i am doin some kind of research for my project about mona lisa and the last supper?
What painting techniques have been used in this Winslow Homer's painting?
do you paint and then hang up what you paint?
grafitti beginner help?
Where can I find inexpensive oil paints?
please can you give me any info on this picture?who the artist is/ where I could find it.sorry about the glare?
Please explain why this is a great painting?
In Van Gogh Vincent sunflower painting, how does the painting make you feel?
where can I buy window frosting?
Does uv party paint glow in the dark?
i have three works of art by adolf dehn are they worth anything?
How do you ship a small acrylic painting?
i have to make a banner with letters with fabric painting .what are all the colours i can use?
Is Mary Cassatt's impressionistic painting of Rory Emerald still on display at The Tate Museum?
How do you get old paint off of the brushes used to paint with?
where in Italy is location of painting of the Last Supper? Milan? or elsewhere?
What is a "Digital Signature"? Why is it used?
What shall I paint on a canvas for a present ?
When is an artist considered to be "mature"?
mother & child paintings?
What do I really look like?
Is there such a thing as high quality paint?
How big is Central Park winter, by Emil Ganso?
Is there anyone who can send me the clip with Jackson Pollock painting, via email?
which paper can be used for charcoal painting with best results?
If you were a grafiti artist what would your name be?
hi the name of this color please?
What color should i paint my boring room?
brush edges in photoshop?
when you see my painting of seapearl and bella story painted with arrow paint brushes?
I am searching for a painting's name. I think it has to do with the sinking of atlantis.?
tell me the history of chinese 4 belles gui netsuke?
Why were the Raphael's cartoons called cartoons when they were tapestries?
What equipment or materials have been used in Christina's World by Andrew Wyeth?
Have you been to the St. Louis Art Museum?
Can you use acrylic paint on unprimed wood?
how do you do this painting method?
What paints can I mix to get gray if I dont have black?
what should I paint?
how did freud's theories affect paintings and the literary world?
who can do an appraisal for an original Love Me Tender 1950's elvis sketch i have?
How do i keep paint from chipping off homemade guitar picks?
how do you make the color brown?
What should i draw a picture of?
What do you think of my paintings?
i have an old painting by Countess Ficky. Who is she?
Classical paintings of larger women?
my Acrylics dried out?
Can anyone paint or do I need classes?
Jaitun oil uses for what purpse?
Please advise about my paintings?
Who painted this Mystery Painting?
Does the artist get royalties or money from 21million sale?
Watercolors: Constructive criticism needed?
Why are pencils yellow?
Pieter Brugel's most famous painting?
Question on Gainsborough's painting The Blue Boy?
Ok, I heard about this painting from a good friend and it sounds beautiful. Can anyone help me find it?
Is it really nessesary to buy and play White knight cronicles when I can play 2? And why?
Is measuring the only way to help you to observe better in drawing classes?
I looks great on the website. Has anyone had any experience with Daniels genuine Azurite oil paint?
What medium is Henri Matisse's "Purple Robe and Anemones" painted in?
How would i keep my paint brushes clean?? Points Rewarded For best answer!!?
How much can an beginning artist sell a very passionate, heart felt painting for?
painting materials???
How do you get black spray paint off of the road?
Am I on the right track to becoming a good artist?
Besides being just a landscape artist, didn't Jasper Francis Cropsey paint a lovely portrait of Rory Emerald?
Does anyone know info of picture shown in my "Profile Picture"?
cubism newspaper article?
Aforistika I Karikatura?
Art?! 'the enigma of the day' .s?!?
I am looking for a website which allows artists to create their own site for free.?
What think do u think of when you hear the colors blue, red, and purple?
What is your art page?
What is the name of the painting that represent 4 sides of medics?
Trying to remember the name of a Giorgio de Chirico painting...?
Where could i get a pro airbrush paint job?
What do you think makes a good landscape painting?
did salvador dali work for a king, rich family, or important people?
what paintings do people usualy buy?
A painter normally signs his work, where's God's signature?
how did salvador dali influence spain?
I know this is weird, but how would you melt an oil pastel?
I am looking for some of the early works of an artist named Downw Burns. NOT THE 2 Amigo. Some of his southw?
what emotions does the colour red evoke?
Can anyone give me information on a Lee Reynolds painting?
How would you analyze this painting?
who is your fzvourite artist(painter) and why??
Painting With Oils And Plexiglass?
Need help about a painting?
How screenprint a picture like Andy Warhol?
How can I be an illustrator for magazine?
Does anyone know the name/artist of this painting??
Who is this in the painting?
What is the most advanced and active art forum (website) good for a scholar?
Is the famous painting "George Washington Crosses the Delaware" also a depiction of the Little Ice Age?
Hodka village is one of the rural tourism site, it belongs to which state?
How to improve painting skills?
Would this painting look good?
can you use computer paper for charcoal, oil pastel, acrylic paint, and tempera paint drawings?
A painting by Sanjuan 1970?
where can you find the picture of Monalisa?
How do you have a paint fight?
Can you draw on a dry oil painting with a fountain pen and not have the ink smudge or smear?
Was Paleolithic art created for the purpose of making art, or was the initial intention something other than a
Did marilyn monroe have a daughter ?
Bio oil doesn't work? What else?
Can I paint over paint?
the color blue?
I would like to find a picture from the Illinois Moulding Company Chicago 8 Cllinois U.S.A?
who is better edward or jacob?
rate my painting? :D!!!?
pictures of Vamgo's artwork?
whoz the best artist in this world?
What flora and fauna should i paint?
What does grounded rice mean?
Can you use gouache over oil paints?
Beginning Painter - Will Oil Painting Ever Dry?
Renesanse art course? Do thes eksist?
What kind of things should I paint to become a better artist?
How do you use Alkyd flow medium for oil paints?
Do you like this painting?
What could I paint on my canvas for my study room?
where can i find information about different artists painting styles?
Like my Stevie Nicks portrait..?
Does your paintbrush has a mind of its own?
