How much does a painter cost?
what am i supposed to do!!?
can u use acrylic paint for canvas paintings?
help with analysing a painting?!?
Why was rfk at Marilyn Monroe house the night see died?
Is body paint illegal...?
Did you do ART IGCSE?
anyone know of a artist known as "Joann Canabbro" lived in Redondo Beach Ca. 1976 watercolor artist?
When will the Royal Academy start to accept submissions for the 2007 summer exhibition?
who invented art?
Do you like poetry or not?
What did Cave Men use as paint?
Beginner in Graffiti seeking help?
ok can u mix two colors to get red or not if u can can u tell me?
Do you really think...........?
Ideas for an art final piece?
what sort of things look well painted impasto or triptych ?
Cosplay- using henna & body paint?
Charity Event ,Please I need Help?
I have a painting by P W Steenhouwer not P C Steenhouwer. Does anyone know of him?? I cant find much. Thanks!
Will painting a skateboard mess it up and what type of paint can i use?
spraypaint inside the house?
Painting fine art with latex wall paint?
To all the artist who express themselves with paint, brush, and a canvas...?
Where can I find a seller of Janet Fish prints?
history of sidney pike painter of landscapes and rural genre?
Does anyone else have the problem of ,if you dont have a purpose for my painting i have a really hard time...?
Mona Lisa??
what are the different kinds of painting? all types of painting??
some details about this painting ?
What kind of painting style is this?
How much is this painting worth?
What Category (Or Style) Would You Place This Painting Under?
Famous artists that paint in the theme: Mysterious\Imaginative?
how can i make an oil painted painting dry faster?
Does anyone know anything about a painter named Kokoschka??
why is every one so in to Mona Lisa's smile?
Question for artists or people in the art business- if you show your work in a vanity gallery...?
How much is a Lisa Milroy painting worth?
What are names of famous painters?
Did Michaelangelo go blind painting the Sistine Chapel ceiling?
Ideas for painting a mural in my bedroom?
How do I sell a Thomas Kinkaid painting?
gesso primer for acrylic painting?
john brunsdon artist?
where is the byker graffiti store?
Can I make liquid watercolor paint from my watercolor tube paint?
Any Ideas about what to create for the topic 'life and imagination'?
What is the name of Camille Pissarro's first painting exhibited at the Salon in 1859?
What color can I add to red to make dark red?
Does oil paint expire?
to see coastal paintings of p.f.tunstill?
Wtf? This portrait is screwed up?
what colour can be produced by mixing violet and orange colours?
Should I buy the Urban Decay Naked Palette or the second one?
What was the value society put on Salvador Dali's art work "The persistence of memory"?
Zombie painting ideas?
where can i find colorful pencil led?
anyone got any idea for a textiles sketchbook?
I want to make a painting for a young man who has cancer?
if I sell a painting that I did, do I have the right to have access to it later?
What do u like about this painting?
what is this painting called?
How do you blend skin colors in a painting?
How do you make prints of original art?
Is this a good Topic sentence or Thesis?
how living me?
purple or pink?
What should I paint a picture of?
What do you think of my art?
what colors make the primary colors?
i am looking for a painting from thailand..?
Can anyone identify this painting? ?
where can i get a copy of the painting promithius bound?
Water color on canvas?
Name of painter that painted masquerades?
can anyone suggest any white spirits?
Where is the picture or painting from where the lobster has his arm around a cow and a chicken. ?
What do I need to print photos on canvas?Is it an expensive investment or fairly modest?Where do I find info ?
What predominant theme did Salvador Dali use in his Surrealist paintings.?
What era was lady Gaga's set in the vmas?
How do you dry spray paint on fake leather?
what is the most effective way to use Acrylic paint. ??
Can You Tell Me Who This Was Painted By?
please let me know the names of authors who wrote books on how a potrait can become photogenic?
Who is Misha Lenn?
Other than white, what colour is representational of truth?
i'm trying to find the original Autumn Scene by Broelim and also the value of it.?
What should/shoudn't i do with the "edges" of the painting (compositionally)?
Which type of blue watercolour paint has the strongest pigment?
What period was "Horizontal Tree" by Piet Mondrian painted in?
Varnish or lacquer?
Is it true that Mona Lisa is a man?
HOMEWORK HELP: i have homework about Mona Lisa and its painter. please HELP!!!!?
Best colleges to learn painting in USA?
I'm trying to think of the name of a painting. It's a guy in front of a painting of himself.?
does anyone knows of any stained glass painting classes in adelaide?
I have an old Oil painting signed ONLY "Mario" and cannot figure the artist?
Any sources on Salvador Dali?
How long did it take Leonardo DaVinci to paint the last supper?
What do you think of Vincent Van Gogh's paintings?
What painting would you just love to live inside of?
ERNST HAECKEL?? need lots of info..NOT COPY+PASTED frm the net pplz! ...i need u2 put in ur own words pweez...?
Did anyone see the movie entitled Modigliani, with Andy Garcia, about the famous painter?
who was henri de toulouse lautrec?
How did Picasso changed the visual language when he came up with Cubism?
I once saw a painting of waves crashing on the shore, the waves were white horses charging. who painted it?
What artists have drawn or painted night and day?
Montana spray paint in SF.?
Who painted this painting?
Can someone help me find out about this painting that i have?
what is the name of the painting that has a skull at the bottom - that you can only see from certain angles?
I would like to know the name of the artist...?
If a picture is worth a thousand words....?
How Do You Get a Job at A Children's Fair or Carnival as a Face Painter?
Mexican War Paintings?
I need help finding a religious painting...?
help needed, i had a idea about painting my wall and using it as a background for portrtes?
When was Audrey Flack's 'Wheel of Fortune' painted/made?
Painting my room...your opinion?
Whats a paint so I can use and put Polyurethane or Nitrocellulose on it?
whats the best book for learning to draw and paint from ameuter top pro?
can you make painted furniture look antique?
Okay, spray paint question for artists?
How to create the ing texture using oil paint?
