How is this watercolor painting done? Thanks!?
How many paintings should you have in order to get started selling paintings?
I want to spray paint (graffiti) on a canvas...?
Paintings made by cats?
When you paint with acrylic paint, do you freestyle paint,or sketch the drawing out on a piece of paper first?
Who was the artist that made these paintings?
got caught by a police officer and got let off apart from they've told my parents (UK)?
why are most barns red?
if i invite guests over, do u think they should clean up after their mess?
Where in Oslo is the bridge featured in the Scream by Munch, does it have a name?
Smudged my oil pastel all over my paper...?
if i write on my wall with paint will it come off or will it paint over?
Are there any girls out there who like museums and stuff?
Sanding and buffing Deep blue Gloss Paint. I need Buffing by hand Tips and tricks!!?
Painting a Library/Study Room?
Can anyone tell me the name of a good minimalist artist?
How do you find a model for a painting?
How can I get paint off a shirt I made?
What is the name of this painting?
Do you like Jacob or Edward better?
i need some landscape artists?
She gets her own art show?
Krylon Gloss spray paint questions?
What would you pay for or charge for a hand painted mural?
What was Fra Angelico's style?
What motivated the artists of the Renaissance?
Know anything about Leonardo Da Vinci?
Lets say you have a 15 inch by 10 inch picture and a 30 inch by 45 inch paint canvas. Please explain the steps?
Discuss a minimum of two reasons why Jackson Pollock's convergence is a work of fine art as opposed to an arb
Painting before 1850 about music?
Questions About Salvador Dali?
acrylic and primer paint questions?
How many of you love Thomas Kinkade, the painter of Light?
I have to do a report on starry night (the painting) please help with some information on it?
How do i paint on canvas? Do i paint on the edges too? How do i frame it once i'm done painting?
What is the size of the canvas of the Flowerseller by Diego Rivera?
How often does one need to thoroughly wash their oil paint brushes?
What paint to choose for my shoes?
how do i know if my art is good?
My gesso'ed masonite board keeps ing?
I just had a look at Happy Murcia's 360 - that man is talented. Have you seen it?
Painting ideas for space ?
What is the best paint to use for body art?
what are 3 characteristics that the sibyl paintings have in common in the link below?
fellow artists...what is your motivation?
Hunter Wasser Questions!?
What can I do at age 71 to make money that is legitimate and does not require a lot of computer knowledge?
What is your favourite colour?
Where can I have a photo taken and then turned into a 'painted' portrait?
why was Leonardo da vinci's artwork made?
What is the material that is most commonly used to stretch over wood frames for canvas painting?
What colour should i paint my bedroom wall?
What paint should i use on my guitar?
Textile medium?
How to you decide what to paint? Where do you find inspiration?
Are tere any websites where i can find paintings done by Friedensreich Hundertwasser??? Plz Help?
I painted these in my computer.Is these ok?
What oil painting colors should I mix to get mauve?
Discuss 3 works by Picasso that show his artistic change/progression/development?
what is it called?
Why is the Mona Lisa is such a famous painting?
painting an acoustic guitar?
Is it ethical to use facebook/myspace photos as reference for paintings, if I don't know the person?
Who was the Assyrian God of war?
does the earlier king and maharaja use to get their naked bodies painted?
Can you make home made Paint for Art?
what was andy warhols view on art?
I do collect african baskets.Do you have any other techiniques of collecting quality baskets?
Dali mixing bowl, spoon , wasn't water involved some where in it too?
What street did Banksy hit in Seattle?
JH Lynch so is a print non painted?
Details about Da Vinci portraits?
Leonardo Da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, and Vincent Van Gogh?
can i paint myself with normal paint?
symbolism in painting ?
Abstract expressionism? how was it influenced by world war 2 ?
The names of two painters who made "likable" and "unlikable" art? Please see details.?
wat is the more common name of leonardo da vinci's "la gioconda"?
What kind of paints should I use for painting on glass ?
Can you paint onyx?Should you paint onyx?
Does anyone have information Spanish painter by the name of Cubillo? Worked in oil & sand paintings.?
What is your favourite type of art Why? and tell me a painter?
I am trying to find an artist with initials J>G>W.?
what is "guach"?
how do sell your own art?
Sketching onto canvas?
C. Ruano Lopis Painting?
How was stephen lawrence lowry's education?
Does anyone know Banksy the artists identity yet?
What are some Contemporary Landscape Artists/Paintings?
What color should I paint my room If I have a black bed. Staying light on colors.?
Hmmmm who did this painting???
i have a r.colad painting where can i locate the name of the painting on it?
Would nail polish remover work as a paint remover?
How to ship/package a acrylic painting?
What are some elements of Renaissance paintings?
Do yu know of any artists that use flowers or floral pattern entwined in frames or any other objects, shapes ?
Critique my painting?
Painting .....?
Whats your favourite colour in general?
I put my work on Is that wise?
What is the best paint to use on tiles and where can i buy it from? i want it to look professional?
what is the difference between insignia blue and navy blue?
What were screen tests like before Andy Warhol?
Where can I find a up-and-coming artist to do some painting from pictures.?
Does anyone knows what this picture called or who painted it ?
chuck taylor what kind of paint can i use to paint on my chuck taylors?
Name of an artist who does beat-up baby dolls?
what tools did miriam schapiro use in her works of art?
Best Crafting Paint Brands?
Who painted this painting?
having a paint fight and need the paint to come out any ideas on what to use?
Where is good place for starving artist to sell painting of The Duke?
how can I describe a non-figurative painting?
Different pictures of San Sabastian, numerous arrows in his torso, why always the look of no pain or emotion?
How does Michelangelo (the artist) influence to change the world?
where is marc chagall's rain located?
Picasso painting?
Ways to splash paint on canvas?
Can you help me find a painting for my mother in-law?
What are some good places to look for inspiration for a group of art paintings?
Can anyone go to watch photo exhibitions in Chhatrapati Shivaji museum, Bombay?
