On a scale of 1 to 10 how good is Glidden paint?
Conoscete il quadro di millet sentiero nel campo o qualcosa di simile?
who is this painter / artist ?
Hi Um What Can I Draw? Mainly A Person...?
I have a painting by L. Jambor called Musical Interlude, How do I know if this is an original and the value?
How to sell jmw turner oil painting?
Ways to start an oil painting?
Social inequality painting?
What are the properties of "ART" that makes it important painting?
Who is this painting by or where can I get it as a print?
guyz value and rate this xD?
What is the name of this painting?
where can I get Info on an artist called Schurmann, from the Joseph mensing acadamy?
Which painting do you like better, and why?
what is the price of a painting by wallace nutting called a peep of the hills?
10 Points. I am doing a painting and I need ideas on what to paint?
Can i become a freelance artist?
Can regular Acrylic paints be used on brown cardboard?
Are Stevenson Acrylic Paints, high quality? What does "%100 acrylic emulsion" mean?
I have an unsigned oil painting of a scotsman It was found in an antique shop. Any ideas of price or artist?
Any ideas for a fresco?
does anyone know the name and the artist of this painting?
If you painted your walls yellow, wouldn't you not be able to sleep?
Acrylic or watercolors?
did you visit the website named ?
what would you pay for this?
The way Leonardo Da Vinci wrote in his notebook?
can anyone tell me where (if it exists at all) dry paint that can be mixed with oil with little smell?
Conoscete il quadro di millet sentiero nel campo o qualcosa di simile?
Question about Oil Pastels?
Is there a way I can make my shirt less stiff and more wearable (Fabric paint)?
Regarding cost and demand, what is the difference in an artist's original painting, and a print?
does anyone know the technique and medium of the painting ingebord treschow,age three by frants hennigsen?
Has anyone seen this painting?
What's that painting of the scared looking man?
What paint do i use to paint shoes?
tell why is art so expensive?
Does anybody else think that Modern Art Paintings look like they have been made by a preschool child?
Is it safe to spray paint blue shorts black?
How do you make spray paint dry faster?
i need art help now!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Need Help Identifying This Painting/Artist ... The Barber's Shop ... Cats and Monkeys .?
what types of paints are best for painting a metal/tin trunk?
I have a painting from Renoir. How do I find the title and authenticity?
latex and acrylic paint?
How does a painting by a chimpanzee fool the art world?
How should I start painting?
how do you get paint to look like this?
Who are some famous artists that work on/with mirror?
With what type of paint/s was Mona Lisa (the original) drawn?
do you know any figure artist that have writing in it?
what is faux marble painting?
Can I Paint a drum kit a different colour?
How can I combine 112 years of music onto one large canvas? Layout ideas?
Where was Bellini's Madonna of the Meadow created?
What type of mural should I do on my wall?
Who is the French painter who painted water lilies even as he was going blind?
How did Anthony van Dyck and Peter Paul Rubens' paintings signify prestige and power?
spray paint a Guitar?
Artists who focus on clocks or time?
What is the best acrylic paints for painting on wood?
Similar artists to Thomas Kinkade?
How to paint with the colors of the wind?
beginner painter?
What are some Meaningful Paintings?
Andy Warhol,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,?
Looking for a poster that was copyrighted by Verkerke?
what programs do you guys use for or for Artwork?
paper on Leonardo Da Vinci help me?
What were Leonardo Da Vinci's art influences????
Being exposed to toxic train paint?
Help with painting? ?
Is this painting, The Lady of Shalott (1888) by John William Waterhouse, a romantic piece?
I HAVE A 11 X 14 OIL PAINTING OF BABY JESUS looks like oil painting. His name is at the bottom LEFT.?
I got this really long code after downloading paint tool sai. What do I do?
is there any gallery in the US that is interested in philippine contemporary art? give me a chance to show?
Who built Chateau d'amboise?
what is a freelance artist?
Oil Paints... how long does it take to dry?
What's my m.arron painting worth?
What is an easy roman mosaic?
Does anyone know where I can purchase a print/poster of Luis Royo's "CARESS"?
famous Spanish speaking artist?
what is the quickest way to dry oil paint?
which websites can i find some of sylvester Stallone's oil paintings?
Fake Van Gogh Sunflowers painting in National Gallery, Trafalgar Square London? Why?
Heat genesis paints?
why do i need to use gesso?
In the best know painting of him, why does Napoleon have his hand in his jacket??
you think vango was crazy?
Artist like flyleaf?
how can i sell my paintings without a gallery?
What are the ingredients in oil paint?
looking for sister Francesca Rebello in India?
Best paint to use on Converse Chuck Taylors?
Painting Questions Please Help!?
Frida Kahlo?
What is the most interesting object you can see now?
Does anyone know any Puerto Rican artists?
Gouache on Canvas Help?
pablo picasso art question?
What can I use to seal fabric paint on canvas shoes?
could you tell me who this artist is?
Robert Wood Painting?
Any artists that paint images of baby dolls?
Any info on Ralph Goings?
Whats the difference between hyperrealism and realism?
Can anyone tell me how to clean and restore a watercolour painting?
Winslow Homer painting cost?
What does the color black make you think of?
What are the three Primary Colors?
Can I paint over a light color when re-painting a bedroom or do I still need to prime it?
what are career prospects for artists? what can you do to get a regular income?
What to name my painting?
what are the names of some paintings that contain these concepts?
who is tenakus mcclain?
What is a common interpretation of Dali's painting Poetry of America: The Cosmic Athletes?
salvador dali?
I'm looking for oil paintings by either William Grant or Duncan Grant (signature is Grant 26)?
What do you think of this painting in the profile?
Hawaiian face painting ideas?
Any ideas?
What did Andy Warhol paint?
What can i paint my girlfriend?
what is the hole for in the painting pallet?
Who is artist O. Mallon?
Which country and city does Banksy currently live in?
