what is that type of art that you stare at the painting and it changes into something cool?
Reasons why impressionism originated in France...?
For those who have seen the actual Mona Lisa, how would you describe seeing it in front of you in real life?
painting a teen girl's bedroom- color scheme?
What do you think of my painting of zebras?
Question about Salvador Dali's self- portrait?
any artists IN THE NJ/NY AREA???
Why can't rabbits paint elephants?
ART in nature have you seen it?
i have a painting on a canvas frame but the frame is warped. how can i straighten it?
Is Pop Art simplistic? Why/why not?
Can I use Boysen oil tinting colors for oil painting?
oil paint mediums for my canvas?
Best paints to use on wall and on canvas?
help!!!!painting a teen girls room!!!!!?
water colour, are you interested in ? share your experiences or art works?
I saw this really cool Van Gogh poster and need help finding it!?
how would i paint expressionst grass, or expressionist thunderstorms?????
Does anyone know of any walls to graffiti, apart from Sturt creek. Abandoned places, drains, in Adelaide.?
How do i paint on canvas? Do i paint on the edges too? How do i frame it once i'm done painting?
What emotions do you get from colors?
sand painting by numbers?
Who is the artist of this Indian painting?
how do you describe a landscape painting for an art critique?
if an original painting is slightly damaged is it still worth something?
Which painting by Leonardo da Vinci is a glorification of the human body?
Movies about famous painters and artists?
What is this photoshop brush called and where can I find it?
i have a bill o'neill original painting, out-buffaloed, how much is it worth?
What do you think of my mom's paintings?
where can I find info about a painting I have (signed by Jack L.)?
Can you name this piece of art?
Why did Vincent Van Gogh cut off his earlobe?
How to smear oil pastels?
What is a color of spray paint that is not only hideous but really hard to get out of a car's paint job?
Photoshop CS2 Brush Tool Lightens?
would it be Ok to rub a finished painting down with linseed oil when done to put on a shine?
where can i obtain air brush techniques information for painting monotone pictures on canvas with acrylics?
im unemployed and need a job bad i have a criminal justice backround but i would love somthing in the arts ???
When did Michaelangelo start painting?
which artist paints on 'gestures' paintings ?
what are the colors of cherokee people?
Claude Monet's Bouquet of Sunflowers?
What do you think of Hundertwasser's work?
I have an old painting (art history buffs welcome)...?
Can anyone name famous artist like Picasso, Michelangelo. Who else do you know?
how do i do this with corel paint shop pro x?
Why is Renaissance painting considered to be more realistic than medieval painting?
artists: do you feel jealous of other artists?
what do you think of this amazing painting?
What bone remind you of a tool used by surgeon, or of support structure in front of building that painter use?
what is this painting worth?
any artists similar to mark ryden or sas chistians?
When I paint with acrylics, they turn out really shiny. What should I do?
Searching for a particular painting, Please help...?
artists to do with the ocean?
why did the painter if the starry starry killed himself?
Help!!! I spilled paint on my carpet! It's Folk Art Enamels....?
How can i create an pic of me with grafitti?
I have a landscape painting that has the initials P B in the lower left corner?
what about artist Julien La Croix, is he a famous painter?
I need to get a painting to have an over all color. Is there some way to create a golden wash to cover it?
I was wondering if anyone knew of a way i could create t shirts that would withstand being washed?
fine art gcse ideas,still life, diamonds and gems?
When using retouch varnish should you wait until the varnish dries or can you paint on it wet?
Help with ideas for my art project?
Can you use BASICS acrylic paints to paint on shoes?
How do you blend oil pastels?
is there any way to make oil paints dry faster?
What is the value of a large signed Leeteg of Hina Rapa, on velvet?
Need a natural form artists? ?
What is the name of this painting?
artists groups in Delhi art gallarys and art activity in this city and about arts exbitions in delhi on arts
what is the painting with the couple painted into the waves?
Can anyone tell me anything about this.... Please?
Montreal ART / PAINTING question...?
how i can see if my painting are the original not copy?
what is your favorite peace of art?
Can anyone tell me who the artist of this painting is?
I paint animals on furniture.Is there an animal that you think is IN at this time?
Famous painters who suicided?
What do you think of this portrait?
Is it possible for one to become an artist (painter) only by his own practise..............?
a large container of acrylic non-yellowing sealer for some wood painting and collage craft projects.?
why do people ask Decorating and Remodeling questions in the Visual Arts/painting section?
Trying to contact Ben Maile?
how does the scream (painting) portray alienation, confusion, identity etc?
Whats are good acrylic paints and brushes to use that are not too expensive?
ideas for a frame of an oriental painting?
Who is the Leonardo Da Vinci of our time?
need ideas for my art final pices?
Is it illegal to spraypaint floor?
Micheal Angelo Questions ?
Whats the proper name for this bird painting?
Who is the artist who painted a yellow city series?
I need help picking Artwork?
what is the value of pencil drawing?
Do you think Hitler was a good artist ?
What do you think of my Idea? Suggestions welcomed?
child ate a watercolor oval?
What is a Karl Gatermann painting worth?
Is my painting worth money?
Where can I go to buy paint?
do you know the famous painting where there is a screaming man who looks like an alien??
Should i risk using graffiti sketches in my portfolio?
1930's artists. non americans?
What is magic realism?
Why does M F Hussain paint Hindu Godesses in nude under the bogey of freedom of expression?
leonardo da vinc and his contributions........?
apollo by Gustave Moreau?
How does photography (and or paintings ) depict the age ?
what do u think of my drawings?
I'm so embarrassed...has anything similar ever happened to you?
Turner Thesis?
mixing red and blue makes?
what are 3 characteristics that the sibyl paintings have in common in the link below?
Girl In A Painting?
Advice on Art (painting/drawing)?
Do I need to leave a boarder on painting?
Do you think Graffiti is Art?
2: What do you think of this painting?
Can anyone Tell Me the full name of the artist that signes his paintings W Vine?
