I have a print of "le jardin du luxembourg" that is signed picasso, but I cannot find the name of the painting?
How do I paint in van gogh's style?
What's the difference between the colors baltic blue and chlorine blue? need help for work?
How did the development of photography influence painting?
what do u guys think?
wat r some artists like Pablo Picasso?
Are Breast in art considered Pornography?
I would like to know the name of the artist...?
Can you dry an oil painting in the oven?
Painting tips?
when I send an email it says it was sent by Jose Rivera. Who is that. It is not me.?
I am a artist, painter.How do i find an agent and promote my work?
What song is this, and who's the artist?
Is this a fair price for a painting and the shipping and handling?
poll:::how to learn painting?
Any Otto Dix fans?
i got gesso on the wood do I get it off????!!!!?
exterior painting - law question?
can art inspire you to think differently?
were should i buy paint?
Can someone tell me a bit about this painter?
artist that is similar to vincent van gogh?
where do i find details of a artist who painted in oils about 30 years ago.?
Painting that change with surrounding light?
Okay my sisters hubby bought this painting 4 there house do u think its werid cuz i do?
I need help finding a painting.?
How do I open an image file in Paint Tool SAI?
Marcel mulay how is he? (tell me what you can)?
what is the most comon favorit color????
What is my favorite Color?
Should I buy a 5 mil $ painting ?
facts on the painting the burning of the judases, by diego rivera. What the painting was about and facts on it
Can you give me link of a cartoon picture of Notre Dame?
ERA on ambiguous images?
Does anyone know the name of this painting or the artist who did it?
What is this drawing from?
Can anybody find this painting for me online? Or at the very least identify it?
I need help locating a painting.?
what compressor works with this airbrush?
what would be a good name for a jar painting buisness ?
What should I apply on my paintings on wood to prevent fungus?
Where can I buy painting supplies for cheap but that are good quality?
What is the info that is displayed next to the mona lisa in the louvre?
Engraving on Silk. Depicts a coliseum battle and is signed ""S.J. Ferris Etch/""1884 and J. Stallaert Pinx?
what is the size of picasso's painting--- woman flower?
looking for a painting in Gustavus Hindman Millers, 10000 dreams interpreted?
Can you comment on my painting?
An Elegant Soiree Victor Gilbert?
ART PRICING: how much should I sell this painting for?
How do I find information about the artist Wendell G. Williamson?
Can someone describe the painting "Red Cloth" by Philip Guston?
Leonardo's-The Last Supper- art and design?
What colors can you not mix 2 colors 2 make??
I need to find a FAIRLY SIMPLE famous painting to copy...Any Suggestions?
Painting Mylar?
What's the easiest paint to use (question for artists)?
Which of these artists are the best for you: Michelangelo or Raffaello?
Hey Toledoans?
What's The Best Painting You've Never Painted?
Is Crayola's washable kids paint watercolor paint?
Who can tell me alot about Canadian artist Patterson Ewen?
Best painter?
what was the name of mid 1990s art programme?
Is the "Checkmate" with the devil & Faust painting scary?
What do you think of my painting?
What's the most durable spray paint in a can?
where can I find information and original oil paintings by comtemporary spanish painter Federico LLoveras?
i think i have a bob ross original oil, i would like to find out where i could see more of his paintings, thx?
Is Madison Cawein's signature worth anything?
i am 15, am i a good artist?
i got a painting by david hansberger?
What of you think of my Art?
where can i buy a body paint spray gun and the paint for it?
tell me all cristian artist you know?
Watercolour our Oil paint.. or Acrylic?
I have a Art question?!!?
What is the name of the two faces that represent good times and bad times?
I have two small portrait paintings that are signed V. D. Neer. Are they valuable?
why did diego rivera paint?
what is this called?
what was mark rothko's personaltiy like?
If you could recommend one book on oil painting instruction, what would it be?
What do you think of my paintings' prices?
how to do i create a starry gaze type of thing on a picture?!?
Van Gogh's Self Portrait with Bandaged Ear?
What kind of job can you get as an academic artist?
Do u know anything about the Picasso's artwork " Demoiselles"?
looking for info. on an artist.Elmer Green.Do you have any info?
Is not the painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel wrong to show God as ONLY a white man?
must words be painted?
pablo picasso dora maar painting ,colour dimenstion and description of whole painting?
What is a painting by J. P. Lassouquere worth?
Okay this is not to offend but.............?
Nude Body Painting Experience?
What could I add to this painting to make it better?
How do I preserve / protect watercolors on canvas?
If going nude is an art then were all the primitive people artists?
Were pinup models paintings or photos?
Rate my graffiti artwork please?
Next progress report????????! OPINION PLEASE?
How to store paintings/canvas with little space?
can you help, i am looking for paintings by tangata paul at the auckland art galley?
Can I paint acrylic onto a canvas cleaned with turpentine?
why do people like or dislike david hockney's work ?
What effects how artist produce their work?
where can i buy a starry nite pic?
Can anyone provide me information about where is the best market in wild life art/paintings in the world?
Oh dear, I've ran out of red paint?
In what special way did Leonardo Davinchi write his notes?
what did the artist gustav klimt think of women?
Can anyone identify artist of oil/acrylic impressionist painting (rain & umbrellas) 4ft x 5ft signed FERRANTE?
where can I find an American realistic 17th century gown?
Can you use wood gloss on a canvas painting to seal it?
Can I make art prints of a 3D painting?
What did Edvard Munch contribute to Art?
How to paint the colors of the color wheel?
Where is the weeping woman by picasso kept?
Whats the big deal with abstract art??
Where can i buy this marilyn monroe print?
Where is Roy Lichtenstein's artwork featured?
What's a good substitute for a palette knife?
What is that blue thing in Van Gogh's "Poet's Garden"?
Has anyone had any luck selling paintings on etsy shop?
