requesting information and background on painter Dick Timm.?
Can you give me what each color means???plz......?
HELP! American civil war painting idea (abstract)?
A painting similar to this one?
anyone know the name of this painting and who it is by?
Wall painting in church Normandie?
sealer/protector/spray for painted canvas shoes?
Is there a particular name for the paints used for oil Painting? Plz help me with a good & cheap brand aswell.
Name artists who paint buildings?
Mona Lisa turns me on...?
what to do with inherited paintings?
What would you ask Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, if they were alive today?
If you could have any painter, dead or alive, paint a portrait of you, who would you choose?
Watching only the style of the painting?
child ate a watercolor oval?
Is it Safe to Oil Out a Painting with LInseed If I use Liquin?
How can I find the name of this painting?
oil painting + liquin and ?
what is there to like about edgar degas?
im looking to buy a picture named water nymph?
What should I paint a picture of?
i would like to know the artist who creates pictures of dogs in a human posture and human clothes?
cheapest paint jobs for a?
Has anyone heard of Filix Andreus.?
Protecting paintings and wraping fo air travel? and transportation.?
what kind of airbrush kit do i need in order to make airbrushed t-shirts?
Impressing of the painting ‘Madonna and Child?
artists, painters, drawers, where can i find a site that people post art on for inspiration?
What do textile mediums do?
Were there any artists significantly ahead of their time?
I have an artwork signed by Luigi Lucioni "Tree Tapestry'. What is it's approximat value to list on EBay?
What are these types of pictures called?
Do you like the name Pricilla? ?
What is the best Web Site to sell my artwork?
I want to re-due my room with black and white posters. Any ideas on what color I should paint the walls?
What should I paint on my canvas?
what museum is ships and flowers in by salvador dali?
what kinda paint do artist use for paintings?
Should modern abstract paintings be hung with frames or without?
how do i start my business as an artist?
Cool symbols and designs to spray paint in my room?
I'm looking for warner brothers painting of Seurat's Sunday afternoon on the island of la grande jatte - HELP
whenever I am in London I visit the Tate Gallery, But I went to see The?
--->what should I paint now?...?
Can you identify this painting?
Painting ideas for space ?
What brushes and paints to get started pinstriping?
are Van Gogh prints worth any money?
Good Spanish artists?
Painting for my boyfriend.. what to paint?
painting bedroom black with all my friends hand prints in neon colors?
Can you customize T-shirts with acrylic paints?
I'm looking for details of and artist named I or J Stroyer. Possibly Swiss. Was working @ mid 1950s onwards
What is the best paint to use on wood?...framing a painting?
Do you like my painting?
How to paint a picture of a girl with silk hair?
I wanna paint, but should I do oil painting or what?
Are there any correlations between cat color and personality?
If a picture paints a thousand words then why cant I paint You ?
The best brand of watercolour pencils?
Something to hang on wall and color on?
what is your opinion about the smile of monalisa?
Antoine Bouchard french painter of Paris Street scenes?
Is it illegal to "Repaint" another person's painting?
Can some one Describe the Color BLue?
What is the best cleaner to use on synthetic brushes when using acrylic paint?
I have to bring in a picture of a painting, but I want a uniquely striking one?
How can I learn different type of paintings at home in India?
Who here likes to paint?
Favorite color?
What are some of the art elements that Goya used in his painting ?
Crucified Woman (art)?
i need help in grafitti? any seggestions? pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeez?
If DaVinci was Italian, why is The Monalisa in a museum in France?
spray painting question? you create to be noticed?
How should I incorporate a " lipstick smear " in a painting?
can you help me get info on this painting?
how can i find a vampire in arlington,texas?
Who is this artist.?
Could I have an original van Dyck painting?
Can I use oil paint directly from tube ?
what wood do artist use to paint on most?
need a list of 5 well known artists?
Can you give me an example of abstract?
Do you know any famous artworks to analyze?
question about Salvador Dali's paintings ?
How Old Do You Have To Be To Buy Spray Paint In Canada?
where is the art display in queensbury village?
what are the things called that artists use to hold paint? it has like a little circle in it?
Where would one go to have an oil painting appraised?
Japanese Flower Painting?
I have a oil painting on board, which site can I get it verified, or confirm that it is real?
Mixing brown acrylic paint?
What paints/markers are best to use on iPhone case (10 points)?
Art term for the weakening of colors in the background?
artist who drew/paints rainforest?
I have a clown painting (portrait) on black velvet with a signature of Cabana 69 on it who is the artist?
Painting over pencil?
who's your favorite artist?
· What famous painters do you know? What are they famous for?
should i buy this art table?
What do you think of Bathsheba Grossman? Opinions?
Does anyone know where to find prices of David Leverett's paintings?
What's the name of a major Canadian bookstore chain named after a shade of purple-blue?
Seeking artist advice: When painting how do I paint more freely and loose handed?
List two reasons why Jackson Pollock's Convergence is a work of fine art as opposed to an arbitrary compositio
Night and Day, Dawn and Dusk?
Could "Swan Song" be defined as old German Leda?
Was "Joy of Painting"'s Bob Ross a fair-skinned/mixed brother?
What did artists try to achieve when painting in a cubism style?
What do you know about this picture? :D?
How much do you thinks this painting is woth?
Who is Vincent Van Gogh?
Help, all Painters! I need advice!?
help finding a painting?
Some help with a body paint?
what is your favorite colour and why....?
henri toulouse lautrec mediums?
What is your favourite color?
Thomas Kinkade?
Name of painting shown in White Collar?
I have a project I have to do about Renaissance painings...?
Can someone tell me anything about this Asian Artwork?
im trying to find out about henry scott paintings. i have the orignal oil painting dated 1966 ,the great race?
What are different ways/techniques to paint (as in ART not walls/cars) ?
If you could paint a picture of any scenery you’ve seen before, what would you paint?
What is the name of the painting of the guy whose throwing up flowers and colors and stuff?
How do i paint my peeled wall?
A piece of Artwork I don't know the name of?
which oil is used in watercolour ?