Why do you have to paint standing up?
What is something beautiful but unique (different) that I can paint for this art contest i'm entering?
what type of painting style is this?
i want to know about box of death hand painted by artists?
If cupid really did exist in this day and age what would you ask him?
painting doubt ???
What canvas do professional artists use? For works that would hang in galleries etc?
We have a painting by Rosa Bonheur, we'd like to know if it's an original and worth anything?
Name an acrylic painter. Or any artist.?
Is there anywhere I can buy a David Bromstad Painting?
I need a print/painting/picture with two women or two girls, one Asian and one white-any ideas?
scholarly journals or articles on Edgar Degas's 1899 painting "the four dancers"?
wich color is good for wainscoting painting?
Which do you prefer oils or acrylics? Can you tell me some advantages and disadvantages?
What famous art works focus on eyes?
I need Information on Rob Surette?
Does the Liger Zero HMM Model require any painting?
In Letters to Juliet, in the title sequence many paintings are used. I am searching for one in particular.?
FAMOUS/COOL ARTISTS..............?
starry night what inspired it??? plz tell me info?
what style does Schierenberg paint in?
how to make white canvas at home from linen cloth?
how much should an original painting cost?
Help! I've run out of thinners and I don't want my paint brush to go hard.?
Which is the faster medium to work with?
Looking for print of "To New Pastures" by artist Sir James Guthrie, Aberdeen Art Gallery & Museums, 1883
I know this is a long shot, but please help if you can?
artsist whos work is similar to pablo picassos?
realistic skin tones?
Concept ideas for a painting?
Its it ok to paint after one coat of priming?
Digital Art . beginner needs and HELP?
who is fareida pinto?
Can you use wall paper for wheat pasting?
i want to paint my bedroom myself. how can i?
how to finger paint sky on wall?
y is it that ur best friend can lie all the time and when u tell them that they lie and they get mad?
Which is the best form of art?
What are the similarities and differances between Courbet's "Studio of a Painter" and Valasquez's "Las Meninas
How to get acrylic paint out of canvas shoes?!?
susan jones calif fine artist?
Artists related to conformity?
What is the typical size of a portrait?
Painting Class???
Artists : Got idea for Blog Name?
What do they think of the work of this brilliant artist?
does any 1 know where to buy an epiphone supernova?
What is the name of this Pieter Bruegel painting?
Is this cheesey..............................?
What will i write in a certificate of authentication for paintings?
What do you get when you mix yellow and pink?
Who were the painters in the little mermaid?
I paint dark paintings, usually a mass of black on the canvas, applied frantically. Is this normal?
What do you get if you mix white, blue, green, and red paint together?
what is opposite of watercolor ?
What is the painting in the chicago art institute that is only 3 different colored lines?
can acrylic paint over oil paint???
What's the painting I'm thinking of?
Do like my art work?Rate please?
What is the name of this painting and the artists name?
more images like this ???
Does anyone know what color Cerulean is?
What colors should i buy if im a beginner in painting?
Like my painting?
How to find undiscovered artists/painters?
who is the artist & name of this print i have?
In what movement is Rembrandt classified?(eg.Da Vinci Early Renaissance) 10q?
Please tell me how my paintings are creepy/disturbing?
How do you pronounce this artist's last name-Peter Doig? Thanks!?
what is so special about the painting of Mona Lisa?
was there an artist named jean rousseau or jean rousell?
What colours do I need to mix together to get the colour maroon?
Painted Pumpkin Designs?
Who stoll the famous painting of the Mona Lisa?
edvard munch's 'the scream'- what media was used?!?!?
How screenprint a picture like Andy Warhol?
What are the names of these surreal paintings?
What is the tag graffiti alphabet?
Resize objects on multiple layers in Paint Tool Sai?
(Artists please answer) How long did it take you to become good at drawing and painting?
what are the exact dimensions of The Liberation of the Peon by Diego Rivera?
Anyone that is creative: What should I do with this painting?
I need interesting facts about Aaron Douglas from Harlem Renaissance period. Something unusual .s for best?
What is surrealist, what do surrealist painter paint?
why did'nt leonardo dicaprio respond to my answer to his question?
Who is the intended audience for these two artworks?
what are the good websites that are teaching on how to make nice paintings?
Vermeer's Woman Holding a Balance?
How did Seurat break from Impressionist conventions?
how can i find out the name of a painting i have?
how do you sell actual paintings online?
What painter was extremely famous in your country?
How do you get letters on paint?
Did the Graffiti artist Dondi really die from AIDS?
Interesting facts on Andy Warhol?
Can I repaint using acrylic color over a varnished canvas painting?
Where can you find the video of the women in famous paintings morphing that was on I-caught last night?
Any online paint programs?
how to create a modern, bold, colorful painting out of a regular photo?
What are your impressions toward this painting?
Why do you love art, is art your passion?
How do I decrease the buckling when using watercolor paper?
What does a Ron English painting go for these day$?
my friend likes andy warhol and i wanted to get him a gift?
How would I paint an accurate American flag on a rock?
Is there a place online where I can sell my artwork?
Describe the painting Las Meninas by Velasquez. Talk about the techniques used, the specific names of the per?
can anyone describe vincent van gogh's works?
glow in the dark body paint?
What is the best website to see paintings?
please Read and try to write a brief analysis of this painting?
how much is my painting worth?
What kind of paint should i use for windows?
How can you preserve homemade watercolor paintings?
I want to know about watercolourist winifred betts and john bell?
Is my painting worth anything?
Can I sand over paint?
I would like your ideas for this?
what is the best way to learn art?
What is a good contrast colour to blue, black and red?
how could i paint this on my wall?
How do I paint leaves/shrubbery with acrylic paint?
Can I spraypaint a canvas and then paint acrylic paint over it?
Horse painting.... opinions and suggestions? (pics included)?
I need the name of a certain Madonna painting from the Renaissance?
Is it okay to base a painting off someones drawing?
Which watercolour paper do you use?
Do you think this painting would look better on a larger canvas?