How to increase quality of watercolor manga drawing when scanned into computer?
what do you think vincent van gough art?
What kind of paint should be used to paint a guitar?
Help with a Celeb Art Portrait Project...?
Why does the Mona Lisa not show any teeth?
I have a painting that has a signature that looks like C.H. Chase or C.H. Chow.?
When is the receiving date for the New Haven Paint and Clay Club Spring Exhibition?
I'm looking for a religious painting.?
How was/is abstract art created?
Painting warm colors and monochromatic?
Starry night location?
why, if red and green are primary colours, cant you mix the two with paint to make yellow?
will ink work if I'm painting a wall?
where can i get a painting/portrait of my wife and I 50 years from now?
Painting a clawfoot bathtub?
How can I reach buyers for Custom Sports Paintings?
if artists dont use black pigment then how dark burnt amber for a shadow?is dulling the same darking?
PAINTERS/ARTISTS: what inspires your artwork & paintings?
What is a good Andy Warhol quote to add to the end of my presentation on his artworks?
What native americans are on Mount Rushmore Paintings?
Is there some kind of paint pen? for drawing on wood?or over paint?
How do we know Impressionist painters didn't just need glasses?
8th grade art question?
Why is there only men that are world famous painters?
where can i find limited edition artwork of stinson beach?
Can some body tell me how I can find the cuban art painter Pablo H?
trying to find a phone number for a cousin in tle aviv israel, help!?
antique painting by George Davis, I need to find information on this painting and value?
Does anyone know how commercial galleries pay artists for the works that they sell?
How and why do viewers respond differently to a three-dimensional work than to a two-dimensional work?
What's your advice on plein air painting toilet issues?? (Ladies only)?
what colours go nicely with hot pink but aren't bright and are girly?
What's you're favourite colour?
How much does a painting by Jenni Browoscomb worth?
How to find blacklight reactive paint in a hardware store?
where is located?
Artists that draw like...?
whats this landmark called?? pic included?
Who painted this picture? Any other details?
Any artists who use mummification or bandages as a theme?
where can I get information on english edensor crown china where and when it was produced etc?
Please help me! I want some paintings which depict unity?
adding shadows to painting...?
What is the name of this painting?
ever heard of a painter Elaine Nice?
What symbolises Envy and Greed?
What r your 9 favorite colors?
How you like my painting part II?
pretty little liars Make up help<3? Hanna Marin?
Is Viggo Mortensen related to Marilyn Monroe?
Does anyone know anything about an artist that signs his work H. Ross?
Wich is the best 2 year community art school in new york city.?
where can i find oil paints for a deceent price?
How to find a painting?
Do you know any watercolour artist's I want a painting of Mumbles.?
How do I make turquoise with acrylic paints?
which artists has drawn/sketched/painted eyes?
Painting ideas help?
How do you think I felt when I painted this?
what is the Famous Leonardo da Vinci Paintings !!?
what kind of paint should I use for body painting?
What is this Monet painting called? in the link?
What are levels of abstraction?
What do you think of Caravaggio's painting of the Doubting Thomas?
Acrylic paint problems. HELP!!!!!!!!!!....Tips needed?
Biography or any info on artist James Dallas Parks?
Marc Chagall - The Promenade?
Who is this oil painting by and what is it called?
how could I find a place to promote/sell my paintings in Derby, UK?
what is the name of the artist who paints the pin up girl in the playboy every month?
Identify this picture with no pics please?
Any cool ideas on how to paint graduation year "2012" on face?
where can i buy spray paint cans?
Why are there two versions of "Odalisque with a Slave" by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres?
What are some examples of hometown heroes?
in Singapore, beside Artfriend.. where can i get Marabu textile paint? I need the olive green colour. Thanks?
Seeking artist advice: When painting how do I paint more freely and loose handed?
What is my painting worth if I sell it on Craigslist?
Marcel DuChamp. Do you know a lot about him?
What can you paint on other than wood and paper?
What is my favorite color?
comparisons between paul cezanne and sj peploe style ?
What should I paint in the background?
what natural substance is used to make the primary paint colours?
Does anyone have information on this painting? HELP :'(?
on miami ink chris garver did a tat of a girl crying tears of blood what is the painting called and whos it by
what color palette should i use?
What is the technical term for a painted portrait that is from a side view?
If you were a generous arts fellowship in art/specifically painting, what would be your topic or theme?
Mimicking Painting Masterpieces?
Painting With Oils And Plexiglass?
what types of art and craft did maya produce?
Which artist has done paintings on dreams?
which university conducts online degree programs for BFA for indian students???
Does anyone know Jim?
is it legal to paint murals with famous paintings on a public place?
Prepairing canvas for acrylic painting?
cheapest paint jobs for a?
Does anyone know of any craft fairs in San Antonio, TX this fall?
Is Botero's work funny or sarcastic?
copy right infringement?
Looking for info on a painting of the Virgin and Child in the Vatican by Lorenzo D'alessandro Da Severino.
Who should I paint?
paiting of the creation of adam?
What do you think about my painting? pic?
Info on the impressionist techinique of painting?
If you have a new canvas...?
What's primer for?Why is it white?
can you just paint oils on acrylic paintings once they have dried?
What's it like being a face painter?
I have an original watercolor by "Sandy" but can find NOTHING about the artist.?
How much is Jackson Pollocks Convergence worth?
What do you think of contemporary art?
What is the painting with a nigthsky/lamp post/ man?
I have a large painting signed by Richard Reid mason Victory at cape sparta. Number on the back is 6195.?
what art do you like?
Where can I find these paintings on the website?
How to paint an old book?
What is the work of art that fascinated you the most? Why?
What would happen if you touched a priceless painting at a museum?
Acrylic or watercolors?
Which Renaissance painting?
can i get Cosa grande oil around me?
I was wondering if any one knew of any good dark artists? Kinda like goth art, but I'm not into gore.?
