I'm looking for information on Homer Diman?
whats your favorite Picasso painting?
How to mosaic grafitti?
Looking for artist that painted a picture of a small boy in blue royal cloths, being asked by a man of rank?
hello everyone!!!!!!?
How do you paint like this?
Who is this?
fernandez paintings?
im trying write/make a symbol kind of thing on a white shirt..what do i do?
What style of artwork did Vincent Van Gogh paint?
Is Graffiti an Art Or A Crime?
I want to sell my painting (there's a link to see it) so how do I find a buyer?
what could i do for my art?
is there a site for William McGraw Publishing?
where can i learn professional oil painting in delhi?
Have you heard of the artist Foerster & Co New York who painted a picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus?
what is so gr8 abt monalisa painting??
Poll: who are your favourite painters?
If i'm not good at painting now, can i get better? and other general painting questions...?
Is it safe to use polyurethane to protect wood painted with acrylic paint? Will the paint bleed?
I want to learn to oil paint in the old Flemish style, like Vermeer. I've never painted before. How to start?
Where's a good art school/class in St. Paul, MN?
Which types of paint are good for canvas?
I need a Geshia doll that i need restored.Her face has the paint peeling and body needs cleaning?
Depiction of Philosophers in Art?
Poppy painting by Mstreckenbac?
Looking for print of cowboy ,walking horse with both of their heads down?
Where can i find a shirt with mona lisa smoking a joint on it?
HELP! How do I adjust HUES in Acrylic paints?
What is the name of the painting that features three people marching; two drummers and a flutist?
Have a Cantrell oil painting that is 19 x 15. It is of a creek running through some trees with a sunset.?
What is the meaning of Victorio Edades' work "The Sketch"?
When is it do artists' create?
famous cityscape artists?
Can you customize T-shirts with acrylic paints?
Can you paint a masterpiece with bran muffin batter?
Where can i buy Esao Andrews prints ?
Any Information about the Eye of The Storm by Michael Craig Martin?
What Pokemon should I paint?
Where to buy art prints in Toronto?
I had a print of a painting of a Black(?) woman with a hibiscus in her hair?
my country for ART!?
Changed My Mind About Selling My Painting?
This question is about the laws governing art or paintings.?
How to make red paint..?
What is the name of the artist whose paintings depending on where light is hitting them they look different?
Artists - What you would pay to put your paintings in a store???
Help me find the name of artist/painting!?
what is the material called that you paint on?
What kind of varnish should I use with acrylic, emulsion paint on my skateboard?
Art Museums in London?
what is the meaning of the painting weeping woman by pablo picasso in 2 sentences?
i have three works of art by adolf dehn are they worth anything?
Don't know where to buy this particular rattle can paint (Spray-can)?
Which school should I pick?
Describe five characteristics of primitive portraiture?
who are the biggest sellers of primed and unprimed canvas in Australia?
What is the name of this painting ?
Is there a test for The Skin I'm In by Sharon Flake?
What Do I need To Paint on an Oil Canvas?
define piracy....between copying and imitating?
What did Picasso use as subjects for his art???????
How much would you pay for a professional colored sketch of a historic building in your country?
If black is the absence of color then why does mixing all primary colors of paint together make black?
Artists like SuicideKitten?
What do you folks think ?
Anyone have experience painting canvas shoes?
Artists who paint skin/flesh/wrinkles etc?
Oil paint mixed with Sand?
Will I be a successful artist? Go to my website and see for youreself!
What is your favourite famous painting and why?
Trying to find some history on "The Accolade" painting by Edward Blair Leighton, can anyone help?
Need help for a painting project!!?
Help with painting ugliness?
Do you remember the painter Bob Ross and his show "The Joy of Painting"?
Mixing oil paints with thinner/linseed oil?
Renaissance/ scene...James?
if you have a blue gray color what color added to that will make it brown?
Paintings of Greek style clothing?
My air brush won't spray paint?
my boyfriend told me to paint him a picture, does the blue background make this to girly? (picture included)?
Need to put a name to a specific painting.?
does anyone know of this painting?
Quick! What would look cool with a poisonous mushroom?
Line usage in this painting???
Art and Addiction... Controversy?
Team Edward and Jacob? Why?
what is your favorite art work and who is the artist?
I'm buying canvas painting off EBay - it says it does not have a frame. What does this mean?
Paul Detlefsen painting?
Is there a test for The Skin I'm In by Sharon Flake?
I am still looking for a model?
when talking about types of canvas, what is "Traditional Profile Cotton" and "Deep Profile Cotton"?
20th century Art Question?
Need to know the full name and any other info on an artist of a painting I have bought?
Did Claude Monet work with any other painters?
How much does indian or india ink cost at michaels craft store in rutland, VT?
I have abeen asked to restore a painting, how to tell if a painting is oil or acrylic?
Is Harland Young framed painting worth $10?
i like to learn oil painting can you pl. advise free oil paintig lessons from indian sites and paintsselection?
Do i have the right to paint on my walls in my room?
Who signed the painting?
What should I paint on my new converse?
I have a painting done by a german artist named Isensee dated 1949, has anyone heard of him?
anyone buy the bob ross cd. did it help you paint?
Please tell me the short cut to learn watercolor painting ?
Could anyone identify this painting's name?
re listed question, painting on polystyrene can any artists advise?
What are "Lay in shapes" and "Block in color" in Painting?
french painting or artist?
Need to find an artist that paints people?
What kind of masks do painters use?
what happen in the painting "Stonebreakers, in 1849, Gustave Courbet ?
Mary lampman paintings snow covered barn ?
what is your favorite colour?
How to use watercolour pencils?
Who are some famous painters (modern or historical) that are famous for their macabre works?
How do you clean off dried acrylic paint from a paintbrush?
Painting a mural on a stucco wall, what................?
Can bleach remove spray paint?
I'm doing a painting for breast cancer awareness n I need ideas?