Canvas for Acrylic painting. It is white, can i stain it with tea or coffee B-4 usining acrylics?
Can you use tempera paint on nails?
Street painter Greg Z???
for building the frankenstrat guitar do you put the lacquer finsh on after your done paint the red coat?
could somebody explain this picture for me? [SALVADOR DALI]?
Graffiti art or marking your territory?
How much is this lithograph by Fanny Palmer worth?
What colors should I use?
Where can I find a list of all the colors....and how they are made. ??
What do you think of my paintings?
I have a picture by Dallas simpson can anyone help me?
how much i pay for extenal painting in an apartment?
Marcel DuChamp. Do you know a lot about him?
I am interested in collecting 18th century english art but i am not a zillionaire and i am new to art?
If your life was an oil painting, what part of it would you paint today?
anyone know an allergy tv ad featured a lady visiting a museum while a portrait of van Gogh watching her?
Would this be considered Abstract Expressionism?
Can anyone tell me the Pinup artist who did this art? (raven haired, topless, vintage rose smelling woman)?
Name 3 songs titled "Revolution". (recorded by 3 different artists?
Wacom tablet lags in Paint Tool SAI. Help!?
artist tretcwiko?
what is mary cassatt's style?
why do venetian masks use sheet music?
hi, who knows about pearl grandfather clocks? thanks?
What artist invented perspective?
what should i paint with this title NEED IDEAS?
What happens if you mix Acrylic and Oil paint?
I want to paint my les paul a cherry sunburst but I dont know how, or what stuff to get?? HELP?
Intoxication(not alchol but lds, ketamin etc.) seems to push one into more creative realms and give one the...
I have a question about painting...?
is there a site for William McGraw Publishing?
what does blue and yellow make when there mixed together".?
Texture in watercolour painting. Any hints & tips?
Would you buy home-made artwork from ebay?
how to paint with oils ?
homecoming ideas - window painting?
Famous Artists that use pattern in their work?
Want To Analyze This Work in Progress For Fun?
How do I keep my paints from sticking to the pallet?
What other artists did Picasso copy styles off?
How important is looking and observation for an artist?
whats a good type of paint for a beginner who wants to paint still life and portraits?
Suggestions for a painter to study?
is pottery painting a hobby?
Where Might I Find Tom Hanks Painting from Epic Movie?
what kinda of paintings did leonardo da vinci paint?
In history we are learning about the renaissanse so was leonardo di vinci satanic?
Is Barnett Newman taught about in schools?
airbrush paint set need help on brands?
artists who paint/draw bottles?
A good speed painting program that has a blur effct for shadows?
Will sunlight fade the colors in a $4,000 oil painting? What can I do stop fading?
Are most visual artist kinda on the gay side?
i don't think this painting is significance. but what makes it worth $1M?
I have a painting done by James Earl Ray. Could I have something worth money?
How can I use watercolour paints?
has any one sunbath nude in there back garden in the uk?
Question about Tupentine Natural and Liquin Original!!?? PLEASE HELP!?
any info on projekt revolution 2009?
any paintings of worthihg pier by phyllis pearsall?
what is the mystery of monalisa?
Why is 'Mona lisa' by DaVinci so famous ? Is there anything special about it for a non-art lover ?
Rainbow fish?
Can Anyone Help Me Find Out About This Painting?
if someone did take it do u think they would put it in a museum?
Is the davinci disappearance dlc worth getting?
if i have very an old painting really old fromVAN GOGH time where i can sell it or even ask about it?
Im painting a portrait for my girlfriend in it shes an angel, i need a background idea, but i wont do clouds?
What was Leonardo da Vinci's VERY FIRST painting?
How can I sell my "fine art" by a famous artist?
What should I paint at school?
A question to fellow artists?
What do you think of this drawing?
Where can I get information on a Dali painting, "The Dream of Venus"?
Spray painting hard plastic? ASAP!?
Where can I buy spray paint for art projects? Not Home Depot etc?
what do you think michelangelo ws trying to communicate in this painting(go to the link below,very interesting
Seventies spliff poster?
Could you please take a look at my paintings? Comments appreciated! Thanks.?
Is it safe to use oils on top?
Where Van Gogh's Dr. Gachet painting?
I need an artists or any-ones help?
so acrylic paint come off fast?
Has you ever made your own oil paints like the old masters did?
where was leonardo da vinci born?
what are some beautiful paintings from 1780ish-1920?
Why does an artist paint abused children?
does anyone know who this artist is?
When you are commissioned to paint a landscape for someone and you do not have a picture, only their?
Does anyone know who painted this picture?
Are paintings pretty?
the oil paintings of "The Homestead" and "South Dakota Evening" by Jess Schlaikjer?
How did Georgia O'Keeffe affect the art world?
What color should I paint my room?
What size do you use the oil?
Can someone explain?
What is the theme or subject of Marc Franz' Piggies painting?
On Corel Paint Shop Pro X How do you change the eye color of your picture?
Anyone got any neat drawing/painting tools?
i have a bill o'neill original painting, out-buffaloed, how much is it worth?
What is the value of an H. Hargrove painting?
who commissioned Adoration of the Magi br Bartolomeo di Giovanni?
I have never painted with oil paint before. How is it different from acrylic?
artist with no lessons.....?
theres this really cool painting and its a nun playing a les paul guitar, anyone know the name???!!!?
Can anyone help me identify this painting and/or artist?
Reusing a canvas... help?
How did Leonardo's teacher know that he had a talented pupil ? ?
Which Alaskan Painter did "there is no free lunch"?
How much would you pay?
tell me the story about van gogh?
why do most artists live in France?
What kind of paint will stick permanently to a CD?
I need to compare 2 paintings, could you help me?:-)?
Suggestions for a good waterproof fabric paint?
How to create a masterpiece?
Do you find this unprofessional?
Did you ever get 'Painter's Block'? How long did it last & how did you get over it?
What is the most valuable painting in the world and best?
where do i find a good art(painting) page?
