Does anyone know the formula or recipe for clear Maroger medium?
is the mona lisa is jesus christ? what's the reason y mona lisa became jesus christ!?
can someone tell me about painter Artesmia Gentileschi and her time spent in Britain?
i have a painting of a cat and it is signed S. Dorias 1976, does anyyone know who this is .?
The Sistine Chapel?
What does Gustav Klimt remind you of?- HELP needed desperately!?
Pollack Johnny's?
Why are Gottfried Helnwein's paintings are forbidden?
"Picasso is crap".....?
One-stroke painting on glass......?
Could I use acrylic paint on a watercolour canvas?
Ok what are some famous paintings ?
Is Tom Thompson a native painter? If not, then what is he?
Where should I go to learn what I need to do to start to paint?
Is it possible to make black out of the three primary colors?
Are there any famous paintings that I can paint? It needs to be really easy?
How big is 48 by 48 Canvas?
Who is your favorite artist?
Art/craft show question?
i want to give my boyfriend a painting for Christmas, but no idea what to paint. Please help?!?
Does anyone young like Classical Music and who do you like???
any one experience anything weird after looking at hands resist him painting?
What are some fun things to paint?
painting a tree on the wall?
How would you create a stone look on wooden flats? Film/Theatre: Art Direction/ Production Design?
Has anyone attended a Dorothy Dent Seminar?
were there any influences on 'leanardo da vinci' or 'mona lisa'?
I need to know a good artist ( painter, sketch, oils etc. ) to do for an art presentation.?
Why is the color green associated with envy (i.e. "green with envy")?
Is it right to use animal hair oil painting brushes?
Favourite color?----------------?
Where can I find an indepth analysis of The blue boy by Thomas Gainsborough?
Making a difference?
What do you look for in a painting when you want to buy it as an investment?
How can a mix a good skin tone in oil pastel?
Gibson Les Paul Studio?
whats mary janes favorite type of flower in spiderman 3?
Is it tacky to give a painting as a gift?
What is this painting called?
Are there any artists that paint beaches?
How to make a paint sound sculpture?
trying to remember an older artist that usually painted horse and buggy,children fishing and other sceans?
Explain the difference between Realism and Surrealism in a paragraph (:?
Bruegel's hunters in the snow interpretation?
Favorite Painter/artist?
What is the name of this painting and the artists name?
which kind of paint i have to use to coat a silver ring into gold color?
What is Erika's last name who tributes as Lady Gaga at Canobie Lake Park?
what type of median did patricia polacco use in her illustrations?
is there anyone looking for a stained glass artist?
How to create a masterpiece?
Art on ebay, total scam? Any personal experiences?
drawing/painting program?
i want a red razr for a cingular plan, is spray painting it a good idea?
whats the best place to hung up the last supper?
Impressionism is a form of modernism.?
I have a painting by Mike GUNNELL does anyone know where i can some info have tried all sites i can think of t
Any Women Here Interested In Dating An Old, Ugly And Poor (but brilliant) Artist?
Van Gogh??? STARY NIGHT?!!!!!!?
What type of paint do i use on my canvas shoes?
Does anyone know the name of this paint or the artist?
Are the "Bob Ross" oil paints just regular oil paints?
What should I paint?
Would you take a guess at the age of this artist?
Who was the first player to goal in the worl cup in Mexico 1970?
What Museum is the REAL Monalisa in?
What is Acrylic paint made of?
Wholesale Blank stretched canvas?
If blue is the primary color on black, what color is best as a border?
Relation of Lucian Freud and John Minton?
brett whiteley used what lines in his paintings?
Who is the Artist Alicia Hayes?
tell me who the author of this painting?
Am I the only one who watches painter Bob Ross in order to help me fall asleep?
Who is your favorite painter/artist?
Creative ways to paint my surfboard.?
Why didn't art critics or art historians accept Norman Rockwell?
I need a chart on colors so I can match up,on gel coat on a boat?
hey i need help finding a painting by Ida Applebroog, "I can't" on the internet.. tried google but no luck...
artists: How much do you sell your canvas giclee prints for? How much does it cost to get them made?
What is the best way to pack personal paintings?
Does anyone know where I can get my guitar customized?
Fund raising.?
warhammer 40k?
Do I need a canvas for melted crayon art?
Sacco and Vanzetti's Questios!!!!!?
hi everyone on Y!A...i neede ur opinion on my painting...?
Spraypaint for shoes?
Why do people say "The Mona Lisa" is a man?
french painting or artist?
please answer my watercolor question?
ghost lithograph painting of the homas plantation house?
Ideas for an art project on anatomy?
what is the difference between adhesion-promote spray paint and primer spray paint?
Any good tutorials on rendering digital paintings in Photoshop?
Do you remember the painter Bob Ross and his show "The Joy of Painting"?
I bought some paintings a few months ago but never did the research is there a website to find any painter?
What do you think of my painting? (Pic Included)?
do you believe the da vinchi code in the mona lisa painting that experts are trying hard to know?
How do I start to become a Professional Painter? Is 23 years too old to learn painting?
Who is the painter F. Kassel?
all painting are made up of what 3 ingredients?
What should I paint?
I need help comparing two paintings...?
What are east to control paints that i can use for small datailing?
Painting help? Best answer WILL be chosen! ?
Which crazy printed animal should I paint?
What element is this?
How did french baroque and rococo styles differ?
How would you explain the impressionist style?
looking for a print by artist Monica Stewart called Girls' Night Out. I found it once. HELP?
Why do people go to a museum?
Design ideas for men?
If you had 6 days in Florence to see as much art as you could, how would you spend your time?
What did critics first think about the Impressionist artworks? Quotes?
Information about Michelangelo?
dont you think spray painting is cool?
Chris Ofili's painting "Chief Powhatan Kisses Rory Emerald" skews the vision. How was this effect created?
Unique Business Name for Shoe Art?