What can i draw which represents love?
is airbrush tan water proof?
Does anyone know of the place and death of an artist called Felix Emile Andrews?
how much does it cost to get t shirts airbrushed?
What's the best spray sealant that contains fluoropolymer? ?
Moonlight Over Capri Painting?
Vibrant exotic birds?
Help Identifying a Robert L. Nelson painting?
Frida Kahlo 'Tree of Hope'?
did u ever notice how many ppl ask question here?
what are your favourite paintings?
What do you think of my Idea? Suggestions welcomed?
I am looking for information on a French Artist.?
Famous Bear Artists, Writers and Poets?
Who is your favorite mandala artist?
I have to paint a cityscape?
Besides canvas, what other surfaces can take acrylic paints?
What surfaces (common/ uncommon) would be good choices for painting with blood as medium?
Hi! I am trying to figure out a name to use for my face painting business. Any ideas? Help Please!!?
Any Painters?
who are the best painters ?
What does negative space represent in a painting?
What country developed the first domes on the top of buildings?
Want To Interpret This New Painting?
Portrait paintings and photographs with subdued/dramatic lighting?
How to change the date of birth on a licence by painting the 4 in 1994 to make it a 1?
Why is Coral painter Essentials is not working?
I want to design tee shirts with acrylic paint. will the design stay on or will it wash off?
what bad things did Michelangelo do?
what should I know before I begin to paint?
Airbrush tips / techniques? Want to airbrush with metallic paint, but thinned out...?
Thinking of making a Drink stain painting...?
What was the actual size of the the painting "Christ descending into limbo"?
How to hang a panel painting (with nothing on back)?
what emotions does the colour red evoke?
Does anyone know how much The Accordionist by Picasso is worth ?
What is kolash paintings? and how can i do this?
please answer my watercolor question?
WHY did Vincent Van Gogh start painting?
Does anyone know anything about the artist Vincente De Paredes or overpaintings?
How much is this painting worth?
I am trying to write something on a pen. For instance "I love NY" but I'm not sure how to do it myself without?
Does Drawing/Painting Come Natural?
disabled adult,acrylic painter seeks places to exhibit 16x20 inch paintings for sale,in dallas/fort worth texa
identify a painting by photo?
what was mel fisher's inspiration for finding el atocha?
What art period was Paul Gaugiun?
i have a 1979 unicef heinrich wall plate does anyone know the value?
What influence does Wassily Kandinsky's work have on art today?
What incident influenced O'keeffe to do art her way?
How do you get inspiration? What inspires you? Give me some suggestions on what to paint..?
this carpet shows a painting,who is the painter?
Where can I buy art paint in Toronto?
Fernand Léger painting?
what is an exhibition bout?
Are there any artists who paint and let the paint run down the page?
looking for artist from 1913?
Is water coloring tough? I'm taking a class on it.?
Picture frame made by Chas. J. Edmunds?
how do i make paper marbling solution from scratch?
How is the painting?I used water colour!?
letter to help me my best friend to paint?
Looking to start or join a crew in maine. interested?
How to remove oil paint from cats paws?
spray painting flames template link?
Need help from someone good with colours (graffiti canvas)?
why are barns red?
Space Spay painting, having issues with the newspaper trick.?
What brand of a marker is best for writing graffiti tags?
Robert Jupiner?
is Banksy a photographer or an artist?
c.winterle olson painter value?
I want to know if the painting (village street 1929 ) by Lyonel Feininger is valuable?
who is a male artist along the lines of pop art late 60's thru 70's from utah either a Gary or Bruce Williams
DOING A REPORT NEDD TO KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whose your fav MUSIC artist.?
When was Dali's Female Bodies as a Skull made?
I wanna paint, but should I do oil painting or what?
how can i get a gallery to consider my artwork for a show?
Artists and models: have you had any exprerience with life drawing modeling (nude)?
Has anyone heard of an artist called E Baker who painted Another Time?
Cubist artists who drew animals?
where do I find info about a picture I have?
Could I craft a hex key so that it is a rough torx?
Is there a way to protect my mobile painting?
What colors should I use in this painting?
Reusing a canvas... help?
what color should I paint my room?
Painters: do you mind getting your hands covered in oil paint on a daily basis?
posing for a the nude...please advise!?
which paint to use?....?
Did Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze have children or a wife?
If a picture is worth a thousand words....?
Can you guys be sincere and give me your opinion on the following art piece?
About self employed painters?
Which is better, varnish leather first and then paint, or paint directly on the leather? ?
Where do young painters meet in London?
Who painted the ceiling of the Cistine Chapel?
Why do people hang art in their homes?
Does Anyone know a way to use a home product to add texture to acrylic paint, what would work best?
Should I paint a getting along wolf and bear or opposite of that?
If you had a goal/dream and did not want to divert because you were close to completion>> See Below?
How would I go about painting a plastic hard/construction hat?
So i need help deciding .... :)?
Who painted the "Jesus Breaking the Cross" image?
Who do you think is the most overrated painter?
best classical composers?
How big is 48 by 48 Canvas?
What is the best medium to use for painting portraits?
Photoshop painting????!!!!! effect/ tutorial?
Rusty bedroom painting?
Does anyone know where i can get chalk paint that you spray on the sand at the beach?
what is it called when a picture is drawn on canvas and had writing painted on it?
Clear glossy spray paint?
what is the meaning of "V" in between jesus and john the beloved, in da vinci's painting?
Has anybody heard of these artists? some info please. wols, adolf wolfli, Cy twombly, Otto Zitko ??
im wondering the value of this key holder?
Hatsheput's tomb Painting?
how can you thin out paint?
I would like to know about websites that host works of artists (painters) free of cost?
What is the name/artist in this painting?
Who was Aert Van Der Neer the Dutch Painter's brother-in-law?
What should i apply as primer on silk fabric for making painting on it?
where can i find a reasonable sized picture of lucien freuds "baby" picture?!i thinks its called baby...someth?
how do i copy diagonal stuff on paint without the white being around it?