Trying to find the name of the paiting feaured on Oprah? Can you help... read details below.?
Really stupid useless question but i am asking it anyways?
any tips for oil painting?
van gogh's painting on?
Where can I buy those large jugs of acrylic paint?
who is the best water colour artist?
does anyone know of any artists who use dreams in their work?
What is the difference between landscape and interior painting?
Did Salvador Dali ever do any kind of drugs?
How did Cavallini and Cimabue differ in style/ technique?
Want To See Some Early Paintings Before I Was Finding Own Style?
How do you paint something on your bedroom wall that is only visible under a certain light?
Whats your favourite colour?
Has anyone heard of or seen paintings by DIANE(A) MILLER. I have 3 oils signed by that name.?
Is painting a natural talent or can you learn to paint really well?
Arnold Friberg paintings?
Should I take a painting class even though I'm bad at art?
I have a Painting by W.A. Walker , Where in Canada can I get it authenticated?
Cleaning Oil Paint from your brushes?
Does anyone know of some good sites for advertising and selling ones art?
Has anyone received a grant from De Monaco Heritage Fund,318 Indian Trace, Ste #440, Weston, Fl 33326. What d
Does anyone believe that the mona lisa was a portrait of leonardo da vinci?
What is your favorite 10 artists? (painters/sculptors)?
Why do we treat music artists like Gods?
If I asked you to draw / paint FEAR what would you choose best to represent it?
maragret w tarrant, famous "fairy" artist?
If a picture paints a thousand words, then why can't I paint you??????
What.... exactly is art?
How much is my painting worth?
Do you no were i can by a can of black glossy spry paint?
Has the world changed since the Mona Lisa was painted?
Would you like to see a page of a Book of Hours, a very old illustrated Bible?
Art experts! I need help naming a painting?
how should i redo my toms?
Has anyone here heard of Stella Violano and if you have do you like her work?
painting problems...?
How to make clouds with acrlic paint?
Can someone please help me on finding out the value of a Jim Dine 1985 the nuveen company painting?
paintings by bill burton?
Who is the painter last name hilliard,subject 2women thrashing wheat?
Want to sell art-work?
what paint colors do I mix to get tan?
Artists that paint in watercolour?
Do you know the artist and/or name of this painting?
How to know how much a painting is worth before selling?
I need help, please?? (repost, why can't anybody help?)?
where can I find out if a painting is worth something?
What's the name of the guy that had a tv show in the 80's painting canvas with a household paint brush?
where is a good place to buy art canas paint?
How do you sign your paintings?
What are the most controversial paintings and sculptures from history ?
painting the neck of a guitar?
Which paint works on thin plastic best?
What to say about the composition in the painting of Nicolas Poussin "The abduction of Sabine women"?
does anyone know of any good artists that use loads of vibrant & bright colours?
What were Leonardo Da Vinci's art influences????
Question about Oil Paints and transferring a sketch onto canvas?
What do you think of my painting? (please answer:))?
paintings with mirrors involved?
Where can I find out how much my painting is worth?
How was oil used in this painting?
What color mixed with black makes yellow?
Can i shade crayon (purple) with and oil pastel (black) ?
I am looking for the painter's name who pictured a twin picture?
Picasso's painting: Thee musicians?
HELLO!? what's the difference between Poster and Tempera paint!?
What do you think of my artwork ?
Painting at beginning of charles darwin tree of life documentry?
Needing info on paintings: artist/nameofpainting: primary colors only, secondary, neutral, warm, cool, tints..
what is art attack model?
How long would it take for acrylic paint to dry?
Which artists do work related to body image?
what materials did vincent van gogh used in his portrait, Musee d'Orsay?
Which Site I can have nice Painting with Payment Security?
Anybody heard of a landscape painter called S. Ruli?
Into whose cottage do the Doctor, Martha and Joan escape?
why the wind of the creditor, Ed paints hatred?
any Romero britto's for sale?
Is titanium white the most reflective acrylic paint?
How are mosaics made?
when are paintings considered to be in the public domain?
Can i use water colour for face paint?
I`m trying to research An oil painting painted by( H G Officer Smith)?
how safe is tamiya acrylic model paint?
"The Thomas Crown Affair" is my favorite move....?
I am an artist looking for same to find workshop or display area , anyone interested. north london.?
i am looking for b/w aviation prints by gil ortega?
Name of painters or artists!!?
How Do You Assemble a Badger Airbrush Properly?
Any Ideas on a collaugue for the outsider character?
how much money is canvas boards?
Compare cezanne and picasso to each other?
chicken pox, Master Hare 3 or 4 p.m., and master Hare 6:45 p.m., which were painted by Karen Kilimnik.?
Raffaello Sanzio Questions?
Can some one list some of the major achievements Francisco Goya made? 10 points to best and thorough answer.?
what is the best website to buy spray paint from?
as a serious contemporary digimedia pop artist -based in bali-how do i enter the new york gallery scene??
aldo james singed an oil painting cortez who can find some info on this
jose marin verdugo doll called miss carolina,siglo how much it is worth thanks?
Where can I find info about Vitruvian Man other than wikipedia? (The Vitruvian man is a famous painting.)?
Does plywood need to be primed to paint in oil?
Satisfied with your body?
A framed piece of art "Peter" No.919-2 by Arthur Garratt Is it of any value?
What do these three things have in common? Crash, August Rush, and Van Gogh?
Symbols of corruption in Jan Steen's painting of a Dutch urban household include each of the followeing exce?
How is the Mona lisa so important?
Good or bad for a 16 year old?
What is the name of this Cecily Brown painting, link below?
what two colors do you mix to get the color brown?
Ways to scrape off acrylic paint off a munny?
where can i find don't let me leave by marc anthony sheet music?
Does Post-modernist art favour reflexivity?
"Picasso is crap".....?
Does anyone know who Josephine Wall is?
What similarities do Paul Klee, Kandinsky and Marl Rothko all have?
what is this artwork called?
Is my B.C. Rich guitar painted with lacquer or polyurethane?
who was said to be the greatest practitioner of impressionism?