Guess the Painter Part 3?
what's so mysterious about monalisa's smile?
what painting is on the cover of the new Coldplay album?
Picasso said he always painted forgeries, why?
what type of artwork did pablo picasso use?
How cool do you think this would look?
Surrealism art painting?
Any other artists out there?
Can I paint my running sneakers?
What does Jackson Pollocks Painting (No.5, 1948) represent?
Why is my Assistant always mean?
what kind of paint should i use to paint a g shock watch?
Wat paint to use on oil based colour?
What is the best type of paint/canvas-paper to use for the "dotting" effect?
Why do I get sad when I paint?
how is geometry used in the painting. "Small Worlds IV" by Vasily Kandinsky?
Who is this painter?
How much does a spray paint cost??and where can i get it in patiala,punjab??plz hlp.?
any info bruce kram water colorist?
What was Rembrandt's first painting published and when was it published?
Can anyone help me with finding out what this painting is worth or who the artist is?
What were some of Rufino Tamayo's most famous paintings?
Picasso painting?
What's a good subject for a first painting?
Would this be considered copyright infrigement?
Where can I get some paintings valued online?
What is the most useful thing you ever learned about painting with oil on canvas?
Does this fit into subjective or structural frame?
What kind of "project" shall I do?
Strange/creepy wooden painting! Help?
i have a painting signed by olive l. earle. can anyone add any info on artist?
How about Colorful Canvas Name Letter?
what does the painting The Last Supper by LEONARDO DA VINCI make you feel?
where can i buy montana spray paint in Singapore?
I saw a painting by Graciela Rodo Boulanger and need help identifying it.. and need more info?
How to clearly display heat in a painting?
Can anyone name artists/musicians/bands who became famous for their work after their death?
I. have a royal enfield..i wud like to paint a new colour..i have opted for it okay with pearl white?
Reference for painting??
Whats the name of this painting and what style of art is this?
whats the difference between a fake and a orginal painting?
how can i change the picture in my profile of QandA.?
The Starry Night by van Gogh?
Is it illegal to spraypaint floor?
draw but can't paint?
Does anyone appreciate the work of Johannes Vermeer?
Where can I get body paint to paint myself for a sporting event?
I have bought a painting of 4 fisher children signed W Johns. There is no record of him or her.?
Painting of a clown who's face is made from people in diffrent poses?
Why were white crayons made?
In China, calligraphy is closely related to the art of painting and considered ______________. A) a source of?
Om mani padme hum characters?
a painting?
I am having trouble with mixed craft 4.5?
What do you think of this drawing?
Who is this artist/ name of the painting?
what are primary colors?
Is there any online painting school? That too free coaching, means without fee.?
hazel soan painter,is she any good and do her paintings sell for much second hand?
What colors make yellow?
i need help in grafitti? any seggestions? pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeez?
stephen kaye, he is artist.cant find his art.?
portraits online?
Picasso's painting: Thee musicians?
what kind of art concepts did marry cassatt use in her painting ( in the garden) ART CONCEPTS?
I don't think reproducing art is something an artist should never do. See why-
Are these art pieces any good?
Painting Canvas Shoes?
What is your favourite colour?
the first kiss?? the painting?
How to finish my painting?
painting by carlier?
what is this artists name?
what painting is this?whos it by?
What colour is beautiful and why?
how can i learn oil painting on line?
Where can I find art by Christian Heckscher or more specifically, Nice Sunday by Christian Heckscher?
Do you know any watercolour artist's I want a painting of Mumbles.?
Need help with some art work?
you ever had one of those days?? nothing is going nicely for me?
Art Pros please help?
i think the best movie ever made was "BLUE VELVET"?
what can i paint with watercolor??
How can I create my own melodies?
Who is the greatest painter of all time?
UPDATE: Does anyone know the name of this famous artist???
Claude Theberge painting "Serenity"?
Paint Splatter Question...?
what craft websites for kids could i use?
What style did Van-Gogh paint?
When you are painting a wall how do you get that kinda cloudy effect?
What art periods do these paintings belong in? Best Answer.?
can't find
How do I go about varnishing and painting a small rocking chair?
What is the name for dogs dressed in fine clothes painted like a portrait?
what are some famous line artists?
Window Art Pricing.......?
Someone knows the name of the author of this painting?
Hundertwasser - the Austrian painter, architect, ecologist. I'd love to hear your ideas for lesson plans?
May I layer oil paint on top of tempera?
how did sir humphrey gilbert die?
This painting looks like it was painted by a ___ year old...?
Interesting or Personal Info On Pablo Picasso?
Is my painting I bought on the swap meet an old work of art?
What is the best paint to use for making prints from stencils onto newsprint or paper bag paper?
What do you know about Carlos Fransisco's "Kalantiao at Lubluban" painting?
how to create a paint wash?
Can you please give me some information on aboriginal bark painting?
sandro botticelli la primavera.?
How to assess a portrait...?
what kind of paint should i use for painting design on fabric such as organza or chiffon?
what color should i paint my room?
What colours...?
How much should I charge for an oil portrait, 42in. by 36in?
where ccan i find BEllas luyllaby composition?
i have a painting by gerald coulson how can i tell if it is real or fake?
Where can I get glow in the dark body paint?
If you were gonna paint a picture of the sun and the wind,which colors would you pick?
What about clowns?
leonardo da vinci science?
picture of girl holding guitar?
Anyone is seeking new paintings for their house?
What is the best oil paint available?
How do I put a artist portfolio together? and how do I show it to galery's?? please help!!!?
who painted a picture of a man with onions around him, was it someone like Rembrandt or Van Gough?
what color matches orange?
I have a pointelism of a hound signed rosa b & dated 1847-1872 like to fined info.?
mums present help me what should i paint her!xx?
Art supply list ????????????
What is a good brand of non-toxic acrylic paint?
artists that have painted peppers?
what happened to the minimalistic art movement?