Easy face painting ideas?
painters name is douglas arthur?? treg or trog cannot find?
What colour/How should I paint my room?
What was an original price for a Claude Monet painting when it was first painted?
What painting is a good example for monochromatic art?
Why are oil paints considered to be better than acrylics?
can someone help me describe this photo please?
a good sketch book ???????
How can giving paintings a monetary value affect their artistic meaning?
Help me find the artist to this painting!?
Do you think this painting by Pissarro is kind of dull? How would you fix it?
looking for a painting by william holman hunt called "Behold, I stand at the door, and knock"?
Name this painting need help FAST?
How do you have an art gallery opening?
Where to buy Montana cans?
How to describe an painting content?
if i invite guests over, do u think they should clean up after their mess?
What impact did transport have on cubism in the 1900's ?
Are there any oil painting schools in San Francisco that are NOT part of a college/university?
What's the truth about Van Gogh's missing ear?
How was Northern European painting affect by the protestant reformation?
how can i find the value of an artist's paintings or prints?
Monet and the Sea: AIC?
Are black and white colours?
Where to purchase an OSHA gasmask easy 10 points need help ASAP time is of the essence?
i have three works of art by adolf dehn are they worth anything?
I need help with an artwork that i have to do about The Loss of Tradition and Culture.?
value of oil painting?
I need some ideas ... help me ?
Describing the composition of artwork. So confusing.?
What is the best method for painting over a pencil outline?
help me!! please!!?
What are gouache paints?
Has anyone heard of the artist Frank Donnini?
What motivates you to draw,sing, paint,act,make pottery, or any type of art?
who is the original artist that sang please dont stop the music?
Full speach on favorate colour red?
Is it possible for some one to be able to paint but not draw?
How to do the silk screen printing for tone or grey scale?
Why is my car paint lifting that i sprayed?
What is his name?
Can you store oil paint in glass jars?
what sort of information would you like on the car andy?
How do you paint clouds using Acrylic Paint. Cheers?
How do I paint without it catching dust?
The Star: Edgar Degas texture?
Painting Question? **BEST ANSWER**?
does black light ....?
Do you agree that RENOIR was the most SENSUAL painter of IMPRESSIONISM?
how much should i charge for my sketch?
How do I go about pricing my artwork?
Why is painting so hard?
Did Manuel Valencia (early california painter) ever title one of his nocturnal painings "wishing on a star"?
Do acrylics come of easily?
Is there a site or book that can teach me how to watercolor like a particular artist?
anyone know of a print titles" Alice Blue Gown"?
what style of artist was picasso? Cubist, expressionist, etc?
How can I make an art gallery view my web page?
Is there a site that identifies the red japanese symbols on watercolors?
where can i find out about advice/assistance to become a self-employed professional artist.?
What is your favorite 19th century Artist?
is it okay to paint a pickguard with spray paint?
what can be said about Dali's pictures of eggs?
How do I go about pricing my artwork?
where can i buy plain white canvas in canada???
What could I use instead of spray paint for graffiti?
So, wha's the meaning of the purple color?
Can i buy a guitar than paint it?
Where can i buy body spray paint in PA ?
whats the difference between baroque art and gothic?
Hva eyou heard about Brazil and there oil COmpany?
What is with Mona Lisa?
Oil or acrylic paints?
Where can i find cheep acrylic paint, good for canvases.?
make phosphorescent powder?
Why did Leonardo da Vinci go to France?
Why is purple everyone's favourite colour?
What are some safe body paints!?
What are the best oil paints?
hows my first finished painting?
Art Reproduction,...Prints & Giclees advice and help?
Is there any artwork about the book of Revelation?
What is meant by "know when to stop" in painting?
Looking for an artist by the name of A. Cafith or A. Cafilt or A. Cafiter Not sure of spelling.?
I am looking for a conversion table for artist canvas sizes from figure portrait marine to the US system?
Who was the artist?
Should I Stretch watercolor pad ?
Can I use PVA glue and go over paint to make it shiny/glossy?
what technical weakness do the paintings of grandma moses have? why are these overlooked by viewers?
Who did that surreal kind of painting of the guy with the big head holding up a little square?
who likes to munch some rug?
Futurism Paintings of women!!?
What is the color of harmony?
do you know anything about this painting?
there is an artist who produced portraits of jammy dodgers in relationships. do you knoe who ?
what does the drawing eyes mean?
Which aesthetic theory does Picasso's Portrait of Gertrude Stein adhere to?
i wanna know , wat all da colours represent, mainly Yellow, Blue, and Pink.?
where can i find background paintings from disney's sleeping beauty?
What would be the best material to use to color/paint on regular brown cardboard?
What is the name of Lena Cronqvist painting where one small girl drowns another in ocean?
i am looking for the name of a dam that N.Rockwell painted for the U S Government in 1970.?
Painters: what is your prefered brand of brush?
Looking for prices of paintings by the artists Alexander & Wissotzky?
Pro Hart, Delacroix & Monet?
Painting by Nettie Borelli?
What should I paint. Jellyfish?
How does impressionist paintings differ from traditional European paintings?
I am going to start a new painting soon. What should i paint?
What would be a nice picture I could paint for my mom?
horse print by phyllis fullerton?
Where can I buy a good mop brush (more than 1") in Montreal, Ca?
What emotions do you think the portraits are trying to convey?
what are abstract works giving the sense of movement through light and colour, 2 letters, 3 letters, ??,a?t?
I have something I would like to know more about. Can anyone help?
good reasonably priced canvases to paint?
What does “avant-garde” mean and what are three attributes/ goals of the “avant-garde” artist?
Whats that moive called with the 16 year old that look at a painting?
Trying to locate my uncles artwork........any help?
What inspires you?
Where are the paintings in the heading of d painting?
whats the best medium to increase flow of acrylics?
Who is the best artist/painter on the land today?
What's a good website that shows how to critique a work of art?
