How are women depicted in art (by Frida Kahlo, Klimt, and Rousseau)?
Where can I get inspiration for a painting? I need a muse.?
What can i paint onto these canvas's?
richard akerman is prolific in sales of prints. where are his originals held and why do none appear for sale?
One Artist, Two Paintings. Different Sides Of The Brain?
Would you like to see some of my art work?
how can i find out how much a antiqe panting cost or is worth?
Who painted the painting entitled, "The Blue Boy"?
Am I free to duplicate in paint the paintings of the Masters, like Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and so on, to sell?
Looking for an artist that does 'illusions', a painter, NOT M.C. ESCHER. He has a Spanish or Latin last name.
Who painted the picture of 3 young ladies (all wearing long, white dresses I think)?
anyone have any idea how to brush up?
what is the japanese name of japanese painting?
How to use mod podge matte on acrylic paint?
Why does the color red contrasts the color blue?
what was the value of the mona lisa when it was just painted?
Desperate artist, please help. How can I make oil paint dry faster?
What would make a good thank you gift for my Orthodontist?
What kind of paint do I use for a very small concrete statue?
Outdoor painting artwork?
What are the materials did Guillermo Tolentino used in his masterpiece?
starry night what inspired it??? plz tell me info?
I am Looking for an Artist, Name is R. Elliot?
Is it possible to create a "custom cap" for a stylized line in Paint Shop Pro X ?
Micahel Godard prints?
I'm taking a beginner's watercolor course soon, I just have to register. I have good drawing skills,?
are the paintings in the first 3 mins of this clip breugel's? which of his paintings are they?
Picasso and his lovers?
which colour can you denote as the best colour in the world & why ?
Anyone know anything about picasso?
Whose art work is looking toward the altar in the Sistine Chapel? What medium did he use?
which activities of a young girl alone are nice to be painted?
What was P.Picasso's greatest painting?
Can anyone compare and contrast the use of value in these two paintings?
I just started painting.. does this look okay?
Need to find a company that will create an estate stamp?
Where can you find the video of the women in famous paintings morphing that was on I-caught last night?
How is painter's tape used?
Does anyone know any italian artists?
Do you think this person adding something to his paint before using it?
Who is your favourite artist & which of their works do you like best?
Would this painting look different with acrylic paint?
Grandparents 50th anniversary present.?
Good Girl Gone Bad? Bad Girl Gone Badder? Or Just A Bad Painting?
I want to be a painter. Should i study painting/fine arts in college?
What have the Belgium artist Piet Lippens paintings usually gone for?
has anyone ever heard of an artist named ANTONI DIETLEF? I have a beautiful painting of his...?
artist (painters and photogs) rights?
do you like my art?
Does anybody know the best way to search for artists?
What is this painting?
What is the name/artist of this painting? It's very famous.?
How to name unknown painting?
When I'm done painting where do I dispose of it?
Need to know about painting a car?
Misunderstanding all you see??
does anyone know of any artists like alex pardee?
Who is a good realistic artist that i can do a study on?
where can i learn mural painting in delhi?
I would like to know about websites that host works of artists (painters) free of cost?
Art teacher stole my painting.?
spray painting shoes?
what is Don Bosco Hall ??? i'v been looking it up 4 da longest i got nothing?
What is the name of the painting with a young blonde haired girl holding a basket of flowers next to a barn?
any input on this?
The price of paintings high....................................…
who is MOna Lisa?
I use oderless kerocene to make litho plate cleaner and I want the mixture to be thicker or like cream?
I've a question for those, who are interested in abstract art: What do you think of this painting?
what do you think of this painting? 10 points for best criticism ?
What kind of paint should I use to paint a model car?
How did the Egyptians get the job of being a painter?
whats ur favorite painting?
I need to paint a hardback leather book but i dont want to ruin the paper?
Comparison of Da Vinci's and Tintoretto's The Last Supper?
What does a painter paint in the oil industry?
What is this painting called and who is it by?
Art lovers, how much are you willing to spend on original oil paintings?
How do you stop hickups?
What is a good clear spray paint?
Artist whose photographs look like paintings?
what does magical realism mean?
Brunozetti's last supper?
What do you guys think about The Wreck if the Ole '97 painting ? How would you guys DESCRIBE this artwork ?
Where do you buy your pastels and supplies?
do you have to use spray paint for refinishing guitars?
If you were an artist, how much would you charge to paint this logo on a 2.5x2.5 ft domino table for a friend?
art websites?
Who painted the "The Last Supper"?
quarter or pint paint who is bigger?
Why do people make a sketch when using Paint Tool Sai or any other panting apps?Hb5zDAA85551041502102"> Ideas for backgrounds for my painting?
what kind of wood to make canvas stretcher?
need your advice?
Who painted this painting?
Diego Rivera paintings/murals?
Automtive paint question?
Where can I find a print of the painting Children Sitting on a Wall Herbert Harvey?
Can u come up with the best yo momma jokes ?
Tips on watercolor paper? How about using sponges? Good guidebooks?
European glass artist who incorporates faces in his artwork?
what is the value of an autographed will moses print 1990 exibition bennington museum?
Help paintings by artists I cannot find?
how to Make tanjore painting gold foil?
What graffiti cap is mostly used?
has anyone heard of an artist/painter called Aug Ahrend i need as much info as possible - thanks?
I have a question about painting?
Can anyone tell me where to find sketches of Alice in Wonderland?
Can you use gouache over oil paints?
What is the connection between artists and crazy?
is this good for a third painting?
Any good FREE NO DOWNLOAD paint websites?
what do you think of when you see the color green?
Has anyone ever heard of an artist by Amin?
What paint should I use for a mural?
Will people buy fabric painted tees?
Who Painted This Picture of Miguel Hidalgo? And When was it Painted??
