Rose?
For anyone who knows about appraising American Art...?
who is Botticelli's niece?
Who was the first person to paint real flames?
Need a clear Italian Renaissance painting and a Medieval painting with the year it was painted?
I have two Japanese silk tapestries?
Shole ghurry painting?
I need a name for a brown and white paint filly with a one eye panted?
Artists for exam inspiration help?
Rene Magritte painting at Albertina?
Did Roy Lichtenstein have any siblings?
When mixed, what color do purple and orange make?
Can you use a tablet with
Where did John Muir grow up?
whats the meaning of life?
How do you make a cyan color with acrylic paints?
What should be applied on oil & canvas paintings to get a shining effect ?
Is it possible that we tend to overrate the "old masters", i.e. Raphael, Michaelangelo, Da Vinci etc. ?
What do you think of this painting?
whats the basic method how to determine estimated costs on painting the interior or exterior of a home?
Can someone help me find a proper brush so i can speed-paint with photoshop CS3?
Who painted this famous painting?
Putting a Picasso painting on my Guitar?
i'm looking for information on an artist W. Godfrey?
Can you spray paint a beanie hat?
What should I oil paint?
Why does a boomarang come back when you throw it?
Why is the sky blue? My mom said it was painted. Who painted it?
Need to know name of ballet painting...?
What type of paint can I use on brushed metals?
What acrylic paint additives do you use?
Is Audrey Kawasaki a lesbian?
why did Michelangelo show himself as a limp skin in the painting "the last Judgment"?
Acrylic paint problems. HELP!!!!!!!!!!....Tips needed?
How much is an oil painting from M J Michler worth?
Titian was better than Donatello?
What are some cute wall colors for a teenager? Where can I buy the paint at?
Does anybody else think that Modern Art Paintings look like they have been made by a preschool child?
Murals in a bedroom...?
how many pictures did vincent van googh sell in his life time?
What color should i paint my car? (something unusual)?
selling my artworks in japan?
Art Majors HELP on painting!?
Do you know any art, drawing, or painting classes for teens over the summer in New Orleans?
whats your favorite colors?
Can I Paint Replica's of Music Album Art For Profit?
What is abstract art?
What is your favorite color and why?
Is it too late to become an artist at 50?
Why in Paintings we see girls with hairless legs, underarms and pubes?
How much are canvases at Michael's?
Can I paint oil over emulsion on a canvas?
Diluting airbrush paint (water based)?
Question about a picasso lithograph I bought on auction?
What does art mean to you personally? How do you value art work especially your own art work?
How to mix textile paint for airbrush?
Art Lovers I am thinking about buying one of these paintings what do you think?
Does anyone appreciate the work of Johannes Vermeer?
who did this painting?
what do you want to see in a mural?
Does anybody have any information on the Starving Students paintings sale at the Marriott in Mission Valley SD?
How much is a an approximately 100 year old painting worth?
Why does gesso become bubbly if you add water to it?
Has there been a story set in a gynecocratic dystopia.?
is acetone safe to use on my paintbrushes to get dried acrylic paint out?
Is it true Claude Monet attempted suicide?
value of paintings by alex mortimer painted in 1897?
Shole ghurry painting?
I want to hand paint some vases and don't know what paint to use?
My dream project. Art gallery plus state of the art web plus Art classes. Any ideas ?
What do you think this artwork should be called?
Does anyone recognize this painting?
graffiti artists in michigan?
Why do so many people think Van Gogh painted The Scream?
How much should I charge for doing face painting and henna tattoos?
What do you look for in a painting when you want to buy it as an investment?
Would spray painting drum cymbals change the sound quality of them?
Can anybody tell me about La Rendición de reda painted or relating to velazquez?
A short but precise explanation of impressionism?
Who is the artist who painted a yellow city series?
Poker Playing Dogs Paintings Set?
anyone know of an artist ... ?
Ever Have Night Visions?
"As there is a constant flow of light, were are born into a pure land" - Colin McCahon?
Whats the name of a painting in the Luvre of a man sitting on the edge of a bed, with his dead wife on the bed
What is the medimedium that The Pie Counter by Wayne Thiebuad was done in???
Elements of Art/Design for this Painting ?
is there a way to use both acrylics and oils in one painting?
Did anyone knew that if you putted the artist Flo Rida together it spells florida?
Winsor and Newton grey oil paint?
Best paint for Mickey Mouse Ears cap?
I want to make a collection of pointillism meets pop... help?
what are the dimensions of Touc, seated on a table by henri de toulouse- lautrec?
Painting by Robert Cox?
Painting On SnowBoard?
What style is the Iseinhiem Altarpiece?
Does anyone have good links where I can find some good paintings ?
what was leonardo davinci's given name?
