What kind of sealer can I use to set the paint on rocks? ?
Does anyone know of a Jim Casey who taught Art @ UCLA in the 70's?
I'm looking for the Artist who painted this picture, Can anyone help please?
Do You Have Any Idea What The Artist Is Trying To Say Here?
How long does an oil painting take to dry?
I have a painting called "La Bernadetta" by Baroness Ines. Does anyone know anything about this picture?
is there anything I can use on top of an acrylic painting to make the colors more vibrant?
Rose on piano keys?
What to clean my painting with?
Brush cleaner for acrylic paints -- recommendations?
Monet's The Railroad Bridge?
What's a good asking price for abstract paintings on E-bay? Bidding starting at $200 U.S.?
what is mpv car? i can understand what its mean?
Can anybody help??
Is it okay to spraypaint a violin?
what happens to an oil painting if you leave if a week outside, in the sun?
What kind of paint can I use to paint my shoes that won't ?
Need info on nature artists?
What pop-art icon, famous for his print of a Campbell's soup can, was born today in 1928?
Why is it more expensive to buy paint with red pigment?
how do I sell my re produced paintings?
how do you paint a japanese magnolia?
Where to find descriptions of paintings on art museum web sites?
Realism 1820-1920 questions?
I have an oil paining by A. Maujan. Please help?
which medium yields brighter colors for painting - oil or acrylic?
What are the parts of a painting?
Are there any alternatives to linseed oil when using oil paints?
How is Art,...Healthy?
my composition (animation) in after effectes has too many layers and became very big for memory. what can i do
who painted this?
Artists: If I made a painting using my own tears, instead of water, to wet the brush?
Nail varnish painting artists?
How do you get an infernus when playing online in gta4?
i like to see two dimensional art for 3-5?
Does anyone know any information on Picasso (artist) For Example, Where he was born, when he was born etc.?
What is the best acrylic for a mural?
The Scream, Starry Night?
Help with art hw?.."select three different paintings or photographs write down the dominant...?
should i paint this on my wall?
where did this photo come from? who painted it?
when did fernando ribeiro die off provincetown?
who is the best hyperrealist artist?
How can I obtain the rights to use famous paintings?
Are there any artists that use worm's eye view?
Who is this artist seen on the print in the background?
what is considered art some one tell me?
Where I will get the latest informations about glass painting?
do reproductions of famous artist's works generally increase in value over time?
What techniques did Mary Cassatt use in her artwork "Five O'Clock Tea"?
Does anyone know the paintings at the National Gallery of Ireland very well?
Any art fans out there? I usually go for Renoir :)?
What should I paint?
blue landscape painting?
How do you make the Color Brown?
Where can I find the painting "Certain Uncertainties" by Christian Vincent?
Name that painting?
A painter of pictures, last name Dunesque?
What can i say about Georgia O'Keefe?
Are Norman Rockwell and Kent Rockwell related?
Why do they call it the underground art scene?
Where can I find and compare local art classes?
does anyone know how much a replica of a painting by camille pissarro is worth?
can you give me a picture with thse measurments?
Is Alphonse (Alfons) Mucha considered an old master?
What is your favorite oil paint and why?
Where to buy the moving-eye portraits? (see description)?
biography on fernando azcue?
Do REAL artists?
Will sanding and painting an acoustic guitar ruin it?
What do you think of this painting by Degas and do you know anything about it? (Link included)?
What painting could be a good portrait of death?
Classic art that comments on loss of the individual?
Can anyone recommend canvas pliers and other canvas stretching supplies?
who did this painting?
what should I paint either...?
what techinques did vermeer use to create a focal point and convey space in this painting...?
Can anybody help me find an artist that studies hands?
I'm going to be painting are a large scale canvas, where can I find one?
What is your favourite colour?
Who is this artist/painter?
What is the best type of paper/canvas for acrylic painting?
where is color value found?
Anyone know of a painter that had an impact on his/her country?
Don't you just love Vincent van Gogh?
How do you make a custom frame for an art canvas?
Need to know the name of this painting and who is the original painter? The painting is not signed.?
Art themes in the Renaissance?
Where can I buy paint pens?
What is paint made out of?
what are some paintings of the lady of the lake?
how do i get a picture on ms paint?
What are those things that are like stickers....?
Painting title and/or artist?
help!! any 1 know about the rose period in pablo picasso?
where can i get the rabbit skin glue used in arts and paintings?
Anyone know anyfamouse artist who do paintings on......?
Yves Brayer painting?
What's the process, history, and advantages and disadvantages of an encaustic painting?
Question about photography that looks like it was painted?
What are some of the areas covered under commercial painting?
What color would i mix with red to get blue?
Need a natural form artists? ?
Can you paint onyx?Should you paint onyx?
How can i find out the value of Louis Eilshemius orginal paintings?
What were the key cubist artists attempting to represent in their work?
Leo Jansen Oil painting Of the Beatles?
How does a colour wheel chart help with mixing colours?
Help - Ideas for how to paint closet?
describe art of shading?
Looking for a painting of a woman in long red dress at the piano, held in the arms of a man with a violin.?
Arlington TX learn art?
artists who focus on 'colour'?
have you heard of frida kahlo?
Found a painting by Count Regis de Bouvier de Cachard in the attic of an old home?
Where can I look for a body painting job?
When preparing a canvas for oil painting, do you prime it first or wet the back with a sponge?
I am trying to find out who owns the copyright to the song (La Smooth) by Najee.?
What is your least favorite artwork?
Artists who focus on people using few colors?
What brushes and paints to get started pinstriping?
Complementary painting to "Flaming June?"?
Painting supplies needed to start a new hobby?
who painted the art on the wall behind this lady?
Drawing the human body...can be so difficult?
painting wood?
A question about "Sofa Sized Paintings"?