I want to find out more about a painting I have and the artist Jan Ho Nam.?
Do you think Van Gogh might have cut off his ear to stop hearing voices?
What kind of sky should I paint next?
Where can i get plain white masks to paint?
How to make a flag with blue, red, and white?
Painting ideas for a beloved friends birthday.?
I am a painter and want to make a web site / gallery Can I do it for free and how please.?
Do you need a black light for glow in the dark spray paint or will it show up fine with the lights off?
Fredrix watercolor canvas problems?
My paintings are affected by fungus. How to protect from fungus.?
examples of artists that draws unhappy clowns?
I don't understand turpentine?
I would like to get my portrait painted like this. Where would I go to get this done?
What is the symbolism of the apple tree in the painting "The Baleful Head" (pre-raphaelite)?
ART CRITICS, please comment my watercolor painting, just click on the link below to view my artwork.
how many different paintings do you think their are of the"Annunciation of Mary"?
What can I paint in watercolour?!?!!?
how to erase drawing on a canvas....?
what is the best color paint that reacts to a black light (also can you send me a link to a pic of the color)?
how to frame a poster without spending too much?
what is red scare 1919-1920?
how to dry oil paint on canvas quickly?
Does anyone know of a painting on oil canvas of a house on a hill thats very boxy?
Will paint marker stay on shoes without ing?
How to post something to Reddit from MS paint?
Do you sometimes make mental image of how someone might look based on their paintings or drawings?
I have a couple of painting I want to find out if they are worth anything where is the best place to go.?
Compare and contrast the Realism of Courbet with that of Manet.?
What is so good about the Mona Lisa?
Tips for beginners with oil paints?
What makes paintings so valuable ?
Is spray paint bad for your skin?
artist who draws oulines of people....?
How would I go about painting on multiple canvas'?
art activities......?
Is it true that the colour purple symbolizes fake/pretending?
What symbolises Envy and Greed?
What is a good graffit name 4 me?
looking for a painting?
What kind of paint is good for arts and crafts?
Get answers from millions of real people.?
is there a painting named "the ring leader" by prudence turner?
What is the most significant accomplishment of Leonardo Da Vinci?
Where can I buy a cheap canvas?
How can giving paintings a monetary value affect their artistic meaning?
I need ideas with first grader 100 day project.?
Virgen of Guadalupe Painting by Feliciano Cortes?
Can a dry erase board be painted?
What can I paint for my grandma?
what is the mona lisa trying to communicate?
good palette for watercolor ?
Are there websites where I can promote my new art gallery?
how can a house painter be called a master painter?
commercial acrylic paint similar to liquitex PLEASE can anyone help me out?
Looking for a website that photos to oil paintings?
How to Use Oil Paints?
How many cans would I need?
How do you stop hickups?
What is a good example of a neoclassical paintig that a romanticism painter would hate?
When do you paint background?
for my art exam i have to do 8 peices on either earth air water or fire, or a combination of both. ideas pls!?
What do you think of this paiting that I used with the bob ross tecnique?
Painting without removing posters??..?
m good at painting and other hand works... is there any job which i can do by partime from home??? anything?
Which artist started directly with paint rather than sketching first?
Where is this painting from?
linseed oil?
Ever heard of a painter named Forman early 1900's?
How do I make homemade paint from pastels?
Where can I buy Nova Acrylic paints?
I need help and info of a certain painting i own?
Stencil websites?
If i let paint dry on my wood palette, with it peel off solid?
What is the most popular website for selling your paintings locally?
who am i????
What do you do if you want to improve your artwork?
Help me find the artist of a painting of 2 trolleys on a street in front of Golden gate date 1967?
i have searched all over for a art print that is titled eled?
The name of a painting/artist.?
about a painting i know nothing about.?
How to draw a 3 Dimensional sq?
Famous Western Cowboy Paintings?
what is the best web site for artists.?
What is this tube of white/creme liquid that came with my Water-colors set?
Name of an artist who does beat-up baby dolls?
How do i build a canvass stretcher from scratch?
Who is the contemporary artist who paints pictures in mainly brown tones of an old thin man & his terrier?
i'm looking for information on a painter called john m bromley?
How old is the shrine of St.Anthony in Padua?
How true is the short film "The Death of Salvador Dali" to Salvador Dali's real life?
Who did the artwork for the album "Ladyhawke" by Ladyhawke?
How to paint something to make it look like old silver.?
Anything you know about painting?
What is the difference between drawing and painting?
Can I dry spray paint with a UV lamp?
what two colors make purple?
What was the single most important event in Georgia O'Keeffe's life?
Do you know of any artists whose work is a similar style to this..?
Can anyone telll me about this painting?
What is this painting?
Would you consider these paintings good?
Artists! Any great ideas for interactive exhibitions that folks really remember?
URBAN FINE ARTS - Painting entitled 'Through the Trees'?
What is your experience with Golden Open Acrylics?
One of my old friends has a painting of trees that said Poon. Anyone know the title, artist or where to buy?
why do you think this painting deserves to win an award?
need a list of 5 well known artists?
my daughter is doing a book report on painting all i need is to find something on line about painting pls he?
why was Leonardo da vinci's artwork made?
What is the meaning of Franz Marc's Paintings 'Large Blue Horses' and 'The Steer'?
art exhibition ideas?
What exactly is abstract and moder art ?
where can i find 150 to 200 spray cans for cheap i am an artist and i need them for invitations for my party??
i have possibly an expensive painting by maurice de vlaminck why cant i find info on it?
Givenchy Leroy Neiman print worth what??
Comments please? How is it so far?
good subject for painting for little kids and children about 4 to 13?
picture representing a mom and daughters?
painting and drawing?
What color is love?
About Leonardo Di Vinci?
where is cozma cristina in brasov?
To all the artist who express themselves with paint, brush, and a canvas...?