Which paint works on thin plastic best?
Does anyone know who this artist is "E. Rene His" please?
What colours of paint in what proportions need to be mixed together to accurately simulate fresh bruises?
i need some ideas on what to paint in art class?
Help about a painting?
Is there is connection between art and God? And what kind of?
Searching for the name of the artist from Quebec who painted country scenes on plates.?
i bought a painting and it said that This is being offered as a commission.what does that mean.?
What was Leonardo da Vinci's VERY FIRST painting?
Please look at the video I published on you tube and make constructive critisism?
are monet paintings nice? any similar artists?
What kind of thing(s) do you think depicts coldness (as in emotionally)?
where can i find pictures of arcangel when he was young?
Questions about body painting?
I'm a bit lost, care to help?
Painting ideas for theme "Conundrum"?
What's the best color to paint my nerf guns?
What is the Original Size of This Painting?
The Artwork The Scream and The Wanderer above the Sea Of Fog.?
When and how was oil paint developed? What are the unique characteristics of oil paint?
What should I paint on a huge canvas?
Who are some FAMOUS artists from the caribbean ?
Looking for a artist painter called Elwin Edwards. Anyone know of him?
Where Can I get information on Pinting on Picasso?
is acrylic paint the same as acrylic enamel paint?
Do you need to use matt paint to paint on a t-shirt?
How do you quicken the drying of oil paint?
What is Abstract Expressionism?
I need to use a Fixative over a Soft Pastel portrait.The one I have said for pastel, charcol,andpencils.isok?
Good examples of artists who's artworks changed with their life?
Surrealism art piece ideas? Help?
Do you have a funny story as to why the Mona Lisa is grinning?
How do you think old painting masters did organic shapes?
The color Magenta?
How to make beige colour?
whats that guy that paints himself like his paintings and blends in with them?
Can anyone think of three things to represent Pablo Picasso's life?
harris pictures?
What is the best Da Vinci painting?
After painting a piece of carboard completely, how do I prevent the cardboard from flipping up?
color place spray paints what should i use for a clear coat? for an xbox 360 CONTROLLER?
what name did trevor mcdonald use when identifying the wife of the late john smithm.p.?
Is there a famous artist who uses paints in bold colours other than pop artists?
Was Mona Lisa really a man?
s. Arlent Edwards painting titeled " PINK BOY" dose anyone have an idea about the value?
What do you call a painting when flipped is another?
Can watercolurs be applied to latex? watercolour questions.?
Could anyone please help identify the artist or title of this artwork?
What works by famous artists have you hung in your home (and where)?
Painting ideas!!! help me plz!?
what paints to use to paint a lion king scene on a t-shirt?
Artists Please answer?
what do you think about these pictures? i drew and painted them?
skateboard artists?
This question is for Artists?
Good portrait artists?
Have you ever heard of D H Tomlinson?
Paul Cezanne Oil Paintings, Tranquility or Silence before the Storm?
What were screen tests like before Andy Warhol?
I have an oil painting by S.Bowman?
What is a good scene name for Belle?
Monet's painting, "Impression, Sunrise"?
What is the best medium?
Why is red the colour of love?
How do you draw splashes with watercolors?
Opinions on this Watercolour Artwork?
Where can I buy custom size canvas for painting?
Anybody miss Bob Ross on the Joy Of Painting on Sky !!?
does any one know which type of paper henri matisse used for his paper cutouts selection of work?
What is summary of the poem women in dutch painting?
Help me describe this artwork for 10 points ?
How do i repair a tear in an oil painting i recently purchased?
Which colors make green?
making Acrylic ink with Acrylic Paint?
elements 6 or paint shop pro x2 - which is best for Creatively changing faces ?
What are Kandinsky's intentions in his paintings?
An Artist scammed out of money?!!?
ART in nature have you seen it?
Should I Spray Paint My G-shock (Watch)?
Line usage in this painting???
How do I straighten a canvas frame?
what do you think about this painting?
is colour the most important part of drawing? if so why?
Warhol art from photos I heard that makes it, is it only on canvas?
got a mexican oilpainting,24by 36 womon old frame?
art appraisal?
Guitar Painting Project?
Object in Gerard David's painting?
I have a Vernon Ward print. I need to know how to find the approximate worth w/out subscribing to an art site?
How do owners set a notice to be sent to members when a photo is uploaded to an album.?
Watercolor supplies question?
Should i start coloring on my drawing ?
Where can I find a biography of the artist Gianni A. Sarcone (aka Giovanni Sarcone)?
Painting over wallpaper?
I wonder who is the best da Vinci or Michaelangelo?
What is the role of am artist in today's society?
How do i make my daughters pink glitter shoes into RED glitter shoes to be Dorothy?
where can i buy a small square of glass from?
What place out west,miles from water,where a lighthouse can frequently be found next to yellow paint?
what is the name of the museum that was in "night of the museum"?
Why does the "Mona Lisa" painting look masculine?
What is something cool, yet easy to paint?
After years of not painting having trouble getting started?
how do you remove dried oil based paint from skin?
Where could I find Good Mexican History research websites? Art,films sculptures etc. Not to buy.?
Picasso-World without Weapons?
who is the most famous photographer in the world?
How can I find out if my Lumen Winter painting is worth money?
indian horse war paint?
which would be the best 100% pure tung oil or polymerized tung oil?
who is the artist responsible for "The Absinthe Drinker"?
Is tagging/graffiti cool? Why or why not? Details please :)?
Need a name for an Online Art Gallery: ?
How do i find my art style?
Oil Painting Question and Tips?
what makes the color blue blue, because green is yellow+blue and stuff so....?
can i use oil paints on a plastic surface?
what are the other elements when it comes to harmony visualy? urgent.. pls help?
What Do You Think Of My YouTube Video? Any Suggestions?
videos of bob ross?
I need a cool title for a watercolor painting that has a red jar and fire extinguisher in it?
I paint, how can I sell my paintings, and do I need to patent them before I try to sell them?