What are some artworks that relate to change?
what 2 colors do u think look good together?
The painting Selene and Endymion by Nicolas Poussin?
i really need to do a painting, but i dont know what of, any ideas?
painting of a girl in a field?
Oil Painting help...?
Does anyone know the name of this painting I saw in the Portland Art Museum?
What do you like about the look of watercolour paintings?
any painters artists in here????? i have question?
is this good? yes or no?
I had an idea to paint and color pencil all the planets realistically.?
What do you think of Jackson Pollock,the painter?
what woul be the value of a 1986 print (3 of 100) framed , of joey dunlop,signed by him and the artist?
Recently, Is there any art exhibition held by “Peace Tour”? Who is the leader of this organization? Anybody kn?
how much would an artist charge for one of their sketches or paintings?
I'm a beginner at painting with acrylics.....I love it but I'm horrible at there any hope?
what were the technical innovations introduced by Red-Figure vase painting?
facts about silk painting?
what makes the color blue?
famous paintings that i could come up 1000 words with?
Does anyone know the painter J. Richard?
lawrence fishburne bio?
Looking for oil painting restorer in South Carolina?
how do you become a famous artist?
Can delft hear in their dreams?
Is it an absolute must to use gesso when paining on canvas? ?
The best place to learn Latin dancing in NJ?
what was the inspiration for Delacriox's painting, Death of Sardanapalus?
What brushes and paints to get started pinstriping?
finally got done with mural ?
I was offered $1,500.00 for Nude shots should I do it?
9 months ago i sent my art off to be reproduced, ive not got it back and the business keeps giving excuses?
who is basquiat?
Looking for picture of fallen woman in a pink dress on a farm scene.?
spray paint?
who invented oil of Olay?
Jan Vermeer- a Baroque artist?
Where online can I sell back a piece of used art (alexander chen print)?
Can anyone help me with this art question?
What do you fill out on an artist canvas under, Medium?
i got a chinese silk scroll painting, where can i get an expert to restore and assess its authentic, painter n
If colours were sounds?
What do you think of my art?
Is there a good site that has "impressionism"?
what is your favourite colour and why?
Do you like this street art group on facebook? Street art Pangs?
Which artists produce works on the themes of 'night' or 'spiral structures' or 'suspended items'
what is the style of this painting by patrick caulfield?
How do I paint again?
Where can I find a Portrait of Charles Eden Governor of North Carolina 1714?
comment on this painting please?
How did northern renaissance artists blend italian renaissance ideas with their own?
Looking for a painting I saw at LACMA in 2007?
I have been asked to do a talk on Gateshead Artists. Any information please as to where I can start research?
What should i always have on me if i do graffiti?
What 2 Colors Go Together While Painting Two Different Rooms That Connect ?
art expo 1980 by jnw chrzanoska?
how do you sign a silk painting?
Can anyone help me with my art by giving me some ideas?
What kind of "project" shall I do?
What You THINK of My BULL?
Oil Painting Artists WANTED!?
Rustoleum for plastic not drying completely?
Help with choosing living room wall paint?
Where are these Matisse Paintings Now?
GRAFFITI ART ! ! ! ! ! !?
what kind of markers or paint do i need to mark or paint on glass?
If I buy Leonardo da Vinci's Notebooks, do I still need to buy "Treatise on Painting", or is that included?
Which contrast do you like most?
Who is the artist that painted this?
What is the best paint to use on wood?...framing a painting?
Ideas for things to paint..?
what does it mean when someone says red is the new black??
Why is the Mona Lisa called the "Mona Lisa?"?
Needing References for Painting Project?
What paint to use to paint shoes?
what are some face painting designs?
Easiest Impressionist Painting to Copy (for my exam!!)?
how old do you have to be to buy spray paint in boston?
Oil pastel project?
Baffled, Painting name/artist?
Were most of the "Old Masters" homosexuals?
Besides flowers, lambs and rainbows, what reminds you of spring?
what is the cost per sqaure foot for interior painting of walls?
I'm trying to find portrait artists in the seattle Washington area.?
Can you do wet on wet with acrylic?
Where can I get like ten puppys and a cheap van?
Which artists concetrate on looking at/presenting products in their work?
largest Monet Exhibit?
1700's horse conformation paintings - looking to buy prints?
do you like graffiti?
what was your favorite painting in the smithsonian art museum?
Which of the Renaissance artists do you most identify with?Giotto, Raphael, Leonardo, or Fra Angelico?
I have 3 non maritime paintings by Ken Jepson for sale. Where is the best place to have them valued?
What is Mona Lisa thinking in her painting?
Can anyone tell me about the symbolism of the "boite de copeaux" in Madonna paintings?
How to tell difference between lithograph(print) and real painting?
Are you a painter who works from a planned idea or,?
Famous Salvadoran artist?
Favorite color?
Why is Rothko's artwork referred to as "television for zen Buddhists?"?
Can anyone tell me if Bob Ross Company, has DVD, VHF, of packages of how to paint birds, like parrots macaus?
i need an opinion on a tag name xyz or rage? thanks!!!!?
Can anybody give me links to paintings of artist SANJAY BHATTACHARYA from india?
How did painting evolve as an art form?
I wanna make a painting, I need some insparational quote's,saying's. easy ten points.?
Colors give moods?
how do you write a essay on matisse painting of still life on a Blue Table?
Can spray paint be used as an under painting with acrylics?
French Oil?
What is the best paint to use on tiles and where can i buy it from? i want it to look professional?
Has anyone heard of this artist?
If cupid was here on earth as flesh and was going to college what should he major in?
What material to artists paint on?
Art question - Can there be mist where there is sunshine(nearly dawn)?
Can you name this painting?
What kind of paint should I use for a necklace?
Any Ideas For a Canvas ? BA ?
what paint should i use for graffiti?