When did Matisse start using fauvism in his works?
Spray painting Dr. Martens?
Can anyone tell me what "oil on canvas" is?
This is an art question. _____ + black= brown? Does anyone knows what color that is? special in mona lisa's smile??
Do you like this painting?
what should i paint next?
Are there an artists from the old american west that paint or draw on horses or other western aspects?
I want to start painting. I found some kits, but I don't know what to do. Thank you for your help!?
Was there anything bad about Leonardo Da Vinci?
hi, i have an interview in an art school tomorrow, just wondering what you think they will be asking me about?
Is it too late to paint?
Charateristics of modern art?
Name a color that starts with an R.?
I want to make a raised painting with joint compound.need helpon starting.?
How much would this painting print be worth? (Kinkade)?
It's very difficult.?
have Rodman Pell 1973 painting anyone know if they are worth anything does anyone collect them?
How much would YOU be willing to pay for this Painting?
Where can I find information on 20th Century Italian Artists? I have a painting and I need help with the name.?
Are there any site online that offer a free art appraisal or at least for a low cost?
i have an oil painting by john cantrell autumn aspen wood scene signed right lower corner how much would it be?
Can i put red paint over dark purple and brown?
getting graffiti spray paint?
Is it okay to use acrylic paint on air-hardening modeling clay?
Help!! what do i paint?
Have you ever sold one of your paintings?
what does the painting ' the school of athens' by raffeal represent? ?
What is so special about Mona Lisa?
what color should I mix for khaki?
Watercolors or acrylic paint for a sunset/sunrise?
What colors do you mix together to make red.?
Does anyone know about an artist by the name of J. Weiss and the value of his work?
Blue woman painting, looking down and left, and painting split into four quadrants?
How much is my painting (by Ferrante) worth?
Why didn't art critics or art historians accept Norman Rockwell?
Where is the painting "Custers Last Rally"by John Mulvany?
What three colours go really well?
What's a good medium for painting on old roofing slate ?
Why wall painting quiekly damage? ?
Can I put black paint under bright red paint to make it darker?
How to paint on acrylic sheets w/o peeling?
Men painting toenails?
Rembrandt was a very commercially sucessful painter. Why So?
Prepairing to paint on canvas Help!!?
what are Johannes Itten's 7 theories of Color?
What do you think of my drawing so far?
lucian freud artwork?
I have a Raoul Duffy water color, that has a park setting and a British flag. I Need Info.?
Information on Vincent Van Gogh's art?
what does the "Lucca Madonna" by Jan Van Eyck convey within its form and content?
I need help finding an artist. she painted crayons.?
What is a good paint finish to use for when youre painting a mural?
What are some of your favorite paintings that are famous or it doesnt have to be famous?
The binding agent that powdered pigment is mixed with to form paint is known as the __?
how can i sell my paintings through websites or online?
why does Johannes Vermeer start painting?
Katherine Le Hardy - ARTIST..?
turn pinky red into darker red?
identify artists signature?
I am looking for a print of a little blonde boy and his noah's ark toy chest .?
Robert Bateman- Midnight Black Wolf- Premier Edition 534/950?
What makes 19th Century American landscape painting part of the Romantic movement?
how do you make homemade ink?
What do you think art is?
what are some good questions to ask a professional painter in an interview?
ANy famous women artists that you know of?
who is your favorite visual artist?
erskine nicol paintings?
Whose pictured in the last supper painting?
Everything you need for oil painting?
what can a photographer do that a painter can not?
what do you think of my finished painting?
Kiss fans or art fans please tell me what you think of Paul Stanleys paintings?
Who has Goya's head?
Spray Primer for Large Canvas Mural?
why did diego velaquez paint reiligious portraits.?
I have a comparison and contrast essay due tomorrow at 9:00 AM. Best answer for the first essay?
Does anyone know the name and artist of the painting in this JPEG (
Why were Dutch Vanitas made?
My Husband wants to sell his abstract paintings. What should he do ?
When did the interest of using artworks to recognize the dead begin to develop?
can anyone tell me what is the name of a lanscape painter that has show on KOCE and he has big hair?
what is the name of chagall painting?
european artists related to banksy? from before 2000?
Approximately how much would a water colour painting cost from 1890?
A famous painting? 10 POINTS!!!?
Any ideas on who this artist may be?
Where is the studio of Odilon Redon? Is it in Paris, and do they allow visitors?
10 points for the best answer, kindly help me if you dont mind. thanks?
What if Picasso was a plastic surgeon?
Any special preparations that must be done to canvas?
Francisco Goya Sources?
Vincent Van Gogh discovery. VGM soon to release press info. How much would an unknown gogh be worth?
How do u bid drywall and painting?
what do you think about murals and graffiti in your country?please tell me your idea about it?
Who is this painting by,and how much is it worth?
How do I make my graffiti stencils more crisp?
What do you get when you mix green paint with red paint?
how could I find specific paintings that were shown in the Van Gogh museum?
I want to exhibit my artworks in some art gallery in Delhi. Please suggest.?
what is your favorite color greatest to least???
Oil painting; What medium do I use under oil painting to sculpt a lot of texture?
Gustav Klimt?
1. Where was Ludwig Von Beethoven from and when was he born/when did he die? 2. Why was Beethoven's lif?
I need An article about use of Distortion in Surrealism.?
Don Quixote (Picasso) painting size?
Who is the 15 most famous artist in Colombia?
Is there anywhere in Houston to checkout local artists selling their stuff ?
What Pollock Etching is this?
How to make turqouise with paint?
When was Giuseppioa tartagni (artist) born ?
Big Mistake: Grey Gesso :(?
why do artists include animals in their paintings?
When was modern art invented?
Do you have a favorite painting,out of your own paintings?
When I'm spray painting, can I use photo paper instead of poster board?
what do you think peter voulkos trying to say in his art work?
Any suggestions on what I should draw for my oil painting?
what colour paint should i use?
Artists that draw/paint etc giraffes?