I need help with a painting?
What is the best homemade chalk board paint recipe?
Three Women by Picasso materials used?
Roy Kerswill American Artist?
Turpentine is apparently bad for health if not used properly! I'm using it now ! And i have a family ! HELP !
What is this paiting style called?
what two colours make red?
I want to paint my room with a dark and a lite colour but can't select them can u say?
What is number painting?
Is it easy to stretch and frame a rolled oil canvas painting? What is the best way to do so?
do you have to use spray paint for refinishing guitars?
Who is your favorite artist of the impressionist era?
What could i create on a peice of canvas for my boyfriends 16th?
where can i buy this brush ?
How does Wheatfield of Crows by Vincent van Gogh use color?
Are these art pieces any good?
What are the colours of harmony?
what coulor is ur bed room????
Where can I find out what an Emerson Burkhart original oil painting is worth?
Who is your favorite artist?
Japanese painting technique....what is it called?
Artists that work with religion? Erm, my Q. is hard to explain?
Is acrylic modeling paste available in india?
can i use oil paint on A4 standard paper?
Who has visited Alex Gray's ~"The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors?"?
What is a good title for my artwork?
Need a good website about paintings.?
What Vatican Painting Is This?
Painting On Guitars?
How much is an original piece by Robert Gorman worth?
Painting bedromm dark red. How would this make me feel?
How can I hook up a spray paint can to an airbrush gun?
What colors should I replace to lighten this paint? (pic)?
painting...what brushes to use...?
Name one artist who used a lots of emphasis on his picture?
Help identifying artists signatures?
Goya subjects that begin with ma and have three more letters?
Any dried flowers/seed pods artists or photographers?
The annunciation with saint Emidus ?
i need help with an art project. i have to do a painting that represents kandinsky and de chirico.?
how do you make the color hot pink with paint?
Could Paul Stanley face severe repercussions once his painting of Rory Emerald is finished?
i need help??
I have a painting by M. H. I would like to know what it is worth. Can anyone help?
Artist references...........?
where can i find a picture of the painting "gee's bend" by jacob lawrence circa 1947?
Charlemagne paintings and such?
What is the name of this painting?
Alexander Beatson and Robert home paintings?
What do you think about my work?
Spray Painting?
What's the point of Banksy, he just stole Blek Le Rat's artwork?
What the does the Mona Lisa represent or means?
is there a website where i can have a cuztomized image made into an andy warhol art painting?
is it true Muslims can not hang paintings of human on wall? why?
how much dose an original RC gorman panting worth?
How would you feel if friends bought other friend's art?
how can i get started on painting?
was mona lisa pregnant?
What is your favorite colour?
What is a good free Photoshop CS5 course for digital painting?
Any information or links about Chris Hull a local artist in North Wales,UK? Mainly watercolours of Snowdon.?
Artists similar to Ian McKeever and Mark Francis?
Elements of Baroque paintings?
Where I can find a book regarding Painting of Clair Watson Garcia?
Wen painting a car do i have to sand and primer the whole car?
Painting ideas!!! help me plz!?
Where can I do an intensive adult beginners drawing/painting course in New York City?
Can you use Mod Podge as a protective coat over oil pastels?
antique painting by George Davis, I need to find information on this painting and value?
grafiti spray cans, which are the best?
What kind of art is this- a painting, drawing, sculpture? How can you tell?
How good is this painting?
Where can I buy good quality paints?
chinese artist ho-uhu?
What's your favourite color?
How much does A Pierre Auguste Renoin and H Bolton Jones painting go for?
Know this painting...?
How do I find out something about an Arti et Amiciteae member?
What happens when acrylic and oil paints mix?
What type of paint should i use?
Painting on fish skin?
What genre did gustav klimt specilize in?
Early Renaissance or High Renaissance?
8X10 painting enlarged to bigger painting?
cheap landscape paintings ?
Where can I purchase spray art?
Do you think that Gustav Klimt is a great artist?
What are the painting works of Mauro Malang?
im trying to find a historically famous artist?!?
im trying to find a historically famous artist?!?
Where can I get good quality Glow in the Dark pain?
all the floors, some walls and curtains are acrylic paint and landlord coming tomorrow! help!?
Beginning oil painting?
humanism of my fair lady?
i have a painting of the poor fisherman painted by paul gauguin signed how much is it worth?
I'm looking for the source or information about an ancient watercolor pigment called, Rimington's Sky.
Where is the picture or painting from where the lobster has his arm around a cow and a chicken. ?
could anyone tell me anything about this old painting?
Why did Peter Paul Rubens depict Jesus as pregnant in his painting "The Tribute Money"?
Where is the cheapest place to buy canvas fabric? for artists?
What are good paints for a beginner?
Can i fix this can of paint?
Someone used a picture of my wife's painting without asking her. Is that legal?
Can use you a house painting brush, for acrylic painting?
please answer quick! how much can I sell an original painting for?
Distinguish between the periods of the early Renaissance and the High Renaissance in terms of artists, works o?
Abstract Portraits, what do you think?
Does Jim Dines artworks have discriptions or meanings behind it and if they do what is confetti hearts?
What kind of paint should I use on my bike?
How to splatter paint????????
oil pastel picture, scrunch it up, paint ink over the top, then run under water...what is this method called?
Body paint that can be transfered to a canvas?
can anyone give me information on an artist called Domingo?
Does anyone out there know anything about Asian art on silk?
im curious about art.. the paintings.. they sell for over 20 million US dollars?? Why and how do price it?
ok, so my friend wants me to paint his ukulele... but I have no idea what type of paint to use? help? =)?
Were can I find neon body paint?
Starry Night by Van Gogh?
What are intermediary triads?
your opinion about my paintings?
what paints should I use to paint murals?
I don't know if my watercolor paintings are what watercolor paintings should look like?
how do i paint textures and fine details realsitically with oil paints?