Any artists that look at the contrast between rich and poor? (painters, drawers etc not music artists please)?
it's done by an american painter. All his paintings have falling-like people. I'm trying to remember his name
Is the mona lisa a complete painting,if not why?
Mr. Bean's interpretation of the painting Whistler's Mother?
Does anyone know who painted this picture?
what % of cash do galleries take if they sell your art work?
How can I advertise hairspray and face paint?
has anyone heard of artist elizabeth strath?
What's your favorite color?
What are colours made of?
Who was the more ideal Renaissance man: Leonardo da Vinci or Michelangelo Buonarotti.?
who can tell me the best colour mix to get flesh tones in acrylic? blurring enlarged pictures?
Artists before Duchamp used technical skill to present their ideas. Duchamp used technology and crudeness to d?
who is mona lisa and what did she do.?
where can i get some good tips/info abt painting ?
george serrah?
Can anyone recognize this painter?
Elements of Art/Design for this Painting ?
so i need a peom about america it has to be completely origanal.?
HOW do you thin airbrush paint ?
what are some interpretations on Remedios Varo's art works?
Any info on the painting "The Locket" by Spencer?
I dont know what to paint?
hello everyone!!!!!!?
Why do they display paintings in museums? Why don't they store them and try to preserve them?
If someone tells you that you have an artistic face?
what artists do you think i would like...?
I need to find this painting. I think it is in the category of romanticism or architecture. ?
What is pahari painting?
How was oil used in this painting?
is it really necessary to 'stretch' canvas ?
What is the value of a k gaterman wooded wonderland painting?
can I resell paid for, but uncollected, original artwork?
I'm looking for a art picture/painting of formual 1?
Who were the main artists during the Expressionism Period.?
What is the best for painting canvas shoes?
The Birth of Venus?
How much should I sell this painting for?
can someone explain to me, pleaseee!!?
I have to do a photo editing project and i need my face in place of mona lisa's and i dont have a photo?
What is your favorite color to paint with?
how do i stick ribbon onto a plastic box that i painted?
what do u guys think?
What is the process of transferring a painting to a print?
i did many oil paintings for fun besides my daily work, but church friends often ask for free, what would I do
First woman painted??
what is venetian plaster? is it waterproof?
I'm looking for Artist communities in North Wales and along the Welsh marches?
watercolor artist, Eda, might be from the san francisco area?
your views & opinions for my art work?
Do you like this painting?
Can I get peace in whole of my life? How it is possible please replyme to stay happily with my family.?
Hi i want to learn painting of char coal & pencil painting ETC can any one help me out?
who invented pop music?
Which (classic) painters are not covered under copyright laws or are under public domain?
What's a good theme or topic to do a painting of?
Cost Of Paints In Ireland...?
How do I create long-lasting bas relief on canvas?
What's you favorite colour?
Georgia O'keeffee art?
characteristic of all northern painting of the time, Roger van der weyden's descent from the cross displays?
Hmmmm who did this painting???
perfect finish for my guitar?
please identify this painting for me?
What should I put on a canvas?
who drew "The Creation Of Adam" in d Sistine Chapel,Vatican?
What is meant by "form is content" in terms of painting and art history?
Who took this photo of Hugo Ball, founder of Cabaret Voltaire?
How do you decide the size of your painting?
does any1 know where this swirly butterfly photoshop brush is at? plz?
Am I good at painting? Picture?
Does New Zealand have a truly national art?
i'm looking for artists that paint people looking lonely/emotional?
Framed glass painting with correct lighting?
anyway to completley paint my wall with glitter?
How to improve my online artwork and paintings sales?
how can i find free tutorials on concept art digital and oil painting?
How do I know if my abstract is good?
how do you keep oil pastels from smearing?
Why were portraits painted? 10 points best answer!?
Can anyone please identify the artist or the name of this painting?
Artists that pain Indian women or brides of any nationality?
Do you know any good sites to learn speed painting with photoshop?
Who is Guy Pierre and what can you tell me of his artwork?
How do I get oil paint off my skin?
where can i buy spray paint for my body other than online?
for building the frankenstrat guitar do you put the lacquer finsh on after your done paint the red coat?
what produces three-dimensional effect in paintings?
a very, very complicated question?
what kind of style paintings did vincent van gogh do?
When is the new art gallery in Middlesbrough opening?
Paint tool sai, a few questions?
Why be an ARTIST if you only get the big money after you're dead?
Where can I buy inexpensive art online? I need a painting that has bright colors in it to brighten my apt.?
problems downloading paintbrush ?
Why was Leonardo da Vinci's art so famous?
Portrait paintings with dramatic lighting?
Best music to listen to when painting or creative writing?
What is the technical term for a painted portrait that is from a side view?
Your zone Paint? Colors?
could someone tell me about this medium. It just says colourless painting medium brillant gloss huile oil?
i have recently purchased an oil painting based solely on the eye-appeal.the artist is PECO YEH.Who is this?
art exhibition proposal?
can you use acrylic paint on chalkboards?
Chevrolet Airbrush Template?
anything about german artist henry richert?
Should one learn to draw before one learns to paint?
when will Linda Ronstant be loved?
What are the original dimensions of the painting "Interior at Menil Hubert 1892" by Edgar Degas?
Who is this painting by?
Custom Size Poster Frames?
Where purchase oil-painting or China-painting or local(China)art?
Is it possible to learn painting/drawing or do you need to have a talent for this?
Who did this painting?
where can i find an art critque of "I in the Village" by Marc Chagall?
Name of artist who leaves artwork on the streets for people to take for free?
What is your fav famous painting and artist?
how do you paint a verdaccio underpainting?
Can a dry erase board be painted?
Who is considered the Andy Warhol of today?
What made you want to be an artist?
Metamorphosis Artwork name?
Please Analysis these paintings by Claude Monte?