What does art (or artistic) practice mean..?
How would i get Tempera Paint out of a grey sweater?
I need to find this painting. I think it is in the category of romanticism or architecture. ?
what is the significance of Budha painting in a house?
I bought a portrait of an old arab man I can't make out the signature. How can I get info on it?
Is dirk dzimirsky the best artist ever? his paintings put every piece of art ive ever seen to shame...?
What does this mean to you?
What's the name of this painting?
Best way to sell your art?
were or how can i sell painting works?
Which colours mixed together makes the colour coffee?
Poll: Favorite Art Medium?
what is your favorite color?
Why is the Mona Lisa picture so famous?
Who is the author of this portrait of Christopher Wren?
artist that sounds like maria mena?
Who loves to paint or sculpt?
How much would u pay for these paintings (and be reasonable)?
Who is the artist of this painting?
Survey: Of these six artists, Who's style do YOU prefer?
can you start painting right after liquid white is applied to a canvas?
is Andy Warhol painting of soup cans revelatory? how so?
question about french artist Joseph Marie Vien?
is Banksy mr brainwash(MBW)?
What are some interesting things to paint?
Dahlstrum , Fine Art, Painter?
Painting a Room For First Time?
Do you have to name an artwork after the reference?
can I use this medium for glazing?
What type of paint is best to use on painting a metal pipe fence?
Where would i find this paint?
How do antique catalogues represent an author that they are unsure about?
how do u animate pictures on just regular paint? or somewhere thats free?
does any one know anything about a painting called Venus and cupid ?
Survey: Is Georges-Pierre Seurat a post-impressionist, or a neo-impressionist?
Does tempera paint come out of clothing?
what to do when you want to sell artwork but don't know the artists names?
Where can I learn to do spray paint art?
Cute painting ideas? Please help!?
Is this painting i did any good?
Acrylics vs. oil paint - are acrylics archival? Do they yellow in a closet? what's best varnish for acrylics?
i need to make painting as birthday gift for my cousin, what should i paint?
What method does Peter Tunney use do his typography/lettered paintings?
history of A. dupont who was an artist, studied in birmingham.?
HELP!!! can someone draw my baby brother for his birthday poster please!?
paint brushes and art supply questions?
Is there ANY good reason for an artist to have a registered 'trademark'?
what is the name of the drawing of a hand holding a crystal ball and in the crystal ball you see the old man?
Colors that clash with Navy Blue?
"Las Meninas": Does the work seem to have personal meaning to the artist-that is, is it biographical?
How to get good at water color painting?
getting the best flesh tones?
Any creative suggestions for a fledgling Mural/Custom painting biz.?
Protective coat over paint?
Have you tried painting digital online paint by number?
Which theme to paint?
What is a nice millitary green colour?
Artists impression on talk?
Painting with oils..?
When preparing a canvas for oil painting, do you prime it first or wet the back with a sponge?
Do you know someone who can paint a potrait?
Any ideas for a painting of.....?
please tell me what you think of my artwork? :)?
painting help!! please?
What happens when acrylic and oil paints mix?
Acrylic on tracing paper?
my question is about painting watercolours?
Hi I need a simple intro (for 6-12 yrs old) for the following 7 artists. van Gogh, Monet, Piet Mondrian etc?
is " painter" dangerous for your computer?
can someone with a knowledge of aboriginal tell me about this painting?
The Starry Night by van Gogh?
What is your favorite color red or blue?
How do you...?
what is a dealer in rare books called.?
who is the best painter - artist working today?
i had a my dream i won the turner art prize . ?
Watercolor vs. watercolor pencils?
when and where was the feast of herold by donatello created?
how to set up a art gallery?
What's your opinion on Portraiture Paintings? (Art history help)?
I just want to acknowledge the passing of Andrew Wyeth, I think he was one of the great artists ever, agree?
Where to buyAngelus paint. help.? ?
what colour is medoc?
stylistic movenment of "New York, Night" by Georgia O'keeffe?
Can you use watercolor on canvas intended for oils/acrylics?
What is the name of this painting by Lamar Dodd?
what is the name or the artist that did the painting with a pig jumping ?
Do you think it's had to become a visual artist?
I want a good and cheap easel, but not a used one. Can anyone help? No silly answers please.?
What can I add to PVA glue to make it thicker and use it as paste for textured painting?
what is your most favorite color, and why?
Adam was the first man on earth. Michaelangelo painted him with a belly button. He was not of woman-born....?
Painting with parkinson's disease?
Relationship related art?
where did leonardo da vinci do his painting work at?
Does anyone know the name of the artist who painted this film poster (details)?
Painting or photo?
What colour would make light brown stand out?
are red and blue still primary colors?
How do I remove odour from spray-painted items?
has anyone ever used cooking oil for oil painting? why/why not? how'd it turn out?
describe this painting :) best answer 10 points?
How does tempra paint compare to water color, to oil and how do these compare to acrylic?
Q-How to select a GICLEE print craftsman?
Need help on which quote to use!!?
What is Hobbytex from Australia?
Sam, Mike, and Inga are painters. Sam paints landscape pictures, Mike specializes in animal portraits, and Ing?
how do you make blue,red and yellow?
Can anyone lead me to a source of information about an artist named W. Richter?
What are these types of pictures called?
best shop in Edinburgh to get painting supplies?
Are there any good books on imagination and painting?
What colour scheme would you consider red and black to be?
I want to know about Chinese Painters in the Ming Dynasty where can i Search?
how can one calculate a beauty coefficient? facial for example?
Would putting glitter in paint work ?
What are the three main color contrasts?
what was the most important contribution diego rivera made to the arts?
Why did Ludovico Sforza wanted the Last Supper in the Maria delle Grazie?
Where can I buy canvas hangers to hang an unframed canvas on the wall. What stores sell them?