Have you heard about this artist, I forgot her name, but she is completely blind! But she is VERY good.......
has anyone heard of a painter with the last name of strompf?
Art website?
What is the value of an original etching by E J Maybery titled "John Knox's House"?
What would be the 10 best artists in all of art history?
Whats your favorite color?
a list of artists or famous paintings about death?
who lives in rockwell north carolina or sailsbary?
who owns the painting Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh? If a museum, which one?
what kind of spray paint for shirts should i get?
what do you think of my PAINTINGS?
should i major in painting and drawing?
How to download De Dana Dan movie? Please tell in detail.?
what colors do I mix to get yellow?
Jains Archway-Kilpauk?
RENAISSANCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
plain pictures into looking like oil paintings?
How are paintings and photographs different (and how are they similar)?
what is the important of the dyeing?
What are the chances that Edvard Munch created more than four screams?
where can i find info about "La Donna Velata" by Raphael about who she was and for whom was this painting made
Where to buy the moving-eye portraits? (see description)?
How do I get myself to finish the portrait?
does anyone know where i can buy i skull and crossbones flag from in Manchester city center?
What type of painting should i use for a beach painting?
how is love, death, anxiety, and melancholy reflected in the paintings of Edvard Munch? Please describe it.?
Need help on the wall painted cherry blossom flowers? Please help =]?
Can you tell me all the different animal species depicted in Andy Warhol's endangered species paintings?
Who is the artist ?I whant to now the name of the portrait too!?
information on spilner watercolor artist early 1900s?
Are there any artists that have the same feel and tone of Spill Canvas?
Who painted American Gothic?
Did Faith Ringgold, a famous artist, have any siblings?
Where can I buy a copy or poster of Amy Rice's painting, The Temptation of Ella?
Does anyone have any information about Bin Kashiwa and his paintings of Paris?
Where are these Matisse Paintings Now?
How can I find to my manner in oil painting _?
Mixing brown acrylic paint?
when you mix green and blue. What colour do you have?
what would you like to commemorate if you had a chance to commission a work of art? List three..?
Compare Cimabue, Madonna and Child Enthroned 1280 to Titian Madonna of the Pesaro Family?
I paint. And I don't know what to do with my pieces?
What do you know about Dutch Genre Painting?
do you like any of these paintings?
Does anyone know a good online art guild?
how do u make a marbel effect with paint????????
Does anyone have any idea what artist I'm thinking of?
What do you think of this mural my fiancé painted?
would you buy a piccaso painting for sixty million dollars?
What is my favorite color?
Can someone help me find the name of a painting? Just a description unfortunately no link =(?
Creative Wall painting, ART?
How do you make a model in paint?
Thoughts on this photoshop painting?
What elements of artistic composition are in this painting?
What are some examples of mythological paintings in Early Renaissance?
how to interpret The soup by Picasso?
what sort of composition, colour and pictoral space did salvador dali use in his work?
Recommendation for a good quality acrylic or oil paint?
i was wondering if any one knew any websites that give a thorough biography of the Italian artist, Benini?
Photograph of Edsel Cramer with Barbara Jordan painting?
When did Georges Seurat paint "Seated boy with straw hat"?
painting photographs?
Aelbert Aehegma the Hawaii Artist is invited to what country as as a Cultural Ambassador in 2006?
how to stain a wooden cabinet?
What it is worth ? What is it ?
What are the things that you can paint with sable/kolinsky brush that you can't with synthetic brush?
Who is creator Monalisa smile?
Painting my face white?!?
were can i watch or get the future of graffiti 2 wild style lettering?
I need to know what this painting means!?
Artists who have done work on construction (people)?
how much do you think this oil painting is worth?
What are sistine chapel painings ??
How to get better at painting?
How do I store a wet oil painting?
how can i make a non-representational artwork using only the "economy"as an element of art?
Why did Frida Kahlo paint?
•What makes “blue” in blue paint?
Which aesthetic theory does The Scream by Edvard Munch adhere to?
Who else is just obsessed with peace signs and colorful stuff?
Who is the artist - Victorian I think who painted people with animal heads? Not cartoon - very staid sort of.?
I have another painting i need help with...can you help please?
Famous works of art where the subject is suspected to be pregnant?
How can I find out something about a 1935 painting of Will ROgers and his dog by A. Delia?
spray painting sweatshirt help please! and Quick!!!!?
artist with no lessons.....?
Information about Hooveiville?
Painting blonde hair tips ?
Someone did graffiti on my house. What do I do now?
I really want to paint a mural?
Do I have a Real Pierre-Auguste Renoir "Bal du Moulin de la Galette" (1876)?
How do I make fake paint?
I had an idea to paint and color pencil all the planets realistically.?
have three paintings from artistic interiors from 1981 they are numbered 983259 and I have the envelopes wher?
Is painting a visual diary of your life?
How can paintings get so expensive?
We're Bored of Fish?
is ther an artist named Rapino?
The painting of a castle (taken from a fairy tale ) can be divided into which art category?
can anyone give me information regarding Evonne tocker ( I believe this is the correct name spelling)?
Airbrush painter looking for a job.?
In what ways did early northern Renaissance paintings differ from Italian Renaissance paintings?
What is the name of this painting i am describing?
What can art (graduate studies in painting) schools teach you that you can't learn on your own?
Do you think abstract painting should be classed as art?
How did Lola Picasso die?
How to pint a picture of a cat?
What is a name of a cubist artist who is alive?
Where / Who can I sell custom artwork to?
where to find high resolution images, especially paintings ?
Describe the style medieval artists used in their work?
What will you choose and why?
Does any one know Levi McCall?
How do you paint blood and rust? (silent hill fans welcome)?
Do i have the right to resell a painting that i have bought?
Help with painting a flower mural!!?
Wayne Thiebaud?
miniature art in big frame- how big?
How to get paint off canvas without ruining the rest if the painting?!?
is it ok to use poster paint on my shoes?
any info bruce kram water colorist?
What does the color beige make you think of?