What was andy warhols work about?
what are three significance of leonardo da vinci?
I have seen a famous painting where thhe bearded man is wearing some kind of woolen skull cap ,covers his ears?
Why is Leonardo da Vinci considered mysterious?
Anti-Rococo critics?
who was the artist arthur trengrove?
How can i make a stencil for spray painting?
how to get regular picture frame to frame a painting on stretched canvas?
What is the differecne between formal and idealized paintings?
Who would buy an old Jack Dempsy vs Louis Firpo painting 1942 with antiuque frame?
where can I find art studio space in or around Park Slope, Brooklyn?
I need help finding this painting!?
What classical painting is this?
What should I paint? Inspiration please?
Can I use cake decorating brushes to paint pictures?
how do u oil paint? please help.?
Do you really think that oil painting is bad for your health?
What are the most famous Sistine Chapel paintings?
Where was the original Sin-e (where Jeff Buckley once played) located?
any ideas for pictures to paint?
Is jasper hale neutered?
I am trying to find an artist with initials J>G>W.?
how do i get my oil painting to dry? i painted it 2 days ago and it is still wet.?
Are there any artists who have focused on the evolution of man?
ceramics to paint?
whats the most famous painting on earth - is it the Mona Lisa or is it?
Mark Rothko?
What colors do you mix to get blue? I need to paint a sky in oils.?
I'm not good at drawing or art but...?
What's your favourite colour?
Can anyone help me find a painting "La Chasse Aux Loups" by Jean Baptiste Oudry?
Will oil paint work and stay on my helmet?
Is there special brushes or techniques i need to be using or applying when painting with oils????
What do you think of the picture Midnight Flowers by M J Whieldon that I have on my blog?
Can anyone tell me of any artists/photographers that portray ugly things in a beautiful way or deal with ...?
Can anyone name a great painting of women with big bottoms?
how can get a guy plaes help!!!!?
How can I get people interested in buying my Contemporary canvas's and start a business from it?
Whats a good way to sell art?
HELP-Do you know of a reasonably priced source for the book "Painting By Design" by Charles Reid?
Will you ever do graffiti?
Stuart Davis Art? Where do i find this oil painting on the internet?
Thanks for the response. Have another question on canvas painting. How do I put "fog" in the painting?
where can i find infomation on wraf burmingham sutton coal field between 1930 and 1950 if poss pictures ?
Asking about Gare Barks Painting?
does anyone know of any of leonardo da vinci's accomplishments. not his paintgs but his advacnments in science
When did artists begin going on round the world trips?
How do i get painting class online?
Who painted this old oil painting?
how to find international children drawing competition?
Oil Paints? how to clean your brush?
The Assumption of the Virgin by Correggio?
Who can tell me the name of this painting, and the author and origin?Please help me!?
anyone know who ebessonof is ?
How to paint gouache without the ******* brush strokes?
drawing design on to canvas...?
What type of paint is best to use on painting a metal pipe fence?
Please help me! I want some paintings which depict unity?
Who is currently the most interesting painter in the U.S?
Can I paint acrylic over oil based paint that has been drying for roughly 6 to 8 months?
who is your favorite modern artist?
Similar to Tumblr? With Reblog?
Help with Salvador Dali painting?
Light brown + Blue = ? What is the colour mixture for both of this colour?
What are some types of arts (SCULPTURES, PAINTINGS)that inspire american culture?
picture jesus on crucifix which is supposed to be the greatest pic in the world ?
What are good subjects to paint for beginners?
What was Frida Kahlo's saddest painting?
Where can i sell my paintings online besides ebay?
What colour and where to start painting with?
What's so great about the Mona Lisa?
Can I paint mens leather dress shoes with acrlyic paint?
Who do I do with the canvas from my canvas pad?
Is it true that watercolor is hardest medium to learn?
Anybody knows this painter?
spainish painting??
Can a fluorescent color paint be made by adding white paint to other colored paint?
Painting over uneven surfacees on cardboard and tape?
How to create a caramel color with paint?
copyright art question. can you help?
What color scheme would go well with this bed set?
What is Polyflax (cotton)?
Is this a fair price for a painting and the shipping and handling?
what is the Famous Leonardo da Vinci Paintings !!?
Painting an iPhone case?
is it ok to wrap a painting with standard brown paper (non-acid free) just for a week.?
how would i apply for the oil field as a beginner?
does anyone know some artists that paint ceremnies and festivals and world traditions or anything ? ?
I am a painter and I would like to put my canvas on a greeting card, where should i go or what should i do?
What is your favourite famous painting?
Please tell me something about the present day indian schools of painting??
How much would a original painting from Justus Susterman cost?
What is the word for a painting inside a painting?
Does anyone know the context behind the painting of the last supper by da vinci?
did Elio Carletti have a painting name after the quote "a summation of the parts working together in...?
Why is van so frigging gorgeous?
I'm looking for a painting I had hanging in my room as a little girl....?
polish off engravings?
Does anyone know the artist?
Mona lisa . What's the meaning of " Mona lisa " ?
Is seeing the actual 'Mona Lisa' a worthwhile experience?
Im looking for a paint?
Which painting/sculpture uses "pursuing a dream" as the theme?
What happened during Pablo Picassos time?
What do you think of my art?
Your favorite Acrylic paintings?
What do you think of my painting?
Painting a Jansport Backpack?
In what condition is the rose when Heidegger first removes it from the “ponderous folio”?
Who is your favourite artist? (painter)?
Looking for name of Artist. Print is of an angel with one wing.?
Marilyn Monroe........?
if we are not all great artists why do we talk about them?
How do I go about getting a valid apprasial for an artwork I inhierited?
Need help to answer a question about MS Paint?
what are the parts of a paint brush?
What other colors will go with any color purple?
can anyyone?
Could somebody identify this painting?