The name of this famous painting?
Vincent Van Gogh didn't achieve much recognition during his life. Did he sell any pictures before his suicide?
Help with art hw?.."select three different paintings or photographs write down the dominant...?
How to paint abstract?
What would u like to ask?
Whose art do you have on your walls?
What are some good political paintings ?
What is a Severin Roesen Boy In Still Life painting worth?
Oil artists..........?
cartoonish style face..........?
I have a painting of a William Lock who was born about the 1700s. can anyone tell me more about him?
What are the rules and methods of glazing technique in acrylic painting?
Was Salvador Dalí a great artist or just a wallpaper manufacturer?
do you know anything about artist
Facebook graffiti app?
Art question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What does sound look like? If you were to paint a sound, what would you paint?
If I use Water-based acrylic paints, and allow it to fully dry... will it be permenent on clothing?
vanishing point?
Should i stop painting on a daily basis?
Is watercolor painting difficult to learn?
What surface(s) does acrylic paint work on?
how is change?
Where can i find this painting?
Was This Painting Done By A Chimp?
artists: how do you channel depression/anger into your composition & can this state canCreate some of the best?
Favorite Color?
Info on Claude Monet?
I'm attempting to Paint this. Advice/Tips?
Can you use watercolor on normal canvas?
Vincent Van Gogh help?
What do you think art is?
antique painting by George Davis, I need to find information on this painting and value?
Name a site where i can find watercolour pictures for painting?
?legal to sell numbered prints from a purchased original painting?
norman rockwell painting?
What's your favorite color?
my bad, i think that this atrist is definetly Latino?
Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa?
What painting should I put as my screensaver, Starry Night or The Scream by Van Gogh or you can also recommend?
Where can i find a buyer for an antique painting, and what is the estimated value?
What is the color "Periwinkle", similar to? Pink, blue, black,yellow, mahogany, or green?
did tina turner die?
Can you animate on Paint Tool Sai?
Abstract Expressionism?
What Era Did They Paint On Mirrors?
what is the deference between painting and drawing?
who knows the name and artist of this song?? it's driving me crazyy?
I'm looking for a painting by Alphonse Mucha?
Will glow in the dark paint work at a concert ?
Was Vincent Van Gogh his real name?
hi i have done fashion desg. i make modern art paintings.?
why would someone use newspaper in art for a development underneath thin acrylic paint?
Can you use all -purpose acrylic paint on faces?
How to Start a Career in Painting?
Painting? I want to learn, but how?
how is the painting called with this picture?
I need a painting of a teen that is stressed out, please let it be of a credible artist and a good picture?
Finding a Painting Help?
What can i paint on? im a student..?
What are 3 achievements and one shortcoming of Michelangelo?
anyone know of a print titles" Alice Blue Gown"?
How To Keep Paint On A Pumpkin?
Why some artists paint with acrylics instead of oils?
I have a painting by j. mastin called Blue blossom and I was wondering if it was worth anything?
cool nail designs using tape on anything??
What is some good paint for a beginner?
Who knows the Email address of the austrian painter "Otto muehl"?
Georgia O'Keeffe legacy???????
Inexpensive artwork supplies?
Can you paint over top of already painted glass with apple barrel paints!?
What are the three Primary Colors?
why did da vinci chose to draw monalisa?
How and why do viewers respond differently to a three-dimensional work than to a two-dimensional work?
which are the best art schools?
Do you like graffitti? Tell me what you think of mine.?
Who is this in this painting?
What do you think my favorite color is??? Be specific!!! You must get exact color for me to pick yours!!!=D (=
What do you think about my art work?
How can you get a review of " Boys in a Pasture,1876" by Winslow Homer?
I'm thinking about getting into digital painting and art. What tools do you recommend? ?
Portrait! Need Ideas!?
What Western town did Salvador Dali paint?
Hobby Lobby Canvases?
Oil & Acrylic paints on cups?
what is a painter guild???????????
How long on average do watercolour/acrylic/oil paint take to dry?
what is this painting?
Does anyone know of any good artists for Natural Forms? GCSE Art?
Is their a Dali up number for Rodney Mi. 48187 that I can use?
information on Roland Wheelwright. painter l870 - l955?
Subliminal messages in the Sistine Chapel?
where is the majority of rene magritte's work located?
Artist Paul Klee - 5658 They're biting?
Good sexual paintings? tasteful, not pornagraphic crap...?
Who is your favorite painter?? ASAP?
Can you inspire me???????
any ARTISTS for contained?
Do u think the smile of Monalisa is unique ? Why ?
Painters Brush and M-4's?
have painting IBM#v5618 241?
Can I use acrylic gesso over an old oil painting canvas if I already cleaned almost all of the oil paint off?
What is the name or artest of this painting!?
Why did the painter Hilaire-Germain Edgar Degas paint ballet dancers?
what type of airbrush should i use for airbrushing t shirts?
How does Boysen oil tinting colors differ from artists' oil colors in terms of composition?
I would like to find a picture from the Illinois Moulding Company Chicago 8 Cllinois U.S.A?
Where did John Muir grow up?
what painter wrote metamorphosis on a canvas so many times that it turned the canvas black ?
What is a paint marker.?
explain the belief taht if leonardo da vinci had not been illegitimate, he may not have been an artist?
The great exhibition?
What do you think about Hundertwasser's work?
Do you like my painting?
Illustration Board Nightmare ?
How did Vincent van Gogh influence and contribute to the art of painting?
Canvas painting ideas?
I'm searching for a painting..What is the name of that picture and its author?
population halifax?
I would like information on Lawrence Jones, visual artist/Jackson, MS?
who has been influenced by andy warhols work?
i want to paint but im not very creative im not sure where to begin?
Does anyone know where i can get "one way mirror" spray paint? (no tint or sheets plz)?
Name of contemporary artist recently produced painting and sculpture on theme of football?
What is the best way to get an oil painting valued for insurance purposes in Perth WA?