How did Andy Warhol die?
What is the value on this Norman Rockwell print (Looking Out To Sea)...2'x3' on canvas?
How Can I sell my paintings through internet?
What was the mood of Salvador Dali's "The Burning GIraffe" painting, I need this answer for school.?
More art similar to Dan Seagrave?
Does anybody know which artist SILK SCREENED "SILENT PLANET" and "SILENT PLANET II" circa 1989
Im making a painting for my friend and i need help finding an example?
Do people usually name their paintings?
Did Manuel Valencia (early california painter) ever title one of his nocturnal painings "wishing on a star"?
I would like to do a nude painting, would you buy it?
What Artists do you like?
Art Nouveu?
eric ennion?
Easy was to clean paint brushes?
Who are your top ten famous art artists ?
whats your favourite colour?
Can anyone name a great painting of women with big bottoms?
Does this look okay to you?
Why did Lowry paint Matchstick Men?
New to airbrushing..?
Photoshopped? o.o;?
can anyone tell me names of famous painters and lithographers that specialized in drawing and painting faces?
Artists who people viewed as crazy or twisted(ie. van gogh and picasso?
How to convince your parents to paint your room?
What shop sells Glow in the Dark paint in local towns in Australia?
Anyone know where I can find a poster of Verkerke?
Whats you favorite color out of Red,Yellow,Green, or Blue?
Those familiar with the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh :?
Where was Salvador Dali's 'The Elephants' painted?
What do you think of My Art?
Painting over uneven surfacees on cardboard and tape?
how does the death of socaretes relate to his other paintings?
The Victorian Era (Easy 10 points)?
what is required for someone to be a good painter?
I am an artist in Columbus Ohio. Does anyone in the community know a good way to promote artwork?
how much would you pay for this?
Help! I just toned the canvas and sketched in for a portrait now I have white spots that won't cover.?
I think I'm capable?
Does oil paint come out of clothes?
Feedback on one of my paintings?
Im a new Absract artist need your Point of View?
What is the value of an H. Hargrove painting?
whats everyones favorite color?
Who decided the proper length for an artist's paint brush?
How do you authenticate a painting is "real"?
da vinci's notebooks?
is there a certain name for sad clowns with white faces & tears?
How is elmers glue made?
Salvador Dali Enthusiasts!Need to know about his training.EASY TEN POINTS!?
Can I use white tempra paint for Gesso?
Difference between Watercolour paints and water colour pencils?
looking for a painting?
does Jean Dubuffet have any nicknames or something?
What do you think I should draw/paint on my canvas?
Anyone know where i can find an image online of picasso's 1911 cubist painting La Grenade?
Girls emotions arent strong enough for my romantic paintings?
Can someone help me find the name of a painting? Just a description unfortunately no link =(?
Painting on a toilet, what paint shall i use.?
what is a cool cartoon i can do in a mural i need a cartoon people don't see everyday?
Can anyone give me any information on the Oil Painter, Pasanault?
Are my paintings good enough to sell?
What did Leonardo da Vinci sketch a lot?
Giving a water-effect to a painting?
Spray painting hard plastic? ASAP!?
would you like buy my painting ?
I am an Artist and wanted to sale my paintings.How should i sale those?
Need information on Artist P or B Day?
How famous in Mexico is the painter Manuel Munoz Olivares?
How much would you pay for Colin Frangicetto's art?
Need help with an art project.?
what are four shades of pink?
my icons in my documents show a paint brush?
Can I use a workable fixitive on watercolor?
where is the best place to go and purchase a real nice picture not to expensive to put in your living room?
What is the difference if any between "icon" and "image".?
Why do artist's paint self-portraits?
New music artist on E! news?
What do you think is the theme of this painting?
Artistic help on types of paints?
Artists for exam inspiration help?
What is the difference between water mixable oil paints and regular oil paints?
Can someone identify painting signed "Masse" with an initial in front of Masse.?
How can I get people interested in buying my Contemporary canvas's and start a business from it?
Where to purchase an OSHA gasmask easy 10 points need help ASAP time is of the essence?
Where can I have a painting reproduced?
easy to do plans, puzzles , etc on houses for very young children?
Rothko in New York City?
artists who used single colours to dipict emotional portraits.?
PLEASE HELP! what subject matter did Van Gogh tend to focus on in his work?
Mondrian's painting "Broadway Boogie Woogie"?
HELP!! Do anyone noe anything abt Monastero di San Gerassimo?
how many months is 20 weeks?
Artists: What's your opinion about doing art ...with the TV on ?
I want to support my junior class tonight..any good ideas how to paint my face? and what should i use?
Do you like this painting I got of Bono from U2?
Was there an artist that painted in blue?
Instyler Info.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
juggalo face paint sites?
Has the Mona Lisa ever been exhibited at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. after the '60's?
Best way to paint misty look in Acrylics?
oil painting instructors, Memphis, also in acrylic?
How long on average do watercolour/acrylic/oil paint take to dry?
why is it some paintings sell a million bucks while you can get it at a lower price?
Which web-sites/blogs let you post original artwork /paintings and offer feedback or suggestions ?
Would Picasso's "Las Meninas" (1957) be considered a cubist painting?
How expensive is painting?
What is Painting plagiarism?
who was the artist who painted the Sistine Chapel Ceiling?
How much should I charge for hand-painted shoes?
Is there a particular name for the paints used for oil Painting? Plz help me with a good & cheap brand aswell.
what colors do I mix to get yellow?
2 more links to paintings by ARNOLD MESCHES?
Is there a catalog where I can look through all of one artists works? At a museum? i.e.Winslow Homer, Wyeth?
How to paint with acrylic?
What is Albert Namatjira's most famous painting?
What's the name of that famous painting of an old man & woman standing in front of a house holding pitchfork
any painters artists in here????? i have question?
If you buy a painting like 15 or more years ago is it still worth a lot?
Hello i bought a painting yesterday but am i within my rights to get a refund from the artist?
Can anyone tell me what this item is?
Who painted this and what is it called?
