What is the name of the artistic technique M.C. Escher uses in his paintings?
oil painting question!!!?
what's your favorite band/artist/musician?
Can I use this to thin oil paints?
what is a flat wash? (art)?
is artist Margaret Keane still alive?
where can i get notes of fine arts drawing and painting?
what type of white paint is good to use on man made black leather?
What does "Do not use more than 10% of water to thin paint"?
What goes down at Art shows?
How can you get a review of " Boys in a Pasture,1876" by Winslow Homer?
I'm a graduate/fine art painter/tutor/lecturer who wants to work from home...?
Is this painting nonobjective, abstract, or realistic? Please explain...?
Did Gustav Klimt have children?
What do you call a group of pictures(3), in separate frames, hung on the wall but seem to belong together?
Team Riley? Team Jacob? Team Edward?
Who painted the world famous farmer and his wife?
What makes a painting amazing?
How blend in acrylic paint on a painting?
How do you feel about this painting?
Who did water color of Buckingham Palace from st. James park?
difference between Pastel and Oil Painted Portraits?
Any Mothers day ideas?
What can art (graduate studies in painting) schools teach you that you can't learn on your own?
Is painting relaxing?
where r the art galleries?
What do you think of sonja sohn from the wire?
Can you put a teacup in your oven without damaging it?
Pablo picasso and Van gogh transcriptions?
I have a painting with a Luson signature. Can anyone tell me anything about it. ?
what is the name of this painting?
any paintings?
Which of the following is considered an art medium?
how do you express art?
does reproductions have original painter's signature?
van gogh vs adolphe monticelli?
How can I age paper?
How to start watercolouring?
What two primary colors make brown?
what is the modern printmaking?
who worked on paint frescoes in the private office of pope?
What is your interpretation of Starry Starry Night by Van Gogh?
Does anyone know who the woman in this portrait is? {picture included}?
what a find i can not believe it but i need help to find out how rare it is?
i have this huge canvas that i wanted to paint on..?
what's your favorite color?
Where can I find islamic art / Paintings to buy? I want to buy a large canvas print?
what is your fave color?
If you pastel paint,do you also use "pastel pencils" for enhancing/detail adding?
Anyone ever heard of a painter called H Mason. Its a old painting of a flower.?
Can I use PVA glue and go over paint to make it shiny/glossy?
Thin liquid layering, which hardens into a thin layer?
Zhou Xiaoping paintings to buy?
Anyone know of a painter that had an impact on his/her country?
how much can be an average salary of an animator ?is it limited ?if no what is the limit?
What is that wooden thing that holds painting canvas up called?
Did Eliza Doolittle Marry Professor Higgins?
graffiti artist for hire?
Why is Jesus portrayed as young, fit and shaven in the mosaic; The Good Shepherd?
how to get clean lines while painting stripes?
Who is the painter guy I'm thinking of cuz I thought his name was Bob Marley?
How does the artist transfer their sketch on paper to the canvas?
What can I use to preserve the graffiti/spray paint on the side of my shaved ice stand?
collagraph - pls help , im begging?
what is the best color?
Which scene do you think I should paint?!?!?
where can i buy paintings?
why is "The MonaLisa" so great?
the persistence of memory by salvador dali?
printmaking lesser form of art?
Is this a piece of crap? Be gentle.?
Does anyone know anything about this painting?
where was leonardo da vinci born?
Kara Walker. What type of art would you say she uses?
How much would a melted crayon art painting sell for?
Do you know what Thomas Kinkaid ("The Painter of Light") puts in all his paintings?
Camera for photographing art?
Info about artist James March Phillips. Painted in water colors. Have picture titled :Storm at Point Lobos"
does anyone know what and where this art is?
Who painted this painting: eyeballs between woman's fingers, other hand holding lemon?
Artist's Paint ? what a good CHEAP paint for beginners w ho make lots of mistakes?
artist that sounds like maria mena?
What can I do to get over my fear of starting a painting?
What is a good username for an artist(painter)?
painting on someones skin?????
What are the art elements evident in Mona Lisa?!? 10 points!?
How much is a painting from Royal albert Gallery worth?
What is the price of the mona lisa ? ?
what did the artist Luis Melendez use to paint?
Artists similar to Alex Pardee?
Who was the painter of 'The Starry Night' and 'Portrait of Dr. Gachet' Commits Suicide?
What is this the name & artist of this song..?
How do you paint your nails?
What is your favourite colour?
What color to put with Van Gogh picture?
what is my orginal name?
How can I make a mother of pearl type effect on the walls of my art room?
Do you like my paintings?
Anyone know about a painting from a White Mountains artist?
How do I sell a Thomas Kinkaid painting?
Comment My New Painting!
watercolor art supplies, where can i find a liquid friskit pen for fine masking?
are there any artists who paint stuff like.. it's hard to explain, please read?
Need information on a painting(pictures included)?
What company makes Shin Han watercolor paints?
I'd like to be able to paint better?
why home made oil colors with linseed oil lose the shine on canvas?
Do I need a license or permit to sell my oil paintings?
I accidentally inhaled spray paint fumes!?
Do skilled/true painters ever use pure black or white?
Which is the best brand of artist paint brushes?
Whats the difference between spray paint glossy and spray paint primer?
I have a painting that has a signature that looks like C.H. Chase or C.H. Chow.?
Is Graffiti Art Or Crime?
info about artist anton h dahl?
What is the value of an original painting, not print, by james gordon irving? It is canvas on frame of birds.?
I have an old painting I bought at an auction?
What is Poussin's "osservazioni sopra la pittura"?
Does lead based paint affect your bottom?
Acrylic on soft board!?
While in Munich, Wood admired 15th century Northern Gothic painting at the Alte Pinakothek Museum.?
When was Betty G. Miller born?
I have a signed (in margin) 16x22" print(Cafe De Paris) by Yorgo. Left side is, O.R.L.E.?
Can anyone please help me identify these paintings?
if suppose i am from India and i wanted to buy a painting on ebay of $20 and from the?
What's an affordable way to paint?