How do you do shading for artwork?
if you had money to buy _a masterpiece painting _ which one will you buy?
Can I use acrylic paint on my bike?
does the dollar store have puffy paint? (fabric paint)?
for painters only?
Paint Question?
How many paintings would i need for an art gallery?
painting bedroom black with all my friends hand prints in neon colors?
I'm going to paint a binky, what is the safest paint to use?
where can i get a black charcole portrait coloured?
Do you know any artists who are known for drawing cities/nightlife?
What institutes in India are offering part-time courses in Basic Drawing and Painting?
what kind of mod podge for decoupage?
Where can I buy oil based dyes in Australia?
Georges Rouault?
Spray painting acoustic guitars-?
What is this painting?
BFA in painting, a list of colleges in India!?
What kind of adhesive works best on something spray painted?
How should I price my art?
Brown, pink, and grey paint together?
What kind of paint is good for a paper mache mask?
How should I price some of my artwork to sell at a church craft fair?
can I find a commercial clear medium to mix with artist tube acrylic paints that will work well?
Does everybody in the world see different colors, but just have learned what certain things are called?
Paint Shop Pro?
how do i paint really good paintings?
I need free sheet music for windmills of your mind by michel legrand?
How long does a tube of oil paint last?
Eerie Background Help Please?
Plz help!!!!!!!!!!?
How do i paint my face like the joker?
What / who were the inspiration for Vincent Van Gogh's work?
If I paint my art anywhere even if its functional, is it ART or CRAFT?
How does a painting by a chimpanzee fool the art world?
What do you think of the painting "The Scream" and "Starry Night"? How do they make you feel?
Does Gloria Van Newhouse Adams sign her paintings G Adams? Where do I look on the web to find her?
do you have a favorite colour?
Anyone want to help me find an painter?
info about the Watford nude potter 1790 late mayer K&CO B?
What kind of paint is good for arts and crafts?
what is airbrushing anyway?
Artists who are very concerned with colour?
Can someone give me a link for supplies to make a Minuteman era Comedian costume from Watchmen?
How much should i charge for a painting?
How is Leonardo Da Vinci a Hero?
how to make oil paint dry faster on non porous surfaces?
Has Norman Reedus ever been to Australia?
Needing References for Painting Project?
Can someone help me with a Presidential portrait website?
What media and techniques did Surrealists most commonly use?
What makes it okay to paint your face black?
can a boy have a favourite colour that is yellow?
Where can I find info on Impressionism?
is this painting worth any thing?
Paint - whats the difference between purple and violet, if any?
how much is bertoldo taubert painting z9388 j worth?
Quick! What would look cool with a poisonous mushroom?
How can i create an pic of me with g?
what are paintings of a "the world through the eyes of children" type?
how to paint backgrounds?
How do you take a photograph of a drawing/painting with minimal amount of light being reflected?
Does anyone know anything about adam neate?
what do you think of Ian Cumberland's work and him as an artist?
does Jean Dubuffet have any nicknames or something?
Is there an artist by the name of J. Sibal or J.Sihal, of V. Sibal or V. Sihal? I can't read the name very we
Advertisements from 1836?!?
Is anyone familiar with the Artist Marina Stern?
Do you know this painter?
Painting ideas...?
professional painters' advice needed! How do you photograph your paintings to build your online portfolio?
Can some one give me a simple description of the painting The Fiddler by Marc Chagall ?
When was Marc Chagall's 'Les Amoureux de Vence' painted?
Name of realistic style of painting?
Can I make art prints of a 3D painting?
what are some changes and contributions of art (paintings and literature) during the Ranassance period?
I need help remembering what this was called...?
how many paintings did mark rothko paint?
Who has information about a painting by Wilmer?
where can you get neon paint in antigonish?
Who painted this picture?
What's the name of the Outsider Artist who inspired "Yellow Submarine"?
Does anyone know anything about Jaroslav Čermák I need this answered as soon as possible! Thanks.?
how can I fine out about a french painter named Leon Cepel?
Sample signature of SF Bay Area painter Mike Henderson?
painting Technics used in the weeping woman by Pablo Picasso?
what is a Japanese woodcut?
Can anyone give me the name, artist, and other information of this painting?
Artists similar to Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso?
How can I make an actual picture look like it has been painted or drawn using photoshop?
How much origional oil painting "Cast the first stone" by Joseph Wallace King worth ?
Your opinion on this painting?
Does anyone know of a paint artist who will paint me in a death scene?
mexican painting of an indian carrying a woman?
How did Andy Warhol impact the changes that took place in the 1960's?
How can I paint thin straight lines?
I have been trying to find some bob ross episodes?
painting? pleases help?
How man ytimes did Gentileschi paint Judith Slaying Holofernes?
How can you mix a light red without ending up w/ pink? (Oil Paints)?
How do you get the rights to images of famous paintings?
prime and paint a car candy color?
Is Vanguard painting worth anything?
For a Pop Art painting, how do you put a small image onto a bigger canvas?
In cezanne's 'the basket of apples' are they pastries or biscuits or something else on the plate?
did Salvador Dali paint surrealist paintings?
Can you spray paint a beanie hat?
How much should I charge for painting a mural?
was mona lisa pregnant?
when painting a portrait: is it cheating to grid out the original picture to get the proportions accurate?
Info on these artists?
can I use Red, Green and Blue paint to produce all the colors I want?
Why are people painting on tortillas and why is this so interesting?
What do you think of my paintings and drawings?
Why doe old paint chip?
help!!! how can i kill (spray) paint fumes?
I would like to sell my paintings and such on etsy however...?
what colors you need to mix new one if possible?
where can I get information on english edensor crown china where and when it was produced etc?
Need a picture/portrait of little girl?
What crazy painter should I research?
i have a green canvas, what should i paint on it.?
In 1901, who won the U.S. Open? (He also won in 1903, 1904, and 1905).?
Portland OR artists! Know of any decent galleries or wall space?