How can i best sell original oil paintings created by my father?
what removes permanent marker from a white board?
What would be the best paint to use to paint a skateboard?
Whats your favorite colors?
Where was night at the museum held?
Did rene magritte do any other this is/this is not paintings besides the pipe?
Mona Lisa by Da Vinci?
What is the exact color of snow?
What to use for the outline on oil or acrylic paintings?
what are the procedures to authenticate a piece of art particularly paintings?
is this artwork worth anything?
What is the meaning to this painting?
is classical civilisation gcse like history gcse?
HELP! Custom paint Timberlands?
how do you pronounce the last name "Géricault" for Theodore Géricault?
Paint mixing problem...?
How long does it take for acrylic paint to dry?
where can I buy damar crystals Ireland or UK?
Help Finding Famous Landscape Painters!?
Interesting artists from 1700 - 1925?
I Need a pillowcase of Jacky Vincent ^_^ please :)?
Who is this artist? Some Bullfight painting.?
Is Orphism related to sound?
What makes a painter famous?
Information on painting called Chief Starving Elk by H. W. WYMAN 1900-1904?
What Art Period Was Diego Rivera In?
what are paintings of a "the world through the eyes of children" type?
Pierre Auguste Renoir?
Can someone help me find out about this painting?
what grade would you give my painting? A,B,C,D, or F?
what is the name of the person who shows you the paintings in the gallery?
post impressionism paintings?
what is the value of an original etching by vl focillon "the morning gossip"?
What Is Your Favorite Famous Painting?
What is your favorite art movement/period and why?
Why do I think what I think about art?
Can you critique my painting?
Are there any paintings of the Shakespeare actors?
chose wrong paint color, too bright now what do I do???
Who is a Similiar artist to Christo and Jeanne Claude?
Where, on line can I buy, Brown, fine Silver metal flake & Tan, waterproof, Puffy Paint?
Was there ever a painter with the name Roehman Ami?
Why are the majority of barns painted red and white?
Is Manet's "Ragpicker" an Impressionist or Realist painting?
What do you think of my painting?
how do i find a website by christopher ernest brunelle from miami fla?
Painting? I want to learn, but how?
When I save a picture on Paint?
Spray Painted without a mask?
What should I name my painting?
Ideas for backgrounds of sketch book?
What do i use to effectively clean nicotine off an oil painting?
I purchased a large 3 foot by 5 foot handpainted painting 33 years ago by an?
painting help!! please?
Is this going to be utterly impossible?
when painting i never know how much i want to have in the painting. like a good painting, the artist knows...?
I'm interested in purchasing a Thomas Kincaid painting...?
Survey: Of these six artists, Who's style do YOU prefer?
Serious critique on painting?
Painting from an old store ?
Does anybody know the best way to search for artists?
Artists: why the hate on Kinkade?
how to find a good painter?
biography on fernando azcue?
how to make a paper look old?
What is your favourite famous painting and why?
Could you tell me what a illusionistic plane is please (as in art , Paintings)?
what should i paint next?
How would you go about painting a violin without ruining its sound quality?
What kind of flourescent paint do I buy to paint something so that it will glow in the dark with black lights?
Where can I buy Paul Simon wine?
What type and size brush do you use to paint fine details in acrylic and oil?
What is a paint marker.?
What do you think of reproducing famous paintings?
How does my blog look?
What can I use to paint these shoes?
What color(s) would you use to paint a room that serves as a bedroom and office?
Who signed the painting?
Information on Jackson Pollock.?
When was the Mission San Gabriel Arcangel rebuilt?
What are some good french songs/artists?
Did W Russell Flint paint a picture titled "Gleams and Shadows" and where is it now?
Would you have an outline on Marilyn Monroe?
Who do you put in your top five painters?
I have a painting by chicago portrait co. It is of the u.s. capitol before it burned. It is dated 1916.?
Is it possible to spray screen print ink on fabric?
What do you think about my paintings?
how can u tell the difference between Abstract and just another failed attempt to be abstract ?
Should impressionism be considered realism? What similarities does Courbet (artist) share with impressionists?
Any artists who use the theme Movement?
Can I paint over an already painted electric guitar?
How do you make afro-caribbean skin tone, or brown with acrylic paints?
can anyone read this oriental writing?
Painting title?
painting a guitar?
Do you appreciate Mark Rothko's paintings or do you think they are just colors hanging on the wall?
What Techniques and Mediums does this artist use?
What painters do you admire?
List these four colors lightest to darkest please?
what to look at when comparing two paintings?
I need some ideas....?
when do you use where and were?
Where can I find a prints of Louis Wain works?
ARTIST - Hundertwasser?
What do you think of Artist Alicia Hayes paintings?
When melting crayons on a canvas....?
can anyone tell me about Patrick Caulfield the artist?
How do you paint latex ears?
Help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Best School of Fine Arts in the world?
does anyone know of any good still life artists?
How are my paintings?
Does anyone know anything about Among the Lowly by Leon Augustin Lhermitte copyrighted 1924?
What is the role of am artist in today's society?
logos for criminal justiceee helppppp?
what shall i paint?
What is the name of this painting?
Gilgamesh question for humanities?
ware can i pose nude for art students?
I have this painting and its aboslutley beautiful but i don't know how much its worth?
What's an iconography when one refers to an artist?
What should I paint a picture of?
canvas paintings with the kids for their grandparents, what are some in techniques or tools I can use?
Need help writing an art critique?
what do you think about this painting by dali?
do you know what a good sign for power is?
Which is Better, Acrylic or Oil Paints, and Why?
My new painting. Comments? and a name?
What is gutta percha paper?
Can anyone tell me the name of a Landscape painter, initials FWW? Numbers accompanying the initials are 1850.?
for christmas i wanted to paint my grandparents a painting. could someone give me some random ideas?
monet powerpoint slide ideas?