Who is Marco Foscarini? Is he a painter?
Is Black and White colors?
Could someone please tell me what is going on in Salvadore Dali's "Idylle Atomique"?
name famous artists that paint people in a unique style?
How would I go about painting this? (oil painters)?
Glow In The Dark Paint Question?
C. Ruano Lopis Painting?
What is there to say about a painting ?
how can i create this effect with paint?
should i get the naked2 palette?
What is your favourite colour and why?
What element is absolutely necessary for color to exist when it comes to art?
does any1 no of the painter R Downs?
why did andy warhol nickname edie sedgewick "taxi"?
mauro malang santos paintings?
Abstract painting to portray an adjective.. Any help?
For those who have seen the actual Mona Lisa, how would you describe seeing it in front of you in real life?
Do you know any famous paintings?
I am making a cake that needs a true black color and have run out of black food coloring. Can anyone tell me w
What to use for masking tape/film for sign painting on an awning?
i can't paint. i am afraid to begin?
can u use acrylic to paint your shoes?
who painted "dont work hard work intelligent"?
how do i get my art work in a gallery?
what kind of music do you artists listen to?
The Paul Juraszek monolith (after Marcus Gheeraerts) by Marcus Wills?
Can I repaint an artwork from a particular painting artist and later sell the art piece? Is it legal?
who was said to be the greatest practitioner of impressionism?
Spray paint on a canvas?
where can i find reliable art dealer who buy my paintings & my reproduction paintings?
How to use oil paint?
Where can I find the image "Gerolamo Mercuriale" by Lavinia Fontana?
how sell paintings & earn money?
Artists similar to Paula rego, Help for essay!!!!?
Do you love Oil Paintings?
Removal of adhesive/oil based paint. ?
im thinking of painting my room and was wondering what color of paint works well with a black light?
Does taping a straight line in a painting really work ?
how can i find the artist of a named painting?
Why is it impossible to purchase a print of Maxfield Parrish's "The Rubaiyat"?
can anyone give me any info on a pottery artist named raymond everill am unable to get any info .thanks?
Favorite art work?
who is your fave artist (painter ect)?
Can you use a 250psi air compressor with an air brush?
Frida Kahlo's "Henry Hospital Ford" painting symbolism?
Does glow in the dark paint lose its glow over time?
Where can you find information about fatu feu'u?
Where in Australia can you buy Craftsmart acrylic paint online?
Edward Hopper painting technique.?
what is a picture painted directly on to a wall called?
how do you make brown paint!?
Painting my TOMS with something other then fabric paint?
How old is the shrine of St.Anthony in Padua?
what is the difference between the impressionist and post-impressionist movement?
When did art in Europe become realistic?
what are some face painting designs?
painting by artist e green?
Is Thomas Kinkade "the painter of light" the only painter with a dna signature...?
What type of paint is used in an Airbrush?
Advice for painting on those pre-stretched canvases?
How do I paint on mesh cloth? i have made a shirt out of mesh and i would like to paint fowers on it?
can some one tell me some descriptive stuff about a particullar dutch vanitas painting.?
name some sexual artists for me...?
'Painters block???'?
Why?!?!?! I need your help!!?
WHERE DO you buy color changing ink from.?
What is a good name for a shop that sells beautiful painted canvases?
Can delft hear in their dreams?
why is Picasso is of such importance to the world?
how much do i sell my painting for,but i can't read the name of the artist?
Painters - do you have a link to your art?
juggalo face paint sites?
The (1960's) British Invasion?
How do I keep my oil paints from drying?
Does anyone known about a renaissance artist by the name of Lavinia Fontana?
What will happen if I put le paste on paper and then paint a word over it?
I have a painting with a H. signature at the bottom... Who is this artist?
I am looking for an artist with the name of Santbergan. It could be Jerry Santbergan.?
Art - painting...?
When preparing a canvas for oil painting, do you prime it first or wet the back with a sponge?
Hi, I need to know what kinds of color used to paint on the glass?
El Greco, artist help?!?
Name of famous contemporary artist in East Hampton?
Can anybody identify these three paintings for me?
looking for price for a donald teague painting called stagecoach arrival?
varnish wood under acrylic?
Art Question?? Please?
can any one give me names of still life artist with signature that looks like d booty/ d beety ??
How to take prints of my Original/Masterpiece paintings?
Is it true Claude Monet attempted suicide?
what can you say about the role of artists in the society?
When Does An Artist Know It's Time To Move On To Another Style?
Painting from the 1980s?
Can You name this piece of art (painting) or at least the artist?
need inspiration for a painting?
Which Spray Paints Should I Use To Paint An All Metal Paintball Gun Gold Tiger Camo?
Art Gallery in Europe, Canada, Australia...?
Are there any cute daisy framed pictures, or canvas?
Franz Kline art work what do u think?
can i carry my art portfolio work on my laptop?
What colours are "pop-arty"?
artists who painted pictures of royalty in the past?
Most important element of Matisse's work?
Who is this painting by?
What would a cool name for an airbrush tshirt business?
when did fernando ribeiro die off provincetown?
How do you add graphics to your photos?
What should i sketch?
Please please please i need a list of artists that have done portraits?
Do you know where i can buy a print of 'the empty chair' by Charles Spencelayh?
I need a painting!! HELP!!!?
is there any graffiti in yellowknife?
In what ways do the murals of Diego Rivera differ from, or reflect, the work of his contemporaries?
What is a biographical sketch?
What set up do you use for painting with watercolors?
Can anyone tell me about a male artist with the first name Kelly (or Kelley)?
how is it best to frame canvas boards?
Who are some artists who's main works... or most of it are... about "people"?
Best way to make stencils for spray paint?
Is art noveau recognized by the artworld today?
what are the use of design (principles) of this painting of claude monet: Boating on the Epte?
Help, I need beautifull pictures of ocean (I paint picture for my boyfriend)?
I need ideas for painting on canvas, need more for the kitchen living room?
Who is this caricature of?
What are the essentials for oil painting?
has anyone heard of an artist/painter called Aug Ahrend i need as much info as possible - thanks?