Where can I find information about a 20th century Dutch artist named Snapper and his paintings?
what is the best way to paint on denim jackets?
what can you paint with 31fl.oz of white paint?
where can i get romantic poster?
Does anyone know info of picture shown in my "Profile Picture"?
where can u find designz for your pictures n collages?
Where do I buy crabwood oil?
Does anyone know anything about a painting by E.A. Leur, called "apple blossom Time" ? thank you.......
Who is your favorite painter?
What can you tell me about William Sydney Mounts' "Farmer Whetting His Scythe"?
where or who can i get my van painted like a hippe van?
How do you pick a great tagger name and artwork for that tagger name?¿?¿?¿?
do you think that monalisa is a girl?
What is the color of your joy?
What is the name of the representation of the Virgin Mary, usually with the infant Jesus?
How can paintings get so expensive?
why does oil painting takes too long to dry ?
Do you know any thing about an artist named Robert Chailloux or his painting: still life with strawberriers?
want recipe for black and green home made face paint plz?
Oil painting on a Uke?
Oil paint or acrylic paint?
Artists and artwork or chinese/japanese women? 10 points best answer?
Finding a Painting Help?
ED hardy T-shirts in hyderabad?
Louis Buvelot A Brick Kiln 1879?
How does a blind person see (Esref Armagan)?
who is avi thaw?
who are some famous body painters?
information please about Regency artist Stewart Warren Lee and his work?
Can someone please help to identify this painting for me?
Graffiti artist wanted........?
Where Can I download MS Paint?
When was Sermon on the Mount Painted?
What do people think of Luke Chueh's art work ?
I'm a beginning artist working wtih acrylic paints, I need help with the proper way of doing things.?
how do you make color pigments?
Do you like this painting? I am a beginner.?
Whos the artist for the painting of marilyn and elvis?
I have to find artworks that depict the human body? HELP!?
Do you prefer non-objective, realistic or abstract art?
How does Balla and Boccioni's use of Pointlism relate to the ideas expressed in the manifesto?
Model Painting Advice?
how can i make the background white in pictures using paint?
is bob ross dead?
realism and naturalism?
Best way to paint a laptop?
A.J. Any one know this artist.?
Acrylic painting - how to make raised straight edges (impasto)?
is there a kind of paint that can be applied on pictures?
Painting by Robert Cox?
what color do you get by mixing red and green?
in italian da vinci means?
Who sells reproduction prints of primitive folk art portraits esp. John Brewster Jr's Francis Watts with bird?
How do artists become so good at drawing and painting?
Where can I buy Paul Simon wine?
Help me! I need to exhibit Papua New Guinea art in Canada, USA, and Australia?
In Oil Painting, Why do people wet their canvas with water before priming it?
what is the difference between surrealism and magic realism (the literary movement)?
where can i find a black and white painting of the Edinburgh Castle?
Who is the artist of this painting?
Why did renaissance paintings portray Jesus as a "hippie".?
Did norman rockwell ever need a psychiatrist?
Artist Karl Maria Schuster (1871 - 1953) austrian?
How do I know that the paints I am buying are safe and not chock full of lead or other dangerous stuff?
how has artwork changed over time?
I got paint over my favorite shoes how can you take it off?
What do you think of my paintig?
Is there a big market for morbid art?
What is my painting worth if I sell it on Craigslist?
what is the story behind the andy warhol painting of the birmingham race riot 1963?
are or were male painters painting mostly or even only males or is it a taboo (would be considered homesexual)?
do you know of an artist called molf?
Do I have a real paul detlefsen painting on my living room wall?
analyse the painting by henry ossawa tanner where an old man is holding a little boy holding an instrument ?
What color would you get if you took green and subtracted yellow?
Who is the artist who painted a picture of two japanese women and a 'surgeon' with a **** ton of cats in it.?
What are some good or creative ideas for a watercolor painting??
How do you find good art?
What are some websites that i can send in pics of graffiti?
Can you paint hedders with out the paint burning off? ?
are the paintings in the first 3 mins of this clip breugel's? which of his paintings are they?
what color would all colors known to man be mixed together?
dose anyone .....?
What painting by A.J Casson had water and sky, rocks and a couple branch trees?
Does anyone know name and artist of this painting?
Have maktou painting is it real?
I need a chart on colors so I can match up,on gel coat on a boat?
'Bridge' by Kenneth Noland, 1964.. One paragraph about the painting?
"painting holder" what it called?
how can I make an art porfolio?
Best oil paint brand?
What color do you get when you mix red green yellow and blue?
Which one has more class?
How much do you think Mona Lisa the painting is woth?
Where can I buy an Art Manikin with with all human joints?
why is a artist proof seal and rembrant guild mark on my painting i have bought?
where can i see photo and ideals for painting on cupboard with folk art design. thanks?
HELP! ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Van Gogh??
What colors do you mix to make navy blue?
why do they put the colours in a wheel?
i drew some pictures on microsoft paint, are they any good?
Painting by y.w.lee 1960s?
Does watercolour work on canvas?
Where can i buy bulk stained glass paints?
Hey how good is this painting?
Who is the artist and what is the name of a painting of a music master and his student kissing?
What style of painting does Kelly Haigh do?
what do you think about graffiti?
Can anyone tell me the name of the painting and artist of this:
is there anyway to keep a pallet of oil paints from drying up over a week?
has anyone ever heard of the western artist chad payne? if so how many works of art did he have? and location.
what are the rules of matt/mount colours for watercolour framing, is black ok?
i have postcards from early 1900s are they worth anything?
Paint like GTA IV style artwork?
Who is the artist that drew the hands drawing each other?
warhammer brushes...?
Now, what are some different shades of black?
Where can I find someone to create a painting of my Pit Bull?
What is the best acrylic paints for painting on wood?
Does anyone kno the significance (if any) of the painting on this piece of greek pottery?
Any Good Artists That You Know Of ??????
What are the best en plein air brushes to buy?
bedroom art studio?????????????
how can i find a watercolor class in monmouthcounty nj on fridays?
is there a graffiti shop in los angeles?
