Who made these paintings?
i have a painting by gerald coulson how can i tell if it is real or fake?
Please judge my painting?
Who influenced William Turner?
Questions to ask a portrait artist?
How can i learn drawing please?
Who is the woman in the painting "Figure at Window" from Salvador Dali?
is it suitable to use varnish for the last coating of the guitar?
Help in interpreting artworks.?
A good speed painting program that has a blur effct for shadows?
Rose prints P J Redoute average aution prices please?
i need help with these two artists?
Formal Analysis "Primavera" by Sandro Botticelli?
Spray Paint Color Question?
I just painted a ballerina flower?
How was the color purple discovered?
What type of piant should I use?????
is classical civilisation gcse like history gcse?
why do so many people have the same painting by r colad?
Who painted this picture?
What Art Era Do You Like the Most?
Feedback on one of my paintings?
How do yo deodorize spray paint?
Did Roy Lichtenstein have any siblings?
Artists that depict these emotions in their work...?
If an extremely talented 14 year old started selling his paintings would he get famous?
searching for artist who painted 'tribute to bartok 1977?
Artists who paint chinese or japanese culture?
Do you have to prime a canvas before starting a painting?
Revenge in artwork?
where can i buy cheap water color brush pens?
Which paints shall I use to paint this picture?
painting a picture?
what paint color goes good with red?
How favourable of Pope Leo X is this image painted by Raphael in the 1500s?
who is this artist i need to know?
How long does it take for a painted rock to dry?
Where can i find gouache?
ideas please!!!!!!! Acrylic paint on index boxes??????
Leonardo da vinci??????????
diego rivera painting.?
Does anyone know where do good art courses?
Does anybody make a paint shaker for 2 ounce craft paint bottles?
Help With Art Homework?
how/why are some paintings so expensive?
List the three(3) most BEAUTIFUL things you have ever seen: human, natural scene, structure, painting?
should i study a bachelor of arts in language or bach of fine arts in painting?
Anyboby have info.on the artist: O.E.L. Graves (1897-1971)?
Do limited edition prints have any resale value at all? I'm thinking about buying a giclee ~ $3K/print?
What type of pencils !?! ?
why did art in the 60's die out?
How do i keep file name intact on tubes in Paint Shop Pro?
Acrylic question?? Help please?
how much would a oil painting by arlie gray be worth?
does anybody know of landscape artist kim k.s.?
What are the key characteristics of Impressionism ?
water color paintings?
can someone help?
name any famous pablo picasso paintings?
What should you put when signing a painting?
Would bob marly make a good house painter? :D?
Why do people vandalize Artwork?
I love to paint (acrylics on canvas) but I just can't get started..............?
p.wilson painting artist,hay field subject any info please?
teflon spray for painting on plastic?
Painting in Wartercolors?
What is the painting called?
what color does blue & pink mixed make?
what is your fave color? why?
Can i gt some famous paintings of the resuurection of christ?
How do i find a detailed biography of Kate Bergin?
Is clear a color...?
Can someone help me solve these riddles?
famous painters that died in october 1936?
what does Surrealist Movement mean?
Can you airbrush on vinyl kindermat?
Can you make every color out of red, blue, green, yellow, black, and white?
Can paint really get you high?
Would it be proper to display an oil painting in a living room by resting it on a mantle and against the wall?
what is this piece of artwork called?
Something to paint over acrylic to make it water resistant?
Where can i buy permanent paint?
What should i paint a picture of?
What painting and painter is this?
How can i use water colours properly?
How can I understand Andy Warhol's artwork?
What is Cubism?
Is there anything I can use to clean my oil brushes except for turpentine or turpenoid?
Hmmmm who did this painting???
What is your favorite song (and its artist) and why?
Does anyone know where i can get canvas?
what kind of gloves were used in a handmime? was it glow in the dark or paint?
will acrilic paint stick to plastic or will it peel off?
Do you like abscract art?
Using a medium with acrylic paint?
How do you draw pop art? Any tips and techniques would be v. welcome! BEST ANSWER 10 POINTS!!!?
what is the meaning of nuns having gas mask in paintings and tattoos?
why do so many people have the same painting by r colad?
If I want to have a painting appraised do I need to provide some kind of proof of ownership?
where can i buy glow in the paint?
Where do I find info on a Rembrandt portrait I saw at the Hammer Museum ??
What is the name of this painting?
Is there a forum created for painters or for selling of paintings?
heyy just wondering im no spanish but????
who's your favourite artist my fave is H.R.GIGER?
Spray Painting in Singapore?
is it wrong to feel competitive as an artist?
Painting of Jeremiah Sanford?
does anybody on here know anything about osnat on ebays art techniques?
What materials are good to paint on with acrylic paint?
where can i find artist june nelson signature?
On Corel Paint Shop Pro X How do you change the eye color of your picture?
Why to paint on my canvas?
Are Mark Rothko's paintings supposed to be a joke?
why did British painter MARK Gertler committed suicide in 1939?
Applying an acrylic paint over a le medium.?
who is the author of Da vinci code?
is graffiti bad?
Can you get mixed colour rose bushs?
Who are some known painters whose work concerned with pollution?
is there a site that shows oil paintings done by norman rockwell under the assumed name of walter francis will
there is an artist who produced portraits of jammy dodgers in relationships. do you knoe who ?
What was so shocking to Manet’s audience about Dejeuner su L’Herbe, and what is at least one reason that it-c-?
i want to paint a 1930s portrait but its black and white but i want to paint it in colour?
How do I get this brush stroke without a tablet?
Has anyone been moved to tears by a painting?
Why paintings of some painters are expensive?
i would like to submit pictures of my artwork to be seen by the public?
I'm looking for an impressionist painting with a woman in a red dress while it is raining...?
what artists look at abandoned or decaying building?
Who is the expressionist painter who paints a blue/yellow dog?