How do I know that the paints I am buying are safe and not chock full of lead or other dangerous stuff?
How does the painting THE GARDEN OF EARTHLY DELIGHTS made by Hieronymus Bosch represent renaissance ideas?
S.DALI - Do you realy think hi is The Best Surealist?
How To Dry Oil Paint Quickly?
history of monalisa??
Does anyone know the original artist of this painting of Prince Henry The Pious?
I want to make a painting for a young man who has cancer?
How can I make my painting better (picture inside)?
How difficult is it to sell art? pics included?
The Storm by Pierre-Auguste Cot?
what do you think of this art work?
where is daniel radcliff born?
Rate my graffiti artwork please?
Curious about a painter named N. Ceylon?
color help (blending objects with the background)?
im looking for an artist name L Jambro and the picture is 2 ladies in a parlor one with fiddle one with piano?
the influences of vincent van gogh on modern paintings?
GRAFFITI!?!?-legal *easy ten points!!*?
where can i buy linseed oil ?
Do you like my painting?
What is Semi-Impressionist/Neo-Impressionist?
Need help with a painting..?
Do you know the title and artist of this painting?
Who's a famous 'loose painting' portrait artist?
Hi to all, here's a question about paint;?
I wanna find a painting in the National Gallery in Oslo.?
Which paint brush is better?
what % of cash do galleries take if they sell your art work?
I think I've heard of a produce, but not sure, do YOU know?
EASY 10 PNTS! Is this in a museum?...............................?
Neopets- I'm Gifting Paint brushes <3?
where can i find cheap paintings in arlington, tx?
I saw this painting in the first episode of the third season of Boardwalk Empire and it seamed familiar?
Would regular colored pencils work with watercolor paint?
Looking for more info on artist H. Gailey, an oil painter whose work includes seascapes?
Is Linear Perspective and Aerial Perspective the same thing?
Where can I buy body paint!! Help!!?
where to find paintings of hip hop stars?
What is a Bizet opera?
Where is purple on the spectrum?
What is the best way to "seal" a painting?
Who painted `The Last Leaf` from the Christmas Cottage movie?
renoir boat picnic signed and dated 1881 is it worth anything?
Other than the primary colors and black and white, what other colors of paint should I get to paint acrylic?
looking for scottish artist sam fulton 1855-1941 portraits of dogs.?
have you ever heard of
watercolor painting tutorials?
Where can I find detailed information about the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?
Name of a painting?
how to protect oil painting from fungus?
How do i paint a rose? food coloring or paints.?
image of a g gardiner?
Wake up in the morning... wondering where i am going... Who is the artist?
Help me name...?
Help me to start with Graffiti?
What kind of wood are canvas stretcher bar made of?
Question about a portrait I purchased?
Can anyone tell me the name of this painting?
what do i do when i lost a painting i was trying to sell?
Markers on acrylic paint?
Can You put Painting over wall papers?
How to make homemade watercolor paint.?
how to erase a mistake on canvas?
Who painted this painting?
Andrew Wyeth's Scuba painting?
has any one heard of oil painter Michel Millet?
ARTISTS! What can you tell me about these paintings?(Van Gogh)?
Is the love can replace of the water?
Can you paint the inside of a pumpkin?
Any 90's kids remember this guy?
value of thomas kinkade lithograghs?
What type of clear gloss sealant do i use to seal Createx waterbased airbrushed paint on my guitar?
Has anyone heard of an artist D Ninas from St Louis, Mo.?
Critique this painting?
do you think the mona lisa looks evil or calm or happy????
Could you please give me tips on crayon art?
How can I let people know about my unique website Can someone answer my question please!?
looking for something about a painter named Hühmel?
what is the best sites for painting's model?
What's the purpose of having wall paint borders?
im having a hard time describing the painting Allegory of Immortality by guilio romano.....I see you usually?
have painting IBM#v5618 241?
Art analysis help!!!!!!?
I have painted the picture but don't know what to do for background?
is there a message in wayne thiebauds work?
Am I good at painting? Picture?
I am trying to find a picture of a painting that I know little about any help?
What Do you find more interesting, as a viewer of art, paintings or drawings?
how can i make a skate toon like pharrel williams?
A painting company name?
how large should a canves stretcher be for a simple painting that has room to work but not exspensive?
How much can a painter make with tools in 2 year experience and transportation?
Can I use acrylic paints on stone paper?
Where can I find books about j.torrents llado?
i have a paintings signed L.Harding. i want to find out more about this astist.?
what kind of style paintings did vincent van gogh do?
Botticelli's Adoration of the Magi question!?!?
What is your interpretation of Dali's "Enchanted Beach with Three Fluid Graces"?
what colors look good with red?
Any good beginner-intermediate art classes in Sydney?
is there anything more beautiful than moonlight through clouds?