I'm looking for information on B.Laney who is an artist in or around Clovis, New Mexico?
what does purple symbolize??
How Do You Get a Job at A Children's Fair or Carnival as a Face Painter?
how could i find a job painting watertowers?
How was the color purple discovered?
Who painted the Mona Lisa?
How would i keep my paint brushes clean?? Points Rewarded For best answer!!?
name of the swiss painter who painted a tiny tale of a tiny dwarf?
What kind of paints are good for psychedelic type colours?
Can somebody give me a website that has paintings and what they represent?
What is the cheapest non-synthetic brush?
What do u like about this painting?
"Hundreds of Birds Admiring the Peacocks" painting by Yin Hong?
Can someone tell me who this unknown artist may be. I've had this painting over 30 years?
what two types of line did piet mondrian use in his paintings?
who does famous dot pictures.?
I need info on a painting....?
Group of Artists / Movement ??? ??? ?
What should i use?
please tell me what you think of my painting?
People who went paint-balling...?
what do you know about mughal art(painting)?
what coulor is ur bed room????
The painting Fall from Paradise by A.L Egg is so sad. Do you think this best illustrates how women?
How to remove masking tape from an acrylic painting?
what website can i buy?
where can i find someone to paint a picture for me?
What was going in 1890 when Edgar Degas painted the After the bath, women drying herself?
What is your favorite medium?
Who else hates modern art?
Were you ever surprised at how some of your artwork is good enough to sell while others look like amatuer cr*p?
In Leonardo da Vinci's painting the "Virgin of the Rocks", is there any symbolism? s. most imformative-?
what are some famous artists of the 1960's?
what should i paint on my canvas?
What is your favorite song (and its artist) and why?
Why do you think this realism keeps appearing in art?
has anyone out there heard of blink182
Whose painting is this? I can't figure out the artist!?
Spray paint question?
i have an oil painting that i need to sell but to a reputible dealer how do i get in contact with one?
Artists painting as part of the WPA program in the 1930's?
If a picture paints a thousand words, what picture would you be?
what is the difference between watercolor pencils and watercolour paints?
Why might Prehistoric humans have painted on cave walls?
whats the name of this color?
What colour are grapes?
How can i make my oil painting dry faster?
is the general public allowed to enter the caves in lascaux, france to view the paintings up close ?
painting my arrows interference?
where can i find Ironlak paint?
How do I make a painting become an album cover?
What can I do to sell my artwork?
what paint colors do I mix to get tan?
Minecraft Painterly Question!?
What's the best way to make money selling your original paintings?
I have a painting that I need help with?
Any ideas for a painting?
What is the painting in the chicago art institute that is only 3 different colored lines?
What is the style of painting in which scenes of terraced lawns and gardens are depicted?
What painting techniques have been used in this Winslow Homer's painting?
Where can I get a quick and expert valuation for some furniture, paintings and ceramics? Ideally online?
Anyone know any famous artists that paint cats?
How can incorporate "Brotherhood" into a finger painting?
can i paint with fibreglass?
Does any one know of a painting called 'the empty chair'?
Water Colour painting?
When did great art die?
what do you think of my painting?
How much should I charge for an oil portrait, 42in. by 36in?
What paint to use to paint shoes?
Give two characteristics of oil paint.?
I want to sell my charcoal paintings please suggest. i m frm mumbai?
When did kris hotvedt the artist from New Mexico die?
Will the clorox blech gel work for spatter painting jeans at all?
how do remove candle wax that has dripped onto the canvas of painting i own ?
Can I use mix my acrylics with water?
What influenced Harmen Steenwyck when painting vanities?
who was the artist that did the baked bean can painting?
Would You Consider This A 'Christmas' Painting?
Painting by Monet (Artist's Kiss?)?
I'm looking for portrait artists like Saville, Nielly and Freud?
Why can't you use regular house paint on canvas rather than the much more expensive artists paints?
Famous "Warmth" Paintings?
How do I straighten a canvas frame?
I came across an old drawing or painting and its called 6/45 burros.. by a Bess 65. Can any one help me with,?
what is this thing called, that stand on which an artist places his canvas and paints.?
why does Johannes Vermeer start painting?
Can someone please tell me what color this is?
how can I get acrylic paint out of teh carpet?
Which are the popular online art galleries for paintings?
Mixing paints.?
How did they make Op Art?
What was new about Durer's art at the time?
I need to paint a painting done by an artist but my skills are not good?
why is Leone Battista Alberti consider a renaissance man.?
What color do you get when you mix yellow and purple?
Why is it more expensive to buy paint with red pigment?
how much is a painting worth by Donna Jacobson?
where i will find designs for painting earthen pot?
What's your favorite PAINTING / PAINTER ? Can you explain why?
what is the difference between cubsim and futurism?
does anybody know where i can fined info on george ayling or how much his paintings are going for ?
why do black people paint their houses so bright and funky colors?
Artist of painting of little girl with bird on branch?
HELP!! Do anyone noe anything abt Monastero di San Gerassimo?
Anyone know the whereabouts of Edinburgh College of Arts graduates David Ian Ross and Mary McMillan Ross?
Why do paintings sell for much higher value,if seen by a commoner they don't agree with price?
art history and appreciation?
how to paint a rainbow with watercolors, 10 points?
Painting a computer case?
Recent Russian painter-- what's his name?
Painting artist help?
Will tempra (or tempera) paint ruin a car's paint job?
what does LV/C mean on a painting?
valuation of an original etching of the east gate warwick?
Name & Artist of this Portrait(s)?
what do you think my favourite colour is?
Painting a mural on my wall, what kind of paint should I use?
What form of art would you categorize this painting?
where can you get paint shop pro?
Is there any way to take oil based paint off of plastic?
Why would drawing art help me when the truth is...?
In The Archibald Prize, Who Are The Contestants allowed to Paint?
Is Luiza Vozoli Famous?????
Are pre-modernism paintings ...?
Of the three....which do you like best?
I have an old painting I bought at an auction?
Best oil paint brand?