The difference between what 'is true' and what is 'believed to be true' in the Arts?
Speed painting...?
Are there any paintings of the Shakespeare actors?
I know this is a long shot, but please help if you can?
Children Play Paints And Artist Paints?
what type of artwork did edward hopper create?
oil paint help?
Does everyone see the same shade of a colour as another person would?
What painters painted seascapes?
Da Vinci Code?
is there a famous painter that signs his/her paintings A.Moore or something that looks like that?
I have a Mona Lisa painting/bought in Italy 15 years ago.. how can I tell it worth something?
how was "the last supper" by Leonardo da vinci typical of renaissance art?
Is it necessary to pay in order to have our URL cached for Watercolor Workshops and Watercolor Tips?
artists, painters, drawers, where can i find a site that people post art on for inspiration?
Is this a good painting that i did?
How did Jean-Michel Basquait help out with the Graffiti movement?
Any creative ideas on how to make fine art sand wall paintings.?
What painting is this?
Jacob Lawrence Painting?
Hi I am searching for an official site for the artist Andrea Laliberte,not somewhere selling her work HELP T?
how do people use to do signature on their painting in the cave age ? like when they do something artistic.?
Information about 2 land scape artists?
Help, need Artist and Art name info - surreal modern art?
The work Object (Le Dejeuner en fourrure) by Meret Oppenheim depicts which of the following items? (Choose all?
Lovers' Leap by G. Franklin Arbuckle?
What would you like to ask?philippines longest painting?
baroque music information?
Information on van Gogh's 'Bedroom in Arles'?
how would you critic this art work?
what supplies do you need in order sray paint?
i have a painting signed by "R. Sargent" and i can't find any info- who is he?
Should I paint what I want or conform to the viewers needs?
Does anyone know any background info on pablo Picasso?
Why are Saint Lawrence's Hand Portrayed in this Way....?
Siphon spray gun not picking up paint?
why did raphael paint his paintings?
can you PLEASE help me with an idea about what my paintings represent?
I need sources for my museum report ;~;?
where can i buy wood picture frame molding for paintings?
who is fareida pinto?
Does anyone one know what type of paint can be used on mirrors or glass and does not come off when it dries?
painting roses?
What is the name of this painting?
Is painting an intellectual activity?
I need to draw a picture for my project, and my teacher wants me to paint it, What kind of paint should I use?
How can I do small detailed pictures on a helmet with an airbrush?
How do you oil paint?
Would you help your male friend but not boyfriend with this project? paint a room?
do you prefer?
What contribution did the romans have in art? ( do not include inf about paintings or arquitectures)?
Please Help!! Thanks!! :)?
What are the type of Medium use to paint?
What should I do for my art assignment?
Does anybody know a website where you can describe what a painting/portrait/image looks like and it will find?
Who was the model for Botticelli's Birth of Venus? Is she in any of his other paintings?
Art Experts---What is this, Please?
How to draw a 3 Dimensional sq?
looking for a web sit that i can check if painting i have bought in the past are worth anything.?
I'm looking for a piece of art.?
looking for web sites that display pictures of mexico or mexican art?
Can I use paint on my Mac Book to cover a stain? and if what kind is the safest to use?
What kind of art is this...?
Any body got tips for a beginner painter using water color?
how to choose a good painting if you know nothing about art?
Who was the artist falsely accused,thrown in prison,while there,painted Jesus' face on an old handkerchief?
Painting a Canvas... need some ideas?
Recommendation of art website please?
What is faux painting?
simple face painting ideas!?
Why did Van Gogh cut his ear?
Painting a track & field discus?
artists work that is about their childhood or their past or reflections?
Some questions about classical painting, [and painting on a dark base]?
How much does it cost [on average] to sell your paintings in a gallery?
im wondering the value of this key holder?
What materials did Andy Warhol use to make his pictures?
how do you interpret this painting?
I am looking for a print that is by Judy Gibson it is like Royal Quest but the man is off his horse?
bob ross what a clever artist - is there a site with all his pictures on ?
halloween body paint?
How do changes in color establish our sense of color and form in Impressionist paintings?
how can you tell if art is good?
What color should we paint this room?
Any links to paintings or drawings?
does anyone know of any famous/unfamous cameroon oil painters?
is craft separate from art and design or is it included?
when did janet fish (artist) die?
What kind of "Art" is this?
Does anybody know the name of this painting?
How do you make glow in the dark body paint?
How should I attach acrylic beads to a painting on canvas?
Can I paint mens leather dress shoes with acrlyic paint?
Painters at the Académie des Beaux-Arts with Keese van Dongen..?
Who is leonard wren?
Where can I find a Zorn print/poster online?
who is mona lisa and what did she do.?
What should Steven Wynn do with the Money?
da vinci: master painter or just a tosser?
what are some really beautiful romantic paintings?
what painting is this a detail from?
can u tell first eggs or hen ?
Where can I find flags like this?
Is Filipino artist Juan Luna's oil painting of Rory Emerald one of his best?
What kinda of paint would I use for a paint fight?
In what style did Georgia O'Keeffe paint? I have searched forever! plz help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Do I look scene to you?
Why do some artists charge so much for the random splatters of paint they make?
does anyone know of an artist named Antoine or Anthony Pick from the 1890's? Not sure of the spelling.?
What Category (Or Style) Would You Place This Painting Under?
Who is Wendy Wheeler?
Help! About Patrick Caulfield! HELP ASAP!?
Describe why 19th century art is important?
Where can I sell some original Vadik Suljakov Oil paintings?
how do I sell a painting by an Irish artist?
does anyone know a place to sell a painting that lives by framingham mass?
any cow artists............?
how would you describe the line quality of roy lichtenstein's artwork "drowning girl"?
Does anyone know name and artist of this painting?
dorothy kaplan artist?
Good place to buy painting equipment?
Van Gogh - The Red Vineyard (near arles), help with analysis please?