My friend (teen girl) wants me to do a painting for her?
Why is God painted as a white man with blue eyes?
how do you become a famous artist?
Am I a good painter for 15?
what are some examples of symbolism DIEGO VELAZQUEZ used?
with what color should i paint life goes on with blue ocean and sky background?
artists to research for igcse?
what painting would look good in a beige, brown, and blue room?
What are the copy-right laws regarding painting a photo?
Which version of this painting do you like better?
does june benson have a biography?
Who painted this painting?
Frieda Pinto?Famous?For what?
Is learning to paint before learning to draw a bad thing?
What do I need to oil paint?
What's the name of this hobby?
How can I get a copy of Hogai Kano's "Lions"?
who was the artist who painted the Sistine Chapel Ceiling?
How does Seurat represent the art period pointillism?
what is the meaning behind the paintings i have listed?
Can anyone think of three things to represent Pablo Picasso's life?
what should i do an oil painting of?
whose the famoust painter in the world?
04 Piece Canvas Sets Needed (Home Decor))?
Where can I buy paintings like this?
When did Michaelangelo start painting?
what do think of my painting?
what is this religious painting called?
how to make my water color painting shiny ?
What is the average amount of time people look at a painting in galleries or museums?
How can i part with my paintings?
What's your favorite painting?
Mona Lisa: What is your definition of the painting?
favorite color?
I'm thinking about getting into digital painting and art. What tools do you recommend? ?
how do u get your avitar one the little boxes when u awnser a question orask a question ???
Who was this famous abstract like artist?
what is a large painting on a wall called?
I found the UGLIEST painting in the world at Goodwill. I want to paint over it, but not sure if it's acrylic?
What did Florence Harding die of?
artists! please help?
What are the most controversial paintings and sculptures from history ?
what kind of paint do i use?
Who was leomardo da Vinci?
Help on Andy Warhol? Please?!?!?
the name of the painter for the book "juventud en extasis I and II"?
Where can I find quality painting prints at affordable prices?
Can I glue a puzzle on a canvas that is already painted?
Does painting your blonde make retarted?
What was James Ensor's famous work?
Painting my Toms HELP?
I have a painting with a Luson signature. Can anyone tell me anything about it. ?
which label is pink signed to?
Graffiti stores near me?
Are any of these paintings or designs interesting to you?
I would like to know the artist of this painting:
Please! Help me identify this painting!?
Can anyone identify this historic painting?
Is the davinci disappearance dlc worth getting?
Why did Piero Della Francesca paint The Baptisim of Christ to include a stranger in Medieval undergarmets?
what kind of paint was use in the monalisa and others ?
Painting of a boy in a red coat holding a sanfona?
any advice on oil paints and acrylic paints?
Why do people often associate The School of Athens with the Renaissance?
what color paints mix to make a light green?
who is Jackson Pollack?
Any Contemporary artists?
oil painting over giclee?
which American painter created the lithograph South Bend?
What Do You Think Of My Warhol-Esque Picture?
How to start watercolouring?
What are your favorite colors, and why?`?
What do i paint on my paper mache' mask?
lightest to darkest?
What is the name of this painting and who painted it?
If I wanted to paint a picture on the side of a black computer case, what would be a good paint to use?
What are the best paint brushes?
what kind of flower did andy warhol paint?
Is there a good way to clean oil brushes?
question about french artist Joseph Marie Vien?
what should i do? i think i got potential?
Who do I do with the canvas from my canvas pad?
Contemporary Artist Inspired by Ancient or prehistoric art?
Looking for a painting I saw at LACMA in 2007?
What is this painting?
What's the difference between silver && gray?
the world famous paintings all painters paintings-web site addresses?
Land scape pictures?
can you use charcoal sticks on a chalk board?Please help!!!?
Whats your favorite color?
I am a painter and want to make a web site / gallery Can I do it for free and how please.?
has anyone heard of a paonting of the road through the wood by meindert hobbema
Compare and contrast the work of Picasso and Matisse. How is their work similar and different?
Can anyone tell me about an artist named R Caponi?
How is this painting?it is done by Theodore Kittlesen?
What is the name of the main fine art museum in Krakow, Poland?
What is your favorite pastel color? and why?
Interested to exchange links? I did it all by myself, and still trying to sell something on the web…?
edgar degas' rehearsal of the scene, what kind of paint did he use?
Steps to paint a sunset?
can you suggest me a good book about 20th century art?
what colours can I obtain from mixing these following colours:?
why do painters' talents get recognized when they're dead; not when they're alive?
is spray piant....???
Is the painting "The Coronation of Napoleon in the Cathedral of Notre-Dame" neoclassical or romantic?
Do You Recognize This?
what does green, yellow, and purple mix into?
art competition!!!!! any ideas for a a3 canvas on factory farming.?
i know nothing about art!! HELP!?
how do you use water colour paints in a tube?
trying to find a painter who name start with frr?
Whys there strings an glue on dinosaures bones in museums?
Who, in your opinion, is the greatest 19th century British painter?
Can someone answer this question?
Is there a fine artist who has a famous winter painting?
i am looking for a projector that will put images on the wall for painting. does anyone have any suggestions??
What's the commercial with the white tree painted on the green wall in the background?
Is Andrew Wyeth still alive?
What do you prefer paint or patstels?
Does anyone know where I can get a henna artist near jacksonville florida?
How long ago did coloured paint as we know it today get invented?
How do I read my oil stick?
Is there a good site that has "impressionism"?
What is the name of this Picasso's painting? Pic included!?
what were your favorite crafts when you were younger?
OK..I finished this painting I think. Do you like it? Comments?
What would you paint for a really big canvas? Thanks for your ideas.?
How Would I Paint This Design?
Famous Jungle Artists?
Can you read this signature?
How about painting more stuff red white and blue?
Do you think I should either Oil Paint or Acrylic Paint?
What Do You Think Of My YouTube Video? Any Suggestions?
How do I paint without it catching dust?
What paint would you prefer? acrylic or oil?