Why didn't Van Gogh sign many of his paintings?
what is the cheapest paint/ other colouring agent i can stencil onto t-shirts???
What should I paint a picture of?
What colors do I mix to make midnight green?
girl with a pearl earring.............?
I have a Litho print winde fine prints "yosemite" by robert wood # 429 & was wondering how much it is worth?
Where to find a certain painting by Lyonel Feininger?
How to Find Inspiration for Painting?
Great artist pastel?
What exactly is impressionism?
Do you Think that The painting of heath Ledger Should have won the Archibald Prize? If so why?
I'm painting a guitar, and I need a bright/neon pink. Anybody know where I can get some?
Painting of an American Indian holding the skull of an animal and praying? Do you know the artist?
What is creepy about the painting Spanish Dancers at the Moulin Rouge by Giovanni Boldini?
colour combination?
I Cant Remember This Painter?
Pressure spray bottle use in spray painting?
Does the late artist Bob Ross make you fall asleep?
honestly how are these paintings?
Help with a painting?
Where online can I find pottery depicting Virgil's Aeneid.?
What are some ideas for my paintings?
What would you want to know about the artist? (trying to write a bio)?
where to get canvas painting stretched 63125?
perfect varnish/poly for my guitar?
what is the painting style of raphael sanzio?
I'm looking for the name of a black and white French painting. It has a woman, child, cirlces, lines, a table
Does anybody has views on how to paint a portrait of Georgia O'Keeffe?
I am looking for the name of the artist who paints beautiful victorian houses.?
Who is your favorite artist and how does their works speak to you?
What western town did Salvator Dali Live?
Bob and Roberta smith?
Who was the original Bluebeard?
What of you think of my Art?
The Old Old Story by John William Godward Reprint Question?
Can I combine acrylics and oils on the same painting?
I need a print/painting/picture with two women or two girls, one Asian and one white-any ideas?
What's the best type of paint to use for painting a cardboard box?
how do you keep acrylic paints moist so that you can paint over a long period?
Whats the color of transparent cosmetic?
Is my art good enough to hold a amateur exhibition in my garden?
ideas to draw on art exam?
Can you tell me who did the painting ( modest millie). i have one and am triing to find it's value?
Bob Ross Finger Painting?
What is the difference between acrylic paint and acrylic gloss?
Artist who did work of CLOCKS, and TIME, and SPACE?
What are some of the uncommon colors?
Is any one selling their air brush kit for a cheap price?
Some art questions? :)?
I have a John Canning picture.?
could you tell me who this artist is?
i am looking for artwork by painting artist hilde kayn?
whats a good tagging name?
Where can I buy body paint.?
Do you like to visit art museums?
Looking for a picture of this painting or anything similar...?
Who is an artist that you wouldn't expect to actually be an artist?
Where would be the best place to sell a painting?
Painting picture frames to freshen look..?
how can i find wife through the net?
What is the painting medium of the mona lisa?
What acitivities did Mona Lisa like doing?
Who would win in a fight? H.R. Giger, or Alex Grey?
What makes a prized art expensive?
How to destroy paintings?
I'm looking for a local graffiti arists that was featured on hgtv by the name of esteban delvaue.(sp.)?
where can i get paint for airbrushing t-shirt?
Transfer Paper on a t-shirt, will it work with a ' deskjet ' printer rather than an inkjet one?
How long does it take KRYLON spray paint to cure on plastic?
Is spray paint bad for your skin?
What do you think about this painting?
Is Viggo Mortensen related to Marilyn Monroe?
what is a picture painted directly on to a wall called?
Tablet+paint tool sai= what kind of computer?
What style of art is this?
if you go to a gallery what do you personally want to see, describe the image of your desired painting?
Panama girls is a german expressionist painting by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner.?
What is your favourite colour?
Could you please give me tips on crayon art?
Where to find "Dimmi Cara" by Giovanni Battista Bassani?
Can someone tell me the painting techniques of the 'sacred and profane love' by titan ?
Painting of historically famous Russian who struck his son with a cane/staff killing him?
Judge my piece please!?
Settling the Boundary,by Margaret Dovaston?
Do you have a link to good independent painting?
I am looking for information please on a 19th, century artist named "Loftus How"?
should i make art or paint?
Will oil paints eventually rot a canvas?
What should I paint?
trying to research art of Harold"Bubi" Jessen Texas artistactive 1932-1937?
Anybody know if there is any international jewelry design competition holding in future ?
Where can I get the best deals for online art supplies.... especially acrylic paint?
How much do nail artists get paid in the UK?
how do I start an art gallery in akron ohio?
Does this count as surrealism?
How do I paint backgrounds in Photoshop?
I need to recreate an ancient cave painting...?
did di vinci write the di vinci code?
artist signature?
who out there knows anything about matisse's painting "the morocans"?
Color-Field Painting was associated with what artist?
What is this tube of white/creme liquid that came with my Water-colors set?
What is the major impact of Modernism, in painting, and is it a negative impact or a positive one?
What is the name of this British painting?
How canI clean discolored oil paintings?
How do you tie dye a stretched canvas?
what does the color black signify to you?
Who are your favorite living working painters?
Can I use acrylic paints on watercolour pads ?
what's your favorite colour?
what do painter turtles eat?
My facebook page is hitting 1000 likes soon. Can someone make a graphic for my page ?
What famous art should I see before I die?
How long do canvas paintings last for ?
which Invention made it possible for artists to paint outside?
What type of paint for pinstriping?
Who do you think made better paintings? Leonardo Da Vinci or Titian?
Where is the support?
In Photoshop, why does the mixer brush bleed over into other layers and other colors outside the marque?
what are the laws with copyright in painting?
were was the artist ford madox brown born?
how can i become an artist that draws?
Is there glow in the dark ink? Not glow paint pens.?
What should I paint on this piece of slate?
Help I have oil painting questions!!?
Parmigianino Eleanor of Toledo, painting?
I painted a shoe with acrylic paint but idk what to put over it as a protective layer.?