Would nail polish remover work as a paint remover?
Which painting is considered at the oldest painting in the world?
do you think painting your room black then paint splattering it would be weird?
Help, all Painters! I need advice!?
Mentally ill musician/artist... What the hell is his name?
· Do you like modern art?
Where can I see pictures of Van Gogh's paintings?
What is your opinion of Thomas Kinkade's artwork?
Do i really need to use a bbowl and brush?
Can someone help me find the name for this painting of Christ?
how we can be good people?
what oil pastel colors should I use for this image?
In Leonardo Da Vinci's "Last Supper" do you think the person on Jesus's right is a woman?
School Project --- Painting?
What kind of canvas or pallet could I use for my bubble gum art that would not breakdown over a few weeks?
Paintings of generals with hand in shirt?
Few questions about Leonardo da Vinci.?
Lloyd R. Jones lithos?
Color maker??
Is there a program like Paint Tool SAI for Mac?
A Renaissance Man in 2007?
I need to find a painting...?
Outline th primary aestethic concerns and workin methods of the Impresionists refering to examples of painting
How much do private art collectors pay for paintings?
Are acrilic colours basically better than poster colours on a normal chat paper or not?
help identify or locate an artist?
Can you please name me a painting or drawing which has a good composition?
what do you think of the name jacob?
Can someone please tell me the name of this painting?
finding the name & artist of a painting?
could you look at this web site and crit the
What can I use on a canvas to give it texture?
Im an artist. How do i become famous for my work?
How would you go about painting a violin without ruining its sound quality?
do you know this painting?
Charles I of England by Sir Anthony van Dyck?
What are some shades of green?
Okay so there's this painting...?
where can you buy neon puffy paint?
Artist painted same picture three times and named them exactly the same - is this right/fair/legal?
What would be the value of an original ountess Potacka painting by Vigee Le Bruns?
What is the best medium to use for a Portrait of an eighteen year old girl?
If I clean my brushes real good, could I switch from oils to acrylics?
who is Dilip Chitre?
How long after the death of an artist do the prices of his work start to appreciate.?
Oil Painting Help/Advice?
I want to buy some Paintings, any good website for it?
What are some good political paintings ?
Exercise for your imagination...Ideas for my second oil painting?
Who is Dick Crocker?
what bad things did Michelangelo do?
Is there an alternative for cobalt blue?
Is Fuchsia a color or is it fake?
Who is the guy in the iron mask in the Outback Steakhouse paintings?
help! I am doing translating from English to Chinese, here are some words i don't get it. please help! emergen
What is this type of artwork called?
Has modern art become nothing more than a forum for leftist politics and lost it's way as an art form?
raja ravi varma's paintings?
How difficult is oil painting.?
where can i find info on the value of old stamps, 1908-1927?
Will acrylic paint stick to a shiny iphone case?
how do you create the effect of rays of sunlight in a acrylic painting?
my mum has a painting of a little boy crying.?
When did the avant-garde in modernist art really begin?
is Banksy a photographer or an artist?
spray paint question?
Icons and noses?
what is ummagumma?
Can I paint my house key with acrylic?
Please give me some links of most famous paintings of the world?
My paint? Your expressions?
Can I sell art done on cardboard?
I am trying to find where to buy a copy of lithograph "Morning Melodies" by R. Brownell McGrew.?
This is my artwork - what do you think?
Can anyone tell me the artist of these paintings?
where can i find or search for that painting that the hansdabnd in the barkers gave his wife for x-mas?
Can you rate my first digital painting?
Does anyone care that the model for the Mona Lisa Was Pregnant?
I Have collected African ART Originals paintings in Africa. Aboput 35/40 How can I ship it to India?
Painting of women dancing on water?
I'm so disappointed about the Salvador Dali painting that I just found out that it was about impotence lol?
if we do moghul painting just with postal colors wont it get spoiled?i mean oil and acrylic last longer..?
Where is the best place to sell limited edition art prints?
I'm looking for a contemporary abstract artist, know of any with online sites?
The artist of this is sitting beside me. Please see painting and comment.?
How do you get a painting unstuck from glass? ?
Can someone plz tell my what this Don Quixote painting is by?
How to get paint out of a shirt!!!?? help!?
I have a painting that I believe to be valuable...where can I email the photos?
Is it safe to hang oil canvases?
If you saved all the tears youve ever cried over broken relationships?
How to wash out the oil paint from the brush?
How to tell the difference between primed and raw canvas?
who is Edvard Munch?
How do I repair a 2 " long tear in an oil painting canvas?
davinci were was he born?
How did the painting of the dogs playing poker become so famous?
What's the most durable spray paint in a can?
information about the paining called The Bluebird of Hapiness by Harry Neumann wanted?
What is this painting??!!10 points!!?
biography of artist A.Ciotti?
Does anyone know any artists who paint or study decay? Urban, natural... Please help!? help?
Help finding paintings?
Do yu know of any artists that use flowers or floral pattern entwined in frames or any other objects, shapes ?
What store sells different canvases for paintings?
how do you do this art technique?
Thinking of painting a little bit of my interior in my car?
Is it pretentious to paint a picture of Jesus Christ?
What 2 colors other than black goes with yellow?
How do you have a paint fight?
Who painted the picture of 3 young ladies (all wearing long, white dresses I think)?
Would you help me find a certain painting?
where can i find the link for '4 girls and finger paint'?
where can I find out if a painting is worth something?
which artist paints on 'gestures' paintings ?
What are you thoughts over graffiti?
Have you ever wondered why in the 1500's nude photos/painting were art, while today it's pornography?
What is the signifigance of the girl in the bottom right hand corner of the mural "the city of tecnochitlan"?
who is your favorite painter?
where can i get info about israel famous painters? Ty!?
Information on Pierre Outin?
How to you identify the theme and mood of a painting? Is it personal opnion?