Has Norman Reedus ever been to Australia?
Graffiti,Should I Tag My Pieces?
How did Anthony van Dyck and Peter Paul Rubens' paintings signify prestige and power?
How much is An Tadashi Asoma painting worth?
I need to find someone who can identify a signature on an old oil painting.?
how do you label an artwork in an exhibition?
dads got 0il painting called horse an hounds any ideas?
what two colours make the colour red?
Why was the Mona Lisa created?
Do you like graffitti? Tell me what you think of mine.?
Please help me find this painting?
Who is leonard wren?
where can i find info on marcel duchamps satire work?
How do you paint straight lines?
Is black paper expensive than white paper to print on for an invitation card? or do they cost the same?
Do i need to be good at drawing to paint?
i need the name of the painting of the black guy reaching down to another outstreached black hand?
Mat color for a 60-year old pickure?
Know Coramandel lacquer screens? For pic of 17th 18th cent screen email Thanks, oliver
Am I allowed to sell MY paintings of Disney characters?
art history and appreciation?
Where is Roy Lichtenstein's artwork featured?
where can I buy purple body paint?
smooth permanent paint?
In what ways did thenew approach topainting & seeing the world presented bythe Impressionist affect the public?
Does anyone know the best way to make a weapon sling for 1/35th scale figures?
Art vs. porn as a minor?
who wrote book davinci code ?
Bruce Lee in fog painting search?
Who was the artist from the 1980's who painted large murals using his hands. I think he did a pepsi commercial
I found some kind of artwork by a dude named Pollock.?
What are some of the most stunning works of art by Matisse?
Will tissue paper rip if i paint on it?
I need Information on Rob Surette?
Do you know any good abstract style landscape artists?
Which artists do you know in which have painted both natutal and man-made disasters in our time?
I need assistance identifying two pieces of art.?
Lazar Volovick paintings?
Is it best to have Art for a Dining Room Wall?
what shall i paint ?
What should i paint on my men's toms?
Know of any paintings that involve animals doing something human like?
were can i watch or get the future of graffiti 2 wild style lettering?
What is the ultimate neutral colour?
How can I get better at painting?
I have a painting with the signature HAywood can someone tell me the 1st name of the artist?
What is the name of that famous painting with the dogs sitting around the table playing cards?
which is the best place to buy art material in delhi?
Can I use my piece of original artwork commercially?
what do you think about this painting?
trying to find a painter who name start with frr?
What two colors would go well with royal blue?
name of picture and artist?
How to stick bones onto an acrylic canvas painting?
Can anyone give me examples of two artworks that have a similar theme?
Any people know paintings?
need info on an alex grey painting?
What's the value for a painting by Pierre Bosco?
Question about Emil Nolde: how did the Nazi regime have any effect on his work?
What's the meaning of the son of man painting?
in what city is are davinci paintings kept ?
What does Van Gogh's painting The mender of Road, mean? what is he trying to intereprt?
Drying oil painting in the sun?
Why do people consider black to be a color?
What's the best way to spray paint plastic?
Oil Painting (experienced answers only please!)?
Would U ever call ur work (music , paintings , anything) "MY ART"?
What store can I buy Rembrandt Soft-Pastel Turquoise?
Canvas painting ideas help! please post image link.?
what an artists' paintings stand out from others?
Help brainstorming for ideas of what to paint for assignment, Please?
Anyone like Mark Rydens art work??
Edward and Bella Question???!!?
what is this painting called?
I would like information about artist Golde Olds?
How do I go about framing my oil painting? I know, no glass, but ....?
what makes a surrealistic painting surrealistic?
explain the steps u take to do an oil painting. thanks.?
can someone edit a picture of my painting for me?
Vincent Van gogh?
where can i find free abstract painting lessons?
Everything you need for oil painting?
I love all of Salvador Dali's work but is there any evidence that he used drugs to create his artwork?
Is Napoleon life-sized in "Crossing the Alps" by Jacques-Louis David?
Can I apply oil paint over pastels in artwork?
Would watercolor work over spray can white paint?
what good combination joseph and roshelle?
For my gcse art exam I'm painting sweets! Any ideas what I could do? I need to be very unique but colourful!!!?
can you explain paul cezannes painting le buffet?
Does it make sense to pay hundred million dollars for a famous painting?
Should a publicly funded art museum display controversial artworks?
what did hundterwasser like to paint and what materials did he use in his art /?
My wife's charity has been donated a framed print for auction.?
How to paint someone (physically paint a person and photography them) tips on what type of paint is best etc?
Rousseau's Sleeping Gypsy?
Are there any Mexican paintings of Hell?
Who is the greatest painter of all time (personal opinion)?
How much is this painting worth?
Resin, mod podge, linseed oil for a beautiful shine but still shows the details/textures on my oil painting?
what type of paint should I use?
ARTISTS! Can anyone tell me what technique this is!?
cadmium red oil paint?
Which picture should I use for my still life painting?
art help????????????????????????????????????…
How do you pronounce Rene Magritte's last name?
Faber castell pencils, watercolour/normal?
How do I stop paper from curling when painting with Tempera paint?
how do i mix colors in oil painting to make a silver color?
How to make turquoise out of acrylic paint ?
identify the picture, it has a herd of fresian cows walking towards the viewer, walking on yellow field ?
whic painter lived in an island?
Who do I contact at The Met to inquire about selling the museum a painting?
how would you compare Diego rivera's the liberation of the peon and jose orozco's zapatistas?
question about Marilyn artwork?
Favourite color?----------------?
How much to sell pastel painting for?
What kind of paint should I use to paint a model car?
I need help! What type of paint can I use on my skin?
i need help with my canvas painting?
Painting ideas for color me mine?
How do you paint impressionism?
whats your opinion on these?
What is the most fames piece of art in the world?