Artist Harry Roseland?
Where are Van Gogh's paintings at the moment?
How do you authenticate a painting is "real"?
who painted the moon black?
Anyone know where to get Kurt Halsey paintings and art?
Has anyone heard of an artist named Vigano?
what is this painting?
nedd appaisel for 1888 paiting frm loch earn and 1945 robert woods?
Can i leave paint in the siphon paint container for an airbrush?
How can i paint the aurora borealis with watercolor paint.?
What is your interpretation of Salvador Dali's "Soft watch at the moment of the first explosion"?
can anyone tell me some artists name that uses lot of color?
Can any one name this painting and by what artist?
When you come across a "Wet Paint" sign do you find the need to test it?
Can I get more likes for my face painting on facebook?
i was wondering what you guys think of my first graffiti sketch?
what Colors do you mix together to make clarett?
What colour is colour of the wind??
How should I attach acrylic beads to a painting on canvas?
What happens when acrylic and oil paints mix?
1970's clown oil paintings-Marcelino?
what is your favourite color?
what do you think of my art ?
How old do you need to be to buy a spray paint mask?
What's the name of this painting???
how much is an original granma moses painting worth?
artist who portay stories in their work?
Do you have pictures of Francisco Quisumbing?
Does anyone know anything about the work of Vincent Van Gogh?
the different between abstract and realism?
who painted this? (look at image)?
where in the uk can I see a Salvador Dali painting?
Painting Help?
Can anyone give me any information about an artist called R.J.Walters who lived in Winchester UK?
This is my latest painting which is in progress?
what are good paintbrush brands?
i want to download posters painted by Alfred Gockel by visa?
What should I paint on it? :) short , .s! :)?
yellow flats next to tate modern over looking the thames does they have a name ?
If you were to buy a painting or drawing...?
Can you be a good artist if you don't get traditional, classical training?
contemporary artists who paint from life?
Have you ever heard of there being a link between bipolal disorder and creativity, in which the artist is?
when will the color purple become the new blue?
Allergic to oil paint?
What is oil paint made of?
How many peoples favorite color is YELLOW?
I am trying to find who is depicted in a painting.?
need help with this assignment?
Is the Georgia O'Keefe painting "Autumn Leaves" an oil on canvas or watercolors on paper?
im a young artist by the name KEELO1000...i dont have much money so is there a way i can get a sponsor?
why is the mona lisa so famous?
If you could get a hand painted Oil Paintings from one of your Photos for under $200. Would you buy it?
Does painting pva over paint stop it peeling in a bathroom?
Sai Paint Tool Layering?
Did you know?
My Mother has a painting by Fiora Cozzi titled "Forest" #118118 xvn and she was wondering what it worth.?
Affordable, good quality digital painting tablet?
What is the painting on The Simpsons wall based on?
watercolor painting help?
Paint!!?? I need help!!?
What is lead used for in paint??
What colors do you have to mix in order to mix acrilyc paint to make the color brown and green?
Get answers from millions of real people.?
painting by Henri Matisse?
What is your favorite work of art ? What feelings does the image invoke?
Could you name me some flower painters?
in printing t-shirt what use chemical in expose process?
How much would YOU buy this painting for/How much do you think it's worth?
Who painted these pictures?
Are there any famous photographs or paintings that include lens flare?
Do you know this artist?
Can you read this signature?
I have an old oil painting retrieved from a wall in an old hotel in st.croix..?
anybody here is a painter?
What is Fernando Botero's most famous work, or his masterpiece? Where can I find interpretations of his art?
What is the Title of Famous Christmas Painting?
Painting guitar! Desperate need help!!?
i'm rechard salvador i ask to claim the retiremet in pmsmbfi?
How do I go about beginning to oil paint?
What Does 'Compare contrast between the Mona Lisa and any other artwork you are familiar with' Mean?
how safe is tamiya acrylic model paint?
are tombow dual brush pens permanent markers or not?
how much are stratford & York paint brushes for watercolor and do they sell it at michaels?
how do i paint really good paintings?
Can you Figure Out The Inspiration For This Painting?
Hi. I am just turned 60.Yeah rite.(LOL)I want to teach.I am an artist(painter)& a new 'Nan'.but have no degree?
Painting Inspiring Ideas?!?!?
Artists similar to Gustav Klimt?
i have 6 hand painted rooster glasses signed by kathi urbach. Does anyone know the artist and possible value?
What single artwork can someone suggest me?
Who painted this scene?
CHALKBOARD PAINT!??? Please Help! :)?
I need a catchy name for my glass painting business. I paint on wine bottles, wine glasses. vases, anything?
Which style of entertainment do you like better, Romanticism or Realism? Explain why. Give examples of your fa?
Oil Painting problem?
can anyone tell me art tutoring classes in north bangalore?
how can you get acrilyc paint of a lead soldier?
do reproductions of famous artist's works generally increase in value over time?
Where to find a paint scanner in Glen Allen Virginia?
my bf is a graffiti artist, he does mostly throw-up. whats some dope graffiti supplies i can suprise him with?
what is this painting called?
1.Which problems concerning the representation of reality confronted French painters in the nineteenth century?
How can I learn how to paint at home?
Were any pieces of Art banned in the U.K. during the 1960's?
how was the relation between leonardo da vinci and michael angelo?
How has the artist gotten this effect?
Whats the name of this painting?
What does the color chartreuse make you think of?
stuck on a good face painting business name.suggestions?? :)?
how are watercolors, oil, acrylic, and gauche the same and different?
Any tips for watercolour painting?
looking for an american called karla hendriks alias ida susso?
Who is the greatest painter of food and wine?
What does this painting mean?
whats the best hardware spray paint for graffiti?
How can I paint my mailbox?
Which artists use this color???
Who painted this picture?
Name one thing man has done to improve the earth.?
Afghan paintings for sale?
What is the value on this Norman Rockwell print (Looking Out To Sea)...2'x3' on canvas?
Mixed Media? Painters?
Please help me find the name/artist of this painting!?!?
Who were the first artists?