What is your favorite Georgia O'Keeffe painting?
Can I prime a plastic piece to spray paint?
i'm looking to sell a piece of artwork , a painting, any recommendation for website to look at?
Who was the model for Auther Hughes "Ophelia" ca. 1865?
I have a painting and need help?
What is the most interesting object you can see now?
Any good site to search for for freelance artists?
Where is this place? picture included.?
what's the best acrylic brand?
Does anyone know something really interesting about the french classical painter nicholas poussin?
where can i go to have glass painted on jar?
famous artists!?????
looking for affordable airbrush paint?
Painting on my computer case?
Who do you think was/is the best Wyeth artist?
In art how do you use spectrum clear oil paint?
How can a youngster like me, be cool like the old people are?
Help Me Please!! My Paints are ing..?
I live in the UK, where would I be able to buy kurt halsey stuff?
Hey... Mona Lisa painting...?
Oil Painting?
What should I paint a picture of?
what could I paint with these colors?
What can I do in order to speed up the drying process on my oil painting?
Why do they call an A-line bob by that name? Is there an A in the style?
Where is the Keki Moos Art Gallary?
still life artist who signs by the name denis?
How to put detail into paintings?
Any artists who were/are perverts?
Paint Tool Sai self-made textures?
can anybody give me tips on christmas window painting?
Is there any oil paint artists out there?
How did Rothko pick colors for his paintings?
Vincent Van Gogh help?
hand painted plate made in hong kong green and white?
i have a green canvas, what should i paint on it.?
Why is Black more well known as a colour than a shade which it is actually?
Charateristics of modern art?
Where can I find bob ross's original paintings?
Looking for the name of a painting of a woman in a older style cream or tan Gown sitting on a chair backwards?
My girlfriend wants to start painting and I have no clue on what to buy her. (canvas,brushes,paint) pleasehelp
does anyone know the name of the artist from the film 'Prime'?
Is there a way to paint/dye pleather boots?
Popular Paintings by Jose de Ribera?
Analyze this Edvard Munch painting?
Why did Frida Kahlo always paint herself as a man?
What would you call leonardo da vinci's most impactful things?
Valspar paint pre interview test?
What are close value colours? How could I use them to improve my art?
9X12 Heavy Sketchbook by Michael Roger Press, Inc.?
what else can i call it?
I am interested in examining the background to paintings of Nell Gwyne.Can you help?
What is your favourite colour?
What exactly is neapolitan art?
Questions about Michelangelo and Diego Rivera.?
Painting a Tackle box?
What color should I paint my room?
Custom Painting My Electric Guitar?
how do we know how colors express emotions in paintings?
how can I be like Picasso?
Ineed a good book title for my book sign painting?
Surface where artist mixes paints (7)?
artists: how do you channel depression/anger into your composition & can this state canCreate some of the best?
I would like to know how much paintings by Karl Behm and Edwin Ellis sold for.?
Is it better to use soft or oil pastels with gesso?
I need some information on a painting on rice paper titled, "Peony" with the name Yoshinkuni in the corner?
Do you think I should either Oil Paint or Acrylic Paint?
what should i spray on my converse to protect what i have painted on them?
donna dewberry is she worth it?
What painting is this?
How much is my jim hansel headwaters painting worth? It has 2 signatures, it is 29x39 framed Thank you?
paintings coloring pages?
If you had a choice, would you rather own The Hope Diamond or The Mona Lisa?
painting a guitar? do i still need to sand the guitar if it has......?
I need a list of FAMOUS Artists who painted CITIES and images of the cities would be great too, if you can?
I have a old painting with a little boy kneeling dwn praying with sme rabbits an lambs beside hm on a feild is?
i have a seriose but creepy question?
I have a picture sing H.Kaiser Does Any one have any information on him it is a vary old painting?
who is the painter?in Pitti palace,Florence Italy,painting showing Fillipo Lippi painting a nun,his lover.?
Is white a color? Why or why not?
what is the name of an artist's paint mixing board?
what brand of paint should i use for acrylic panting?
paint thinner alternative to thinning paint?
I am looking for a painting by Diego Rivera, please help?
What elements of artistic composition are in this painting?
What colour background should i have?
Whats so good, or talented about modern art?
good big flat brushes ??!?
What feelings do you get when you look at this painting?
how to get very deep/dark red paint?
What is the difference between "watercolour" and "gauche" paint?
Question for artists: if you could create a truly great work of art...?
I spray painted my fimo clay after baking it, and it's not drying! Help?
Hi, I have a a question...?
i want 2 kno about painter koorbay .also a website related 2 his landscape pics?
Which fo the following is a term used to describe value?
whts the name of the painting in THE BOX movie?
Important facts about Auguste Renoir?
What paintings did Vincent Van Gogh sell?
where can i get a professional appraisal for a chinese painting in US?
Trying to remove dried-on acrylic to large piece of plexiglass. HELP!?
the name of a famous artiste who did or does perspective drawing or painting?
Is Professor Arthur Hierer (German) an important painter? I have a painting of it worth anything?
Thomas Kinkade Canvas?
I need some Painting ideas?
1917 Chicago Portrait Co. Painting...?
Who are some of your favorite artists?
How do i paint my face like the joker?
Why Was Dora Maar Weeping In Picasso's Painting?
Where can you buy original Georgia O'Keeffe paintings?
please suggest a good professional painting course/school in Bangalore for my frnd who has just completed BSc?
does anyone know the last name of Thomas? who painted "The Miller's Home"?
what type of paint and what method is used to paint those professional black certificate frames?
What is the artist's name who painted this?
Crayola crayons, used to remember a colour called cyan,?
Frank.E. Beresford painting?
Painting my bike helmet?
what do look at in a painting, color or composition?
painting styles?
Where can I find a large, online classical art archive?
looking for info about a painter and his or hers painting?