Virgen of Guadalupe Painting by Feliciano Cortes?
How do a paint a design on a wooden panel?
Anyone knows a good art studio that does custom made paintings?
What kind of paper do I need to use for oil pastels?
Where can i get cheap paintings for my walll online?
Does anyone know if you can buy things online from the Chiri-men Craft museum?
Jacob Lawrence?
Im an artist. How do i become famous for my work?
Who is the most important painter in the world today?
Where can I buy 'Artist Quality' paints in Singapore ?
Where can I find a seller of Janet Fish prints?
is it necessary to convey a message through your artwork?
I am an artist who has been requested to paint a mural of a lake. what price should I charge for the creation?
How to make natrual paint?
when did the yang shao start pottery?
What did Cave Men use as paint?
Does my painting suck? :(?
Leonid Afremov paintings?
1st time painter tips at 22 years old?
what type of wood can i use for tall painting/pour painting?
can i learn painting by myself?
Watercolor Painting Lessons Online - Guide For Beginners?
Trying to find a poster of Marilyn Monroe?
what is an easy painting to draw by dali?
What is the name of that famous Japanese painting of the wave?
Please help critique my artwork?
What kind of taste in art do you have,...?
content of the painting?
What do you think of this artwork?
What should i paint on a canvas?
Have you ever heard about the Austrian painter Gottfried Helnwein? Is he popular in your country?
Ladys only?
wolf painting?
Can you please help me?
Ideas for Glow Party facial painting for boy?
An idea for a painting/picture?
Artists like Peter Blake?
grafitti beginner help?
what are some painters names that are resonably prices?
I have a large painting signed by Richard Reid mason Victory at cape sparta. Number on the back is 6195.?
Can anyone tell me the name of this painting or the name of the painter?
I would like information about artist Golde Olds?
Human-Like Farm Animal Paintings?
I have just recieved my GCSE exam paper?
Although Vincent van Gogh suffered emotionally throughout his life, he was able to give his emotions tangible?
I am looking for the name of a painting.?
At the time that the school of athens was painted, what did Renaissance Italy have in common with the fresco s?
what color should i paint my room?
What pieces of artwork made Wassily Kandinsky famous?
What painting should I write about?
Can anybody recommend a piece of modern artwork that an 11 year old could mimic?
Would this be a fair price for a wall mural painting?
Is there a work of art that has moved you?
is it safe to put acrilic paint on your face?
What is your Favorite painting. One that holds meaning to you?
A name of a herb used by European artist to make the color red?
Does chrome paint look like chrome?
How much do you think Mona Lisa the painting is woth?
About Vincent Van Gogh's eyes and how he saw the world...?
why is most art not understood by people?
i have never held art painting exhibitions how do i go about it in mumbai?
Next progress report????????! OPINION PLEASE?
The Accident by Paul Fenniak Artical?
Artists that use Acrylic?
Important facts about Auguste Renoir?
Who is your favorite painter?
Who can I talk to about an appraisal for an antique picture and frame of Jesus and the Virgin Mary?
What is Claude Monet biography?
Do you know any good artists?
was Andy Warhol a great artist or a con artist?
What was your favorite color as a child?
oil on acrylic paint?
What is the difference between Baroque and Rococo art and how do you tell the difference?
Learning about ART?
Does any one Know??
What color should I paint my bathroom?
Beginner Artist: I want to become a painter.....?
value of les kouba print called dark house action signed and # 131/5000?
Looking for details on the artist HANNEDOUCHE?
Help with a reprint of a very famous painting?
what makes us see color?
Are the "Bob Ross" oil paints just regular oil paints?
Summer Exhibition - Royal Academy - collecting works?
popular american artist?!! HELP!?
Where can I Get An Example Of A Art Critique?
How much is a original Mobassi painting worth?
Has anyone heard of a painting called Forty Pirates? If so who is the artist?
Does acrylic paint work on pillow case fabric?
what was roy lichtenstein's personality?
What are some pet painter artists?
why did aboriganols dot paint?
Can you paint directly over sanding sealer or do I need to sand it off?
What is most common favourite color ?
Can anybody tell me something about frida kahlo?
What do you think of this portrait?
which colour can you denote as the best colour in the world & why ?
What should I paint?
Similar artists to Albrecht Durer?
Help!! what do i paint?
I watched a video on youtube about swirling it. witch is like swirling the paint.?
Does anyone know where i can purchase the work called Don't be a 2nd player hater (luigi fo sheezy) Isaac Pier?
Artists that paint musicians/instruments/interpret music in their art?
What did Jesus look like?
a pair of paintings of a young man smoking a cigar in one and holding his whilst sitting at a table?
older painting , who the artist is?
make up in art???
What is the best way to learn painting with watercolours?
Why did Vincent Van Gogh cut off his ear?
Can someone provide me with information regarding the painting "secret delation"?
What is a really good brand of good quality acrylic paint?
How do I mix paint to make teal or aqua like a tiffany's box?
Will I need to paint the wall white to paint a mural on it?
Can you use watercolor on normal canvas?
Help in Humanities with art.?
canadian artist Jane E.Rankin 1940 era?
Heard of Themistokles von Eckenbrecher? Was he a Realist?
What's your favorite website design by an artist?
What picture represents an archetype?
I need help finding the name of a painting I saw years ago.?
Where can I go to see or get a print of Picasso's Tete d'une Femme, painted in 1903 in Barcelone?
Need help! Found painting...........?
How is that huge painting called which was hanging on a scaffold in Prague seen in the movie Bad Company ?
What is so special about Jack Pollock's work??
Degas help??
if white is a mixture of all colors, then how come if u mix them all up together in paint form u dnt get white
i need a painting for art!!!?
How to create an oil painting with resin on a panel?
how to make painting cavas from raw canvas or linin?
What do you call that thing that feels like lipstick that artists use to do a painting or picture with?
spraypainting graphics?
Can I mix fabric paints with water?