I remember this painting. Peasant girl with broken pitcher?
What kind of paint does the artist Kaws use?
Plz help w/ imformation about LEONARDO DA VINCI!?!?!?!?
Is Graffity a real art?
I have a painting and it is signed pat imes or lmes can't really tell need to find info about painting?
How can one remove 'art masking fluid' from a pair of jeans?
Wondering about my Lee Reynolds Painting. I don't know a thing about it!! HELP!!?
What is the italian translation of the quote of Elio Carletti about the definition of beauty?
tips on abstract painting?
i like to see two dimensional art for 3-5?
Should I use the special painters tape or masking tape on an oil painting?
what is the media that marc brown use for arthur?
In the painting "The School of Athens," why is Diogenes separated from the other philosophers?
I need information on a old CHARLES EDOUARD DELORT picture?
How do I go about getting an oil painting of me?
What was that painting that some one bought for millions of dollars?
do oil paintings need be glass-framed or not?
Is Spencer's blacklight paint okay to get on your face?
a question for artists?
Modern art is a hoax - right?
Why does the line keep going even when i lift the pen up? (easy paint tool sai)?
Can someone give me there interpretation of a Paul Gauguin painting?
Need help to answer a question about MS Paint?
New music artist on E! news?
Which angel was in this artwork?
was salvador dali genious or????
What is the name of the painting...?
I ve Spray Painted Some Plastic Boots But The Paint Hasnt Dryed?
What color do you get when you mix dark red paint with hot pink paint?
Best watercolor videos ?
As An Artist..(Painter)...What's The Longest You've Ever Had "PAINTER'S BLOCK".....????
Why does the bride look unhappy in the painting of Makovsky called "The Russian Bride's Attire"?
im doing this painting on canvas and im trying to glue certain marterials to it, what kind of glue can i use?
Who is this artist... patchwork houses, 'hassenwagner' or something like that?
is there a artist from the 19th century named sementze ll?
Oil-paints on top of a layer of water-based house paint?
How much does a top notch Picasso painting go for today, how much did one go for 10 years ago, 20 years ago?
Where can I find images of prints from the Colombian Colortype Co in Chicago'?
I have a very poster print bt F remington titled A dash for timber...#263. dated 1964..any value?
Is Francis Bacon an expressionist painter or is he another kind of painter?
Francis I, King of France, created what by inviting artists to come and paint his palace?
Wet on wet painting: drying help!?
What museum has Picasso's Weeping Woman?
What Do You Think Of This Work In Progress?
What is the name of this surrealistic painting?
i am a painter who loves to paint birds. are there any websites of beautiful bird images?
What is the name of this beautiful painting?
How can i take acrylic paint with me?
My best friend asks me about butt ugly paintings if they are good should i lie or tell the truth?
Do you prefer Monet or Van Gogh?
How much is a 2 by 4 amanda van vort self nude in fair condition worth?
What painters do you know that paint strong and powerful women?
Art exam - with oil pastels...?
Describe the painting "Watson and the Shark" by Copley as seen in the National Gallery of Art in detail.?
Someone wanna tell me where I can read the whole story of the headless horse guy? by washington irving. im sch
is 18x18x24 the same as 18x24?
For Oil painting, what indian brands of paints should i use?
Name this flower painting please!?
whats your two favorite colors be honest!!!?
how many people are graffiti artists??
Where can I buy paintings by Gladys Dawson of Manchester UK?
Where can i find information on a african american artist with the first name of romero?
I do oil paintings & I want to know how much of a scene from a movie you can paint.. or if you can at all?
What celebrity should i do a pop art painting of?
Does anyone know Banksy the artists identity yet?
What Artists have interepreted the written word and used it as inspiration in their work?
Information on Elsa Vaudry's Twelth Night Painting?
Who is your favorite artist?
Art and cat lovers attn please!?
What images come to mind when you see the word "white"?
Prompt idea... Nook and Cranny?
Why was Henri de Toulouse Lautrec important?
What is this stencil?
Why are oil paints considered to be better than acrylics?
What is your favourite artwork?
Blue woman painting, looking down and left, and painting split into four quadrants?
Girls, if a random stranger offered you £5000 ($8000) to do a nude painting of you?
Do you have to be a good artist to be an architect ?
How do I go about getting art put in a gallery?
What are the art elements evident in Mona Lisa?!? 10 points!?
Can i dry an oil painting with a hair dryer?
Anyone herd of artist Betty Grosvenor?
What is Velazquez's Las Meninas really all about?
How is any of Jackson Pollock's work engaged in American ideas and values?
how do artists make their paintings look clean?
Is it ok to dry my painting with a hairdryer?
what is the difference between chiaroscuro and tenebrism?
Nude Descending a Staircase by Marcel Duchamp rejected?
Where to find quality face painting?
How do I get started selling my paintings?
Greg Gossel Artist Facts?
who made this painting and what is the name of it? [description only]?
SMF Schramberg?
Can I mix oil paints with acrylics?
How much would an original Jasper Cropsey painting go for? who well known this netshopping?want to buy an farmer arts paint?
what do you think peter voulkos trying to say in his art work?
Looking For a Painting by Guy Pene Du Bois On The Internet?
what woul be the value of a 1986 print (3 of 100) framed , of joey dunlop,signed by him and the artist?
Where acan I find info on the painting "Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows" by Isenbrant?
Spray Paint Textures and Techniques?
We have a Giovanni Pastelli Violin 1833 what is this worth? It has a very old sticker inside.?
I have some t-shirt artworks, and i'd like to sell it. Where should i sell them?
I would like to find out if a Van Gogh I bought has any value?
Is cost necessarily a true indication of the artistic merit of a painting?
Who Painted the Morning over Asquani Lake?
What are your 5 favourite colours?
where can i get neon wall paint?
Favourite band or artist or musician?
DO YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT FRIED PAL the painter (or pal fried)?
Please help me find the name of this painting or artist?
contemporary artists who paint from life?
What type of art is this? Not Sketch!?
Do I need to seal a watercolor painting?
Paint Shop Pro Question?