Can you help me analyse this painting?
Great chiaroscuro but what is the painting that has a lit scientist in the middle surrounded by a audience,?
What are the best art galleries in London's Bond Street area to buy Antique Asian artworks?
Visual analysis paper on painting?
Name of the painting that involves beheading?
Mixing Magic Glow and Clear paint?
About how much does it cost to get a painting appraised? Suggestions in the Houston area?
Painting Background Ideas please?
I’ve a great interest in painting.Is there any institution where I can study fine arts after graduating BBA?
where can i find a critique on a piece of art called sunday morning by an artist name lanford monroe?
where can i buy an easel?
Why did the painter Hilaire-Germain Edgar Degas paint ballet dancers?
Art class paint problem!?
where can i buy painted little lead soldiers(the complete collection)?
are there any jobs in the world that involves GRAFFITI?
What color helps you concentrate?
Who was the artist falsely accused,thrown in prison,while there,painted Jesus' face on an old handkerchief?
What Fabrics to use for Fabric Painting?
please help summarize this, sor an input, ty?
what is your favorit flower?
How much does a custom oil painting usually cost?
What color should I paint my room?
What do think about Pablo Picasso?
looking for somthing avout a painter named Hühmel?
What is a Doll's body made out of and what kind of paint should I use?
Verify Paul Cezanne's painting?
Sketch book and smudging question?
How much time do you think a person should spend on a painting ? ?
Do you love art?
Most Well known surreal landscape artist?
What kind of spray paint shud i use?
Are people naked under body paint?
What is better/easier to paint and/or draw with?
What type of paint do i use to paint Airforce 1'S ???
How would you describe Picasso's work ?
What is Italian High Renaissance?
Trying to find citation for "Composition aux Disques"? "Composition aux Disques" by Sonia Delaunay...?
Are there any good books about composition?
where does the moona lisa hang?
hand painted dora or other character?
Where can i get high quality images of famous paintings?
If you were going to paint a picture of your life what would it look like?
In Van Gogh Vincent sunflower painting, how does the painting make you feel?
a painting by wilmer with mountain a stream with like a fog in the mountains?
What do u like about this painting?
Hey, i need to know where i can buy montana spray paint, in stores, internet, anywhere.?
Romanticism.5 major artists who contributed? needed asap :I?
SMF Schramberg?
Name some dark visual artists?
i know this is probably asked a lot but..?
good at drawing means good at painting ?
How to create a professional portfolio for my paintings?
Simple cheek art/ face painting deigns?
Art question? For the painters out there. .s best answer!!!!?
the painting moret bridge in the sunlight?
What is the effect of using tempera on a painting?
what are the characteristics of mrs. grace darymple painting that can be consider as rococo art?
im trying to do a painting of the sunset and evertime start over it gets worse any help??
Technique created by Vincent Van Gogh in response to a concern in his time?
HELP! Right Away!?
What should I paint with acrylics?
How to make stretcher bar for canvas ?
best of Nick Cave album cover?
Is the sistine chapel a cathedral?
What's this Rene Magritte painting?
who is the watercolor guy?
I am sure my 3 year old nephew can paint a Rothko painting. Why is Mark Rothko's art so highly priced?
How do you remove mold from the back of oil paintings on canvas?
How is Cubism a revolution?
is it true that if you mix all the colors except blue the result would be yellow?
How does a typical color theory class go?
Who Painted This Picture of Miguel Hidalgo? And When was it Painted??
What is the name of this painting and the artist?
Paint Tool Sai download?
why artwork is considered classical?
A good idea for a zebra painting?
what couldn't renaissance artists paint?
i got a painting by david hansberger?
Why did Australia buy the painting "Blue Poles"?
Good Girl Gone Bad? Bad Girl Gone Badder? Or Just A Bad Painting?
Paint mixing problem...?
How was Giovanni Arnolfini and his bride by Jan van Eyck painted?
What was that picture of those girls who have painted on their self?
Can someone please write about the techniques and style Picasso used in all his artwork?
Why are simple abstract paintings so popular?
why is mona lisa is so famous ?
What's the Picasso-ish painting that hangs beside Gordon Gekko's desk in the movie "Wall Street"?
I have this painting thats 250 years old. it's a Persian paiting. How much could it be worth?
Are water colours hard to use for beginners?
What's a good set of watercolors and paper and brushes?
Who painted The Haywain?
How do I sell artwork?
any mom have read the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer?
What should i paint? acrylic painting?
what did michelangelo build as an architect?
What do you think of my art work please?
The artist "crossover"?
i sprayed damar varnish on my oil painting about three days ago and it hasn't dried yet,?
Who painted this?
Where do I find black body paint?!?!?
Name of this painting need to win a contest!?
Can I spraypaint my backpack?
What are the most active and respected web discussion forums/groups for Old Master paintings and drawings?
Whats the best way to sell an accomplished artists' painting and sketches?
can anyone help me with an art project?
who painted that picture?
Why did Franz Marc paint animals,?
Does the painter Aldo Loungo have a painting by the name "Rock Star"?
looking for a painting with a dancing woman in the trees?
Can a finished oil painting be toxic?
Can anyone tell me the name of an interesting painting located in the Phildelphia Art Museum?
Can paint really get you high?
Why do artists distort and alter reality when painting?
The name of a Southwestern Painter something like "Pena Reiajzo"?
Watercolor questions? Please answer!
Help with ART PROJECT? Ideas Please?
Is painting your nails often bad?
What does the painting Young Lady in Fashion represent about the Renaissance?
I have 1 copy: Extensile Exposure by Arnold Henry. Need buyer.?
thanks!what about lavander oil or vit. e oil?
i bought paint for glass, ceramics and metals...?
i wanna paint a logo on my tenor kala ukulele?
How long does an oil painting needs to dry?? and how can I speed it up??