Who is this painting by?
Best way to sell paintings to Galleries - hotels?
Canvas Painting Art (Legit Website)?
What kinda paint could i use for this ?!?
Please help to choose Acrylic painting colors.?
what programs do you guys use for or for Artwork?
Honest opinion?
Why is it that...(10 points)?
What's your favorite website design by an artist?
Are there any Art Admirers here?
What is paint made of?
Is clear a colour........?
What should I paint(:?
i have a painting signed g whitman can anyone give me any info?
who was vangos mom?
What is the difference between Surrealism and Dadaism?
Anybody heard of a landscape painter called S. Ruli?
give some t shirt painting ideas plzzzzzz..?
What painting is this?
i want to paint!?
Does anyone know the meaning behind the painting by Evelyn de Morgan called 'The field of the Slain'?
Would you ever buy this painting?
What is the title/ name of this painting? I was told it came from Europe (but where?)?
Best site with info on most important photographers?
Does anyone think Botero is really bad?
Is there something wrong with WANTING TO MAKE MONEY WITH MY ART......???
What supplies do I need to start painting without seriously overspending?
Can you tell me who is the painter of this painting?
What is this painting of ancient rome?
Drawing or Painting avg. costs on E-bay?
What is happening in these Paintings?
Help to identify the full name of a painter with the last name Hopkins?
Can you oil paint on anything other than canvas?
Thinking about getting an artist to paint my walls consisting of people who inspire me. Good idea.?
What wire do I use to hang my canvas up? And how do I attach it?
How much would you pay for a children's wall mural?
how to protect stickers on plastic?
do you know an artist by the name of R S Taylor?
What did Chuck Close use on his portrait of Philip Glass?
What do you think of Monet?
who's the artist behind the picture of the fox smoking a cigarette next to a little girl!?
how to find out if my antique is value able?
Who is the most important painter in the world today?
are acrylic paint pens any good for doing art on a canvas board?
about renaissance music?
What paints can I use that will be very bright (possibly glow in the dark or blacklight) for a "party table"?
what is the residential address of artist anjolie ela menon ?
why are school buses painted yellow....?
To an Artist, is this really bad?
Considering paintings and art - what is the difference between surrealism and magical realism?
Advice on artistic perspective?
does anyone know where I could get a good painting(dog) done?
Can you do wet on wet with acrylic?
Could I get your votes?
Most controversial Impressionist painting?
the colors used in the film "Le Fabuleux Destin D'Amelie Poulain" were based on paintings by whom
What is your favourite colour?
i have a penny from 1895 says one cent on it and has a indian on it is it worth anything?
Can you help me find a painting for my mother in-law?
Which of these paintings helped give rise to impressionism?
what is this art technique called?
Help me find the artist to this painting!?
What films have been made about artists lives?
In his letters to his brother Theo, Vincent van Gogh expressed his ideas about color as a force to show?
I'm looking for a painting/print which shows a girl with a collie dog in a field with lots of buttercups.?
Fredrix watercolor canvas problems?
an artists whose work portrays a solemn and cold atmosphere?
What kind of paint did they used (hair & skin)-- that it glows like that? And where could I get it?
Is "The Weary Knight" painting in Susan Carroll's "The Courtesan" an actual painting?
Do you think the Mona Lisa will lose its worth now it's been revealed it's actually a poofter and not a woman?
Recent Russian painter-- what's his name?
If I mix black paint with plaster, will it turn gray?
Where do i find cobblestone in minecraft?
What is this paining called?
Can I successfully paint on canvas outdoors in the winter?
How to paint like a professional ?
Rate my graffiti sketch please?
How can I be a good Painter?
Where is a good place to sell original Paintings by Richard Lorenz Any leads on private collectors?
Is this good for someone without any expirience?
resepi chakoi original?
Does anyone know the exact size of these artworks from pompeii?
we own a pawnshop in our town and we are painting a ceramic pig for a fun raiser and we need a name to?
ok what paper should i use for acrylics where i can still get crisp detail?
What designs would you want on a deck (I.e. Skateboard/Longboard)?
painting of boy and girl in open flowering field with three trees hue tones yellow scape, who is artit?
Need info on my oil painting?
how do i know if my art is good?
Elements and principles of design?
Artist who paint scenery in the different seasons?
Series of plates by David Kristupas?
who is this painter / artist ?
what is this piece of artwork called?
How to create a caramel color with paint?
is the oil paint in the painting of the death of socrates applied thickly or thinly......?
Does anybody know which famous artist bought paint instead of food?
did chuck close do this?
Was this painted by an experienced artist?
How does this Van Gogh painting represent Impressionist art?
What kind of paint does Romeo Britto uses? Is it oil or acrylic?
Is Testor's enamel paint harmful to use?
Argan oil...what is it?
Is the painting "The Coronation of Napoleon in the Cathedral of Notre-Dame" neoclassical or romantic?
Has anyone ever hard ofan Artist named Peers who painted clowns?
How much would a portrait by Leon Franks be worth?
I am looking for a painting on the wall of the Assisi Basilica...?
What is "Da Vinci Code" and why there is contravercy about the movie based on this in India?
Has anybody heard of the painter named D. Colo?
Is there more than one Salvador Dali painting of a bull?
my room is..........?
who is the artist who always paints a small bedlington terrier dog in his paintings?
how do u make the colour brown out of paint?
How do I sell my paintings online? Which website would be a good host? Any other alternatives besides ebay?
How do you make a painting medium for oil paintings?
What is a litho print?
Famous Victorian art?
Have you ever found a treasure in a flea market like a vase or painting and when they appraise it it was more?
I am looking for a certain artist, who has ghostly figures in his work. does anyone know his name?
Can you please critique my painting?
looking for information on artist Fritz Schreiber?
Expressionism Patrons and Influence?
Art websites that allow for direct flickr photo embedding.?