What does the symbols mean in the painting tree of life with hebrew by Karla Gudeon ?
Do u know anything about Picasso's artwrok " Don Quixote"?
What medium is this Salvador Dali painting?
Who do you prefer Van gogh or Picasso?
Looking for a career in genital painting?
How do you charge for paintings?
Can I Paint Replica's of Music Album Art For Profit?
What are the ways you can protect your art work from theft and forgery? What's used for detection?
michelangelo's "the creation of adam."?
What does purple and turquoise mix into?
Do you like this painting? Why?
What is this painting?
I want to be a professional painter. Where can I buy the right paint?
when transferring a photo onto canvas...?
i need 3 sentences about julian opie work of his painting?
how to do pop art paintings?
How do I display my Dad's art work in a gallery?
Still life subjects?
Is there any artists that paint animals in weird places?
I really need to know the artist of this sun image...?
My home work is on tate modern what was the building used for before the actual tate modern?
Anyone familiar this 19th century paining?
Do You Think Too Much When You Paint (ART)....???
Who are your favorite living working painters?
how did they improve the christmas truce ?
Can you paint a clarinet?
Which museum is better ? Ripley's believe it or not, or Wonder works.?
paintings by James Johnson (1803-1834)?
What paint do I need to paint my guitar?
Who needs work in there home, im a painter, and tape n beder?
Art question, Why do artists need to learn how to see?
Who is the artist of the black and white paintings of the girl and boy?
Could I use acrylic paint on a watercolour canvas?
Can I write on an acrylic painted surface with Sharpie oil-based or water-based paint markers?
How much do medium sized canvases cost at Hobby Lobby?
how was Leonardo Da Vinci a renaissance man?
Using "sharpies" pens with anime drawing, how do you stop overlapping lines?!?!!!?
is fabric dye the same as fabric paint?
Can you find anything about the education of...?
What is the name of this painting ?
What to look for in art?
Japanese Art?
who painted this?
I can't paint to save my life, help!?
How could I sell a painting in the Columbus, Ohio area?
what do look at in a painting, color or composition?
what is a painting of the countryside without human figures called?
i have a painting from collectors corner inc. numbered B21224 do you know what its worth?
can anyone tell me on wat thing an artist usaully paints his work?
I wanted to do Fine Arts Diploama from Sir j j institute mumbai?
Can I use this to thin oil paints?
Does anyone know who the woman in this portrait is? {picture included}?
where is the original painting "starry night" by van gogh located now?
what's the title and who's the artist?
Who painted Pixie on LA Ink?
where can i buy Color Place or Krylon spray paint?
Would you please rate my friends art?
why is frida kahlo and diego rivera famous in detroit?
Where can I get Roy Lichtenstein shirts?
there is an artist who produced portraits of jammy dodgers in relationships. do you knoe who ?
tell me everything about crayons ????????????
The ups and downs of painting my bedroom red?
Painting a metropolitan map?
What are the responsibilities of an artist?
Why Are There Bubbles On The Wall While Im Painting??
How to improve my online artwork and paintings sales?
What is the Green Shade equivalent to red shade Pink?
What symbolism was used in Caspar David Friedrich's painting "Wanderer Above the Mist"?
What kind of paint do I use to paint on canvas?
Any ideass?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Who are some master artists with self portraits?
Painting my room, color scheme!?
Something to paint?
hi!!can someody share to me what they know about the filipino painters and their paintings????the famous one..
Why is the Mona Lisa a great example of Renaissance workmanship?
How should Paint on leather?
im going into my last year at my crap art college?
What is the name of the painting of the "sad young bishop" portrait in the Boysen Decore commercial / advert?
Elements of Art/Design for this Painting ?
I want to make a painting for a young man who has cancer?
Can Gouache paint be used for professional prints?
The artists of the Renaissance focused on all of the following EXCEPT: humans and their experiences?
How much would you buy my painting for?
Why would Leonardo da Vinci be interested in abstract art?
Are you allowed to take photos of the Mona Lisa?
Difference bewteen these two Diego Rivera Paintings?
what is van gogh's most expensive painting?
Artist painting sighned ML?
Help!! what do i paint?
Puppy Zwolle who is man in upper left corner of painting?
hello everyone!!!!!!?
How can we give oil masssge by hand?
What is the name of this painting?
If a picture paints a thousand words then why cant I paint You ?
What colors make a white skintone? (watercolor pencils)?
a tagger nick name for my friend?
can I paint over watercolor pencil?
Whats a Good Gift for an Artist/Painter?
Are Pope Adrian VI and Rory Emerald prominently featured in Jan van Scorel's colorful painting the Holy Land?
Through music, literature, and painting, the romantic artists attempted to?
Artists often use which of the following to suggest depth in a painting?
Tissue paper painting?
Does painting have an important role to play in contemporary life?
Who painted "Sunday in the park with George"?
Oil painting brushes?
Easy face painting ideas?
Who is Leo Burnett??????
Where can you go on the internet to mix two faces together?
paiting of the creation of adam?
I am trying to identify this painting wondering if anyone could help.?
What should I paint on my canvas?
Coloring on lego plastic ?
nail art websites??i need more than one!!?
i am looking for a creative name for my art school?
would like to learn how to marbleize automotive paint?
Is this painting, The Lady of Shalott (1888) by John William Waterhouse, a romantic piece?
What is the best spray paint for wood?
who was paul cezanne inspired by?
sir my farm villa don't open?
What is the best paint medium for solid colors?
Best mix to paint a plaster skull?
Importance of Fernando Botero?
Paint Tool SAI coloring question?
Where can I go to buy acrylic plastic containers?
Where can I buy a copy or poster of Amy Rice's painting, The Temptation of Ella?
Are colored pencil works paintings or drawings?
how mant types of henry hoover are there?
Was 'Cornfield with Crows'/'Wheatfield with Crows' actually Van Goghs last painting?
want to see a painting titled doll marrige by mf husain?
oil rig models?