What makes a masterpiece?
How does a person get copyrights to their artwork?
Can you give a color for each emotion?
why are the edges of some grenades painted brown?
What is the name of this Diego Rivera painting?
How can u get paint out of brushes after its dried?
Is it possible to make around 1,000 a month selling ACEO's on ebay?
Where can i buy acrylic paint for nails?
Paintings portyed in Coraline?
What exactly is abstract and modern art ?
Is this a painting or charcoal drawing?
Where can I find a classic pinup of a Native American girl?
Do you believe that nude artworks is a type of porn or art?
how anyone bought the cd for painting like bob ross?
does any one know what paint to use to make swirls on my custom shoes?
Tell me what you think of my painting!?
Can you help me identify this painting from the set of Cougar Town?
How would I go about estimating a price for a mural that I am being asked to paint?
Rene Magritte Painting?
Need help finding this painting/artist?
What is your favorite color rose?
who discovered hot pink?
Can I paint over oils with acrylics?
How do I obtain a new website for a Watercolor Greeting Card business? Can anyone give me any advice? Thanks.
What kind of still life painting should I put in a thick wood frame?
I need portrait ideas, any suggestions?
Im painting my room my favorite colors but my dad wont let me paint one wall black?
Whats a famous painting that was painted with use of human blood?
How to protect painted shoes?
what is the best way to thoroughly clean oil paints from my brushes?
I have some prints and want to get them framed relatively cheaper. What is the best place ? Michaels? Walmart?
i want to paint my face for an art project.. whats the best paint to use?
what is a good way to remove cat spray from an oil painting without harming the painting?
What season should I wear my tan frosty color Sally Hansen Glazed Sand nail polish?
do broken ribs swell and do you feel as though your lying on something when you lay on that side?
What was happening in history when Vincent Van Gogh was around?
Can i use methylated spirits to mix oil paint?
What is the signficance/meaning of Picasso's painting, "Le Moulin de Galette"?
Paint chat?
How do I tell if the painting I got at a rummage sale is valuable?
is it ok to paint over a matte color without sanding....?
Major mannerist artists?
What is Leonardo da Vinci communicating in his creations?
Oil painting; What medium do I use under oil painting to sculpt a lot of texture?
kabaw mo anang marker sa tres de abril (luyo sa PLDT) kanus-a gi buhat ug kinsay architect?
Could you critique my painting?
Please send photos of Maa Durga?
What is your favourite colour?
Where is most/least blood flow in the face and neck and shoulders?
Can 'flat' enamel be used instead of spray primer? Plan to paint over it with acrylic paint.?
What kind of painting if i paint, will be the most sold?
what is the latest trend of painting in USA ?
still looking for stolen oil paintings?
What do YOU look for when buying Artwork?
which one should i get the gibson les paul, or the les paul studio?
where can i find body paint?!?
Did Raphael have any siblings?
make money with digital painting?
Guitar Painting Project?
What's you're favourite colour?
My sister wants me to do a Painting for her? Some Ideas?
Alternative oil colours to the ones used by Renoir?
How can I paint something without using a foam brush or paint brush?
Does anyone have information about Mabel Palmer (artist)?
how to repair chipped oil paint of canvas?
Help with painting background when I already have the outline!?
Which paintings you like that can always lift your mood :) ?
Do you know any famous water color artist with a chinese style?
artist (tony sheath) what pictures did he paint?
How much are Francisco Ribera Gomez original signed oil paintings worth?
I like art (drawing, painting etc.) how do I start getting on a carrier for that kind of stuff?
I want to do some artwork (drawing, painting), but I don't know what to do or why I should.?
I need names of 5 influential female painters from 1900-present day...?
Who is your favorite Impressionist Artist?
I have original paintings i want to sell?
What is the advantage of painting digitally with ipad?
has anyone heard of a painter with the last name of strompf?
I need a really Cool symbol or emblem anyone?
Does anyone know the name of this painting.?
is the painting daniel in the lions den geographic or organic?
I have a painting done by an artist with the last name Garrett done in 1944. What is it worth?
Who was mona lisa? What was her status?
need help with painting interpretation?
I,m looking for artist Bob Sanders art work , I know that he is from London?
why he invent the osborne?
I am 16... are my paintings good enough?
Beginning painter looking for pointers?
what is the name of this piece, and who is the artist?
biography on willaim hopper?
anyone heard of an artist called J.G. Sykes? Would love to find out his/her biography from somewhere,& value.
Is a vine charcoal pencil necessary? who is the artist of these fabulous paintings?
I have a painting signed THOMAS LEE. It's of two birds perched on a branch. The picture is about 4ft. x 4ft.
What is the value of a k gaterman wooded wonderland painting?
What artists paint woodland/forest?
Can i use interior paint as acrylic paint?
What is this Salvador Dali painting called ?
How are posters/ prints made from original artwork?
Anything known about watercolour artist Geoff Downing?
why is frida kahlo and diego rivera famous in detroit?
does latex paint have lead in it?
Who are some famous artists influenced by Michelangelo?
what's the difference between a painter and an illustrator?
I need to find a FAIRLY SIMPLE famous painting to copy...Any Suggestions?
Art work in tv show, anyone know painter?
what can I use to fix watercolour painting layers on canvas (after priming it properly)? And what to preserve?
The Fine Arts?
artists like james blake?
Looking for images of famous people that I can paint?
Where can I find prints of famous paintings for cheap? ?
display my paintings in web sites ? good or bad?
What are museums in spain?
Artists that explore time or ageing in their work?
Please list down some color combinations...?
Whats the deal with MONA LISA?
who are the best water color artists?
is there any meaning to the bay horse and white dog?
"Clair de Lune" why it belongs to the musical Impressionist movement.?
what is the opposite of burnt sienna?