Anyone know of a commercial CD site in the world that states the category of an artist?
Ideal art!!!!?
Is this pop art, it is by crash (john matos)?
What is the subject matter of Claude Monet's painting: bridge over a pool of water lilies?
Paintings in 1408 movie?
Impressionism is a form of modernism.?
How can I take a logo that was done in "Paint" with dimensions1483 x 452 and increase the resolution on it?
What is the proportion of paint to thinner for airbrushing?
What colors to mix to get the color GOLD ?
Acrylic on canvas tips or suggestions?
Inspirarion for a painting?!?
How do you make op art patterns?
What is the best Master's degree to study for a creative Visual Artist?
Paintball Helmet Customized?
How do you see line in this picture?
Know any artists who based their art on change?
Painting Stainless Steel......?
How to make a canvas for oil painting at home?
Artist that wants to paint using oils. Is there any canvas that is best for oils?
I am Looking for an Artist, Name is R. Elliot?
in what way van gogh have influence on art?
How do I go about taching kids to paint in a cubist style?
I want to start painting, any helpful tips?
Help on mood/ atmosphere on this painting?
Do you draw it and then paint it, or do you just come at your paper with the brush?
Wholesale Blank stretched canvas?
to artists?
Does anybody want to take my art classes?
I need help about Graffiti?
I saw this drawing/painting of a "human" tree?
On whot watercolor painting is done?
Where do I find out about a painting that states on the upper back of frame that has certificate of..?
A place where it is basically a huge paint fight?
In what ways was Vincent Van Gogh a tragic genius?
What physical feature does the Monalisa miss in the portrait?
I have inherited a painting and can not make out the artists name. can anyone help? i have pics to send?
what type of paint do you use to paint an old acoustic giutar?
when you paint a t-shirt with airbrush and the paint hardens, will it go away? I mean is it ok if it does that?
where to find chinese painting frame in Singapore?
Famous Victorian painting?
Where was the Oriental Poppies painted in?
how much square feet can a pint of paint cover?
give me an idea extensively on the contribution and ideas of phylosophy on jean pestalozzi?
Can anyone suggest a good book about painting in GIMP or Photoshop?
How much will this painting be worth?
Name of the painter that tried to restore an ancient artwork!?
can anyone tell me aboutsaint vincent's life and works?
should i buy this art table?
details on paintings signed TOR?
What is your favorite Vincent van Gogh painting?
what are some natural form artists?
What type of Graffiti is the one with all the lines and graphics?
what's the name of that famous artist whose paintings looked like comic strip panels?
What is Matte Painting?
Hiya, do you mind giving me the name of an artist who has painted shoes?
what bad things did Michelangelo do?
i have a green canvas, what should i paint on it.?
painting on silk of chinese origin,maybe,?
how do you clearcoat over enamel paint?
Does anybody know any songs that have panting in it?
I have 40 painted papyrus paintings are they worth anything?
jane goodall requirements?
painting- can i really sell my art?
What's the best airbrush or airbrush kit for a beginner?
Describe the techniques and characteristics of the great italian artists during the italian renaissance ?
Where can I find a picture of "Madonna and Child with St. John the Baptist" by Santi di Tito?
Georgia O'Keeffe legacy???????
Can someone send me a link to the picture of Madonna of the Linen Guild by Fra Angelico?
do you mix paint light to dark or dark to light?
whats so special about monalisa portrate?
Is sentimentality desirable in paintings, photography, or any art form? Explain.?
anyone know Patricia Wilmott native of conn.?
Post an art painting that describes how you're feeling right now?
andy warhol?
Who painted the banana/ canned soup in Andy Warhol's silkscreen prints?
Is it best to have Art for a Dining Room Wall?
How to learn to paint?
What do you think of this painting?
I have added the painting to my 360 page.?
Why van Gogh's paintings cost so much?
clover green bridesmaids dresses by Alfred Angelo. What about bi-colr yellow and burnt orange roses? ?
whats the best color to paint a babies room?
How to paint on glass bottles and glass ware?
Can you use tempera paint on nails?
What are some paintings I could buy prints of that have redheaded women in them?
What do you think of my paintings?
Please evaluate my painting, and let me know how much you would pay for prints. Serious answers only, please.?
leonardo da vinci's bacics?
does the song beautiful in my eyes fits the life of mona lisa?
I need help naming a painting?
Is painting a guitar a bad idea?
How to choose a portable painting set (pochade box or French resistance)?
Where can i find a white house paint by number?
Has anyone seen picture by Pieter De Hooch that is on what looks like a thin piece of wood?
How do I get a smudgy drippy paint effect?
Can you paint on Rain-Mac materiel?
Artist relating to children's play?
what would be something good to paint?
I'm I the only teen who knows who Frida Kahlo is and admires her?
How do I dry mushrooms for painting?
Can someone help me with watercolours?
Artists who explore 'society'?
How to get rid of Oil Paint in my paint brush?
Message/meaning conveyed in this painting?
Is copying someones painting, and then changing it a bit considered plagiarism?
Anyone seen the recent Tutankhamun Exhibition?
What was Roy Lichtensteins painting style?
make GREEN color with napthol dye?
Real life painting, how to? Help!?
If cupid really did exist in this day and age what would you ask him?
if you're 'painting' with acrylics, 'sketching' with graphite, what are you doing with pastels?
Who is this 1500's painting of and who did it?
How do I go about finding out more about a painting?
A famous painting of two girl fairies kissing in a forest with blood dripping from their mouths. know artist?
what is the best air brush to use for automotive work?
How did a specific time period influence Abstract Expressionism?
does anyone know Moonlight over Capri by Casati?
Painting Pine cladding wood?
What is the story behind Picasso's Guernica?
What are some of Van Gogh influences?
What does this painting transmits to you ?
What is the analysis of avenger by Andy macnab?
what paint do i use to paint on polyurethane foam?
Salvador Dali's "The Persistence of Memory"?
Does anyone know about Esther Wynn paintings. Does a signed but unfinished original have any particular value?