Can anyone help me identify this painting?
How do I make big splatters (paint)?
what's your favorite color?
what is van mahotsav?
what are the clowns with white faces and a tear on their face called?
Im painting my room soon... what colors?
Regarding painting a picture - should a 'wash' be wet or dry at the time of starting a painting?
What was Marilyn Monroe's favorite thing to do?
Does anyone know who's signature this is?
What should I paint ?
Was Pablo Picasso's work surrealism?
Forgot to gesso wood before painting?
which is better for painting tempera or acrylic paint?
Who painted the systine chapel?
Things to paint??????
Does anyone know what "The Finish" by E B Herberte Looks like?
I am trying to identify an artist whose signature is "I Lyierfinjer" - I think.?
Why did Picasso’s celebrated Les Demoiselles D’Avignon shock observers in 1907?
I am looking for a painting of a girl looking out window as if she were waiting for someone. Don't know artist
How has painting, sculpting, and art in general changed throughout time starting with (more info in details)?
A sunday on la grande jette?
What inspired their action?
What type of painting is this?
how to paint dark fur in oil colors ?
How do you learn to paint realistically?
how do u make a purple in paints?
Where can I buy a Cy Twombly print?
what makes a painting a credible piece of artwork?
do you have any old pictures of old barns windmills etc. you can email me to paint ?
How can I find out what my oil paintings are worth?
What are the inner meanings of Cindy Shermans Artworks?
Where can I find a high definition digital version of Stańczyk by Jan Matejko?
i need a painting of a famous building by a famous artist?
leonardo da vinci?
Can someone explain The Temptation of Saint Anythony to me? the Painting ?
What is the best way to organize my paint tubes?
How can you clean brushes?
I wont to be an artist!?
Artists, what do you listen to?
does anyone know where i can find a larger image of charles burton barber's painting titled "beattie"?
Where on the internet can I share my art and photos with others maybe even exchange art?
Pablo Picasso?
I'm a painter/drawer but I'm blank.?
Can you name an artist who painted/drew mythological creatures like dragons?
Painting a dresser what type of paint??!!!?
When is the release date for Edward Clay Wright's limited edition print of Arch Angel?
an any body tell me where to get the plastic clear paper that is usually around prints on market stall and art
Painting help? watercolor vs acrylic paint?
Edvard Munchs Painting The Scream...?
How much is a Marriete Lydis painting worth?
What should I paint tonight?
What is the average yearly salary of an artist?
what does 'nachlass' stand for in the signature of gustav klimt nachlass?
What type of color scheme does yellow and red purple make?
duse eney one know where i can find face paint shops in evesham?
Cleaning brushes after oil painting? Without turpentine?
What paint do would I use to re-paint a plastic santa.?
Is it ok to use acrylic water based paint for face paint?
Did Salvador Dali ever suffer from nightmares.?
monet trinket boxes, where can i find them?
how do i duplicate something in paint tool sai?
What is it called what two paintings are hung together?
how do i get started in painting?
Can you stain a cello bridge?
any info on this painting/picture?
What are some interesting statue/s or painting/s?
Oil Paintings by J. Verbergheim?
Where could I find an example of a memento mori painting done by an animal?
Can anyone help me to identify this painting?
what were some of the techniquesused by rembrandt in "the return of the prodigal son" painting?
What kind of paint has been used to make this painting?
Was Joan Miro ever married?
Where can I find a prints of Louis Wain works?
What is a good attention grabber for my essay about paintings?
Are there any websites on Indian art?
may i know what's the artist and title of this songs?please?
Does anyone know what this painting is called by Georges Seurat?
are there any positive facts about Vincent Van Gogh?
where were artworks of the 1400s put on display?
I have a painting that I believe to be valuable...where can I email the photos?
Which one of these photos do you like best?
Attn fellow artists. Where do you get LARGE frames built?
is it okay to paint a pickguard with spray paint?
what can i paint for advanced placement art?
why do my paintings stick to each other?
Who is the painter that has a hidden portrait with clues to find it in a building in Europe?
How can I paint a cardboard box, without paint?
Where is a good place to buy large canvas panels and stretched canvas?
which transfer material you suggest to me?
What kind of paint do animators use on that transparent cell paper?
How do i get my paintings out there for people to see...i use mainly acrylic paints?
In the world of fine expensive ART,why does the artist have to be dead before their works sell?
Any ideas for homemade tagging supplies(No Anti Tagging comments or answers)?
Your favorite color and why?
Are there any well known artists who do 3d work?
If you were to pick a color to best discribe you soul what would it be?
Why do paintings worth such a high value?
Would You Consider This A 'Christmas' Painting?
do people have time to appreciate paintings?
what happen to the last supper?
Name of the painting of a princess knighting a man? Where to buy?
How do I sell my paintings online? Which website would be a good host? Any other alternatives besides ebay?
I have a huge problem with a commission need advice!!??????
what do crutches mean in dali's paintings?
Creative ideas for Leonardo Da Vinci title page?
could anyone tell me what is the name of this painting, and who painted it?
did Toulouse lautrec paint on porcelain or china?
Has anyone heard of Filix Andreus.?
need a topic for painting! Help Me!?
should i paint this on my wall?
How much is this picture worth?
Cheap alternative to a canvas?
What is the best way to sell original art, other than by getting ripped off by going through a gallery?
How much should I charge for painting a mural?
white, is it all colors combined or no color at all?
Bob Woodruff?
Does Viggo Mortensen ever sell any of his paintings?
Do you like art? Why?/Why not?
What is the value of my Egon Schiele painting?
I have a painting by Beatrice Meyer dated 1895.titled when George 111 was king.any info would be appreciated?
how do you put two pictures on the program of paint? at the same time? or make a collage?
I just painted a ballerina flower?
I need some artist's opinions on how to make my portfolio better?