How can I paint something without using a foam brush or paint brush?
can you costomize firers?
Can someone give me a link or positive identifcation that Jacques-Louis David was gay?
Is the Mona Lisa a ballet, a book, or a painting?
How to make paint more pigmented?
Is my Charles Lees print of A Grand Match Played Over St. Andrew's Links worth anything?
Fine Artist who paints moose, birds, bears and foxes?
how can i get a sponge paint brush neopets?
How can I remove acrylic paint from my tshirt?
Why did the artist, Vanghaul (sp.) cut off one ear?
What type of paint can I use on my clothes?!?
Celebrity inspired artists/artwork?
Any art competitions available?
Where can I see Paula Rego work in London galleries? Up close, in real life, now?
Questions about mosaic art?
to who this painting belong???
Painters : a question about fanbrushes?
who is the artist that signs on the left side of his paintings BERNARD?
£1 shop paints and canvas for young/old starters good idea ?
what are some famous artists?
Recommended Artists for a Portrait?
If I mix black paint with plaster, will it turn gray?
Has anyone ever seen the funny version of the scream edvard munch?
Authenticating my own work?
My best friend asks me about butt ugly paintings if they are good should i lie or tell the truth?
would rolling up an older water color painting damage it?
where can i buy reasonably priced strong cardboard cartons to ship large paintings in (3ft x 3ft) ?
Abstract Art help? ?
How long did it take Leonar do Vinci to paint his upside down portrait on the ceiling?
Where is the DeMinil collection of Art located?
Watercolor supplies question?
Light brown + Blue = ? What is the colour mixture for both of this colour?
Do you know how to hide or fix an ugly hole in watercolor paper?
What was the first year Hl. Schutzengel painted The Garden Angel?
Matisse's techniques?
does anyone know a painter from the early 1900's with the initials G.M.W.?
Where can I find this picture of a gothic red-haired woman with a rose?
How do I blend paint colors!?
How much can an beginning artist sell a very passionate, heart felt painting for?
where was leonardo da vinci born... is vinci in italy?
What do you call paintings like these?
What do you think of this painting?
Can anyone give me any good urban landscape artists?
Have you heard of me?
can anyone find me a book writtenn by Andrea Pozo titled "perspective for painters and architects"?
How much are canvas' at Michaels?
why artists use red yellow and blue instead of cyan yellow magenta and black?
painting to write a story about?
where did charles rennie mackintosh get his inspiration from for the rose?
What do I really look like?
oil painting classes in chennai how much they charge?
Grondoboulanget painting boy with bird on head?
Who made this painting?
Complementing Green With Yellow and Blue? Color Theory?
How to get paint scuff off from my boombox?
What connection does Romanticism have with Expressionism?
Can u paint MONALISA in MSPAINT ??????????
What can I use instead of grease proof paper for a acrylics moist retaining palette?
What movement would you say this painting belongs to?
What kind of paint did they used (hair & skin)-- that it glows like that? And where could I get it?
can you paint on bleather sneakers or do they have?
Anyone know Anything about Pop artist Dizzy?
C. Ruano Lopis Painting?
i need help with these two artists?
How to name unknown painting?
anyone know of a jungle themed porn where the actors wore body paint in an animal design?
Can you paint a wall a dark color then paint it white again?
how do I find out the value of a very old Anton Mauve Twilight print?
How to hang a painting on canvas on the wall?
How do you art critique?
HELP Must find name of painting and artist?
How did Fransisco Goya die?
Is my painting adequate for having done it in 30 minutes?
Watercolor painting books by famous painters near pune?
Can I paint a glazed porcelain figurine?
Alternatives to Linseed Oil ?
I am going to the met?
What do you think about this painting that i made?
Survey: Of these six artists, Who's style do YOU prefer?
can you PLEASE help me with an idea about what my paintings represent?
You Ever Painting Something That Gave You Headaches?
Who do you think was the most influential musicians in the 1960-1980 era?
How long would Oil Paint on regular computer paper take to dry?
i have a lazlo neogrady painting that I cannot tell if its a print or the real thing. Can someone help me out?
Painting of Sea Captain looking down on his Shipwreck?
where is Claude Monet, Sailboats on the Seine?
what your favorite color?
painting doubt ???
What are some good beginner painting tools?
Renaissance artwork - classical man. Please help!?
Which musical artist or style, do you relate to most when create visual art?
Is anyone familiar with an impressionist painting composed of flowers being sold by a street vendor?
Please tell me what you think about this painting I did?
value of a painting?
What brushes are best to use when painting sculpey?
Who else appreciates the work of Bob Ross?
color wheel?
Does anybody know the painting to the left of "The Chariot Race" in Macnhester art gallery, England?
help out of desperation? When was this Nazi painting painted?
What's your favorite colors?
Does anyone have ideas for artists schedules?
do you know this watercolor artist?
Are Breast in art considered Pornography?
Creating vintage look when painting?
If you are familiar with the artist "Adolph Ziegler"?
Can i use DAP touch n tone all purpose spray paint on guitar? (acoustic)?
what do people think of this?
How to do a research paper on painting?
How is this art?
What is better for the exterior plastered surface white cement or primer before painting why?
What kind of painting do you like seeing?
What styles of painting did Leonardo da Vinci create?
Is my painting good? or sorta childish? what do you think?
how do i find out how much this painting by Degrazia is worth?
what is love?
Who is the best acrylic painter ?
wats the best way to blend coloyrs while painting?????
what can i paint? 13 year old girl?
lithograph "never drink water by "ne buvez jamais deau'?
what colors go good with orange?
I need an easy painting on the 5 elements of nature...please suggest something.?
Who is this Brazilian painter?
Where can I buy cheap paintings in the Philippines?
really pretty art piece help me find it?
i need to know the real GOD?, anu body can tell where?