Can anyone tell me who painted this and what it's called?
what should you do if a mermaid keeps dunking you under the water and laughing at you?
Is an artist made or born?
As a teenager, what should i paint to express myself?
frayed paint brushes?
What can I use on my canvases other than paint?
"Rory Emerald Revisited" is a sexually charged painting by Norman Rockwell. Why did he deviate from the norm?
Does anyone here know who painted this painting and the piece's title?
Where can I watch "The Joy of Painting"?
who paint Mona Lisa?
How can I make my own oil paints?
I'm Bob Ross. I came back to life this morning and I am sincerely curious about how you really felt about me?
Do you any sites that could help you find an artist of a painting?
Value of Barbara Mock Magnolias dated 1985 number 162 out of 1950?
What are the most popular brush shapes/sizes used in painting?
what color do you get by mixing red and green?
Which paints shall I use to paint this picture?
Who knows stuff about Henri Matisse ?
Who is a present day artist that is still alive?
can you tell me the names of two clown prints by Artist Robert Owen?
what are the procedures to authenticate a piece of art particularly paintings?
Famous or well known, danish art painter!?
meaning of magritte's bowler hat men?
Where can I get a really tasteless, tacky painting to add to my collection?
What is the name of this painting?
Who is the artist of this painting? (picture)?
Can anyone think of a creative art promt website?
what style of these artists ?
Where can i find a grave yard painting or a good drawing?
Why does Salvador Dali's mustache point up?
Where can I get a work of art authenticated?
I need information on the painter Alicia Grau Perez-Agustin?
I waited till my acrylic paint dried so I could blend another color in on my painting?
Model plane painting question.?
Lots of info on Romanticism (art movement) needed asap! ;(?
i wont old west wonted posters?
how to show the affects of european imperialism in africa?
Would there be any problems if i were to sign my paintings under my alias instead of my real name?
which airbrush?
how can you tell a real from a fake water color print?
what makes you go WOW?! [easy points (:]?
Which is the most expensive painting in the world?
Why do artists exhibit their work?
what dose oliveskin tone look like?.?
i need help with painting wat color ?
Trying to find out who painted a painting?
What paint brand and airbrushes do you prefer so I am able to paint some minor decals on my electric guitar?
what is the value of "brown lady with vase" by peter max?
I'm trying to identify a painting somewhat similar to Winslow Homer's Fog Warning. Can you help?
What kind of paint should I use?
Krylon!! spray can? good?
What is Painting plagiarism?
if I buy an original painting who owns the copyright?
What can I say about this painting? (Franz Marc)?
I'm painting a bookshelf, would these colours look awkward?
Can't open Paint Tool SAI?
How do you transfer a scanned photo onto canvas, without it looking like you ironed it on?
Cool paintings/pictures of cows and horses?
if you mix red and green together, what color does that make?
How would you jump on and off the green screen foreground like they did on this video?(link in descrip)?
What is the theme or subject of Marc Franz' Piggies painting?
if you bought your own house could you do graffiti on it?
In Roman wall paintings, How are all of these characteristics typical of the time period?
I have some questions about the Musee d'Orsay?
When you sell a painting at an auction house big or small, what is their comission?
which artist painted a goat playing a violin with a woman on his shoulder, he has 1 human hand and 1 goat hoof?
Fine Art Painting 'lacquer' effect?
Is there a comprehensive listing of on-line art galleries?
Using acrylic paint on ceramic floor tiles?
How to get into painting?
Which color you love and why?
Question about Eugene Delacroix's Orphan in cemetery?
Help with background ideas for my painting?
Should I paint my bedroom red?
Need help finding this oil painting?
Which century is Rene Magritte living in?
whats the difference of painting on a CANVAS and PAPER... ???
What the history behind these paintings by El Greco?
Painting on my computer case?
Should I Have a Paint Party?
How do you get inspired?
where can i find already made blank canvas in houston,tx?
What is your favourite thing about MONSTER MUNCH?
How To Put In A Spiral Stretcher?
Does anyone have good links where I can find some good paintings ?
How did Kenzo Tange use light in his designs?
Who is this artist, looks like Klimt?
How much are these Maragret Keane paintings worth?
Color Theory Questions?
what do you guys think about graffiti?
Artists in sleep art?
I need help finding a painting?
what artist made this painting?
Who is this a portrait of?
Bree, Mattheus Ignatius van; is someone knows his works?
Wall Mural...?
i cant find the paintings of Filipino featuring last supper. can you help me find it?
What are the name of Hundertwassers Paintings?
Searching for Information on Asian Artist?
How is this for a Poem? Eh, you lucky bastards?
i have a painting called after the storm by cammilla lucas dated 1936?
Can I please paint a picture for you?
how to wash my paint brush?
Can I successfully paint on canvas outdoors in the winter?
Canadian Painter Adrian Dingle?
Would anyone buy a modern contemporary grandfather,floor clock?
Where can I buy Graffiti Caps round here in Boston/Everett/Malden?
Norman Douglas Hutchinson-who was he?
How would you describe the style on this painting ?
Can anyone find a picture of Robert S. Duncanson's 1871 painting titled, Sunset on the New England Coast?
How do you blend skin colors in a painting?
Help in interpreting artworks.?
Brett Whiteley Artwork?
How do I contact Ron Howard about a movie idea/?
is marc garneau dead?
what is the value of my painting?
Where is "The Son of Man," by Rene Magritte, located?
Do expensive ( heavy ) acrylic paints make a difference?
bibgraphy on an artist by the name of margaret courtney-clark?
What color should I paint my apple? ?
What color should i paint my who?
When practicing Chinese calligraphy, what is the name of the stone or paper where water is used like ink?
What kind of paint will stain clothes?
Where can I buy art paint in Toronto?
I'm trying to identify a painting. Can you help?
did Renaissance artists focused more on the 'meaning' of the art than more realistic paintings??
is the laptop is suitable for matte painting and digital painting......?
Any good UK websites for paintings that are colourful, weird and interesting?
need help with choosing a painting for a wedding?