What painting program is used to make stuff like these ?
Is it okay to paint a copy of a painting and sell it on eBay?
What is your favorite color combination?
I also have a painting by k. boxy. What was the conclusion on this missing artist?
Does anyone have art/craft ideas?
what and how did cave paintings and cave techniques inspire other artists/art?
What is the opposite of orange on the colour wheel?
16 century in italy?
Can I legally create an oil painting for sale using Disney Toys as a subject?
Can I auction my own painting on Sotheby's or Christie's?
oil paintings??????
Does anyone know anything about the Italian artist Luigi Bechi?
what are complimentary colours?
ideas of what i should paint?
what do you do with your works if you have many of them and you think they are good?
list all the animes that have something to do with painting even a little bit?
spray paint?
First time oil painter....?
whice colour is better red yellow blue green purple white or black?
Any artists like Alex Grey or Robert Venosa?
What primary colors do you mix to make black?
What are your favorite brands of oil paint?
Good technique for smoothing paint?
Help with this Van Gogh quote!?
When using gouache paint in art work what medium is required?
i am a complete beginner at oil painting,i have started a painting using only oil paint, ie no mediums ,turps?
What is your favorite shade of yellow?
I want to start painting, should I start by painting landscape?
what is interesting about the mona lisa?
describe the Mannerism paintings?
Do you think that i have a talent in drawing?Here is one of my paintings:?
how can you tell if an oil painting is antique?
Trying to identify contemporary chinese artist?
The artist "crossover"?
Any Modeling Clay artist that make paintings like oil-painters do?
i have an origonal oil painting of pollperro harbour cornwall and want to no if it is worth anthing or not?
what should i paint or what should i draw?
Photoshop, can you rate my picture please?
contempory artists and their work?
Can you do the crayon melting art on poster board instead of a canvas?
where can i purchase some transparent spray paint?
What is this tube of white/creme liquid that came with my Water-colors set?
How do I make grey paint without using black?
Oil looter?What is a oil looter?
School Project Camoflauge Poster?
where can you buy spraycans from for graffiti?? united kingdom?
Unstretched canvas - What do I do?
Recreating in artsy way?
What was significant about the materials Picasso sculpted with?
I'm not finished yet. However.......??
Did I achieve Monet's style on this one?
is Antonio Pisanello a famous western artist? if not who is?
Where can you see a copy of Rene Magritte's "The Game of Mora" on the Web?
What colour do you get when you mix indigo and crimson?
how much is an origional oil painting with certifiacte by B Wilder worth?
In which art period does Botticelli's Primavera fit in?
Salvador Dali's "The Persistence of Memory"?
Does anyone recognize the style of this painting?
is lila copelands artwork valuable?
how did bob ross the PBS painter die?
I need 6 plus Canvas Sets?
can I use acrylic paint as the base coat then use enamel clear over it?
Oil pastels and other art supplies ?
Is the artist's primary function to create beauty or provoke thought?
Just say that I painted a copyrighted painting and after I died?
ARTIST why do you create?
Where to get wall initials?
What EXACTLY do I need to know for painting with acrylics on canvas?
Don't you think Pablo Picasso was a horrible, misogynistic, brute of a man?
How to fix hole in canvas- already been painted on?
Do you know this who painted this?
I've never painted before. What sort of study and what kind of steps should I take to paint like Thomas Moran?
Where can i find nice pictures of flowers in detail to paint?
What is the name of the artist who created images with tiny dots?
I'm trying to remember a painting series?
What is the artist's workshop called it starts with an A?
Are there any painters today that make a living only painting?
What kind of paint won't interfere with water absorbency with bisque tile?
Do you know where I can get a print of "Oak and Wild Boar?"?
i have enrolled here in english arts and humanities, does mona lisa has mysterious smile? i dnt think so.?
Trying to find the name of a horse painting?
Any favorite famous artists? paintings? pieces of art?
what kind of paint should i use to paint on people?
I want to start collecting original contemporary paintings, up to say £200. Can you suggest a suitable website
How do i clean my airbrush?
What tools should I use to paint a night sky?
Looking for a certain painter?
What can I paint on a t-shirt?
who are some famous Irish painters?
who are some famous Irish painters?
What is an ode and how do you use it?
A famous painting of two girl fairies kissing in a forest with blood dripping from their mouths. know artist?
Can you paint regular acrylic paints on non-fired pottery??
What is name of this photo of Bansy with a terrorist and flower?
Is painting an intellectual activity?
What is the name of a particular cowboy painting?
Can i use cardboard as a canvas for oil painting?
What art movement are we currently in?
how can i get a very thin black outline without using a paint brush something more accurate & not a pen?
I drew a picture and then colored in with prismacolor pencils. can I paint a black background on it using.....?
Very URGENT : How to draw oil painting?
how do i do this in paint shop pro?
describe the color red without using an item correlated to it.?
Reference for painting??
Name of painters or artists!!?
Are paintings in museums originals or copies?
Does anyone know a good landscape artist who does paintings of London streets?
why is nature is called mother of art?
Art Museums... How Do Artists Get In?
What is the hourly rate of of a painter & decorator?
What is the technique used by the artists of Miniature Paintings of Rajasthan?
What can I use other than paint?
can any1 find the"female figure study" by paul prudhon anywher in the web?
Do you think my painting of Jesus is ok?
what do you think art is?
need some help with painting clay..?
what is this painting called?
William Gilpin?? I got a painting by him???
I want to know about this picture. I think it was painted by J.Pilre.?
What colour goes well with burnt sienna?
Where can I find cheap canvas?
Bamboo tablet/Painter Essentials issues?
what are the drawings called which look 3d they are often drawn on the floor and they look 3d?
Stuck on an art project!?
how valuable are hand painted nippon vases?
I want to learn to paint, where is a good place to start?
About how much would a Will Cotton painting cost?