Do you like my art?
What is the name of the painting in "The Age of Innocence"?
i am iron painter and would like to help me?
What do you think of this drawing?
Anyone know what the name of this painting is?
Information on Paul Cezanne? help please?
when was Shakespeare's first portrait painted?
can anyone help me get info on an old painting?
What was so shocking to Manet’s audience about Dejeuner su L’Herbe, and what is at least one reason that it-c-?
How does a starting artist sell his/her work?
can someone read this chinese painting.?
What event began the norman conquest?
Do unopened oil paints get too old to use?
what does this picture show you?
What should I paint on my new converse?
What acrylic colors do I mix to make a chocolate brown color?
Is this a good theme/idea for A-Level (Higher level) Art?
How many things can you think of to do with this:?
What materials do I need?
painting on someones skin?????
child ate a watercolor oval?
Extra tools in Paint Tool SAI?
Who's your favorite artist?
blue yellow and red? what kind of colors are they?
Can I use a printed photo of Van Gogh's Schoolboy to Advertise a commercial product for free?
What brushtrokes were used in Vermeer's Painting - The Kitchen Maid?
I just bought an oil painting and the canvas looks loose in places...?
Oil Painting / Canvas Texturizer?
Is there anybody that offers art lessons in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.?
How should I incorporate a " lipstick smear " in a painting?
Artists that draw/paint etc giraffes?
any Romero britto's for sale?
photoshop 3D painting?
Is my sketch okay (:?
i want to bay graffiti spray cans ?
What would be a good idea for a wall mural in my bedroom? ?
Which picture should I paint for my art class?
A combination of Edward and Jacob that sounds like a girl's name?
I accidentally inhaled spray paint fumes!?
who is indias famous interior designer?
What do you add to acrylics when painting?
Artists: Would you give up a well-respected job to pursue entrepreneurial interests?
A Lascaux Cave Painting?
Is Turpenoid flammable or dangerous when dry?
modern apprentiships?
Have you ever framed a painting painted by your child?
where is the painting bob by chuck close kept?
Please, what's the best Opaque Projector out there for a portrait artistst?
I went through a work zone and they were painting the lines. I have thick yellow paint on my bmw .Anyone know?
what supplies do you need in order sray paint?
Good graffiti shops online?
How did Paul Cezanne inspired Picasso?
what is the difference between expensive art and cheap art?
What's the best way for me to figure out if my theory about the Mona Lisa is right or not?
salvador dali painting of man being crushed?
what is the mystery behind mona lisa?
which paint should i use to paint my mannequin?
Is it true that Mark Rothko flunked out of the Earl Scheib Painting School?
how do you make the color blue?
what do you think about my first painting ?
anyone know of a artist known as "Joann Canabbro" lived in Redondo Beach Ca. 1976 watercolor artist?
painting with 5 figures black not african american nude black and yellow background please add pic and artist?
A good brand art easel for acrylic/oil painter?
Who is the painter & what is the title of the painting at this site:?
How do i sell my art work online?
Are the Stuckists, Right Wing Reactionaries?
Do I HAVE to use a medium if I want to paint with oils?
How much is the "Ferdinand Petrie" paintings cost, thanks?
how did parmigianino, the italian artist die?
Was model painted as Monalisa by Leonardo da Vinci really a male ,not a female?
how to protect stickers on plastic?
how would one value a painting/ sketch of georges seurat eg Le suiveur?
painting my room ?
are cave paintings realistic or abstract?
What is the symbolism and meaning in the mosaics of Justinian and Theodora in San Vitale?
What can I paint in watercolour?!?!!?
What Color goes well with a kinda darkish pansy purple type color?
How to age a canvas painting ?
who paint the scream?
How to become really good at painting oil painting????
can I use this medium for glazing?
Extremism and realism?
Just starting to paint?
An old framing company.?
What is a scene girl?
What do you think of this painting?
are there tutorials for digital painting?
self portrait?
What type of paint should i use?
Does anyone know the name of the Dali painting with a ed egg, where the yolk is shown as the sun?
Would You Like To Give My New Painting A Title?
where can I buy graffiti supplies in Indianapolis?
who is pablo n. bautista?
Can you fill a can of spray paint with paint from a bucket?
I am painting old metal outside restaurant sign what type of paint should I use?
What are some fun easy things to paint?
Is my painting worth anything?
What is the value of an H. Hargrove painting?
can i use watercolour/sharpie on canvas?
Does anyone know about the painting called "Spring" by Margo Alexander?
The Kiss by Gustav Klimt?
what artistic time period was know for their paintings of fete galante ?
names of artists that paint waves?!?
question about Andy Warhol?
I need interesting facts about Aaron Douglas from Harlem Renaissance period. Something unusual .s for best?
Salvador Dali Painting Interpretation?
does anyone know who did this painting and the title of it?
How do you draw a spider's web using Elmer's Glue?
What did these people do to get those results of tie dye?
Can I substitute gesso with Kiltz to paint over an art canvas painted with acrylics?
what do you mean in art is a lie that makes us see the truth?
Artists who present adolescence/ teenage life ???!?
Would you say Norman and I or Norman and me?
Some good techo artists?
Can someone find this painting?
Renaissance Art! HELP asap?
Painting signature, Can not figure out who this is?
Where can I buy an antique sea chart reproduction?
Has anyone ever seen the funny version of the scream edvard munch?
Are these paints similar enough to substitute?
egyptian artwork?
I'm painting a picture. Will it harm the canvas if I sketch it out in pencil first?
When I'm done painting where do I dispose of it?
Is it possible that there are undiscoved colours out there.?
Need some opinions about the group of seven. plz!?
what is the max price u could sell a painting for?
How do I get my Art shown in a museum?
If you could decorate you bedroom in writing with paint, what would you write on it?