What is this painting showing you?
When was Audrey Flack's 'Wheel of Fortune' painted/made?
Looking for information on an artist F. H. Sitkin?
how do I get my paintings in galleries or places?
Is this a painting or charcoal drawing?
What colors would you paint a coffee shop?
HEY READ THIS! Which one is better? (help for school) ARTIST ONLY?
An Idea for an Emotional Painting?
finding a artist q-uevins?
Is it called a painting shed?
Anyone know the name of a famous impressionist painting which has woodworkers planning a floor?
How can u get rid of paint of a suitcase?
Does anyonehave any info on Mary Botto, painter?
Is the painting "Estancio Beach" by Otto Aguiar available and if so where?
How to buy watercolors?
Would someone help me? Please?
how do i enlarge letters when i print a recipe??
I'm looking for a painting/print which shows a girl with a collie dog in a field with lots of buttercups.?
Looking for information on Artist S. Dohanes..........?
has any one sunbath nude in there back garden in the uk?
some questions about painting. do you like drawing?
E. Manet- bar at the folies- bergere painting?
what is the meaning of the dove in picasso's art?
Affordable art supplies?
What is a piece of artwork from the renaissance?
What is the easiest way to make stencils for spray painting t-shirts or other items?
name some surrrealism artists!!!!?
What is the meaning of Victorio Edades' work "The Sketch"?
how do you make an oil painting look shiny?
Who are some famous tasteful nude/romantic painters/ sculptors?
Does anyone know where i can find cheap deals on art for a teenage room?
According to you: Am I a successful Painter or not?
what is the secret behind the smile of mono lisa?
grafiti spray cans, which are the best?
Trying my hand out at painting, what tools?
I have a print by artist swartz "woman with jug". who is artist? cubisim.?
Who did the paintings in Half Nelson?
My girlfriend is waiting for some painters to arrive? Does anyone know where they are?
Does anybody know famous artists (painters) from Dresden Germany?
is monalisa a boy or a girl???
Info. on a European artist by the name of Vandersteen?
Paintings with a cat, and a dragon?
Who is this painting by or where can I get it as a print?
Which properties of the Mona Lisa are most typical for the Renaissance?
Need Help; Who's the artist?
I was given a Charles M Russell painting called "The Fireboat". What's it worth?
Navy diver motivational poster?
Quick! What would look cool with a poisonous mushroom?
How is Renaissance Art different from the art of the other movements?
How do I paint with composition as the focus?
anybody know anything about an artist, painter, named *ed Ayling?
is it necessary thing to make genitals of model available to see to learn drawing ?
What historical content gave rise to Surrealism?
When you buy a Rose for someone do u believe that the color of the Rose has a meaning to it like these colors?
help with analysing two artworks? please help!?
Besides canvas, what other surfaces can take acrylic paints?
Are aluminum/metal tripod easels any good?
where can i buy painted little lead soldiers(the complete collection)?
looking for second hand/used combination or telescopic steps?
Is my painting worth money?
Ideas for a painting?
If I sell a painting, which I painted myself - then sell it - who owns the copyright.?
is gustav klimt's 'death and life' on display anywhere? if so, in which gallery?
what's the name of this painting?
i would like to obtain the email address or the personal web site for the artist Mary Ann Vessey?
Any ideas on how I should finish this painting?
What colours go well with gold?
Is this an incredibly dramatic and emotional picture or what?
If U can photograph a scene why then need to paint it? Why waste time on painting?
What to paint...??????????/?
Can anyone tell me where to find all 7 ot the masters knots not just the 2 listed in George Bains book?
Dust and lint stuck to my oil painting,help please?
Where can i find works from the leftist painter Marta DeLeon?
Would it be easier to do a self portrait with acrylics or oil pastels?
What's a good paint (face) to use?
Does anybody know a website where you can describe what a painting/portrait/image looks like and it will find?
how do i differentiate a good painting from an ordinary one?
Which renaissance artist is associated with which color technique?
What is the best kind of air brush for a beginner?
Does anyone know the best way to make a weapon sling for 1/35th scale figures?
If you're over 35 & someone said, "It's too late for a career change at this point in your life" what would?
Analysis of klimt's Salome? what you like and dislike?
Who is the artist of this peice?
Is there such a thing as neon paint for painting paintings and art? Also diamonds and gems?Where to buy these?
Is Acrylic Gesso toxic?
Want to get an oil painting of myself?
What is a good tag/graffiti name for me?
does any one know this artist?
Please, I'm looking for that famous paint from a long time ago?
Why is the Mona Lisa so famous?
Best glass spray paint?
What Does L.H.O.O.Q Mean With Marcel Duchamp's Copied Painting The Mona Lisa?
who painted "dont work hard work intelligent"?
Analyse painting by Botticelli:?
what is a abstract(painting)?
Can anyone help me with the artist of this print?
Does anyone know the name of this painting?
Interested In An Art And Rock Music Fund Raiser?
how to take off oil paint?
Why I like this painting?
Painting the anus................?
Does anyone know where I can find a painting...?
tell me about john henry ehlers born 1902 died1974 artist of painting titled 'zinnias'?
Have you ever heard of there being a link between bipolal disorder and creativity, in which the artist is?
how can i find out if a painting is worth money?
Can you name an artist who uses words/text in their work?
what do you think vincent van gough art?
Interpretation of the Portrait of Angel Fernández de Soto?
For a new beginner at painting which is the best paint to use?
what is the secret behind the smile of mono lisa?
Where can I find painting framing long metal strips that have a hole at each end to put screw into the frame..
Found a S.C Mooney Painting.?
Word painting is an expressive feature used in madrigals.?
What colours do you use for painting people's skin tones ???
Help on Michelangelo essay?
What should I paint on?
In need of ARTISTS! Help!?
Why is MS Paint blending the colors after saving?