What colors do I mix for hot pink?
Ihave a painting of a saint bernard dog.It is dated1897HELP?
Which artists use humour in their work?
famous filipino paintings?
Any ideas on what i could do for my art project?
Why do paintings worth such a high value?
I just bought some canvas's and wanted to know what those plastic rectangle/triangle things are that came on
Name a few abstract artists (paintings and drawings)?
Which artists draw/paint bones? Also which artists use mixed media?
why the famous artist were man?
How much are the Artist's Loft Canvases?
what is the reason for the term synthetic cubism?
how were Rembrandt and Albrecht Durer's artwork similar?
What was Roy Roger's horse's name?
How does one measure acrylic paint by portioned drops before they dry for exact color mixing?
can self taught artist be as successful as artists who went to art academies?
How do you get spray paint not to drip when tagging.?
anyone know of an artist named sebastian chezar?.are his paintings valuable?
where to get paint markers?
what kind of color can I use on fabric?
Do I put quotations around "Mona Lisa"?
Do they know if Vincent Van Gogh was color blind?
Is my painting worth money?
anybody knows about japanese art?
I would like to know how to put my website on search engine?
Why do people have negative perceptions for Erotica?
How do I clean dust from a giclee painting?
Does anyone know the painter J. Richard?
what couldn't renaissance artists paint?
I unknowingly misused oil paints?
What do the eagle, lion and man represent?
what art time period did paintings of city scenes become popular?
what do you think about this piece of art?
Value? Thomas Kincaid " A view down California Street from Nob Hill 22x24 # 442/980 sn Canvas?
What do you think of my abstract Angelina Jolie drawing? (pic inside)?
Where do you buy an air brush?
i have a painting on a canvas frame but the frame is warped. how can i straighten it?
How do I protect my acrylic painting?
Best site to get all the names of Salvador Dali's paintings please.?
I am looking for any info on picture by allene lamore named Message of the Roses?
is it true that if you mix all the colors except blue the result would be yellow?
What is the artwork in frasiers apartment behind his piano?
Ways to preserve paint on a t-shirt?
I bought 2 pices of art last night at an auction... can someone tell me what these are?...?
Creating depth effect with acrylic paint?
what are the best art in Buenos Aires?
Painter by the name of mydidlyarmer I think?
Is it possible to paint on aluminum foil with water color?
I painted this on the computer program paint-- any good?
Will Acrylic paint survive the wash?
Which musical artist or style, do you relate to most when create visual art?
Help - lost jackson pollock web page which created a painting when you moved the pointer?
About Abstract Art And Titles Of Paintings?
How do they clean the graffiti off of subway trains?
spray gun and compressor?
What paint is the best to use to paint wellies! The wellie painting kits are no good as i just want black!?
What do artists call their homes? (I'm not thinking of a studio, or a flat... It's something else...)?
Questions about Vincent Van Gogh's straw hat 1887 portrait?
why are paintings of unhappy people valuable?
if you mix all the paint from a paint store what color do you get?
Can somebody help me find the name of this artist?
Painting a small part of a guitar?
who is your fzvourite artist(painter) and why??
how to paint a very fine line?
What paintings are these Banksy pieces based on?
Who do you like(love) best? Edward or Jacob?
njan aduthulla kadayil ninnu asian paint vangi?
I have a painting by M. Harold. It appears valuable and I would like to know what it is worth. Can anyone help?
which dries faster oil paints or watercolor paints ?
The artist who painted himself painting a picture, of himself painting a picture, of himself ge?
How do you light paint with Nikon D3100?
Do you consider tattoos, makeup, nail painting etc. art?
Painting in the movie "A Beautiful Mind" by Picasso, right before she says "God must be a painter"?
How is a historian more like a painter and not a photographer?
What kind of paint should be used on tile for an outdoor table?
looking for artistic representations of japanese mythology?
Painting: Do you start with a few main colors?
What makes art sell?
how did fernand leger paint his paintings?
what was Georges Braque, Violin and Candlestick intentions? please help!?
Give two characteristics of tempera.?
Who painted the pictures on the Show "Good Times"?
Help my sister find her path!?
The painting Fall from Paradise by A.L Egg is so sad. Do you think this best illustrates how women?
What set up do you use for painting with watercolors?
who is the artist?!!!? (Juxtapoz fans maybe could help with this one)?
who is your favorite artest or your favorate kind of art?
i need an idea for something to paint?
Paint someone famous?
Can any one tell me how to go about selling paintings and art work in Australia.?
what are some famous artists?
Prepairing canvas for acrylic painting?
How do i get a finger smudge out of a wet paint object!?
I am trying to buy a print on deviantART.. Is it possible to order canvas without a frame?
How do you price your artwork to sell?
Who is your favorite artist, and why?(painter, sculpter,etc.)?
What should I paint on my guitar?
What are some non-van Gogh paintings of the night sky?
2.Examine both paintings carefully and identify the effects of linear perspective in each composition. Describ?
Best spray paint for acrylic surface?
what does it mean when Painters pull out their thumbs....?
What is the best classifieds website available in the US besides craigslist?
What was new about Durer's art at the time?
Help me find a painting that was on the wall of a hospital room on the show House?
Do you get covered in paint during the blue man group concerts?
Any Painters?
Is it true that Davinci was homosexual and Atheist?
If i painted a fruit still life, what should i add to it to make it look more home sweet home-ish?
Querie about C M Coolidge 'Dogs Playing Poker' paintings?
Why did Piero Della Francesca paint The Baptisim of Christ to include a stranger in Medieval undergarmets?
What is truly art: a painting that takes 2 months or a painting that takes 15 minutes?
Are paintings in museums originals or copies?
Dripping Blood in photoshop?
will spray paint fade after washing the fabric?
How long on average do watercolour/acrylic/oil paint take to dry?
Why did Bosch create the Garden of Earthly Delights?
Can any one remember the name of the artist that sang love overload?
How can I recreate this painting?
Face painting ideas please?
where can I find a checkered background?
Who is a good street/graffiti artist?
What is the names of some artists?