How do you find good art?
i love my boyfriend and i want to paint a picture to express myself but im not sure what to paint?
Why is Jackson Pollock considered a good artist?
How do you pronounce the name "Thiebaud", as in the artist Wayne Thiebaud?
airbrush machine - no air?
is it ok to use oil paint on canvas panels? the boards?
Do you know how to paint?????
what should i paint on my door?
What do you think of this painting? What kind of emotions does it spark?
What does "sized" paper mean? How are the surfaces differences betweem cold pressed and hot pressed?
Know of any modern artists that recreate or use prehistoric or ancient art as inspiration?
how to paint a design?
Lacquer spray on unknown spray! Paint spread,Will it harden?
when did picasso die ?
What does this Salvador Dali painting represent?
who should i choose for my spanish project, Jose Clemente Orozco or Rufino Tamayo?
What do you prefer drawing or painting?
Whats the best book for learning Oil Painting?
what kind of paint brushes are best for acrylic paint?
can i get Cosa grande oil around me?
critique needed. what do you think of my painting?
I have a Spode Copeland plate China Rose. But unlike all the others I have seen it is not painted, Just brown?
what are the best art schools in the world?
If a canvas is what you paint on, how do you call the wooden stand you put it onto?
Ideas for face painting - Topic : Rise and Fall?
What is a painting of a scene with people who are not posed called? An everyday scene?
please help!!!!?
Need ideas?
Was this painted by an experienced artist?
When was the last time you went to an art museum? ?
Can you use Mod Podge as a protective coat over oil pastels?
fairfield porter, sun on rough sea. what is the color scheme?
I don't know what to paint! Please help me you guys!?
What is the worst color?
What can be used with gouache paint to make it dry quicker on acetate sheets?
what is an original oil painting by Malcom and Roland,painted in 1971 worth?
if you could go in the past what 2 questions would you ask Leonardo da Vinci?
looking for big micky where are u?
How do I write/paint a message on a glass bird figurine? PAINTERS/ARTISTS ONLY?
Octavio Ocampo the Painter?
Which painting by Leonardo da Vinci is a glorification of the human body?
What landscape should I paint?
How to successfully promote painting ?
Does anyone know what the location is in this painting? 10 points!?
What is the meaning of this vietnamese painting?
What was the single most important event in Georgia O'Keeffe's life?
Where can I buy painting aprons for my kids in primary school?
why do we make friends?
Any information about the painter Walter Lupo?
Good places to display artwork to sell?
What does this picture show?
Can anyone tell me where I might buy paintings by Ludwig Schöngarth?
question on painting cymbals??
Anyone know how to paint with water?
Can I use acrylic paints on an outdoor wood item to withstand any weather?
I really want to paint a mural?
What is the best finish for oil painting varnish? Gloss, satin, or matte?
Re-using canvas for painting?
Best, affordable acrylic paints for a beginner?
Please tell me what you think of my painting?
Who are some artists similar to john william waterhouse?
Art themes in the Renaissance?
frank gaard Untitled (for john and alice)?
Can you recognize any of these paintings? Thanks!?
I have an original oil painting by Paul Kujal, called "A Bloom is on the Land". Wondering how much its worth?
Who is Henri Charpentier?
what website, can i sell my oil paintings at?
Corel Painter 12 brush lag?
What are the best ways to market your art online?
What type of painting is this called?
Do you think artwork like...?
Can i paint over oil wit a student?
Where do I buy a good quality/simple canvas?
how does the color wheel flow?
Carribean + Ghetto Fab .. themes?
I have a idea for a tattoo will a tattoo artist create and draw it for me ?
Do you like my watercolor portrait painting?
What did the lucayans use to make their body paint?
What Is This Famous Painting Called?
what colours mixed together make brown?
Your favorite color?
Help with painting? ?
what is paint and what are its parts?
what does this mean---> Significant contribution(s) to photography (or the art world)?
Does anyone know how to get in touch with the artist Duane Armstrong?
Help with Joker painting?
What would be a fun name for a paint your own pottery store?
Where can I buy watercolour canvas in Hamilton Ontario?
How can you sell art for living nowadays or become a famous artist even if you have skill and talent?
I need help translating an art piece is in Chinese?
do taggers, or graffiti artists, make up their stuff on the spot?
Who is wisdom by the city gates?
Is Barnett Newman taught about in schools?
Are acrilic colours basically better than poster colours on a normal chat paper or not?
is this a sellable oil painting?
Do i have a chance to be a commercial model?
Whitch First Lady prevented a valuable painting of George Washington from being distroyed from British soldier
do you think that monalisa is a girl?
How to make paint from the scratch?
what graffiti names do you recommend?
hellppp me !!!!i cant find info on any artist that used to apint elephants or girraffes?
Who /what is your favorite painter/picture?
What was the art style, medium, and subjects of Wilfredo Lam?
birth of a nation painting?
what did Roy Lichtenstein use to create his artwork 'WHAAM'?
Where can I find prices for native american art by Michael Gentry?
Painting , Painting , Painting?
im trying to find a historically famous artist?!?
how to sell a painting with unknown artist?
has anyone here exposed there painting in
Where can I buy a painting of the heidlebrg castle?
What is the painting in the Doris Day movie The Thrill of it All?
All you out there who take art classes in school... can you take a second to answer my quick IB Math survey?
what do you really feel like painting in here *points to heart* not from others?
Can i paint with petroleum jelly?
who is mona lisa and why is that her painting talked about so much?
post impressionism paintings?
hi i am buying a poster of a large rose?
where good wall decorative picture / paintings for see - use?
Paint Tool Sai self-made textures?
Looking for a specific painting of Jesus on the Cross?
What type of paint is used for a martini glass?
when can i apply clear gesso?
i was trying to sell some old paintings and i was told they were old department store paintings?
who is an artist who paints..?