I Found a painting original on canvas its signed iether fenkel- or frenkel?
Anbody know where to find out how much a painting is worth?
What is the best kind of paint to use on glass?
choose paint colours using my photos?
How to fix an acrylic painting where the spray fixative shows?
Berlin Wall still standing?
Beginning oil painting?
How do I go about exhibiting my work in an Art Gallery?
The Old Old Story by John William Godward Reprint Question?
I'm looking for the name of this painting?
pretty little liars Make up help<3? Hanna Marin?
Help me PLEASE!!?
watercolor class for a TOTAL non-artist?
how can i paint my guitar like this?
Can I please have a list of welsh artists who focus on home in their artwork?
Has anybody seen a green velvet wall hanging depicting 4-5 deer in the woods feeding from a covered trough?
does any one know if museums look at art for free?
How can you tell when an oil painting is fake or imitation I have a painting?
If you could insert yourself into a famous painting, which would it be and why?
I have a painting of abraham lincoln and matthew brady painted by norman rockwell, is it worth anything,?
how can i sell my paintings?
i need a visual analysis of The Gulf Stream by Winslow?
Name & artist of this song???? Might be called "dreams"?
Style at the Hudson river School (1825-1870)?
Is there a name for this type of artwork?
My canvas is blank, what should i paint?
Where do I find an Agent to represent my art?
For painting an entry hallway, what is the best type of paint to use?
MC Escher fans???
what is the best thinner for enamel paint?
Pablo Picasso.......
A good site where i can email a picture of my oil painting to be assessed?
My father has a large painting of a castle by Baroni?
Do you know about paintings . Help me please???
Oil pastel fade without a frame?
whats the best book for learning to draw and paint from ameuter top pro?
Can someone translate the symbols/stamps/markings on my oriental paintings?
As An Artist..(Painter)..What's The Longest You've Ever Had "PAINTER'S BLOCK".....????
Help describing the colors and lines of this piece?
What do you call someone who looks at a painting? Spectator? Audience?
Georgia o'keeffe has many traits?
my Picture at the side?
i study art and i wanna be better,where to learn that onlione free?
ARTY FARTY QUESTION, ANSWERS PLEASE GUYS!:( Any answers much appreciated:)?
Art supply list ????????????
Why is the color yellow so happy?
I am painting another model car and i layered the paint to much on the back and its all streaked really bad?
There is a picture or painting out there of some stairs that are all over the place? Wut is the name of it?
Hanging up a mural, how do I prevent warping?
what is akae painting?
How Should I Paint My Mug?
Pollacks canvases were often the size of a mural. How do you think this factor affected the impact of the work
gentileschi's painting judith and holofernes embody the idealogy of the cathloic reformation movement?
Big fiberglass rat project ( like cows in chicago) any ideas?
Peree sculp exotic birds painting.?
Is it safe to use spray paint on dogs?
when you combo white & black what color do you get? like for example you combo two colors when your painting?
Human-Like Farm Animal Paintings?
i inherited a thomas kinkade orginal painting of the potrait of christ, it has COA how much is it worth?
I'm looking for a painting. I remember what it looks like, I don't remember anything else.?
Spray paint on clothes?
i am fineart student & my stream is painting. Can i do job after completing my b.f.a?
i have a 1995 mint contion of t.v, guide of the 'beatles. how munch do you think it might be worth?
art and censorship Picasso's Guernica?
Can I use the Corel Painter 12 download with a wireless Wacom tablet?
is it true that if you mix all the colors except blue the result would be yellow?
What would you suggest I teach a grade 8 class about art?
could I get a permit to spray paint the pipes at my towns water resevoir?
Can you use acrylic paint on shiny poster board?
What are the famous paintings in the movie I Am Legend with Will Smith?
I want to Paint some shoes, help?
artists who focus on 'colour'?
Is this too much to price a painting for?
Museums where you can find Hieronymus Bosch paintings?
Where can I find a mural painter to paint a sky ceiling?
what is it worth?
can anyone give me a website of like pictures or anything that has to do with the 1970's era??
High Quality face paint brands???
Is Franco Betti a Painter?
can i paint a block wall green an use it as my green screen?
how can i find the value of an artist's paintings or prints?
I have to paint a cityscape?
why did joseph cornell create his artwork?
What two colours really don't go well together?
I have a John Whorf painting called"Rolling from the East".Anyone have any information on this painting?
Black paint under the eyes?
hi my gran has 5 sir peter scott paintings whih she has had for 60+ years are they woth anything?
How much does Color Me Mine Cost?
Painting by Lee Hochberg,anyone know anything on this painter?
Looking for the name of an oil painting of a rabbit.?
So would you get a gloss paint for the sponge painting on top of a flat paint?
How do u get 2 from the museum?
To paint mural on wall : acrylic, watercolour or gouache paint?
Help with painting on Acrylic?
what did rene magritte use in his paintings, (oil paints, acryllics, sculpture, ect.)???
Famous artist who paints elaborate portraits of women in lavish gold dresses?
painting by Gene Gray , a commerative for General George Patton Bald Eage.1973 org Value?
What do you think of my abstract Angelina Jolie drawing? (pic on flickr inside!!)?
Which artist painted this?
does andy goldsworthy paint or what?
In art how do you dry your paintings?
what makes leanardo da vinci famous?
Where can you find the video of the women in famous paintings morphing that was on I-caught last night?
does any one have any info on the gilded age?
Fabric paint help??? Design making!?
Ideas for this painting?
When Mixing paint do you add the warm color to the cool color or the cool to the warm?
buy paintings by jorge imana from bolivia?
why do ppl hate graffiti?
Where can i buy paint that won't harm the enviorment or skin?
Which is the best paint to use on a glass storefront; not opaque?
I am trying to find an artist with initials J>G>W.?
Why did Henry Matisse and Pablo Picasso spend so much time in the South of France?
i found a painting that has a jug with white flowers and a two jugs on the side it looks like cloth from stich?