I need to know painting ideas for a punk girl teens bedroom.
What to do with a blank canvas? It was a house warming gift.?
How did painter, Milton Resnick commit suicide?
What sort of paper to use with spray paint?
What paintings are satirized in the 1/7/1991 cover of the New Yorker, picture?
Where to get body glow paint?
Who was a painter famous in 1974?
How blend in paint colors in painting?
Why to painters sign in the bottom right?
If you were an artist with $500,000...?
L.Pentland was governor, Madras in british India in 1901,he was painter-Artist also.Tell about his paintings.
Who is Mary Cassatt?
Where can I send a picture of my grandma to get someone to paint a beautiful picture of her?
What period was the flower carrier by Diego rivera created?
Where can I buy a painting of the heidlebrg castle?
Give me some tips for good shoes painting?
how to paint over a white spot on a wall?
painter antnior resndom?
what can we learn from Henri Matisse to improve our own work?
what is your The Terrace at Vernonnet painting?
Professional House Painter!! Help?
where can I sell my oil paintings? I am an artist.?
How bad is it if a painting has no signature?
why do people paint peoples portrait in court?
Problem: Slow drying oil paints?
What is the name or artest of this painting!?
Can anyone suggest me some goods sites for Canvas Painting? Thanks?
Require information on 2 painters: H. Walter & W. B. Stone. Help?
Interesting facts of Toulouse- Latrec?
What artists are inspired by theartrical arts? :)?
japanese art? samurai? painting/caligraphy on faces/samurais?
I can't read the name of the artist on my oil painting. Are there any websites that can help me figure it out?
Who is Artist Nino Saevadori?
Has anyone heard of a painter named P.Wolsly? I am looking for his work!?
Cause when you stop and think about it you wont beleive its true?
my niece wants to paint her nike swoosh a different color on her shoes? what paint would give best results?
Who is Salvador Dali and why is he important? What would we be missing without him?
Watercolour painting help?
I am Looking for info on a painter named bob sanders?
Anybody know of and have information on Oregon paint and collage artist Sylvia Shlim?
What were the easthetic values of the Renaissance?
I got some tubes of acrylic paint. Do I have to add water to it?
art painting help?
how can i find t.a.t.u and talk to them ?
Study of Abjection?
Does anyone know the name of the Krishna artwork on the cover of this album?
should i buy corel painter digital art program?
Which artist signed his paintings with an A.?
help me out here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How do I make Olive Green?
What are some examples of humanism-inspired Renaissance artworks, and pre-Renaissance artwork?
do you mix water with acrylic paint?? when you use it??
What are some careers majoring in Art?!?! HELP!!?
how do you hang a painted canvas ?
how to mix red and yellow acrylic paint?
1.Which problems concerning the representation of reality confronted French painters in the nineteenth century?
Where is the angel in the painting of Thomas Kinkade called "Garden of Prayer".?
if you had money to buy _a masterpiece painting _ which one will you buy?
what makes a painting beautiful?
What is your favorite song/artist?
can watercolor paint be used with gouache paint?
what's Intermediate art???
what is the main objective of Leonardo da Vinci for making the last supper?
Are these abstract oil paitnings are original ones listed in this websit(
What would you recommend to finish a portrait painted with emulsion paint? Varnish?
History......Pear Harbor and the Yellow Peril?
Help me find the name of an art print please?
Decoupage on wet oil paint?
how can we see god, not from our death?
is the primavera a continuation of the birth of venus? (botticelli)?
who painted watercolor n ink called paris?name ends in ly?
How does my blog look?
Can you use clear spray paint on clay?
When you paint with acrylic paint, do you sketch on the canvas with pencil first?
Is this a good painting?
What are some famous artworks which address ANY of the following issues?
opinions on acrylic paints...?
Can I paint team logos or characters on walls legally?
i have a painting titled "Home Stretch" from Next Dimension/Laurel, can i get some info on it?
What's your favorite Salvador Dali painting?
Artist who did work of CLOCKS, and TIME, and SPACE?
characteristics of camille pissarro painting?
I can't paint anymore?
if red isn't red and maroon is red then what should we call red?
Plain canvas or white paint?
what do you think of my new painting??
Compare the styles,techniques & mood between the two artists in these self portraits please?
how many paintings has david hockney sold?
what colors do you get if you add pink and gray?
How do I use acrylic paint??
How to paint canvas shoes?
What's Your Favourite Colour?
Looking for artists like Victoria Frances?
Is this painting realistic? Abstract?Symbolic or other? ( Picture IS INCLUDED ).?
should i get the naked2 palette?
Angelus leather paint?
Is Companionship concrete or abstract?
can you make pink by mixing red, yellow, and blue, in anyway?
Any artists similar to Salvador Dali?
Who are some famous artists (and their pieces) who painted the Connecticut River? ?
What products should we use for textured artwork?
I have old paint but I'm sure what web site can I go 2 C paint that's no good? White paint N particular
Someone please help me with my VA assignment on the Archibald prize.?
Does anyone know about this painting or the artist in this clip?
What is the best way to mix basic acrylic paint colors to get the color of Caucasian skin?
which old master piece of art showed two naked women on a bed?
How to work things out with your new art agent ?
How much should i sell my paintings?
Did Mona Lisa suffer from Down's Syndrome?
I need ideas for painting my face?
i need to make painting as birthday gift for my cousin, what should i paint?
Do you think the Mona Lisa is smiling or not?
what is the impact of color imaginary in turner work?
The "prints" sell for more than $20.00, where did you get that information?
How can I hang handpainted wrapping paper without frames? Is there a way to adhere the paper to a canvas?
Could anybody please give some tip to make my dektop more beautifull and "abstract"!!!?
7) What are 3 or more ways that artists can convey the presence of time in their artworks?
What paintings from Picasso's Rose Period was Fernande Olivier featured in (or represented in)?
which job should i do? a tattoo artist? or sell paintings on the street?
What is the best oil pastels brand?
What makes it okay to paint your face black?
How do I made a blend using paint?