I have a Grandma Moses "Early Springtime on the Farm" painting, how can i find out how much its worth?
Who did frame roger rabbit?
trying to locate two artists?
Why did vermeer paint so many people standing by the corners of rooms by windows?
Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?
If you could have a pianting of anything?
spray painter for clothes..?
Hello everyone!!!!!?
Artist Information needed?
Painting a lighter with acrylic paint?
please help?
How did painting change 1300-1500? what does this suggest about changes to society at large?
Do you think purple is cute?
Can you use wood gloss on a canvas painting to seal it?
Where can you buy styrofoam? And what paint can you use to paint it?
Spray paint on Munnys?
where to buy white paint pens for graffiti?
Do you know the artist and title of this painting...?
Mona Lisa- who cares??
Is there a Thomas Kinkade gallery in Chicago?
How do you paint/shade like this?
where in europe where most expressionists painters to be found?
famous street artists?
How do you think old painting masters did organic shapes?
What colors should I use in this painting?
Minecraft Problem With Cobblestone?
is it okay to mix oil paints with washing up liquid to make them spread evenly and smoothly?
What is my painting worth, if anything?
Who is a famous Hispanic artist?
What is so good about the mona lisa?
selling my paintings in the flee market?
Jean Joseph Benjamin Constant was an artist of what art movement?
Oil painting beginner! Tips from experienced people appreciated...?
what colours do you mix to get brown other that red and black?
Is the sistine chapel a cathedral?
Where can I buy good, but cheap liquid acrylic paint?
where can i look up spainish art( picasso)?
what do you think of this painting?
I painted a pair of shoes entirely with acrylic paint, how do I keep the paint permanent on the shoes?
Does anyone have any tips on how to paint a scene like this?
Who is Robert Bateman?
How can i find out the value of Louis Eilshemius orginal paintings?
Painting a dubstep DJ table and I need design ideas?
how do i find unclothed big beautiful women without resorting to pornography?
I have an art exhibit coming up. Can I exhibit a copy of a Matisse painting that I did? Is it legal/ ethical ?
"El Baño del Caballo" by Joaquin Sorolla (The Horse's Bath)?
what varnish should I use for a mixed media painting?
Do artists contribute anything to society at all?
Personal art works as gifts?
Do you feel as a painter,some of those "professional"dvds on painting are helpful in your artistic development?
How could I combine pop art and fine art?
why is the sky above the earth blue?
Do painters make a lot of money?
Can I say my paintings are original?
If you mix all the paints in the paint store together what colour do you get.?
Why should I learn to paint if all I have to do is put a black streak on a canvas and charge $600, no frame?
I am painting a mural in my baby's nursery. What is the best type of medium to use?
How can i find the number of dovetails that could fit on a board?
Why am I having trouble spreading oil paint?
All you out there who take art classes in school... can you take a second to answer my quick IB Math survey?
artists that paint mysterious places?
Why can't I get myself to PAINT AGAIN.....???
any documentary about claude monet?
Help me find this bird painting? Australia?
do you want to be a legend and genius like leonardo da vinchi?
Difference between artists oils and student oils?
Can anyone give me a good resource about Caravaggio?
The famous paintin in dodgeball(a picture of benstiller grabin the bull by its horns, who painted the original?
what is love?
Can I mix turpentine with water colour or acrylic paint?
do you know of any (well quality) vegan paints and primers?
Ladys only?
What's the big deal about Andy Warhol's paintings of Campbells soup cans?
Need info on old oil painting by C.P.Dyker-Still Life of table set wth a jug, meat & knife, basket, cloth?
Who is the artist?
Do all wall paints dry the same even if the paint was cheap?
Best paint for Mickey Mouse Ears cap?
Is it ok to use cheap turp in oil painting? ?
Am looking for anything about a Polish portrait painting?
Is Krylon Spray Paint dangerous on skin?
What color does brown and yellow make.?
What kind of flourescent paint do I buy to paint something so that it will glow in the dark with black lights?
does anybody know all the brands and color of spray paint?
Do they give you oil when you get an oil change?
How much should I pay an artist and where can I find one?
Can you please help me with this?
What is the official name of this peice of art by Mary Cassatt?
should i study a bachelor of arts in language or bach of fine arts in painting?
most painted thing in world?
Can you make a living selling art prints and paintings?
Where to purchase an OSHA gasmask easy 10 points need help ASAP time is of the essence?
Just saw the Monet show in Cleveland. Great. Now, how many paintings in total did Monet do?
Have you ever heard about the Austrian painter Gottfried Helnwein? Is he popular in your country?
What were the names of Leonardo DaVinci's patrons that paid for the making of famous paintings like "David"?
Do the colors yellow and black make green?
Whats the name of this painting?
For oil paintings: do you varnish a painting before you frame it or do you frame it first and vanish later?
Do you like abscract art?
What type of paint do I use to do window painting?
What should I paint on my canvas?
Which colours do u liked most?
Do you think MF Hussain is a good artist?
I would like to have art fond?
i need some painting inspiration... give me some ideas?
need help please?
Benjamin West- "The Death of General Wolfe"?
Best Airbrush for painting?
How do I buy paint supplies when I only paint for fun?
Artist painter R Wolf painted glassed layred earth painting?
Why do painters wear white?
What does the blank canvas mean?
Painting of two hands about to touch.what it called?
Tips on abstract painting?
What should i paint my girlfriend for christmas?
what is the symbolism of the image of christ giving keys to saint peter?
What is the best oil paint to use?
What is your favourite colour?
what kind of techniques can i use to make my poster colour painting better?
how does Giorgio Morandi show texture/ surfaces in his paintings?
wat r some crazy ways to paint a car (ex. zebra)?
Anyone know about a artist (painter) Joyce Winters in Wisc. Are her painting worth anying ?
How to paint a reflection in eyes?
who knows about a professional Art lower?
how do you keep dust off an oil painting in progress?