Advice on Canvas Painting?
How could you paint a bl & white checkered flag on the wall. by taping it off or the easiest way.?
What kind of paint is safe on t-shirts?
what is the best art school in the world for painting?
Painting my room...Help?!
Can regular paint (such as used for painting on a canvas) be used to paint on a wall?
the biography of wilfredo Pa Virtusio?
What is Craft?
what is the name of this painting?
Any cool painting ideas?
Who painted this image?
chagall, I and the village, is this fantasy or surrealism?
Who is an artist I should do a report on?
questions on the "last judgement"???
Where is the starving artists sale in new York city?
Painting Graphics on my guitar?
Can I paint with watercolor on vellum?
who are the fine artists that make the most money and how much do they make? DO you know a website with them?
Details about Da Vinci portraits?
rate my piece so far please. 1/10?
Brushmate liquid cleaners?
What are the connections between these artists?
What colour matches with yellow?
Minimum paper thickness for gouache?
What would you like to ask?what type of artwork did auguste renoir do?
best paint to use when painting on converse shoes?
russian artist who did the mosaics in mullingar cathedral westmeath ireland?
surreal painting?
My son is a very good artist.(see Can you help him find an agent in Seattlle?
what kind of flower did andy warhol paint?
Is graffiti Artwork or vandalism?
Are these pencils toxic..more information in question?
What can I do with leftover paint?
best equipment to buy for a begginer painter.?
Who is the most important painter in contemporary culture?
Water activated/ gummed tape?
I read/heard somewhere that you can use hand/face lotion in paint but I'm not sure how or what medium. Help.
where Can I find the best Art Image search?
Who is the guy in the iron mask in the Outback Steakhouse paintings?
Which city did Leonardo da Vinci paint the Mona Lisa?
colour pencils?
An art gallery has 12 paintings in storage. They have room to display 4 of them, with each painting in a ?
I have 2 oil paintings with the signitrure CHO, trying to find out who this is? Can anyone help?
I'm looking for a print by Will Moses called,"School Stinks". Any chance in finding it?
What can I do about not feeling artwork is worth anything?
Would this be a fair price for a wall mural painting?
i have two seerey-lester paintings of fox hunts - how do i find out how much they are worth?
I have some original signed paintings by Theodore D Coe. I'm trying to find out anything about this artist ?
Do you know a painting where you can practically hear the sound of silence?
Compare the english landscapes to the realist?
what are the modern techniques to conserve water?
where can I sell paintings?
How should I dispose of liquin?
hey in glass painting?
paintings and smooth surfaces?
How much is a nice paint job?
Please tell me anything about these artists' albums?
want to learn to paint realistic flowers (oil on canvas) would like to find free tutorials or videos online?
I want to get into painting but I don't have a workspace?
Windberg's "One Summer Day"?
How much is my painting worth?
i want to dedicate ma painting exibition to my friend i want some appropriate words plz help me...?
Paintings that have inspired people to do horrible or good things?
early 19 century painting?
b stirling canvas paintings?
Can I paint mens leather dress shoes with acrlyic paint?
Watercolor painting? please help!?
Surrealism painting help?
Paul Cezanne- L'Estaque?
What's the cause of van Gogh's tragedy?
how would you describe the line quality of roy lichtenstein's artwork "drowning girl"?
Textile artists with inspiration of recycling?
What was the name of the town that Van Gogh and Rodin went to in the south of France to create the artistic co
In Photoshop Elements 8 when I use my Tablet or the brush tool it is transparent, why?
where can you find pictures of paintings from the 18th century?
Salvador Dali???
which paint is better oil or acrylic..why?
how to dye mother of pearl or conch shell?
Which type of paint comes off the most spraypaint or brushpaint?
giz or jacob????????
Can I paint on my wall with acrylic paint?
capacity of abstraction !!!!!!!!!???!!?
drawing with oil pastels on canvas.. need help please?
Is there some kind of paint pen? for drawing on wood?or over paint?
how can i get a sponsor, for an art show in italy,?
What is your favorite colour?
Sharpie Paint Question?
I have 45 years old oil painting very dried, ed. The canvas is dried too. Can easily pook a hole in it.?
Michelangelo Buonarroti?
Where is the starving artists sale in new York city?
I got some tubes of acrylic paint. Do I have to add water to it?
Any information you know about vincent van gogh!?!??!?!?
Were can I find neon body paint?
hey i have some painting that i would like to no how much there wroth???
Can anyone explain the artist Peploe's style compared to Van Gogh's?
FIELD POPPIES David Holmes Info Please!!!?
inspiration - where can I find it?
Does anyone know who painted a crucifixion of jesus in the fauvism age?
Do you hate it when?
What is the name of this Robert Wood painting/print?
painting of monalisa is a imagination or real women?
Anyone know facts about painter Giotto's relationship with Dante Alighieri?
What colour vans go with camel coloured chino's?
How would you describe this painting?
looking for info on mystic wet canvas artist G.Bogard?
info on gypsy camp painting?
i need help in art class.....?
where can I find the pastels used to paint photos?
What can I paint for my principal?
%% what's the best way to matc )h face paint and spray paint ?
I am looking for any information on the artist Annabel Hewitt. I have 2 collages of hers.?
What colors should I paint my planets for my project?
Are cadmium based acrylic paints bad to paint with?
please help identify this artist?
who likes yellow here?<the color>?
what did leonardo da vinci mean "just as iron rust from disuse even so does inaction spcil the intelleet?
What was the name of the musician that had a mental illness and made paintings, most notably of his own death?
Painting in Doge's Palace Venice that looks like a Bosch?
wtf I just called home depot looking for fauz meadow paint 7 information on alchemy?
What is the song back on boogie street by Leonard Cohen really about? ?
what was the treatment of color in the impressionism period?
how to start up an art exhibition?
What's your favorite zentai shop?
what is the best way to paint this picture?
What is your favorite music artist ?!?
Where can I buy Kagaya paintings?