Was Edward Munch an abstract painter or a realistic painter?
Why am I wheezing after doing some painting?
what color would all colors known to man be mixed together?
Can anyone give me a list of classical pieces of art everyone should know?
artist is to paint brush as sailor is to ?
What kind of paint is used for this portrait?
artist ?painter, engraver, east.european now resident in venice. ? name= "vec"?
Can I use acrylic paint on a mat board (that's not gesso-ed)?
Can you all take a look at my Art and give me any honest opinions/suggestions or comments?
The name of an artist who does paintings of patterns on leaves and rocks and leaves them in nature.?
An art gallery has 12 paintings in storage. They have room to display 4 of them, with each painting in a ?
what are some good things to oil paint?
How can I find out if a painting I own is a significant piece or not?
who will prefer to date or to sleep with, your childhod crush now you knw tht he/she has feling for u or BF/GF
Is anyone interested in looking at my abstract art that is for sale?
Question for professional and semi-professonal painters?
Why does Diego Rivera use calle lilies in his paintings?
Where can I buy Paul Simon wine?
Help for a High School Graduation Painting Gift?
Who painted this and what's this painting called?
Does anyone know how I could learn the skills of Picture Framing?
Who and where is Aldo James?
I have a question about SAI painter?
what do you think of my new painting?
Should i take this advice?
compare the English landscape painters to the realists?
Where is there a picture of JANETTA FALLS by Jasper Francis Crospey on the internet??
Acrylic paint on newspaper?
how can i fined an artiste painter?
What would you call that orangish-pinkish color seen in a perfect sunset?
the name and artist of this picture?
when making paint for markers what can i use instead of paint thinner?
I am on my way to get my BA in art degree and plan to offer art classes for kids, do I need a teaching degree?
Has there ever been an artwork masterpiece that was a collaboration?
How much would you pay for this pet portrait?
Artists, what's your opinion about Thomas Kinkade?
How would one go about painting on linen fabric?
how to take proper care of paintings ?
Can you guys tell me what you think?
Can I paint in my sketchbook?
how do you become a famous artist?
Where to buy online paintings?
Is this a good final piece idea? African Art?
Can anyone suggest any Digital painting tutorials?
How do you find out about upcoming art & handmade crafts shows in the south?
Is white a color? Why or why not?
What do painters spray on houses before they start painting them?
what colors can i use to mix paint to get "pink"?
where can i find an art critque of "I in the Village" by Marc Chagall?
what painting techniques give the effect of death/dying?
Does anyone here know who painted this painting and the piece's title?
Paint tubes,air brushes, nylon brushes,or synthetic pigments open the doors 4 early twentieth-century artist?
How do I use Masking fluid to create Pop Art?
How do you keep paint off of a palette?
Who is an artist that uses alot of colors in a neat way?
how do i clean brushes dirty with oil paint?
Im doing an oil painting?
What's the name of this painting?
identify the picture, it has a herd of fresian cows walking towards the viewer, walking on yellow field ?
what is omnistic Art?
Anyone know any famous portrait artists.....?
Are we too relaxed on what we consider true 'art'?
What is the name of the painter of this painting?
how do you change colors on corel painter essentials 4?
art class help - neo impressionism s for ya!?
Opinions: Is my painting good?
Where are Marie Antoinette's portraits?
I want to know if using wax paper as a disposable oil painting palette is ok?
Where can I buy a copy or poster of Amy Rice's painting, The Temptation of Ella?
Need help analyzing a painting!!!?
What would be the best paint to use to paint a skateboard?
How do you create light paintings on a nikon D3100 ?
catherine bruni?
Painting from 1940's with little boy crying outside dog license office?
Would you say Norman and I or Norman and me?
Who is the best painter in oil color in the world?
Can anyone identify the scene in this painting?
I'm trying to find info on an oil painting. It's been in the family forever.?
Would anyone be willing to look at my you tube page and let me know if The painting here may be a Manet?
how much does a window painter charge?
Can someone help me identify this castle?
how do i earn some money with the oil paintings i have made?
Artists Influenced by machinery?
How to mix a wash?
Are there any sites where I can learn Tanjore painting techniques?
Which is the best brand of artist paint brushes?
Raqib Shaw’s Garden of Earthly Delights III selling for 2.7 million pounds.Who is he?
who are the people in the Garden of Love painting by Peter Paul Rubens?
What is this signature?
What are the Pros and Cons of Watercolor and Acrylic paint?
I want to paint over the design on my longboard.?
is there such a thing as a perfect color?
Is black white and gray colours?
does a painter have to make something logical or easy to see what it is to be considered a good painter ?
I am trying to find real pictures of the last wedding of Nicholas and Alexandra of Russia? No paintings.?
critique my painting?? (graffiti style character)?
Is hair gel and acrylic paint together the same as gel medium?
If the mona lisa could speak for exactly one minute, what would it say?
how many layers of gesso?
Please advise about my paintings?
What is heightened realism?
Significance of Red in Landscape Paintings in 1960s Revolutionary China.?
What Colors, when combined, make green?
IDEAS!! What should my friend paint for me? How much?
please HELP! who made this light painting? 10 points!?
What does Mary Cassatt usualy paint with?
What is most enjoyable about painting or drawing outside?
The artist is The Chiffons. The song is 'One Fine ___'.?
Can you help me with ideas for a painting similar to Rene Magritte?
Similar to Tumblr? With Reblog?
slogan on electronics?
How to create a caramel color with paint?
Cheap alternative to a canvas?
I have a original oil from artistic interiors # 502875?
What are the connections between these artists?
what does 8 horses means in chinese paintings?
What pigment is found naturally and man made?
please please please help please?
Recommend an artist for me?
Where is Frank Stella's painting Six Mile Bottom on display?
is acrylic paint the same as acrylic enamel paint?
Help me find out who painted this painting.?