Was Magritte an early postmodernist?
How would I find out what would qualify me as an oil painting artist? I have painted at least 50 pieces?
Does my friend Alexis look Like a Superstar?
Micheal Angelo's Painting which is the replica of the 13th station of the cross?
the possible influences leading up to abstract art?
Fredrick watercolor canvas - problems?
Does anyone know which painter of this painting is?
Which Headline Is Best?
Is this 12 year old girl not an amazing painter?/Artist?
10 PTS BEST!! any good painting ideas involving handprints???
how can I prepare the colour sand, like the sand of sahara?
Has anybody entered the Works Online Art Competition?
Do you have a link to good independent painting?
How would i mix a turquoise colour with acrylic paint?
Have you ever commissioned a painter to paint a specific picture for you?
where can i purchase a poster of a famous painting?
What did Chuck Close use on his portrait of Philip Glass?
Do you know who this artist is?
some questions , help ??
Your opinion on Claude Monet?
ROBERT NIDY painting, are they EXPENSIVE?
I have a painting that says pastel by schepansky on the back, but I can't find anything about the artist.?
I require some good and awesome art in Canvas Paintings (flowers preferable))?
in the Last Supper,how many are men ?
name 3 of leonardo da vincis designs and why they are seen to be ahead of his time?
Does anyone know any pictures/paintings of metamorphosis between ANIMALS? (not items) ?
I would like to know the name of the actor "Pierre" in the Pierce Brosnan ver. of around the world in 80 days.
Painting a mural on a bedroom wall.?
If you were an artist with $500,000...?
What are eight colors in french?
Can anyone get me a good painting?
Where would I be able to buy cobalt blue?
Whay painting is this?? ?
Where is the Starving Artist Sale in Houston on Sunday (Jan. 11)?
Art History/Painting question from QAF?
Why is Alexander Calder considered an important artist?What is so special about him?
OPINION PLEASE??? (Thank you)?
What should I paint RIGHT NOW?
Who is the Russian painter Shishkin?
What kind of paint is good for a paper mache mask?
How can I get my artwork into a gallery?
If you want to ruin a painting (of yours) that you've grown to hate, what chemical do you use to erase it with?
What type of Painting technique does this bed have?
is this cute or not please tell me?
what kind of paint do you use on clear glass so it is opaque?
How can I give glitter to bottles, vazes or to glasses while I paint them in oil painting ?
can anyone please explain the poem Monet: “Les Nymphéas” by W. D. Snodgrass???
Does anyone know the possible value of my rubbing?
How do I find out about a rare 1774 Art piece if some museums never heard of it?
What painting is my profile pic?
Where can I find the paintings of Al Wettel?
Art painting- what does this resemble to you?
Famous Mexican paintings?
what is Sk8nc?
"Bansky" Vs. "OBEY"?
what topic should i draw in art GCSE?help!?
what is traditional art painting?
Margaret Dovaston?
What is the name of this painting?
can I protect acrylic lacquer paint with acrylic enamel clear coat finish?
What style of art was Rembrandt van Rijn?
What else (if at all) could I use on a canvas?
to cut yellow paint what color would you use?
WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS — About Francis Cotes' masterpiece Queen Charlotte and Rory Emerald?
Is the ability to draw and paint good something your born with or something that takes years of practice?
Painting Questions Please Help!?
What do I need in order to start painting?
Renaissance Piece of Art?
three dimensions of color?
Does anyone know of any good painting websites...?
Lorreta Lux.................?
Using charcoals and pastels to create an anniversary!?
are Van Gogh prints worth any money?
what do i thin oil paint with?
How much body paint should i use?
how is bob ross`s art described?
Help?!?!?!?!?!? ARt advice?!?!?!?
Is painting a good hobby for people who sometimes are depressed?
Help with art idea? thank you?
Airbrushing courses in Southern England?
hey am doing an abstract expressionism painting but I need a concept for this. can i get ideas, please?
I've lost my creative drive -- help?
US Born Artist and their Painting?
I Need Help interpeting the story ormessage or idea trying to be conveyed in this painting.?
Caravaggio Paintings?
Vincent van Gogh Project?
where can i find a negative art review of rembrandt?
Is there any way I could make gold paint?
Is Geena a stupid name?
the content of two women by rivera?
What wall paint color should i get if i have beige/tan furniture?
Where to buy or how to make colored cornstarch?
Why is Frida Kahlo so inspiring to feminists?
who is the painter of the painting of the couple on the beach and the woman is in a red dress?
what is the best way to represent a brother?
Where/when else does James Monroe show up in famous American artwork? What is he doing in that painting?
what is your favorite colour?
Where could I contact one of the world's leading Van Gogh experts to take a look at a possible undiscovered?
I need some airbrushing tips!?
Oil paint or acrylic paint?
I have a 3 piece canvas painting signed by E. Lee want to know about the artist?
I want to print off and colour artwork?...?
marilyn monroe poster (photo)?
Anybody know of and have information on Oregon paint and collage artist Sylvia Shlim?
paint on p.c.?
I would like to know the name of the artist...?
Is Andrew Wyeth still alive?
What are some famous paintings of the 19th and 20th century that deal with music?
What 2 colors mixed make Black?
Is Vermeer your favourite artist too? and why?
who is your favorite "young/hip" artist?
How do you make a model in paint?
WHy ?????????
What is the title and who is the artist of this painting?
What's the cause of van Gogh's tragedy?
Will Molotow spray paint work on wood?
"You can't paint an elephant" what does this mean? symbolism?
The Locket Robert Spencer Painting?
Was Picasso French - all i need to know not asking much! ????
What is a good tagging name?
if you have a blue gray color what color added to that will make it brown?
Do you know who painted this?
What does David Downton use on his aartwork?
Trying to contact Ben Maile?
Tips for composing a portrait painting?
how do i save left over oil paint so the paint doesn't dry up?
Where can I buy textile paint?
When was Mona Lisa let out of France?
do you know who douglas graitom is?
Do you like Edgar Degas?
What kind of paint would you use for...?
question about french artist Joseph Marie Vien?