Am I good at painting? Picture?
I can't find the name of this painting?
How to remove paint from hands?
do you know why are barns red?
How can I start selling my art?
What is the difference between Surrealism and Dadaism?
How much is painting Ruin on Rhine worth?
What is Polyflax (cotton)?
Christmas present for a mum who likes painting/art?
When you paint with acrylics is it good practice...?
Where could I find online paintings that are not copyrighted?
How can I paint in mike mignolas style?
What do you use to clean oil paint off brushes when painting pictures?
how do i apply for a vendors license in north carolina?
Need help analyzing a painting?
Has anybody used Mont Marte glass paint before?
Picasso art question...(details inside)?
Can anyone help me find a painting "La Chasse Aux Loups" by Jean Baptiste Oudry?
Do you have difficulty in connecting with modern art?
A painting with perspective?
what category on craigslist would a painting list under?
Is there anyone who can send me the clip with Jackson Pollock painting, via email?
why did vincent van gogh cut off a piece of his left ear?
Which color combination is the most pleasing to the eye?
Help with Graffiti name?
colour to use when painting teddy-bear?
Do you love art?
I found the UGLIEST painting in the world at Goodwill. I want to paint over it, but not sure if it's acrylic?
I have a print of "le jardin du luxembourg" that is signed picasso, but I cannot find the name of the painting?
hi does any one know of a spay painting shop?
i have a painting with the certification number 571511 would like to know mmore about it?
Will it blend???????
Will Acrylic Paint Stay on Fabric?
How blend in acrylic paint on a painting?
Just looking for some opinions...?
In the movie "Stay" there is a painting of the Brooklyn bridge in blue..who is it by and how can I acquire it?
Spongebob pirate painting?
How do you make indian yellow and thalo blue?
looking for an art expert?
Blue Shadows Are Bordering The Desktop Icons?
Why only old paintings sells?
How do you clean a paint brush after using it for oil paint?
What speed paint tool is this?
how do you remove white out from a paint brush?
How can I paint a dog?
What techniques did Paul Gauguin use while painting?
Can you use Winsor & Newton Eclipse brushes with water mixable oil paints or are they only for regular oils?
is magenta and purple a striking combination?
Does anyone have any links for reliable links to a bio of Edward Goodrich Acheson?
opening a website to sell paintings?
can you use acrilyc paint as watercolor?
What's the best way to send a large framed painting without it getting damaged?
I Am Looking For PicturesEntitled When God Paints Can You find Them?
C. Ruano Lopis Painting?
what kind of paints should i use?
Sharpies or Acrylic Paint for Shoes?
The hunger games, painting, any type of art?
Help me find a painting?
efin is not fein read?
Need the name of an artist?
What do you think of my artwork?
few questions about painting ?
What kind of paint to use on Doors?
What this painting and how made it?
Where AM I???????????????????????????????????????…
Is crayola washable paint tempera paint?
What Color Of Paint Is This?
Whom do you consider one of the greatest artists of all time and why ?
acrylic paint ideas? (easy points)?
If a suspect is vindicated, he or she is?
what idea or concept it conveyed in imants tillers artworks?
If I paint my art anywhere even if its functional, is it ART or CRAFT?
Where to buy fabric spray paint in New Zealand?
I want to start painting and I have no clue what to do!?
Any tips for spray painting on canvas?
what colour would i make mixing light purple and black paint?
What colors can you not mix 2 colors 2 make??
help me find the name of this painting of a girl?
painting scene...?
uninstalling corel painter 11?
Can anyone tell me the name of this painting or the name of the painter?
Do you consider graffiti an artform?
I painted these in my computer.Is these ok?
Buying Print on eBay: Same Painting Brighter and Darker?
I am painting a mural in my baby's nursery. What is the best type of medium to use?
who is a well known prolific 20th C. Somerset artist?
What is the name of the artist and painting?
What colors should I paint my room?
who painted this picture?
Any legal graffiti spots in Australia Sydney?
i'm looking to paint a small mural on the wall above my bedroom door. what kind of paint do i use?
How do I start my introduction paragraph on my research paper?
What's Your Favourite Colour?
where is Judas in Tintoretto's The Last Supper?
Can Geurnica be considered propaganda?
why are penises so small in most forms of classical art? even in Greecian art they are small.. why?
10 points for the best answer, kindly help me if you dont mind. thanks?
Honestly, does this painting I did suck?What message do you recieve from seeing it?
How do i make the word box on paint blend in to a picture?
Does anyone know any facts about the Mona Lisa?
want to locate H, Gailxy paintings..he is English i understand?
I want to start painting and I need some advise?
What's the name of that artist who vomits paint and turns into Jackson Pollack/gestural art?
did jean gustave have siblings???
Anyone know what painting this is?
What can i get my brother for his 40th birthday?
Art from the 1920's I need help?
Who is your fave artist?
Help with paint (pin stripping)?
what is wet on wet technique in painting ?
I need some help about H.R Giger?
What is this painting called?
The 7 colors of the spectrum combine to make what color light?
Ideas for a fairy painting?
price for 1903 arthur j elsley painting?
difference between Pastel and Oil Painted Portraits?
Selling paintings on e-bay??
how to make colors on MS paint look like they fade when coloring a picture?
What is your favorite color and why?
What is your favorite work of art and who is the artist?
What is the more common name of Leonardo Da Vinci's famous painting "la gioconda?"?
i had a newspaper article with a picture of lips, splattered in paint?
is there any artists or pictures showing clothes that the royalty would wear?
Acrylic paints, good brand?
What's the most beautiful painting of all times?
Describe what the Temptation and Expulsion from the Garden of Eden would look like as it was painted....?
First acrylic
What paint to use when painting an acoustic guitar?
Leonardo Da Vinci's painting of "the last supper"?
Could sum1 plz tell me the name of artist that draws/paints snow pictures??=]?
If there was such thing as a 'spirit of renaissance award' and Michelangelo Buonarroti was to get it, why shou?
What is the Salvador Dali Painting called?