Does anyone know of a painting with a lady floating in a river with her hands bound?
Most over-rated out of these artists?
I have come across a painting of an indian wearing a head piece in this picture has an eagle where the shadow?
who was this artist?
Where can I find images for Grace Beals?
I would like to no names of painting done by the artist Virginia Lynn?
How has painting, sculpting, and art in general changed throughout time starting with (more info in details)?
Painting on grip tape?
Does anyone know who painted this?
Is grafitti art or vandalism?
What should I do for my next art project?
What is The Spanish Renaissance?
can i learn painting by myself?
I wanna find a painting in the National Gallery in Oslo.?
What is the name of the painting on this cover of Thus Spoke Zarathustra and who painted it?
Interpret the picture and also say well have it uses the Elements and Principles of art and design.?
Can someone provide me with information regarding the painting "secret delation"?
Feedback on one of my paintings?
Where did paint/art go? on windows?
ART- whats the piece with CHAIRMAN MOW in makeup...????
can you give me an artist's name who creates childlike drawing/painting ?
give some example of Philippine and foreigh artists in the modern era?
Why is red such a good color?
Are oil paints and brush cleaners still toxic these days?
what is your favourite colour?
Where can I get my Artwork displayed in the Manchester area?
I know an artist who secretely paints paintings for her Son and sign's his name to the work.?
What is the hardest medium to paint with?
where can i find the cheapest golden heavy body acrylic 4oz jars?
Who Painted This Picture?
How can we give oil masssge by hand?
Need ideas to paint my pottery project?
What is the translation for the story Aqueronte by Jose Emilio Pacheco?
Was St. Luke an artist?
oil on tin painting: civil war soldier and wife? help me figure out?
HELP: Any good artists...? ?
Painting my Toms HELP?
Vincent Van Gogh quotes?
Are guys turned on by classic nude paintings?
What are some good colors to paint my room? 10 points?? And I'll Answer Your Question!?
I badly want to be an Artist. How can I get my artwork out there?
Does anyone know the artist of my modern/contemporary art painting?
What exactly does Abstract mean in art?
"Rory Emerald Revisited" is a sexually charged painting by Norman Rockwell. Why did he deviate from the norm?
Does my painting suck? :(?
What are the dimensions of Mona Lisa's face for a golden rectangle?
Are there any artists who paint and let the paint run down the page?
What color mixing will make human skin color in computor paint program?
How do I go about getting a valid apprasial for an artwork I inhierited?
I want to paint my room, what should I do?
what colours can i make with paint if ive got red green blue yellow an how can i make themm?
Is the painting "Rory Emerald Kissy Face" by billionaire Mark Zuckerberg his one and only work of art?
what do you think of van gogh paintings Sunflowers?
Considering paintings and art - what is the difference between surrealism and magical realism?
Do you think if America had a national dept penny center Americans would donate their spare pennies?
How much would an original oil painting sell for?
looking for sister Francesca Rebello in India?
Can you use Mod Podge as a protective coat over oil pastels?
why does looking into a beautiful painting make you feel you wanna be there?
How can you get orange color crayon off a painted canvas??
Should I still take art classes in college even though I have no skill?
Who is your favorite artist?
How to make lavender acrylic paint?
do you art..............?
What should I paint on canvas?
What is the name for the painting style used in old Field and Stream magazines and Remington Firearms ads, etc?
What is the Art interpretation for these Joan Miro paintings? Exact Interpretations?
Anyone heard of Trevor Lawrence an artist (pictures)working in the 1960,s?
What do you think of adults painting?why?
fun artwork to do for teenager...?
Can you use oil paint on vinyl?
Art History, name that artist !?
how much my picasso still life with fish painting worth?
Favorite Color?
What do you think of my painting?
Art on wood protection?
Canvas Ideas for Art GCSE?!?! URGENT HELP?
which is the best shop in south delhi to buy paints and hardware?
I need advice with oil paints....?
I have the day off today its a bit overcast. Theres a Constable exhibition on at the Tate Britain should I go
Da Vinci or Michelangelo?
Frida Kahlo Hardships?
acrylic paint can be used on what type of sheets ?
Do you like this painting?
Which kinds of techniques within painting help to develop assertive behaviours?
How to glaze a canvas with the right color?
What to paint on a plaster craft mold of pregnant belly?
a Painting for the person you love?
Does the Di Vinci code offend you? Why or why not?
All Who Paint . . . please answer my question about canvas.?
Everything in a painting set?
Name of this painting?
Did Judy Garland paint a portrait of James Cagney dressed as a clown?
What is the name of the painting where a war veteran is telling stories to the people around him?
Where was the painting "The Cliff Walk, Pourville" by Claude Monet painted?
How Much Per Picture For My Paintings?
What other techniques are there in painting?
Is Harry Davis a scammer?
Anybody out there know anything about an artist named Jaro Fabry?
Shole ghurry painting?
i'm painting my room mint color green, what is a good color to go with it?
Explain the vatika oil?
where can i sell my paintings?
What is it called when...........?
How do i paint skin color?
Where is the best place to get fabric paint?
what do you think about ebay color schemes?
how did salvador dali influence spain?
Who painted the mona lisa?
explain the steps u take to do an oil painting. thanks.?
why do colors exist? why don't we just see black and white?
chzech or dutch good artists?
Painting My BMX Frame?
name a famouse artist that paint flower (only paints flowers)?
Do I need to use gesso when painting with acrylics on wood?
What is the meaning of this image?
Edward or Jacob Which one do u like better?
Which of the surrealist artists (Picasso, Dali, Magritte, Miro, Kahlo, et al.) "speaks" to your own subconsc..?
Has anyone used to sell their artwork?
How do I get myself to finish the portrait?
Who is the best dog painter in the world?
Painting Inspiring Ideas?!?!?
Is graffiti an art form?
Do you have any tips on oil painting?