In painting a picture, what is a true blue without any other color in it?
Poster colours or acrilic colours?
Has anybody heard of an artist called Airola? I have a wonderful picture of a stylized elephant by him/her.?
Painting Question? **BEST ANSWER**?
value of paintings by alex mortimer painted in 1897?
How do I paint eyes that look like they're crying using watercolor?
red oxide color add to black color what color does this two makes?
Who is this woman on an Amsterdam wall?
Does anyone know any artists who use natural disasters as a theme or as a subject of work?
Art Question?? Please?
A color called "Passion Purple" is made by mixing 5 oz of red paint with 9 oz of blue paint. What percent of P?
How can I remove the paint from a pic that has been painted over, using the paint program?
how can i paint the curves of an outline on my wall?
Drawing/ Painting hands?
When did Montague Dawson paint 'The Thermopylae Leaving Foochow'?
Painting a bike frame - clear coat over enamel paint?
Which painting do you like best,...?
what things would you paint thats got to do with emotions?
Is it recommended to finish a oil painting with a clear finish?
what do you think of my painting ?
What is a good way to write the style of graffiti known as "WIldstyle"?
what is your opinion about my painting?
What is an ode and how do you use it?
how to become an art (contemporary art) agent?
Where do i find cobblestone in minecraft?
Bev DoLittle print of painting of Indians ridding Pinto Ponies through white birch trees?
Is there something else other than paint thinner that I can use to clean my paint brushes after oil painting?
How to show my mom I'm capable for painting?
Where to sell my paintings?
Christmas Painting Ideas?
what is the method used by egon schiele for painting ?
I have a Giuseppe Castiglione scroll print "National Palace English: One Hundred Horse"?
art analysis?
Is abstract painting meaningless?
Painting named Musical Moments. Artist J.Bambor.Any info?
I have a painting signed R. Lanian - any information on this?
What "style" is my artwork?
What is this tube of white/creme liquid that came with my Water-colors set?
What is the theme of The Birthday Girl by Haruki Murakami?
Hi! I want to buy a book in hindi that teaches how to use oil colors for canvas painting. any online site?
Picture Art Question using Paint?
Art that depicts solitude?
What is the best way to draw beneath an oil painting?
Did Andy Biersack die today ?)':?
Is it true that Mona Lisa has been drawn similar to Leonardos' face??
I found a oil painting, ?
who is Hamra Abbas?
Who is this artist seen on the print in the background?
Why Pablo Picaso artist work considered important?
Where online can I find these paintings?
What is the cause of of my car burning oil? I had an oil change 2000 miles ago and still it burned 2 qts?
do you think oil will be priceless in the future?
list the non recovered stolen masterpieces/art valued over 10 million dollars?
Painting for my boyfriend.. what to paint?
Gimp, gimpshop or
A good formula for artists to figure out how much to charge for portraits?
Can you put tempera paint over acrylic paint?
why did Vincent van gogh paint starry night?
tell me about colour?
Which Austrian artist had one of his paintings sell for $135 million this year?
I'm doing a pinata, how do i get the paint perfect?
Birthday Card/Painting Ideas?
What should I paint for my next piece of artwork?
8) What mood do you think the painting gives?
Is the painting of the Virgin of Guadalupe a painting of Da vinci or his assistant Salai?
is it necessary to prepare canvas for oil painting,can't we use the oil colors directly over canvas?
A question about getting art to a dealer...?
a painter by the name of arturo?
How much should I sell a 18" x 24" blank canvas for?
Anyone familiar with Clinton V. Dorward, fresco/painter/muralist?
Need help painting a part of my car.?
Has anyone have info on a artist named " H. Westcott" Desert scenes from 1953 a Reward is in place?
Do u think it would be cool to take different colored paint-balls and then shoot with my gun them at my wall?
identify a painting by photo?
What two colours look the best together?
I do graffiti, can you get arrested for it?
About Leonardo Di Vinci?
name for a wolf painting?
Which is more important-- people, or objects?
can you direct me to italian painter guido odeirng?
Suggestions on a good airbrush?
Our father is looking for a picture of men on a high beam eating lunch from a long time ago.?
in Australia looking artist name of J Vander?
what are computers?
Do you like red lacquer and Bronze vessel ?
can i use window paint on my body?
Urgent help ! oskar kokoschka analysis ! 10 points !?
Need name of artists that do portrait paintings of people in the style of.....?
Has anyone used water-based oil paints? Do you like them? why/why not?
Have you ever used anything uncommon in your medium?
What is secret behind mona Lisa's smile?
what can we learn from Henri Matisse to improve our own work?
ART--- which artists were actually alive when they were famous?
Can painter's servant turn land color?
Does anyone know who the artist david lee from china is? He's paints ink on silk and usually birds & flowers.
Paintings/ Pictures about Mythology?
a painting by artist brent with the flowers in a silver picture is it worth anything?
im painting lady gaga, can u find me a pic ?
where can i buy parov stelar's album cover painting like a poster?
whats the best cleaner for paint brushes?
what colors when mixed together produces the color yelow?
how does a painting get worth?
Is the Amphora vase Hand-built or Wheel thrown?
do you paint white space?
How can I make my own oil paints?
i have a painting signed p. pfeifer, luneburg, 1940 where can i find a site to find more about it?
is Leonardo Da Vinci gay?
Can you put puffy paint over dried acrylic paint?
How do you make hair and skin look real?
what do you think of my painting ?
Is this a good painting?
What is your interpretation of Salvador Dali's "Soft watch at the moment of the first explosion"?
I am only interested in Canvas Paintings. Please recommend me good merchant or website (online)?)?
how much would a oil painting by arlie gray be worth?
Im thinking about splatter painting my room...?
What's so great about Rothko?
Painting over pencil?
What kind of paper can I purchase in single sheets that I can paint on with acrylics?
Need help finding an out of print of a Indian buffalo hunt with a rifle. It was a poster I saw and want a copy
I have a 1899 reverse painting and want to place on ebay but not sure what to start the bid at?
Does anyone know anything about this painting?