Know of a website for a contemporary hispanic artist..his name is...?
how do we make moghul paintings??how do we color the thin outlines,with a pen??
i was asked along with others to help paint and come up with an idea of what to paint on a mural it should..?
Which drying oil hardens the faster?
Tips on how to Stretch a large Art canvas?
A thorough critique of this painting.?
How do you blend skin colors in a painting?
does bio oil really work?
If Russell Brand and Jonathon Ross?
Painting with tea. Types of tea and colors?
Who is your favorite artist and why?
What is the average cost of an original Norman Rockwell painting?
Is it legal to print anothers artwork in iPhoto?
did Gustav Klimt fight the war?
why don't people look like the people in old paintings or history books anymore?
How do I learn how to digital paint?
i have a lazlo neogrady painting that I cannot tell if its a print or the real thing. Can someone help me out?
what's the difference between acrylic prints and canvas prints?
frayed paint brushes?
how can i tell if my painting is worth money?
What color should i paint my room?
Art supply list please answer?
honest opinions wanted of painting.?
The effect of glowing light in American landscapes is mainly?
decoration ,resturant table or re spray a varnish?
Can anyone tell me in a paragragh what the subject matter is for the painting 1977 by peter booth?!?
What type of paint finisher should I use?
Does anyone NOT want Blink182 too get back together?
Hey, I want to paint my minivan, Suggestions?
I drove around for hours, I drove around for days---I drove and drove?
What is your favourite colour?
how can i paint sterling silver?
Is this paul klee painting?
What is the best method for painting a fine line when using acrylics?
what does the painting Cardsharps represent?
What sort of stuff is good for painting plastic?
what color goes good with the color indigo?
What is the theme of this painting?
can you tell the difference between an acrylic painting and an oil painting? Is there an aesthetic difference?
Has portraiture changed over time?
Is this appropriate pricing for my art?
How do you make a thicker line on paint tool sai?
How to learn how to paint with acrylics?
how long does a light coat of spray varnish take to dry on a painting.?
How did Cavallini and Cimabue differ in style/ technique?
Genuine and interesting Artists?
how long can masking fluid stay on a painting?
what is this painting worth?
How to represent Israel defeat in gaza war in a cartoon?
What is the color of a smile?
dino massaroni's sierra sunrise?
Do you ever blush when painting a nude model?
Who paints the pictures of dolls with either oil or acrylic?
Where can I find East Indian artwork?
What would you do #3?
When you paint with acrylic paint, do you sketch on the canvas with pencil first?
I am a born artist,I love painting it makes me happy if I don't do painting it feels like something missing
what is the name of that older dog painting?
Would it be illegal to remake or alter a famous painting?
pushed a stick into a unused canvas and it has a dent in the fabric, can i straighten it?
What were Rembrandt van Rijn's major works and what year were they produced?
Watercolor pencils help please!?
where can I buy an antique automatron picture?? or even new ones?
If i asked a robot to paint something beautiful, what would he/she/it paint?
Does anyone know where i can find a picture/painting of joan miro AS A CHILD?
What's the difference between a lithograph and a print....except the price?
Does anyone like Diego Rivera's artwork?
What colors go good with a Napalm Orange?
Can someone help me with this MS paint question?
Who or what did Salvador Dali influence?
I've never painted before. What sort of study and what kind of steps should I take to paint like Thomas Moran?
Recommendation of art website please?
How has the artist used line to create movement and energy in this painting?
What are the advantages in using Gouache paint rather than watercolour - or isn't there an advantage?
Where online can I purchase low priced painting canvas?
what are some names of famous artists ?
How do you get a skin tone color when using oils?
How much would an original painting by Fred Morgan be worth?
Foundation Art and Design?
How do you make ink from plants or any other natural material?
What is the symbol of mortality in Mattia Preti's Vanitas?
Do you like my painting?
how well does paintings do at flea markets? and what are the price ranges?
Who is the 15 most famous artist in Colombia?
what is so special about the mona lisa ?
Can you paint oil paints onto water colours?
What is the best thing to use to draw a sketch on canvas so that it doesn't show through acrylic paint?
What is the plastic or wood knife-like thing at the back of the canvas?
Hey,I was wondering if any of you know how to say "paint can" in french.Thanks for the help.?
I have a painting signed by Lumen Winter, is it worth anything?
Can you use medias other than paint on a canvas?
what painting is this and by whom?
Does anyone know of any good painting websites...?
Best paints to paint a pumpkin?
Rembrandt's first name?
what is your favorite colour?
What is your favourite colour...y?
trying to paint a road case?
What is the name of the painting where a girl is waiting at the end of a staircase on her knight?
how to figure out who drew an art piece?
If i painted a fruit still life, what should i add to it to make it look more home sweet home-ish?
best classical composers?
who is the artist who paints flowers? HGTV episode with Candace?
Whats a painting or something that portrays the feelings in the story?
how do i get my group into the directory online?
What color do I mix with turquoise to make dark green?
Painting a mural on my nephew's bedroom wall, what's the best kind of paint to use?
Artist name help?
Anyone interested in purchasing an Hector Molne original painting?
What's a good cleaner to use for paint brushes, when using acrylic paint?
why are artists and poets drawn to the mysteries of the bog people?
Was Salvador Dalí a great artist or just a wallpaper manufacturer?
Cani use painters tape on paper?
I've lost my creative drive -- help?
What's the cheapest and quickest way to frame a painting?
How do you custom paint a skateboard that already has the background color you want?
What should i add to poster paint, or what paint should i use when painting a flower pot?
Is it worth something ?
Does anyone know of a painting showing the back of a naked woman seated at a piano?
What is this painting called?
I would like your ideas for this?
I am searching for a California Artist Mario de la Cruz, I purchased several of his works in the late 1980's.
as an aspiring artist how can i get my work into a commercial gallery?