Which acrylic paints are the finshest in the world?...which company are they made by?
Please answer me once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
When painting on canvas, is there some type of varnish you should use on top to preserve it?
honest opinions wanted of painting.?
Help naming a famous Renoir painting?
Does anyone love Van Gogh !?
Intrested in any information on painter George E Lee . Two paintings , fog Bound and Lighthouse?
painting supplies in Canada?
what's an anamorphosis technique?
Where can you buy the under paint for water color paintings?
how many milliseconds did it take to paint the mona lisa?
Does Circus Osorio use animals?
I have a couple of questions about the artist known as Leonardo Da Vinci.?
Beginner in painting?
What to do with sides of a canvas?
informations about boks?
Cute nail painting ideas!?
how big is 12x40inch in cms ?
what is the difference between oriental painting and western painting?
Painting tips?
oil paints for face painting?
which dries faster oil paints or watercolor paints ?
have you heard of the artist kate taylor, i have a painting which i call the runaway?
Ideas for an art final piece?
What type of art (paintings) do you prefer?
where to find legal mural/graffiti walls?
whats the name of a metamorphic art painting in which you can see images of ships and also a crying Indian?
I made a facebook page which im putting my artwork on?
I've just started painting and I have a question?
how can i downlode somthing related to painting,sclpture. etc all that i want is more info about this things.?
Got some ideas on encaustic painting?
How do I display my Dad's art work in a gallery?
What do you think about this painting?
Where is the real Irene Cahen d'Anvers painting displayed?
Goya's paintings?
oil painting valuations?
After the sistine chapel was painted, was it reaveled?
Lorenzo's Oil questions...?
Where do I find/price this picture?
A good cubism painting to write about?
can any one reccoment some good artists to research who focus on beauty?
Can anyone name this french artist?
why i can not find the wallpaper installer in the Philippines?
I'm looking for info about a painting I have. It was painted in 1968 by H.C. Kimball.?
Are my paintings good?
What do you think of this painting?
What is your favourite colour?
How do I paint an accurate American flag on a rock?
When will lanco hills signature be completed?
Can anyone give me there thoughts on these two paintings?
i need face paint, where can i find it pretty cheap?
how many art classes can you take in high school?
who drew this painting?
which British artist was renowned for hiding a mouse in his art work?
What is the most valuable painting in the world and best?
where did leonardo da vinci go to school?
Beginner's Oil Painting Question: Cleaning Brush while Painting?
Is there a difference between acrylic and enamel paint?
can somebody describe me in 300 words "Still life with fruit and oysters" by jan davidsz de heem.?
Can you identify this "Friedrichs" artist signature?
How to decorate a glass pipe?
How much time Leonardo Da Vinci took to complete Monalisa?
What style of art did Norman Rockwell paint?
how to re-varnish an old violin for wall hanging?
who painted this picture?
can you suggest me a good book about 20th century art?
Which one to get a better grade and a better bedroom?
has anyone heard of rafael saadiq?
good reasonably priced canvases to paint?
How to create a professional portfolio for my paintings?
Are water colors supposed to be dry when you buy them? What's the best way to make them wet again?
how to describe an abstract?
need help with painting? question for artists?
Do different hues with the same intensity appear 3-D or flat?
what is mary cassatt's style?
How do you blend two different colors in a painting?
Which Color is better?
I need a good subject about 'flight' to paint!!?
Trying to locate the artist Peter Samberger?
who painted this painting?
Not sure whether to do an apprenticeship in painting and decorating or woodwork and carpentary?
Why is there only men that are world famous painters?
panneau de fleurs dans un vase. escallier. wanting info.?
I need a RELIABLE website about.....?
Where are the Van gogh sunflower paintings located?
what color wall will go with red furniture?
how to spell different color's name?
House of Kolor - reducer?
Are acrylic paintings safe to store in high temperatures?
How much could I sell my paintings for?
WHERE? To do life modelling/ body casting in Leeds?
Need help and tips with oil painting. I'm just starting...?
Do i have potential painting art? *pictures.?
Where can I buy a blank wall art canvas?
Songs or paintings about politics and immigration?
what is the most valuable piece of art in the world?
how much is a colin vokes painting worth it is oil on board and has a number stamped on back which is x8006?
What do you think of my art work?
Could you help me find artists who convey emotion through their paintings?
What colors to mix to make brown?
Can anyone think of a classical roman/greek painting/sculpure/work of art that follows these guidelines?
Help. Im starting my final unit of art coursework?
Information on Pierre Outin?
grafitti? when i have a nice area of the house i would like to get a big long canvas an let someone graitti it
what do u think of my paintings...and how much money would u spent on it if it would have been for auctioning?
How many layers of gesso should I apply to a tummy cast?
If you were a little kid, what five things would u want to be drawn/painted on your face?
how did da vinci's background affect his work?
Trying to find info on a painting that I barely remember...?
I've got a brush stuck in my hair.. HELP?!?
Help on how Brush Pens are made?
can someone tell me what Vincent Van Gogh is trying to show in the painting of the italian women?
What is the name of an american glossy box?
Which colors to mix to make veraman?
What should i paint on my walls because I love the idea of murals?
Where can I get chinese rice paper (hsuan paper) like this?
Pumpkin painting help? Please!?
Woodland Invertibrates?
Can I paint over a store bought print and sell it as an origional?
Quick! What would look cool with a poisonous mushroom?
"The Last Supper" Da Vinci and Woestyne?
I am trying to find out the name of a picture of a woman sitting in a crescent moon?
How to improve this painting?
information about the paining called The Bluebird of Hapiness by Harry Neumann wanted?
Wall of paint samples?
If you hire any actress or model for a fine art portrait session who would you choose?
what's the difference in using these mediums? WATERCOLORS, ACRYLIC PAINTS, OIL PAINTS?
wat two colours goes together?
favorite music group or artist?
is it a painters job to repair a large whole in the wall?