Linen vs cotton canvas - which would be better for painting fine details with blood?
Which painting is considered at the oldest painting in the world?
Would it look cool to splatter paint an orthopedic cast?
An idea for a painting/picture?
I have a old portrait and I am not sure of the artist.?
Are we allow to copy Copyright photos to paint?
Have you seen this painting online?
What should I use for a sketch book?
European painter/artist? Kind of pop-arty strange stuff?
what was the life of rodolfo nieto like?
I'm interested in purchasing a Thomas Kincaid painting...?
Is there a book showing most of Arnold Bockling' s paintings?
how can you tell if art is good?
does anyone know of any artists or paintings that are modern or abstract that have female nudes ?
If Monet couldn't see and Beethoven couldn't hear, what was Picasso's problem?
How many coats of spray paint do I need for a skateboard deck?
How much can i sell an original Sarah Tanner painting for?
I think I have an original Paul Detlefsen painting titled "The Big Moment". How much would it be worth?
what are supplies that all artists need?
Im an artist and I need a ONE name moniker so I don't use my real name..Any Ideas?
How do van goghs paintings stand out as intersting or original?
I'd like to know more about this Marion Griffin(?) painting ?
What was Henri Matisse's first painting?
How can I paint in mike mignolas style?
Who was it that invented and used the first paint.?
I need a painting of..... 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER?
What graffiti would you scrawl over Picasso cubism art?
Whats the name of that painting?
can i paint a Porcelain nick knack with acrylic paints?
Do you know a painting about ugliness?
How do you paint a model car kit without the brush strokes?
what rural artists are there?
I would like to paint a picture on my basement wall. What kind of paint would be best to use?
From the book Chasing vermeer Why did calder and Petra begin to do research on Vermeers life?
Orange is color of insanity?
opposite Colors? what is is called?
Do you think to paint real well it depends on your moods?
Is this painted on or real?
How to clearly display heat in a painting?
How to work things out with your new art agent ?
What is white gesso used for?
I want to learn a bit more about classical (greek and roman) art, what do you know about it?
What colors are "Cafe colors"?
i'm interested in being a art class model in auckland nz?
Is There Any Famous Paintings or Drawings With The Theme 'Ego'?
what are the things called that artists use to hold paint? it has like a little circle in it?
do you know the famous painting where there is a screaming man who looks like an alien??
looking for a painting by Robert Fabe called first frost, has anyone heard of his work?
Spray Paint High, Medium, and Low Pressure meaning?
Can you paint glass with acrylic paint?
What wall paint color should i get if i have beige/tan furniture?
What is your favourite famous painting and why?
Questions about the movie "Mona Lisa Smile."?
I f you were an artist what would you paint?
Who has the higher authority in an art gallery a curator or a director?
art Idea help please?
how to paint watercolour trees?
What's you favorite color?
Which Is The Best Digital Painting Software?
Painting identification help!?
This artist's name comes from the old spelling of fox. He was primarily known for his paintings of?
What is the carhartt material???? is it canvas?
Can anyone help me find a large painting or tapestry that will fit a space of 78Wx96H?
How do you create the Sherlock Holmes credits effect with traditional painting techniques?
Does anyone know howto make the colour fuchsia (bright pink) using primary colours?
what do you think of my new painting.?
Which principles of democracy are illustrated by this painting?
dali ke odam posle za strumica?
why should I do a masters in fine art?!?
Where can i find Information about Margret Olley's still life artwork "Rushcutters Bay"?
Does the arrangement of vanitas make a difference?
Toby Edward Rosenthal's Rosenthal piece. Ten Points rewarded for best answer?
How do i paint my face like the joker?
what is biography?
ant artist that colour blind?
Who painted this and what is it called?
Give me Donatello, Michelangelo, Filippo Info, now.?
How to use gouache paints?
Painting over canvas design?
Anybody have poster ideas?
Would a persons artwork be worth a fortune if they admitted to being a murderer?
can someone tell me what z brush does and where i can buy it?
who is S H Jee?, I have two paints from him?
Team Edward or Jacob ?
Is Enamel paint the same as oil paint?
Why do they call Franco Magnani "the memory artist"?
Ancient egyptian artifacts...?
What is the painting with the clock creature and who created it?
Where can I buy art by Manuel Lepe online?
Who is your favourite painter?
Who painted this painting?
where can i watch fred claus online?
What is the name of the artist?
what will you add to a textile paint to make it fine rather than stickier or condense?
need help with colour representations/symbolism?
look at this its really cool.?
I have an old print by the artist Hans Hartig. Does anyone know if it is worth anything?
Is it legal for me to paint a picture from another artist and sell it?
in india,population density is defined as the no.of persons________?
how do i get saffron colour?
how the italians got the monalisa back from the french and how the french got it back?
How do you gloss these lyrics?
Which Naked palette by Urban Decay should I buy? I also want to know which primer potion, Eden or Original?
Does anyone know the name and/or artist of a painting of a young girl with red hair holding a book (bust)?
Juggalette painting up?
Who is the the artist MIKI who did the works "The Thinker" and "Babysitter"?
what type of paint should I use to make a painting on a canvas?
what is the meaning of Goya's painting Circumcision?
What colours go with royal blue for a room(I am a guy)?
Who should I paint for my oil portrait?
familiar with eugene von guerard?
I have an oil painting of a beautiful winter scene signed by Van Bell. This painting was old when I got it and?
Has anybody ever used ultraviolet paint?
I recently was given a painting and in the corner it has the signature W. Henry.....can anyone help .?
Graffiti art idea help?
How much do Cecil Golding watercolors usually sell for?
DId Pietro Perugino train or work with Michelangelo?
who is the woman in the painting?
How Do I Make My Own Spray Paint ?
what colors should i use to make a sunset scene and the site of good pictures for sunset scene?
tell me about john henry ehlers born 1902 died1974 artist of painting titled 'zinnias'?