Oil Painting questions?!?
What gallery is the Starry night by vincent van gogh in?
My name is Cayley and i want a cute scene name! Help?
looking for info on the artist robert wood and a print named pine and birch?
(with request) i want such site in which i can make sketch(face) of human.?
Need an example of Alienation in a painting?
Why in Paintings we see girls with hairless legs, underarms and pubes?
Where can I buy body paint.?
Lesson learned, don't use paint spray in my room, what now?
can some one please describe this painting for me?
artists work that is about their childhood or their past or reflections?
how much is my "Home court advantage" painting worth?
Soldier in red hat and mermaid painting?
What do you think of this painting? What kind of emotions does it spark?
a good site for colour theory?
How would i get Tempera Paint out of a grey sweater?
Paintings..... i have three pictures which i've painted but no offers. Why?
What was Roy Lichtensteins most famous/used quote?
Paiting the room?
What colours go with Orange, Yellow and Brown?
wats the best way to blend coloyrs while painting?????
Who painted the painting The Haystack (Not Haystacks By Monet)?
How do you pick a great tagger name and artwork for that tagger name?¿?¿?¿?
How do you fasten the wooden tenterhooks onto canvas?
Looking for information on a deceased relative in Europe who was a painter her name , Truus Claes in Belgium?
What does this picture say?
While in Munich, Wood admired 15th century Northern Gothic painting at the Alte Pinakothek Museum.?
Who is the artist behind SMF (HAHA)?
could anyone tell me what is the name of this painting, and who painted it?
Biot (The Builders Fernand Leger)?
Judging from his several self portraits from 1 to 10?
What techniques did roy lichienstein use?
Will people buy fabric painted tees?
What supplies did th masters use in their art?
in which site can i buy chinese paintings?
paintings from Pompeii or Herculaneum.?
What are some techniques for making monoprints?
what would you call the art i have done?
I have done some acrylic paintings on canvas. Is there some sort of coating I can brush on top of them?
What kind of sealer can I use to set the paint on rocks? ?
any ideas what I could draw?
What's the deep meaning behind this?
What are pictures painted by R. Hogfeldt, Swedish Artist going for.?
Where can I buy an Iwata Airbrush or any other good airbrushing kit in India?
What were Homer Watsons 3 most famous paintings...Please?
When did Hundertwasser's mother die?
Name a known artist who has drawn/painted tube trains.?
i am making charcoal painting on canvas,which is the best charcoal pencilor stick,as i dont want to use powder
When you buy new Oil paintbrushes do you use them straight out of the package or do u need 2 clean them first?
I need an artist STAT!?
graffiti artists, i need help with a tag name!! help?
this is for the ppl who have heard of a bamboo pen?
can anyone tell me where to get GOLD LEAVES for TANJORE PAINTING IN kolkata???
Does anyone know the complement of yellow-green?
what artists do you think i would like...?
anyone ever heard of art by michael? english artist, I have no second name?
Question about painting?
Can you please help me with this?
Who's the artist of my painting?
where can i find this painting?
Painting with watercolor?
What is the name of this piece of art? Who is the artist?
What is the historical context of this artwork" Les demoiselles" by Picasso??
Will glow in the dark paint work at a concert ?
Fine arts in public education and its importance should it stay or is science and math more important?
painting doubt ???
Eggs painting? Painting eggs? Having fun with eggs? Eggs with faces?
I am interested in examining the background to paintings of Nell Gwyne.Can you help?
Does anyone know the where abouts of a Mr Sejko Gianni Hekor. If so where is he?
where can get painting canvas (blank) in bulk cheap!!?
remove acrylic paint?
Can someone tell me the style of this piece of art?
Does this photography remind you of a painting? Pic included?
painting to painter identification help?
where did this photo come from? who painted it?
Can anyone tell me how much a Picasso painting could be worth? picture size is approx. 12 x 6?
Where can I send a picture of my grandma to get someone to paint a beautiful picture of her?
Group of Seven?
why do u need a basecoat while painting your nails?
What technique did Gustav Klimt use in 'Mada Primavesi'?
Andy Warhol portraits?
do you despite graffiti taggers?
What is Paul Cézanne's technique?
when painting clothes you use acrylic or special fabric paints, but what about oil paints? ?
Gallery of John J Sargent Art?
Are paintings in museums originals or copies?
chabria is from where?
Does anybody else think that Thomas Kincaid brought more to art than any other painter like I do?
What is your all-time favorite painting?
is mona lisa real yes or no?
i would like a wall acrylic painting which contains a list of places?
is snanzaroo body paint good?
What's the best way to oil paint on tempered Masonite?
Does anyone have any info about Joan Miro's "Women and Birds in the Night" ?
When did perspective first appear in paintings?
help with liberty leading the people artwork analysis ? (:?
Im painting a picture frame for my boyfriend..any cool design that i can make ??
Could anyone please explain the golden ratio and how I can use it in a painting?
Have you ever sold a painting? How old were you? Does anyone here make a living as a painter
What painting is this?
Where is Mariano Fortuny y Marsal, the painter, buried?
What is the name or artist of this painting?
Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka help!?!?
Question about painting.?
biblical paintings of god and satan?
why are soft pastels so difficult to work with?
I'm trying to identify a painting. Can you help?
Does anyone know who painted this! (Girl with hummingbird)?
I've got an old painting by leighton jones of a clown aT least 25-30 yrs. old and I know its worth money.Where?
I need a scene name.?
I'm trying to do a painting.?
Some help with a body paint?
whats your favourite colour and why?
What is your opinion on this painting?
Setting Tulip fabric paint?
Can anyone help me find this painting?
Who is that man that was smiling and pointing in his portrait?
pls send me folk dance painting theme?
Are you good at art? (drawing, painting)?
Anyone living in Kokomo, Indiana that knows how to paint let me know please!?
if ur friend is trying to get u to quite going out with other people cause u just broke up with ur boyfriend?
what is the name of an artist's paint mixing board?
Maria Martinetti the artist?
Is painting a good trade to get into, how do you get into it, and how long does it take?