Can I paint my converse shoes?
Does anyone know what the name is or how to do the technique, of screening paintings, ANDY WARHOL does? ?
what techniques did roy lichenstein use?
Painting my room? what colour should i use?
Who painted this original oil painting? I've hi-res photos of the painting and artist signature. ART JEOPARDY!?
do you feel I can make an acrylic painting look like an oil painting?
What kind of painting do u recommend for a beginner who likes drawing still life or portraits?
Where may I obtain the painting called 'Fallen Madonna with big boobs' by Van Clomp?
Should the date on a painting be changed if the artist changes it slightly later?
Do you recognize this painting? I hope so!?
Get paint out of leather?
What is a good name for a buisseness that paints skatboards?
Is it ok to use acrylic water based paint for face paint?
Is a sealant necessary on a canvas painting done with acrylic paint?
I'm looking for 24 x 36" watercolor paper?
does somebody have the table salvadore dali made for rating some other painters?
how do I get my paintings in galleries or places?
Whats the social context/historical context in the painting Guernica by Pablo Picasso?
How can i sell paintings online with out using ebay or any other auction type web sites?
Why is the mona lisa painting so famous?
I need help in translating ths Joan Miro letter from French to English?
tips on abstract painting?
Who is your favourite artist? (painter)?
Where can I buy "natural light" light bulbs in Australia?
Does anyone know anything about the artist, John Pace?
Where to buy Beatriz Milhazes poster or print?
judging from my art portfolio, do you think i can make it to the top art school? (pics included)?
WHAt is this picture saying?
Artists beware of the ickenoxartshop online gallery . . They take your money and then you never get listed?
Acrylic Painting Question?
When was Rory Emerald on his Imperial Throne by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres first exhibited in Warsaw?
Why do people criticize abstract art!?
romantisism, impressionism, post impressionism, fauvism....?
what kind of paper do I use for oil paintings?
what is the best website to buy spray paint from?
How do you get chunks and imperfections out of acrylic paints?
In Raphael's School of Athens, why did he not include any Romans in the painting?
can anyone describe a weird an scary painting?
can anyone give me a list of famous portraits that are paitnings of a woman?
ART PRICING: how much should I sell this painting for?
have you ever considered life modeling nude?
what is the famous painting on the ceiling, NOT the Sistine Chapel.?
What do you think of my artwork so far?
Has anyone ever heard of an artist named Gerri Downs?
Symbols, Copyright...?
Paintings associated with relationships?
Easy was to clean paint brushes?
how should i find a good picture for painting?? any good sites?
Wondering about this painting?
Why do old oil paintings during the Renaissance have such smooth surfaces?
Can you roll a watercolor painting and it be ok?
Art theme : nostalgia, any relate artist ? ?
Whats a good theme to do?
did leonardo da vinci use a chisel?
what kind of paint should i use to paint on people?
Does anyone in the New York/New Jersey area know where my husband and I could do body painting in a studio?
I'm taking a beginner's watercolor course soon, I just have to register. I have good drawing skills,?
Can someone please identify this painting?
north and south american art work not modern?
I want to create a painting by painting my girlfriends body and then pressing against a canvas. Ideas??
can you identify oil painting artist - signature maybe saddy linlade or lindale?? sea painting with ships?
Does anyone have a good quote to paint on a wall?
Is my Reg Lewis painting worth any money?
If some guy from New York can paint a canvas white and call it 'art', then have it auctioned off for $50,000
War hammer 40K painting tips?
Can fabric paint be used on rubber boots?
Painting my laptop?
what is akae painting?
What should i paint on my canvas?
Which one was better artist, Michelangelo or Leonardo da Vinci?
ART PEOPLE! PROFESSIONALS ONLY! What style of painting did El Greco paint in?
How much do you think this painting is worth honestly?
i don't know how i want to colour scheme my salon i'm thinking pink/purple or do i paint it a tan colour?
Aussie Painter 1940's - 50's?
Is it possible to mix neon oil paint colors?
How do I ask a friend to pay for my artwork?
who else agrees this guys a spacker?
avatar--the movie--painting my self/halloween idk?
What is the significans of Piet Mondrian?!?! i hav a report and we're soppose to write about it, but they...
Where can i find the painting 'Thumbing' by 'Gilbert and George?
How do you find if an artist is listed?
what artists work is similar to Lisa Yuskavage?
whats your favorite colour..? x?
Why can’t I take photos in the Louvre?
the color yellow?
How much are canvases at Michael's?
When should the wedges in a stretched canvas be put in? Before or After painting?
How do you get your drawing colored in on ms paint without it coloring like the background and other stuff?
Tinting metal with spray paint?
Make acrylic texture paste dry fast?
opinions on this painting? 10 points for best crit.?
when was the painting "Allegorie De Soie" painted by Salvador Dali?
How do I sketch a John Deere tractor as realistically as possible?
What are 3 major life events that may have influenced Van Gogh's work?
Why is the mona lisa famous?
artist who would burn his work?
What can i do about my friends on a art site?
What type of paint should I use to paint my adiadas copas?
who is the artist who paints rectangles?
Are any artists selling art door-to-door in Sydney at the moment ? Do they also sell at any kind of market,?
Is there a major online archive of classic painting images?
Anyone know who painted the very first American self-portrait?
What kind of paint should I use when painting canvas shoes?
what varnish/sealer should I use as a coat on acrylic paint for all surfaces preferably latex and plastic ?
What's the best way to handle money transactions when selling paintings online?
rate my painting? :D!!!?
Suggest me Articles posting Sites related to art, painting or artists?
Do You Know Any Websites I could Get Some Drawing Information?
Why are most pencils painted yellow?
is mona lisa is a self portrait of the painter himself in a drag?
I recently obtained a picture of an old world ship signed by an artist:Tush. Is it valuable??
What do you think of my first serious painting for art class?
Did only one person paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?
how do you paint chinese paintings with acrylic? thx?
How much is too much for a giclee' print?