Can you use fabric paint on a poster board?
ihave a painting by an artist i want to research.what does http: mean?
where can i buy a print for "Bad Route" by Mexican artist Miguel Calderon?
Artwork - Simon Claridge?
how much would you pay for these 2 antique paintings (84 years old)?
Do you like this painting?
Are there any safe paints made for painting on plastic or vinyl?
Who knows a french artist who uses really bright colors and paints town alleys? I think his name is Pierre?
what painting is this a detail from?
Have you ever seen Renaissance paintings of ancient Greek couples, like lying naked on couches, eating grape?
Name this Artist!!! TEN points! Pics included!!!?
what is your favorite artist?
Can i use interior paint as acrylic paint?
How much is String art worth?
In what condition is the rose when Heidegger first removes it from the “ponderous folio”?
is there a theme in georges brague's painting mandora?
Who was the first painter to be rich and famous in his own lifetime?
To street artist : Krylon or Montanna?
how do I get paint off of my dickes.?
why isnt white considered a primary color.?
Was Bob Ross (American painter) left-handed or right-handed?
Is there any work done by piet mondrian entitled "composition ii in red"?
How do you paint cheetah print?
how old do you have to be to buy spray paint in massachusetts?
Opening an art gallery .....Lighting question???
is a hand painted royal Ames glass that is made in italy worth anything?
For artists, what is a 'half-pan'?
art exam, thinking of using gel medium?
Has Norman Reedus ever been to Australia?
Who is the artist that painting this?
i have a painting signed eggelston. there is no first name. can someone help me find this aritist.?
What is the pop artists' Dufi's name? 10 points!?
Do you know where I can buy cheap paintings online?
Do you like my art?
How does Stendhal Syndrome happen?
Why is the Mona Lisa painting so famous?
What are the names of some famous portraits?
What type of paint do I use to do window painting?
Can I get info on a female artist - last name, Kenyon?
I have an original print of Phish 'The White Tape' by Pollock. How can I sell it.?
How do I go about finding out more about a painting?
Does any one know how much a painting made from a picture may cost?
help finding an artist and or the paintings?
what artist just recently died?
Does anyone know a legitimate art restorer in S FL?
I would like to delve into painting more. But I need a space to do it in.?
Is it better to print a shirt with spray paint or fabric paint?
how can get a guy plaes help!!!!?
How to i make the foreground look more interesting than the background when painting?
What is Piero Di Cosimo's real name?
What is the best London gallery for expressionist paintings?
should art be censored what do you think?
What is the name of this painting by Elizabeth Blackadder? PLEASE HELP!!?
Good Things to Photograph Or Paint?
Any Salvador Dali fans/experts?
How do you make paint?
does using paint pens on your griptape ruin it?
Physical Pain Art?
beginner painter?
Any cool painting ideas?
Art Question? Artists.?
can someone help me with canvas please?
identification of a painter of english cricket scenes?
Tips for perfact painting?
Artists: What is your favorite medium?
What is your favorite media for painting/drawing and why?
what do you think of my painting?
what comes to your mind when i say painting?
Paint programs or something?
Does anyone know where the painter Lucian Freud lives or where I can see him in person?
Where can I find blue or white face paint?
Can someone please tell me who the artist of this painting is?!?
An artist influenced by Francis Bacon?
red oxide color add to black color what color does this two makes?
Would you be interested in my art?
Where can I buy a London Branded Sketch pad?
how sell paintings & earn money?
Will paint (non toxic kind)fade in my window if it's exposed to sunlight all morning?
Can I have some critique on my painting?
Describe the dfferent competing points of interest in Diego Velázquez's Las Meninas (The Maids of Honor). Bes?
Da Vinci Code?
Issues With Magic Wand Tool Sai Painter?
I have a painting of a boy walking on a beach an it was done by somebody named A.SEHRING I just wnt to know ?
Rembrandt; Could I be Rembrandt? Why or why not?
Did Leonardo da Vinci have autism?
Are original self portraits of an artist worth more... ?
Will acryllic paint stick to plastic?
Who was Lady Donna Velata(Leonardo da Vinci)?
Opinions please on this painting that I just finished?
is it possible to paint a 24x26 canvas in 48 hours?
what is a painter architect? is it a bad thing?
i have a painting that has a certificate of authenticity how do i know its real?
The painting Friday artist walter dendy sadler.?
what did van gogh paint?
Stencil t-shirt question!!!!!!!!!!?
how can i start on learning how to paint and draw what i see during the day?
Paint Tool Sai Yuumei brushes?
What's "deeis"?
how do you clean canvas pictures?
What color to paint my room?!?
Will Americans, Europeans and other westerners buy painting from an Indian woman?
What artist draws many people in one scene?
How many cans would I need?
my composition (animation) in after effectes has too many layers and became very big for memory. what can i do
Is there any art work done with rice and not rice paper?
What sort of advantage does abstractism brings?
unknown painter?
Other artists like Alex Pardee?
GCSE Art: water ideas?
If you want to ruin a painting (of yours) that you've grown to hate, what chemical do you use to erase it with?
I have a painting by artist Joy Postle dated 1972 what could it be worth?
when i copy a picture why do i draw a mirror image without thinking. and not realise ive done it .?
Why not buy boiled linseed oil in bulk from lowes instead of an 8oz jar from hobbylobby?
What are the long term health effects of owning avant garde artwork?
im looking for a painting called "approach the time". it can be seen on the link below at the :35 mark. thanks?
What is the name of the artist (or the art) that painted? a hamburger and a hospital room? Surrealism?
why did Van Gogh paint so many self-portraits?
Have you ever sold a painting? How old were you? Does anyone here make a living as a painter
could spray paint be harmful if a person breaths it in while they are outside?
How would I be able to tell if I have the original "summer mood" painting by Christine Rosamond and value?
Who painted this painting?
3d art by troy malloy?
Who Painted This Picture?
Can you paint a wall a dark color then paint it white again?