Why did Roy Lichtenstein..?
what is the painting 'at the moulin rouge' supposed to mean its by toulouse, lautrec?
Copyright and Painting Pop Icons?
I need to find a painter by the name Mark Ryan or it could be Mark Rine.I dont know which it is.Someone help?
Would You Be Embarrassed To Claim You Painted This?
tate modern?
Who in your opinion is the best body painter in the world, and in Australia?
Is it true that Van Gogh actually cut out his own eyes?
what should I paint?
where can i showcase my paintings as a young artist ?
what colors do u mix to make gunmetal grey?
i am looking for the name of a dam that N.Rockwell painted for the U S Government in 1970.?
does anyone know what web site i can get artwork from eseo?
can anyone give me any information on any of these?
whats yo favorite color ??
can you use fabric paint to tie dye?
How does an artist go about promoting ones self?
How to paint eyeshadow on a doll?
For you does a picture paint a thousand words?
Does anyone know the context behind the painting of the last supper by da vinci?
i have a 1967 painting by claude monet its call the beach at st. adresse?
My artwork? How much should I charge?
Who painted this painting?
Are there any famous abstract artists who have painted animals in a cubist way?
Story behind this photo [Asian woman with metal painted over her eyelids (LINK INCLUDED)]?
What Art Period Was Diego Rivera In?
Which are the best Art Galleries/Art Museums to visit in and around Eindhoven in Holland?
Plastic squirt bottles used to paint?
aq year or so ago i saw a picture of a vw that had a womans genital area painted on the hood, where can i find
Piet Mondrian's Writing?
Title for research on Jane Goodall... Any suggestions?
what does vp385. Van Gogh mean on the back of a painting?
How hard is it to sell art?
I need some help with body paint?
Is it legal to print anothers artwork in iPhoto?
Is it possible to make a digital print on a mixed media canvas?
What is mean by organic coatings?
Whats another name for 'Self leveling gel medium' used for painting & what does it do?
Completely stuck for ideas for artwork that needs to be done in 1 month?
Can a museum enhance/retouch original paintings?
Why is the Mona Lisa so mysterious? How does her/his eyes manage to look everywhere?
Help with realism...10 points...?
What is the name of the painting with a medic where his reflection gives him angel wings?
if artists dont use black pigment then how dark burnt amber for a shadow?is dulling the same darking?
How do you change the color of something you've already drawn on Paint Tool Sai?
good subject for painting for little kids and children about 4 to 13?
do you guys know any artists like lyricks, manifest and deestylistics?
How does the subject matter of an artwork differ from its style? How might one influence the other?
who painted this picture?
What is the name of the painter?
In painting a picture, what is a true blue without any other color in it?
How would you define composition?
How do you paint like a surrealist?
how do I keep pastels or aqua sticks from flaking?
Artists whose work focuses on celebrities/celebrity culture?
I'm a jung artist and want to start to sell my work?
What website can I go to to learn how i can paint a car?
Please comment on this brothers art?
what is your favorite song? or artist?
Vlaminck and Matisse?
where can you get krylon or montana sprey paint...?
Edward wilkins Waite, An autumn day at the mill?
Is it legal to paint a portrait of an image in a movie scene then sell it to the public?
How did Vincent Van Gogh Travel?
How would I paint an accurate American flag on a rock?
How much should I charge for painting a little girls bedroom?
i need an idea for a picture to paint on the wall in our school?
what is the best paint for painting yourself?
How does Stendhal Syndrome happen?
facts about leonardo di vinci?
The scream (paintings)?
should I spray it with clear coat or not?
Does these old paintings have any value?
Is there any wall mirals of Peter Max's artwork?
I am painting an outside mural on steel, what are the best paints to use for metal?
dose any one know how to stop bitting your nails habbit?
how did mosaic law get started and when?
Do you like this painting I got of Bono from U2?
Spray painting rubber boots?
What do you all think of my friends painting?
Have you ever heard of this guy???
I need some information on an artist J Cliff Hutchins?
Fauvism practical task help?
What do you think of these?
how long does spray paint last in a bottle?
artist who draws oulines of people....?
wtf I just called home depot looking for fauz meadow paint 7 information on alchemy?
Contemporary art practices and attitudes?
IF I happened to find somewhere to sell this painting what price would you put on it?
Leonardo DaVinci?
Please help me finding a painting about a cell phone for my art exams!?
Is it easy to paint in black and white if you are already an advanced sketcher?
what century was paint perfected in?
How do you properly blend paint colors?
What design should I paint on a t-shirt?
Can someone provide me with information regarding the painting "secret delation"?
What kind of spray paint can I use to spray paint silicone rubber ?
What is a common interpretation of Dali's painting Poetry of America: The Cosmic Athletes?
Can you mix tempera and acrylic paint for finger painting?
What are your opinions on Picasso?
What is your favorite color?And what do you prefer to draw with?
Textile artists with inspiration of recycling?
oil paint colors -- painting a winter birch tree?
Does anyone know the artist that paints pictures of like a goth girl with red tears?
what do i need to start my own art business?
Pietro Liberi - Does anyone have any information on this Artist at all? A Description of Works? ?
where di marc chagall die?
why is the scream so priceless?
How do I determine if Art from a new artist has potential to appreciate in value?
i am trying to identify a painting...?
Custom painting Toms, what paint works?
How does an painter/artist value his or her work?
I would like to know about the properties of linseed oil.....?
what kind of techniques can i use to make my poster colour painting better?
painting with oils help?
Aqua colored metallic paint..........?
Is there a word for the female equivalent of the phallic symbol?
What relationship did Leonardo da Vinci have with the people he painted?
how would someone go about selling a painting of martin luther king jr and his wife. have papers to verify?
You've heard of writer's block. I now have painter's block. Help!?
Why does it seem that the subjects of some portraits are staring at you?
Does anyone know who the model is in this poster?
When Did Michelangelo Live?
the canadian painter james keirstead did he ever do a painting called the frontenac house?
Would you buy a Picasso painting for $5?
Colors evoke emotions, yes? So what emotion would peach evoke?