Who is your favorite artist?
Which is better: Drawing or Painting?
Can someone give me information about Van Gogh's "Bedroom in Arles" Painting?
what's the difference between gouache and watercolour paints?
what wall colours can make my cyber cafe look funky?
Can gouache sort of act as glue?
Where can I find someone to create a painting of my Pit Bull?
I have about ten to 15 painting Ive made how do I go about selling them???
Michelangelo's paintings?
where are the animation centers in india?
want to know where to find info on a joe splendora painting?
looking for a painting by william holman hunt called "Behold, I stand at the door, and knock"?
Does anyone know the name of this painting I saw in the Portland Art Museum?
Any collectors of Indian (India) art ?
For oil paintings: do you varnish a painting before you frame it or do you frame it first and vanish later?
artists who paint children?
Any other artists like alex grey?
is there a painting called Crabber's bait?
What do you think Margaret Olley's painting - 'Still life' (1986) is about?
Where can I purchase a poster or print of Andre Masson's Battle of the Fishes?
I have been searching for this painting for a while now...?
Art Print Holders?
how much is an origional oil painting with certifiacte by B Wilder worth?
Anyone know anything about an artists from Asia named G. Han???
What kind of paint can be used as body paint?
How long did it take Michelangelo to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?
A painter of pictures, last name Dunesque?
No offense, but why do some artists give such bad advice?
what is leonardo da vinci's impact on his world and on our world today ?
Can anyone help me find artists?
What are the glazing techniques that give depth to paintings?
Pink, white and yellow: Good combination or not?
Is it legal to sell paintings that I made from pictures?
Value of Dogs Playing Poker prints?
artists that use cultural themes?
Why do Roy Lichtenstein used comic strips in his painting?
Salvador Dalí or Pablo Picasso?
Any Good Artists That You Know Of ??????
why cg drawings/paintings are so hot?
Mystery Painting Question?
how do i get started in photoshop for painting?
how do i make paper marbling solution from scratch?
What is the subject matter in The Arabs crossing the desert painting? ?
what is better? red or blue?
Question about artists?
How do i get painting class online?
Whats the best way to replicate tiger stripe camo spray painting a rifle?
Disney or Dreamworks ?
What impact on the world did Frida Kahlo make?
looking for design buyer web?
how much is my original renoir print of 'the swing' worth?
would anyone please be willing to vote for me?
Who painted this work I saw in Vienna?
I paint two eggs, one red, on yellow, now you?
What makes the mona lisa attractive and what doesn't?
What should you use to paint over something to have it not showing through on a stage set?
What is the name of the Canadian painter?
In cleaning oil paintings, what is emulsion cleaner and neutralizer?
What do you people think of Mona Lisa's expression?
What do you guys think of all my artwork?
Mediums and solvents.?
How much should i charge for my painting? By the hour?
Vintage Artists???????
Who was the patron of the painting Venus and Adonis by Nicolas Poussin?
In Gros' painting, "Napolean in the Plague House at Jaffa", why is the #32 on inmates headdress?
Will an oil painting dry quicker in a microwave?
Does anyone know who painted these?
Spray paint AND acrylic on canvas?
what two colors blend to make Red?
i need help finding painting lessons in albuquerque nm!!?
Need help for painting project!!?
will acrylic paint stick to my t shirt?
how do i learn to oil piant?
Doesn't an AFRO look like a HALO?
Anybody know artists?
What acrylic colors generally comprise these color painting pallete's?
who else thinks that modern art is rubbish?
What colour should i paint my room?
Does anyone miss painter Bob Ross?
Plz help w/ imformation about LEONARDO DA VINCI!?!?!?!?
like the molave- rafael zulueta da costaq?
What should I paint???
Is it a good idea to mix oil pastels and acrylic on canvas?
History on artist Paul Merry/PP Merry,pencil sketch/painter.head&shoulders.People&ani…
What can I do to sell my abstract paintings?
Favorite impressionist artist?
Why are paintings so valuable? What makes some worth more than others?
What kind of colors are white, tan and beige?
Who is the artist who did the Vietnam war painting called "Reflections"?
What is it called when you paint over or touch-up a photo with paint?
Anyone got some good claude monet websites?
What are the principles and elements of art on vangogh's pieces?
Who is your favourite artist and why ?
who is Raoul that loves Olivia?
Will watercolor paints run lnto oil pastels? PLEASE HELPP!?
did Rembrandt use any new techniques for doing his paintings that allowed him to do 100s of these?
What are the affects of painting my guitar and what type of paint is best?
what is your favourite colour?
how can i make a plain white umbrella funky by painting it?
in marc chagall paintings, what does the goat mean?
Does anyone know of painter with the name Dexter?1900 ?
who is this artists again?
what is a magi?
What wouldThe _____ marked the beginning of the Baroque era. you like to ask?
Payless shoes Rain and Guard Spray for custom acrylic shoes?
I need to find an art dealer's website but I don't where to start. I only know his name and address help??????
why i'm so bad humorated in the weekend???
How does this painting of mine make you feel?
What are the dimensions of the Painted Coffin of Djehutynakht?
Name & artist of this song???? Might be called "dreams"?
What do you think about the late Artist Rembrant's self-portraits?
paint on string?
Need help naming my new project?
can you use black paint as chalkboard paint?
Is oil paint hard to remove from body?
background information on the painting "The Flower" by Diego Rivera?
What is the difference between oil paints and the acrylic paint in a tube?
why is Leonardo Da Vinci's name famous?
Henri Matisse?
What Do I Need To Stretch My Own Canvases?
Where in Redondo Beach, California, or in the surrounding area, can I get an oil painting restored?
Where is the grave of Vincent Van Gogh?
Can i use hairdryer on acrylic paint to soften it on a window and scrape it off?
Who did the paintings in Half Nelson?
Should impressionism be considered realism? What similarities does Courbet (artist) share with impressionists?