What are the color terms analogous, complementary, warm and cool?
do you like yellow color?
the value of d,gestetner 1881?
can someone help me figure out who is paul soldner?
need desperate help please!!!!?
why are mostly all pencil orange?
What is your favourite famous painting and why?
what type of painting style is this?
What is the name of a painting by Salvador Dali in Spanish?
what is a positive stencil?
what museum is ships and flowers in by salvador dali?
Puppy Zwolle who is man in upper left corner of painting?
What is your favorite painting, by who?
Do you know any affordable or free art classes here in Manila?
What color do you get when you mix indigo and red?
Air Brushing videos?
is the painting daniel in the lions den geographic or organic?
What about housepaints on canvas? Not oil based, I guess alkaline? Would abstract watercolour work on canvas?
snazaroo face paint question?
did henri matisse ever paint pottery?
Girls/ladies, Would you have yourself painted in the nude? Nothing kinky and by a reputable artist if you?
Can you sell paintings even though you don't have a business?
is it legal when we repainted others painting who show their painting in youtube and other sites?
what is a good thesis statement for a research paper about the meanings of Paleolithic cave paintings?
what are the differences between acrylic, oil, and water based paint?
Realism in art is boring, except for perhaps Rembrandt, Durer and Waterhouse.?
what was the name of the artist that made splatter paintings?
Can hand paint be used as body paint?
How much is Paint and Paint Primer at Wal-mart?
why are soft pastels so difficult to work with?
Analyze this Edvard Munch painting?
Fellow answerers in painting section- can I say goodbye?
What is the best homemade chalk board paint recipe?
what is a murphy artist?
where to buy art supplies ?
How do you make acrylic paint very fluid without losing the color's intensity and body?
Anyone else waiting for the results of the BP portrait award 2012?
Are there any cute daisy framed pictures, or canvas?
nail art websites??i need more than one!!?
How do I crop a wallpaper sized image in Paint?
I need some ideas on what to paint for the subject 'Visual Art'?
Can anyone help me with 'Self portrait with monkey' by frida kahlo painting?
Are all copies of Renoir boating party signed and dated?
can anyone give me insight on artist named ward ackerman? i just bought 2 of his paintings at antique auction
how do i sell watercolour paintings through the internet?
obituary notice of Leonardo Da Vinci?
I have collection of all most all kind of painting and I would like to sell it all. ?
Does anyone know what was going through Van Gogh's head when he cut his ear off?
How do I become a great artist?And how much do people pay for a painting made by a amatuer?
i have been looking for any information on this vintage old painting artist that signs the name ruth maxwell.?
Van Gogh??? STARY NIGHT?!!!!!!?
help me out here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
In Oil Painting, i am aware that people use linseed oil but sometimes, as a result of?
Painters, need your help!?
What should i paint?
I am entering a painting for my local Produce show, and I have no idea what to paint!?
What should I paint on it? :) short , .s! :)?
What do you think about my website?
what do you mean by the word spoliarium?
need a shop to get krylon/belton/rusto spray cans in L.A.?
Does any know a good site about Painting criticism?
What do you think of my art work?
What should I paint need inspiration?
How would one go about painting on linen fabric?
how to get permanent paint off of my wood door?
How do i get my paintings out there for people to see...i use mainly acrylic paints?
what paint to use for stencil marking using spray gun?
im 13 yars old and..............?
Good face paint pictures?
HI i want to do calligraphy painting course could you suggest me from where can STAY VIKAS PURI THANX?
What oil painting of the red headed women with the man, was seen in the movie "Dying Young" with Julia Roberts
B. Mitchell 12 pane painting need to know what it worth/ plz contact me @
What is the name of this painting?
Where can I find great pictures of famous artists and paintings on the web?
Who likes the colour yellow?
whats interesting about Francisco Zurbaran?
Which is more important-- people, or objects?
leonardi di vinci?
where can i buy brightly colored paint?
What are your techniques for painting clouds in acrylic or oil?
What country, example, and year do these paintings come from?
eric ennion?
for canvas artists: what can be best used as masking liquid for areas to block on canvas: which u dont want .?
Who is your favorite artist? DaVinci? or Michelangelo?
What kind of art is this?
Did Leonardo draw mona lisa?
unltd by ,arc ecko or merrel??
How do I get face paint off?
Similar to spray paint?
Picture frame made by Chas. J. Edmunds?
Oil painting- can I use DIY store boiled linseed oil and should it be colourless?
What is the majority of this artwork made from?
Can I get acrylic paint off of a metal surface or should I buy a new pie pan for my mom?
will glow in the dark paint (glowaway™) still glow if mixed with oil?
How to understand abstract art?
I'm a painter and I write poetry. I'm looking for ideas of budget friendly creations I can sell regularly?
What is this painting called?
What kind of sealer can I use to set the paint on rocks? ?
In all of the old paintings of the creation, why do Adam and Eve have belly-buttons?
Are there any artists who are great with photo realism?
Has anyone heard of an artist named Vigano?
What do you think about this painting?
Do you want know Raster to Vector Conversion?
landscape painting help!!!!!!?
how do i make a paint alterative?
how do i list for a search engine?
What type of paint do i use to paint Airforce 1'S ???
how to get oil painting copied. lithograph?
True or false ? Fashion homework?
Why is the color yellow so happy?
hope symbolism?
Show piantings of bettie zelder?
Why does everyone like Van Gogh?
Is there a Web site where I can buy a print of Dali's Port Alguer?
How do I turn purple into red?
Is Andrew Wyeth still alive?
Can i know the story of Oscar Francois De Jarjayes or her biography?
alex colville and christopher pratt?
Are acrylic paints good?
Can anyone of you name me some famous painting?
Andy Warhol! help plz?
Before I start to paint in oils on a canvas do I have to prepare the board in some way?
I want to paint a farmhouse style table black. What is the best method?
If you had to do an art piece on integration, what would you do?
Floor and tabletop easels...?
were to find soothing calm but trippy art on the net?