What type of paint or spray paint should I use on my scooter?
Textures that can be associated with the outback?
Who painted this picture and what is the name of it(link)?(Kako se zove ova slika i ko ju je nacrtao?)?
there is painting next to Bosch in Doge's palace that looks like Bosch.?
I need to know how much to charge someone for stretching a piece of art work?
i bought picture of t-116 boat ,has two logo,1 is delta dragon. section #531,other logo has river force patrol
Claud Renoir's Portrait !!?!? Question?
Spray primer over freshly painted project?
What is this painting!!!???? Help Please !?
Which version do you think is better? (painting)?
I have a oil on canvas signed robert wood its of the golden gate bridge 3ft high and 2 ft tall can you tell m?
paint problems?
Who should I paint?
What can i paint a picture of?
Anyone know about the artist Joe Moran from the Mississippi Gulf Coast?
i have a old painting name is avila or avilo i cant make it out is it worth anything?
Painting questions for a wooden table?
Which English Romantic Painter's painting was auctioned for the highest price for an English painter?
I need to find an artist that has health issues?
Leonardo De Vinvi!!!!!!!!! Code..?
Has anyone any information about the Illustrator/ artist Albert Edward Jackson?
The questions of acrylic painting...?
Do I need oil medium to do an oil painting?
What do you think of the name Karla?
erasable paint ! I'm looking for an erasable paint that isn't affected by rain?
Where can I find a painting or drawing of eyeshadow?
What paper should I use for Airbrushing?
Difference between artists oils and student oils?
Need an example of Alienation in a painting?
what is the difference between fauvism and symbolism?
how to treat blown plaster?
Where can I buy some canvas to paint on?
what is color?
where can i find the painting that shows Thomas Jefferson in his later years?
If i already went over an oil painting with a varnish, is it too late to go back and add small details?
Artists/Photographers who did pieces on the Seven Deadly Sins?
I'm looking for a black shiny material?
Canvas painting ideas?
does any one have the Adobe photoshop cs can you send it to me i need it for some art editing?
Will Polyurethane smear paint thats already on wood?
Is it true that someone bought a ten million dollar painting from a thrift store for five dollars?
Does paint wrinkles clear up when dry?
Can anyone show me some pictures about drawing flower!!!?
The best spray paint? And where to buy it?
I paint on canvas boards, but I don't know how to display my art work help?
What color do I get if I mix orange and pink together?
Whats your 2 favorite colors?
What kind of paint is ok to use on baked polymer clay?
Any idea what it's worth?
In painting, what are two different ways of mixing a tone?
how do i enlarge letters when i print a recipe??
Would satin finish be the best for painting bedrooms and living room ?
what two mixed color make brown?
What's your 3 favorite colors??
How can I easily turn an image into pop art?
Does anyone have tips on applying watercolors to watercolor canvas board?
What famous painting should I recreate?
Beginning oil painting?
Can someone tell me anything about this Asian Artwork?
is there a name for this type of art?
What's your favourite colour?
what is the full process of making a canvas painting?
what was vincent van gogh trying to express through his painting Starry Sky?
can anyone give me names of artists that explores "flight" in anyway in their paintings or art work.
What Subject Matter did Claude Monet and Auguste Renoir paint?
Where can I find out how much my Thomas Kinkade is worth?
Make a living out of Reading and painting?
what will be my new paint company name?
What is this painting?
What are some cute wall colors for a teenager? Where can I buy the paint at?
Is it possible to make oil paint from acrylic?
does red and white paint mixed together make pink paint?
Picasso Never Went To His Art Shows?
any idea how much an ethel tucker painting signed 1939 is worth?
Who appraises artwork? Whose to say one piece is worth more than the next? song of the surf?
can you help with my art project?
How much is a original Mobassi painting worth?
Does any one know who are the women painted in Fernando C. Amorsolo's "Women Bathers"?
At what point did Hokusai live in Shinshu (Nagano)?
What are some Gothic genre-related paintings?
Who's your favorite visiual artist? esoteric or non esoteric inspired.?
Analyze this Edvard Munch painting?
Severe creative blockage... HELP!?
Which piece of Contemporary Art, from here is your **Favourite**?
What kind of paints should I use for painting on glass ?
what was video peter was talking about on family guy with M.C. Escher?
is it wrong to feel competitive as an artist?
What do you usually paint on?
what painting is this?
HELP! I need to know how to clean a painting that has been smoke damaged from a house fire..thanx,ritartist?
Is there a Apple Museum?
How would you describe Andy Warhol's style of work?
What should i paint!?
who did this graffiti art?
Should I paint on paper?
What would be the value of an original ountess Potacka painting by Vigee Le Bruns?
original oratory ideas?
were can i buy a reproduction of the virgin with the host?
Is there any difference between acrylic gesso and acrylic primer used for decorating?
What perspective does Caravaggio's painting, "Judith Beheading Holofernes" have?
What is color addition?
I'm painting, what are some good colors that go with purple?
I have an old American still life of a duck decoy painted on a wood canvas signed L.Barrett. Who is this?
Which painting should I Use?
Am I able to change my course of study?
I want to know more about Picasso, is he a great artist?
i need some help on choosing oil paints and brushes?
Get answers from millions of real people.?
How to paint on an iPhone case?
j mastin oil painting?
charles rennie mackintosh Wassail ?
What is a good contrast colour to blue, black and red?
After World War I, what did many artists begin experimenting with?
Spiritually Speaking... Which would you take... The Mona Lisa, A Lamborghini, 25 Billion Dollars, or...?
Does anyone know where to find pics of Arthur Boyd's painting 'Melbourne Burning'?
If you mix pink & blue paint, what color does it make ?
I am looking for information on this oil painting.?
can i paint a non-naturalistic portrait of a famous person that is not from a photo w/o their permission?
what can be added to semi-gloss paint to make it a matte finish?
if you could be a color?
My art teacher put water in acrylic paint and it splattered alot in my mouth?
Why do painters wear white uniforms ?