How to write Philly Wickets?
Help me find artwork?
tempera or tempura?
Textiles, seascape colour work?
does anyone know who was the famous artist that painted with his/her mouth because she/he was paralyzed?
what influenced paul klee to make senecio?
How much is this Vincent Selby painting worth?
What was the purported reason for the "Villa of Mysteries" wall painting? ( What technique did the ar
after u finish painting a painting, do u need a coat of finishing paint or gloss or some sort of coating?
How can I paint like Grandma Moses?
where to get decent oil paints?
What to look for when buying a painting?
Can someone identify the artist in the first painting for the video?
Help with graffiti caps?
colours...What is the difference?
How much should i sell my painting for?
What is the name of this painting by Dali?
Where can I find this painting?
does anyone knows of any stained glass painting classes in adelaide?
Viking artists?... ?
looking for a painting with a dancing woman in the trees?
Painting styles for school. NEED HELP!?
Isn't it better ? Need opinion.?
i need inspiration/ideas for an art project?
ant artist that colour blind?
Doubt about painting.......?
what is the best lasting fluorescent or glow in the dark paint?
Who painted the "The Last Supper"?
An assignment on Vincent VAn gogh help?
questions on the "last judgement"???
what type of paint should i use. im looking for a high performance paint?
What is Patchouli oil and where can i buy it?
Could you define a " half figure " in art ?
Help Me Please!! My Paints are ing..?
Having used pure turps as a thinner to my oil paints, why is it now shiny and how do I make it matt?
An ancienty cave containing a mural of 55 panels on the life of BUDDHA has been recently discovered at?
Paasche vl T-shirt airbrushing.Have seen much info but hardly any about the right sized needle to use,anybody?
Who painted this painting/what's it called!?
What is the big game in the flaming oil prices?
whais biographical insident/sketch?
what is veneficus.atlkpk@celgnr.hearpreparelrstn…
Does anybody know what this painting by Pablo Picasso is called?
How to make oil paints dry faster??
Drafting table or easel for oil painting?
How do you make quality prints of your own paintings or drawings to sell to the public.?
What kind of tape should i use to paint stripes on my wall?
Circular Painting Liquid Gold?
Who's in the painting the last supper?
what period did rubenesque art exist ?
I need a Geshia doll that i need restored.Her face has the paint peeling and body needs cleaning?
Will Acrylic Paint Stay on Fabric?
Why is Hitler considered to be a tacky painter/artist?
what's the best watercolor paint to use?
Can you paint onyx?Should you paint onyx?
Can I use oil paint on rabbit skin glue?
I need help identifying a painting.?
how to melt hardened poster paint?
what kind of paint is this?
where can i buy watercolours paint in singapore?
Help Identify Painting?
Painting ideas for an inert imagination?
Can you make water color with regular paint?
homemade permanent marker ink?
What is Leonardo da Vinci communicating in his creations?
How do you take care of a canvas painting?
How does a high temperature affect paint? What are its effects?
trying to research art of Harold"Bubi" Jessen Texas artistactive 1932-1937?
Oil painting art brush question?
How much is An Tadashi Asoma painting worth?
oil painting...?
Artists who focus on people using few colors?
what is the name of this painting?
Colors for my painting, what goes with...?
how do you transfer a photo from one piece of paper to another?
Places that Custom Guitar Paint/Graffiti?
Who painted this picture?
Oil paint or acrylic paint?
Why many pieta's did michelangelo create?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
What would happen if i dont use oil paint on a canvas and instead regular paper?
Large Original Canvas Oil Painting. Looking for Value.?
is classical civilisation gcse like history gcse?
is orange considered as a girl's color?
Whay painting is this?? ?
Who decided the proper length for an artist's paint brush?
how to remove fabric paint?
can you reuse frozen paint? will it affect the quality?
Name of this painting?
what can we learn from Henri Matisse to improve our own work?
Do you know this painting?
Salvadore Dali painting name?
Does anyone know a website?
What is the name of the art technique that artist Andrew Regan uses in his painting "Monkey in a Fire Place"?
1900's folk art birdcages?
Where can I get black chalk?
What is the name of the Victorian print that shows one man and two women playing chess on a round table?
What are intermediary triads?
what are primary colors?
Does anyone know who painted this picture and what the name of it is? See link...?
painting ideas problem !!!!!?
Do the shades tan and russet complement each other?
if red is to yellow,then what is green to??
Is Mary Cassatt's impressionistic painting of Rory Emerald still on display at The Tate Museum?
who painted and signed this painting, see photo?
what does el miro mean?
How Can i get more Exposure for my Art,?
Have you got any pictures or prints of a famous artist hanging on your wall ?
how do I sell my artwork-paintings fastest?