Can anyone tell me about this artwork?
can you paint a motocross helmet?
what makes the mona lisa so famous?
can i draw over gesso before painting on the canvas?
What kind of paint to use on fake leather?
I have a question about Leonardo da Vinci?
Can I use acrylic paints on a canvas for watercolor/oil paints?
what is just dance by lady gaga what is the meaning behind it?
anyone have info about a certain painting?
Is it legal to enlarge a photo of a painting at like office max?
Has anyone heard of a painter named P.Wolsly? I am looking for his work!?
is monalisa a boy or a girl???
Looking for info on a painting of the Virgin and Child in the Vatican by Lorenzo D'alessandro Da Severino.
How Long Did It Take Michelangelo To Paint The Sistine C hapel Ceiling ?
whats the best color to paint a babies room?
How can I hang up a multimedia painting?
Will you please give me your opinion on my painting?
Can you tell me a color (of paint) that looks good with this bedspread?
Using clear varnish for oil colours acrylics?
where does the artist Vernon ward come from. and where are is paintings from?
I'm trying to figure out the artist for this beautiful painting, similar style to Thomas Kinkade?
Which English Romantic Painter's painting was auctioned for the highest price for an English painter?
I started an oil painting 8 months ago and stopped. Have liquid clear, but not sure how to use it.?
what color is cyan close to?
What famous paintings inspire/show leadership?
what are the clowns with white faces and a tear on their face called?
Using Matchpots on canvas instead of acrylic?
Does anyone have any free over head projectors ? will go to a good home. Im a painter.?
Where should I paint the grapes (if any)?
how do i get recogniton in the field of animation?
who is the painter whitroy?
how brown is brown?
which colour combination in laptop colour argento?
watercolor artist by name of a.moulin time period?
tempera or tempura?
Help I have oil painting questions!!?
Most influential modern artists?
how to work with resin in art paintings?
Who is your favorite artist dead or alive?
why do artists that paint sign there name on different sides of their work?
whats the name of a metamorphic art painting in which you can see images of ships and also a crying Indian?
Can I paint my converse shoes?
characteristic of all northern painting of the time, Roger van der weyden's descent from the cross displays?
Question about possibly valuable/possibly cheap art prints?
I want details of fine art distence mode.?
a very, very complicated question?
What are some famous artworks that have the model posing with a hand on the head?
How does Ed Ruscha create the effect in his Hope piece?
Who is the greatest painter of all time (personal opinion)?
what is it about those long legged elephants?
I want details of fine art distence mode.?
Examples of surrealism in every day life??????
Scrub your darks & paint your lights?
where can i find about all naturalism artist?
i have been asked to analyse the representations of face and figure in a historical painting?
i have a canvas painting that looks really old, who should i contact to have it appraised or analyzed?
Psychics ,lets see how good you are...What am I planning to paint on my white roof with black paint?
Im painting my body for a game what paint should i use? where can i get it?
Where can i get high gloss teal spray paint?
How to get good at water color painting?
I'm tye dying with menstrual blood and selling the t-shirts on ebay?
favorite color?
Picasso's The Lovers painting: which period is it an example of?
Where is the art institute in Brooklyn?
ms paint colors acting funny?
what is the difference between oriental painting and western painting?
I NEED IDEAS! Most intersting gets 10 points!?
Why do People get Tattoo even though our skin is not a painting?
What is the name of the dripping watercolour portrait types of art (photos)?
Why was the painting America Tropical by David Alfaro Siqueiros whitewashed?
Can you paint on t shirts using screen printing ink?
If you mix pink & blue paint, what color does it make ?
what made michelangelo famous?
how to do a rendering from water colours, im new user, please guide in detail, how to go light to dark.?
If you we're an impressionist painter, describe what your life would be.?
Any artists that paint images of baby dolls?
can marilyn monroe and lady gaga be used for a cosplay?
which tag name is better?
Are there any auction houses that specialize in paintings?
Can anyone tell me where I can find info about painting styles?
Tie Dieing???? Best answer!!?
Where to buy nautical blue paint?
Looking for a painting of a long hallway of a castle. Girl looking out curtain and a man kissing her wrist.?
A person that paid for an artist's room and board was called?
what is the difference in acrylic paint and oil paint.. i mean in time to dry, texture, and ingredients?
what colours does dark peacock blue go with?
where can I find an American realistic 17th century gown?
Is there a such thing as a "playing card museum"?
What artists have drawn or painted night and day?
There is a painting or picture of a black woman braiding a black man's hair outside of a brick building on a s?
Is contemporary art practice more about celecrity than actual art these days?
i need your help guys. can you give me some drawing/painting ideas?
Which portrait should i do?
Is there a legal spot for graffiti in Grove City, Ohio or somewhere around there?
Aside from Bruegel and Vinckboons, what other Dutch or Flemish artists painted scenes of Whitsun?
how can i fix my painting?
How can i create an pic of me with g?
How can i preserve my charcoal painting?
Im thinking of taking up painting, which paints are best?
i need ideas for this painting?
what fine art stores and art gallerys are there in burnley?
How do the artists Caravaggio and Da Vinci represent the humanism of the renaissance?
What are some funny colours, sad colours, fearful colours?
Which colors should I mix to get a bright magenta?
could you use water color on top of acrylic gesso?
list of words to describe willem de kooning's paintings?? thank you in advance?
life as a noble musician in the renaissance?
Where can I find a reputable person to restore antique oil paintings near me?
What colors are in a CMY color wheel?
Henna painting at arabian nights dinner show....?
Really Urgent!!!!?
How are the Dali Lamas chosen?
What Towns Landscape Inspired a Famous Painting Of FLOWERS SKULLS And SKIES In MEXICO?
I need to find a painting...?
Where can you hold a paint war party?
Painting your Wheels?