Can you paint designs on wallpaper?
Can someone please post me a link to the most epic best "Pegasus" wallpaper ever! like the one below please!?
An old painting?
What do you think of my paintings?
Where can i Get Good Indian Flag Paintings/Images?
can you design your Avatar clothes?
Trying to find folk art paint?
can a painting be framed while its wet?
I am looking for info on artist D.M.Monroe from 1978 I have a Litho. #4/100 signed whats it worth?
Can I still do this even though...?
How can I find the current owner of a Painting By Lucas Cranach the Elder(The Lady in the golden robe)?
what is your favorite color?
If You Looked Like This Would You Paint Yourself Into Your Painting?
Is it ethical to use facebook/myspace photos as reference for paintings, if I don't know the person?
can blind people see colours?
can someone be in love with mona lisa?
How would I paint a guitar with a design like this?
How much do Leone Ardo Original Paintings Cost?
Do you know the name of the song and artist?
How do I dry my oil painting faster?
Where are some good websites about Lorraine Shemesh?
What exactly did Picasso paint? Er, I mean, where exactly is what Picasso painted?
How much was the Horse painting Midnight & Moonbeam?
how does this artist's composition in this art piece convey his idea?
Are the Marie's Oil Colours any good?
what are some pieces that have a lot of text on them from byzantine, early middle ages or the romanesque eras?
How/Where to Paint Tool SAI for Mac in English version.?
looking for a poster by John Caroll Doyle titled: The Rambler?
Painted picture ideas??!?
dali ke odam posle za strumica?
What is a Doll's body made out of and what kind of paint should I use?
i'd like to know the name of the painting and aritst. Can you help me?
Does anyone have any good websites that say how some paints change color in heat?
What is the Green Shade equivalent to red shade Pink?
What colour background should i have?
Has anyone heard of a Radolpho oil painting?
i need an idea for a watercolor chinese landscape that is easy to paint..any ideas of where i can find one?
question about a watercolor painting who the artist is?
how do we make moghul paintings??how do we color the thin outlines,with a pen??
what's your favourite colour?
Can someone help me with the color wheel?
Artists....can you please help?
Artwork - Simon Claridge?
I get brush marks when painting with high gloss enamel.?
whats the best hardware spray paint for graffiti?
what type of Image Mosaic is...?
What brand of paint should I use for serious artwork?
Painting a wall to make a green screen?
Is Companionship concrete or abstract?
give me at least 10 artist and painters foreign and local... HOMEWORK......?
How Do I Get CopyRight On My Art In California?
What is the warmest colour?
What should I paint for my art class?
Do drawings become real...?
Name of Blek Le Rat Piece?
A sail was a spread of canvas as shown in fig.Find the surfaces are of one side if the sail.?
Can I paint with polyurethane over flat paint to make it glossy?
what supplies n tools do i need for spray can art????????
Ladies, has anyone done nude modeling for art classes?
Yellow or Blue?
Can someone please help me find out some info on this painting?
where can i sell my paintings?
what is the best web site for artists.?
What think do u think of when you hear the colors blue, red, and purple?
Does anyone know of a good artist who paints/draws musical scenes?
Art Books: Need Help!?
What paint can you use best for writing kanji?
how do you describe a painting?
How can I copyright some digital photos?
How do people determine if a painting is real or a fake/reproduction?
How much is this picture worth?
What are your favorite quotes about art?
What is the painting in the chicago art institute that is only 3 different colored lines?
Discovery of Ellen Hopkins leaves me hanging.?
When was Giovonni Bellini born?
Used Damar spray varnish on oil over two weeks ago, painting one year old but varnish not drying. Any advise?
what are some famous artists of the 1960's?
What plants, vegetables and fruits are in 'Summer' by Giuseppe Arcimboldo?
how old do you have to be to buy spray paint in boston?
information about Miro's painting "Pintura"?
If you could be any colour of the rainbow, which colour would you be?
are you supposed to use Bio-oil by itself?
How can I find out the value of my painting?
wjat colours looks good with pink and blue?
Are there any paintings that illustrate the belief in geocentrism?
Suggestions of books?
what's that word???? (has to do with art)?
can i use watercolour/sharpie on canvas?
Is it okay to sell paintings from photos?
what is your favorite colour?
Who should I paint for my oil portrait?
I have a oil painting signed "A.Milone 1866" - Who is "A.Milone" in the year 1866?
Manet has never made a blunder/ discusse Olympia's painting/ Email zola?
any agency who paints old godrej almirah?
Hey pls help me ! I wanna make oil painting 4 that i want some god sites of paingting.?
prime canvas?
Christina Rossetti's "No, Thank You, John" and "Promises Like Pie-Crust'' both have?
Is Alphonse (Alfons) Mucha considered an old master?
Can I Paint a drum kit a different colour?
Free Art/Painting Programs/Trials?
Does any other artist prefer to do realism in black & white and imaginary or surrealistic in color?
I think I am done with this painting . . . what do you think?
There is a painting of a young girl on a swing and a man kneeling before her with her shoe...the name?
Need Help Identifying Artist of Unknown Painting.?
How can I sell a painting for 34 mill$?
Is the mona lisa a creepy painting?
Why would drawing art help me when the truth is...?
How is this painting?it is done by Theodore Kittlesen?
where is the soccer player in umberto boccioni's dynamism of a soccer player?
What subjects did Barbizon painters prefer to paint?
What are some basic painting supplies I should buy for a painter?
what do vigorous brushstroke mean?
Help describing the colors and lines of this piece?
What is the best painting technique to capture a landscape?
Where can I find an image of a print by Victor Vasarely named "London"?
How do I use Acrylic paint? ?
About Jacques Louis David's "The Oath of the Horatti."?
Art forgers question!?
Who is the artist of these paintings?
What Kind Of PAINTING is this?
What color should I paint my room?(I am nine)?
Is there any way to pencil in lightly when bodypainting?
where do i find the value of a 1899 pears print entitled summer glory?
did di vinci write the di vinci code?