How much origional oil painting "Cast the first stone" by Joseph Wallace King worth ?
What are some of the works done by Picasso during his "African Period"?
Where was Ralph Hotere's painting, Dawn/water Poem (1986) , made in?
Can someone give me some links to paintings that's theme is to never give up or keep trying???
India ink on raw canvas?
What is this song called & who is the artist?
Gimp questions for a new speed painter?
How can I find copyright info on Old Masters paintings?
I'm running out of ideas to paint I need ideas?
What watercolors to mix to get the color of the statue of liberty?
the color yellow?
21st century mural essay?
I need a biography for Manol, an artist born in salonica Greece. He painted and studied in Brazil in 1953?
Do colours have impact on you?
My color is too black, I want Purple!?
Being original?
Self-Control in an Art-Supply Store ... Is That Possible? Need Help Choosing Colors?
cool children type painting?
Where is Leonardo Davinci on Assasins creed 2?
Where can I buy an antique sea chart reproduction?
in oil painting what is liquid clear?
how tall was PABLO PICASSO?
Who are some famous artists influenced by Michelangelo?
what do hands represent?
What colors go well with TEAL?
Average price for a Bob Ross Original Painting?
When did Vincent Van Gogh paint Starry Night oil painting?
I have to make a photo frame on my project very creatively?
leonardo da vinci's Father's and mother's name?
What is a Doll's body made out of and what kind of paint should I use?
help me figure out this painting?
How do i get my art in galleries?
Paint watercolor on wood? Then marker?
what is the relation of artist and his medium?
Abstract Art and Canas Art Paintings Required. Any Advice?
what kind of color can I use on fabric?
I want a magical Mystical Door and don't know how to make one. Help?
Are there any books on advanced composition?
where does michael moffat live?
How should I clean an oil painting?
How are artists inspired by the world around them?
what is your favorite color crayola?
Why has the quality of art deteriorated over the years?
how can i find the value of an artist's paintings or prints?
I am looking for information on an artist Annie Lyle Viser.?
Grisaille painting help, please?
Why is Monet seen as a working-class simpleton and a peasant?
I need help in Painting and Drawing?
What is the focal point in this painting?
Can we use pearl whight car paint on home P.O.P?
What is the name of this artist?
a picture of Gilreath coat of arms?
who is the greatest painter for you?
What is surrealist, what do surrealist painter paint?
why did andy warhol paint the portrait of marilyn monroe? What was it's purpose?
What kind of paints should I use to paint my drawing?!?
any one ever heard of the artist, Franco Tertz, or know of his work?
Can you paint paper maché while its wet?
How does an artist's (painter, installation, sculture) job help others?
Does Thomas Kinkade piss off any other artists out there? Why?
Ideas for a painting?
What makes one a great painter on canvas?
Does glow in the dark paint lose its glow over time?
When is the release date for Edward Clay Wright's limited edition print of Arch Angel?
does anyone happen to know picasso's favorite colors?
What is the diffrence between Acrylic and oil colors?
What's your stance on artist using drugs?
ever seen a painting that looked soooo real,had the history told and brought tears to your eyes..because...?
what does the painting Cardsharps represent?
Looking for oil painting of siblings at beach?
If you do a drawing or a painting from a photograph from a magazineis it considered plagiarism?
what is your favorite colour?
what is 5x4 + 8x2 +3?
were can i find music dance and art and animals?
painter named J. A. Lawson?
Can I make my own fabric paint with acrylics?
Painting something that already's been painted??????
A famous painting with a hidden meaning?
What should I draw?? (pencil sketches)?
rate my painting? :D!!!?
what were the 3 main principles of Renaissance art?
Why is the paitning of MonaLisa so famous?
How much could I sell my paintings for or prints of the paintings?
who is gilber stuart?
Pablo Picasso- "El Guernica"?
Are Norman Rockwell and Kent Rockwell related?
How do you describe this picture?
Why is Virgin Mary ALWAYS depicted wearing a veil/shawl?
Paint question.... please help...?
Can you help me with finding a painting/piece of art?
Is $5 a good price for a sketch?
what is the symbolism in Andy Warhol's red lenin?
How do I unlock a layer in Painter Essentials 4?
need the name of a painting?
I have a really bad art project?
What type of paint is interior house paint?
Any interesting facts about Pablo Picasso?
Do you like still life / portrait/ landscape paintings best?
What was the art style, medium, and subjects of Wilfredo Lam?
need inspiration?
How do I get a light peachish color?
What kind of paper should copic sketch markers be used for?
May I layer oil paint on top of tempera?
Where can I find Wolfgang Bauer's art?
How does the subject matter of an artwork differ from its style? How might one influence the other?
what is the name of this painting?
How much does A Pierre Auguste Renoin and H Bolton Jones painting go for?
How can I paint a dog?
is the venus of urbino a portrait?
Can some one tell me the name of the Painter that was on LA INK who got a self-portrait of a 1440's painting?
did Romans use paints?
Watercolor paint pigment not "rich" on paper?
Is there any site in which I can sell my digital paintings and flash animations.?
Slaughter of the Innocents by Giotto?
my fathers art please view?
what is goya"s masterpiece?
Is Painting Taught or Natural Gift?
Do you think myspace goes to far when censoring rennisance art?
would you buy this painting i made? and for how much?
Does anyone know what year art work done by Diego Rivera became the cultural property of Mexico?
Artists who create work based on viewpoints...?
I am a painter and want to make a web site / gallery Can I do it for free and how please.?
how can I achieve balance in an artwork using only the element of Value?
Can you please help me find these wonderful artist? xD?
f 5/2 artists make 5/2 paintings using 5/2 canvases in 5/2 days then how many artists r required to make 25 pa
sir my farm villa don't open?
Where can I find artist studio space for rent in Los Angeles?