Why do artists use oils?
More informations about Banshees?
need a list of 5 well known artists?
how do i make a name for myself in art and where can i sale my art?
What artist went out on his own at the age of eight, and became a dishwasher at a cafe and bar?
What questions do you have about Mona Lisa?
Are you more creative when you're happy or when you're sad?
Post an oil painting on the internet?
Where can I find prints of Eschers works online?
What to say about the composition in the painting of Nicolas Poussin "The abduction of Sabine women"?
Can someone help me find out about this painting?
Anyone like this art peice I did?
What's the point of Banksy, he just stole Blek Le Rat's artwork?
does spraypaint stay on polycarbonate ?!?
Does anyone know the name/artist of this painting??
How to face paint someone's face to blend into a tree in the background?
Random facts about umberto boccioni?
Capuletti painting question...?
What inspired Gustav Klimt to paint "The Three Stages of Women?"?
Can you blend acrylic paint markers like regular paint?
Does anyone recognize this painting? ss!!!?
I have a clown painting with a signature of EJ '67. Has anyone ever heard of this, and how much is it worth?
William W. Harnett--- The Old Refrain?
acrylic setting for flower arrangement?
Out of Red, Yellow, and blue... what colours make brown?
Need help finding a picture/portrait of a neoclassical painter?
What are some tips on abstract painting?
how do i price my painting???
what is circumstance in art ? During the renaissance?
what are the exact dimensions of The Liberation of the Peon by Diego Rivera?
How much would a painting by Charles Rennie Macintosh be worth?
I have a painting and I don't know who the artist is?
Can anyone identify this painting?
worried about offending people that are really proud of been British in my painting?
How to make textures like chris ofili (artist)?
whats the painters name?
Help with this Picture!?
Which is the best oil, acrylic, or watercolor?
Where can I find Body Paint?
Can Anyone Help Me Find Out About This Painting?
robert scott lauder prints?
Looking for artist of painting!?
how to thin oil paint?
more images like this ???
Where can I find all of "Johann Friedrich Dietler" paintings? 10 points for helping me find the answer!?
What do you think of my painting(-s)?
Body paint help?????????
What do you think of this painting?
Which brain damaged artist appear on the 2001 BBC documentary Fragments of Genius?
Who painted the "eyes" pic that hung in the stairs @the Miami Bad Girls Club House? I want to buy it sooo bad!?
what are the three primary colors for art.?
Autobot symbol painted on my wall?
Who's the artist of this painting!?
why are school buses painted yellow....?
How do you use salt to paint?
Digital painting for teens?
What is the name of the Norman Rockwell painting with a telephone operator sitting at the switchboard?
can i stencil on oil based paint?
Face painting?
name of an unknown painting?
What is Blue, when Yellow is the background?
Name Any Color you Know?
what is the best gift to give an artist - no restrictions?
What is your favorite colors?
How did the artist Georgia O'Keeffe's upbringing and interests influence her work?
Are girls attracted to artists why?
what is the name of this painting!?
could i add oil to a water based paint to make it oil based?
what rhymes with car?
where can i buy mafia paintings online? Especially the yakuza doing yubizume i.e cutting of finger?
what was marc chagall thinking when he painted i and the village?
can i spray paint the top of my snowboard?
Where did Georgia O'Keeffe live and work?
I have a one of a kind Andy Warhol 4 Marilyns.All 4 6x6",golden,orange,pink,peach.What is it worth in USD?
Did Red Skelton's paintings really get stolen? They were all so ugly, was this a cover-up?
Where can I order cheap prints of my artwork online?
has anyone ever heard of an artist named ANTONI DIETLEF? I have a beautiful painting of his...?
how to do EMOTIONS in artwork?
Can anyone help me identify these paintings of a boy and a girl?
what is the value on a violet schewenig cottage plate?
Creative things you can do with black spray paint?
want information on marysville inmate "melissa ryan"?
If you want to be like the Joker from Dark Night, what would be some good paint to use on your face?
What was inscripted inside the locket given by Napoleon Bonaparte to his wife?
Opinions on my latest painting please?
What do u think about graffiti?
What are "standard" frame sizes for original painting frames?
Picture of 4 construction workers eating lunch on a skyscraper beam?
how to make paint splatters on my guitar pickguard?
Is there something to seal an acrylic painting?
what is a large painting on a wall called?
Where can I buy Shellac (paint?) in the UK?
How much should I charge for my paintings?
'Oil' Painting on cardboard, (snatched off boxes).. any tips?
i think ive invented a new colour?
what is this painting?
what painting is this from the harlem Renaissance?
exhibition you have ever seen?
what is a good starter airbrush kit for around 50 dollars?
is it safe me to oil paint in my kitchen? do i need a mask? how toxic is paint really?
Who is this artist..I can't remember her name?
Where is El Greco's "Resurrection" currently on display?
Painting on a wooden stool? Ideas?? 10 point!?
making rich chocolate paint?
Average price of a Joseph Bodner painting?
How did Paul Cezanne and Henri Matisse revolutionise still life?
do I need special paint to paint on a window?
I'm trying hard to track down the name of a painter who featured in a documentary i saw about 10 years ago.
A question about getting art to a dealer...?
Monet's The Railroad Bridge?
Question about storing/preserving an oil pastel painting?
what is your favourite colour?
how can I blend oil pastels?
what were Marcel Proust's favorite paintings?
Can I paint in carbon fiber? (iPhone)?
Anybody recognize this signature?!?
I am trying to find out who owns the copyright to the song (La Smooth) by Najee.?
Why is James Jeans' exhibition called Kindling?
how does one speckle paint?
Does anyone know of a good website to buy posters of paintings?
Familiar faces , familiar places?
Should i prime my already-primed canvas for oil painting?
what compressor works with this airbrush?
What makes someone a "professional" in their field?
can i paint on a glass bead that i bought with glass paint?