What painting would you like to see yourself in?
Should certain paintings (containingty etc) be hidden away from children, or...?
Can you make oil paint from pigments you find outside in nature like shales and red rock?
What qualities must a realistic painting have to be good?
What are the advantages of using egg tempera?
what should i paint with this title NEED IDEAS?
filipino artists/painters and their works?
How do I transfer a drawing for a mural onto a large wall out doors?
need help identifying a painting?
What do you think of my painting?
Is this painting worth money?
i need your help please!?
Help with leonardo da vinci questions?
I don't know what to paint?
Anne Barcus - artist painting in the 70's. Anyone know of her?
Chinese Painting?
Who is the person in this Painting? Or who Painted? #Art?
any color ideas for a tie-dyed t-shirt?
did giotto paint fresco?
How get a painting to look good online?
what does this painting make you think?
Artists: Could you analyse this picture?
what can I use as a paint thinner?
How does "painting framing" work (giclee)?
How do I paint an abstract painting?
Question about a style of painting?
Pablo Picasso, great artist or big pedophile?
In what ways did early northern Renaissance paintings differ from Italian Renaissance paintings?
I am looking for a specific painting of Jesus.?
what is a seri graph painting?
I think Monet was near-sighted. What should I do?
How would you wash t-shirts or any type of clothing using this kind of specific paint?
What is the name of an Andrew Wyeth painting.?
I use oderless kerocene to make litho plate cleaner and I want the mixture to be thicker or like cream?
Oils or Acrylics?
Who is the painter & what is the title of the painting at this site:?
How should I paint my room?
Best paintings for a bookstore?
He asked for nudes ?!?!?
What is it that got you interested in painting?
what is the Impressionism in Van gogh irises?
can i use antiquing gel and/or textured acrylic to?
where can i find a drawing on "terrorism"for my school competition?
where is the Movement in Squares?
how did Marilyn Monroe die?
oil painting? in katy perry's video "the one that got away" are they oil painters?
What is a Carl Patty watercolor worth?
Do you know the artist and title of this painting...?
Essay on How to criticize art- Monet?
Is there any way to contact T Kid?
Why do we need to paint?
Is 'Poppy Fields' by Claude Monet impressionism art?
What was Charles Rennie mackintosh's artwork like ?
what are the prime colours?
what do you get when you mix blue with yellow?
is there a czech painter k.vitek who painted in 1933?
Does any one know of a picture of women's face made with calla lilly's??
How can I rent aboriginal art paintings in Adelaide?
i want to know about reflection of color in vincent van ghog painting?
can oil paint be used ontop of liquitex gloss gel?
Does anyone know how commercial galleries pay artists for the works that they sell?
Can someone please judge my abstract painting?
G. Harvey paintings and prints?
Daylight lamps for details?
How can I "Start Painting"?
Simple Painting Ideas?
Diego Rivera Project? Please Help!?
3 Emotions for Art Class?
What is the best way of using a watercolor pencil?
I am doing a Spanish project on Joan Miro how there is no information on his artwork?
Need help, need a picture that was created by the artist called Banksy?
Modern female painter, paints her scenes as though through glass?
Sometime I like to watch paint dry, am I the only one?
to all the artists!!?
Who are the saints depicted in Giovanni di Paolo's Madonna and Child with Saints?
What is a medium of a painting?
Which are the best Art Galleries/Art Museums to visit in and around Eindhoven in Holland?
Seminar report question: Can a single painting become site specific overtime if its shown in the same gallery?
What were the favorite subjects (subject matter) of late nineteenth-century artists?
What to wear for an interview with a gallery?
where can I get Info on an artist called Schurmann, from the Joseph mensing acadamy?
Looking for a James Rosenquist painting?
How can I explain surrealism in the work of Magritte?
Who buys the art work for hotels and apartment building lobbies?
Any tips for cool watercolor effects?
when paint dry up in a paint brush, why is it that it doesn't come off with water, but it comes off with ?
Graffiti is art or vandalism?
Please give me some links of most famous paintings of the world?
Do you get to tell your illustrators what type of artwork you want in your book?
What is the name of the icon or figure that's a woman surrounded by flames with arms reaching up?
Do you know any overrated modern artists?
HEELLLPPP 20 points !!?
What is the name of this Joan Miro painting?
When viewing a painting by Jackson Pollock, how does one determine which side is "up"?
Newspaper nails... any help?
Do you like Enem's artwork?
Who did the art installation that consisted of the gallery being filled with black liquid maybe oil?
Helpp!!! Painting by Auguste Rodin?
I am looking for info on an artist called Yeena King, particularly a painting of a girl feeding chickens.?
Why has my painting faded?
muted green will appear different on a blue background than on a yellow background?
Need help figuring out what to paint for project?
how do i get my painting energy back?
Artist who did work of CLOCKS, and TIME, and SPACE?
What are some good paint brushes?
Has anyone ever heard of a 1950's-1960's bar that is lit with neon lights? I can't find a pic anywhere? HELP!!
what paint colours needed to make skin colour? advice needed dplease?
Does anyone know where I can find a rose named "White Delight"?
Can I paint on a lightbulb with watercolour?
What are the benefits of making your own paint?
any info on projekt revolution 2009?
georgia o'keefe question?
When painting in acrylics or oils do you have problems with fumes?
Is it ever too late to learn how to paint?
any color ideas for a tie-dyed t-shirt?
If anybody steals the Monalisa, who would the thief sell such a famous piece to? Or any other priceless piece?
how much do you think i should sell this for?
inputs about ‘oil on panel’, ‘gouache on panel’? how to preserve? What exactly ‘panel’ means?
what type of material/paint could i use to paint on a t-shirt?
What are some cool comic style paintings ?
where can you find a list of the greatest nude paintings and sculpture?
How can i find an art agent?
Have you got a favourite artist, if so who is it ?
I'm looking for the work of GT Moffat or Moffatt or Moffitt...New Zealand painter?
What is your Favourite Colour?