There's an exhibition on in Lonnon at the moment with a huge murel by David Hockney of a woodland scene.Where?
what artists work with the colour green?
The way Leonardo Da Vinci wrote in his notebook?
What's the best way to parcel a box canvas for posting overseas?
What is the translation for the story Aqueronte by Jose Emilio Pacheco?
What kind/color of paint do i get to glow in a black light?
What should an "artwork" consist of? Your opinion?
who is the painter who paints a mouse in his painting(really have to look.That is his art mark?
Interpretation of this painting?
How do I make an art poster look like an oil painting?
who misses the legend tony hart I do?
Is it a bad idea to paint guitar?
what is tumblr is it worth my time?
I just got my paintings into an art show, what now?
How to make a paint sound sculpture?
In the movie Perfect Combination, there is a painting of a woman. Who did the painting?
What is concidered art?
Hi What is the colour red?
What is your favorite medium?
Which is costly painting to buy?
Can I used oil-based paint to customize my shoes?
Did salvadors dali's nationality influence his work?
Should a publicly funded art museum display controversial artworks?
What are some influences on Salvador Dali?
Whats something thats iconic or symbolic in 2012 ?
How to price a painting?
What qualities do you need to be an artist?
Is this artist charging me too much?
Am I the only one who watches painter Bob Ross in order to help me fall asleep?
What are good paint recipes?
what paint colors do I mix to get tan?
is my art any good? Please be honest!?
To what extent is mural painting "La historia de México" by Diego Rivera a piece of political propoganda?
impacts leonardo de vinci's impacts on the world?
Can I remove paint from a canvas?
How do you splatter paint a bedroom?
Does art increase in value after the artist passes away?
How do I remove gouache paint?
Any tips on painting this watercolor portrait?
What's the story/meaning behind Vettriano's "The Singing Butler"?
What do you think of my artwork?
Do you think if America had a national dept penny center Americans would donate their spare pennies?
does reusing a piece of canvas reduce the value of a painting?
What Is The Artist And Name Of This Song?
Whats the opposite colour of red??
I need help urgently with these face paints!?
How can I have a copy of my oil painting made by a print maker before I sell it? For my records. Paper is ok.?
Help with Hand Painted Porcelain Figurines?
Hi,I wanna be a vfx artiste, so suggest me some essential ideas, Thank you..?
where to find an easel in new delhi??(related to painting)?
Does anyone know the name of this painting?
Working on an acrylic painting for the first time....advice?
I've gotten into painting and what could a teen paint?
Which is more economical when painting?
where does the artist Vernon ward come from. and where are is paintings from?
what colors do i mix to get a pale brown?
spray paint clothing?
Where is Leonardo Davinci on Assasins creed 2?
I have an original oil painting by Paul Kujal, called "A Bloom is on the Land". Wondering how much its worth?
Paint Splatter Fabrics?
Does The Saint painted on Castle Hill have a nickname?
Who is this caricature of?
Have you posed nude for an artist?
Can I mix water colour with acrylic. I don't mean together in the palette but can I use both on the same?
Whats your favourite colour?
northern renaissance?
Do you think this is a good painting?
who painted this painting?
online painting lessons?
When Was This Painting Drawn?
Where can I get white body paint?
What do you think of this painting?
how do you remove color dye from skin and or clothing?
Does anyone know a artist who signs their oil paintings Walker in capital letters?
pablo picasso dora maar painting ,colour dimenstion and description of whole painting?
Current worth of "Washington Crossing the Delaware"?
Disturbing artists? anyone please?
I have a lithograph of "Hunters in the fall" by W.Portmann,and I was tring to find out if it is worth anything
What's the meaning of funnels in the heads of some Bosch's figures?
1700's horse conformation paintings - looking to buy prints?
What is the difference between Expressionism and Post Expressionism?
what countries exhibited in the great exhibition?
please some help?
Who did this abstract piece and who else does abstract art like this?
Looking to buy cheap, beautiful artwork?
I want to work at Hooters, I think I'm pretty hot and fit for the job. I have big boobs too.?
What are the 3 colours that looks good for some combination in a monochrome painting?
What is your favorite song/artist?
Good oil painting brushes that will not shed...?
I have to make a photo frame on my project very creatively?
Is graffiti Artwork or vandalism?
I have a beautiful m.harold painting but i dont anything on the artist can anyone help?
I have a painting by P W Steenhouwer not P C Steenhouwer. Does anyone know of him?? I cant find much. Thanks!
Where is Mark Bradford from?
what is the story behind the andy warhol painting of the birmingham race riot 1963?
Can anyone tell me the name of this painting?
How should I go about liquidating items in my aunt's estate, especially her artwork?
when transferring a photo onto canvas...?
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec is best known for his use of vivid detail and bright colors to portray?
what do you think about my first painting ?
What is your least favorite artwork?
Can I use my oil paints to paint a mural over already painted and textured walls?
what kind of art was portrayed in the 1970s?
What painting is this?
The name of a painter: painted fairies also spent most of his life in an asylum after killing his father?
What is that Painting Looking Up Perspective, Underwater View of People at the Pool?
About how much would it cost to get this framed???
I don't like to sign my paintings, can I sign the side of the frame instead?
Sandro Botticelli's "Three Miracles of Saint Zenobius"?
Is my oil painting by M. Coyner worth anything??
Has anybody heard of an artist called Airola? I have a wonderful picture of a stylized elephant by him/her.?
Why did Madonna of the Harpies wood scupltare this art the Madonna of the Harpies?
What do you think of my painting?
do you like my art?
Why is Golden the best brand for acrylics? Or is there another brand that works just as good, for less?
What are some sticky clear coats?
Why do you paint?
I am a French painter, and I would like to stay longer than 90 days to paint in USA?
Are magic realist pantings Karkaesque?
How can i screen print t-shirts from home?
stencils for spray painting?
How do you make a portrait look like the person?
unltd by ,arc ecko or merrel??