What are the most unbiased primary paint pigments?
Any Contemporary artists?
Artists who paint dramatic faces/people?
Can I paint mugs with acrylic paint?
Need help on creating my own spary paint logo!?
Virgen de guadalupe, need painting tips/ideas?
2.Examine both paintings carefully and identify the effects of linear perspective in each composition. Describ?
i have an authentic bob ross painting that i am interested in finding out how much it is worth?
Four questions about Frida Kahlo?
Graffiti: Vandalism or art? Explain your answer.?
Graffiti stuff?
whats the name of that painting?
Paintings in Oil Abstract?
Portrait artists that are expressive. I need to do a copy of one for A level, but one that wont take long?
natural forms artists?
bring a painting or photograph to life by writing a detailed description of the scene it portrays.?
A Woman In A Dress?
what is the fabric of space-time. is it abstract or phsyical reality?
do you have to pay for it?
how to make the national museum interesting?
Picasso's painting: Thee musicians?
What would be a good idea to remake the American Gothic painting?
what is brushtrokes?
I have an oil painting that is very old and started to away the painting in little bits is so dry.?
Vermeer and Da Vinci showed the difference when it came to painting their pieces?
lost the lid off a tube of acrylic paint, what can i replace it with?
What message is Margaret Preston trying to convey in Magnolia or what was she trying to achieve?
What are some good but easy painting projects for kids 5-12 years old?
Did the monks really cut a door through the painting of the Last Supper?
how do I reuse an artist oil paint canvas, what is the best way to prep it?
what color contrasts nicely with pink?
I saw a painting in Kirklands and now I can't find it anywhere?
Question about an art type?
Can you tell me what your thinking when your looking at this painting??
how do you make silk screen t shirts...and where can i buy the supplies?
was there an artist named jean rousseau or jean rousell?
Does anyone know who this is by?
I am looking for any organization or banks that give loan for valuable old art items(paintings and antique)?
Van Gogh's Starry Night painting?
Which is Georgia O'keefe's most famous painting?
What do you think about this painting?
I have just recieved my GCSE exam paper?
How did the artist Juan O'Gorman die in 1982?
Who was the artist?
Does anyone know what type of plaster i could use to make a textured canvas painting?
What is the best paint that can withstand cold temperatures?
is there some kind of a lacquer that wont absorb dye i can use when tie dying?
Where can i buy art glass oil lamps?
Watching only the style of the painting?
John Painter. How am I going to communicate with you?
Does the Di Vinci code offend you? Why or why not?
What's a good medium for painting on old roofing slate ?
Painting clay cup coasters?
Do I need to seal a watercolor painting?
What Colors, when combined, make green?
Who created the art deco painting style?
What does "white fire" symbolise?
Can anyone help me with my art project? I have 3 canvasses n im going to put them in a row,but i dno wat 2 do?
What does a red ribbon symbolise?
What do you think of my painting? portrait of robert pattinson?
Is there such thing as a transparent spray paint or something similar?
How much should I charge to paint a mural on a cafe wall?
Questions with regard to the toxicity of acrylic paints?
will rust-oleum enamel paint adhere to glass?
I have a question about a collage I want to make.?
painter who's name starts P.R. Koer?
I have a painting*clown with child by Fernandez Diaz in1964.Given to flushing high school in mi. anyone know ?
does it is art christian art paintings.?
information on some paintings please?
Maria Magdalene Painting.?
How to use gouache paints?
what is my favorite color?
anyone know how to paint clouds?
is there any real assemble art & craft jobs that is free to apply?
Does anyone know which color represents which emotion?
How did Rene Magritte apply the paint on his paintings?
How do i go about spray painting my gameboy SP?
What color should my bedroom set be if my room is darkish purple?
cubism newspaper article?
what is pictoral composition?
who is ur favorite fine paint artist?
what does pinto mean?
I have a huge canvas and i dont know what to paint?
Help naming a painting.?
Why is there a black space when I paste things to paint?
Haitian Art ( Help Please! )?
Piece of Art in Pawn Starts?
does anyone know this painting?
Royal Uffizi Gallery in Florence?
I'm looking for a common picture with a girl in a rowboat, she has long chestnut colored hair and a hat on?
what kind of paint do the professionals use in body painting?
Artist that draws/ paints machinery or technolgy?
Artists that paint birds?
selling paintings on ebay?
What does Oswaldo Guayasamin's Head Triptico mean?
is my painting "racist" or truth?????????
Can you name some artists who paint interesting paintings/pictures?
is a painting by a j.j. rousseau called Nature Pas morte worth any thing?
Ebay ???? Can i sell my painting ?
Substitution for Bristol Paper?
What kind of coloring is this guitar?
A scene boy picture...?
who repainted the sistine chapel?
what plants can I use for paint pigments?
what colours make up blue?
Any Modeling Clay artist that make paintings like oil-painters do?
can yhu help me out?? answer ne ones yhu can?
Am I the only one who watches painter Bob Ross in order to help me fall asleep?
when was the painting 'Tree in Autumn' by Emily Carr completed? ?
Does anyone know what famous painting this is?
What paints do you use to paint on china?
Why is red such a good color?
i am an tibetan artist devoted in ressurection of old wall paintings, can you suggest where i could get help f
what kind of paint do i need?
How do I paint Cirrocumulus clouds? Please.?
Vincent Van Gogh - Did he really paint 70 portrait in 70 days?
what is the word for a pinky purple?
How long did Vinvent Van Gogh spend mastering his art?
Has anyone heard of or got contact for the Artist Steven Kearney (not sure of spelling)?
As a painter, which do you prefer: Oil or Acrylic - and Why?
Who painted The Haywain?
A Saint For Foolish Hearts? How About For Artists?
Where is Salvador Dali's Virgin of Guadalupe painting displayed? or does a private collector have it?
Is Housing-Painting a good job?
I am looking for information on the deceased Hungarian Artist Imre Knopp?
picture of hand painted tinmans cottage?
what color symbolizes sincerity?
Watercolor paint questions? help?