Who painted the Guardian Angel painting?
Paul Detlefsen painting?
how to get red acrylic paint out of a white polo shirt?
I'm looking for good colors for oil painting. Which one is good?
How do you write a reflection on a painting?
What should I paint. Jellyfish?
What would you suggest?
l have a L. Neograndy painting. on the back it also says turner wall accessary is this a original or a copy?
disabled acrylic artist looking for place display paintings.split monies 60/40 dfw area?
what do you prefer?
i have a painting signed g whitman can anyone give me any info?
has anyone heard of an artist by the taught at an acadamy in Milano Italy?
Looking for a print,"Goodnight Time" by Molly Brett.Children's picture from the seventies.Can anyone help?
Maroon 5 Cribs (s10) they featured an artist on the walls, pls help!?
What is the origin and the meaning of this aztec painting?
What type of composition did leonardo davinci use in 'Virgin of the Rocks'??
where can I get stencils made in Toronto?
What is the signifcance of Rafael the reniassance artist?
How can I change the color black to pink in paint.?
could davinci see in slow motionairing a show on leonardo da vinci and?
Does anyone know where I can find this painting, or who the artist is?
Totally stuck for ideas... ANY help is very much appreciated?
help with colors?
Does the louvre museum add new paitings to its collection?
Would someone help me? Please?
How to go about painting my apartment?
Can someone identify this painting?
i have a painting by gerald coulson how can i tell if it is real or fake?
does anyone know of an artist named Antoine or Anthony Pick from the 1890's? Not sure of the spelling.?
Monet and the Sea: AIC?
How do you know the opposite of the colors?
How long on average do watercolour/acrylic/oil paint take to dry?
What painting are you working on right now?
Van Gogh and Edgar Degas?
what is the best paint striper for parking lot?
Where can I upload my artwork?
anyone know any portrait artists and interior/exterior artists?
What do you think ofty in art? Do you think it is artistic or do you see it another way?
Where can I buy cheap streached canvas and spraypaint?
Mona Lisa's last name?
I have the smock, The beret and the cigarette hanging from my mouth, I have the Palette, Easel and Brush,What?
Could anyone tell me how to find the value of origional Andrew Wyeth's The Berry Picker- his wife's collection?
How did Washington Crossing the Deleware get painted and by who?
what brand of paint has a deck paint that will go on over current paint?
what is the best art school in the world for painting?
Art Question?? Please?
Looking for painting of boy on pony "Bathing at Appleby"?
Need Help With Identifying Artist Signature?
Where can I buy an antique sea chart reproduction?
Any artists? How do I paint this?
Does any one want a painting with farm and chicken my email is for details or more info.?
bright colors?
does anyone know the name of this painter?
What is your favorite medium to work with?
What is Gouache? Is it easily used?
What is a Tonal color definition?
where can I find art studio space in or around Park Slope, Brooklyn?
I'm using paint tool sai, trying to practice just coloring...?
I am looking for info. about british artist E.R. Sturgeon. and possibly prices on some of his orinal pieces.
where can you get glow in the dark paint from?
questions about george ohr.?
Who inspired marcel duchamp to became an artist?
What do you think of this?
What is the name of the famous painting based on the Manhattan grid system?
what should I paint?
Looking for paintings by Jeff Sellery from the 70's.?
How can I hang handpainted wrapping paper without frames? Is there a way to adhere the paper to a canvas?
Can primer go right on top of old paint?
How do I make homemade paint from pastels?
humanism of my fair lady?
what are the functions of art in society?
i can't paint. i am afraid to begin?
Is my painting worth selling?
how can i improve my painting/drawing or whatever?
If a raindrop fell from the sky skimmed across a mother of pearl butterflies?
Painting by paul deftelsen?
How can I sell my artwork or promote it?
How can I make this look more realistic?
When trying to paint houses, barns, building, etc, my angles never line up...?
The real secret of the Mona Lisa??
Need Info on painting, it's signed R F Harnett and it's of various kind of fruit.?
How to tell if I have an original Claude Monet?
Where do I buy paintings by Ana Bagayan?!?
Photo to Paint by number HOME PC Program?
framing a painting?
Looking for pic,country gentleman, on stool, staff in R hand. Wife hand on his shoulder, with!!!?
Is this a good theme/idea for A-Level (Higher level) Art?
What To Do On My Canvas?
Can someone help me find this famous artist?
Is this a good Topic sentence or Thesis?
How do I find out what where an old painting was made and published?
need ideas for research paper topic?
Anyone know who this artist is?
Where can I buy a good angel brush for cosmetic use that is not expensive?
Where can I find a picture of a painting by H. Hosch, titled, "hope"?
Edward Hopper?
does anyone have info on the painting called Mourning Woman by Egon Schiele?
I watched a video on youtube about swirling it. witch is like swirling the paint.?
A Question for Art teachers, professors, etc.?
how to use masking fluid ?
Has anyone heard of the artist Thomas Pike and know where I can find a bio on him?
why michelangelo painted the creation hands?
Name of artist, painter, from the early 20 century?
What is the best paint that is suitable for shoes? Shoe material could be leather or Chucks?
Art and painting help?
Bob Woodruff?
do you think this painting worth 1000 $ ?? (pic)?
Can you name an artist who uses words/text in their work?
Can you help me identify an artist?
words associated with the city (london)?
Information on the artist Joseph Turner?
can any1 explain the art,landscape dimension and color use in bruegel's The Harvesters?
Still life???
Accademia di Belle Arti Firenze Tuition?
Sylvette. Where I can find analysis and definations for this painting?
How to make an H-Frame easel?
can i use acrylic, oil pastel or oil paint over soft pastel?
Was Mona Lisa Pregnant ?
how to take proper care of paintings ?
Need a famous Middle Age painting!?
I have a Painting of Saddam Hussien from Iraq?
which famous art movement did Roy Lichenstein belong to?
All Who Paint . . . please answer my question about canvas.?
why do you feel Picasso is of such importance to the world.?