Still Life help?
Why on the painting of Leonard da Vinci there is a woman?
will oil paint stick to glass?
What is your favorite medium to work with?
Can someone please give me a detailed definition of mannerism?
how to talk about a painting?
Give me an abstract example?
do u know what is my favourit colour?
PLEASE help me name this painting?
On what part of the body is the most painfull to get a tattoo?
what is a painting by John Haymson worth+ oil fields and cut er ?? Look to be orig. framed and signed?
Canvas Paintings, please help!?
What are some good ideas on what to paint?
Who is you favorite artist? (not musician)?
i have a painting called misty peaks it is signed by wijmer?
How can I find out the value of oil paintings?
Which kind of pigment will be better to paint on the canvas shoes?
How to ReProduce one of your paintings? Photo? Scan?
Can I sell a painting that I referenced from a copyrighted photograph?
How long should I leave an oil painting to dry before varnishing it?
where can I find the value of a 1963 new york post magazine?
Painting!! Green or black????!?
about how much would you say this painting is worth?
If i could paint, I'd paint a portrait of you, sunlight in your hair.. a masterpiece or two. Have you ever?
what colors needed Chicago Maroon?
spraypaint can tips?
wuts your fav color?
how did photography influence the development of painting in the late 1800s?
Does anyone know who painted this picture?
i'm looking for the title of a painting where you can see a woman holding a dog and they both have funny eyes
Physics rocket painting it?! ?
i am in my fifties, i have been interested to paint,what is the best medium for a beginner at my age?
Guy who paints self-portrait with his hands?
I have to write an essay on Pablo Picasso ....?
Who is Maria Luisa Pacheco?
Name & artist of this song???? Might be called "dreams"?
What to paint to commemorate the birth of a baby?
Where in Crestview fl can I get an airbrush hose that fits paasche or iwata airbrushes?
Compare and Contrast Torii Kiyonaga's Interior of a bathhouse with Henri Matisse Harmony in red?
Looking for the name of some artwork?
Do you have difficulty in connecting with modern art?
looking for information on oil painter karl logder or karl slogder or similar last name?
What are some great modern artists?
I have no experience painting a child's wall mural.... where do I start?
Artists - how many hours does it take you to complete a piece of work?
what is a good way to sell paintings?
What is the best oil paint medium ?
has anyone heard of the artist elizabeth strath?
Wooden frame for a painting?
What kind of paint do i need?
There is an exhibit somewhere in NYC called Bodies in Motion. Where is the link for this? Thank you.?
A famous artist that was socially conscious?
making my own tshirt design, spraypaint?
Art final piece? I really need help, please?
How do I keep dust off my paintings?
Good body painting web sites?
If you do a drawing or a painting from a photograph from a magazineis it considered plagiarism?
How do oil pastels work on canvas?
im doing this painting on canvas and im trying to glue certain marterials to it, what kind of glue can i use?
Painting my face white?!?
What should an aspiring painter learn first?
Titanic #1?
What is your favourite painting of all time?
painting of Rene Magritte you admire?
where can i sell my jewelry and my paintings in SF, where i am a tourist ....?
what material is use for painting leather??
Abstract painter. Anybody know contemporary abstract painter gary stefan or by a similar name?
how do you write a essay on matisse painting of still life on a Blue Table?
When Egytions had art.. was their garfetti??
Is there a difference between acrylic and enamel paint?
Where can I find good, clear line drawings for thangka's?
Does anyone know the name of this painting?
what did hieronymus bosch use as his medium? I know it is paint but any specific type?
painting - getting paint off?
Do i need to wetsand the last layer of paint?
If you have painted airfix models?
what paint should I use for and outside mural on a metal surface?
Who painted a series of water lilies in his own garden at giverny?
How do I make big splatters (paint)?
Does steam damage acrylic paintings?
i can't help but notice that old paintings of people portray them all to be, well, ugly.?
Is this painting worth anything?
what kind of paint would i use to airbrush on glass?
Dooms painting?????????????
looking for a painting of a cowboy in the rain, think artist last name is Harley painted in 60's or 70's
How has Van Gogh used each element for starry night?
my hubby tells me that marriage is the worst thing in life why dose he say that?
What do you call that thing that feels like lipstick that artists use to do a painting or picture with?
I have these two paintings that someone gave to me and can not tell what the name is. Can you please help?
do you like chinese painting or papercut?
does anybody know any information about these two pictures?
Is There a pixel size Plugin For Paint.Net?
What's the color that looks blue and purple?
Myra Hindley picture uproar question....?
what's your favourite painting?...and why.?
which artist did a painting of a picnic scene with umbrellas?
What still life should I paint?
Is it bad to inhale pair fumes the day after painting for a minute?
is tempera can be used in mural painting?