When was Giuseppioa tartagni (artist) born ?
stuff about Leonardo Da Vinci.?
How to make acrylic paint last longer?
Hand Painted Feathers and Native American?
We live in Tyler and are looking for a way to start selling or showing Tim's work. He does oil and watercolor
help!! this considered a "still life" painting?
Do you know how to mix colors in painting?
how do you get oil based paint off of you? help?
i like drawing soo much what i have to do to make my hooby grow up plz help?
i am looking for the name of a dam that N.Rockwell painted for the U S Government in 1970.?
Poll: who are your favourite painters?
Whay colors did Claude Garamond used in his type?
any input on this?
In breaking dawn do edward and bella end up together?
where can i look up spainish art( picasso)?
Annotating monet waterloo bridge?
What should i use to fully waterproof my artwork on my surfboard?
How to paint water ? not the just whole thing blue?
painting/poster manger/crib/holder?
What do colours mean?
I oil paint on canvas does anyone Know prep. that needs to be done.............?
what did michelangelo build as an architect?
What are some good types of paint I can use to paint a backpack?
how much do Van Gogh paintings cost ?
How do I finish and seal Sharpie Paint Markers?
how long does a light coat of spray varnish take to dry on a painting.?
Do you know any artists that do art on guitars?
what acrylic colors should I buy?
Famous Greek Watercolor Artists?
cant remember name of painting he used to paint for playboy called noguel dont know how to spell it?
How to age a canvas painting ?
What type of artwork is impressionism?
I don't want to give my artwork to a friend..?
Pre-Raphaelite paintings?
can I use watered down acrylics in place of gouache?
What should i paint a picture of?
where can i get krylon adhesive spray?
free lance painting?
Should a beginner painter start w/a small canvas,or is 16x20 ok for starters?
Edward Hopper painting technique.?
can acrylic paint be used as face paint?
im looking for any information on landscape oil paintings of the artist only signed fellows 76 on canvas?
how to fix a canvas that is stretched too tight?
Were there recently paintings from the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum theft in 1990 recovered?
Why did Georgia O'Keefe destroy her paintings when she was 28?
How do I use glow paint?
what do you do with the brushes when you're done painting with oil paint?
what is the best method to mix realistic colours?
Analysis of "The Sick Child I" by Edvard Munch? Help!?
How do I determine the value of artwork?
Is there an artist who paints/photographs close up areas of the body?
Purple knuckles symbolising.?
oil on tin painting: civil war soldier and wife? help me figure out?
What can I do with leftover paint?
Is the Mona Lisa overrated?
Please help me this is really important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
paintings coloring pages?
Who is jon sebastion the painter? I have a painting of geese or ducks flying over water. It is beautiful.?
Which work of art has sold for the highest price to date?
how can one calculate a beauty coefficient? facial for example?
what do the symbols mean on shane cottons panitins mean ?
where can I buy an antique automatron picture?? or even new ones?
Can anyone help me with this? ( About Corel Paint Shop Pro X)?
What should i paint for my art class?
Artists that paint mysterious places?
What is the most beautiful landscape picture/painting youve ever seen?
l have a L. Neograndy painting. on the back it also says turner wall accessary is this a original or a copy?
What do you usually paint on?
Can someone tell me a bit about this painter?
What are the main differences between watercolour and acrylic paint?
Is there a tradition in Italian graffiti?
what would be the best thing to use to sign your name to an oil pastel painting?
how can i make a paint job on a wake board waterproof?
Ok, I really want to know who painted this. Can you please help me?
what are these flowers callled ?
Who is the Mona Lisa a painting of?
Why was rfk at Marilyn Monroe house the night see died?
How do you paint cheetah print?
In the literal meaning of modern art/contemporary art, how can we justify a departure from the classical?
What is your favorite color and what significance does it have to you if any?
I'm looking for the name of an artist?
do you love me?
watercolour painted by constance millburn 'somerset county cricket ground-taunton?
dadaism- popular works of art?
How do you make quality prints of your own paintings or drawings to sell to the public.?
How to get paint out of a shirt!!!?? help!?
If i inhale some spray paint while outside, is it bad?
How to mix textile paint for airbrush? From raw materials not from the ready mix?
How do I paint eyes that look like they're crying using watercolor?
what should i do an oil painting of?
Why does so many people hate Thomas Kinkade?
First time painter. Advice?
Antonius Stradiuarius Cremonenfis Faciebat Anno 1721 cello?
Appraisal of silk paintings?
What is the best fabric to use as an alternative to canvas for stretching over a frame to paint on?
Need an artist that paints streets/buildings in cities like venice, paris etc?
elements of mona lisa?
What kind of paint do you use on glass so that it doesnt come off????
who is Edvard Munch?
Easy face painting ideas?
hey can you lot give me some pointers on graffiti?
what does saturated light look like?
To all artists out there i need all possible information about Caravaggio, please help?! ^^?
How do I use oil color. Like for painting?
How do you clean artists paint brushes when they paint with oil paint?
what colors are fall colors?
FAVOURITE COLOUR___________________________?
painting; God is on a chariot (Renaissance period) whats the name of it?
your views & opinions for my art work?
Whats the name of this painting?
Acrylic or Gouache for painting on glass christmas tree bells?
What to do with wall painting ?
What do you think my artwork?
eric ennion?
artist called ginnell?
painting topic for three panel painting. HELP IF YOU CAN?
What is it called???
What are some famous dog paintings?
Why can't I paint air?
Can my art be improved?
How can I tell the difference between my Paasche-VL airbrush needles / tips?
Gibson Les Paul Studio?
Which type of color mixing do painters with a real brush and paints use?
What's your favourite colour?
What type of Chinese brush (毛筆) is best for a beginning student?
Please Carry out your judgments?
How do artists use colour schemes?