Graffiti: Art or Vandalism?
Please get me information on chinese artwork.?
What should I spray paint on my dad's half pipe?
Beginning Painter - Will Oil Painting Ever Dry?
what is the difference between emulsion paint and...?
How can I make my own canvas for oil painting ?
Whats a creative name for a picture frame business?
Hi, i want to know what kind of vase that eddie murphy broke on trading places?
Want To Help Figure Out What's Wrong With This Painting?
Does acrylic paint work like watercolors, whereas it can be easily pulled by water? Any other things same/dif-?
I want to paint a picture of colorful boats with reflections in the water.?
To paint a Tahitian woman in the style of Gauguin, what colours would I use?
I have a lovely beach photo that I would love painted on a large canvas for my living room.?
is Liquin Original toxic?
How is abstract art defined? What is different about it?
What's your veredict?
Can you do a painting as fast as this guy.?
How much should I charge for an illustration work for advertasing?
I need to compare and contrast the works of two artists from the Renaissance?
Why did Edgar Degas paint "The Star"?
Like my painting & get me in to the National Gallery!?
why did early humans create cave paintings?
Mixing acrylic and oil paint?
How come I can't find any art dealers willing to buy my aunt's paintings?
i have two original paintings from paul detlefsen how can i find out what they are worth?
Art Books: Need Help!?
Ink used in my artwork?
Does some abstract art come from music?
Best pen/marker to use with watercolor?
Belton or Montana? whats your input?
acrylics.... has anyone else noticed that when acrylics dry they turn slightly chalky appearance? and if you .
can anyone answer a question about Diego Rivera's famous mural "Man at the Crossroads"?
Best Bob Ross - 'The Joy Of Painting' series'?
Anniversary Gift Ideas for Husband who is a beginner artist?
would you paint the whitehouse black if it were your house?
What is the colour technique called when one colour fades to another?
what the colour white signifies?
What is the best way to sell artwork?
what is the name of this painting?
An analysis on Salvador Dali's artwork The Person at the Window please?
Have a painting by Ralph Hedley over 100 years old.?
what is a good site to find paintings from the years 1400-1700?
All of you artists out there i need HELP!!!?
lisa yuskavage... where can i view all of her paintings?
Whats the different between Thomas Kinkade oil on canvas and just a print?
Do you have a favourite painting that you would care to share?
Help with painting ugliness?
Can you really paint your hair with tempera paint?
What colors should I use to air brush a Palomino horse ceramic figurine?
Trying to find the name of a Salvador Dali painting?
I need some ideas....?
What did Fether Mazda paint?
How long does acrylic paint take to dry on air-dry clay?
Did guatamalan artist rodolfo abularach paint a mostly red abstract oil painting of horses in 1957?
Lord Leighton painting - have forgotten what it is called!?
Should I paint my id picture here, in oil on canvas?
Salvador Dali painting and meaning?
Where can i find a full version of this painting here?
Burnes Of Boston Frames?
how can you tell if a painting is an original or repro?
I need advice on this guitar paint job.?
Changed My Mind About Selling My Painting?
How to be a famous painter?
If there is a best friend youve knone your hole life and bes mean to you and never stops what do you do??
Is there a web site of face painting or cheek paintings?
can i use a paint pallet to make resin charms?
Why did they name the color purple, purple?
removing painting from canvas?
Need to know how to get artwork noticed. I've been doing it for 2 years and now I even did a website.?
Where is the real spolarium? Is the one in the National Museum in Intramuros a replica?
Louis C. Tiffany Painting?
Why are the works of painters from Oaxaca so highly prized? Are they so good? Is it a good investment?
What do you think, fineliner on a canvas? Quite proud of this...?
How did painter, Milton Resnick commit suicide?
textile painting?
bedroom art studio?????????????
Ive a painting from an Artist named Lawrenson?
where is good art gallery on NSW south coast to sell paintings?
How are Raphael's works still important to us today?
What does art mean to you personally? How do you value art work especially your own art work?
Picture of 4 construction workers eating lunch on a skyscraper beam?
I think this represents "Allegory" what do you think?
What medium should i use for my painting?
How did Andy Warhol influence American culture?
I bought a painting from an art gallery who owns the copyright of the image?
Is my art good enough to hold a amateur exhibition in my garden?
how do I start selling my paintings, help please?
what was jean baptiste point du sable live like?
Painting your Wheels?
im looking for info on a painter named T. Motte?
I have booked a painting holiday in MALTA in May.?
What are the top 20 RAL colors?
What kind of paint can be used as body paint?
where can I look to find the name of a famous painting?
how do i get a pink shade of colour by mixing oil paints........which colours should i use to get pink darker?
Where is the Pablo Picasso Joie de Vivre painting?
Whats your favorite Classical art.?
Name the painting - eyes always looking at you?
what is a norman window?
please help.. what artists work in the theme of reveal and conceal but also show emotion?
why did edward hoppeer use road or railway track often in his paintings?
How can I send Alex Pardee fan mail?
Angel helping kids over a bridge?
If you had 6 days in Florence to see as much art as you could, how would you spend your time?
i want to learn how to paint?
Do I have to use a medium in my oil paintings?
Where can you buy those little sculptures you paint?
looking to find out about artist who went by the initial of m.j.z.?
Where can I find East Indian artwork?
In 1983 a Japanese artist copied the Mona Lisa in what material?
When working with acrylics , Is it better to have a medium with it ?
the song "painted black"?
How old is Benton Paul,the musician?Cannot find a bio anywhere I look.Searched all over the web:nothin'.?
What do Roy Lichtenstein and Eduardo Paolozzi's drawings have in common and what do they have that is differen?
what color palette should i use?
any information about this painting?
Leonardo da vinci questions?
Poor Artists?
What's the best type of paint...?
What is the best youtube channel for painting tutorials?
Can someone please explain a 'picture plane'?