Does anyone know what this picture is and means?
does anyone know about an artist called danny ferguson and blair taylor?
Who's an artist? How did you get started?
What paints chiff-chaff eggs?
Which "Jeune fille au chapeau" by Pierre Auguste Renoir is located at the Meuseum of fine-arts in Montreal?
Do you think I should try and become a painter for a living?
what should i name this painting?
how would you express feeling unloved though art?
um is there a way to get spay paint in bundles?
what is this in english?
I have an oil painting by Miwa Koide.Does anyone know who this artist is and what the paintings might be worth
Can you identify the artist?
what color could describe cerulean n ultramarine?
How do i save my paint brushes? :O?
what is the best type of paint to work with?
What is the name of the painting that has a man and a woman dancing in the rain (more).....?
How do people get good at spray paint art?
how to make a electric blue?
Suggestions for a decent airbrush?
did the painting nighthawks influenced any ad campaigns n what are they if it did plzzzzzz help?
What have I done wrong with striping paint off?
A Physicist and an Artist had a debate over the Primary colours. Physicist said that Red, Blue and Green are p?
There is a painting of a young girl on a swing and a man kneeling before her with her shoe...the name?
Does anybody know the name of this painting by Edward Penfield?
Splatter Painting Shirts, Help?
What is the composition of a paint brush?
What is the painting in black and white of a guy throwing colored flowers?
Oil paints?.....?
What is Hobbytex from Australia?
Gold Seal on Thomas Kinkade pictures - What are these?
What is the definition of 'ART'?
What do artists sign their oil painting with? I tried signing with oil paint, and it looks messy.?
why are paintings of unhappy people valuable?
Making prints of a painting?
Where was "The Ambassadors" (painted by Hans Holbien) painted at?
what is the name of this H.R. Giger artwork?
what is the best spray paint for tagging?
Was Leonardo Da Vinci a perfectionist?
Why do people say "The Mona Lisa" is a man?
hello everyone!!!!!!!?
H Breedveld painting?
can you use pastels on a cloth canvas?
What does Piet Mondrian's "Lozenge Composition with Gray Lines look like?
Were can i buy Can Silencers for spray paint cans?
Where is Claude Monet's famous garden?
What colors go good with a Napalm Orange?
Where can I find quality aerosol paint in Austin, TX?
Who painted this picture?
The David by Micheal Angelo, does he have a Laural wreath on his head??
are you supposed to use Bio-oil by itself?
How do i get dried acrylic paint out of a paint brush?
what do you think are the best oil paints in ratio to their price?
Do I have any potential to be a folk artist?
What's the name of the realistic (hyper-realistic?) painting of an american man and a woman....?
In Roman wall paintings, How are all of these characteristics typical of the time period?
I have a canvas that a friend painted for me (its a 36X48 red label fredrix canvas). How do I hang it?
who are the similar surrealist painters?
Identify a Painting by Title and Artist?
is there a site where you can view the complete works of Clara Davis Inness?
instructions on how to use Watercolor mediums?
[HELP 10 points] Description about John Glover [Patterdale landscape with cattle]?
vermeer girl?
What type of patents do artists use for their work?
What is the artwork in frasier's apartment behind the piano?
Where do I look for asian antique made in 1979?
Semi-Permanent Tattoo Pens?
opinion on a painting?
where in mallorca can i find a easel and canvas for oil painting at reasonable prices?
what colour do you get if you mix blue and yellow?
What are some good french songs/artists?
What type of paint do I use to do window painting?
What type of paint is this ?
I am looking for a certain painting that I have never been able to find?
What is this painting?
How to turn Crimson coloured paint into red ??
How can giving paintings a monetary value affect their artistic meaning?
Has anyone heard of the Spanish artist Sebastian Cortes?
does this artwork remind you of anything (as in a well know painter/artists style)?
I am a new portrait artist, and I am trying to set up my business. What are some policies I should have?
what paints would you use to paint slate?
I have an oil painting by Miwa Koide.Does anyone know who this artist is and what the paintings might be worth
Found old picture in barn, has a gold tag on back..."Thumbprints Border Art Wall Hangings,Mayville, Michigan"
Which is more valuable to you?
How do I blend/blur in Corel Painter Essentials 4?
How to remove oil paint from cats paws?
can u use acrylic to paint your shoes?
Name this artist?
in expressionism paintings are there ever paintings of women, particularly women without clothing on?
does anyone know some artists that paint ceremnies and festivals and world traditions or anything ? ?
why do i need to use gesso?
im painting my room what color should i paint it ?
Is this a Norman Rockwell painting? Pics included?
What is the best free web-site containing the paintings and photos about kiss,hug,and romantic themes?
i was wondering if i could be the craziest artist or perhaps, the world's greatest artist.?
what is the significance of the colours of oil india's symbol (red and black)?
Thinking of making a Drink stain painting...?
What is surreralism?
what coulor is ur bed room????
What's the name of the surrealist artist of the painting 'Greedy Girls' (or similar title)?
Whats you favorite colour?
tool belt for painters?
I need more information about encaustic painting?
who does the painting of a scary looking kid looking out a window of a brick building ...?
go check out this picture of a painting i did and tell me what you think.?
can i paint myself with normal paint?
Who currently owns Vincent Van Gogh's Self-Portrait with the Bandaged ear and how much is it worth?
Has anyone heard of an artist called E Baker who painted Another Time?
What should I paint for my Mom but i want to paint a picture for my room though?
How can i make Gouache? Is there any simple homemade recipes... if so is it as good as the stuff i can buy?
Resolved Actually ~ Can anyone please identify litho artist?
Information on Henri Matisse?
Painting by C. Doyeto
What kind of oil can I use for a virgin?
who was the founding artist of color field/hard edge?
Help me find this bird painting? Australia?
whats a good paint other than montana cans?
how can I find out the value of a 1986 abstract expressionist painting " French Kiss" by Courtney Peters
what is the first name of the artist Larsen who does ocean, whale, dolphin paintings?
i want to start learning art.what the best medium water colour or arcylics?