Can anyone find me the artist or this painting online?
What happened to tv paint instructor Bob Ross?
Painting canvases?
Can you spraypaint a bicycle?
Ideas of something to paint for my boyfriend?
what do u think about picaso name?
if you mix red and yellow what color do you get?
Painting butterflies on my wall?
has anyone ever heard of Brett Longley?
what can i use to protect my painting from damage?
What software or scanner type can I get to transfer original art to disc?
Can someone tell me a job that have to do with painting?!?
What paints are the best for painting on jeans?
California Creations U-Paint Villiage House list?
I want to buy an oil painting on canvas that shows landscape of mountains and fields.?
What Is The Best Brand Of "Glow In The Dark Paint"?
Printed a Picture on Canvas BUT i want to paint on it?
Are these art pieces any good?
what does the bansky girl with red heart ballon mean?
Im trying to figure out how much a feuerborn oil painting is?
What is this Picasso painting?
How many of you love Thomas Kinkade, the painter of Light?
How to save something on Paint Tool Sai?
Can I use tempera paint over acrylic paint for scratch art?
What is the most beautiful painting that you have very seen?
Is graffiti an art form?
Is this a good painting for an aspiring artist?
Do art galleries (e.g. National Gallery) have a pot of money for buying paintings by 'greats'?
How do you sell products on ? Is it possible to sell your paintings there ?
I need HELP in thinking of what to paint for Art class! Help?!?
Artists that a teenage girl might like?
What are good room paint colors for a guy with a fascination for black furniture?!?!?!?!?
Paint tool Sai please help!!!?
If do an oil painting tomorrow (Friday 22nd) will it be drive for X-Mas eve?
can textile paint be used to prime a canvas before oil-painting it?
Other paintings on creation of man?
What would symbolise china and australia?
How to make a flag with blue, red, and white?
Can anyone tell me how much Francis Wheatley print of Rustic Sympathy is worth?
I hate putting a signature on my painting, what should I do?
How to convince your parents to paint your room?
I am a girl.And what will be the best picture that can be drawn on a yellow color t-shirt?
Who are your favorite Baroque painters?
Our oil pastels are not working. help?
would you paint the whitehouse black if it were your house?
painting ceilings black?
Oil painting tips for a garden hedge?
Does any body know what the name of this painting is?
Does anyone know this artist?
what are the similarities and differences of the renaissance and impressionism art movements?
Name of famous contemporary artist in East Hampton?
Did Italian painter Federico Andreotti (1847-1930) do oil landscapes on board all info appreciated?
Need help identifying a painting.?
What should i paint? i have no imagination ?
Can art fixative help to dry oil paint quicker?
where in melbourne do the sell spray paint to u 18's?
Watercolour on Canvas?
Help with face/body paint question? Easy 10 points?
Is this going to be utterly impossible?
What do the red stamps on traditional Japanese artwork mean?
What's Marilyn Monroe's favorite color?
Anyone answer a question about a painting ?
Where to find quality face painting?
What is the name of the "Fools rush in where wise men fear to tread" painting?
lightning on a white mansion at night?
What's the best paint to use when painting a mural on an inside wall (latex, acrylic, other)?
what does it mean if somebody asks what the medium of a painting is?
Anyone know the artist of this painting ?
How do I get dried acrylic paint out of my microfibre/suede sofa?
How can i make my own cheap face paint?
Does anyone know any information about Fritz Boyton the artist?
What do you think ofty in art? Do you think it is artistic or do you see it another way?
who are among the newest contemporary artist in the area of mobile,al?
what is the name of the van gough painting where the guy is sitting in a chair with his head in his hands?
I saw a story on TVE and wanted to get more information on it....?
What should I paint for my boyfriend? Need inspiration ?
why was Leonardo da vinci's artwork made?
I need a name for a brown and white paint filly with a one eye panted?
Where did Rene Magritte paint The Portrait and The Listening Room?
Does anyone know if the paintings of a Museum can be sold ? I think it is not possible since the art inside th?
honestly how are these paintings?
General questions about Rene Magritte. Does anyone know any of the answers?
Airbrush or spray paint for art??
How much paint do I need for airbrushing?
After years of not painting having trouble getting started?
To teach a weekend course on painting, how should I go about planning it?
What should I paint a picture of?
what are giuseppe arcimboldo's mechanical and organic paintings?
What is a Dornor Portrait?
i need help with a critical analysis for my art appreciation class?
Where are Leonardo Da Vinci's Notebooks at the moment?
where can i draw my own graffiti on line?
Who is the artist of these two paintings? s!!?
If you can draw really well, can you assume that one can learn to paint very good as well?
How do I achieve that muted colour in a painting?
What are the names of some famous pastel artists?
Good Renaissance Artwork?
Which artist first sang Travelling Light?
What do you notice first when you look at the Mona Lisa?
I have a signed Vernon ward of the lake district, size appro 12X18 can anyone help with the value this is a p?
Which is a better medium to paint with, acrylics, or oils?
Do you have to patent or copy right a painting?
I found paintings - who by?
What does the position of the fingers in Sandro Botticcelli's Portrait of a youth signify?
Why did Van Gough cut off his ear?
what do you think about this painting?
How Much is Painting worth?
What exactly is plagiarism when it comes to painting?
How much to charge for a mural??
any great unknown or known artists?
What are some colourful mordern artists?
What's your favorite watercolor brand?
What is the name of the painting of the "sad young bishop" portrait in the Boysen Decore commercial / advert?
In the art world, does anyone know about G. Geiger?
What's the point of Banksy, he just stole Blek Le Rat's artwork?
Basic principal of aboriginal rights?
how to submit artwork to gallery?
what did picasso mean by “Good artists copy, great artists steal”?
Help with finding this paint color?
What is the meaning of Mona Lisa??
What do you think of this painting?