The students made and painted a simple tree for a stage prop.They used half a can of green paint. They woul?
Does anybody know of a painting called the Mass of St Gregory by Adriaen Isenbrandt?
what the idealism of aesthectics?
Things that are easy to paint, yet impressive?
why is the mona lisa so famous?
Canvas painting! need help!?
Does anyone know anything about this artist? Pictures included.?
where can i find a good painting of francis of assisi preaching to the birds?
Can you name some of your favorite watercolor artists?
What's the e-mail address of German artiste, Dr. Laszlo Kova?
I am trying to identify a signature on a painting?
Can anyone tell me the artist of this painting as i cant read the signature many thanks?
Good sites that help with Painting techniques?
Would you say this painting counts as a "narrative" painting?
finding a artist q-uevins?
How do I make an art poster look like an oil painting?
How much should i charge someone for painting a 5x5ft mural in their house?
Can someone tell me the name and date of this painting?
What should I do in order to protect my canvas shoes from water and other elements?
Famous Philadelphia Painting?
Information on Peter Blake?
How much would a basic oil paint set cost?
Any artists that include photography WITHIN their paintings?
Who asked about Amelia Lee Cunninghams' painting?
what is the most famous painting in the world?
What is Samuel Bak's style?
what is your favourite colour?
What is a reproduction of Mountain Peaks by Wijmer worth?
Is there a site or book that can teach me how to watercolor like a particular artist?
how do i protect a painted surface like a paint drawing on a skateboard? from water and scratches if possible?
Help finding a surrealism painting?
byron birdsall painting?
Which statement is true about balance?
Can you guys please tell me names of famous artists that used seasons (Winter etc) as one of their pieces?
Who was Mona Lisa in the 1500's?
ARTISTS! Can anyone tell me what technique this is!?
How did Susan Seddon Boulet paint her work?
Good product to varnish a textured oil painting ?
painting candle wax??
What kind of painting is it called?
What make Mona Lisa priceless?
Beginner painter w. canvas, what are some good beginner ideas on what to paint?
Need about a painting my granny left me when she passed!!?
Do you know who painted this (picture at Nice MAMAC)?
How much does an art appraisal cost?
Oil paint or Acrylic paint for a flower pot that will be outside?
Duccio and Giotto were two artists whose innovations in ...?
If I was able to collect images of ARTWORK concerning the naked female form?
Free videos on how to <<Air Brush>>?
Need the name of a painting!?
Of all of Van Gogh's paintings, which one captures your imagination the most? Post a pic of it? Ty :)?
Nic Lenz oil paintings?
Where can I find the works of Wilhelm Kaulbach?
How much would a canvas cost - about 6x10 feet? (already stapled and everything - ready to paint and hang)?
Anyone know who the artist of this painting is?
what kind of paint did they use in rococo art?
Do You Know Any Websites I could Get Some Drawing Information?
What is realism in art?
What is the difference between landscape and interior painting?
Photograph onto canvas?
Where can I get a poster of "Summer Slumber" by Leighton?
What to paint to commemorate the birth of a baby?
Artistic Interiors oil painting 649156?
Can you help me identify an artist named Patrick Degoo? Possibly signed in1841.?
is there any way/s to make acrylic paint shiny/glittery without having to put glitter in?
Like my avatar? I painted it myself :)?
How can I write a sort biography on Claude Monet, that I need to present in class?
Can any one help me with picture analysis? plzz no copy from internet.plzzzz help as fast as posibal.?
What is the value of a Warner Sallman painting?
Do you know anything about these kind of painting techniques?
Please define these 2 realism's...?
Museum tour guide YEARLY SALARY?!?
What museum collection owns Rembrandt's "Man with the Gold Helmet"?
my spray painting is not uniform.I find bands in the overall work -like a whie cloud running inbetween?
What do you think of this artwork?
Has anyone ever released human excrement on you chest during sexual intercourse?
abdul the painter painted a beautiful picture of a young latino woman showing her perky nicely shaped breast.?
I am trying to find this new neon r&b artist she came out this year.?
I'm painting a picture. Will it harm the canvas if I sketch it out in pencil first?
WHAT IS THE NAME IF THE PAINTING WITH A ANGEL HOVERING OVER TWO kids , Boy & a girl going across a wooden bri?
If you could have any well known painting on your wall legally, not for the money, which would you choose?
who painted and signed this painting, see photo?
Which art museums in NYC have the most impressionist paintings?
Other pictures by leonardo de vincci?
has any one sunbath nude in there back garden in the uk?
I am an above average painter,but I can't draw to save my life! I can't even draw trees. Read On...?
Can anyone help me to figure out the name of a vintage tiki/exotica painter?
oil painting tips?
What paint colors mixed will make a light skin color?
are there any rumors like bloody mary only about closests and paintings?
I need a list of FAMOUS Artists who painted CITIES and images of the cities would be great too, if you can?
who painted this painting?
I need tips.?
whats that painting of nuns with gas masks?
did salvador dali work for a king, rich family, or important people?
Where can I find a painting of an Aspen Grove?
does LYLE VINCENT S. DAVID exist???
I don't know if my watercolor paintings are what watercolor paintings should look like?
For artists that draw and paint?
Daylight lamps for details?
Does anyone know what the original version of this painting is titled or who the actual author is? (see link)?
any ideas on what i can paint no people please, any ideas that you have.?
Anyone heard of Trevor Lawrence an artist (pictures)working in the 1960,s?
Can someone please help to identify this painting for me?
HAVE 3 OILpaintings by WILLEM ALLEXANDRA KNIP. there is one of the bridge of NOTRADAM .and NOTRADAM ARCHWAY?
can I paint with acrylic on a spray painted board?
How can i unclog my airbrush?
can i carry my art portfolio work on my laptop?
photo..corel paint shop?
In what ways was Vincent Van Gogh a tragic genius?
elements of mona lisa?
which brush is used to paint trees leaves?
How do I fix lumpy/bumpy paint on a canvas?
How do you make glow in the dark body paint?