Leonardo da vinci questions?
Frida Kahlo or Norman Rockwell Trivia Questions needed.?
Where can I find information including a biography on Anita Austwick?
where is a good place online that i can sale some art pictures for free and fast?
How do I seal a painted photo album?
Recommendations for Painting a Mug?
Paris Building?
What is something cool, yet easy to paint?
how to learn to draw?
Anybody have information on an artist who does nature paintings signed R. Boren?
"The Common Man" painting . HELP!?
Can someone help me find the name for this painting of Christ?
stephen kaye oil painting swans in water, tulips in front 3ftby4ft numbered2116mm?
hi my gran has 5 sir peter scott paintings whih she has had for 60+ years are they woth anything?
The painter used a thin brush to paint the foliage in the background. (1 point)prepositional phrase?
is there something you can use besides Gesso to prime a canvas?
Question for artists!!!!?
Am I allowed to use a tape recorder in the Metropolitan Museum of Art? please read the rest.?
Who painted this painting from Rob and Big?
what is the difference between surrealism and magic realism (the literary movement)?
I'm going to paint my this color gay?
If you could paint a picture of any scenery you’ve seen before, what would you paint?
What do you think about my art project
Would you like to paint my toes?
Need help finding a piece of art that has a person as the focal point...?
How do I make a graphic look like a giclee, I have included a picture for an example.?
Is there a famous artist known for painting eyes?
paint shop pro color problems?
What is your favourite medium to paint with and why?
Who are the two best recognised painters worldwide?
In search of this Picasso poster.?
if you mix red and green together, what color does that make?
Where can I buy blank art Canvas?
What is the best medium to mix oil paint with?
how would history be different without the actions of vincent van gogh?
Do you know of any contemporary artists that has painted an animal/s?
Is 1 quartz of paint and 1 quartz of clear coat will be enough to paint whole toyota camry ?
What's the difference between an artist and a craftsman?
Can I sell my paintings in a public park?
What new ideas for promoting/marketing an art gallery are out there?
where to find an easel in new delhi??(related to painting)?
Can I paint mugs with acrylic paint?
what is the song paint me a birmingham about?????
Watercolor or Acrylics?
i am very interesting about air brush, but i don't know how to start?
Who is the artist that painted the little boy?
What is the best visual arts school in the Philippines?
Cardboard cutouts help!!!!?
how can i get into painting book covers? / art tips?
Does anyone know where this is located: http://community.livejournal.c om/socal_abandoned/48061. html ?
Is there much of a difference when using oil pastels as opposed to chalk-type pastels?
poems for bridal shower memory boxes?
How to giving aged look to canvas panel (white cloth)?
In the 19th century, what did landscape painting "mean" to the artists?
How can I sell more art online?
I am looking for the name of the song & the artist?
How do you pronounce the artist Gericoult?
How do u get paint out of clothes?
Napoleon Dynamite Watercolor on
city of god painting?
Identify these Paintings please?
Who is an artist that paints insects with oil paint?
How to get good at water color painting?
what kind of technique does Josephine Wall use ???
oil pastel picture, scrunch it up, paint ink over the top, then run under water...what is this method called?
How to paint light skin tone on a doll?
Name of artist with a realistic painting containing children on the beach balancing eachother on chairs?
does anyone know any artists who...?
what are the secrets of mona lisa's smile?
What is the name of this painting (description)?
Is black a color, is white a color?
help can't get face paint off?
what do you think about my painting ?
i need information on raphael. not a webpage.?
Abstract Expressionism, plz help me!!?
Any Well Known Paintings of Musical Instruments?
Where can I buy a good quality canvas...?
What is Sidney Nolan's painting style in general?
Could anyone please help identify the artist or title of this artwork?
What is the best oil pastels brand?
I'm doing a project on emotions in art and I can't find some famous artwork that reflects happiness?
HELP! How do you remove brush hairs from an acrylic painting?
ilove a girl she love me and i love her but both are affraid from propse?
Do You Think Too Much When You Paint (ART)....???
artist thats unknown? cant find her!?
where can i get an abstract painting?????!!!!!!!!?
painting of blue Madonna and child by m. a. alotcious?
What is the name of this Pieter Bruegel painting?
Was the mona Lisa a man or a woman?
Can anyone recommend cheap quality watercolors?
is buying fake monalisa painting legal???
Is this painting i did any good?
Water color help! how to render with water color to my fashion illustration so that no patches creates how? ho?
egg yolk in acrylic painting?
Who is the greatest woman painter?
What are some good black painters/paintings?
how do i copy diagonal stuff on paint without the white being around it?
if black is not a primary color, what colors do you mix to make black?
What do you like about this painting?
Who was George Chinnery's dad?
what kind of paint color and brand do you recommend?
W Hodges painting of a river with a woman holding an umbrella?
what is the name/history/price of the retro painting of the beautiful girl showing on harveys ad in corrie?
Can I paint my backpack with normal acrylic paint, not the one special for fabrics?
what is your favorite colour?
what were the societal concerns of the time of Rembrandt?
What paint should i use to paint my ps3 controller?
3D painting?
What's wrong with the order of the questions?
Artists similar to Ian McKeever and Mark Francis?
comment on this painting please?
Mystery painting, only clue: 'Gregory'. Can anyone recognize it?
does this artwork remind you of anything (as in a well know painter/artists style) - with link?
Does anyone know the size of the portrait "Penitent Magdaline" by Jusepe De Rebera?
A Lascaux Cave Painting?
is it ok to paint acrylics on cardboard? what would the effect be?
i need help with a surrealism essay?
What type of paint is applied to piece of glass to make it a mirror?
I'm taking this art class, and everyone there seems to be better than me! Should I quit or keep going? Help!
Do you like to paint? and if so what?