Is there still work for sketch artists?
Your Favorite colour ?
About being apprenticeships?
how to make a paper look old?
Does anyone know of any expressionist painters like Franz Marc? Thank you.?
what is your favourite color?
I want to make a hole in my canvas for a painting. Will this destroy the canvas?
does anyone know the woman in the famous painting mona lisa?
Famous Paintings to write a paper about?
Hey! What should I paint?
As Adam was not born of woman so he shouldn't have had a navel. Are there any artists who didn't paint it in ?
I need help with my art project! what do you think a graffiti artist would want?
How do you create a gif in Paint tool SAI?
Martha Stewart chalkboard paint!?
change eye color on corel paint shop pro XI?
Looking for information on an artist F. H. Sitkin?
Who is your favorite female Christian artist?
I need ideas for painting a parking spot!?
examples of artists that draws unhappy clowns?
what can you say about spolarium?
What Shoes for Painting outside all day?
How do I remove white spots from an oil painting? Are these moulds, and how to prevent in future? ?
What is a creative idea for a pumping carving contest relating to 'paint'?
does anyone know what this Berlin Wall painting is supposed to represent/mean?
Seascape Painter Don Fairbanks?
should the customer pay for the paint if your painting there bed room?
How durable are Joe Bravo's tortillas paintings?
Need a painting/picture for my bedroom.?
Who painted this? (Picture included)?
looking for essays on peter blake artist?
Which is your favourite colour and why?
Who is the artist of this peice?
Is measuring the only way to help you to observe better in drawing classes?
can anyone tell me the meaning or inspirations behind the painting "The Joy of Life" (le bonheur de vivre)?
aborignal art?
bedroom art studio?????????????
Does anyone know any information about this painting?
how do i track down a painting done by leighton jones?
What is the painting style of Thomas Kincaid?
My boss is getting married...painting idea?
What do YOU Think of this Painting?
What color would be good for my walls?
I'm not due for a week,but I've been trowing up for a couple days now , and I feel tired alot, could I be preg
need a search site for price guide on oil paintings?
How do I know if I'm doing it right?
I bought a portrait of an old arab man I can't make out the signature. How can I get info on it?
When you paint on an empty canvas...?
I want to put up art in my new kitchen, like a painting. what would be appropriate? I love Dali, Miro, etc.?
I saw a painting and can't remember the name?
Is there any truth to the link between artists and left-handedness or is it just a myth?
oil painting on canvas looks like british landscape.singed madge 1892. how much is it worth.goodcontdd?
what information would you need to include on a charity poster?
Whats a paint so I can use and put Polyurethane or Nitrocellulose on it?
I am somewhat well informed concerning "art," but there is something I have often thought about and can not
I need help tryig to find some artists. Painters. of sketches and oils.?
What's that art thing....?
famous painting: what's it called?
help! title/artist of this surreal painting?
Do you have to register yourself as an artist/painter?
how can i do a Response piece to jenny saville?
why does france not return italian paintings?
Am i Really Pushing MYSELF?
does any1 kno a color that starts with a K?
What paint should I use to paint my shoes?
what were the influences of cubism at the time as cubism was a reaction to society?
Is Thomas Kincade a real artist or a gimmick artist?
I have an acrylic painting that I would like to protect with a coat of something clear.?
Favorite Color?
Paintings by Bob Sanders?
What is Australian Aboriginal Krill Krill painting and music?
Please describe the artistic media of painting?
What is red and yellow mixed?
what do you think about girls with tattoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Using mario bros artwork copyright infringment?
Looking for a painting of a small girl with a puppy.?
Do you know about Armenian painter Arshile Gorky?
da Vinci and Michelanglo?
How do u save all the layers in paint tool sai?
What's the best color to paint my nerf guns?
I need help with my art?
i use acrylic paint on fabrick it dried stiff what to use instead?
How do you pronounce Mucha (the artist)?
What is ART really????????
The best how-to painting books?
ross reports?
what is the best clear coat gun in the market for aoutomotive painting?
I'm looking for Almond Branches in Bloom by Vincent Van Gogh smaller than 50cm x 50cm or similar painting?
what are the 3 things Vincent Van Gogh experimented with?
How long will an oil painting last without a protective coating?
who is "madonna" from Raphael's paintings?
Artists, I need your Help! s!?
why did some painter paint on copper?
What is the best brand of matte varnish for oil paintings?
What is the following painting and by what artist?
Do you think this old woman in The Last Judgment was Michelangelo painting himself as a woman?
I have an original v.a.richardson still life. signed in fair condition. how can i sell it.?
Where should I paint the grapes (if any)?
How to transfer my canvas painting to an online blog?
How to identify original pushka raj(yellow sapphire) gem stone?
what can anyone tell me about cubism?
Why do people have negative perceptions for Erotica?
What should I use to paint on walls?
Which painting media is the easiest, oil, acyclic, or watercolor?
What is the name of a print of a little girl on a chair on a deck looking down at her teddy bear on the floor?
What is the appropriate background color for a Vibrant Purple Vase?
life as a noble musician in the renaissance?
Did portrait painters use stock faces centuries ago to paint families?
What's so special about the Mona Lisa portrait?
Looking for artist of painting!?
anyone know any techniques i could use to create a wall texture on a canvas?
what is the name of the person who shows you the paintings in the gallery?
Where can i sell my paintings?
Describe, in general, whose images might have been sculpted or painted onto pottery in pre-Columbian Mesoameri?
Why realistic paintings have a socialpolitical message?
Rate my graffiti blueprints sketch please?
Painting your Wheels?
How would you influence society with your art?
Was the Mona Lisa ever stolen?
Maybe a dumb question about spray paint...?
Good examples of artists who's artworks changed with their life?
does everybody know who Dali is?
looking for a 19th century artist that paints figures by the name of Bryson possible name Charles a or W L?
what kind of art is this!?!?