Dark Victorian Paintings for English oral?
has anyone ever heard of irving amen?
What are your thoughts on Artists', who hire a painting assistance to complete artwork?
need info on artist San Juan?
Does Gloria Van Newhouse Adams sign her paintings G Adams? Where do I look on the web to find her?
What is your favorite song/artist?
i have a painting of a large cat and would like to know if it is possible to have produced a 3d image from it?
Looking to find out where the painting "Who do you love" is from Fred Morgan.?
Acrylic paint over ed Tempera paint?
What do you think of my artwork? Which is your favorite?
Secota Town (1585-88)?
Poll: Which painting do you think is better? George Washington or Mona Lisa Abstract version?
Paul Detlefsen Painting?
does anyone know who painted le sofa?
what can i write about edward hopper?
I painted a pair of shoes entirely with acrylic paint, how do I keep the paint permanent on the shoes?
How do I find out the name of an artist?
Who Painted this hockey picture of a kid by a barn?
realistic skin tones?
does anyone know of a painter called faust?
some details about this painting ?
paint help please???????
how do you remove water based paint primer off of a paint brush?
How much does a custom oil painting usually cost?
Can anyone tell me who the artist is of the painting in this photo?
What do you get if you mix white and purple together?
How can I make paint out of oil pastels?
What should be the punishment for drawing a moustache on the Mona Lisa?
Copic markers for painting mugs?
what is your favorite cultural icon?
Public Domain?
how do i get started painting the wet on wet technique?
what is the best clear coat to use for spray paint? ?
Can i gt some famous paintings of the resuurection of christ?
What's the date of David Hockney's Dachshund drawing?
Gouache vs. Watercolor (Aquarelle)?
best of Nick Cave album cover?
Can anyone identify this famous painting?
I am looking for a picasso print of a painting called something like Vista de Calle de Sant Joan. Any ideas?
my painting is horrible.. i cant pain at all.... but i want to sell my pictures for 2000$ How can i do that?
How do I make clear fluorescent, blacklight, UV paint or where can i found out how to make it?
does anyone know where i can find a picture of 'decade autoportrait 2' from 1962 by robert indiana?
Heard of Etsy? Check mine out and tell me what u think. Please :)?
Anyone know of some Frech artist?
Hellpp. i need to make an analysis of this painting!!! pleasee=)?
What is Itten's complementary contrast?
what are the basic three colors?
Where can I find an online picture of the painting "The Color Grinder" by Gerome?
who made the pink floyd body paint picture?
Can you rate my first digital painting?
Where is Marcus Harvey's notorious painting Myra?
Is it true that david was notable neoclassic painter?
What is the best way to stretch paper?
Why are Matisse painting so expensive at auctions today.?
who is your fav artist??
Can anyone help me find this painting?
color pencils or colored pancils?
I am unable to locate info on this artist. Please help. C. Marechal?
I am writing my dissertation on banksy and would like opinions of his work or similar subjects?
favorite colors of any kind?
what type of wood can i use for tall painting/pour painting?
Is it better to print a shirt with spray paint or fabric paint?
Is there anyone out there that can give me a list of the privately owned, small art galleries in Dallas, Texa?
Where can I find prints of Peter Saville's Waste Painting series?
Could I have some feedback on my paintings?
Compare and Contrast Giotto and Duccio's "Madonna Enthroned"?
why some paintings are so expensive?
what paint would be good for plastic?
Does anyone know any Russian artists?
What kind if paint to use to paint body for football game?
Can you show me links to your acrylic paintings?
Can you help me name 1 sculpture and 1 painting?
How do you call the art apron to protect your shirt when you are painting?
Painting please help me..?
any artists who painted the queen through her life?
what is the name of this painting?
Robert Henri Painting Value?
Who is the artist that painted this picture?
can them sell fast the Chinese arts i supply?
Did Georgia O'Keefe's Jack-in-the-pulpit 1 get sold to a private artist or did she ever do one?
When mixed together do indigo and mustard yellow make a medium or dark teal?
What is this signature?
Where can I sell an 208 years old painting?
Does anyone know the name of the artist who did paintings of a pregnant woman against a shower curtain?
What materials should i use to make good textures?
What type of paint will work best on a wood medium?
im completely stuck with my art college coursework.?
how do you get oil baset paint out of clothes?
Is Charcoal color more of a grey color or a black color?
What should I charge for this type of painting/service?
Does anyone have a good idea for a painting for me to do?
Illegible signature on painting - who is the artist?
Wats Your Point Of View In Graffiti?
Where can I buy prints of classic paintings and illustrations at a reasonable price?
when will Linda Ronstant be loved?
I need ideas for painting my face?
What kind of paint should I get if I need something with an extreme amount of pigment?
any graphic suggestions for painting a thsirt?
was there a real thomas crown?
Painting by Nettie Borelli?
Montana spray paint in SF.?
If white is the opposite of black what are the opposites of all the other colors?
what two colors create the color pink?
What is the name of a skull and book painting?
How do you understand abstract art?
surreal painting and abstract painting?
Can you please help me with this?
French impressionist painting?? ?
Painting Vans Canvas Shoes Help?
My marching band is going on a trip to Florida. Any ideas to put on the shirt?
About colours?
Paintings: What to do with them?
What two colors make the color red?
What is your FAVORITE painting?
Is Georgia O'Keeffe's Rams Head piece in watercolour ?
what compels Asher Lev and Vincent van Gogh to create?
What techniques did Mary Cassatt use in her artwork "Five O'Clock Tea"?
Is Mary present in Rembrandt's 1634 painting The Descent from the Cross?
if yellow colur can mix it can become blur?
Are you in to Art?
Where can I get low-priced, good quality watercolor paper?
Is acrylic paint on walls okay?
What are your strengths and weaknesses as an artist?