Trying to find "In the Blood" print?
I am looking for a painting. A Cloudy Night by E. Arnold?
I inherited an oil painting from 1981 by an artist named MONSH. Whats it worth?
artist who have painted on the theme irish potato famine?
How do I find a piece of art?
I'm painting a picture of a lemon. How should i go about painting the skin texture?
art >???? alan mcclain?
what do you prefer acrylic or oil painting? why?
Ideas For a Plant/Flower?
What is the name of this painting?
in italian da vinci means?
what is the brand name of water based polyurethane?
What country's mythology influenced Botticelli’s paintings.?
Meito China Made in Japan, hand painted?
Who was Ishizaki Yushi? What do you know about him?
list of online paintings?
Does anyone know where I can find designs for face painting?
I love doing paintings. I want to show my talent to world & build my career in painting.?
where can i find information on norman rockwell's 'treasures'?
i'm looking to buy my first oil paints...without being cheap quality what is the most *affordable* oil paint?
wells fargo painting by harland young?
Salvador Dali's "The Persistence of Memory"?
Art on ebay, total scam? Any personal experiences?
Why don't encaustics rot?
Does anyone know the artist who did comical End of the Trail painting at SFMOMA in 1998 or 99?
what is important to know about Paul Cezanne?
what do I have to do legally to move to mexico?
Can someone help me analyze American Gothic? ?
How do I need to prepare a wood canvas before painting on it?
will i ever be famose artist?
I want to paint some flowers on my Fender Strat. What paint should I use?
where can i find cheap large blank canvases online?
What are some songs with stories in them?
Legal Graffiti walls near Chicago, Illinois? Willing to travel.?
where can i study screen printing in the usa?
details on blood painting?
is this picture painted or a real photo?
What is matte painting?
What web site contains the topics regarding the Medieval and Renaissance era in Egytp?
Graffiti store in UAE?
what is modern art?
name of a painting, i need to know the name of a picture if a blonde child standing dressed in a salior suit?
what are good types of spray paint and nozzles, and where can i find them?
who misses the legend tony hart I do?
Where can I order these brushes?
Fire colour question?
Who are some famous Spanish artists as in painters? Puerto Rican,Dominican,Spaniards,and Columbian.?
i have a lee reynolds 2 piece painting with the number 187905 on the back size 30x40x2 and am curious...?
Old painting: Can anyone find the artist "R Chambless" ?
Will watercolor melt near an open flame?
How did Kenzo Tange use light in his designs?
Can I gesso over an existing oil painting?
Where can I find an artist in waterloo to do a custom painting I need?
Some help with a body paint?
What is your favorite work of art and who is the artist?
How do I get oil paint to dry on paper mache???
Art class ideas!!?
new mom can't find time for oil painting?
Microsoft Paint Question?
Advice on which paint to use?
Who painted Saint Winehouse?
creative ideas for me to paint/make?
What items are on the table in the lower left corner of Edgar Degas' L'Absinthe?
Which colours did Leonardo Da Vinci use?
who painted the last supper?
what primary colors are mixed to form brown?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a STREET artist?
Best destination for Christian art and paintings ?
I need to know who the artist is who painted the paintings in these photos
Complete list of Chris consanis paintings?
Can i use childs finger paints on my face?
I am a body painter, and I am looking for professional work. Who is hiring?
artist block?
What could I use instead of spray paint for graffiti?
HELP! i can't remember the name of a female artist she is european. her work has a greg simkins feel to it?
I am looking for info on an artist Viola Ellis or Evers, Last name is hard to make out.Curious?
what does "off-colour pun" mean?
hi i have got a old oil painting signed stopping at the in how much is it worth name is henry j boddinton?
Can someone give me a list of artists names that do abstract (of any kind)?
what color should i spray paint....?
Where can i buy canvas?
Who's better Edward? or JACOB<3 ?
Ideas on what to paint with water colors?
Why did Goya paint the "family of Carlos IV"?
why is mary magdalene always holding a skull or a cup in most of her portraits?
Does anyone know the name of famous artists' who'se works are similar to Picasso or a type of impression?
Jasper Hale lovers-what do you think now?
Transferring sketch onto canvas. ?
Can someone give me the name of some good artistd who use science as a theme?
I am painting my room, but I have no idea what colors to paint it!my favorite colors are green and navy blue.?
What's so great about New Mexico that so many artists and writers are drawn there?
Feedback on one of my paintings?
ratio dish soap to tempera paint?
What is a Doll's body made out of and what kind of paint should I use?
How do artists do such cool looking pictures?
What is the best brand of india ink for use in brush inking?
Famous Paintings?
What is Kolash paiting?
the significence of The Golden Bough?
Spray Paint Primer necessary?
What time of day/night is it in the American Gothic Painting?
What do I need to make a silk painting?
does anyone know where I could get a good painting(dog) done?
Guitar Painting Project?
does this painting suck?
What are the 3 primary, secondary and terciary colors?
Where is the best place to auction original art online?
i get to redo my room and i want to paint my room something unique and creative?
If you were to give artwork (painting/drawing) from someone for christmas, is that a good present?
What is better? Liquid Latex or Plain Body Paint/Makeup?
Completely stuck for ideas for artwork that needs to be done in 1 mouth?
Is painting dead? and is it possible your earn a living as a painter today?
Guernica - Pablo Picasso. Significance, help?
Painting a room yourself?
Are there any artists that have the same feel and tone of Spill Canvas?
Im looking for the name of a painting of a woman.?
why aren't black and white colors?
Am I allowed to sell MY paintings of Disney characters?
Teenage bedroom mural ideas?
can anyone think of a painting portraying religion, god or just the idea of belief or idolization?
i think the best movie ever made was "BLUE VELVET"?
what are the best paint stodios?
dorothy kaplan artist?
do you like these picture's i drew?
2+2=1 explain.?