Help painting a mask for drama class?
Anyone know who this painter is? I can't make out the signature.?
What is the website for Holbein pastels?
Where is leonardo da vinci from?
Who is the artist of this Napoleon Bonaparte portrait?
what type of paint should i use for anime drawings?
Whats the best idea for a country side painting?
What kind of paint do you use on glass so that it doesnt come off????
Do You Recognize This?
What color do you get when you mix red green yellow and blue?
Can acrilic paint be used outdoors?
can you paint over textured acrylic paint?
Do you like this rare Renoir?
what year was Rene Magritte's painting "the return" completed?
Where can i enroll in a water colour painting course?
Which Painting should I hang in my bedroom. thanks for your advice in advance?
What is a good song to go along with surrealist art?
Anyone like this art peice I did?
i want to do a canvas painting , i'mm doing it for the first time ,is it that easy as they show on the tv ?
Can water based paint, be put into permanent markers?
painting ideas?
Can you find a Renaissance painting like this?
Do I have to.....?
What is the value of Artistic Interiors, Inc. Certification number 106270?
Name of some artists please?!?!?!?
Can I paint my ears with gloss paint?
Van Goe's starry night, is this a constellation he painted or just something he made up?
Who was that 80's artist that painted by splashing buckets of paint on a billboard?
spray painting flames template link?
Which is Better, Acrylic or Oil Paints, and Why?
Where can I get LATEX FREE body paint?
Help describing these styles of paintings?
how can you paint similar to Monet?
What is so special about the Mona Lisa?
What does this painting need done?
How to paint the northern lights?
san giorgio maggiore at twilight?
what is local color realism?
What should i add to my painting?
What year did Michelangelo begin painting?
i have just found the name of j vela on an oil painting is this the same as j vela zanette it looks very old a?
What artisits influenced Rene Magritte?
Who is the artist that signs his paintings with just the name Peter?
Minority Artists?
What is Oil paint like?
do you know any good painters?
How do I get known??
Where can I get chinese rice paper (hsuan paper) like this?
I bought a print of 'The Marriage ...' by Jan Van Eyck. On the back it says plate 10. Does it hold any value
The name of this famous painting?
Locating cheap art studio nearby in Virginia?
Anyone know how to paint with water?
Help I have oil painting questions!!?
tell me about the Da Vinci code?
Please comment on this brothers art?
Thoughts/Critique on my comic style drawing please!! Flickr link inside ~ Any feedback appreciated?
Locating Old Portraits?
How do unknown artists set the prices on their paintings?
What should i paint ?
Name this all black painting?
Can I put varnish on a canvas painting that has ink on it?
What images come to mind when you see the word "red"?
Hey how good is this painting?
pakistani famous painter?
what do you call a criminal sketch artist?
Look at the walls of the classroom,.is children's artwork displayed?
I love the painting, 'napoleon crossing the alps'?
What equipment would you need to create your own Chinese brush painting?
are vernon ward prints of seagulls of any value?
How do artists become so good at drawing and painting?
is african vilolet a vine?
Can anyone review my painting "Dragon Eye" and give me feedback? Suzanne Painter
What kind of ink stains skin?
Who painted '100 Years of Fun' - a triptych on canvas?
i have a picture and on the back it says fitter-22 any information will help?
Oil painting tennis balls?
is there a famous artist who has a surname of Grantoza?
Someone wanna tell me where I can read the whole story of the headless horse guy? by washington irving. im sch
Creative paint ideas for a truck?
i want photos of classical musicians ustaad zakir hussianm s subbalakshmihariprasad chaurasiya?
How do you clean oil paint before taking a new paint?
da vinci: master painter or just a tosser?
Good oil painting brushes that will not shed...?
where can I apply the paint bucket in arobe photoshop?
Is a painting of Montague Dawson Expensive?
BUDHA PAINTING - i was thinking of gifting Budha painting?
Portrait paintings with dramatic lighting?
Why don't you paint?
Artists who paint childhood objects?
where on the net can i find famouse painting of dying indian on horse?
What product is best for painting black canvas shoes?
artist fred brockmann?
what painting has melting clocks in it?
Need name of watercolor artist born in Spain.?
Help with buying easel for painting please?
How do you mix chartreuse?
loooking for air brush teaching seminar locations any help would be appreciated?
What is best way to learn to paint?
ART PROBLEM?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Is Arthur G. Dove [an artist] native american in any way?
What happens to stolen paintings?
What's the big deal about Andy Warhol's paintings of Campbells soup cans?
whats the name of a metamorphic art painting in which you can see images of ships and also a crying Indian?
What is an analogy for Salvador Dali?
Team Edward and Jacob? Why?
What colors should Should i use on my painting? (pic)?
How do you paint your nails?
Need help with an idea for my self-portrait painting? please?
is canvas (artist's canvas) made of fabric?
Please Carry out your judgments?
I'm searching for a painting..What is the name of that picture and its author?
What makes a masterpiece?
can someone help me with Monet's paintings?
any artists who painted on the irish potato famine theme?
What are your opinions of my painting?
Help me find a painting that was on the wall of a hospital room on the show House?
when was Shakespeare's first portrait painted?
egg yolk in acrylic painting?
Who is Diego Rivera and what is he famous for?
What is this painting called?
What should I paint on a huge canvas?
identify a painting?
Why does Banksy change artist artwork in to his own style?
How much is an original Charles m Russell painting worth?
How can anyone claim that Jean Michel Basquiat was a real artist? Have you see his paintings? Horrible!!?
What is the meaning of this painting?
artist? bright, colourful artwork?
how do you put a glow around the outline of a photoshop cs2 image?
favorite color???????
How do you blend two images together on paint shop pro x4?
what colors mixed ??
Painting Question?
What is a good color to to use to paint?