Which paints shall I use to paint this picture?
can you make money drawing graffiti?
RE: Does anyone know anything about this painting?
looking for info on artist T.S.Driskell,the bayou artist from New Orleans . Studio was on Wuerful St.?
want to know the value of a rockwell oil panting?
What is the coolest painting you ever seen?
Trying to find a painting of a crucifixtion?
why do most artists live in France?
Who's your favorite artist (painter) ?
Can anyone tell me a Blog for painting and painters?
What art movement inspired impressionism in Renoir? What were later influenes?
Does anyone know what color Cerulean is?
Shading flesh tones?
excluding michelangelo, who is the best painter/artist of all time?
I am customizing my fender , and the first thing i am doing to it is painting it Sea Foam Green or surf green?
is there a website for nail painting?
Does anyone know what painting is behind Ariel in this scene of The Little Mermaid?
Need help finding the name of a song and it's artist.?
Make my own painting?
What whould you paint?
what are the best tools to painting your whole house?
Anyone know of a painter who paints by dripping paint down the canvas? He has had work at the tate and ikon?
what do you think????
what color should I mix for khaki?
can you give me pictures of beautiful flowers to make a pictures galery?
Are crayon pastels different from oil pastels? and are chalk pastels really crayon pastels? im confused ?
is the a paint like this?
Is it possible to to have 2 versions of an artwork or is one just a replication?
Is forged artwork still valuable?
What is the difference between oil pastels and regular pastels?
historical background of the name "small cowper madonna"?
Where can I find original art that's budget-friendly?
Which types of paint are good for canvas?
where can i buy parov stelar's album cover painting like a poster?
need to do an abstract on rock candy crystals?
i'm painting my room what should i do?
How do you think of this painting?
Can I use watercolour paints on a normal canvas?
When is it legal to add a picture of a famous painting to an essay?
Making a wooden wall for a tech project , I'm painting it and want it to look realistic ? Any tips ?
What should i finish my painting with?
How can I play around with this Goya painting?
How can you erase permanent spray paint on a car?
Why is the Mona Lisa painting so famous?
IF your a painter, have you painted all your life, or what age were U when you started developing your talent?
want to see a painting titled doll marrige by mf husain?
Comparison of L.S Lowry and Vincent Van Gogh! similarities and differences please?
The two paintings with a boy and a girl by the sea on a rooftop in the night. I don't know the artist or title?
What is my favorite color? Red or blue?
Is it - do you think (in Art)?
Painting a mural when i can't paint my walls?
what is abstract art?
artist? bright, colourful artwork?
I need some ideas on what to paint for the subject 'Visual Art'?
What historical value does the sobng Painted black from the rolling stones have?
how is this for a first attempt?
How do I paint a layer over a previous, textured layer (oils)?
Can someone further explain this phrase in paintings?
What do you think of this mural my fiancé painted?
which surrealism painting is more famous?
oil on acrylic paint?
How do i clean an acrylic on canvas painting?
What would be an okay background to paint on a canvas for this(please read the details)?
Art project over Rene Magritee-help!?
all the floors, some walls and curtains are acrylic paint and landlord coming tomorrow! help!?
need desperate help please!!!!?
How many paintings did Maurice Brazil Prendergast paint?
Body paint won't dry on face because of oil?
Which member of the group of seven is this painting by?
Why are barns red?
how do you paint chinese paintings with acrylic? thx?
Where in the UK could you buy blank paper umbrellas or parasols to paint?
Any tips for watercolour painting?
How can a person with no formal experience as an artist get into the art business?
in will and grace there is a painting on will's wall.....?
Leadership and "Liberty Leading the People"?
My Bamboo Tablet works on everything but for some reason not on Paint Tool Sai?..?
How to Display/Sell/Buy My Paintings Online?
artists that study light?
how do i mix colors in oil painting to make a silver color?
famous indian painters and their works?
Artists beware of the ickenoxartshop online gallery . . They take your money and then you never get listed?
hahaha. hellllpppp!!!!?
do you have a favorite colour?
How much body paint would I need?
Can I use acrylic craft paints on ordinary white mugs?
What is a painting worth$$$?
What historical content gave rise to Surrealism?
How old do you have to be to purchase spray paint in California?
My name is Ray and I'm pretty decent at graffiti but i need a tag name, any ideas would be great?
what is chrisbrowns favorite color?
anyone know the painting with the young girl knighting this guy?
What Paint is best for plastic?
christmas face painting ideas?
What is this with Hitler his painting is for sell wtf?
Anyone know any good articles to read on Hyacinthe Rigaud, painter for Louis XIV?
are there any well know animal painter or photographers?
The Blue Horse by Franz Marc showed?
What could I paint on my walls?
I had a surreal picture does anyone know what it is?
Does anyone know what this painting is called?
lifespan of unopened acrylic paints?
What is pure abstraction?
Can you recommend some artists?
I am artist ...i have lots of paintings how can i sell in gujarat.?
Does anyone know what this painting is called?
JEAN-MICHEL BASQUIAT - Any Exhibitions of his work coming up in the U.K?
What would you pay someone to do an oil painting of you, your family or your pet?
What is the Signifigance of the Painting of The Dogs Playing Poker?
Using hairspray or fixative under painting to seal drawing?
you remebr that one show with the guys?
What is the title of these paintings? Artists and/or origin? Thanks!?
blue landscape painting?
I want to sell my painting to a poster company, how do I go about that?
to give or not to give (my oil paintings)?
What do you rinse your brushes out with when you use oil paints?
In what city will you find FABA, the federally-funded art foundation dedicated to 130th-birthday boy Picasso?
Good Surreal Artists? Paintings?
How to make a canvas for oil painting at home?
How do you paint a good tree silhouette?
Barbie Painting?
Does anyone know anything about these paintings?
how do you use water colour paints in a tube?
Is it just the original art of an artist that increases in value or do prints too?
How do you make a painting medium for oil paintings?