Does spray paint wash off somoenes car?
How many styles of art are there?
Why does my oil paint still sink into the canvas after I prime it?
What paints are best to start off with?
i have an artistic interior#555167, what isthe value?
Do you keep paintings around your house and if so, where did you get most of them?
What does B.A.T. stand for in the lower left corner of a giclee print?
What paint works with plastic?
Do I need a finishing setter for canvas paintings?
how do u use oil pastels?
Did painting overshadow photography or did photography overshadow painting in the 1800s?
what do you use to put over acrylic painting when you have finished?
How do you art critique?
How much to charge for amateur paintings?
do you like this painting i did?
how are the artists Wassily Kandinsky and Van Gogh relate? as far as who influenced who.?
Can you give your suggestion about my new business plan about starting Art Gallery worksshop.?
what kind of paint to paint a t-shirt?
dose anyone know 2 websites that show pictures and the life of the artist of kientic art.?
where can i find Marvy Uchida deco color paint markers for under $2.00 a marker?
my period is late 2, 3 manths please give me idia?
Best US Art Schools for Classical/Contemporary Realism?
What does oil on panel look like?
Is hair gel and acrylic paint together the same as gel medium?
good paintings to reproduce/replicate?
What is Sidney Nolan's painting style in general?
an artist, C. Kemper, did paintings of early Arizona?
is there a meaning for fairys?
if i have a sticker{hello my name is} that has graffiti and i stick it to wall. is it still vandalism.?
What are the different types of airbrush paints and what are they used for?
The Byzantine church of San Vitale is known for its beautiful mosaics. In which country is it situated?
School Project --- Painting?
Painting ideas!!! help me plz!?
Who knows stuff about Henri Matisse ?
Did Michelangelo Buonarroti (Michelangelo) write a song?
is there a book that has most of Thomas Kinkade's paintings in it?
Color program for paint ?
do you like chinese painting or papercut?
Are the painters interested in sports?
i can't help but notice that old paintings of people portray them all to be, well, ugly.?
whats the song at the pool scene on the hard times of rj berger¿?
Is it true that visual artists make only 10% of the population?
shadow colours?
how to describe Roy Lichtenstein artwork style?
Paint peeling on ceilin!!!?
ATC Artist Trade Cards: What weight of water color paper ?
Velazquez art piece help?
How many paintings did Vincent Van Gogh sell in his life?
in the shops you can buy those blank canvas which you paint on,what are the best paints to use on them?
What does it mean when you stretch and 'prime' a canvas?
How do you write a reflection on a painting?
what is the name of the picture with the old man and lady on the farm holding the pitchfork?
Has there been printed recreations of Bruno Surdo's "Tragedy, Memory, and Honor?" Where can you buy them?
I need some help? About art!?
What Color Of Paint Is This?
How can you tape a watercolour paper...?
were can i find a appraisal for painting from w. Ontario, Canada if possible?
j mastin oil painting?
Which properties of the Mona Lisa are most typical for the Renaissance?
What is the best gallery you ever been to??
need to find out about local artist in milwaukee area by the name of Berry Sills?
where can i find a piece of artwork by description because i don't remember the artist's name?
Fabric paint help... I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I want to work at Hooters, I think I'm pretty hot and fit for the job. I have big boobs too.?
Why did Vincent Van Gogh shot himself?
What is the meaning of Victorio Edades' work "The Sketch"?
What is your favorite impressionist painting?
Why does the Mona Lisa smile?
What is your favourite piece of art?
Xx iTzAnswerzZ xX?
How to paint the colors of the color wheel?
what is the air pressure required for air brush while painting?
Does anyone know of an effective way to store paintings?
i cant paint, has anyone got any tips?
Is it safe to paint your cell phone with nail polish?
I have a clown painting with a signature of EJ '67. Has anyone ever heard of this, and how much is it worth?
Which should i paint?
What is a good website for a beginning artist to post pictures to get feedback?
Painting with water in living room and waterfall on the stairs?
Jean Joseph Benjamin Constant was an artist of what art movement?
What is Erika's last name who tributes as Lady Gaga at Canobie Lake Park?
Do I need two coats of paint?
what does surreal mean? and what are the most famous surreal paintings and artists?
Is artist oil paint dangerous?
need an interesting portrait artist?
Aspiring Artist..Where do I begin???
What were Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo known for?
How does Michelangelo's David reflect Classical conventions?
i just bougth an oil painting by de grazia, is it worth anything?
What materials are used to paint?
I'm doing a project on Salvador Dali. What could I paint that would represent his type of painting?
red oxide color add to black color what color does this two makes?
Help me! I need to exhibit Papua New Guinea art in Canada, USA, and Australia?
Your opinion on my first painting? Pic inside!?
i have a poster.. i want an artist to paint this picture on a canvas..with acrylic. where do i find this perso
If you painted your walls yellow, wouldn't you not be able to sleep?
john jonas oil painting tiltled midstream painted between 1989 to 1995 artist from catto gallery london NW3?
Will Washable Tempera from Crayola damage my car paint ?
Are Stevenson Acrylic Paints, high quality? What does "%100 acrylic emulsion" mean?
Does anyone know about the artist Davaid Shepherd and did he only do art work of wildlife?
Does actually work?
What is the meaning of this image?
help pls pls gothic style?
If I purchased the Mona Lisa would I also obtain exclusive rights to make copies?
To whom Answered My Question "Painting Framing in Italy"?
Does anyone know howto make the colour fuchsia (bright pink) using primary colours?
What is the name of this painting?
picasso marie-therese question?
Anything known about watercolour artist Geoff Downing?
Which webpage is better?
I just want to acknowledge the passing of Andrew Wyeth, I think he was one of the great artists ever, agree?
Ways to portray the seven deadly sins?
I want leonardo da vinci face discription plz help me ?
Where (Galleries)can I get African Art (paintings) especially from South Africa to buy? URGENTLY!?
College painting classes?
How do I price my paitings?
Why do we do Art?