What do you think of the Painting of Saint Matthew?
What is your favorite Vermeer?
what colors mixed ??
Are there any techniques on spray painting a hat?
where can i learn professional oil painting in delhi?
Does anyone know how much these paintings might be worth?
who is the artist of this painting and what is the painting called??
where can i find a buyer for franz frankl artwork, pre 1940?
I have 2 water colour paintings by an English artist J.Russell. Does anyone know of him?
Ciao, ciao, ciao! I wonder if it's profitable for painters to pay for booths at art expos?
Who is your favorite painter and painting?
Is Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh and example of Abstract Art? Please help!!! ?
Painting Question, Please help?
What is your favourite colour ?
Watercolours! How to use them! Please help?!!?
Like my Stevie Nicks portrait..?
How is Jean-François Millet's The Gleaners an example of Realism Art?
Who was this made by?
Want Oil abstract Paintings for home decor?
why are most men's favourite color blue and women's pink?
Can I paint my black shoes light blue?
what is the main meaning of romero britto's artwork?
was the artwork of the egyptian old kingdom was meant to convey the dynamism and transparent organization ?
i need help finding painting lessons in albuquerque nm!!?
Vincent Van Gogh art hw help please?
I have developed a new type of painting on my own. How can I make sure no one copies it?
what type of paint should I use?
is abstract art and art for aristotle?
where can i buy cheap water color brush pens?
can someone please answer my painting question?
where can i find critiques on the work of edward hopper?
Need help with a painting?
Lewis Teel?
How much should I pay an artist and where can I find one?
will spray paint work on cardboard/duct tape?
Mona Lisa - what was going on in the world?
What did picasso introduce to painting and portraiture?
How much do canvasses run for along with acrylic paints?
Value of painter "McCain" paintings. Information on artist "McCain"?
We have a golf cart parade in my community. What is a good idea to do for my golf cart?
I am looking for a business who does Giclee reproductions from my personal art on canvas?
where can i find oil paints for a deceent price?
What can I paint on a t-shirt?
What's the famous painting..?
what colour do you get when you mix red and yellow?
any artists that match this description? :?
I'm doing an acrylic painting on canvas, what should I apply on the canvas before I begin painting?
What matches with red and black? This is for an art project and i can use only 3 colors.?
Famous portrait artists? Focusing specifically on faces? Can be parts of faces, e.g. eyes?
Biography of Passos Mauricio Painter?
Tips For Painting Molded Plastic?
in Santhanu and Matsyagandhi Raja Ravi varmas painting why is the lady half naked?
What brings you the most joy?
What are some good but easy painting projects for kids 5-12 years old?
Who is your Favorite Artist?
what does the painting "christ into limbo" represent. HELP PLEASE!?
what type of paint should I scan?
learning to paint with palette knife and brush... what is the best technique for realistic grass and trees ?
about vat dye?
The experience of looking at the color (hue) blue and associating this wavelength with the ocean or the sky is?
think...all day?
What are some warm colors that are kind of used a lot?
I'm doing a presentation on Surrealists art, and the artists Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte?
What is a good canvas size for digital comic coloring and digital painting?
What is Dark Romanticism?
What the lama badge mean in deviantArt ?
Rate my graffiti blueprints sketch please?
what painting is this?
fellow artists...what is your motivation?
where is marc chagall's rain located?
Glow in the dark paint!!!?
can anyone tell me art tutoring classes in north bangalore?
I can't paint anymore?
What is the signifcance of Rafael the reniassance artist?
Critic reviews on Henri Toulouse Lautrec?
how to convet fractions?
On a mirror, Oil or Acrylic?
Painting realistic hair in photoshop?
Can anyone tell me the size of the painting "My Fan is Half a Circle" by Miriam Schapiro?
Anyone ever hear of the painter Bruce Stiglich?
I'm seeking new artists to display their works, where are you?
Is it too late to paint?
How come most people aren't good at using gouache?
hello everyone!!!!!!!?
what would you do if?
what is favourite Colour?
Info on Claude Monet?
I think its a painting of Salvador Dali's...?
How do you feel about this painting?
I have a framed picture of a village in Nepal. Its signed by Sir Edmond Hilary. is it worth anything?
Do you have any oil painting tips??
What was Paul Klee, (The Swiss Artist), influenced by?
can anyone tell me how contrasting ideas are portrayed in rene magrittes work?
Do you think the use of camera ruins an artist's ability to make a good painting?
How do you feel about this painting?
music of Stravinsky?
What is the name of the original of this painting?
Do you consider tattoos, makeup, nail painting etc. art?
I started a painting 2 weeks ago and the paint is dry and i want to go back to it do i work......?
Does anyone know where I can find a painting of indians who are hunting buffalo with wolf skins on?
I want to sell my painting (there's a link to see it) so how do I find a buyer?
If i mix acrylic paints and water?
Whats a good high paying job,involving art and creativity?
Who created the art deco painting style?
What is the original name of the painting View of Toledo by El Greco?
what can i paint with watercolor??
would anyone wnow of artis who paint on canvas with house paints?
Where can I view Hieronymus Bosch's seminal work The Temptation of St Anthony?
NUDE PAINTINGS : pornography or art ?
GCSE Art Project: need to find an artist!?
which artist did the paintings for the show GoodTimes?
What are some cool comic style paintings ?
is turpentine ok to use for oil painting?
Primitive craft ideas?
where can i buy graffiti supplies in las vegas nevada?
help with face painting?
what are some good paintings of knights and maidens?
Has anyone ever used Paint Your Life?
How would I do artwork for greeting cards?
1909 painting signed edvnd magrath Someone HELP me identifiy?
What should/could I paint??
How do you think the painting is?
Do you think my sister will like my painting of her?
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Painting?
Expressionist artists were more concerned with communicating which of the following?