Great Artists, if you could create a painting that was so breathtakingly exquisite everyone who laid eyes upon?
Should I Spray Paint My G-shock (Watch)?
Mona Lisa but george bush face photoshoped, where to find?
Which painting is your favorite?
Is an angled sash paint brush better than one that is not for painting close to molding?
What is my favorite color?
how to wite good nature paint and colours?
robert hutchinson 1918-1985 water colour painter?
Should I keep the artwork's frame?
help Me to Recognize Picture?
How much would it cost for somebody to pain a portrait like this?
Best Airbrush for painting?
Best story relating to this painting?
Painting for my boyfriend.. what to paint?
looking for a painter from about the 1900's who specialized in nudes and still life with oil?
What is the most beautiful painting in the World?
purdy paint brushes,what happened to them,?
What kind of fabric acrylic paint does Miskeen Originals use?
Help on acrylic painting?
What color should I paint my small reading/study area?
How do I mount an acrylic painting in an open-backed frame?
Copic markers for painting mugs?
can i use permanent markers for graffiti?
acryllic painting. how can i add gloss to it?
Does anyone know anything about the artist Georgia O'Keefe?
I'm trying to think of the name of a painting. It's a guy in front of a painting of himself.?
HOMEWORK HELP: i have homework about Mona Lisa and its painter. please HELP!!!!?
What's an easy landscape for a beginning painter?
what catagory would a question about ink/ paint go?
how can I get painting lessons from dan dunn?
Who painted this and what is it called?
painting of the saint maries sarah etc arriving in boat at stes maries de la mer?
how to you paint a rose from a photo with acrylic? Thx!?
What is the name of the artist that made the image of a woman's head in a spiral over clouds?
where is the original mona lisa painting located?
I need a cheep cello but not ebay?
ancient chinese artists did not paint pictures of what?
what do u think bout this clown painting?
when painting clothes you use acrylic or special fabric paints, but what about oil paints? ?
Painting Help?!?
Italian art question?
I love all of Salvador Dali's work but is there any evidence that he used drugs to create his artwork?
Male artist siting side on view in expensive suit with paint splattered on it??
My theory of the Mona Lisa?
Was Picasso French - all i need to know not asking much! ????
what is your favorite color?
can you name the original artist?
What was Mary Cassatt's most famous work of art?
value of oil painting?
how can i get better at "tagging" graffiti?
Why is the Mona Lisa considered the greatest painting of all time?
In what ways do artists use elements such as contrast and symbolism portray personal dilemmas?
what was lenardo davinci's favourite piece?
Creating Artwork Painting Timeframe?
Glow in the dark paint ?
Anti-Rococo critics?
Do you know this painting?
Morbid paintings, please?
what does Surrealist Movement mean?
just got a oil paint set and ive never used oil anyone know any good websites that teach you how?
Intention of Artist Jean Tinguely?
Is the artist's primary fuction to create beauty or provoke thought?
What's something simple to paint with watercolours?
What are some good french songs/artists?
artist biography!!!!!?
Do i have potential painting art? *pictures.?
Help with talking about these paintings?
How can i find if the art I have is worth money.?
when are paintings considered to be in the public domain?
Can I paint my phone case with acrylic paint?
What should I paint for art class?
Impasto Painting?
Whats a creative name for a picture frame business?
What is the name of the famous painting based on the Manhattan grid system?
is bert mcen married to zui suicide?
how do you paint a cubism painting?
What movement are these three Picasso pieces from?
Frederic Edwin Church & his paintings?
How do you paint a picture of glass on canvas?
Anyone got any neat drawing/painting tools?
How do I get a top NY gallery to look at the work of an established artist new to the NYC art scene?
Polls : Do perfer Seascapes or Prairie scenes in paintings?
Hi I was wondering how colonial artists like captain thomas smith made money off their portraits.?
how to use a bird stencil?!?!?
Why do painters almost always wear white?
how much commission should a gallery take for selling an artist's work?
what plants can I use for paint pigments?
Pls help in finding title and artist of a pic?
Anyone know who took a B and W photo of a small fair haired girl in Glasgow wearing wellies circa 1960?
how do you make a picture on paint larger?
how much would you pay for this?
I need to know about mosaics, how are they made?
where can I get good family photo frames in pune?
What is the RAL color of the white 1st gen. iPod nano?
What is the name of the artist: he paints his models with a cwhite face but gives the eyes,mouth,hair color?
What is the significance of the covered faces ...?
Do I have a case aginest my union?
What colors do I mix to make midnight green?
Does anyone know how to make this?
i have to make a card of a painting a famous artist did?
Child porn or Artist ? (Australia)?
Information on Sorollas Paintings?
People who hate Picasso: who do you think was the greatest painter ever?
I`m painting my room soon any cool color suggestions?
what is important about the Mona Lisa?
where can i find detailed information on a painting by claude monet?
Was Georgia O'Keefe a lesbian?
What is your favorite impressionist painting?
if a picture paints a thousand words, then why can't i paint you ?
I want to know what you think of my Indians. I've never shown anyone my work before?
How do I get a copyright for my art?
Tell me what you think of my painting!?
how can i make a sticker on the guitar fretboard ?
I hear that white is not a color is it true?
What Should be my medium Water colors or oil on canvas?
in the painting the lictors bearing the dead sons of brutus how is it noeclassical?
T Shirts!!! HELP!! IDEAS s best answer!!?
How do I get rid of the dried up/ hardened paint on my paintbrush?
artist like picasso and léger?
what would you like to create\invent?
Does anyone know a website where I can find information on Pablo Picasso's Dance of Youth?
I recently came into a John G Brown painting of " The Country Gallant". What is it worth?
Can anyone figure out what this painting is?
where can find a painting for a girl swiming in a river surrounding with some girls?
describing picasso's work?
who was monalisa apart from being the creation of the famous maestro?
what grade would you give my painting? A,B,C,D, or F?