Painting by E or W Green? Has anyone heard of this Artist?
How do I get dried acrylic paint off of nylon paintbrushes?
why does mona lisa have no eyebrows?
What is the artists name who painted the painting with the 7 hidden horses in it?
Would Acrylic Paint Work Over Latex Paint?
Trying to figure out what a painting is and what it's worth..?
why are paintings / drawings worth more when the artist is dead?
What type of paint and paper would be best for this?
Can you project an image onto a black background?
what rural artists are there?
Who do you put in your top five painters?
In art, what is the difference between a color and a pigment?
Who was the artist that painted the Vietnam Memorial with a shadow of fallen soldiers mirroring in it?
Is there anyone that study painting in Italy?
What do you think about this painting?
Why does dark oil paint dry so much slower than light?
Can you name me some facts on Salvador Dali?
I am an artist and have acrylic paint on my clothing and towels...?
What Artists in 1863 began there name with the letters G.H. ?
Ideas for things to paint..?
What does this quote mean?,“Aesthetics is for the artist as Ornithology is for the birds.” By Barnett Newman?
does anybody know where i can find a artist to paint a human body for a gift?
Suggest me: Colours of the City?
I have a 11x14" canvas which is painted in dark purple, grass green, gold.?
what Can I use to write on black/dark blue canvas shoes?
What is recreational painting?
art, help, identify painting?
I'm attempting to paint my first oil painting...what should I paint?
What schools did Elizabeth Blackwell go to.?
need help with canvas wall art!?! please?
how do i paint like this?
I put my work on Is that wise?
...What should i paint next?
where can i get Canvas Fabric in Brampton?
How do i paint a rose? food coloring or paints.?
tell me about colour?
What's your favourite colour?
where do i buy paint for a paint fight with 12 to 16 ppl?
what is the difference between folk art made by untrained artist and trained artist?
Spraying black spray paint onto bike?
is there a meaning for fairys?
What kind of flourescent paint do I buy to paint something so that it will glow in the dark with black lights?
What paintings contain idealised women?
What are the objects in the sky behind Christ in this 17th century painting (link)?
Please help, I need the name of a specific Dali work.?
John Steuart Curry's painting of john brown?
is it possible to be addicted to oil paint?
Where can i get painting supplies.?
how do i get a pink shade of colour by mixing oil paints........which colours should i use to get pink darker?
Night and Day, Dawn and Dusk?
can i paint with acrylic paint on my 3D glasses?
Cani use painters tape on paper?
Having problems painting in gimp?
The sculpture of what culture helped influence Cubism?
diego rivera essay!?
paint mixing?
do you believe the da vinchi code in the mona lisa painting that experts are trying hard to know?
I am interested in buying Georgia O'Keeffe's prints. My budget is low. What would be a good place to buy from?
Sandro Botticelli's "Three Miracles of Saint Zenobius"?
what should i always have with me if i do graffiti?
Who knows the artist of the Central Park theme painting which presents at American writer Salinger's website
Claude Monet?
what are the plastic things stapled to the back of artists canvas?
looking for a painting? picture?
Okay im white not freaky pail but white, what color shutter shades would be best?
what paint does the artist Jenny Saville use?
Um which should I get MS paint of photoshop?
can i use enamel instead of primer?
painting-1700's riverside w/ Native Americans overlooking canoe crossing broad river (scene is in mountains)?
does anyone know who did this painting? ?
Do i need to paint you a picture?
when i use spray paint to spray plastic, it comes out really dull.?
What do you think of my painting?
Can anyone tell me where to get my oil painting vauled?
Canvas for Acrylic painting. It is white, can i stain it with tea or coffee B-4 usining acrylics?
Who is murus? (painter) Is his work famous?
Who painted this picture?
Art Lovers I am thinking about buying one of these paintings what do you think?
When was modern art invented?
Who is the most interesting contemporary artist?
Will these colours go?
she doesnt exist and ill never embrace her why? why?
would water colors be able to wash of plaster?
How do you make painted glass washable?
Need help find out info on a painting maybe by Martha Stewart?
Art project? Help? The theme is dreams?x?
I have a signed canvas painting by P. karen, does anyone know where to find more from this artist?
How to make yourself look pregnant with Corel Paint Shop Pro?
Artist reference problem?
What kind of paint do you use for face painting??
what color makes red primer?
What should I draw for art showing metamorphosis?
Looking for print of "To New Pastures" by artist Sir James Guthrie, Aberdeen Art Gallery & Museums, 1883
What is the name of this painting?
Marc Chagall and Christianity?
Where to find oil paintings of Paris?
artsist whos work is similar to pablo picassos?
what is the value of a 1875 standard edition of tale of two cities?
chris craft?
Hidden images/tricks in renaissance paintings?
what year was leonardo da vinci born?
I have talent, i can draw and paint. Can i start making money by selling my paintings at a local gallery?
How do you?
Craft survey?
What if paintings came alive?
where can i find a print of the carmody girls art print?
does the mona lisa have eyebrows???
How do i cut a picture in half on Paint? NOT CROP!?
Painting on Glass Windows?
Who made these watercolor paintings??? PLEASE TAKE A LOOK?
Why Is Van Gogh Worthy Of A Portrait?
I'm thinking of offering pet portraits locally... any suggestions on how to accept payment?
What cubist painter depicted the stars in the sky as seen from within a manhole?
painting cooler ideas?
Have you ever tried to paint a song?
does anyone know where i can actually view some of don campbells paintings . have the one with the mountains?
What is so special about Mona Lisa's smile?
Watercolours! How to use them! Please help?!!?
how to make 4 million FASTFASTFASTFAST ?
what craft websites for kids could i use?
Can anyone tell us how to mix acrylic paints to make them suitable for an airbrush??
What are some famous paintings about/of pirates?
How much should I charge for the use of my photo?