Who painted this and what is it called?
Where to find large canvas painting of a city for under $200?
Where can you buy flourescent body paint?
can i call myself an artist if all i can do is sketch out something i like thats been done?
Where can I read Da Vinci's journals?
Jan van Eyck, Man in Red Turban Question?
Can someone help? I need your opinion on this work of art?
anyone have advice on where i could sell a valuable painting?
don't know what to do for my oil painting.. ideas? =/?
I'm looking for some creative painting ideas. Can you offer any advice.?
How can I stop customers in my boutique from touching artwork on display?
Are U selling art online?
my chemical romance?
What famous paintings inspire/show leadership?
Looking 4 charity+ or local artist in Cardiff+surrounding area?
How do you stretch a unstretched oil on canvas painting?
What do you get if you mix black and red? If it has a name what is the name?
Where do I find an art collector in my area as I have an oil paint I want to sell?
Does anyone know the title of the artwork with the man holding a pitchfork and the woman next to him?
please judge my painting...?
Ajanta caves paintings will speak to yourself have you noticed it?
What art elements were used in "The Weeping Woman"?
what do you need to have to draw a picture?
What is the right pronunciation for the English word "indigo"?
what is your favourite colour?
what to paint?????????
looking for a print by chi galatea "lightness of being"?
What Art movement did the "Fauves" have a disapproval for and why?
Modernist Theatre - Information?
Does anyone know anything about Auguste Phillipe or a drawing called Dallemagbe gib de Cagny?
Can anyone please explain the differences of oil paint and watercolour paint?
where can i buy a marilyn manson watercolour or a print?
What do you think of my painting?
What do guys think ?
Where and how to sell my painting on auction?
What color of paint? ?
when painting metal...?
What other colors will go with any color purple?
My 7 yo child likes to do art, can I sell his oil painting, is it legal?
Specific painting from Renaissance..?
Um which should I get MS paint of photoshop?
How is the scope of recreating masters paintings as a career?
In cleaning oil paintings, what is emulsion cleaner and neutralizer?
Trevor Dee Eggleston?
what is the name of the famous painting of the man with a pitchfork and his wife?
How would you interpret this painting?
How can I prevent old newspapers from yellowing?
Paintings from Kenya?
Did Van Gogh or Andy Warhol use recyled materials to make images?
What would be a good idea to remake the American Gothic painting?
Has anyone had any sucess selling their art online?
I have a painting by Carlo, medieval dated 1974 with #'s 2-3-2, L169, 1974-B can you tell me anything about it
Where can i find information on a painting?
which colour does most of people like..?And which colour do u like and why..?
Don't hear much of Leon Jackson anymore...?
What does oil on panel look like?
Painting a trailer and preparation?
how can you tell if my painting by frank paton is not a copy?
why are paintings of unhappy people valuable?
Any good brand airbrush compressor for painting model kits?
Where can I find a painting on the internet of Adolphe William Bouguereau's titled "Girl Eating Porridge?"
Where can i buy cheep acrylic paints? Uk?
How could Leonardo Da Vinci know what to paint?
In the film Midnight in Paris (woody allen) the portrait Picasso paints of Adrianna, is it a real painting?
what authors have wrote about 'henri matisse's artwork on the woman in a hat'??
Download Paint for free?
Did Leonardo da Vinci have autism?
Paint tool Sai problem?
When did art in Europe become realistic?
Question about watercolours?
Is this appropriate pricing for my art?
Why is Jackson Pollack so famous? What did he do that the average person couldn't given enough paint and time?
What should my friend and I paint?
In Photoshop Elements 8 when I use my Tablet or the brush tool it is transparent, why?
What spray paint can paint glass?
Oil paint or Acrylic paint for a flower pot that will be outside?
Paintbrushes, the artist kind.?
mildew is also found in paintings due to humidity. I am in the tropics and have found some white tiny spots?
If you apply paint with a roller will it be 100% smooth?
Can anyone help to breakdown Clement Greenberg's essay 'Avant-Garde and Kitsch'?
i would like to submit pictures of my artwork to be seen by the public?
how can i release my inner artist through painting-when i suck at it?
how much would you pay for van gough's ear?
Websites that describe the significance of paintings?
Will apple barrel acrylic water based paint come out of clothes?
Andy Warhol...?
what are the steps of marketing paintings outside India?
What should I paint, s for the best answer?
Any Artists need a Life Model to draw or paint In Madison Wisconsin Area?
In Oil painting, does Linseed Oil and Liquin do the same job?
Is white the absence of color and black the combination of all colors?
Vincent van Gogh described his purpose and style as follows: "we may succeed in creating a more exciting and c
Can water based paint, be put into permanent markers?
What is co-extensive space and foreshortening?
I am an artist?
can you use lavender oil instead of eucalyptus oil in the boiling water?
how to spray paint a m16?
What are the dimensions for the columns of the Hephaisteion temple?
I have a portrait painted by K Pegg, supposedly an inmate at some time of Ashworth prison.Any more paintings?
Why did Vincent Van Gogh cut off his earlobe?
I was teaching myself to paint, and my work was put in storage and lost.?
The scream " famous art work" who drew it?
analyse paradise and hell for hieronymus bosch?
what two types of line did piet mondrian use in his paintings?
Where do i find a website for helping to identify an artist by emailing them a print?
Why do old people try to get kids off the xbox?
need your advice?
Anyone know how much the original copy of New England by Erik Freyman is worth?
do oil pastel expires? or will its quality be affected over time. coz i noticed my oil pastels covered in mold?
What do you think of Andy Warhol as an artist?
Does anybody know any information about this painting?
Is it possible to bring yellow by the three primary colors(Red,Blue,Green)?
im not sure where to spray paint?
How would you go about painting a piano?
where can i find information o a painter named NEWTON?
Alexander Millar, Gadgies?
Would Painting a Room twoo colors help it appear bigger or smaller?
how do i paint a cardboard pyramid?D:?
When painting is it best to use more paint or as little as possible?