What paint is best for a new painter?
have you head about a poem called speed a pastoral by john Forbes?
whats the advantage of being influenced by and artist?
Where can I buy Fractal Design Painter?
Where can I find a large Bengal Tiger print/painting like this? [PIC] ?
What does Romulus look like (in the Metropolitan Museum of Art)?
Can you give me link of a cartoon picture of Notre Dame?
unknown painter?
I want to get into Airbrushing?
Does the Last Supper contain Mary Magdelan????
Biography of Leonardo please?
What is a painting worth$$$?
Painter John Haymson?
What was the meaning, Subject, and story behind the painting "Dappled Horses of Pech-Merle" cave painting.?
happiness symbol needed?
What do you think of when you see red, orange, green, blue, indigo and violet?
What color makes brown?
What is the record of portraits painted by an artist?
Rene Magritte, Time Transfixed (1935)?
Do artist challenge theirseves to make better paintings?
painting on silk of chinese origin,maybe,?
Can anyone provide information about the artist A. Pingot?
where can i find painting classes in los angeles just to improve my technique not get a degree?
Is it Safe to Oil Out a Painting with LInseed If I use Liquin?
How do i sketch out a portrait on canvas before oil painting it?
How or what is opaque colors (acryllic paints)?
can i use spray paint on top of artist quality acrylics on canvas?
Who can I talk to about an appraisal for an antique picture and frame of Jesus and the Virgin Mary?
how does a painting get worth?
Art Smart?
Is ting with a paint brush dirty?
what paint scheme should i use on my sisters of battle?
Gustav Klimt's work? x?
do you like my painting?
Hopper's Nighthawks Painting what year and in what ERA was it created?
I have to do an essay about Leonardo da Vinci?
oil paints/ acrylic paints HELP!?
i need help for a description a painting?
Are their any famous artists who sketch faces?
Are your painting style generally 2 dimensional or 3 for overall composition/background?
What's the name of the painting showing a woman with black hair blue skin and red lips and gold robe?
What you do you think of this painting?
How to make an object appear glowing?
Where can I buy Andy Warhol paintings?
What is the name of the blue which is invisible?
Landscape with Butterflies - Salvador Dali?
Can someone identify this painting for me? I have pictures/screencaps.?
Best places to find/do graffiti??? VIDEO?
what type of paper is commonly used for Artists creating prints?
What kind of watercolour is better?
Should I get Koi or Wisor and Newton watercolor pans?
Is the artist's primary function to create beauty or provoke thought?
What type of gas mask should I use for painting when pregnant?
Does anyone have a good idea for a painting for me to do?
Rate my graffiti blueprints sketch please?
What is most augmented tropics ?
How can I tell if I have an original oil painting by the original artist?
What would be a reasonable price to get painted portrait of my 3 yr old son?
The best way to paint shadow in watercolour?
what is your favorite colour?
Oil on canvas signed Burnett?
What is Fauvism?
Help in finding a forgotten piece...?
What two colours look the best together?
What is the meaning of the painting of American Gothic?
We have 2 oil on canvas paintings from my parents collection done by the artist Kitcho?
I have a painting signed Hunter..anyone have any info on this artist please let me know thanx?
how do i start painting??
What is Paul Klee's Eros about?
what is painting mean?
Any Tips On Watercolouring?
I am finding my acrylic paints quite difficult to use as they dry so fast...?
Where can I buy original Susan Boulet paintings?
What is pantina paint?
Watercolor, Gouache, Acrylic, or Oil?
Why did Roy Lichtenstein..?
Painting food colouring onto 'Ready to roll' icing?!?
When buying "fine art" what is the difference between RENAISSANCE EDITION, AND STUDIO PROOF? besides price. ?
what was the pin up artists name who did all of the girl next door pictures?
im new to painting and need info?
identifying famous paintings?
Could someone tell me what the focal point is in this painting?
Does anyone know what Abraham Lincoln symbolize in Salvador Dali's painting?
Is there any one who is looking for a RAVE painter?
principles of design in art?
What soap do you use on art brushes?
Im looking for an artist to paint a picture of me then I want to sell it ...put it on the market with others.?
Can you put a teacup in your oven without damaging it?
10 POINTS! I need a picture of a simple painting!? ASAP?
What color of highlighter is better to use?
learning to paint with palette knife and brush... what is the best technique for realistic grass and trees ?
Leonardo da Vinci's "Last Supper". Was it a civic commission or private commission?
Help with identifying art work..?
Dali or Escher: Which artist do you prefer?
What is a good painting app for iPhone?
Where can I get distemper powder for tempera with egg yolk and resin?
What's the name of this artist?
how do i find out how much this painting by Degrazia is worth?
I want to splatter paint my room?
Paint/Design for Demolition Derby Car?
how can I protect spray paint from getting scratched off of wood so easily?
What is the best school for an aspiring singer, dancer, and painter?
Who made this painting?
Where can I find information, or a directory of Ontario artists (water colours or drawings)from the 80's?
What would a chair in the corner of a dark room represent?
What is the title of this painting?
Does anyone know techniques for painting fur with acrylics?
theres a old picture of a lady sitting in a chair,but the artist drew a boat of some sort on the out line of i
Hey! What should I paint?
Luis Royo picture?
I paint with acrylics, and it seems that no matter which black I choose, it's thin.Is there a thickener?
What is your favorite oil painting by Claude Monet?
Artist references...........?
time realeased water color paint?
Acryllic paint washes???
How do you make yellow? With paint?
why do we live just to die?
Where can I sell my Solid Comfort (copy) by William.H. Lippincott?
what is adding white paint into paint called?
what is the black object in the front of the painting of starry night?
I Bought and Arkady Ostritski E. A. Proof 3/50 From Park West Gallery in 2005... Need Help with Information?
how do you change the tone from light to dark using watercolours?
Who was the painter Peter Van Delft?
Where can i find the picture of The Betrayal By De Niro?
what kind of painting do you recommend for a beginner?
What technique is used to get that effect of a painting to look like a photograph?