Why are Salvador Dali's paintings more popular than his surrealist counterparts?
painting water (acrylic paint)?
How to sell your art?
where can i buy a clementine hunter original painting for under one thousand dollars?
Does anyone know of any walls to graffiti, apart from Sturt creek. Abandoned places, drains, in Adelaide.?
how can i get into painting book covers? / art tips?
What makes some Graffiti art?
group for freelance artists?
Famous painters who have represented......?
Who is the artest who painted that scream guy?
what does classical antiquity mean and stylistic authority?
do u like this?
Where can i find all the Sharpie Paint Makers in San Jose CA?
Do you think the definition of art has changed?
how to improve my painting skills?
Best Varnish for Painted Shoes?
what is the best oil paint brands?
What does a bull in a painting symbolize? How about a peacock?
can art class [painting/drawing] help someone who has no background in art?
how rich was salvador dali?
What is Hetail du tableau No.23263 Musee National du Louvre, Sainte Anne, by da Vinci?
Where is the original of Dali's painting "Gala regardant la mer"?
What can I fix on this painting?
how to make gray paint?
Where can i hang an oil painting?
Does duct tape work when stretching watercolor paper?
any ideas for a simple british craft?
What's better, to paint standing up or sitting down?
i have an artt problemmmm?
What are the best known landscape paintings?
what is the rule for matting and framing watercolor paintings for a gallery exhibit?
what type of paint should I use?
Did Andy Warhol break copyright laws?
Painting on aluminium .?
Which artist should I do for my project?
What kind of paint can you use on glass? I want my son to paint a small glass vase for my mother.?
Good resources on artists' perspective in overrated paintings?
where is anthony palo?
could you buy the mona lisa?
can someone link me to some nice block letters?
If you are an artist, do you have your own web page?
does watercolor paints ruin acrylic paint boards?
where can i find Da vinci's paitings online?
what do you think of this painting?
Social and cultural effects of Picasso's paintings?
can you use copic or promarkers markers on a canvas under oil paint?
As a student of art, should I sell copies?
sai paint opening canvas error?
Can somebody explain why this painting is highly valued?
Can I sell my Paintings internatinally that work as doctor and treat psychologically. I want to market my skil
how do i make gray paint from these colors?
What is the title or artist of a painting with a woman in a field with her hand on her hat?
i cant paint, has anyone got any tips?
paint shop pro 8 or paint shop pro x?!?
GCSE art exam - colour?
Can you identify this color?
What is oil paint made of?
why is mary magdalene always holding a skull or a cup in most of her portraits?
I am writing my dissertation on banksy and would like opinions of his work or similar subjects?
What's the difference between purple and violet?
did gene sterling paint a painting called the brave one?
What type of colors are black and white formaly considered?
i decorated a shirt with puffy paint and it accidently went through the other side. How do i take it off?
what did van gogh paint?
How do I spark the inspiration and ideas for paintings and other compositions?
I need to find a FAIRLY SIMPLE famous painting to copy...Any Suggestions?
yes, its related to my painting?
art styles?
Why isn't Van Gough a teenage mutan ninja turtle?
what do you think of when you hear/see the colours red, black and white??
Do you have to use a canvas for oil paints ?
Did Leonardo da Vinci cut his ear off?
I have Bought an oil painting supplied on a rolled up canvas how do i frame it ?and hang it ?
I ask this again, what's more important life of a poor old man or the priceless Mona Lisa painting?
What is the exact color is this paint ?
Trying to locate the artist Peter Samberger?
my mom had a dream that she was painting three angels on a large canvas as she finished painting the last feat?
what is this artists name?
whats the picture with the melting clocks, its done by a painter?
oil painting on pc.?
Oil Painting Mediums: Less expensive substitutes?
Painting my room? what colour should i use?
white, is it all colors combined or no color at all?
How do I find where an artwork is currently?
how to get very deep/dark red paint?
I cannot remember the name of a painting/painter I saw in the Louvre. Please help!?
What color do you get when you mix red green yellow and blue?
Does anyone know where to find prices of David Leverett's paintings?
really pretty art piece help me find it?
does anybody know location of st. martin canal painting by sisley 1870?
Who do you like better michelangelo or leonardo?
Differences between acrylic paints, oil paints, tempera paints, and watercolors?
looking for Erdine Boshaw paintings?
What are some paintings I could buy prints of that have redheaded women in them?
were leonardo da vinci's paintings similar to other artists of the time?
New(ish) Art Products Used in Painting?
Ineed a guitar that is not expensive and good!?
What is your favorite painting and why?
which keywords to search painting?
Which artists have a style similar to this one?
I don't know what to paint as a gift for my best friend?
what do you think of my new painting?
Which are Australia's best painters and what makes them so great?
What Elements Of Art Did Picasso Use In His Paintings?
Who can find an online picture of Mozes with stone tablets painted by Jan (van) Gossart a.k.a. Mabuse?
help please i need more information about all over you the song by spill canvas ?
what colour to paint my room?
Paint Shop Pro?
Painting techniques for beginners?
Any painting come to mind?
Does anyone know the name of this painting?
I bought stencil paint creme and I haven't finished?
What is the difference between puff paint and regular paint?
I need real help with this problem, he is such a great artist with painting?
What is your favorite art movement/period and why?
Any info on the artist Amadeo Boroni?
What era was lady Gaga's set in the vmas?
How does Seurat represent the art period pointillism?
What is the best picture ever drawn in the paint program?
Blue Colour?
What is the plastic or wood knife-like thing at the back of the canvas?
How do you post those LOL faces on Deviantart?
A few years ago we visited a Museum in Padua, Italy. We cannot remember the name or location?
Which color is your least favorite? Green, Orange, Purple, Grey, or Brown? Why is it your least favorite?
can you describe the colours , textures and tones used in o'keefes work?
Famous cityscape artists?
why is the mona lisa so amazing?