What is the title of these paintings? Artists and/or origin? Thanks!?
Chateau de Brissac?
What do you picture when you think of complete freedom?
Paintings done by animals?
painting a shoe?
i am an tibetan artist devoted in ressurection of old wall paintings, can you suggest where i could get help f
Good reasons of why someone would be passionate about painting?
Okay so I chopped down a tree and...?
Who are the famous Filipino painters during the Spanish era?
Where would I take an old painting to be cleaned?
Are there any famous, proper artists that have drawn Venetian masks or any other kind of mask?
What is white gesso used for?
Which type of paint would you perfer...?
Please help: fine art portfolio?
My Canvas' wood frame smells bad, what's wrong and what do I do?
have an instagram???????????
Information on Elsa Vaudry's Twelth Night Painting?
Which one? Edward or Jacob?
How to buy watercolors?
what's the best colors to paint the celling.?
What do you think of this paintings i did?
ask for painters 10 puntosssssssssssssss?
Amateur: How do i tell if this is a real painting or print?
What medium do I use to stop acrylic paints from drying so quickly. I need something that won't show.?
Why do people like Pablo Picasso?
What Qs would you ask an artist(painter) in an interview?
What do you think of my paintings?
Picasso's painting: Thee musicians?
Any one know where I can get information on the Artist Giovanni Mataloni (1869-1944)?
Where can I find blacklight reactive and/or glow-in-the-dark paint that is safe to use on the skin?
Does anybody know what this painting is worth?
any info bruce kram water colorist?
The High Heel painting in the Van Der Woodsen Apartment?
need ideas for my art final pices?
I'm going to try my hand at painting?
What is this paint spattering "art"?
Why Oil Paints Tend To be Sticky?
Is there still graffiti on the St. Louis Mississippi river flood wall?
How to preserve a gorgeous watercolor done on unfortunately poster board?
is there any other word for the color Shell Pink? or any other color that is close to Shell Pink?
Guernica - Pablo Picasso. Significance, help?
Is clear varnish good for finishing an acrylic painting?
What are the stories behind the works of Gustav Kilm (Kiss, Fulfilment, Expectation...)?
draw but can't paint?
What is the name of this painting by Dali?
Favourite artists/specific paintings since 1900?
Rene Magritte, Time Transfixed (1935)?
Does anyone know the artist/painter L. Rizzi?
Can blood stay red when it dries?
What artists are inspired by theartrical arts? :)?
How can I evenly apply red glass paint ?
What's that painting called?
How important is the quality of canvas in oil or acrylic painting?
Is there any one to help me as art business?
artist that draw decaying objects?
Why doesn't Mona Lisa have eyebrows?
what are great biography websites?
What 2 things did cubism incorporate?
How do you think the painting is?
What is the lady standing on in the Portinari Altarpiece?
what the the prettiest color in the world?
What Do you think I should name this painting (picture)?
African Block Painting?
What's a good brand of pastel pencils with a million color varieties?
How is Chris Ofili's cultural identity reflected in his work?
Why do painters wear white pants??
How do you fix a RIPPED CANVAS.... (PAINTING)......????
Painting while drunk?
Artists who paint natural disasters?
What paint to use on porcelain?
When was Birgit Kinder, that painted "Test the Best", born?
What kind of this art are called?
How to make gouache paint?
How is Renaissance Art different from the art of the other movements?
Does anyone know anything about adam neate?
HELP US! need help with proquest?
tell me the site that can give info about indian schools of painting?
what type of paint is good for painting a landscape picture outside?
Can I paint oil over emulsion on a canvas?
what is your favorite color?
what should i paint for my aunt?
What do you think of my landscape painting?
What colors do I have to mix to get gull gray?
szanto andreasz images?
any body no of this artist?
How do I convert a Hexidecimal color to something that the paint person can understand?
Can the fumes of paint kill you?
Is the love can replace of the water?
Any good visual artists depicting independence?
Know your colors?
I want to get my MFA in painting...?
Where can I buy a print or poster of the painting Gare Montparnasse (The Melancholy of Departure)?
Who painted this and what is it called?
What is the likely origin of a round oil painting with a circular bronze frame?
what artists work with the colour green?
What do you think of when you see this picture?
I am having a painting party for my daughter. They are painting canvas boards. What type of paint is best?
Starry night vincent van gogh?
names of desert artists?
What are some artists who use paint in an interesting or unusual way?
how would you grade my paper about Rembrandt?
who is the real father of the yunnan school; ting shao kuang or jiang tiefang ?
How to.. Splatter paint? Haha?
Blending with Oil Pastels?
What color do you use to bring life to white paint?
how do i mix the names "ANGEL" and "VINCENT"?
does anyone else see the face on the wall to jesus' left?
I need an artist who paints boring / mundane environments?
I am an aspiring artist, how do I get people to go to my website and look at my portfoilio?
what does this mean in art?
hey i was looking to tagg a graffiti mural i live in dallas is there any place i can GO and buy tips paint ect
Why am I a starving artist?
Your favourite shade of brown?
Where can I buy a blank wall art canvas?
How long does Hannah Maybank spend on a piece of work?
A spanish painting (I believe) in 1888 called Alchemy of the Cosmos?
Who is this Artist who does nature taking over buildings art?
What is the cause of of my car burning oil? I had an oil change 2000 miles ago and still it burned 2 qts?
Painting Question. Any help?
Do "Stuckists" regard all modern painting as "Stuckist" art?
at is a good cold water tie dye brand?
Does anyone know the music played during power of art Bernini episode?
Where is Gustav most likely to hit? ?
Futurist paintings or Artists inspired by music?
Value of Bob Ross paintings?
Did Belgian thief Tomas Van Der Heijden who stole 7 Renoir paintings in 1961 get caught? Go to jail?
What makes Mark Rothko' painting ,White Center, so special?
I have a oil painting by Florence of a saiboat tied to a pier. can you help identify?
what is the color saddle?
what's impressionism?
Comparative paper on two impressionist artists?